Faith & Phase 2

My Ascension Process began when my Uranus Opposition transit started on my 39th birthday the last week of December 1990. By January and February of 1991, it was seriously underway completely dismantling my life, my relationships, career, place of residence and all else. My life changed dramatically at that time exactly as Uranus Opposition and the coming ascension intended and I spent 1991 through 1998 doing constant Inner Work on myself primarily etherically in dreams but in awake altered and meditational states too. Those eight years were my time to get my inner emotional house in order, meaning seeing, feeling, resolving and finally releasing lifelong emotional issues I had with anyone. Shockingly, eight years wasn’t nearly enough time, but I was able to excavate many of the worst thick top layers of my personal inner stuff and junk.

For me those eight years of inner emotional Work was important prep Work for the start of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process. That physical level started for some of the First Everythingers in 1998 or 1999. My physical Ascension Process started in my physical body on February 1, 1999. Inner etheric level emotional Work first for eight years to prepare and lighten the inner load for what was coming, which was the start of the Ascension Process in the First Wave group of Volunteers in and through their physical bodies and selves. Second and Third Wave groups of Volunteer First Everythingers, Forerunners, Pathpavers etc. followed throughout all of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process — 1998 thru 2019.

Here we now are in the beginning of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process in February 2020, and my physical body is registering this much higher octave of evolutionary energies in some extra Sensitive, painful and exaggerated ways just like it did in February 1999 with Phase 1. And, I got depressed for a while in January and early February over feeling my physical body going through this AGAIN (and losing a relationship friend) but now at a higher energy octave than it did throughout Phase 1. It’s like, oh dear gawd I can’t do this again! to which I instantly knew I could. We’ll party later, I promise, but for now there’s some more Work to be done by each of us. It will go much faster than the first dense and nasty twenty-one yearlong Phase 1, but it will cause some brief moments of doubt and concern in us over these higher Phase 2 energies within our physical bodies. Just exactly how much Source God Higher Self Soul fits in a physical human body suit anyway? Far more than you’d ever believe possible. We may need to buy bigger clothing for Phase 2 however! I currently feel like I’m going to explode, again, and it’s worse now than it’s ever been and I’ve had this particular ascension side effect since February 1999. Making more room for more of the really Higher stuff in ones physical body does get painful at times. We’ll adapt. Take your bra off, put on baggy clothing, surrender to becoming more.

Cry, mourn, celebrate, be sad, be glad, laugh, rage, sleep, do nothing, stare at the ceiling, stare at the stars, know you are Divine Source expressing and creating as you, do whatever helps you with Phase 2 and with your personal Embodiment Process. We cannot screw this up, only fulfill it and go even higher and further with it all. We’re so in the zone we don’t even realize it at times because there’s nothing but the ascension zone now. Nothing. This is one aspect of our being in the near future Working on the Ascension Process then back in current time, life and reality embodying and/or Embodying everything we were just Working on at higher levels in the near future. Work it, embody it, go back up and Work some more, come back down again to embody some more of it and further Embody and so on.

I’ve never liked humans under the influence. Humanity has been under the influence of profound Team Dark negativity and repulsive lowly negative ego consciousness for thousand of years. That’s finally changed however which means humans now can be organic evolving humans instead of what they’ve been. If nothing else gives you momentary joy in all this transitional ascension business fellow Freedom Fighters, that should help greatly during these extra severe Phase 2 periods.

These are some random quotes from readers Comments under my previous article. I’m including them here because they’re what so many have felt so many times over these difficult ascension years.

“Is there a point at which this will start to feel better? I continue to be physically debilitated, and now I’ve lost all interest in the things that usually sustain me…” “…I’m glad I’ve had some small part in moving humanity forward, but I’m wondering if it will ever feel any better. Every time we get to some big milestone, I think maybe wee will get some relief — and I realize the relief might not look how I expect or want it to look –…” “…I’m trapped in this body that isn’t functioning well at all and it is so hard to keep moving it around. It’s so heavy…” “…It feels unbearable.” kimdenise, February 10, 2020.

“I know how you feel…” “I’ve got plenty of tools but they have no effect what so ever.” Angie B, February 10, 2020

“With my hair standing on end in an electrified halo, with sparks flying from my fingertips, the physical purging of all toxic substances continues, people included, and I am too unfinished to die, but there is much that is dead.” Cali Flower, February 11, 2020

“Mine, my family’s and friends’ lives are being blown apart and rearranged and I feel like I’m just a witness, sworm to faithfully see it through without judgment or interference. The old me would have jumped into it headlong but now now, I watch it die and transform…” “Finally today I’m here, resigned and saying what Denise always says ‘it is what it is, people.’ When my heart accepts this, it is trught and in those moments are the most peaceful I’ve ever felt…” “Phase 2 is something else.” Jain Lee, February 11, 2020.

