Expanding Perspectives

I’ve tried multiple times to get this article written over the past two weeks but it just wasn’t happening. It felt like there was more February 2020 living and Embodying that had to happen first. I’m not saying this is fully completed now because it doesn’t feel like it is yet.

February 2020 produced some NEW mandatory process which to me was akin to traversing a divine asteroid field that I had to make my way through. I call this particular Embodiment Process phase a divine asteroid field because it felt like being energetically hit repeatedly and rapidly all month. I kept seeing a mind’s eye symbolic vision of my body in an asteroid field out in deep space and every impact from one of the “asteroids” literally caused a large chip, break off and removal of another exterior piece of my physical body and lifelong memories and old identity. Every asteroid impact caused a bit more of my entire life and memories to suddenly be highlighted for an expanded review from this higher perspective and current phase of the Embodiment Process. Knowing more–greater “clarity”–often isn’t easy and this months journey through this metaphoric divine asteroid field was at times difficult, very emotionally impactful, physically painful but entirely insightful.

The way that was written makes it sound rather linear and singular when it was not that at all. Nothing of the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process is singular and linear so here comes the other simultaneous aspects of my journey through this February divine asteroid field.

With every asteroid impact, more of the old me with my lifelong memories and emotions connected with them were broken open. (Good gawd I thought they were many years ago!) This part had to do with expanded levels of opening and reviewing myself and my life as an ascension Volunteer and consciously knowing more about all that as a whole. Think of this like what we’re able to see, perceive and understand on one level compared to what we’re able to at fifty higher levels. The events didn’t change, they just expanded greatly, revealing a much larger field of my entire life.

Every divine asteroid impact opened me more which forced me to know more, see more, understand more about myself as a Volunteer in this Denise lifetime. While that was going on another thing was too. The repeated actions of the asteroids hitting my body caused greater openings which in turn caused expanded awareness about myself and this life, good, bad and everything in-between. These impacts and revelations were simultaneously accompanied by repeated Embodiment of more of my Higher Self, Selves, Soul, Divine Source. This entire thing was about more of the old lower being revealed, known in expanded ways, mourned, loved and respected while greater alignment Embodiment happened with my Higher Self, Selves, Soul and Divine Source and Denise and her physical body. More was removed and known from a much larger perspective from each asteroid impact which simultaneously caused more Higher to be Embodied. What I found the most interesting about this whole February process, so far, was the seeming duality or two-fold nature of the one singular event. I was pummeled all of February by these divine asteroids to further break apart my old lower self and memories while simultaneously being pummeled by more incoming Higher Self, Selves, Soul and Divine Source being Embodied energetically, emotionally and physically.

It was very energetically Alchemical. I cannot think at this moment of a better way to describe this phase of my personal Embodiment Process. I know the Embodiment Process is for each person whose chosen to live it during the Ascension Process, a profoundly personal and extraordinarily unique, divine process. You may not benefit from a metaphorical journey through a divine asteroid field, but I did. I may never experience exactly what you have, are or will be in the near future. This too is as unique as each of us are so don’t ever compare your process to mine or anyone else’s. Just as we are all unique individuated aspects of Divine Source, so too is our Embodiment Process. LOVE is Creativity and the Embodiment Process is a very big and important part of that for each of us and Source LOVE and the Creativity involved with NEW Earth and NEW Humanity.

Don’t expect March 2020, or any month or minute of this year to be calm, peaceful or anything like Phase 1 of the Ascension Process because it will not be. That’s not where we’re at now in Phase 2. Again, don’t hate the messenger please, but every minute of 2020 is going to be packed full of non-linear, quantum NEW energies, events, awareness, side effects, chaos and nonstop change both internally and externally, personally and collectively. We’re there this year in all ways and levels. And in case some of you are rolling your eyes and thinking the same thing I still occasionally think which is, I can’t do this anymore!!!, know that you and I most certainly can, are and will continue to. And here’s the great news about that, it’s going to be much easier and faster now in Phase 2. Notice I didn’t say the same as Phase 1. How has your January and February 2020 gone so far? Has it been different in many ways from Phase 1? Don’t expect this to slow down because it won’t. The most “slow down” I’ve experienced so far in 2020 is a few hours in one day out of about seven to ten days. And I’m grateful for them and hustle like crazy to get certain physical things done during those brief periods. I know and you know the divine pummeling will return soon in one form or another so we do what we can when we can both physically and energetically.


February 24, 2020

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46 thoughts on “Expanding Perspectives

  • Dear Denise and friends,
    My old pms’s were nothing compared to this Full Moon. Down I went. The skin-shedding snake was inside and bursting. I was not strong, and filled my holes with drink and smoke. All other appetites vanished, even the simple joys of blue skies (no chems) and little chirping birds. All aspects of self in hyper-tension and pain. Depression lying on a bed of greens, of Knowing, and I did not hurt myself for long.
    All culminated a week later when I awoke in utter serenity, sanity, quiet joy. Pure grace.
    Like your experience, Denise, mine was all around the past and the nature of my imprisoning attachments. This blessed aftermath illuminates and ‘clarifies.’ It is never Done, but every crisis is a release for reality.
    I realize the larger can not live in the small, which my life had become.
    Virus-mania has not yet reached our high-desert town – as far as I know (this life-giving rain keeps us home) and there is no need to pollute the mind with the news except at will. Who know what will bring eons of artifice down? it could be a little virus. The parks are heaving big sighs of contentment, free of human wheels and feet and debris. Try Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions (book) for the most wonderful exposition of the times told in the 1960s by a Native whose wit and wisdom have no equal.
    So grateful am I to have discovered Denise and this site of kindreds. In courage and compassion, and love for this long-awaited adventure back toward the lost ways!

