Many Now Having Dream-state “First Contact”

Increasing numbers of people living the Ascension Process are currently having ET encounters during asleep lucid dreams. For many this is the first time they’ve had conscious “First Contact” so this is a big important deal for a lot of people.

In years past at TRANSITIONS I’d mentioned multiple times that people needed to be prepared to find themselves increasingly coming into conscious contact with different Others, different ETs and beings etc. in both their multidimensional evolving asleep dream lives and their physical evolving awake lives. This is another of many natural side effects of the Ascension Process and dimensional changes we’ve gone through plus the ongoing Separation of Worlds. Because of these events, more humans are evolving into greater conscious awareness that the reality playground is getting much larger, is more populated with different Others and is vastly more complex than the tiny band of old lower 3D reality they’re used to. This is another aspect of the Ascension Process and more of humanity discovering for themselves that ETs and much more are indeed very real. Simply said, the more one evolves and automatically embodies NEW higher DNA—which is multidimensional—the more one will increasingly find themselves face-to-face with numerous ET beings and Others from other dimensions. Welcome to rapidly growing conscious awareness of your life in a Universal Society.

Positive & Negative ETs

My first conscious memory of interacting with some of my assigned positive ETs was at age three. I have faint memories of some ETs in my parents house before age three but I don’t remember any conversations with them. But by age three I was having direct face-to-face awake physical meetings and conversations with two particular positive ETs. They were assigned to me throughout my childhood. Some other ETs replaced them during my teen years and this change happened again with the start of 1980, the decade of my thirties. The ’80s decade ET change was much more physical, so much so that other people and my young son’s friends could easily see a portal that had manifest where two walls and the ceiling met. They’d come in from playing outside and look at it and ask what it was. I lied to them all and made up some story about dirt or shadows which they immediately accepted. My cat knew better however, as all cats and dogs and other animals do. They sense these portals and the beings that come and go through them. I’m talking about how things were (for me) back in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. Today it’s different due to the Ascension Process.

It was the start of the 1980s that my personal interactions with one particular small group of positive ETs very directly entered my physical life and reality. This small group consisted of an 8D Orion, a 6D Sirian and a 5D Pleiadian, all of whom I knew in a past life in Egypt of 12,600 B.C. Much of this information, and portraits of each of them, is available at TRANSITIONS plus more in A Lightworker’s Mission if interested. This group stayed in nearly constant contact with me from the 1980s until my physical level Ascension Process started weeks into 1999. Many of the ETs that Starseed Volunteers have had in their current ascension lives were also present half a Precession or more ago (11,000–12,000-plus years ago). Much preparation was done by positive ETs and their offspring Starseeds (many of you reading this) when the start of the Age of Leo began back then and we’ve completed that in these ascension lives at the start of the Age of Aquarius more than half a Precession later. There’s more to all this of course because none of us have been limited to only physical reality and linear time.

Simultaneous to my interactions with different positive ETs were the negative ET experiences and abductions. We have existed in duality after all. My earliest memories of negative ET beings was in my twenties. I had plenty of negative dream-state experiences and attacks throughout my childhood and teen years but nothing revealed themselves as Extraterrestrial. That doesn’t mean they weren’t, only that I have no conscious memory of them during those years. However, with the start of the 1970s, the decade of my twenties, Team Dark negative aliens began making themselves known to me in the dream-state. I was repeatedly abducted from the Astral dimension (4D) while asleep and out of my physical body. It was incredibly easy for negative ETs to abduct anyone while we were asleep and in our etheric bodies in the dream-state, lucid or otherwise. For Team Dark this has been the easiest, fastest and most commonly used method to abduct humans; while they were asleep and in their etheric bodies. They’ve often been right there like a predator waiting for its prey to fall asleep and leave their physical bodies. It has been so very easy for many negative ETs to simply pluck humans from the etheric and use them in a number of different ways.

