Phase 2: High-Speed Evolution

So, how are you enjoying Phase 2 of the Ascension Process so far? We Volunteers have Worked on and towards this phase of the Ascension Process for so long and now that it’s here most of us are awestruck by the breakneck speed, hard-driving Divine force and constant intensity of every freaking thing that’s happened since January 2020! The spiritual and energetic feel of all this, so far, feels like Divine Mother/Feminine and Divine Father/Masculine and Divine Source have been excitedly waiting in the wings for this moment for a very long time, and now that it’s here, they’ve rushed back in with such speed and force that it’s flabbergasted most of us and we even knew it was coming! Such is the eternal and always reality rattling LOVE and insatiable Creative drive of ALL for ALL.

Personally it’s felt like I’ve lived six lifetimes in just the past two weeks (the last week of February and first week of March 2020) and I’m not exaggerating or joking about this. Life and reality so far in Phase 2 2020, is like nothing any of us have ever experienced before. Don’t expect any of this to slow down, ease up, make old familiar linear sense or follow any old 3D patriarchal rules, beliefs or expectations of anyone, “professional” or otherwise. None of us exist there anymore. We’re in NEW territory with NEW energy codes — NEW templates for NEW Earth, NEW Humanity now and nothing will go back to how things were before and I mean this in every way you can think of and all the ones you and I can’t imagine yet. Let the past go because Divine Mother, Father, Source want to LOVE you long now in very NEW ways at NEW levels. 😀

The planet Uranus — sudden unexpected changes, higher consciousness, higher awareness — entered Taurus — money, finances, valuables, what people value, what people believe is valuable — one year ago in March of 2019. There was a lot of nervous speculating about what might happen to money, finances, banks, the stock market etc. once Uranus entered Taurus last year. Like many, I’ve had this in the back of my awareness for a year, wondering why we hadn’t been financially affected by the powerful lighting striking, earthquake-like energies of Uranus transiting earthy Taurus. It seemed to me like this was put on hold for some unknown reasons until numerous other pieces were positioned exactly where needed to create the perfect storm of rapid global patriarchal dismantling and changes surrounding money and finances etc. and more. Here we are a year later in March 2020 with the NEW Diamond codes in place physically for NEW Earth, NEW Humanity and the energies of Uranus in Taurus were activated because of a global coronavirus called COVID-19.

The old global patriarchal world realities have been suddenly and unexpectedly picked up and shaken hard to cause them to break apart much faster and quickly knock, shock and physically rattle humanity out of their old unconscious daily routines, habits, expectations, reliance on governments and external others, and most importantly their old consciousness. Uranus — sudden and unexpected changes and higher consciousness.

From one level Uranus transiting through Taurus looks and feels like exactly what it does now which is physical reality just got hit hard by this global virus which is automatically impacting the economy globally. Humanity has had their daily lives and old familiar and habitual reality rudely interrupted and redirected, which is exactly what Uranus does best. It suddenly forces people to become very conscious and present in the moment, like it or not. Global humanity has just entered the Ascension Process, Phase 2 of it. You and I however entered it around 1998–1999 or any time after that physical level start-date for the Volunteers, the Forerunners and Pathpavers. For all of us it was Phase 1 of the Ascension Process, and we just entered Phase 2 of it in January 2020, as did the rest of humanity but at very different levels. Uranus transiting Taurus now in Phase 2 is manifesting in BOTH levels for both groups and more. What looks like chaos, sickness and increased sudden deaths globally, the economy suddenly immobilized in all this NEW Light, people’s lives and routines suddenly exploded into something else etc. is simultaneously breaking apart the old molds of consciousness and physical reality and causing individuals to “wake up” to NEW better ways of living their lives and so on. What’s happening globally is two-fold in that it’s both rapidly breaking apart and destroying the old ways and forcing humanity into greater, higher NEW consciousness because it’s Phase 2 and the NEW Diamond codes for NEW Earth, NEW Humanity are physically present. Destruction, chaos, confusion and NEW creation all happening simultaneously for global humanity is their Phase 2 reality. For we Volunteer First Everythingers it’s that and so much more.

“Thank you for sharing your experience with your little girl, Kara. I hope it helps others like us in the same boat. I had a similar sickness with my daughter about 3 weeks ago. Fever, respiratory symptoms and I had absolutely no fear or doubt that she’ll be fine and in 3 days she was over it. Then my husband caught it, he had to go to ER, told it was a bronchial cold, was prescribed nebulizer, prednisone and ibuprofen. He took off of work for a whole week. Right after, I had a sore throat for two days and then I was fine.

My daughter was born aware, my husband is the typical left brained, logic ruled part of humanity, the masses, if you will. Denise’s comment about how the virus affects according to frequencies really cemented this thing home for me, thank you endlessly Denise!  👋❤️

It’s amazing to witness it firsthand. I mean, I KNOW it but just to have it reaffirmed visually is something else.

I know exactly what you mean by wanting to say nothing and everything at the same time. So I’ll just end it here.” — Jain Lee, March 6, 2020 comment.

That is the entire key to this global coronavirus situation, and most all other things too. The higher and faster vibrating your inner frequency is, the greater your ‘Light quotient’ is, the less chance there is that you would be physically affected by it. You literally are existing at and in a much higher frequency range than were this and all other viruses—physical and etheric—exist so you won’t catch it. You most likely will be affected however by the numerous side effects of this pandemic (because I didn’t know I had to look this up—pandemic is global, epidemic is national) such as the economic changes, reduction of or lack of your usual income, reduction of and/or lack of certain products etc. Bottom line is this, like all other things, is about different levels of frequency, consciousness, energy, awareness and emotions. The more Light you have embodied, the less risk you have of becoming sick from any lower frequency type of thing. The less Light you have embodied, the greater the risk you have of becoming sick from this virus or any others because you’re existing within the same frequency range of it/them and with lower consciousness and lower emotions such as fear, anger, panic etc.

Phase 2 will kill many people, others it is and will make very sick for a while, others only mildly and for a very brief time, and others won’t be affected at all. Different levels of frequency, and we all find ourselves in different ones based on how much Light energy we’ve embodied so far. I say once more, how many Guides, Angels, ETs and Ascended Masters have you ever encountered in any dimension who had credit cards, stacks of cash, the flu or a cold?

I remember during Phase 1 of the Ascension Process (the 2000s in this case) Karen Bishop often used this great accurate word to describe the Volunteers, Forerunners location and condition. The word she often used was ‘sequestered’. Do any of you remember this? She meant that we were literally isolated, removed and existing somewhere else, we were indeed energetically and physically ‘sequestered’ away in our homes and apartments living the Ascension Process first and far ahead of the rest of humanity. Because of this we had to be energetically stationed away from the rest of humanity and those lower frequencies because we were and continued to evolve beyond them. Hence, we were ‘sequestered’ in a small and isolated higher frequency range throughout Phase 1. We still are in Phase 2 and will be for a good while yet. However, Phase 2 started in January 2020 and now the rest of humanity is experiencing being sequestered from their old daily routines and lives due to this coronavirus. To many this forced sequestration is imprisonment in one’s house or apartment to prevent getting sick and spreading it further. To other’s this forced isolation are a sort of vacation time from work and the constant rush and insanity of daily life. To others this forced isolation will quickly open them and start to expand their consciousness and views of life and reality etc. Again, different frequencies and levels of Light, perception, awareness and emotions.

