Trust & Rely On Your YOU/you Alignment Connection

Over the second-half of November 2019, I’ve been working on three different articles yet none of them seem to be “right” for this particular end of November moment. Those other topics all seem to pale in comparison to what many Embodiers continue to experience this month with their personal Embodiment Process. I’ve tried to ignore that fact and continue writing about other related Ascension Process topics, but as I said, they don’t feel like what needs to be front-and-center at this rare and long Worked upon moment.

We’ve all had and still have our favorite people, teachers, writers, websites and blogs where we’ve gotten spiritual Ascension Process and related information, updates, validation, confirmation, comfort and direction for many years. We’ve all benefited from those dedicated people who’ve helped so many worldwide by writing about the Ascension Process for years and years. Their dedication has helped us all to get through those seriously difficult, painful, dangerous and highly confusing periods of profound inner transformation, releasing, embodying and ongoing compressed evolution.

I’ve written about the Ascension Process online, and in two books (so far) since 2003, and I too have had a small handful of favorite ascension teachers writings I’ve read over the years. However, that already very small group has gotten even smaller as the ascension years have passed and I continue on with my Embodiment Process. This should be the natural case with everyone living the Embodiment Process.

As you continue to Embody, to align with, to match vibrationally, to become ONE conscious connection with your Higher Self, Selves and Soul in your physical body and incarnate ascending self, where you go for information, updates, intel, validation, confirmation, support and a sense of joining with the NEW higher Group will dramatically change, as it rightly should.

I’m not saying anyone should stop reading other people’s spiritual ascension writings. What I am saying is that you need to realize that you and the Higher YOU, YOUS, Soul YOU should always be your first and primary go-to, not someone else.

Someone else was, and for many still is old lower 3D consciousness and reality. Someone else is separation consciousness. If you’re living the Embodiment Process you know it is unification, it is unity consciousness and being which could not be more different. YOU/you know this from your NEW state of Higher Self connection right inside the you reading this, living this, being this embodied NEW greater YOU here in the physical now.

What I continue running up against is the opposite of how it’s been for thousands and thousands of years on Earth. Every time I go outside myself to other ascension teachers writings for insights, updates, information, validation etc., I’m increasingly disappointed and I don’t want to be disappointed. The disappointment I’ve been increasingly experiencing since the start of 2013, has to do with me not fully trusting or relying on my steadily growing Higher Self, Selves, Soul vibrational alignment unification Embodiment Process taking place within my physical body and incarnate self and personality.

We’re all so habituated to going external, to go to someone else, to go to a group of someone else’s to receive directions, instructions, explanations, Higher Awareness info, the bigger cosmic picture, the universal daily news updates. It’s been very helpful doing this in years past but it’s getting less and less satisfying to me because I’m going to, I’m looking outside myself for answers and insights and that isn’t cutting it any longer. The “fit” isn’t right for me. The only “fit” that is increasingly right and comfortable for me is ME—the other Higher Self ME’S, Soul ME and Source ME. In other words fellow first Embodiers, you are in the process of discovering that going external, going to anyone else from here forward isn’t going to fit or feel right or satisfying to you/You/YOU as YOU/You/you come into full complete, 100% always “ON” alignment from your physical body and incarnate human self.

This is like reaching human age 21 and becoming legally responsible for yourself and your actions. No more going external, no more going to someone or anyone else for help or answers or guidance or support. YOU and You and you are now YOUR primary go-to for insights, guidance, Higher Awareness, Love, LOVE, relationships, companionship, cosmic info and whenever needed, those universal daily news updates. Said another way, YOU is your real Soulmate, mate.

YOU, not someone else, but YOU are YOUR source. YOU are Source. You and Source have a NEW relationship because you/You/YOU and YOU/You/you have Embodied in your physical body incarnate self which automatically Shifts the entire package, the entire reality and more and that is a really great thing! It’s taking some time to adjust to this ongoing Inner Shift thank god, so relax and open completely to it. This is very rare so pay attention, enjoy the phenomena of it all, stay open to greater Inner Shifting and this final phase of your Embodiment Process will feel more at Home like.

Yes there’s always going to be the next ascension update, the next information bites from different people but what you/You/YOU now have is direct constant access to YOU Higher Self, Selves, Soul YOU and Source YOU and YOU as Source and no one can top that. Can’t wait to live through December 2019 and put a divine bow on this phase. ❤

Always With you, You, YOU.


November 24, 2019

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52 thoughts on “Trust & Rely On Your YOU/you Alignment Connection

  • Thank You Denise and everyone for the comments, Ive been wading in soo much frustration and resentment it really is time to disconnect and let go. I appreciate the input and need to start slowing down and just regrouping and just letting it all go. Im just needing to disconnect from that which ive carried or been connected to. I really appreciate this place and good work to everyone who’s made it this far.

    • ❤ ❤ ❤ Skoop. YOU are your main AP job now. We need all the NEW embodied Light people we can get as we shift into Phase 2 of the Ascension Process in January 2020, which will be very different from what Phase 1 was thank god!

