How To Jump Timelines

To talk about jumping or switching timelines we first need to talk about different frequencies and different layers of frequencies. Think of energy vibrating at different frequencies, different rates of vibration and speed. View the image above and the different colors of each frequency band of energy in it.

Now think of how lower, dense, negative thoughts and emotions like fear, hatred, violence, warring, greed, corruption, negative ego, lying, manipulating people, deception, self-deception and hundreds of other low vibe, low-frequency thoughts, emotions and actions exist within the lowest, most dense of these different bands of frequency, such as the old Earth and world reality we all incarnated into. When we have any lower frequency thoughts, emotions or actions we automatically become energetically, vibrationally aligned with that same low-frequency world and matching external reality. When we have higher frequency thoughts, emotions and actions we’re automatically energetically, vibrationally aligned with matching higher frequency Earth world(s) and realities. When Forerunners Pathpave we’re aiming for, aligning with and anchoring ourselves within the highest frequency Ascension Earth world(s) and doing this causes all lower frequency worlds and people in them that are an energetic and consciousness match with them to increasingly exit from our reality. They don’t disappear from our higher view and perception, we’re just no longer energetically, vibrationally bound to them through being a frequency match with them.

If I want to jump timelines and go to a lower frequency one than I’m in now, then I would intentionally focus on lower, dense issues, beliefs, emotions, thoughts and/or actions, mine or other people’s. By doing this it’s very easy and almost instantaneous now in 2017, to drop out of a higher frequency and matching location down into a lower one or ones. You “fall” in other words, either intentionally or unintentionally and for whatever the reason(s) may be in that moment for you.

If I want to jump timelines and go back up to a higher or highest ascending timeline(s) then I intentionally get back into my HighHeart and expand myself, my current identity and sense of Self etc. back to that higher frequency which automatically allows me entrance back into a matching frequency Earth world. If I want to go even higher than this then it’s up to ME to open myself and my HighHeart even further and Embody more Light Energies — my Higher Self/crystalline Christ frequency/Divine Solar etc. which automatically shifts, lifts, ascends me up to higher and higher frequencies and states of being, consciousness and reality. This has always been about different levels and layers of frequency and our moving into and then beyond each one, going higher and higher every time when we’re ready and able to do so. Energy Stair-steps to higher and more vast levels of being and awareness.

Understand that different ascending Earth worlds and their timelines—and the descending Earth world—each exist within specific different frequency ranges, providing locations and spaces for everyone, like energetic Stair-steps to exist within whatever Earth world and reality that is an energetic frequency rate match to them in every moment. When we jump from one emotion to another, or one thought to another especially if they’re very different emotions and/or thoughts like say jumping from joy, security, empowerment etc. to suddenly being in fear, doubt, insecurity, dis-empowerment etc., then YOU are the one whose caused your own shift and timeline jump from one level of frequency with its matching Earth world and reality to another that matches whatever emotions, thoughts and/or actions YOU are doing or having or entertaining.

Yeah… much greater responsibility than ever before on old negative Earth world we all incarnated on to! Those old energy reality border fences don’t exist any longer so it’s now up to each of us to be HighHeart mindful of what WE are focused on. This is one more of many higher 5D abilities and responsibilities; being responsible for whatever rolls through your heart, mind, heartmind, body or reality. Do you know where your thoughts are? Where your emotions are? You’d better because now you’ll instantly find yourself somewhere else that’s a frequency match vibrationally to whatever it was that YOU were thinking, feeling, considering, believing, focused on or doing.

What YOU/ME/WE are focused on and being, emanating, radiating frequency-wise from moment to moment now will and does immediately tweak, shift, jump us from one frequency rate into another one or ones meaning we’re jumping timelines and different ascending Earth worlds and realities repeatedly with our own thoughts, emotions, beliefs, expectations and actions. You want to be in the highest ascending Earth world and timeline? Then it’s up to each of us to constantly be willing to release more of the old lower within ourselves, our bodies, thoughts and emotions, our beliefs, expectations and actions so WE can expand and Embody more higher frequency Light, meaning our Higher Self/Selves, greater crystalline Christ frequency energies, Divine Solar Self, and now Self-as-Source etc. Jumping timelines and Earth worlds now is as easy and fast as either lowering or elevating your thoughts, emotions and focus because doing so instantly changes the frequency range you’re both in and containing within your body, heart or HighHeart and consciousness. It’s YOU that changes the invisible energetic frequency dial that automatically aligns you with a matching frequency Earth world and timeline. Be aware of what you are dialing up or dialing down via your own focus, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, expectations and so on. This is going to expand through the cosmic roof via the August 2017 energies so be aware and in your HighHeart space and frequency because everything is changing now in huge NEW higher ways from anything any of us have experienced so far within this Ascension and Embodiment Process. ❤ ❤ ❤

Denise Le Fay

July 23, 2017

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22 thoughts on “How To Jump Timelines

  • Thanks Denise for this explanation, finally it starts to make sense to me, this timeline jumping 🙂 Also appreciate your comments on Colleens post as I had some similar feelings & experiences regarding 3D family & friends.