I remember reading something by Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians back in the late 1990s or early 2000, about the possibility of ‘Twenty million people leaving the planet in one day.’ I wondered what in the world could cause that many people to die in one day? Earthquakes? Volcanic eruption? Tsunami? Mega storms? I didn’t know and couldn’t imagine it but I never forgot that statement by them so long ago. That is until the possibility of a global pandemic entered the picture with the start of Phase 2 in January 2020. Then that shocking statement becomes a very real physical possibility. I’ve said this many times before and will again here — there’s no “failure” in choosing to exit ones physical body and die. There are many, many people in Phase 2 that will quickly and suddenly be dying because they don’t want to or can’t for whatever their reasons remain in their current physical body and rapidly evolve, ascend it while in it. Those people don’t want to do that and that is perfectly okay. There is zero judgement about any of this but we all are now in Phase 2 of the Ascension Process and global change is here for everyone and all this has suddenly become very visible and physically real to humanity. More to come too, much more all year.

The last week of February into the first week of March 2020, I experienced a very strange feeling NEW next level of my personal Embodiment Process. There were no Higher Awareness visions as I’m used to with this one, it was unusual emotional feelings and greater inner expansion and adjustments. It was sudden and the impact of “it” strongly affected me for a solid week. In Phase 2, some people around the planet are contracting the coronavirus, I’ve been contracting more of my Higher Selves/Soul/Source as I know some other Embodiers are now too. 

The best I can describe “it” at this point is to say that more was Embodied into me, Denise and her physical body and personality. “It” was androgynous, felt foreign and weird to me for a while but I instantly loved and LOVED “it” profoundly. As the past two weeks unfolded, the really strange sensations of having just been greatly added to and expanded have become my latest NEW normal. I already know there’s more of this to come this year, just like everything else. When higher comes into contact with lower, everything is changed instantly until it happens again and again at higher and higher levels. 

There are stair-steps, different layers and intensities with the Embodiment Process—the intentional alignment with and energetic merging of all aspects of Higher Self/Selves/Soul with the physical incarnate self and body. The Embodiment Process is the reunification of, the putting back together again of all that was intentionally separated and put out of alignment for a Great Cycle or more, with the intention of learning and creating in that way, from that disconnected and dualized state. Each of us were, are ONE within ourselves but we’ve gone intentionally out of alignment with our higher aspects for all sorts of Source intended highly creative reasons. It’s just that during this Ascension Process some of us are also living this Embodiment Process too and Phase 2 is very much about the Embodiment Process personally, individually and also in how much it is connected with the rest of reality being changed and very quickly now.

About four years ago I started perceiving this joke in my awareness. You know that old joke that starts, ‘How many ________ (fill in the blank) does it take to screw in a light bulb?” Well, the joke I was hearing repeatedly for a couple of years went like this: “How many crystalline Diamond Embodiers does it take to screw in NEW Earth, NEW Humanity?”

Yeah, that’s how Higher communicates with me oftentimes. Hilarious, stunningly accurate, super simplified and straight to the HighHeart of the matter.

Plenty more to talk about because plenty more is coming for everyone this year. This is Phase 2 after all. Keep doing the Work First Everythingers. See you in Comments.


March 8, 2020

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75 thoughts on “Phase 2: High-Speed Evolution

  • Go online and watch the Italians singing together from their balconies. It is spreading across Europe faster than the virus. A new community emerges. Made my heart so happy I cried. ❤❤

  • Dear Denise and all

    Just wanted to post a dream I have had.

    I was driving my car when a Golden One got in with me and we continued our journey together singing love songs together. It was so joyful and uplifting it touched all we encountered…Nothing more needs to be said. Maureen

  • Hi Denise and all. I haven’t commented in awhile but truly appreciate reading through comments and this article confirmed many things for me. I’m witnessing students in my area being given two addtional weeks of break in addition to their annual march break and never thought I would witness this kind of non-doing beingness-sequestered hold playing out in the collective public life in a way uncannily reminiscent of all those and still seemingly continuing years of living as a vagabond during the isolation of undergrad and grad school especially when no one and nothing truly stuck in terms of friendships, work, external purpose even beyond the nook I had that was my physical place, family, and abiding soul mission. Anything non essential would either never come to manifest or would melt away like ether. I’m of Chinese descent and have had to look at and look for role models of similar background like trying to find needles of enlightenment or awareness amidst the hay of unrest, blame, misunderstanding, and what Buddhists would call the opposite of right thought and action…thinking of mass production/pollution, corruption, treatment of animals especially. I feel forunate to have rekindled past life continuities in Taoism which gives a light and honours the Goddess and life in all things amidst the more visible patriarchal and paternalistic majority.

  • There’s one more thing I wanted to talk about in relation to old systems that are falling away it seems rapidly now. First, I need to say that I’m aware that when I incarnated here just like everyone I did adopt an “ego” and human identity, and at some point I would have to start moving away from old habits and human interests. Eventually I realized to cross over for good to the “other side” where we’re completely in a peaceful state within ourselves and everyone around us then all old human interests must go. I realized this in 2013 when I took a long break from my main human interest, Professional Wrestling. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid around the first Wrestlemania. In about 3 weeks Wrestlemania 36 is scheduled on April 5th, but it’s up in the air if it’ll happen as planned. All other sports have cancelled their seasons, and everyone thinks if they just postphone for a month then this virus will be gone by then and everything can resume. But I’m thinking this may not be happening. Maybe this is the end for all sports? What about forms of entertainment like movies? I hear some of them are being delayed another year too.

    I guess the point I’m making here is that although I’m ready to give these things up soon, but I’m also aware that ascension just like Denise and Karen Bishop said is dying when you’re still alive. It’s ego death and it’s a process. When you die some people create a “bucket list” of things they want to see or do before they die. I’ve also realized there’s always something in the wrestling or entertainment world that keeps pulling me back in, so maybe the dismantling of these systems is for the best so there won’t be anything to pull me back in anymore. So my ego can finally be free which is great, but I have to be honest I hope Wrestlemania goes on as planned because that’s on my bucket list right now, and it’s only 3 weeks away. I was gonna take another break from wrestling after this anyway. Does anyone else have bucket lists?

    One form of entertainment I see vibrating higher than most is the Hallmark channel. The last several years as I open my heart more I’m more into these shows and movies on this channel. There’s a lot less negative drama in these movies and just people falling in love and being more real, ya know. They even call it the heart of TV. Does anyone else watch this channel? My mom loves When Calls the Heart too because that era reminds her of her childhood in Ireland. She also still watches reruns of Little House on the Prarie. Anyway, the point is my taste in entertainment has been changing as I evolve. When I was a kid all I wanted to see was horror movies, now I can’t understand how I ever liked them. But I definately see more people getting into Hallmark and less Hollywood drama.

    • “I feel semi-icky/semi-weird today, started late last night actually (March 11th) with another energy wave that looks like liquid Diamonds in white Light form. So beautiful, so potent!”

      Robert L.,

      I’m quoting myself about this to point out that every incremental stair-step each of us lives through, Embodies, changes us a little more and more. A little more of my old self goes every time a little more of my Higher Self/Selves/Soul/Source is Embodied, and that often feels very strange. I’m “me” but I’m not and these ongoing incremental Embodiment Process shifts do all the Work for every individual living it. As the old self drops away a bit more each time, so too do all our old self’s favorite things. This is a natural side effect of the Process and not something any of us are having to consciously work on in ourselves. It is very much like a slow motion death/transitional state where who one used to be is repeatedly chipped away at by the ongoing Embodiment Process, and one is conscious of all these highly personal inner changes throughout the whole ordeal. It’s a living death/transition/ascension etc. into a higher state of being, life, consciousness and reality. And sometimes that just makes me feel semi-icky/semi-weird for a while! 😆

      “All other sports have cancelled their seasons, and everyone thinks if they just postphone for a month then this virus will be gone by then and everything can resume. But I’m thinking this may not be happening. Maybe this is the end for all sports? What about forms of entertainment like movies? I hear some of them are being delayed another year too.”