  • we are systems destroyers, i always teach freely, it just would help recently if there was any hope of stability
    i am an endless encyclopedia of insight, i topple “giants”, but a little rich person need poor person would be ripe right now
    just saying
    being an unpaid beast at something, doesnt dilute it, it just makes me feel alone

    im a dick, but whos putting a gun at our heads to be down here, but whats putting a glass of water at our mouth to keep with it
    i keep feeling im wrong to be going through that, but homie, i have been here, with a connection and skill, and having to jump through all hell to get a wage, and all prosperity gospel create and attract things, really has got me nowhere here, plus craigslist charges you if you ask for more than 20
    well thatll get the job done wont it
    20 one time, thatll fix everything
    why havent i figured this out?

  • Sorry for always being the less than positive comment man, and being heard on here is the highest amongst us still going, despite some of us perpetually taking on the dark, sorrow, and mournful, yet again i find 7.10 in the bank and 3 days to go, and another few before thats gone, and still I dont go and ask for money, im not saying we dont need it, but my honesty perpetually agitates the closest money givers
    im not asking for money, just saying, if I still looked healthy maybe i could make a career out of anything
    but honestly, as long as ive been in this, I dont look anything like an established man, I look fried, burnt, a little heavy on the weak side
    just saying
    i am not asking, im just saying i didnt even make a bitching about all things podcast, idk why i wrote this, just saying, these healthys ask when they are full, i dont wanna ask when tommorrow should be what, honestly….fun, the universe, as hard as we wacked it, hasnt really put me in moneymoon sweets

    dude, ive been laid off multiple times this year despite my skill set
    im without a car and living in frozen tundra, and yes
    bored of the perpetual cabin(cave) this is i swear 3 years running
    maybe my mind has stopped, which it has, i go by feeling, i am as insightful AND retarded as can be
    but i have to have given up and become jaded, i have been arguing with those that feed me, and I guess this is the ultimate walk into freedom
    that or underwear modeling 😉

    Ive been staring the uni down and it still looks back with blank eyes, maybe i should consult a youtube medium, cuz im qualified, get jobs, get laid off, borrow money which will never get paid off, and alienate the patriarchal supporters enough that they arent much, i dont mind working, feel more at peace when I do, and seriously, I am really actually positively and skilled
    just been gettin last td starved out in the middle of barren hell and felt like saying that

    • Skoop,

      I already know there isn’t anything I can say to make it better. Not in late 2019! I will however throw some suggestions out but as is always the case, I expect you/You/YOU to do whatever it is that’s for your greatest, highest. (I’m not even going to include “good” in that sentence because oftentimes it’s the miserable shit things, people, situations etc. that force us the most, the fastest, and the highest.)

      Three years, could be a Saturn transit. Could just be the past three ascension years. Could be both and more. I strongly suspect it’s that last one.

      Please know that you no longer need to do battle with Team Dark, to clear, transmute and take out the trash anymore. Of course you can continue doing so if you want or feel or believe that it’s your Mission Work now at the end of 2019. What I’d like to suggest however is that you quit that old job immediately and Work full-time on you and only you. Why? Because the greater you embody these NEW energies and release the old stuff (I’m talking every speck of it), the less and less the old lower stuff will be able to remain in your space and vice versa. I know you already know all this but for those of us who’ve done so much transmuting of our own stuff and humanity’s and Team Dark and Duality etc. etc., it’s easy for us to get bogged-down by lower frequencies no matter what form they take — other humans, monsters, bosses, neighbors, aliens and so on. The form doesn’t matter that much at this late date.

      Here’s the punchline — The more Light one embodies, the worse it feels to be near anything and anyone that’s not filled with Light too. That was me trying to be polite.

      Many of us expected nonstop happyhappy the more we embody, embodied greater and higher frequencies of Light. Turns out however, at least at this point within everything that’s rushing towards completing Phase 1 of the AP, that that is not the case. Mega-fucking-bummer and not what most of us were expecting. BUT… the more one embodies and embodies a whole lot more, the negative crap in all its forms you’ll discover is slowly reducing and disappearing from your, my, our personal, individual lives and realities. Not in one big glorious Hollywood special effects flash like we’d all like, but slowly, incrementally and steadily.

      There’s transmuting the old lower stuff and negativity of the dying past AND there’s each of us constantly embodying greater and higher amounts of Light, NEW energies, NEW codes etc. which at this point is much more powerful and quick. This is why I suggest that you put down the old battle tools and take up embodying and releasing as your full-time Job. With Phase 2 of the AP about to begin globally with the start of January 2020, this will become increasingly necessary for many reasons. More Light in, more old stuff out and don’t look back because there’s nothing there anymore. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • So right Denise. We need to give up our sad old stories which we all have
        Let the dead bury the dead. Holding on to these old stories keep us locked in that reality.Do the best we can but eventually all these tired old stories have to go.

  • i honestly just went off on a tangent about this the other day, the ascension version of the prosperity gospel, people posting hour long videos every two days, looking completely unaffected, like the face of the company chef whos never broke a sweat in the kitchen………….
    get real
    if they were doing damage theyd be targeted, but they always look like new linens
    soo glad this came out cuz i have no time for these facebook ascenders
    a humble thanks for this solidifying article
    what a hot pancake inna world of nonsense
    pretty soon some of these people will be asking for donations for a private jet to “spread the word…..”
    only site Ive gone to for years regular, new back then this was the only meat and bones in the game

    • Good to hear from you, Skoop. That ‘walking into a river’ business just doesn’t cut it. Wading around in a river, okay, or a gentle swim okay, too. This article by Denise is perhaps THE most profound we’re gonna read to date… until Denise comes up with the next one. 😉 BIG thanks for all of the comments. Had some doubts today, decided to clean my bathroom instead… ’nuff said. Love, B.

