The First Equinox of Phase 2 & 2020

Based on how intense, severe and surreal life and reality has been since January 2020, it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that the first Equinox of Phase 2 will be like nothing we’ve experienced before. It arrives March 19, 2020. No toilet paper stockpiles or face masks needed, only your HighHeart, higher abilities and anchoring stability as the NEW Diamond codes/templates are activated in the first soul contracted First Wave Group of Humans. Every month of 2020 has been unlike anything prior and that’s not going to end with the first Equinox, it’s going to expand and amplify into something far greater.

On January 12, 2020, the one and only exact Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction happened. At the moment it did that day, NEW Diamond codes or templates were delivered physically. They were seeded, set in place and anchored into this physical reality and Earth. They are the primary NEW codes/templates for NEW Humanity to live on NEW Earth.

On January 13, 2020, I went to my local Walmart to do some shopping and was completely surprised by what I saw and felt in every person I saw that day. Every one of them–and I’m talking about the unaware human population–was unusually happy, upbeat, filled with Light, kindheartedness, ease, safety and peace. It was shocking and my first stunned thought was about what an amazing improvement the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction made, and so quickly! To me, January 13, 2020 while observing and feeling those humans around me that day felt thoroughly like it was the first day of Spring. The environment felt totally first day of Spring-like, the unaware humans I saw that day all felt like they too were so happy it was the first day of Spring and so on. It was very weird to me but it was so positive and full of NEW Light that I didn’t analyze it, I celebrated it.

The next time I was out a week or so later and saw and felt people it was all gone and they and the environment were back to the old ways they’ve always been — half dead and unaware zombie-like, not first day of Spring-like and filled with NEW Light.

Because of this strange business I assumed that (1) I had simply seen and felt a massive energy shift in humanity before it actually arrives in the physical dimension and/or (2) it was another brief timeline change I did while in Walmart on January 13, 2020. It’s taken me since January 13th to get a better understanding about what I saw and felt in humans and the physical earthly environment that day. The closer the actual physical March 19, 2020 first day of Spring gets, the more I’ve understood that I again did what I often do which is perceive another reality from within it but in the near future. I AM here and there and back again and gone again and elsewhere again and back again. Such is the life, consciousness and reality of multidimensional timeline jumpers. Linear time and reality doesn’t stop us from changing timelines repeatedly for ascension Work, investigation or momentarily getting lost while on the move between here, there and elsewhere repeatedly.

After these January 12 and 13, 2020 experiences and considerations, the other crap arrived in February as it usually does right BEFORE another massive positive evolutionary ascension leap is about to happen in the physical. These things are oftentimes hard to describe because they’re all “ONE”, they’re all happening because of the “ONE” big thing which is the Ascension and Embodiment Process. They are not disconnected events and never have been.

It doesn’t matter to me if the global coronavirus COVID-19 is a pile of negative created BS, fear amplification or if it’s real. It’s doing what it’s intended to which is rapidly break humanity out of the lower global collective habitual unaware routine and out of their personal habitual daily routines and be sequestered so when the actual first day of Spring arrives (Spring in the northern hemisphere, Fall in the southern hemisphere), many are far more open and receptive to the massive energy changes of embodying the NEW Diamond codes/templates into their physical bodies. Take that COVID-19. And there’s more of course as this is Phase 2 after all.

Both of these things are happening simultaneously. NEW Earth, NEW Humanity is much higher in frequency. NEW Earth exists already, just a few timeline jumps and more embodiment and Embodiment steps from here now.

Old lower frequency patriarchal Earth and the majority of humanity exists below NEW Earth but they both exist simultaneously. Now here’s where all this is about to get really first day of Spring-like.

March 19, 2020 is the actual first day of Spring/Fall and a whole lot of unaware humans are going to, unknowingly, be embodying the NEW Diamond codes/templates on the first day of Spring/Fall on March 19, 2020 and/or any time after that day. In other words, the NEW Diamond codes/templates that arrived on January 12, 2020 due to the physical reality Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction (plus other energy changeovers to a higher octave and matching frequency structures etc. ), will be activated in many unaware humans with the first Equinox of Phase 2 on March 19, 2020.

I wrote about this in 2019, about how the First Wave Group of soul contracted (and unaware) humans — not Volunteers, we did this throughout Phase 1–would soon be activated to begin their Ascension Process in Phase 2 in those levels of energies, NEW Diamond codes/templates etc. The Second Wave Group and Third Wave Group of soul contracted humans will each be triggered to begin their Ascension Process at later times. But this huge shift of the First Wave Group of unaware humans having the NEW Diamond codes/templates activated in their physical bodies, hearts and consciousness is going to quickly change things even more. This is a huge and very important event, and despite all that, it’s only one of multiple NEW levels being activated on March 19, 2020, first day of Spring, first Equinox of Phase 2.

I wrote about this last year and still didn’t catch why it looked and felt to me like the unaware people I saw on January 13, 2020 were filled with Light and so happy and full of heart and like they were the first day of Spring-like. Timeline changes and Spherical Consciousness — I’m still learning how to better interpret what I encounter, sense and feel while doing them.

Consider that with this First Wave Group of unaware regular humans being triggered on and after March 19, 2020 first Equinox, consider what that suggests about we Volunteer First Everythingers and Embodiers. The entire Process and all of us living it are about to begin this next level in Phase 2 no matter which stair-step each of us is currently functioning on today. The Embodiers are changing and accelerating everything and now the First Group of unaware humans starting their individual Ascension Processes will accelerate and further change things too. Why a pandemic now? Because the Ascension Process has reached global levels of activation, NEW Diamond codes/templates, NEW matching frequency grids and systems and so on.

I sense all this will probably trigger greater time anomalies, greater surreal experiences, greater human embodiment and Volunteer Embodiment, and possible Earth reactions (earthquakes etc.) to this next level of ascension to NEW Earth, NEW Humanity. We are between how life and reality has been and how it’s going to be and all that is most likely going to produce even greater time anomalies, brief bleed-through of other beings into our space and awareness, greater weather changes such as what’s been happening for the past week now and more. It just is what it is and we’ll all be fine despite how truly bizarre it has and will continue to be this year. No fear, just accelerated Phase 2 ascension.

