Wasn’t Joking About 2020 Being the Start of PHASE 2

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Phase 2 of the Ascension Process. They’re just words, intellectual terms, just mental speculations and possible near future considerations until one finds ones self suddenly physically living them. Such as been the case on most all fronts since January 2020 when Volunteers and global humanity entered Phase 2.

I can barely stand turning the TV on anymore because the amplifying negativity, the well lit lies, increasing insanity, frantic last-minute power grabs and unending greed has been worse every day in Phase 2. I can also barely stand turning my computer on and going online in 2020 for the same reasons, and I only frequent a few online sites that are the most elevated within the ascension community. Such is the super fast-tracked Phase 2 level of global dismantling of everything and everyone but now from within the NEW codes and much higher frequency Light energies. As if everything that’s been happening since January 2020 weren’t enough, each person reading this needs to keep in their HighHeart awareness the fact that there is a massive spectrum of people with extremely different levels of individual consciousness, development, abilities, awareness and personal focus. The same is true within the ascension community and ascension teachers/writers/lecturers. They however are functioning within a closer range of frequencies than the general unaware human masses.

There are so many different timelines because there are so many individuals with considerably different levels of consciousness, beliefs, awareness and focus. This is easily seen and felt within the ascension community and other related communities.

There are individuals and groups of individuals in the ascension community that are still, in 2020, waiting for, complaining about, arguing over, writing more books about, giving more lectures about, and entirely focused on why the government hasn’t come clean publicly yet about the existence of UFOs and ETs.

There are individuals and groups of individuals in the ascension community that believe, in 2020, that Jesus and a Lightbeing crew and ancient UFO craft and who knows what else are soon to come and save the ascension day and all of them too of course.

There are individuals and groups of individuals in the ascension community that are still, in 2020, clinging to many if not all of their old Phase 1 ascension habitual energy Work routines and related physical activities in Phase 2. In case some haven’t noticed yet, Phase 2 is mightily different from Phase 1. In case you’ve not realized yet Volunteers, we’ve been given NEW Phase 2 ascension Work orders since January 2020.

If you’re a Volunteer whose chosen to live the Embodiment Process now too then you very much need to reevaluate and re-prioritize to match yourself and your actions with the Phase 2 energies. If you’ve chosen to not live the Embodiment Process you nonetheless still have to make personal, individual changes in yourself and your ascension related actions, plans and activities.

2020 Phase 2 level Embodiment Process carries greater individual responsibility than what we experienced in Phase 1 so we’ve all been having to make more individual adjustments in many different ways right out of the January 2020 Phase 2 gates. It’s just taken some Volunteers a little longer to realize this and make the necessary personal course corrections. However, Saturn turns retrograde on May 11, 2020 at 1°Aquarius and retrogrades back to 25°Capricorn until September 29, 2020. Also, Jupiter goes retrograde May 14th at 27°Capricorn and retrogrades back to 17°Capricorn until September 12, 2020. EVERYONE will now have to deal with Saturn retrograde for the next five months and make multiple personal, individual course corrections wherever each of us needs to, to do our Volunteer Work and individual Phase 2 Embodiment at these NEW and different levels.

There are individuals and groups of individuals within the ascension community that still, in 2020, believe that all negativity and evil comes from people and their shadow side, their shadow nature etc. and never from anything or anyone else on Earth or elsewhere. Evolution and increased awareness will reveal more of the details behind the past Great Cycle of learning humanity and Others have recently exited within Duality and separation frequencies and consciousness however.

There are individuals and groups of individuals within the ET, UFO and conspiracy and ascension communities that still, in 2020, believe that certain–what I would call Team Dark negative aliens and other interdimensional aliens, beings, entities and such–are really positive and just need you to willingly give them some of your organic life-force to help and feed and fuel them. In return for repeatedly doing that, receive certain limited higher types of abilities, experiences and interdimensional phenomena and/or weaponry tech etc. from them. In other words, some individuals, some very well-known, and some groups of individuals believe that to gain higher awareness and more advanced abilities they must willingly give away portions of their personal organic life-force to inorganic interdimensional, extra-dimensional aliens and entities. Discernment and energetically knowing both Team Light and Team Dark frequencies and beings is so important so that individuals can know for themselves whose who and what’s what and not fall prey to these interdimensional parasitic aliens and entities con jobs for whatever the reasons. God almighty, anything but evolve and learn to do it all yourself!

There are some ascension teacher/writer individuals and groups of individuals within the ascension community that still, in 2020, believe it’s necessary to physically go to certain locations such as sacred sites on Earth to do energy Work. Aren’t we Volunteers here to help Earth, Gaia become an entire “sacred site” planet in a higher dimension and NEW level and state of being? An ascended NEW Earth Star? Aren’t we Volunteers here to lay the NEW energetic foundations, embody higher DNA, build NEW energy roads, bridges and pathways etc. for humanity to use to become energetically capable of ascending to and living on NEW ascended sacred site Earth Star?

Aren’t you capable of doing the ascension Work from anywhere? At any time? Under really terrible, difficult conditions and ongoing interference and noise of one type or another? Are you aware that the majority of Volunteers are totally unknown super powerhouse individuals who’ve never been seen or known or physically gone to any sacred site to do ascension related energy Work? There are far more individuals who’ve constantly done ascension Work from their homes and chaotic lives with more responsibilities like children, a husband/wife, having to care for an elderly sick and/or dying parent(s), juggle a regular job with being a Volunteer and doing that Work constantly, owning a home and property needing continual maintenance and money and so on. There’s always been more of the unseen and unknown incarnate Volunteers Working from wherever they’re at while juggling kids, a mate, a sick parent, food, school, house, yard, pets etc. Those are the individuals that can do the energy Work while under the absolute worst of physical, emotional, financial and psychological conditions and aren’t even known or acknowledged by other Volunteers. For me, the fluff, pomp and “new age” ascension ceremonies and events individuals will never live up to the numerous unknown and unseen individuals around the planet who’ve Worked the Ascension Process from the severe negativity and density of every Shit Town USA, plus all other such cities and towns around the planet with zero recognition for their unending higher and wholly ego-less Service. You are seen and known and have always been Volunteers that I would trust before any other.  

There are some in the ascension community that still, in 2020, have a lot of old Piscean Age religious residue in them, their beliefs, words and actions about the Ascension. Many of them are a strange mixture of “New Age” preacher guru, Starseeds with different ET connections that can also speak in ET tongues, many with strong past lives lived in old East Indian schools of philosophy that are plainly visible in their current lives, consciousness and attitudes. Most all Volunteers have been there, done that and more but in Phase 2 need to get fully absorbed in the NEW and Embodiment and let their pasts go. Like many Volunteers, I’ve spent multiple earthly “past lives” being initiated into different mysteries in different mastery schools across Earth and time, all to aid this incarnate version during the Ascension and Embodiment Processes.   

There are numerous other examples but I hope the ones I’ve listed are enough to get you into individual Phase 2 level awareness, focus and activities. What you focus on now in Phase 2 especially is the timeline, frequency level and reality you’ll find yourself in because you are a vibrational match with it so be conscious of your consciousness, take full responsibility for what you are and are not doing now and make personal course corrections whenever needed. Phase 2 is very different and it needs each of us in the now living it, embodying it, Embodying and therefore anchoring it into NEW Earth for NEW Humanity from wherever each of us physically are. During Phase 1 of the Ascension Process the external was important but in Phase 2 the internal in each of us is the most important and powerful location.

