November 2019 & 11-11

As I start this it’s November 12th, only one day after 2019’s 11-11, and we’ve got miles and miles of November still before us. Because 2019 has been a year of constant intensity and personal, planetary and cosmic high drama, severe pressures and pains, let’s do our best to keep up with these last three months of what’s been a year like no other.

With each month of the second half of 2019, it’s gotten easier to look back at the first half of this year and see how each month has presented us with a spiritual, energetic and cosmic intensity seemingly designed specifically  for each of us. While one is in it, one is just trying to get through it whatever it’s been for each of us this year. And as soon as we do, we find ourselves in the next situation and then the next and the next and on and on every month of this unrelenting year. We all can feel the major 2019 grand finale enveloping us. Both exciting and astonishing after having been through so much in every minute of the year already.

It’s like the first half of 2019 all sorts of last-minute, must traverse unpleasantness happened, and in the second half of the year we’re doing our utmost to quickly clean up the residual blood n’ guts, tears n’ fears, exhaustion n’ pains because something wholly NEW this way comes, and quickly.

We can complain about how brutal 2019 has been and still is, but at this late date, we Volunteer First Everythingers, Forerunners, Pathpavers know it’s always ‘darkest before the dawn’ of the completely NEW everything on Earth and everywhere else. So, one more huge year-ending suck-it-up my fellow reality busting, density clearing, negativity removing, NEW world Embodying Light creators because “payday” is finally arriving in the physical.

I’m including a link to a November 10, 2011 article I wrote at TRANSITIONS because it fits nicely with where we are now in the last three months of formidable 2019. It’s a good review and reminder of how long the Pathpaving first Embodiers have been at this, and that many of us are in the final phase of it during these last three months of 2019.

10-10-10 REPOST & Connection With 11-11-11

Very briefly because we already know how hard this year has been, and still is for us and our physical bodies, our Central Nervous System (CNS), our continued expanding HighHearts, consciousness, Higher Awareness, our so-called “lives” such as they’ve been, and everything else.

Because 2019 is the last year of, let’s call it Phase 1 of the Ascension Process (another article coming about that), we already know and can feel in every cell of our bodies that we’ve reached ascension graduation, the “shift”, the complete Separation into an entirely NEW higher level and phase of the Ascension Process. And by we I mean the Volunteer First Everythingers, the Forerunners, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Pathpavers etc. Because of this “end times” of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process, our physical bodies have seriously been through the final rinse cycle all year long. Some symptoms of this completion, graduation, shift etc. have been:

  • another phase of hair thinning
  • greater skin sensitivity
  • greater eye sensitivity to inorganic light & higher frequency Light
  • with eyes closed, seeing brighter & brighter white Light. It’s you!
  • frequent nausea, often in the mornings
  • increased vertigo all year
  • increased periods of intense inner cold
  • needing more sleep in every 24-hour period
  • constant inner ear & head ringing, squealing, screeching from higher frequency Light & last three 2019 months incoming evolutionary Sound waves
  • increase in hearing unusual non-physical sounds, noises, voices etc. all year
  • increased dreaming all year, most of it very busy & with many strangers
  • experiencing strange new body pains & sensations in 2019 you’ve never experienced throughout the past 20–21 ascension years
  • CNS over stimulation, feeling fried alive by higher & higher frequency Light, Light waves, NEW codes etc.
  • brief moments of ecstatic-overwhelm-panic-freakout-allowance from Embodying some more of your Higher Self/Selves/Soul
  • instantly, automatically knowing & feeling more about strangers, life and reality, realities. The more you Embody, the more you know
  • constant building irritations of not being fully in the NEW & having to endure the collapsing patriarchal world insanity we all incarnated into. Since 1998–1999 existing in-between the disintegrating patriarchal horrors & the manifesting nebulous NEW Earth
  • severely amplified body aches, pains & pressures throughout 2019
  • severely amplified pains & pressures in the spine & skeletal structure (Saturn)
  • there’s more but you get the drift. It’s been a very severe, extra intense year internally, externally, physically, energetically
Then November 11, 2019 Arrived Bearing NEW Gifts Aplenty

As usual I did my best to find an image that most closely resembles what I Saw clairvoyantly at 11:11AM on November 11, 2019. I Saw this inner image at that time and day for much longer than I usual do. It played in my Higher Awareness vision like a movie for 35–40 seconds, which is an eternity when Seeing nonphysical things. That anomaly was part of this 11-11 2019 visual message knowing.

This image I Saw at that exact time and day was of fire-like plasma flames flickering, increasing in size, flowing horizontal, vertical and in multiple directions simultaneously in a constant, massive wave across space towards Earth and life on Earth. What I Saw looked and moved like physical flames of fire but it was not that at all. Unfortunately the above image is a bit too much on the red side whereas what I Saw was definitely on the blue side. It was a medium to slightly darker periwinkle blue violet colored plasma wave being intentionally sent to Earth and humanity via what Celia Fenn / AA Michael called in their October 2019 channeled message, the “Star Fire Light Codes”.

