More Than Lions In August 2019!

“Denise, hi! Last night was for me a strongly disturbing night. I woke at 3 AM and got up after being stuck in fearful thoughts that grew in strength and a sense of deepening pressure smothering out my truth. I admit I began to feel trapped and depressed. And today I learned many people had disturbing dreams or sleep. I wonder if u sensed anything or remained high frequency clear of it?” — Edith, August 21, 2019

Edith wrote this in a Comment under my previous article, but because of some negative things I experienced a few days and nights in August 2019, I wanted to quote her and go into more detail in an article about these high highs and low lows many people experienced throughout August. Thanks for your important question Edith. ❤

After Edith shared this more people wrote Comments that they too experienced an uptick in negative attacks during the night, specifically around the old 3:00 AM period in August 2019. Those attacks happened in dreams, while awake, or both.

A brief recap of the 3:00 AM thing.

It has been a common time for negative aliens, demons and lesser entities to attack humans in dreams, nightmares and/or wake them up and continue attacking them from the physical level too. Because I wasn’t familiar with this old religious belief about the supposed time of Jesus’ death to be at or near 3:00 PM, I also didn’t know that the negatives invert that time and use 3:00 AM to attack people from the astral and the physical, asleep and awake. I learned all about this however from having it happen to me repeatedly for many years. Those demonic and negative alien attacks I experienced in the early 2000’s typically happened between 2:30 AM through 4:00 or 4:30 AM. I discovered that it doesn’t require one to know about certain old global beliefs to experience them yourself.

The annual Lion’s Gate begins every July 26th and ends on August 12th. I noticed that during the Lion’s Gate in August 2019, there were periods of negative attacks, all of which were very obvious. They aren’t remaining hidden or in the shadows anymore, they’re right out in the open, trying to harm you for bringing the Light and making the old shadows disappear.

Sunday, August 4, 2019 while doing my best to join the Sunday Unity mediation at 8:11 AM, all I got was a whole lot of interference. I assumed it was me wandering mentally but after struggling with this for many minutes I opened my eyes and unexpectedly saw the head, shoulders and upper arm area of a very dense opaque black colored ‘shadow figure’. I saw its head, shoulders and a few inches of its upper arms peeking around the upper kitchen cabinets at me seated in the living room. It had been watching me in the living room, eyes closed, struggling to join the Sunday Unity meditation. In that moment I realized that what I’d been experiencing wasn’t my mind wandering but intentional interference from that shadow figure. The second I saw it peeking around the kitchen cabinet at me it instantly snapped back behind it and disappeared and I didn’t see it again that day. I did a few days later however.

There’s all sorts of negativity and this shadow figure I saw was doing its best to prevent me from joining the Unity meditation that Sunday during the Lion’s Gate. It wasn’t at my throat trying to kill me, it was messing with me to keep me from what the Sunday Unity meditations do, are, create, exchange, activate and manifest. (I experienced this same type of interference with a different negative alien a couple of years ago during a Sunday Unity meditation.) I tried again at 11:11 AM to join the Group but this shadow figure entity continued its interference so I wasn’t able to participate at that time either. At this point I intentionally let it go and went about my business that day and forgot about the creature. My disconnecting did the trick and I was able to easily join the Unity mediation at the 5:11 PM time because the creature was gone.

August 9th through 11th 2019, I felt a tremendous change in our world, so much so I was certain I’d changed timeline Earth worlds again. What I felt and perceived from the 9th through the 11th of August was these NEW Sirian codes transmitted through the 2019 Lion’s Gate period activated the 100% speedy collapse of the old everything in the USA and elsewhere. Said another way, these July 2019 through July 2020 Lion’s Gate annual codes are so high frequency this year that their presence has escalated everything that was disappearing anyway in the old patriarchal world. It’s like the fast forward button has been pushed by the Sirian’s July 2019 to July 2020 codes and energies and we’re speeding along in them while all sorts of anomalies and related Separation of Worlds shifts continue to take place. One of them being the reaction of some negative aliens and beings such as the never-been-human shadow figure creature I saw in my house twice in August 2019. In with more NEW and some more push-back from some of the old Team Dark players.

The link here is to an article I wrote in June 2019. In it I talked about what I called Light Bombs exploding everywhere constantly and how those NEW higher frequency Light energies and codes were causing negative beings and entities to be dislodged. What has been hidden and unperceived by humans has been increasingly up in everyone’s faces, hearts and minds due to the ever-expanding incoming NEW Light and codes. This hasn’t been easy or comfortable for any of us but it’s a normal side effect of this process of the Light coming into direct contact with the old lower frequency aliens, entities, humans, human consciousness and old patriarchal world systems. There are territorial disputes, attacks, retaliations and whatnot because of all this ascension related energetic dislodging and revealing of the dark and hidden negativity that’s been manipulating from unseen and unknown levels. Always protect yourselves Team Light because Team Dark feels you just like you feel them.

I mention this again here to remind any who need reminding that these exploding Light Bombs continue dislodging Team Dark beings and entities and they don’t of course appreciate any of this so they often attack those of us who’ve had and continue having a direct hand in the return of the Light during this Ascension Process. It was however a bit of a surprise to have these attacks during this years Lion’s Gate period, or that was just me being lazy about these negatives, again.

From August 4th through the 11th I repeatedly and very strongly felt some negative energies and entities in my house. I saw the shadow figure creature again during that time, standing motionless in another room of my house while I was in my bed at night. We stared at each other and I thought to myself, “No fear. Deal with this thing, get it out of the house, send it back to Source God.” That night and a few others during those days wasn’t pleasant or comfortable but they forced me to override it all. After all I’ve been through, I don’t spook easily, but there were a few early evenings and nights during those days during the 2019 Lion’s Gate that it felt very unpleasant in my house and that fact made me angry and determined and forced me into Lightwarrior mode again. I’m a lover not a fighter but when I’m forced into it I can instantly shift into Lightwarrior and take care of business. It will however be heaven on earth when this isn’t necessary anymore. We’re very close now.

As you already know, 2019 is for most of you reading this, the year where we embody and Embody the NEW codes, more and more NEW DNA, the NEW Light energies and more because we always do it first because we literally Pathpave these NEW energies and codes etc. on and into the physical dimension and ascending NEW Earth world and timelines by our embodying them. We go first and anchor them into physical reality for humanity to enter later. In this case later begins January 2020 and beyond for mass humanity. These NEW codes and energies will become the NEW and only energies and codes for humanity with the entrance into January 2020. That’s why we’ve been dealing with, and often struggling with, these profoundly amplified, accelerated and expanded NEW Light energies and codes and more DNA this entire year. 

The entire month of August 2019 has been for me an extra intense, painful, increasingly weird and occasionally negative time of having to do battle again with the riffraff that’s been exploded up and out of their old hiding holes. Just another day in the life of…

My point is that many of us took a beating, or two, or more throughout August 2019, and all that on top of the tremendous and constant energy increases we’ve been embodying every minute of 2019. It’s this intense because we’re very close now. Use that fact whenever you need to keep yourself going through all this and the constant energy increases. We’ve still got the last quarter of 2019 to live, to embody, to be forever altered and improved by and we all know that the last quarter of every ascension year is potent. This year will surpass them all so lots of self-care, sleep, naps when needed, being kind to yourself and your physical body because you’re going through more than you or I fully understand at this point within The Process. It’s a safeguard so we don’t faint, piss ourselves and throw in the towel because it’s way too much for us, or so we may feel from time to time when utterly exhausted by it all. Great job everyone, let’s bring this thing into the last quarter of 2019 and energetically HOME right here on Earth. ❤


August 28, 2019

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83 thoughts on “More Than Lions In August 2019!

  • Hi Denise, I would like to share my knowledge and experience of these days. years of difficult energies continue, endure. refreshing insights. embodying. it continues. and there is no no clear manual in how to deal with it all. but now I just see a pattern that is repeated. We apparently live in two worlds at the same time.
    sometimes they change from one to the other for some ours / days. in one world of duality we know love and hate as opposites in a endless fight. in the other world in a higher dimension we know unity light and love in its pure form. there is a wide subdimension in between of course with many layers . in some of these difficult days, when something needs to be integrated or transformed. I feel nervous, then I have to let go of something in my life that is too much based on ego or personality, then the nervousness go’s away and the higher level proces gets started. if the integration is done I can go back to what I just released or let go of. sometimes its a hobby or even people around me. I remember a few years ago, i had to let go of my wife, I really thought we were going to divorce, after the idea of ​​letting go, there was a peace around me and short time later there was a process of integration on a higher level. my wife and I are still together! I understand that people here have problems maintaining friendships. I also had to let go of a lot of friends . i remember a story of a very high licht being that came to earth. it was almost impossible for people ( with a sleeping Awareness ) to be arround that being . they felt very fearfull and akward . i guess all this light from this being triggert the darkness in those people making them mad . at one night i saw this lightbody in myself pulsating, vibrating, it was a blue / white very bright light . this is what happining in the world now . all of us are lighting up the world and its making everyone mad and they don’t know why . only if there choices and way of living are based on unity love, there own madness wil stop. i am not sure bud i think that there will be a critical point that needs to be reached in light present here to make a big jump in consiousness of the world and it’s residents . i feel that we are close now . love you all ( sory for bad grammar and spelling, am dutch )

    • Ben Stubbe, thank you for this particular insight on your marriage. I’ve had some similar process with my husband and here we are still married. I have this fear of divorce, especially hearing about so many relationship separations as people continue on the stair steps. But when I look it square in the face with a willingness to follow whatever is the highest path for me, I always get a message of patience/love, that this is where I’m to be, that we are actually really helping each other and wanted to do this together (even if it’s not entirely conscious).

      • Kara & Ben S.,

        People living the Ascension Process often and repeatedly move ahead of their mate, husband, wife, life partner and/or other family members and friends etc. which causes periods where the two people are out of range with each other. If, if the other person in the relationship is also living the AP but is a few energy stair-steps behind their mate in the Process, these temporary gaps of frequency, focus, inner work, relatability, experiences and AP symptoms or side effects vary. These temporary changed levels within the AP are common between two or more people and happen REPEATEDLY because these energies, Light, wave pulsations, NEW codes etc. effect each of us a bit differently. Patience is required to see if the partner will “catch up” with you in a few weeks or months. They usually do but that’s not always the case of course. Those are the marriages and relationships that eventually have to be released if one honestly wants to continue evolving via the AP and/or EP if one is doing that too, and their husband/wife/life partner or family members are not evolving at all or are doing so at a much slower pace. Those who are Pathpavers are “hardwired” to do so and we must keep moving higher and higher no matter what. If however our mate is evolving at a close enough pace and staying basically “within range” vibrationally, the marriage and relationship will continue with these sorts of minor energy stair-step differences from time to time. ❤

        • This resonates— thanks, Denise. 💓💓
          It’s interesting because sometimes I’ll think I’m farther ahead in my conscious process and then bam, he’ll teach me or show me something that is hugely helpful. Our relationship doesn’t always look like what my teenage self considered romantic, but the more I let that attachment go, the more grateful I am for the container we’ve created where we’re both free to go off and explore what resonates without judging the other, and then share or not as the inspiration strikes. And we still have fun!