      Everyone, what’s happening here in the USA and globally is the Ascension Process in Phase 2. Like I said, COVID-19 is the main trigger but it’s EVERYTHING that it is and will continue to cause that are the real reality and consciousness altering issues. Total and super fast change in mass humanity because we’ve started Phase 2. This needs to be an article…

  • Just wanted to say to every one on here that it is because of all of our hard work and dedication that we have finally been able to go “Live” after so many years of what I call “beta testing”. Like so many others who I see commenting on here, I have been sequestered for the last decade going thru my own personal intense process as you all have gone thru yours to prepare for this time. So now we basically sit and hold Energy in our individual perfect way as we have prepared to. I don’t know about any of you other sequestered individuals of many years, for myself its been a full decade, but I sure am ready to get on with this so I can once again become an active participant in the human playground, boy do I ever need to play out there once again and to touch and be touched. In my years of isolation, I have grown to appreciate what a unique race humans are by being an observer and my love has really grown for the human race. I know in my heart and soul that all is in Intelligent and Divine Order and am so happy to be assisting along with all of you reading this. I hold a very special love and thanks to all of you because even though I don’t personally know you, I have always felt you out there in the world. I so appreciate all of your comments and they so resonate with my own process thru the years. Stay Strong and Love to all.

    • A powerful, handsome declaration of agape love, Brother! Hear, hear, one and all! I sense that many of our very-prolonged sequestrations are coming to an end,,,simply enough, because it’s time now! Onward!

    • Jeff, that was so beautiful! Thank you for saying that I really felt that was for everybody. I’m feeling the same, I can’t wait to be an active participant. And along the lines of what Denise has shared about embodying now and new new codes, I realize that (though basically in a starting gate ready to go) divine love knows what it’s doing and there’s remaining touches right now! Those touches are so high, so elusive, so incomprehensible, so white and so bright all I can do is lay here like a race horse and let them happen do their thing! Everything is happening through feeling now, so I’ll know when to get up and go, I believe, without details… I know too I’m gonna need every bit of that light for the race I’m about to run, what I’m gonna do in the world. I’m gonna knock the world down…like sea biscuit. No idea how, what, though I know it’s will involve a diverse range of things. I believe we are all nearly there, ready to both embody and be about in the world again!!! ✨⚡️Those of us called to do that, that is. Cinderella is my favorite spiritual tale. It is all about a soul being “sequestered” – lonely, displaced, and disenfranchised – and what that brings about, which is enormous compassion and love for all creatures. Why she loved even the mice… 😉 What lovers we are going to get to be now!! How fortunate, how lucky the world will be! I’m so grateful!! I’m terrified and so freaked out by absolutely no familiarity with anything anymore and I’m so grateful! Scared shitless and grateful 🥰😣

    • Raymond and Marcy,
      Thank you both so much for your replies and yes Marcy, I did write that post for all of us here on this blog. We are all so ready to go out there and Shine Bright. I trust its all in “Intelligent Design” timing. I Love You All!

  • Hi Denise and All Commenters Here,

    Thank you for this article especially and the one from TRANSITIONS…and EVERY PERSON’S comments. I feel so grateful to be participating in Phase 2 with such an alert, awakened, fore-sighted and sensitive Family of Light, as Barbara Marciniak so often wrote “back then” in her books. It was her books and those of Barbara Hand Clow that “fell off the shelves” for me as I began Phase 1 of my AP in the mid-1990s…and it was Barbara M.’s phrase that “Light is information; love is creation” (“The Multidimensional Merge” chapter in “Bringers of the Dawn”, published in 1992) that perhaps is more apropos than ever at this pivotal moment “in time.”…and Denise’s recollection about ‘Twenty million people leaving the planet in one day’, which so impacted me back then, comes from Marciniak’s chapter “Earth’s Initiation into Integrity” from the same book…the actual quote is, “If twenty million people disappeared in an afternoon because of an Earth change, perhaps the other humans would wake up.” Denise, because of your recall, I went back to look at the “source material,” and the book is absolutely prophetic of virtually EVERYTHING that we speak about here at, as so often happens to me through my interactions with you and HHL and all others here, what gets written and presented is prescient to a “tee.” Infinite thanks always.

    In any event, everything that has been shared in this article and all the comments create a resounding vibe of YES within every cell of my being. Rarely am I called to share personal occurrences in my relation to Denise’s posts, since I feel that I am evolving THROUGH everyone else’s shared events and situations…and consequently, I just fall into great states of gratitude for everyone ELSE articulating my seemingly similar feelings. What I can say with absolute certainty, is that I now KNOW that I incarnated for this time and for whatever assistance I may be able to provide for those that now follow me/us as Earth and her population enter into Phase 2 of the AP/EP journey…

    There’s so much more to say, but like it’s been said here before, it feels like there is both a world to say and nothing else to say simultaneously. Thank you everyone for your “brutiful” (brutal/beautiful – not coined by me) self-revelations at this juncture in time…I am a much better man for all of them. Thank you as always, Denise…Much love to you, FOR you and all/ALL…and ONWARD!

    • Raymond, thank YOU for being a Lighthouse with your beacon of Light representing the Divine Masculine so strongly in this era!!! Your words and energy are inspiring 🙂
      I too have great feelings of ITS FINALLY HERE! It really is happening!!! Hallelujah! It’s interesting to note the calm that has befallen me amid the chaos as I’ve been anticipating this on some level my entire life. I’m on the cusp of First And Second Wavers. Born in 1964. I’ve cleared some paths yet I know I’m simply just to “Be”.
      HHLove to all 😘❤️🥰

      • Hi Stephanie! I began writing, but the WiFi just went out! Yes, IT’S FINALLY HERE! What is left of yesterday are just the exhausted, evaporating fumes of a past going dark very, very rapidly…and as we begin to live exclusively from our NOW experiences, any need to reference our past for any information required to live our lives in the present moment, will eventually become completely unnecessary, IMHO…Nice to meet you here, Stephanie! I’m Loving just “Being”…and I hope you are, too!

    • Raymond B.,

      Thanks for sharing the Barbara Marciniak book and chapters those sentences were in. I couldn’t have quickly found them so I appreciate you locating them both. ❤

      Side note: I'm going to mention these things here in this Comment because I'm in no shape at the moment to write an article.

      I feel semi-icky/semi-weird today, started late last night actually (March 11th) with another energy wave that looks like liquid Diamonds in white Light form. So beautiful, so potent! We've been under the influences of the coming March 19th Equinox energies and others nearly all of March. I've noticed that these NEW energy waves that look like what I described, have been manifesting about once a week this year so far. They feel very different however, which makes sense due to the NEW Diamond codes/templates that were put in place January 12-13th.

      It hit hard again for me this morning and then, as usual, it promptly put me to sleep. I'm so elsewhere when this happens. During today's forced OOB nap time I kept observing how those of us who can cope with these very high frequencies are getting, as usual, inundated by them which causes all sorts of strange side effects. Below that I was aware of a strange higher/lower mirror-like business with the unaware population and the coronavirus and economy shutdown that's happening in this country now. The higher has been, is and will continue to propel the lower which is hard for me to describe at the moment. I See most of these things as visual images, not words and explanations. I understand what I See, Feel and Know but then turning that into words can get tricky, especially when you feel like you've gotten rearranged again internally because of another of these liquid Diamond white Light energy waves. Each one has so far made me feel like I’m becoming someone else — aka the Embodiment Process — which is wonderful but having one’s “identity”, such as it is, “shaken, not stirred” makes you feel VERY semi icky/semi-weird sometimes.

