The Last 3 Portals of this Third 9-Year Cycle


The 10-10, 11-11 and 12-12 portals of every year have always felt extra important to me, like a highlighted set of year end trinity energy Stair-steps. 2016 energetically being a 9 energy year of COMPLETIONS, and it happening at the end of this long Ascension Process Galactic Alignment, feels monumentally important and final. Very ancient reality doors are swiftly and permanently closing behind us and vanishing as we successively cross each of 2016’s last 9 energy 10-10, 11-11 and 12-12 trinity portals. This is both incredibly exciting and simultaneously slightly unnerving as we traverse these particular evolutionary steps up into a totally NEW space, world and reality — 2017 = 1 energy year of NEW BEGINNINGS but this will take place in a NEW higher world reality. We’ve made the lengthy voyage around the massive spiral in time and space and are currently evolving up to a NEW higher rung on the spiral, and in a higher dimension as well.

We’ve been through three (triality) nine-yearlong cycles within this Ascension Process, however this is the last one within the old patriarchal world we all incarnated into. Needless to say, that makes this time much more intense and powerful in its triple 9 energy-like completeness and stark finality. I was thinking the other day about the 3 nine-yearlong cycles I’ve lived through that began in late 1990 early 1991 and coincided with the start of my Initiatic, once-in-a-lifetime Uranus Opposition transit. An Ascension Process time-coded trigger began back then with the start of the first of the three nine-yearlong cycles and many Forerunners were activated then to begin their personal evolutionary Ascension Process plus start fulfilling their Soul Contracts as ‘Volunteers’ on 3D earth. When you step back far enough to better view (and review) your personal evolution and Soul Contracted mission Work just within these three nine-yearlong phases and levels of process, the whole thing takes on a very different look and feel. 9 energies of COMPLETION help each of us do exactly this, especially now as we complete THREE nine-yearlong cycles right now as we transition through the final three gateways of 10-10, 11-11, 12-12.

If you read this fast, it’s just a bunch of random words with some numbers thrown in. If you read this slower and feel into it with honesty, clarity and Higher Awareness, the importance of this time is almost too much to endure, too much to embody, too much to go through and not pee on yourself! Sorry, I had to add that last part just so we’d smile inside briefly while going through all this rare intense business.

I can look back now on these past three nine-yearlong cycles—approximately 27 years—and see how we had to Work on certain things throughout the nine years of each cycle and level of the Ascension Process. We have indeed been climbing energy Stair-steps all these years and decades and we’re now about to step into a whole NEW higher level that will be nothing like what we’ve been through already. As I’ve considered this recently, I’ve realized how important, how necessary in fact it now is for each of us to let go of whatever it is we must now in these last three gateway portals of this third nine-yearlong cycle as we permanently step out of the old lower and into the NEW higher. It’s felt like we need to quickly now, because we’re days away from reaching the final 11-11, throw off everything that remains in us, our beliefs, our body, consciousness, expectations, life and very reality so we’re empty enough (transparent, clear, high vibe) to cope with existence in the NEW that starts fully via the 1 energies of NEW BEGINNINGS in January 2017. We can’t offload any last tidbits of old lower stuff fast enough at this point.

10 11 12

So far it’s felt to me like these final three portal gateways of 2016 — 10-10, 11-11, 12-12 and the third nine-yearlong cycle, are literally stripping away—that was code for freeing—each of us from all that’s been and all that we’ve been and done etc. in the old lower world, if we let it. If we don’t, the pressures to evolve into something and someone NEW and different becomes increasingly unbearable. I strongly suggest you spend some time throughout November (11) and December (12) of 2016 doing honest personal inventory of what’s still hanging in your Inner closet gathering dust and weighing you down at this late date. Open your heart and let it go and be consciously aware of how you increase in a number of ways as you do this now.

It goes without saying that the old physical patriarchal world & co. has gone completely mad which isn’t a surprise at all. As it continues doing so however, your job is to ignore it and override it as you unwavering and steadfastly step over its writhing, demented, sick, spewing dying carcass on your way into the NEW higher. This too is part of the Ascension Process and if you’re a Forerunner you’ve been doing this for decades already, so nothing new here other than it’s all become very out in the open finally.