        • Thank you Denise, Ben and Kara! Everything you all have discussed and shared has helped me so much. I agree and resonate deeply with it. JUST what I needed. Thank you ALL from my HighHeart for sharing these details from yours. Much love. ❤

  • Denise, first I wanna say that, intuitively and otherwise, I feel like you were a bombarded with a mosquitoes nest, flies nest, bats, some bigger fatter insects on top of that team dark crap! This past month or so, I know you’ve been inundated. Yeah you have for many, many years; however, I’m wishing to tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you have seriously been in a flies nest for weeks and yet you kept your stamina UP!!! I don’t know why I am feeling it so much, but just the past three days I’ve been feeling so grateful for your resistance and strength and your consistency. I even wanted to write you before this post to say that. It’s such a help: it’s so great it helps so much, so many not just me, of course. I’m just aware of that now; I’m so grateful for your stamina and strength, determination and consistency. I don’t know why am feeling it so much now, but just the past three days I’ve been feeling so grateful for your resistance and strength. Are you going to write to you before you pop blessed this last post to say that. It’s so appreciated it’s such a help it’s so great it helps so much so many not just me of course. I’m just aware of that now I’m so grateful for your stamina and strength and determination and consistency.

    So regarding attacks and separation of worlds, I went back east to visit family and friends. Not that I need to say more than that because I’m sure everyone knows where this is going! Lol! I visited two friends. Their houses, yards, furniture, energy in their homes, kids, everything, in disarray, chaos, the energy of chaos, not that I knew what that was until I was inside it!. My more intelligent, educated friend wrote me an email yesterday. She accused me of bringing psychic darkness into her home when I visited. This is a loved, intelligent, trusted friend of many years since college. A friend that I have given great counsel to and served, emotionally and spiritually, both her kids and herself. And they have valued me highly for it, completely appreciative, aware of how fortunate they were to have me. What’s interesting is that it doesn’t seem to matter, what matters is what choice they made individually and collectively when whatever happened, happened – in terms of separation – of worlds. This is bizarre and hard for me. Emotionally, I want to believe that this isn’t as excruciating as it may be. But horrifically, my most respected and loved personal friend proved to me that it’s happening. I arrived to their lovely home in an affluent neighborhood and I found the house in total disarray, disgusting even the backyard. Socio-economics doesn’t seem to matter, what does seem to matter is choice – the choice they made individually and collectively – when whatever happened, in terms of separation of worlds. That’s what’s bizarre and hard. When I stayed there, three members of the family had terrifying dreams. Dreams of blood and death. They all related to the youngest son. I’m concerned that some injury may happen to the youngest child in future, but I did not say anything to the family. She decided to blame that on me. She claimed my energy was frenetic and she massively criticized everything I did, down to the minute. Pure anger and control. My energy is so high now and so bright and so lively that I admit, it must be difficult for many to be around me and easy for others to misunderstand, Though I meet people now continuously that are drawn to me so… I’m not going to bore anyone with details, but it was devastating to receive from a loved friend such a ridiculous and hideous email that criticized my every movement and moment spent with her over the course of four days. It was ridiculous. Denise, she was a very loved friend…and such a horrible statement of bullshit from her. And she’s convinced Im problem since job situation, life situation etc.have suddenly changed, there’s the argument… And I also understand that it must be difficult to be around me, energy bunny! I’m still calculating what to put in my response to her. It’s killing me because of fear of losing every known friend I’ve ever had, which at this rate it seems to be what I’m doing. Their argument is that I just lost my job age etc. This is hard, I’m a rational person in a crazy, unbelievable, incredible circumstance that is simultaneously real and challenging and true, but all together dismantling. How is anyone else not in my situation supposed to understand this? And I don’t need to explain this to them or anyone really. I’ve learned that friendship is not about that, it’s about people loving each other through whatever they need to do. Toxicity etc. of course is excluded from this. I was devastated by this, but amazed at how quickly I recovered and knew I wasn’t wrong or the problem.

  • Just had another example of “portal people” … I tried and failed miserably to explain it to a friend, who has read some of your articles here and on TRANSITIONS but never really got drawn in. But her experience with the Portal Person may help her understand what is going on in such a clear way. All I could think when I saw what this person did (send her a family photo with her cut out of it with pinking shears but left her children and now-deceased husband in the photo) was PORTAL PERSON!!! Like I said, I failed miserably in explaining it to her,

    On a different note: A friend of mine who is very active in anti-sex trafficking work has suddenly begun having seizures. I see this as a dark side attack because her work is so important. I’ve known her for years, we went to grad school together, and I know there are layers of compatible spirituality with her but this is not something we’ve talked about for years. I just don’t know how to approach her on understanding this as possibly not a medical problem but possibly a dark-side problem. Any suggestions?

    Love and light,

    • Debora,

      There are so very many aspects of our human lives that Team Dark (TD) have used as food/fuel supplies for themselves for ages. In my opinion, the two at the top of their list are war (violence, killing, blood lust etc.) and sex (romantic lovemaking sex, violent sex, rape, loveless sex, loveless homosexual sex etc.) I say this based on personal experiences over the decades.

      When anyone tries to interfere with TD’s human produced food/fuel supplies they take immediate actions. I would suspect this is even worse now due to the Ascension Process and the Separation of Worlds & Timelines because they know they’re losing a good number of humanity so they’re extra protective of those they still do have access to. It’s because of these reasons that I too believe your friend is most likely experiencing severe TD etheric attacks due to her anti-sex trafficking work.

      Some negative entities prefer certain human energies over others, just like we humans prefer certain foods over others. I know this sounds really strange but it’s true and some TD beings prefer human sexual energies over others while some prefer human violence and/or fear-laden energies over others. Think different “seasonings” with this.

      Sorry everyone, I know how ugly this topic is but it’s been this way for thousands of years on Earth and in the astral too. ONLY THIS YEAR are many people starting to understand just how negative and corrupt etc. life and reality has been on Earth. That fact amazes me but better late than never!

      If your friend is open to a serious discussion about the etheric and energetic side of her physical work against human sex trafficking then I’d suggest you tell her what I’ve said here to you and why. She needs to know that she will continue to experience negative attacks from nonphysical beings over this because it (human sexual energies both good and bad but bad are “seasoned” differently) are one of their biggest and most favorite forms of human energetic food and fuel. She must learn to protect herself as best as she can and even that won’t be enough all the time. She’s in this deep, as are all the other humans working to free humanity from this and other negative global activities like it. I became celibate at age 39 to permanently stop TD from stealing the sexual energies I and my romantic male partners naturally produced during lovemaking sex and from TD influencing me and them. Their interference, influence and manipulations around this with me were constant and impossible for me to protect myself from back then (1970-1980s) so I became celibate. That is how serious this topic is at deeper, unseen levels. Lisa Renee has written much about this topic and included the Satanic side to it as well.

      Okay everyone, ponies, candy, flowers, glitter, happy-happy, joy, freedom, peace & love, puppies & kittens, Light & LOVE and all good things. 😀 Just trying to lift the energies after that heavy-duty dark topic. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thank you, Denise,

        Well, call me “officially terrified” if a psychic assault can result in physical manifestations…. my friend looked like she’d been beaten and my first reaction when seeing her was that she had been “mugged” while in NYC, although to her recollection there was no one on the street (very odd for NYC near the UN building).

        Sh*ts gettin’ real, ya’ll.


  • Bless you Denise!! What a couple months!!! Wow! And though I may not even bother to mention anything about that, as if I need to, what a day and what a sky what a unicorn style world we live in now! My unwell family members are meaner and less happy than they’ve ever been. I win more often than I ever thought I could now. I even told close friends what was going on. It was hard for them to take it in, first thing they said was that they realize their own spiritual growth could be more than it is. I’m not really worried about whether they get it or not and I’m not about to disclose too much. And I’m not explaining or apologizing and as of two days ago, it appears I’m not living with the brakes on. I can’t imagine what the codes were/are because it was like super quick download and super quick whamo change!! Lots of release happening too! Such a good releases!! It feels lakes of emotion turned into holy water once expressed. I don’t know what’s happening; I just don’t know at all I don’t know there’s anyway to know either! And I’m told over and over and over again not to think. It’s really tough to not try. I get better at it. Also, the amount of change that has occurred in 5 to 6 weeks is so insane that I cannot believe I’m so happy and not at a hospital! Peace to you! The negative to attacks feel like lots of little bugs coming at me, by the way. Like if I don’t take good care, whatever’s coming through the fourth dimension just bombards like a bunch of a little insects. Does that sound weird? Who cares! Ha ha Ha! Love you love to all of you so much love now so much so much so much love love peace to you! The negative to attacks feel like lots of little bugs coming at you by the way. At least for me. Like if I don’t take good care whatever’s coming through the fourth dimension just bombards like a bunch a little insects. Does that sound weird? Who cares! Ha ha Ha! Love you, love to all of you, so much love now, so much so much so much LOOOOOVE⚡️❤️!!!

  • Yes Prabbi. I have had abdominal issues for twenty years. That was one of my first “ascension symptoms” and it was so severe that it caused many embarrassing moments when I was in public including sudden rushes for bathroom that I failed to make. Now it is more of a nuisance and not as severe. Often it follows the same pattern head pressures. tingling , hot flashes, disturbed restless sleep then abdominal cramps and loose bowel movements then I feel better ready to start again. Are we having fun yet?

    Oh by the way Prabhi I go to a naturopath who is helpful in a limited way to keep me functional. His advice was to eat more fiber. I wish it were that simple as I am on an almost total plant based diet and he knows it,

    • Can’t resist… how do you recognize a Starseed/Pathpaver/Light Warrior? We’re the ones dragging Port-a-Potties around behind us. 🙂 Happy 9-9-9 Everyone… something completed, don’t know what, but feels okay. Love, B.

        • LOVE the e-moji, thank you, Denise! And thank you for linking Kari Samuels’ fun and relevant article about the 9’s. So far so good, got that 999 feeling going on. Love, B.

