It’s Checkout Time Humanity

I used this image because at the top right corner you can see the sweep of years starts with 2012 and counts down to highlighted 2020. I liked what that represents in regards to the evolutionary Ascension Process with 2012 as not only the Expiration Date as I’ve called it, but the past seven years of constant increasing intensity, preparation and completion Work of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process during the years after December 2012. I also like how this image continues to the edge of 2013, which to me is another ascension related symbol of the January 12, 2020 Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction energies that have been, are, and will be affecting mass humanity, Earth and more extremely over the next few years.

There’s so much to talk about because we’re at a place within the Ascension Process where a NEW shift change is happening and it’s happening fully in the physical level now. There’s no hiding from compressed evolution, there’s no overriding it, there’s no manipulation of it, there’s no escaping it, and throwing chem trails and other such negativity at it hasn’t and won’t do a damned thing. What there is now and throughout 2020 and beyond is a mass emigration of humanity from what’s been the one and only Earth world and reality we were born into.

I’ve bitched and complained many times over these ascension years about my great dislike of how anyone has been allowed to incarnate into the old 3D physical Earth world. I’ve pointed out how sinners and saints, murders and mystics, the lowest of the low have been allowed to incarnate and co-exist on physical Earth along side some very evolved old souls and everything in-between. This has infuriated me in this life because it’s simply not fair to everyone, all of us jam-packed in here on physical Earth like human sardines trying to ignore the extreme differences in individual levels of development, consciousness, awareness, focus, density, desire and so on. The reason why this has bothered me so in this lifetime is because this sort of thing doesn’t happen elsewhere, because it’s not allowed.

In higher levels and locations everyone must be within the same frequency range, vibration and development to energetically even be able to access that space, level, world or dimension. The complete opposite has been the case on physical Earth during the previous Evolutionary Cycle. Not so any longer. Now there is something to celebrate! Just imagine how this ascension related change will allow everyone everywhere to grow at an accelerated rate.

This brings us to why I entitled this article, It’s Checkout Time Humanity.

As we enter what I’m calling Phase 2 of the Ascension Process on January 1, 2020, which the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction on the 12th is an energetic and physical level necessity—along with numerous other planets all in Capricorn around the exact conjunction on January 12, 2020—the old anyone can enter Earth rule is absolutely over. It is no longer allowed which means the Separation of Worlds & Timelines is in full effect now for everyone. Get in queue humanity for your immediate departure to another Earth world (there’s many) that is a frequency match with the frequency you currently are.

“Sinners” now must to go to a matching frequency Earth world that will help them with that. “Saints” now must to go to a matching frequency Earth world. “Murders” now must to go to a matching frequency Earth world where they’ll have to work on those issues. “Mystics” now must go to a matching frequency Earth world and so on, and so on, and so on.

You want to kill people then you now MUST leave here and go to a matching frequency Earth world where that’s allowed so you can eventually learn and grow beyond murdering people. You want to be free of those who want to kill people, then you now HAVE to be a higher frequency where that sort of thing does not exist because it’s now allowed. And on and on this NEW Earth business goes. Other Earth worlds for every individual that’s a frequency match to it because there’s no more mingling high and low frequencies and densities and forcing them all to co-exist in the same world and reality.

Anyone can change Earth worlds when they have changed their inner frequencies. You evolve beyond those lower frequencies, consciousness, focus, desires etc., then you will automatically shift to another Earth world that’s a higher frequency match to your current level and so on. All of this is based on individual inner frequencies. Like attracts like until the energy fit no longer is a match and then that individual will automatically change Earth worlds, and they will do this as many times in as many worlds as it takes to reach the higher and/or highest ascending NEW Earth world(s).

Do you remember how I got so excited about the planet Saturn being energetically freed by seven consecutive solar flares in April 2017? I wrote about it multiple times because I knew what it meant for our near futures — freedom from physical sardine life and reality and Team Dark distortions!

Much ascension information has been about the incoming NEW energies and codes and so much about the clearing and removal of the past lower frequency structures (Saturn), including the deliberate Team Dark distortions and inversions done to it. Because Saturn holds physical reality and physical structures in place both in the external world and internally within our physical bodies, Saturn had to be energetically freed from the past negative dense frequency range it had functioned within. We’re starting to see and feel this particular change in very dramatic ways since 2017, with 2020 amplifying, accelerating, shifting and ascending all this to a level humanity has not experienced before.

Another aspect of what’s going to start fully in 2020—in a few short weeks!!!—is something I’ve Seen and felt for the past twenty ascension years. It is a greatly reduced human population where I live. At first I thought it was just wishful thinking on my part, but after the first severe decade of the Ascension Process, I realized that it was what was coming in my near future in this life. This very noticeable reduction of humanity where I live has to do with the current shift of people HAVING to now go to a frequency Earth world that’s a match with the frequencies they have in themselves, their consciousness and physical bodies. From my perspective, where I live is going to become increasingly less populated, as will anywhere else I happen to travel to. This isn’t going to happen only where I live, it’s happening globally and it started a few years ago. 2020 will dramatically increase it everywhere however so take note of the thinning human population wherever you live from now forward and know that this is why it’s happening.