Wasn’t Joking About Source’s 2020 CEASE & DESIST ORDER Either

While many in the ascension communities were intensely focused on their different plans and events for 2020, Phase 2 of the Ascension Process arrived across the energetic evolutionary board on January 12, 2020 and many found their plans abruptly stopped due to what I’ve been calling Source’s Cease & Desist Order.

Source’s divine Phase 2 Cease & Desist Order isn’t just about the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and how it has and will continue through more “waves” to force unaware humans into ‘stay at home’ life and reality. It also isn’t just about the staggering and complete economic and supply chain collapses and food shortages and disappearances that will play out this year and next. It’s also about the Volunteers having to live and respect the Phase 2 Cease & Desist Order too and make numerous individual changes as well. What worked and was our different energy Work in Phase 1 has changed in Phase 2 meaning the Volunteers are under Source’s Cease & Desist Order too and for very important reasons. Be willing to change, grow, learn more, become more Volunteers which is what this Cease & Desist Order is about for us at our current levels. It’s something totally different for mass humanity at their current levels and consciousness. 

Source’s Divine Cease & Desist Order is not aimed only at the unaware global human masses, it’s for everyone and at the top of that list are the ascension communities and related others. At lower levels of consciousness this Phase 2 Cease & Desist Order is to force all unaware people out of everything they’ve been habitually doing, being, focused on and living their entire lives. At higher levels of consciousness such as the ascension communities and related others that are all at varying levels of awareness and Higher Awareness, Phase 2 and the Cease & Desist Order is to force all of them out of everything they’ve been habitually doing, being, focused on and living throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process. At the very top of that group are, as should be obvious, the ascension teachers/writers. This Phase 2 Cease & Desist Order is Source decreed and it is for all living humans on Earth now and that especially includes every ascension teacher/writer and for very important reasons that should also be obvious. For those Volunteer ascension teachers/writers, plus all Volunteers who’ve chosen to live the Embodiment Process now too, Phase 2 needs you to focus exclusively on your personal internal Embodiment Process, not on external ascension related events or planning other events or sacred site playtime with friends or any other such Phase 1 level and frequency habits and activities. If you’re not living the Embodiment Process you still have to live with and in the higher Phase 2 energies and levels and Source’s Cease & Desist Order. It’s for them and us, us and them and all at the different levels of frequency, consciousness, ability and awareness that each group, groups and levels etc. are currently existing within.

At lower levels of consciousness the Phase 2 ‘stay at home’ and ‘stay 6 feet apart’ rules mean for people to stay at their physical homes during times of greater pandemic risk, and when around people outside their homes stay at least 6 feet apart from them physically. At lower levels of consciousness these new mandatory rules seem like it’s entirely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and a big part of it is. But, in typical higher level fashion, it also has to do with teaching unaware humanity how to stop being energetically parasitic and feeding off of other people in mindless herd-like fashion, invading other people’s energetic and physical space and spreading low frequencies and negative consciousness contamination between unaware people constantly. You have to view the pandemic and all else with Higher Awareness to perceive the more complex and amazingly positive aspects of Phase 2 and all that’s come so far with it. It isn’t anything like what so many people in a large section of the ascension and other related communities think the pandemic is. As those people always do, they give instant and complete total credit to Team Dark negative aliens and the global human elite for absolutely everything that happens. That should make you question why those people continue to give all the credit to the negative humans and non-humans every time anything happens on Earth, in humans or to humanity. Evidently, they believe that, despite the Ascension and Embodiment Process, Team Dark aliens, inorganic entities and global elite humans are more powerful than Divine Source and all of multidimensional Universal and beyond Team Light.

At higher levels of consciousness and being the NEW ‘stay at home’ rule means the Volunteers that are living the Embodiment Process now need to stay at HOME internally within themselves. Again, this should be obvious to more and more of us in Phase 2. Stay at home humanity, and Volunteers stay at HOME because your Embodiment Process has reached that level where you and I and all Embodiers are changing in increasingly obvious ways finally. Stay at HOME Volunteers because that is what’s needed in 2020. We’ll deal with later later, but for now we’re in the process of becoming HOME internally in our physical bodies, consciousness and physical selves constantly. If you really want to go HOME while in your current physical body, this is how it’s accomplished by every Embodier. Stay at HOME Volunteers. Stay at home humanity so you’ll be capable of the many TRANSITIONS into NEW HighHeartLife and reality.

Denise Le Fay

May 11, 2020

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85 thoughts on “Wasn’t Joking About 2020 Being the Start of PHASE 2

  • Thank You Denise I cant tell you how much your blog lifts me it’s like you write these words in ways only you can… at times I feel you are writing what I’m actually feeling, then other times your words activates something deep within me that’ confirms my knowing and for that I’m always grateful ✨🙏

    “we’re in the process of becoming HOME internally in our physical bodies, consciousness and physical selves constantly”

    I feel this on so many levels … I’m realising over and over I’m not the same person I was at the start of 2020

    For almost twenty years now I have been on / off “staying home” due to illness, which I later discovered was in fact childhood trauma to be healed and of course ascension symptoms.

    I searched, searched and searched again firstly within the medical community, then the healing community, I even studied most of the modalities in the hope I too would become an ascension teacher / guide

    Yet none of that was the answer and no one seemed to have the answer that I seemed to be searching. Yet often they proclaimed they did, but it was always within another course or another treatment etc

    Of course I learned that this was all b.s. and yes I was still learning all of this until the turn of this year. All that seeking when all along only I had the answers, I’m starting to sound like a character from the wizard of Ozz ✨✨😂
    But it’s true, my husband had told me all this twenty years before…. but I had to learn it for myself

    Yesterday while talking with my Mum, we went into a conversation about the importance of going inwards and not to look to others for answers or to even look outside ourselves as only we can truly know when we have come home …. there was more to the conversation than that, yet what I shared was done so in such a knowing way, that when I was finished speaking I realised my hand was over my heart the whole time and I had tears in my eyes and for the first time in a very long time, I really did feel like I was truly home and that I was at last feeling my embodiment within all aspects of my consciousness and being

    • Nicola G.,

      I changed your user name in your comment ONLY because I figured you didn’t really want your email address made public. If you’d rather have it the way you wrote it let me know and I’ll change it back.

  • Hello Denise! I’m having this heightened sensitivity as well to things I used to be able to read on line in the spiritual community. I’m finding that not much is “clean” enough for me at this phase I am at. I’m wondering if you could share whom you find to be inspiring and “safe” for you to follow/read. Thank you!

    • “I’m wondering if you could share whom you find to be inspiring and “safe” for you to follow/read.”

      😀 There used to be a very small few I read and would sometimes mention or quote here at HHL. However, since Phase 2 started in January 2020, even those scant few I cannot relate to anymore and have had to go my own Way as always, which is a positive. ❤

      • Okay yes thank you so much for the response as it’s very validating for me! I feel the same way and have been going to my own inner guidance ( which I’m sure is as it should be:)). I’ve been reading your blog for many years now and this was my first comment:). I’ve been very grateful to you and your similar experience and perspective. Godspeed!

  • 100% yes. 👏🏼

    Thank you for writing all of this—and venting the frustrations that I too have felt with the “leaders” in these communities. (And with the “followers.” Why are we following anything but our own selves?)

