More Surreal Moments

Thought I’d share this latest strangeness. This morning, March 24, 2020, I had to finally brave it and go out to forage for food and all those other necessities we all still need. So, before the sun was up, I headed out for my local Super Walmart store because Walmart has, in my area, given people over 60 one hour every Tuesday from 6:00 to 7:00AM to shop in Walmart. One hour, once a week, before the sun rises. Perfect for all of us over 60. 😐

I have so not wanted to have to finally see, for myself, everything I did this morning in Walmart. I’m not picking on Walmart as I’m sure it’s probably just as dire in all other shopping and grocery stores at this point. I just put shopping off for as long as I could this month but I’m going to have to try again soon because there was so little food available. Like eating hasn’t been hard enough throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process! Now in early Phase 2 of it there’s very little of it to be found so far. Frying pan into the fire, or we’re about to evolve into a diet of Light and Diamond energies!

Before I go any further with this, I’m going to share a link to an article I wrote at TRANSITIONS and published January 3, 2009. I had the clairvoyant vision experience on December 29, 2008, while I was physically shopping in this same Super Walmart store I was in this morning — twelve years ago.

A Clairvoyant Vision

It’s one thing having clairvoyant visions and it’s another thing actually, physically being in it over a decade after you Saw what you Saw. Such was my morning this morning, wandering through our Walmart with other 60-plus year-olds, putting ourselves at risk to go through this huge store searching for crumbs. I was physically in the vision I’d had twelve years earlier, walking up and down shopping aisle after aisle looking at the 85% empty shelves in most all of them. It was surreal, it was frustrating, it was stupid, it was what it now is. How long it’s this way is another thing we’ll all find ourselves dealing with in multiple ways.

It was interesting to see the scant few people who made an effort to keep the ‘six-foot distance’ between themselves and others. I was proud of them and sent them Heart gratitude hugs. Then of course there were the other people, the majority unfortunately who aren’t — as yet — able to be conscious of their actions. Maybe losing a loved one or having to spend weeks quarantined in some godawful location will finally do it for the self-absorbed unaware people. Maybe, maybe not even that.

Then there were those few people who kept their sense of humor about the insanity of evolution, not that they know that’s what all this is. Doesn’t matter really, but I sure did enjoy those three women that tossed out some humor at me about the craziness of the entire situation.

Besides the obvious extreme weirdness of me finding myself this morning living a clairvoyant vision I had twelve years ago while shopping in this same store, it was the undeniable energetic change in the whole building that struck me the most. Yeah, it’s a pain in the butt to not be able to find food and laundry soap and cleaning products etc., and possibly risk one’s very life to get them, but it was the profound change to human life and reality that was so powerful this morning to me. It was obvious who was more aware, more empathic, more compassionate and capable of thinking of other people than only themselves. And it was painfully obvious who haven’t changed at all yet, if they will in these lives. Cold harsh truths felt deeply — and no damned food either!

And while I’m at this (sorry) I’m going to share something else that goes with the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic screeching halt, and overall money business. It’s not pleasant but we all know it is real and happening and going to get worse before it gets better. 

As some of you may remember, my 89-year-old mother died in late June 2019. After she passed, I had to go to the mortuary where she had a pre-paid cremation plan and deal with those people, pay some extra costs, fill out paperwork and all the rest of it. While there doing these things with three different mortuary employees present, I repeatedly clairvoyantly Saw a bunch of caskets lined up in the hallways and other rooms in the mortuary. I knew what I was Seeing was in the near future and hoped it was symbolic and not literal. Needless to say, I was slightly distracted while filling out paperwork with the mortuary people and I’m sure one of them thought I was either a “space cadet” or just distraught over the death of my mother because he kept watching me repeatedly glance out the door into the hall. I didn’t care what they thought about me because I’m used to trying to NOT look like I’m clairvoyantly Seeing, feeling and experiencing another reality or realities while other people are physical near me when it happens. I would prefer privacy when this happens however, but I’ve become very good at perceiving more of reality, other realities, other timelines etc. while pretending I’m not when strangers are with me when it happens. It’s finally getting close now for me to be honest with strangers when these things present to me. I’ll deal with that bridge when they’re more ready for info like this.

