Better Understanding UNITY

Throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process so many people perceived and interpreted Unity from old pre-ascension 3D levels of consciousness which was Separation and duality to the extreme. Since 2003 I’ve witnessed many people in the Ascension Community, including many teachers/writers, apply the only level of consciousness they each had at that time (or still have today) which is old lower frequency Separation duality consciousness on to what they believe ascended 5D frequency Unity is. They’ve been wrong however. We’ve ALL been wrong about certain aspects of the Ascension Process including myself (how many others have you ever heard or read any ascension teacher/writer admit this publicly?) because all of this is a great and grand ongoing multiple stair-step Process. We each know what we know from minute to minute, day by day until we’re again blasted with some more higher frequency Light, some more NEW codes, some more NEW DNA activation’s and then we know what we know from that level of our ongoing processes. This is why I’ve said over the years I’ve been writing online about the Ascension Process — here’s what I know today but I expect to know more tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that and so on.

Ascension (lower case “e”) embodiment Process

Old pre-ascension 3D Separation duality consciousness was lowly ego-based human herd consciousness, actions, beliefs and external reality. The basic and mandatory Ascension embodiment Process is the profound inner work of going through numerous formidable steps, layers, phases and processes of what was Separated and dualized in a person and body steadily into higher and higher frequencies of individual internal Unification. So easily said, not so easily accomplished yet it’s exactly what’s been happening.

Male and female energies that were Separated in matching old 3D patriarchal Earth reality are slowly integrated and re-united in both sexes internally within each persons being, physical body, consciousness, CNS, brain, heart and all else.

Mind and heart, intellect and emotional feeling are slowly integrated and unified individually which automatically activates the NEW higher frequency HighHeart center in both sexes.

Left and right brain hemispheres are Rewired so the Separation and duality inside the human brain, head and consciousness is capable of evolving into greater and higher levels of being, consciousness, energy and external reality. All of these things and more are the mandatory basic transformations humans must embody via the current Ascension Process to gain vibratory entrance into the next higher octave of evolutionary reality and exist on and with matching frequency ascended NEW Earth.

Ascension (capital “E”) Embodiment Process

For those individuals who’ve lived the embodiment Ascension Process but desire to go even further with it, the Embodiment Process is also available for any who desire to endeavor towards it as well. The Embodiment Process has one more important ingredient however, one more very big step and layer to the overall Ascension Process. Not all Volunteers have chosen to take it during this current evolutionary Ascension Process but some have. I’m one of those who’ve been living the Embodiment Process along with the baseline mandatory embodiment Ascension Process.

Higher Self, Selves, Soul and current incarnate lower self are slowly and steadily Worked into a close enough vibrational alignment match with each other that the lower self, the incarnate you reading this, is in all ways capable of safely and directly unifying with your Higher Self, Selves, Soul and Divine Source in and through your physical body and consciousness. The greater your “light quotient” and higher and faster you and your physical body vibrate, the more aligned you become with your Higher Self, Selves, Soul to the point where that old Separation and duality layer is also integrated and Unified in and through your physical body and incarnate self. 

This, just like the Ascension embodiment Process does not happen in a weekend or a month of weekends and then ta da!, you’re all “there” and done! The mandatory basics of the Ascension embodiment Process takes time just as the Embodiment Process with one’s Higher Self does. However, now that humanity entered Phase 2 of the Ascension Process in January 2020, and those Volunteers who’ve been Working on their individual Embodiment Process over the years, both are now in very NEW and different stages and levels we’ve not experienced before.

And yes, the COVID-19 pandemic is an incredibly important part of all this. Humans are lazy, stubborn and self-absorbed and most will require repeated global COVID-19 death threat Waves to (1) knock them out of their old tenacious habits, varied addictions, ways of being, perceiving reality, recreating and traveling etc., general living and (2) eventually permanently anchor them into the NEW higher Phase 2 level and Earth world.

At lower levels this pandemic is a fast exit for those who want to exit their bodies quickly in Phase 2. For the majority of global humanity it is the January 12, 2020 Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction manifest freedom from the entire old disintegrating world and reality on the physical level. For some other people the pandemic is running parallel to their personal Phase 2 level Embodiment Process. What looks like one event from only one level is actually multiple things happening on multiple levels and frequencies simultaneously. And, believe it or not, it is all deeply positive.

Like most everything else about the Universal Ascension Process, most of us don’t have an accurate and complete understanding about the Embodiment (capital “E”) Process. We ascension teachers/writers think we do, I thought I did, and I did somewhat up until the most recent phase of my personal Embodiment Process started at an entirely NEW higher and much more intense level recently. And as if that weren’t enough, it coincided with the start of our hearing about COVID-19 and it rapidly becoming a global pandemic. Welcome to Phase 2 and 2020!

I would go further back into late 2019 if I could but after what I’ve been through since January 2020, I can barely remember before then. What I do remember vividly is that I felt pretty bad physically since January 2020 through the first couple weeks of April. I felt sick beyond the old typical ascension flu aches and pains, headaches, chills and all the rest of those old familiar Phase 1 ascension symptoms. And as the news about the pandemic spread, and the pandemic itself spread and more and more people were reacting, dying, getting sick, freaking out etc., I struggled with not empathically or in any other way being affected by more and more humans reacting over all this. If you’re a Sensitive you know exactly what I’m talking about. Eye of the hurricane and all that.