    I could add so many things to so many of your paragraphs…

    But I want to add support to this statement: “ Are you aware that the majority of Volunteers are totally unknown super powerhouse individuals who’ve never been seen or known or physically gone to any sacred site to do ascension related energy Work?”

    I know several huge powerhouses. They are not famous. Their names aren’t even known. Yet they do the most heavy lifting I’ve encountered, quietly, in the background, and to their personal detriment because when you go up against the top-level Dark you get attacked.

    They are too busy doing the work to be “famous,” while others are indeed getting famous just by writing and speaking about the work. That drives me crazy.

    If I were to tell people some of the things that I’ve done—quietly, in the background—I’d be dismissed by the community. Yet on multiple occasions, some of the ascension “leaders” have literally received messages from their spirit guides about exactly the work that I did. And they write about it, and everyone praises them for bringing forth this amazing message.

    We don’t do this work for the recognition. But the fact that people don’t yet see clearly enough to discern a messenger from an actual worker bee still gets me.

    One day…

    In the meantime, I appreciate you calling out the many forms of misconceptions still present.

    • “We don’t do this work for the recognition. But the fact that people don’t yet see clearly enough to discern a messenger from an actual worker bee still gets me.”

      Jen Wozny, boy could you and I have some kinda amazing private conversations! 😆

      THANK YOU for everything you said in your comment because it is so, so important for so, so many reasons. I feel so strongly about this issue that I dedicated A Lightworker’s Mission to the unseen and unknown ascension heavy-lifters who’ve Worked all this like no one else from the very beginning.

      I’ve recognized personal experiences I written about on HHL and TRANSITIONS that have been stolen and used in movies and TV shows by some who intentionally go through certain ascension sites for free story-line info just like this that they steal and use themselves. I can feel when people have done this with things I’ve shared online.

      Thanks again for sharing what you did Jen W. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Oh my gosh, my heart is so upset to hear that your work has been stolen. I’m so sorry that this happened to you. I’m so big on giving credit and recognition where they’re due, and this completely contravenes that. I can only hope that somehow, someday, these wrongs get righted. For the principle, at the very least.

        And yes–we could have some amazing conversations! I hope one day we all do get to share with each other; it’s healing to speak to another person who understands. The path can be really lonely.

        Thank YOU for what you do for us. ❤

    • We don’t do this work for the recognition. But the fact that people don’t yet see clearly enough to discern a messenger from an actual worker bee still gets me.
      …I agree whole heartedly, Jen!

      Thanks for this article Denise! Spot on, SisSTAR! 🙂

      • “But the fact that people don’t yet see clearly enough to discern a messenger from an actual worker bee still gets me.”

        So true Stephanie N., and many messengers have taken advantage of that throughout Phase 1. No longer however in Phase 2.

  • Thank you for this excellent post Denise and your honest way of telling it. I have never needed a sacred space as I know it all happens within and I have no time now for people I used to follow. You give us such good information and I can trust you. During the last 2to3 weeks I am wakened at night with the sound of one ring of my phone but no one has called me when I check it out. Could this be a similar thing to the person who said that she hears a trumpet? I have been having Migraine lights in my eyes which I used to get a few years ago but no headache, and wondered if it is EP causing them again. It,s scary when vision is impaired even only for 20 minutes or so and I am left quite drained after for few hours, wondered if anyone else has experienced this? Lockdown has made me edgy so maybe it,s the anxiety causing it as I am on my own as have Diabetes 2 and have to shield til end of June(UK) plus over 70. Which leads me to another question Denise, what are your thoughts on a vaccine for Covid 19.as I can’t see how I can ever safely go out again but a vaccine scares me.I read a bit of Lisa Renee on it but not sure if I understood it. Hope you don,t mind me asking you as I expect others here may like to know also.Thank you as always Denise for helping us and giving out such honest information. Love to all xxx

    • Linda P. & All,

      I wasn’t gone to share my recent experience with this until I read this morning what you shared Linda P. And so, I wrote a quickly article about this because I sense it’s something more of the Volunteer Embodiers may be experiencing right now in preparation for our next stage of the Embodiment Process this year. Thanks very much for sharing Linda P. and we’ll continue this, these conversations in Comments under that article. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • “During the last 2to3 weeks I am wakened at night with the sound of one ring of my phone but no one has called me when I check it out. Could this be a similar thing to the person who said that she hears a trumpet?”

      Linda P. & All,

      I wanted to get to the eye/visual Trinity Triality NEW codes before I circled back to these sounds many of us have been hearing lately Linda P.

      I’d mentioned how I’ve been hearing beautiful bird song at night, all night, which I find very peaceful and supportive. I’d also mentioned how Barbara Hand Clow wrote about how bird song is seventh dimensional, 7D. Others have shared how they’ve been hearing sounds, tones, bells, trumps-like sounds, ping sounds etc. in Phase 2. I started hearing a NEW left ear inner tone sounds that have run constantly since January 2020. They’re different from the old Phase 1 inner ear clicking or Morse Code-like or hummingbird-like or dolphin-like clicking sounds I and many have heard since the AP started over 20 years ago. These Phase 2 inner ear sounds I’ve heard since January 2020 are, so far, two tones — one higher and one lower in pitch and they alternate randomly in no pattern or patterns. They just tone along constantly in my left ear.

      Because 7D is the frequency range where the Photon Light bands are, and we and Earth are deep in one now and will be for a very long time, and because 7D has to do with Light (Photonic) and Sound (the “word of god” etc., creations in the frequency range of Light and Sounds), those 7D frequency Lights and Sounds drop down into 6D and take on geometric forms or as we call them codes and templates for what will eventually be manifested physically as something solid in our dimension.

      The fact that more and more of us are hearing in Phase 2 these different Lights and Sounds in different forms, tones, patterns and shapes etc., it seems to me that we’re perceiving more of 7D frequency directly, and also 6D morphogenic geometric forms that are the energy templates and patters etc. for what at lower frequency ranges becomes PHYSICALLY MANIFEST within our dimension. Fancy talk but really we’re just becoming increasingly CONSCIOUSLY aware of us being multidimensional beings that are perceiving in all sorts of different ways now in Phase 2 of the AP, these other higher frequency ranges of “dimensions”. Expect a whole lot more of this and other things and beings etc. that naturally go along with all this. ❤

  • Hi everyone, Hi Denise. Just wanted to share something that I have witness twice this past week on two separate occasions. I have heard what sounds very much like very short blast’s from a Shofar/or trumpet, I know that someone has already commented on this earlier in one of their posts and I wondered if anyone else has been hearing this? I live in England, and have lived in my current home for over 30 years and I can honestly say I have heard many things but never this. The blasts only lasted a few moments on each occasion. I looked outside to see if I could see anything but there was no one around and it was otherwise very quiet. It sounded a bit like someone tuning an instrument up because there was no melody to it, it was just like an unprofessional blowing a trumpet for the first time. I’m not religious but I am aware that is says in the book of Revelations that in the last days that a trump call will be heard. Does anyone have any idea what this might mean, could it be coming from the earth perhaps due to some tectonic shifting ? Is it interdimensional? There is a lot of strangeness afoot and I know that many of you are experiencing strange phenomena as well so I though I would throw it out there. Hugs to you all. 🙂

    • Yes to all of the above possibilities you listed and others you didn’t Margaret. I’ve been hearing bird song almost every night all night. I know it’s not physical birds singing all night but I’ve sure been hearing what sounds to me like beautiful bird song at night. My first thought was something Barbara Hand Clow wrote about in a book about how bird song was seventh dimensional, 7D. 7D is Light and Sound — “the word of god” etc. — and it is Photon Light so I feel many of us are increasingly consciously aware of 7D while both awake and asleep. Welcome to increasing multidimensional consciousness in Phase 2 of the Ascension Process everyone! 🙂 And Phase 2 is very much “the last days” of the old lower world and reality. Thanks Margaret R. ❤

      • Denise
        So glad u mentioned the birds singing all nite long!! It’s been going on for wks…it’s loud and powerful, happy, joyful and keeps me awake. Glad to understand y they r suddenly singing through the night 😊.