So there I was taking care of the final details of my mother’s death, cremation and so forth and simultaneously clairvoyantly Seeing an unusual number of caskets that had to be placed in hallways and additional rooms in this mortuary. My first thought was what in the world was about to happen that would suddenly cause so many people to be dying at the same time? Well, here we are nine months later, and it’s become painfully clear globally. This is also going to get worse before it gets better. HighHearts people, HighHearts. Know that this is the evolutionary Shift, the Separation of Worlds, the crossing of unseen reality energy bridges by humanity to transition from how reality and consciousness etc. has been into how it’s going to be on NEW Earth, NEW Humanity.

More coming soon in another article. Be creative, be the NEW, radiate the Light and “infect” them with that to help everyone make this extreme evolutionary reality shift. ❤ 

Denise Le Fay

March 24, 2020

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18 thoughts on “More Surreal Moments

  • Denise, are you, or is anyone else out threre experiencing really severe symptoms the last couple of days. I really don’t know what is happening.

    • Gerry & All,

      I’ve been doing my best the past week now to get an article written about what’s been unfolding in March 2020, the first Phase 2 Equinox, Portal People attacks, nonhuman etheric attacks, big positive progress, INCREASED body aches and pains and Ascension Flu symptoms and more. This is why I haven’t been as attentive in Comments everyone. There’s been A LOT of old TD interference this month on top of the INCREASED AP body aches etc. and the INCREASED everything that the Embodiment Process causes! It’s been something else and yes Gerry, another round of incoming higher Light energies etc. etc. are in play again right now. I’ve noticed there are only a few hours in-between them in Phase 2, which is hardly noticeable at this point! It’s just ON and more INTENSE now in Phase 2 — and there’s a pandemic and economic shutdown and government death process all happening simultaneously because it is Phase 2. 🙂

      Today is March 17th, Monday March 30 Mars enters Aquarius and March 31st Mars conjuncts Saturn. Volatile energies everyone so be aware and careful. Back to hurriedly finishing this article today for me because, for the next week or so, we’re going to be hit again with more incoming NEW higher frequency Light energies. That’s what you’re feeling in your body/bodies already Gerry. ❤

  • Dear Denise,

    I hope you are blissfully doing nothing, and that your immediate needs are met; I truly wish I could jump on my flying carpet and buzz in with heaps of fresh veggies, fruits, delicious juiced concoctions, baked thingies in spring shapes with herbs in them, spa stuff, life essentials like reams of toilet paper (2 ply) to last you for several years, bouquets of daffodils, several musicians I picked up who were hitch – hiking who will play live for you on demand, spring cleaners bearing non – toxic materials who hum, great arm loads of all the books you want to read but forgot to, a Parisian stylist for a hair cut / blow out with her Chinese medicine master herbalist, and their Swedish friends who do massage, and the laundry people of course, who are all Italian mothers with nothing else to do at the moment but take care of you – my carpet is quite big so don’t worry – we won’t fall off in transit – there is plenty of room – we all fit, nicely.

    Love, as always, Cali Flower

    • I wish we could all get together right now too — and some of us have been nonphysically this month. I was with you Cali yesterday afternoon briefly. These meetings are never consciously planned but we just suddenly find ourselves with someone else in Higher Awareness. You and I had a great talk Cali but I don’t remember what it was about. That’s often how these types of higher meetings go.

      Been working on an article everyone but it’s been extra hard because of everything going on on multiple levels. I always have to live and embody and work my way through these things and NEW levels, codes, realities etc. before I can write about them. And of course they’re never about just one thing but many all happening at the same time.

