Recent Attacks & The Human Species Reboot

“Here I am wondering from an experience yesterday, if Phase 2 also involves more vigorous, last ditch efforts by certain factions to harm or take out volunteers. Certainly I do not mean to cause fear or to be an alarmist by raising this question. I only want to understand (with your and others’ perspectives and inputs) if an incident that took place yesterday (March 18, 2020 Phil time) was an isolated one or if it could be telling of a possible pattern that we volunteers need to be more aware of.

What I speak of occurred while I was on a break from hours of reading, and I had my eyes closed but was wide awake and in my heart-space. While in this state I Saw this small object headed directly towards me and as I focused on it what I Saw appeared like a two-metallic toned thing shaped like a bullet. It moved faster as it got closer and was apparently aimed at my forehead between the eyes. There was no fear as I immediately did what I had to do and managed to dispel whatever it was.

What I Saw felt like some kind of technology, an “etheric bullet” if you may if something like it were possible. The ‘shooting” was brazenly frontal and felt differently from astral skirmishes or encounters with interlopers one has had over the years. What happened was certainly nothing like what I had experienced before and was one that I (the naïve me perhaps?) did not expect will still play out and in the manner it did during this phase. And I know that I try my best to not let up on my protection rituals nor allow myself prolonged dips from highest frequencies possible that I could maintain moment by moment.

Denise, it would be very helpful to know your perspectives on and related to the incident. I wonder if anyone has had experiences similar to what I related. Thanks so much in advance.” —  eleanor  

The quote above from eleanor was a Comment she’d written on March 19, 2020, the first 2020 Equinox of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process. As she states in it she experienced a Team Dark attack the day before on March 18, 2020. Instead of my responding to her in a Comment where this may not be seen by as many people, I decided to quote her and write an article about this because I was attacked multiple times on March 18, 2020. Three times by three different people being used as Portal People that one day. Hours later during old lower level Team Dark prime-time hours of around 3:00 to 5:00 AM, I was attacked from the etheric while asleep by nonphysical, nonhuman Team Dark through an intentionally scripted nightmare I found myself in on March 19, 2020, first Phase 2 Equinox day.

I’ve experienced these intentionally created negative dream scenarios by Team Dark beings many, many, times throughout my life. They could be thought of as astral abductions because one is suddenly and unwillingly subjected to designed artificial nightmare dream experiences while asleep and out of their physical body. One suddenly finds oneself experiencing an astral nightmare creation, sort of like the Star Trek holodeck artificial creations, except you were unwillingly and unknowingly placed in it. The most common reasons were for negative aliens to observe what emotions are, specifically what human emotions are. I’ve found it’s usually to induce extreme fear, horror and terror in humans to monitor us and analyze our fearful emotions, plus utilize those energies we produce while under these artificial etheric attacks.

They’ve designed countless different unpleasant dream scenarios, then abduct humans from the etheric while they’re naturally out-of-body because they’re asleep and unwillingly and unknowingly insert them into one of their crafted artificial nightmares. They observe and record and feed off the humans emotional reactions to these many different types of artificial nightmare scenarios. Most people that experience this or have in pre-ascension times, never knew the nightmare was not something coming from them but was a designed artificial nightmare created by negative aliens.

One usually remains in these types of artificial nightmare scenarios long enough to either become lucid in it and realize it’s not your creation, or, become so horrified by it that one etherically flees the astral horror show nightmare and instantly crash-lands back in their physical body wide awake and traumatized. These types of intentional negative multidimensional abductions usually affect a person for days afterwards because the trauma is real despite it not happening in the physical dimension. We are multidimensional beings meaning we have lives, experiences and interactions in other places than just physical Earth.

For this next part to make more sense I should again share one of my Phase 1 Volunteer Lightworker Energy Transmutor duties. Not all Volunteers have or have had identical ascension Work duties in Phase 1, nor will they in Phase 2. I wrote about this in A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (2010) but briefly here it is.