        • It’s good to know that others are hearing nighttime bird song too Tracy. It’s sooo much better than some of the other things many of us have heard at night over these ascension years!

        • Hello, Denise, I have also heard short bursts of song from magpies at night as well. I thought they were talking in their sleep, but I guess, as other people are hearing this as well, it’s ascension related.  I’ve heard some other strange sounds from time to time, but I’m not sure what they are. I’ve also had extreme sensitivity in my teeth for a time. Luckily, I’m free of it for the moment. And, I’ve occasionally had visual migraines– I thought it was from reading too much at the time, but, again, it’s all in the same time frame. Strange how many new symptoms are happening. Has anyone been hearing small jets overhead? They sound like the small jets, Tutors, flown by the Snowbirds in Canada. I have heard them two separate days, but they are supposed to be grounded after an accident in B.C. on the weekend.


        • “Strange how many new symptoms are happening.”

          It’s due to our entrance into Phase 2 of the AP Cat. And some is also Phase 2 level EP stuff as well.

          Yes! I’ve heard what sounded to me like a small jet airplane at night which they don’t do here because I live in a valley surrounding on three sides by mountains. I’ve heard all kinds of things up in the air that I’m positive are NOT physical at all. Again Cat, great to see you here again. ❤

  • Denise and HHLifers,
    Has anyone else had sudden teeth sensitivity?
    I’ve never had an issue of any kind with my teeth and suddenly they are sensitive to temperature and certain foods. Is this a new ascension symptom?
    It’s weird!
    Also, a question if I may – for the past few years I have had very brief “visions” – but visions is a lame word for this full body experience – of what feels like a memory but the memory is not me; at least not a me I recall or recognize. It’s only a flash, split second in time, but a sizable download of information. It’s happened many times, sometimes out of the blue.
    Any idea what is happening? Is it timelines collapsing for me? Past lives I don’t recall? It’s a true strange mystery.
    Thank you Denise and friends. I can feel you out there! Love y’all 💜

    • Hi Diana, good to hear from you as it’s been really quiet here for a while. ❤

      Teeth… I'm a Capricorn so I've had/have plenty of teeth and skeletal structure issues. But with what all we're going through, and will for the rest of our lives no matter what are age today, the hot/cold/food sensitivity could be yet another way your body is responding to DNA changes, embodying more NEW Light etc. both of which alters what we eat or want or don't want to eat and so on. And, believe it or not, the sudden tooth sensitivity (or anything else) may also be connected to the second thing you mentioned. I repeat, may be connected.

      I’ve experienced what you described hundreds of times over multiple decades. My mom had a few of them too and we’d discuss what we’d experienced every time this happened. What I’ve learned from my experiences with this is that it’s often two main and very different types of things. One is personal, one is probably a past life memory that comes in only a small flash of vision of only one brief moment within that lifetime. It’s like a photo taken of one brief moment in that lifetime that you in this life and time suddenly clairvoyantly See and Feel very intensely.

      The second case usually happens to Sensitives, Empaths who suddenly See and Feel someone else for a brief moment in almost the same way we do with our personal “past lives”. This is much like how “psychics” pick up residual energy impressions left by other people — we suddenly just See and Feel them.

      There’s an important third possibility to all this that’s been happening and it is entirely related to the Ascension Process and can get more than a bit strange and confusing. I sense it’s more of what you’ve been experiencing Diana. This is much like the first two situations I described above BUT these are due to the AP, different timelines, and different timelines that different aspects of you exist within or have existed within. It’s been crazy busy out there! 😉

      One it could be another aspect of you in another timeline. Two it could be that you’ve evolved enough via the AP that you’re now able to perceive, See and Feel other people that are not you or any relation to you etc. but you’re simple perceiving them because this goes along with our becoming increasingly conscious of our being multidimensional beings that exist beyond linear time and space. Due to the Universal Ascension Process, many of us have been perceiving, Seeing and Feeling numerous other aspects of ourselves from all over the Earth, the Stars, the Milky Way and other galaxies and dimensions etc. But, we’ve also been perceiving, Seeing and Feeling many other people, beings, ETs, entities and god knows what all they are too that are NOT us but other lifeforms in other dimensions and systems and so on.

      I’ve experienced periods where I’ll clairvoyantly See hundreds of up close images of faces, like professional portrait photos of other humans I don’t know and other aliens, beings and entities in rapid secession of only maybe a half second. I’ll See dozens and dozens of them in this manner but with no information download per sey, just this “flashcard like” visual of so many people and aliens and other beings.

      My (Caucasian) mom had one of these sudden very intense perceptions back in the 1980s that she told me about. All the sudden she was in the body of a African American male who was a doctor somewhere in the USA in the same time period she was alive in. She said he was intensely frustrated, traumatized even over having had a patient of his die during surgery. The image my mom saw, felt and experienced was of this male doctor in hospital surgical clothing covered in blood who was clutching a large wash sink while he felt intense anguish over having lost a patient. Now none of that was a past life of my mom’s but just something that was so energetically potent that she picked up on it and experienced the whole thing in her body as if she herself had lived it. These types of experiences typically only last a few seconds because at those levels we’re able to perceive and receive a LOT of information, data, emotions, visuals etc. in a split second… which is why most psychics talk really fast!

      Add all this to the AP and our becoming increasingly conscious of our being multidimensional, of our existing both in and beyond linear time and space and all the rest of it and it’s to be expected that we’re all encountering more “reality”, more realities and players in them from anywhere now. Thanks for sharing about this type of experience because I know many have them. ❤

      • Thank you Denise!
        Your explanations are so helpful.
        For some reason I can relax and appreciate the weird experiences when I know I’m not alone in the strangeness 💜

  • Denise!

    Wow. So much in this article and comments… I know I’m going to be “too long” with mine.

    About a year ago, I told a friend that I wanted to live at the top of a hill with no road to the top so no one could get to me and no trees on the hill so I could see anyone coming who tried. From that moment on, things started to change radically for me. I had been living with a couple of younger people because I thought I needed them to keep me from being miserable after losing my life partner in 2016. They were noisy lower level people who really were energy vampires. There were other energy vampires in my life that came and went from my “old place” because there was and always had been what I called a “revolving door” there. Joe was an extrovert and people felt free to drop in and that really didn’t change after he died. I just had him as my barrier back then and could go hide while he provided the energetic wall between me and them. By expressing my desire to be essentially a Hermit (one of my favorite cards in the Tarot deck) I began the process of creating that reality… it was inadvertent in the sense that I did not consciously think “I’m going to create this reality now”. I simply expressed something I thought I wanted.