Also and very briefly because this isn’t what this article is about, there’s been some new info recently from a couple of Ascension teachers about—this is my term for this different negative business—Team Dark’s new Aquarian Age high-tech tools, tactics, devices and AI (Artificial Intelligence). To me some of this has been in “Test Mode” throughout all of 2016 on many Forerunners and is why some of us have battled with depression, a sense of being more alone, confusion at times and a sense of hopelessness or it’s all been useless. Because I’m intimately familiar with how Team Dark and negativity feels, sounds, acts and works for the most part, I know when I get down feeling and why occasionally all on my own, but I also know when something has/is intentionally being aimed, directed, ‘beamed’ at me to cause me to feel specific things, believe them and be negatively affected by them therefore making me momentarily ineffectual as a Forerunner Lightbecon.

There’s been a lot of this type negativity aimed at Forerunners and/or anyone that’s embodied enough Light in themselves throughout 2016. Lisa Renee has been writing/teaching about AI and how the negative aliens are using it now against humanity, as has George Kavassilas recently but who I’m much less familiar with, if you’re interested in learning more about this topic. If you do, just keep a HighHeart perspective with this information and with the positive that’s happening simultaneously. You’re multidimensional and can certainly juggle much more than just old lower Duality of Team Dark (TD) and Team Light! You can know more and continue evolving despite the latest negative high-tech tactics and exist well out of range from it.

It is what it is just like it always has been really, it’s just that TD has switched to very Aquarian Age type methods, which they’ve done over the eons every time there was an astrological Age change. They update to continue using the latest energies for themselves. But because of this change in how they interfere with humanity some new info is coming out (AI related including growing Transhumanism etc.) that at first sounds utterly hopeless if you’re a human. It isn’t however if you’re willing to grow, evolve, change and change again and again and again right now as this ascending/descending Separation of Worlds amplifies at the end of 2016 and entrance into 2017. I know you’re tired, exhausted in fact and so am I but I’ll be damned if… you know the rest. 11-11 and 12-12 and the December Solstice lay before us and they will further help lift you/me/us up even higher to override the updated high-tech negativity being aimed at us. For me the first part of 2016 was a real struggle many times, but now with the short sprint to the end of this year before us we’ve got this if you just stay in your HighHeart and continue to let go of whatever you need to. Yes many of the monsters still exist and they’ve got New Age tools (that just cracked me up!  😆 ) to do their continued evil deeds on humanity but, do you honestly believe that Team Dark is more powerful than Source God? Than your Higher Self? Than evolution? Than all the Ascension related Light Energies raining down on us constantly? Of course they’re not and never have been and the only way they can derail you is if you forget what you really are which is an aspect of Divine Source God. They of course are doing their best to make you forget this or remember it or discover it. See it, know it exists, be aware of it and then carry on with your Great Work exactly like you always have anyway. ❤

Use this rare time that’s passing super quickly and USE the last 11-11 and the last 12-12 and December Solstice within this last 9-yearlong triple cycle. Try not to look back over your shoulder at the downfall of the old as it thrashes and screams like a child throwing a temper tantrum over not being able to abuse humanity any longer. Keep on keepin’ on Forerunners and let all the past old lower everything fall away as you step up into the new of the NEW free and clear.


November 4, 2016

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30 thoughts on “The Last 3 Portals of this Third 9-Year Cycle

  • I’m really sorry for your lost, Denise. My beloved tomcat died in January this year and for me those desperate moments was the start of the toughest year of my life. I really thank Moja, he was there for me when I felt down and I really think that the shock of his sudden death helped me event more to discover LOVE, to watch inside me, wake up and feel the world in such diverse manners.

    Send you lots of hugs and love,

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  • Charlotte,

    I copy/pasted your Comment from that other article to this one. I don’t know why you had troubles writing it here, sorry for the glitch.

    Hi Denise,
    I have replied here but I can’t seem to do it on your latest article.

    Again, your words make perfect sense to me. I studied philosophy at uni and one of our main topics was ‘the ideal form of government’. We saw how things have evolved over time to develop our present system of democracy (at least in the West). Most see this as the pinnacle of civilization, everyone having an equal vote, and the principle of accountability, which means our leaders can’t get away with any nonsense (supposedly).

    But one’s vote – that most sacred of liberties – is rarely their own. Over here, in the UK, people are ‘told’ who to vote for by our appalling tabloid journalism, with one man dominating 75% of these newspapers (Mr Murdoch TD??).