One of the many things that was required of me as a Volunteer during Phase 1 of the Ascension Process was having to physically and emotionally feel and See many different residual negative events that happened physically on Earth in my lifetime in this and other countries and also in some other time periods. Because I’ve been psychic since birth, I was well-aware of perceiving and feeling other peoples energies, emotions and actions. This was not that however. This was about certain Volunteers having to collect firsthand energetic recordings in their current bodies and awareness of horrific physical actions done by certain people around the world to other people. This was about collecting proof of negative actions done on Earth by living physical humans on other living physical humans including whatever nonhuman etheric Team Dark being or entity was part of the vile acts. I was collecting proof and recording those events in my body and consciousness, much like attorneys collect facts and details to prepare for an upcoming criminal trial. And because nothing Volunteers and other higher dimensional beings do is only one single thing, after the information was collected and recorded in my body, I then needed to transmute all of it from both the perpetrators side and the victims side.

Live it, feel it, be a firsthand witness to it and energetically record it internally for higher dimensional Lightbeings to use to bring higher spiritual justice to those humans and non-humans who claim they never did those things. After collecting these past negative actions and recording them it was my job to energetically transmute everything I had experienced and transmute all of it back into pure, neutral energy. I’ve Seen, felt and personally experienced numerous humans murdering other adult human females, males and children in this and other countries and times and felt and saw exactly what their victims experienced too. Now, here’s why I backtracked over this material.

From about 3:00 to 3:30AM on March 19, 2020–first Equinox day of Phase 2–I suddenly found myself in an artificial nightmare scenario. I was shocked because this hasn’t happened in many years, plus there was one glaring obscene difference to it I have never experienced before. Normally my personal negative dream attacks have always been about me as the victim of some unknown human male(s) chasing me to torture and kill me. The old familiar scenario was run, flee, do my best to not get caught by perusing serial killer(s) while producing all sorts of fear emotions and panic. Classic Team Dark astral fare. But because I have long ago done my personal Inner Work with this and other victim issues over decades, it was highly suspect to me when suddenly I’m in one of these artificial nightmares not of my creation — and this March 19, 2020 Equinox one had me in the role and body of the human male perpetrator running around chasing down and killing people!

It was so shocking and atypical that I made myself remain in the artificial nightmare for longer than I normally would to figure out what in the hell was going on now and why. What I discovered was surprising and somewhat humorous to me.

After finding my awareness in an unknown human male body killing more people on first 2020 Equinox early AM hours, I gained the higher perspective and understanding I was after and promptly exited their awful slasher nightmare. But because there’s a lot of one-on-one, up close and personal history between me and Team Dark in this lifetime, this attack continued once I was back in my physical body and awake in my bed. The interdimensional attack ended about 5:00AM. It was a long, unpleasant night but it was important and meaningful for us all which is the only reason I’ve put you through reading about it.

Team Dark knew the old classic victim nightmare scenario no longer worked on me because I’ve Worked very hard on that negative programming in myself since 1992. This March 19, 2020 Equinox day Phase 2 nightmare was about Team Dark doing the only thing they thought would cause me terror, shock and repulsion, which finding myself etherically trapped in a human male body killing multiple adults and children certainly did. But the longer I remained in their nightmare attack creation I understood that Team Dark was, in this twisted, grotesque and almost funny way, giving me a giant interdimensional ‘FUCK YOU!’ final departing message by forcing me into the role and physical and emotional sensations of classic human male serial killer.