      Thanks Cali. ❤

  • Hey Denise and all,
    I would like to expound some of what I’ve been working with, maybe it will help some others.
    I live in Tucson AZ USA right off the air force base, I had a waking dream 2 or 3 months back, in it I saw all of Tucson deserted, totally empty.
    I have been waiting now for some 3 years for what I call “the great dying” . I have known of this for my whole life as I came in here awake and have lived for 63 years watching and waiting.
    As with all survival training skills the very first and best action a person must take is: keep your mind – once you lose your mind you have lost the battle. Do those things that will allow you to keep thinking, logical and rational type thinking. Then you do the best you can with what you have. Everything else is on hold till you survive. I know that people shy away from logic that it’s bad because the feelings are supposed to be what you follow but I would say you NEED both the logical and the intuitive mind to survive in the most extreme cases (and this is extreme and getting better all the time).
    As my time here is about up and I wait and watch I have my shields up 24/7 way tooo much fear, anger etc… for me to process. This IS the split of the worlds, the dark leaving the light staying to clean up and make a better world. Some are leaving to work from the other side some are leaving to start over somewhere’s else. The important thing, the most important thing (as has away’s been) is being the best you can be, why? because it’s up to you to find your way to where you are going, everyone else is on their own so to speak. No matter what happens you choose yourself to ascend or not, you cannot choose for any other nor really help another.

  • Thanks Denise, and lately there’s one thing that I think to myself to look on the bright side of this lack of mass gatherings. At least now there won’t be any more mass shootings. They were happening way too often the last several years.

    • Thanks Linda C. ❤ and you and everyone else stay safe, wise and aware from all levels. You, me, we are so very needed and important to continue what we’ve always done in Phase 1, but now in Phase 2 of it we’re even more needed to embody, Embody, the NEW Light, energies, codes, NEW DNA etc. and seed them and radiate them and energetically Wayshow through our radiating them.

  • Thank you Denise for your articles! This last one confirmed what I clairvoyantly saw maybe 10 years ago and I did not understood what it meant. In my vision I saw the streets empty on a sunny and peaceful day and I wondered why is this so as I did not feel death around or any war…wow, so this was it, I’ ve felt these times. Another time, almost 20 years ago, I clairvoyantly saw a kindergarten full of joy. I thought it was in another dimension or a paralel earth but maybe I just saw where we will get soon.
    I did not feel to buy any food even if in the last year I tend to eat too much. I went to the shop and there was food in it but I had a very strong feeling that there is nothing I should buy. I listened to this, I hope this strong feeling came from my Higher Self due to the fact that I am thinking for some time of eating light/ prana instead if food.
    Many blessings to you and all doing a great light work here and now!

    • “In my vision I saw the streets empty on a sunny and peaceful day and I wondered why is this so as I did not feel death around or any war…”


      Until I read your Comment I had completely forgotten about repeated dreams I had many decades ago of seeing from up in the air southern California freeways that were completely empty. No cars or vehicles of any kind on any of them. No people were seen anywhere. It was like the people and vehicles were gone. These old dreams may be about what’s happened now all these decades later, or they may be about an ended timeline. I say that because over the past two or three years I’ve had a few lucid “dreams” that were higher dimensional ascension Mission jobs of myself and a small party of like-others going into old Earth worlds to see if anyone was still there or if everyone had been successfully migrated, shifted, ascended to a NEW Earth in an ascension timeline.

      Those of us who are Volunteers have been living these things and more all of our lives. It’s only now that we’re seeing in the physical dimension the results of the Ascension Process and transitional shifting from old lower frequency Earth, reality and consciousness etc. up to NEW Earth in the timelines of ascension. Thanks for sharing your old visions of these sorts of current time happenings. ❤

      • Hi everyone, hi Denise 👋,

        I hope everyone is safe and stocked in supplies during these weird times.

        Just wanted to share a recent dream of mine. I find myself welcoming many people into a shelter of some sort and people are coming in droves, confused and scared. Outside is quiet, dark and dreary but the bunker/shelter is cozy and the only source of light.
        I know that I’m not in ‘my’ dimension, it’s someplace lower because I don’t want to be there, yet I’m there, I guess to help. As you’ve said, it’s the ‘old Earth worlds.’ To tell you the truth, I simply still am dumbfounded that they chose me to help because I’ve never considered myself a ‘warrior’ or even a true ‘lightworker.’ I’m honored but dumbfounded and find myself (my unaware self) quite bewildered in the esthetic realms. Thankfully my higher self just knows what to do.

        These days I don’t have much to do except help (minimally) with my child’s online schooling and cooking for everyone, my god, so much cooking!

        That is until I’m asleep and it is on like DonkeyKong, so much frantic activity! So exhausted in the waking hours from it.