        • Yes, Denise, great emoji! As I was driving down the road yesterday, I looked down at the odometer, it read 16,999. I love numbers, so I watched it (very carefully with an eye on the road) to see it go from 999 to 000. I felt it was meaningful to us all. I agree and relate with Richard and Prabhi K regarding the “feeling everything as meaningless”, no joy in anything, anyone (even my husband), places, food, etc. Just this past week, I had a huge “letting go” in my life. It was the last thing I was holding onto. After that awareness/download, I felt something big shifted, not just on a personal level but bigger. Don’t know what. But felt excited for a brief period of what is to come/happen/stepping into the NEW – like REALLY doing it.

          Thank you ALL for sharing here. It is the only place that I call home. Trust and feel safe to BE. Love to you all! ❤ Karina

  • Hello Denise ❤ and all,
    Thank for sharing the link about the Fermi Bubbles.

    I relate to Richard's comment about feeling everything as meaningless, this has been coming up again for me strongly especially these past few months. Denise thank you so much for sharing how we become increasingly neutral not only energetically but emotionally as well and it being a natural side effect! It's easy to forget this and feel as if something is wrong since this is new to us. You're right about it not being talked about. I too am experiencing lack of joy over everything be it all things, places, locations, activities, people, foods, habits, etc as you mentioned. I feel this also applies to the other spectrum of joy, where negative emotions also increasingly become less surprising and impactful.

    I see a few Monarch butterflies here and there usually but yesterday for the first time I saw them migrating south. Seeing so many flying over the treetops and near the lake shoreline was a beautiful sight.

    Last night (well actually early this morning at 5:30 am) I suddenly woke up with severe abdominal pressure and pain. Ever since then I slept at few minute intervals constantly waking up a hundred times due to the pain. Entire abdomen feels tender and as if my intestines are irritated/disturbed. Although yes I do remember experiencing intestinal disturbances 2018 and 2019, similar times you did as well. But the last time I remember my abdomen/intestines being this painful was back in 2017. Denise have you or anyone else experienced a sudden severe flare up?

    • Prabhi K,

      For the past week I’ve been having the old familiar digestive tract difficulties. Heartburn, food making me feel sick and poisoned again, severe belly/gut bloat again, basically my body rebelling against any food I eat. This is another common ascension related side effect, like those periods where your whole head hurts and feels like it’s changing into something NEW and very different, which it is! Or those periods where the lower half of the body is the focus and feet, hips, knees etc. all hurt severely. The whole body gets hit with these NEW energies and subsequent purging for periods but they move around the body and head. Digestive tract for a week or so, then maybe the head/face/skull/eyes etc. for another week or so, then the feet/ankles/hips/legs/knees etc. for a week or so…

      I’ve had brief times of such severe abdominal pains and/or diarrhea that it makes me nauseous. Don’t forget people that transiting Pluto and Saturn have been in Capricorn for a while now and Capricorn’s opposite sign is Cancer which rules the stomach. Those two powerhouse planets have been in opposition to Cancer and many of us FEEL that in our guts very directly. It really is amazing what we’ve gone through and continue to via the AP.

  • Hi again. I seem to recall September is a difficult month. A month when deep shit had been deployed like war and 9/11. Now, personally I have been feeling so good since that night u quote in your article. I’m writing bcuz my cat and my dog bombarded me with continual annoying tactics during predawn. My dog was relentless. He can let himself out. He has food and water. But he walked all over me with a technique he had for shivering and trembling severely while pressed up against. (This habit formed back when he had an illness and I would pop up faster than toast when he had those symptoms). But after I got up he acted back to normal. I fought for hours to ignore him. Ok. I also want to add I’m also aware of subconscious sabotage beliefs that allow me to be triggered, and it ALWAYS happens when my life is flowing and it brings me down. BUT! I spring back becuz I now know it’s not the truth and so it’s easier to rebound back up each time. So I think disruptive disruption is still going strong. A friend of mine had upsetting dreams all night long a few days back. The positive is that ever since I finally found someone who can cut hair, I know it’s weird but I went years seeking someone with skill that corporate owned walk-in places lack. Also I shared I embraced my gray and loving it. I’m bringing this up to underscore I felt like a new and different lighthearted person, till I got triggered and brought down. However the new lighthearted person is growing in strength and dominance. I feel attractive and beautiful, an inner beauty, and dynamic, but at the same time am hugely indifferent about how I look/dress, or eat or what others think or see. I also feel back in touch with a part of self buried back in childhood. I’m strongly responding to the playful boys hiding in the men I work with, one of whom I’ve nicknamed, “Ten!”😀 (The age he acts.) I’ve completely detached from Facebook and news. I’ve come to realize why I’m so angry about customer service in today’s
    world and how many people feel the same and act the same deep anger when encountering an indifferent time consuming …. Just to reach a person if ur lucky….. And then realizing they are so limited or ignorant and are not trained to meet needs, and I realize I’m remembering how it used to be b4 all this crap. Well I’d better get a grip and accept how it is! Let go of expecting a standard that ceased to exist over 20 years ago. ….. Anyway I’m guessing this month might not be much different than August!

  • I can so appreciate the comments, stories, and experiences shared here at HHL.
    Thank you all for sharing.

    I had a dream last night, very vivid and real feeling, where the air shimmered in front of me for a second, I had a brief spinning feeling, then it cleared and it was May 2, 2035!!! Just like that, in an instant! Everyone I saw in my dream looked about 30 years old – no matter their age now, or living or dead.
    I woke up feeling light-hearted – hope this high heart energy stays!

    My Heart feels light, but boy oh boy, my body feels like I was beat up by five WWE wrestlers after being in a train wreck. Just another beautiful ascension day ❤️

  • Just a share about what to me was a new ascension symptom yesterday. I’ve had blurry eyes many times, no problem, carry on, but yesterday I was typing on my computer and suddenly my eyes made a lot of very fast involuntary movements, really startled me, and I flung off my glasses, and closed my eyes. The movement stopped, I opened my eyes and darned if I wasn’t seeing bright vertical slices of the same thing. For example, I looked at my wall clock and it was divided into about four or five very bright, narrow, vertical slices showing only the numbers 12 down to 6. I looked at my computer screen and it too was divided into those same bright, narrow, vertical slices showing just one section of the screen, top down to bottom, four or five, maybe six times. Yikes, thinks I, and closed my eyes again. Rested for a while and then extreme dizziness… used to that… extreme nausea… used to that, too… and when I opened my eyes again, thankfully, there was only the usual perspective… singularity of one picture, let’s say. Re-wiring to the extreme??? An introduction to parallel worlds??? Or??? Wanted to pass it along just in case others experience or have experienced same. Love to All Here, B.

    • Thanks for sharing this Barbara. ❤ I too have had my eyes suddenly move involuntarily really fast side to side. I first experienced this one in the 2000s but haven't had it recently… and I should add that I didn’t see anything like you did when my eyes did this.

      What I have been experiencing — and expecting as we all should — are a steady increase in all sorts of visual and auditory so-called anomalies. I'm used to clairvoyantly Seeing things, but sometimes the clairaudient sounds, voices and other noises I can't even describe get my CNS even more twitchy and stressed than it often is anyway. I've long expected for most of us to see and SEE (and all the rest too) the cracks happening in the old Earth reality/realities as it, they fall apart and disappear. We've been Seeing the NEW Light energies in so many different forms, colors and 6D geometric patterns etc. for years already but now the breaking apart of the old levels of our own perceptions, consciousness and physical bodily tools etc. are being replaced with NEW DNA which is causing us to perceive and be aware of so much more and on so many more NEW levels etc. And, this has just gotten started really and has much to do with us embodying and Embodying the NEW codes in 2019 that will be fully implemented for the rest of humanity come January 2020 and beyond.

      I’m super wiped out again today. Feeling the Inner Body Vibrations like violent inner shaking which makes me internally weak, externally muscle weak, and even more tired. It’s more Lightbody frequency increase but it takes some time to adjust to and not feel so battered by. And the inner ear ringing sounds have become something like what I would guess it sounds like when quartz crystals “talk”, vibrate, radiate their crystalline energies. It’s a beautiful inner ear and whole head sound actually. Okay, some horizontal time needed here! ❤ ❤ ❤

      • I can attest to the inner body vibration and ear ringing
        I know i know, but its almost unnerving, makes it extremely hard to be still, want to rest but its just a hell of a lot,
        Makes it hard to have my usual get close to God down time which was always my go to, get home, get loved, presence is there, comfort most certainly is not which has been hard for me
        Keep chuggin
        Been kinda lonely because when Im uncomfortable its nice to find reprieve by hanging with genuine, fun people
        Granted I have about one of those people, but, this stuff lately is kinda like learning to walk again
        Thanks for letting me share and I hope everyone will have fulfilling, meaningful, heart touching moments!
        Good job on hanging in there everyone and thank you as always for the guidance and understanding Denise!

  • Hi Denise, fellow wanderers, I was in Ibiza at my son’s wedding (for a week) when you published this article and wanted so much to comment, especially after reading Annas post.
    This has been a most poignant month in that I feel I have been given back my life. The final week of August started off very dark, prior to our trip abroad a massive load was placed on me with my young ward (12yr old grandson from one of my sons previous relationship) whom I have not seen very much at all and was booked to stay with me and my mother kicking off that he didn’t want to go… which I understood completely – and with his chin stuck on his chest from the dread of the trip which made him look quite unwell and quite dark I promised him the earth so that his Daddy would have his beloved boy at his wedding. What with being in a group situation 24/7/7 (my worst nightmare) with non-stop loud music and a massive family group, sharing a room with my very stressed and waspish 80 yr old mother and my deeply unhappy grandson all created very painful tensions and ‘fears’ of not being able to cope. So everything went to the pit (in my mind and energy) when very similar ‘thought imput’s’ much as Anna described ragged at my wellbeing and pushed my sensitivities down as far as it seemed possible. However, being an old hand at this I managed to separate from the ‘mind’ influence and study it and identify its quality which will not be missed again. This ‘influence’ has appeared a few times this year and only after having taken a toll on my wellbeing was I able to actually see it for what it was, – and so after the few times of its appearance/influence becoming familiar with it was I able to ‘separate and disengage’ its hold and neutralise its effect in me.
    I was an artist (prior to awakening) and Ibiza was my main inspiration, the colours, the light, the joy and happiness there. But something happened on my last trip 20 years previously when I felt myself fall down something like a dark pit, I realise now it was the beginning of the work from there on which is what brought me to discover Transitions and HHL because it was not as the spiritual peeps/teachers described but very dark, painful and toll taking.
    Anyhow, long story short, I came home with a happy grandson and a destressed Mum and quite a tan 😀 and walking into my bedroom one of my half finished canvases, not worked on or even seen for many a year had fallen akimbo from behind the wardrobe as if to say, HEY! lets get back to work!. Oh yes, I feel free for the first time this side of ’98 and send lots and love and light to the dark for its help. 😀
    We are all blessed, we just need to see it. Love to all, masses of it… look… its everywhere. xx

  • Hi Dear Denise
    Have been experiencing everything yourself and others have spoken of but also myself and quite a few Friends are experiencing problems, physical and verbal abuse, from female relatives, blood related and by marriage. Drugs too are involved. We are all ‘enlightened’ people and feel very strongly we’re fighting evil and the dark side. Many times Just totally coming out of nowhere.
    Myself I don’t feel fearful anymore it’s just the hurt and upset are hard to deal with.
    Thank you for your most helpful and reassuring messages.