I was aware of numbers of Angelic Lightbeings involved with this periwinkle blue violet colored plasma wave that somewhat resembled physical flames of fire. I Saw the image of this 11-11-2019 plasma “fire” wave much longer than I usually See non-physical, etheric and/or energetic things because they wanted to get the point across that it is intentionally moving, flowing, leaping and transmitting specific NEW evolutionary codes, energies, consciousness etc. and it’s not a split-second energetic event and then poof it’s gone. The Angelics wanted it consciously known by us that this periwinkle blue violet colored plasma “fire” wave they’ve intentionally sent our way is something that’s going to be in effect for quite a while. Because of this, it will have an accumulative effect on unaware humanity. Said another way, this Angelic plasma “fire” wave of different NEW codes is going to affect humanity and therefore change planetary human consciousness in ways that will impress the most hardened, exhausted, battle-weary First Everythingers. Just in the nick of linear time too I might add because many of us are completely all done with this phase of the Ascension Process.

Hours before 11:11 AM on November 11, 2019, I clairvoyantly Saw another image first. I had just woke up and was staggering, with eye’s closed, to the toilet around 6AM. The first moment I opened my eyes I Saw this bright circular white-Light image that was sort of snowflake-like in appearance. It looked somewhat like this image but was far more complex, much brighter, more beautiful and vibrating with NEW higher level energetic possibilities for humanity. But they all do.

While still half asleep on the toilet, I contemplated this right there, in-my-face early morning 11-11 image and sensed it was another of the many NEW codes being delivered since they began in earnest December 2018. I didn’t perceive much more about it than this and upstairs, if you’re listening, it’s better if you give me a few more minutes in the mornings before you start the Upstairs Daily News downloads. Thanks.

I shared the toilet business about this ONLY to make a point about how much energetic activity and additional NEW codes were arriving on November 11, 2019.

After Seeing this 11-11-2019 6AM snowflake-like brilliant white-Light code image—before the second 11:11AM visual message—I repeatedly clairaudiently Heard and felt, “It’s over. It’s over. It’s over.”  There was no interpretations needed with this celebratory message because I knew instantly what it was referring to. It meant that the global patriarchy and patriarchal rule that’s been in place for thousands of years across Earth is now fully, completely, wholly and permanently OVER and GONE. Anything you see or hear resembling it are, at this point, nothing more than impotent ghost images of the negative Dark Ages of old 3D Earth that’s also no longer operative.

And so, November 11, 2019 was just packed full of exceptionally good news! Out with the old everything and in with the NEW everything. No more half-and-half stuff, no more in-between worlds stuff, no more lower negative anything stuff anymore. The NEW codes, Lights, energies etc. continues arriving faster now than ever before which automatically causes the old lower everything to quickly become empty, hollow, dead and permanently GONE.

Another thing I very strongly felt and was aware of was that upstairs—the higher dimensional beings and other aspects of our Greater Selves and ascension co-Workers etc.—are now directly “overhead” all of us. All this means is that the space, the distance between us on ascending physical Earth and the nonphysical other parts of ourselves, kinsfolk and co-Workers are, as of 11-11-2019, much closer to, much more aligned with each other than was able before. This is another external side effect of the Embodiment Process, and of the completion of it for some of us who are the first to Embody our Higher Self/Selves/Soul while living in our physical bodies on ascending Earth.

On 11-11 2019 I also perceived, and I don’t believe this is just wishful thinking on my part although it would be glorious personally finally, that the Volunteer First Everythingers are now close to (1) having the physical body pains reduced greatly and (2) soon be nearly gone completely.

For most of us that sentence, that miraculous claim deserves no less than three scared moments of silence…  ❤  ❤  ❤

I’m just passing along what I perceived and received from my Higher Awareness throughout November 11, 2019. No one wants that last bit to be true more than me because my lower back is doing something very painful since October 1, 2019 and it seriously needs to have something fabulous happen asap! I suspect my back injury pain is very much related to these final three months of 2019, the 10, 11 and 12 energies of 2019 and the completion of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process, and for some, the completion of their individual Embodiment Process too.

More to come. There always will be. Enjoy November, and December no matter what because January 2020 will hit it out of the park which is exactly what it’s designed to do so we can begin Phase 2 of the Ascension Process.


November 14, 2019

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38 thoughts on “November 2019 & 11-11

  • Dear Denise,

    One morning I woke up and I felt empty, cleaned out. Many feelings, little routines, parts of vocabulary were gone. I didn’t feel myself. Now a few days later as I am learning to live with the emptiness I feel as if I am being remodeled on the inside. My contact with my Higher Self has gotten more clear and more direct. I get more answers. I am totally “out of time”: not a clue what time of day it is. Household appliances are breaking down again! I still feel that I am progressing, but it is nothing like I expected.