Use this first Equinox of Phase 2 in 2020 Volunteers to embody more, to Embody more and anchor more of the NEW that’s going to begin like an energetic spiritual wildfire across the planet on March 19, 2020.


March 15, 2020

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51 thoughts on “The First Equinox of Phase 2 & 2020

  • Hi everyone, and thanks for this article, Denise. ❤️ I just reread now we’re on the other side and thought I’d share about a shift I’ve experienced following the equinox.

    The whole of March was unexpected changes like dominoes, including in my personal life even before everything else escalated in the world. I’ve had pockets of deep uncertainty and questioning what is “true” because so many things have been surreal, upside-down, and uncomfortable. Especially in areas I thought were infallible. Rubber is seriously meeting road re: trusting myself completely, as all the stakes are heightened.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about discernment. It’s only as good as the filters we use, right? Well, yesterday I finally understood that my personal discernment filters were still set to “judgment mode.” Whenever I came into contact with anything external, I was still filtering it through an algorithm of right/wrong, good/bad, light/dark. In short, I was still attached to and dependent on duality for discerning what’s “true.” I’ve felt so unsettled this month in part from the exhaustion of trying to subconsciously maintain and evaluate from this duality standpoint while the AP/EP was moving me in a different direction. What a freaking relief to have this crystallize yesterday!! I know it sounds obvious, but I’m actively changing my discernment filter to be: “Is this true for ME? Is it mine?” And let everyone else do their own journey, without needing to understand or judge it in order to decide if I “should” be doing what they are to be right/good/light.

    I was already taking this approach with a lot of people/things, but now I see it HAS to apply even to those I’m most intimate with and love and trust. It’s freeing to release my constant, involuntary weighing. Although that sounds simple, I know I will have to consciously override this habit until it’s integrated. Forward march! One of my animal guides encouraged me Friday night to allow free reign for my primal, wild, fierce, instinctive self— without regard to what anyone else is doing. This shift in my discernment filter is unlocking self-imposed cages. YES YES YES! Love to all of you. ❤️

    • Hey, thanks so much, Denise! Whew, it’s been a journey. I am extremely grateful that my daughters and husband have actually been a loving support during my recent shift. I can now see how all the hard stuff I worked through in the years leading up to now paved the way for my marriage to be the blessing it is. We’re self-isolating at home and both able to work remotely while there’s work to be had. But I definitely want to remember these lessons and apply to whomever and whatever comes into my path. Thanks for the encouragement and reminder about the learning spiral/layers.

  • Hey Denise, energies are SO uhhh, owwww, aaahhhh-owww!!! It’s more electricuition than ever today! I am lit and hurting, my eyes are so wide they’re going to bust, body is sore, knew it would be tough when my knees hurt this AM, giddy like a drunk person in store getting excedrin laughing from the light in my head… and then sad and scared and lonely and that’s not all mine, definitely not. Just needed to write, need to lay down. I want to read posts I can’t, ouch. I’m not whining I just don’t want to be alone right now. The power and drama on the planet and the energies, too – MAGNIFICENT bright white diamond gold clear whatever they are, so beautiful extraordinary…are killing my body momentarily. Hope you are smiling but oWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! I guess we can handle this, right?! Guides are so other worldly, now. And last night, one sang to me a verse of some kind and then some other thing YELLED at it and told it to shut up! Literally! Geez, we are IN a scifi flic, we ARE a scifi movie now, so much busting out and out loud, like so much for subtlety! That’s out! It’s a global hustle now with multi D free for all! I really wish I could hit some of those things, I wish I could punch or push one of them, once. Just one time. Ok I need to lay down. Much love, pardon crazy wack post.. uhh ;/

    • Marcy & All,

      It’s been building steadily for many days but this first Equinox of Phase 2 and the NEW energies continuing coming in and being embodied by us have been off the ascension charts today. This hit a breaking point for me this morning March 20, 2020. I woke up with pretty bad physical pain all over, amazingly took a shower, then after doing my best with the amplified pains had to take 2 Tylenol and fell asleep around 11AM. Woke up an hour or so later and the pain was gone. These AP fall asleep “reboots” are so intense now but the only thing that works for me. I could barely walk and hurt really bad all over my body, until I fell asleep this morning.

      This is us doing what we always do — embody the incoming NEW Light, energies, codes/templates etc. and seed, anchor them into ascending Earth for the rest of humanity to step into when it’s their time to do so. We always go first and it hurts the most for us because no one buffers these NEW energies for us, we take them, we embody them directly and that is incredibly intense. ❤

      • Dear Denise,

        Yes, my body aches too in many places and I am sorry to read what you are going through Denise. Could it be that it is so harsh for you and all of us because so many others who promised to help with this never showed up? And so the ones who are doing the work have to take on so many extra loads that we were never intended to handle? Of course we will make tremendous spiritual progress from doing this, but I keep feeling that it was never intended to be so harsh.

        Nothing to be done about it, but go on. We will create a better place.

        Love and greetings,


  • Thank you so much for your response, Denise and Theresa M. for sharing on similar/related incidents.

    So it does seem that a concerted attack strategy through diverse means/manner was mounted by we-know-who against volunteers specifically around this spring equinox 2020. We must indeed be making great headway else why those efforts to distract us and or waylay us from our Great Work (to borrow your very apt term Denise)..I bet at this time that proofs of such progression will be a-plenty among us,,,,.

    Again, many thanks Denise, beautiful and stalwart of strength that is you. i look forward to reading your article.

    Hugs and Love from this end! .

  • I took my time to respond about the post Jeff shared and Denise’s reply. I’ll admit at first I wondered what was so wrong with a seeming positive message. Now I get where you’re coming from Denise. Maybe I hastily commented on it without thinking about it. Of course it’s not about healing the world, and of course starseed/lightworkers have been doing this for decades. It’s only now that the mainstream world will begin their ascension process. That’s what you mean by phase 2, is that right Denise? I also realize that sometimes there are negative undertones to seeming positive messages, especially if they’re not telling what’s really going on behind the scenes. I know my ascension process started in April 2008 when I first started transcending my ego identity. I know at least 80% of my thoughts are a false identity I created to live in duality consciousness. So these past 12 years for me have been going back and forth between ego and higher self and realizing all the things my ego does to derail me, or create negative things in my life. Also, releasing old habits. So it’s a gradual stripping away of the ego. I know Denise has been doing it longer than me, and has different experiences than I’ve had. I’ve never actually seen team dark etherically but they use people close to me to attack me sometimes, especially if I’m not “conscious.”

