Only Two Months In & Wow!

Yesterday February 5, 2020 I lost half an article while writing it and I’m still having WordPress difficulties today but pushing ahead nonetheless. Because of these glitches this article isn’t looking the way I’d like and I know that bothers me much more than most of you. There’s a point to all this and we’ll get there eventually.

February 4th I had to go to Walmart and while driving there my hair became full of static and was sticking out horizontally and flying around uncontrollably. My shirt became full of static and was clinging to my body and both of these things make me feel really uncomfortable. I’ve never had this happen to that extent while in the car and wasn’t happy that I had to walk through the whole store looking and feeling like I was electrically overloaded, which I was. The strange thing about this was that I did not get repeatedly zapped when I touched anything metal in the store which is what usually happens. Another early 2020 anomaly possibly — time will tell.

Once I got back home and my groceries put away, the energies quickly progressed to the next level. I was grateful they waited for me to get home, go to the bathroom, remove my shoes and put my frozen foods away and so on. It was clear to me at this point on February 4th (today is February 6 and this experience feels like it happened six months ago) that another larger than usual (what does usual even mean anymore anyway?!) energy wave pulsation was in effect and promptly needing to be embodied. They’re a bit different from Phase 1 of the Ascension Process so there’s been another learning curve since the start of Phase 2 on January 1, 2020. There’s many more coming so be wide open to more personal and collective ascension changes.

Typically my body reacts to these larger incoming NEW Light energies by swelling. I can feel the water/fluids in my cells being affected and altered by the higher frequency Light energies, which feels like I’m being electrocuted in every cell of my body, again, but each time this happens it’s at a higher level than the previous time. Stair-steps so we don’t fry or die or explode or go nuts completely. Nonetheless it’s an intense ascension embodiment side effect and so far into 2020 Phase 2, it’s obviously next-level energy-wise.

During these NEW next-level embodiment events my HighHeart starts fluttering, stuttering, thumping and moving around slightly in my chest as it further expands to accommodate the latest incoming higher Light energies. The HighHeart gets higher, larger and more filled with the Divine and every time this process happens it’s profoundly euphoric and uplifting, physically painful and much like what I expect a “near death experience” might feel like. In very real ways when we go through these repeated higher and higher levels of HighHeart expansion and embodiment we are dying. We are dying off the old lower and being energetically reborn instantaneously, simultaneously at higher and higher levels every time we go through these Embodiment Processes.

There were a few times during the last six months of 2019 where I involuntarily, unwillingly leaked physical moans in the midst of these ever intensifying dying off of the old lower and re-birthing the vastly higher frequency totally NEW Embodiment Process. The beautiful, painful, Divine, transcendent process of experiencing this from my physical body is beyond description. It’s horribly, divinely, terrifyingly perfect in its majesty. The ongoing merge process is seriously bad ass in other words! A seeming death to our old lower ego selves, a transcendent rebirth into higher Light and crystalline Diamond states to our Higher Selves. Both glorious and terrifying but such is the business of extracting our physical asses from lowly duality frequency.

There’s also moments, or longer, of vertigo sensations of tipping, dropping or falling as you Embody a little more and energetically transcend (shift) from one state and level to an even higher and larger one. And this happens repeatedly, bit by bit, energetic stair-step by energetic stair-step so do your best to relax, surrender and open completely into these new, different and more intense Phase 2 Embodiment merging periods. Allow yourself to die a little more fellow Volunteers to become more and more of your NEW embodied Higher Self merged in your physical body.

This was what my February 4, 2020 day and night was like once I got myself home from Walmart. I intentionally said that to show how beautifully bizarre our lives are now. I went to Walmart and when I got home I went through another phase of Embodying and it felt like I might die but I knew I wouldn’t — not that I care either way at this point — and all the while this was happening the pathetic USA political insanity of February 4th was unfolding. Aah the profound extremes of the Ascension and Embodiment Processes and the rapid collapse of the old patriarchal political governmental systems. The more you and I Embody, the faster the old lowly patriarchal reality and systems disappear. The Embodiment Process automatically begets the end and removal of the old lower everything. Keep that fact in your HighHeart and Higher Awareness every time you go through another now more amplified phase of Embodiment because it helps improve one’s perspective dramatically. As Volunteers we’re hardwired to do exactly this so don’t forget what all you are actually doing when living another intense Embodiment merging session. You are intentionally UN-creating the old through your divine ability to Embody the NEW intentionally and manifest it into the physical realm via your personal, individual internal transformational processes. Now that is some impressive stuff there NEW Creators so don’t forget that it’s what you have been doing all along in your own physical body.