Another aspect of this is that not everyone will remain in their current physical body and be automatically relocated to a matching frequency Earth world. Many more people have been, are and will be suddenly dying to be freed of their current physical bodies because they do not want to remain in them and do the Inner Work required to ascend them to higher frequencies. Instead, many have opted to quickly exit them now because the time for hanging out and pondering all this has expired for everyone. So, for those of you who have or are currently experiencing a loved one, a family member, parent, grandparent, child, friend, neighbor, co-worker etc. suddenly enter the death of their physical body, know that this will be happening to more and more people and families from here forward for the reasons mentioned above. They got “sick” to quickly leave their physical bodies. They got in an “accident” to quickly leave their physical bodies. They got “murdered” to quickly leave their physical bodies and more.

They’ve made their choice to exit their body and do a great amount of individual spiritual Work in nonphysical realms and locations. “Life” is both physical and nonphysical. “Realities” are both physical and nonphysical. This is just the start of some of what Phase 2 of the Ascension Process is going to present for we Volunteers, for them, for humanity, for All.

  I’ve needed some linear time to pass and distance from my mom’s last month, last day and physical death that happened in my house with only me present physically before I wanted go into a more in-depth share about what I experienced during her last day. She died the end of June 2019, so it’s both still rather near and yet so very far from me now in mid-December. Since June 2019 I’ve Worked through all I needed to concerning it and numerous related events and involved Portal People. 2019 has been not only extra unusual in many ways, but nonstop as well in that there hasn’t been a moment where we haven’t had to be Working on some last-minute something(s) in ourselves and our lives like there’s no tomorrow! That’s because there isn’t any more tomorrows in the old frequency, space and level for any of us and 2019 has certainly reflected that. 2020 IS that for all of humanity.

The layers of my mom’s dying, death and physical exit was a NEW experience for me, for her, and I believe it was a somewhat different situation for the etheric Assistant who dealt with us both the day she died. The reason I say this is because it’s now an entirely NEW way of ‘crossing over’ due to the evolutionary Ascension Process. Greater numbers of people are no longer living and dying in the old third dimensional world and frequency level, but are doing so in a 5D level and that is one very big change.

I’m sharing some of my experiences with my mom’s last day in more detail now because I know I’m supposed to at the end of 2019 right before the mega shift into 2020 and Phase 2 of the Ascension Process.

(1) I was born clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant and remembered a few of my past lives since age three, more of them as I got older. I also had nearly constant contact with some of my 5D, 6D and 8D ET lineage from birth.

(2) From the age of six or seven I had a nonphysical Guide whose job it was to quickly give me a refresher course in the fine art of intentionally directing, steering, flying and maneuvering my etheric Astral Body from the sleep state.

When human kids reach age fifteen, someone teaches them how to drive a car. Many incarnate Volunteers and Starseeds children are given quick refresher courses in early childhood in how to intentionally and consciously “drive” their etheric body while out of their physical body. They’re also taught how to be lucid or fully conscious while “asleep” and out of their physical bodies.

Nonphysical Guides are assigned to the Volunteers to quickly RE-teach us about consciously and intentionally using and directing our Etheric Body while physically incarnate. From very early ages we’re needed to remember how to get around in the 4D Astral, and how to not get lost, hijacked, mugged, attacked or abducted from the Astral by negative low frequency beings, entities, a wide variety of negative aliens and their devices and deceptions and so on.

(3) I’ve been living and writing about the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process online since 2003, since 2007 at my first site TRANSITIONS, and since 2013 at HighHeartLife. This topic is simply another aspect of humanity’s current evolution and the changes it’s causing, including physical death and ‘crossing over’ from a different level, frequency and dimension. As I personally experienced, witnessed, participated and assisted with in June 2019 with my mom’s passing, death and transitioning out of physicality is now a very different process than what everyone is used to.

Because of my being a lifelong Seer, ascension Volunteer and more, it was easy for me to sense, See, feel and communicate non-verbally with the etheric Assistant that appeared for a short period on the day my mom died. I’m calling this intentionally nondescript etheric being an Assistant because that’s exactly what it felt and seemed to be to me. It wasn’t some long dead relative of my mom’s there to meet her and walk her across to where she needed to go next. It wasn’t an Angelic being and it wasn’t an ET. It was an etheric Assistant whose job it is at this time of mass ascension and dimensional shift to go within frequency range of where the dying human is and assist them across to exactly where they need to go next, which is usually a “rest place” for a while so they can acclimate to the big change they just went through.

