Flashing Lights In Your Eye

I’ve experienced this a few times over the past few years and haven’t spoken about it because I wasn’t absolutely sure of what it was at those times. And to complicate matters, I’ve experienced something similar, but it was negative, and I did write about it at TRANSITIONS in 2016. 

“I have been having Migraine lights in my eyes which I used to get a few years ago but no headache, and wondered if it is EP causing them again. It,s scary when vision is impaired even only for 20 minutes or so and I am left quite drained after for few hours, wondered if anyone else has experienced this? — Linda P., May 21, 2020

Because Linda P. asked me about this in a comment this morning, Thursday, it seemed I needed to share what I experienced on Tuesday. Thank you Linda P. for your share and questions. ❤

I’ve never experienced ‘Migraine lights in my eyes’ as she has. I had plenty of migraines during my twenties and thirties, plus I have seen Lights but never the two together. But I do get one heck of a headache for hours after seeing the specific Lights I’m talking about. Let’s untangle this because it’s rather interesting and probably going to be more common during Phase 2 of the Ascension Process for some people.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 around noon I suddenly saw something tan colored and transparent manifest to my right side just inside the wall of the living room about twelve feet away from where I was seated. It didn’t have a humanoid outline and was eight feet tall. I know this because I measured the area I saw it in because I was curious about how tall it was. Typically when many of these types of interdimensional physical and nonphysical interactions happen they do so very quickly, in this case from first manifestation for me of this aspect to when I no longer saw any of it took only three seconds. 

This eight foot tall tan colored transparent shape manifested to my right and quickly moved across the living room towards the left where I heard one bump or thud sound coming from a wall in my house. This is a fairly common energetic repercussion effect when a nonphysical being has manifested in one form or another in your physical space. The tall tan colored being was briefly joined by a small round white Light and a couple other energy distortions or so they looked to me. Only three seconds of seeing them and then they were gone. I did not see, feel or sense them after this part of the experience ended. I also did not sense they were negative and the entire experience felt very energetically neutral, intentional and specific to me. It wasn’t a big spectacular Light-show by some ETs or Angelics nor was it a negative etheric attack. It was three seconds of an eight foot tall transparent shape moving quickly in my living room accompanied by a small bright white point of Light manifesting briefly and some nondescript energy distortions that resembled heat mirages. That may have simply been what it looked like to me as they exited my physical dimensional frequency and space however.

On second four I saw rapidly flashing patterns of triangular gemstone colored Lights. Because I’ve been seeing the NEW crystalline Trinity, Triality triangle shaped codes since December 2018 in both iridescent pastel colors and deeper gemstone colors against a black background, I recognized them immediately. They were different only in that they were in a specific shape in my right eye and vision and constantly flashed very quickly, spun horizontally for a while, changed directions, position and shape slightly, flashed vertically for a while then rolled rapidly for a while. This went on for nearly 25 minutes and I carefully watched, felt, discerned and paid close attention to not only what I was seeing in my right eye the entire time but remained very aware of anything or anyone that might enter my space while I observed what I believe was a needed Phase 2 crystalline Trinity code adjustment download.

Because I have experienced something similar that was a negative etheric energy barricade—the link above—my first reaction was to discern this entire experience as quickly as I could. After over forty years of forced dealings with Team Dark in many different forms in the physical, etheric and astral etc., I am ultra sensitive to them as any Volunteer Lightwarrior would become. I could even say I’ve got some Volunteer PTSD due to a lifetime of being attacked by different Team Dark beings during this time of Universal ascension. I Work on that just as I Work on all other things I’ve needed to this entire time because it just goes with the job.

Team Dark cannot change or hide their energy signature so once you are very familiar with them, you instantly recognize their energy frequency. The same is true with the Light, and if you are honestly and intimately familiar with both, then you can easily and instantly know whose who and what’s going on based on your ability to energetically read and recognize (discern) those two main energies from very old cycle Duality. The great news is that we’ve evolved out of old cycle Duality into NEW cycle Triality, hence the NEW triangle Trinity codes and others that go with Triality in this NEW great cycle.

A few hours after my 25 minute-long right eye Trinity code adjustment download on May 19, 2020, I got one heck of a headache on the left side of my head for the rest of that day and night. I suspect this might also be partially due to a 2010 left skull and head negative etheric injury I received back then. Either way I was given another type of adjustment download containing NEW crystalline Triality codes that was specific for me personally which, like all ascension related embodying takes some time to recuperate from. The next day I felt good and the headache was completely gone. I did run a low-grade fever late yesterday and today I feel tired, stiff and achy in my bones and joints. More prep Work plus some very fast in-&-out other dimensional assistance adjustments where needed by those who need them now before we go deeper into our individual Embodiment Processes this year.