Obviously the timing of these human and nonhuman attacks over 48 hours leading up to the minute the Sun entered Aries, the first Phase 2 Equinox of 2020 is telling. There should be no doubt in anyone’s heartmind that we’ve been in Phase 2 of the Ascension Process since the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction on January 12, 2020, which assisted bringing in the NEW Diamond codes (templates) for humanity and all else physically. Because of this huge energetic evolutionary shift, Team Dark cannot interact with or affect us as they have for so long. What I gathered from my personal 48 hour-long experiences leading up to the moment the March 19, 2020 Equinox happened physically, was that a NEW higher energetic threshold was reached and crossed that day. Said another way very simply, we’re now experiencing the final battle with Team Dark. That’s why they caused me to have that 3:00 to 3:30 AM etheric nightmare then continued the attack in the physical in the early AM hours of Equinox day after I woke up. They did something they rarely do which was show their hand hours before humanity entered a NEW level in Phase 2 at the March 19, 2020 Equinox. They only do this when I have, when the collective Volunteers have made another very big step up in and with the Universal Ascension Process. That was why then sent me their interdimensional ‘FUCK YOU!’ message. Bullies always get really angry and throw absurd, infantile tantrums when they cannot bully you any longer.

Phase 1 & the Volunteer First Everythingers & Phase 2 & Humanity

Phase 1 of the Ascension Process started in the physical bodies of the Volunteers, Starseeds, First Everythingers, Pathpavers etc. in 1998-1999. They have lived every minute of every day since 1998-1999 embodying energy wave after energy wave, solar transmissions after solar transmission and so on in and through their physical and energy bodies and consciousness. Because of this and more they have, we have, I have lived my life in an absolutely necessary ‘stay at home’ mode since my physical body began the Ascension Process in February 1999. I was too sick and in constant pain of one type or another which made going to grocery shop and do all the other normal things we have to nearly unbearable. If you’re a First Everything Volunteer from the First Wave, Second Wave or Third Wave of soul contracted Volunteers to be activated in their physical bodies to begin living and embodying the Ascension Process from 1998 through 2019, you are intimately familiar with what I’m talking about. We put ourselves in ‘shelter in place’ living since 1999 out of necessity because we were so sick with Ascension Flu, Kundalini rising, the Rewiring Process and dozens of related physical and energetic ascension symptoms and side effects. I have lived this way for the past twenty-one years for these reasons and more. The start of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process is the start of year twenty-two for me and many other Volunteer First Everythingers, but at higher and higher levels and states of being and consciousness.

Our severe body aches and pains were so common and known by all of us living and embodying throughout the two decades of Phase 1 that we created names for many of them.

  • Ascension Flu
  • Buddha Belly
  • Hot Flashes and/or severe Inner Cold
  • Brain Fog
  • Tired & Wired
  • Solar Fried
  • Inner Body Vibrations

Our Ascension Flu symptoms continue to this day. In fact, I’ve felt extra terrible physically with Ascension Flu symptoms and their familiar body aches, chills, sudden stabbing icepick-like pains into bones and so on since January 2020. I am NOT sick with CV-19 virus — I am sick and ache in different body areas from evolutionary Ascension Flu which are mostly caused by Solar energies, and because I am Embodying too, those side effects have become more intense since January 2020 as well. It is the Ascension Process — and Embodiment Process too for those of who chose to do that also — that we Volunteered to do. We do not have a virus, we have ongoing transformational aches, pains, pressures and exhaustion from living and embodying compressed evolution first and pathpaving that for humanity.

I’ve Wondered About This For Decades

I said this before but I’ve wondered throughout Phase 1 what it would take to suddenly get the rest of unaware human species shaken free from the old patriarchal frequency, reality, life, beliefs, daily habits and so forth. Would it take massive and repeated natural disasters? They’ve been happening steadily through all of Phase 1 and they didn’t work. Neither have old wars or new wars or foreign and domestic bullets from mass shootings. The majority of humanity has been incrementally acclimated to living in continual negativity, violence, unawareness and general stupidity. Mass numbers of children repeatedly gunned down? Nope, not even that has been enough to cause positive changes in humans, consciousness, society, laws or governments. Nothing has been enough in all that old lower dark negativity.