    Let’s focus on positive thoughts, souldesires, love and joy and hopefully my world will start to mirror more of these from August onwards after 9 years in this heavy Ascension process.

    ❤ Annemiek

  • P. S.

    “You cannot parasite off of me and my websites and readers as a way to express your beliefs and/or knowledge or other peoples anymore than you can do so at say “beautiful Bashar”…”

    Actually yes I can….and how ironic that I *DID*, yesterday…I immediately posted your “Beautiful Denise” article to the entire “beautiful” BASHAR group — and received what I usually receive back from the non-negative-issue people in all of these groups — massive appreciation and LOVE and LIGHT for doing so.

    It has been my Soul Contract to do so all these decades, to serve as a “Worker Bee” who also serves to “seed” all the others, and to create the RAINBOW BRIDGE CONNECTIONS between us all — to establish both the Crystal Matrix connections, and the bridges connecting the lower 3D/4D matrix to the higher Crystal Matrix.

    From THIS perspective, the negative word “parasite” is transformed into a “Rainbow Bridge Connector”.


    “I’ve worked and continue working very hard to create, maintain and continue writing on both of my sites…”

    And look what THAT has done to you…. perhaps the time has come to transform “working very hard”, into “playing in the Light”.


    “Because of this I understand why you have a need, a desire to help others too, however, my site/sites are not the place for you or anyone else to do that.”

    (mind-boggled expression) Someone should have told me long ago, that I was NOT supposed to help others in this Ascension.
    Would have saved me SO MUCH PAIN.


    “Many people don’t respect me, never have and never will.”



    What part of that *don’t* you get, yet???
    This is precisely why Georgi Stankov became your “mirror”. You very strongly attracted him to your reality, due to your obsession with your “lack-o-respect”/ lack of SELF VALUE and SELF ESTEEM issues.

    A *Self-Empowered* Being, does not do any of this. Nor does one even think about the lower 3D concept of “respect”.


    “Every person reading this, including myself, needs to honestly look at what each of us individually is still doing today that’s limiting our own spiritual Ascension and Embodiment Processes.”

    Well then F^CK, Denise…..Here’s your personal *mirror* — you gonna “honestly” USE it???? Anytime soon????

    • This is the second time in one month that I’ve seen you called out by the publisher of a blog for the same exact behavior. As usual, you resort to your same gas-lighting tactics, proclaiming what ever D- level human you think you are and justify it by citing it’s your ‘mission’, all with plenty of pictures to drive your point home. Don’t you think this is a mirror for YOU, or are you so highly evolved that you are perfect in your mastery and ‘galactic’ mission that you are blemishless. None of us need you to proclaim your self-righteous, know how another should be walking their path better, put another down in the guise of ‘light’ B.S. Denise, the last person I saw you do this too, and all of the rest of us are where we are on our paths because we’re self-aware and know how to deal with our own shit, what our own shit is and we certainly don’t need anyone else throwing theirs at us and saying they didn’t do it. You’re on a High Heart blog and there is nothing High Heart about what I’ve seen you doing and it adds nothing to the topic or conversation, at least not anything cohesive and expansive. Rather you teach by an example of what to watch out for and energetically stay away from. Tired of seeing you do this to good souls who actually are making a difference, walking their path and doing their best as we all are.

    • Wow.

      Thanks Denise for having the wisdom to just simply post Kiera’s reply.

      just Wow.

      Kiera, good luck with your future endeavors, but please don’t come round here no
      more. You’ve got a long way to go and this place is not for children. I don’t
      care what your definitions of yourself and your behaviors are, they do not
      enter into this matter. The nature of this space has been clearly stated. Along
      with clear explanation of why and what is hoped for by these efforts. You have
      come into a fancy restaurant and started plucking out tampons, putting them in
      wine glasses and screaming at the men who throw you out.

      I am one of those men. Out you go.