    Within 2 months I had found my new home, found that I could afford it with the resources I had at hand. Now, at that time I was on social security, working a part-time job from home with a long-time friend, and teaching classes at a local university as an adjunct. Those conditions lasted through about November when the department chair at the university realized that she had reduced enrollment for the Spring semester and had to pull all her adjunct’s courses to give to her full-time professors. I moved into my new place at the end of September and by the end of November had lost one of my income streams. And yet… that did not seriously impact the “new normal” of my living conditions. Why? Because those energy vampires were also money vampires. I had no idea how much money I was putting out on these people I thought I needed.

    I sit in my second floor apartment, overlooking a park, in a situation that is affordable. And I have come to believe it is because I said it out loud and, consciously or unconsciously created what had to happen for me to be in this place at this time.

    Here’s the weird part though: since the COVID19 negativity began, and though I measure my doses of “news” I still get too much of the negativity, I have been spiraling into a “negative space” regarding spirituality. And by that I don’t mean that my spiritual beliefs have become negative, but that I am in a “void space” where there is no spirituality. Put directly, I can see myself becoming “atheist” and beginning to believe that “this is all we get” and “this is our only chance” and so many of the things that people who have given up on some notion of a higher power say.
    Your May 11 article shone a light upon something I’d … what? Ignored? Missed? Forgotten? There is a path from “then” to “now”. It started for me a really long time ago, honestly I know it actually started in 1999 (though maybe actually 1989?), but I didn’t fully have words to describe it even partially until I found TRANSITIONS in 2009. Wow. Look at all those 9s.

    That is the beauty of coming to your articles after a period of being away… and it has only been a few months since I visited primarily because life seems to intervene… Thank you for the reminder that there is a path that there is a reason for coming to this time this place this NOW.

    RE: magdavaughanMa about the freezing cold and shivering:

    Wow. I hadn’t considered that this was an ascension symptom. This has been happening for me on a daily basis for over a week even when the interior temp in my place is “comfortable”. I’ve checked my temp numerous times… nope same as it always is… about 97.5.

    RE: Home Depot….

    OMG Please spare me HD and Walmart and even the flippin grocery store… so many crazy people there I hate to HAVE to go. I need to go to the grocery today and I just dread it. Making excuses that it is raining right now so I can wait until tomorrow!

    Stay safe everyone. Thank you again Denise for the article I needed to read today.

    Much love,

  • Hello Denise
    Thank you for your down to earth honesty. It feels to me that I have nowhere to put my feet. There is nothing there anymore. I can’t put it better than that. I keep tripping over my feet and a few times nearly downstairs where I’ve misjudged the distance 😂 . I am clumsy by nature but it’s more than that.
    I haven’t gone out much as I’m in a vulnerable group. (Sorry it makes me laugh). But when I have for a walk it’s like a ghost place.
    I feel like I’ve been put thru the wringer and so cold inside I’m physically shaking.
    It does feel like it will be a long haul to navigate the next part. And it doesn’t feel friendly

    As always love and light to u. U keep us going 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
    Love Magda

    • “I keep tripping over my feet and a few times nearly downstairs where I’ve misjudged the distance 😂 . I am clumsy by nature but it’s more than that.”

      Off and on throughout Phase 1 I would go through periods where I couldn’t safely walk through any doorway without smashing my hand or wrist, elbow or shoulder against it. Moving from one room into another was difficult sometimes because I’d hit the door frame with some body part! It was a great symbolic clue about how we’re all constantly moving from “one room into another” — ascending from one dimension and level of being, consciousness, physicality etc. into a vastly higher frequency NEW Earth and NEW Self/Selves.

      Yes that freezing inner cold ascension symptom is another clue of our continued moving, ascending to higher and higher frequencies etc. When I have it the only thing I’ve found that works is for me to fall asleep so my body can “reboot”. When I wake up the inner freezing cold is gone… until it happens again. ❤

  • Hi Denise, thank you for this article. I really needed it today. Due to a long history of sexual abuse by many men which started with my brother when I was 4 years old, I have been very susceptible to being passively manipulated, controlled and put down. Although I had from a child been interested in spiritual stuff I didn’t have anyone to help with this and I was too scared to be too different from my family. I survived by blocking my conscious memory of the abuse and developed addictions. So when I was 36 I realised I needed to develop myself spiritual as it would be the only thing that could save me. This lead to recovery and eventually remembering the abuse. It also led me to seek out others who were consciously on a spiritual path, but it took me years to see that they were also passively controlling and putting me down because of their own issues they hadn’t dealt with. The last time I saw one of these people we quickly discovered that she knew my brother via his business. I told her about the abuse and that I hoped to report him to the police but can’t yet as he lives very close to me. She immediately and repeatedly tried to dissuade me from reporting him because he is so nice when he speaks about his granddaughter and shows her pictures of her! She thinks he shouldn’t have any consequences for his behaviour because all is love. So, so wrong of her. Then yesterday, the 12 May was my birthday. I turned 62. This was also the day that the last man to sexually abuse me, who had been a close friend for 30 years prior to the abuse, who I have had no contact with since ending the friendship after remembering and confronting him about the abuse, decided to message me. Knowing it was my birthday. He apologised for the “incident “, minimised what happened and wanted to renew the friendship! Of course this has brought up all the trauma again. I didn’t need that on my birthday. How incredibly selfish of him to do that on my birthday. I have been very isolated for years due to my ascension symptoms – sever fatigue, spasms every night, usually for most of the night until I can get my energy clear, and bouts of spasms during the day too. I have been put down by “spiritual “ people for this too. They think I’m doing something wrong, that I am less developed than they are because it doesn’t happen to them. I’m so over it all. I’ve learnt to be very wary of people and to look beneath the surface that they present. Some of the “nicest” have turned out to be some of the “darkest”. So I’ve been feeling more emotional and distressed since yesterday. This post confirmed what I have seen and experienced with so many “ spiritual “ people. Perfect timing. Thank you. ( sorry this is so lengthy. It’s the first time I’ve posted on any platform but I really needed to today). Merren.

    • “Of course this has brought up all the trauma again. I didn’t need that on my birthday. How incredibly selfish of him to do that on my birthday.”

      Dearest, this is a classic tactic from nonphysical, nonhuman Team Dark and their human Portal People like the ones you mentioned. I’m sorry but this is how they work on those of the Light especially.

      “Some of the “nicest” have turned out to be some of the “darkest”.”

      Big truth there. And those “good Christians” are really bad as they’ve wholehearted drunk that old distortion. Enough said about that.

      Happy Birthday Merren and continue taking back YOUR power and learning from these incredibly valuable negative experiences and tell all the Portal People to permanently *&^#% off. I could not be more serious. You’ve got to be a Lightwarrior with those lowly Portal People or they’ll continue doing the only things they’re capable of. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thank you Denise. As soon as l sent a message replying to the abuser telling him to never Contact me again the energy around me felt so much lighter. ❤️

    • Merren…oh gosh, you are so brave. You are SO brave. And Happy Birthday!!! I know what it’s like to be shocked again and again by sick and cruel attempts/attacks. You aren’t alone. The more real and bright you are, the more b.s! I’ve watched people cross a room, total strangers, to attack me. I see that here at times, as well, with Denise, idiot things said as an attack to her. Quick share, I dealt with someone over the weekend. Someone mad in his head, mean. My guides warn me about him, not to this or that with him, but not to overthink it either. He has been abusive to me from day one. He tried going at me again this weekend, but I am literally “blasting” like a rocket. He stopped in his tracks. Stunned by the light, it seemed. They can’t handle the light. haha. Denise knows all that. So, fellow light warrior, I’m finding there are many ways that the game really HAS changed now. We may like our future more than the past, more than we realize! Amazingly, possibly. 😉 Congrats on “I’m so over it all” !!!