During Phase 1 I had occasional resentment towards the unaware people who did their best to make my ascension Work even harder than it already was. Here I was, along with all the other Volunteers from the main three Wave groups, getting repeatedly attacked, disrespected, insulted and parasited off of by people that didn’t really know what was going on and why and who was actually involved with it in physical bodies. With our entrance into Phase 2 on January 2020, I could care less about the unaware, the misinformed, the distorted, the delusional, the self-deluded etc. It is what it is and it’s happening no matter what anyone says, believes, does or attempts. It’s already happened, we’re just filling in the bits and pieces in the NEW physical in our unique individual ways and also collectively as the NEW collective for NEW Earth, NEW Humanity. If your old Phase 1 go-to tools and heroes, teachers and reality interpreters are not doing the job for you now that we’re in Phase 2, I strongly suggest you honestly consider that you may have just gone and outgrown them. Yes, that was a backhanded complement, deal with it.

Remember way back in the early days of Phase 1 when your body hurt like all hell, your gut bloated up and stayed that way for years and years to the point the ascension community named this ascension symptom ‘Buddha Belly’? It’s returned in Phase 2 these past few days because we’re embodying MUCH higher frequency Light and different NEW energies and codes etc. than we were capable of doing during Phase 1. Energetic stair-steps still.

Almost immediately on January 1, 2020, definitely the very day after the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction on January 12, 2020, many of us Phase 1 First Everythingers have been feeling like this flashing, electrified, nerves sparking emoji. We’ve felt this for many years in Phase 1 but that was at a lower level of Light. Think about that for a moment please — a lower level of Light. I know many wish, hope, want and expect all this to be warm and fuzzy gentle and easy-peasy-breezy now in 2020, and don’t hate the messenger please cause she’s electrified and bloated to the extreme at the moment too, but the higher we evolve, ascend, embody and Embody in this NEW Light and energies and all else, the more we’re going to feel them in our physical bodies. Just like we adjusted to every single NEW energy, Light wave, Photonic Light, solar transmission, galactic center energy projectile that Phase 1 produced, we’ll do the same and more in Phase 2 at these higher, larger, more complex and totally NEW crystalline Diamond levels.

We’re flashing, zapping, frying and jumping internally now in early 2020 because we’re embodying Phase 2 levels of Light energies, which dwarf the amazing ones that nearly killed us in Phase 1! But just like we embodied and adapted to all the Phase 1 energies at Phase 1 levels and strengths, we’re doing the same now in Phase 2 with the much higher NEW Phase 2 level Light energies. Every cell of your physical body is, again, embodying much higher frequency Light that’s now crystalline Diamond which is making us swell from fluid retention as those cells are electrocuted by their now ability to embody Diamond frequencies physically cell by cell. Our bellies and guts are exploding, again, because we’re embodying these higher level crystalline Diamond energies and matching NEW codes. We’re all puffed up, bloated and physically vibrating with higher Diamond Light energies and it is not the most comfortable thing at the moment. We’ll acclimate to this NEW higher level and continue on from there because that’s what we do. We energetically Pathpave the way for humanity. Do whatever you need to do to ease your currently very severe First Everythinger Phase 2 symptoms.

Another aspect of our ongoing, higher level Ascension and/or Embodiment Process has to do with each of us learning in Phase 2 how to create our own happiness and joy. We’re also having to learn how to inspire ourselves, how to comfort ourselves when needed, how to emotionally support ourselves, how to sustain ourselves in all ways. In other words we’re having to learn how to function more and more as energetically sovereign beings. We’re learning how to utilize our developing and increasing connection with Divine Source, our Higher Self, Selves, Soul in our physical bodies and selves. All this is just another aspect of how going external no longer works, which is why more people are finding that their old “tools” and whatever and whomever else don’t do the job anymore. Sovereignty is the name of the game in Phase 2 but at these NEW higher levels of our being and reality. Like everything else, we’ll get the hang of this too so be kind to yourself as you learn how to entertain and inspire yourself. Sometimes I too just want someone else to do it for me, and we are inspiring each other which is wonderful and very 5D.