  • I had a rather confusing dream last night. I was floating high above the earth as I often am. But I was drawn to a barn like structure where many of my relatives and acquaitances both living and dead were gathered. As I floated above them they began singing to me “if I be lifted up i will draw all men to me.. I felt continous waves of heat all night go thru my body and today my back is very sore. Last night was a big download.

  • Thank you SO much Denise for this one. Well, thank you for ALL of the articles! But I was really hoping a new one would pop up from you as I am at my wit’s end! A week ago today my car was broken into and my laptop stolen. I was parked up in a county park across from my house where I’ve been going for MANY years and park there all of the time. I’ve never worried about my car, my personal safety, etc. I am an avid hiker and hike from here many times a week. This is my safe place, my happy place, my sanctuary. When I returned to my car, I found my back window of my mini van completely shattered and my backpack my 2nd grade class bought for me, with my laptop, gone. It was so well hidden that there was no way it was seen. The woman next to me also had her window smashed. They didn’t get much from her.

    The energy around it felt so much more intensely dark than what an incident like that would normally feel. It’s hard to explain. All I know is that I could feel it was bigger than just petty thieves. The park rangers were so incredibly helpful, and even before they came I quickly had allowed myself to see the bigger picture of it all. The other woman whose window was smashed was very worked up and was rude with many of the people who were coming and going during the aftermath, and I don’t feel as if she herself is a light worker/someone targeted for their light. Not to sound judgmental, just couldn’t see why were both targeted when it feels like we are in very different places.

    Anyway, this time has just plain sucked. I just literally don’t know how to feel or what to do anymore. My sanctuary was invaded and I’m just damn tired. Thank you and this community for being here and for listening!

    • “Anyway, this time has just plain sucked. I just literally don’t know how to feel or what to do anymore. My sanctuary was invaded and I’m just damn tired.”

      Amy M.,

      I’m sorry this happened to you Amy, I know how it feels to have ones space, ones property etc. invaded by people carrying lowly consciousness and energies. It has “sucked” a lot this entire year and it certainly has felt like it’s increased month by month lately.

      Friday August 30th my next door neighbors young son (20-something) whose living there but isn’t supposed to be because this is a 55+ only community and we all pay annual HOA fees to keep it such. He was in his truck parked in front of their house from 7-7:30 AM cleaning up, moving things in it from one place to another, checking his phone, making calls, and, doing a couple of “lines” of what I’m guessing were meth and then carefully cleaning up his nose afterwards. I had my suspicions he was a “tweaker” because of his behavior, which I’m very familiar with because my son and all his friends and most everyone else were addicted to meth in the 80’s and 90’s. But… to have this shit happening next door to me AGAIN with this little jerk whose parents are enabling jerks themselves is too much. I’ve sold houses to get away from this sort of thing so to have it happening AGAIN in a senior only community where he’s not even allowed to live is really… a lot of things!

      Saturday August 31 the neighbor on the other side of me is 100 and deteriorating so there’s three different caregivers coming and going all day until about 10 PM every day who are young themselves and noisy and loud. Car doors slam so hard all day over there that hangings on my wall rattle. Long story short, there’s all sorts of people constantly over there being loud and unaware of anything other than themselves. Same old story.

      Sunday September 1st I saw a young (late 20’s) guy walking towards my house so I watched him because he looked like bad news. He turned from the sidewalk and came up my front yard and really close to my front window and started primping his hair and hairnet (he was Caucasian) in his reflection of my mirror-like tinted windows right in front of me inside the house. After watching him a few moments a conversation took place through my window and he finally left after fixin’ his doo or whatever it was he was doing. Today, Monday September 2nd is Labor Day so we’ll see how today goes but I too am ‘just damn tired’ of all of the negative unaware everything and everyone who have, once again after twenty years of this already, physically positioned themselves as close to me as they can.

      We make huge energy progress and then we experience periods like this where these types of negative unaware people push back into our lives and space, steal from us, break laws and generally make life much harder and uglier. We’re zooming towards the September equinox and last quarter of hellacious 2019 and we’re all feeling the pressures from everything and everyone. At the moment I have very little cheerleader enthusiasm in me like I usually do because the end of every loud summer and lengthy period of excessive heat is harder each year to deal with. Hang in there everyone and be extra aware and careful out of common sense, not fear. We’re about to make the last big push up the end months of 2019 and enter 2020 with its NEW codes and energies! 😎

      • Thanks Denise and Richard for your comments on this type of space invasion because it has been happening to me all summer as well, including the drug taking mentally challenged neighbor across the street who has been arrested twice this summer in his home for violating probation and shooting a gun in his house.

        Also I live with an older lady who has 24 hour caregivers. Her daughter, a month ago, decided to move her into the small dark family room right underneath me while she, the daughter, was having a manic episode. Then she was left there for a month plus with very little privacy and no television. I can hear, see and smell everything that goes on in that room. It was really challenging but she finally got moved back. One of the caregivers showed her true colors as really being only concerned with her personal convenience and not caring that much about her client, my elderly friend.

        Denise, I thought you had said recently that some of these unexpected changes were done to accelerate our journey and so that is how I have viewed this major home inconvenience. I also have been very physically challenged with heart palpitations, massive headaches, etc. It was so bad last night that I didn’t sleep much at all. (On the other hand, I had a levitation experience in the middle of the night.)

        This morning as I was walking the dog, I was thinking that all these challenges are a good sign that we are leveling up and that I am grateful I have the time/space to be at home without having to be somewhere/do something.

        Thanks again and Big Hugs to you and All! Nancy

      • Wow Denise, that’s a lot of dark, heavy energy hanging out in your community! I’m so sorry! There does seem to be an uptick in that going on and I am trying to use caution and never fear. I’m fairly successful with that, but I just feel beaten down so often these days. Something I realized just recently is that I don’t remember the last time I genuinely felt excited or joyful about something. Sometimes I worry about my mental health, but I try and remind myself that it is the ascension process. Will we feel joy and excited again someday? Or should I be worried about myself? I’m half serious as I do know that truly we are in the midst of enormous shifting and I am a first/forerunner, etc. But dang, I want to feel joy again!

        • “Wow Denise, that’s a lot of dark, heavy energy hanging out in your community! I’m so sorry!”

          Amy M.,

          “Hanging out in my community?” Is that what you really think about all of us being honest about the Planetary Dark Night of the Soul that’s taking place now?

          The only thing “hanging out in my community” are Sensitive, Empathic, Higher Awareness people of Light who’ve been living the Ascension Process (AP) for many years now that are capable of feeling different frequencies of energy. Because of this many people carrying Light and NEW higher energies are targeted by those that don’t want Light or evolution. This type of thing comes and goes and comes again and goes again and I and many others deal with it, learn more about it all because we’ve experienced it attacking us and so on.

          Your first sentence wasn’t a great lead-line Amy, not with me at least. You need to understand something that each of us eventually discovers through living the AP, and many the EP, the Embodiment Process too and that is that just because one experiences energetic duality from the old lower levels doesn’t mean we identify with it or shit ourselves because of it or are incapacitated by Team Dark (TD) when they attack us and so on. Over time living these types of things during this AP, one becomes increasingly less shocked, terrified by negative aliens/beings/entities and their actions. Like anything else, one becomes familiar with how all this works and is less and less traumatized by attacks or attempted attacks by TD. Over time one not only integrates duality but transcends it, ascends, evolves beyond it up into the NEW next higher level and layers. In this case this has to do with evolving beyond the old lower duality and all the consciousness, realities and players of it and up into individual integrated unity where TD does not exist because it’s an entirely different layer of energetic frequency, reality, consciousness and so on.

          While making this and all the other related AP evolutionary changes we have, are, and will continue to for the rest of our lives, we become increasingly “Neutral” energetically and emotionally and in just about every other way too. This happens because we’ve evolved beyond old lower duality frequencies where everything was so profoundly polarized, dualized and separated down to the tiniest levels both internally and externally. The more one integrates, evolves and individually unifies within themselves on all levels, the more emotionally Neutral they become. One becomes increasingly less surprised about most everything and less impacted about wanting or needing “joy in our lives” in those old lower ways. One becomes, increasingly, unified within themselves, more Embodied, more energetically and emotionally “Neutral” in non ego-based ways. We also eventually reach a level of embodiment where even “joy” becomes a non-issue to us in those old lower ways we were used to before the AP and EP processes started.

          I know this because I’ve felt exactly like you have about my lack of old “joy” and/or “pleasure” over things, places, locations, activities, people, foods, old habits and so on. I went through this in the 2000’s and both mourned and marveled over how all my old personal much-loved things where disappearing from me, my life and reality. In their place is birthing higher frequency Unity Neutrality where one just IS, and one is minus all the constant push-pull miseries of old lower duality in all its forms. This is, like many others, one of many natural side effects of our ongoing evolution that most AP teachers haven’t talked much about online. I am however right here in this Comment to you and everyone else reading it. What used to give you “joy” in the past at those old lower levels of duality slowly become meaningless to you as you evolve to higher and higher levels of being. I’ve mourned waffles for god sake, and cigarettes and sex and so many other things I used to really enjoy. 😉 My point is that what you used to feel and believe was “joy” to you is changing because you are evolving. Mourn the things you used to love, like old 3D duality frequency “joy” and continue evolving, ascending into states of being that surpass them all in ways hard to express. Mourn you old loves and “joys” but keep growing into more and more of the NEW you and NEW Earth and all that’s manifesting because of all this.

        • I can see how my lead in comment was misconstrued Denise, my apologies. All week I’ve wanted to come back and reply to your comment because I was so appreciative of you taking the time to respond. My week has been insane with teaching full time, running my teenager around, trying to maintain other relationships and just the general demands of life while living the ascension process and when I finally got the chance to sit down this morning to respond, it was hastily written and maybe cumbersome.

