It’s Okay If August 2017 Is Difficult

A quick note for any who, like myself, have had a harder time of it since this specific phase activated on August 3, 2017. It’s okay if this hurts, if you feel like you’re not doing such a “great job” of it all, if you feel alone in what you and only you are currently experiencing. We all are in our own unique ways and I want everyone to realize that it’s okay to not look, feel, sound and occasionally act like a golden movie star super model rock god whose got it all together at the moment. That’s old lower frequency distorted BS consciousness so shake it off and keep evolving and Embodying.

What we’re doing, what we’re going through now is a wonderwork on every level and aspect of being which means it’s perfectly okay to experience, feel, encounter, be confused by, be frustrated by, be tremendously uplifted by, hurt from and LOVE every bizarre, outrageous, painful, shocking, never-before-experienced moment of all this. It’s okay, just keep moving through it and don’t think less of yourself or anyone else for experiencing some difficulties and pains and related weirdness because of what’s happening now to each of us. When you honestly share what you’re experiencing and that its oftentimes painful and/or difficult etc., lower ego consciousness people instantly believe you’re doing something “wrong” and that’s why you’re experiencing pains and difficulties. That’s the only range of awareness low ego consciousness is capable of perceiving so of course they find fault in others due to their lack of greater awareness and understanding. These people are however experiencing these mega August 2017 changes taking place too but at the developmental level (Stair-step) they’re currently vibrating at internally and externally.

Since August 3rd I’ve had some pretty outrageous physical experiences and encounters with other people, multidimensional visions, emotions, on and off again tears, come and go depression, periods of interference from the lower frequency and consciousness world and certain matching frequency Portal People in it, unwanted rapid-fire thoughts pummeling again, body and especially structural (bones, joints, spine etc.) body pains and more. I could write a small book about what I’ve experienced, seen and better understood since August 3rd, and we haven’t even reached the big August 2017 Solar Eclipse yet! And I know that if I’m having some difficulties and “tests” to push, to pressurize me into greater release of more of the old lower world and timeline and whatever remaining low-frequency stuff born of it, then so are many others. Also, there is no more down time, no more time off, no more off time, no more sliding back into old lower frequency parasitic ways of having someone or waiting for someone else to do it for you. Becoming sovereign means exactly that; becoming Source-Self-Contained constantly. Time to put on our big boy Divine pants and step into NEW Creator-ship individually.

I’ve also been having rapid-fire, crystal-clear, very close in my face type visions since the 3rd. I’ve experienced this many times before during the really large Shifts like what’s happening now. It’s like a bomb goes off in the old lower levels which blasts a lot of usually unseen beings and other things and structures etc. up and out and as they’re all flying around in the Light, you get to See them and vice versa as they fly past all super angry (and some completely surprised) at having been evicted from their long hidden locations in multiple dimensions and timelines.

Well over a decade ago I experienced multiple up close Mind’s Eye visions like this of a few nonphysical Reptilian beings. Back then they wanted to make contact with me in this way where they intentionally revealed themselves through a controlled by them up close, eye-to-eye type small etheric window. They wanted me to See them back then and I certainly did! What’s interesting to me with these up close visions I’ve had since August 3, 2017, is that the shoe is on the other foot now and it’s these negative ancient Beings, ETs, Devils and Demons that are being removed and/or going extinct in many cases. This aspect is not my personal Mission Work at this time but has been in years past, now however it’s to view some of them on their way out and away for good.

Don’t get hung up on the is it mine, is it hers, his, theirs type thinking about this or anything else. Is it mine personally? Yes. Is it theirs? Yes. Is it ours? Yes. Is it others? Yes. Is it All of ours from everywhere? Yes. And this is its “End Times”, its Separation of Worlds & Timelines from what has been for a very long time and some of us get to See and are needed to personally witness and energetically record these events for others for more reasons than I’m aware of or want to think about at this point. Think etheric Scribes; think etheric videos of time spent in foreign lands, dimensions and timelines; think Soul Records Departments and such. It doesn’t matter all that much at this point, only that it’s happening, and if you get to See some aspects of this Separation of Worlds and have it be one more thing added to your Divine Grand Resume, then so be it. ❤  😉

Bye-bye Team Dark, so long, don’t let the Divine Evolutionary Door hit you on your ancient, different colored leathery and/or scaly backsides on your way out.


