More Light Means More Knowing

Remember how I’d heard some ascended someone gleefully say in October that, ‘We’d need each of our Triple Crowns to get ourselves through the last three months of 2019!’? Indeed.

Like my November 24, 2019 article, this one is also one I was not planning on writing and certainly not now. However, I know to pay attention, discern, stay in the higher flow and trust that this is exactly what I’m supposed to talk about right now. This change seems to have become a theme for me since the second half of November and I feel it has to do with the start of what I’m calling Phase 2 of the Ascension Process with our entrance into 2020.

Also, the last few days of November transition into December 2019 was intense to say the least. Sudden severe structural and spine pains, muscle spasms, vertigo, eyes feeling numb and foreign again, and the need to sleep and sleep and sleep some more which is good because you get out-of-body while it embodies more NEW energies and makes the necessary adjustments and adaptations. If you’re not experiencing these increased physical body pains, great, but do not project your lack of awareness about the whys of this or your beliefs or ego on those who are living it.

Some may need to buckle-up before we get into this while others won’t flinch no matter how multidimensionally freakish it gets. Either way here we go into material I had not planed on delving into at the end of November and shift into December 2019. We are after all in “the holiday season” and this material is anything but festive. Important yes, festive no. Nevertheless, I know to pay attention when I’m suddenly impulsed to go somewhere online and checkout whatever it is I’m supposed to be aware of at that moment. This happened to me again in November 2019 and I’ll get into that in a moment.

This article is not intended to amplify anyone’s fears, only point out that as we embody more and more Light, we become increasingly aware of our multidimensionality and increasingly conscious of more nonhuman, nonphysical plus physical other dimensional beings, beings from other universes, parallel realities, positive ETs, inorganic negative ETs and peculiar inorganic creatures, inorganic creations and some of their Artificial Intelligence (AI) devices etc. Evolution includes humanity consciously realizing that there’s far more fantastical participants—cosmic, universal, multidimensional, interdimensional, parallel realities etc.—than previously believed or aware of before the Ascension Process began. We’re now at this evolutionary point and it’s only going to increase dramatically with the start of 2020. Some call this our re-entry into Universal Society, some call it disclosure, some spiritual disclosure. What it is is humanity evolving and having to realize for themselves that Others have always existed, near and far, and in a variety of states most humans will have a hard time comprehending.

Light is knowing more, a lot more consciously. Higher Awareness is just that, not ego, not fear, not naivety, not gullibility but knowing more and being emotionally neutral about it because one has evolved to a higher frequency and level of consciousness. More and more embodied Light means more and more individual knowing which automatically brings with it greater individual responsibility.

From around 2015, I’ve been increasingly perceiving and dealing with more and more new-to-me nonhuman, nonphysical phenomena and coming from me that’s saying something. I’m used to seeing, hearing, sensing, feeling, being affected by and communicating and interacting with certain nonphysical beings in the physical, astral and elsewhere, but this evolutionary ascension expansion has been escalating this for myself and many each year post 2012. (If interested see A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (2010) for some of my earlier experiences with certain positive and negative aliens, beings, entities, demons and inorganic beings.)

Since the 1970s there’s been lots written and added to the human collective consciousness about ETs. Some of this information has come from people who’ve experienced contact and abductions etc. by ETs but more of this information has come from people who’ve never personally experienced anything with any ETs at all. That information is somewhat distorted and misleading with plenty of speculation, heaping piles of incorrect information and overall lack of Higher Awareness which has made the entire thing far more difficult and in many cases dangerous. Many in the Ascension Community have been experiencing a general multidimensional increase of their Higher Awareness, their knowing over the past twenty-plus years, but very few have talked openly online about it. It’s a vast, complex, difficult multidimensional, multi-universal, multi-reality situation and any interaction with any of the Others is deeply personal and is permanently life, reality and consciousness changing. Positive, negative, shocking, outrageous, beautiful and horrendous, it’s all amazing and instantly alters one permanently.

I’ve lived for nearly 68 years now as a Volunteer physical incarnate human on physical Earth surrounded by about 7.5 billion humans. Every one of those humans are different. They’re all humans yet they’re all very different because of individual development, spiritual development, level of consciousness, level of awareness, or being basically unaware of most everything beyond the physical. Some humans are filled with Light and are now of a very high frequency and consciousness while the majority of humans are not that at all but all of them are human. Point is that just as different as humans are, so too are the positive ETs, so too are the negative ETs, so too are inorganic beings, creatures and Others that exist at and in other levels of Universal reality.

Before the Ascension Process began humanity existed in the old lower Evolutionary Cycle that was about Duality in all ways. With humanities evolution out of that lower level, frequency and Cycle up into what’s called Unity or Trinity, Triality frequency and consciousness, our old concepts and awareness about ETs was pretty black and white. We are however becoming increasingly aware that it’s all different shades of gray really, and to honestly know anything about any of this, you had better excel at being able to discern and read energies so that you personally KNOW whose who and what’s what. If you haven’t developed this natural higher ability to energetically discern and read energies and aliens and all else then I strongly suggest you start working on that immediately. Discerning energies and all else requires expanding feeling and feeling awareness, not using linear thinking. Get out of your head and pay attention to your whole body and whole being Higher Awareness perceptions, feelings and sensing ability.

I’ve never traveled to a foreign country but I know that before one leaves one country for another there are things one has to do first such as get a passport, get certain vaccinations, do some research, educate yourself about where you’re going, the culture(s), the language(s), the weather, clothing of that foreign country and so on. All common sense actions. The same things are necessary now due to our having reached the completion of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process and our entry into Phase 2 of the Ascension Process with the start of 2020. We’re all about to enter a new higher level and phase of the evolutionary Ascension Process and this topic is only one of many that will increasingly be in our awareness and lives in a variety of ways.

Humanity has been and continues to be in transition from one “country”—one dimension, one level of being, one level and frequency of consciousness and reality etc.—to another they’ve never been to before. That alone has been the cause of tremendous increases in ET encounters in the physical and astral with both organic ETs and negative inorganic beings and a whole host of other Others that are so unlike anything we’ve experienced before that it’s difficult to describe them and what it’s like encountering them at this point. Again, honest and accurate discernment is a must-have personal tool from here forward. Our re-entering Universal Society demands it of us all.

At times during the early years of my physical biological Ascension Process—1999 to 2004 specifically—the space between my physical body seated in my chair and my TV about 8–10 feet away was so jam-packed full of nonphysical negative creatures and god knows what all that I literally could not physically see my TV. It was a Team Dark rave party going on all around me back then, so much so that they, those nonphysical negative beings, entities, inorganic beings and certain AI devices and I don’t know what all literally blocked my view of the TV 8–10 feet away from my physical body. There were times I thought I’d lose my mind during that time and I suspect I came close a couple times due to the severity and length of the multidimensional and interdimensional other Others I experienced. Because I was an ascension Volunteer and my pre-incarnational Soul Contracted activation started with the start of 1999, meant I was seen and felt even more by Team Dark than I had been before. When the Light started returning on what’s been a Dark planet for thousands of years, immediate unpleasant repercussions ensued. Whatever, just do what you came here to do and so we have.

Since 1999 when a nonphysical entity, sometimes a dead human, or negative alien and like Others comes into contact with my physical house and space that interdimensional energetic impact causes an audible sound like a bang, pop, thump or hit on a wall(s) or ceiling area of your house. No it’s not your “house settling”, it’s a nonphysical something or someone that has literally entered your space and physical house. And if you’re paying close attention at the time something like this happens, you’ll typically see a simultaneous manifestation of a small ball of light or a moving flash of light, a dead human orb or any number of other anomalies inside your house. Both phenomena are the same event—something or someone nonphysical and usually nonhuman enters your space and when that happens there’s an immediate side effect which is often a physical sound(s) with simultaneous visual phenomena which is typically very fast moving and light or dark thing or things inside your house.

