Some 2017 Recap Overviews

In a few hours it’s October! 😯 How did that happen? Oh, it happened in between all the amplified and accelerated AP fun stuff that’s taken place continuously all year. Do you know what that means though? It means that in about twenty minutes it’ll be December, the end of this incredible year, and we’ll be off on a brand NEW ride in a totally NEW space, place, location, timeline, frequency and all else. I mean that literally, plus it includes everyone else too finally.

Speaking of quantum consciousness… did anyone else have the absolute strangest Saturday, September 23, 2017 to date? I have memory of that morning for a few hours then absolutely nothing all day, no movement, no changes, no linear passage of time, no nothing, then awareness of the early evening hours. The majority of that day literally did not exist for me. It didn’t disappear, I didn’t fall asleep, go unconscious or leave my body, I didn’t “space out” or spend the day meditating, it simply did not exist for me. That timeline shift that day was so strong there wasn’t much to participate in or even pay attention to. I was “here” and then I wasn’t for most of that day, which is really just stepping outside of it all for a while as things further exit/enter/shift/transition more fully at this latest level of the AP and EP.

I’ve intentionally and unintentionally jumped time (future/past) and different Ascending and Descending Earth timelines repeatedly over the past eighteen or so years, but this was something different and was a period of quantum-ness where I was for what to me seemed to be only about twenty linear minutes. I then reentered linear time again in the early evening of that day. The best way I can describe this was that I stepped out. I, Denise, didn’t participate. I exited one frequency level “reality” and linear time-space and entered neutral beingness within a quantum frequency where it seemed important for me to do No Thing but BE in that space while this particular timeline shift took place. Things shifted/evolved/transitioned up more that day in a very big way.

I’ve mentioned the seven Saturn Solar flare hits that happened back in April multiple times over the months because that event was, to me, an important indicator of how dramatically everything is about to change/ascend/evolve for everyone, not just the Forerunners. Things changed for the Forerunners over a decade ago, but now at the end of 2017, those changes are global and every human on the Ascending track (not the Descending track) will be living in the NEW higher frequencies and ascended Earth world(s) whether they’re consciously aware of it or not. In other words, welcome to our NEW ascended Earth world and HighHeart global and beyond reality humanity!

Back in April Saturn got hammered by seven Solar flares in a row. The moment I heard this I knew what it indicated in relation to the Ascension Process (AP). Saturn getting “delivered” by seven Solar flares indicated to me that Saturn received a Divine Intervention; a release from the Team Dark created distortions overlaid on Saturn by them, and an evolutionary Cosmic reset to a NEW higher frequency level. It also meant that every intentional evil deed done to Saturn by Team Dark (TD) over the eons to help them more easily control third dimensional physical Earth, humanity, human consciousness, life and physical reality here was completely and permanently erased, ended and removed.

The April 2017 Saturnian exorcism” to erase, remove and release hijacked Saturn and its energies that naturally held matter in form in the physical third dimension was a big clue that all of physical reality was soon to be changing and improving in big ways, although it won’t look or feel like that to most people at first. Releasing humanity from what’s been a Prison Planet for eons doesn’t mean the newly released prisoners will recognize or appreciate that they’ve been freed. Some will but most won’t and those people will do their best to go back to what they’re familiar with, which is being a prisoner in a TD created global prison run by corrupt and insane human “leaders”. But, as we Forerunners/Embodiers/Wayshowers know, that old 3D patriarchal Earth world has expired, and thanks to Saturn’s seven Solar flare deliverance earlier this year, it doesn’t exist any longer. It does exist for those who are Descending, and it no longer exists for those people who are Ascending.

Remember my recent article about the August Solar Eclipse vision I had of a hand holding a large chalkboard eraser slowly erasing everything across North America from the west coast to the east in the same track the Eclipse would take? That Higher Awareness vision knowing and some others have helped me better understand to what degree we’re in a global physical-level erasing process of the old lower 3D Earth, human and Team Dark creations/distortions etc. Most Forerunners are more familiar with this process taking place etherically, astrally, and in higher dimensions but not in the physical level to this degree. But, its great it’s happening finally.

This erasing process has been and continues happening to all the planets, Sun and Earth in our solar system, but I’m focusing on Saturn because of how it has been the planet energies that held physical 3D reality in physical form, providing humanity with a solid, dense 3D physical Earth world to exist on throughout the past Great Evolutionary Cycle. All that’s changed however, and on December 19, 2017, (Solstice is December 21st at 8:48PM PST) transiting Saturn enters its home sign of Capricorn, last of the earth signs right before the Solstice and we complete 2017. Second big clue about how physical Earth reality is about to change dramatically for humanity.