Most of this year I’ve constantly Seen an image in my Mind’s Eye of just a persons lower legs and feet slowly walking up a few stair-steps at a time. Two close stair-steps below where their feet currently are, ALL of the lower stairs have disintegrated into nothingness, just empty black space. Every time the person takes another one, two or three steps up the stairs, one, two or three stair-steps below the step they’re currently standing on disintegrates into nothingness.

The symbolism is perfect and informs us that as we continue moving up the Ascension and Embodiment Process stair-steps—Embodying more, evolving more, ascending more etc.—more higher steps manifest before us. As we move up, evolve, ascend these energetic stair-steps, all that was of the old lower frequency stair-steps—physical 3D Earth world and matching reality, consciousness, structures, laws, beliefs etc.—literally disintegrates into nothingness. Those old lower stair-steps represent old lower Earth world/consciousness/structures/codes/templates/programs/beliefs are also timelines that are disappearing because there’s no more need for them. They’ve served their purposes and humanity is evolving beyond them and all that went with them such as global Duality, beliefs, habits, consciousness, systems and such. Said another way, the reason ALL the lower stair-steps are disintegrating and disappearing completely, is because we continue to Embody more, evolve more by our moving up more and more energy frequency Light stair-steps individually. As we move into more and more of the vast higher frequency NEW, more and more of the old lower everything both within each of us and externally in the world(s), time, timelines, space etc. is permanently disintegrating and disappearing. The wiggle room for us now is only about two stair-steps and soon even those will be gone. Worlds and their matching frequency timelines quickly disappearing now like a game of musical chairs…

A lot more to say and share but I just can’t do it now. Gotta get physically horizontal again and spend time in expanded HighHeart-ness so all this unfolds more easily for me and you and ALL. I just wanted to remind the readers that it’s okay to feel like refried doodoo as you live and witness all you are while evolving and Embodying more than has ever been available before. Oftentimes Ascension teachers/writers are so focused on what’s happening and all the complex details that they forget to or either choose not to publicly admit how difficult and painful many of these HUGE AP and EP phases actually are. No fear, no judgements, just compressed evolution into the ever-expanding NEW internally and externally. Use this rare everything now through to the Solar Eclipse and beyond because there’s more stair-steps we’re climbing and simultaneously more disappearing under our feet. Well done everyone and thanks for your ongoing Divine Service to Source, Self and All. ❤


August 12, 2017

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30 thoughts on “It’s Okay If August 2017 Is Difficult

  • Yup and ❤ !! And just my two cents/perspective although you already know… writing about the negative does not draw more attention, limited/old/duality belief as it's all neutral/one, divine and a part of a process – all parts serve… we help others on multiple levels/wherever they're at – it's all good. Being honest/real/authentic and speaking/writing/sharing our truth. Releasing to the higher ups as needed, helping others release/understand/accept and doing our best here and now. Step by glorious step. Enjoyed reading Denise. Thank you for your service.

  • Denise
    Love the picture. That picture you used of the spinning background (perceived exterior reality) and the spinning eyes (inner reality) says it all for me. Wow what a crazy ride its been! ♥

  • Thank you.
    Last night I was feeling upset, somerhing like am I going anywhere? What for?
    And mostly feeling lonely, in a void.
    Playing with my phone, and I thought, out of the blue “oh, Denise”. Clicked on your blog, and I was so happy to read this.
    What I mean. it’s not a saviour like thing, not an I exactly feel the same thing. I just mean your voice is reaching outwards to people who may not be on the same stair step, but trying to step up anyway.
    So, thanks, it’s precious

  • Thank you Denise. Your latest detailed article answers a lot of questions. It’s funny the way you describe those surprised Team Dark faces flying by after their levels being detonated. I think the total solar eclipse will help clean them out even more.

    I’ve been seeing those pathetic Portal People in the grocery store wandering aimlessly up and down aisles looking like mind-controlled zombies, no carts or hand baskets, no looking at the shelves. Little old empathic me feeling their thoughts, something like “We’re here m-f-ers, what are you going to do about.” Well, we shall soon see, won’t we.

  • Oh thank goodness. I feel very much like i did in 1999. Not quite so intense as then, but once again I feel like I’m unravelling. Thank you for your posts. I sometimes feel very alone with all of this, wondering why and what the hell I’m doing here. All my other spiritual friends seem to always have it together, and look amazing while they’re doing, but i barely get by. Really strange experiences this week. All part of the dying process i guess, once again.

