We Survived OH LORD October!

A brief recap of OH LORD October 2019! because it was grueling and abnormally physically and psychologically painful nearly every day of the entire month. Bodily, October has felt like the last physical level extreme to what’s been an altogether very extreme year. We each experience these Light energies, NEW codes, NEW DNA, deeper across-the-board clearings and removals in our own ways, but I suspect many of you reading this have had a personal record-breaking October, as I have, to go along with your personal record-breaking entire 2019! If you’ve been living this throughout 2019 to date, you don’t need anyone to tell you that massive, sweeping changes are coming with the start of 2020 for everyone everywhere.

“…and to acknowledge in solidarity with all here the “inner wildfires” that have broken out throughout October for me and for so many of us at every level of life. Sometimes I attempt to hose them down, at other times I “wait and see” if they burn themselves out without my intervention. But this October, it has taken a lot of vigilance on my part so as not to respond to life as if life itself were an emergency…” —  Raymond Boeri

To not respond to life as if life itself were an emergency. Indeed and what an accurate description Raymond Boeri gave us all in his Comment under my previous article. Thank you for that wisdom and honesty Raymond B. as it impeccably sums up all of 2019 for most of us. ❤

Many of you ascension Volunteers have also had enough lives lived on Earth during past astrological Age changes to know how difficult this current energetic shift is on many different levels for humanity. Humans don’t do change well and astrological Age changes are that at epic planetary levels. Concurrently is the Ascension Process, the Separation of Worlds & Timelines, the dimensional Shift to physical 5D, the Embodiment Process, NEW DNA being embodied and on and on.

I mention this only to remind you that you’ve already done these planetary astrological Age changes in the past on Earth to assist humanity with global change. Some of you have also done the Ascension Process on other worlds and galaxies, multiple times because you’re great at it, which is why you Volunteered to be here now.  In other words, you are more than qualified to do all this so trust that fact plus your Embodying Process and now daily NEW abilities and expanding awareness.

What some of us have been feeling in our bodies this year are the NEW codes and energies of 2020. We First Everythingers always embody the NEW first and 2019 has certainly pushed, freed, battered and transmuted each of us in multiple ways month by difficult month this entire year to release more cosmic old and embody more now NEW.

I remember writing earlier this year about Awful April as I called it, but April 2019 was quickly dwarfed by Mother of God May!, then dwarfed colossally by Life Will Never Be The Same June, and on and on every month all year long. Every month of 2019 has been difficult in its own way and for its own reasons and yet the next month dwarfs them all with something else. The 12 Labors of Hercules comes to mind for the Pathpavers living 2019. Imagine however, what we’ll be once we reach January 2020.

November 2019

As is always the case, the image above is as close a representation to what I recently Saw clairvoyantly as I could find online. I’m grateful to have found it.

On October 27th I projected my awareness into November 2019 and Saw a beautiful, intense and brilliant image. At first I thought this image was of thousands of brilliant white-Light number 11’s representing the month of November, and 11-11 specifically. However, I’ve also Seen Angelic Lightbeings resemble vertical lines of brilliant white-Light that, when they’re standing close to each other, look like thousands of 11s.

After a few moments of deeper inspection of this mind’s eye vision, I began to realize that each of the many hundreds of brilliant vertical white-Light pillars were not 11’s, nor Angelic Lightbeings, but Embodied human individuals! They were you and me and all of us and it was a beautiful, sensational surprise to See ourselves this way. According to this late October 2019 vision insight, many Embodiers will reach the next higher level, phase and stair-step of their individual Embodiment Process during the month of November 2019.

October 2019 – Sudden random, allover body pains, physical immobility, severe vertigo, extreme head pains and pressures, more big changes to our Pituitary and Pineal glands, releasing like never before followed by even deeper multidimensional releasing the likes we’ve never experienced all while the body hurt from vast outgoing old patterns and greater, higher frequency incoming NEW energies and codes.

In Celia Fenn’s channeled Archangel Michael October 2019 article, they referred to October 2019 as a period of intense incoming waves of ‘Diamond Light Codes’. Has your external head and internal Pituitary and Pineal glands felt these intense October waves of Diamond Light carrying more NEW codes? Have they made your head and body hurt more than usual, energetically spin, rotate, vibrate much faster, expand and contract and expand repeatedly all month?

If I don’t sit in silence, not move physically, and intentionally focus into my HighHeart multiple times every day, these 2019 fry you alive ‘Diamond Light Codes’ quickly overstimulate my body and mind and make me feel like I’m short-circuiting, which I am. However, the minute I make this intentional shift the feeling of being energetically fried alive disappears, along with the often excruciating passage of linear time, because I’ve expanded back into these higher frequencies and Light energies and that feels perfect and normal, which it now is. The more I Embody, the less this side effect will happen until it’s gone permanently.

November 2019 – All that severe and painful October releasing of massive amounts of cosmic past and embodying more of the NEW and also Embodying if doing that too, was greater prep Work for November. In November 2019, some of us are at that level where we’re becoming the first of the NEW physical Human Light Angels on ascending Earth.