  • Denise and all,

    I live in Fort Lee, NJ. Just a stone’s throw from NYC and the hype of this virus has reached a fever pitch. Normally bustling town is quiet and people have masks on everywhere and my child’s school keeps sending me health updates, protocols and recent ‘infected’ numbers to me on the daily.

    Store clerks look at everyone with distrust and there are no more friendly banters between transactions and I feel like I’m in crazy town. It’s all so laughably badly scripted, this movie.

    I personally love this forced self-isolation business, maybe it’s the universe’s way of jump starting their long overdue ascension process, all this quietness and stillness.

    I remember you said once, Denise, that your feel on this virus was that it’ll help the ones who want out, to continue their ascension on the higher dimension, as it’ll be faster for them.

    The madness has finally reached my neck of the woods and I am soooo tired of hearing about it but its all anyone ever talks about!

    Also, I’ve been feeling like I’ve hit a plateau and there’s nothing. Quite literally nothing. I’m left to my own guidance and higher self, and she’s also very quiet lately. So been doing nothing but feeling, feeling a bunch of feels and then feeling nothing. Just feel a bunch and then nothing, on repeat.

    Mind is quiet now, sooo quiet. Emotions too. Every time I go through an emotion, the trip back to neutrality is shorter. And any extreme emotion is rarer. The cycle of feeling and neutrality is such that the neutrality portion is longer and longer.

    I don’t remember exactly when but bad dreams/astral attacks have stopped for me. I do dream but it just feels as if I’m finishing up some loose ends on my other dimensional me’s. Does this make sense? Something is quite definitely over, this I’m sure of, is this the beginning of the separation of the worlds?
    It certainly feels like it, something immense just happened and something is completely utterly done with.

    Or is it just me?

    Love you Denise and every commenter here. I read every comment and thank you all for sharing as I nod my head in vigorous agreement. You all say so many things that I almost always forget to say, so thank you all and thank you Denise for being the rock/a diamond!

    • I am glad somebody said something about this coronavirus insanity … I am in Washington State, the US “epicenter” and it is beyond madness here. None of it makes any logical sense. Would love to hear more from you Denise. I am sure the whole thing serves some higher purpose somehow..

      • I’m working on it KathyF. And you’re very right about the coronavirus — and everything it will automatically cause like fast falling dominos in 2020 — plus all the governmental, political, presidential insanity and disintegration that’s been happening for the past four years. Talk about people being overwhelmed! Well, much more to come. The 2020 coronavirus does serve a higher purpose as you said Kathy and it and everything it’s going to trigger is part of Phase 2 of the AP and the “end times” of government and politics and most everything else as they have been.

        No fear about your living in the “epicenter” KathyF. One of the first groups of quarantined people were brought to two Air force bases in California — one in northern Cal and one in SoCal and the southern one is about 25 miles down the freeway from where I live. We’ll be fine so long as we remain energetically Sovereign and don’t buy into the fears over all this and “fall”. Be wise, be strong, be empowered and don’t buy into being a “victim” with any of this. It’s real but that doesn’t mean any of us will personally experience getting sick from it. ❤

        • Like the song goes : “It’s the end of the world as we know it” … – Here in Bergen, Norway (yes, even here in the outskirts of the civilized world); everything is suddenly turned upside down because of the virus threat. – One example: from seeking to limit the endless number of cruiseships touring our fjords; now there is full stop; and many are worrying about losing their jobs. – There is no more handshaking and hugging; and our current best friends are cats and dogs. Surely; all of this must have a higher meaning. – Just wanted to share a report from over here. – Thanks again Denise. Much love to Everyone. Stay safe now.

    • Jain Lee, it’s so nice to read your comment and feel connected to this community. 💓💓💓 I’ve noticed the quietness here and wanted to write a comment, but it feels like I have both nothing and everything to say at the same time. Experiencing some big choice points in my personal life and relationships, seeing ways I’m attached that don’t serve me, working to navigate with love and not old habits/patterns. The surreal-ness of “normal” life is definitely escalating here. I’m in central Iowa, and my kids’ school sent the first coronavirus protocol email today. We had an interesting experience earlier this month where only one of my three girls had a fever for several days, followed by typical respiratory/congestion symptoms, Whenever I’d check in with her body/self to see if I could support her physically, I kept getting the sense it was something she specifically was burning off or healing. None of the rest of us ever got it. I’m grateful for experiences like that and for Denise’s earlier comment about coronavirus that you mentioned— goes a long way to neutralizing any fear that tries to enter. 2020 has been wild in unexpected ways. Love to all. 😘

      • “I’ve noticed the quietness here and wanted to write a comment, but it feels like I have both nothing and everything to say at the same time.”

        Kara & All,

        I feel this same thing too and have increasingly over the past few years. The more you know the less you have the need or desire to talk about it. You know and are changed by that knowing repeatedly at higher and higher levels.

        “…I kept getting the sense it was something she specifically was burning off or healing.”