Denise Le Fay

May 21, 2020



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40 thoughts on “Flashing Lights In Your Eye

  • im not into this, i see nothing in others as far as their changing, i see no improvement, and as long as ive took the ass pounding, this all still looks like construction workers trying to get back to normal
    i just want to die as all this is tooooo much
    wheres mine
    where’s the purpose and the point
    man im tired
    i really am, im doing worse now then ever and I feel more than ever i have no feet to stand on
    did i not contribute?
    was my nearly 8 million minutes shit out and wasted

    • Surrender your miseries skoop, let them all go, even the ones you still feel are raw and a massive personal screw job. I know of what I speak about this, truly.

      When you can let go of all your expectations and wounds and whatnot, that’s when it starts to improve personally. Not the other way around and Phase 2 is all this and more amplified 1,000-fold compared to Phase 1 because the NEW codes are here now and they were not in Phase 1 — 1998 thru December 2019. If you don’t believe me, watch your local and the world news on TV for a few days. Everybody is in the global Dark Night of the Soul now in 2020 Phase 2 and it won’t be ending any time soon this year or probably next either so you need to make changes in you to cope with Phase 2 level everything. This is why I’ve been writing what I have been this year so far.

  • Yes I have had white zzz flash light in my eyes several times. I am afraid of something wrong with my eyes. But no. I have never had migraine.

    • At this point lilldmuller, in many of our cases these types of bright lights we’re seeing around us, above us, in our peripheral etc. is actually us seeing our own Light we’ve embodied. It may be our own Lightbody we’re seeing flashes of around us. 🙂

  • Well, I feel like a crazy person. I’ve written several comments in my head these last weeks. 😆 Just wanted to say hi since it’s been a little quiet. This week has been really hard on several fronts. I’ve hit walls I thought I’d blasted through years ago. My best to you all! ❤️

  • I’ve had diamond lights, triangle puzzle lights but both with no colour. I have seen them with my eyes closed or open. It’s peripheral mostly and moving. First time was about 10 years ago at work. I knew this was something very different to anything I’d seen before. I really don’t know what they are. Last one I saw at night in the dark. Didn’t last that long. No headache afterwards from memory. It’s the only unusual occurrence in my life as whilst I feel spirit I never see them. Thanks for this post Denise. Hugs a plenty, Lisa xxx

  • Hi Denise and all 🤗 I wasn’t going to post this but after reading comments I thought it may be ok? As it’s not directly relating to the article but to right now and the weird times we are in….. I am experiencing something so strange (I’ve experienced a lot but at least usually in astral out of body land) a constant incessant attack in the night to my baby (who is 1) by invisible somethings, in her face, she wakes up moaning or crying rubbing her face, and when I use the electric racket (for the mossies) they electrocute things all around her head! But there is nothing there! I’ve obviously tried all physical measures to get rid of invisible bugs, as well as protecting and clearing space, etc etc and nothing! Now here is a weird thing, I tried blowing a fan on us all night, there was a mosquito in the room who couldn’t get near us because of this, yet these teeny invisible things still managed to be there and bug her face?! This has been happening for weeks now, with us walking around 10 times a night for me to kill these invisible things and they just keep coming back! I’m so tired and at my wits end and don’t know what i can do, short of leaving this place (which maybe that is the message here!) …. what a crazy space this year is, if anyone has any suggestions or experience with anything like this it would be so appreciated, because most people i tell this to think I’m crazy, even my partner and when they run out of suggestions that don’t work then surely I am just crazy! So I’m here reaching out! Thanks Denise 🙏🏽 sending love as always 💗

    • “I am experiencing something so strange (I’ve experienced a lot but at least usually in astral out of body land) a constant incessant attack in the night to my baby (who is 1) by invisible somethings, in her face, she wakes up moaning or crying rubbing her face, and when I use the electric racket (for the mossies) they electrocute things all around her head! But there is nothing there!”


      I’ve read this four times and I think maybe I’ve figured out “mossies”??? meaning mosquitoes, right? If not let me know please. I think I know what you’re talking about but I’m not positive I’ve interpreted what you said correctly so again, please let me know if I’ve gotten this wrong Donna.

      I’ll try to keep this short. There’s a HUGE hierarchy of (negatives) Team Dark beings and entities etc. Some of the smallest ones I’ve personally encountered are like what you’ve described. In the past I shared about how when I’d take my elder mom to the lab for doctor ordered blood-work, I would hide in a corner of the room because I don’t like needles and all that sort of stuff. Anyway, in the couple of minutes that I would be in the same room with her while the nurse drew her blood, I would often get “bitten” by tiny invisible little negative parasitic vampiric entities. It would almost always happen on the insides of one or both of my wrists near a vein and instantly a white colored bump would physically appear on my skin where I’d been “bitten”. They itch like crazy for a while but over time would lessen and finally disappear but the white bumps on my skin would take a couple of days to disappear and go back to normal. And all this would happen even though I put up Light energy Protections around myself and my mom before we even got to the lab! Such are all places where human blood is — negative entities feed off of because they’re inorganic starving parasites.