      • Dear Scary Monster,

        I thank you for the tremendous can’t-breathe-non-stop laugh that you blessed me with 😀 I’m still laughing… with tears 🙂

        I concur: thank you, Denise for this example for other people who visit your site, as Kiera’s response is a Huge energetic punch in the heart. Whoa. I didn’t have to read it at all to feel the slimy eww-ness about it. This shows me that I’m experiencing a new level of discernment of energies. As icky as it feels, it’s good for me to know that this has developed a bit more for me.

        Sending you (Denise) a whole lotta High Heart Love to help counter the icky-ness that comes through your inbox on a daily basis.

        And again, Scary Monster, thank you so much for the blessed laughter!

        • Know that I LOVE you ALL High Vibe Tribe and appreciate every one of you more than any of you realizes. ❤ ❤ ❤

          Now let's do this July & August thing. 😀 😉

  • What I presently find very challenging when I read this article, and what I feel I need to question as far as I am trying to understand what you’re saying, is the ongoing tide that is “humility”.

    I’ll explain. Several weeks ago, I hit a huge breakthrough when I made an adjustment in my diet. Doing this alleviated an energy-draining physical symptom that I have experienced for years. It took quite awhile to isolate this symptom down to something specific in my diet. 4 days ago, the symptom returned when the weather got heavy and humid. It’s here again, but I can feel it fading.

    The point that I want to make there is that, at this stage of the game, I think it needs to be acknowledged that, despite whatever effort you think you CAN make, there are levels where it truly feels like it’s not within the realm of choosing. Even conscious choosing. You say “You “fall” in other words, either intentionally or unintentionally and for whatever the reason(s) may be in that moment for you.”

    In this instant, I find it is not about my simply focusing on higher or lower vibrational space or being, but *responding to* the vibrational space that, quite often, makes an appearance, “unintentionally”, for, as you say, “whatever the reason may be.” I don’t forget for a second, in this reality and all of its vibrational variations, that humility is a very real, living part of being here, and it can be excruciatingly frustrating, both for how long it has been this way, and in some cases, the severity of how it gets applied in the lived experience.

    That it not to say to just *take it* and that’s it, but I think it speaks a lot to the ability of where we CAN choose…and where we cannot choose. I don’t think that’s just my own experience of it. There is a lot more going on that is well outside of our grasp, whether we want to admit that or not. That has not changed. Will it? Maybe. But I think it is worth noting. Otherwise I can see some self-blame in the works when lower vibrational bubbles or what have you suddenly find their way into one’s midst and not having a clue why or how that happened, despite the extensive amount of work that has been done already just to get to this point.

  • Thanks Denise for your words and guidance.
    I am feeling the isolation a lot at this time. On my A P I have moved apart from almost everyone I was close to. It was necessary and the space I gained allowed me the room to process and release, process and release so much faster. The work keeps me busy enough to not feel the absence of folk so much but now I am quite aware of it. I am confident that I will receive exactly what I need but it is strange to observe the feelings of loneliness as I experience them now. It is the space that is left that I am fully aware of now rather than the absence of particular individuals. I often notice that a thing is most keenly felt before it is resolved as in the darkest hour adage. I am jumping between timelines and can hardly keep track of which day of the week it is and am seeing things flickering and zapping in my peripheral vision so a lot is going on. Your website has been a constant source of support and solidarity since I came acrostic it in 2014.
    Warmest regards from Dublin.

  • Thanks Denise, this is so timely.
    I think I had sensed something about changing timelines for years, but I had a different perspective then. It was more like “this is not my timeline” or “against all odds I know it’s gonna be like this”, like knowing something more than directing it; and it was also slower and more stable.
    But this year, it feels like things are much more fluid and faster, and more responsive to what I’m thinking and feeling. I noticed how just a little of negative thought sent situations in a downward spiral. So I tried to consciously change, like moving a wheel to a different direction, feeling that there is a direction like that. Something changed, usually very quick. Though I know I’m not so good at it yet, I’m trying.
    I was almost forced in this by something that started some months ago. A kind of crush for someone, something unusual and intense and full of synchronicities. It reminded me of something I had read about alien love bite, but when I searched on the web, well it didn’t seem to match a lot, and while I was reading I felt so tired. Usually for me that’s a sign what I was going to do isn’t right. Or maybe a karmic thing, do I still have to go through this?
    Trying to keep up the high line…
    Hugs ❤

  • Bless you, Denise! This is just what I needed to read. You’ve made this oh-so-clear, and while it’s something most of your readers will be able to grasp, I know it’s not as easy to do. The need for vigilance is becoming crucial as our thoughts/emotions/intentions manifest more quickly.