I mentioned recently that I feel the Sun is about to do something NEW too. Actually I think it has been since New Year’s Day, increasingly so, but it feels like we’re Working our ways to another one of those NEW energy milestones soon via the Sun’s energies and the state of the Embodiers with their ongoing Embodiment Process. We may be building up energetic momentum with this as we head towards the first spring Equinox of 2020 in Phase 2.

Will we ever feel better? Yes we will. Probably not tomorrow however because we’re deep in this NEW Diamond Light, energies and NEW codes embodiment process which is going to take some linear physical time.

Will we ever be happy again? Yes we will but in very NEW and different ways. I can even induce some in myself occasionally and I’m a Capricorn! 😉 But what I want you to remember is the cosmic rarity of what’s happening, that it’s happening in our lives and lifetimes, not to mention to and through our physical bodies. We Volunteered to come here and do all this miserable, painful, difficult stuff so happy-happy joy and easy everything isn’t really at the top of our lists. We’ve partied — now we’re Working. We will celebrate and rest and laugh ourselves silly later, but for now we’re bringing this thing Home to NEW Earth for NEW Humanity in the physical. This particular phase will ease up soon, not because it will end but because we adapted to more higher NEW Light. Do your best at the moment to be content with that and know that none of it would be happening externally if we weren’t doing it internally first. You and your physical body are now Diamond Lights shining and transmitting higher than they ever have before. Thank you all for that and more.


February 11, 2020

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66 thoughts on “Faith & Phase 2

  • Speaking of the current Mercury retrograde — 😡

    I haven’t been able to get my Gmail to load for the past four days. I’ve never had this problem before and I’ve tried everything Google suggests but nothing yet. If you’ve emailed me recently, know that you haven’t gotten a response from me yet because of this problem. It’s terrible when something online suddenly stops working like we’re used to. Anyone have any Gmail fix-it suggestions? Thanks All. ❤

    • You may have already checked these things, but have you updated your browser? Are you near/over your storage limit? These are my most recent reasons why for gmail issues.😳 Good luck!!

      And also, I had to get a new router. There’s always a third thing. 🙂

      • Thanks 10tinbluebirds, I’ve been eating my words about Mercury retrogrades not being all that difficult! 😐 But I figured yesterday that if I asked for guidance about this that that would help move energy and it did. Plus I wrote to Google about it yesterday. This morning my Gmail finally loaded and worked normally. What a relief after 5 days of hardcore no access mercurial rx! Thanks again. ❤

  • Hi Denise and all you fellow souls.
    My faith is still standing, I’m enjoying a glass of wine and looking at my cats doing funny things. But it may falter, fear is flying all around here and sometimes I’m afraid I might be afraid. it sounds so stupid…
    There’s a sudden outbreak of that fu#@## virus in Italy, in the region where I live. Some towns were put in lockdown today. But I’m watching that sweet old movie, Bridges of Madison County, and it makes me smile. Maybe some of you liked it too, and you’re remembering there’s a scene that made you smile. It feels like we’re smiling together, I don’t know exactly why but I had to tell you.

    • Stellina,

      Keep your vibe, your inner frequency high like you’re doing because that is how to live far above the lower frequencies where these sorts of things exist. Remember that saying in the Ascension Community about there being only Love and fear? It’s all about which frequency we’re emitting and focused on mentally and emotionally. Wine, good movies, cats playing, you being peaceful inside is Love frequency for sure. ❤

  • Hi Denise,

    Wow, I’ve experienced some strange things with my belly on 2/19th. It literally felt like movements of a fetus! Just warbling, kicking, pushing itself, wanting to get out of me!

    What was that?! I said to myself but I knew what it was even as it was happening..,I’m birthing myself, or MYself!

    Omg! It seems nothing, I mean NOTHING can prepare you for whatever is to come in Phase 2.

    I love you all, hope everyone is hanging in there!

    • Oh my gosh, Jain Lee! This exact same thing happened to me this week. I’m not positive because time is so weird anymore, but I do think it was also 2/19. I only had 2-3 big fetus-type movements, but my whole abdomen felt strange for hours. 😱 And I do feel like I’m birthing myself into a new stage for sure. I had a moment yesterday 2/20/2020 where my knowing said I would later look back and SEE a demarcation point in my journey.

      It feels related somehow that I had a dream (I think the night of feeling inner kicks) where I was given the words, “I am heard.” It’s been resonating on a lot of levels, primarily the idea that everything I’ve been asking for and needing and wanting is ALREADY fulfilled and done even if I’m not experiencing the tangible-physical-linear-time aspect (yet). Last Friday night, I was sobbing and my human self was telling my higher self that I didn’t realize it would be so hard to be here and FEEL the really difficult emotions in order to release them. I really sought help. Which feels part of the “I am heard” message.