    It is nice to share experiences, although they take over your life, there is almost nobody you can share them with.



  • Hello everyone, Quite a few years ago, many of us could see movement of particles we called ‘dry rain’, I hadn’t seen that effect for a long time, until recently. A couple of months ago I was staring at the hilllside opposite my home, on a dry clear day, and there it was again, but different ….. now it was like dry fine snow, moving very fast and driving through my field of vision from every conceivable angle, yet without chaos, not clashing or crashing. I did a double take, thought for a moment that it was actually the weather, I could now see it everywhere and began to ‘see’ the leaves on the acer tree looking wet and shiny with diamond like droplets. I couldn’t take my eyes off the scene, it was fascinating, and yet I knew it was energy, but kind of thicker and faster than the ‘dry rain effect’ from years ago. I have seen this ‘snow effect’ several times during the last few weeks, and each time it appears, it lasts for several minutes. I have checked the ground outside to see whether paths and roads are dry, and yes they are, no wet stuff anywhere to be seen. Organised Chaos ……. describes the way this energy moves, the ‘light snow’ comes from below, above, left, right and diagonally, it is mesmerising.

    Since the September equinox, my energy levels have slumped (dear god give me strength) with only the odd day off, November 10th was very a good day, I almost felt ‘normal’ again, whatever normal is ! …….. now back to the slog of dragging my unwilling body through each day (poor thing). Heat surges, heart things, ear ringing, breathlessness at times, sleep changes, dreaming big time, bloating etc., etc., I was determined to create a very different winter months scenario for myself this year, like a fully functioning energetic body, more visits to the outside world, joyful nature walks etc., so far they have been created in my head and heart, but not yet manifested into my earth life.

    However, the physical aspect is what it is (for now) but my spirit and soul are so excited and soaring above and beyond the daily grind. Time is rushing at high speed, one day blurring into the next, ………… here comes the winter Solstice on 22nd Dec, then an eclipse on 26th Dec ………… followed by the big conjunction on 12th Jan.

    Bring it on …… 💖

    • Hope & All,

      I’m glad you shared this with everyone Hope, thanks, because seeing/Seeing this is surprising because it’s so unusual looking. Beautiful in its perfection and like you said, it’s not chaotic at all but every “drop”, every bit of it never collides with another drop or bit or particle.

      Years ago I wrote about this at TRANSITIONS as I’d been seeing/Seeing it for many of these ascension years. Here’s a link to that old article with images I bought to use in it because they were very close to what I’d been seeing for so long.

      Orbiting Deeper Into Photon Light

      I haven’t seen/Seen this Photon Light “rain” for a while but what I see now is, what looks to me like liquid silver-white LIGHT on plant and tree leaves mostly. It’s like other living things, such as trees and plants etc., reveal this 7D Photon Light better than man-made surfaces, but I expect that will change too.

      “Organised Chaos ……. describes the way this energy moves, the ‘light snow’ comes from below, above, left, right and diagonally, it is mesmerising.”

      Because I’ve watched this Photon Light manifest (from our perspective) over a period of many early ascension years, I’ve witnessed it change directions slightly over those years, as I tried to show with those photos. Earth, the Sun and our entire solar system have continuously been slowly orbiting deeper and deeper INTO a massive cosmic “band” seventh dimensional Photon Light since, according to Barbara Hand Clow (The Pleiadian Agenda) the Earth began this on Spring Equinox 1987, Harmonic Convergence happened August 16-17, 1987.

      Because Earth, the Sun and our entire solar system has been inching its way into a band of Photon Light (there are many so plenty of other systems enter into them too over different lengths of time) since 1987, those who can see/See it have perceived it changing slightly the deeper we, Earth, orbit INTO this area, this band of Photon Light. This is why it’s looking slightly different to us from one decade into the next — our/Earth’s position in it continues to change the deeper into it we move. This is I believe, why you’re seeing/Seeing the Photon Light particles — “rain”, “snow” etc. — now coming from ALL directions at the same time. When this first started it looked like it was only coming downward, like rain, but we’re deep enough into this band of 7D Photon Light that you’re seeing/Seeing it coming from all directions Hope. ❤ ❤ ❤

      B.H. Clow's book image of 7D Photon Light Bands

      This drawing of Photon Bands of Light is from B. H. Clow’s The Pleiadian Agenda book.

      • Denise, thanks for your explanation of the rain / snow effect. I read The Pleiadian Agenda many years ago, it was my introduction to the photon band and our movement through it. However, I had not connected the dots and hadn’t thought that I might be seeing photon particles. Now I realise why the rain has become snow, and why the movement is so erratic, you have dropped a jigsaw piece into the puzzle, which makes the picture clearer.