      I would suggest you increase the Light Protections you do in your daughters bedroom daily and nightly. I’d suggest you do this with the entire apartment/house you all live in because if you’re successful in cutting off their food supply from your daughter, they’ll probably turn to someone else in the house including a pet. You have to look at this as nonphysical parasitic negative entities literally feeding off of your baby daughter, which is #&^%*@ barbaric but it’s what sounds like what’s happening to me based on what I’ve experienced with these tiny little energy bloodthirsty shits. And these are just the tiniest ones! Anyway, massive Work on energetically clearing and protecting your entire home and especially your daughters room. They’re going after her because she’s young and an easy energy target. You’re not crazy, your daughter is under a mild form of negative psychic attack. And now my dear you Lightwarrior kick ass and clear these tiny bastards out of your home but be prepared for some retaliatory actions from them in some form. They are trying to stay inorganically “alive” after all and they will move to someone else to feed off of when you close access to your daughter, I’d guess a pet because they’re easy to get at like children. But… both you and doubting husband pay very close and honest attention to any “bites” either of you may get. Remember they itch like crazy and instantly welt up on the skin making a small white colored bump or bumps.

      • Hi Denise thank you so much for your response 🙏🏼 Yes you interpreted correct – i meant mosquitoes!! Its so good to receive confirmation of what I thought could be the case, but after being so tired in this whole story, I was even doubting myself! Thank you for the helpful info you shared! 🙏🏼 Your story about the lab and bites on inside of wrists just reminded me of a recent dream/astral experience of a crab like insect attaching to the inside of my wrists and me having to remove it! Energetic parasites!!!! Ok so warrior mode on – let’s get to work and kick some ass! I’m gonna need all I got! Is it just me or does this year feel like someone rattled the wasps nests – crazy out here! I look forward to some rest! Thank you again Denise I really appreciate your reply!!! Sending high heart hugs and love 💗🤗🙏🏼💗🤗✨✨

        • Very glad I could help you with this. It does get sooo strange at times and while we’re sooo exhausted that sometimes it’s hard to grasp it all and produce the strength to go into battle one. more. time. ❤

  • Hello Denise,
    Firstly, thank you so much for your ongoing dedication and brilliant service in helping to validate things we’re experiencing out here, for making sense of things, and for giving us insights into what may come.
    Just a quick share that I started seeing the flashing pinpoints of bright light – white and sometimes blue around 2011, usually around people, but sometimes lately when i have a new thought or realisation there is a quick flash, as if to validate my thought. I also think there’s a portal in my loungeroom as it appears like a dark area in the same spot in the ceiling in my right peripheral vision. Doesn’t really bother me but i sometimes wonder if i should do soemthing about it?!
    Anyway, in the last few weeks i’ve been seeing more/new anomalies in my peripheral vision, including a small golden lightning flash the other day, and these other things like objects briefly flashing there but when i look, they’re not there at all. And sometimes a sort of ‘spangling’ of colours, briefly jumbling up image of the space that’s there in the ‘real world’, just for a split second. Just wish I had more of an understanding of this sort of thing, or could do something useful with it…
    Much love to you x

  • Hi, Denise!

    I’ve been following you for a while. Thanks to you I could map up my own ascension route. Which started roughly around 98/99 as well. However, I was only a young teen 12/13 years of age.
    Last week I had a severe headache, that followed by a 4 day mild headache. I could tell the difference. It was like out and in types. One the severe one was probably something coming out and the other coming in.
    My dreams also go all the different places. Even if I meditate and build a protection barriers around, still something or someone comes in and I usually end up either in old world watching wars and continuous fall of the planet or run away from some people “in black”. Am curious, what other people go through when they are in a dream state?

  • Hi! For many rice been experiencing the sparking lights in my eyes – and I’m quickly able to get of them with taking 1 tsp of Celtic Sea salt in about 6 to 8 oz of water. I too have had the extreme headache with it which is not always present for me with the lights. So I’ve strictly thought that it was a mineral deficiency for me.

      • Hi Denise – Tazz’s post got me to thinking. I wonder if people can resist and say no to the light downloads- and thereby stop themselves from receiving them? Or does everyone get them no matter what they might believe or think? The planet is being drenched in these codes, can one put up an intellectual 3d-science-based umbrella, kind of like a barrier, and ward them off? I mean, if you are having ascension symptoms and decide and then truly believe that they are caused by whatever 3d science-based physical thing (ie stress or sleep deprivation or nutritional deficit, or whatever it might be), can you actually make them go away by choice, because you have chosen not to believe in them? Can you turn off the downloads (by free will, by the creator power of belief- we are creator beings after all and create what we believe)? Or is the Light a gift that touches/changes us all whether or not we know, understand or accept it. A kind of grace, a gift, no matter how asleep one might be. I’d like to think of it that way. For the sake of all the people who are still asleep, even more so for the sake of people who are awake and being herded in by false prophets at this time. Just some food for thought, perhaps with a sprinkling of sea salt…

        • “Tazz’s post got me to thinking. I wonder if people can resist and say no to the light downloads- and thereby stop themselves from receiving them? Or does everyone get them no matter what they might believe or think?”

          Great but complex question debbie c.