The Embodiment Process

Like so many terms used to describe happenings in the evolutionary Ascension Process, some of them do not do justice to the event. I feel the term Embodiment Process is one of these and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to think of another name for it that’s closer to what it actually is because there’s some confusion about this.

We’ve always been embodied while incarnate in physical human bodies on Earth. It’s just that in the past we were only capable of a very small amount of our Higher Self, Selves and Soul embodied in our physical bodies. Just enough to keep us alive organically in the physical but not much more than that. Let’s say for ease of communication that humanity has had something around 2% of their Higher Self, Selves, Soul embodied in their physical bodies during incarnations. 2% (say) has been the standard base rate. That was all that could be safely dealt with and handled in the old lower patriarchal negativity, density and darkness on Earth and in living human bodies and consciousness. That (say) 2% was always totally organic meaning it originated from Divine Source. You have always been organic Source connected while in physical human form, it’s just been only (say) 2% worth.

All that has been changing during the Ascension Process however. Slowly and steadily the First Everythingers have been experiencing that natural organic (say) 2% connection to their Higher Self, Selves, Soul and Source increased bit-by-bit, energy Wave after energy Wave since 1998–1999. The entire Body and Brain Rewiring has been about this—about evolving, upgrading, expanding through the Rewiring Process so that much MORE than the (say) 2% base rate of higher, faster vibrating Light energies could be embodied while alive and in one’s physical body and not have that constant turning up the heat process fry us alive, drive us mad, destroy our physical body, our CNS and so on. The Inner Body Vibrations you’ve been feeling and living with for however long it’s been for you to date, that inner vibration is you embodying more and more organic Source Light energies that enable you and your physical body to safely embody higher and higher percentages of your Higher Self, Selves, Soul and Source directly. Our pre-ascension base rate of (say) 2% has been steadily increasing all these years so eventually we individually reach 100% connection constantly with organic Source, Higher Self, Selves and Soul in our physical bodies, selves and consciousness. The Volunteers, the First Everythingers, the Forerunners have been in a process of expanding and vibrationally increasing what others have called their ‘Light quotient’ incrementally. This is why.

Hopefully now why some of us have been in a lot of body pain for decades should make more sense to those who haven’t been doing this energetic Pathpaving for humanity. Phase 2 of the Ascension Process starting in 2020 will change that however for the First Wave of regular Humans that will be activated via their pre-incarnational Soul Contracts, to begin their Ascension Process and start to embody more and much higher frequencies. Happy NEW Year First regular Human Wave group. Welcome to the great evolutionary party taking place, finally, right inside your physical bodies and consciousness.

Know that there will be a Second Wave of regular Humans that will be activated a while after the First Wave of regular Humans to begin the Ascension Process in Phase 2, and there will be a Third Wave of regular humans that will be activated after that group to begin the Ascension Process and so on and so on. There were the First Wave VOLUNTEER Groups activated in 1998–1999, then the Second Wave Volunteer Group was activated a few years after that, then the Third Wave Volunteer Group was activated a few years after that and so on during Phase 1 of the Ascension Process. 2020 starts Phase 2 of the Ascension Process and it begins this same process of stair-step activation’s of the First, Second and Third Wave groups of REGULAR HUMANS to begin to live and embody the Ascension Process. Stair-steps, always stair-steps.

The Inorganic Aliens & Others

With the organic Embodiment Process better explained we’re now going to discuss some rather unpleasant and truly strange creatures that are inorganic. Briefly because this is long already, these inorganic aliens and other beings are ones that intentionally turned away from Source long ago. They believed themselves to be greater than Source and intentionally disconnected themselves from IT. That meant these aliens and Others had cutoff their natural organic energy food and fuel supply from Source and to substitute that death sentence they became parasites having to steal energy from humanity, animals and Earth to keep themselves inorganically alive. Some of the things they’ve created to steal life-force energies from humanity, hold it, redirect it and so on is so far beyond the most negative horror movie you’ve ever seen. I know this because I’ve seen some, only some of their etheric creations to capture organic human energies in multiple ways to use for themselves. We are evolving beyond these horrors but there are still some here and there physically and etherically.

Inorganic beings can be negative aliens, human looking creatures, nonhuman looking, physical and nonphysical, interdimensional, from parallel worlds, other universes and who knows what all. I’ve clairvoyantly Seen and physically seen some of these inorganic negative aliens, human  looking creatures and nonhuman things and beings etc.

Due to the natural organic Ascension Process and dimensional shift to a higher level and evolutionary Cycle, not only are the positive nonphysical and nonhuman and human looking aliens and Others highly interested in what’s going on with humanity and Earth, but so too are the inorganic negative aliens and Others near and far. Makes sense when you consider how these organic evolutionary changes are impacting other lifeforms in this and other galaxies, other universes and parallel realities. The great game has changed and the inorganic beings and creatures of the past have been hustling to not evolve but remain as they are. But because so much has already changed, evolved, they’ve been trying to adapt too and have been working on new ways for them use the NEW changes. Some of these are downright terrifying to me because they involve bizarre attempts to insert themselves directly into human bodies; create hybrids so they can use them to more easily enter humans in the physical; damage the organic connections humans have with Source just enough to be able to more fully become parasites off certain humans and so on.

My point is that due to the natural organic Ascension Process it’s gotten even more weird and dangerous if, if one cannot discern energies, people, beings, aliens, ghosts, agendas and so forth. This is NOT the time to be stupid, gullible, naive or blindly trusting of anyone or anything because there’s so much at stake, including your Soul.

In November 2019 I was suddenly impulsed to go to a website I haven’t been to for over ten years. When I’m impulsed like this I know it’s because I’m supposed to discover something specific so I always follow these nudges when they happen. In this case I was sensing something happening at Whitley Strieber’s site and I was supposed to quickly discover whatever it was. It was that he’s written another book about his experiences with certain ETs and it went on the market last month. I bought a copy and read every word in late November.

I’ve read some of Strieber’s ET books long ago and have always liked Whitley and his writings. I enjoy his writing and admire him for sharing with an unaware world what he’s experienced because of the ETs and Others he’s had in his life since childhood. However, I would call the ETs and Others he’s had in his life the Inorganics, the inorganic aliens and human looking Others and more.

To be fair about this I too have had plenty of experiences throughout my life with inorganic aliens or ETS and other creatures, advanced demons and less developed demons and so on. These Inorganics all hail from the same frequency range, be they negative ETs, devils, demons, creatures, human looking entities etc. I repeat, the Inorganics all hail from the same frequency range which is why there’s been so much confusion and incorrect information by many people about ETs. They’re not capable of discernment, of reading energies so they can’t tell whose who and what’s what with the inorganic aliens and like Others.

When I was under the worst demonic attacks I’ve experienced from 2000–2004, I was also repeatedly attacked by negative ETs, had what sounded like an idling diesel engine UFO hovering over my physical house so loudly it repeatedly woke me up during that negative 2:30AM–4:00AM time when inorganic attempted attacks, possessions, physical and astral abductions etc. have typically happened. It isn’t the “witching hour”, it’s busy Team Dark hours! The demon and other negative entities and many aliens I encountered during those years were all basically one and the same in that they all were of and from the same low frequency range, were all parasites and were doing their best to stop me from living the Ascension Process as a Volunteer First Waver assisting to raise the frequency of my physical body and consciousness, Earth, build NEW grids to hold the NEW higher frequency incoming Light etc., transmute density and negativity and much more. There was great objection to all this from them, from what I’ve called Team Dark during the early years of the Ascension Process, aka the Inorganics. 