  • ‘Re-fried doodoo’ replying here to say a massive THANKS for your authenticity, integrity and bloody funny account of everything I’ve been experiencing again! I love how you are so reachable, and how normal you make me feel… bless you Denise. I love you and who you are! Respect, sister!

    Love and chocolate cake… Jay (North Wales) xxx

  • Thank you Denise. Spot on again. August rough. Surfing the wave/s. Sometimes I tumble headlong into massive breakers and it’s okay. Tread water and keep my head above water and load myself onto my surfer board. Have brief moments of blissing out. We’ve Ascended the Staircase this far and no turning back. Owning my/our Magnificence!!! Big Love to All!!!

  • A big thank you once again for your deliciously accurate and funny account of the past few weeks (had the giggles at “refried doodoo”!) In those past few weeks, things have fallen away, yet again, new challenges upcoming, tests taken, grace and gratitude abounding. Yes, there is pain, but I see my Chinese massage therapist regularly, a treat which I consider essential, if nothing else is. I am lucky that I also get visions occasionally – not all the time, but enough to know the ineffable truth in all this change and revamping of my inner and outer consciousness.

  • Thanks for the post, Denise. I’m getting totally zapped in the “sleepy” area but consider myself lucky. I think I’ve “seen” as much as I want to of Team Dark, and none of it pretty. I hope the Divine Evolutionary Door DOES hit them on the way out, to let them know it’s final!

    You have been a wonderful “etheric Scribe” for us (great way of putting it), Denise, describing what most of us can only begin to sense. I love the “disappearing stairs” image. We can only look forward, not back. Love to you & all here.

  • I rarely, if ever write comments. But, I feel compelled to remind everyone that yes Ascension is hard… But it is certainly doable with Spirits help. We must first and foremost use our divinely given Birthright of Freewill to make the decision to come out of fear and reside solely faith.
    As energy always follows intention, that which we focus our attention on we draw to ourselves , as it is the universal law of attraction and the law of manifestation. Dwelling on the negative aspects of the Ascension process, e.g. tiredness, lethergy, brain fog, weight gain, moodiness, etc., serves to only to attract to ourselves more of the same. While choosing to focus on more positive aspects of life, e.g., Spirit’s help, prayer, gratitude, forgiveness, tolerance, peace, plenitude, family, friends, a cleanbed & a roof over our head, etc. attracts more of the positive sameness as well. This spiritual journey we’re on (I started in earnest in 1995) is by no means for the faint-hearted. However, the truth is that as Spirit told me: “I am a favored child of God, and no thing can harm me which I don’t allow”. Thank you & continued blessings!

    • “I rarely, if ever write comments. But, I feel compelled to remind everyone that…”

      Yes Florence, your types always do feel compelled to preach your limited beliefs at we Forerunners/Volunteers living and doing energetic things you are obviously, based on your own words, totally unaware of. The unaware Ascension Process people are like online New Age Jehovah’s Witnesses unrelentingly cramming their limited beliefs and awareness on to the Forerunners.

      Because this is something I’ve personally had to deal with on multiple levels the entire time I’ve written online about the Ascension Process (2003), I’m going to write an article that’s about this very issue because it’s long overdue, for us all. 🙂

      Ever wonder why I’ve used the term and illustrations of Stair-steps for the past decade or so? Because we’ve never been on a level playing field of consciousness and development on planet Earth. Everyone is at different levels of development, consciousness, ability, awareness, Higher Awareness etc. etc. etc. especially during this entire Ascension Process which makes claims and recommendations such as yours, and many others also, incredibly limiting at best and that was me being polite.

      • Wow … that was harsh Denise & I do not understand your anger at Florence. Guess I will have to wait for your article explaining it. Florence I liked your message … please don’t blast me for that Denise. 😐

        • please don’t blast me for that Denise. 😐 “


          You and Florence and Kiera and everyone else whose not grasping these evolutionary changes don’t have to worry about me ‘blasting’ anyone, but you do have to deal with Source doing so now. Good luck with that everyone who continues to fight for old lower consciousness and beliefs. Do what you want, believe what you want, I’m simply informing people what is not allowed in MY world and reality.

        • So I felt compelled to write, Does the queen bee know what the worker bees do?
          If the attraction “law” worked I would have enough money to end poverty, there would be no domestic violence, and the planet would be the Eden it was meant to be.