  • “There is a massive spectrum of people with extremely different levels of individual consciousness, development, abilities, awareness and personal focus. The same is true within the ascension community and ascension teachers/writers/lecturers.”

    So true, Denise. It is as if some of the ascension teachers are trying to take as many people as they can along on the timeline they’re building – like they want your belief in it to create it. It has been a hard process over the years, letting/watching my idols fall. I’ve loved them, and have had to leave them. It’s been sad, kind of like it’s been sad to leave family members behind as well, on their own, different, paths. The higher I vibrate, the more I can see, and literally feel, corrupted channels. I don’t care if teachers want to still travel to sacred sites to place crystals, or post lovely photos of themselves wearing purple flowing scarves while the crystalline sunlight erupts over their head like a halo, etc, but finally what does bother me is when these same teachers align with, well, to not name names I’ll just call it the Q path basically- the negative aliens seen as positive timeline you mentioned. That belief system is rampant, it lurks everywhere, with many different faces, and often beneath those sparkly crystals and pretty words. I have had to discern for sure, go looking for the truth beneath the glitter. Sometimes there’s a lot of truth up there on that top level, and digging is required. Sometimes for me exploring these teacher’s past writings has been important to help me see the truth. It seems the more I Embody, the more the inner voice says, ‘yeah, but what about this?’ or ‘remember that?’ – and there we go, down the path of Truth. I can’t say it’s been a lot of fun.

    “During Phase 1 of the Ascension Process the external was important but in Phase 2 the internal in each of us is the most important and powerful location.”

    Yeah it seems here in phase 2 it is indeed a time of isolation, and yes the virus seems to be underlining that, the need to do the seemingly endless internal Work required to hold more and more Light. I know there’s a lot of us lonely Embodiers out there. We tend to be the quiet folk. We gather here to say hello to each other, then we go back to our comfy Hobbit holes. I wonder if someone, an artist, could zoom out, from space, and connect the points of lights that we are, sprinkled each of us around the globe, I wonder how that would look? I bet it would be something beautiful, some power symbol glowing bright with otherworldly colors. Wouldn’t that be lovely to see.

    • “So true, Denise. It is as if some of the ascension teachers are trying to take as many people as they can along on the timeline they’re building – like they want your belief in it to create it.”

      This is exactly what Team Dark has done to humanity for ages and ages because they’re incapable of building anything without organic, energy producing humans supplying their energy to whatever agendas and alternate timelines etc. Team Dark wants to manifest. :/

      Can you believe that some in the Ascension Community and other related ones have always done this themselves!?! Which brings us to Phase 2 and the need for each of us to learn to be energetically sovereign individually. The old lower parasitic, inorganic, and egotistic ways of living, being, creating etc. are not allowed in higher, Light-filled levels.

      Yes it’s been hard for most of us as we became increasingly aware that many of those who claimed/claim to be far more than they really are were people and groups that we had outgrown and therefore HAD to leave them all behind and continue forward ourselves.

      “The higher I vibrate, the more I can see, and literally feel, corrupted channels.”

      Exactly debbie c. The more Light we embody the more easily it is to see where the Light is not in ALL things, individuals, groups, systems, aliens etc. etc.

      Some have mentioned how the year 2020 is about our gaining increased 20/20 awareness and hindsight. 🙂 How very true that! 😉 Which is why in Phase 2 of the Ascension Process I won’t keep quiet any longer about things and people that I said nothing about throughout Phase 1.

      “Sometimes for me exploring these teacher’s past writings has been important to help me see the truth. It seems the more I Embody, the more the inner voice says, ‘yeah, but what about this?’ or ‘remember that?’ – and there we go, down the path of Truth. I can’t say it’s been a lot of fun.”

      No it hasn’t been fun at all, and it’s been dangerous but that’s how “waking up” has been within Phase 1 in the Ascension and other communities. Handfuls have “woken up” to whose who and what’s what but too many still haven’t. Not our responsibility however even though it’s disturbing and disappointing.

      Thanks debbie c for your great and honest comment. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Thank you Denise. As a hidden Wayshower, it was very nice to be acknowledged by you. I r,aim hidden and doing my work from a spot in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Lots of water to transmit frequencies!

  • Dear Denise ,
    Thank you for your words of sanity amidst the current chaos: they speak truth.
    I, too, follow few blogs. The way which, knowingly or unknowingly, those in the ascension community lead their ‘flocks’ into unprotected situations where TD has easy pickings is, to me, very irresponsible and dangerous for those participating.
    Lately, I’ve found emails to be as invasive as a phone conversation or in person visit. Does anybody else feel that way?
    I am actually enjoying my hermit status!
    Love and Light and truth,

    • Thanks Georgia. ❤

      “I am actually enjoying my hermit status!”

      Most Volunteers from birth (Starseeds, Lightworkers, Embodiers, Pathpavers etc.) have preferred being alone, removed from the unaware and lower frequency and consciousness people.

      Early this morning I needed to go to Home Depot for some basic stuff so I was up early, showered and me and my *^&#@^&* face mask were off. (The last time I was there was in late January so none of the pandemic side effects were in place or even known about.) Simply put, it was horrible inside the store. Things were changed to try to keep the human herd 6 feet apart from each other at all times. An impossibility but… It was the feel of the whole thing that got me this morning. The hard fact that life is now a lot more difficult, time consuming and expensive than it was before COVID-19. And some people are still the dedicated professional idiots n’ assholes they’ve always been while some people have been improved by the pandemic. They’re more aware that other people exist (shock!!!) and they’re being more helpful and kind. Nothing like the threat of possible death and/or severe illness to induce some heart in some humans!

      But by the time I got home I wasn’t in very great shape and needed Tylenol, and brief cry followed by a nap. The physical pains had gotten so bad even the Tylenol didn’t help much and while I napped I was battered about by (it feels like I’m being violently shaken and the flashing, flickering Solar Lights I see are rapidly moving in these same seemingly violent ways) today’s Light energies. After my Home Depot recovery nap I could only wonder how in the hell those of us 60 and older and alone are going to be able to live through the decade of the 2020s and all these changes that HAVE to happen?! Don’t mind me, I’m just achy and a little emotionally frazzled at the moment. I didn’t get enough oxygen while shopping due to the *&#%^$@ face mask! 😡 😉 Home Depot was never an easy place for an older female but today it was almost too much for me in the condition I’m currently in. Nonetheless onward we go. ❤

      • I also “had to” go out today. I thought to the grocery, but something wouldn’t let me do that so I put it off again. I had to go to the bank though. People driving like crazy again. I missed those days in the beginning when no one was in any kind of hurry. I thought, omg, how many waves will it take? I have also found the old pains amplified the last two days. I feel it mostly when my dog tugs on his leash. Sometimes, no big deal, other days, I can barely take it.

        • “I thought, omg, how many waves will it take?”

          A lot unfortunately 10tinbluebirds because many people need to be hammered repeatedly to even begin to change themselves and their actions etc.

      • I was right there with ya, Denise … grocery shopping … wearing my homemade ÷@$?!@! face mask for the first time. Felt like I was suffocating … got home tired and cranky and even angry about the energy-draining insanity out there. Ack!! 🤤 😬 Not nice to us 70+ folks. Good to be home, though.

