NEW Divine Father Masculine & the Capricorn Saturn Pluto Conjunction

Astrologers use the terms applying and separating to indicate when a planet is approaching another planet — applying, or moving away from another planet — separating. Another term used is orb of influence. An astrological orb indicates when two or more planets are within a certain number of degrees from each other and start energetically interacting with each other and affecting humanity. Typically, the number of degrees most astrologers use for planet aspects is between 5–7°. Being a sensitive I’ve always felt applying aspects before that so I’ve used a 10° orb. However, due to the Ascension Process and it being the end of very intense 2019, everyone is being deeply affected and influenced by the physical reality-changing evolutionary Capricorn Saturn Pluto conjunction. When the one and only exact conjunction hit of Saturn and Pluto happens on January 12, 2020, it will be Divine cosmic lightening physically striking humanity, our consciousness, being and physical reality. The Fish are dead, long live the NEW Waves. The global patriarchy is dead, long live the NEW Divine Human of Light.

January 1, 2019 transiting Saturn was 11° Capricorn and transiting Pluto was 20° Capricorn. That’s a 9° orb between them and Saturn is applying because it moves faster than Pluto. February 1, 2019 Saturn was 15° Capricorn and Pluto was 21° Capricorn. March 1, 2019 Saturn was 17° and Pluto 22°. Here’s what the Saturn and Pluto transit looks like on the 1st day of each month throughout 2019.

  1. January 1, 2019 Saturn was 11° Capricorn and Pluto was 21° Capricorn
  2. February 1, 2019 Saturn was 15° and Pluto was 22°
  3. March 1, 2019 Saturn was 18° and Pluto 22°
  4. April 1, 2019 Saturn 20° and Pluto 23°
  5. May 1st Saturn is 21° retrograde and Pluto is 23° also retrograde
  6. June 1st Saturn is 20° and Pluto is 23° both retrograde
  7. July 1st Saturn is 18° and Pluto is 22° both retrograde
  8. August 1st Saturn is 16° and Pluto is 21° retrograde
  9. September 1st Saturn is 14° and Pluto is 21° retrograde
  10. October 1st Saturn is 14° direct and Pluto is 21° retrograde
  11. November 1st Saturn is 15° and Pluto is 21° both direct
  12. December 1st 2019 Saturn is 18° and Pluto is 21°
  13. Solstice December 21, 2019 Saturn is 20° and Pluto is 22° Capricorn

January 1, 2020, Saturn is 21° and Pluto is 22° Capricorn. They reach exact conjunction January 12, 2020 —1-12-2020—with Saturn and Pluto both at 22° Capricorn.

Often transits reach exact degree aspect two or three times due to one or both planets going retrograde. They apply and make the first exact “hit” then separate due to retrograde motion and make a second exact “hit”, then go direct motion and make another exact “hit” conjunction again and so on. This sort of multiple 1-2-3 exact “hits” business is to give humanity the needed time to (1) first experience the exact energies and aspect energies in direct motion then (2) experience them a second time in retrograde motion and then (3) experience them for the last time in direct motion. The first “hit” is the energetic arrival or punch, the second retrograde “hit” is humanity reevaluating and reworking things at this point within the transit, and the third “hit” is final integration of the energies and changes in humanity and reality.

Because humanity and all else is deep in the Ascension Process and Separation of Worlds, this Capricorn Saturn Pluto conjunction has only one exact degree “hit” on January 12, 2020 — 1-12-2020 — and then fairly quickly Saturn enters Aquarius. It does retrograde back into Capricorn but a second exact “hit” conjunction with Pluto does not happen. This is a one hit wonder transit and it has been, is, and will continue to rapidly and completely dismantle and remove the entire lowly global patriarchy, patriarchal rulers, governments, political systems, structures and matching consciousness of humanity that is evolving now. One and done baby, one… and… done.