          As with all things this too is about different levels of frequency and consciousness. It’s also why there’s more than only one or two or three main ascending Earth worlds with their populations of matching frequency humans all living during the AP and yet are experiencing slightly different things based on what individuals believe. Example: There’s those who still, in 2020 fer gawd freakin’ sake!!!, honestly believe that the human “elite” and negative aliens etc. are who are behind EVERY unpleasant, negative thing that happens. EVERY thing that happens on Earth these people instantly give all credit to the negative humans and nonhumans. Everyone should honestly ask themselves why people would continue doing this? Why do they continue to, at this point within the AP, give all credit for everything over to Team Dark? Answer — they are unaware of higher levels of what all is actually going on.

          Anyway, those people that believe that Team Dark humans and aliens etc. are more powerful than Source directed evolution are the people that exist within that frequency and level of consciousness and reality. They will continue fighting and battling and so on because that’s where their consciousness and focus and beliefs are. How easily and repeatedly they forget that the real battle is over human consciousness! See where I’m going with this? Now, Team Dark is real and so are those “elite” humans they control but there is much higher things playing out during the Universal Ascension Process than just and only that lower level that so many still in 2020 are addicted to and obsessed with. They exist, know they exit and then move on beyond them or risk being stuck at THAT level of frequency for as long as you are fixated on it. I could name names, very well-known names concerning this issue but most of you reading this already know of whom all I speak.

          Evolution is evolution and everyone alive now is under the energetic influences of the NEW 2020 codes/templates etc. and the constant NEW higher and higher Light energies and so on. What’s different is humans and their awareness, their lack of awareness, their personal beliefs, how much they believe themselves to be victims of anything or anyone etc. The higher evolutionary Light energies are pushing every human alive on Earth now to evolve and change and the pandemic is a massive part of that. It’s NOT what most people and some very well-known channels have recently said it is. It’s many different things to the many different levels of frequency and consciousness of all the billions of humans alive on Earth now.

          No one can turn off the AP energy downloads. Many can and do believe them to be something other than what they really are however which again means that person/people are functioning at lower frequency levels of consciousness and reality while natural evolutionary energies pressure them to change and evolve. The Volunteers have built the energy roadway, the bridge, the Path etc. from all of these types of lower levels of consciousness and frequencies up to ascending NEW Earth/Earths. We’ve fulfilled that contract throughout Phase 1 of the AP. The road, the bridge, the pathway exists for all of humanity to, in their time, eventually find and traverse up to higher NEW levels of frequency, consciousness and external reality. (Know too that not all Volunteers are functioning at the same frequency and level of consciousness, focus, intent, abilities etc. either!) But humanity all has to do this Work themselves. It’s NOT our jobs to carry them across the bridge kicking and screaming about how they want to continue fighting negative aliens and the government etc. etc. No, they each HAVE to, on their own, be willing to move beyond whatever frequency and level of consciousness and awareness they each are at today and do The Work of letting go of and walking the Path to NEW Earth themselves. In the meantime we continue doing what we’re capable of at higher levels because it’s what we’re good at doing for ourselves and for humanity coming up behind us, eventually. 😉

  • Hi Denise,

    Funny thing, I would get that alien stripe-y police Do Not Cross tape vision whenever I did my daily gratitude (in bed before sleeping) and envisioning the New Earth. It would happen just as I get to the part where I’m calling all fractal parts of me to come back to me and then merging into our Light Body.

    I would blast the tape with my/our light and then go about finishing my meditation only to wake up from an unpleasant dream. My astral space was hijacked often.

    Then it gradually evolved from the alien tape to ugly female demonic faces all popping up from the dark parts of the strip and trying to prevent me from merging with my Light Body. You know what I tried last night? I hugged them. I told them that they’re loved and blasted them with my light. They grew smaller and smaller and disappeared. And I had a great dream about forgiving myself for every little thing in my past, present and future. I woke up with the word “FREE!”

    When I first started this journey I had trouble sleeping at night because the lights behind my closed eyes were so bright. This flickering in my peripheral is so much nicer and gentler.

    I feel as if this is a big pause before something Huge. Something about timelines, maybe something that’ll precede the event.., Idk, I sense something of enormous importance is about to happen soon.

    I’ve not been achy, hungry or feel the bone chilling cold this past week, could just be a Blue Ray thing because I don’t want to downplay all the continuous physical pain of First Wavers. Much love and respect!

    Oh and I find myself muttering “I’ve shifted” over and over. Like my soul knows it, however it may not appear so in my immediate reality, I know this to be true.

    Thank you Denise for letting me go on and on. Strange times we’re living in, this living Ascension!

    • “Thank you Denise for letting me go on and on. Strange times we’re living in, this living Ascension!”