Celia Fenn/AAMichael referred to November 2019 as ‘an Initiation of Star Fire Light Codes’. They also mentioned that this particular energy transmission will be ‘Light/Sound waves’. I’ve been aware that some of the Angelics have and will be involved with these November 2019 energies, transmissions, NEW codes and Initiations with the Embodiers.

I’ve also been feeling an increase deep within my HighHeart upper chest area of a sort of harmonic reverberation. The higher realms continue pulsing out waves of these NEW energies, transmissions and codes and some of them are already registering in our physical HighHearts as a different vibration that’s radiating outward from us. I believe this will increase dramatically throughout November 2019 as we embody and Embody this months next level of codes, sync with them, then transmit those NEW frequencies and codes from our HighHearts and bodies like the energy waves each of us now are. We are rapidly becoming the NEW Embodied Angelic Humans. Expect some wonderful strangeness and increased anomalies, activation’s and possible etheric visitations etc. during November 2019.

December 2019 – NEW Divine Father, Divine Masculine arrives. Not old diminished, distorted, inverted inorganic Divine Father, but organic NEW Divine Father/Daddy/Masculine.

A rare small handful of Volunteers now incarnate in male bodies have already been displaying—much to my profound and long-awaited joy, delight and gratitude—the beginnings of the return of NEW Divine Father, Divine Masculine this year. Soon there will be more and more true Divine Father, Divine Masculine being embodied and Embodied by both human males and human females and the grand improvements for humanity and reality, realities and All will explode your heart and expand your Conscious Creativity and make you want to live as long as possible in this life! This isn’t wishful thinking, it’s evolution, and the return of Divine Father/Masculine and the return of Divine Mother/Feminine to the NEW Earth and NEW Humanity will be… a long time coming but so worth all the effort. ❤

Celia Fenn/AAMichale called this the ‘Golden Christ Consciousness Codes’.

I don’t usually receive or perceive names and titles like this which is why I often have trouble describing them in my articles. I See and Feel them and oftentimes know them intimately but I rarely get names or titles for them like some people do. I’ve used some of Celia Fenn’s/AAMichael’s names and titles for these October, November and December 2019 different incoming wave codes (and energy stair-steps) to help us get a better understanding of just exactly how deep into the NEW and the next phase we actually are at this point. These last three months of monumentally challenging 2019 are propelling each Volunteer and Embodier to their next level within the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process.

And finally, the very first group of unaware humans are beginning the Ascension Process at the end of 2019 and into 2020. It’s only been the Volunteers, the First Everythingers, Pathpavers, Wayshowers etc. that have been living the Ascension Process since it started on the physical level around 1998–1999. Now that that first phase is being completed during the last three months of 2019, the first group of unaware humans are about to be activated to START the Ascension Process. We’ve laid down the roads for them. We’ve built the bridges for them. We’ve lit the entire way for them. We’ve clear-cut the negativity for them. All they have to do is live it now, which this first group is about to begin. Well done Volunteer First Everythingers. Now get yourselves ready for November, then December. January 2020 will do the rest. ❤


October 31, 2019

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52 thoughts on “We Survived OH LORD October!

  • I had a vision yesterday (11:11) of the Earth being pushed/pulled/lifted up out of a huge whirlpool-like vortex. There were many Beings of all kinds helping to lift, pull, push, hang on – and anyone in the vortex needed only raise a hand and someone from rising Earth would go get them and lift them up too.
    It seemed like it would take a long time for Earth to break free of the gravity well, but I knew it was actually only a blink – then we would sling-shot away very quickly.

  • Hi Denise and all, I can relate to the anger thing going on, not usual for me. However today went to my water aerobics class that starts at 11 am GMT and I’m looking at the clock to see when its 11.11 and just before I’m willing the song to come on ‘Walking on Sunshine’ as they play music to encourage us to work harder. Lo and behold it came on just at 11.11 and when I looked up on the wall in front of me was a reflection of the water with the sun shining on it and it looked just like the 11.11 image that Denise illustrated. I am now grinning like a Cheshire cat and singing the repetitive line in the song, ‘I feel the love, I feel the love, I feel the love etc, the others in the group that could hear me must have thought I’d lost the plot lol. I felt like the portal was opening just for me. Wow great experience and confirmation that we’re climbing those stair steps!

  • Hi, everyone. Today I got more clarity about a theme I’m experiencing leading up to 11-11 and wondered if it’s central for anyone else, too.

    I’ve felt a wave of tremendous longing to move forward, get stronger, be on the other side of everything in FULL FREEDOM physically and spiritually— while at the same time feeling held back by something that *feels* out of my control to heal or fix or resolve or intuit how to move through.

    Yesterday I was working with some stones and realized I’d arranged them in a pattern that symbolized a tight passage through two mountains. It brought to mind getting squeezed and then coming out the other side. The path through was not a straight line but curvy.

    Also, does excessive sneezing mean anything significant to anyone? It’s happened a couple times in the last few weeks where I’ll sneeze dozens of times over a couple hours.