      Anyway, thank you for sharing your experience! ❤️

    • Jain Lee, Kara & All,

      February 17th was Presidents Day and there was some big nasty old energies up and flying about all day and half that night. I mentioned this in another Comment and how brutal of a day it was energetically. Shortly after that I too began having stomach, belly, intestinal, diarrhea purging. My stomach has actually hurt when I’ve eaten certain foods. It’s like that entire food in/food out system (it’s early in the morning 🙄 ) has been in deep change once again. I sense it’s because of those negative energies on the 17th that many felt. It’s nearly impossible to say that any one thing is happening because of one other thing because thousands of things are all happening at the same time internally, externally, here and everywhere else! And there’s no breaks or downtime between any of this in Phase 2. Like Kara said about keeping track of things that happened in linear time being increasingly difficult, now the minute-to-minute experiences and emotions etc. we’re experiencing are the same. It’s all become ONE ( 😆 ) continuous event/shift/life/experience. Phase 2 experiences are so much more complex and difficult to write about because they’re all just ONE ongoing process with no breaks in any of it.

      I’ve experienced this weird gut or Solar Plexus area business a few times over the past three years now if memory serves me. It always happens unexpectedly, like a sudden muscle spasm. Something energetically in my gut area suddenly spasms and my body jerks slightly like I just got hit in the guts. It isn’t painful, just strange and unexpected. This may be what you two are talking about, kind of sounds like it, except what I’ve felt was the entire belly area and not isolated in the uterus. I sense this has to do with the ongoing total energetic rewiring of our physical and energy bodies. Because the Solar Plexus and down was the main frequency and consciousness range and reality before the AP started, I expect we’re going to occasionally feel some epic earthquake seismic-like energy shifts and changes happening from the diaphragm down. We’ve ascended up into the HighHeart as the NEW focal point which has been very much felt too over the years. Like I said, lots of huge things happening constantly, especially now in every minute of 2020 and in Phase 2. ❤

  • Hi Denise,

    Thank you for this article and the one immediately prior (…Wow!…) Your deeply-lived wisdom and experiences, and ability to find words that communicate and describe the actuality of the subtle realms, help me to ground and to (finally and totally) accept that I…like many here… indeed am a First Everythinger and Ascension co-worker. Thank you for all of it .

    Since the eclipse of December 26, 2019, I’ve been touched profoundly by something I feel is occurring on this forum especially, and perhaps elsewhere…and in fact may be a significant aspect of our entry into Phase 2 beginning in January.

    I’m noticing that the majority of the Commenters here (and in your conversations with them/us) are sharing at a much deeper level than I ever remember. People are reaching out more and are not as reticent in expressing their joys, pains and fears about their personal AP/EP journeys…whether or not their ways of being and their actions are the “correct” ones to “get there.” More people are openly sharing their hurt emotions and asking outright for your advice. They are asking for your help with what it means to be “accountable” as we all move forward on our individual AP/EP paths…and sharing their moments of success with you and with all of us, as well. All of this has expanded my inner world greatly. It has deepened my sense of Oneness and connection with the ALL, and I appreciate and love/Love the intimacy of all the sharing. My old emotions of feeling alone in this process now seem like a memory that belonged to someone else.

    I just returned from Colorado, where I spent eight days as the guest of my sister (my only blood relative) and brother-in-law. I was able to arrange my caregiving situation here in NYC so that I could travel. What I encountered when I got there, unfortunately, was an unexpected plunge back down into many 3D lower-vibrational situations, outlooks, attitudes and responses to life, and I realized how removed I now am from all of the dramas, haphazardness and control issues that were still part of my day-to-days during the earlier years of Phase 1. I still love and care for my family very much, but they are not yet aware and awake to the AP/EP that is inexorably moving through all humanity on Earth, and the disparity was acute. I say this without any sense of moral virtue or spiritual “superiority”…I was there, and I witnessed their choices from a space of neutrality and acceptance, whereas beforehand I may have interceded without being asked. Because I “just happened” to read your articles and their incisive comments while I was out in Colorado, the synchronicities were clear…

    I await your next post and remain forever grateful that I came across you and your work back in 2009. That was the year that the word and energy of “ascension” became paramount in my life…and I’m glad to be here with you and all others here. Love/LOVE to ALL!

    • “…and the disparity was acute.”

      Thank you for your honesty and sharing these recent insights Raymond B. ❤ I think many of us can very much relate to the acute disparity everywhere now and growing.