Before the Ascension Process when Earth and humanity was wholly located within the physical third dimension, when someone died they had to make the oftentimes tricky journey from physical 3D through the astral fourth dimension (4D) to finally reach where they needed to go next. This trek from physical 3D life through 4D astral etheric transitional “afterlife” could get confusing and dicey at times for most people, which is why you’ve heard those stories about people having had NDE’s and had horrible hell-like experiences. They got to some lower 4D astral level and not any higher. Other people experienced NDE’s of getting much higher, beyond the astral altogether, and perceived lovely nonphysical locations.

Because of the evolutionary Ascension Process and dimensional changes living and dying and dead humans have been experiencing for the past twenty years, the transition at death of the physical body has changed greatly. If an individual dies now whose personal frequency was higher than the majority of humanity, they don’t have to traverse the great divide between what was old lower 3D physicality through the 4D astral to reach a fifth dimensional (5D) or higher frequency. The reason for this is because growing numbers of people who’ve been living the Ascension Process for years are now dying from a higher frequency to begin with, plus they don’t have to go into or through the 4D astral at all. They’re now met shortly before their full energetic disconnect from their physical body by one of these NEW intentionally nondescript etheric Assistants to “hand deliver” them to wherever it is that each of them needs to go next.

Everything has begun changing dramatically across all dimensions, meaning our living and our dying has changed and will continue to evolve to even higher levels than this the further we evolve.

For those of you reading this who are currently dealing with the dying of a loved one or who may be doing so in 2020 and beyond due to everything discussed in this so far, know that you may play a part in assisting the etheric Assistant who shows up in some way for you to perceive to help your exiting loved one. It’s a safe, sane, calm, loving and evolved way of assisting someone whose permanently exiting their physical body and life here.

You the Volunteer, Starseed, First Everythinger Wayshower assist from the ascending physical higher Light Earth side, the etheric Assistant helps from the nonphysical etheric Light side, and you both aid the individual whose chosen to exit their physical body now to do so without wandering through the astral on their own for who knows how long! For those with some amount of personal embodied Light in themselves, “dying” is now exiting physical Light space and frequency and shifting into nonphysical Light space and similar frequency with an etheric Assistant at your side to aid you in this NEW way of ‘crossing over’.

During this process with my mom in June 2019, she was in a state of physical transition for the last ten days of her life. She was conscious the evening they returned her to my house from the hospital for Home Hospice Care, but the next morning she was unconscious and remained so for those ten days until her death. I knew she wanted to get back to my house and me so that I would help her with her death and transition minus the unaware medical “professionals” interfering in any way.

During her last ten days at my house I gave her morphine when she needed it, emptied her urine bag, kept her bedroom energetically clear of any lower negative parasite entities, and I talked out loud to her about everything I knew I needed to say to her before she died. And then, the etheric Assistant manifested that last day slightly behind my right shoulder and above me by a few feet. Standing next to it on its right side was my mom in her etheric body. She wasn’t strong enough at that point to telepathically communicate to or with me so the etheric Assistant relayed information from her to me and vice versa. The Assistant and I communicated non-verbally. I hesitate calling this “telepathic” because as I’ve evolved over the past twenty ascension years, so too has how I receive and transmit or communicate information to and with nonphysical beings of Light.

The Assistant acknowledged me and my helping my mom and my telling her certain things I said out loud during that time. The Assistant even made a lovely gesture when I was done talking out loud to mom’s physical body of “touching” my right shoulder after I’d said something specific to her. It was an acknowledgement from it to me that I’d done well from my side with all this. My entire shoulder, arm, hand and fingers felt an intense electrical-like energy surge through it when the Assistant “touched” my shoulder. A few minutes after this my mom and the Assistant were gone. I called Hospice to come immediately and do what they do and have the body picked up as soon as possible. They all came and did what they needed to and no one knew what an amazing and positive time the THREE of us had had assisting my mom out of the physical Light into the nonphysical Light.

Get ready for Phase 2 of the Ascension Process First Everythingers, it’s going to be NEW to us all.


December 17, 2019

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38 thoughts on “It’s Checkout Time Humanity

  • Dear Denise,
    I was informed today, by a relative, that my father has probably just a few days left. I haven’t met him since about 30 years ago, he didn’t want any contact with me since he and my mother separated. Now I have to feel through what I’m going to do, find a train to travel to the town where he is to see him, or just ask my relative to tell him something. There are already at least 2 “voices” discussing inside of me: “He’s not my father” – “Maybe if I tell him I forgive him, it will help”. The first effect was I couldn’t finish my meal, though I was hungry before reading that message.
    I hope the night silence will help me to find clarity.
    Btw I have Capricorn in 4th house in birth chart.

      • Thank you Denise 💖
        I think one of the voices is suggesting something that may sound better for others, not me directly.
        In italian they say something like “the night will give you advice”, and this old saying was often true to me, so I’ll wait for the morning to swim into my feelings about him again, though I had already some nudges this evening.
        Thanks again dear soul across the ocean

  • Thank you Denise, for sharing this.
    My dad passed 2 years ago, through the love, forgiveness and guidance from us abused siblings, his transition and greater love happened quickly, and he was a highly damaged/damaging, stuck in Matrix, man.
    As I read about your experience with the Assistant, dad tells me it is true. Thank you so much for this added knowing!
    Much love.