Simultaneously to my feeling like physical death warmed over since January 2020, and even wondering a few times if I had “caught it” myself, my Embodiment Process very much went next level on me. I feel these things are directly connected. As I said earlier, many of us thought we knew about the Embodiment Process and how it would feel to us here in physicality the closer we got to full-tilt constant IT.  We thought we knew, I thought I knew, I suspected but I’m here to freely, openly and happily inform you that I was wrong. So is most everyone else too and that’s perfectly okay.

One of the biggest and most unrelenting distortions, misunderstandings or outright bullshit about gaining greater and higher awareness, Higher Self and incarnate self Embodiment connection is that it’s all so beautiful, peaceful, blissful, loving, fluffy, gentle and Piscean Age floaty-blissy wonderful. Based on the majority of what I personally have experienced to date it is nothing like that at all and actually pretty much just the opposite. At least in the beginning stages it is. It does mellow out as I acclimate to the latest NEW me/Me/ME/US.

We’ve been taught for thousands of years about how very spiritual states are blissy, loving, Nirvana-esk wonderfulness. And it may have been for a few hundreds and thousands of years before the current Universal Ascension Process started for a few. The reality now is very different because what we’re going through is far more complex, elevated and evolved. And I don’t have anything against things being occasionally messy, difficult, stupendous, blissy, Divinely blissful or Divinely difficult. It’s all the same thing to me because it’s all spiritual, Divine and evolutionary. Since the mid 1980s I’ve had conscious memory of raising my hand and Volunteering when the great call went out for help with the Universal Ascension Process. I said and I quote, “We’ll go,” as I instantly volunteered multiple aspects of myself that existed in a Light dimension. It’s all the same thing to me — freedom for not only humanity but others elsewhere and much more too.

Nearly every time I personally experience another big stair-step up in my Embodiment Process it is intense, usually causes some anger in me, causes some old lowly remaining tidbits in me to surface immediately and instantly be transmuted on the spot because that is mandatory in the eternally potent presence of your Higher Self, Selves, Soul and Divine Source and incarnate Embodying you getting even closer to full, constant and conscious re-Unification within you on the physical level.

There’s been nothing blissy or gentle about this for me when these larger Embodiment stages happen. Initially it’s intense, severe and most of the time not what I expected. It has plenty of absolute intolerance for anything and anyone that’s lying, bullshitting or misrepresenting anything to other people intentionally or unintentionally. Every time Higher and incarnate lower align and Unify through the dimensions and time space layer upon layers a little more it is intense and entirely intolerant of everything and everyone including any lower aspects of myself that are still carrying even a speck of density, distortion, ego, bullshit or misrepresentation etc. It gets easier after these first initial alignment contacts happen in me but at first is like a mad scientist throwing different volatile chemicals on each other which causes a flash explosion at first! That line about “higher and lower cannot co-exist in the same place” is 1000% true and not just a clever “new age” saying. It is literal, genuine and undeniable. You too will know this when more of your personal Embodiment takes place in physical incarnate you. And then you’ll do it again at higher, closer, ever more direct alignment levels and stages and then you too will know more about IT and how that feels in your physical body, self and psyche at those levels. You will know more and then even more than that and so it and IT goes for us all.

I AM A Sacred Site! I AM A Crystal City! I AM

The whole point of the Ascension Process, and certainly the Embodiment Process, is to become much more within yourself and your physical body, heart, consciousness and Soul. Instead of needing to physically go to physical sacred sites in this country and/or others to live, create, play or parasite off of, why not focus entirely on you becoming a living, breathing, walking, talking “Sacred Site” yourself?

Just like Higher and lower cannot co-exist in the same space within me and my physical body due to the Embodiment Process, so too with all things, people, beliefs, actions and systems etc. in Phase 2 of the ascending Earth world. The more each of us live our individual Embodiment (capital “E”) Process in Phase 2 in 2020, the faster all the old lower stuff has to exit one way or another. Higher and lower truly cannot co-exist in the same space. Who would want it to do so? Embodiment in, all old lower out.

As the Embodiers go through deeper Embodiment stages this year, so too will the world go through more COVID-19 Waves if necessary to help remove those who desire to be released now, to redirect, isolate and hold in higher frequency place the rest of humanity who’ve just begun the Ascension Process. They are like children that need adults to give them, to force on them NEW rules, regulations and guidelines to assist them in releasing their old habits and energy patterns and embody the NEW codes, the NEW patterns, the NEW freedoms that they don’t even realize are freedoms yet. 

These processes will continue all of 2020 and beyond based on what I’m aware of at this point. It will be both easy and timeless and at times not so easy and lengthy and drawn out but compressed evolution is all that and so much more and everyone wanted to be here on planet Earth “ground zero” in the worst of ways to experience all this. Deep breath, steady HighHeart and know that so much more is actually taking place than what it looks like on the chaotic and deadly surface level.


April 28, 2020

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41 thoughts on “Better Understanding UNITY

  • Hi Denise and fellow HHers,

    Since April or so I’ve been experiencing sore muscles in my neck extending all the way to my back, specifically between the shoulder blades where the achiness is most severe.

    The pain is not intense but persistent and annoying, has anyone else felt this? Are we sprouting wings?

    Oh and yes to the frustrations, anger and rage, though they have become less frequent, thank you Source.

    Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the inner quiet.

    • “Since April or so I’ve been experiencing sore muscles in my neck extending all the way to my back, specifically between the shoulder blades where the achiness is most severe.”