      Nothing works better and faster than to have something and/or someone show us how far we’ve come with the, with our individual AP. We all need that reality mirror occasionally to help us stay strong when we have moments of self-doubt, confusion, sense of isolation, exhaustion, despair, too much pain etc. in the AP and/or EP if living that too. This has been a strong “theme” I’ve been experiencing so far in 2020 — a personal review and overview of what I’ve been through in Phase 1, and all my life before that as well. The old duality contrasts and extremes have so far in 2020, become more shocking to me in that they’re clearly revealing how negative and dark life and global reality has been now that the Light is preeminent. Phase 1 we Worked in, on and through that negativity, density and duality and so far in Phase 2 we’ve been having a much higher and clearer point of overview about just how severe and extreme Phase 1 actually was. This not clearly seeing and knowing is often a safeguard for us to help us get through whatever we must at that time and then later we get these higher overviews and larger understandings. At least it often has been for me.

      Thanks again Raymond B. and very well done you. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

  • i’m really freaking out today.. i’ve never felt such intense yuck.. like we are scraping the bottom of the barrel. i feel fully shaken. i’m tapping a lot so that helps to be in it and move it.. my body is still transmuting.. it is right now.. feel on the precipice. so grateful to be able to come here and write these words and to you, Denise for always being here. i so appreciate you. lovelovelove i feel better now.. that was a rough one for me.

    • Another energy pulsation today combined with a “holiday” is never a pleasant combination! The extremes are so uncomfortable. Hang in there everyone. ❤

        • KathyF & All,

          I have to say I’ve always been slightly confused by how it’s become some big belief that it’s total chaos every time Mercury goes retrograde. Seriously, it’s not that big of a deal really. Yes it’s a pisser if your mail does something it usually doesn’t, or something you said and/or wrote is completely misunderstood by someone or vice versa, or some info gets lost or goes missing etc., or robo phone calls inundate you all day or any number of other Mercury rx things happen. But, it’s nothing compared to certain other planets going rx!

          Natally my Mercury is retrograde and conjunct the MC so that planet is energetically prominent in me, in my birth chart. One of the lesser known traits of Mercury retrograde both natally I mean and in transits like now is that Mercury rx tends to make one much more open to multidimensional awareness and non-linear time. In other words, Mercury rx periods are times when we’re more aware of quantum existence and what I call Spherical Consciousness. Think ascended, much higher 5D + type Mercury traits which are things like nonlinear time, larger quantum experiences, multi-D consciousness, Higher Awareness, telepathy and so on. Expect more of your Mercury no matter which direction it’s going! 😉 ❤

        • Oh, I love it!! I’m also born with Mercury rx and have always kind of looked forward to it because things seem more “normal” and to flow better for me during the retro. 🙂

      • … in addition to full swing Mercury Retrograde; symbolizing all things related to communication and travel, emails, contracts of every type, closing dates, and negotiations of all kinds; as well as roadwork, detours, flight issues, etc., and every imaginable miscommunication. – It’s just life; as it is presently. – This too shall pass; (by March 10th). Thanks again Denise. Much love to all of you heroes surviving out there.

    • Super intense for me as well anniebodnar. Thank you and Denise for the quick validation and explanation. I’m purging papers, files etc. I hope this helps; clearing my outer and inner space to keep my whole life clear. Go 2020! I’m not sure why I thought this year would be easier than last year!! LOL!!! 😉 HUGS EVERYONE 🙂

      • “I’m not sure why I thought this year would be easier than last year!! LOL!!!” 😉

        Most of us did Ana and we’re discovering how wrong we were! 😆 Laughing but not funny.

        Yesterday, Monday Feb. 17th was Presidents Day holiday here in the USA, which just means it was an extra horrid day. I spent a lot of time and focus yesterday while having to listen to ambulance sirens screaming speedily past my house ALL DAY AND HALF THE NIGHT yesterday because humans were “celebrating” their holiday day-off from work. They “celebrated” right into other drivers, right into hospitals, right into extra expenses, right into jail, and some possibly right into death. Old patriarchal holidays and consciousness and NEW higher energies do not mix at all! Anyway, I’m getting some more clarity about this and related early 2020 things and I’ll try to get them expressed in an article soon.

        I too have been shredding old papers and legal docs that were my mom’s and no longer need to be filed by me. Mercury retrograde is a good time to go back and redoing things that need to be dealt with like this.