    Looking forward to your next article about the in-expressable, Denise. ❤️❤️

    • Hi Kara,

      I can relate to the feeling of wanting to move forward/get stronger! And the sneezing too. I initially thought the sneezing was allergies, but allergies are not usually an issue for me this time of year. Thought I might be coming down with a cold, but not that either. Maybe we’re purging some stuff? Dunno…

      What a wild & crazy ride!!!

      • Hi Denise and Everythingers,
        Yes to the sneezing and general high weirdness. My Guides say this 11:11:11:11 gateway is a time of “switching on” many of the DNA and infusions we have received, and each day will be different. It’s like when you’re building a house and all the wiring has been installed, finally the power is connected and you throw the switch and presto-change-o the lights come on!
        Another remove from 3-Dness, be alert and aware. It seems joy might be in the mix.
        ❤️ & 💡,

    • Hi, Kara
      That being squeezed through a curvy, narrow passage to come out into a new reality sounds like birth to me. 🤗 One can only hope, huh?
      Don’t notice the excess sneezing, but my sinuses are feeling something pushing, right into my ringing ears.😕
      Hope 11-11 is beneficial for us all. ❤

    • “I’ve felt a wave of tremendous longing to move forward, get stronger, be on the other side of everything in FULL FREEDOM physically and spiritually— while at the same time feeling held back by something that *feels* out of my control to heal or fix or resolve or intuit how to move through.”


      That’s a great description of feeling both the old lower frequencies of disappearing lower Earth world timeline, and the constant pressures to evolve, to embody the NEW etc. and spread our wings and Create within all that NEW. The contrast is, at times, nearly unbearable or at least it has been.

      “Yesterday I was working with some stones and realized I’d arranged them in a pattern that symbolized a tight passage through two mountains. It brought to mind getting squeezed and then coming out the other side. The path through was not a straight line but curvy.”

      And that dearest is another accurate description of what it feels and sometimes looks like when we’re moving through a “Gateway”, which we’re doing now with the 11-11.

      I’ve perceived multiple NEW things, images which are information/Light etc. today, 11-11-2019. It was so intense I fell asleep after 11-11AM today for a couple of hours. I’ll include them in my next article.

      “Also, does excessive sneezing mean anything significant to anyone? It’s happened a couple times in the last few weeks where I’ll sneeze dozens of times over a couple hours.”

      I rarely ever sneeze so a few ascension years ago when I suddenly would have bouts of sneezing multiple times, I didn’t know what was the cause. Dust will make me sneeze but these sneezing bouts where caused by something else. At first I’d sneeze two, three times and that was the end of it. The next year I’d sometimes sneeze five, six times in a row. And then something else got adding into this new whatever it was. While in the midst of repeatedly sneezing, the force of it would cause me to start to vomit. Too much info I know but if you can’t share ascension side effects with the Group…! 😉

      So I’d find myself sneezing repeatedly and at the same time it would feel like I could easily start vomiting too even though I wasn’t nauseous at all. Then sometimes I’d also start coughing in between sneezes so it was one big explosive collection of repeated intense sneezes, potential sudden vomiting, and coughing. It was incredible and all I think of when this has happened is, do not choke on anything, stay alive!

      After experiencing this a few times over the past decade, I came to understand that this was, for me, an intense involuntary purge of “stuff” out of my physical body. It’s like my body was doing it’s best to be rid of lower physical and etheric stuff and cough, sneeze, vomit it out. These bouts only lasted about fifteen minutes or so and would suddenly end as quickly as it all started. The things we’ve been through are so strange and I know we’ve not shared everything. ❤

      • Hi to everyone! I shouldn’t be surprised at this point to hear it’s affecting others, but the sneezing thing seemed so random. (Very grateful I’m not having the nausea and cough attack, Denise. That sounds horrible. I’ve purged at both ends simultaneously before and thought I would die.)

        KathyF, yes to the birth parallel! My mom and I keep asking each other when this baby is going to be born already. Last week I made different stone arrangements on a circular table top and on a mini square surface underneath. Afterward I realized it was a clear representation of the open receptive feminine energy on top being penetrated by the masculine underneath. As I was working with the energy, I found myself moving and “singing” the same sounds I made during childbirth.

        Last night I felt an opening— I’m on a precipice. Looking forward to hearing about the NEW you saw, Denise. Much love to all!

  • Have no idea if this means anything, but this morning I was standing in the coffee shop waiting for my chai when I had an impressive download. These downloads are almost an out-of-body experience…

    • Oh IT / they mean something alright Janice! I’ve been going through this too which is why I’ve been MIA again lately. I want to write about this, and will try my best to express the in-expressable (I don’t give a shit if that’s not a word everyone! 😀 ), but I’m very focused right now on 11-11-2019 because it’s our last one and I want to get very drop of IT I’m capable of.

      More to come soon I hope. Until then Janice and beloved HHL Group, do your best with what 11-11 is “downloading” to each of us. And if you’re living the EP too, this is IT in very NEW and much higher levels so relax into IT even when it gets a bit more… spectacular. ❤

      • I guess I don’t know what a “download” (IT) is or feels like. Just know that yesterday evening I was caught in an intense, frustrated wave of anger for no reason … stuck with me through a long sleepless night and is only slowly easing up today. Even my husband sensed it and asked what I was so angry about. I have no idea, I told him. Is this part of the 11.11 deal or what? 😬

        • “Just know that yesterday evening I was caught in an intense, frustrated wave of anger for no reason … stuck with me through a long sleepless night and is only slowly easing up today.”