The NEW Crystalline pastel and gemstone colored triangular trinity energies and codes arrived December 2018 and were embedded into the waters of ascending Earth and the water in human cells and bodies. Next level of incoming NEW were the Diamond energies and codes that were inserted globally January 12, 2020 through the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction. And, here we are weeks later in early Phase 2 of the Ascension Process and deep in global ‘shock & awe’ of the NEW highest kind with its Divine global and human species Cease and Desist Order. Now I ask you, how’s that for a resounding ‘FUCK YOU! right back final message to all the you know who’s? 🙂

Evolutionary Ascension Is Happening But It’s Interpreted Differently At Lower Levels Of Consciousness

The reason none of the ascension teachers/writers perceived CV-19 coming as the thing that would finally force global humanity into evolutionary change, there’s been a lot of fear, confusion, panic and doubt. I’ve said many times over the decades I’ve written about the Ascension Process that oftentimes I am deliberately not allowed to See, perceive, sense or feel something specific because, if I did, it wouldn’t have the energetic, psychological, physical, emotional and consciousness impact that is very much needed by it. For that reason certain major catalytic ascension events are intentionally obscured from all Volunteer First Everythingers, Starseeds, Seers and Higher Awareness Knowers. The full frontal unexpected impact is deeply needed on humanity as it’s an aspect of the thing itself.

Wars old and new, mass shootings and everything else haven’t been enough to push humanity to higher levels, but this 2020 Phase 2 pandemic is. Is it real? Absolutely. Is it a man-made lab created virus? No but humans created it. Who did or didn’t do whatever isn’t the point in Phase 2 of the Ascension Process. At higher levels CV-19 could be thought of as more NEW Ascension Process symptoms caused by the NEW code templates and energies having been installed on and within ascending Earth the past two years. I’ve heard a few people on TV last week describe their CV-19 symptoms EXACTLY like what severe AP symptoms feel like. EXACTLY.

Is CV-19 deadly? Absolutely, and for many people it’s a fast way to quickly exit their physical bodies because they’re in Phase 2 and don’t want to continue with the Ascension Process any further. They don’t want to go through the Separation of Worlds in body, they want out of all things ascension. For those many people around the world that do not want to remain in their physical bodies and go through Phase 2 of the Ascension Process, this pandemic is better than say getting killed by a hit-&-run driver which has been an epidemic itself for years in certain locations! CV-19 is for many people around the world a faster option than dying from say a drug overdose or cancer or heart disease or anything else that takes more time. This Phase 2 pandemic is doing a lot on a lot of different levels for a lot of different reasons. From lower levels of consciousness it’s horrific with a high death rate. From higher levels of consciousness it is Phase 2 of the Ascension Process and one potent physical way for people that want out can quickly exit, and for other people it’s about the activation of their hearts and eventually their HighHearts.

CV-19 is for so many a massive pain in the ass because it’s totally shutdown their old patriarchal reality, addictions, habits, routines, pleasures like sports, socializing, getting drunk and/or high with other people, going and doing any damned thing they want anywhere around the world no matter what. How dare anything interrupt corrupt sports! How dare anything interrupt corrupt government? How dare anything interrupt corrupt patriarchal reality? How dare anything interrupt corrupt corporations? Banks? Wall street? Ego-based socializing? How dare anything interfere with old corrupt patriarchal global reality and all of its systems and structures?

That’s why this had to be a pandemic. Nothing else would shut the entire old corrupt patriarchal world and humanity down this quickly other than an invisible nasty virus that can be deadly and spread everywhere super fast. Repeated mass shootings of children and adults wasn’t enough. Endless wars haven’t been enough, nothing has, but Phase 2 with it’s global and human species wide NEW Diamond codes and its Divine planetary human species Cease and Desist Order absolutely is enough to do this Reboot of humanity, human consciousness and global external reality. Fight it all you want unaware humans, it doesn’t and won’t matter because the NEW is here and in place and now you all HAVE to evolve or leave. Period.