    I appreciate your honestly Denise, and I admit sometimes I need a reminder from time to time and maybe even someone to splash a little cold water in my face. Usually though more recently I end up reminding myself, but lately my ego has been in charge too much. Years ago I used to search spiritual info all day but now this blog is the only one I follow and I resonate with it because Denise “get’s it” about ascension and I appreciate her no-nonsense approach to it. I also know how hard this ascension journey can be for all of us. I know you put up with a lot of attacks from team dark Denise, and I have too maybe in different ways. The last 12 years I’ve lived in social isolation just like people are now because of the coronavirus. So this is nothing new for me. Probably the same for everyone here. I think it was Karen Bishop who said we’ve been “out of step” with the rest of the world. I mean, some people close to me have accused me of being autistic because of the way I live, or maybe I have aspergers. I won’t let anyone label me though. I gotta do what my higher self guides me to do. If I could get back to Stephen King’s The Stand again, I resonate a little with the character Tom Cullen, who was “mildly retarded.” There was a part in the movie where they hypnotized him and when he spoke he sounded different, like calmer and clearer. They asked him if he was the same Tom Cullen and he said “no, I’m God’s Tom.” That’s symbolic of what we’re evolving into, our own higher God Selves, and much clearer and more peaceful. Anyway, this social isolation is causing a lot of people anxiety because of course when your ego’s in charge being alone or doing nothing feels boring. But for me boring is peaceful.

    One more thing, if I can give Jeff just a little piece of advice, and I know it’s really not my place and he can tell me so. When you write here, don’t quote someone else, or anything from social media. Tell everyone your own unique experience with ascension. We all have different stories to tell, and I’m sure everyone would be interested in yours. I mean, I know I just briefly quoted a character from a movie, but if you explain why this quote resonates with you and your own experiences, it sounds more real, ya know.

    Okay, I hope we can all stay on track now, and Denise, I know you’ll be honest with me now and if I’m still coming from a somewhat distorted place let me know. I challenge myself to evolve and welcome anyone else to challenge me if I say anything that’s not a higher truth.

    • I have only been following Denise for less than 4 years, but it does seem odd to me when a “new person” starts commenting here and stating that they have been reading Denise for x amount of time (longer than I have been following) and then they begin sharing their belief systems or quoting other authors, writers, teachers, religions etc. in their comments. If one has really been following Denise’s site then it should be crystal clear that this site is for Denise’s writings, experiences, perceptions and knowings to be shared in the manner she chooses. This site is not a free for all where everyone gets to share their favorite messages. There are many other sites out there that accomplish that. Denise puts much effort into writing her blog posts and then has to keep putting much effort into monitoring the comments so that people commenting don’t undermine or derail the message and intent she just posted. Denise allowing comments to her articles and then engaging with additional comments herself is a gift and we as readers need to treat it as a privilege to post comments and questions. No one has the right to come onto someone else’s personal website and start taking it over for their own agenda, whether they are aware that they are doing it or not. I appreciate the effort Denise puts in to filtering comments and when necessary, correct or call out others. I wish she didn’t have to, but she does. And that’s on us, as commentors.

      • Will you marry me Troy?

        Thank you dearest for your amazing honest and insightful Comment. It means a lot to me. ❤ ❤ ❤

        Portal People attacks have at times seriously gotten me down since 2007 when I created TRANSITIONS (because I'd only discovered what blogs even were back then!). It's one thing enduring Team Dark attacks from etheric nonhuman creatures, but it's so much more painful to me personally to be attacked by humans that are under the influence of negative ego and etheric TD beings. Portal People are so hard, frustrating and heartbreaking to (for me I mean) deal with over all these ascension years because I'm doing the Work to help the very humans that are attacking me, disrespecting me, using me to spread incorrect information and/or promote themselves and so on. I had no idea this was an aspect of the Ascension Process when I first started writing online about it — I suspect some of us wouldn't have if we'd known so many humans would attack us for trying to help them get themselves free of TD.

        And everyone, since Phase 2 started and everything in it such as the pandemic, the economic meltdown, our money and supplies etc. disappearing and dozens of other related things, MORE Portal People have been and will continue to be manipulated — mostly unknowingly — by etheric Team Dark beings to attack and derail the Volunteers, Embodiers, Pathpavers etc. Since Phase 2 started I've received an increase in Comments here from new people that I simply delete because they're this type of Portal People crap attacking and disrespecting and attempted derailing of me. Some of the things some people write in their Comments would shock you all it's that bad.

        Other times I publish negative attacking, disrespectful Comments ONLY to attempt to show to my readers what this Portal People business often looks, sounds and feels like. In other words, I share this negativity by publishing it instead of only me reading/seeing it to show the rest of you how the unaware, the people with negative ego, the people that are so easily manipulated by etheric TD to be Portal People and attack and/or derail those of us who are living the AP and freeing humanity from the unseen crap that's controlled them.

        Anyway… thank you deeply for your kindness, support, wisdom and honesty Troy. Everyone – that's what Divine Father sounds and feels like when embodied in a human male. Seriously impressive isn't it?! More please humanity and as quickly as you can. ❤

    • “Now I get where you’re coming from Denise.”

      Robert L.,

      I very much hope so, truly.

      “I also realize that sometimes there are negative undertones to seeming positive messages, especially if they’re not telling what’s really going on behind the scenes.”

      Yes there’s that but there’s also the many other things I mentioned in my reply to Troy. Here’s the real deal, and to some egos it will sound very egoic. The truth of the matter is that unaware people believe that everyone else’s consciousness is just like theirs and that has never been the case. But, that is ego through n’ through.