        I believe this is the case for kids and adults that have been living the AP and exist in higher frequencies — they’re burning off old lower things in their physical bodies and cells because of the NEW Human crystalline Diamond code templates that arrived physically January 12-13, 2020. Many adults and kids that are unaware and of a lower frequency and consciousness will experience varying degrees of genuine physical illness from the coronavirus and/or possible death to quickly exit them from Phase 2 of the AP. It’s the economic side and availability side of products etc. of the coronavirus that all of us will most likely be affected by and I sense that will be very obvious starting April 2020. ❤ group hug to All and keep radiating the Light and continue living your personal AP and EP because that is so very important for everything. ❤

      • Thank you for sharing your experience with your little girl, Kara. I hope it helps others like us in the same boat. I had a similar sickness with my daughter about 3 weeks ago. Fever, respiratory symptoms and I had absolutely no fear or doubt that she’ll be fine and in 3 days she was over it.
        Then my husband caught it, he had to go to ER, told it was a bronchial cold, was prescribed nebulizer, prednisone and ibuprofen. He took off of work for a whole week.
        Right after, I had a sore throat for two days and then I was fine.

        My daughter was born aware, my husband is the typical left brained, logic ruled part of humanity, the masses, if you will. Denise’s comment about how the virus affects according to frequencies really cemented this thing home for me, thank you endlessly Denise!👋❤️

        It’s amazing to witness it firsthand. I mean, I KNOW it but just to have it reaffirmed visually is something else.

        I know exactly what you mean by wanting to say nothing and everything at the same time. So I’ll just end it here.

        • Thank you for the beautiful souls on this page. Love to each of you. Have a wonderful weekend! 💕

    • “I don’t remember exactly when but bad dreams/astral attacks have stopped for me. I do dream but it just feels as if I’m finishing up some loose ends on my other dimensional me’s. Does this make sense? Something is quite definitely over, this I’m sure of, is this the beginning of the separation of the worlds?
      It certainly feels like it, something immense just happened and something is completely utterly done with.

      Or is it just me?”

      You’re very right Jain Lee, everything has changed very dramatically. This is Phase 2 after all and it’s much higher than anything that was able to happen during Phase 1 of the Ascension Process. The old patriarchal world is reflecting that even though it doesn’t want to and continues fighting to hold on to what its had. None of that matters however.

      So much to say about everything that’s suddenly manifested. I’ve needed some time myself with some of it because I feel humanity and their fears and chaos etc. and have to work my way through that sometimes. Plus the higher view continues producing more and more awareness about how interconnected everything is and has always been. It’s like we’re needing to clearly see and feel these many things now in early Phase 2 and I also sense it has to do with the Embodiment Process for those living that now too.

      I’ve thought many times over the past couple of years about writing an article about how I’ve paid very close conscious attention to the steady disappearance of Team Dark from my personal life and reality since 2010. I haven’t done it only because there’s so much positive happening since then and of course the two things are related. The more we evolve and embody and/or Embody, the less Team Dark (nonphysical and physical, nonhuman and human) and global patriarchy etc. etc. etc. there is in our ascending lives and realities. I’ve wanted to talk about this for a while but it’s so personal because I experienced a lifetime of Team Dark doing their best to stop me from doing what I Volunteered to do now. That however is over for me as well Jain Lee which shows us how far we’ve come, literally. 😉 We’ve evolved beyond them.

      I’ve been thinking about all of you with young school age children and this 2020 coronavirus. I can’t imagine how miserable this must be with kids in school and having to deal with all that. It’s like what I had to deal with due to my aging mom being so sick etc. It was horrible having to go back down vibrationally into their lower world and consciousness and deal with all of it and them. I feel for all of you young parents having to do this now due to the coronavirus and your kids in school. Wrap them up in Light and intend, consciously Create their protection and safety in all ways.

      I’ll try to get something written about this and everything else it’s causing soon. (I think April 2020 is going to really be something else!) Until then everyone know that this is just the start of these types of big global changes for everyone. That’s where humanity is now and it’s going to be playing out all of 2020 and beyond. BUT simultaneously is all the Phase 2 AP and EP things happening which is driving the “end times” of how life and reality has been. I mean, if Team Dark is gone for many of us then that means we’re in very NEW and high ground heading for even higher. Let the weirdness, changes and chaos unfold and go through what it must now and KNOW that you exist well above it frequency wise. I love and appreciate you all. Love or fear. It’s an easy choice. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thank you so much Denise … I know all that in my spirit but it feels so affirming hearing it from you, like a warm hug ❤🤗

    • Jain Lee, Denise and all of you, friends,
      some chronicles from the outside world, here in northern Italy, and from my inside world too.
      We’re at the forefront facing the attack of the virus, at least in the so called “western world”, where conditions and response of the countries may be similar. So I hope my words can be useful, mostly I just felt I needed to write something 😊.
      It’s surreal, the contrast between the usual habits, the things you do everyday, and the streets with less people and cars, some shops closing earlier, other activities just locked down, trains not stopping in the most affected towns, friends in quarantine you can only talk to by phone or web.

      It started 2 weeks ago, they put in lockdown some specifical areas in the first days, but the virus was still spreading fast, so today the government decided to put in lockdown a region with more than 10 million people (where I live). So forget rational expectations about gradual or linear time paths. It’s fast.
      From the beginning I felt this thing meant people had to face and revalue their way of life. What’s worth, what’s not. Well, at least I felt it, and some people I know felt something similar, but the majority probably still finds it harder to accept.

      These 2 weeks somehow seem like a year to me. I could work mostly from home (I used to do it for a day a week or so also before), and managing my time, cuddling a cat, making a coffee and something good to eat, putting on some good music, the sun shining on the plants, not having to be in overcrowded places or to meet some nasty unaware people… well I guess you imagine, this thing just made me even more conscious of what feels good to me, and how I restrain myself when I have to face the aspects of outside world that aren’t compatible with me.
      So, this was construction, or better, perfecting a construction I had already started to build, and seeing some details I may have overlooked.