Old lower 3D patriarchal humanity was intentionally turned into herd animals, into “sheeple” herd animals. Into unthinking, constantly clustered together stupid ego only lowly 3D human herd animals. And they’ve loved it because they’ve forgotten real freedom, empowerment, sovereignty, responsibility and the deep inner strength that being personally responsible and sovereign in all ways makes one feel. Those awareness’s died out thousands of years ago and global humanity have been third dimensional herd animals ever since. That is until Phase 2 of the Ascension Process with its NEW Earth, NEW Human Diamond codes arrived along with a “virus” that will help those who want out to quickly get out, or help those trapped and addicted to old 3D consciousness and reality to become “infected” with NEW codes, NEW Light, NEW evolutionary energies and finally become really free, more aware and eventually fully sovereign individually. 

You say potato, I say potaato…

There’s another lowly old negative patriarchal thing coming soon, or at least at this point it’s a strong probability. It is that in the near future there will be a global mandatory vaccination every human around the planet will be forced to take. I won’t do that or allow that to be done to me and my body. So what’s the “cure” for that? Embodiers, get your Embodying into high-gear immediately! We are the “cure” for that too just as every Embodier living the Embodiment Process is the “cure”, the “vaccinations” to all of the old lowly negative 3D things. No pressure, it’s just ON regardless but we all need to be aware that this is a very strong possibility coming as quickly as those low consciousness corrupt people that want to and/or only know to continue the old negativity can produce. It’s a strong negative in the sidelines so let’s quickly override that too like we’ve done with everything else.

Speaking of Embodiers and the Embodiment Process. It was a few months ago that I started Seeing the solar flashing, flickering, moving about light energies again inside my house, on the ceiling. (It’s just the easiest way that I See them so far.) They not only flicker and flash but they’ve changed somewhat and now also sort of bubble outward, swirl as they flash and are more potent and felt intensely. I said a couple of months ago that, due to the return of Seeing these solar Light flashing’s that have become Embodied by me, by each of us who’ve been Embodying for years, that I sensed we’re rapidly building and aligning etc. with some NEW higher level that’s going to trigger another massive shift in reality, humanity, Earth and NEW Earth, NEW Humans. 

Again, how many Embodiers does it take to screw in NEW Earth, NEW Humanity? Doesn’t matter because we’ve got more than what’s needed and it’s all coming to a higher NEW head some time this year I feel. No fear, no pressure, just continue Embodying Embodiers while we’re all in self-induced and nationally ordered ‘stay-at-home’ mode. Do you see how much more we’re able to accomplish now because the world’s been forced into silence in all ways? You say tomato, I say tomaato…

Briefly because this is long and you and I both are getting tired. I mentioned earlier that the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process has been EXTRA painful physically for me since January 2020 as I know it has been for many of us reading this. This is due to it being Phase 2 level of all these internal and external evolutionary energies and the embodiment of them for Volunteers and now mass unaware humanity too but at the levels they’re experiencing them. Volunteers are not only Embodying but dropping, discarding, casting-off all old lower aspects of self and all that went with that while we increasingly align with our Higher Self/Selves/Soul/Source and merge ourselves with all that in and through our physical selves and bodies at higher and higher levels with greater amounts and much higher frequencies. All that is causing some more intense physical hurting and sometimes in slightly NEW ways to us. Energy stair-steps. Combine this with our ongoing increasing Embodiment, alignment, unification and synchronization with the Sun and more and is it any wonder that our bodies have been more painful than usual? We’re goin’ somewhere with all this and it’s better known as NEW Earth, NEW Humanity. Thank You for your ongoing Service Work and let’s take this to the next level right here, right now. See you in Comments.

Denise Le Fay

March 27, 2020

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63 thoughts on “Recent Attacks & The Human Species Reboot

  • At higher levels CV-19 could be thought of as more NEW Ascension Process symptoms caused by the NEW code templates and energies having been installed on and within ascending Earth the past two years. I’ve heard a few people on TV last week describe their CV-19 symptoms EXACTLY like what severe AP symptoms feel like. EXACTLY.