      I’ve always been able to sense, feel and know instantly based on that Higher Awareness, where someone is at frequency-wise. I can, as can everyone whose Worked on themselves in this life and countless others can, instantly sense and know whose who and what’s what with people, beings, locations, events and so on. So you see, I know, feel and am aware of people’s level of awareness because they transmit their current frequency level, ego, negative ego, if they’re being used as a Portal Person by nonphysical, nonhuman entities and so on but they’re not aware of any of this. I hope they will be eventually via this Ascension Process, but until then, I and the others that are consciously aware of and very familiar with the lower and higher frequencies and ranges etc., we KNOW instantly because everyone radiates the energies they’re currently able of embodying. It’s that simple. Higher frequencies instantly recognize lower ones, people and beings etc. and their lies, BSing, their trying to bully, hurt, use, manipulate, derail, hustle and whatnot. I’ve always known which means I’ve always had to educate myself about all this during the Universal Ascension Process.

      “They asked him if he was the same Tom Cullen and he said “no, I’m God’s Tom.” That’s symbolic of what we’re evolving into, our own higher God Selves, and much clearer and more peaceful.”

      Exactly Robert L., exactly. It’s the other side that still tries to interfere with each of us doing that in these ascension lives and time. You’re Golden Robert, Golden. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • AMEN SISTER!! Yes, this whole, we are “equals” in the face of “this crises” blah blah blah. Excuse me; we are not equals in this. The people saying these things and the people buying what these people are saying are clueless. Those of us that have literally battled for life and death (REAL FREEDOM) in the spirit and energetic realm for several decades know this is absolutely not the case. Oh my god, none of these people would have survived what some of us on this message board have. The statements being thrown around now of: this is a healing time, we are all the same, let’s all come together or we have all come together now because of this event… it’s total bullshit. We haven’t all come together and we won’t all come together. These people remind of the folks who continued to listen to the orchestra while the Titanic was sinking instead of getting in the life boats and at least attempting to escape. And then there is of course the orchestra who continued playing while the Titanic was sinking! Okay denial-ers… keep thinking you are not sinking, except that you are!! I just had to vent because honestly, I have earned my stripes and these people that want to sing happy songs right now, it’s so off. I’m all for happy songs but what they are spouting is not even close to being accurate of what is really going on and what has been happening all this time.

        On another note, I’ll officiate your wedding, Troy and Denise!! 😉 Just sayin’! 🙂 XOXO

        • ” Those of us that have literally battled for life and death (REAL FREEDOM) in the spirit and energetic realm for several decades know this is absolutely not the case. Oh my god, none of these people would have survived what some of us on this message board have. The statements being thrown around now of: this is a healing time, we are all the same, let’s all come together or we have all come together now because of this event… it’s total bullshit.”

          This is another blatant aspect of what I was talking about with the unaware, the wannabes, the pretender people who think the rest of us can’t tell, can’t feel and don’t know via being able to read energies and individuals energy signatures that they are NOT what they pretend to be. All of this now, in Phase 2 of the AP comes down to everyone HAVING to live it and embody it because they can no longer play these BS games of pretending to be a higher frequency vibrational rate than they really are.

          I enjoyed your rant/vent Ana because it’s the truth in all ways. When individuals embody the NEW higher frequencies etc., there’s no desire to sing or celebrate. There’s HighHeart expanding grace and radiance and an even greater desire to do much more for All. 🙂 ❤

        • Ana…thank you!! Exactly how I feel. They wouldn’t have survived what we have…and now I have ppl around me who are just waking up…I’m calling them born again gagging as the Christian version. Suddenly sharing with me their eye opening information! And I’m at fuck off! I’ve been doing, living, saying, healing, processing, ascending and EMBODYING this for YEARS. So just fuck off and stop thinking I don’t already know ALL of this. I’m happy they are finally waking up…it’s about time. But go somewhere else while you do it. Bc I’ve EARNED my isolation and quiet corner to hold my space and I don’t need you in it Thanks again Ana for your rant!!

      • Thanks Denise, and I read Troy’s message too and I totally agree with him. This is YOUR blog after all and anyone who comments here should respect that. Nobody should be sharing any articles or quotes from other ascension teachers or any spiritual information from any other source but YOU, Denise Le Fey. Only you have the right to share info from another source. I hope it’s okay when I briefly mentioned what Karen Bishop said about being out of step. I mean, you’ve talked about her in the past and I just wanted to make a quick point, but from now on I should just use your work to make a point. Also, I do sometimes mention Stephen King’s book and movie but only because of the symbolism I see because of what’s happening now. I tend to see symbolism in entertainment sometimes. So I hope that’s cool. Anyway, the bottom line is that we should all post comments and questions that are relevant to your blog and also to the article you just wrote, unless there’s a really important question someone has from an earlier article that everyone can learn from.

        There is one thing from one of your old articles I’m curious about. After this I will try to stay with the current subject.
        Several months ago you wrote about going to a gas station and encountering a group of guys, and one you described as unusually short and a demon had taken over his body completely, like descended into him. You were saying this is what the separation of worlds was creating. That kinda freaked me out, and it’s a scary thought. I was wondering if you’ve seen anyone else like that since then? Also, are we gonna start seeing people like this, or will they disappear from this reality soon? Or did they already?

  • Thank you Denise as always, and to everyone who shares in the comments. I come back to each article and its comments daily.

    Today I went to the grocery store for the first time since social distancing started in earnest. Even without the time-and-reality shifting that goes everywhere with me, the experience would have been surreal. People were doing their best to maintain a six-foot distance from others, and the store had put yellow tape on the floor to show people where to wait until the cashier had disinfected the station from the previous person. Nobody was being pushy or mean (for a change). Everyone looked strained and moved oddly (no doubt from focusing so hard on maintaining distance). Many shelves were bare, although everything I needed was in stock.

    I wasn’t any more anxious about being there than usual (I’ve dreaded going into stores for years), but I kept welling up with tears as I passed people. I was filled with an overwhelming tenderness for these poor humans, just doing the best they can. They seemed very small and far away. At one point I felt myself hurtling down a passageway with gray, gridded walls, like computer-defined space, that swooped and turned, but then poof! I was just back in the store. I’ve had odd little time-and-space shifts quite often before, but this was the longest, clearest such experience I’ve had yet.

    Blurry eyes here, too, going from dry to watery and back again. The bloat had gone down but now it’s back in earnest. Lots of intermittent pain and stiffness. Still experiencing moments of intense remembering. The sky has utterly changed.