        The little diagram looks like a torus, or toroidal field, and way back when I read BHC’s book I knew nothing about this sacred geometry shape, since then I have learned that we have a tube torus in our energy field connecting our heart with ‘all that is’. It seems that if the photon band is shaped in a torus, it truly is an example of ‘as above, so below’. If the ‘snow’ appears in my vision again, I will certainly ‘see’ it with more consciousness. Much gratitude for sharing your wisdom on this subject. 💜

      • This picture looks like what I have seen clients energy fields transform into in the last 2 weeks. But more complicated. Never seen it before. Such amazing and powerful transformations right in front of my eyes. No idea what it is. Anyone else seeing people’s fields do this?

        • Which picture in this particular article are you referring to jarmajarma? Or do you mean another? At any rate, yes the NEW codes are, quickly now, manifesting more and more in people. Watch how fast that changes external reality! 😉 ❤

  • Thank you Denise for sharing 🙏🏽 I’m almost lost for words since this most recent shift! I’m feeling the bliss the joy the higher frequency and I really thought I’d stopped evolving and ascending as a lot of 2019 I have not been feeling elevated at all! Dense dreams, nightmares, feelings, clearing, literally shit shoveling haha! And poof we break on through to the other side ✨💗 the symptoms oh yes! I always forget about this hair thinning one and have a little panic when I lose so much hair, so thanks for the reminder 🙏🏽 Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow thank you all of us! 🙏🏽💗✨🦋

    • “Dense dreams, nightmares, feelings, clearing, literally shit shoveling haha! And poof we break on through to the other side ✨💗 ”

      Donna & All,

      Aah yes, the ongoing energetic Stair-steps process of embodying more NEW higher energies, Light and codes etc. which automatically pushes out more of the old lower stuff. This happens within those of us who embody the NEW energies, codes etc. but it also automatically causes more of the old negative dark structures and stuff to be pushed out, energetically disconnected and more people to get relocated and freed from them.

      Every time there’s another big incoming NEW energy wave, waves, Light blasts such as what November’s 11-11, 2019 did — the periwinkle blue violet fire-like energy “flames” from very high levels — this automatically affects what’s been on Earth, the Astral and in humans that’s been intentionally distorted and utilized by Team Dark. The incoming NEW high frequency energies and codes do so much more than make us feel physically miserable for a while, it makes everything everywhere feel the NEW coming in and pushing out, removing and discontinuing more of the old negative stuff. And of course there’s blow-back from Team Dark and unaware humans every time big chunks of NEW higher arrive. There’s increased attacks, lashing out and negativity in all sorts of ways through all sorts of unaware people. Same old crap except it’s closer to permanently ending than ever before. Because of all this expect some weird side effects from time to time Team Light.

      I went through the 658th time this has happened since 1999 over these past couple of months. Sunday November 17, 2019 was extra bad and miserable because so many unaware humans were being used to disturb, disrupt, fight, attack energetically and verbally. It is at times seriously difficult dealing with these phases of very NEW higher energies coming in and simultaneously different aspects of the old lower darkness doing whatever they can to survive these NEW energies. Typically many of us are targeted during these times because we’re at the front lines of their “problems” so they manipulate unaware people to do and say and act negatively towards us. Same old crap except… 🙂

      • Oh my goodness, I can never thank you enough for this comment, Denise! I have been mentally composing a post for the last few weeks which starts out with: I guess I am about a month behind all of you because although October started with a big physical purge for me, the rest was mostly quite blissful! Now November is a completely different animal and I am still learning, purging processing a very old story from my life which had a kind of phase 2 resurrection of sorts, very much like me getting a chance to have different feelings about an old (early 90s, life altering) experience. I had a very clear time of feeling resurrected and full of light and new life inside and outside myself the last week of October into the first week of November. Still, this event has thrown me a bit back into the crap, body aches and heart aches. BUT, I have all of YOU! ALL of your comments and thoughts and I remind myself, hey! I have a choice! and this actually DOES NOT last forever! There is an end in sight! So THANK YOU to you all for keeping me out of the fear and into the present moment and choosing my actions and reactions to what is before me now. 🙂

      • Thank you, Denise and Donna for this discussion. I was 24 hours behind you, Denise, with a similar experience to yours of November 17th. Mine started the night of the 18th, and finally ended last night about 1:00 a.m. I’ve mentioned before the PP’s who live in the apartment below me who have been evicted and refuse to leave. The NEW Codes arrived, the PP’s were manipulated into an absolute rage, police called, one arrested, and please may the other two now go peacefully. Be safe everyone… soon over. Love, B.

      • Thanks for your reply Denise 🙏🏽✨ and yes I totally feel you, the week leading up to 11-11 was particularly intense for me, injuring my back and being unable to walk and at that time receiving attack, but I can only say that it feels unable to stick much like before, like a wet sponge being thrown at a window and just sliding off! 😁✨ 🙏🏽💗

  • Dear Sister! Thank you for this wondrous share! Oh, did I laugh at this: “…if you’re listening, it’s better if you give me a few more minutes in the mornings before you start the Upstairs Daily News downloads. Thanks.” Oh, the cosmic humor! I get lots of higher info when I’m on the toilet too. Just sayn’

    I got chills reading “It is over, it is over, it is over.” In the wee hours of 11/11 I got the message, “This is your release from the underworld.” I was also told “Happy Birthday!” AND “Everything you love will come back.” And I have DEFINITELY felt this in every cell of my being since then. It’s really NOT wishful thinking anymore!