      Are you kidding Jain Lee? There are A LOT of people that come to HHL to read the Comments because they help ALL of us in many different ways, myself included. We ALL need to be open and honest with each other in the ascension community about our personal experiences — the good, bad and the ugly. Who cares at this point right? 😆 It’s compressed evolution and it ain’t always pretty! Plus we All need, I need to have interactions, conversations with all of you otherwise we continue to be physically separated from each other for the most part. So please, share all you’d like to because everyone benefits from our doing so in this safe space. ❤

      “I feel as if this is a big pause before something Huge. Something about timelines, maybe something that’ll precede the event.., Idk, I sense something of enormous importance is about to happen soon.”

      I feel it too as we know many do now. I’m going to use what you said Jain L. to talk a bit here about this current “pause” because it doesn’t need to be an article.

      On May 11, 2020 SATURN went retrograde. It will go direct September 29, 2020 so this entire time is about the need to go back and do all those retrograde type things such as rethink, reevaluate, redo, reconsider, pause and take a very honest reassessment of yourself and where you are etc. etc. And, because it’s Saturn’s first retrograde since the one and only cosmic mega PHYSICAL reality makeover rewrite Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction on January 12, 2020, this is an extra big deal Saturn transit from May thru end of September 2020. I’m focusing on Saturn and not Jupiter and other planets because of the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction because it is what got PHYSICAL level reality to be instantly overwritten energetically and Phase 2 of the AP started.

      So, because we’re in a Saturn retrograde “pause” for five months, it’s obvious that some more stuff — good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant — needs to happen FIRST before the next big shift step can take place. Energetic stair-steps still.

      There are many who believe they know when “the Shift” or “the Event” is going to happen and they continue to write/video about it. I’ve never felt or believed that this is a singular event, or even a three leveled event etc. but a slow and steady event that’s continual with some more obvious big deal moments thrown in like January 12, 2020. There’s one very important and primary ingredient to “the Shift”, “the Event” and it is the Embodiers. No ego, just an energetic fact everyone. How many Embodiers does it take to screw in NEW Earth? As many as we’ve got now but we’ve still got some more Embodiment Process each of us HAS to embody first… which this five month long Saturn retrograde is very much about for us and everyone and everything else. Again, no ego with this statement about the Embodiers as it’s really about energy and us being capable of not only Embodying it but of enough of us doing so. We’re VERY close now (May 2020) but we’ll be much more so at the end of September 2020.

      The other side of this has to do with some of that unpleasant stuff I mentioned everyone. I’m sorry to say this but more people need to die first and most of this will be accomplished via the pandemic. See why I sometimes wimp-out and say really important but difficult stuff in Comments? :/ Sometimes it’s hard for me to write articles that, especially now, talk about how more people need to die first, the old system needs to collapse more first, more people need to be out of the limelight, more people need to be quiet and so on.

      Here’s the deal with this one — As the Embodiers rear that tipping point where there’s just enough of us INDIVIDUALLY Embodied to a certain needed degree, when we reach that frequency it will automatically trigger the final and complete changeover, what others are calling the Shift and/or the Event. Because of this more and more people around the planet want very much to now exit their bodies and not be affected by what’s coming energetically. They do not want to be in their current physical bodies as that ‘hundredth monkey’ Embodier energetic business kicks into full gear in physical reality. Simply said, many humans alive in 2020 do not want to nor are they capable of remaining in their bodies when that number and level of first Embodiers is reached because it will instantly change everything energetically and in so many other ways too. Much of global humanity is incapable of surviving that shift of suddenly having however many Embodiers alive on Earth (NEW Earth at that point!) and be able to, in all ways, deal with that NEW level of energy on physical Earth.

      Okay I’m gonna go have breakfast now and do the dishes. O_o 😆 This needed to finally be said, and it should have been in a front page article not buried in Comments but it was a good start with this one. Thanks everyone and Group HH hug.

      • You are so not a wimp about anything Denise. I love that you are saying what you want and need to say. You are truly a gift. I hope you had a wonderful breakfast and a lovely day. Thank you always ❤️💕🌸💖💜🌼🍀❤️

        • Thanks Ana. ❤ It's just sometimes hard for me to inform people that a whole lot more people around the world are going to be dying this year and next and that it too is ascension related.

      • Thanks again Denise for your unique wisdom without which I wonder where we’d been. – I have just now returned from my beloved cabin out there at the completely different frequency at the rugged coastline; and that sojourn was really weird. Instead of my planned radiating of good vibrations far and wide; I was overcome with extreme fatigue. And on the day of the new moon my beloved wife (for the last forty years now) attacked me for being overly negative (!?!). And during my gardening I was continuously startled by what seemed to be other people appearing in the garden; whilst there were in fact none (!!) – So I ask; what’s next ?! Just bring it on already. – Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

        • “Yesterday, Thursday 21 May, what looked like a man came and went about a hundred feet away from me, outside while I was gardening, in the space of about two seconds, just long enough for me to see it / him appear then instantly disappear. This was not someone I could recognize; he / it might as well have been a color form, or a cartoon character.” — Cali Flower

          “And during my gardening I was continuously startled by what seemed to be other people appearing in the garden; whilst there were in fact none (!!) –” — Finn


          This quote is from Cali Flower’s comment in case you didn’t see it. It’s really interesting that both of you, in the same week but in different countries, have seen and experienced something very similar. Please read my response comment to her about this.