    In our most recent referendum & preceding campaigning, whether we should leave the EU, the papers were awash with negativity, xenophobia, lies, and outright racism. Even if you don’t actually buy these abominations, it is difficult to avoid the front pages every time you walk into a supermarket, and that is often enough for an idea to be implanted.

    Are we really any more free than our forebears, who toiled the fields and were ruled by a tyrannical monarch? Doesn’t freedom imply choice? What choice do most voters have, when for all of their life they have been programmed by the mass media to think in a certain way, to act in a certain way…to vote in a certain way. If we are brainwashed to vote for a certain way, how is the resultant government any different from a dictatorship? At least in China, they have the good Grace to be honest. They are an unashamed dictatorship, and at least its populace are aware of the truth (please note, I am NOT defending dictatorships here!)

    But there is mass dissatisfaction in the West – and all over, for that matter – with the established system. People can FEEL that something is wrong, that their ‘freedom’ is an illusion. People aren’t quite sure what the issue is (the ultimate issue – that they NEED no governance) so they flock to the political fringes; the far-left…the far-right, the libertarians, the radical movements.

    Name a Western country that HASN’T been affected by this political unease?? These are unprecedented times, to be sure. Greece, Italy, Spain – all 3 have swung to the radical left. France has La Pen, and her outrageous, vile rhetoric gaining massive support…even Denmark and Germany have right-wing extremists gaining traction. And lest I forget, the UK has UKIP (UK Independence Party – aka ‘the world is scary, pull up the drawbridge, fast!’). We used to laugh at the absurdity of the UKippers – now we scratch our heads and wonder how they suddenly became the third major party, and forced a referendum on EU membership.

    And of course, look at the US. What can I say??? What IS there to say??? It feels like a pantomime, a tongue-in-cheek satire…a comedy horror of some sort. We look at you guys, and somehow, our own craziness seems less-so. How can DONALD TRUMP be a few swing states away from the nuclear button??? I saw today how he denies climate change and would pull the States out of the Paris Agreement. Without the US on board, what chance do we have?? In general, what do we do if the world’s most powerful, most influential, country votes in a reality star as it’s comander in chief??? Scary stuff…

    Scary…but uplifting too. People are waking up to the truth, they sense that SOMETHING is changing…they are reclaiming their power. I was always TERRIFIED of the prospect of a mass uprising against the system – of anarchy. I mean, look at our collective history – unrest, dissatisfaction, a desire for things to be be better, these things lead to civil war…look at Syria for goodess’ sake! Out of a desire to do good, bad things often happen. For most people, democracy is good because is leads to stability. YES, the masses want CHANGE. But what does that look like? I don’t think they know – hence all the current craziness!

    Perhaps they are sensing their inner strength and power. Perhaps they cannot put up with the established order and its lies. But are they really ready for the ultimate freedom (which undoubtedly IS their destiny) of true equality, personal governance…of no NEED for external governance? Like young adults, about to fly the nest…about to gain independence from their parents.

    And what about the other half?? Those people who are not really waking up, but are, in fact, REACTING to those that ARE awakening? I could be very wrong about this, but the world is very clearly divided between those who are ready to evolve, and those who are NOT, and would do anything to revert to the past, ‘the good old days’, and are perfectly happy to reside in the proverbial ‘matrix’. These are the people who resist all progressive movements (ie to ban all violence against children, to ban the death penalty – or to bring it back in the UK, and to welcome refugees to our countries). These people, I believe (& could be wrong) are the people who have flocked to the right or hateful side of politics. They are the other side of the argument, with regard to those who would govern themselves.

    These are the people who are not yet ready to evolve. How does this rapid evolution play out then? What happens to those people who refuse to progress (in this life)? Are we at a stalemate? Surely, to progress would mean anarchy – as many, many people are still asleep, and lack the appropriate level of consciousness to move forward.

    I completely agree on the destination, but what about the timing?

    Best, Charlotte

    • Denise, if this comment is not appropriate, please do not publish it. My sense of Charlotte’s comment is that with all the goodness that she is capable of expressing, and does so in her comment as there is no doubt about her caring for humanity, she is panicking. My understanding is that Charlotte is a Brit, and wonderful people they are, but from my perspective in order for so many to get through these unstoppable ‘wake-up’ times, one must retain a semblance of humor. Here I think, Denise, of your very own Master Hotei.