      And it’s pouring rain here like we’re in Mother Nature’s car wash, and it’s going to continue for another week here. So much all at once. How exciting. ❤ ⭐

      • Here is a story you might like: My WalMart trip today was a real hoot … the toilet paper aisle was completely bare. Then a couple employees rolled out a couple carts with a bunch of rolls and people were running from all over the store. They were snagged up before they got off the carts. My husband and I watched it in total amusement. I observe this whole pandemic event unfold (news is on here … dire stuff) and now I find it insanely funny. God’s cosmic joke … and I get it. Wake up time. ⏰ 😂

        I love you all here … thanks for your wonderful comments and especially you, Denise. ❤❤

      • Love/LOVE your “liquid Diamond white Light energy waves,” Denise, and I can only imagine how dislocating it can feel to integrate them. For me, most everything these days FEELS so transparent, so unvarnished, so sunlight-white…so cleansing…so PURE…just like a clear Diamond…and am loving the sensation I’m receiving of liquid-white crystal somehow bathing my insides! ALL of it IS and feels absolutely “awe-ful”…how exciting, indeed…and I’m feeling so ALIVE because of it. I am absorbing very rapidly, the potential (and actuality) of what consistent living in the NOW moment really, truly be like. I’ve learned a great deal here at HHL from you and ALL others here…Greetings, everyone!

        I imagine the possibility of ALL of us here meeting each other one day and feeling amazement in each other’s company…that YES, we made it!…all the while, sitting peacefully, looking out the window at the pouring rain…SO beautiful, the rain…even here in midtown Manhattan…

        As always, much love/Love/LOVE to you and all of US!

      • Hi Denise, After a download I sometimes feel that I have to look in the mirror to see if my face still still looks the same. The removal of parts of my memory also makes me wonder if I am still myself…

  • I agree the virus will be a cause for “the perfect storm of rapid global patriarchal dismantling and changes surrounding money and finances etc.”
    I think that storm will probably start here in Europe, because the monetary system is very perverse, more patriarchally distorted than in most other places. So rigid and inflated with fake ethics, that it will be harder for it to bend, instead of breaking, in the storm.

  • Dear Denise,

    Thank you for this new article and the one from TRANSITIONS, I gobbled them up yesterday. I felt the great love and care you have for our safety and I thank you for them. ❤️ I must admit there a a fleeting moment of panic at your vision and I let the fear travel through me and out. Then calmly went out to stock up on a few things and you’re right. Already the vit c, bleach, alcohol, sanitizer sections are empty and certain food items too. Also there are signs ‘1 item per customer’ for bulk items. Last night I envisioned myself astral traveling around the globe with your blanket and went around covering everyone with love and comfort.

    Then this morning I woke up from the best dream; I was building a house along with a bunch of people, nailing down the lumber to the structure that will be the roof and we were all smiles, the sun was shining, the breeze felt so good, the meadow was gleaming and it felt like paradise.
    I knew we were building houses for each other and this one was to be my own house and I was sooo excited and happy! But so was everyone else, they were also incredibly happy to be helping!
    It felt unbelievably real and the joy in being there felt as if my soul’s prayer had been answered: we were finally home.

    It feels to me that this duality based world and my experience here are diametrically opposed; for every panic, fear and propaganda that I ignore, the happier and more synchronous/luckier my life seems to be. That isn’t to say I no longer have to deal with bs from others and what life ‘out there’ is throwing at me. It simply feels as if I KNOW my higher self is protecting me and guiding me. It feels more and more like I’ve EMBODIED or on my way to EMBODY. This is not boasting! I’m too shy/socially awkward to do that, it just feels so different this time and I truly want to share my experience with others in hopes that it’ll help.

    Is this real Denise, are we truly building our NEW EARTH? (You don’t need to answer that, I KNOW it’s real) Ever since you told me that I must now be out of reach of TD and that’s why my nightmares have stopped, I am now incredibly busy in my dreamscapes, it’s all business. I don’t exactly recall them but I know there’s a time-sensitive quality to them, like I’m on a ‘mission’ and it must be done ‘speedily’. Or at least, that’s the feel I get when I wake up.

    Thank you for letting me share my journey Denise, I am truly grateful to have found you and this website. If I hadn’t I probably would’ve thought I was just losing my mind.

    Love and HH hugs to all 🙏❤️

    • Thank YOU for sharing that Jain Lee, everyone needs to hear these things now. ❤

      I know exactly what you're talking about with your "dream" last night Jain. It is happening and will escalate everywhere, we’re just having to get rid of government, presidents, politicians etc. and all external others first.

      Phase 2 is about individuals taking back their own power to Consciously Create and physically create what they want. No more handing over every damned thing to corrupt others for any reason. That is totally over now. This bridge crossing Phase 2 phase is about the continual dismanteling of the old ways and the increasing of NEW HighHeartLife ways where All help All freely and there’s no money involved at all, just building anew at higher levels freely for everyone. Smaller NEW communities taking care of themselves and each other is the start of fifth dimensional frequency and consciousness reality and we’re going to be seeing this physically more and more all around us as the old disappears.

      HighHeart gratitude hugs right back at you. ❤

  • Hi Everyone, it’s been a while since I commented here, but I’ve been reading all these years and sometimes write to Denise, but I wanted to share my thoughts with everyone now. So is this how the separation of worlds and timelines will play out? Is this Coronavirus gonna keep spreading until most or maybe all the world will be forced to wake up or some will leave their bodies? I do agree that how the virus affects you depends on how you’re vibrating. Then this is all part of the ascension plan. You know, when I was a little kid I remember asking my parents why God doesn’t just “kill off” all the bad people so all the good people can live in peace. I know that sounds harsh but I was a passionate little kid and even then deep down I think a part of me knew I would witness the world becoming a better place one way or the other. I never understood why kind and innocent people had to live, go to school, and work with some pretty nasty people. I met a few of them when I went to school and dealt with bullying. Although I do believe that as we evolve more we encounter these people less and less. The last several years I haven’t had to deal with too much negativity from people mostly because I live very isolated. It’s only my immediate family who wishes I could find and keep a job, but I know my higher self has other plans. I also know I’m evolving my family with me as I ascend. When my mind clears, they follow suit. We’re all interconnected by our thoughts and emotions.

    This Covid-19 thing reminds me of Stephen King’s The Stand. Has anyone read the book and/or seen the TV mini-series in 1994? You can watch it for free on Youtube now if you want. It had 4 parts, and the first part a Superflu wipes out most of the world’s population. The rest of the story is a more duality based apocalyptic good vs evil thing. The survivors have dreams and some gravitate toward Colorado and Mother Abigail, and the others toward Las Vegas and the demon guy Randall Flagg. Anyway, I know this Coronavirus is not gonna play out exactly that way, but years ago when I saw this movie and read the book a part of me really resonated with it, especially the earlier part with the Superflu. I remember thinking how if this really happened and the world was “reset” and only the good people were left we could create a better new world. Now here we are with this real possibility. Not that I’m saying I hope most of the world’s population start dying off, or anyone to suffer and die. It would be nice if people could just wake up without this disease, but if it takes something this harsh to force people to face the truth of their divinity, then so be it. I would never wish suffering on anyone, but if there has to be a cleansing of humanity to force people to start waking up then it has to be that way.

    • “This Covid-19 thing reminds me of Stephen King’s The Stand. Has anyone read the book and/or seen the TV mini-series in 1994?”

      What a great connection Robert Larson. I saw the TV mini-series when it first aired but had completely forgotten about it and how VERY much it resembles the Separation of Worlds — one group of people descending and the other group ascending. And, many ascending have been “gravitating towards Colorado” — aka the NEW Earth, NEW Humans — since the 1980s and 1990s.