          In A Lightworker’s Mission I wrote about some of these types of bleed-throughs from other times on Earth, other timelines, other dimensions etc. and in some cases have illustrations in the book to show what was seen by myself and my mother years ago.

          I watched a TV program recently that has stories about peoples experiences like this and many of them have recorded what they’ve seen on their phones so we all get to see it too. This particular case really got me because it was recorded by someone outside walking (can’t remember where this happened, maybe Idaho???) a couple of years ago when a flying dinosaur — Pterosaur — flew overhead and this person recorded it. So amazing to see this.

          The energetic magnetic glue that used to hold old pre-ascension 3D physical reality in place isn’t any longer because that cycle is over and we’ve been slowly, over the past 22-plus years exiting that frequency reality space and “ascending” into a NEW higher frequency reality space. Because of that all these sorts of bleed-throughs have been happening for many years but they’ve become much more frequent and blatant now and thankfully more people are able now to record these things on their phones. Because we’ve entered Phase 2 of the AP and shift in January 2020, there’s going to be even more of these types of “anomalies” and reality and people and beings and times etc. bleeding through into our current space for a while. I’ve been saying for a long time now for everyone to expect the unexpected and it’s here now full-time! 🙂

      • Dear Denise,

        Thank you for reminding us that so much is a choice, such as choosing when to exit, bringing clarity to the numbers of people who have died and will simply choose not to continue living. I think the whales and the dolphins are helping fine tune the energy on our planet, and if their energy is more on a level of where we’re going, then I know I will make it into the future.

        Love, as always, Cali

  • Dear Denise,

    During your sojourns into the Walmart I hope you have stocked up on toilet paper, dish soap, baking soda, salt, and other essential goodies such as stamps, necessary for basic survival. Tuesday I ventured into a grocery store for the first time in four months because I absolutely had to, witnessing for myself empty shelves, people wearing masks (I couldn’t understand a word anyone said because voices were garbled), and human beings that were so flat it was as if I was watching them on a movie screen. Your writing and subsequent comments, as I recalled them, helped me neutrally get through it. I thought of you constantly.

    Thank you for your explicit descriptions, in this latest installment, which will guide and remind us that we are not alone on this journey. My guess is that you are, and always will be, light years ahead of all the rest of us.

    Speaking of light, as a teenager I passed out under big box store lighting so often that I had to quit going into any store with row after row of ceiling hung tube lights because after a few minutes looking at something, such as a book, I would get sick to my stomach, then lose consciousness. Another human sensitivity to toxic wave lengths.

    Yesterday, Thursday 21 May, what looked like a man came and went about a hundred feet away from me, outside while I was gardening, in the space of about two seconds, just long enough for me to see it / him appear then instantly disappear. This was not someone I could recognize; he / it might as well have been a color form, or a cartoon character. I very much appreciate your guideline tools reminding us that we can depend upon our past experiences to discern what is Light and what isn’t. Suddenly being aware of, and having to contend with, an eight foot tall tan shape as you did doesn’t sound like much fun to me. Your living room is an ongoing hot spot for visitors.

    The sensitivities I have always lived with have ratcheted up to an acute stage that is not only irritating, but frightening. I cannot touch my hair now without it falling out, or wash it, or brush it. I might as well try making baby food because that is now how pure anything that goes in me has to be. My great friend and one vice, black tea, is now pushed to the back of the pantry. My house constantly has unknown noises and bumps, while cardinal couples consistently fly into the windows, trying to get in. What a racket, what a pain! A wild turkey cruises through the meadows. A mallard is trying to take over my pond, encroaching on the space of the three toads that live there, but there is an abundance of flowers, all singing their pastel songs, which is truly a welcome sign.

    Love, as always, and wishing you pain free days, Cali

    • “Speaking of light, as a teenager I passed out under big box store lighting so often that I had to quit going into any store with row after row of ceiling hung tube lights because after a few minutes looking at something, such as a book, I would get sick to my stomach, then lose consciousness. Another human sensitivity to toxic wave lengths.”

      OMG Cali F., that’s ultra sensitivity! They bother me too but not to that degree.

      “Yesterday, Thursday 21 May, what looked like a man came and went about a hundred feet away from me, outside while I was gardening, in the space of about two seconds, just long enough for me to see it / him appear then instantly disappear.”

      Yes, much more bleed-through happening now in Phase 2. The collapse of the old world and the Separation of Worlds, timelines being ended, others being merged into the NEW higher primary one and ones means we’re going to be experiencing MUCH more of these types of things so everyone be prepared for pretty much anything at any time from here on out. Exciting!

      I go through periods of ascension caused hair horribleness and scalp soreness and bumps and have for over a decade. I’m in another one now too with my scalp very sore and bruised feeling in different areas. So much higher energies coming into our heads, skulls, faces etc. and it can sometimes be felt in our scalps like we’ve been repeatedly hit all over our heads. Also, when we’re using so much life-force in other areas due to the AP and EP our hair often takes the brunt of that by not getting as much energetic juice as it usually does. In those periods my hair falls out more and looks and feels dull and lifeless. It’s a phase like all other ascension caused ones but having ones hair look dead and thinning is hard.