In June 2018, I started seeing what looked to me like Solar flickering every time I looked at my ceiling. Strange I know. In Phase 1 of the Ascension Process, every time I looked out a window that had mini-blinds I’d see Photon particles of Light raining down like white Light rain. Hey, whatever works! I saw this Solar flickering on my ceilings constantly from June through December 2018. When the NEW triangular shaped iridescent and pearlescent pastel colored energies and codes arrived and were embedded in the water on Earth and our bodies and cells etc. in December 2018, I stopped seeing the Solar flickering. I started seeing them again in November 2019 and they’ve continued ever since but they’ve changed due to the major January 2020 energy reality override reset codes. (The Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction, the Lunar eclipse, entrance into 2020 and Phase 2 and more.)

These Solar flickering images I see when I look at my ceilings now are more than just flickering. They’re now flickering, flashing, bubbling, protruding downward and jumping and shifting constantly.

Last month I said I felt the Sun was getting ready to do something NEW soon. What I’m seeing of the Solar energies flickering in my energy Lightbody field — they’re not on my ceilings, just more easily viewed when I look at my ceilings — is that this too is unfolding in those energetic stair-steps so our physical bodies and Central Nervous Systems etc. doesn’t fry in the great ongoing evolving process. Now that we’re in 2020 Phase 2, so too is the global Ascension Process and our Embodiment Process if one is doing that as well. What makes all this somewhat difficult to verbalize is that it’s not linear really. It is and it isn’t.

What’s really been happening all along is that you — because you are quantum and multidimensional — Work the Ascension and Embodiment Process from multiple higher dimensions and often from quantum timelessness. You simultaneously Work the AP and EP from, in and through the physical dimension, Earth and your physical body. From higher perspectives it often seems like you go back in time, like you drop down into more density to physically live and embody and/or Embody these higher energies in the physical dimension and physical body and self. From the physical perspective it’s like we’re slightly behind somewhat, bringing up the physical rear so to speak. We are. Get over it. It’s the most important layer to all this and why we Volunteered in the first place.

Somewhat interesting side note. For nearly five decades I’ve had one of many vivid ancient past-life Egyptian memories that’s connected to our time and lives of compressed ascension now. This one memory from around 12,600 B.C. is of an Egyptian male Starseed walking across the bare ground and my watching brilliant sparks of electricity spark and shoot off from his feet and heels. He walked comfortably, like this amplified electromagnetic energy running through his body and the Earth didn’t cause him any physical pain. My February 4th Walmart trip with my hair and clothing all bunched up and sticking out everywhere from an unusual amount of static reminded me of this old memory. It’s similar but what we’re going through now is light years beyond what he and Earth went through at the start of the Age of Leo back then at a much lower level and frequency. Thought I’d share that tidbit because I sense we’ve entered a much higher level in January 2020, where all sorts of anomalies like this and others will quickly become our NEW normal. Be prepared for anything and no fear.

Another somewhat interesting side note is that it seems with our entrance into 2020 Phase 2, we’ve gone more fully into a galactic level of the, of our Ascension Process. I say this because I’ve been repeatedly clairvoyantly Seeing a variety of different, new to me ET faces in my Higher Awareness. I am not saying ET has or is about to arrive here but that OUR energetic position and vibratory rate has changed recently due to the massive energies that arrived during the first 13 days or so of January 2020. ET hasn’t changed their locations, we have because WE have dramatically shifted. Expect the unexpected with this now too.

Another aspect of our entrance into 2020 Phase 2 is that whatever and whoever was in our lives in Phase 1 does not guarantee the continuance of those relationships and other things in Phase 2. We’ve been through this many times throughout the twenty-some years of Phase 1 and this is the same, but like everything else, it’s happening at even higher levels. Mourn, release, adapt and continue moving higher. It just is what it is and we’ve each got to do what what we can or cannot do now.