Saturn entering Capricorn means so much more than only what the past 3D astrological energies would produce and what astrologers would perceive from that lower level. We’re in NEW, much higher frequency territory now, and even more so in December after Saturn enters Capricorn. Let the past go and step into the NEW as those old lower frequency energies, belief systems and planetary and species-wide TD negative distortions and interference’s don’t apply any longer. At this NEW ascended level/space/place Saturn isn’t needed to hold physical space and place for humanity any longer so let those old astrological beliefs go along with all the other ones that you/me/we have evolved beyond. The August Solar Eclipse erased the old 3D residual energies from the patriarchal past throughout the USA (first) and the rest of the planet afterwards. Saturn, which has been the planet that held physical reality on physical 3D Earth in place for humanity has also been erased by seven Solar flares aimed directly at Team Dark’s Saturnian distortions. Both of these two recent energetic events of 2017 (and there were many more than just them) have created more dramatic evolutionary change and freedom than most are even aware of yet.

As interesting as all this is, the more important question is WHY are these things happening in 2017 and accelerating during the last few months of this year? One main reason is because the Forerunners/Embodiers/Wayshowers have been intentionally Consciously Creating Ascension acceleration into the higher/highest timeline(s) all year long. And so it is. ❤

How many of you have had the most weird, surreal, over-the-top strange dreams this year? How about since June? How about since the August Solar Eclipse? See another pattern of massive erasing of more personal old 3D stuff, plus of erasing many of your other timelines and selves or offshoots in many other timelines in other worlds? It’s erasing but more accurately a collection of and merging process. It’s the heading back towards higher HOME journey where we go through the process of collecting all our other aspects and selves scattered throughout different timelines and/or dimensions that are to be Embodied by us now. 

Like many of you reading this, I too have had some truly weird dreams this year, but they’ve been different, which made me wonder what exactly has been going on at this other timelines dream-life levels. I’m pretty good with dreams, dreaming consciousness, doing Ascension related Works while asleep and OOB both lucid and in the so-called dream state. I was retrained as a child in this incarnation with this so I’ve gotten pretty good at consciously functioning at this and other related levels. These severely strange dreams I’ve had increasingly this year have been different however so I’ve been curious about this and did some deeper level digging recently to find out what’s behind these strange dreams.

What I realized about my abnormally weird dreams of the past three years, especially this year, was that the majority of them have been about other aspects of me, not Denise aspects but other aspects, other selves and personalities, many of them in male bodies that have existed in other timelines and some in other dimensions. I’ve felt like an observer in many of these strange dreams and I, as Denise, couldn’t really relate much to these other people existing in other timelines. I mean, honestly, some of them were hot messes and rather lost and confused with everything that’s happening due to the AP. Not all of our aspects are from the Forerunning/Wayshowing/Gate and Gridkeeping brigade leading the Ascension Process and that’s normal. Point is that I finally realized that most of these really bizarre 2017 dreams have also been dealing with erasing other timelines that had other aspects of ME (not Denise but ME) in them.

In these dreams I’ve been—as have many of you reading this—deliberately collecting, integrating, merging, unifying with and Embodying these many other aspects of ourselves that have existed at different levels of frequency, development, expression and awareness in other timelines on other worlds during this past Great Evolutionary Cycle that ended on December 21, 2012. Our individual creative experience nets were cast far and wide at the beginning of our involution and we’ve been recollecting and Embodying these other aspects of ourselves scattered throughout different timelines and locations as we evolve into an entirely NEW higher Universal level of being, creating and ongoing learning. Said another way, the camping trip is over and its time to clean up the many different campsites we’ve expressed within before we leave permanently and enter the NEW Grand Evolutionary Cycle.

Erase this, erase that, erase him, erase her, them, it and Embody it/them all and step into the NEW fully as a newly expanded Being of Light and more. This integrating other aspects of our many selves in other timelines is another aspect of our overall Embodiment Process (EP) so relax about those super weird dreams with other strange people in them that you’re having to deal with now. ❤

Friday, September 29th, I was hit again with that incredibly fierce AP side effect of having my heart pound and HighHeart area expand like crazy for hours while at complete rest doing nothing physically. I just laid there for hours with my heart pounding so hard it makes the rest of my body move slightly with each beat from the intensity and power of it. Every time I go through this expanding HighHeart Embodiment Process, I lay there and do my best to stay wide open in every way to Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine coming into me, my physical body and HighHeart and anchor IT. Sounds great and easy doesn’t it, but doing this one is oftentimes as daunting as up close battles with Team Dark used to be! When Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine knocks on your HighHeart front door, you do your very best to let IT in with grace and ease and no fears over whether your physical body can Embody something so powerful and great. This is yet another aspect of your/my/our personal ongoing Embodiment Process.