      Jain Lee and All,

      The pains, soreness and feelings of being bruised that we often feel anywhere around our HighHeart area in the back is caused by another phase of our HighHearts expanding from embodying and/or Embodying some more. When we think of the HighHeart we typically think of the front of our bodies around the upper heart chest area, not our backs, yet the majority of pains — besides the get your total attention HighHeart thumbs, bumps, rolls and hard, extended heart pounding phases! — we often feel from expanding HighHeart is in our backs.

      Ribs, muscles, neck, shoulder(s), spine anywhere from the skull down to below the heart level, specific vertebra in this area can become really sore and compressed feeling while the HighHeart embodies more. Every time this happens I’ll experience some level of interference when I swallow food or water. The esophagus around the level where the HighHeart is will often spasm around food or water I’ve swallowed because that area is sore and extra sensitive etc. due to the latest HighHeart embodiment expansion. This has been fairly intense since February 2020 for me and again it’s due to the Embodiment Process at the levels we’re going through in Phase 2 and 2020. Much more coming each energetic stair-step month after month this year Embodiers so seriously take care of your physical body as more of YOU and Source and physical incarnate you align and begin Working as ONE consciously. Wings indeed! ❤

      • “…as more of YOU and Source and physical incarnate you align and begin Working as ONE consciously.”

        This is what we’re here for! Thank you Denise for explaining everything so we can understand what’s happening to us.

        • Thank you for asking Jain Lee. It is what we’re here for and all that doing it will give us to help in so many ways.

        • Holy Christmas… are we there yet!?!?! LOL Love reading the comments. Thank you Denise and everyone here!. OMG! Yes, extreme heartburn followed by… I don’t want to eat anything… everything is ick to me right now, even chocolate!! That’s it… it’s over! HA HA! 😉

          Hugs and appreciation to each of you! 🙂 Thank you again for everything Denise… amazing writing! You are incredible with your ability, accuracy and insights.

      • Might this also explain the killer heartburn I have had for the past few days … no matter what I eat or don’t eat 😣

        • Absolutely KathyF and I thought about including the symptom of heartburn from hell 😉 when I wrote my comment about this. Heartburn and/or acid reflux. It’s not caused by what we eat or don’t eat but by what our HighHeart is doing via expanding and embodying more and more.

      • Oh geez, just LAST night I was like, “will you pleeez mention your esophagus thing to others since it’s been sooo long with this surprise inability to swallow your food!!” For at least three years! I remember first time it happened in class with a fuddy-duddy English teacher present who wasn’t happy watching me spit up my food I coud NOT swallow into a wastebasket! Usually with some grain (pasta & rice mostly) my esophagus would say, NOPE not going down, just going to have to wait… Spitting up would start, no water would help, no entry period, too swollen! Last night and night before, more of that. I remind myself when beginning to gobble down suishi to slow down! We don’t know what’s going to happen! It’s always just at the start of the meal. Once one mouth full of food gets down, though, it’s okay after. I just have to painfully wait through first few bites entering, getting through!!! So glad you shared that! 🙂

        • I’ve learned too Marcy to slow down and relax my body when I eat anything. I was so used to eating on the run but the AP doesn’t allow that! If my muscles are tight or if I’m hurting physically or hurrying and I try to eat, the esophagus almost always spasms and food or water won’t go down. I have to really work on relaxing my muscles and body to try to get the bite of food to go all the way down but that doesn’t work all the time either.

          Rice does it to me too, like it’s too dense or something. Just never know what the body will do next or rebel against. This and the heartburn business has been bad the past couple of weeks.

      • Have you seen the new article linking a common heartburn medicine to making people twice as likely to survive cv19?! I thought of you all immediately. 🙂 ❤

    • Yes, Jain Lee to all you have said. Headaches as well and blurred vision too. Some digestive issues off and on and a feeling of ‘weightlessness and ‘falling’ that lasts only a few minutes.

      I haven’t written in the comments for a while but would like to take this opportunity to say hi to everyone, and give a big shout out to Denise for all of her posts that are always bang on target with both timing and content, It is very much appreciated, thank you Denise. Much love to you all and keep on keeping on onward and upward! 🙂

  • Thanks so much for the reminder of I AM a crystalline city and I AM in general. This morning I was watching a movie filmed in Thailand and it was incredibly beautiful. I caught myself thinking oh! how I would love to visit there someday quickly followed be a reminder of current events and how long…blah blah blah which was IMMEDIATELY INTERRUPTED with a clear small voice which said, that’s inside you/me/all. That beautiful scenery of Thailand is inside. ❤

  • Dear Denise,

    You mentioned, as I interpreted it, that you are anchored in the here and now, making returning to past events or writings obsolete. What I want to remind you of is that for many, many years you have relentlessly written that events are fluid and personal. What does that mean? It is kind of like foods. Some people really love a great, big, juicy steak. Other people don’t. Many individuals swear by coffee, while coffee is just not for everyone. With stair steps used a metaphor for navigating any kind of off the radar activities, such as Ascension understanding, trying to make ram rod declarations about ‘how it is going to be’ across the board is ridiculous. To your credit you have NEVER done that, while, the ‘celebrity’ egoists in the ‘New Age’, ‘Healing’, and ‘Ascension’ market place always have. Making a fixed outcome about fluid and multi – level realities becomes ‘Biblical’, which is why many people are returning to The Bible, now. It is fixed. The outcome is known. It is safe.

    I don’t waste my time plodding through the ego – infused ‘advice’ about Ascension, and if your readership numbers fluctuate I suggest that as you grow higher in your high heart radiation, those who can no longer vibrate at that level will fall away.