 There are many who’ve written extensively about this rare physical reality-changing Capricorn Saturn Pluto conjunction. What I want to focus on about it, and the many other planets transiting Capricorn close to the epic Saturn Pluto conjunction, is how Divine Mother Feminine now wants and needs to completely remodel and redecorate, so, NEW Divine Father Masculine is at the ready to rebuild and redecorate Earth, humanity, reality and all structures internally and externally and imbue them with NEW Divine Father Masculine energies. None of this will resemble anything from the past or any pasts. This is NEW Divine Father Masculine being returned and seeded into Earth and humanity at this NEW higher level.

The humans that are not ready, willing or able to evolve into this profound higher NEW complete re-structuring of physical reality, life, consciousness and individual integrated being on ascending NEW Earth are those who have been rapidly leaving their physical bodies the past few years. The other people that want to remain in their current physical bodies but don’t want to or are not ready to evolve, to “ascend” along with everything are the people now being quickly re-directed, migrated to a matching frequency Earth world to what they currently are themselves.

This is NEW Divine Daddy. This is NEW rebuilding and redecorating at a NEW ascended level with NEW tools of Light and LOVE and Individual integration or Unity or Triality at the next higher rung of the great Evolutionary Cycle. None of this has been experienced before here and it’s going to be intense, wonderful, did I mention intense? and at times most likely a little wild and chaotic. Who cares is my response, bring on the NEW everything Divine Mother Feminine and Divine Father Masculine, Source knows we want and very much need a total internal and external Divine Makeover.

For those who aren’t familiar with astrology and the energies Saturn, Pluto and Capricorn hold, specifically at this point within the Ascension Process, here’s a super simplified rundown. First off, Saturn is the naturally ruler of Capricorn so there’s a lot of ease and naturalness with Saturn in its own sign energies. Saturn, and I mean the NEW and freed of old Team Dark distortions Saturn, has to do with physical reality and holding it in place physically. In this Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction, there will be tremendous NEW Divine Father Masculine energies and force in this entire 2020 astrological Capricorn energy event. In Ascension terms, this means that ascended Saturn (everything is going through the Ascension Process) is helping to not only castoff the past cycle’s energy codes and blueprints but more importantly the negative distortions, and is helping to embody, imprint and encode ascending Earth and humanity with NEW higher frequency Saturn energies and codes. Pluto is doing the same of course.

In September 2019 I wrote Libra 2019, and discussed how at that time another, but this time a much larger portion of Divine Mother, Divine Feminine was returning, reentering human consciousness, our lives and reality. I intentionally did not mention then about how aspects of the Divine Father, Divine Masculine will be returning, reentering, Rewiring, seeding anew human consciousness, our lives and physical reality once these specific NEW energies are physically delivered through this January 12, 2020 Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction.

Divine Mother Feminine returns first because for thousands of years on Earth SHE/IT has been horrendously distorted and limited by the negative alien and human patriarchy. Because of this SHE/IT has been incrementally returning to humanity and human consciousness via this Ascension Process. It’s also why the majority of current Ascension teachers and writers are now incarnate in female bodies. It’s been yet another way to help Rewire and seed anew the NEW Light energies, Higher Awareness, and individual integration of energies in humanity via female World Teachers and Energy Workers instead of males as it’s been for thousands of years of patriarchal rule on Earth.

Divine Mother Feminine is remodeling and redecorating and NEW Divine Father Masculine is now present and about to carry out this NEW Work in the physical and beyond. The Capricorn Saturn Pluto conjunction and other involved planets in Capricorn at that time are a huge manifestation methods for a lot of this to be physically seeded anew on ascending Earth and in ascending humanity during the Separation of Worlds & Timelines.