    Love to all.

    • This graphic has always made me smile and it’s very appropriate now with the unaware HAVING to maintain the 6′ thing with other humans.

      “Everyone looked strained and moved oddly (no doubt from focusing so hard on maintaining distance).”

      Yes, it takes real work paying attention to other people instead of only one’s self all the time. Many people will be made extremely exhausted by just HAVING to do this simple thing of being aware of others besides themselves and what they’re focused on. Slowly humanity moves out of their egos, heads and lack of awareness about most everything and everyone around them and into their hearts.

  • Hello Denise and Readers. I am a devoted onlooker, observer and reader of this blog but have never before commented. But after reading about the TD attacks yesterday and last night, it was confirmation for me as to what I’ve been experiencing over the last few days and I wanted to share what happened with me. TD rarely attacks me personally (anymore, at least) but they always go after people around me, people I am close to, and now, I am absolutely sure of because of last night and early this morning, my dogs too. First my mom and I had to deal with an overtly narcissistic and deeply negative cable guy yesterday who completely spoke down to my mom, patronizing her to the point where I almost screamed at him to get the f*** out. He was talking in circles and I could feel he was trying to stick around as long as possible I guess to spy and try to feed off of us. Then he says he can’t fix the issue (that I am certain they caused) and has to come back. Riiiight. After he left I felt a malignant energy in the house, cleared it, and went to bed still feeling like something wasn’t right. Then overnight my dog wetted the bed several times, the first time it happened I woke up with the awareness that something was shot at her to make her loose control of her bladder. It happened several more times over the course of the night and I had to keep waking up to take her outside. I heard a large thunk on the side of the house, as soon as I became aware that this was an attack, and I believe that was another scare tactic because something knew I was awake and wanted to ram it home. My dog has had this issue off and on throughout the past four years, and vets never could confirm what is causing it, but I think I got it now. I really need uninterrupted sleep since I’m am doing so much work on the higher planes at night, and this was just one of the most annoying things because I woke up every hour and half with this. When I did get to sleep I had really bad dreams, so my sleep wasn’t really sleep. Just wanted to share and to let you all know you are not alone and yes, we are all being targeted and attacked because we are quickly rising up and out of their range, and they are desperate. Hang in there, my friends. This WILL cease, even if it takes a little longer than we previously thought. Thank you Denise for providing a safe place to address these issues and provide support for one another. Theresa ❤

    • “…and this was just one of the most annoying things because I woke up every hour and half with this.”

      Yeah, it is annoying Theresa M. 😆 It’s even more annoying when they kill your pet or pets.

  • “Based on how intense, severe and surreal life and reality has been since January 2020, it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that the first Equinox of Phase2 will be like nothing we’ve experienced before.”

    You said it, Denise. Here I am wondering from an experience yesterday, if Phase2 also involves more vigorous, last ditch efforts by certain factions to harm or take out volunteers. Certainly I do not mean to cause fear or to be an alarmist by raising this question. I only want to understand (with your and others’ perspectives and inputs) if an incident that took place yesterday (March 18, 2020 phil time) was an isolated one or if it could be telling of a possible pattern that we volunteers need to be more aware of.

    What I speak of occurred while I was on a break from hours of reading, and I had my eyes closed but was wide awake and in my heart-space. While in this state I Saw this small object headed directly towards me and as I focused on it what I Saw appeared like a two-metallic toned thing shaped like a bullet. It moved faster as it got closer and was apparently aimed at my forehead between the eyes. There was no fear as I immediately did what I had to do and managed to dispel whatever it was.

    What I Saw felt like some kind of technology, an “etheric bullet” if you may if something like it were possible. The ‘shooting” was brazenly frontal and felt differently from astral skirmishes or encounters with interlopers one has had over the years. What happened was certainly nothing like what I had experienced before and was one that I (the naïve me perhaps?) did not expect will still play out and in the manner it did during this phase. And I know that I try my best to not let up on my protection rituals nor allow myself prolonged dips from highest frequencies possible that I could maintain moment by moment.

    Denise, it would be very helpful to know your perspectives on and related to the incident. I wonder if anyone has had experiences similar to what I related. Thanks so much in advance.

    • eleanor & All,

      I’ve experienced this, as I’ve called them, etheric drive-by shootings a few times during Phase 1 of the AP, and in slightly different ways every time. Bottom line with this type of Team Dark attack is that we Volunteers, First Everythingers, Lightworkers, Pathpavers etc. come under different types of attacks by them because we are who is causing the AP, the Separation of Worlds, the timeline shifts and all the rest of it in the physical dimension. We are Team Light to use these simplified terms to describe massive and complex multidimensional and interdimensional beings and entities and situations.

      Thank you very much eleanor for sharing your March 18, 2020 drive-by shooting attack in public Comments here because it is such valuable information right now. Everyone needs to hear about these unpleasant attacks by nonhuman, nonphysical etheric interdimensional beings and/or some of their etheric AI devices that carryout these types of attacks and monitoring and/or human Portal People that are usually unknowingly used to attack us too. Yesterday was a busy day of this as many who read Comments here yesterday know. For me more Portal People were used yesterday, March 18, 2020 to attack me. Who did and said what isn’t the issue necessarily although each of those people could learn from all this if they’re honest with themselves but that’s a big if. What is the issue is that many Volunteers were attacked yesterday March 18th, and today, the first Equinox of Phase 2 on March 19, 2020.

      Instead of getting into the other TD attack I experienced in the early AM hours of March 19, 2020 first Equinox morning, I’m quoting your Comment eleanor in an article about this and will have it done and published in a couple of days. I do not want to do all this today, first Equinox of Phase 2 because we ALL VERY MUCH NEED TO BAN TOGETHER AND do the Great Work as we’ve always done and fuck these sorry parasitic fuckers into oblivion. ‘Is anything wrong Denise?’ Take an honest look and feel around at the entire world and figure it out. It’s not going to end any time soon people so wake up and smell the Team Dark battles and attacks over realities and timelines happening RIGHT NOW.