To wrap this up, be aware that it’s still the Ascension Process but it’s now a different and much higher level of it which I’m calling Phase 2 for clarity and ease of location within the Process. Since January 2020 I’ve been Seeing increased and very fast Light flashes and streaks of Light and other anomalies inside my house and outside as well. Also more NEW crystalline Diamond energy patters or codes or blueprint templates etc. that are either brilliant white Light or iridescent or pearlescent pastel patterns often in diamond-like geometric shapes and clusters of shapes. They’re more of the NEW Earth and humanity codes and energies etc. that are fully in place since January 1, 2020. More are coming but these NEW higher baseline ascension energies and codes are in place now in the physical which means a whole lot of change is and will continue happening in all ways.


February 6, 2020

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38 thoughts on “Only Two Months In & Wow!

  • I had an insight this morning which really helped me feel better about Phase 2 Embodiment. I was thinking about remodeling my very old house and realized it would be much easier to tear it down and start over from scratch.
    Then I realized how that correlated to my physical body “house”. And I saw that I had to rebuild my “house” while it still stood and functioned as a house. The repair/remodel would start with the foundation and then replace or repair any other part of the structure that needed replacing.
    I also finally noticed how quiet I am/have been on the inside (except the constant tone in my ears!) since Phase 2 started – and I saw that is a result of Embodying more fully. What I saw/felt was that my soul had been separated into every cell of my body, but as of Phase 2, my soul is one fully connected integrated unit, no longer separated from itself. Thus the quiet – no need to scream across any distance.
    But, like my house remodel, with my soul/foundation fully installed and complete, the rest of the house/body now has to catch up and get repaired or replaced little by little until the entire structure is new and complete and whole.

    My soul/foundation is in 5th dimension, fully wireless and quantum, but my body parts/walls and windows, are still in 3D analog while getting the next level upgrade. Enlightenment is an inside job.
    I’m not explaining this very well so hopefully you can “feel” what I mean. Quantum communication is difficult. As Timothy Leary stated, “You cannot use butterfly language to communicate with caterpillars.”

    • “Then I realized how that correlated to my physical body “house”. And I saw that I had to rebuild my “house” while it still stood and functioned as a house.”

      Since this mornings Comments I’ve been writing an article about just that Diana.

      “Enlightenment is an inside job.”

      That is the best and absolutely true. We hear feel you perfectly. ❤

  • Yes, I know how you feel. As Denise said, ‘we are dying.’ I think that it’s supposed to feel like this as everything and everyone, including ourselves, are falling apart.

    But there are moments when pure peace hits. It’s almost like I’m in the eye of the storm, debris flying everywhere, noise deafening and I’m watching everything in slo-mo in dead center as my third eye pans around and around and it’s just beautiful in its destruction.

    It’s as if my higher heart set up an extra layer of neutrality as a self defense mechanism to continue to endure the onslaught.

    My ego death especially will not go peacefully into the night. Many endless cycles of ‘dark night of the soul’, just reviewing and releasing on repeat. All while my body hurts, every part a different day, while watching this 3D movie hit denouement and the end is near and I know how this movie will end, but I’ve lost interest long ago and stopped watching. And expecting.

    Mine, my family’s and friends’ lives are being blown apart and rearranged and I feel like I’m just a witness, sworn to faithfully see it through without judgment or interference. The old me would’ve jumped into it headlong but not now, I watch it die and transform.

    Maybe nights of ‘I can’t go on, please I’m ready to go’ and the next day a repeat episode.

    Finally today I’m here, resigned and saying what Denise always says ‘it is what it is, people.’ When my heart accepts this, it is truth and in those moments are the most peaceful I’ve ever felt.

    Phase 2 is something else.

    I apologize if I’m rambling but this is my only safe place. Thank you for this Denise.

    • “Mine, my family’s and friends’ lives are being blown apart and rearranged and I feel like I’m just a witness, sworn to faithfully see it through without judgment or interference. The old me would’ve jumped into it headlong but not now, I watch it die and transform.”

      Just beautiful, honest, accurate and painful truths from so many of you. I am moved, deeply.