    What also struck me in your post is that even if we focus on SOMEONE ELSE’s lower-frequency behavior or thoughts (which we do if we react to what they are saying or doing), this also brings us down in vibration. Something to be aware of!!! Thank you so much for articulating how this all works.

    In order for us to KNOW when we’re dipping in frequency, is this a yucky or uncomfortable feeling?
    Much love to you & all here.

  • But I love my 3D ish kindhearted, caring hubby! I don’t want to vibrate myself up, up, and away from him! He’s not actively on the AP path per say, but he’s extremely supportive and open-minded of my own experiences with this. Won’t we have a positive effect on those around us? I’ve noticed that happening in my own family with the hubby and daughter becoming softer, more kind hearted, and our household more peaceful and compassionate. I’ve made amends with my 3D ex and that relationship has softened and become more peaceful. I don’t want to leave my 3D people behind! 😩.

    • Colleen,

      It’s the Forerunners of the Forerunners and the Forerunners that Embody first which makes it vastly easier and faster for all other people that are open enough to evolve now. We literally open the door(s) for them to evolve through our doing so first. This is what Pathpaving and Wayshowing is and it sounds like you’ve been doing it Colleen, which is why it’s been easier for your loved ones to get pulled on up energetically themselves. It’s hard for people to be around people that are Ascending, Embodying and NOT be affected by it because we literally anchor greater and greater amounts of Light and LOVE into the Primary Ascending Earth world and the other Secondary Ascending Earth worlds. The energetic pull of us doing this in and through ourselves first is how and why the unaware are pulled up into higher ascending Earths too. Those people that fight all this don’t move upward.

      The main requirement of people to evolve, ascend is to have heart and care. If people have just that, they’ll get pulled along energetically and evolve with like-others and it’s not necessary for them to consciously know what’s going on now and why etc. It would help them and us if they did but it’s not necessary. No fear or sadness or worry Colleen, just keep Embodying more and more Light yourself and your loved ones will be lifted up by that if they’re open enough to care and feel other people and animals, lifeforms etc. ❤

      • Denise, this helps tremendously to get a grip on not fearing this AP process, and the intensity many of us are experiencing and will continue to experience in the days ahead! Thank you from the depths of my heart for this helpful response. I am having quite a bit of fear based emotions, memories, energy etc come up in relentless wave after wave for clearing and healing, and as that is happening, I am at times perceiving/filtering the AP process as downright frightening, punishing, and/or terrifying. Your response helps me realize this isn’t some terrifying event where some of us will go to this nice happy place, and the rest will be ‘punished’ by staying in the lower realms-timelines (i.e. Kind of like the Christian paradigm of the rapture).

        I’ve absolutely noticed the frequencies of my household increasing, and also as I clear issues, it also affects my daughter as well. I cleared some real nasty self-hatred and low self esteem stuff last week (and she had no knowledge of this-she was away on a trip), and then a few days later back home she was awake all night feeling absolutely so low and horrible about herself. Same exact crap that cleared in me came up in her, and we both released it with lots of crying after the horrible feelings came up. Do we have this kind of energetic effect on those in our family lineage?

        The hubby has also become much softer, more empathetic, more understanding and receptive as the overall frequency of the home has raised. He has really become more loving and receptive in the last few years. So yay! I’m relieved to understand that I get to keep my beloved 3D-ers around and be a part of helping them to shift upwards! So much talk of twin flames reuniting but I’d like to keep the flame I’ve got. Thank you for clarifying this Denise! ❤️😇❤️

        • According to my healer,*****************************************************

        • anon,

          Because your email address is bogus, your user name is telling, AND what you’re saying is highly distorted and incorrect, I won’t publish your comments. Believe whatever and whoever you want but know that I won’t promote anyone’s information in comments with links that are incorrect and unaware from a personal level. People like you don’t care about what I write about based on my own personal experiences and Higher Awareness, only that you promote someone else’s incorrect information, beliefs and websites on my website. That’s negative, disrespectful and parasitic and I don’t allow it on my sites or in my life nor will I allow it to possibly confuse some of my readers.

  • Thanks, Denise. Lately, in meditation, a male lion shows up on my beach. Looking relaxed and serene. Must be a reminder of the upcoming Lion’s Gate portal!

    • Pat,

      Beautiful ❤ Let's all do the 2017 Running With The Lions higher and with more HighHeart than we ever could before.

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