          I’ve experienced this so many times over these ascension years it’s embarrassing, the rage I mean. Know that this too is part of the Ascension Process (AP) KathyF and don’t feel bad for wanting to kill someone for no reason whatsoever. There’s tons of Darkness, density, negativity, bottom of the barrel, dank basement stuff that gets riled up and pushed around by all the Light energies. It’s our stuff but the majority of it at this point is coming from mass global humanity. If you’re a Sensitive, and Empath, you FEEL it even when it’s not yours but strangers. Do your best to not attach to it in any way — like guilt for feeling such severe anger and/or rage. Just feel it but stay as Neutral over it all as you can, don’t take it personally and know that it will eventually pass.

          A “download” is another AP term for when another blast of higher frequencies, Light, energies, NEW codes etc. arrive and is felt by us. These higher frequency Light energies come from the Sun, the Earth, the Galactic Center (GC), other dimensions and so on and are embodied by those who can. We feel them in a variety of ways and call them all AP symptoms or side effects, like ascension flu, inner chills and/or inner burning, nausea, vertigo, severe over stimulation energetically, feeling drugged and sleepy, weak and on and on. We’re very intensely in all this right now because of the 11-11 energies.

  • Hi Denise and All Here… just been reading the comments under this article and the recent ones under Denise’s last article… some humor surfaced… “My ability to remember song lyrics from the 70’s far exceeds my ability to remember why I just walked into the kitchen.” Love, B.

  • Hi Denise,
    Thanks for you wonderful articles. I am a clairaudient and feel some energies, but rarely see anything. However, I have been able “to see” this high energy when I’m outside, and mostly in the sunlight, which has been white-ish.

    Have been noticing that the peak Schumann Resonances are through the roof. Since 7-8 is normal, the peak bursts might be what you are referring to. This was reported from Oct. 31 @

    ****** link REMOVED by Denise****

    11/6 17:00 UTC – After a couple of days of relative calm today, shortly after midnight UTC, movements began again which gradually brought the current peak value of Power 23 to 9:30 UTC. Activity has not stopped but has continued and at present it seems to see a crescendo that will lead to higher values.
    11/5 17:00 UTC – Today’s activity is very similar to that of yesterday, slight movements from 1 to 8 UTC with the maximum value reached of Power 12.
    11/4 17:00 UTC – Today the calm has been almost total, very slight variations have reached Power 15 between 6 and 10 UTC.
    11/3 17:00 UTC – During the last 24 hours reported in the chart there were only 3 significant short-term events, the first happened at 19 UTC of yesterday at Power 25, the second movement, which lasted about 2 hours, reached today’s maximum of Power 32 at 6:30 UTC and the last at 10 UTC at 23.
    11/2 17:00 UTC – We could recap today activity with how long the amplitude remained above 40: 6 hours, from 3 to 9 UTC. Today’s maximum is Power 98 as previously reported. From 11 UTC the values are back to normal.
    11/2 09:30 UTC – The strong activity that we see in progress at this time started decisively at the turn of the local midnight, corresponding to 17 UTC. Initially with peaks at Power 20, within two hours it reached 30 around 19 UTC. These first movements were followed by a period during which the amplitude was constantly oscillating between 10 and 20. At 1 UTC today, the very powerful activity began, bringing the amplitude close to Power 100. The maximum of Power 98 was reached at 5:30 UTC.
    11/1 17:00 UTC – The situation shows the continuation of the variations also in this second part of the day where the greatest peak of today was had at Power 21.
    11/1 12:30 UTC – The new chart shows slight movements around midnight UTC that have reached Power 18, for the rest just ‘background’ movements around 10.
    10/31 17:00 UTC – Calm.
    Thanks again!

    • Sylvia & All,

      What I’m going to say may be new information to you Sylvia and some others but some of us have been living with, have embodied and continue embodying the same energies that the Sun transmits but they are INSIDE of our physical and energy bodies because we have and continue to embody them. Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about because I already know how weird this one is!

      For me personally this started around June of 2018 and continued all of that year. I saw it constantly and I’ll describe it in a moment. In December 2018 I began clairvoyantly Seeing some, not all but many of the NEW energy Codes — aka templates, blueprints etc. They arrived and were anchored into this physical dimension and external world via the abnormal amounts of rain (and snow) we had here in California and worked it’s way eastward. I’ve written about them repeatedly since December of 2018, and have included purchased images that most closely resemble what I’ve Seen ever since last December.