  • Thank you from the fullness of my Heart, Denise and all who comment here. Your stories are all empathic, deep, and deserving of hugs. I have always enjoyed precognitive and psychic moments, but now I can clearly see what you mean by spherical consciousness. It is the opening of our intuition into the flow that makes it so. Everything has always swirled spiral-wise, so it is no surprise that spherical consciousness means seeing at all points on that journey. Just last night in my dream I was wearing my Make-A-Wish T-shirt under street clothes. In life, I volunteer for a children’s charity called Make-A-Wish. I was meeting other Make-A-Wish people on a train whom I hadn’t met before, and we were heading to an event being put on by Make-A-Wish (more to that dream, but the important part was that today, for the first time I heard through Angel Numbers that 11:11 and Make A Wish are connected (what you wish for will manifest). For me this is spherical. The knowledge came around for me the day after the dream. The thing is, fear could easily enter with the concept of the Separation of Worlds and Timelines, but it is very calming to know that all is connected with Divine Source and everything happens at the most opportune and best-aspected time for the highest outcome. Letting go of the ego/id is so relieving as there is no burden of having to control.

  • Thank you for sharing your personal journey Denise and the insightful experiences 🙏🏽 Your writing is the only ascension info I have followed since my awakening and you really have been/are a light in the dark for a lot of us! I always have so much I want to share when I read an article because they resonate so much and give so many ah ha moments to my own journey and embedded insights ✨ even at this stage (by that I mean I am in decent company of mostly likeminded souls now – a lot different to my first 30 years on earth playing catch up surrounded by dark) there are still not many people aware of or able to be this real, there is no one around me I could talk to about the fact I was fighting demons in my sleep since a child 😂😳 so this place feels a little like home 🌈 I also wish I was brave enough to share some of my experiences in the way you have! Anyway I’m rambling haha I just wanted to comment on the airport reference in this article – for the past couple of years I have been having dreams/multi dimensional experiences where I am at an Airport trying to get through security and I have too many bags or contraband items hidden in my cases! And I wasn’t allow through haha interesting references, each time I have the dream I have less bags, I’m now down to 1 bag but I still had a bit of contraband, however I think I managed to discard it before I reached security, I am continuing the inner work 🙏🏽✨💗 it’s a lot to catch up however 30 years in the dark, wake up in 2012 releasing it all in time to not miss the plane!! ✈️❤️ However I have been so beautifully supported since awakening and have been able to COMPLETELY change my life! 🙏🏽✨ Sending love and thank you ❤️

  • Hey Denise,
    As we all seem to struggle on thru this muck, the pain and loss is tremendous. Only the connection with the divine has allowed this movement in time and space without the whole of us dying off.
    I rarely ever talk about my life because I’m surrounded by evil constantly and they don’t like hearing the truth about anything. My wife of 40 years has stopped talking to me about anything over the last 3 years or so, but she is my honey and is old now so I stay to be sure she makes it thru to where she needs to go. I have no friends or family, they too have shunned me because of my belief patterns. I live in an old vets home with very minimal monies but a lot of old drunks and drug addicts are here to make my life as much a hell as possible. The TD raiders of the astral plains have been testing as much as possible this year and it has ramped up a bit lately. I did have a dream sometime back that I woke up one morning and I was alone in this desert place called Tucson (where I am now) but there was not one person in the whole city. This has led me to meditate on the splitting of the worlds and how things could go but I am having some difficulty with the numbers needed to accomplish these things. With 7 billion persons and the present numbers dying etc… it would take over 200 years to start to see any changes. Even if all the new people are of the higher vibrations it is the old guard that needs to die first so things can change and they have lots of drugs and stuff to stay alive past all the rest of us. So I figure there will have to be some sort of mass die off of the negatives to make any headway. With this I feel strange because I don’t know if I’m taking this body with or dying and moving on but I don’t seem to have the time left in this body to wait much more. Any thoughts on the mass migration of souls to the timelines they are going too?

    • Myk-L,

      The way you’re looking at this Separation of Worlds business is still linear and it’s not that at all. The Separation of Worlds & Timelines is a literal physical and energetic Separation. It is a Separation of higher from lower / lower from higher frequencies and people with different frequencies in themselves and their bodies etc. now MUST migrate to a matching frequency Earth to what they embody within themselves. 2020 will, in very obvious ways, show this Separation in this country and all others. The waiting is now completely over for the lower frequencies, the negatives, the corrupt, those who want to war constantly etc. are no longer energetically allowed or capable of existing in, remaining in, or participating in the ASCENDING higher frequency energies and NEW Earth world(s). The lower frequency people have other matching frequency Earth worlds, and the main Descending one that they’re currently migrating to because they’re not interested in Ascending but Descending into even greater negativity.