Just like everyone else different ETs have had different things they wanted and focused their attentions on. All negative ETs do not have the same level of development, knowledge, power, tools, technology, abilities, psychic abilities and so on. One example of this was how I was occasionally abducted from the Astral in the ’80s and ’90s by some low-level negative ETs. (By low-level I do not mean they and what they did to me and millions of humans was underwhelming or inconsequential. I mean that there are many far more advanced negative ETs than them.) They would create elaborate dream sets, etheric Astral productions sets and then abduct me (many millions of other people have experienced this too but most do not have conscious memory of their Astral abductions) and deliberately place me in one of their created dreamscape set productions. All this was done to observe and monitor my emotional reactions to different emotional scenarios they carefully designed. They could effortlessly reproduce faux copies of family members, friends, loved ones, lovers etc. and place one or more of those copies in these dreamscape creations to further manipulate you into producing different but very specific emotional responses like fear, nurturing, protecting another, anger, guilt, violence against someone and on and on with any number of artificial dream scenarios. Those negative ETs with no emotions or emotional abilities have worked long and hard using abducted humans to educate themselves about emotions, human emotions, emotional reactions, feeling things and feeling in general. Other negative ETs have worked in other areas while other more advanced negative ETs believe they own you and can do anything they want to you because they’ve seen humanity as their property.

The positive ETs would often have large meetings in dimensions above the 4D Astral for the ascension Volunteers, Starseeds, First Everything-ers. We’d know to go to these positive ET meetings to receive the latest information about the Ascension Process and related things that we all were Working on individually and as an Volunteer ascension Group. These positive ET and Starseed etheric meetings would often take place in what looked like physical auditoriums, huge beautiful old libraries, indoor stadiums or large movie theaters. We’d all pile into these places and receive the latest information from non-physical, not incarnate positive Team Light ET beings from different dimensions and star systems. Once the Ascension Process began in the physical around 1998–1999, these meetings changed dramatically and happened in even higher dimensions.

Many Starseeds would be picked up—not abducted but picked up—by some of their Star family ascension co-workers and suddenly find themselves inside usually large pristine higher dimensional etheric UFO craft. These meetings were more personal and highly focused than the larger general meetings most incarnate Starseeds and Volunteers went to in those auditoriums and other locations I mentioned. The point is that if you’ve been conscious of positive and negative ETs then none of this is new to you at all. But, there are a lot of people that are currently experiencing what for them is personal and direct dream-state “First Contact” with negative ETs and positive ETs and many are reeling from these encounters and how they instantly change them and their belief systems etc. This is a big deal in other words for many people going through this sudden expansion of their personal selves and realities due to meeting some ETs all the sudden consciously. You can’t embody more and more higher frequency and functioning DNA and not start having all sorts of new, strange, wonderful, shocking, disturbing and uplifting experiences and other dimensional encounters and greater awareness.

We hardened Elder Starseeds could get all involved swapping our personal experiences with positive and negative ET alien beings throughout our current ascension lives but that’s not the point of this article. The point is that more people have recently reached a level in the Ascension Process where they’ve embodied enough NEW Light and NEW DNA that they’re now automatically and suddenly finding themselves in the midst of alien company while asleep, and eventually when they’re awake too.

The more we who are Embodying (capital E) do so, the more the NEW multidimensional Crystalline ‘Trinity’ DNA (all those beautiful colored triangle shapes and complex triangle patterns you’ve been Seeing lately) is Embodied by us, that automatically makes it available (we’re physically seeding the NEW codes and DNA for humanity in the physical) to other people capable of embodying more NEW DNA now. The Volunteer Starseeds are Embodying and therefore physically seeding the higher NEW DNA (and other things) for humanity which is mandatory for them to exist on higher frequency NEW Earth.