          What I meant about the energies ‘hanging out’ in your community was that I have also noticed so much more of it myself and that it is just such a heavy feeling to have around and in no way do I imply that any of us identify with it! I knew that when my window got smashed in. I simply meant to say that I understand and empathize.

          I have been following you for years and while I don’t comment often, it’s always been respectful and appreciative. Sometimes I just don’t have the time and energy I should invest in replying as throughly as I would like, but I do feel like I should acknowledge the support of the community.

        • I completely understand Amy M., as I’ve been rushing around too with severe AP side effects, other people to deal with etc. and trying to write at times when I can’t remember my own name or how to spell certain words since 2003! I have rushed too for so many years writing and having to “multi-task” at the same time and it has unfortunately showed in many of my articles and Comments. I too am sorry and apologize to you Amy. None of this has been easy for any of us. I do deeply appreciate you explaining yourself in the manner you have. We all need to be kind to each other and remember that we all are doing our best from moment to moment while in the midst of some of the most incredible stuff that anyone could imagine! Seriously. Thank you Amy M., sent you a big High ❤ Gratitude Light LOVE hug. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Thank you so much for checking back in Denise. This is one of the only places I can come and talk about the real ascension process and being forerunners and the thought that I was misunderstood and/or not welcomed here anymore felt so awful! We truly all are doing the best we can under such tremendous circumstances! Biggest Love and Light hugs back to you as well Denise! ❤ ❤

        • You are so right Denise. I have asked this question many times ” What would I want to feel joyful about. The old 3-D waffles, sex, sports, money. No we are better than that and have moved way beyond the ability to feel joyful about any of this. Thank goodness. And I am glad that I feel better about not feeling joy than I once did when all of this seemed important. There is one word for all the 3-D “joys”. Meaningless.

    • Amy,
      I can totally relate. I was wondering today if I feel depressed or just unjoyful. Maybe it’s because all the losses I have experienced but I don’t think that is all of it. I have over the years simplified my life and distanced myself as much as possible from undesirable conditions and people. I have recently become more accepting of where family and others are on their journey and I feel better about that. But still not happy and maybe I am even ungrateful when good does happen. It just seems so meaningless. But one thing I think is different is I feel better about feeling bad or maybe I just don’t care as much that i feel bad. Makes mo sense does it

  • Denise, here is a twist, a conundrum perhaps. I’m an aries, I work and embody Light, etc. I work with a young man in his twenties. He is also an aries and he’s fascinated by the dark. He has the triangle eye symbol tattooed over his entire throat. He talks about Satan like it’s a fun thing. The other day he put a huge baphomat pentagram on his car, the real deal in all its ugly vibes. Tonight I happened to observe his perusal of pentagrams. I have casually asked him about his interest over the years. On the surface he talks like it’s a harmless activity. (I think of The Dead Files and not understanding the invitation you may be making.) Anyway it’s the addition of the baphomat that bugs me. I keep thinking it signifies something that he’s drawn to it.

    Any thoughts or awareness I should think about? I’ll keep on being me with Light and purpose. It IS odd isn’t it, me and him?

    • Edith & All,

      Perfect timing. Here’s a link to Lisa Renee’s August 2019 article entitled, Baphomet Deception

      “Of course, the true intent is to move someone from the ascending path to the descending path with their full consent and participation, to be bound and siphoned by parasitic forces. In occult traditions based on increasing personal power, this descending path is often the starting point. This is called the left-hand path and is used by the NAA through deception, to create consciousness traps and the Baphomet fields are used against humanity to block ascension.”

      It’s a long read, as most of hers are but worth the time and energy. It may not be where you or I are now but it certainly is where many people still are, most unknowingly, some with open arms and great enthusiasm such as your young male co-worker. It’s good we’ve all been having these honest conversations about these dark and unpleasant Team Dark topics. It’s time for more people to be consciously aware of just how totally old Earth reality and humanity was immersed in all this evilness and Satanic control. More Light means more people finally having to see how fucking Dark it has been on Earth and for global humanity for so very long. Not easy, not pleasant, but necessary as we transcend old lower duality and all that went with it in the past Evolutionary Great Cycle.

      I would suggest that you NOT talk with him about his being pulled deeper and deeper into this stuff, the Descending Earth world and reality. I would suggest you do everything to keep yourself away from him and those energies because you do enough “battle” just in yourself and all you’ve been Working so long and so hard on within yourself and your life and consciousness etc. This young male and his being pulled into these Satanic deceptions are NOTHING you EVER should be around Edith. Period.

      I’m pretty good at kicking etheric ass and taking names but I’m also wise enough to know when I need to have as much energetic, vibrational distance between me and and all that lowly negativity. I’m strong but not stupid and just thinking about some things like this automatically puts us in a similar vibration with it, them, which is what Kara was worried about. It’s true, but, if one is very strong and knows about these negative things and beings etc., one can think about them BRIEFLY while maintaining a much higher frequency and state of being so as to NOT be energetically pulled down. Why anyone would, at this point, even want to do that is beyond me but I’m telling you Edith because I know you from your having written Comments here for years, that you are NOT ready for this level of up close co-worker danger. I’m deadly serious Edith, this is much like what Deb was talking about in her Comment about that young woman trying to take her down too now.

      Does everyone see a theme being more clearly exposed with these things, people, Portal People, Ascending and Descending Earth worlds and human populations and that it all is the current Separation of Worlds & Timelines happening NOW?! That is why we’re all having these discussions now, and it’s also why I suspect, Lisa Renee wrote what she did for her August 2019 monthly article. Edith, please, you need to be super careful with this situation with this young male and his addiction to the Dark Side. He’s a co-worker in your life for negative reasons that YOU need to be fully aware of. No fear with this Edith but certainly time to be really wise about how these things, situations and the Portal People that are being positioned and/or re-positioned or tried to be by Team Dark in our lives in whatever ways now. This too is because of the Separation of Worlds and Team Dark is heavily “recruiting” in all sorts of ways.


      Old school occultism called the Right Hand Path the way of the Light, and the Left Hand Path the way of the Dark etc. What we’re doing by living the Ascension Process now is naturally evolve beyond old lower frequency, consciousness and reality Duality where there was Right and Left, Light and Dark, positive and negative, Right Hand and Left Hand Paths etc. Now we’re naturally evolving beyond Duality frequency and all that went with it into Crystalline, integrated UNITY, HighHeart consciousness, life and reality. We are in the Process of evolving OUT of lower Duality and into individual and collective UNITY frequency (fifth dimensional and higher) which exists well above it and is why TD has been doing all it/they can to snag more people and pull them down before the Separation is complete.

      • I agree. I just have to accept this. This young man is a decent, kind, man. A good employee. The other thing is he was born in extremely poor health and illnesses take him DOWN, and we know what else is taking place😨. It’s sad.

        And yes I have been following Lisa Renee.

        I strongly appreciate your input. And bookwise I’m aware of the deeper occult left hand/right hand issue (up to a point☺️, and how close the 2 are in the beginning stages becuz we are inherently self absorbed. Per the books)

  • Denise,
    Thanks for sharing this article. ❤ I can see how I experienced interference and the way it played out for me this month of August. It's getting more and more intense.

    Another thing I wanted to share was a realization I had in regards to Saturn being hit by the 7 solar flares to free it Denise had shared about. I had shared an experience in the last article's comment section about the telescope and not seeing Saturn's rings last week. Shortly after that experience I came across a diagram of the planet where the rings were labelled. Previously I had no knowledge that it had inner and outer rings other than the fact that it had rings. Nor did I know how many. I saw that they were named using alphabet letters (Ring A, Ring B, all the way to Ring G). One week later, the other night after getting into bed and trying to fall asleep I had the realization 💡 that there are 7 rings if you count the total from Ring A-G. Meaning each solar flare out of 7 total hitting Saturn was for each one of it's 7 rings! They were blasted off as you shared they were energetic container rings created by TD. I had thought the 7 number you shared about was a random number and perhaps that's how many Saturn needed in order to be freed, but nothing is ever random. It all makes sense now! Thank you so much Denise 🙂

  • Hi Again Denise and everyone! 😍. I appreciate all the feedback so much. I think for me and maybe others, those of us alone and are seniors perhaps are more vulnerable to self pity and fears BECUZ we seem to be so alone and isolated, and then depending upon the awareness level keep up the fight. Everyone blessed with knowing, remembering and seeing, plus aware experience knowing what they face and fight help me look at my challenges differently. I mean I sit reasoning and wondering along with all my “feeling” because I want to “figure it out, or answer that question, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE???” The trap is we stay mental, Overly mental and I think that creates vulnerability. We need to seek differently, or learn to access the true parts of Self, and drop the lower mental reasoning self mode. I do see or experience glimmers or itty bitty hints of this now, the HS.

    Denise, I find I do fear that I will trip on your last nerve at times. But I realize you see more than just words, and maybe a lot more is happening with the person writing than even the person knows.

    Hope September is …. Well …maybe I will just stay in Now as best I can😁

  • I’m moving from the small university city I live in to a somewhat larger city that also happens to be the capital of the state. It is a good move for me but one person is really upset. Bear in mind that I’m literally only moving 25 miles away! But somehow that is just disrupting her perceptions of how things should be. The resistance has made me realize how dark-controlled some people really are… I suspected there was some dark-control in this person, but it is just manifesting in a large way now. It makes me terribly sad. I tried. And I continue to tell her how she needs to let go of the toxic things in her life, but some people are so controlled by the things that are familiar.

    A few months back, I told a friend that I needed to stop being everyone’s safety net. He happened to be one of the people for whom I am a safety net. He understood. It was time for him to grow to the next phase and in the last few months time, I’ve seen significant changes in him, but this one!!! She is really working to hold me back! Others are helping me make the change. Physical things like actually painting the apartment I’m moving to and packing my stuff. At almost 67, I need a village to help! But this one person! She’s called me “Mom” for years, which has always bothered me because I am not her mother — her mother died — nor am I anyone’s mother and I never wanted to be a mother. Her “mom” has always seemed to be her way of holding on to me. And the SOUND of the word “Mom” has just turned into almost a physical irritant. When she talks to me she says the word often. I never did that to my own mother. It feels like a hook being shoved into my skin every time she says it. The SOUND of the word HURTS my body.

    She keeps asking if she can help but I have this chill every time I think about her walking into my new place… like there’s not enough white sage to smudge away whatever she brings with her.