      Point is that this is not about a mass die off of the negatives as you said, but a mass exodus of them from the higher frequencies and individuals that have embodied and continue to embody higher and higher NEW ascending/evolving energies and all else. Here comes the interesting part. 😉 From their perspective we’ll just fade away from their memory and they won’t remember those other people at all. They’ll be totally focused on and involved with their Descending world reality. From our Ascending perspective those people will leave our world and reality. They will, and I mean this literally everyone, they will no longer physically or energetically or in any way exist within your, my, our Ascending NEW Earth world(s) whatsoever. The extreme energy gap between we who are Ascending and those who are Descending has reached the breaking Separation point now and 2020 will be and show this like crazy, and much more.

      Aim high, aim very high and embody those NEW high energies, frequencies, codes etc. and you will, like we all will, automatically find ourselves in a matching frequency Earth world where the Descending people are not at all.

      • Denise, thx, was very linear in my thoughts. The multi D stuff is pounding me so I weird out sometimes. That change will be one for the books!! Looking forward to some very new, cool stuff. Beam Me Up Scotty!! (Sorry, just reeealy had to say that)

      • Dear Denise and All,

        “From our Ascending perspective those people will leave our world and reality.”

        My Guides have demonstrated to me in sleep state and waking state how fluid our consciousness is now, thoughts and memories slide in and out with ease. To demonstrate they asked me to concentrate on a thought, and then I felt it being peeled away, almost like peeling a piece of Cling Wrap off of a surface, and it was gone! I couldn’t retrieve it, nor did I feel any necessity to go after it. They explained that was one way that reality would change into 5D.
        Wonderful article, Denise, thank you! Just hanging in here, sleeping as much as possible. Looking forward to the Winter Solstice tomorrow (8:19 PST) and the 29th, too.
        Love and Light,

  • Another very interesting tidbit about this incredible year of 2019.

    EVERY YEAR the Sun transits up to the Galactic Center (GC) and conjuncts it briefly then moves on past that exact and very tight degree. On December 1, 2019, GC was, from our perspective, located at 27 degrees Sagittarius 07 minutes. The Sun was within this very narrow conjunction orb between December 17th thru the 19th, today. Because this is 2019, the Sun conjuncting the Milky Way GC THIS YEAR has been I feel not only different than any other December, but I sense it was yet another important energy completion / activation point to this very intense year.

    I’ve been feeling a growing disconnect with “how it’s been”, how I’ve felt and how my consciousness has been etc. since mid-November 2019. There have been times since then that I’m more quantum than linear, more Spherical than linear, more out of linear time space and consciousness than in it. That sounds great and wonderful, which it is, but it’s also been another ongoing education for me about some aspects of my — and your — NEW life, awareness, reality etc.

    Since mid-November 2019 I’ve experienced a big increase in what I’ve called Spherical consciousness, which is “quantum” or nonlinear. This often is experienced by my knowing something, feeling it, living it, going through it only to later that day have it happen physically. I didn’t explain that well at all. :-/

    The old familiar linear sequence of how I (and you) experience and perceive reality is changing because of the AP and our EP getting close now to being complete, being aligned enough to cause these types of side effects. Said very simply, you may start experiencing greater periods of NON linear awareness and reality. You may experience “reality” in these sorts of out of sequence, random scrambled sorts of Spherical awareness ways. I also sense that the Sun conjuncting the GC December 17-19th of mega 2019, has and still is causing tremendous ripples of change in time space, our consciousness, and in multiple realities. I also sense that this is why some of us have, over the past few nights, experienced an increase in negative TD type attacks or attempted attacks on us from the etheric level while we were asleep dreaming.

    Also, because I’ll probably forget this, I’m including here that many months ago one of my atomic clocks jumped to December 29, 2019, which we’ve learned has been yet another way some of us are given messages, signs, clues like seeing certain numbers everywhere, that another BIG shift change is most likely going to happen on December 29, 2019. Just sharing some tidbits of Light info. Onward we go into IT all. ❤

    • Thank you for this, Denise! I witnessed what sounds like spherical consciousness last night and thought I’d share. I was doing a workshop that included a guided meditation I only wrote a few days ago. One of the participants (who had been excited about this for weeks) kept experiencing highly specific settings and interactions that I wrote into the meditation—but well before I described anything about them. Her visualization was jumping steps ahead and she somehow KNEW what I was going to say. It happened at least three times to her. She had a really emotional, awakening/opening kind of experience, and it was fascinating to hear her describe it. Looking forward to more of all the good stuff. ❤️

    • Hi Denise,

      It’s very comforting for me to know that those we love and currently care for – and who may exit their bodies “unexpectedly” in 2020 or thereafter due to all of their reasons – will be gravitating to a compatible energetic/vibrational/frequential (is that even a word?) world upon exiting their physical bodies…and that they will be lovingly looked after and assisted in arriving there! It has been a strong preoccupation of mine as I look after my ill longtime companion, not feeling sure that he would be “safe” if a sudden exit were to occur. Thank you…I feel greatly relieved.