Embodying NEW DNA automatically changes our personal Energy Signatures which multidimensional ETs and Others easily perceive. Because of these current and ongoing evolutionary changes taking place in our bodies and DNA (April 2019 was very much about this and more), we have a large, curious and excited cosmic audience observing us because what’s happening with the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process is something many Others want to witness humanity go through because it’s so rare and special in the Universe. The cosmic quarantine placed on Earth and humanity in the past is automatically ended via us Embodying NEW higher DNA. “First Contact” naturally and automatically happens when YOU evolve beyond the narrow old lower frequency level, DNA, energetics, codes and consciousness. Embody more higher multidimensional, ascended above duality unified (‘Trinity’) DNA that functions far above the old lower everything and you’re going to be met at the threshold by some positive ETs watching in the cosmic wings! Think of moving into a new neighborhood and having some nice neighbors happily welcome you to the neighborhood. This however is a Universal neighborhood we’re moving into so the new neighbors are from all over.

The bottom line is that you and I have been and continue embodying more NEW higher frequency, multidimensional quantum DNA—crystalline, diamond and beyond—into our physical bodies. Doing that automatically causes all sorts of normal side effects in us, our bodies, consciousness and our very realities. One of these natural side effects is the slow reintroduction to positive ETs primarily at this point through the dream-state but also through altered states where you are open, empowered and energetically sovereign.

Other to-be-expected side effects from our ongoing evolutionary embodiment of NEW DNA are things like linear time increasingly disappearing. It’s disappearing because we are evolving out of that lower frequency range. Also, relearning how to exist and Work from what I’ve called Spherical Consciousness. As you/me/we evolve beyond the old familiar linear 3D time with the consciousness that went with it, we’re going to continue experiencing greater and longer periods of nonlinear reality and consciousness etc. where we’re relearning how to exist and function outside of that tiny limited band of linear frequency, consciousness and reality. You are evolving out of and well beyond everything being linear including your life, your reality, consciousness, your physical body and your DNA. This means we’re all increasingly finding ourselves in NEW territory in just about every way including linear time disappearing, different ET species presenting themselves privately in different ways, greater personal energetic sovereignty, perceiving multiple dimensions and Ascension Mission Work in them, perceiving other aspects of YOU in other dimensions and timelines, continual growth of your energetic sovereignty, Embodiment of Higher Self/Selves, and increasing internal Embodiment of and connections with Source, Source-as-Self.

As I said, continual embodiment of NEW DNA automatically deposits us in a much larger playground internally and externally. Be prepared for things you cannot imagine today to quickly become your NEW normal. Be discerning when ET shows up anywhere. Don’t freak out but don’t be stupid either and don’t automatically assume anything about them. Discern, feel, observe and remain as emotionally neutral as you can while holing your own hard-earned energetic sovereignty. This is a situation of one ET (you) meeting other ETs. They are not NEW “gods”, they are our Universal neighbors. Be wise with this everyone. You’ve Worked very hard all these ascension years to get to this point so don’t drop back down into old linear ego-based 3D habits just because some small group of ETs is suddenly standing before you etherically or physically. Remember, bigger playground because you’ve earned it.  😉  Check out the Comments section if interested in the further discussions about this topic.


May 3, 2019

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13 thoughts on “Many Now Having Dream-state “First Contact”

  • Hi Denise. Im just “going thru” while holding onto hope and truth. Its amazing to observe the “triggers” that I felt “assaulted” my vulnerability. Im happy to say that as freaked as I got, I did not sink all the way and was able to simultaneously observe myself even if I felt too weak to do more than that, along with hanging onto the Truth. I observe similar issues have risen for some people, intense serious financial concerns on top of other serious concerns…all at once. Now, at the same time, Im feeling like a new personality! When at work I see myself as more upbeat, humorous, and at home in myself like I’ve NEVER been. The funny strange thing I recently did that coincides was embracing my grey hair! No more coloring! Dont ask me why or how this seem to facilitate inner change! A great cut and my hair as it is and I feel free and transformed to the core of my being. I am also noticing moments of intense silence or quiet when I step outside, like every green thing, birds and sky seem so present, so Now. I feel and sense greater possibilities tho I still think in 3D terms for meeting financial needs and home repairs etc… .Im so tired as I begin to relax and exhale from all the intensity. Sleep.