      From December 2018, my seeing and Seeing has been primarily these NEW pastel colored, plasma carrying Codes, many of which are triangular shaped because they carry triality, not old lower duality energies, frequencies and consciousness etc. I haven’t done this intentionally, it’s just what’s been in the forefront energetically. However, with the start of November 2019, only a week ago even though it feels like half a year has past!, seeing/Seeing this old 2018 Sun solar flickering has started up again. I’m once again seeing and Seeing (physically seeing and clairvoyantly Seeing) the flickering and flashing movements of the current energies being transmitted by the Sun to Earth and humanity, but I only see/See them when I’m inside my house and looking at my white ceiling! That’s just the way it’s easiest for me to currently see/See the Sun solar flickering energies that co-exist within, that are embodied in my physical and energy bodies. There is NO difference between what the physical Sun is doing and the energies it’s transmitting and what is happening simultaneously inside my physical and energetic bodies. These two seemingly separate things are ONE within those of us who’ve embodied these NEW Codes so far and have Embodied our Higher Self/Selves/Soul so far. This distinction and awareness is important. I and the Sun are ONE, the Sun and I are ONE. ⭐ ❤ 🙂

      The fact that I began seeing and Seeing these Sun solar flickering, flashing movements again (in the ways I've described) on November 1, 2019, told me that the Sun is highly active again in the ways you've shared in your comment about the ‘Schumann resonance’. All this is connected to the approaching final November 11, 2019 11-11 energies and what’s arriving via them.

      What most people don’t realize or forget is that all of these things, these energies, anomalies and embodiments are all ONE big ongoing event and slow motion shift that never stops or is not and never has been separate from all the preceding things, energies, anomalies and embodiments etc. It’s just that these last three months of 2019 are making this fact much more consciously obvious to more people. 2020 this will escalate this even more.

      Fuuking leaf blowers are going outside and I’m losing my focus in this comment. If anyone has questions about any of this please just ask. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • My anxiety levels are through the roof right now. I am trying to grab on to anything that calms me but it’s very hard. I feel a major happening is upon me and maybe others. I feel like I need to just let go and let things fall where they may. I’m tired and tireless. Just can’t put my finger on it. Hope tomorrow is better.

    • Linda
      I too am tired and tireless – a good description. I am antsy and my mind is trying to work at high speed, but my poor old body can’t even raise a twitch. I sat still this afternoon and ‘allowed’ whatever upload/download that needed to come in to do so. The whoosh of energy that ensued was very fast and very powerful and I ‘saw’ it as a multi-hued flow of light. it flooded my total beingness and shot out of my feet like a jet engine afterburner. Hot feet. In fact I am hot so often, sometimes I feel as though I could self-combust. This just gets more and more powerful and more exhausting. My eyeballs twitched, my heart pounded and my head – well it felt as though it got scoured clean in one high pressure shot! At least it stopped my brain trying to overthink. I still feel dizzy. And as for the ear ringing and an unhappy digestive system!! I think all we can do is get through this the best we can. Thank goodness we have Denise and each other for support and information. It would be much more difficult and frightening without that support. 💖

    • All that is required of us to be.and allow Acknowledge the anxiety, allow it and by so doing keep being courageous. Whether tomorrow is better is only a judgement call. Allow and be.We dont need to try and shift out of our current situation. Love the hell out of yourself.

  • Old friends are back for me. The numbers which I haven’t seen for at least six months. Last night it was 12:12. The night before 11:11.when I wake up and see these its af if I am mesmerized for a few seconds and can’t stop looking at them. I have heard so many explanations of what they mean over the years that I just dont know or care. Anyway they are back at least for me

  • Hi Denise,

    Thanks for this great post and your ability to synopsize, expand upon and calendarize your/Celia Fenn’s/AA Michael’s experiences, understandings and sense of October’s and the incoming energies for the last two months of 2019 and beyond. The calendarizing will help me to focus on what, and and in what way, I want my relationship to these energies to express themselves, within myself, while remaining in my highest integrity. With everything feeling like it is moving at literally dizzying “blur-speed,” I feel that this calling to “hone in” on the themes in question for November and December, will become essential for so many of us here.

    After reading your article, it feels to me that the only thing that matters ultimately, is how much Love/LOVE I am willing to share with humanity and all of Life while I am incarnated on this planet…and as you write within your paragraph for December 2019: …”and All will explode your heart and expand your Conscious Creativity and make you want to live as long as possible in this life! This isn’t wishful thinking, it’s evolution, and the return of Divine Father/Masculine and the return of Divine Mother/Feminine to the NEW Earth and NEW Humanity will be… a long time coming but so worth all the effort. ❤”
    At this point in my AP/EP journey, I can’t imagine living a lengthy life for any reason other than THIS…so thank you for articulating this aspiration, so inspiringly.

    May everyone’s entry into November 2019 be a calmer way-station to gather ourselves and continue to clean our decks for the energetic waves to come at year’s end and in January 2020. Thank you again for everything, Denise…and much Love/LOVE to all here!

  • Toilet paper, ha ha, yes I can relate and Buddha belly…. and I nearly spin off axis just today! Hi Denise and all who post and those who don’t. I, like Jo, have I think only posted once before, but have followed you through Transitions to here for years. I hope I speak for the great unseen and unheard, those who are kindred brothers and sisters but maybe not articulate enough (or in my case to worn out to put words together) or shy to post. I so resonated with Jo’s post as I sit every day healing my self then meditating and sending out loving healing to all including our earth. All the time getting bombarded with psychic and mental attacks, and also thinking I was not doing enough (walking the streets etc). So thank you Denise for the confirmation that just by being here awake we are doing enough. I have always felt alone and unseen and unheard, but that is changing now.We are One, We are Survivors, roll on January 2020, my 67th birthday on the 9th, but might just hold back the celebrations till the 12th !!! Love and blessings to all.