      The last many weeks have made clear that non-linear life is rapidly closing down for me. Unwittingly for the most part, I (and my companion) have been living “spherically”, even perhaps BECAUSE of his frail health…I haven’t been able to maintain any kind of routine or schedule about apparently anything, whether it’s eating at the same hours every day or sleeping at any particular times during the day or night, or even having him take medications as “prescribed” …it all seems to be happening “as needed” and, although I’ve always considered myself adaptable, even this kind of non-linearity has been challenging to my intuitive mind. Living in a 24/7 city like New York as we do, this is admittedly easier to incorporate, since virtually all services are available almost always. And yet, what would life truly be like, without conforming to conventional 24/7 rational, logical time sequencing, tee hee??!! Perhaps we’d live more “in the moment.”…perhaps I already am. I truly do not know at any moment, what will come next…Can we talk?

      Thank you for all you share with all of us. I’m glad to know that the journey you experienced with your Mom and her Assistant upon her exiting was loving and, dare I say, conclusory in whatever ways that term my infer. You have my deepest admiration and respect always, Denise…

  • “Yes we all need to Create NEW words, terms, descriptions etc. for the NEW level of reality and consciousness that we’ve evolved to, so far. The old words, terms and descriptions of 3D pre-Ascension Process are now incorrect, too small and inappropriate as they describe an old lower frequency range of reality and consciousness we’ve “ascended” beyond. So, it’s up to US to Create the NEW ascended 5D and higher words, terms and descriptions for, well, most everything.”

    Denise and all, I don’t comment much because words no longer come easy and don’t adequately convey what I want to say. First of all, I appreciate all who share here. So many times I say “yes, yes, yes, me too!” and silently thank each of you, but this morning I want to share here. This will be brief because … well, because I don’t have words to express the meaning it has for me, but perhaps it will speak to you. It came to me yesterday when I was responding to a message from a friend. In an attempt to answer his question about how my day had been, I realized there were no words to describe how time had flown by like a speeding train and had been a mixture of peace and chaos. (Of course it’s been that way for many years, beginning in the late 80s and intensifying to the point that there are no words.) So, my response to him was that it had: “… disappeared into nothingness and yet everything. I’ll call it the Ultimate Void.”


    Denise, please use this one. I reread after I posted and was reminded why I don’t try to write much anymore. Thank you for you.

  • Dear Denise,

    On December 11th, prior to my surgery, I was assaulted by a male physician, while a female assistant and a male resident fellow were in the room, witnessed the attack, and did nothing to stop it. I was wheeled out into an empty hall, wearing nothing but a surgical gown, with an IV stuck in my right hand, while I sobbed and shook for a long time. The number of the cell like place I had to wait for seven hours was ’11’, and during that time I did my best to recall the kind words you have generously written to me.

    Love, as always, Cali

    • Cali Flower,

      I am so very sorry this happened to you ON TOP OF why you were there in the first place! Horror on top of horror. All I can tell you is that I too was attacked within about two minutes by one of the two EMT/Paramedics that came to my house after I called 911 for my dying mom. One of them was decent, the other was a Portal Person (PP) that accused me abusing my mom because her lower arms and legs had large dark spots. He told the head ER nurse that I had abused my mom and she attacked me in the ER room. When I got home that day a police officer came to my house to follow up on this charge of elder abuse. THAT is what the whole month of June was for me, defending myself against PP “professionals” while my mom went through two surgeries that did nothing but cause her more pain — and the worst massive dark spots all over her body.

      Get through this so that you are THROUGH THIS and don’t have to go to that or any other lowly negative place with matching frequency and consciousness PP in them.

      Just to feel better in general you might say Lisa Renee’s ‘GSF’ line, but do so THREE times out loud. ‘I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free’. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • A profound and very, very important post, Denise, thank you. The Separation of the Worlds as I came to understand it and as you have described it, is indeed a just and equitable process of like frequency matching like frequency so that those of Team Light may continue on their journey home to Source without interference from Team Dark, and those choosing to leave planet Earth via death may now do so safely while still being provided the opportunity to choose their next locale. It’s been a long time coming and heaven knows the Volunteers, Starseeds, Pathpavers, etc. needed to have a date (January 12, 2020) because, in my opinion, regardless of how NOW the rest of the Universe is, we are still in linear time. For me, the coming Separation may be a challenge as to my ability to neutrally observe, but after all these years, I do believe I’ve managed to get a handle on compassion. Regardless, I sincerely hope that as the frequencies meet their matches, the ascension symptoms alleviate. Whew! Love, B.

  • Dear Denise,
    It is so encouraging to read this and have confirmation that it is all getting physical , finally!!! Years ago, I had a vivid dream of standing in an airport like setting and acting as a “heart reader”. I held my hand up to folks’ hearts and from the frequency, directed them where to go. There were long lines and everyone was anxious to get on their way. I would tell them…oh you are to go to the green line or red line and off they went. The color represented their frequency.
    Oh, that the time is now!! It has been such a long haul through these years. I first heard of the possibility of physical ascension back in 1989, and I knew that I was one who would take that route in this lifetime. I am so ready for the rejuvenation of my form and to live in our new creations. Finally, the Christmas of magic and miracles is at hand!
    Thank you, Denise for shining a guiding light.
    Much love and appreciation for us all!