    Ps. No dreams that I recall. No “contact”. Ever.

    • Edith,

      Well done you! ❤ And well done owning your grey hair. I love that my hair has more and more grey in it and would never color the grey away. We've Worked really hard and endured a lot so embrace your grey and/or white hair, it's beautiful!

      ❤ ❤ ❤ Also today is May 5th, the 5-5 Gate and annual Taurus/Pleiadian alignment energy downloads, and they're extra potent this year. I changed timelines (again) on Friday May 3rd. which was a huge positive and many of you reading this have done the same the past few days, or today May 5th or tomorrow etc. Just be open and go with these NEW energy pushes and other things happening now and you'll automatically find that you have, once again, moved to a higher and better NEW Earth timeline. This is one of many BIG changes that are happening right now due to all the difficult and painful changes we lived through in April 2019.

  • Big High Heart Hug for this article, Denise, thank you. The Arcturians have been with me for a very long time, and each time we go through a period like ‘awful April’, at the end of that period, I see them gathered on ‘my home away from home star ship’ and they’re all smiling and loudly giving us a standing ovation. That huge thumbs-up from ‘my Arcs’ makes it all worthwhile and onward we go. And yes, too, to time disappearing. That’s a toughie to explain, but I ‘feel’ it. Note to Jud. Fud., when you get home I hope the Elves give you a very serious talking to. B.

  • So interesting Denise, thanks for this. I have always dreamt of large gatherings but esp. lately I dream of being in a huge conference centre, a convention with thousands of people, all kinds but a lot of really tall people, sharing stories, knowledge, with a sense of purpose but also kind of like a party. The building seems like a massive round tower with really wide hallways that go around the circle. There are couches and lounge areas all over the place where small groups meet to discuss things or just to visit. I always see my family there at some point, the ones I knew from this life as well as entire families I’ve never laid on before but know they are entirely mine. The conference setting is always the same but the stories and events within each visit are always different. It’s a very positive experience!

  • Hi Denise. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences. What a truly wonderful ‘time’ we are in, Now. New ET’s I have not consciously seen before.. big Yes. Clearer communication with Spirit, again, big Yes. Those triangular shapes… Yes! and in many ways. I’d also like to share that a person very close to me has been drawing them on the shower glass cubicle, whilst not yet being openly ‘conscious’ of what is occurring. Its fabulous! Thanks again for sharing and confirming So much of what we are experiencing. Much Love to You ❤

  • New Elves have been fighting for Earth Mother.

    New Humans have been fighting each other as forces of dark and light. These combatant forces of dark and light remain together within the smaller Earth…This is where the ET’s, the space brothers and sisters sit – they do not have an organic connection with Earth.

    New Humans and their Earth version are forcibly held separate from the New Elves organic Earth, which contains all layers and levels in resonant harmony including the lower levels and lower life forms.

    This is why people experience and report different evolution realities.

  • another wow! Denise,
    You know what you know, when you know it. This is what I felt reading this and interestingly I have always seemed to know the differences of ET or td.
    With the lower vibe was confusing,,,it pushed on my emotions or fears. They put in the wrong words, colours were not sharp…I felt it wasn’t true..but scared enough to think..”what if?”
    With the higher beings and angels that I have seen, the colours were pristine, blue blue skys, the greenest of green grasses…etc. The love and gentleness and words that are spoken ….a very different vibe.
    again thank you for the clarifications,

      • I wanted to mention & thank you for your book, The Temple of Master Hotei,
        I am reading and melding into Ivory ones’ experience of the garden. All my senses are awakened

        I began to feel how difficult 3d must be for you, with all your memories. I can only touch small corners of mine.
        I so look forward to reading further.

        Its also odd that I call my times…little terms of endearment.

        Much appreciation and love for your work Denise xo

        • Thanks for buying The Temple of Master Hotei Penny, let us know when you’ve finished it and how it made you feel. ❤

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