          Denise I hope this does not cause any more drama for you. PEACE & LOVE TO ALL

        • sunny & All,

          There’s been tons of intentional and unintentional BS and negative distortions given to and spread by certain teachers/lecturers/channels and people etc. over the past three decades in the “New Age” community. A lot of this was just what those people could perceive at that time, but, a lot of it was Team Dark doing what TD does so well; spread intentional disinformation to prevent the Ascension Process within as many people as possible.

          Humanity is in the biggest change, Shift, Separation of Worlds etc. now and because of this EVERYTHING is changing very quickly and that includes ALL old lower frequency, lower consciousness beliefs whether true or distorted. Those old lower beliefs cannot and won’t work in 5D worlds, which we’re in right now people, but as this Shift unfolds the rest of this month and year and beyond, more people will suddenly be evolved and know for themselves what’s what and who’s who etc. I can’t go into much depth about this complex topic in a Comment but I just want everyone to know that we’re in IT right now and change, growth, expansion is the only game in town for ALL of us. Open to it as best as you can in every moment and be willing to release the old lower stuff, all of it, so that you can more comfortably and quickly evolve into the NEW internally and externally. ❤

        • Read Flo’s first sentence, recognized the riff, eyes crossed and kept moving.
          You know what these words mean? Everybody go look them up and read all
          the definitions. Carefully.

          Kathy you need to do some work on this point. Flo projects her cowardice on us
          all. Denise calls her on it. Where do you fit in here exactly?

      • My two cents – I myself found the “law of attraction” a major source of dis-info, as it prevents people from looking too closely at what truly drives this “reality” (false reality construct) and the interference it is subject to. At least until now! People are still heavily programmed and human beliefs are due for a big shakeup. Facing the truth about “the material world” demands courage but gives us the incentive to detach from it and rise in vibration. And it’s why we’re here now. Love to you, Denise and to all.

  • Hi Denise, could these timelines we re choosing currently be also a division of our earth families? I see a brother, sister, father exiting within 22 month timespan. The father was 7/4. I am being presented with a smear campaign and attacked relentlessly by his remaining son. It’s a sick and desperate attempt to gain control of his assets with no regard for his wishes. There’s addiction involved with all these members but my sister. I steered clear of them for 20 years wisely. I feel it in my heart chakra ❤️.

  • 💖 Thank you so much for your honesty. I thought I had really lost track because the last few weeks have been super painful. Can’t wait till my sinus and asthma have gone 5d and healed! You always translate what is happening into understandable information.
    Bless you.

  • Many blessings and LOVE to you, Denise for this timely message. When I saw your article in my email box and started reading it, tears just burst out of me and still are. I know that none of us needs “permission” for how each of us handles our own journey, yet your words allowed me to let go of some internal judgement about my recent behavior. I had blown up at my best friend recently, got so beyond tired of the “lower fear” behavior she exhibited, and just said to her in a raised voice how I’ve done most everything BY MYSELF for years and it’s time for her to “grow up” and stop making excuses and complaining about things I (and many others) just do. I knew on a level I needed to say it and she needed to hear it, however I felt like I didn’t handle myself well at all, and the “should haves” began internally. So the headaches and muscle tension have been bad these past few days too. I know I didn’t yell at her or scream at her to be mean, my body has had a hard time recovering from that impact though. Honestly, I’m not doing that great with my body. I used to walk and do yoga and was fit; since 2012 I can barely run errands once a week in the car and go around my apt everyday and take care of the cat. I’m working on letting it go because on a level I know my energy needs to go to this process as much as possible… and that at some point it won’t matter as much anymore, or become a non-issue. I keep calling in vitality and health, in whatever form that comes. Until then I do my best not to keep thinking about when I can get on the treadmill or do yoga or whatever so that I can “get in shape”. I’m sick of the inner (and outer) judgements.

    I’ve been the most patient person for almost all my life. These past few years I find I don’t have any patience left. And while it’s helpful for me when I need to speak my truth, I have to wonder if sometimes I might come across as cruel to others with the “bottom line Truth”. And then I vacillate telling myself that part of a Higher Love means saying the Truth that no one wants to say or wants to hear.

    So I thank you, Denise. Thank you for reminding us it’s ok however we go through this journey, that there’s no “perfect”.

    Much Love,

  • Thank you Denise,

    It’s been very very hard since 8.8.2017 or before, the body in fierce pressurizations and pretty nonstop pain…bad vertigo too,

    My mom as well….deeply appreciate your update Bless you there in Southern CA…

    Daphné and Kay in Cambria 🤠🗺🌍🌐xx

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