      Charlotte’s fellow Brit, the amazing author, Douglas Adams, wrote Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, and in that trilogy, which turned into a five-ology, one of his books was called “Don’t Panic, Mostly Harmless”. It seems to me that those who are awake have taken the harm (with much personal hardship, physical pain, confusion and perseverance) and turned it into harmlessness. This is not Pollyanna stuff, but alchemy at its best and when one sees their own life becoming ‘mostly harmless’, then it becomes easier to see from that perspective that Gaia is quite prepared to be ‘mostly harmless’, too. The sting of the scorpion becomes not quite so venomous regardless of authoritarian brainwashing.

      Does not matter, not any more, what politicians are doing what to each other. Their game is over. The ease that comes with this I cannot express. Yes, I still have work to do, but there is a Separation of the Worlds occurring and if one is in panic mode, then it is next to impossible to see the Light Side of it all. B.

      • Regardless of what’s going on out there we just gotta keep working on our inner selves right? Looks like all the bad stuff is being publicly shown up by the light of God.

      • Barbara, how wise you are… you mention the sting of the Scorpion… and yesterday, I was stung on the left leg, TWICE, by a wasp that had taken up residence in my jogging bottoms! Never been stung by a wasp or a bee before… I even allow the wasp to build it’s solitary nest in my bedroom every year!

        I was redecorating a bedroom in the house when I felt the stings… I immediately removed the offending garment, soothed the sting with Cider Vinegar, and then went back to find the wasp. My heart flooded with love for this little creature, as I am completely aware that everything speaks to us, if we listen. I communicated to the wasp my apologies for not listening to what she had come to tell me! Then I picked her up and put her out of the window to fly to freedom…

        The sting was momentarily painful, and the irritation and swelling stayed long enough to remind me to heed the messages we are given, by whichever means, from the Universe.

        The personal message I discovered, after asking for the answer to come to me, was uplifting and revealing and I knew without a doubt that the little one had come to help me overcome the issue I had in my energy field. Not forgetting that wasp and bee are synonymous with Sacred Geometry, I knew that also, my change of heart and mind from the old masculine patterning (even though I’m a girly girl) had finally fallen into synch with the new energy that is flowing to me continually.

        Suffice to say, when we reduce fear we create more space for Love to enter. Sometimes, fear gets a grip, and when I encountered wasp in my pants (!) I didn’t panic. I remained calm, removed the offender gently, and carried on with my day. My day was amazing, and got even better!

        Wasp also reminds me of the Hive mentality. When a hive is threatened, the community gathers together to protect their treasured environment. Humans don’t do that, do they? The hive in both wasps and bees are built from the hexagonal, six-sided energetic. Maybe we humans need to concentrate on Unity more than division… as the wise wasps and the beautiful bees do.

        We Brits have a bit of a ‘stiff upper lip’ reputation, but believe me, it’s changing rapidly. I find these days that when someone is in fear, my response is to hold them in love and reassure them that I’m here… Love wins every time… and melts any lips that are too stiff to smile!

        Big love, my friend… Jay xoxoxo

        • Hi Jay
          Just had to tell about my dream last night. In a garden setting a young girl brings be a bag (think old potato sack) lays it on the ground and then tells me there are bees in it and I should run. I stand very still as thousands of bees come out and over my head like a hurricane, no wind just a joyful pulsing feeling. Love dream time 🙂
          Much love to everyone here always enjoy reading comments.

      • Hi, Barbara – I also do not understand why Denise published your post, and fully expect her not to publish mine, but as a resident of Scotland – hence a Brit – I found your comment to be extremely patronising and inappropriate. Surely we are beyond such sweeping generalisations by now, especially on a forum like this? Charlotte took the time to compose a reasonable and articulate piece which you then dismiss, seemingly on the basis that she is a Brit i.e. some type of inferior creature who couldn’t possibly have anything worthwhile to say. Seriously??

        • …Upon a second reading of Barbara’s comment, I too don’t quite understand the reference to Brits..??