    The day before 11/11 I got some information from a beloved friend (and a guide) that felt like official discharge papers from this ascension war ~ so for you to say that phase 1 is over feels absolutely TRUE to me. More of MySELF moved into my being and all day on 11/11 I was sighing in utter RELIEF to have ME back with me.

    HOLY CHRIST! We really have DONE it!!! Amen and Hallelujah!!!
    So much LOVE, Denise, for your wisdom, your gifts, your realness and your humor!

  • Holy Plasma Fire! Yup, seeing it, feeling it. Sciatica on right side returned with spasms and bone pain too. Gratefully received a massage yesterday. Right eye is still twitching. All coinciding with 3 straight days watching the Magnetosphere almost completely collapse and vertigo. Keep getting – BE Prepared. High Heart HUGS ALL, so much LOVE and appreciation. 💜

  • Denise and All Here… after I’d checked off just about everything on the ascension symptoms’ list above, here’s a couple that I’m experiencing in case others can relate. When I go to bed, I get jolted, whole-body jolts, synapses, that throw me around. Okay, I ‘get’ this, it’s related to what Denise has described as a whole-body rewiring and restructuring. The second would be hilarious if it wasn’t an all-the-time happening thing. When I spin the toilet paper roll… frequently throughout the day I might add… the spinning makes me extremely dizzy and this morning I almost fell off the toilet seat. My right eye (left one did this sometime ago) went walk-about and I thought, okay, don’t panic, I’ll get my vision back in a bit. And I did and I’m training myself not to look at that damned toilet paper roll!

    Next I re-read Denise’s link to her TRANSITIONS article about the 10-10-10, and oh, that made me cry, “That long?” And I agree 100 percent that this time, that LIGHT is VISIBLE at the end of the tunnel and we’re almost there… just have to Pathpave a few more landing strips in the jungle. How perfect your metaphors/visions were/are, Denise.

    “Periwinkle”, what a beautiful sounding word. In Phase 2, maybe I’ll change my name to “Periwinkle”. Do you know I never knew what the color periwinkle was until just a little while ago because I had to look it up and it does indeed ‘go with everything!”

    The comments are HIGH HEART opening and I relate to ALL of them. This is getting long, but just want to end by saying that I’ve met two women in my building, an elderly woman first, and a young woman more recently, both of whom have told me that they got ‘goosebumps’ when they talked to me. There’s a lot more to describe about our meetings, but I’m running out of steam here, just that our LIGHT is indeed beginning to SHOW and I appreciate being known for causing goosebumps! Love, B.

    • “The second would be hilarious if it wasn’t an all-the-time happening thing. When I spin the toilet paper roll… frequently throughout the day I might add… the spinning makes me extremely dizzy and this morning I almost fell off the toilet seat.”

      Thanks so much Barbara for sharing this particular charming side effect. ❤ I've not had it with rolling the toilet paper (oh dear god…), but I do have it off and on with other things like scrolling the computer screen. Any electrical thing, close to my head, eyes and face that moves quickly causes this instant vertigo sort of reaction inside my head. Some websites have those large headers that quickly change from one message and image etc. to the next horizontally across the top of the screen and I can't look at them because they mess my head and vision up immediately and make me dizzy. These recent years of head, eyes and Pituitary and Pineal amplified upgrading is to blame for most of this.

      Everyone, LOOK AWAY from the toilet paper roll when rolling it! 😀

  • Thank you so much, Denise, for your being as relentless as this wild ride is! I don’t know how I would have gotten through all these years of “First Everythingers-ness” without you. (I’m just barely crawling along as it is, of course; but still crawling is better than any of the alternatives that have been dangled threateningly in front of me plenty of times in recent years.)

    Teeny, tiny, regrettably, microscopically small token of my esteem:

    May all beings make it through the rest of this year with at least a modicum of ease and grace. Starting with us!

    Love, Russ


    Rev. Divina “Russ” Russell Zen Buddhist Priest | Interfaith Chaplain Mindfulness-Based Integral Life Coach 831-818-8974

  • Much love to you Denise for this wonderful message! Another lifetime ago I worked as a bridal consultant helping young women pick out the perfect everything😉 The color of the bridesmaids dresses created the biggest headache. No color looks good on everyone except for the color PERIWINKLE!!! I must have said 10,000 times “ I’d think about Periwinkle because it’s the UNIVERSAL color!!!! All I’ve been thinking is “of course”,😂 reading about your vision!!!!✨💫🌟 thank you💕sz

  • Hallo Denise ..many thanks for your true words ….it`s a very, very strong time for us…..and I hope, we coming out and in another time of our life…it`s enough ….. ❤ from heart to heart ❤ Linda

  • Dear Denise, thank you, what an appropriate article, and I fully agree with all of it. My only solace is that the year of 2016 was EVEN WORSE than this. Never going back to that year ever again. – Until the hoped-for breakthrough in 2020; I will continue to stay Comfortably Numb behind my protecting Wall. Hope to see you then; all safe and sound.