      Sorry I yelled everyone but I am so, so tired of this and honestly was not prepared to find myself in Phase 2 having to deal with these issues and Portal People and direct etheric attacks by TD AGAIN now. It was lazy of me to think that, especially now. It will be okay but it’s obviously going to require some more Lightwarrior strength by each of us right now at this first and obviously very important Equinox of Phase 2 and for the rest of 2020 most likely. Please everyone, and I mean everyone, please do your part in this, the last battle with what has been on Earth and in humanity. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • I wanted to share the below paragraph that I came across on social media, I found it to be so beautiful and hopeful for these times. Love To You All As Always.

    “And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still. And listened more deeply. Some meditated, some prayed, some dance. Some met their shadows. And the people began to think differently. And the people healed. And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, mindless, and heartless ways, the earth began to heal. And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again, they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images, and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, as they had been healed.”
    – Kitty O’Meara

    • Seriously Jeff (and Robert)? What in the freaking hell have some Volunteers been doing, living, anchoring and WRITING about for the past 21 years? Obviously very few people know what Phase 1 of the Ascension Process was about, which means they know even less or nothing at all about what Phase 2 is. This isn’t “healing” that’s happening, it’s highly compressed evolution that certain people have to embody first because they’re the only ones literally capable of doing so. But, nice fluffy words always get people.

      It took you only 3 comments to come back to this crap Jeff. I banned you once and I’ll do it again because there’s those of us who do the REAL internal energy Work and don’t just write nice but incorrect fluff stuff on social media.

      Tomorrow is the first Equinox of Phase 2, of 2020 and MAJOR (I can’t capitalize big enough how huge, important and intense all this is now) NEW energy changes will active through it — and here comes the crucial part to my response about all this — which REQUIRES people like me and every capable Volunteer and Embodier (capital E) to embody all that NEW energy FIRST and immediately for the rest of humanity to eventually evolve into. But, nice fluffy words always get people that don’t realize what has been and still is actually going on unseen and unknown by everyone else.

      I’m well aware of all the confusion and lack of higher awareness about everything that’s going on now — and will be the rest of 2020 and beyond — but that does not mean I will publish every Comment that anyone writes IF it is incorrect, outright bullshit, disrespectful, distorted fluffy crap or any other such thing. Phase 2 of the AP is way too important and it’s very different from Phase 1, which everyone will feel personally eventually.


      And now I’m going back to embodying and Embodying Work to continue doing what I always have and won’t be distracted by this. I strongly suggest everyone does the same.

        • And there Jeff is exactly the response I expected — condescending patriarchal consciousness and disrespect to me with your ‘was upsetting’ statement. This is classic patriarchal consciousness — it takes no responsibility for its actions and words etc. and immediately projects everything back on the person who dared to complain about their actions or words.

          Phase 2 is here now, the whole world is “on fire” in a number of ways and this old shit won’t be endured here at HHL by me any longer. I’ve eaten this male mostly but females do it too classic patriarchal negativity all my life, as have everyone else on this planet, and it ends now right along with everything else negative from the old lower levels of past reality that’s getting permanently dismantled and destroyed. When I and other ascension writers say shocking things like Divine Mother has returned and Divine Father has returned, what in the hell does everyone think we’ve been talking about?! Huge clue there but stick to the fluff stuff if anyone prefers it.

          I don’t want or need you or anyone else to ‘stay away’ as you put it. I hope that you and others that do this would be more aware and honestly understand what I write about in both my articles and here in Comments. If that was the case, this sort of crap wouldn’t even happen. Happy first Phase 2 Equinox and please USE it in the highest ways you’re capable of at this moment. I’m not busting my ass just for shits n’ giggles here and neither is any other Volunteer. There are all sorts of “viruses” and this type of negative patriarchal consciousness has been and still is the main one.

      • Denise, If my body feels like it weighs 8,000 TONS right now (since last Sunday this has been the case) and my eyes won’t stop watering and are super irritated, am I still doing my part? I’m not conscious of what is happening right now with this new phase but my dreams are super active and intense. When I said I am calm about everything maybe I should have been more specific on what I am calm about. In my area, people are standing in lines to shop. I refuse. In a lot of ways for me it’s still like when we’d have to make a run to the store for necessities and race to bypass team dark interference or attacks or just the general low vibe of the general low vibe group. I went out a few times last week and when I walked up to an area to buy paper towels or tissue there would be one or two rolls sitting there on an entirely empty shelf. I felt like they were waiting for me. So I said, thank you and picked them up, then left the store immediately. I’ve been calm about all this and all the rest. What I think has scrambled my brain is the sheeple have even surprised me in how much they follow and also how no one ever mentions freedom, ever. Individual freedom and group freedom is never mentioned. This part is nothing new to me. I’ve noticed the word freedom left daily conversational speak decades ago. And living freedom, individually and collectively… most people will look at you and say, what is that? I don’t bring it up any more. I used to. Then I realized… no. They have a will and they could use it to do what you are doing, what I am doing… they could have a burning desire to be free; they don’t. They just don’t.

        Anyway, love you Denise. Thank you for everything you do. I would offer to bring you supplies or whatever you need so you don’t have to go out and get them. I have little to no money to travel, buy things or be anywhere else other than where I am now but if I can do anything for you energetically or in person with my actual labor and running errands for you etc. let me know. I could get there some how and/or life will make a way some how if you need it. Completely serious. Thank you, Ana

        • “If my body feels like it weighs 8,000 TONS right now (since last Sunday this has been the case) and my eyes won’t stop watering and are super irritated, am I still doing my part? I’m not conscious of what is happening right now with this new phase but my dreams are super active and intense.”


          Simply said, yes. These latest NEW energies that many Volunteers/Forerunners/Embodiers etc. have been embodying the past few weeks have been different from anything prior which is easy to feel in our physical bodies. The sense of greatly amplified weight or density is a common side effect of embodying a large amount of NEW Light energy etc. For the past weeks my head, skull and face has felt this amplified energy pressure causing head pains, headaches, face numbness, eyes, jaw side effects that far surpass all the many times I’ve experienced more NEW Light being embodied into and through my head. I’ve also been hearing inner ear NEW sound tones I’ve never heard before which shows how much we’re in NEW Phase 2 territory and energies. What we’re feeling are the energies arriving via the first Equinox of Phase 2, 2020. This will continue because there’s A LOT of NEW that has to quickly be embodied by those of us capable of doing so now so that those NEW codes, templates, Light energies etc. are seeded, inserted and anchored into NEW Earth and available for other people willing to evolve now.