Every time after another Embodiment Process application with Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine expanding my HighHeart, my physical body in those related heart, chest, ribs, shoulder joints, muscles, esophagus, back, spine and vertebra area feels like I’ve been in  a car accident. I’m physically sore and bruised for days after each of these intense Embodiment sessions with Divine Mommy. My ribs in that area are sore and bruised feeling, my muscles are sore like I worked out all day, my vertebra in my neck area down just below my shoulder blades hurts and the muscles there usually knot up and need stretching and vibrating massage to work the knots out. My physical heart is fine as this isn’t really about it but about intense evolutionary upgrades to and in the HighHeart.

While this intense heart pounding was happening yesterday I opened to it and saw with Higher Vision a geometric Light structure in and around my physical body being upgraded simultaneously. It was a beautiful geometric Light structure that quickly evolved into a much more complex geometric Light structure better capable of housing, holding, Embodying, running and supporting these latest higher frequency Light Energies, Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine energies and quantum crystalline DNA upgrades. As I laid there with my heart pounding like it may rattle my inner nuts n’ bolts loose, I clairvoyantly watched this HighHeart area be dramatically evolved into a NEW more complex higher frequency geometric Light structure that could comfortably and safely Embody more Divine Mommy and other related upgrades in and around my physical body.

I’ve Seen this same process happen in different areas of my body and head over these AP years but all this is so amplified, expanded and quickened in 2017, that sometimes I get the great gift of not only living IT, living the AP and EP, but of also being a witness to IT on multiple dimensions simultaneously. It’s so much easier this way because you SEE and KNOW while getting hammered by Divine Light and LOVE, Divine Mommy and Daddy and Divine Creator Source into a very NEW shape and energetic pattern. Aah, ascension…

Due to yesterday’s evolutionary festivities, I’m feeling pretty beat-up and sore today and need to spend a few days in expanded Self-Care mode as everything cools down, stabilizes and comes online at this higher frequency and level. There’s 900 other important things to talk about too but I feel this is a needed recap for what most of you reading this have gone through this year so far. More’s coming of course so deal with whatever it is that’s in front of you from linear moment to quantum non-moment. All the mega changes internally and externally this year are big indicators that massive physical level changes are here now and for everyone finally, not just the Forerunners. Everything and everyone on the Ascending track will enter the NEW Earth world throughout the rest of the year, December much more so, and of course with our entry into 2018. Everything and everyone Ascending will enter the NEW Earth world over the next few months. Expect the expected and unexpected because of this and I’ll write more about this long-awaited mega shift soon. ❤ ❤ ❤

Denise Le Fay

September 30, 2017

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11 thoughts on “Some 2017 Recap Overviews

  • Dear Denise
    Thanks for the updates. This year since March onwards I am having bouts of heartburn and throat burn simulatneously at night during sleep which wakes me up suddenly. Antacids and drinking lots of water doesn’t help really. Now for last 4-5 days I am suddenly woken up by severe dry mouth feeling. Yesterday night this dryness of mouth was very intense and didn’t subside even after drinking 1 liter of water all at once. Denise, could you please put some insights why this heartburn, throatburn and now dryness of mouth is happening to me this year and now intense dryness of mouth, all only and particularly at night during sleep. Your insightfuness on such topics always help.

    • Algen,

      I’ve had all of these symptoms/side effects too but since 1999-2000, so I can relate to how miserable they are, plus how they interrupt what little sleep we get. If you’re worried about these or other symptoms then please go to a doctor. However, these and many other equally strange bodily — and mental and emotional and energetic — changes are all directly related to our natural evolutionary Ascension Process.

      Very briefly and highly simplified — Heartburn has to do with all the changes taking place in both our old lower 3D Solar Plexus chakra (ego center) and the activation of the 5D HighHeart which is located well above the physical heart and is in the center of the upper chest (Thymus gland). This evolutionary change causes reactions and pressures both physically and energetically in all of these areas. The physical heartburn is related to these changes, and I’ll add that they increase most every time we go through another big energy upgrade which in truth are constant now.

      Hot, dry throat and/or mouth is common due to Kundalini heat/fire literally burning away all the density, energy and emotional blocks each of us have during the Ascension Process. This side effect is more common in females because throughout the past patriarchal rule on Earth (around 12,000 years give or take) females have not been allowed to talk, to speak their truths, to communicate, express verbal and so on. Because of this females Throat chakras have been severely restricted so when the Ascension Process (AP) with automatic Kundalini activation hits those areas around the throat, mouth, cervical vertebra, jaw etc. it gets very hot and dry and sore for periods. This will reduce over time and faster when we do our Inner Work which in this case has to do with our finding our voices and finally speaking our truths. Water internally and externally helps with all this fire and heat so always have water available wherever you go, even in the car etc.