    • Dear Denise,


      Deep Gratitude for this article. It was balm to my soul.

      This week has been super intense with my dog being sick again and my car needing to have its starter replaced. On the other hand, last weekend I was meditating, and my higher levels gently took my hands and ushered me up to a new dimension. It felt very tender and loving. Also, I went to get my eyes checked and my eyes are getting better. This is the second time (first time was two years ago) when I was told my eyes are improving and I can see better than 20/20 (I think a nod to next year 2020). Also, as I was meditating in the redwoods for 11-11 at 11:11am and a Cooper’s hawk flew by about 50 feet away (not usual for me to see them inside a forest canopy). My coworker and I saw a bald eagle about 40 feet away flying with a stick in her mouth (eagles have only recently returned to the area where I work and have never been sighted so close to the ground). Eagle might be a perfect representative of Freedom/Freedom Codes.

      All this to say, it really is happening now in the physical for me and I am overjoyed (in between naps and pounding pain in my heart and head). 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

      Big HH Hugs to you 💕 Denise 💕 and All, Nancy

  • Denise, thank you so much. I’m overcome. I had to pause and sob at the “it’s over” part. I may not have been consciously living the AP/EP for decades like many of you, but I felt that deeply in my soul.

    Today I remembered a message I received early in the year that a big change was coming for me in November. At the time, I didn’t know what would be happening globally this month like you described, so I interpreted it as being tied to turning 39 last month. Now I see it’s both. I kept hoping it would bring release from my law job. I actually almost spontaneously quit yesterday because of a situation where I was actively told not to say what I thought. The contrast to the ALIVE feeling in all my other endeavors was too great. In my 11 years at this firm, I’d never felt restricted to that degree before. Interestingly, the experience galvanized me into releasing any last remaining shreds of worry/fear about what my attorney colleagues would think of everything else I’m doing/sharing/creating. It solidified my refusal to ever restrict or dim myself for anyone. NO MORE HIDING IN ANY WAY.

    Simultaneously, this week has brought a HUGE and measurable shift in the way my soul projects/offerings are being received in the world. Honestly, I’m (delightfully) shocked. It feels like the way is open as never before— and your article helped me understand why even better, Denise!

    Although my human self still doesn’t see when/how to support my family without my current job, it’s beyond encouraging how the Universe is reflecting back to me to KEEP GOING and trusting this other path. My new workshop offering almost filled within days of announcing it, new people have approached me with curiosity for what I’m doing, while a couple others have suddenly expressed deep emotional reactions to my projects. Meanwhile I’m receiving offers from those with a broader sphere of influence to spread the word about my projects FREELY and joyfully, and being asked to talk at an event next year. Most of this happened in the last couple days. Some friends and even relatives that generally don’t engage when I share on social media have suddenly shown support. I am seeing in real time the mass awakening, this new wave coming. It is SO EXCITING!

    I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart for all of you doing the heaviest lifting and First Everythings. Love to everyone. ❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨

  • Thank you, lovely Seer. Periwinkle blue violet plasma fire removing the dross, not in a hot, ouchy, way, but running coolly over every crack, fissure, and hidden cave where misconceptions and confusions lurk. Then clarity will be the tone and intent of everyone, and obfuscation and confusion will no longer rule as they have for so incredibly long. Perhaps that cool, plasma bath is like the one we would have inbetween lives, but we’re going to live it in sentient 3D! How amazing.

  • Hi Denise. A few months since I wrote the first time, though I always receive your writings as a tether to sanity and an explanation for the inexplicable!

    I had wondered why in September I was overcome with an urgent need to embark on some epic energetic self-cleanings that I’m only now tapering off. It has been a fire sale: everything must go! The difference from the past is that this was motivated by desire, whereas previously it felt like constant emergency management. At the same time, I’ve never felt so many waves of death or dying. The will to call it quits bordered on scary at times, though I was never in any danger. It just made no obvious sense. I’ve been in far worse spots in my life and it never crossed my mind. Here it was just a screaming sense of I cannot take another second of this: either put up or shut up. I’ve never quite been rainbows-and-unicorns but I was pissed, and then beyond pissed, and then resigned. And then, it evaporated. As it does. And I was connected, and felt a genuine sense of purpose… And then death came knocking again. Wow.

    I had feared that should the day come when all this forerunner path-clearing, transmuting levels out or even moves to the part we’ve been working towards that I might be like one of those war vets, still lost in the jungle, believing I’ve just lost my bearings on the front line. Or maybe looking for a new runway to carve out!