      Parents know how hard it is raising a child/children. Parents also know how much harder it is to not interfere with them when they must go through something scary, difficult and unknown. The whole of humanity is doing this now and will be for all of 2020 and beyond. We the Volunteer First Everythinger “parents” are hurting in a variety of ways over all this and I sense the entire year will be this and much more. Phase 2 of our individual Embodiment Processes! This is one of those years where we force ourselves still and silent so the great and absolutely necessary physical reality and human consciousness deconstructions can take place. As usual we’re slightly in the future with all this so we need to be the radiating Lighthouses we always have been during the AP for those “children”. I know it looks like an epic clusterfuck at the moment, and feels even worse, but that’s just where we First Everythingers and humanity and collective reality are now in Phase 2. Indeed ‘phase 2 is something else’ Jain Lee and we’ve just gotten started. ❤


      Just imagine everyone how NEW, clean and fabulous it’s going to be when this transitions dust settles! 😀 ❤

      • Thank you Denise. I’m hit with waves of grief for all the deaths (in all forms) around me, the tears just keep flowing.

        ‘You’re grieving. It is a death’. My heart keeps telling me. So I’m grieving but as you said it is not for anyone singular, it is for humanity, for the ‘children.’

        I can’t wait for the transition. It will be so fabulous that there’ll need to be a new word to describe the fantastic fabulosity of fabulously fantastic it’ll all shall be.

        I’m grateful to you. Love to you Denise, love to all. ❤️❤️

  • Dear Denise,

    What would I do without you and your posts, that swoop in when I most need them, like this one, and serve as an anchor to explain the outrageous challenges of Phase 2?

    With my hair standing on end in an electrified halo, with sparks flying from my finger tips, the physical purging of all toxic substances continues, people included, and I am too unfinished to die, but there is much that is dead. Since Phase 1 was a mild introduction to where I am now, much has died, such as relationships; a connection to old things I no longer need; tired dreams from long ago. Yes, it is unexpected, and sad, but there is no clinging where I am now. There is no going back. Invisible gates have shut behind me, and I am pushed forward, in a birth canal.

    I have nearly quit talking in an effort to avoid misunderstandings.

    It feels as if liquid is sloshing in my skull, via my ear canals, and everything in my head is affected.

    I am seeking any sort of vitality, and in my failure on my own to gather any I tap into a great energy source, the giant Sequoias. especially those planted by John Muir. Living in physical pain that I cannot release through movement has led me to hot water, and sitting in great quantities of Epsom salts for relief. My juicer is getting a constant work out. Everything around me that is old, dusty, dirty, or dead, such as vines that require pruning, bothers me.

    Please, keep writing to us. Each word is precious, and I coast for days on one, or glide for a week on an entire sentence.

    Love during the week honoring Valentinus, the slaughtered saint who inspired love notes and Valentine’s Day, as always, Cali

    • “I have nearly quit talking in an effort to avoid misunderstandings.”

      Me too Cali, hundreds of times over these ascension years physically with other people, and with my writing about the Ascension Process.

      “Please, keep writing to us. Each word is precious, and I coast for days on one, or glide for a week on an entire sentence.”

      And it’s because of statements like that that keep me going too Cali. We literally support each other in this AP, and as we’re feeling acutely, we need to do so even more now in the beginning of very physical Phase 2 which I don’t think any of us saw coming in these exact ways.

      Your comment and kimdenise’s and Angie Baines’ are all so important with these NEW Phase 2 internal and external energy changes and I want to write about what each of you have expressed in them. I’ve never felt so defeated and so heroic as I have since we entered 2020! That seeming contradiction about sums it all up actually! Funny and not funny at the same time! We’ll get through this, we always do. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Dear Denise,

        Some years ago on a June day I sat in my office, crying, as I read what you were writing to the collective community, here, about your mother’s illness at that time.  My first impulse was to drive over to a southern California hillside and start yelling, “Denise, you’re not alone!”  As much as I would like to, I cannot protect anyone from whatever it is that they are living through, and this is one of those times.  

        Emily Dickinson wrote the following on a scrap of paper with a pencil, then hid it in her piano seat:

        If I can stop one heart from breaking,
        I shall not live in vain;
        If I can ease one life the aching,
        Or cool one pain,
        Or help one fainting robin
        Unto his nest again,
        I shall not live in vain.

        Her words define me, from my earliest childhood.  Human suffering tortures me.  One of my hardest lessons is accepting that every person is different, and you have had quite a lot to cope with, from my perspective, maybe for your entire lifetime this time around, making you acutely unusual. 