Have the most HighHeart December 21, 2019 Solstice tomorrow everyone. It’s about to get even more interesting, exciting and so very different in wonderful ways. ❤

Denise Le Fay

December 20, 2019


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28 thoughts on “NEW Divine Father Masculine & the Capricorn Saturn Pluto Conjunction

  • Thanks for the confirmation re physical symptoms – this last week I had a strange thing happen with my teeth, it felt like the bone was melting away and they would fall out 😳 I stayed in neutral higher awareness that it was an energetic thing that would pass and thankfully it did within 2 days, it was work to not freak out! 😂 and I also wanted to share that last night I had an intense hijack astral experience, I wonder whether you have Denise or others noticed an increase lately? I haven’t had one so intense for a while, small attempts but I’m normally one step ahead, however last nights felt very full on big guns blazing style! It took a while for me to be able to go back to bed! I’m hoping this means there is also a big influx of light just arriving! 🤗✨💗 blessings and love ❤️

  • Hi Denise,
    Speaking of the return of the Divine Daddy, during the past week I had 2 dreams where my “father” stepped in and saved the day. In one I was in school and unable to finish a final task, and he did the task for me, enabling me to graduate. In the other, he paid off my debt, allowing me to be free of some dark people from my past. The father in the dream was a man I didn’t recognize. Hope is in the air! Holding that expectant grateful vibe as we slide into 2020. ❤️🥳👏

  • Hi Denise and everyone, what a strange time! We’ve had a horrible sickness burning through each of my kids in turn and now me (high fever, cough, tummy issues). Two of my girls have also had bone/joint pain. It doesn’t feel like a coincidence it started the day before the Solstice. I’m holding onto hope this is a final purge and burn off to get us ready for the NEW. Sending love to all here and gratitude for the community. ❤️

    • Kara & All,

      I just moments ago published a short article about how severe it’s been both physically and emotionally for many of us. I know how hard it’s been for me physically and emotionally this month so I know many others have been going through these tremendous NEW energy Waves that are more like energy pulses that happen every few days.

      My Love and LOVE to your young ones going through this with the rest of us of all ages. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Denise,
    I dreamed the worst dream about bathroom cleaning llast night I have ever dreamed. It smelled so bad. I only had a small washcloth and the s__t was piled so high in the commode and I kept wiping it up with a little washcloth. A voice said this is just from today. I was so nauseated I almost vomited when I woke up.

    • I also had a dream about cleaning up in a very big bus. All the people had left, made a big mess and I was left alone to clean it. There where three different groups 7a, 7b and 7c. I was in group 7c and suppose to clean UP together with people from that group, but every body was gone.

  • Dear Denise and all….thank you so much for your post. What a year, my father died in april and my loved wonderfull dog now 21.12. The theeth…losing? ?!! Send much love to you @ all.🌹

  • “These past few days have been so amplified and severe from my current perspective that it all feels very “life and death” like in the extreme. I honestly feel that but I also honestly sense it’s just how the end of 2019 feels to many of us”

    Thank You!
    What a doozy!

  • Hello Denise and HHLifers,
    I had a weird thought this morning during meditation and would love some feedback.
    The backstory: My doctor says I have “severe degenerative arthritis” in my left hip that requires a hip replacement. I have tried everything to heal my hip – internal and external – energy work, herbs, acupuncture, yoga, prayer, etc etc ad nauseam. My hip is just getting worse. I can now barely walk.
    Basically my hip joint is dissolving.
    This morning this wild thought came to me: what if some parts of my body are not ascending/embodying at the same speed as other parts!!???
    Denise has repeatedly reminded us that the separation of worlds is happening INSIDE us, in our bodies.
    Sometimes the old has to die before the new can be reborn. How does that work in a body I am still using?! 😃

    • Diana & All,

      Please do not do anything or let your doctor(s) do any surgeries to replace your hip etc. until you’ve lived through the January 12, 2020 (and rest of the month) Saturn (rules bones, teeth, entire skeletal system/structure) and Pluto (birth, life, death, rebirth and utter destruction of what HAS to be removed so that higher NEW can replace it all) has physically happened. It’s only a couple weeks away now so please just hang in there and see to what degree Saturn and Pluto and all the other planets transiting in Capricorn now will change this. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and Saturn the ruler of Capricorn. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and Jupiter is in Capricorn now too and within orb of the big Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction.