    Additionally, you have continually written that in phase II many will just not come along, be with us, march forward. You have warned us. You have sounded trumpets using words. You have held our hands emotionally to kindly help us accept what is happening now. You have done your remarkable best, and there is absolutely no reason for you to ever apologize, now, or ever.

    On April 23rd the excess electricity storming out of me made my hair stand out around my head. The newest and shortest hair looked like baby chick hair. I felt like ‘Carrie’ in both versions of the movie, with sparks flying. As I tried to do simple laundry I thought I would get electrocuted, and I just stopped. We have had tornadoes, plunging temperatures, severe weather watches, torrential rains, and violent 75 mph winds. Is it the planet readjusting? Is it a final war between good and evil being played out through weather extremes? Or is it Odin, Wotan, or Zeus, playing a joke on us during ‘the end times’, ‘the last days’, and The Book of Revelations’ unspooling?

    You may decide that you don’t want to do this anymore. If we are sovereign, cities unto ourselves, our training wheels of preparation are now unnecessary, for some people, anyway. As we choose foods differently we are discovering what uniquely our tastes are, now. Even though every other person is saying or writing, ‘In these uncertain times’, a city unto itself is firmly built, and there is nothing uncertain about it.

    I, like so many others, could not have endured the last several decades without you. It is as true as a bone in my body, a femur, a fibula, my skull. The greed we are witnessing is without precedent, and it makes me physically ill. The riots of chaos swirling with every other person suddenly an authority is disgusting and obnoxious. However, the waters have parted, the choices have been made, as you have told us over and over again. There is no going back. It is my belief that you have prepared us and taught us, well.

    Love, as always, firmly, steadily, truthfully yours, Cali

  • Thank you Denise for this post and about the anger especially. I have been so angry and frustrated recently with everyone I,ve had contact with. I thought it was because of lockdown and having to live alone as I have diabetes and over 70. I now know differently having read your post and comments. I have been so angry l didn,t recognise myself, normally I,m so easy going and tolerant and I,ve even cut myself loose from a life time friend who has frustrated me for some time. It is difficult but I had to tell her that I couldn,t communicate with her during lockdown as it was too stressful. I have to concentrate on me. She is a person who is full of angst and worries about everything and then uses me as a prop. I have told people that this pandemic is an evolutionary situation to change life on Earth and things will become better in the future. Trouble is most of them want to go back to how it was. I live on a Park Home site in the UK (trailer park) and cannot believe how some of my neighbours are behaving during this lockdown (sheeple) describes them perfectly. I am hoping they will awaken soon to the reality of the situation. I had thought lately I would exit this life but since this pandemic I know I have to remain so pain and discomfort aside we all need to carry on and hold it together. Thank you Denise and all for the help and support. XXX

    • Hello Mrs Linda,

      Thank you for your oh-so-real share.
      Recently – and not only because of ‘lockdown’ due to the virus – I discover I have even less tolerance than usual for the words, behaviors and energy of certain kinds of people. My few and fantastic on-the-same-page friends are feeling same. Fortunately, our lives allow complete freedom of time and space to choose.
      I, too, am in my seventies, and have been on the planet long enough to know who and what I like and love. There is no room or reason for anything less. I’ve found that people do not give themselves permission to relinquish undesired relationships and environments because of outer or internalized ‘shoulds’. Becoming radically honest is not so easy. We confront conditioning such as making the feelings of others more important than our own. Yet the inner work is worth the truth, and my entire, complex system is going Yay!
      Mother Earth is getting rid of many who bug her. We can do it too. Wishing you the best now of your life. How wonderful you are on Denise’s unique and amazing site.

      PS – that did not sound right. My comment on Mother Earth is referring to industries and the people behind them that exploit and harm, for profit, and which, hopefully, may never recover from this crisis and others to come. Not to the countless human human beings suffering and dying at this very moment.

      • Hello cnstnwlsh. Thank you for your reply and I agree with you entirely especially regarding the (shoulds). My life was governed for many years with ( I should be doing this or that for whoever) but with Denise,s posts and all on this site I have realised that we have to let people go who hold us back from our true selves. Thank God I found Denise,s site and the fantastic information she gives to us. It is so important to be ourselves and not what others want us to be. I am often misunderstood or ignored by people because of my beliefs so it was really lovely to read your reply so thank you and let,s continue with the reason we came to Earth for. Wishing you well. Linda XXX


    April energies have put me in row of off the charts AP&EP comas. I was not able until now to properly indulge in all the excitement and elation about Your previous article nor to send You a consequent message. So here it is, now: I LOVE YOU INSANELY.

    This one only underlines my message. And I just love how it aligns with my overall sentiment.

    In these rare moments of relief through March and April, whenever I peeked on Internet to get some Ascension news, I was informed that Global Meditations are causing a Great Shift on this planet. Sorry, darlings, but it wasn’t you meditating. You are only ridding a peek of Ascension Wave that was started and molded for decades by some other humans sweating, tearing, hurting, shitting, bleeding and doing many other things you find upsetting and unpleasant. And this Wave will sink you in no time unless you dive in IT deeply and become one with IT.

    “We are all in this together” is not only a battle cry of the unaware once to cover up their fears, inability and unwillingness to cope with difficult things and justify their inclination towards commiseration. It is also a battle cry of those wannabe Ascending once in vain hope that they will cover up their spiritual underachievement. They insist that there is no difference between those who are living AP&EP for decades and those who joined last month because the whole humanity is in it now not acknowledging the difference between existing in it and living it. They think that they have more time to comfortably sit with left overs of their personal junk and avoid doing anything about it.