    A couple of days ago she asked me where the new place is and I told her. Get this: Her mother-in-law lives ONE BLOCK from where I’m moving. It is like I can’t get away! I told a friend tonight that I had this feeling I was running away from this person… and I didn’t want that to be why I was leaving, I want to be going TO something new!

    I know I’m rambling here … not sure there’s a point other than, yeah this has been one heck of a month and the Team Dark folks are coming from places I didn’t expect.

    Thanks again for shining a light into those corners!


    • I’ve thought of you many times during July and August Deb, now I know why. May the Force by with you!

      I’m going to be crude but it needs to be said that way sometimes so the impact and severity of these types of negative situations is fully understood.

      (1) This woman is a Portal Person.

      (2) This woman, whose not done any Inner Work on herself in her lifetime, is WHY she’s a Portal Person.

      (3) Team Dark is using her to get at you because you are of the Light. They have their unseen hand up her ass and are moving her mouth like the Portal Person puppet she is, to say exactly what TD knows hurts, harms, frightens, disempowers, frustrates and exhausts you the most. They know these things about all of us.

      Deb, she’s like those people that are addicts and want to get other people addicted no matter what the cost to them all. She’s a parasite. She’s an energy vampire. She’s a Portal Person whose being used by Team Dark — negative etheric beings — to prevent you from leaving the Earth world and frequency she exists in. Her mommy died and now she’s trying to kill you, her fill-in “mommy”. This is serious and you HAVE to get the upper hand with all of this and right now.

      Do NOT tell her where you’re moving. Do NOT give her or anyone your new phone number, address etc. that would give that information to her. You HAVE to cut her out of your life in every way and immediately. You HAVE to be strong with her, angry and mean if needed and let her know without any doubt that you are done with her and want nothing to do with her. She needs to be conscious of this and you’ve got to stop handling her with “kid-gloves” and kick her in the guts with your truth. Do you want to be free or not now? This will continue in another town if you don’t put your Lightwarrior armor on and go into Lightwarrior mode to free yourself from not just her but from who is controlling and manipulating her. The NEW codes are here now in 2019, what some are calling the ‘Freedom Codes’, so USE them to get yourself really FREE now in all ways. ❤ ❤ ❤ You've got this.

      • After reading Debs post I realized that I needed to clarify my own. What I meant to say in the earlier post was we must accept WHERE ourselves and others are on their journeys. This does not mean as Denise has pointed out that we accept all persons into our life. Well do I know that..

      • Oh Denise, how I wish your response wasn’t true… but I know it is. I told a friend I wanted to live on the top of a mountain with no road to the top. I’m as close to that as I can get in a city… the new place is in a locked building and I’m on the 2nd floor. No one can get in unless I let them in.

        Richard’s idea that we must accept WHERE we are in the journey rings true for me. I have used the phrase “I’m done.” so many times this past few weeks it is utterly amazing. I am done with the city I’ve lived in since 1995. I’m done with a whole bunch of people here that I have known over that time. I’m done with my brother who has decided I’m not his sister any more. I’m done with brothers-in-law who have essentially made me no longer their family since their brother, my husband Joe, died. I’m done with people who tell me “I love you.” but really only love me for what I can do for them. I’m done.

        I’m moving to my mountain with no road to the top. I’m done.

        Love and light to us all.

  • Thank you, Denise, for this update and your strength and honesty to share it. Have been a long-time reader of your site, started at Transitions, and was moved to respond to this article. Like so many people, the process of evolving into and absorbing more Light has led to much confusion, depression and loneliness for me but somehow I “soldier” on and receive inspiration when most needed,. These past weeks of July and August have been full of such unexplained anger that erupts from me or at me until at times even home doesn’t always feel safe. As we evolve and become more empathic to the energies around us, I understand that the emotions I feel are not always mine, but for me anger is the most overwhelming and triggering to want to give up and just hide from it forever. That said, I too had a dream within the first week or so of August that was horrible…in the dream, I had FINALLY birthed my “child” that I had been carrying within me for many years, a child of such love and Light who was finally here in the physical for me to nurture so it could grow and live a wonderful life…except the child was being hidden from me, had been taken from me, and I was frantically searching through unending hallways and rooms. I awoke feeling frantic, even more lost, angry and grieving for this “child” I wasn’t allowed to find and take home. But then, the most amazing strength filled me, and perhaps it was a voice from my Higher Self, but it said, “This will not happen, this is my child! I have carried this child, this dream, for years and will not lose her now that she’s finally here. All the planning and physical changes to birth this child are come to the time of manifestation Now, and it is my Divine Right to bring this child home to love, nurture, and grow.” So, in spite of the horror of the dream, a TD attempt I now realize, I am newly strengthened to keep moving forward in spite of the angry energies swirling around me and this world, and I realize that I have been seeing TD from the corner of my eyes so it’s not just my imagination after all. Denise, your insights are always well timed to re-inspire me–thank you for being You, for providing this safe place to share, and for sharing the importance of “disengaging” from TD attempts–neutrality in the Light!

    • Yes, Edith I think we can all relate to Anna’s post because I have thought it all myself and have fought to overcome the demons that would have us spiraling out of control into self pity and doubt. Each time I have felt that all might be hopeless and the ascension process itself is a cruel joke I have reached deep within myself to find the spark of God and pure love that resides in all of us. We must embody the light now flooding all creation and apply that unconditional love to ourselves and others by accepting ourselves and others exactly where they are in their journey. I don’t know if Anna truly believes what she wrote or if it was only out of frustration that she wrote it. It doesn’t matter. This great work will not stop.. In my own agony I once asked my HS to stop or slow down this process and the reply was no the process is too important and you are too important to the process. We will not and cannot understand the magnitude of what we are doing and experiencing in all our bodies at this point in the process.. We have all experienced so much loss of relationships though death or estrangement, loss financial resources and health but loss mainly of what our ego thought this life was supposed to be. That is however the human condition not just for us first everythingers but for humanity. No one gets a free pass or special privileges just because they are a “lightworker”. We have to ascend out of the human condition by experiencing and overcoming it. We will soon do that and much more.

  • Hi Denise, regarding Anna’s comment. It’s like she absorbed the TD message, the smothering of truth. Even I could “feel” the yuck in her writing becuz of my own. I’ve experienced similar hopeless dark mental looping overwhelming my truth. I looked over my journal and remembered I had been fighting feeling depressed all month until the freak out levels of mental pressure on that night.

    My big challenge that I’m at a loss to change yet is overreacting to inconvenient unexpected detours. My anger flys up out of my gut engulfing me and seeks a gulty party to accuse, and blame and feels justified and in the right to do so. “Overreacting” is an understatement. I have asked for the Light to illuminate my darkside, to shatter the false beliefs, and whatever else I can ask, and work with my higher self and imagination…. And then I’m triggered all to hell and behave like an entitled ass! Maybe a form of possession?

    I wonder though if becuz TD efforts were so heightened this month this caused my dark to be so overpowering? Amplified?

    3 years ago I too planned on the Sunday Unity meditation. As soon as I made that decision I got scheduled to work Sunday morning ever since!

    Anyway, my go to answer remains the same. I HAVE thoughts. I am not my thoughts or beliefs. I AM pure source light. However there is house cleaning still to be done. A lifetime of fear and anger/ignorance bound up in hopeless sad stories/beliefs regarding my life experience, is bound to create some doozy thought forms that remain to be reclaimed and cleared.😁. And as you point out, on top of that, the kind of attacks and assaults you describe!

    Sometimes the truth seems hidden but choosing peace and forgiveness is preferable to embracing the Pit of hopelessness.

  • Hi Denise and all,
    It is so refreshing and supportive to read your article this month. I do wish it was out around the time of the August full moon as the negativity was building and I was left in shock of the actions of another person. It is rare I have any issues with other humans as only those that love the light and what I share are attracted to me. This is true in all my work and when doing 3d errands around town. Those that truly feel the light eliminating from me will come up to me in public and talk to me. At first quite unnerving, but now I welcome it as there are many souls waking up to their own discerning of who is who.
    This August however, was a whole other story. I left AZ where I reside in winter, for RV travel for the summer. I am usually invited somewhere and do not have to pay to stay in a park. My best scenario is a couple’s home. This year I was referred to an industrial building owner who used to be a spiritual channel, but has chosen to let that go and pursue money/business without guidance from any spiritual source. The continued suffering and drama that has ensued was not easy for me to witness as it seemed like “team dark/dark forces” were working through this individual. At the August full moon the first huge rage filled outburst occurred. Then smaller ones after that, at which time I had shut down as to not want to fan the flames. I remained quiet and in avoidance. This did not resolve anything. It only proved to push this person over the edge and with full rage on, ask me to leave. The last day, Saturday, August 24, I was blasted with so many insults, condescension, and attack, I was left in shock, shaking and feeling like the battered wife.
    About a week prior, I had channeled a message to clarify the energies I was dealing with. Before I began writing the message, I outlined what I wanted to experience and where I wanted to go. Here is that paragraph:
    “I am asking for your guidance and assistance to clear this energy from me completely. I am also asking all my guides to move me to another location that is free, quiet, loving and more of a blessing than I could ever ask for. Connect me with those who can receive, are open and committed to doing the lucrative work that I came to do.” Up until this point, I was not being supported to continue my groups in this area. Or, I should clarify, I was shown a “fake” support and now that the light was clashing with the dark, that false support/facade fell to the ground.
    That Saturday morning I had declared I need help today, I must move. I made a reservation at a family owned, country setting RV park. Within the hour of making that reservation, I had a call from one of my designer friends from AZ. She recommended I call this couple in Colorado Springs she has know for many years. I texted them both and within another hour I was on my way to meet them. The wife would tell the story how her mind said, “We don’t know this guy. We have to check him out first.” Her spirit connection told her point blank, “He has been sent from God, he must stay with you.” Wow, this was music to my ears as I walked up their driveway feeling like an exhausted, defeated starseed.
    This last Monday I did my second group in this area. 18 people showed up and received activations that were physically felt by all but two. It was a very enlightening evening and I felt put back on the right track with clear purpose.
    I appreciate those who continue to share the truth during these unpredictable times. I absolutely love when your words match my experience exactly.
    So, like a bratty child, I stick my tongue out at the dark that attempted to shatter the light and rejoice in my new spot for the rest of the summer. Parked on a mountain, deer walking with me, rabbits all around, huge crows guarding and just a little higher than everyone around. I am always open to receive the highest and the best for my well being, even if there are minor delays. Blessings.