        I can sense there is frantic activity in the other realms as well. As always I go into my HH and I’m calm, letting it all go and allowing Source to guide me to embody/Embody more and more.

        Thanks for letting me share. See you all in the battlefield.

        Love and appreciative HUGS to all ❤️🙏😊

        Oh I forgot to ask…

        If you and other First Wavers were on a rescue mission to help out in the old Earth worlds, may I ask why am I now on this duty? Is it because I’m of the Second or Third Wave and we’re helping out the respective waves of people just starting to wake up?
        In other words, am I on a tour of duty that you Denise and others like you went first to clean and clear in order to make way for us?

        I may just have answered my own question there….🙄

        Thanks again. ❤️

  • Hi Denise, I could feel you were going to post a new article and so glad you did.
    l am ok in our home love bubble, but going out into the world this shit gets real. I am having difficulty dealing with the look of terror and shock on people’s faces. I walked past a girl outside her flat on the way to my ‘health worker shopping hour’ this morning and she had obviously been crying. I smiled and waved at her and she looked so happy that I was not afraid to interact. That set me off in floods of tears, and then straight into a shopping trip of masked people and empty shelves, I came out feeling completely traumatised. I feel so conflicted, ranging from ‘it’s all going to be ok, the light forces have already won’, to the complete opposite. The TD attacks have stepped up a it for me again, trying to remain in my high heart. People in my town are turning on each other. However, there is also lots of uplifting community spirit too, thank source…Weirdly, in January, I did a HUGE online food shop and my hubs took the piss out of me as jars would fall out of the cupboard where they were so full. I just HAD to have overflowing cupboards. Haha. Now he is grateful 😂 I also became obsessed doing a ‘big cook Wednesday’ every week since January, so have loads of portions of precooked meals. It’s feel excited but distrusted arm the same time. Is this normal? Contactless hugs to everyone xxxx

  • Thank you Denise. I really needed this at this particular time. I’ve been remembering your previous remarks about many people choosing to exit this year. I don’t have your clairvoyant abilities but I’ve noticed that I’ve been so so angry this month and that is out of character for me. So much so that even my co-workers have noticed. Some have been treading carefully around me but I can see concern in their eyes too. Which is so nice.

    Anger is not my usual place as I have experienced so much anger from others in my life. Enough of that. Right now I’m feeling relief and much lighter. So maybe this self-isolating thing has helped. Although, I’m thinking many of us who frequent this site have been self-isolating for years 🙂

    I just wanted to share that although I’m spending way too much time reading the news, I have been spending more and more time searching for articles/videos of people who are uniting in spirit/with song/with consideration for others. These are people who, I believe, are entering this process and are showing the HHL path whether they realize or not.

    There is light out there. Many thanks to you Denise and to everyone who share their life experiences here. Words cannot express how much you all have (and continue) to help.

  • Oh wow Denise … thank you for this. I had the same weird surreal experience in my Fred Meyer today … and I thought of you and your Transitions WalMart vision that you recently posted here … and now the caskets. My ego wants to be scared shitless … yet I am calm. All part of the process … onward and upward. Than you again ❤

  • Hi Denise
    Greetings from lockdown UK. I have literally been pulled out of anything resembling my previously normal days. Which sounds crazy given what’s happening. But due to an underlying asthma issue I am not allowed to leave my house for initially 12 weeks. I am allowed to have a window open (how kind). But I am not to, apparently, go outside at all. Hence I am, like most people in the uk also working from home. So my reality is just my home and garden. Which thank goodness is full of light. Lots of it. And flowers. And I keep seeing flashes of cobalt blue or bright white either on me or around me. I feel so tired I could just lay down. I feel like the shift has been made and the tiredness is from the sheer effort of it all. The weird thing is for weeks I couldn’t eat enough cakes and sugary things. And now that’s passed a little bit anyway. It’s like I needed that energy boost.
    Thank you for your post. I am trying to stay creative. But it’s all been so distracting.

    Love and light 💗💗💗💗

    • Ha, the cakes and sweets! I could not get enough of them for a time. It felt like fueling a booster rocket to assist me lightbody as it flashes inside me. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out. I feel excited, calm, anxious, peaceful, exhausted.., so many waves flowing through. Bless us all as we co create our new world.

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