    Dear fellow humans, realize that the GAME is OVER. Everybody has already taken their sides for good. This Phase 2, this physical manifestation in 3D density of everything that was painstakingly prepared and fought for in Higher Dimensions for decades, this is the final act of physically sorting out all Beings present here, human and non-human, in two streams: Ascending Hub and Descending Hub. Remember The Separation of the Worlds? Yes, it’s a messy job and it will take some linear time but make no mistake this is not the beginning of Ascension this is its ending and final stage.

    The Ascending Hub encompasses both those already deeply in AP&EP and those newly Awakened once. The Neophytes are pulled up and placed directly on Organic Ascension Timeline and one of the immediate tasks for Forerunners is to hold space for their migration. The Forerunners first had to put themselves there with their own efforts. The other immediate tasks for Forerunners include mercilessly, with no excuse, overriding and overwriting anything that doesn’t align with Highest Good&Truth by anchoring and holding the ever increasing incoming Divine Energies of deep transformation. Bear in mind that Forerunners entered Phase 2 with their Inner Work almost if not completely finished and now they are growing in their Power&Sovereignty at accelerated rate. They are also very skillful in Discernment at this point and more than competent to decide what is Good&Truth for All.

    Hence this rant and my invitation to Denise and all others to firmly point out and erase any misalignment.

    And now something for those of you who possibly think that this is unfair, bitchy, lacking understanding, love and compassion, and blah, blah, blah… Most of the Forerunners are hardcore and hardwired Light Warriors who had the courage to See, Feel, Witness and Transmute any sort of unpleasant truths about human condition in dark ages and withstand retaliation for their actions at the same time. They had to do it because you couldn’t and you still refuse to. It takes an amazingly wide Angelic Wings span to be able to dive deep in densest Darkness and witness the most evil abominations placed upon humanity while at the same time keeping your Light, Grace and HigherHeart undamaged. Because of that, they KNOW all too well what is in stake here. Now, pay close attention to this. You not being able to face your own darkness and overall darkness and do Ascension work properly for whatever reason means that you are keeping this darkness and versatile human suffering IN PLACE. There is NO judgment in this statement but mere facts and observation. This will never be used against you in any way nor will you be somehow “punished” for this. But this world is evolving beyond all human suffering and whoever cannot personally evolve beyond EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING that causes this suffering cannot exist here anymore. Do not fear though because each and every conscience Being, human and non-human, will be ultimately taken care off, given necessary basic spiritual re-education, rehabilitated and placed in Time&Space Matrix somewhere where they can safely continue to evolve. Almost all, that is, because some will be permanently exterminated. Unfortunately, there is a point of no return and they have crossed it.

    There, I said it. For you who understood me, you are welcome! For you who did not, your butthurt mightily amuses me.

    Thank you EVERYONE for going through this lengthy immodest speech.

    Thank You, Denise, for providing us with this space. Thank You for allowing me (or not!) to shamelessly usurp it. I had a couple of soberly hours, between two AP&EP grinding sessions and I decided to use all of my commenter benefits and bonuses at once. Be relieved everyone, you will not be hearing from me any time soon!

  • Thank you Denise. Oh my god, this is so refreshing to read. I have been out of my mind with anger, irritability, violent feelings and general intolerance for most people apart from my people for the last few weeks. I got my period this morning (sorry for tmi) and feel SO much better for it. Finally feel blissy with that day one feeling and being in nature with all the magical energy of the spring flowers and blossoms has been such a tonic. But it was more than just PMT, I felt like I couldn’t escape myself and felt utterly mental and like I was the most horrible person. I started a row on the school mum’s message group as all there fear and inanity just p***ed me off so much. I think I might have made a few enemies now (oops) but it was my truth telling time. Should have kept my mouth shut, and felt that horrid shame feeling… it was actually painful. So hurrah for someone to say that this is normal to feel this grrrr feeling, rather than beating yourself up and it all being fluffy and joyful all the time. I thought what kind of spiritual person am I to have these feeling of wanting to slap people in the face 😂 loads of old issues that I thought I’d dealt with have come up in the last few weeks to rear their very ugly heads too. Just when you think you’ve got it licked, boom, another layer appears wanting to be released. Ouchie. Sending lots of love to everyone ❤️🌈⭐️ Xxxx

  • Blissy… oh my god, what’s that!?! Lol 😂 I don’t know why your readership would drop for telling the truth… that this has been an all out life battle, even if/when we don’t want it to be. In addition, creating while wielding a sword is definitely a cosmic skill set! 😃 I have said for years that the current (energetic) landscape cannot coexist together. In 2019, I said, we are now on full tilt and anything can happen. I did share how I hoped this year would be easier than last year… yes, mic drop. For some of us, the latest events were not that much different than what we’ve lived through and already dealt with. If your “audience” or even “counterparts” suddenly become crickets… par. Quality over quantity. I genuinely mean this. The people who want you to speak the truth/your truth Denise, without sugar gloss… we are here. I am about as bubbly and eternally optimistic as they come and I have battled my frickin’ soul, heart and mind out for this. I learned a while ago, when I wasn’t thrilled about having to truly hunker down and all out war back for freedom-collectively and individually; that team dark has no respect or fear of warm fuzzy tree huggers. Of which I was once upon a time/for a long time, a warm fuzzy tree hugger ❤️. When you put them (team dark) in their place, which sometimes means being how they are back at them… that’s the only way they go away. Understand, if you are not the initiator of the dark deed but must push back and destroy in the same way to clear it… be that… you are not team dark… you are TEAM FREEDOM… you fight with what works. You create from goodness and freedom; replacing what was controlled, decayed, dead and destructive. You create new goodness and freedom this way… plan, action/YOUR FREEWILL, intention. Please don’t mix these words with law of attraction, spiritual, new age goop. I mean real action, real planning, real intentions/YOUR REAL FREEWILL ANIMATED-FULLY ENGAGED… not lip or written word service counterfeits and or counterfeit commitments with counterfeit counterparts! Goodness knows goodness and loves goodness. No one loves being here if you love goodness. This place has been an enormous mess for a long time. At the same time, think of a drain that severely backed up… some of us cleaned up the drain and the mess in the tub, some of us sanitized the tub, some of us tore out the tub and built a new one. Some of us did all of this and more. We are fortunate to still be here, all things considered. On top of that, having a clear mind, heart and desire to hear and know the reality of THIS REALITY, is amazing. Even on days when body pains make moving a monumental event… no rest because of massive activities during “sleep” time, and still we live… still we do this… FOR FREEDOM. This is all for REAL FREEDOM.