  • In last, Augusts’ very intense energy waves, at one moment, I got a recognition of an inner feeling of message like this:

    “This whole stuff of AP/EP is a crap and nonsense, a carrot in front of the donkey, another, higher trap for enslavement of humans, the Matrix is always re-loaded with new and new, more sophisticated versions, so no one could ever notice one is still in a Matrix, but get a illusion one is on a different, new timeline, and the whole idea of evolution is a crap too, while humanity as a biological life form is leading to devolution and even extinction”.

    I got so great sense of panic, fear and desperation. Then being leaded and involved to seek information, have stumbled across a concept that the Universe is not real, a Hologram on different levels, aka dimensions, a computer hiperdimensional simulated Universe, like a virtual game and all people are playing their roles in this game, good, light people and bad, dark people, all are roles and this stair steps are in fact different levels of the virtual game. Also got the sense that the concept of Source/Creator aka God is also a Holographic and so we are also fractal, holographic creatures, not real at all.

    Have met definitions like that we live in an “Galactic Zoo”, an energetic and conceptual prison as always have been. Remembered a very old George Orwell book “The animal Farm”.

    Not sure if all this information is true or another delusional game, in any case, it seems we can’t proof or unproof anything already.

    After a week or so , these ideas have subsided, not bothered me so much now, but left the sense that all this time, last 5-10 days have been in an energetic screw-press, a vise.
    Not sure if this is a karmic clearing or artificially inserted thoughts and concepts in my consciousness, but felt very confused…and boy see how we all can be so easily manipulated and controlled with any idea or concept and even obsessed with it. Not sure already in anything!

    Some questions arose to myself :

    Are we really free and have we really a choice or we delusion ourselves?
    Who or what is opening more and more the ‘box of Pandora’ to influx more and more dark entities lately?

    I am 72 and have travelled this spiritual messy more than 30 years. When I am looking back, it is seeming really like a Labyrinth (remember the myth about the Labyrinth!), you travel and travel different routes, and an ‘invisible hand form an invisible construct’ always turning you back again and again to a zero point to start seemingly a new route, but never, ever to find the EXIT! Very probably it is meant to be so! Always to seek ‘something’ (whatever it is) and never to find it! I will repeat again, the ‘carrot’ is always in front of us, whatever names it takes, on whatever level it is, it is not important, important is just to travel the Labyrinth, even awake of it and to get lost in it, confused, depressed, feeling weak, bad and not well, draining totally of energy and strength, suffer from the purposelessness of life, isolated, lonely, usefulness of everything, suffer of endless physical pains, more and more not able to logical thinking and communicating, even wording sentences, getting stagnant in endless chronic tiredness and exhaustion and able only to (partly!) sleep (awake of nightmare terror) and eat, it is worse than animals.

    I am wondering is this is really evolution of consciousness or devolution?

    Honesty say where we all are now? We all are barely function on physical, emotional and mental levels, like dying people, slowly, gradually, years and years, day after day, like zombies and are trying to explain to ourselves all these unnatural changes and terror (inner and outer) with ‘spirituality’ and AP/EP, to find refuge in another kind of religion, another utopia, another illusion and deception for a better future and us, is like a mirage in the desert, who always is getting far and farеr away, because it is…still within a NEWER AND a NEWER version of the Matrix, and unfortunately a few recognise this, even many spiritual teachers/writers continue with the old, not working already models, as you said. But even some of them do recognise it, they continue to mislead many people, just for the ‘spiritual business’, who is just blooming within the crowd of naive and very desperate people.

    Thanks Denise for this open space and all who share here, all comments are helpful and inspirational.

    Denise, if you consider this post is too scary and don’t encouraging for you and people, or contradict with your beliefs, please, don’t post it, I will understand, but I can’t write and talk any more fluffy words. Enough!

    On a side note, I met somewhere forecast about 1 and 2 Sep will be another big Solar Storm again, G1/G5, but what could we do with this info, (to feel again unable to function at all and laying again in bed all day long!), we are so helpless and already so weak, like really in an ‘Animal Farm’.

    • Anna,

      The ONLY reason I published your Comment is because I want other people to see it and what you believe. It is your last Comment at HHL.

      If you believe that it’s all hopeless and pointless, why do you even bother reading anything I or anyone else writes about the “This whole stuff of AP/EP is a crap and nonsense…”? You believe whatever you want Anna but I won’t publish anymore of your negative and incorrect Comments. Having strength and determination is not being “fluffy”. Unbelievable.

    • What I got out of this post was there may be intentional thoughts being planted? I had “what if none of this is real” thoughts also. The “thoughts” themselves startled me because they didn’t actually feel like they belonged to me and left me puzzled. I hope that doesn’t make me negative. I feel more like an observer. As I struggle to remain connected to Source and keep a higher vibration in my space/body/mind. Love and Light to us all!

      • “What I got out of this post was there may be intentional thoughts being planted? I had “what if none of this is real” thoughts also. The “thoughts” themselves startled me because they didn’t actually feel like they belonged to me and left me puzzled.”


        I know you didn’t Comment directly to me but I’m going to respond to what you’ve said because it is so very, very important and something I’m very familiar with and have been most of my life.

        My use of the word interference in this article (and anywhere else too), means being intentionally mentally blocked and interfered with by some negative alien, demonic type being(s) and lesser potent but still negative entities etc. etc. Interference also includes experiencing thoughts intentionally inserted into our awareness and our thoughts. It’s a form of what’s called by some oppression, to me it’s life during the Ascension cycle! Anyway, negative thoughts that are NOT yours or his or hers or mine are easily and deliberately focused at us by Team Dark negative beings. They try really hard oftentimes to insert specific thoughts into people’s minds/awareness to make them believe something else, and believe that the thought or thoughts came from them when they did NOT. I’ve experienced this many times over the decades but because I’ve been a psychic since birth, I’ve had to get acutely consciously aware of what are my thoughts and emotions and what are NOT my thoughts and emotions but someone else’s I’ve picked up because I’m capable of that, or something else’s such as Team Dark intentionally trying to implant, insert specific thoughts and/or emotions into my mind/awareness/consciousness.

        In my opinion that is what’s happened to Anna, and probably for a long time. It is more common than most people would believe and so easy for them to do to humans that are NOT honestly and accurately aware of their own thoughts and thinking processes and emotions and emotional reactions etc. If you honestly know how you think and feel, then you can easily spot when a foreign thought(s) and/or emotion(s) suddenly pop into your head/mind/consciousness. Again, self-honesty, discernment and having a good and honest understanding of how Team Dark has worked are lifesavers, especially during the Ascension Process.

        Because you said the thoughts you had startled you, that told me you have a higher awareness, inner honesty, inner integrity, the honest ability to discern and read energies, and that you know how you think, what you think and so on. It means you are NOT negative and can tell the difference between you and something, someone else and when they are intentionally trying to interfere with you, your thoughts, emotions, actions and any number of other things. ❤ I said this to you and not Anna because I already know who will and won't understand this information at this time.

        • Thank you SO much for explaining this! It really is war on an intellectual level too. I appreciate you and how you translate/interpret for us. Thank you for agreeing to be here at this time! 🙏🏻

  • Thank you Denise; – I have as well been regularly attacked during sleep with horrible nightmares for many years now, – and like you I’m no longer easlily spooked . – All my love to all of you lightwarriors out there, – we are winning now !!

  • Diddo, August has been unreal, just today the lights been coming back in here again. What a behemoth of a month.
    Positives, new place new job, but boy, what a serious mind F
    Really tested me personally
    Wheres my lawnchair and iced T!!!!;)

    • “Really tested me personally”

      It really tested all of us Skoop, even some well-known in the Ascension community, who won’t confess it however. 🙂

      August was a look back on old duality, a overall reality check, a test, and another big step in the Separation of Worlds for everyone.

  • I had a visit from TD a few nights ago it was trying to drag me from my bed by my arm and then devouring me bit by bit. I was screaming so loudly at it to let go of me that my partner had to wake me as he thought our neighbours would think he was beating me! I don’t know what it looked like, it just felt like an evil thing. I have had similar experiences in the past but none so frightening as this one. I knew what it meant but took me a few days to forget it! Like others here I have felt very angry and not myself this month and wondered if I will ever be ‘ a nice person’s again but today I am feeling calmer and kinder, hopefully a bit of respite. We have all come so far and we cannot let TD get the better of us now .I know if I survived this attack then I,m strong enough to do it again, should it return. Onwards and upwards everyone! Thank you as always Denise for your explanations and insight which keeps us all informed and sane! Love to all here xxx

  • Thank you Denise for your explanation of this absurd August energy. It’s has been so intense and difficult. I too was thinking that its been years since I remember having to deal with the “inky darkness” that makes me feel like I’ve woken up underground someplace, knowing it’s a “thing”💀sucking the light out of the very air I’m breathing.. On a couple of occasions, I actually got up to look out the bedroom window to see if the house was where I left it when I went to bed!! The worst part has been the jaggedness of the energy during the day after dealing with the cloying darkness at night.
    I spoke to a friend recently and we agreed, we’re either moving up the spiral stairstep-case or circling the drain, as we travel back over any residual unfinished business. DNA anyone? Separation of the world’s?
    You’ve taught me so much.
    I’ve truly taken your advice to stay focused on pushing through this year and not getting distracted. Heartfelt advice you so freely share with all of us, As always., High Heart gratitude and love to you Denise and the wonderful community you’ve created..

  • I have also experienced interference when joining the unity meditations. I was camping with my daughter on 8/21 and we both had a rough night. I also lost my most loving cat during the lion’s gate period. I am aware that most attacks on me come in the form of harm to those I love or portal people since I work in a public Library I see it all 😃 thank you for your endless wisdom and support to the community Denise ❤️❤️❤️

  • Thank you. 💖🌈🌟. I like going back over my dream diary when you write about specific dates. It helps me realise I’m not completely bonkers, as things often tally up. My dream on 4 August had me waking up screaming. Not sure of the time, but definitely in the early hours. I was in a dark shed and the light went out. I was trying to get back in the house and then something was trying to drag me by my crown chakra. Really fast. I heard the words: “I’m taking you to see the creature”. It was really scary, so I woke myself up by screaming. I used to have to do this a lot (wake myself up by screaming) in the early 2000s, and haven’t had this for ages. Also, real life. Friday 9 August, at work: there was a ‘shadow’/ dark flash, like the sun had gone out for two seconds. It was definitely outside, and not inside lights. I was with three colleagues and we all said: “whoah”. My computer then went all strange. When I asked my colleagues what they thought it was, none of them remembered, or acknowledged it, but I asked them just after it happened. I thought it was a bit strange. Later that day there was power shortages reported all over the region that affected the trains. I know it wasn’t a usual power cut, as the shadow/flash was from the sun. Xxx

  • Dear Denise and everyone in the High Heart Universe,

    As I count the days for August 2019 to end, because I physically feel like I am birthing something that is as big as a planet and my body doesn’t know how to respond, so many gory dreams have shaken me awake at three in the morning, so often, that it has begun to seem like some sort of ritual. The images and exchanges with people I have known but I am no longer in normal communication with has been an overwhelming parade of unfinished emotions, which all have anger at their core, in the dream state. In fact, August has been the most anger-filled month of my life; I might as well be a volcano erupting molten rage, that is being expelled after multiple lifetimes. I cannot go in and out of this state, I have been in it for many weeks, accepting that this is what I have to unleash. What I created last spring, which is helping me now, is a butterfly garden, where bees and butterflies are constantly slowing done enough so I can admire them. Dragonflies and hummingbirds hang out around my pond blooming with pink and white floating lilies. Mid August I saw a mountain lion on my property one evening, which I took to be a good omen from the animal kingdom. Thank you, Denise, for helping me not morf into an ax murderer or an exploding mound of molten lava!