      There’s destruction also. In a situation like this, people show more of their real selves and it’s not always a good show. Some show their inhumane, or just dark driven, I don’t know, nature. Many are frightened, and I understand, sometimes i am too. Sometimes I’m worrying about the sickness, about the ones I love, mostly about the reactions of the system we live in. But some other people instead are not afraid to tell you something deep and true, that they would have hidden for the fear of being considered weird.
      Where fear is, some can’t wait to feed off of it. Portal people at their “best”. I was hit too, one of them I thought I had gotten rid of, he stroke again. So I fell into fear and thinking “No, not again” (how many times do we have to we say it?). Just while I was reading in this blog that we have to find our tools to help ourselves, our ways to feel good, on TV they started talking about the virus again. No more I thought, and switched to a music channel. The song playing caught my attention, well I like that sound, but mostly because some lyrics were like a echo of my conflicting thoughts: to lose my life or lose my love, a nightmare… a part of me still believes my soul will soar above the trees.
      So i started browsing through some music I love, other songs just appeared bringing the right words or right memories. It worked, I was back to myself again, still standing.


  • Yep, three days ago (about) woke up and was like, yipeeee! I feel normaaaal!! Hit laundry, cleaning, clearing, admin work, exercise, etc. you name it! Next day, awake at 6 AM felt good, excited did a few things, and then!!…..8:30 AM IN BED ALL DAY, NO WAY OUT…Then next day, boom, recovered, up and out not too much aftershock, amazing how QUICK it all WORKS now!…how beyond comprehensible it is…how BEYOND, it is…beloved Heaven, beloved beloved LOVE…and Loving Heaven on Earth. Blessed now, always for all the time.. I’m so happy I could almost happily die on side of road, if necessary, for such life arrived here now, such beauty peace achieved..

  • Anyone feeling extremely restless today? I’m on a motocross bike; ready to race. I’m all set. I can even WIN! The gate hasn’t dropped, but I’m READY. Now waiting… watching… I’m so ready to GO!! Can anyone relate, or is this only me? Thank you all for wisdom and support.💛🌸

    • You’re right Ana, the energies lately have felt the old ‘wired n’ tired’ thing extra strong. I’ve felt very “wired” the past few days and can’t sit still for long and need to be doing things. The “tired” phase should arrive soon unless everything in Phase 2 is wildly different than they’ve been throughout Phase 1. Nothing would surprise me at this point! Today is the last day (leap day) of February, only two full months into 2020 and Phase 2 and look at how much has changed so far! This will only continue and expand so everyone be prepared for much more. No fear just big continued changes. ❤

    • Omg, Ana, I just wrote Denise and said the same. March energies are RIGHT ON schedule and it seems some of us are on the starting line, revving their engines!!!! It is SO happening to me right now, it is incredible!!! On cue. For multiple reasons, I feel for the FIRST time in my life, I can do create pursue make me and make happen whatever I choose, no bars hold now!!! So, Gentlemen! LADIES! yes GO AHEAD and START YOUR ENGINES!!!>>>>!!!!!!

  • Katja,
    You describe something (the end of a chimney brush) I’ve been seeing for years — very rarely now. I don’t know what it is but it has always felt dark to me. If I say “blaze blaze blaze violet flame transmute all shadows into light light light”, it fades away to nothing. That’s all I know.

  • Hi Denise and all. What you mentioned as night time activity in new has been happening to me the last few nights.I like you Denise can tune in and see feel and sense the good the bad and the ugly over the years and when I did that it did not work.I knew it was good but it is new and from a new place.The first night was like a breeze at my head and a light touch to my hair which normally would have freaked me out but was ok and other nights were lights in new circle shapes.Then a voice was saying come on a journey with us so where I do not know or remember.
    Also as a hopeful story for us all.Yesterday I had a day that could have gone so wrong but went so right so know something changing.I spent the day in the hospital system with my elderly father to figure out plan as he cannot look after himself at home now.Only met beautiful kind wonderful people all day and a doctor who was an angel with a beautiful heart.The opposite also exists there but I managed how i did i dont know to keep the vibe ok as the day before I would not have been able to do it.I met one portal person who was heavy but i had just sprayed my fathers bedside with a lovely st germaine room speay and I sprayed it around her to let her smell it and she backed away then.I run training into hopsitals and nursing home s so I know reality of it all.Just gave me hope to keep moving as last while I had no energy to move or do anything.This space is my sanity as clear and truthful.love to you all

  • Thanks Denise 🙏🏽 the last few months have felt like years already, even thought it’s passed rapidly fast, so much has happened on so many levels all at once, it’s actually impossible to recall! Explosive, high, low, illnesses, fear, melancholy for past, acceptance of and letting go, amazing insights and bursts of creativity, followed by lows, followed by beautiful synchronicities, followed by crazy weird dream times….. wow to say this is crazy actually doesn’t come close and I can’t put any of it into words anyway! I feel like I’m growing and changing in so many ways and my life sometimes no longer fits, but there is no where else to go only empty space….. Thanks for the space to share and thanks to all who share 🙏🏽💫🌸

    • You expressed that perfectly Donna and many can totally relate to everything you said. ❤


      I want to mention this before more NEW comes in and I forget about it. Everything is moving so fast now that we just get through one thing and are quickly dealing with another something(s) NEW. Anyway, I've been experiencing a huge increase in etheric activity inside my house EVERY evening since the Pisces New Moon on Sunday, February 23rd. I've experienced this sort of thing before for one night and it was always negative energies and entities etc. but this is not that. It's something NEW and different and I'm still not absolutely certain about what exactly "it" all is and why it's happening now.