        • Thank you Denise. I am doing the same kind of purge. I was able to do more clearing after reading your comment. I kept telling myself, Denise is at her house doing the same thing ❤️ then I could do another file of ick. I’m amazed at what people leave behind and what I cleaned up… what all of us cleaned up. Thank you for sharing what you were shredding. I hope you have a great week! 💖🌻

  • Thanks for the article Denise. Yes, suddenly the sites of many spiritual teachers seem so commercial trying to sell personal advice from all kinds of highly evolved beings. I am changing again. I want new clothes and new colors. And I suddenly have a tremendous appetite. I really do not want to get a larger size, so I will have to do something about that. It is a roller coaster, weird but fun. I have a bit more energy now and I also feel more confident. Thanks again for the article and all the reactions of other people. It means a lot to me.

  • Dear Denise,

    This whiny Leo is grateful for your patience and your sound common sense! I was clinging so tightly to my old coping tools that I forgot to be open to new ones. You helped me relax my grip. Being open to the next thing makes it a whole lot easier to breathe. I’d so much rather be broken open than frozen in resistance, but some of my more willful selves need a reminder now and again. Love and thanks to you and all the commenters!

    • ❤ hugs kimdenise.

      Know everyone that all we have now is being open to the next thing! Our entire lives of ascension are and will be for the rest of them, all about continuous change internally and therefore externally. 2020 is going to prove this to far more people in very harsh physical ways. 2021 even more so and on and on. We’re helping to build and manifest the next things constantly now so we’ve all GOT to, whenever needed, remind ourselves that these are lifetimes of continual dramatic evolutionary change. Our “tools” — whatever they are — will continuously change because we are so we’ve all got to be open to more and higher and higher again and again daily. ❤

      • At a retirement party for a coworker in the 90s, I wrote on their card, “the only constant in the universe is change” 😳 too bad for me I let that idea slip away as EVERYTHING I thought was kind of stable (friends, platforms, social media connections) is shifting and sometimes disintegrating completely. It’s really incredible to step back and see a larger point of view. I imagine it looking like a kaleidoscope and hear Isabelle Huppert’s voice in I ❤️ Huckabees (still a favourite) saying: creation, destruction over and over again. Thank you for the heads up to look for the new in the midst of all these losses!! I need all the reminders I can get!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ♥️ It’s been a brutal winter here in Canada but the sun is shining bright today and it feels so good. I’m 30 and want to give my love and gratitude for those here twice my age or more- thank you so much for everything. Thank you for leading the way 🤗

  • Such a physically painful day to get through, so thankful for finding this article and LMAO, and really getting how blessed I am. Love to you Denise from soul sister.

  • “Cry, mourn, celebrate, be sad, be glad, laugh, rage, sleep, do nothing, stare at the ceiling, stare at the stars, know you are Divine Source expressing and creating as you, do whatever helps you with Phase 2 and with your personal Embodiment Process. We cannot screw this up, only fulfill it and go even higher and further with it all.”

    This is why I love your work most of all. You make room for everything. To me that’s what it’s all about. No mistakes.

    • Well said, 10tinbluebirds!

      Thank you, Denise, for laying it all out there—I feel it all. I’m in my 75th year of accumulating youth, one of the 1998-99 First Everythingers, and know my work is not yet done, yet at times it feels as though I’m trudging through wet cement. This post, and comments, beams Love, Light and Encouragement in all directions. ✨♥️✨🧡✨💛✨💚✨💙✨💜✨

  • Is this the Aquarian birthday party? May I please join in, too? My birthday was 02 02 2020, Candlemas and Saint Bridgett’s Day, and I want to add that two of my favorite people that were like mothers or grandmothers to me were both Capricorns. I only have loving thoughts about Capricorns, and that includes you too, Denise. Thank you to the brave, courageous, determined, and wonderful people here in the HighHeart Universe, my Valentines all!

      • Dear Denise,

        My tears are dropping on the keyboard. TD sent horridness my way, and a birthday banner becomes so much more in this moment. Thank you for your kindness, care, sensitivity and thoughfulness.

        When I sincerely feel that I have let go of those who want to harm me once and for all, another wave swoops in, which is what happened yesterday. It felt like I had been physically clobbered with a penetrating dose of hatred. The impact made me dizzy for hours. I severed ties years ago with the individual who was responsible for sending something in the mail that I erroneously thought was a birthday card, perhaps asking forgiveness for decades of betrayal. What I received was quite the opposite.

        Thank you for ‘bannering’ me, and for allowing a ‘new’ birth (day) to be considered in 2020.