    But even I feel this cusp. I’m experiencing the presence of my spirit like never before and levels of what I can only call wisdom flowing through me. I’m making good choices and there’s no blowback. This is new. I pray, nonetheless, you are right, whilst hopefully without contradiction knowing you are.

    Many blessings and thank you, Denise, for contributing to the keeping-me-sane-and-alive project.

    • “It has been a fire sale: everything must go!”

      😆 Perfect, made me laugh truth Justin. ❤

      “At the same time, I’ve never felt so many waves of death or dying. The will to call it quits bordered on scary at times, though I was never in any danger. It just made no obvious sense. I’ve been in far worse spots in my life and it never crossed my mind. Here it was just a screaming sense of I cannot take another second of this: either put up or shut up. I’ve never quite been rainbows-and-unicorns but I was pissed, and then beyond pissed, and then resigned. And then, it evaporated. As it does. And I was connected, and felt a genuine sense of purpose… And then death came knocking again. Wow.”

      Yeah, those multiple layers of our old lower frequency, old self, old life, old consciousness. We die many Little Deaths throughout the Ascension Process. And just when we honestly believe we’ve gotten every scrap of stuff cleaned up from every dark corner and cubbyhole of our inner Basements, something else is discovered that we HAVE to deal with because more NEW is coming in a few hours, days and we’ve GOT to get the lower old out so the NEW has a clean place to embody.

      “I had feared that should the day come when all this forerunner path-clearing, transmuting levels out or even moves to the part we’ve been working towards that I might be like one of those war vets, still lost in the jungle, believing I’ve just lost my bearings on the front line. Or maybe looking for a new runway to carve out!”

      😆 Loved that because I’ve felt the same way because I’ve been at this for so long and we’ve gotten used to doing Phase 1 of the Ascension Process. But, 😀 we’ll move into Phase 2 with ease and giddy joy and excitement over our NEW freedoms and NEW Missions and all the rest of it.

      “I’m making good choices and there’s no blowback. This is new.”

      Justin, meet your Higher Self/Selves/Soul. At first this feels exactly like what you’ve described. As it continues and expands to make larger and larger connections, this increasingly feels like this incarnate personality you is getting wiser, more powerful, more knowing of all things, people, situations etc. The Embodiment Process is strange to say the least and it doesn’t look or feel like what ANY OF US expected it might. It’s you becoming more and more and more of YOU, slowly, over the months until you aren’t “you” anymore but this NEW, greatly expanded and enhanced version. Keep on keepin’ on my friend as it just keeps getting better and better and better.

      It should be obvious that I greatly enjoyed and appreciated your Comment Justin. Thanks very much for it. ❤

  • Thanks so much again Denise. You are amazing my dear friend.
    I’ve had a few incredible kinesiology energy sessions that clients say are very powerful. They bring in an energy and peace that defies all words or explanation. A peace that “ passeth all understanding “.
    Then on the other hand – there is another level of client that are just waking up. Boy oh boy they are going at it fast and gruelling.
    My work day, personally, is so up and down in frequency that every morning I wake I wonder how I’m going to get through it!
    You are sooo right! There is situation after situation- not letting up.
    On Thursday my dog went to hospital, on Friday my husband was ambulanced to hospital and Monday my son went to hospital!!!!!!
    Selfishly I feel I’d like to go to hospital and rest but I don’t think my nerves could stand the lower vibrations and noise.
    The family is fine BTW. ❤️
    I so sincerely hope next year IS nicer. The pain in my bodies is incredible. Digestive problems, emotional and talk about monkey mind!!!

    Thank you my friend. I can’t wait for your next letter. Cos that’s what they feel like – me waiting by the post box for my letter from Denise to explain why I feel soooo horrible and why I keep working to help others not feel horrible. They have a session then text me to tell me they feel fantastic and I wonder why I can’t get it too!!

    All my love 😍

  • Dear Denise,

    On the night of October 8th I was woken up by a sharp jabbing sensation that I thought was a button on the covering of my down comforter. I pushed it away, but the pain remained. Several days prior I had done a self breast exam, which we women all do on a regular basis, and it was normal. The thing had formed out of nowhere, and it was, and is, extremely painful probably because it is growing so fast. I had a mammogram, a sonogram, then a core biopsy, and received a cancer diagnosis. I have absolutely no history of cancer, I have been terrified throughout October and so far this November and I have to undergo surgery to remove the cancer. Yesterday I was so traumatized I was screaming inside of the building where I had spent the entire day being told conflicting and terrifying information. Throughout these days and nights of terror I have questioned why, and wondered where I can find some strength within myself to survive. It has become too threatening and terrifying at this level, and I wonder if others are suddenly experiencing the same type of sudden life threatening illness.

    Thank you for your post today as it gives me something positive to emotionally hang on to.