          Totally lost! :/

          Sometimes I really dislike using just language (ie on an internet forum) to get your point across, without the corresponding facial expressions and that vibe you get when you are sitting face to face with somebody. Wrong conclusions can often be drawn!

          Best, chalotte

        • Hi, Susie-Walker,

          My Mom, 100% Brit (England-Robin Hood Country, Huntingdon, boarding schools, orthopedic nurse, war bride, Canada, one-room shacks with no running water, etc.) my Da, 50% Brit (English, sorry, don’t know the locale, and 50% Brit, Irish), and oh, my, when their upper lips were stiff, my bro’ and I were definitely ‘seen but not heard’, but, when they laughed, oh, when they laughed, such joy, my Mom did indeed literally pee her pants. Sorry if my sense of humor offends, but it is so good to now and then smile with the dry humor that I know the Brits so well for in an ascension process where humor is indeed rare. I am ‘mostly harmless.’ Best to you, B.

      • Oh, and yes, I guess you could call me a ‘Brit’, as I was born in England. However, I am Irish by blood, as my parents are immigrants. Not sure why any of this is relevant though, as ultimately we are all ONE…right?? The negative traits we see in people, from whatever culture, are just down to unconsciousness. Awakening is a process, some are further along than others, but we will all get there in the end.

        I do think it is always important to be humble though, wherever one is on their journey.


    • Charlotte, what a brilliant comment! Thank you… xxx

      My take on this is to do my utmost to observe it all from my HH position and see the constructs of all the madness going to Hell in a Handcart like that scene in the movie, Labyrinth, when Sarah gets lost along the way back to the child, having eaten a poisoned fruit (classic fairy tale theme).

      She starts to drift back to the known, to the past, to things that made her feel like a child again, but it was all an illusion and suddenly the effects of the apple wear off and she wakes up again. As she does so, the walls of the illusionary world around her crumble and dissolve, allowing the real stuff to be seen again. She then continues on to the Goblin City to retrieve the child that was stolen from her by the Goblin King (Bowie – brilliant performance)!

      I love this movie and have used the lines in the story so many times when I have been afraid, lost my way or feel as if I can’t find my way home:

      “Through dangers untold and hardships un-numbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child you have stolen from me; for my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom as great. YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME.”

      I truly and firmly feel and believe with all my High Heart that there is no force as great as Love. No will as strong as mine when I come to defend and protect my Inner Child and will not have her stolen from me ever again. What makes me feel safe and secure, at any given moment, is what rules!

      As I become stronger in this Knowing, each minute of each day, the TD world crumbles around me and the illusions that have been created become even more transparent. Thus, my Will, my Choice becomes much easier, for I only want what makes my heart happy, safe and secure.

      With this in mind, my world is changing. Those who are not ready simply drift away from me and separation occurs naturally as we move away from the things that no longer serve our Highest Purpose – Love.

      There is no need to even worry about all of this, not really. When we pay attention to our Higher Heart, it naturally leads us ‘not into temptation, but delivers us from all dark forces’ (pardon the biblical reference – with my take on it!).

      My own connection with Source, I call the Mother of All Creation, manifested for me a vision in which I was in a beautiful golden, light, warm womb. This space expanded exponentially and within it I could expand and grow, whilst the womb grew with me. I sensed my connection to this loving Source through a brilliantly golden umbilical cord to the Mother, who was the Ultimate in Love. Whenever I needed nourishment or sustenance, I simply extended that desire and the Mother flowed to me, via the cord, ALL I NEEDED in order to support and sustain my growth. She assured me that however big I grew, and wherever I chose to be, the Womb of All Creation would be my safety and protection. That nothing outside of this Love was my connection, but that the Love she flowed to me was everlasting, eternal and infinite.

      When we are born in to the physical world, we naturally are separated from the physical mother so our first introduction to physicality is fear… I do believe that many Indigo parents and such like are now in tune with this and are birthing their young into Love – but that was not the case in the 1950s when I came to Earth!

      Separation is what we have only ever known and it is now time to know Unity. The return to the Mother of the Child. I see it that the Great Mother presides over all of Creation, and under that remit – so to speak – comes the protection of the Father/Mother, Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine and all points in between.