      Your private wildlife area sounds beautiful Cali, even with an occasional nonphysical someone passing through! 😉 Take extra good care of yourself. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Ooh. This is very interesting… thank you. I’ve had two experiences this week with visions things. One positive and one negative. Positive: I was in my kitchen about to cook and I saw this huge bluish white coloured flash, like a big slice of light on the left side of my vision. It was very beautiful and it was so intense that I went to investigate to see if there was anything physical that had caused it. I couldn’t find anything. Then two days ago, I was watching a video on my phone, with my ear buds in – the video was discussing ‘off topic’ subjects. I saw something, a dark shape move right beside me. It actually made me jump and it did not feel good. It freaked me out a bit and didn’t sleep well that night! Xxx

  • Thanks for sharing this, as in the last two weeks or so, I’m experiencing issues with blindness in the eyes in certain areas, which go away after a day or so.

  • Hi Denise

    Just thought I would share—-

    Back in the mid 2000’s, I was actively attempting to get to the root of some of my deeper issues relative to some pretty intense health challenges I had been living through.

    At the time, through the encouragement of a woman acquaintance! I had started undertaking these 30-40 minute shamanic journeys every couple of days, to try and discover the why’s relative to the issues at hand. Interestingly, in doing so, over time a significant amount of ET content started to arise. No totemic animal spirit helpers for me, lol…instead it was as if I opened up a galactic Pandora’s box of sorts.

    One specific day, a huge thunderstorm rolled in, and we lost electricity, and because there was nothing else to do, I decided to do the shamanic exercise and journey…I cannot recall whatsoever what the journey in fact was. But what stands out is that when I “came to” I was jolted out of wherever I had been. And had what I later learned was a silent migraine. No pain, no nausea. Just intense small burning colored lights in a circular pattern that became progressively brighter and worse until I took refuge in my closet in the dark for about thirty minutes or so.. The clincher was the missing time I had from the time my journey commenced and ended —- I started the meditation, listened to the recording that was at around 10 am, and it was either 1-2pm when I returned…still seated in the position I was in when said journey commenced! I was very weirded out, and I have no doubt whatsoever some significant encounter had indeed happened!

    Kind of wondering now if there is a correlation between these visual anomalies and certain entity contact??

    Separately, I thought it worth adding that I noticed that Monday and Tuesday evenings were doozies as far as active demonic attack, others have since shared similar observations with me, as well. From my direct experience, I often notice that once we are right on the precipice of either a significant personal or collective positive leap, the attacks begin and amp up pretty much like clockwork..

    • “Kind of wondering now if there is a correlation between these visual anomalies and certain entity contact??”

      Oh Robin, I have always so enjoyed and appreciated any of your shared ET experiences since way back in the early days of TRANSITIONS. ❤ 🙂

      Because you said what you did, yes I'm grinning, I'm going to go into more detail about the 8 foot tall tan colored transparent thing I saw three seconds before the right eye visual began. Thanks Robin for opening this door for me to do this.

      Everyone, the reason I went into such detail about the brief three second-long phenomena that happened BEFORE the right eye visuals started was because in those three seconds I was able to discern what the 8 foot tall tan thing was and was not. It was not Team Dark so I relaxed some but paid close attention because I've not had this exact experience in this exact way before. Yes I'm Team Dark gun-shy but I've had to be this way for decades and old habits die hard as they say. When TD is totally gone I'll fully relax.

      Anyway, in those three seconds I was able to discover that the 8 foot tall "thing" was an ET of some sort that I'm not familiar with. He, yes it felt male but was extremely energetically neutral, like he had a job to do and thousands of us incarnate Volunteers, Starseeds, Blue Rays, Lightworkers etc. to get to immediately. You know what this made me think of at the time? Volunteer, Starseed, First Everythingers being given energetic etheric "vaccinations" of a sort. They weren't vaccinations but energy adjustments some of us need right now to aid us with the upcoming eclipses and greater Embodiment Processes that the Embodiers will be going through during the Saturn retrograde period — May through end of September 2020.

      So, this 8 foot tall thing was an ET and I got the fleeting sense it was an Arcturian although I don’t believe I’ve had any interactions with the Arcs before this. It was just the sense I got as I read its energy signature.

      I’m going to get a copy of a book illustration I had my sister do for A Lightworker’s Mission (2010) and add it to this Comment because it was of another ET giving me an energetic adjustment in my Pituitary gland/Third Eye back around 2002 if memory serves. These sorts of things happen often to Volunteers, Starseeds etc. so it’s not as exotic as it may sound at first. Thanks again Robin. ❤

      illustration from  A Lightworker's Mission by Denise LeFay

      • So glad to have shared!

        And so glad you helped connect some amazing dots, Denise!