      Like you Robert, since childhood I’ve resented the incredible range of souls allowed entrance into old pre-ascension Earth. Any and all were allowed incarnational entrance which meant the more evolved, more aware, heart-based, sensitive, empathic, honest etc. types of people have HAD to live next door to, work next to, constantly endure all who were/are not as evolved. I’ve hated that my entire life but now all that’s changed and humanity HAS to evolve into all of those things and much more. 😀

      “Is this Coronavirus gonna keep spreading until most or maybe all the world will be forced to wake up or some will leave their bodies?”

      I’m going to utilize this space in your Comment Robert L. to talk about a few more things that are related to all this. I debated about including them in this article but felt I needed to go a bit slower with these events for some people. Phase 2 is here and everyone is and will be involved with it in one way or another. Phase 1 was primarily for all of us First Everythingers, Forerunners, Pathpavers literally clearing the way for Phase 2 and NEW Earth, NEW Humanity etc. etc. But now everyone is involved with the AP.

      Briefly, Captain Crazy Orange, the Orange Menace, Agent Orange, we all know who I’m referring to right? His “job” has been to fuck up the swamp, not drain it, and for the past four years he’s done nothing but that. Captain Crazy Orange has been and continues fucking up the old patriarchal swamp while he believes he’s doing all sorts of “perfect” great things. 😆 He’s delusional, a psychopath, a narcissist and that’s what’s been needed to break apart the patriarchy and its systems exactly like he’s been doing. Now, we already know who is going to win the blue nomination — he who is of the old patriarchy and all who want to continue it. There’s a battle going on to continue the old patriarchal red/blue duality bullshit of the old disappearing, descending Earth with that population of people.

      So Agent Orange has been tearing apart the already wholly corrupt and dead-ended red and blue governmental and global patriarchy etc. while being of that world from birth himself. He’s incapable of doing ANYTHING other than ruin whatever he focuses on, which during the Separation of Worlds and end of the global patriarchy and rule is the “perfect” guy to get the dismantling job done quickly. He repulses me utterly but he’s “perfect” for this particular job at this particular time. He breaks, dismantles, further corrupts what’s already corrupted, uses what other corrupt people have built etc. so that when something global like the coronavirus pandemic arrives it will quickly cause numerous OTHER aspects of life and reality in the USA and elsewhere to simply not work. For four years he’s put people in charge that, like him, are not capable of anything other than (dismantle) fuck up the swamp.

      Two main things here — COVID-19 is the ground zero trigger. It is NOT the main problem here in the USA or globally, it is what all it is and will cause because of it. Those are the real things that will continue to dismantle patriarchal life and reality, systems and structures etc. as we’ve all known them. Secondly, have you heard how this coronavirus doesn’t affect children much but can be serious and/or deadly for older people? Another big clue there everyone. The kids are more likely to get the seasonal flu than this coronavirus, unless it’s a pre-incarnational Soul issue/choice etc. for that child and its parents, family, friends etc. Lot’s of variables with all of this. However plenty of adults and elderly will get it and probably die from it. This thinning out of the global population is about the only thing that mass humanity would/will/are paying attention to. Wars wouldn’t work because they’ve become the norm to humanity. No, the Separation of Worlds and end of how things have been needed to be something that affected EVERYONE worldwide AND would dramatically and quickly alter everyone’s daily routines, life, reality, consciousness and mental and emotional focus. Nothin’ like a pandemic to do that, plus all the ongoing changes it is and will continue to cause worldwide with things like jobs, weekly/monthly income, money, the economy, wall street and banks etc. and on and on. You know how store after store has been going under? This is that on a level no one has experienced before.

      Now that I’ve said all those scary unpleasant things, I want everyone reading this to understand that the physical NEW codes are here (as of January 12-13, 2020) so it’s not like humanity is in free-fall with nothing NEW and higher and much better to replace what’s disappearing now both externally and internally. Those of us who’ve lived, anchored and embodied throughout Phase 1 of the AP and continue Embodying in Phase 2, are the bridges to NEW Earth for NEW Humanity. We built it years, decades ago and we’re still building ascension bridges today via our continued embodiment and Embodiment Processes. While the old patriarchal systems and structures rapidly dismantle in 2020 and beyond, it’s you and me who have and continue building and Consciously Creating multiple NEW Earths for ourselves and for every person that wants to live a higher HighHeartLife on a higher HighHeart NEW Earth world. Be aware of what’s disappearing, what’s being dismantled now but never forget that it’s happening because of all you’ve lived and embodied and/or Embodied throughout Phase 1 of the AP and continuing to now in Phase 2 of it. We’re going somewhere so much better — this is just the bridge crossing migration phase while the old lower disappears. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Wow thank you Denise … perfectly said and it all makes so much sense. I felt a warm wave of relief after an anxious morning of panic (Washington State is going into an Italian type lockdown now). Nodody said it would be easy for us evolving sensitive empaths. Phew! ❤

      • I am moved to tears by your words here Denise, thank you for your guidance and wisdom, Of the dozen or more things you (and your devotees here) say that warrant thanks and recognition, it is your reference to Bridges that has me typing this. Chiron is a synonym for Bridge and I know you (and I) have natal Chiron conjunct natal Sun. This comment of yours about the bridges we all have been building to carry us over into the new everything has set me free from fear and I won’t ever forget it. Bless you and all your followers for what you/we have said and done to make ascension realer and REALER. Barbk

      • Denise, Richard, Jain Lee and everyone especially who takes the time to comment here, cos I know it’s not easy to write it out, thanks so much for these. When discussing current events early on with a friend I said, I refuse to go out like a Stephen King novel! 😊 I loved his books growing up and The Stand was a favorite.

        I have been thinking since hearing about corona how it reflects Denise’s Triple Crowns. I don’t want to google the word, but in my mind it references the coronal rays of the sun…some people have these in the iris of their eyes! Look in the mirror, do you see them?! ❤️❤️❤️ Or in the eyes of those you love? It’s so cool! I often think of the sun moon and stars as eyes watching our little blue planet. I told the same friend today that I thought of this as “the virus of enlightenment”! She said yeah, I hope it wakes people up to some things…it clicked for me then…like Jain Lee mentioned kind of a knowing, but my friend had an older kind of idea of what that would look like, so I changed the subject. But I think/feel/know in myself, yes a great awakening to our great connectedness.

        I had also heard from a friend in Argentina that it was not affecting children! Mostly people 20 and up. She said something similar to your thoughts Denise about it clearing out the people with outdated ideas for what life could / should be. She’s just a regular person like me, so I thought that was cool. I think anyone who’s read my comments prob knows I’m never convinced about where I am as far as forerunners etc goes. I just know I want equity and liberty and happiness for all.

        Apologies if this isn’t making sense…much like others have mentioned before, I want to share everything and nothing. And sometimes can’t find the right words. Hugs! ❤️

        PS, Denise, I love when you talk about 🍊 as being perfect in the role they are playing! It’s so helpful for me to remember that about myself and EVERYONE. Just where we are supposed to be. 😊

      • ❤️ thank u. It’s so easy to forget. And still for a moment get caught up in the madness.
        Bless u and all of us. Love and light

    • Robert, when I read” tv mini series” I was sure we were thinking of the same series, though the title was translated as “the scorpio shadow” in my country. It came back to my mind too, with that haunting music intro

      As things are getting harsher here, more and more people are starting to see and understand things (what’s valuable, what they want to keep or let go, and social and economic distortions) in a new way, though I hoped it had happened in a softer, easier way.