  • Oh wow Denise. As usual I am usually drawn to your latest blog at a time when what you write resonates. I have over the last few months unsubscribed from newsletters/updates from ascension teachers that I have followed for years. Your latest blog very well articulates what I have been experiencing. I was finding that lately I was feeling disappointed and even bored by some of the information and updates coming through from previous favourite ascension teachers. Not because their information is not valid or important but because I felt I no longer needed their updates and found them a chore to read. I am now learning to trust my own inner guidance and now finally get that I am source incarnate, that all is within me. Your article is spot on. Thanks again for your timely article. Much love.

  • Yay for your atomic clocks and Your notes on Your calendar and Your connecting dots! Definitely feeling something exciting happening, and just now I got “000” as the final three numbers on Your “Readers” number count = NEW?! I’ll be watching for lots of synch winks NOW as we head towards the 12-12-12, and THANK YOU for once more paving the Way! Love, B.

  • I’ve been thinking a lot the last few days about this partially empty feeling I’ve had recently. I know I am NOT that which I have shed, and yet there’s part of me that is still integrating— still identifying with whatever peel or husk or old skin I’ve taken off. So, no surprise, the part of me attached to that old layer does feel empty. But it’s an illusion. I’m imagining that part of my consciousness like a little kid that lagged behind on a walk and just needs encouragement to run back to the FULL me/Me/ME.

    Like a lot of you have mentioned, I haven’t been drawn to many of the ascension writers/teachers whose work really has helped me in the past. Reading this article and all the wonderful comments helped me better understand one such illusory emptiness feeling around my not reading the articles, watching the videos, etc. So, thank you! ❤️

    Annj, I especially loved what you wrote:

    “I love the way we discuss how we are, how we feel, what’s bothering us. Each of Denise’s articles and her join in comments help us explore our personal AP/EP. A metaphysical yet tangible loving holding hands/hugs that is comforting and supportive to each of us.”


  • Hi Denise and All Here,

    After reading this post and allowing its succint-ness and energies to percolate within me for a couple of days, I can say that I’m feeling great relief to know that I can, now, safely admit to myself that all is within…that I am both the answers AND the questions that come through me, for me…in my quest for neutral allowance and resolution to ALL the realities that I interface with daily…and many of them are other people’s, tee hee!! Denise, your experience at Home Depot somehow crystallized for me what the term “zombie” has now actually come to mean at the level of the collective consciousness. I was never sure until then what the “attraction” was to all of this zombie stuff…and now I understand that it is/was just an outpicturing of all of society’s collective and unhealed responses to living out unresolved self-responsibility. No judgement…my god, I’ve been (and sometimes am) there…

    Thank you also, Denise, for never corporatizing your “sharings” or turning yourself into an ascension “industry.” For all of these years, your writings have always felt very much like a “family” affair and have never felt as if they were intended to be the source of a revenue stream or an attempt to communicate that it was “your way or the highway.” Thank you for this integrity and for this forum…both for which I am profoundly grateful.

    To Jain Lee, Cali Flower, Kate Street, Tracy Priest and everyone else here that I’ve not mentioned, your deep insights and awarenesses only enhance and expand my trajectory into the ever-growing possibilities that reside within my personal AP/EP journey. If you only knew how influential and impactful your comments have been to me…Thank you always…

    I listen to many different types of music…and there has been a very (to me) inspiring ditty from the “house music” sphere that I’ve been listening to for awhile. The name of the song is “It’s Your World” (Deeper NY Club Mix – featuring the singer Vaceo)…it’s a 10-minute version…and Denise, if you feel it’s appropriate to allow it, I’ll include the link to it below…With this most recent message of yours, I thought that the beat and the simple lyrics to this inspiring (for me) song were quite apropos…In-joy!

    Denise, thank you for allowing me to comment and to thank you and everyone here for their wisdom. Onward!

    • “If you only knew how influential and impactful your comments have been to me…Thank you always…” I can say the exact same about your comments, Dear Brother. Thank YOU. (And thanks for the catching tune ~ listening now ~ with the perfect title).

        • Everyone,

          I need to scribble this down before I forget. It’s taken me far too long to figure this one out as it is.

          I’ve had two atomic clocks for about fifteen years or so now and the entire time they have, repeatedly over the months and years, suddenly changed time. Sometimes it would only be hours that changed, but more often than not it’s hours, minutes and date and by many months sometimes. At first I just thought I needed to change the batteries which I did but this anomaly has continued happening. I’ve struggled to figure this one out, to put the strange pieces together, to interpret the message, if there even was one!

          But this morning I noticed a notation I’d made on my calendar, which I do to help me with linear time and when things happen and so on. I’ve done this every time one or both of my atomic clocks jumps time. I write down the day it happened then I go forward (this has ever only gone into the future) to the day in my calendar that the clock jumped to and write that information down there so I know when it happened and what date and time in the future the anomaly was pointing out.

          Yesterday, Wednesday November 27, 2019, I suddenly passed out, fell asleep around 11AM and didn’t wake up until around 3:30PM. I couldn’t believe how long and how deeply asleep and “gone” I was for so long yesterday! When I woke up yesterday I could feel that something important energy-wise had happened and that the ascending timeline had “jumped” way up a few more stair-steps, placing many of us in another NEW higher location/space/place/reality etc. Now here comes the fun part about all this.