        Thank you for reminding me Seals and Crofts ‘Diamond Girl’ is a song that can be sung in different terms, signaling the exploration of all things new, brought to mind by the diamond radiance you have described.

        I have so many comments to your post, here, that I must think through them all first prior to writing, but the banner had to be acknowledged, right now!

        Thank you, love, as always, Cali

        • “When I sincerely feel that I have let go of those who want to harm me once and for all, another wave swoops in, which is what happened yesterday. It felt like I had been physically clobbered with a penetrating dose of hatred. The impact made me dizzy for hours. I severed ties years ago with the individual who was responsible for sending something in the mail that I erroneously thought was a birthday card, perhaps asking forgiveness for decades of betrayal. What I received was quite the opposite.”

          Cali & All,

          Yep, layers and layers until WE — not the other person or people — get exactly what WE needed to for our continued growth.

          Two of the main things I personally have gone through repeatedly to get exactly what I needed was fear, no matter how small and brief and, making the mistake of thinking, believing and/or expecting that the other person was functioning from and perceiving things much like I was. After all, isn’t that why we become friends with certain people? We feel a kinship with them because we believe and feel there’s a commonality, relateability and base understanding with each other. Then we discover that’s no longer the case for many important reasons for both sides.

          How many of you suddenly had relationships end because you started the AP way back in Phase 1 and they did not? How many of us have had relationships end throughout Phase 1 because the two of you had moved out of that good, working, relatable frequency range that was what the friendship was first based on? They progressed and you didn’t — you progressed and they didn’t and because of that the relationship had to end. Don’t beat yourself up because someone you cared about isn’t going in the same direction you currently are, or that they’re doing so at the same speed you are. Don’t expect they’ve grown spiritually at all, or if they have that they’ve done so at the same rate you have. Don’t assume anything during the Ascension Process because the entire thing and everyone alive in it now are in states of constant severe change whether they want it or not. Our entrance into Phase 2 in January 2020 is all this and more at this very amplified next level which is why relationships are changing and growing now or ending now.

          You got hurt Cali because it was your birthday and you were perceiving that person and what they sent you in the mail from YOUR current level of awareness, being and so on and you painfully discovered how wrong you were. I recently went through something similar. More layers and stair-steps for some, zero progress for some people, or simply moving out of frequency range with that person and/or vice versa. All of it’s hard but Phase 2 doesn’t care, only that we each continue growing and progressing.

          How many of you have learned more and become more self-empowered from the painful difficult stuff than the easy stuff? Yep, me too. 😉 You are loved greatly Cali, we all are. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Happy Birthday (a little late!), Cali‼️ I’m also a fellow 2-2-2020 birthday!! Palindrome year!!
      And groundhog‼️‼️💜💜💜💜
      Tammy R.

    • LOL a late addition to the birthday party, I turned 49 on Febr 18 🙂 Feeling tired, wired and dreadful as has been common since the past 10 ascension years…. Always wondered if the Aquarius people might be more present under the Lightworkers as we’re at the start of the Age of Aquarius! Or otherwise people who have (like me too) their North Node in Aquarius.
      Thanks Denise and everyone on this page for writing their experiences and help us find some common ground and strength during this extremely painful and unbelievably hard ascension process! Just keeping a shimmer of hope based on your message from a previous article Denise, that you got the message that the beginning of 2020 was extremely hard, but after that things should finally get lighter and less painful for us…..

      Big hug to everyone out there struggling,

  • I’ve been going through a lot of powerful symptoms, physical and emotional. But, one thing I have notice lately is that I’m able to do things I previously couldn’t. Every once in a while I go “wow, I didn’t know I could do that”. It’s fun. By the way, tomorrow is my birthday; I’m 74- baby boomer indeed. You know, it is really wonderful to be part of this tribe. Thank you all. Shit, now I’m going to cry — been doing a lot of that also.

  • Thank you for being so thorough in explaining what’s going on. Also, the part about what our bodies are going through and all this bloating. Thought it was just me. I have so much more to say but am at a loss for words. I will probably read this article a few more times.