    That’s what I told my daughter yesterday. Amazing post Denise. Thank you!

  • Hi Denise,
    With Blue Star Kachina starting to show her face and pass by supposedly in the next 4-6 weeks:

    In Frank Waters’s writings on Hopi mythology, the Blue Star Kachina or Saquasohuh, is a kachina or spirit, that will signify the coming of the beginning of the new world by appearing in the form of a blue star.Wikipedia

    Then we are obviously going to be affected by it on all levels, do you have any insights etc?

    Hugs to all D 🙂

    • “…do you have any insights etc?”

      I’m working on another article about what’s going on Donauld. In 2020 writing has been like trudging through mud because we’re totally in transition. Keep an open mind/heart to much more than old beliefs and predictions etc. please everyone. ❤

  • Hi Denise,
    Thank you for always being so wise and spot on with your articles. You are a breath of fresh clean disease free air! 😃

    The last ditch team dark attacks hit me in the pocketbook. Why is it always the money issues for me?!
    I have worked myself into a pretty good neutral balance with most of life’s experiences except money. I know there is a better way! I know it with every fiber of my being. Honestly I don’t know how to ascend or embody or transform through, above that pesky little $ problem. Every time I begin to feel fiscally balanced some expensive thing happens. I’m on a fixed income. I can only save so much.

    Any suggestions as to how to embody and ascend my house and car and etc. past the money pits?

    Love and appreciate you ♥️

  • Denise, I’m looking forward to your article. Thank you! My mom is also a queen of deciding her own “shoulds.” I am so grateful to both of you for reminding me when I get caught up. The most upsetting thing to me is thinking of people who are just waking up and then getting hit with a brand-new list of to-do’s in order to be “spiritual.” I share a lot of my own experiences on social media, and I’m so wary of ever turning it into shoulds.

    I loved your astrological comments, too. I’m a Pisces moon! 🌙

    P.S. Hansa, I wanted to make clear I wasn’t directing any of my frustration at YOU. I exercise, too, whenever it feels good to do so. ❤️

    • I resonate with Karas comments too. After settling into a happy place with relatives Some time back, I suddenly got a ‘should’ dump last week. As the eldest, and parentified child to a needy mother, I battled long to clear issues around shoulds and always overruling my path to put others should first.
      Today I saw a post by a spiritual voice commenting about current times pushing us all to be less selfish and put others first. This would be a major return to the past for me if I went along with siblings shoulds. Anyway I’m sure I’ve come off looking like a selfish bitch.. again.
      I really hoped this was all gone.
      Our lives are so different from others in that what we do is so invisible and inner determined. I look like I’m sitting at home with nothing to do, always blocking or making excuses if other people have ideas about me ‘pulling my weight’ in family dynamics.
      It’s sad that, when Unity and the end of separation have always been important to me, I continue advertise the opposite to others in my life choices.

      • “Today I saw a post by a spiritual voice commenting about current times pushing us all to be less selfish and put others first.”

        The old Piscean Fish are dead, long live the NEW Aquarian Waves.

        Yeah, the old “god poison” as BHClow called it in one of her books long ago, is still being pushed hard by those who are religious, not spiritual and bat for the other team and don’t even know it. Putting others first above self is how to not ascend, grow, evolve and who would want that I wonder? Exactly.

        And I like Kara and her Comments too. 🙂

  • Hi Denise
    I have been exercising daily to keep myself fit during lockdown and there is visible reduction in my waist and belly circumference but surprisingly my weight is increasing. This appears strange to me. Does it suppose to happen Denise in these times Denise?

    • Hansa & All,

      There continue to be people — some of them are well-known ascension teachers/writers — who continue doing old things in Phase 2. Hopefully everyone, including them, will discover when to do, when to NOT do, and most importantly when to let go of the old in all forms, even those they think are “helping” ascending people and Earth.