    • Linda & Donna,

      For a few years during the decade of the 2000’s I had repeated dreams of being in airports. In every one of these dreams I was always needing to quickly get onboard an airplane. There was never a physical destination in any of these airport and airplane dreams, only the great need to get myself on the plane(s) and get to another location and fast. Back then I didn’t make the conscious connection that these airport and airplane flying dreams had to do with evolving to a higher dimension, Pathpaving the Way to the higher NEW Earth etc., I just hustled for a few years to repeatedly get myself on different airplanes! Many of us did.

      Your description of color coded HighHeart travelers was great Linda and so descriptive of our different frequencies and/or Rays etc. We’re all living the Ascension Process but we’re each unique and that is so important. ❤

  • When I read truth that deeply touches me, I begin swaying right and left. This article touched me deeply. Thank you for sharing details about your mom’s transition days, which validates the “resting place” that has been a part of my knowing for some time. And, thank you for the term/label/title “etheric assistant.” It feels very comfortable, and I intend to begin to use it when facilitating the releasing and processing of humans who didn’t complete their transition in full and attached to other human bodies. The terms/labels/titles I had been using for years had become uncomfortable (and guidance is “obsolete” as I write this). On another note, related to the astral realm experiences you touched on, I awoke during the middle of last night from a “literal” battle with a demon (actually wrestling). I began repeating “Christ Jesus” and “Jesus Christ” over and over again and then awoke. Wow!

    • Angel-Light Love,

      Thank you for that. ❤

      Yes we all need to Create NEW words, terms, descriptions etc. for the NEW level of reality and consciousness that we've evolved to, so far. The old words, terms and descriptions of 3D pre-Ascension Process are now incorrect, too small and inappropriate as they describe an old lower frequency range of reality and consciousness we've "ascended" beyond. So, it's up to US to Create the NEW ascended 5D and higher words, terms and descriptions for, well, most everything.

      I too had a mild negative attack attempt in the early AM hours of today, December 18, 2019. It's been years since I had one of these TD type dreams and it was very much less severe than years past but I was still surprised I experienced it early this morning. Team Dark's busy again based on what some of us have, only hours ago, experienced while asleep and OOB. Angiebaines said in her Comment that she too had three negative ‘smash & grab’ attempts recently. Backlash to all these massively intense NEW last three months of 2019 energies.

    • Angel-light Love, wow I’m so glad for you. I’ve had TD beings yelling at me out loud waking me, yelling multiple mornings past week or two. I thought I had it bad! You went through worse. Brave woman ( I assume you’re female! forgive me!) how amazing you cried out and called his name blessed name, so powerful. So glad you and Denise mentioned this happening, thought I might be alone. Silly me. Peace to you all and all everywhere 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing you lose Denise I too lost my beloved sister from ovarian cancer at age 55 in late April and I wish that I had known about assistants then but I KNOW she had angelic assistance Confirmed later..
    I wanted to comment on something else if you would bear with me. I have been ‘smashed and grabbed ‘ literally three times in my etheric body now in my own home. First time ‘they’ nearly ‘got’ me until I called on AA Michael to ‘save’ me. Second time similar but although I felt assistance around me it was me fumbling around with my ‘tools’ to get free. Last time it happened the other night I KNEW exactly how to deal with this attack completely on my own and it was no bother at all.
    I know this is more related to your previous post but I just wanted to say I believe we are becoming right now not in some future time, but right now, more confident and masterful than ever before. And despite all our heartache and physical pain we are more than capable of having the future we have all dreamed of right now. Bring it on baby! xxxxx

  • “For those of you reading this who are currently dealing with the dying of a loved one or who may be doing so in 2020 and beyond due to everything discussed in this so far, know that you may play a part in assisting the etheric Assistant who shows up in some way for you to perceive to help your exiting loved one. It’s a safe, sane, calm, loving and evolved way of assisting someone whose permanently exiting their physical body and life here”.