        Using words to teach us by your example cannot be easy, especially in the toilet pond that is the internet. 

        I have tried not to project my own definitions onto what you write about, but I have.  I don’t want you to be tormented, nor do I want to picture you trying to navigate a WalMart, which is impossible, with your hair standing on end due to heightened electricity.  The aches, the pains, the coming-out-of-nowhere sudden tormenting changes that you report are awful.  It doesn’t help that I have some of them too.  I wonder sometimes if I was a soldier and had swords cutting through me, or if I was burned at the stake for having knowledge of healing plants.  Thank you for writing the truth about your experiences so that we can all learn from them, we old soldiers, herbalists, and ancient ones.

        I have no idea what I am in terms of a label to indicate who I might be.  Am I a ‘First Everythinger’?  When I read your remarkable descriptions of what you see, know, sense, and grapple with, or how you and others scattered around our planet bring energy ‘in’, I know I am not in that group, at least not consciously, but yet, maybe I am.  Perhaps we all are in our own unique ways.

        In learning about toxins and pathogens that eventually can become a cancer tumor I can tell you that at The Carnegie Museum of Natural History dinosaur bones show cancer cells in them, which means that prior to modern life, that includes processed food shoved in aluminum cans, cancer existed, and is not necessarily caused by hair dye, lap top computers and refined cane sugar.  Just as each individual is extraordinarily different, so is a cancer cell within them.  In other words, there is no such thing as ‘cancer’ or one word that defines one diagnosis; each person’s cancer cells are different (we all carry them), and a label slapped on two people can mean two different things. 

        I have come to believe that I would not have been attracted to what you present in the first place if it did not include me.  In 2007 I thought I was having a heart attack on many nights, and because of you I was able to breathe through the sheer terror of the events, avoiding the ER.  I will never experience little or all of what you describe, because I am not set up for it, just as most of my contributions cannot be copied, or known, by others.  I suspect we are all that way, and couldn’t understand you or the discussions here in the first place if we were not included in one way or another.

        Let’s hope that my words bring voice to the many who depend upon you, and look forward to what you share, here.  You would be appalled at how many times I have read your words and wept because finally there was another person (you) who was offering bits of experiences I was trying to make sense of.  Do I see ghosts or the remnants of the once living?  Not that I am aware of.  Do I have a special connection with the sun?  No, I would quickly get second and third degree burns.  Do I want to come out the other end of this unavoidable phase, and one I probably volunteered for in the first place, able to contribute something useful?  You bet I do.

        Thank you, as always, and love, too, Cali​

    • Cali, Meeee tooo! I just found Denise about a month ago man where has she been all my life? I realize she’s been here but I haven’t. I only recently “woke up” about 10 years ago but found out I was a Pathpaver less than 5 years ago. Everything Denise says I relate to. My digestion and heartburn have returned with a vengeance since Phase 2 started, bloat, cravings for sugar, constipation etc…My joints are hurting again right when then were calming down some for the last couple of years, ugh! Blood sugar issues, adrenal fatigue, lumbar spine pain and nerve impingement making my right leg numb etc. etc. etc. I don’t want to bore people to death, lol!
      Don’t get me wrong…I also feel blessed to have an awareness of what is happening to me as I don’t have too many people around me that get it. So, finding Denise was a literal God send. Her honesty, clarity, and ability to articulate exactly what is happening to me at the same time she is going through it is beyond relieving and satisfying.
      I feel as though I found my tribe.
      Thank you Cali and Denise and everyone else who comments on here. I have voraciously devoured this website since finding Denise from following Instagram’s THE NEW EARTH page.

      • Stephanie Neal,

        I’m so glad you’ve found your way to HighHeartLife. ❤ We all connect with whatever (books, websites etc.) and whomever it is exactly when it/they will assist us the most.

        I and many can totally relate to everything you listed in your Comment. We've had all of those Ascension Process (AP) symptoms off/on over these many years, with some completing and some NEW ones added. I've heard recently from many who've been having changes with what they can eat now or want to eat now such as a lot more sugar cravings etc. My entire food intake continues to change over these ascension years and I've come to trust that what my body is craving won't kill me or decrease my AP or any other such nonsense. Our bodies continue changing due to the AP, heck our DNA continues changing too so please don't anyone get hung up on old pre-ascension 3D food beliefs. Anything goes at this point and giving your body some sugar or heavy protein when it's craving it may be the best thing we could do for it at that time. When it doesn't need that anymore it will let you know that too.