          It wasn’t until this morning, Thursday November 28th Turkey Day 2019, that I noticed the note I’d written on my calendar. I wrote it back in August and wrote on November 27th that my clock had jumped to THAT date back in August.

          You know how we’ve been seeing our regular clocks being used to relay messages to us about energies and certain dates, days, hours, hours and minutes? Energies like 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, 3:33, 5:55, 222, 777, 999 and so on? Well I think I’ve finally realized after all these years of my atomic clocks jumping time into the future by many months is some cases, that this same sort of thing has been happening this way too. I believe that my atomic clocks have been trying to get me to notice certain dates in the future because they are upcoming potent energetic shift points within the AP that continues shifting, jumping, stair-stepping upward the ascending timeline(s) we’re on.

          In other words (this should be in an article and I’ll probably do that because I think this is worthy), when my atomic clocks suddenly jump time into the future, I think they’re just another form of “messages” like our seeing certain number combinations on our clocks and elsewhere, trying to point out to us that another major ascension stair-step is coming where the primary ascending timeline moves up another few levels, which also causes more Separation from the old lower past timelines and Earth realities etc. Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to connect these clock, time, future, ascending timeline shift points! Oh well. So while I was passed out yesterday for hours and hanging out in nowhere space, the entire ascending Earth moved up a few more energy stair-steps into higher NEW Earth, as did many of us.

          I strongly sense that December 12, 2019 (2+0+1+9=12) is another one of these energy timeline increases up more ascending stair-steps because it, 12-12-12 of 2019, and 12-21-12 of 2019 are VERY big shifts, jumps, steps up within the 10, 11 and 12 months, days and energies of these last three (trinity) months of 2019. 2020 is an entirely NEW higher level of the Ascension Process, and the Embodiment Process too. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • That is so cool, Denise! Thanks for sharing it. My husband’s birthday is 12/12 and my middle daughter is 12/21. I’m very excited to see what December (and then January) holds! ❤️❤️

        • Hi Denise,

          Happy Thankfulness Day to those in the US and beyond.

          I am grateful for you Denise and this space you have created for us! Also I am thankful for your post about time messages as I felt a major step up in the AP/EP yesterday.

          I wasn’t supposed to have the day off yesterday but my boss suddenly decided on Tuesday to give us Wednesday off. I kept saying yesterday, November 27, 2019, was a day out of time and I felt our discussion here at HHL about letting go of teachers was a strong indication of our graduation to a new level (like Kate said “…when the student is ready, the teacher disappears”…love that!) When I woke up, the keyboard on my laptop simply stopped responding (luckily I have an external keyboard I could plug in and use.) I passed out last night at 8pm and slept until 6am (having many dreams and getting up repeatedly to go to the bathroom only to fall right back to sleep, not usual for me).

          🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations to us all! We are Awesome Superheros of Love!

          Feeling very grateful for you Denise and all here at HHL! 🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Nancy

        • “I believe that my atomic clocks have been trying to get me to notice certain dates in the future because they are upcoming potent energetic shift points within the AP that continues shifting, jumping, stair-stepping upward the ascending timeline(s) we’re on.” Omgoodness, OF COURSE! It seems so obvious now! I’m laughing, Sister, that none of us figured our your atomic clock anomaly before now. I guess when we’re supposed to KNOW, we KNOW.
          It’s nice when a puzzle piece fits into place. Happy Turkey Day, Denise. (I’m spending mine with my whole right shoulder, neck, and back seized up. Can barely move. BUT I’m peaceful in my head, which I’m VERY grateful for!)

        • “Omgoodness, OF COURSE! It seems so obvious now! I’m laughing, Sister, that none of us figured our your atomic clock anomaly before now.”

          Amazing isn’t it Kate S. that something so blatant like my clocks jumping time repeatedly over these ascension years was something I couldn’t make the connections with until this morning! Gads the patience upstairs has with us. 🙄 And it’s common when we go through these big ascending timeline shifts to just fall asleep for hours and hours. Did it again a bit today but it wasn’t nearly as intense and obvious as yesterday was for me.

          I’m so sorry your right shoulder, neck and back are seized up and have physically immobilized you. It’s been my left side, shoulder, neck and lower back very severely since October but it’s finally releasing whatever old stuff was DEEP in there, like genetically DEEP I mean. This is some major releasing old lower and embodying higher NEW we’ve been going through for months and months this year. Release and feel better soon Kate S. ❤

  • Dear Denise,

    I have a few confessions to make, which I hope you won’t mind. First, since I began reading your words, what seems like many years ago, I quit reading / listening to everyone else because I felt their various egos were transparently ruining what they were trying to do. I had to spend tremendous amounts of time sifting through useless and boring baloney, which always left me feeling short changed. Prior to that, at an earlier time in my life I managed a so-called spiritual publishing company (when they realized I’d figured out there wasn’t a drop of spiritual awareness in anything they were doing I was fired.) Then I managed a music publishing company that was anything but spiritual, and when my contract ran out I did, too. The ‘noise’ of reality outside of my own I strictly filter, which includes most people, just about anything online, almost all print journalism, and what spews from television or other electronic gizmos / gadgets. However, what you and other individuals write in this forum I sometimes save, which I then return to.