If you want to know what’s in Whitley Strieber’s latest book about his ET and Others experiences, you’ll have to read it. I only mention him and this particular book because it clearly shows a very strong outcome to not being able to discern energies and aliens and beings etc. and to having them in one’s life. As some of us have known for a very long time, the only real antidote to negativity is to keep embodying more and more and more Light into your body and self. Eventually you embody enough of it, enough of the higher frequency energies and Light that you “ascend”, evolve out of range of Team Dark, of the Inorganics.

As always there’s much more but this has gotten long. We have the Comments area to continue this discussion if anyone is interested. ❤


December 2, 2019

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68 thoughts on “More Light Means More Knowing

  • I see are tics like this and I’m relieved even though this is a difficult process from my experience.

    Since mid September 2019 I have been experiencing the most intense pain of my life.
    Trying to stay stress free is a doozy as having enough money to provide for myself is challenging to say the least. But I’ll leave that aside.

    My hair is falling out at rapid rate, so to hear others having that experience is a bit helpful.

    My vision is so all over the place and really bad when I’m around my family! Oh my!!

    Today I noticed how everyone, except two people, we’re overly kind and gracious…so cool as usually my presence can trigger folks.

    I’m doing my best to keep the faith and listen to my body. Nature and my animals are my saving grace!

    Thank you so much for your writing and sharing your experiences. Here we go 2020…

    Much appreciation,

    • “Since mid September 2019 I have been experiencing the most intense pain of my life.”

      Alexis & All,

      I too experienced September 2019 be yet another very obvious point where my physical body had begun, once again, another level of big DNA changes and other related things. My hair started, once again, to fall out in September of this year, plus my skin has been showing signs it’s “detoxing” and going through more changes again too. There are points in the AP where we’re hit with extra large and obvious physical level bodily changes that, for a while, look and seem like we’re getting “worse” when in fact we’re expanding tremendously again. But the hair loss thing is a freakout for me because, well, I enjoy having hair on my head! 😮

      The vision and eye things have been rather severe for most of 2019 for many. It’s blurry vision, dry eyes, numb eyes, extra sensitive eyes to the Light etc. I’ve noticed that my physical eyes will go through phases like this because there’s been a flurry of NEW Light energies and Plasma etc. come into this realm, NEW codes, NEW higher frequencies etc. and for weeks or months my eyes go through having to adapt and adjust to all of the latest NEW higher Light and codes etc. We’re now in NEW Light and Plasma energies and other NEW to us frequencies that we have NEVER encountered before while incarnate in physical bodies in a physical realm. No wonder our eyes hurt and get blurry and do all they do at times! We’re now constantly living in, existing in totally NEW and much higher Light energies and every speck of our physical bodies are adapting to all that and more every minute of every day. The push has been ON big-time all year because a major Shift will happen energetically and physically when January 2020 arrives for everyone. ❤

  • Dear Denise and everyone,

    Wow, the dreamscape has really been crazy for me since 12/12. That morning I had a dream where I was in an indoor pool and surrounded by bullying boys. I had no choice but to go under and hold my breath until I’ve found a safe spot without them. No luck and having to come up for air, I said Fuck it and popped myself out in the middle of them. To my surprise they were gone! In fact, everyone was gone, the people lounging on the seats, the bullies, no one was there, I was all alone!

    The next day, I’ve dreamt that I was walking down a street when suddenly the ground beneath my feet just disappeared! The entire ground was gone, it was as if someone had photoshopped the sky where the ground should be and houses and people were floating on air! And I started to get down to grope my way to where I’ve got to go while getting the craziest looks from passers-by.

    And today I dreamt that I was in a mega Walmart/Costco/BJs, it was just huge! And I was being wooed by the spokesperson to join this Shop Cult, and he looked just like Tom Cruise! And I was shaking my head like no no no no, I don’t want that, no thanks. And he was getting more and more desperate and angry at my absolute refusal to join.

    Strange doesn’t even begin to describe my dreams since 12/12.

    Other than that, my daily life seems easier and whenever I perceive that something will be a challenge I simply breathe into it and say ok let’s do this and everything turns out better than fine.

    How’s everyone else doing?

  • Since the beginning of my long strange journey back in the early 1990’s, my spirit guides have led me to specific books. As of late, I have been led to two books wherein the main character has, for whatever reason, lost all memory; they can form new memories but, the past is gone. There, for what it’s worth.

  • Hi Denise – A different “strange” sort of day yesterday. Everywhere I went, the people were exceptionally nice. This is not the usual pattern I find when I venture out into the world. Lowe’s is usually very difficult. Yesterday there seemed to be new staff there, not the usual faces, and they were so unusually kind and helpful, for instance one lady went and got me a cart because I was carrying something heavy. At the grocery store several people were markedly friendly, laughing and joking, talking with me. One lady had a laugh that just rang out like a bell. This is not my usual experience. It felt like I was in wonderland, almost a bit confusing. The weirder thing was, I was having trouble seeing these people that were engaging me. What I mean is I was having trouble visually holding them in focus. They were ever-so-slightly blurred. They also seemed to be moving faster than me. It kind of took a concentrated effort to interact with them, to process what they were saying. I thought about it when I got home. What I came up with is: new timeline, and being “outside of time,” somehow I was out of phase a bit, out of sync. Any thoughts on this, Denise? Anyone else experiencing this?

    • debbie c,

      Thanks for sharing this as it’s very important and another of many indicators of where YOU are vibrationally now. I’ve experienced this visual blurring business since the AP started. It gets much worse when I enter a lower vibrating, lower frequency physical location, store or the worse was my bank! Super low energies in banks with all that fear intensity surrounding money that most everyone has had.

      I’ve written about this in a few older articles and if I could quickly find them I’d add links to them here. One time I went into the local DMV here and the majority of that building and all the people, overhead lights etc. in it were completely gone! It was of such a low frequency that it disappeared entirely from my ability to even see it. Others have been about my not being able to clearly see certain people because, once again, they were of such a lower frequency than I was at that time that I could barely pull them into my viewing range so they looked to me like they were very far away and small and blurry. This is a side effect of the Separation of Worlds and us becoming increasingly less and less from and of the old lower Earth world. I’m working on an article about this right now because January 2020 is going to amplify and accelerate this PROFOUNDLY. ❤

  • Hi all, well the 12/12 thingo is not disappointing. I’ve never been knocked out like this before – usually I can stammer on, but this has been an urgent kind of get-horizontal-fast. The history of the worlds then seems to play out in the dreamspace while the body feels dead weight, near paralysed. I come to, feeling like I’ve been to the beginning and back, and feeling ancient in my bones. It’s hard to want to keep going. Working night shifts does not help – but I was outside at 4am looking at the stars and saw a falling star that looked more like a ball of fire from the sun, a miniature sun – absolutely huge. While falling stars seem pinpricks of light moving across the sky – this sun fell *into* the earth, straight down. Then a minute later another one, almost like a light bombing of (big speculation and would love to be corrected) TD supply lines. If we are meant to see the things we see, the message of these falling suns seemed, for me, to be: don’t question, just take the reset time you need when body-prompted and know there is a shitload of light flooding in. Oh, and don’t buy into or identify with the shudders of doomsday crossing your field. Hold tight. I don’t know if my speculation is accurate, but I did see the dropping suns. Something is hinky!