        Stephanie, I've been writing online about the AP and related issues since 2003, and created my first site TRANSITIONS in 2007. (Link can be found in the sidebar.) There's a lot of old info there if interested in going waaay back, but you may not need to do that. Rummage through the past articles and Comments here at HHL if you want, and welcome. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Denise, Thank you! You really are brilliant and I love reading what you write. So real, inclusive and unapologetically honest and true. You have a gift of making people not feel alone. 🙂

  • Is there a point at which this will start to feel better? Because I continue to be physically debilitated, and now I’ve lost all interest in the things that usually sustain me. On the one hand, I’m glad to see this detachment, because it tells me the 3D world is becoming less real…but on the other hand, it’s making it difficult to get through the days, which seem to bring only pain and challenges and no joy at all. I don’t actually miss the people I’ve lost connection with, but I’m also profoundly lonely and longing for true connection.

    I’m glad I’ve had some small part in moving humanity forward, but I’m wondering if it will ever feel any better. Every time we get to some big milestone, I think maybe we will get some relief–and I realize the relief might not look how I expect or want it to look–but if that relief has come, I’ve failed to recognize it.

    Denise, I know you’ve said again and again that it’s always stair steps and we’ll never stop climbing. I guess I’ve held out hope that at some point there would be some joy, and I’ve worked so hard to find some in whatever small way I can, so I can keep going. But now there’s just…nothing. I’m trapped in this body that isn’t functioning well at all and it is so hard to keep moving it around. It’s so heavy. The days are endless and 3D is so over, and yet I still have to drag myself around doing joyless 3D things. It feels unbearable.

    • Yes Kimdenise, I know how you feel. It is very lonely and lately I feel things kind of closing in on me, getting a panicky feeling, crying for no reason and just feeling such sadness and some sort of dread and loss. I’ve got plenty of tools but they have no effect what so ever. General feeling of hopelessness, not like me usually. Let’s hope this passes soon so we can regain sort sort of balance. xxxx

      • So much TRUTH in all of these posts.. 🙏🏽♥️.. as the ‘empathic Beings’ that we all ARE, I sometimes wonder if these waves of sadness, grief etc that we seem to be experiencing are just memory remnants of each other’s old ‘individual’ collective consciousness fields and that we are able ‘sense’ them without becoming entangled in the ‘individual story’ .. with our Phase 1 completion we now have the ability to simply send out Love & Light when these waves pass thru .. whatever is actually ‘happening’ I am GRATEFUL for all this company ♥️🙏🏽

    • kimdenise,

      I was so physically and emotionally wrecked yesterday (Feb. 10th) that I couldn’t even respond. I’m better this morning but that could change in a nanosecond as that’s how intense and quick our body conditions and emotional states etc. change anymore. It’s wild and we’re learning how to roll with these latest NEW energy punches just like we’ve done hundreds of times over the past 21 ascension years.

      “But now there’s just…nothing.”

      I too have struggled over the years with this building sense of absolutely nothing being satisfying anymore. Temporary Volunteer Blues I think they might be. 😉 I think I’m going to quote your comment kimdenise in an article to help us all focus in on much of what we’re currently feeling. I’ll try to get it done as quickly as I’m able.

      All of you are my Valentines each and every day.

  • We are not dying we are heavily detoxing I am getting the message that this full moon will mark a turning point where we start to feel more in tune with our body. During the next two days it is important to be as neutral as possible. Let go of fear and embrace love as much as we are able

    • “We are not dying…”

      There it is finally.

      Sounds like it’s time for you Richard to get your own website where you can work very hard and share your ‘messages’ and deal with other people coming in and telling you how wrong you are.

  • What a sense of relief to read those words ” we are dying “

    I always get clues or confirmation about what’s happening on an energetic level, when I’m having a bit of a rough time physically. The past few weeks have been tough for my poor old body, and I came to the conclusion that I might be on my way out, it’s very unlike me to feel this way as I always assign all my physical symptoms to the AP and then just get on with it, knowing it will pass eventually.