      Another common AP symptom that has returned for me recently is the waking up every two hours all night long because I have to urinate. And it’s never about there being a lot of urine but that it seems to need to be expelled immediately. This feels like more purging again so don’t be surprised when you can add being woke up five times a night to go pee to your AP list Algen! 😉

      • ​Very very true.. Denise, all what you explained here especially waking up every two hours at night these days for urgency to empty bladder although I have never been of this type having such a regular-peeing-habbit at night. and also your explaination of dry mouth because of kundalini heat is very understandable. As I said earlier your simple explaination of this AP and EP related physical symptoms always relieves me of fears and panic I sometimes have of something serious physically which doctors are not able to explain after charging hefty fee and conducting inconclusive medical tests. Thank you so much for showing the light in these dark phases.

  • It’s so exciting to hear again about the release of the hijacked Saturn from TD (and were the rings around it binding?) and freedom from the 3d physical reality it held, how it will be in December, especially for those of us who are Capricorn, even though, thankfully, we’ve evolved beyond the 3D energies of astrology.

  • Hi Denise,
    Yes, many of the things happening to you are happening to me as well as the HigherSelf merges and embodies me. For a few weeks now, intense and surreal dreams EVERY night that I tend not to remember. Back, shoulder stiffness has happened to me since August, but is ebbing off now. I’m still getting on-off mild muscle aches in hips-legs that start around 6pm and then wind down by 9:30pm as the stuff releases-clears. Heart area vibrates-spins on and off quite a bit. Divine Masculine feels likes its ecstatically uniting within with the Inner Feminine, at times. (So that’s what Love is supposed to feel like!I) I continue to feel floaty, soft, warm, light, less dense with lots of inner spaciousness. Skin feels super soft and smooth now. This week, I keep noticing an increasing change in the way I talk now that the old energy blockages are going, going, gone, and the words just roll out of my mouth so smoothly and clearly with no effort. Walking feels light, effortless, and floaty as this body feels very light, emptied out, and extremely limber now. All of this great stuff started a couple of weeks ago, but it keeps getting more pronounced and stronger. I’ve unloaded loads of density which feels amazing! Inner body processes continue to feel very different like the body is comprised of something else now, and bodily sensations like digestion feel like water or silk flowing off glass.
    Thank you Denise, as always! Exciting times now and ahead of us! ❤️

  • I can certainly relate to what you speak of, lately I feel as if I am living one day, there is no mon, tue, etc. It just feels like one day. I am surprised when I look at a calendar as the months and days seem foreign to me. The other day I was walking from one room to another only to see the room I was walking into seem wavy. I felt a shift and I turned around only to see myself for what may have been a few seconds behind me unaware of me. Dreams have been related to other planets as if I go to different realities and work there at night solving galactic issues. And yes the me there can either be female or male. There also has been an awareness of the masculine and feminine but from a different perspective I still cannot articulate……For about a week I felt as if I had a hole in my chest and the middle of my back as if I had a vortex there……..All in all I am beginning to feel a difference which feels pretty good I only hope it can stick around for a while. Cautiously optimistic

  • Dear Denise,

    Thank you for what you mentioned about dreams. Two that I had this past week (with my cat yelling at me which of course woke me up at that pivotal moment) felt very different. I can only remember one now. It had the two women from Grey’s Anatomy who had a child together. They were concerned about who was watching their daughter as each one went to work their shift day after day/night after night. I was there throughout, moving from different darkened rooms. Finally at the end I turned to one of them fully and said, “Why have you not asked me to watch her? I’m more than capable of doing it.” She was shocked, as it hadn’t even occurred to her… the point is, the girl (about 2 or 3) came and jumped into my arms from that moment until I was awoken. Amazing, yet true, I could physically feel (in the dream and upon waking) the girl’s legs wrapped around my waist and her arms around my neck, could literally feel her body against mine, and smell that sweet child smell. It was so physically real to me. So what you wrote, this all makes sense to me now; embracing another me 🙂

    I’ve had moments where I feel like I’m “outside of time”, where I get so much done without too much effort (all the while going into it I feel exhausted and am sure I won’t make it); and other times the minutes drag by and I look around as if waiting for something yet I’m not sure what “it” is.

    Thursday night here we had a tremendous storm. I’ve experienced a lot of intense storms here before (rain pouring down in sheets you can’t see anything; loud cracks as if they’re opening the sky); this was much more. I couldn’t sleep through it as the lightning strobe was so intense I was sure I’d have a seizure, and there was barely a breath between the lightning strobes and thunder rumbling/cracking. Definitely caused some energy to open and clear out here; which made lots of people angry and tired and impatient yesterday because so much got shook to the surface.

    Much Love and Gratitude For You Denise!

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