      Justin & All,

      Notice the dates please everyone. This was about the 2012 12-12 energies and how they laid me flat and comatose for 5 hours that day. Honestly, I can barely remember December 12, 2019, because it’s been ‘hinky’ — I love that word and I don’t really even know what it means — for me since mid-November 2019.

      And you are 1000% correct Justin to ignore the fear porn as they’re just trying to induce and then troll for emotional human energy food and fuel supplies. Yeah things are going to get… gone but that’s why people like us are Consciously Creating aNEW. 😉 ❤

  • Bruce Springsteins dancing in the dark
    i go to bed tired
    im just tired and bored with myself
    i soo resonate and just dance and scream with it
    as a dude that dont fit in
    i love it!

    • Diana,

      Because I’m working on an article today, I haven’t read all of Lisa’s December 2019 article yet. I did read the first paragraph which further explains why many of us have been having really strange NEW ascension symptoms since September 2019. I’d mentioned that my hair has been falling out again since September 2019, and now in December, my skin is broken out and doing things it usually doesn’t do so I’ve known that my inner Saturn structures and “grid systems” have been under intense evolution since September 2019, with each month since then more intense than the previous. Welcome to more NEW being embodied and more old being removed everyone! All this Saturn Pluto Capricorn business is happening IN OUR BODIES TOO everyone.

      Back to writing Work as there’s SOOOOO much happening, changing, evolving so fast now and this will not slow down at all. ❤

  • This rollercoaster is intense! I’m clearing and climbing to soar and then dipping down again and trying not to scream. For me, one of the major triggers has been financial issues, shame, fear, what-will-become-of-me kind of stuff. It’s brought me to my knees many times. I keep holding to my conscious observer self and doing my best to breathe through the waves and reassure my panicking body/ego. It’s deep and layered despite everything I’ve unpacked already over the years.

    I woke up early this morning with another wave of terror and Worked my way through the illusion to go back to sleep. Then I had a vivid dream of walking in a different neighborhood. I saw a car driving erratically and crash-park halfway on a curb. I was afraid, and my instinct was to get home as quickly as possible. I got in the front door and shut it with relief, then remembered the garage was open. A guy came in with a gun and starred shooting. But no bullets came out! It was all an empty threat. I got Big in my heart and expanded the light out. Next thing I knew he was going out the front door. When I closed it again, there was a poster on the back side with an angry Uncle Sam and big bold letters warning citizens to be afraid of poor people because they’re dangerous and unstable. I saw this guy with dropping shoulders still on my porch. I realized he wasn’t the enemy, he was just hungry and desperate. The real malice was this programming message of fear and division. I was figuring out what food to gather and offer him when I woke up.

    As challenging as it’s been, especially this last week, I’ve had beautiful synchronicities and expansions in my creative work and messages I’m receiving. It’s starting to feel REAL that this huge change we’ve been building to is actually coming. A week ago in meditation, I kept saying, “I am ready. I am ready.” And the echoing return was, “It is done. It is done.”

    Oceans of love to you all.

    • Very well done you! ❤ ❤ ❤

      “It’s starting to feel REAL that this huge change we’ve been building to is actually coming.”


      More and more are finally feeling this too because it is coming. The start of 2020, and more so with the reality-altering Separation and Shift that the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjuntion will produce, is the start of Phase 2 of the AP and the great global redistribution of humanity. Much more about this and related things as soon as I can. ❤

      • Thank you, dear Denise. I am very interested in your take whenever you are able! Really grateful to be on this journey with all of you here. ❤️

  • Dear Denise and All Here, it is apparent that the gap between the high vibing folks and the low, hardly vibing at all folks, is getting wider and faster as each day passes. It is sad to see that gap between those who continue to play in the lower realms and those of us who believe the very best for All and anchor and send out the Higher for not only ourselves, but for them, too. It is impossible to explain to those few who are left in my life why I need to sleep when I can, why I feel differently about… well, just about everything they want to discuss when the Big Picture is so different and so much more real than what they believe, and when the symptoms continue which I can’t discuss without being told I need to see a doctor, and the defending of myself and my home becomes more fending off of attempts by others, religious or otherwise, to tell me I don’t get it, that it’s me who has the problem, that the authorities know best. But this much I have learned. No one and no situation will break my spirit when it comes to understanding Love as I believe it is meant to be understood. Love, B.

  • I’m a bit late to the party. The weirdness has me very busy and doing my own work. I just wanted to come and say before the 12-12 and 12-21 Solstice: what a long, strange trip it’s been. I love you and I’m sending hugs from Colorado, Denise. Thanks for being a touchstone for me the past almost-13 years! 😊❤️

    • ❤ Gratitude hugs Calliope to you too. ❤

      I've wanted to write a bit about some things happening during these potent last three months of 2019, but like you, I've been so involved with living it that I haven’t as yet been able to get into it. That plus it’s NEW strange, this Embodiment Process at this point. Something happens in one moment and it’s a “big deal” type of improvement and in an hour something else happens and that other thing fades into the background and quickly becomes the NEW normal and you’re just trying to keep up with it all!

      • Hi Denise and All,
        So true, Denise, the speed is amazing. I’m fuzzy headed and feeling timeless.
        With all that is going on, I keep asking my Guides and Guardian and Angels what I should be doing right now in terms of particular activities. The answer I’m consistently getting is: “Just Be.” I guess I can do that, since it’s about all I can do now, anyway!

        Love and Light,

      • “Something happens in one moment and it’s a “big deal” type of improvement and in an hour something else happens and that other thing fades into the background and quickly becomes the NEW normal and you’re just trying to keep up with it all!“

        Yes! That’s exactly it. And I’m needing “processing and assessment time” in that mix as well. It’s racing by. I work about 38 hours in 4 days (Monday-Thursday) at my job. The speed with which each workweek passes is so fast, I can barely keep track. Everything feels so accelerated these days. I feel like I’m Dorothy in the cyclone being transported to Oz: it’s a whirlwind, and I’m watching everything fly past!

        Much love, Denise! 💕

  • Hi Denise! Thank you so much for this article! I have been experiencing a lot of what you wrote about! I am working on seeing all of this from a higher perspective as I tend to feel that this is all my fault somehow. I feel we should be sharing these experiences since the rest of humanity will eventually have these experiences, except they will not have any background explanation for these happenings. I cannot imagine having to go through this all the while not knowing the things I already know! Thanks again, it has really helped me better understand what it is I am going through! Much love to you 🙂 – Jamie

  • Hi Denise
    I’ve been perusing your writings on and off for some years (including those at Transitions). I started feeling the ascension symptoms around 2007 (there was no medical reason for the symptoms) which became more intense before easing off from 21/12/2012 oddly enough. I resonate with the Embodiment description, let’s celebrate it getting easier in Phase 2!

  • Today I was thinking about how magic is real and it’s safe to trust it. I was driving to pick up my girls from school and a bald eagle flew low right towards me and passed on my left. I’ve never even seen one in my neighborhood since we moved here in 2012. It felt like an incredibly powerful confirmation of the amazing things beginning/happening in the physical. Bring it on!!!