      I think I may write a quickie article about how I am, and I sense many of us First Everythingers are, at the absolute breaking point right now with our old lives and realities and everything else. It is extremely intense this buildup of pressures from not only the Saturn Pluto Capricorn energies of the past plowing through into a NEW higher level of structural reality and life for us, but also being at the end of Phase 1 of the AP and the shift into Phase 2 of the AP with at the start of the NEW Year. These past few days have been so amplified and severe from my current perspective that it all feels very “life and death” like in the extreme. I honestly feel that but I also honestly sense it’s just how the end of 2019 feels to many of us days before the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction and shift into 2020 etc.

      “Denise has repeatedly reminded us that the separation of worlds is happening INSIDE us, in our bodies.
      Sometimes the old has to die before the new can be reborn. How does that work in a body I am still using?!”

      We all have been doing exactly that since the start of the physical biological Ascension Process started in 1998-1999. That’s why it’s been so painful and difficult. 😉 ❤

        • And bless you Diana, I too am facing something along these lines and its affecting me horribly in ways that I simply absorb and never share. Whatever may come, this exchange helps me to cross this stretch.

          By the way. I had a ‘reveal’ from my guidance this month. I was reviewing the wiki page about the Sphenoid bone. They have several 3d visualizations at the btm of the pg, which give you a good image of a complex architecture nestled deep inside each of our skulls. As I was watching one of these skulls turn round and round, I realized suddenly, this little bone is a cradle. There is a little pea sized bit of flesh – that you might say resembles a swaddled infant – which sits in this cradle. It rocks there and eternally stares straight upwards. I think that many of you know that the 12/25 date was significant to mystics long before the current culture came along. The entire manger image is a holographic recreation of your internal subtle structures with the pineal gland sitting in a cradle at the very center of it. You are that child in that cradle. All the adoring ones around you are the masc. fem components of your soul and so on. This day, and this image, is a coordinate. It is a location in a cycle. And that location provides you with an access. So, its an awful lot more than just a feast at the coldest time of the year.

          As to anything more specific, let your guidance be your guide. But this realization opened up a warmth and love in me towards that little pea and the day and the whole screaming mess that we live inside in a completely unexpected way for me and I’ve been riding with it through this particularly challenging month.

          Merry Christmas to you all.

        • I know you were addressing Diana Mark, but your comment is so perfect, correct and insightful. Thanks for sharing it with us all. ❤ ❤ ❤

          Take that wonderful information you shared and add to it what all is happening now and into January 2020 via the Capricorn energies and planets in that sign now — add in how our heads, skulls and Pineal (Crown) and Pituitary (Brow) have felt (and hurt fairly intensely because of it) for these last three months of 2019 like they're being evolved and greatly expanded because they have been — and, add in the "Return of the Light" when the Sun enters 0 degrees Capricorn Solstice and all else and we have a better sense of what's happening within us, within "the manger" that's within each of us in both our heads/brains and our HighHearts. (I've been Seeing my HighHeart become a crystal lotus blossom and stem going down into my spine with a chalice-like center container area in the open lotus.) The "Return of the Light" is us entering 2020 as evolved and expanded NEW human beings of Light.

          And today, Christmas day, there's a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 4 degrees Capricorn 7' which only adds to the overall Capricorn conjunction EVENT energies that's driving us and Earth to the next level. It's been a really rough go this year but we've done it and we continue doing it with intense head pains and pressures, constant high-pitched inner ear noise blaring away, occasional emotional meltdowns here and there because the gap between how it's been and those humans, and what we're becoming, is too great to continue and it's obvious we're at a very big and important Shift point now through January 2020. I'm rambling. Thanks again Mark for sharing your Higher Awareness with us all. ❤

      • Denise, I’ve been a bit quiet as of late but still had to come here just to thank you again for your devoted service and to wish you a holiday where we actually feel the CHRIST in Christmas. As I always say, you’re a treasure, a gem and I’ve VERY grateful for you, Sister.
        Much LOVE to you!!!