      So in conclusion, surrender all your fears, and Know without any doubt that Love reigns supreme. When we accept our own Sovereignty of the Soul, our eternal Mother (you may have your own name for your Source) sustains and supports us for all time. I am having this confirmed daily, that every time I surrender fear in any way, Love rushes to greet me and provide my needs in ways I could not have imagined…

      Best of love to you, dearest heart… we’re all in this together!

      Jay (UK) xxx

      • Hi Denise and everyone here, kind enough to leave a comment on my post!

        I am an absolute amature at all this stuff, and a lot of the time, my thoughts might not make sense, or might appear overly excited (or worried??). I seem to be going through a rapid healing process this year (who isn’t??) and with each new level of insight comes more questions, more things that *need* explanation.

        Barbara, thanks for your comment. I assure you though, I am not panicking! I just like to use lots of exclamation (!!!!) & question (???) marks!!! I have been through a lot of healing this year, and am incredibly excited about the wonderful new changes taking place…the new energies that brought me to this wonderful site in the first place. These things (that I discuss in the comment) would have terrified me in years past…oh yes. But now, despite my highly charged thoughts/comments, I have less fear in me, and less worry than I have ever had at any part of my life. There can be no doubt that the world has apparently gone mad. This would have caused me GREAT anxiety in the past. Not now. Now, I feel detached from it all…in a way. I feel as though I am an observer…whereas before I would have felt completely caught up in the events, completely enmeshed and identified with them.

        Don’t get me wrong…I have a long way to go before I can completely detach my emotions from the things I see on the TV! However, I humbly believe I am making progress. And I agree…humour is a must in these crazy times!

        Perhaps my comment also focused too much on the negative. There may be a lot of craziness atm, but there is also a whole lotta LOVE. As Eckhart Tolle says in one of his books, (& I am paraphrasing here) the ‘bad stuff’ gets a lot more attention, because it makes a lot more noise. However, the bad stuff is only rising up in reaction to all the ‘good’…people all over the world seem to be waking up. I remember noticing it in 2008 – there was a different FEEL in the air, one of hope and spiritual progress. Everyone, everywhere stated practising mindfulness meditation. They do it at hospitals, at workplaces, in the lunch break…at schools. Doctors started giving ‘prescriptions’ for mindfulness, rather than meds! I see little signs everywhere, that quiet, unassuming love is winning the argument. It seems so simple, but the Beatles really were right when they wrote “all you need is love”.

        On a personal level, as the ego is about to ‘die’, things seem to get worse. All your ‘crap’ seems to come to the surface, in order to be transmuted. Scary, right?? But ultimately positive. Perhaps what is true at a personal level, is also true at a global level?? That is a comforting thought!

        And they do say, don’t they, that the darkest hour is just before dawn?

        Charlotte (yes, UK lol)

      • Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Jay. I totally agree that LOVE will save the day. Your comment reminded this novice to get in her high heart…and to stay there!

        Charlotte xx

    • Hi Denise, thanks for posting this! I was a bit confused at first, then I realised – I meant to say ‘I tried to post this under your latest COMMENT’…not your latest ARTICLE. It was meant as a response to your last comment, where we were discussing our *need* for governments and leaders to feel safe & secure. I really liked your last comment, and this was my reply (though I couldn’t post it under your last comment).

      It really doesn’t matter of course, I was just concerned that the comment might seem off-topic to you Denise…as it isn’t directly related to the 10/10, 11/11, or 12/12 portals!

      Charlotte xx

      • There’s some interference, tensions, and plain misunderstandings and miscommunications going on here. We’ll get through it, everyone breath. ❤

        • Hi, Barbara (and Denise) – I am sorry that I over-reacted to your response to Charlotte’s post but I just wasn’t sure what her current nationality has to do with her comment. I personally wouldn’t have prefaced a response to any comment you had made with the words “My understanding is that Barbara is a Yank” but again, the response I did give was unnecessarily harsh and my apologies for that. Regards,

    • Hi Charlotte,

      Thanks for taking the time to share your observations and concerns. It is useful when people share so we can have a feel of what is going on in the public’s minds from various countries, not just our own.

      You address the perennial question which no-one seems to know the answer to….is everyone coming with us or not. We would all wish for every human to be freed from this duality matrix prison and I have gone through the anguish that I felt from your letter of the possibility that we may need to leave some behind, that the timing is not going to enable everyone to ‘ascend’ or ‘evolve.’

      I just don’t know.