      • OMG!!! Are you a mind reader? I love this song and can’t get this song out of my head all week. I forgot to mention it yesterday. Yes, it was the perfect song for the beginning of The Stand. By the way, everyone, my name is Robert not Richard. I think a couple of you made a mistake and called me Richard, but it’s not a big deal. Anyway, thanks so much for your lengthy reply Denise, and thanks for sharing the song Stellina.

        • “By the way, everyone, my name is Robert not Richard.”

          I caught where I did this — got it right in one paragraph and wrong in another. Sorry about that Robert L. and I corrected my mistake in that comment. I’m glad you pointed it out because it is important. ❤

  • Hi Denise, Your articles are always spot on and comforting during these intense times. Thank you.
    Out of nowhere, I developed a fear of starvation a few years ago. I feel like it was an early warning about the panic being felt now. Is it your sense that the collective is headed toward chaos unlike anything we’ve ever seen in generations or do you believe that the work we’ve been doing for years will lessen the chaos? It’s very upsetting to think that after all the trials we have been through individually for years, that we then get caught up in a massive collective awakening. I just want us all so badly to get a break!

  • Denise, Thanks for this link. To go along with the diminishing availability of food in grocery stores I feel we will be incentivized to grow a lot of our own food. Plus, with much of the world now being quarantined and working from home, people will feel the difference and enjoy it. This will aid in the reduction of the work week and infuse some much needed humanitarianism into the Cultures who have been putting increased burdens on the people. Things are going to look a lot different in the coming years. All for the betterment of ALL!!!!!

  • I’m including this link to an old article at TRANSITIONS about a vision experience I had in December 2008 while shopping in my local super Walmart store. Remember that here in the USA the housing market crash happened in 2007-2008 so when I had this clairvoyant vision in December 2008, I thought it might be related to that. It was not but I very much feel it is about our time now at the start of Phase 2 and 2020, the coronavirus, stock market, economic repercussions, unavailability of products etc.

    • Thank you Denise for sharing this link. While I read your article I had an acute sense that the play out of what you Saw may be now or soon in linear time. Interestingly just 3 or 4 days ago before I read it, I felt that I should call my family in the province and tell them to stock up on essentials for two weeks or so and to keep extras for other people who would need them. I even found myself thinking of logistics to streamline distribution of food and other necessities in the metropolis should the situation come to it. Funny, these are rewinds, repeats of similar thoughts and ideas I entertained years ago. Can this time be the last time I wonder.

      I feel as you and others here do that the COVID 19 pandemic has a significant role in the playout of all of these — that among higher reasons for it, the pandemic is setting the stage for people to be in their proper placements, one that I was told is necessary when what remains of the sequence of events unfolds.

      We might have indeed entered a significant node in the global/physical shift. Synchronous and resonant information came into my focus in the past week that support such feeling. One source talks of earth/humanity being on a stand still. (This seems true on the personal level, for I feel that I too am on pause and creative projects I have in mind are put on hold.) I was surprised to find that the idea of the 3 days of darkness scenario resurfaces, also that the final physical shakeup that mother earth needs will not occur in one fell swoop but will be staggered one strategic geographical area after another I suppose to minimize potential effects/damage and to facilitate post-scenario handling. I recall that a June 2019 and some earlier messages had intimated that this could be part of the scheme in the end-time.

      And now, to the unfolding…..

    • Denise, Thank you again for your amazing writing. I read everything the first day you released it. I just read it again, and the link from 2009. WOW. You are incredibly smart and articulate! Thank you for writing the way you do. Long ago I tired of watching TV or even reading books. Unless something is relevant to what’s happening in life, it’s severe boredom for me. You don’t dumb things down; thank goodness!! This is a big issue for me in turning away from almost everything created at this point in time. I still have an attention span that works!! I love depth, substance and to know how things operate. I can focus and follow deep explanations and true wisdom, education and understanding. Thank you for providing this! Your words are a refreshing spring.

    • Dear Denise,

      In 2006 I started preparing to exit California, upgraded my 1939 house of solid redwood sitting in the middle of Google Land, and surfed through the tanking economy, only to finally leave just as the fires first blazed in October 2017, because I sensed that the area was deadened, with nothing to offer any longer in terms of having water on my property and enough land on which to survive. Having my physical life end was never an option. I knew then that I would have to say good – bye to my beloved homelands of valleys, that I could never return to, and completely go. Additionally, through those eleven years I knew that I would never be in the physical presence of living people that I dearly loved again, and some began to die, which they continue to do, presently. I did not want to leave, but I forced myself to. It felt as if I were making an exodus to a hostile planet, and after two years five months here it still does, although I am living in the center oasis of four acres off a private road with a water well, all of which I am deeply grateful for.

      How did I know? People talk / write about intuition as carelessly as they throw the word ‘inflammation’ around, with no universally agreed upon meaning. It felt distinct, and so strong that I could not ignore my impulses. Also, I had to accept and adjust to the concept that just as no one listened to anything I said, because they were glued to addicting gadgets and gizmos, I could not save anyone from an impending probability that I did not want, but sensed.

      There is freedom in weaning off anything that is nonessential, out of necessity or disgust, because seriously studying the chemical compounds we are daily bombarded with will make those items (now unavailable as of right now) unattractive. Panic buying of unnecessary items has virtue in that what isn’t available was junk in the first place.

      Since arriving where I am now in November 2017 I have rarely left my property, out of choice. I do not want to go into a building with toxic recycled air, where individuals are outside the front door gasping for breath due to a drug overdose, or where I have to navigate through the energy margins of hostile, angry, sick people. What I want is delivered, and what I need isn’t sold here anyway, so I am deeply grateful to order online. Am I sequestered? I cannot think in noise, and I do not want people around me; four acres is not that big, but large enough because the private road is a dead end. I am in a sanctuary, sequestered, where I believe I was led to be. My needs are met. I do not sense I am supposed to die by virus or anything else. I do not miss cramming myself into some uncomfortable venue because I quit being in them after 9 – 11.

      I offer my words to you this morning to add substance to your link to your post from 2008, and also to deeply, thoroughly, and sincerely thank you for going to the trouble of posting it. We love you, and now I am starting to cry.

      Love, as always, Cali Flower

  • Yes; don’t we all miss Karen Bishop and her valuable energy updates. She explained briefly back in August 2015 that she had experienced immense challenges with the (new) energies beginning in October 2014; and as a consequence sadly became unable to continue writing ascension posts. – Fortunately and thankfully; there’s still you Denise; leading the way through shocks and storms and collapsing old patriarchal negatives. – Thanks again. Much love to Everyone. Stay safe now.

    • Thanks Finn for sharing my same thoughts regarding Karen and Denise. I was just thinking this morning how much love and appreciation I have for both of them and how much admiration I have for Denise for sticking with her blog, which has helped so many of us thru these years. Just wanted to throw my appreciation into the mix.

      • Yes, make that 3!!! 100% agree with Finn and Jeff regarding Karen and Denise. I appreciate you both (Denise and Karen) so much and love you both for your help, support, clarity, accuracy and validation each of you contribute. BEST OF THE BEST.

    • Finn, Jeff, Cali Flower, Ana, Linda P & everyone,

      Thanks so very much everyone for your love LOVE support and hanging in with me all these many and often difficult ascension years. Because I am alone physically, all of you are my family and co-Workers in all this and I need and benefit from all of you too. Never forget that this is a joint effort on all our parts and we literally have been supporting each other and the entire ascending Group all these years. I couldn’t write about all this if I didn’t have feedback, interaction and connections with my readers.