    • Ana, exactly! For freedom, for real freedom! Denise just wrote some of the most beautiful stuff about freedom in this post it was so wonderful to read. I have been, for reasons I didn’t understand, continuously watching a movie that was all about freedom, as it’s written in our constitution in US. What has to be done for it, especially when things are upside down and power structures usurp it. And it’s kind of like us in this. This is really all for freedom. What HAS to be done for it. I realized yesterday that’s the goal, that’s the real objective of spiritual maturation, of planetary maturation. Autonomy, real freedom. All great souls before us, that sat and moved and shined bright in darkness, ultimately knew that.

      • Marcy & All,

        I’m going to use your great Comment Marcy to add a link to Lisa Renee’s April 28, 2020 blog discussion, ‘Fear In Trusting God’. It’s a great short recap of the basics about Team Light, Team Dark and why we Volunteers are indeed true Freedom Fighters as I’ve called us from time to time. This info from Lisa Renee is different because she’s talking to and with her readers/group and not just writing an article or blog article etc. (This is why I like Comments here at HHL because I get to interact with all of you more personally and directly.)

        Anyway, there are some small things I disagree with Lise Renee about, mostly the timing and length of these “Shift” changes we’re now going through. She believes longer, and for some it certainly will be, whereas I believe it will be sooner and for some it will be. Other than that the majority of what Lisa Renee says is correct in my opinion based on what I’ve personally experienced throughout my lifetime so far. I have at times since 2012 gotten mildly frustrated with Lisa Renee and her steadfast focus on what I call Team Dark but that is her Mission Work and I understand and respect that. Personally I need some more Light thrown in to keep spirits up and going 😉 😆 but there is, in my opinion, no one who has a greater understanding about the negatives and what they’ve done, why and for how long etc. etc. than Lisa Renee. So my fellow Volunteer Freedom Fighters you may find this particular blog recap by Lisa Renee interesting about now. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Thanks for this link, Denise. Really resonated for me, as did your article. I’ve been wanting to comment but not sure the words. I really appreciate how I’ve learned from you over the years that “being spiritual” doesn’t look like XYZ.

          One of the things I noticed in myself lately is a strong feeling of rebellion. It’s probably a reflection of my crazy life in quarantine with small kids that having time uninterrupted to just BE feels critical. In other words, freedom to do whatever I want. I’ve been staying up way too late, watching way too much silly TV, and eating way too much sugar. Or at least “too much” by all the shoulds I’ve been taught. It felt really important to dissolve guilt, shame, judgment that kept (and keep) surfacing.

          I’ve been curious why I have such a compulsion for this lately, and yesterday the phrase dropped into my mind that I’m “breaking a curse.” Like I need or want to experience these extremes from a place of allowing and neutrality and loving all of myself because those are important energies for me to integrate right now. I think it relates to what you wrote about duality, even though I feel almost ridiculous writing that.

          Thanks again. ❤️❤️

        • “I really appreciate how I’ve learned from you over the years that “being spiritual” doesn’t look like XYZ.”

          Thank you very much for that Kara. ❤ ❤ ❤ It's been a really important issue with me and I have always tried to get that point across in my writings and how I write. 😉

          “I’ve been staying up way too late, watching way too much silly TV, and eating way too much sugar. Or at least “too much” by all the shoulds I’ve been taught. It felt really important to dissolve guilt, shame, judgment that kept (and keep) surfacing.”

          Yes, yes, and more yes! Old pre-ascension 3D was complete and mindless, unthinking human herd consciousness. It was do what the others tell you to do, think and believe, act and speak as the others have told you to do etc. But the AP evolves humanity (much of it!) beyond this old negative disempowered herd mentality and behavior into greater and greater self-empowerment and self-sovereignty which means greater self-responsibility of course but true FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE.