    Not so this time, I only got to leave my house twice so far since new year, energy almost zero, lots of breathlessness, heart doing acrobatics and feeling at times as if I was walking through water (this is a new sensation for me), not the heavy dragging type like walking through water at the swimming pool, but a light liquid feel all around me as I moved. The symptoms have been very persistant, with hardly any respite – hence I began to think there was actually something seriously wrong, and if I was lucky I might just leave this body during my sleep (how easy would that be). I really thought I had come to the end of the road, and even though I would find a great deal of relief through leaving my body, I desperately want to complete my AP if possible.

    So I felt I was dying, and then here comes the clues and confirmation of what’s happening energetically. Denise says “we are dying” ………. yippee ………. It’s a sensation, a feeling of dying, ( is it my old friend and ruling planet pluto doing some transformation type stuff ?) who knows, who cares, I am just so happy to know that this dying business is a whole other level of dying, and I didn’t recognise it at all.

    My higher self leads me to the clues eventually, today Denise was the clue (I’ll let you into a little secret, she has been the ‘clue’ on many occasions since she appeared on my horizon 😊)

    Much appreciation Denise, your words have helped me enormously today, thank you for being my ‘clue’ 💖

    now …….. big breath in …….. keep breathing ………

  • Thanks, Denise. There is such a huge ramping up to these energies and now a really profound sense of just wanting to retire, and finally experience/enjoy life while still in this lifetime. I was wondering if anyone else is finding that they have almost zero exercise tolerance right now because extra physical effort causes one’s blood sugar to drop even if they’ve had a meal? It feels like all energy reserves can only be expended on upgrading with these intense energies right now.

    • “It feels like all energy reserves can only be expended on upgrading with these intense energies right now.”

      Exactly right TL, and not for only right now but forward too. That’s why I said to adjust your lives and daily/nightly routines to accommodate Phase 2 everyone.

  • Can sooooo relate.. Thank you for posting Denise! I was taking pictures of the sunrise on the 4th because the colors had so more intensity & vividness.. truly spectacular ..right after the little ‘photo shoot’ my iPhone started glitching up.. yesterday (Thursday 2/6/20) it was really glitchy 😏.. today it seems better tho 😊.. I am definitely ‘picking up momentum’ throughout ALL of my human’s systems .. I most happily report that the integration of THESE energies, while intense and some what baffling at times, are EASIER to acclimate to than the Phase 1 upgrades were.. to which I gladly shout out 🗣🗣🔊
    “ THANK YOU! My Human is GRATEFUL!” *Phase 1 was straight up HARD as hell (for me) and I am happy it is NOW in the rear view mirror😅* .. UPWARDS & ONWARDS! .. 2020 Vision 👁👁.. let’s UTILIZE this momentum, y’all!

  • I’m still integrating and understanding some really challenging events this week, but I wanted to say thanks for this article, Denise. 💓

    One of the things is that I blacked out and fainted yesterday morning 2/6, injuring my tailbone. An enormous surge of fear and panic overwhelmed my system, like trauma from many lifetimes/ancestors surfaced for release (brought on by my 6 year old getting injured the day before, a stressful work deadline, ongoing financial issues). I laid on the floor, cold sweat everywhere, so much pain. I wondered if I was going to just die and leave my body. The noise in my ears was so loud that it took a while to realize it wasn’t outside. It sounded like a rainstorm. I think my system had to go offline and reboot somehow. With my eyes closed and reaching out for help energetically, I had a dim perception of a perfect circle of yellow light. I forgot about this part until I saw your first image in this article, Denise. I know all of this was important and a huge reset/release/stair step for me, but my human self can’t stop crying. I’ll keep going, of course, but damn, 2020 is intense! Sending love to all here. ❤️❤️

    • Kara, Your posts have helped me many times. I cried today when I read what happened. I’m so sorry. I wish could help some how. I am having a hard time myself but when I read your message… I felt deeply for you. I wish I had enough everything for all of us; no matter the need. I’m sorry for the pain everyone is going through.
      Thank you for you Kara, Richard, Skoop, Denise and everyone here.
      Sincerely, Ana 💕

      • Denise and Ana, my recent experiences have been showing me how to open to receive love on a deeper level, and I want to say thanks for the love you both offered me. And the squatting advice! 😂 That’s helping. Naps are trickier since I’m nearly always with my toddler during the week, and she gave them up in 2018 or so (WHY), but it’s good to remind myself to rest when I can. With love back to you! ❤️

        P.S. I’ve been feeling more Divine Mother energy helping me! And my tailbone is improving. I think the experience is helping to heal the connection (because of what I released).