  • Since last month’s full moon, which seems like a year ago, I have felt so on edge and quick to anger with anything and everyone and knew it was me not others, then on 6th. March awoke early hours shivering with cold for about an hour, teeth chattering etc. Eventually slept and next day I was calm and rational again like something had left me. Then last night was awakened with so much thumping in heart area and felt I was having some kind of attack. Had plenty thumping before but this was extreme, nearly called paramedics but decided to ride it out. Slept eventually but good for nothing today so will rest and thumping heart has calmed down. The whole time was thinking AP and EP but was scared that my exit was imminent. I,m a 71 yr old Scorpio person and have felt for so long that I am no use to anyone now as so isolated so wouldn,t have minded leaving but when this happened I fought to stay. Sorry to ramble on Denise but wondered what thoughts you have on this as I appreciate everything you tell us and only you have kept me sane all of these years. I understand if you don,t put this on your site as it may not be relevant to your post but I hope it is. Love to you and all. Linda Palfreyman.

    • Linda P.,

      Everything you mentioned is 100% ascension symptoms/side effects, even intense anger and/or rage.

      I’ve mentioned a few times over the years about both inner hot flashes and inner freezing cold periods that are ascension related. I’ve been having the inner freezing cold off and on for the past four months or so now, more than any other time I’ve had them. Like hot flashes they start suddenly and nothing that I’ve tired warms me up physically. What I do when it starts is get under my ascension blankie — yes everyone, I have an ascension blanket and it has served me well for many years — and pull it in around my body tightly and fall asleep. That is the only thing that works for me — get out of my physical body so I can quickly and easily embody the latest energies coming in.

      The HighHeart thumbs, bumps, rolling movements, lighter fluttering, or hard sustained heart/chest area pounding ascension side effect is one that’s obviously intense at the time it happens. After I’ve had another round of them I’ve VERY exhausted and weak physically afterwards and have to take it very easy for a few days. My muscles throughout my body are weak and I just can’t do much after I’ve had a big HighHeart expansion and embodiment “session”. It’s wise to rest and let our physical bodies recuperate and acclimate AFTER these ongoing HighHeart expansion periods. Know everyone that this HighHeart thumping and pounding business will happen in different intensities. Some are less severe and don’t exhaust you as much afterwards, while other times it’s so intense that you wonder if your physical body will survive it. I’ve experienced this a few times over these ascension years and in the end you just have to open fully, surrender to the expanding Process and embody more Light into your HighHeart upper chest area. Then rest, recover and readjust afterwards for as many days as your body needs.

      And lastly Linda P., 71 is young, so don’t think old 3D thoughts/beliefs about what’s happening in 5D now to your ascending body at the age it is. We’re evolving beyond the old 3D aging business so don’t get in the way of that with incorrect old patriarchal beliefs about aging. 😉 Let that go too. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Hello Denise and thank for your reply, it explains and verifies what happened and I am greatful for the reassurance as I felt really worried this time as it was so extreme. I am surprised at how much our bodies can endure without doing any lasting damage. I would also like to thank Nancy and Stellina for there comments as it helps to know how others are experiencing these symptoms. I remember Karen Bishop too and learned initially about Ascension from her, then I found your site Denise and have followed you ever since . So grateful that you have the strength and knowledge to keep posting as you give us so much detail and encouragement to keep on with this. Bless you and love to all here thank you. Linda Palfreyman xxx

    • Hi Linda I also have had a month where my heart will feel as if it’s ready to go… I actually woke up one morning feeling as if my heart was outside of my chest and I was holding it in my hand. I could feel the warmth plus the beating of it. In my mind’s eye I can feel the energy of it extending out for miles. I just close my eyes and allow it to do whatever it is doing. If I fight it it gets worse…

    • Hi Linda, since january I experienced feeling suddenly cold, or my heart thumping, many times, without any external cause to justify it. Old tools, like yoga breathing, don’t work as much as they used to, they may ease my mind for a little, but as Denise said, my body feels weak also after the symptom goes away, and it takes time to get back to my normal (?) conditions.

  • (Hi Denise – When I finally got connected to the internet and to your site I found that you have posted a new article. Please do not post this if you feel that what I share below is no longer relevant to the current topic. I will understand. Love, Eleanor)

    Dear Denise,

    This is the first time I am writing after months of silence but your site is among the few that I visit when I can. I have noticed that downtimes in 2020 come more far apart however when they come, one is left with not much choice but to completely shut off, lie down, embrace the bliss of sleep. I hope you are managing okay during these times of the weird (er), the inexplicable, the unexpected.

    For a stretch of days in January, I had been having my night’s quiet shattered by noises similar to what you and others spoke about Sounds were like clanging of some metallic sheets or objects. At times they were like spurting sounds of machinery or like the thuds of hard objects banging against each other. The sounds could get very loud and I noticed that they seemed to move from behind the fridge, under the sofa, or from my neighbor’s place adjacent to mine, but all coming from the eastern direction from my vantage point lying down in bed. The only working idea that I have to make sense of those sounds is that they could be connected to the earth’s movement vis a vis other planets in the solar system as the latter crosses the galactic plane (I have s/Seen visuals of the latter that showed it to be like a huge metallic disk with inscriptions and shapes and symbols). With the expansion of individual and collective perceptions (consciousnesses) the sounds are audible to us. There was contact by some entities last Jan 15 that I feel to be aligned with this tentative idea. The entities presumably come from the furthest planet in this solar system and was able to communicate because of the conjunction ( that I assumed was the jan 12 one). They made contact, said the group’s leader, to seek help to prevent their planet from being ‘squeezed between frequencies” when the deluge occurs and the earth shifts; and to seek help to inform earth humans about them. The leader said that they are similar to us humans on earth and have existed for billions of years reckoned by earth’s linear time, but earth’s technology is yet incapable to detect life in their planet. I don’t know what to make of this experience. Perhaps the encounter was to be merely a clue to individuals/collective’s expansion into solar/galactic consciousness? However, I could not dismiss the possibility that there might be truth to what was conveyed, for I accept that I do not know what I do not know. So I asked for proofs of veracity, and an immediate one I asked from the entities was for them to cause the sounds to cease. Except for faint noises I heard twice after the exchange, the sounds have stopped altogether. Synchronicity? An evidence of truth?

    Except once or twice, I had felt no low or dense energetic signatures of entities that hovered about me or around my place, so it is likely that my recent ‘visitors’ were neutral entities, maybe merely curious and observing. In previous years faces of entities would appear before the inner eye, but since jan 2020 I had been feeling that entities whose faces I have Seen did not seem to be randomly grouped, it is as if the groupings or the sequence of the groups’ appearance have significance that I needed to discern. There were faces/presences of young people; a group of women and children (with strikingly luminous beauty); a mix group whose energy signatures felt like neutral and which interestingly include one with grotesque looking face and head with two horns and who was an evident representation of the “demon” or the “devil;” and more recently, faces/entities that felt like royalty, deities, ancients, and wise ones. I am tinkering with some ideas on what these visuals (groupings, sequence) mean but I have yet no further info or other clues that support any of these suppositions.