          Throughout Phase 1 of the AP (and I continue to do so in Phase 2) I’ve eaten what I could, what I wanted and what I sensed was what I needed at that time. I’ve changed what I eat, when I sleep, how much I sleep, how much I work physically etc. continuously throughout the AP because I and my body and DNA continues changing. Never feel guilty for disobeying and breaking free from old 3D herd consciousness and thinking and feeling for yourselves everyone. Doing so is mandatory now. ❤

        • Hey Denise, I read Lisa’s article, the one you presented. Her writing is, no offense to her, better than her speaking. She is thorough and clear when writing. The information is overwhelming. If she, you and others KNOW most of that which she wrote to be true, I wonder how your hearts can handle it and for so long…

          I don’t if you can answer this publicly, but wondering if you saw documentary flying around (now with plus 11 million views) called Dark Shadows or something, stating Hollywood and democrats (not republicans or Trump) are practicing satanists. I totally understand if you do NOT answer… The doc is super biased manipulative abusive with NO story, no connected facts, no interviews, a lot of frantic bipolarness and drama with hideous fucking unrelated inserted pictures. A lot of jumping around, no real proof, creepy energetically, some folks can’t even look into camera. It may be “decoy” for real perpetrators to delay being exposed, if this is happening, I don’t know, my guess (persuaded two people I know to vote Trump- Biden will win though). I have only read what you have shared regarding negative entities, negative agendas, over time. It was hard for me until now. Due to your experience with beyond hideous unimaginable shit, wanted your opinion, if you saw it. If you haven’t, don’t bother. Regarding Lisa’s article and ALL you have shared directly over time, I was unaware. I assumed that all dark forces and those influenced by them were humans and demonic realm and souls attached aiding them in other dimensions. That’s who was dishing out all the problems on earth. That was MY experience with it and perception of it over last two decades, until about a year or two ago. Never thought it was vast… I experienced higher heaven being vast, the “good guys,” higher realms/dimensions… Love wishful thinking, it’s so nice. Life in bubbles. Time to pop, though. Thank God. And time to LIGHT UP THE WORLD IN YOUR FACE style!!! 😉 Peace to you. Thank you.

        • “I don’t if you can answer this publicly, but wondering if you saw documentary flying around (now with plus 11 million views) called Dark Shadows or something, stating Hollywood and democrats (not republicans or Trump) are practicing satanists.”

          Marcy & All,

          No I haven’t seen the documentary you’re talking about. And no I won’t watch it because I don’t need to. I can barely stand reading articles and/or watching videos by certain well-known higher awareness ascension teachers/writers anymore.

          I had a decade-long online friendship with someone end because I read my first (and only) David Icke book in 2019 she bought me and absolutely could not believe that it was even considered a “book”. It was over 500 pages of extreme negativity in graphic detail because he does enjoy hearing himself talk endlessly about that stuff. I’m not saying that info was incorrect because I know it’s true and have from my birth because I came in conscious of all that negativity but like I said recently about my feelings about Lisa Renee, I do need and expect some small crumbs of true LIGHT at the end of these people’s continuous unending spews about all things, beings, aliens and humans that I call Team Dark. Yes it’s true but what are they doing about it other than talking about it and having people focus on it continuously? My feelings although unspoken to her about David’s latest “book” were not appreciated at all by this old online friend and our relationship ended because of it. Real Lightworkers, Pathpavers and Embodiers are still not appreciated by so many in the ascension community. Shocking but true and Phase 2 is highlighting this along with everything else. Phase 2 is a very difficult time and it’s getting worse every day because that’s where the AP is and we are now. I’ve been trying to get certain information across in my 2020 articles and Comments without naming names outright. I’m working on an article now about this and Phase 2.

          “Life in bubbles. Time to pop, though. Thank God.”

          Exactly and Phase 2 is and will continue doing that to every person alive on Earth now.

        • “Yes it’s true but what are they doing about it other than talking about it and having people focus on it continuously?”

          I feel I should correct or rather expand what I said in this sentence because it does NOT apply to Lisa Renee. The way I said what I did made it sound like I meant Lisa Renee too but I did not. I know she has Worked long and hard in the physical dimension and etherically in higher dimensions in regards to Team Dark and their actions etc. I should have been much more clear and precise about this and her when I wrote my other comment. Leave out one sentence in something and it changes the entire feel and meaning when you didn’t mean to at all. Anyhoo, just felt I should clarify this.

  • Denise,
    I applaud and respect your ability to admit you may have been wrong in the past. A sure sign of an evolved Being!!! Thanks for your candor and description of the process as it mirrors much of what I’ve experienced over the last near decade. I will go along fine and then an upgrade hits me and I react exactly the same every single time, I get pissed off, lash out, become hyper critical of everyone and everything then feel bad at my reaction and curse my shadow that has been following me my whole life. Alas, it IS me!! And it’s okay because I’m healing life times of not only my own but the collective whereby I/We have been angry at the mistreatment and enslavement of all. I am learning to forgive myself for my imperfect reactions and better yet, steer myself into a higher level reaction to the pain both psychic and physical that Embodiment inevitably brings with it each time a new batch of Higher Energies come through to the 3D.
    Your explanation of higher and lower energy cannot exist together, makes perfect sense. I’d not heard that before. The new Higher literally pushes the mental, energetic, physical , emotional energy up and out. Where must it go? Well, obviously out into the environment around us. Transmute. Transmute, Transmute it to love 🙂

  • Denise,

    If I copied and pasted every part of this post that hit home with me, I’d be repeating at least 80% of what you have written. Physical symptoms have definitely been more intense, especially since January 2020. No “blissy” or “gentle” anywhere. There have been times during the last couple of weeks when I’ve wondered if I’ve come this far only to die, yet knowing that I’m not done. I have never forgotten the moment in the mid 1980s when, in the middle of a conversation with my mom, I said: “I am totally committed to this spiritual path. I will not turn back again, ever!” And it has been and still is my commitment. I could say more, but you’ve already said it for me. THANK YOU!!