      We have some telling us that there will be a sudden ascension and that many won’t make it. Their fate (the ones who don’t make it) it seems, varies from being ‘wrapped up’ with the dying lower dimensions, being reincarnated in a hostile environment so as to ‘work out their karma,’ to pole-shifts causing natural death and destruction and/or nuclear devastation causing unnatural death and destruction, rescues to ships to be rebalanced, the more worthy of the don’t-make-it people having a mid-way planet upon which to evolve enough to ‘join us’…..all depending on who you read.

      We have others telling us that it is going to be an ongoing ascension or evolution, but radically speeded up from what WE have experienced over these last 3×9 years (and some more!!) That seems to give at least a possibility of everyone ‘making it.’

      I just can’t buy it that we came here, went through all we have gone through, just so that only we, the forerunners are awake enough to ascend and just see the rest ‘wrapped up’ or bombed or whatever.

      Even the forerunners are still riddled with illusion. Sorry, Barbara, but even using the term ‘brit’ is so old-matrix and believing that merely being a brit (or any other nationality)automatically provides an attribute to someone’s personality is flawed logic. We are Sovereign Beings trying to remember that we are and trying to maintain it and it saddens me that many of us are still held in these brainwashes (as you speak about, Charlotte) and project them on others. The brainwashes are many and insidious and often invisible to us and these are some of the last remnants that Denise clearly says that we need to clear.

      To answer your question….No, Charlotte, we are not any more free than our forebears, at least the majority of the people are not. Therein lies another brainwash…. ‘More free’ is not real; one is either free or not free (this is the nature of the duality matrix.) ‘More free’ is a trick to make unfree people feel that they are progressing towards freedom. Nowhere are we told that we are always unfree until we are… free.

      I agree that the people ARE crying out for change but because the only model of change they have ever been given is bloodthirsty and destructive, and has only ever replaced one oppressor with another, there is real fear of what they anticipate may be coming as well as desire for the change. I really feel for them.

      I, and many of you here, have the luxury of resting in my full-self, but they do not….yet.

      Thanks again, Charlotte, I really felt your deep concern for the people and I share it.

      With very much love, Gail xxx

      • Gail,

        “You address the perennial question which no-one seems to know the answer to….is everyone coming with us or not. We would all wish for every human to be freed from this duality matrix prison and I have gone through the anguish that I felt from your letter of the possibility that we may need to leave some behind, that the timing is not going to enable everyone to ‘ascend’ or ‘evolve.’”

        I wrote about this many years ago at TRANSITIONS. I’ll add links maybe in a bit.

        The answer is no, everyone will not be “graduating” now during this Ascension Process cycle. It’s very, very rare for an entire planetary population to ALL be evolved enough at the same time that the entire species can “ascend”/evolve simultaneously during that particular evolutionary Ascension Process. Very rare but some have done it.

        The more common thing that happens however is that some “graduate” during the Ascension Process while others don’t because they’re not ready to yet, don’t want to yet, are dedicated to Service to Self (Team Dark) still, and/or aren’t capable yet of staying in their current physical body and ascending/evolving it.

        Does everyone graduate at the end of each school year? Do all the crops get harvested at the end of each growing season every year? Of course not, and this is why some are “held back” at school for however long and repeat grades until they’re ready and able to move ahead again. This same principle is how it works spiritually and energetically and it’s very visible during these rare periods where mass evolution/ascension/graduation take place such as what we’re living through in these lives now. The Ascension Process is a Freewill event too meaning it’s not something that’s a guarantee if one is incarnate during that time. It’s individually earned for safety’s safe for everyone’s sake.

        “We have some telling us that there will be a sudden ascension and that many won’t make it. Their fate (the ones who don’t make it) it seems, varies from being ‘wrapped up’ with the dying lower dimensions, being reincarnated in a hostile environment so as to ‘work out their karma,’ to pole-shifts causing natural death and destruction and/or nuclear devastation causing unnatural death and destruction, rescues to ships to be rebalanced, the more worthy of the don’t-make-it people having a mid-way planet upon which to evolve enough to ‘join us’…..all depending on who you read.”