    It is impossible for me to impart how important your forum is for me, but allow me to try. For six weeks I have been literally screaming at people who are employed in the medical profession, while I suddenly have a new full time job trying to ferret out what I actually need from traditional medicine, and what is harmful / life threatening. The sludge I am choking on and wading through are ancient patriarchy belief systems; if I had not faithfully read your words going back years explaining how some are going up the stairs while others are treading water to keep from drowning I would not be educated enough to find my way through. There is so much I have let go of that there is not much left, but yet, here we all are. We have each other.

    You have no idea how often and how deeply or fully I have read your words, sobbing, all alone in what I am living through, hanging on with the last shred of stubborn energy I have left. All around me are layers of corruption, dishonesty, what I call evil, and steady insults that hit me as thoroughly as if I am being stoned to death.

    Through all of this, you are an ardent cheerleader of a new dawn, and one which I am looking forward to. It seems sometimes that my entire life has been lived to lead up to this point, and because there are no coincidences, as other parts of my life are reduced, the reality here is enhanced, expanded upon, made exquisite.

    Love, Cali

  • Hello Denise,

    Unbeknownst to me I’ve been filtering the “teachers” for awhile now. They just regurgitate and echo each other. Or worse, put out negativity and fear, a doomsday scenario. To be honest, I’ve put off all, even you, for quite some time, just to see what rang true for me on the inside.

    Alas, I always come back to you. You ring true as a crystal bell to my heart. Bless you, pure soul. And thank you so very much for what you do.

    There’s so much sadness the collective consciousness is stirring up lately, have you noticed? It’s like they’re going through the 5 stages of grief;

    Love you Denise and everyone here, hang on we’re really close!

    • Thank you Jain Lee and everyone for your kind words and honesty. ❤

      I had to go to Home Depot yesterday and it was the worst I've ever experienced it in there. There were employees all over the aisle (and others) where I needed to figure out light bulbs. Everyone remember when light bulbs were just light bulbs?! Regular and florescent? Not so any longer! 🙄 Anyway, I'm there trying to educate myself about these new light bulbs and the employees were in my way, didn't offer any help and weren't any help when I asked them about something. The age range of these people ran from males and females in there 20s, 30s, 40s and a couple in their 50s and everyone of them acted the same age — young and disrespectful. I've experienced this behavior from younger people but this entire group with this wide age difference were all acting like self-absorbed jerks that didn't care whatsoever about the shoppers.

      As I stood there IN their energies I started to sense them at a deeper level and what I discovered was that ALL OF THEM are, unconsciously, in a state of constant acceptance of the crap, negativity and collapse of their world that they have no real idea about. All they sense is that life’s become utter shit and the “future” doesn’t exist like they all — young and old — believed it would for each of them. This anger, outrage, blaming the Boomers etc. is very obvious in the younger people, but to see and feel it in this wide age range of regular people was surprising to me. It shouldn’t have been but was and in that moment of insight yesterday about this, all I could think about was, how are the regular people going to deal with 2020’s energies and global changes?! The Separation has never been more obvious and the incoming NEW planetary codes/energies/blueprints that January 2020 will manifest physically will help many people with this but won’t make any difference for many others.

      • Yes!! Thank you for this beautiful and wise comment. I feel the same way. I can’t express the validation of your work Denise in sharing that purging ain’t no fun, and that it is okay to not be in a constant state of bliss. Phew!!

        I too have felt an enormous pull over the past few months to follow guidance from within and truly connect to my highest Self. But I tell you I find it hard! This is the overarching lesson of ascension and awakening…to find and follow our own inner guidance above all else.

        Thank you again dear friends, such a support to know I’m not alone in this.


  • Denise, I have to share with you the timing of your article. I had JUST taken Sandra Walter’s new “Preparing for 2020” e-book out of my in-box (without reading it), saying “NO ONE can tell ME how to prepare or align for 2020,” and then RIGHT AFTER that your new post showed up. I had to laugh and laugh and laugh. It makes PERFECT sense that this is the only info you could relay at this time…because it is the PERFECT information in PERFECT timing. Thank you, as always, Dear Sister.

    P.S. As much respect as I’ve had for Sandra Walter over the years (and will continue to for I do believe she’s doing the work she should be doing), she’s another that has fallen by the wayside for me recently, as it’s clear that as well as she understands her own role as Gatekeeper, she doesn’t fully “get” the role of anchors and I can’t have anyone telling me anymore that I should feel blissful when I clearly DON”T feel blissful and am NOT supposed while clearing the shit. It felt really GOOD to let that one go. Another step FULLY into my OWN power. I thank her for her role in that particular step for me.

    P.P.S. Which is another reason why YOU are so valuable, Denise. You speak to us on the same level, as an ascension friend, instead of a guide or guru. You NEVER tell us how we “should” feel and THAT is a gift in and of itself. You’ve always been so very real, authentic, raw, and down-to-earth and I thank you, thank you, thank you for that. Love you, Sister.

    • Dear Kate,

      Omg, I’ve just had the same experience with Sandra Walter’s 2020 article that just came out. I’ve literally scanned the bold headlines and closed it with a thank you. She’s really really blissful and bless her but that hasn’t been my experience.