          It is not always necessary for all Volunteers/Forerunners/Embodies etc. to be conscious of what all is happening week by week. We do the Work of embodying the NEW energies which is the most important thing. ❤ ❤ ❤

          “What I think has scrambled my brain is the sheeple have even surprised me in how much they follow and also how no one ever mentions freedom, ever. Individual freedom and group freedom is never mentioned. This part is nothing new to me.”

          It is hard, painful, frustrating and heartbreaking to see how many people do not want to change, evolve or take any personal responsibility for anything. When people do that there are negative others always ready to continue telling them exactly what to do/not do and so on. Hence Descending Earth with its matching population. Just be aware of it all and keep doing what you always have. I chose to make public the latest interference and derailment tactics that happened here ONLY to show those able to honestly see these things on another level.

          “…but if I can do anything for you energetically…”

          You just did by saying that and I thank you deeply for it. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • I felt really joyful today (Monday) on a sunny blue sky beautiful (long-awaited!) day in the uk. There appears to be no sense in any of the edicts being piled upon us re the cv drama, but so many people are in fear and getting all serious about it. I honestly have no fear about it, just a growing sense of excitement and I can’t help wanting to laugh at the ridiculousness. But am pretty alone in this feeling, and it’s not worth trying to explain any of this to people. It is good to see other perspectives like yours and your readers, because otherwise I’d wonder if I was the only sane one in a crazy world…

    • I AM sane with you Carrie! Thank you! I have been completely calm and in awe of the seeming hysteria going on when people can choose to be level headed, logical and reasonable. <– Should I put the LOL emoji's there!?! 😉
      Everyone have a great day!! 🙂

    • I am with you, carrie … I am feeling so much joy, peace, calm, excitement. I still catch the fear, sadness, anger out there but it just goes on through and then I smile again. Considering that most of my 71 years has been ruled by anxiety, this is all new to me. And it feels wonderful. In the midst of a pandemic … who knew!? 😁❤❤

    • Carrie, I feel exactly the same way and I’m in Australia. It’s like a lifetime of anxiety and depression has lifted and replaced with a lightness of being, confidence and definitely an element of amusement.

  • Thank You for this beautiful, clear and concise article Denise. How exciting it will be to experience this Spring Equinox in spite of all the craziness and chaos surrounding us. Denise my friend, you are such a beautiful Beacon of Light as always. Love You and all of you beautiful volunteers.

    • Thanks for your kind heart words Jeff, and long time no see. 🙂


      I want to add here for everyone that I usually get awaiting Comments read and published as quickly as I can but late yesterday, March 15th, my site wouldn’t load and I couldn’t even get signed in. Something that’s never happened before. This morning, same problem, but I let the page struggle along trying to load and it finally did. What I discovered once I finally got access to my Admin page was that some lovely bible thumbing, Jesus freak, “good christian” nutjob had spammed me with 20 comments, all the same, all with different user names but all with the same everything else so I knew it was the one “good christian” doing this. His/her actions and lowly energies and consciousness are SO incompatible with the frequency of HHL, that nothing would load here since late yesterday. Once I was able to delete all 20 religious zealot spam comments the site is working normally again.

      Say it with me everyone — this is the Separation of Worlds & timelines.

      These anomalies and others like what Cali Flower and 10tinbluebirds and catherine ellis just shared in their comments will not only continue but get more surreal and downright weird from time to non-time 😉 so be prepared for that too. We’re here, we’re there, we’re not here, we’re not there, we’re in transition, we’re shifting etc. and all that is going to be increasingly obvious to more people — aware and unaware — that things are not like they used to be and never will be again. Group HighHeart hug. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • “Say it with me everyone — this is the Separation of Worlds & timelines”.

        Here we are on the other side of the Vernal Equinox; and much has happened. My brother-in-law for the last forty years; initially a kind person; but suffered from mental disturbances due to traumatic life circumstances; and became increasingly negative and aggressive to the extreme; has now passed away in his home due to a stroke. However; no one is crying; everyone is relieved that his Soul has finally found peace. – On another note; the feeling of ANGER is rapidly rising over here, (by the way I’m living in Norway), due to the ever increasing and severe corona-restrictions. The entire population is now forbidden to even visit their own leisure cabin; be it at the coast or in the mountains. Everything comes on top of everything else; and something has got to give. – What an exciting and frightening time to live in. – Thanks again Denise. Much love to everyone. Stay safe now.

        • “…the feeling of ANGER is rapidly rising over here, (by the way I’m living in Norway), due to the ever increasing and severe corona-restrictions.”

          Yep Finn, everyone everywhere will eventually reach a point (or many!) where having all the old world routines, habits, products, freedoms, restrictions, and lack of products, money etc., get rebellious over all this. I also sense that the time anomalies (and other anomalies) will be increasingly experienced by more and more unaware people around the globe. Take away the old linear time routines, and while everything is in transition, and people will feel days as weeks and weeks as 6 months etc. All this is going to test everyone which is why we continue doing the Work we have been to help with this transition migration out of the old world and into the NEW one. ❤

  • Dear Denise,

    ‘Be fearless, choose love.’

    Horray! Another piece from Denice to read, reread, and analyze. Yay!

    Thank you for an explanation and introduction to what to expect within the next three days, and following! It helps me immeasurably having you blow your warning bugle ahead of time, a pattern that I have physically and psychologically held steadfast for years. You’re a shining star, or should I say, ‘diamond’!

    To validate what you have written:

    Insects have behaved erratically for over a week, coming in to my house when normally they don’t. I have taken their confusing patterns as an alarm of nature, in that they are warning me of something coming that they sense and I don’t. Ants have managed to penetrate sealed inch thick Italian marble floors, and since normally they live happily in the soil, they are making an effort to appear in such a way that I will see them. Earthquakes normally don’t occur here, and I am protected from tornadoes because of the articulation of the angles (steep slopes) on my property. It is a mystery waiting to unfold. Thank you, ants and insects.