    Thanks to your invitation for people to share experiences, etc. I had a good reason to again revisit records of experiences, visuals, intuited information, and inner exchanges from 2019 until early 2020, this time to glean themes, patterns, implications etc. that I could contribute. Here are what I read/discern from my vantage points of perception of the puzzle pieces I have: (1) individual movements to new spaces — eg. two visuals/sensations involving 180-degree turns of two figures and one’s physical aspect; and another visual/sensation of the physical aspect of Self in front receding backwards. According to the only interpretation that I could find on the matter, a 180-degree rotation indicates a shift in dimension; (2) individual “bubbles of reality” being created, being dissolved – visual of an oblong (egg) shaped object from a distance, beige or cream in color, inside of which are a figure of a person and some objects; another visual of a closed ‘bubble” without any opening and an “X” sign splashed across it; a shadow moving from left to right. Related to these, I was earlier told that “only perfection, bliss, beauty, abundance, and wisdom can inhabit the space that the vessel yet occupies in this linear space-time” so I wonder if this describes individual ‘bubbles of reality” that some of us may be living in now? (3) accelerating rise in individual vibrational frequencies and emerging blurring of past, present and conflation of linear with NowHere time. — eg. two experiences and visuals indicating widening linear time intervals between what is Seen in the NowMoment of actual past scenes; (4.) cessation of multidimensional conflicts and dying of the old – eg. visuals of a war tank firing; and another, a war machine that is silent; ‘surrender’ of leaders of the old order; (5) deconstruction and reconstruction of the planetary/galactic infrastructure? – visuals/sensations of a part of what later appeared in its entirely of what feels/looks like a metallic, golden disk with inscriptions and intricate symbols on it; a small golden dot that grows in size and explodes; and, diamond-like particles in a circular pattern that forms into a sphere, while on its lower right side a tiny ball or sphere simultaneously pops in and out. (6) the New’s energetic template inching closer to its denser plane counterpart? – eg. visuals of a diagonal pole at around 23-degree angle from a horizontal line (plane?) and spiraling around it in quick movements of what felt like thick ropes of malleable quality; an apparently long extending horizontal plane that felt like fallow life-less flat ground

    I apologise for my quite disorganized presentation above. It was quite a challenge to cull through many details and even as I had excluded the more intimately personal and mystical experiences, visuals, and other info.

    Despite the tests and isolation and hardships, it remains an honor for me to be among the high-vibe Tribe-rs, those who consciously swim into the Unknown to dance into form the New of the Now-Here, bravely looping futures around solid presents, into embodiments.

    Much love and gratitude to you Denise, and to all.

  • Thank you for your view of current events on the planet. Your article makes perfect sense to me.
    Your statements about phases 1 and 2 finally give me an explanation why everything around me seems to be chaotic and I stand there and think “What are these people talking about? Everything’s okay!”

    I experienced my personal “dissolution” from “Phase 1” when I was asked to leave my old life and enter “Phase 2″. At that time I got an absolutely clear picture – with the hint that where I lived until then, everything was in harmony and shielded.”Unimportant” to mention that I moved in the year 1998 to the place I had to leave for “Phase 2” 😉

  • hello Denise ! Did you know at the start of AP process,that will take so long? I was having a feeling that will be much shorter,max till 2012 ! Is Phase 2 final phase? thx for all

    • “hello Denise ! Did you know at the start of AP process,that will take so long?”

      Yes Tamis, I did. I know it will take the rest of my life and beyond that. Stop thinking about when it will end and focus entirely on it as the only thing in your life, in all our lives and we’ll all get there faster. Honestly, the faster we embody and Embody, the sooner everything changes into the NEW. This is up to each of us. 🙂

  • “See’s notification of HighHeartLife posting”…clicks immediately!!! 🙂

    An interesting irony in timing…while walking into a store the day before this article was written I said, “Good afternoon or is it Good Morning” ,as I looked at my watch, to a passerby. The gentleman muttered something to the effect of it’s morning and I replied that I had lived a lifetime in this morning, lol!!! It just spontaneously came out and I thought to myself wonder where that came from. There is and has always been a part of my consciousness that is extremely tapped in and knows exactly what’s going on with this Ascension of HU-manity while my conscious mind kind of prefers to not be aware all the time. It kind of wears me out to think about it all the time. In hindsight, which for me brings definite 20/20 vision, I have been paving the way my entire life by just doing it. but only “woke-up” to it around 2009. Then in 2015 via an Intuitive/Psychic was told I’m a Wayshower/Pathpaver etc…it’s as if I didn’t realize it myself but went oh. yeah now everything makes total sense once I found out.
    I left a horrible marriage in 1997 and got sober in 1-1-01 (new beginnings) as I now learn was the beginning of Phase 1! I’m 55 years old and feel like I’ll be here another 30 years. Since March 1st I’ve been feeling fantastic.
    I’m so glad I found you Denise and the articles and comments really help me not feel alone. Happy Trails everyone. May the White Diamond Light shine on you always in all ways.

  • I had to stop immediately when I read that about feeling like you’ve lived 6 lifetimes because this afternoon I came in from enjoying the warm spring day and thought, omg February was like 500 years long! Now back to the rest. ❤️

  • Dear Denise,

    Karen Bishop! Yes, of course, and yes, sequestered, with the planet now forced into a mandatory time of self realization, ready or not. With China shut down emissions have lessened, and I have thought, “Do we really need all the junk they make?” At last planet earth is closing shop, at least temporarily! I am looking forward to the peace and quiet of hearing the wind move, as corporations crumble.

    Looking at the world map of the corona virus changing numbers in real time, and people I know all over the place suddenly and dramatically entering hospitals, I recall what you wrote several installments back about people no longer being on the same wavelength because of change. I find there is no good-bye time now, just frantically written emails, like farewells of passing, from one old friend to another.

    The nitty gritty of Phase 2 is purging all toxins, and staying on a constant cleanse. Thank you for writing, and sending out another life line we can all clutch on to as we bob about in the stream of consciousness.

    Love, and diamonds are forever, Cali

  • My husband passed February 28th. Unexpected. I AM Lost in Space. All the decades Knowing did not prepare me for this. He is sending messages constantly. Pray I can get back in the process, February was a blowout. Trusting, but feeling disconnected. ❤

    • phillypam,

      Everyone has been hit where they didn’t expect it since January 2020, the start of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process. I am sorry for the pain and confusion you’re going through in this very Uranian sudden and unexpected way. The whole world is there now too with more coming on so many fronts. You can do this. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • No confusion SISTAR. Knowing ALL is Divinely timed. Just didn’t have the usual space to Feel the energetics of February. I did get ‘put down quite a bit, working it. Gratitude for your posts, ALLways. Been with you every step these past 60+ years. 💜

    • Phillypam, So sorry for your deep hurt and sadness. You will always be in the process, don’t worry, you can do this. When I think of loved ones who have left this level of existence I remember their love for me and my love for them and know that love is eternal and cannot be lost or forgotten either by them or by us still here. Love transcends time and space and is constant. That knowing brings me deep comfort and peace and I wish that for you. May a blanket of that love you share wrap all around you and fill your whole being with peace.

    • I wanted to say something meaningful to you phillypam, but I couldn’t come up with the right words. Thank you Megan for expressing what I wanted to say. I am thinking of you and we are with you phillypam. Sorry for the shock of your husband’s sudden departure. Blessing you for smooth waters, clear path(s) and healing ahead. FREEDOM FOR YOU ALWAYS

    • Dear phillypam,

      I want to echo in its entirety Megan’s loving response to your husband’s unexpected exit from this plane, and Denise’s strong encouragement and “holding space” for you to continue onward in spite of the understandably deep feelings of loss and confusion you are experiencing. The fact that you are at HighHeartLife and letting us all know of this unexpected event, makes me feel that you KNOW within yourself, that you have a family here that supports you in all of your ongoingness. Neale Donald Walsch – of Conversations With God – used to encourage that each of us be inspired to live and become “the greatest version of the grandest vision” that we’ve ever had for ourselves and our lives at any moment…and I, for one, will applaud on the sidelines as you move toward that state of beingness, if so called. My most heartfelt condolences to you, dear phillipam…

    • Phillipam… I’m so very sorry. My sweet beloved Joe left on March 9, 2016 and when you say you are disconnected, I feel you so clearly. “Untethered” was the word I chose… as if I could just float away and never look back. But there are so many who want you… need for you to be here that though you feel disconnected now, you are not… I’m sure that now that it has been a few weeks, you’re starting to feel those connections again. I hold you in my heart. I know the path you’re on.

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