    • That was so wonderful Kara and a very important confirmation to you. The big birds are so powerful, so “magical”, I’ve had some really special interactions with hawks too. They, and all animals, so easily feel and see the Light in humans that have it and they often will come in close like that to take a look at you and the Light and your HighHeart energies. ⭐

    • Thanks Kara and Denise for mentioning hawks. There is at least one hawk family in the vicinity where I live which is near a good forested area plus river of park and more or less undisturbed wildlife of various birds, turtles, fish, deer and even coyote. In recent years I’ve begun to see more and more hawks, I think the Cooper’s and Red-Tail varieties primarily and in the building adjacent to where I live a few giant Cooper’s hawks have sometimes stood on the top roof lightening rods (or satellite rods?). These hawks are white or cream coloured with dark speckles all over – nothing short of magnificent. I feel they bring a higher perspective not to mention a myriad of blessings for the return of nature in balance with human built environments and life. Very heartening. 🙂

      • Denise and Pat, I looooove hawks, too! We had Cooper’s hawks several summers in our backyard, and I see various hawks almost every time I’m driving the local interstate. I feel very connected to animals as physical and spiritual messengers, and especially bird energy, so it’s fun to hear about your experiences and the significance. Thank you! 💓

        • Barred and horned owls live and breed in the forest around me. And eagles and hawks visit occasionally. Blessed to be here. 🦉❤

  • Anyone else notice this thing used to be a wave of synchronicity and its like an occasional quiet right place right moment or 11:11 3:33 now again? Its like honestly I wasnt in the wrong place at the wrong time ever for years and yrs. For a few its been like where did that go? Thought about that tonight for like once in 3 years, just like the guideposts left and we mustve charted some new unpredictable ground or something
    just my 2

    • I’ve felt the same way all year. After years of experiencing such amazing synchronicities, 2019 went quiet from the get go. My guides kept saying that I it was time to do it on my on…like a college internship lol. Knowing I always have help when needed but that it was time to implement and master all that I have learned❤️

  • Denise, I wasn’t sure where to put my questions as they relate to two of the exchanges below.

    In your comment to Jain Lee, you wrote:

    “Like I said in this article, the only real antidote to negativity and negative aliens and Others is to embody more and more Light. In the past we always went external, we went outside ourselves with this too. We put up massive etheric Light walls, domes, fences and other barricades around us, our homes, our property. As we evolve more and more we’re realizing that all that external etheric energy Work we used to do to protect ourselves now HAS to be done INTERNALLY within ourselves and our physical bodies via embodying great and higher Light steadily. Very important difference that! 🙂 ❤”

    And in your comment to Sunny, you wrote:

    “…soon these physical and astral attacks and attempted ‘Smash & Grab’ events won’t happen anymore.”

    To preface, I haven’t had the awake physical/visual interactions with TD many of you have described. I haven’t always recognized it at the time, but the symptoms seem to be more in how I’m feeling and thinking, along with some dream experiences. It also seems like I haven’t been attacked nearly to the degree as many of you— when I ask why, two possibilities come to mind: 1) that I don’t have conscious memory about all of it and 2) that my volunteer role is different (I know I’m not in that first wave with many of you who have been on the frontest of the front lines, and I have so much gratitude for everything you’ve done to pathpave).

    Since learning TD exists and choosing to exert my sovereignty, I’ve been doing blanket protection that likely falls into this category of “external etheric energy Work,” on behalf of myself and my little kids. Since I don’t See TD and don’t necessarily remember all my dreamtime experiences, I don’t want to feel like I’m exposed or vulnerable (or that my kids are), especially while we’re sleeping. I’m also intending to embody and Embody more light, and once I do become aware of anything off, I clear and cast out and ask for higher help in escorting back to Source. What I’m getting at is an underlying fear that this isn’t enough somehow to be effective at all times, although typing it all out has helped me access some inner reassurance. Feels like I’m probably clearing old programming that *I* am not powerful enough to protect myself.

    When I hear about the TD attacks on those of you who have gone up more stair steps than I have, it makes me wonder if I have to go at least that far and then further to be out of reach of TD ever (as in, it’s dependent on each individual’s AP/EP)— or if there will come a point when no one on ANY stair step will be vulnerable to the “Smash & Grab.” My guess is something of both? And maybe it doesn’t even matter if I fully understand this since my end game is the same regardless (to Embody more light and more light still!).

    I apologize this has gotten so long. I’m trying to write clearly on a topic that is confusing to me and hesitating to post at all. I’m definitely feeling the kindergartner analogy Jain Lee mentioned! Thanks for any insights if you have time and for all you share and give. ❤️

    • “It also seems like I haven’t been attacked nearly to the degree as many of you— when I ask why, two possibilities come to mind: 1) that I don’t have conscious memory about all of it and 2) that my volunteer role is different (I know I’m not in that first wave with many of you who have been on the frontest of the front lines…”

      Please do not ever apologize for writing a long Comment Kara. At this point I need, want and enjoy interacting with other people like this. The questions give me a focal point to interact with all of you and get more specific about these complex topics that I usually don’t go into fully in my articles. I appreciate the questions as they help me to highlight certain things in this ocean of evolutionary strangeness. ❤

      Indeed your Volunteer role is different from mine. Also know Kara and everyone that even within the Volunteer First Wave group not every one of them had the same exact ascension Work to do. The First Wave group of Volunteers were first into the negative density trenches so to speak and yet not all of us had — or will have when the Shift into Phase 2 of the AP begins fully with entry into 2020 — identical jobs to do. Some of us excelled at taking other people to different sacred places around Earth and be Lightworkers and Gridworkers etc. there. Others of us were so ascension sick we could barely leave our houses and apartments! Others of us excelled at transmuting negativity, density and residual gunk from across linear time on Earth. Others of us also excelled at doing this in the Astral too. Others excelled at clearing and shutting down certain organic and a lot of inorganic timelines and so on. Others excelled at Gridwork and a small number were capable of doing many of these jobs over these past 20+ years. The same thing has been the case with the Volunteer Second Wave group and the Volunteer Third Wave group. Every person in EACH of these Three, Trinity Volunteer Wave groups since the AP started fully on the physical in 1998-1999, have done exactly what they excelled at, and in many cases, other energy clearing Work as well.

      This is going to change for each of us from the Volunteer First, Second and Third Wave groups in a variety of ways with our entry into Phase 2 of the AP. This is one more reason why some of us have been feeling nostalgic, almost in mourning, free-floating between what we’ve been and done and what’s about to start at this NEW higher level for each of us.

      I believe based on personal experience that it was some, not all but some of the Volunteer First Wave group that experienced the most and worst inorganic Team Dark attacks because we were the first to bring the Light back on physical Earth in our bodies and they knew some of us could and would transmute their inorganic creations and so forth. There were many times I clairaudiently heard my higher assistants tell me, and I quote, “Stay alive!” while under negative attacks. I never got from them supportive and sympathetic, “Oh, we’re so sorry you’ve got monsters trying to kill you,” messages, only “Stay alive!” And I knew they meant there weren’t a lot of other Volunteer First Wavers that were capable of doing what I was — exactly the way that I could not have left my house, boarded planes and traveled around the planet to Sacred places to do ascension Work there. We’ve each, in all three Volunteer Wave groups, have had our specific fields of expertise and contracted Soul Mission jobs etc. which is why every Volunteer has NOT had the same exact experiences. Each individual has been and will continue to be more valuable than we’d ever believe. ❤

      This should be an article. Anywho, these last three (is everyone catching the Three, the Trinity/Triality energies in all this?) months of 2019 are a massive completion, grand last minute preparation for our own "Graduation" shift into Phase 2 of the AP and our NEW higher levels, undoubtedly easier, and very different NEW levels of being, Work and creativity. This applies to all THREE of the Volunteer Wave groups but each in their own unique and individual ways because again, we are individuals all Working on the same grand project.