    • I can really relate. The anger unleashed, unfinished emotions from relationships from the past….I find my butterflies walking in a nature preserve by my house. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you, Denise, been experiencing the same interference when it comes to connecting with “my Arcturians”, cannot get close to any sort of communication, because there’s a loud static noise and visual, like the screens of old black and white TV’s when programs were finished for the day. As well, during the day when TD is around, I glimpse dark shadows that disappear when I turn my head to look. At the opposite end, when TL is around, bright flashes of Light flow across my apartment walls. Ascension symptoms have been extreme to the max in August. Seems the closer we get, and I so agree, we’re very close now, the more we are being challenged by a physical/mental downward drag, which vibrationally, it is, while at the same time, I know that we are getting the job done, because the emotional/spiritual upward draft is happening, too. Separation of the Worlds so obvious now, and I’m glad of that, though the last stand of TD is very difficult to deal with after all we’ve been through. Oh, I was just reminded of Douglas Adams’ books, Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, in which the hero, Arthur/no coincidence/Avalon, always carried his towel with him, and no matter how tattered it got, he held onto it fiercely during whatever he was experiencing. Me too, no way I’m going to throw in my towel now! Love, B.

  • Right on Denise
    Well said. Thank you. My house too became very unpleasant over a series of nights. And I have been having some very odd sleep experiences where I am awake but somehow in a dream state. Last night I came too waving at people who had come by to see me (these seemed OK).
    But I have been having the horrible thing where faces visit you just as you go off to sleep. Not nice ones either. Thus was how it was for me as a kid. I literally used to wait out the small hours and sleep from about 4am.
    I have been unable to do the 12d shield for a while. This bothers me. It’s like I can’t access it anymore. Is anyone else finding that. I think maybe I have to be light enough in myself now. I am not sure. But I do still call on the Angels. Which I did on the night of the nightmare I posted about in the previous comments.
    My life has emptied out again. It’s like there is hardly anyone on my road. This place, your space is the only place I can speak about these things. I keep moving hoping I will meet others but it has yet to happen.
    Once again thank u for being u. With all your braveness and honesty. It’s all so exciting and exhausting and ……..
    Love and light
    Magda 💐💐💐💐💐💐

    • “I have been unable to do the 12d shield for a while. This bothers me. It’s like I can’t access it anymore. Is anyone else finding that. I think maybe I have to be light enough in myself now.”

      Magda & All,

      I too haven’t been able to use the 12D Shield for a few years now. It, like so very many other old tools, no longer work for many of us because you’ve correctly sensed Magda, that we individually now need to be the Light, the LOVE, the Power etc. at these higher NEW levels. Our living the Embodiment Process is doing that and more.

      I’d wanted to discuss how more and more of not only these old ascension tools just don’t work for many of us anymore, but the same can be said about many of the ascension teachers and writers. It’s all part of the ongoing AP and EP processes, other people changing because of them, other people not changing because of them!, the many different levels and timelines we’re all in now and so on. I’m trying to express something without coming right out and naming names but I hope everyone senses what I’m saying and why in regards to many of the other ascension teachers/writers.

      Right after I got this article done the latest solar energies reached my head so it’s hurting, ears squealing again, gut bloated up again and feeling rather crappy, again. The rest of this week into the changeover into September will be this and more so take care everyone. ❤

        • Hi Denise and Magda,

          I didn’t know about the 12D shield until more recently in 2017 (when I first learned about the AP/EP vocab to explain stuff I’d been experiencing for awhile). I never felt like figuring it out, and now I wonder if that’s why. Your exchange reminded me of something related I’ve been pondering, so I hope this is a good spot to comment.

          In the last while, I haven’t felt an organic desire to do my daily rituals/decrees, like in specific words I’ve become habituated to using for blessing food, setting certain express boundaries, clearing energy, protection, etc. Not only for me but for my little kids. To be honest, it got overwhelming to remember to do it for All the Things.

          When I’d realize I’d forgotten or just not done it, I’d feel little pockets of fear. And that got me thinking about why. Even though there was a period when those rituals/decrees felt empowering and necessary, was that true anymore? Not because those were “wrong” tools in my past. It just felt like continuing to do them when I didn’t really want to was more motivated by a fear of what would happen if I trusted that feeling to move on.

          After a helpful conversation with someone, a strong image came to mind. At first, I was on a path under constant cloud cover. I could see that the act of saying my rituals/decrees would invoke a beam of light to break through the clouds and help heal/fix/protect, etc. whatever I was specifically asking. But then the image shifted to seeing myself on the path with no cloud cover in sight and pure sunlight everywhere. It felt like a timeline shift. And a confirmation that I could trust that both myself and my kids would be protected and well if I kept anchoring and picturing us saturated in that total SUN all the time. Like the cloud cover was symbolic of TD junk that surrounded the Earth previously, but now thanks to all the First Everythingers (❤️🙏❤️), it was actually possible to just be IN total sun always. And it felt like a dovetail with Denise’s last article about how things vibrating below the consciousness we choose are not able to harm us or affect us.

          Sorry this is long— what I’m driving at is that I’ve had more phases of feeling peace and lit up, like I’m untouchable. So, hearing that those of you who are farther on the path are experiencing interactions with TD makes me want to ask if there’s something I’m missing. Or is this imagery of always being in sun a way for me to keep choosing to disengage with TD whenever/however until that freaking close final separation point where it’s no longer even possible at all?!

          Thanks for any insights and love to all. 💖

        • Kara,

          No, you're not doing any of this "wrong" nor are you misinterpreting things, it's just a bit more complex is all.

          The things you listed are things I've done, and some of them I still do because they assist me in focusing when I feel I need to with certain things, and they're common for us all as we continue up those evolutionary energy stair-steps. Other old favorite tools I've completely stopped using many years ago. We use what tools and teachers are helpful to each of us at the time, but the whole point is that we all eventually embody enough Light that we become the Light ourselves which means increasingly sovereign individually. Now you’re under the Light, the Sun as you said, but the next stair-step is that you embody enough to know, to recognize that you ARE the Light, the Sunlight (the Crystalline Christ frequency) within your body and I mean this literally.

          And sometimes, Team Dark attacks get that point across to us faster than anything or anyone else could! 😆 Sometimes more Light shinning down on us doesn’t make it easier for us to recognize our own Light but being attacked by things that exist in the dark do! Sometimes we need some contrast, some old duality reflection to really get just how much we’re evolved and embodied and/or Embodied in ourselves.

          Other times Team Dark just wants to hurt those of the Light and/or get us rattled, confused, momentarily or permanently derailed from our current AP and EP etc. Our job is to be aware and learn from every aspect of it all no matter how miserable, frightening, exhausting, predictable or boring it’s become. It won’t be like this forever however and as I’ve said many times over these ascension years, Team Dark always comes in hot n’ heavy right before more Light n’ Higher does! 😉 ❤

        • Denise, per usual you’re helping me crystallize inklings— love it! After writing about what I perceived, it struck me about the Sun/Light I carry inside, too. Of course! I had a wave of fear after writing from having acknowledged TD. What helped me feel safe again before bed was imagining my own light radiating outward and exploding from all of me. So everything you wrote made a lot of sense. It’s nice to know you still use some of those clearing methods since I do occasionally want to for similar reasons. Just not in my old way.

          Like many here, I’m grateful to you! Having somewhere to go and ask about these things is a tremendous gift.

  • Thank you Denise for writing this article and all the others you have kindly shared which is a valuable resource for all of us Lightworkers. I live in Glastonbury UK with my partner, Kristina, and we are doing our very best to always join in the Sunday Unity Meditation for over three years now. We found that particularly last Sunday 25th August was very distracting… We decided to do the meditation in the peaceful Chalice Well Gardens (very near the Tor) and found our quiet spot to meditate. We soon noticed that it was almost impossible to connect due to distractions from Astral energies that seemed to be interfering with the sacred land of Avalon …It felt like we were under attack and that some entities were trying to stop us from bringing Freedom Codes to Glastonbury that day. I sometime see entities and this day was one of those days it was very clear and real…For many years now I have felt under attack particularly in my sleep state and this can affect me for days when I have been subjected to this energy. This interferance was particularly intense 2018-9 (I would like to talk to you about a Black Blob entity in a separate email if you don’t mind and the Angelic mist coming through the wall and removing it).
    However, the Lions Gate energies were so High! AMAZING. I felt that I was embodying the 5D consciousness on the new earth which lasted for a few days which gives me hope of the true energy and new earth to come. Thank you again you are a Light that has been much needed, your words are read in truth and much valued.
    Warm blessings from Glastonbury from Pete

  • Oh thank god you’ve mentioned the ‘breaking point’ cuz I gotta tell ya I have come soooo close to just throwing in the towel and just say fuck it, several times in the last few months. But at the end of the day, of each and every single day that the beatings were totally out of control, I’ve simply asked to Embody more. I figured I’ve come this far and the way out of this hell is to be above the reach of them. Waaay above their reach. So above that they’ve *poof* gone.

    *a BIG sigh* Well, I’m still here and I know I am not who I was even 3 months ago. Or even arrived in the same place/time (does that make sense?)

    Thank you Denise, really you have no idea just how much your articles have helped me make sense of it all, how you’ve guided me to the correct trajectory (amidst the long search of sifting through phonies) to discovering and acknowledging the LIGHT within me and how powerful we all really are once we turn on this LIGHT. I FEEL you and my Soul HONORS YOU.

  • wow, explains a lot these days . could someone send me dates and times when to meditate and focus on what we do . when together connected where ever we are, it might help us . Denise you say sunday, at what time and time area please ?

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