        The bottom line is that there’s an ASCENSION taking place now (into more and more Light) AND there’s a DESCENDING (into much greater Darkness) also taking place now — I’ve called this the Separation of Worlds & Timelines — and this happens for the reasons I mentioned above; not everyone is ready to or wants to evolve/ascend now. Because of this, those who are desirous of evolving/ascending now have had to Do The Inner Work to accomplish this and be able to exist in a higher frequency level, body and dimension (5D). On the other hand, we’ve got those people who are desirous of experiencing more power over others and/or disempowerment, violence, becoming less human, warring and chaos etc., and/or those people who haven’t as yet awakened and gotten determined enough to start the evolutionary Ascension Process for a wide variety of reasons. No judgements at all, simply individual soul growth and choice. Freewill allows choice for everyone, even those that want to experience even greater darkness than what’s been on earth for the past many thousands of years, which this current Descending group will have in spades.

        Everyone has always had the opportunity and choice to “make it” now in these lives and time of Universal evolution/ascension, but everyone will not do so now. Many will have to work, grown and wait for the next great cycle to complete and produce another time of ascension. It’s always been like this. We’ve all had loved ones, family, friends etc. that we’ve moved ahead of and have had to let go of for either months, years, lifetimes or thousands of lifetimes. Now is no different and this is another reason why those who are currently ascending/evolving need to Hold The Light in themselves for everyone else on whatever energetic Stair-step they’re currently standing on…while we continue growing and moving forward ourselves.

  • Thank you for this, Denise! There are some advantages to being an elder. You learn to take a lot in stride. My heart goes out to those still deep in the struggle, in the muck. There have been so many times I felt as though I was cleaning the Aegean Stables and would never ever get it done. Eventually, though, balance brings a certain amount of ease. We’re currently heading into a Jupiter/Pluto square (exact on the 24th) so this is a great time to be digging deep and letting the aspects help with the process. I’m sending buckets of love to you and to everyone of us doing this final clean-up of our old beliefs and issues. This assurance that we are literally
    on the final laps, is more reassuring than I can say.

  • Hear you, acknowledge your message, don’t look back. Reminds me of a story of the lady who looked back and something about turning into a pillar of something or other. Ask for help, people, and you’ll get it in ways of love you’ll recognize. Trust, know you’ve done the work and it’s your turn up the spiral. Had a dream recently…. lots of people paddling surfboards out in the open ocean waiting for the perfect timing of their wave that would bring them safely across the barrier of rocks that barred the way to the mainland and home. Think Tom Hanks in Castaway. In the dream, I’m out there floating on my surfboard with hundreds of others waiting for my wave. At the same time as I’m out there waiting, the same ‘me’ is onshore safe, very wet, and exhausted and while we who have ‘landed’ do high-fives with each other, we immediately turn our attention to those of us still out there. Think the rescue of the miners in Chile. Hang on, wait for your wave, you’ll know it when you feel it, and ride it for your life/love. It’s been definitely a ‘now or never’ type of thing for me,in the last month and a half, with a whole lot of help over so many years that I’m only beginning to realize…. hope that helps. B.

  • Thank you Denise. Been feeling really exhausted as if I am the last cowboy in town for the final shootout. My body feels like it is literally dying. It feels like energy is dropping away. All aches and pains come back with a vengeance. Your article was just what I needed to remind me to keep my chin up. I am finding going “out there” into the world really tough. It’s just chaos. I keep hoping that I have shifted enough for 2017. I guess in the end it’s just important to keep moving forward. Just desperate for a sea change. You are right about the monsters they have been there for a long time. It’s fantastic they are being kicked into touch and I am trying hard not to look over my shoulder as they go. I feel like all the lives I have lived are being junked. Memories and feelings keep coming up. It’s not pleasant and I feel a bit sea sick.
    Love and light to you. Thank you for always offering information and inspiration. It’s much appreciated

  • Denise, this continues to get bad for me. Trying so to stay in High Heart, but it is getting rough. Started up again yesterday. Don’t know if I can hang on.

    • Yes you can, my lovely… It is feeling really tough, again… and many of us are literally ‘dying’ as we rebirth into ever increasing light energy… it feels as if it’s the end, because IT IS! Keep going, lovely one… your energy is precious and is most definitely needed… just who you are is beautiful, whether you are shining like the sun, or raining and raging like a thunderstorm in Kansas!

      Blessing your heart as I write, with all my love, Jay (UK) xxx

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