    Bless you Denise, – what a delightful relief you are. – My own dearest Mother has (somehow miraculously) reached the age of 93; but she is very weak now, and might not live to see the year of 2020: – Anyway; I now know how to handle it . – Thank you so much, again, Denise; you make the difference between chaos and serenity for so many of us. Tons of love to you, and to everyone here,

    • Amen to that, Finn and Denise. Wish I would have known all that when my folks in their 90s passed on a few years ago. All I knew then was fear in many forms. Thanks for sharing all that, Denise.. I learn so much here.❤

  • I’ve often wanted to write you a card or send you something regarding losing your mom. Especially after you were so generous with me via email during the challenges of fast, hard transition in July. I’m so glad it was such a good experience. It inspires me and helps me for the future. Thank you, Denise. In the quiet emptiness of this particular and unique time, walking only by faith and often poorly, I am concerned for humanity and happy for all at the same time. Emotions are awash in a landslide, I pray and hope for the best future possible for all of us. I was told today that it is now very hard for many. What’s left in me is moving out of me in a flood at such high speed I can’t catch or comprehend it, not that that’s needed now. Dreams at such a volume and speed, giant 100 mph imagery rushing out of my brain. It’s a flood. Energies are knocking my body like I’m in a boxing ring. Can’t see where the punches are coming from or where they will hit, like the last round of a really great fight. That’s all I can say, peace to you. I’m grateful to you for sharing what happened in the final hours, really am. 💛💚

  • Thank you for your article Denise, I resonate with everything you’ve written. I know you don’t mention it in this article but I remember you writing about how your sister struggled her entire life with addiction and bulimia and I just wanted to thank you so much (a bit late but still) for shedding light on my relationship with my own sister who I have a conflicted though often times loving relationship with and who similarly I feel has been used by less than saintly nonphysical folk to sabotage me via similar struggles on her part but perhaps to slightly less extent. I became aware of this and more guarded as a result. Just wanted to say thank you for illustrating the separation of worlds in your article. The place I live in is fairly unpopulated and it always surprises me whenver I travel to more congested though seemingly more normal areas of the neighbourhood even but especially the big city of Toronto or Scarborough where people to people relations are not only closer but close in the sense that you can feel conflict just about to happen almost at every second turn. Whew! I’m so glad…my introvert self is ever so glad this is all changing. Love ❤

  • Denise,
    Like so many I entered the ascension phase in 1999. For several years I didn’t know what the severe physical and emotional symthoms meant. Then I started reading Karen Bishops blog and started correspondence with her and this opened my eyes to what what happening and the dots began to connect. This was 2006. My wife and I talked about ascension often and believed we would ascend together in 2012. She developed cancer in 2009 and was very ill but I had a dream that she would not die but we would ascend together..Although Anita was highly spiritually aware I never understood why she didn’t have the severe physical symptoms that I did. I should have known that she wasn’t going to ascend in her physical body.. December 12, 2012 Anita became very ill and doctors couldn’t determine exactly why as her cancer didn’t show on scans as recurring. We returned home after a December 24th surgery that did no good. We still hoped that ascension was only delayed a few weeks and soon it wouldn’t matter what physical condition but it soon became apparent there was no hope for recovery as she rapidly lost weight down to 65 pounds but still mobile and lucid . She went on hospice but that only lasted a week. She was never in pain and during her entire 3 1/2 years of illness never took pain medicine. In mid February 2013 one morning she looked radiant and I asked how she felt and she said good but it is so bright in the room that it hurts her eyes. I know now that was the presence of the etheric assistant that you have mentioned. That night she asked if she should just go on and I said if you think its time and I cried and cried but she said she couldn’t cry. The next morning she was unresponsive and I called the hospice nurse who said she had only a few days to live. AS soon as the nurse left Anita started shallow breathing and I went and held her in my arms and told her it was okay to go. Immediately she passed no struggle no gasping. And for a brief moment she stood behind me. We had been married happily for 37 years.
    About six months after she passed i was between that sleeping and dreaming state and she came out of the wall laughing and asked was I afraid? I said oh no and she kissed me full on the lips. It was as real as real could be and she sat on the bed and talked and laughed. I asked how it was for her to cross over and she laughed and said lt was nothing. It was like walking into another room. And I said do you know what it has been like for me? and she laughed again and said “we watch you just like you watch TV. As she got up to leave I asked could I go and she said not now but soon. My room was spinning like Dorothy on the Wizard of OZ and then I was back but on cloud nine for awhile. But its been so long now. I am ready to go. Soon has to be here.

    • Dear Richard,
      Thank you for sharing your story. What a blessed passing for your wife. Amazing that she was able to do that journey with no pain medication. How wondrous that she came back to reassure you and let you feel her presence once again in the physical. Thank you both for paving a path for others with your love. I can feel it glowing.
      It has been so long for so many of us. May we all flow where our hearts will glow in delight. Wishing you every good thing and that “soon” is here now.

    • Denise, Richard and everyone!!! I am overwhelmed with the LOVE of your sharing these wonder filled moments…Ascension has been so hard to go through and lately I have felt very discouraged…Reading your posts Denise, remind me of tiny lights showing me the way through the darkness…Brightest blessings to you ALL…e*

  • At this point I have very little to say. Except what a wonderful thing to share about your mum. Thank u. For everything. Love and light to you both
    Magda xxxxxxxx

  • Interesting that my sister was just mentioning how the obituary pages are so much longer in the newspaper now. I sure hope that by January there is some physical relief from all this feeling of being squeeeeezed and compressed all over my body, let alone head yukkies. And thanks for sharing your beautiful passing of your Mom, she was lucky to have you for a daughter Denise!

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