  • “If I don’t sit in silence, not move physically, and intentionally focus into my HighHeart multiple times every day, these 2019 fry you alive ‘Diamond Light Codes’ quickly overstimulate my body and mind and make me feel like I’m short-circuiting”

    Bingo. Been resisting this and buzzing because of it. Utterly exhausted with pains though for weeks. Thank you for the affirmation of all that is and all that is coming, it made me cry for joy. I have never felt a stronger desire to tell friends something, post something, do something…2020 is so HUGE, so much change. I know and feel it, though I know no details, intuitively. I just feel it, non-stop. October, cannot believe how EVERY month was a higher climb than the month before. I finally don’t need to lay down most of the day. Boy, am I appreciating being able to walk normal getting out of bed this week!! Lol! But boy, do I hit the pillow hard at night right now! Like Cinderella, clock strikes and time to be unconscious! Have to go to work. Peace to you Denise. 🙂

  • Dear Denise,

    Your last 2 articles were real morale boosters. Thank you! I really needed this. I really want to come back to Earth – if needed – to make sure they stay in the 5th density and don’t fall back. I do not think I will ever again choose to build up a planet and a society from 2nd or 3rd density, but we will see. Integration with my divine Self is now my first priority.



  • I sensed one of those “light/sound codes” (sounded like a laser beam) go in the left ear just before I went to bed a few nights ago. I awoke the next morning with head discomfort, “pains,” pressure, and excess fluids coming from the ears and eyes. (No it’s not a head cold.) It seems as if new brain pathways are being created or old ones being reactivated. I hope this misery ends soon.

    • Oh my sisters (and brothers), as my life depends on Denises articles and your comments here on HHL, after many years of reading I finally have to say something. I live in Zagreb, Croatia and am in AP since 1998 (born 1952). Last Wendsday (23.10) after lunch I have been standing in my kitchen, turned my head a little bit left to say something to my husband, and then some energy puls hit my left ear like bullet (sound and energy). I completely lost my balance, falling to the left. Next two hours just everything spinning around, vomiting, terrible headache. I felt very near to death. My husband want to call ER, but I refuse it. If I have to die I want to do it in my bed. Just a little add to story about October 2019. Love you all my tribe, and thank you Denise for your hard work and for connecting us all over the world!

      • Thank you for sharing your similar experience to mine, Maja. It’s not the first time I’ve experienced the “laser sound.” I’ve also experienced actual pulsing of it in the past. My first assumption with this latest event was that it was an attack, but my head was on the pillow and I was too weary to address the issue. (I’ve been receiving some Team Dark threats against self and family.) Now, with Denise’s information, I’m questioning my assumption. Yesterday, however, something almost killed my 3 1/2 year old computer. There was an odor of burning and some malfunctioning, etc. I have excellent protection for the computer and, when I did a systems scan with it, nothing was found. Blessed it, called for Divine intervention, etc., and got most of the functions back–for now, anyway. Weary.

    • Same here. For 2-3 weeks now my left ear is ringing like hell, my head buzzing and last few days I feel half deaf in both ears. Next to the blurry eyes, pressure on heartchakra, feeling dizzy and nauseous in mornings after waking up, almost not able to stretch my knees or walk the stairs. Pfff just wanna lie down all day but lying down makes me feel even worse with this head. Moving and doing a little helps, but longer walks then 30 min are a no-go. I hope in 2020 I finally get some of my life back, but after 10 years of this my former trust has dimished to just hope.

      Love from a Dutchie and early HighHeartLife follower,

      • Dear Angel and Annemiek

        its kind of relief to share similar experience, but still traumatic. First time it was mild pulse (about month and half ago), and caused me few minutes of dizziness. Than second one, stronger, I have to lay down about one hour to establish some balance. This last one was hundred times stronger, after that I have to spend several days in bed and felt like I had brain surgery. But all that have next in common: first come high pitched sound directed to left ear (much stronger than usual buzzing and ringing which is present almost all the time), than follow physical puls pressure and after that very strong dizziness, and of course lot of pain and strange sensations in my head. I am still not sure is it some Divine brain modification or TD attack. PLEASE DEAR DENISE, WHAT DO YOU THINK????

        Hugs and much love to all beautiful people here on HHL

        • “But all that have next in common: first come high pitched sound directed to left ear (much stronger than usual buzzing and ringing which is present almost all the time), than follow physical puls pressure and after that very strong dizziness, and of course lot of pain and strange sensations in my head. I am still not sure is it some Divine brain modification or TD attack. PLEASE DEAR DENISE, WHAT DO YOU THINK????”


          These types of head, skull, brain, brain glands — Pineal and Pituitary mainly — hearing inner ear(s) sounds, and oftentimes blurry eyes, dry and sensitive to light pains in eyes are all caused by Ascension Process NEW higher Light, energies, NEW codes, more DNA being activated and so on. It is not TD and it’s not attacks by TD.