      The Saturn Pluto in Capricorn, one and only exact conjunction on January 12, 2020, along with many other planets — kitwalkermusic, what's the total number of planets all in Capricorn during this epic Saturn (physical, structural reality) and Pluto (transformation, death and higher level rebirth)? I saw that great astro graphic at your site but can't remember at the moment how many planets are involved. 206? It'll feel like that many! 😉 — will permanently change and Shift everything. Bye-bye old global patriarchy! Hello NEW Divine Masculine and NEW Divine Masculine structural creations for the NEW Earth and all else.

      We’re only weeks away from the full grand Shift from Phase 1 to Phase 2 of the AP, the Embodiers completing their individual Embodiment Process physically, all three Volunteer Wave groups entering Phase 2 of the AP, and the First regular HUMAN Wave group being activated to begin the Ascension Process in 2020 and it all is going to dramatically alter everything, including inorganic Team Dark. We’re all at the edge of major change, major Shifting into the NEW so we’ve ALL got to be prepared, open and available to make this Shift from Phase 1 to Phase 2 and to begin our NEW higher Work in all NEW ways. In other words, release, release, release the past 20 years or however many they’ve been for each of you and be open to NEW Missions and NEW Creativity and NEW realities. ❤

      • Dear Denise and All Here… I was going to comment, but everything is being so beautifully covered, explained, detailed, and put into HIGH GEAR, I’ll content myself with just riding those NEW and very, very GOOD VIBES. THANK YOU! Love, B.

      • Denise, I love you. Thank you for all of this! I’ve always had such a strong desire to “get it right,” which historically has played out in my life as meeting external standards and seeking validation. I think the origin was pure—my higher self’s absolute commitment to DOING THE WORK I came here to do, to never give up! But a whole bunch of junk distorted it. I’ve been getting clearer and closer to that pure origin for years. I have to say, your last article about doing YOU and then this article/comment have felt like invitations to cast off the final BS. I feel so free and empowered to do ME in a greatly expanded capacity. Wish I could bake you cookies and give you a hug! Thanks for doing YOU. ❤️❤️

  • Denise,
    I have been consistently reading your teaching articles for seven & a half years and while each article is important, this particular article is especially important…so Thank You So Much for taking the time to remind us how “Extremely Important” the discernment is.
    I could go on & on, but I’m not great with writing – and since Jain Lee’s comment really said what I want to say I’ll leave it at that.
    One more thing….this article compelled me to get a Lightworker’s Mission out and start rereading it (which I am doing tonight). As I was reading it tonight a bang noise came from my bedroom balcony slider door. They never leave is alone!

  • Just want to mention I sense a beautiful peace and quiet in the room and a protected zone like important space when these articles come out
    always know its good

  • Hi Denise.

    Thank you for your article! Quite the timing. My friend the previous night had told me about being attacked in her dream state by men who had jammed the phone lines, so she couldn’t call out. She said the calls were looping on themselves. The following night I had a dream where two men were trying to put some device on my headphones, and then extract DNA from my hair. In both instances, they were trying to ‘set me up’ to take the blame for some crime. In the morning I stumbled on a phrase in my reading that stuck out like the proverbial. It said: “The line was cut off and transmission couldn’t be continued.”

    Adding all that up, I got the sense that the phone number (frequency) had been upgraded, and spirit, so to speak, needed to be contacted on a new number, as if the old number and line had been decommissioned – and quite abruptly at that. I’m speculating. I am fortunate or unfortunate that I am not very visual, not since four years old. Fortunate not to see the grotesqueries; unfortunate that for so much of my life I thought I was just mentally ill, or childhood PTSD was the gift that just kept giving.

    So my speculation is that these ‘men’ in the dreams were doing their best to get some sort of jamming or tracking devices in before the decommissioning. How can they understand light information anyway, if they are of a lower vibration? I figure the information gets stepped down, like a transformer. That’s my theory! Interestingly, I only felt positive about the dreams, for my friend and I. I rely on that gut feel – the discernment filter. There was an element of panic about their maneuvers. But more than that, in light of your blog, perhaps the most remarkable thing was their visibility. I don’t think they are used to being confronted. Perhaps usually they can slink away in the night undetected: they were flushed out. Pure speculation and usually I keep these things to myself cos it sounds crazy. It’s not my forte.

    Thank you so much, Denise, for the heads-up! Always so valuable and timely.

    • Thank you Justin. Thank you for sharing this. I won’t go into details about my dreams. Cos I can’t be bothered🤪. It your comment have really helped me understand some recurring dreams I have had. From the bottom of my HH. BLESSINGS 😇

      Denise as usual my friend you are right on the mark. I felt you were directly talking to me about the vibrating in my body for 10 years. It has been at an all time high these last few months. Thanks so much for your help and support.
      Love as always. Jo. Xxx

  • I read half of this I look forward to reading the other half, the information is so helpful right now. Five or six days of headaches and today and well today must be the beginning of tomorrow, officially because, man, was PAIN from 3 AM till 10 AM! I’m exclaiming that, but it’s also a question for you. Today is the start, isn’t it? It’s funny that a single day could be the start! I do remember other moments happening in a day or weekend. Never so much nausea or head pain as THIS MORNING though. I celebrate what’s here now, though I’ve been freaking out. In regards to the first half of your article, Denise, I’ve asked questions on other forms because…harassment I’ve experienced is all together different and very stealth. I can’t figure out what it is, demonic or negative entity of some other kind, this or that, it’s impossible to tell, it’s completely cloaked. But I have been harassed a few nights past couple weeks, waking from it, so I know it’s just not just fears working themselves out, it’s other entities. Of what kind, I do not know. Onward and upward…or maybe just FORWARD now! Ha! 😆

  • Hi Denise,

    Thank you for this article. It isn’t what I expected but very relevant for me. I know what you speak of when you say that there’s a pop or a bang followed by an orb or some movements of light or dark. I know its either Team Light or TD, but yet cannot discern whether organic/inorganic, as their vibrations are similar.

    Neither the light nor dark bother me, that is I don’t really concern myself with their presence, am I approaching it all wrong? That is, should I be more wary of the dark ones and be especially careful and protect myself?

    I’m very aware of my vibration and try to not engage in what I sense is a ploy for loosh. They then use others as portal people to get to me, again, I’m careful to not engage and remain neutral, which by now seems to be my default mode.

    I thank the light (they’re all curiosity, playfulness and seem to love observing) and I tell the dark to leave and go to their perfect place (Source) which isn’t my house, then I go about my business.

    Should I be doing more?

    I apologize for all these questions, I’m envisioning you as a tired but caring kindergarten teacher explaining again and again to toddlers what’s what. 😊

    • Jain Lee, Finn & All,

      “Should I be doing more?”

      From what you said in your comment Jain Lee, it sounds like you’ve been maneuvering yourself well through these energies, different levels and their inhabitants. The main thing is, I believe, DISCERNMENT with all of this. If one can instantly tell the difference between higher frequencies and inhabitants etc., and lower frequencies and those inhabitants then one knows instantly what your dealing with. So, discernment always, which is just being aware of what and who is in your space, field, home etc.

      The other thing about Team Dark that everyone also needs to be able to instantly discern is how developed is this negative alien, being, entity, creature that’s in my space, field, home etc.? Said really simply, there’s small-time negativity and beings, there’s mid-range negativity and beings, and there’s very developed and advanced negative aliens, beings and Others. This fact obviously changes how one would need to deal with whatever and whomever is in our space, field, house, property at that moment. How one deals with the small-time less developed negative entities is completely different from how one would deal with a seriously adept advanced negative alien or Other. One is just moving around in your house and space, the other is intentionally there to harm you in some way.