    Cali Flower

    • Cali Flower. Hold on and breathe. I had a similar experience in 2015: sharp, severe breast pain and a huge lump appeared literally overnight. Turned out to be cancer in the breast duct, but removed by surgery. It had not spread, but was told that if left, it would have been an extremely aggressive form of breast cancer. I have annual check ups now. I did a lot of inner work and lots of sound baths (still ongoing, haha!). I believe mine was, in part, caused by a Mirena coil, that I consented too (at the time I consented, I was aware of some other ‘puppeteer’ making me have it – it was only through Denise’s writing that I was able to put all the pieces together on this)… Anyhow, I just wanted to know that you are not alone, and don’t give up hope. Ever. Go within and find out what’s really going on in there, get the lump out and trust in your body and in better. Sending you lots of love and healing xxxx

      • Dear Charzi,

        Thank you for responding to me and for making your experience public, a very courageous thing to do. As soon as I saw the mass on the sonogram I instantly named it The Black Planet, because it looks like a round dark 3D orb spinning in the universe of my healthy tissue. Because it is in my body and a part of me I took responsibility for creating it, and am seeking answers within myself to determine what it symbolizes, what it represents. Each cell has a consciousness. The Black Planet is there for a reason, a teacher, who, if I can grasp the lessons, will not return. I have asked to have a part of The Black Planet once it it surgically removed, but I have been denied that. Thank you for thinking of me. I sincerely want to be open to receive love and healing through the sacred place of no time or space which Denise has so generously created for us all.

        • Cali Flower, Take this as you need to (or not at all, if it doesn’t resonate) but I don’t think there is anything else you need to ask or learn from this Black Planet of yours. I’ve seen in myself and those around me, that the physical body is releasing OLD trauma that has been stored at the deepest cellular (and subconscious) levels. Our bodies are now doing the final release of ALL the things we’ve ALREADY resolved on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. My body (and my husband’s and my childrens and other forerunners) are having reactions/releases to things that we’ve already made peace with LONG ago. I believe our only job right now is to support our bodies through this latest VERY intense physical phase, assuring it that “all is well, this is over, we are safe now.” So, don’t let your body’s release terrorize you, instead be the loving force your body needs and assure it that “it’s over now,” as Denise said. Perhaps, if you can muster it, look at the Black Planet as a mass of wisdom that’s gathered all the dark parts together so it can be taken out in one fell swoop. Thank the Black Planet for housing the hurt, thank your body for being heroic (MAN, our bodies have been HEROIC!) and assure yourself on ALL levels that IT IS DONE. No more lessons, no more hell, no more diseases. We’re all facing BIG tests right now to see if we want to continue struggling or if we want to END the GAME. I don’t think this is anything you manifested by “not doing it right.” I think you’ve done it ALL right and this is just how the physical part is concluding, as you step fully into your Mastery. SO much LOVE to you, Sister. I truly fully believe ALL is well. But I also know the human needs to freak out even as the Master takes charge, so just allow it all and know that you’re AMAZING on ALL LEVELS! (Man, I hope this doesn’t come across as preachy, I just strongly feel there is nothing for you to do or process. YOUR WORK IS DONE!)

    • Cali Flower,

      We all, in our own ways, are currently being dismantled of our old original templates, structures, blueprints, consciousness, beliefs etc. This is happening at the deepest layers of those old inner body structures and “grids” are coming undone just like the old external 3D patriarchal world with its old structures, beliefs, templates are now too. My sudden lower back going out of place and staying out of place no matter what I’ve done (this is a lifelong scoliosis and arthritis in my spine etc. thing) is part of this structural dismantling of my old lower frequency inner structures and beliefs. The Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is doing exactly what it’s supposed to both externally globally and internally within each of us personally. My current lower back, spine not working very severely since the start of October 2019 and not being able to do every day things, painlessly, isn’t as intense as what you’re going through now. They are however the same things — last-minute deeper levels and layers of our dismantling and getting rid of what we now must to be able to embody and Embody the higher, larger, more complex NEW codes, templates, blueprints etc. Any parts of us, all of us, that need to go because they’re from the lower past energies and consciousness are going now. This seems brutal and confusing but it’s us casting off deep old stuff and embodying much more NEW and super quickly now. We are with you. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Denise
    I can’t believe it. But I do. Thank u for ur article. How flaming amazing. I have been drawing that plasma fire. I didn’t see it as a fire. But it’s like a web pushing and moving new stuff in. And there is so much movement so much new. It’s like new connections between “things”, people. A connection unlike what has been. Apologies if that isn’t what u meant. Every time I sit down to draw I am drawing seeds, eggs or leaves. And circles. That touch or are by themselves. But all the elements are needed to make the whole.
    I am sorry I haven’t emailed u lately. I just don’t have any words that have been worth saying.
    It’s a privilege to be here. With u. And all the others here
    Bless u and us. Xxxxxxx

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