          All of the Volunteers, First Everythingers, Forerunners etc. have been living the NEW 2020 energies throughout 2019, with each month of 2019 increasing those NEW energies. They will be in full effect with the start of 2020 and mass humanity will then BEGIN to feel them and be influenced by them and so on. Forerunners always go first, embody first, live first, deal with first and so on. These last three months of 2019, this yearlong process of us embodying these NEW and vastly higher frequency 2020 energies, codes, Light, Plasma, DNA etc. has been extreme and will continue to be so throughout November and December 2019. It’s just that by January 2020, these NEW much higher frequencies, codes etc. will be the NEW normal baseline energies/codes/templates/blueprints for global humanity, ready or not. ❤

  • Hello Denise et All….Thank you for your wonderful insights…and thank you Celia Fenn as well! I personally have felt lots of different things, such as having a cold/flu for almost two months…and I NEVER get sick or get a cold or have ANYTHING for any length of time….My girlfriend mentioned today that she felt ‘broken’, something that she has never felt before. She has always been in contact with Galactics, and her Higher Self and all the other parts of herself, and has NOT ever felt broken. She didn’t like to use that word, but it totally described how anxious, and overwhelmed she felt. She is working on getting back to her ‘true self’ she said. I have not felt 100% ME either. It has been a really interesting rite of passage, and releasing of old parts of ourselves, and a changing UP and awareness of inner peace; ONLY when I consciously make the connection within me to my Divine Self….and I don’t always remember to do this at first…Ha Ha! But, when I DO, then I come back to the different vibration that is really ME. It has been a trip. One that has been definitely worthwhile, but that has made my life one of change that I need to constantly make adjustments for on lots of levels. I also find it hard to be in lots of people’s company, and get awful feelings of overwhelm when there are too many people that just want to stay lost in the world of illusion, of drama, and of gossip. I find I cannot do this anymore….too much trivial ‘nonsense’ being spoken that has NO actual relevance, and I cannot go over things again and again just so they can process something that I already deeply understand. I am happy to help them if they have a genuine need, but I don’t need to do the drama of everyday news that the media presents and that lots of people listen to (I don’t watch the News or read newspapers), as I find it draining personally, and WHY would I continually DO that to myself? I Thank you again Denise for all your caring….and sharing….You’re awesome and shining bright! Hugs and love, Barbara from Sydney xxx

  • Hallo together and many thanks for Denise and all…we are the greatest kamikaze-souls and I stay with all words…
    2019 was the strongest year never ever….since 1999 and it must finished for the forrunners….we want to live our life…from heart to heart ❤ Linda

  • Thank you Denise for the heads up and encouragement. It’s sorely needed!!
    Yes what a month. Have been off all week with bad sinuses. And just slept. And slept and slept.
    I can’t remember such an intense time, for along time,
    And time, it’s just gone for me. I struggle to locate when I did things or how many weeks have past.
    But I had forgotten that we have paved the way. Forgotten that it was just us living the ascension process. I think it was optimism because I couldn’t face how lonely it’s been. But it’s awesome that others will now be able to awaken and have a pathway , easier than ours. And that we collectively did that. Over the years I have really found it hard to understand my place in the world. All the training I have done through a degree and then the beginning of a post graduate qualification, and then later a childcare qualification at night school all came to nothing. And I never got it. I guess I was not to be “of the world”. And it saved my bacon. Put me where I have needed to be so my energies were spent clearing, clearing, clearing. But it was a lonely place to be. But it has built my strength up to be enough by myself

    Thank you as always for your articles. Many years ago. I had a dream that I was in the darkness looking out across the landscape from my house. Dotted far away were house lights. Many, but sporadically placed. I guess that has been us

    So bring on November, bring on December and happy 2020 all of us 💝💝💝

  • A wild month indeed!!! Sprains, muscle aches, joint pain etc. etc. and my mother was suddenly diagnosed with Diabetes! Is that even possible during ascension? The doctors are just as puzzled as us!

  • THANK YOU for the validation! Because I was sure as heck miserable all through October, with exhaustion, pain, dizziness, terrible heartburn, omg the bloating I’m afraid I may pop!, etc etc. And yet. And yet I felt some profound peacefulness this month. I felt like we were making progress. I felt like I understood things I hadn’t understood before, even if I can’t really articulate them. In between passages of intense loneliness and overwhelming sadness and anger, I had glimpses of a kind of peace I’ve never felt before. And then the image you shared lit me right up with recognition!

    Nope, 2019 hasn’t been much fun at all but I feel like I am so ready (or at least eager) for what comes next. Welcome, November!