      • “…at the absolute breaking point right now with our old lives and realities and everything else. It is extremely intense this buildup of pressures…”

        Thank you, Denise. You put into words what I’m experiencing right now.
        Much love to you and to everyone here. xoxo

  • A very helpful post for folks who don’t know much about astrology, like me! Thank you, Denise. If it helps, my understanding of the number 22 in numerology is that it is the symbol for the Master Builder, capable of bringing into REAL structure what we have been hoping for/anchoring etc, etc., and that makes even more sense after reading the detail in this post. Bring it on, NEW Divine Daddy, we’ve been waiting for you! Where I live, it’s snowing and though the Sun is invisible, the Solstice codes are in the crystal snowflakes. Just wish I wasn’t so sleepy. Love, B.

  • Great timing for this info Denise – please note everyone that the winter solstice for the British Isles (uk) is December 22nd @ 04.19 GMT.

    I drew the chart up for the saturn / pluto conjunction a while ago, and noticed that for quite a few ‘elders’ there is an amazing natal position happening at this exact time – namely Jupiter at 9 degrees capricorn opposite natal Uranus in cancer = A Need For Newness. If your natal Uranus is around 6 – 11 degrees of cancer in your birth chart, then this aspect will also have a big effect personally for you on 12th Jan 2020. Yes, I have that aspect exact, and along with the mighty conjunction in my first house of Capricorn, I am very excited as it approaches at warp speed.

    wishing you all a wonderful solstice 💖

    • Thanks Hope as there’s a good number of us hippy Boomers — aka First Wave group — at HighHeartLife. ‘A Need For Newness’ indeed! Most of us cannot tolerate NOT having major NEWness immediately at the end of 2019 and entrance into 2020.

      My natal Uranus is within close opposition degree (at 12 degrees Cancer) to the 9 degrees Jupiter in the Saturn and Pluto Capricorn January 2020 event. I think you and Raymond B. both have Capricorn ASC and/or a good amount of it in your first house???, placing this Capricorn event there. Wow… Which reminds me of something that feels very appropriate to include here now. It’s a link to a Kryon channel done in March 2019. It’s a great description of the Embodiment Process, of each of us consciously embodying more and more of our Soul in our physical body and self in this incarnation — Soul evolution. At first it looks and sounds like it’s only about Walk-Ins and NDE’s but it’s about the ascension related EMBODIMENT PROCESS that many of us have been living. ❤

      Thanks again Hope and everyone have the highest HighHeart Solstice today. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Hi Denise and All Here!

        To Denise who makes this forum possible, and to all of us Ascension co-workers and friends here at HHL, I extend a warm and most beneficent post-Solstice HighHeart greeting!

        Indeed, Denise, my Cap ASC is at 18 degrees, so as can be seen from your January-December 2019 timetable, Saturn criss-crossed back-and-forth over my ASC for much of 2019 as it went through its retrograde periods, and both Saturn and Pluto are now in my first house, within a 4-degree orb to the ASC. To be sure, the physical day-to-day structures of my home life have morphed and re-morphed throughout, and it now continues unimpeded as I discard so very much of “yesterday’s” life…clothing (of which I have little to begin with), tax documents dating back to 1999, health records, old resumes, bank records and other paraphernalia that identified ME back then. As to my physical re-structuring, it too continues like so many of us…primarily, skin eruptions, heartburn/acid reflux, twinges and pulling feelings where I have old scarring from prior surgeries, and pelvic/lower back/hamstring tightness, which I stretch out almost every day as needed.