  • Hi, Denise,

    About 14 years ago, I had visual migraines. They were circular around the outside of my field of vision, They would start with a portion of the circle and then build to the full circle. They would last about a half an hour and during that time it would be hard to look at or concentrate on anything. They almost never involved pain. I described them as looking through a kaleidoscope and they looked like a combination of your jewel-toned picture and the crystal picture with what looks like oil film colors throughout it, but definitely triangular shapes.

    Lately, I’ve been having fogginess in my right eye. It’s clear now, but a few moments ago it was foggy and I have it a lot. It’s annoying not being able to see clearly. But, again, no pain.

    I see lots of visual phenomena– little white pin pricks of light, blue orbs, what looked like a golden fairy near my face last night, and, a new one, clear, green light two separate times last night in the area between my wall and the ceiling. Both in different spots.

    This is definitely an interesting topic.

    And, oh, yes, I’ve had times where I can see my room and things around it when my eyes are closed.

    Hugs to all (if you don’t hurt too much!),


    • “Lately, I’ve been having fogginess in my right eye. It’s clear now, but a few moments ago it was foggy and I have it a lot. It’s annoying not being able to see clearly. But, again, no pain.”

      I’ve had this too Cat, off and on throughout Phase 1. It typically would get bad when I’d go into — here comes a big clue about this one — a LOWER FREQUENCY PLACE such as most stores, good freaking gawd banks were the worst, and most other locations in Phase 1. Because you and I and most reading this have evolved, “ascended” to a much higher frequency range than everything and everyone else, the way we see them is often like they’re in a heavy white fog of sorts. We can see them, the stores outside and inside, the bank or whatever or whoever it is but they’re all blurry and foggy and impossible for us to pull into clear focus. I’ve shopped in Walmart with my eyes like this so many times throughout Phase 1 I thought my vision was going! 🙂 It wasn’t my vision going, it was me going! 😉

      Another way of thinking about this one is the Separation of Worlds. We’re still able to see the lower frequency ranges of old Earth with its populations but they often look to those of us that exist in higher ranges of frequency and consciousness etc. as being blurry, foggy, much more dense and “far away” like looking through a long tunnel at them.

      Side note: When I went outside today to retrieve my mail I noticed that EVERYTHING outside looks even more sharp, crystal clear, bright and DIAMOND like (which it now is too due to the NEW Radiant Diamond codes that arrived December 2019) which indicates that the Light and us have shifted yet again to a slightly higher frequency range and space than we were only yesterday. Isn’t it amazing everyone to watch the old lower Earth world reality disintegrating while simultaneously the NEW Earth world is slowly manifesting in each of us? Embody on fellow Embodiers, let’s build this NEW thing! ❤ 🙂

  • While I am not aware of having anything near the experience you had, it’s curious to me that I did actually have a big blast of light in my right eye’s periphery also on Tuesday. My house is always full of sounds, so I didn’t notice anything unusual and don’t recall any further lights. I used to see this kind in the late 80s and early 90s. I described it kind of like a golden blue coin flipping in the air. This was larger and longer lasting, though still just a split second. My mother had full on ocular migraines, but that only happened to me once also in the 90s. I have seen those blue and/or golden pin pricks of light off and on for years, but less frequently lately.

    haha! just had the pin prick of purple blue!! 🙂

  • Hi Denise,
    I really appreciate you sharing these visual disturbance experiences that you have been having. I have been seeing transparent ‘heat haze’ manifestations for a little while now as well, they usually appear just slightly out of my direct focus and not quite in my peripheral vision. They are indistinct in form but seem to undulate and float above the floor. They seem to disappear if I try to look directly at them, but if I look say at my laptop screen or a book I can watch them from the corner of my eye as they move around, sometimes even from one room to another. I don’t feel any negativity or discomfort of any kind when they are around and I instinctively know that whatever they are they not intending any harm to me. I just wish that I could really see them more clearly! I sometime wonder if they are visits from deceased loved ones who usually come to me in my sleep and not usually in a fully wakened state. These are truly fascinating and amazing times we are living in for sure. I would like to say a big thank you to you Denise for all of the work that you have done and continue to do for humanity, thank you also for the footprints that you leave to guide the rest of us on this amazing but very challenging journey we share. Hugs to all here, from Megan x 🙂

  • Oh, yes! Those neon colored geometric patterned string of Lights, many years Now. They appear like how WE used to make a chain out of gum wrappers. My vision goes completely for the 30 to 40 minutes of the download, and then a slight headache. I recall long ago hearing they are Pleiadian. So cool!

    • “They appear like how WE used to make a chain out of gum wrappers.”

      OMG phillypam, that is such an accurate description! I’d forgotten those gum wrapper “chains” from so long ago but what I saw did sort of look like that. Thanks for sharing. ❤

  • Hi Denise, boy was I awake all night dealing with noise and banging and something continuously jumping on me and the bed. Stuff is shifting and I do hope moving on. I too was super achy and my spine is sure trying to keep up. Thanks for all you do and feel. Here come the eclipes!

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