      I’ve sat on this and more for a long time and it’s been disappointing to me but that’s on me and I’ve dealt with it in myself. So much I want to say about this and am trying to without naming names or going into specific details. The point is that we’re ALL now in a period of honestly, intensely and deeply having to look at ourselves and our physical actions, our old loved habits whatever they are still in Phase 2, and honestly discern if they truly are what each of us are supposed to be doing now. I’ve got an article started about this and related things and I’ll see once it’s done if, IF I’m supposed to publish it or delete it. I’ve deleted many over the years I’ve written about the AP and EP.

      Hansa, if your physical body is reacting to you exercising in Phase 2 and the global Divine Cease and Desist Order, then maybe you should go within and try to discern if exercising is honestly what your body needs now or if you’re doing it because it’s a belief from the old lower levels of reality, consciousness and your own DNA. There’s so much more going on with this pandemic lock-down and economic meltdown and each of us NEEDS to honestly discern what, when, why, where etc. with the old lower things/habits/hopes/expectations we’re still continuing now in Phase 2 2020. ❤

      • Denise, one of my most treasured gifts from you is your dual emphasis on personal responsibility AND ability to KNOW. To not be dependent on anyone or anything else for what we’re “supposed” to do. Thank you for fiercely holding this energy. There are SO MANY “shoulds” messages out there buried in the old. I appreciate your calling them out and encouraging us to discern for ourselves.

        Last night I found myself growing FURIOUS at ideas being expressed in a group virtual discussion that we should just push through and make ourselves eat right, sleep well, exercise, and otherwise do “healthy” things to get through the quarantine. By this standard, I would be utterly failing, and I know I am not. I’m doing the best I can.

        It’s like the more I go in the AP/EP, the less it takes for this BS detector to flare up. I wanted to scream. It’s the Princess and the Pea analogy you’ve described to me before. Anyway, thanks for this comment.

        • Kara,

          Giant HighHeart hugs for that. I needed it because going first is, for a good while, a totally solo Mission. ❤ ❤ ❤

          Denise, one of my most treasured gifts from you is your dual emphasis on personal responsibility AND ability to KNOW. To not be dependent on anyone or anything else for what we’re “supposed” to do.

          None of us, not the most advanced can get beyond our natal Sun sign and ASC./Rising sign. None. ‘personal responsibility’ is my Sun in Capricorn and ‘ability to KNOW’ is my Pisces ASC. but at high levels and I’ll always Work on getting even higher with my energy tools in this incarnation.

          There are SO MANY “shoulds” messages out there buried in the old. I appreciate your calling them out and encouraging us to discern for ourselves.

          Yes, even from those who should KNOW better but obviously don’t hence my growing disappointment in some of those well-known ascension teachers/writers. Stair-steps and how well or unwell their personal energy tools are to date.

          Last night I found myself growing FURIOUS at ideas being expressed in a group virtual discussion that we should just push through and make ourselves eat right, sleep well, exercise, and otherwise do “healthy” things to get through the quarantine. By this standard, I would be utterly failing, and I know I am not. I’m doing the best I can.

          Big yes to the FURIOUS of late, but as always that reveals to those of us who are capable of perceiving, sensing, KNOWING, feeling, Seeing etc. above and beyond this current moment and situation etc. etc. etc. Those of you who can do that are the true First Everythingers and Pathpavers. I am profoundly grateful to each one of you and KNOW when I say to each of you that you are KNOWN at higher levels and not known at all at lower ones. 🙂 We KNOW who we are. ❤

          It’s like the more I go in the AP/EP, the less it takes for this BS detector to flare up. I wanted to scream.

          Another huge yes to this one too Kara. The more one embodies the NEW higher Light, codes, waves, DNA, and does their personal Inner Work etc., the more one instantly KNOWS whose who and what’s what and who is not there yet but continues claiming and acting like they are (oh I could have said that in the way I would have preferred but I’ll be nice. 😆 ) and who truly is. Higher Awareness is Higher Awareness and no one and nothing can hide or BS or con or lie to those who have it. None, not even other ascension teachers/writers etc. There’s that greater responsibility from just KNOWING more.