      She doesn’t shame for not feeling the same but from my feel, most people aren’t “blissful” right now or for the last 15 years or so. Bliss comes and goes, as well as sad, mad, glad.

      What eventually settles is neutrality. I guess I can say I’m blissfully neutral.

      Thank you for the giggles and synchronicity Kate!

      • “What eventually settles is neutrality. I guess I can say I’m blissfully neutral.”

        There it is! 🙂 True freedom. Thanks Jain Lee for your honesty. ❤

    • Thank you so much for your honesty Kate S., especially about Sandra Walter and her latest. I have dozens of things I’d like to say right here but will refrain. I don’t need to say anything because she does love putting it all on camera. 😀

      I too have benefited from some of Sandra’s intel over the past few years. She is good at what she does, she’s also good at judging other Volunteers, repeatedly, and often on camera. If someone cannot accept that all of the Volunteers with all of their specialties are absolutely needed to get this massive ascension job done on Earth and elsewhere, then there’s a problem there. You see it, feel it, know it and keep moving forward doing what you’ve done all along anyway.

      I have always been very conscious of the fact that when I’ve written about Team Dark, Portal People (PP) both human and non, both physical and non-physical, that I would instantly repel a lot of people, readers. Most people have not wanted to know about this old negative miserableness and don’t want anyone focusing on it in any way. I understand that but it doesn’t change the fact that they’ve existed and have done far more harm to humanity than most realize. Point is that writing about Team Dark and PP and other negative aliens and entities etc. has been something I was supposed to do because I’ve had a lot of firsthand conscious experiences and conversations with many of them over the decades. This has changed of course the deeper into the AP we get, but I wasn’t going to restrict what I wrote about just to not cause certain people to feel uncomfortable. The negativity has been there, we needed to know about it, and we need to continue evolving beyond it/them, just as we are.

      So yes, anchors, Lightwarriors who’ve cleared and transmuted unimaginable negativity across linear time on Earth and in the lower astral and elsewhere, Pathpavers and on and on. So many Volunteers doing so much in so many different ways, levels, dimensions and all for different reasons because they ALL have had to be done to get us, Earth and humanity and more to the point we’re at right now at the end of 2019. ALL. We’re ALL co-Workers ALL Working on the same project.

      Plus bliss is overrated in my opinion. 😆 Now, true freedom is another story altogether… ⭐ ❤ 🙂 Thanks again Kate S. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Denise, and all my other Amazing Sisters and Brothers ~ I just remembered an exciting quote I heard recently and it FITS in PERFECTLY with all we’ve been talking about (and shedding). It’s a continuation of a quote we all know well, but there’s more to it I hadn’t heard before. It goes like this: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears. When the student is REALLY ready, the teacher DISAPPEARS.” THIS is what we’re all experiencing! The disappearance of those teachers we needed along the way. Because NOW we not only know the way ourselves…we know that WE are THE WAY! What a time of celebration!!! And I’m sure Sandra, in her wisdom, would agree that NOT needing HER ~ or any other ascension teacher ~ IS part of the goal. When my husband and I had our own personal training business we always said the best thing is for us to LOSE our customers business because they wouldn’t NEED us anymore. We’d taught them enough so they could be self-reliant. So, spiritually we are now understanding that we CAN be reliant on our TRUE SELF first, foremost, and ONLY. And what a HUGE stair-step that must be! Right onto another staircase, called Ascension Phase 2, right Denise?! LOVE YOU ALL!

      • Dear Denise,
        I have lost much interest in reading AP material too, since months now.
        Your blog is the only one I read, though I don’t check it as often as I used to. Sometimes I just think about it, if that makes any sense.
        Years ago, when I had just started reading AP articles, it felt a little uneasy reading about portal people and similar.
        Then, coming out of what felt like a multiple patriarchal attack, as I was trying not to cry and find the strenght to go back to work, I suddenly thought “oh, Denise!”. Yes, it was you who wrote about those things, while many others where speaking just of the fluffy or self blaming stuff. So I read through your older writings and your blog (it was still transitions) became the one that meant more to me.
        Hugs and thank you 💖

    • Dear Kate,

      Thank you for your honest sharing. It gave me a lot to consider and felt very liberating and empowering! Bring on 2020!

      Thanks again and Big Hugs to you and Denise and All, Nancy

    • Right in there with you on this Kate. I gave up on Sandra Walter and others some months ago when they intimated that we were doing it wrong if we were hurting! Also I am turned off by the opening ‘beloveds’. Reminds me of patriarchal religions. I far prefer Denise’s down to the plainly worded nitty gritty truth. I also feel that we are seeing more clearly their ego involvement. Here is unique in that we all contribute. I love the way we discuss how we are, how we feel, what’s bothering us. Each of Denise’s articles and her join in comments help us explore our personal AP/EP. A metaphysical yet tangible loving holding hands/hugs that is comforting and supportive to each of us. Denise you are so loved and appreciated. 💖

      • “I also feel that we are seeing more clearly their ego involvement.”


        The more you, me, we each Embody, the more we’re automatically knowing even deeper, other people, ourselves, worlds, realities etc. It simply comes with what we’re becoming. And you’re right Annj, there’s still so much old religious overtones in so many people’s ascension consciousness and therefore their information.

        “Here is unique in that we all contribute. I love the way we discuss how we are, how we feel, what’s bothering us.”