      Because I've lived my life, and every minute of Phase 1 clairvoyantly Seeing/Hearing/Feeling etheric and other dimensional energies and positive and negative beings, I'm hyper aware of any nonphysical anything that enters my physical space. In some ways I feel like I have PTSD due to being constantly attacked by Team Dark and Portal People, and I've been Working on that too because Team Dark is basically over and gone now from where I am currently existing. But since this New Moon I’ve been Seeing and physically seeing this etheric activity in my house every night and it’s not negative, not Team Dark but something NEW. Very strange so far and I’ve wondered if anyone else has been clairvoyantly Seeing and/or hearing, feeling, sensing this latest increase in nonphysical activity too?

      I’ve waited to observe how long this would continue since Sunday and it hasn’t stopped yet but has reduced somewhat. Each evening and night I observe, feel, discern and try to figure out what this is. Last night I sensed that some of this may be NEW elemental beings existing at this NEW higher level. If that’s the case it’s great because I’ve not Seen the old pre-ascension 3D elementals for a very long time. They too have been in the AP like we have and their “bodies” have evolved and changed greatly just as ours have.

      It also feels like much of the evening activities in my house are energies on the move again because we and Earth are. Like being on a boat on the ocean and seeing the animals in the water and birds in the air moving with you and your “boat” except this is multidimensional and the “animals” are multidimensional and nonphysical. There’s strange sounds, movements, lifeforms, energies, ascended 5D elementals, NEW energies and so on and we’re all on the more through NEW energetic seas. It’s amazing and positive but sometimes Seeing and Hearing and Feeling much of it — and it’s all completely NEW and different from anything you’re used to — can get overwhelming at times. I don’t know why but some of the nonphysical sounds are really hard to Hear and not get spooked over. It often sounds to me like the sky is literally ripping apart — the Earth is grating and grinding internally which sounds to me like huge old metal ships expanding and grating metal on metal! And then there’s all the other sounds that feel to me like normal reactions to ascending Earth literally on the move to NEW higher frequency locations in space and time and frequency etc. but wow! O_o

      Hope this makes some sense and if anyone has been experiencing any or all of these ascending sounds and multidimensional beings and energies too share you’re experiences so others can benefit. It’s weird out there and has been during all of Phase 1 but it’s changed into this higher, even more unusual level since we entered Phase 2 in January 2020, and because of this we all should be prepared for anything NEW and very different from what we’re used to. ❤

      • Hi Denise,

        Yes, been seeing odd blurry light things on my peripheral vision. Immediately sensed that it wasn’t TD but couldn’t absolutely get a feel to decipher whether it was of the ‘light.’ Sensed they were just as confounded as I, like they’re forced to share space with us and we’re crowded together for a split second as something was adjusted to move us along to respective destinations. Idk, it was fleeting and didn’t happen to me again.

        Also heard metal grinding yesterday, it went on for about a minute or 90 seconds. Took me awhile to figure out that it wasn’t happening in the physical.

        Then the stabbing pain to the feet followed, just the heels at first then the soles, first to one foot and then sometime later, to the other. It wasn’t physical pain but felt like it was happening to my etheric body. Pain would go away as fast as it had come.
        I know from past articles, you’ve felt tremendous pain in the feet region as well when receiving new codes so I just chalked it up to that.

        Other than the rapidly dissolving world around us, how are you holding up, so to speak.

        Love you and all here ❤️

        • Thanks for asking Jain Lee ❤ as it's been intense but what's new about that?! It's just been increasingly NEW and slightly different Phase 2 intense, plus the world has entered Phase 2 of the global patriarchal dismantling like never before experienced by any of us. I've wondered since Uranus entered Taurus (money, finances, valuables, what people believe is of value etc.) since March 2019, when the global money thing was going to finally manifest and it has due to the coronavirus pandemic. Captain Crazy Orange had to dismantle plenty of things first so that when these types of big problems arrive there’s no old governmental systems in place to solve them. He’s been doing exactly what he’s designed to do — breakdown the patriarchal systems so thoroughly they no longer work as they have. He’s been ‘draining the swamp’ all along, just not in the ways he’s believed. 😉 No fear Pathpavers, let the old disappear, just wash your hands often. 😆

          There were many days in February where the pains in my head and forehead (pituitary) hurt worse than I’ve ever experienced which is saying something! At one point it felt like my Third Eye had huge energetic pliers pinching it. My point was that I’ve noticed sometimes after bouts of intense head, Pineal and Pituitary painful upgrades/expansions, what follows that are pains in the bottom half of my body — lower back, spine, hips, feet etc. It’s like higher NEW energies coming in through the tops of our heads and flows down through our endocrine brain glands and expands/upgrades/evolves them then that in turn means the lower half of our bodies needs to embody and anchor it which sometimes causes pain there too. Feels like we’re living lightning rods for the incoming NEW LIGHT, which we are, but it often hurts. Again, nothing new about any of that. 🙂

        • I’m curious if this new light is causing blood sugar issues in people. My diet has always been the same. Not perfect but not that bad either and my body is having a hard time processing carbs & sugar. It’s like maybe my Endocrine System has been taken offline to be reworked or retired??? I’m so confused as to what to do as Medicine isn’t even lower my levels🤷🏻‍♀️ Anyone else having this issue? My glucose readings are within normal range but my HbA1c (3 month average) is borderline and considered pre-diabetic. It’s gone on for 5 years. Came on suddenly once I began physical ascension.