      • 😦 I was afraid it would be a long haul. But thanks to you and everyone here, my trip to the grocery was mostly okay today. When I caught myself worrying or judging others for running rampant through the store with no mask and as if there weren’t symbols painted on the floor for social distancing, talking on their phones and as unaware as ever. I just imagined myself in a kind of etheric armor and brought my attention back to me and what I was doing. Naturally I forgot a couple of staple items, so I will get to go again sooner rather than later. I did notice how the entire vibe of those with masks and those without felt COMPLETELY different. That was interesting to me. Like having your mouth covered somehow gave one’s energy a more grounded almost whole feeling or something. Kind of cool to feel that.

  • Fabulous Denise you have put so eloquently into words, as always, what I know to be true for me. I have known on some level since 2020 started and more awareness comes in a drop at a time lol. It’s lovely to see others responses too as although I have been sure there are lots of people around the planet who are aware of this and working very potently I was starting to feel a little alone. Great to have confirmation that you are all out there and grateful for each and every one of you 😊

  • Dear Denise…I recently replied to someone in the Ascension Community after watching one of her YouTube videos about the “cabal.” I disagreed with some of her comments. She replied that I, like 50% of humanity, is still asleep and it will take many years of work for me to wake up. As a bonus, she delisted me from her website!

    One of the things I have learned on this journey is to use discernment and intuition about the burgeoning amount of information that is put forth daily.

    Your words echo much that has been percolating for me during this “Pause.” I especially enjoyed the rainbow colored sprinkles 🙂

    In love, light and joy

    • Sarai, I loved the rainbow colored sprinkles comment, too!! Loved it. I’m glad you spoke your mind btw. I bet we are all only going to do that more and more NOW. 🙂

    • “I especially enjoyed the rainbow colored sprinkles 🙂 “

      I’m glad you enjoyed my “sprinkles” encoded in my article(s). 😉

      I have pushed the need to learn to discern for many years. It’s so needed now to make one’s way through the abundant BS and distortions and all the rest of it. ❤

  • TY for sharing it sure feels like we are put through the ringer in so many ways!!

    Hugs Ollie

  • Thank you 🙏 This is my experience in words. Such a blessing to know another can see this. I appreciate you.

  • There are some in the ascension community who have tapped into and embraced multi media mass marketing malignant manifestos. – sorry the illiteration took me away 🙄 – I find the marketing aspect so distasteful and I am personally not swayed by the hypnotic resonance that exudes from the newly born guru – creating tribes who are disdainful of the “others” –

    Ugh – I feel like I have no reverence other than to nature.

    Happy to be home and HOME

    To thine own SELF be true…

    Breaking the ice – my first post

  • You are so on point with the “others” who have millions of followers who are “in my not so humble opinion” so far off base that it’s scary. I have detached from all of the ones that I followed for years except for you and a couple of others. When one of the so-called Lightworkers who has a major presence online, and teaches many classes, mentions seeing some ET’s around her house, I almost choked. Rock on sista…

  • Hello, Denise,

    I expect you thought I’d fallen off the face of the Earth, but I’m still here. Still in a low-vibrating city with my head down, doing my work. I’ve been reading the posts, though, and have intended to write for quite some time. I have noticed some beautiful things coming out of the lock down–people out strolling, parents walking or biking with their kids, dogs being walked more often, I expect. It reminds me of how neighbourhoods were like in my childhood, with kids running around and playing together. Oddly, we’re more in touch within the distance.

    I am so glad you wrote this article, Denise. I have never understood the glamour of aliens or conspiracy theories. They just have never interested me at all. As of now, I read you and listen to one other teacher who is more than the sum of his parts. He talks about the cosmos, the stars, the trees, the oceans, the mountains. Now that’s something I want to hear! They are close to my soul, along with the birds (I have so many friends!) and other animals I meet and help.

    I have also come out of my bubble a little bit and talked a little and shared a little with others, with mixed results. It has been positive with one person, though, so I’ll take it!

    Love to you, Denise,

    • Cat, I just dealt with crazy landlord who sealed up holes to nests of several birds (in middle of nesting season, against the law out here). Tried to negotiate. He is too sick and mean. He left and I let them all out. 🙂 I don’t care! I’m so helped now, too. Everything I do is happening so easily. Wanted to share that with one other bird lover!

      • Hello, Marcy,

        I just missed this until today. That is so mean. Thank goodness you were there to save the little sweeties! I watched them take down a tree across the street the other week and wondered if anyone lived there. I spent yesterday watching a baby sparrow get up the nerve to fly. I was cheering him on and he jumped into the hedge below him (not far at all!) and I cheered for him and told him how brave he was and he was just chirping like crazy about how proud he was of himself. It’s nice to sit and watch what happens around you.


  • This past week, I felt compelled to interject in a Facebook thread in which some highly creative women were discussing their post-Covid recovery, much of which sounded very familiar. I gently suggested that perhaps their experiences were not entirely due to the virus, but may also be related to the AP? The first response was from someone who informed me she had been born fully awakened, clair-everything, was fully aware of what had infected her and suggested that I – er – wind my neck in. I suppose her egotism mirrored my own, as I thought I was offering a gift. Still, I got the message and will confine future Facebook activity to trivia.
    BTW, my boiler has just broken down for the fifth time in two months. I could be looking at cold showers for the foreseeable…

    • “The first response was from someone who informed me she had been born fully awakened, clair-everything, was fully aware of what had infected her and suggested that I – er – wind my neck in.”

      Yeah Russell C., it’s always amazing to see how unaware the so-called “awakened” really are. 😉 Nothing and no one can hide anymore in all this NEW higher Light.

      “I suppose her egotism mirrored my own, as I thought I was offering a gift.”

      No, it sounded to me like you were genuinely offering a possible alternate suggestion is all and that’s not ego. The other woman’s response was negative ego all over the place.

      “Still, I got the message and will confine future Facebook activity to trivia.”

      Dear sir, I ask you why? Why bother, why waste your valuable ascension time, your higher awareness in a place/places where it’s not recognized or appreciated? Pearls before swine and all that. Leave them to their own Phase 2 discoveries and educations I suggest.

      I know nothing about boilers but that sounds strange for it to break five times in only two months. I’ve noticed that a lot of people are having more things suddenly break and need repairs and/or replacing. It’s not so easy now or for a good while I suspect, to get things replaced or repaired quickly as the world isn’t working that way anymore. Hope this can be resolved quickly for you.

      • I also may have suggested a possible alternative suggestion to others on social media also, and was met with huge hate and rage. Obviously I don’t go there any more . So where can we go to be recognized and appreciated? Actually I’m scared to death of people. Online and on Earth. (they hurt me ) I’m guarded, hurt and angry and alone. I pretty much dug my self in a hole and I don’t think I’m doing the phase 2 process any good. I need major guidance and your blog today helped out so much. Thank you Denise You have saved my life many times.

  • Me & my spiritual-earth-ally creating a bubble-planet of food- garden (in the desert!) exploding with greens; living friendship, peacefulness, balance with all the wild creatures from ants to hawks; knowing that we Know, in stillness or laughter, in sentience, awareness, responsibility at every level. Our bubble-planet is a microcosm of the earth we envision for everyone and others are quietly doing it too.

    Denise, your generous expression grows in clarity as the hours pass. It thrills me to the core. Your empassioned words on the true workers – invisible – has been at the center of my knowing all through decades of family religion and ensuing New Age frying-pan-into-the-fire. This is the first time I’ve seen it acknowledged straight-out. Infinite thankfulness for your profound commitment and integrity. The falseness will never stare you down. Wishing you waves of well-being, at least from time to time.