      I often do what you described you do with the low-level negativity in your space. If they get too active or aggressive with me I speak out loud to them and tell them to get out or leave or knock it off. It’s like having to scold young children or animals when they get too worked up and start becoming annoying. But, when I’ve suddenly become aware that there’s something negative and advanced in my space, house, field I discern a bit more for more info about it and based on what I perceive, feel, know I then talk or yell out loud, not in my mind but out loud and expand myself energetically and go into Lightwarrior mode and let the alien, creature, Other whatever it is know that I mean business and demand they leave my energy space and my physical space etc. immediately and never return or deal with the consequences of trying to harm me in any way. In other words, I let it know that I’m ready to instantly make a universal citizens arrest and return it to Divine Source. That works for me now, it certainly didn’t a decade ago!

      Like I said in this article, the only real antidote to negativity and negative aliens and Others is to embody more and more Light. In the past we always went external, we went outside ourselves with this too. We put up massive etheric Light walls, domes, fences and other barricades around us, our homes, our property. As we evolve more and more we’re realizing that all that external etheric energy Work we used to do to protect ourselves now HAS to be done INTERNALLY within ourselves and our physical bodies via embodying great and higher Light steadily. Very important difference that! 🙂 ❤

      • “I go into Lightwarrior mode and let the alien, creature, Other whatever it is that I mean business.., I let it know that I’m ready to instantly make a universal citizens arrest and return it to Divine Source.”

        This! I’ve had to do the Lightwarrior mode at least a half a dozen times past few months. What I’ve spoken of before with ignoring TD were the small time pests.

        There definitely is a difference in the feels with the big nasty ones, they’re very very persistent and one immediately notices, like an elephant in the room!

        Oh thank you thank you thank you Denise for your prompt reply and well, everything else!

        Love and light to you ❤️

  • Thank you Denise for all that you share which greatly helps me deal with such strange stuff lol. You mentioned the dark hours…how do the dark entities choose to attack and why? I have had “ghostly” encounters and have felt energies all my life but the last three years I have been sporadically attacked in dreams (where I finally fought back and was not afraid of them trying to kill me). Then this past spring (2019) I came back to reconnect with my parents and I was physically attacked by the dark entities three weeks in a row – bed shaking, lights around the walls, vicious attacks via lucid dreaming. I held my stance that I was not afraid and they haven’t been back. You’re the only other person who has mentioned being attacked in the same way.
    Thanks, Sunny Ann

    • Sunny,

      It’s been so easy for negative nonphysical aliens, beings, demons and Others to attack us when we’re asleep and out of our physical bodies. We’ve been easy pickins for them when we’ve been OOB at night while asleep. Those “lucid dreams” where one is attacked are REAL and carry after effects exactly as any physical attack would. This is everyone learning that they’ve always been multidimensional beings with numerous different matching bodies for each one. They’re all completely real.

      “…how do the dark entities choose to attack and why?”

      As with everything there’s multiple reasons and answers. Fairly quickly when someone is triggered or activated to begin living the Ascension Process (AP) they come under negative attacks. The reason for this is because they’re starting to embody higher frequencies, Light, NEW codes, become increasingly conscious of so much more and so on. The negatives have typically and repeatedly gone after and attacked anyone that was starting to “wake up” and evolve and therefore starting to embody more and more Light. They have tried to intimidate, shut down, derail etc. those people living the AP so it becomes a situation of needing to fight one’s way through the old lower negativity and all those tactics and push on anyway with ones AP. This will be much easier in 2020 and beyond for the First Wave of regular HUMANS triggered to begin the AP because the Three Waves of VOLUNTEERS have cleared and transmuted so much of this crap and Pathpaved for HUMANITY coming up behind us.

      Another reason why certain people are attacked is because they exist in that lower frequency energy range where Team Dark (TD), the Inorganics, exist. If they come across humans that aren’t making any effort to better him/herselves and evolve etc., then TD sees and uses them as an easily accessible food source. This is another big reason why humans need to evolve themselves and “ascend” up and out of that lower frequency range where the negatives and Others exist in and also enter and leave from if they come in from other locations.

      And lastly, congrats on your 2019 spring Lightwarrior battles and wining them! That’s a huge deal and a very real sign of how much Light you’ve embodied and how potent you’re becoming because of it. Keep it up and soon these physical and astral attacks and attempted ‘Smash & Grab’ events won’t happen anymore. ❤

      • Thank you for your feedback Denise. I have been attacked for much of my life by dark forces (both dream sphere and ghostly energies) but have fought back the past three years with this past spring being the most severe (and physical) ever. I have been fully cognizant of traversing the ascension process since 2012, but have only found non fluffy spiritual info the last two years. I’d like to add that I survived childhood trauma (abuse, attempted murder, mentally ill mother, occult grandmother) with a very positive and rebellious inner child. Because of that I have spent my life feeling like a walking target for dark forces who attack me through dreams and other people. I understand what you are saying that I have won the spring battles through encompassing more light…but deep down (way past my ego) I do feel as if my lessons in this lifetime are to temper me into a wise spiritual warrior. I have never been afraid of the dark, in fact I have embraced many times in my life, yet no one in the community really talks about it. I feel that you cannot truly overcome your opponent unless you truly understand their playbook. I never chose to embrace dark forces but I understand them now because I have felt, and acted them out in my lifetime.

  • Yipee ! Thank you so much for this enlightenment. As before i stumbled into this valuable info i had a terrible pain like my spinal base was collapsing. And i slept for 4 full hours and as i was questioning the root of the pain, voila i saw your email. And for the phase 2 I Am looking forward to this exciting time.Lots of Love!!!

  • Grateful I AM WE ARE High Vibing out of their frequency range. Not looking back at what I have survived for six decades, but looking forward to their total transmutation. This December energy is already convincing me this is not a test run. There are no more delays or Plan B’s. December is going to BE Biblical! Yeehah! High Heart HUGS ALL and Happy Holy Days. 💜

  • Thank you thank you thank you for your ongoing support for those of us who are going through embodiment alone ..
    it is a life line that keeps me going , when the pain and discomfort ramps up , My middle back has collapsed this last week and will not release the spasms,
    This whole year has been challenge apon challenge on my poor body …

    Just when I get through one obstacle , another worse one pops up
    I thought it was only me and that I was failing in my task and being punished.
    Your article gives me hope to hang on.

  • thank you Denise, this makes a lot of sense. I was born the same year as you, and resonate with what you say about the First Wave. just recently recognizing I Am ET. details not clear, but body presence is. Very electric. Working on Superconductivity at this point. Bless you

  • Denise

    Thank you. I have been having an interesting time. Yesterday I spent the day making lots of creative stuff. It was really good and I felt really in the flow so to speak. However when I went to bed it was like that good light energy kicked the butt of something that had been residing in me. I did an exorcism on myself about two years ago. But did think there might be some other nasties in there. I mean me. But it was still a surprise when suddenly it left and I was shaking and sweating. I was so tired I just kept trying to go to sleep. Eventually I did. But it was vile. Today I have felt different. But it bothers me that this stuff is still there. It’s like being physically sick and you know there’s more to come but you’re to tired too try. But it’s going to happen anyway. I have had two othe unpleasant encounters the last few weeks. Things that I have inadvertantly cleared or seen. It makes me, even now, feel bad about myself. Because very few people understand. I have had to really try and accept that I am not evil because I perceive and have to deal with these things.
    I have been bearing in mind your warning about staying alert. I am scared that somehow I will miss the boat. And yet the flip side is life has been on the up to. Connections and light with some new people that has not happened before. And the start of building some kind of artistic network.
    All of this would not have been possible without have been my beacon in the dark when I have needed it. Thank you so much.
    Many blessings to you

  • Dear Denise,

    During the last several days I have felt as if I were submerged in water, struggling to reach the top of it, in order to breathe. With the sensation came a silent request that you could sense our collective need to read a new set of explanations as we entered December 2019. I am breathing, deeply now, doing my best to simply imagine how you have coped with so many variables punctuating your reality, such as sitting in your chair, unable to see your television screen ten feet in front of you. You have all of the compassion and empathy I can offer, plus my admiration, too. Reading your words, sparkling with the reflected light of truth, is like finally reaching the crest of a mountain after a decades long climb. Thank you, thank you, and thank you, again for writing today.