        • Stephanie N.,

          First thing to remember, and remind yourself again whenever needed, is that old “normal” is no more so don’t bother using it as a guideline or compassion with what your body is now constantly going through because of the entirely NEW higher at this moment NEW “normal”. I’m highlighting the at this moment thing because you’ll be different in a few hours, more so tomorrow and even more next week and so on. Because of this, what foods and drinks and all else that have and/or are currently working for you probably won’t very soon so be open to almost constant change in all ways.

          I surrendered to this years ago when I realized that food, beliefs, old habits, energies, DNA, consciousness etc. is and will be for the rest of our lives be in profound evolutionary change from minute-to-minute. If my body wants some sugary something food I give it that. If it wants heavy protein foods I give it that. If it wants nothing then that’s what it gets until it lets me know that phase is over. I stopped fighting all this and feeling guilty because I dared to wander off from the old lower 3D patriarchal Food Police and their incorrect beliefs.

          Once the NEW codes/templates for evolving/ascending NEW Humans arrived fully in the physical dimension on January 12-13, 2020, Phase 2 of the Ascension Process (AP) began at this VASTLY higher and faster frequency Light level which means we’re all, no matter where each of us are within our personal AP, being affected by these higher NEW crystalline Diamond codes. This means our DNA is changing almost constantly now as are our endocrine glands.

          Example: This morning I was freezing cold and after a few hours I got unusually hot and my cheeks and face are still red and burned feeling. It’s felt to me like my Thyroid has been doing strange energy things lately. Just roll with these ongoing changes because that is “normal”. 🙂 ❤

        • Denise, thank you sooooo very much for your timely and detailed response! I wish I could impart how grateful I Am to you for helping not only me but thousands of others, even millions! I do understand the concept of old patriarchal/archaic dictates of what is/is not “good” for us. Your response takes so much stress off of me beating myself up for my body not responding/working the way it used to and my seeming inability to heal or cure myself according to the New Age community standards. But actually with everything I know I’m going through both energetically and physically, how could it? I too have cold bouts turning to hot flashes. My feet are freezing no matter having warm slippers on all the time. Then they’re not. 😂
          I wish I could assist you on your question regarding night activity. I don’t have any experiences like that. I don’t believe I’m clairvoyant. I am an empathic claircognizant with clairsentience. I have no doubt you will be able to identify exactly what’s going on, in time. That’s what you do!!! You’re very special. Thanks again❤️

      • Hi, yes strange times. Up until around feb the 23-25th I felt the energies were all getting so heavy I could barely carry it. On top of that or because of it, lots of loud mindchatter that was hard to pause/ turn softer/ transform. My husband started checking on me twice a day (very unusual), it started to feel like depression. In the meanwhile so much going on in the outer world (death, sickness, people losing jobs, money issues, fears, mice, endless storms and rain and that damn bathroom leackage problem that still isn’t solved since oct 15th… ) And at the same time the most wonderful deep sessions with my clients (am a business coach). Felt like 3 sessions in 1.

        Can’t remember the dates, but recently geometric kinda shapes have been visiting at night, kinda looked like the end of a chimney brush. Left when I woke up. Could not make up whether it was good or bad, but my seeing has just started (I feel and often just know), so this is new to me. Maybe someone else can relate.

        I felt much! better after the 25th. A big sigh of relief. Finally recognize myself again. Having moments of great clarity and finally a bit more energy. Followed by a comanap and vice versa.
        English isn’t my first language, so it’s hard to explain, but maybe someone recognizes this.

      • Hi Denise! I read this blog post the day you posted it but this morning decided to read the comments. So glad I did! I’ve been experiencing negative energy at night. I live in a house where I’ve sensed entities pretty regularly, but around mid-February they began to feel different to me. I did not know what to attribute this to, so your description is helpful with that. The way in which they’ve felt different includes an audible quality that I’d never noticed before. I can only describe it similar to a white noise, a sound of movement with a diffuse quality, coming from nowhere in particular but everywhere at the same time. It also makes noise in the house–it’s not the refrigerator, the heating ducts, the pipes–like there is someone else in the house which there is not, to the extent that I’ll shut my bedroom door so I can sleep. It also seems to loom in my doorway. It feels dark and when I wake up during the night my body is tense, my wrists curled down tightly, painfully; my physical being in a protracted, protective state. And I feel a vague but pervasive fear, not acute like I’ve got to run out of the house, but it’s there and persistent enough to be uncomfortable. It does feel dark though not quite malevolent. When it wakes me I tell it to eff off which shifts me into a higher place bc it makes me laugh to get cranky and yell at it. The sound of its presence will stop at times, and then it comes back in. I can tell it moves, kind of above me like a cloud of particles moving. I notice it at about 1:00 am or so and it’s all gone by 4:30 or 5:00. The audible quality is the new I’ve been experiencing at night. Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only one ! Really looking forward to new “yay!” and less new “boo!”

        • “I read this blog post the day you posted it but this morning decided to read the comments. So glad I did!”

          YES, always read the Comments because that’s where the sharing happens and expanded information is. I enjoy the interaction with my readers — the ascension co-Workers in Comments here. We all benefit from them. ❤

          “When it wakes me I tell it to eff off which shifts me into a higher place bc it makes me laugh to get cranky and yell at it.”