  • Today is February 12, 2020~ I am 71 today~ I have been light dancing for years now. I recently have a new mantra~ “Do only what is essential”~ it is very freeing. As I observe people and the world at large and what they are ‘doing’ ..I quickly decide what I want to deal with in my own earth walk….and my new mind clarity response to those things I don’t want is..”I am not interested in ‘that’…. clarity is the outcome.
    I have been alone for 12 years now…alone…no personal friends in the town in which I have lived for that time..It is amazing how being alone is a gift during these energetic times. The contentment I have is not based on being is based on knowing myself..and loving myself in that process …I am very self contained..and a sovereign being.
    Nature is the go to when feeling out of balance and like the ‘energies’ are out to get you..Nature is there waiting with wide open arms..hug a tree it will purr for you. 🙂
    I have become a rather detached observer of my world with a big layer of compassion..I am in awe of some of the life paths people take.
    Many of my friends have already ‘checked out’..either left this plane of existence or ‘checked out’ with their body still here…I am upright..not on any medications..I still mow my back pasture..and go up and downstairs..yes, some aches, but damn..I have and we all have done a remarkable job here energetically for the planet..bravo to us..many with out names and faces..and in the background ..but never giving up…never give are important to the’s so much easier when there is a team effort..even if you are are a part of something huge. Blessings to one and all~~

      • Happy Birthdays to you KathyF and Catherine E. and Rock On original Hippy baby boomers! Volunteers are Volunteers all our lives, not just during the 1960s. So strong for so long. Happy B-Days ladies. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Denise~ and thank you dear heart for taking the time to share with so many ..your soul’s dance..and for the birthday wishes…Namaste’

    • Catherine, one of the best posts I could’ve hoped to read and a consolation for me, beautiful. I hugged a tree couple weeks ago, I believe I heard it purr, though I was purring too, at this point, aren’t we all, pains or no?😌 bless you, thank you I don’t feel stupid for being all alone tonight. You’re right, being alone, consciously, teaches you to love yourself enormously and grows so much compassion, just like it did for Cinderella 😉 and I’ve been blessed being sent to national park regions this fall to live, I’m surrounded by mountains and nature. It is such a consolation so immensely helpful, as medicine as mother friend counselor and guide. She does hold her arms open every time…every time. Praise God

  • Holy smolly, the Universe rearranged my entire life in February. Heart Activations are powerpaked the last two days. Excited for what is Now shifting for us ALL. Much Love. ❤

  • “We Volunteered to come here and do all this miserable, painful, difficult stuff” …… – Yes; I will indeed be having a very serious conversation with My Higher Self at an appropriate time …… – On the other hand; in the wake of the historical Saturn-Pluto conjuction on 12th of January; I have noticed that all of the war-like noise from all of the construction works in my immediate neighbourhood has considerably subsided (!); (how about that!!). – And another thing; from this point onwards; I shall no longer be Carrying anything or anyone; just Leading the way; and that will be all. – Survive, Everyone! Thanks again Denise. Much love.

  • January for me felt like a lot of death. 7 people in my wide circle died. 2 sibling relationships changed again (ended). And I couldn’t shake the feeling of being dead inside. Thinking back, this feeling crept on after I felt inspired to “invite the dark into my light,” in my effort to integrate my oneness. I think it worked ( many fears disappeared and I was left feeling peaceful and whole) but the death feeling has been a void space, empty, quiet, and hardly noticeable when the kids are home, wanting food, connection, laundry, rides. But alone, I tried dancing the death energy away, and powered thru with music, intention, affirmation, and communion with HS ( meditation, prayer, conversation). All this explanation to validate a shared experience. Not to mention popping lots of light bulbs again and shorting out my ceiling fan. I’m electric!
    Lots of blahs, coupled with rainy, gray days. I’m focusing on my kids and supporting them through what is their “normal“ life. It’s interesting to see the energy go through them, too. Gives me perspective. I watch a lovely day turn into squabbles. Fatigue and exhaustion overtake them (us), lots of headaches and the pendulum of no interest in eating to ravenously hungry. I keep reminding the kids, “be gentle with yourself; listen to your body and allow the energy to move through.” Sometimes they trust me, othertimes, they think I’m crazy, and mock me saying, “it’s ascension!” Oh, well. Can’t get too bothered, I’m just doing my best to keep my focus clear, and continue embodiment. This, too, shall pass.
    Big hugs to all. We’re doing this together.

  • “All of you are my Valentines each and every day.” Precious! I’m glad I read this comment from your last article. Lovely Denise ❤️ The light hearted words you shared; reminded me of elementary school when the entire class would give each other paper Valentine’s, hugs and smiles… freely, sincerely and innocently. Gosh, so beautiful ❤️

    • Sherian, the reason I’m not going to give you that information is because it’s much more important for you, and everyone else, that you are here now living and embodying the current energies, not projecting your consciousness into the future. The AP in here now in every minute and that is where the pure magic, power, wisdom and everything else is. The more we embrace and embody that now, constantly, the less phases needed. 😉

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