  • On Feb. 4, the sunrise was especially spectacular. It moved me so much that I ran to get a camera. After taking a long series of the sunrise, I started to drift up and up and over until I was looking into the blue in the other direction. As I did, I slowly realized that not only was there a spectacular sunrise, but that a very tight double rainbow sitting directly over my house was just behind me. To say that the past four or five days have been intense would not even begin to cover it. There’s a feeling something like stepping onto a moving surface like one of those moving walkways they have in airports, except the acceleration hits an emotional center.

  • Thank you Denise. Your posts are the Best! I had a dose of this new energy and I felt like I was being cruelly electrocuted. It was literally killing me. I called it off and I have never done that before. I got a break. I’m in a 75 year old body. Is that why I couldn’t take it? I wonder if they can turn it down? Or am I at the end of my service in this body? I’m a first everythinger and I don’t quit. But this was way too much!

    • “I wonder if they can turn it down?”

      Rose Elaine M.,

      You tell them to turn it down for the moment because it’s too intense for your body. You have the power and the right to have these energies slightly decreased when absolutely needed and also slightly increased when you want to progress a bit faster. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Dear Denise

    i haven’t posted for a while but felt this article resonated with dreams I had back in December 2019. The first one was my lesser self being engulfed by my greater self.
    The second dream was that I was killed and buried but clawed my way out of the grave back to life all muddy and bloody.
    Death and resurrection certainly feel so real as the very pure and powerful source energies are shaking us physically to our core.
    I was sat in my front room the other day and the walls of the room disappeared and I found myself sitting in a field of white light with diamonds sparkling in it. The third dream was I was given responsibility for a skull but didn’t like the energy of it got bad vibes so threw it away from me as far as possible but the energy bounced straight back to me. The dream continued the next night, this time it was at the time of the Mayans – The birth of the new sun. We all went underground as catastrophic weather was expected. The underground passages reminded me of the catacombs and I was told to perform a binding/containing ceremony on the skull which had again reappeared back to me. I had forgotten but asked my Divine Self to do the ceremony on my behalf. Strange dreams, strange times we are in the midst of.
    Intense fatique being experienced. Maureen

    • That’s exactly how yesterday was for me Tim D. Internet and cable TV glitches all day, extra etheric activity in my house all day, light flashes, shapes moving, the sense of other dimensional beings in my space, I was touched repeatedly on my forehead throughout the day, neighborhood dogs barking more than usual. Things have been moving, relocating again and it’s due to the NEW planetary and humanity crystalline Diamond baseline energies having been put in place physically in January.

      • Yes! This!

        “Internet and cable TV glitches all day, extra etheric activity in my house all day, light flashes, shapes moving, the sense of other dimensional beings in my space…”

        I had to ask my daughter to turn on the computer for me, whenever I’ve tried it wouldn’t on the 4th! Ha!

        The flashes, extra etheric activity, shapes moving and other dimensional being hovering around continue however, along with the reality around be wobbling.

        Thanks so much for this article Denise, your input always explains so much. ❤️ It’s good to know that it’s ‘normal’ and nothing to fear.

  • Hi Denise
    Thank u and hugs to u. I can completely relate to the people in your life not necessarily staying with you. Throughout the ascension process I have gradually lost people. But it has really notched up and it’s now only me in my day to day home existence. I would like to say I like it. But I would be lying. It’s uncomfortable but necessary. I feel like I am between places. Not quite of my world anymore and not quite moved to the new reality. Like a mist. It’s taking some adjustment. And I can’t relate to most people at all. I hear them. I see them, but most of all I feel them. I just can’t relate. Because somehow I am on a completely different path to them. It has occurred to me recently just how much I have changed. Maybe these outer experiences are reflections of that.
    I keep seeing flashes of lights and pictures like leaves/ paisley patterns as if growing a new pathway. Sometimes it’s under my feet sometimes a bit ahead. But it feels good. I hope this makes some sense. My spelling and words are all to hat these days 😂
    Much love to you.

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