          That made me smile because I do the same thing. None of us would allow or accept some physical human stranger breaking into our house in the middle of the night and would instantly take actions to stop it and protect ourselves. The same is true with non-physical intruders that invade our house at any time of the day or night. When this happens to me I speak out loud very loudly and with plenty of attitude because I’m soooo done with this negative shit after decades of it attacking me and mine. I now yell at it/them and banish it/them from my physical and etheric energetic etc. space, my house, property, bedroom etc. and if it/they linger or get more aggressive then I go into immediate removal mode and inform it/them that I’m sending it/them back to Divine Source God to be reabsorbed. That usually does the trick with the stubborn ones at this point within the AP.

          The great epic battles between the Dark and Light were done throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process by some incarnate Volunteers and Others (many of them other aspects of you and me) in higher dimensions. Phase 2 has these negative stragglers and other dimensional hangers-on still but eventually even they won’t be able to enter increasingly higher frequency NEW places we’re residing in. There are also some very strange to us beings/entities etc. that are curious about us and what we’re doing via the AP and they come near to observe us and the ascension energies and process. However, if you or your body is responding to anything like it is negative, then by all means demand it be gone immediately and do this with all the hard-earned power you have. If you’re not sure if something is negative but your body is in flee mode and reacting in very obvious ways like you’ve described Jane, then be aware of all that and give it the credit it deserves and take action to protect yourself and get rid of it/them as quickly as you can. When in doubt people, pay attention to what your body is telling you because it’s never wrong!

          “I can tell it moves, kind of above me like a cloud of particles moving. I notice it at about 1:00 am or so and it’s all gone by 4:30 or 5:00.”

          Yeah, no, that sounds to me like a slow moving negative attack. :/ I suggest you do not tolerate it anymore and get much more forceful with your protections and banishing of it. The fact it’s returning and hovering over you during Team Dark prime-time hours as I call them is not a good sign. No more etheric parasitism allowed. Learn all you want and need to about it/them, then get it/them permanently gone for your own safety and ascension Work during sleep hours. Thanks for sharing this Jane. ❤

          P.S. Some negatives cause a sound like static that's heard clairaudiently by us that isn't steady but moves about slightly as it/they do.

        • Your PS description in your response this morning, “Some negatives cause a sound like static that’s heard clairaudiently by us that isn’t steady but moves about slightly as it/they do”, is the perfect description! Thank you for helping to articulate what I could not convey succinctly. And thank you for the support. I put as many protections in place as I can at bedtime but they last only so long, like inflating a tire with a slow leak. I get only so many miles out of it before it deflates. I appreciate all you share.

  • Hi Denise,

    Can definitely resonate with the notion of chips breaking off. Sometimes seems like I am living several lifetimes in the same body, this time round. Maybe this lifetime’s, operating manual, has a few more pages than previous ones 😊

  • Yes, yes so much yes! This month brought an epiphany to me of a negative behavior pattern I’ve been engaging in since my Embodiment process began around 2015 and it is that upon arising every morning just prior to being fully conscious I would say “fuck” as I was getting up out of bed. Every. Single. Day. As if to say I can’t do this anymore. I never realized I did that until this month when I caught myself waking up saying “fuck” at another day of life (then wonder why I’m so pissed off and unhappy all the time). So…I told my wife about it and she said she has ALWAYS tapped her right toe on the floor first thing as she got out of bed as if to simulate “getting off on the right foot”, so to speak! I couldn’t believe I never knew that about her. We’ve been together for 14 years and she NEVER told me. Here I am saying “fuck” and she’s tapping her right toe in order to start her day off on the right foot. Talk about glass half empty half full representations of people. Ugh! And I’m the asshole one!
    Anyway, I promptly got up the next morning, caught myself before I said “fuck” and tapped my right toe on the floor. Then the next day the same. Then…day three I got so sick I couldn’t move. I thought I was dying, for sure. My insides felt like liquid with no discernible separate organs, I had a fever, sweating and a buzzing so loud and agitating (struggle for words here) that all I could do was lay there and just let it happen. I woke up several times throughout the night hearing the words from my Guides, “Finally, you’ve identified a behavior you’ve had for years and you’re ready to let go of your negative perspective on life and turn the corner, We are removing all of your ingrained negative experiences within your (and others) DNA. Just hang in there”. It was at that moment I knew I’ve been in control of my ascension Embodiment process all along and it just took conscious realization for me to progress. I found comfort in that.
    Incidentally, I was perfectly fine about 15 hours after going through that “divine asteroid field”. 🙂 Thank you Denise for your always and ever timely updates on our AP/EP! 🙂

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your comment about how you started your day (and the antidote). The realization that I also start my day with “fuck another day” landed this month with many other patterns and habits that do not serve me. The release and purging has been intense for the last week or so but seems to be lightening up somewhat today.

      Thanks to everyone for sharing and being there for one another, I really appreciate all of you.


    • Great share Stephanie N., thanks for being so honest. ❤

      No one can get away with having and ignoring our negative inner chatter crap tapes playing on a loop constantly. We’re now having to be conscious of our consciousness so we are fully aware of what’s running on autopilot in our heads or hearts that we’re so used to we don’t even notice them anymore. All this NEW Light will not allow any of us to continue having low crap in us, our thoughts, beliefs, emotions etc. without us feeling the Light increasingly pressurizing us. Lower and Higher cannot co-exist in the same space.

      And yes, the big miserable purge of all that old lower stuff and junk and how that process makes us energy shift sick for a while. Lead to Gold. ❤

      • Stephanie N., Heidi, Denise, and all— thanks for all these thought-provoking comments. ❤️

        I spent decades in a people-pleasing, surface-nice, be-positive-always kind of program. For many years now, I’ve been so defensive of my right to allow alllllll my feelings to come out— swearing, getting mad, feeling depression/grief/despair, whatever. Not apologizing for it (to myself anyway, but yes when I took it out on other people). It’s been healing to not judge myself or give in to fear that acknowledging those feelings meant I would only attract more of them.