        Like I’ve said many times over these ascension years — I don’t want followers, I want co-Workers. ❤ This wonderful Group sharing we do here at HighHeartLife (HHL) is exactly what we've always done in higher non-physical levels and dimensions. We get together and share current ascension experiences, difficulties, pains, complaints, progress, excitement and so on. I've intended to have that same thing at that same higher level but right here in the physical dimension online.

        And I so love and appreciate each of you for making my AP and EP easier and being those Volunteer co-Workers and this growing HighHeartLife reality. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Denise thank you for this validation..again. My go to ppl have all fallen to the wayside these past 5 plus yrs. All but you. You have always validated what had happened or was happening for me. I have never been afraid to be alone in my beliefs and knowledge but having you reiterating it all has been a lovely support. Thank you again for all you do and share. As for 2020…thank god its here and BRING IT

  • This is all I’ve been feeling and thinking for 2-3 days and here you write about it…shouldn’t surprise me, does amaze me, the validation, and yet I’ll take the good & loving advice…trust ME on this. It’s so weird and wonderful to be lose self-doubt. To look at others and question them now, NOT me. To not give a shit about differing opinion, to not be swayed. To be bored, annoyed and admit it listening to others who DON’T know as much and shut them off, find better, or just go without and listen to fun music!! I’M FINE. To be around family, intolerant of nonsense, not seeing them as mighty, everyone has shrunk, and me coming towards intimate terms with my own power like Gulliber waking up on the beach. Remembering… I’m willingly, busy remembering now something I didn’t know I lost and forgot. Like discovering a pirate treasure, looking out on Oregon’s beaches! I was driving across the eastern Sierra to Oregon to see uncle and cousin this Thanksgiving, feeling ALL of THIS while driving all day Saturday across beautiful regions… My choice to visit them was the better choice for the holiday. Not used to making the “better choice” ahead of “time” used to realizing it after the fact. The freedom is so great now. But the wealth of having my whole being RETURNED to me…is unspeakable. You know, I remember being in the kitchen in a small apartment in Koreatown reading my first post. I remember standing there exhausted and dilapidated in sweat clothes, surrounded by physical hardship in every way, reading your work for first time…and thinking the same exact thing. She’s on MY side. Thank you🤟

  • 🎯you/You/YOU YOU/You/you 🎯

    me/Me/ME ME/Me/me .. I wrote this ‘me’ version in my journal, a few days ago 😮(😆) ..
    I completely agree with the ‘looking outside’ yourself perspective .. And I feel the same about some of the humans that I’ve looked to for guidance, confirmation etc.. Many of the old standbys just don’t jive with me/Me/ME anymore.. no judgement regarding them but I did feel a sense of disappointment .. and you’re right Denise, at first it felt like ‘that’ lonely space again 🙄 .. so, i bitched to my/My/MY Teams about this .. ‘hey y’all 🤷🏼‍♀️??? WTH happened to all the UNIFIED, us/Us/US business we/We/WE have been harping and carrying ON about for years?? Where is THAT now?? ‘cause I’m ((feeling)) a little solo out here AGAIN.. I admit, ‘my’ attitude WAS rather snarky 😠.. however, one of my Me’s managed to get thru to ‘😠 me’ and explained it like this, “we/ We/WE have crossed the threshold and are no longer required to tell our ‘carbon’ stories .. (😲 what?!!) ‘Me’ continued, NOW we/WE/WE are SHARING our stories of Our experiences in OUR quantum fields with EACH OTHER. oh. Oh. OH! 💡🌐🌏.. (me, ‘oh! Like we got a NEW Netflix/Prime/Disney station added into our ‘external viewing realities?? ) Me, ‘Correct. We are successfully ‘creating’ a New collective consciousness and IT contains a NEW genre of our/Our/OUR stories.. the ‘old’ stories will not ‘run’ for very long in THIS frequency. (hence the disappointment feeling)’s like We are experiencing an ‘overlap’ of the 2 timelines/stations .. and i/I/👁 (( feel)) like the 2020 (20/20) timeline is [[ strengthening]] this ‘new collective consciousness/station of our/Our/OUR stories.. and boy isn’t that a niiiice ((feeling)) ??? Good on ya, y’all! for getting us/Us/US to this new vibration .. methinks 🤔 it’s about to get real people-y .. in a good way (lol 😉) .. so keep sharing Y(OUR) stories! .. we/We/WE are OUT of ‘re-write’ and ARE IN ‘FULL ON CREATION’ ! (read that again) So please, SHARE YOUR STORY! .. for entertainment purposes , if nothing else 😂😂! Rest In Peace 2019, thank you for your service! And HELLLLLOOOOO 2020!

    And Denise, I can hardly wait to read YOUR next ‘series’ !! 😂😂

  • Thank you for saying out loud what my soul is screaming.
    Just last week I realised I was outgrowing so much.
    Resonates differently now and no longer feels right for me.
    Thank you Denise and Source, needed this confirmation, so much love!

  • Im so glad you wrote this piece. All through out this year, I have unsubscribed from 80 percent of the spiritual websites and Gurus I used to follow. . They just don’t mean anything to me anymore, and for a moment there I thought I was done with My Ascension and embodiment and was going backwards, or was kicked out the “program”. But I was getting stronger and more aware of my self and trusting who I am to the point I did figure out I don’t need them any more. I just need a little Denise to let me know its all ok and ill be ok. Thank you Denise.