    Yesterday afternoon, Sunday 15 March, a firetruck drove up my private road, turned around in my cul – de – sac, and drove back down the slope, just as confused as the ants and other insects. The firemen waved, perhaps realizing they were in the wrong place, zone, or reality. Nothing on fire, here.

    For the last month my memory has been suddenly producing a moment from my past, unsolicited, bringing back instantly the feeling of exquisite happiness that I originally experienced. These memory jabs are like being suddenly dunked in another reality, and although they only last a fleeting moment, they are an indication that I can access the sensations again, as they are alive inside me.

    My scalp is more painful, tender, and sore than ever. My hair continues to fall out. My eyes try to readjust, and I have assembled nests of glasses, some dark, to be able to see clearly. The level of physical pain on the right side of my body has become so intense that if I am suddenly hit with pain I cry out, and the pain awakens me, which has gone on for several years but now is at a crisis level. Physical pain is the great equalizer.

    Spring cleaning has begun near here on a grand level, from gas pump handles, to grocery carts, to switch plates, to knobs, to push buttons, to doorbells, to ‘contactlessness’ deliveries by individuals wearing bunny / hazmat suits, to every conceivable surface, including walls, windows, and doors. No viruses hanging around going up noses, into ears, eyes, or throats in these parts; out with the old, and in with the new!

    Various people I know, nationally and internationally, are suddenly having serious operations in hospitals, some planned, others not. Not just one person (unable to work) on another continent, but many people, scattered, unknown to one another, but having intelligence, sensitivity, and education in common. And me, they all have me in common, which is a reminder of what little distance there actually is between us, physically and psychically.

    Éirinn go Brách, says Saint Brigitte, and may all your surfaces be blessed,

    Love, as always, Cali Flower

    • Cali Flower,

      Thanks for sharing your different yet all connected experiences with everyone here. Everyone benefits from hearing from other people about their anomalies and AP and/or EP symptoms. ❤

      I've experienced the bug thing too a couple of times during Phase 1 of the AP. The drastically changing and disappearing old electromagnetic physical, etheric and energetic grids and whatnot that have held the old reality in place have been in constant change since all the AP started in the physical. That's got to seriously mess with the animal kingdom in lots of ways which is mostly likely why the bugs and other animals get lost or confused just like we do! The disappearing old magnet grids/fields etc. that held old lower physical reality in place often make me emotional and cry suddenly over nothing in particular. Just old reality disappearing externally and that affecting us internally too magnetically and so on.

      “My scalp is more painful, tender, and sore than ever. My hair continues to fall out.”

      I’ve had this one for most of Phase 1 and my scalp is still sore and bruised feeling, and my hair went through another phase of falling out the last 5 months of 2019. There’s so much going on in our bodies and heads that I’m surprised any Volunteers have hair left at this point! 😆 Eye stuff too and body pains and all of it. We go through periods where one side of our bodies are energetically worked on by the NEW Light codes etc., then the other side, then both simultaneously and back and forth. There’s been tremendous Duality and density that we’ve been transmuting, releasing and evolving beyond and we all know very well that doing all that hurts like crazy at times. It will ease up and turn into something NEW and exciting and hurt in NEW ways. 😀 Forerunner fortitude.

      “…and may all your surfaces be blessed…”

      Loved that. ❤

  • Confirmation. Yes. “ out of their personal habitual daily routines and be sequestered so when the actual first day of Spring arrives (Spring in the northern hemisphere, Fall in the southern hemisphere), many are far more open and receptive to the massive energy changes of embodying the NEW Diamond codes/templates into their physical bodies.”

  • A few days before things got super squirrelly, I decided to go for a hike with my dog at a lake and state park I’d never been to that a friend suggested and said, oh it’s like 45mins from here. Two hours later, I’m still driving along barely in the mood to hike and passing by two curious dwellings and a very particular looking person having a conversation with someone sitting in their car on the roadside (I’m just now realizing while writing he looked and was dressed exactly like my grandfather who died when I was 4 years old!) that reminded me of the area I grew up in, but not stopping to take any photos because I just want to get to this lake already and I can do that on the way back. Then my gps takes me straight to a dirt road which ended at an old cemetery. 😳 I get back to the last place that made sense and it tries to take me down another dirt road! As I make my way back past the particular gentleman that I’ve passed 3 times going the wrong direction, we both wave and I finally get to this beautiful lake that was one of the quietest places I’ve been to in a long time. It was lovely. On the way back, however, I saw every single landmark from all of my forward and back tracking mistakes EXCEPT the places that reminded me of where I grew up and crossroads where the particular gentleman had been standing. They were having that conversation x the road from an old field filled with abandoned cars, so I know I didn’t just drive past without noticing. I thought, oh, I’ll have to ask at HHL if anyone is experiencing weird things with time! ❤️ Then it only took an hour to get home. 😊 Thanks for giving me something to look forward to in the next few days! I forgot about the equinox though everything is blooming and budding and leafing out here already. HHHugs!!

  • I am of a certain age group..and back when I was in my the sixties..we used to say..”this is Trippy”..well, today was Trippy…I felt like I was drunk when I got up to do anything..tried raking in the yard..and ended up sitting and reading a book..there is this big beach ball in my and belongs to the gran kids..well, I was reading and looked down at it and it looked like it was coming towards me..not at my feet..but like we were merging..and then there were all of these eye things going on side vision..and just hard to focus..and really just felt over all out of sorts and not really in my body..I also felt at the end of the it’s alllllll going to be okay..and how wonderful it is to be alive in this time and to SEE really see…and know more importantly.We got the power the power of the hour to carry on…see ya in the new’s there waiting for us..we are just now catching up to it. Namaste’ to one and all

    • Thanks for sharing catherine ellis. ❤

      I've noticed over Phase 1 that every time I would be moving up in frequency again, my vision would get worse for a while. Eyes blurry, dry, sore, super sensitive to Light at times, seeing a white mist inside lower frequency stores, buildings, houses, seeing things look like they're very far away and I'm viewing them through a long tunnel or something. Again it's about us not being in the same space and frequency that other people, buildings and locations are. This year I've occasionally seen certain colors where they shouldn't be. Trippy indeed!

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