        In the last week or two, I’ve been having really positive flashes of the future. And it feels like my JOB is to stay in that knowing and override “the negative inner chatter crap tapes,” as Denise put it. I don’t know if the way I’m writing this is making sense! I think what I’m trying to say is that a few years ago, I would have bristled (and did) at any suggestion I shouldn’t be “negative,” and felt it as an infringement. But I’m appreciating everyone’s comments from a different perspective now and glad for the reminder to be conscious about my consciousness. And exercise my right to choose! Which I would never have understood without unlocking and witnessing/loving all the buried junk, and instead staying in a surface-positivity-place. Today I’m choosing to believe/know All Is Well, even when it doesn’t “look” that way (very ready to be done with all the broken money systems). Love to all!

        • So great to hear from you Kara as I’ve felt lately that you’ve been in some very special places doing more Great Work. 🙂 ❤

          Remember the story about Jesus losing it in the "market"? If no one rebels against the negativity, nothing ever changes which is exactly what it wants! And so the AP causes us to feel red-hot burning rage against the machine because its time is over. I’ve joked over Phase 1 of how I’ve worked to keep myself out of prison for these very reasons. 😆 But it has been and continues to be difficult ripping apart the old lower everything internally and externally, personally and collectively but Phase 2 is all about this and more so, deep breath everyone because we’re in the home-stretch of the AP.

          “In the last week or two, I’ve been having really positive flashes of the future.”

          More and more of us First Everythingers Volunteers have been Kara and it’s just in the nick of old linear time! 😉 Growing chaos and collapse means that NEW is manifesting and pushing all the lower global reality and consciousness out. This happened fully in the PHYSICAL dimension via the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction of January 12, 2020, which is why January 13, 2020 felt like the “first day of spring” to humanity, because it was. Remember the ‘Arab spring’ that started in December 2010 in Egypt? It was squelched by the patriarchy back then but January 13, 2020 was the start of — I’m calling it — the Global Human spring and nothing and no one anywhere is able to squelch it this time. Old hippies of the 1960s, 2020 and beyond is Phase 2 of that. 🙂

          Point is that despite the money thing doing what it now is for many of us, we didn’t do all we have throughout Phase 1 of the AP to reach Phase 2 and become homeless street people because we don’t have enough money to “survive” in the old patriarchal ways. The NEW is here and fully in the physical finally with the NEW codes, NEW templates, NEW energies etc. and the rest of it is sweeping away the old and replacing it with much higher everything for everyone that wants it now. I’m not saying all of 2020 (and beyond) is going to unfold gently and easily because I don’t think it will in many ways but I too, like growing numbers of you reading this, know that so much better is right around the volatile corner. Keep that your HighHeart focus and creative intent and let the old corrupt insanity turn to dust. ❤

        • AMEN. Thanks for your encouraging words, Denise! ❤️❤️❤️ I’ve joked recently that I feel like I’m plugged into an electric socket. Not in a bad way, just huge surges of NEW, synchronous openings in my creative projects, following some big purges and doubts. I’ve felt 2020 would change my life (having turned 39 late last year as I’ve mentioned), and it’s interesting to reflect on what’s already shifted this soon in. Whew! Love to all!

  • February in particular has been extremely intense for me. My embodiment process only started full force in July of 2017. In some way its been easier – only because I know all I have been through and know I too will get through this. In other ways more difficult – just that sense of having come so far and still more to go. But I am much more easily able to get into that quiet neutral space and feel an immense honor and privilege to be here at this time and to be among the volunteers helping pave the wave for humanity. Thank you Denise for your words. This is one of the only blogs that resonates with me anymore!

  • Hi Denise…I agree…and the one thing I have learned is that when I get something that needs doing, then I must do it then, and not put it off; because, more things keep coming in…and so, in order to stay on top of it all…I literally have to do things there and then….and then….I have to remember to breathe! ha Ha! Thanks for sharing, Hugs, Barbara xxxxx

  • Oh Denise, thank you so much for being there with and for us, and putting into words what I would struggle to at this point. I can barely string a sentence together anymore, which really is a challenge in my high-responsibility corporate leadership ‘day job’!! I am so exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally and so desperately need a rest, but I just can’t seem to make it happen. And it’s like someone pressed the fast forward button on everything at the start of the year. Everyone seems to be running around like crazy – and I just don’t wanna play like that anymore. I mean, what’s the point? What’s the rush – we just seem to be speeding faster to oblivion and we don’t even know it.
    I have worked so hard on myself for so many years and yet I still find myself at times flip flopping (perhaps worse than ever?) between extremes of things like tolerance and intolerance, staying calm and just wanting to scream the house down. And yet bit by bit and through all the weirdness and recent glitches and strange / painful body sensations, there seems to be a swelling undercurrent of faith that no matter how great the turmoil, it’s all going to be ok.

  • “And in case some of you are rolling your eyes and thinking the same thing I still occasionally think which is, I can’t do this anymore!!!, know that you and I most certainly can, are and will continue to”. – … Yes, indeed; – remember The Black Knight in the Monty Python movie?; the one who got both of his arms and feet cut off in combat; but still just as eager to continue fighting? – “Tis But A Scratch!” – Yep; that’s us now. We shall never surrender! – Thanks again Denise. Much love to Everyone.

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