  • Right on, Denise! 💗
    From July I’ve been experiencing the same.
    I have removed myself from so many FB groups, unsuscribed to so many newsletters, unfollowed so many teachers…I still need to use social media for some practical stuff but I’m keeping it to the bare minimum. The silence that followed is so yummy! I’m loving it!
    Initially I didn’t follow the prompts but soon I noticed that I was not keeping up with the highest timeline possible. The big change came then in October. Once again, I felt the fluctuations of timelines but this time around I was a bit more aligned with my truth, following my heart and inner guidance.
    Speaking of timelines, I noticed that when I feel the fluctuations I also experience lots of deja vú, does anyone know why?
    I also noticed, when sometimes reading some posts, I feel my frequency energy lowering so that was another reason for making the changes I did.
    It’s like the mind cannot fool the heart anymore!
    Much gratitude to you and all here 💗

  • Thank you, Denise. I echo a gentle ‘yes’ to all that you have expressed. It’s not what is happening outside that is important, it’s what is happening inside. I have not been a fan of what I came to understand as Embodiment as taught by many, because I instinctively knew, or intuitively knew, or somehow knew that we already were embodied as conscious expressions of what was/is and ever shall be intended by Source… love and trust. Just missed the connection there for a while, but I need to say that without the teachers I have had, you, Denise, being for years my number one, I might have missed what it took to be human-Source Connected. And that has made all the difference. Couldn’t resist that fork in the road expression. Love to you and All Here. B.

    • Interesting comment on Embodiment Barbara. I tend to concur about already being conscious expressions of Source.
      I couldnt relate to teachings about consciously connecting with each part of the body through breathing, or needing to walk outside with shoes off to connect with the Earth. It seemed to me the body was always part of outer experience here, and reflected our resonance in the moment, whether we were consciously tuning into it or not. Also, that we don’t end at the body’s perimeter and need to somehow pull ourselves into it.
      It also seemed that we are intimately connected to the Earth even when inside the house;. In addition, that our energy field extends into it, and our consciousness meshes with it all the time. Just my perspective, and I know many wouldn’t agree with me.
      I too have given up old gurus and writers, and can’t connect if I try and go back to them. There’s just a disconnect and my eyes glaze over. My main conscious motivation in reading blogs is to connect with those of like resonance when I have been isolated from others through this process for so long. It’s nice to know how others are doing… and get a bit of hope in signs of forward movement among the larger group too, if I’m honest.
      Thanks Denise. Well said and I agree too.

  • Dearest Denise and All,
    So, so sweet and long sought, exquisitely true are your words, Denise. We have everything to be totally thankful for at this Thanksgiving time.
    Thank you for your time, truth and honesty and your beautiful light.
    Love and Light to you, Denise and All.

  • OMG Denise! 🎉🎉🎉 Just this morning I was reading some ascension writings and I was so disappointed. I thought I have outgrown reading most, if not all, these teachers. WOW! I will continue to check in, but thank you for the encouragement to trust ME as Source.👼 Big A-HA!
    Deep gratitude and Love to you and All!🌈🌈🌈❤️❤️❤️ Nancy❤️❤️❤️

  • Right on Denise, and exactly my own guidance and wisdom …… to my Self.

    No need for gurus, I AM my own guru, no go-betweens, absolutely no third parties involved, just Me, My Self and I …… my very own Triality.

    Back in the day, books, conferences, groups, visits to sacred sites etc., etc., all were useful tools along the way, and slowly but surely I needed less and less, until we get to here and now, the most important moment in ‘time’, and I am left with me, my higher self, my higher wisdom ……………. I am grateful beyond belief that I have walked my personal sacred ascension path, whilst being discerning, all the while using my intuition and knowing, and relying only on self & higher self to guide me through.

    This is such a perfect sharing for these ‘now times’, moving deeper into the process, and closer to 5D.

    I used to share a laugh with my spiritual friends, saying ” when we arrived on this planet, we came with NO instruction manual, NO compass, NO directions and NO darned packed lunch” It took many years to realise that we brought with us the one and only ‘item’ we would need for survival – connection to Self.

  • In the spirit of this article, there are a few bits that I keep waiting for some one else to mention in the ‘community of people that talk about this that I still glance at some times’.

    No one has mentioned this. Not that I’ve seen, and it strikes me as odd. Since its coming up real soon, I’ve decided to risk my safety and speak in public.

    This is the first confirmed comet from ‘somewhere else’ that is not going to stay, its just going to visit and leave our system forever when it goes. Roll the possible astrological metaphors for that around in your head. Funny that we should have a visitor like this just now and it be the first one. The confirmed part is significant in that – whether one knows or not – it is part of the whole human conscious mind as a consequence.

    Love and peace to one and all this season of thanks giving.

    • Mark, you have just introduced a subject that brings a glimmer of life into the interminable void that existence in this shit-show has become. I remember how excited I used to get about a new comet coming in – the harbingers of change – and especially the spectacular Comet Holmes. I love that this one is coming from the direction of Cassiopeia, and that I can spend time researching it. I also like that you said “the first one”, because the phrase “The running of the comets” has been part of my thinking for decades but I had tucked it away in my mental basement along with all the other disappointments. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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