    My sight is inner, and I have often thought that if I actually saw with my eyes what I innately sensed I would have a psychological rip big enough to make me unable to function in day to day life. I am not afraid of the group you described, but I lack the tools to send them away. The noises and bumps in my house are equal to my abilities to ward off unwanted, unwelcome intruders; I cannot see them, I do not want them anywhere near me or my four acres, and I devise great imaginary dragons to defend all of us (I am including the trees, hawks, cardinals, and other wild creatures that make their homes here). Am I correct in guessing that the higher I am able to step up the ladder the more unattractive I become to an invisible invader?

    Thank you for patiently explaining what Phase 2 will demand of us. Thank you also for your ‘spoiler alerts’ defining what you have personally experienced. There is power in a united force for good, and right now I have ‘knitted’ myself in with those of a like mind, present here.

    Thank you, and love, as always,


    • “I am not afraid of the group you described, but I lack the tools to send them away.”

      Cali, you have your great big HighHeart that radiates high Light like your own Inner Sun (which it is everyone). The more we embody and Embody the greater reduction in Team Dark in our individual lives and in this reality. The first thing automatically causes the second thing — expulsion of and an ending to the negatives in this and other worlds and realities.

      “Am I correct in guessing that the higher I am able to step up the ladder the more unattractive I become to an invisible invader?”

      It’s not that we become ‘more unattractive’ the greater the Light energies etc. we embody to the inorganics, to Team Dark (TD). With some of them the brighter we glow, radiate and shine, the more they’re drawn to us because they don’t have what we do and they want it. What does change the more Light we embody is TD’s ability to harm us, attack us, feed off of us, manipulate, interfere or derail us and so on. Again, Phase 2 of the AP is going to further change this age-old situation with TD and us. Just focus on you and embodying more and more Light, NEW DNA, the NEW codes etc. which is happening anyway and releasing any fears you have about anything. ❤ ❤ ❤

      Writing first thing in the morning for me is often just ridiculous and frustrating. Wrong words used, letters or entire words left out etc. :/ Sorry All, brain’s cold in the mornings and takes a while to warm up. 😀

      • Dear Denise,

        Thank you for responding to my message. I undergo surgery on December 11th to remove The Black Planet, and I am doing everything to encapsulate as much as I can as quickly as possible, without succumbing to hysteria; I do not know at this exact moment how to dissolve The Black Planet on my own and that is why I am having it removed. My personal self is confused, angry and disgusted with traditional medical personnel, while my Soul Self is coping. I imagine purple waves, ultra light sources, and green circular energy whirling around and through me; I have never been through anything like this before and part of the terror comes from not knowing what to expect.

        Love, as always, Cali

        • Cali,

          I’m glad you’ve shared with us all the date you’re having the surgery. Know that I will, and many of us here, are with you in this. We have been since you shared about it.

          December 11th is the Full Moon and the next day is 12-12-12. The entire next week extremely potent, as is this whole month. It feels to me Cali like this surgery is a one time only thing because SO much is happening energy-wise already. More importantly is that you Consciously Create it so, you DEMAND it so, you MAKE it so constantly from right now through 12-12-2019. The doctors (I detest the medical system too, always have) are the mechanics going under the hood to do the physical level stuff. You do all the rest from your HighHeart empowered Self. You are NOT a victim, you are having some old crap removed by doctors while you Work on all the other levels and energy bodies and so on. And know that you can do this in an instant. It doesn’t take weeks and months, it takes you being a Conscious Creator right now and knowing and trusting absolutely that you are, indeed, powerful enough to permanently remove all of it permanently and entirely. KNOW that, don’t hope for it but know it and do it. So it is.

          Remember, we are now in our HighHeartLives. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Cali, I went back to re-read your original comment on The Black Planet, and now that the surgery date has been set, I wanted to add my intention to Denise’s unequivocal declaration for your permanent healing from this event…I will have you in HighHeart beginning now and all the way through 12-12-12 and beyond, and I await news here of your rapid recovery throughout all of your energy bodies and consciousness. Many blessings to you, and thank you for letting us all know.

        • Cali, I’m echoing the others and will be thinking of you 12/11. ❤️

          What you said about not having gone through anything like this before likely encompasses more than the surgery aspect, but that’s what struck me.

          In case it’s useful, I’ll share what helped when I had my first surgery in 2016 after falling in an icy parking lot and breaking my elbow. They couldn’t operate for several days until the swelling went down, so I had time to get really nervous. Then I started focusing on how much I love hugging people and that I’d never be able to again with both arms without a working elbow. I decided to treat the surgery as a sort of spa day to support my physical body, like getting a hair cut or a massage. Denise’s “under the hood” analogy made me smile because it’s that idea.

          After the surgery, I had a very curious sort of vision from my higher self— like a hazy out-of-body view of the operating room when they were working on me. It was surprising to FEEL that every single person in the room was united in giving their best effort to help me. I have a distrust of the medical system and doctors in general, so it was unexpected and comforting to be reminded there are individuals who go into health care because they really want to help. Anyway, I’m sending love your way! ❤️

        • Cali, Joining in with the others to send support and LOVE for your surgery tomorrow. And while I share yours, Denise’s (and everyone else who shared) distaste and distrust in the medical establishment I also know that there are ANGELS masquerading as doctors, nurses, etc. and I know ANGELS will be working on/for you on Dec. 11th. So much LOVE to you, Sister, as you tackle this with your MASTERY fully intact.

        • Dear Cali Flower,

          I add my High Heart Love to you now and in every moment. May you be filled with Infinite Love, Grace, Health, Peace, and Miraculous and Vital Beingness!


  • Dear Denise, Thanks for the article Denise. The first things my Divine Self said to me were: DISCERN AND SELECT. Yes, it is easier for me now to hear voices or get thoughts from others and about others in my head and see other beings. My dreams also sometimes contain messages from Team Dark posing as Light Beings. I still find it very confusing, but I am working at it. Las week I was offered the position of being the master of a powerful being (demon, jinn??, jinny in the bottle??) that could give me many things and work for me. He was powerful in the 3d world. Although there is a lot of work that needs to be done around my house and garden I declined the offer. I know that you start out as being the “master” in these relationships, but you will always end up as being the “slave”. Anyway, ascension would have stopped for me had I said “yes”. It would have been a decision to personally live in comfort and turning my back on the rest of humanity. Spiritual stagnation would have been the best I could hope for, a downward spiral would have been more probable. I still wander who the people on Earth are who accepted this offer. Anyway, I prefer to be in the company of team Light. Again, thanks for the article Denise, love Maria

    • I want to share that when I first read the instructions “Discern and Select,” I felt Divine/God tingles (confirmation) in my upper body, do I went back to them again and again and had the same reaction. I have written that down on a post-it note to have at hand. Thanks for sharing!

  • … So that’s why I always wake up around 2:30 am; unable to go back to sleep until after 4:00 am… – Guess I will just have to keeping up the Good Vibrations. – Can’t wait for the Saturn/Pluto-conjunction on 12th January 2020 to happen; because this can only get much much better!

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