  • What a month it was… and during the pain/fatigue/heartburn from hell, “where am I” disorientation/dizziness/nausea, PP BS, etc., I had the ‘odd’ moment of euphoria… “Honor the Odd” someone commented and I honor that comment! Denise, as always, THANK YOU for putting into words… titles not necessary… what we’re living as we move deeper into the unified multidimensional 5D for Planet Earth, almost every moment now, except when the clock seems to stop ticking. I’ve noticed that, too… “What,” says I, “Only five minutes went by?” when it feels like another lifetime did, and perhaps it did. I want to thank Raymond B… Raymond, you have no idea how much comfort all of your words in the above-mentioned comment brought me when I read it. I am grateful. Troy, thank you for speaking your truth in a wonderfully gentle, yet strong way, and Richard, I send you Love as you deal with the AP/EP on your own without your partner. And to all the wonderful Divinely Feminine commenters here… damn, we’re GOOD, and by January 12, 2020, we’ll know just how much we have done for Gaia and All of her inhabitants. Okay, I ain’t going to get teary here, already cried me a river as the expression goes… a NEW River. Love to you All, B.

    • Awesome post, Barbara! And “heartburn from hell” oh the pain! If I was without a Rolaid, it was agony. We are GOOD now, it seems, finally :)) I guess we always were, but boy I didn’t feel it before the way I can now. Peace.

    • Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for the kind words. Actually, your comment, specifically, helped me to deepen my gratitude that the man/”Volunteer in a male body” (thanks, Denise!) that I am today and evolving into through my AP/EP journey, simply COULD NOT have happened had I not “happened” to have discovered Denise and Transitions and HHL and all of the ‘Divinely Feminine commenters’ (thank you for that) such as yourself, all of your combined wisdom and, most importantly, the lay-it-on-the-line truth-telling of the daily and weekly and seemingly-forever challenges you’ve shared as you’ve traversed/are traversing within the AP/EP…So actually, it is I who thanks YOU, Denise and all of the fine and divinely feminine commenters for all that I have learned from you all/because of you all. Damn, YOU’RE GOOD!

      I look forward to reading your next sharing, Barbara…and I send a big and warm HighHeart hug your way…

  • Thank you for the update Denise 😀 Your last paragraph touched my heart and is worth everything we have been through! And we have come so far!! Much love to you and everyone here ❤

  • Thanks for another great article, Denise. In addition to pains, how about those fears! I’ll be glad when my joys aren’t just fears that haven’t come to pass. Maybe in 2020….

  • During a nap dream today, Forerunners are gathering for a conference at an elegant hotel, I show up for dinner in my bathrobe. Ha! God give me strength. Gratitude and High Heart HUGS to ALL. 💜

    • Phillypam, I loved that POST!!! Ha! Reminded me of wonderful visions and dreams from this week. I saw a woman walking, escorted, casually so relaxed and confident, into a spacious open air neoclassical room with high ceilings, beautiful…her shoes were simply strewn all across the floor, very simple well made, elegant shoes. So many of them and she changed her pair, a gentleman watching her amazed by her, helped her put them on. She had really strong beautiful calves! I saw her muscles!! They were incredible. She was calm, empowered, completely balanced in a higher way. Assuming nothing, yet surrounded by wealth (inner wealth, true identity). I think of us ALL in gallant rooms now, walking in, walking back, to meet and greet and laugh, and celebrate in bathrobes and beautiful new shoes with amazing new hearts and new bodies!!!! I wept when I read Denise’s post. The THOUGHT of the next wave…of hearts coming to this, waking and all that good that is done, the paths paved and lit. The utter JOY is so much, so MUCH. So, we can stride into dinner now, wearing our true selves for this occassion…!!!!

  • Once again an on target article. I have experiences all the above including moments where I felt electrical charges going thru me..painful..hell yes…my entire head felt as if my cranials at any moment would disintegrate, my poor brain feeling so bruised and non functional. The great thing about the end of October was that I had a few days where I actually slept deeply and dreamt of conferences with beings who were giving me (us, others) instructions. To what I guess the rememberance will be activated when its time.

  • Well HAAAAAALLLELUYAHHHH!!!! October has been a nightmare, I can’t remember the last time my head did not hurt or I didn’t overdo my toilet paper allotment! 😉 On top of that, I’ve hardly been eating anything because it’s just to much work to make something or then I don’t want it anyway – you’d think I’d be thin as a rail but I look like I swallowed a basketball and none of my clothes are comfortable except for sweats – which of course I can’t wear to work! Then on top of all that I caught a bad head cold that will not let up, and I have just about had it! Usually I don’t care much for November being in the northeast, but bring it on!! Thanks Denise, great news!!!! 🙂

    • “October has been a nightmare, I can’t remember the last time my head did not hurt or I didn’t overdo my toilet paper allotment!” 😉

      😆 Oh yeah about the toilet paper, and expanding in size just because you’re breathing! Thanks for the smiles kt1111. ❤

    • Hi kt1111,

      Thank you for this… “On top of that, I’ve hardly been eating anything because it’s just to much work to make something or then I don’t want it anyway – you’d think I’d be thin as a rail but I look like I swallowed a basketball and none of my clothes are comfortable except for sweats – which of course I can’t wear to work!”

      I am so with you!!! I call sweats my Ascension uniform as they are the only things that are comfortable. Not eating and remaining fat is such a trip and at times super frustrating.

      Thank you for eloquently putting into words exactly what I have been living for many Ascension years now. It is relief to know I am not alone in this experience.

      Big Fat 😉 Hugs and Love to you and to All, Nancy

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