    Much Love,

  • I also have experienced intense symptoms this year, including the physical death feeling. I started experiencing that terrifying fear since end of December and it intensified through February when the pandemic spread. It was very confusing for me as l have dealt with the fear of anything, including death, in the early 2000s and have been feeling great, free of fear, for the past 10 years. When the pandemic hit, it all made sense to me. Late March, l experienced several days of severe chills, sweating, achy and burning in my chest. I too, thought l had the virus. Now, l realize that, like before, l was probably transmuting the humanity’s fear and terror, just like you and many others have. I can also confirm the anger, irritability that happens when another level of embodiment occurs. It is very nice to hear these things from another, otherwise you may think you’re crazy. I first discovered you in early 2012, when the ascension symptoms hit me severely. Your article explaining ascension symptoms helped me understand what was happening to me. Kept me sane and hopeful. Thank you and God bless!

    • “I can also confirm the anger, irritability that happens when another level of embodiment occurs. It is very nice to hear these things from another, otherwise you may think you’re crazy.”

      Thank you for saying that Julia as it’s a truth that’s not very popular with the entire Ascension Community.

      Most of them do not want to be told that any part of the AP or EP is hard, uncomfortable, painful physically and/or emotionally etc. They want to be told over and over agin that it’s all blissy and pain-free, fluffy and full of love and nothing else, so when someone such as myself says otherwise my readership drops immediately. The shift into Phase 2 has been this at epic levels which has been hard, frustrating, disappointing in some ways but all that changes nothing really. We continue the Divine Work we Volunteered to incarnate now to do — painful and blissful and so much more beyond that old duality. Thanks again Julia. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • …”otherwise my readership drops immediately”.

        Dearest Denise, you already know that I love you very much. Earlier on, I even described you as being “the most brilliant Diamond of all”; and you truly is! – However, I dont’ understand all of your writings; especially this one. And that’s why men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. It took me forty years of marriage with my lovely wife to even being scratching the colossal Mars/Venus difference. We’ll get there eventually. – Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

        • Finn,

          I don’t know what your Comment meant either but it doesn’t matter as we’re BOTH brilliant Diamonds — now quite literally due to the NEW brilliant Diamond codes we’ve embodied! 🙂 ❤ Plus April 2020 was extra rough for most everyone everywhere. 😉

  • I AM A Sacred Site! I AM A Crystal City! I AM – Lovely, Denise, very poetic! Do you write poetry?

    In that we are becoming Crystalline, the walking Christs, then it occurred to me that it might well follow that the powers that used to be don’t want Us standing next to people, zapping them with our Christ Light and waking them up by just our very proximity, so… stay away, stand 6 feet apart, better yet, stay home! I read that there is no scientific basis for the 6 feet number, as in 6 feet of separation, interesting numbers they chose there, 666 etc. I agree there are many different things on different vibrational levels in play with this virus, with an ultimate positive outcome no doubt.

    As for Embodying, I am finding communication with my Higher Self to be easier these days, as if We are more integrated, though as you said it’s a work in progress, with the embodiment part still in play big time- with my physical body still going through painful healings. Like severe foot pain for 2 days, goes away, then moves to the knee, severe knee pain. HS says parasites are being terminated- huh, that never would have occurred to me.

    I wanted to ask, Denise, and everyone, how was the 23rd for all of you? I didn’t realize, till several days later, that there was a big Schumann Resonance white out on that day. My dreams the 23rd-24th were like nothing I’ve before experienced. I witnessed a torture scene from Roman times, more like a metaphorical representation of one, and it just exploded into my dreamscape like BAM! Afterwards still asleep I prayed to the Divine Feminine Creative Source for an end to all torture, past and present, and it was powerful, I was other-level vibrating. The next day, I was writing in my journal: What the HECK was that? I actually wrote, Could it have been the cough medicine I took? (LOL, silly me).

    Love to all…

    • “I wanted to ask, Denise, and everyone, how was the 23rd for all of you? I didn’t realize, till several days later, that there was a big Schumann Resonance white out on that day.”

      I’d mentioned that my internet, TV and landline phone went out all day on April 23rd as did some other neighbors around me. Don’t know if that was the real cause or not.

      I’ve been making a real attempt in 2020 to scribble down notes on my calendar when something happens and when I go to the store etc. because I honestly cannot remember when things happened anymore. It’s all just present moment with different things, happenings, events etc. sprinkled about in it, and so, I’m making myself write short notes on my calendar to help me keep events recorded in that way for myself.

      On my calendar I’d written a brief note on Friday, April 24, 2020 about how I’d experienced three different very strange experiences. Now I’m really glad I noted what day this happened because I’d forgotten and these experiences were REALLY strange and different which is saying something for me! 😉

      The easiest way to describe what happened was that every time I was physically doing something (in one of these cases it was taking washed clothes out of my washer and putting them in the dryer) and I let my mind wander to something other than what I was doing physically, I got completely lost and when I came back from wherever I’d been for those moments, I found I’d gone from putting the washed clothes into the dryer to putting them into the dirty clothes basket! All it took was a random thought and I became disconnected from what I had been physically doing but had NO conscious awareness that any of that had happened until I “returned”. Hard to explain…

      This same sort of thing happened a total of three times that day (there that Trintity, Triality stuff and energies again!) where I completely suddenly and without any conscious awareness of any of it got lost and was — somewhere else doing something other than what I had been doing prior and so on. Again it’s really hard to describe but it had that “glitch in the matrix” sensation and physicality to it. The “glue” that holds “reality together” was momentarily gone for many of us during those few days around that big energy shift. There are ongoing shifts within The Shift and they will continue so we all should be somewhat prepared for ultra weirdness from time to nonlinear time. 🙂

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