        Moreover, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction EXACTLY opposes my natal Uranus in Cancer at 22 degrees! As you can imagine, anything could happen out of the blue…and very unexpectedly…with this configuration, both fantastically wonderful and/or not so…all bets are off! When I went through my Uranus opposition at age 40, what presented was a very tragic and grief-stricken time for me that lasted for many years…but I was also emotionally undeveloped and, perhaps literally, “another person” all the way around…so I’m much more ready now to work with whatever shows up…

        My CNS is doing a number, for sure…I’m often running on very little sleep because I’m being so excited by the energies that are rapidly approaching with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 12 (and the Sun and Mercury joining in two days later, so very close yet not absolutely exact). Sincerely, what I’m feeling is a great deal of love/Love/LOVE and so very full of possibility for all of the NEW that is about to enter my life as a result of these energies! Oh yes…so, so much of the old has left that I’m almost unrecognizable, even to myself sometimes. What does pervade, though, is a quiet stillness with very little need or desire to express myself vocally or enter into vacant conversations about the weather, illness or money (is there anything else, LOL?!).

        I’ve gone on for too long. Perhaps what I’ve written here may be useful to others at HHL. But one thing for certain…I’m beyond grateful for the opportunities I’ve been granted to express myself here, and my LOVE to you, Denise and all others here endures. A warm cyber-hug to all…and onward we go!

        • raymond, what you have written here is quite useful for me, and I appreciate your candor. Thank you and of course Denise, as always, and all the HHL contributors too. Much has changed with me as well, most of it in the last 3 years. However, I am more reluctant to part with the paperwork (tax forms, etc.), mostly because it is so time consuming, but you have inspired me! Being a Cancer Sun person I cling to too much too long. I am grateful for your list of physical symptoms of the AP too, which largely matches my own. Lets all hope this solstice signals the start of the turning point we’ve all been waiting for . . . the New Divine all. Barb K

        • Hi Raymond, I too have gone through many changes during my ascension years, to the point of feeling nothing like the former ‘me’, I am a totally new version of what used to be. Back in 2001 I got very ill with what was diagnosed as M.E. or better known as chronic fatigue syndrome …….. or maybe it was ascension symptoms all along ? the protracted isolating journey that followed, and which continues to this day, has turned me inside out, upside down and back to front, it shook every cell in my body, changed my personality, and oftentimes left me a heap on the floor. However, the upside has been my strength of spirit and determination to get through this process, I feel driven and passionate, wired and fired to make it through to my ultimate destination of 5D .

          During recent months a lot has been leaving my life, more people, items, situations, and certainly more of who I was fades away with each passing day. I recently installed a newer version OS into my computer, forgot to save files onto disc, and yes I lost everything, photos, invoices, receipts, etc., but I quickly realised they were meant to go, as they belonged to the past, just like everything else that I noticed leaving. Anything that does not serve me in any way is just disappearing. And oh, the mound of paperwork that needs to be got rid of, which of course takes precious energy, but never leaves voluntarily 😄

          I embrace the changes, I embrace who I am, and who I am becoming – the highest version of I AM

          wishing everyone here a wonderful LOVE LIGHT JOY filled journey

      • thanks for the link Denise, I read the transcript of the channelling (I always liked the Kryon stuff, but don’t really bother with it these days) anyhow, by the time I reached the last paragraph, I suddenly knew why you recommended it – I got it, so thank you for yet another perspective on this complex subject of ascension.

        Just to add another observation of the saturn/pluto event chart, I noticed that all planets are in direct motion on that day, three planets are at 22 degrees capricorn (mercury, saturn and pluto) the sun at 21 degrees and the conj happens on a Sunday.

        and yes I have a capricorn ascendant in the early degrees, using placidus house placings means that practically the whole of capricorn falls into my first house. Pluto is my ruling planet, and Saturn rules my first house and ascendant ……… bring it on, with ease grace and joy. 💜

  • Thank you Denise for your straight forward explanation. I can see it all unfolding as I read your words.
    I had a dream this morning in which I was part of a team that had been working for a very long time on a “long con” to destroy all the inorganic aliens, hybrids, artificial intelligence, and non-human body snatchers. Our plan would disintegrate anything non-organic instantaneously. The plan was absolutely fool-proof and was within minutes of execution.

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