    • “This is the first time I’ve seen it acknowledged straight-out.”

      And it’s incredibly long overdue cnstncwlsh. Like I said to 10tinbluebirds —

      I’ve keep my mouth shut and my head down and did the ascension Work I’d Volunteered to do throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process. I won’t keep quiet about the egotism and other BS from individuals that should know better in Phase 2 however. All darkness must go now and none of us are exempt from that. Thank god!

      It wasn’t easy for me to write this article (or the others before it in 2020) as I experienced much interference, plus my own repeated questioning and re-questioning myself if it was time for me to say these things publicly. It was every time I re-checked so I pushed on and through all the crap that often tries to prevent me from writing certain things at certain times for very specific reasons. Thanks and ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Stay at HOME Volunteers. Stay at home humanity so you’ll be capable of the many TRANSITIONS into NEW HighHeartLife and reality.

    Yes; home indeed; or even better; at my beloved cabin which is only a 45 minutes drive from here; – but out there at the rugged coastline exists a totally different frequency; far away from the pain of it all; – and where I will radiate good vibrations far and wide for as long as I can; surrounded by massive boulders left over from the last ice-age. Quite a mystical place to be; and the only place left for me to keep calm and carry on. – Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

  • Finally! I knew this but couldn’t coral it in to place because of all the distractions circling around and trying to pass through. You always fix it Denise and light the path! I felt all those distractions of other teachings were “ been there, done that” and felt “l” needed to move on. It was like I had a jacket on and they were pulling at me to keep me from “moving to where I needed to go. I slipped out of the jacket! I don’t need those distractions of spinning wheels When I can just move without them. You Denise are always so right on! Thank you!

  • In each paragraph, I kept saying to myself “Bingo!!” as I read yet another sentence you wrote that hit the nail right on the head. Yes, yes, and yes. Here I am, a relatively quiet person who has spent the last several years (since 2012) going more and more “within” even as I held various teaching jobs (now online teaching ESL), working with my now teen and young adult sons, and generally just minding my own business as I’ve negotiated the energies incoming, especially after the latest turn in January. Just B-I-N-G-O, Denise! Bingo was his name-o! 😂😂😂

    • ❤️❤️❤️ I love this. Thanks so much. As always, your articles are so refreshing. You’ve given a fresh perspective on all this. I love your insights about the higher perspective of social distancing – ie ‘get out of my auric egg and stop syphoning my energies’… I’d never thought about it like that before, and have to admit that when I was out shopping yesterday, I realised I was quite enjoying not having people so close. As The Police said “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”. We’re loving the lockdown, slowing down the hectic pace of life. Time to cook, create and journal… Ah, I can breathe again. Your lovely words make me feel acknowledged and understood. Lots of love and thanks again xxx

    • Yeah this really hit home… I have a similar text saved that goes like this I think it dove tails Denise’s work.

      Fb is really getting boring it feels like it is totally loosing steam and rightly so. “I don’t care how spiritual you are. How long you can melt in the sweat lodge. How many peyote journeys that have blown your mind, or how well you can hold crow pose. Honestly. I don’t. I don’t care what planets fall in what houses on your birth chart, how many crystals you have or how vegan your diet is.

      I want to know how human you are. Can you sit at the feet of the dying despite the discomfort? Can you be with your grief, or mine, without trying to advise, fix or maintain it? I want to know that you can show up at the table no matter how shiny, chakra-aligned or complete you are – or not. Can you hold loving space for your beloved in the depths of your own healing without trying to be big?

      It doesn’t flatter me how many online healing trainings you have, that you live in the desert or in a log cabin, or that you’ve mastered the art of tantra. What turns me on is busy hands. Planting roots. That despite how tired you are, you make that phone call, you board that plane, you love your children, you feed your family.
      I have no interest in how well you can ascend to 5D, astral travel or have out of body sex. I want to see how beautifully you integrate into ordinary reality with your unique magic, how you find beauty and gratitude in what’s surrounding you, and how present you can be in your relationships.

      I want to know that you can show up and do the hard and holy things on this gorgeously messy Earth. I want to see that you can be sincere, grounded and compassionate as equally as you are empowered, fiery and magnetic. I want to know that even during your achievements, you can step back and be humble enough to still be a student.

      What’s beautiful and sexy and authentic is how well you can continue to celebrate others no matter how advanced you’ve become. What’s truly flattering is how much you can give despite how full you’ve made yourself. What’s honestly valuable is how fucking better of a human you can be, in a world that is high off of spiritual materialism and jumping the next escape goat for “freedom.”

      At the end of the day I don’t care how brave you are. How productive, how popular, how enlightened you are. At the end of the day, I want to know that you were kind. That you were real. I want to know that you can step down from the pedestal from time to time to kiss the earth and let your hair get dirty and your feet get muddy, and join the dance with us all.”

      -A modern day call to shifting from spiritual consumerism to returning to human kind… heart inspired by Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s, The Invitation.”
      by Taylor Rose Godfrey”

      Hugs Ollie

      • That was beautiful, Ollie. And, spot on. I may not be the best at any of these so-called ‘ascension’ prerequisites…I guess you’d call them.
        But, no matter what life has thrown at me (ALOTTT- So many tests/experiences), I have been kind to everyone around me. It’s not about what I eat, how much I meditate, what places I’ve been to, how many spirit guides I have, etc….Ascension comes from the heart. Expanding our conciousness, day by day…realizing that we’re all one, ultimately. Treating others the way I’d like to be treated. After all, it is the Golden Rule. That so many have forgotten. I treat everyone, as if it was an extension of me. Because they are.
        Although, like many of you…I find myself not wanting to be around people. Not wanting to deal with anyone, or any 3D situation- for that matter. I’ve appreciated the quarantine, for that reason. While we must always stand up for our rights, our conciousness is the strongest weapon we have. We must use it, to invoke the most positive timeline. Turn off the TV completely…dont buy into the fear. If you must wear a mask, do so for as little as possible. They weaken your immune system, by causing Hypoxia. (Not enough oxygen in the blood). I agree, stage 2 is about going inside — instead of looking for answers elsewhere. To live for the day, instead of what MAY OR MAY NOT happen.
        But, I appreciate your words, & just wanted to say they resonate so much. Love & kindness are the only way forward.. Still sometimes get caught up in what I’m not doing. Thank you for reminding me, what’s really important. And that….I AM enough.
        (I actually have that tattooed on my body, to try & remind myself)
        I hope you all have a wonderful day, & that amazing timelines are in all of our future! Much love ❤

  • Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow! ‘There’s no place like HOME!!!’

    Of all your articles I believe I resonate the most with this one. Long story I will tell one day. LOVE YOU ALL!

    • LOVE YOU ALL TOO. ❤ ❤ ❤

      I've keep my mouth shut and my head down and did the ascension Work I'd Volunteered to do throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process. I won't keep quiet about the egotism and other BS from individuals that should know better in Phase 2 however. All darkness must go now and none of us are exempt from that. Thank god! Gratitude hug Ruth.

      • Yes, thank you for this entire piece, Denise. Especially: “You are seen and known and have always been Volunteers I would trust before any other.” THANK YOU THANK YOU

      • Yeah, I always enjoy people who can just tell it like it is. Something I have usually struggled with, but oh well, I keep going and I’m glad you are not holding back any longer. HUGS!

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