          Your Comment has inspired me to continue writing the article about this and some related current issues Kara so thank you for that. And thank you for getting furious over the lack of Higher Awareness in some who constantly do their best to sell their lower beliefs and lacks to everyone else. This is a big part of Phase 2 everyone — growing personal Mastery, growing personal sovereignty, greater personal responsibility for ones everything, and greater ability to let go of those old favorite things, habits, beliefs and desires and be able to KNOW right now, minute to minute what you are and are not supposed to be doing, not doing, going, not going to and so on. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Thanks Kara,
          I’m so in tune with your comments here and wondered if it was just me being a witch. My BS detector is highly tuned these days and any views I previously held way back regarding “healthy” anything have largely been blown apart. I eat when I feel like it and only what I feel like, I sleep if/when I can and I move my body when I have energy.
          Like you, I’m doing the best I can whilst operating on so little available life force. I don’t know if it is because I am over 70 but I definitely get furious when I come across some of the “shoulds” being peddled out there.

      • Thank you for your comment. God I miss that! I live in Belgium and believe me, nobody here wants to know the real truth. They love the lies so much more it gets on my nerves and I’m often really p++++ off. We did it all by our selves, look at what happens, nobody seems strong enough to get trough the first mass awakening. They’re already talking about going back asp to the way things were. I get so tired off that sh+++. I know for a fact that things will NEVER go back as they were. I’m happy with that notion. Denise thank you for being you.Never loose your guts, I love them!

        • “I live in Belgium and believe me, nobody here wants to know the real truth. They love the lies so much more it gets on my nerves and I’m often really p++++ off.”

          The majority of people around the world don’t want to know the real truth bluerayfromghent! And yes it’s frustrating and why I’ve gotten pissy at times over these ascension years. It’s why I’ve also stressed the numerous different levels of energy and consciousness Stair-steps to help those of us who’ve been living, doing, embodying and anchoring (aka seeding) the NEW Light and codes etc. on Earth since all this started.

          “We did it all by our selves, look at what happens, nobody seems strong enough to get trough the first mass awakening.”

          Which is why there’s going to be more Waves of all this for all of humanity around the planet. This and more related info will be in my next article about Phase 2 and the pandemic and economic stuff etc. That was me trying to sneak in a little bit of that harsh info here in Comments to help everyone prepare and buffer themselves concerning these necessary pandemic Waves coming this year into next.

          The ones already talking about and eager to go right back to the old lower “normal” ways are most likely those who will find themselves in the Descending Earth world, not the ascending one. But time will tell after they all get hit a few more times with more pandemic Waves and accompanying reality collapsing Waves.

          I love your blueray guts too and thanks so much. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Dear Denise,

        I am still reacting to your message to us, your readership, naming us as ‘family’, some weeks ago. You cannot imagine how I felt, and how much that one word, ‘family’, means to me. The past no longer fits, but yet, there are magnolia blossoms bursting pink, dandy lions competing yellow with daffodils, weeds hitting the surface, and white clouds of fruit trees scenting the brisk air. Spring, vibrant, pulsating, colorful and most of all unwavering is especially remarkable, sneaking up in warmer minutes then exploding in the tantalizing sexy season it truly is. If we are a family of choice, my contribution is not a basket or chocolate eggs. Mine is the discovery and acceptance of what is naturally coming right now, which for some of us, through a window in a city, might be just a few tender leaves unfurling amid the sudden, dense quiet.

        Thank you for your sage advice, seeking council and direction within.

        I, for one, look forward to reading what you have already written, and give my word not to behave poorly should you decide to publish it, or anything else you’re considering. I have confessed many times that I have abandoned all ‘false prophets’ (for lack of a better term) and do not name names, or authors, either. However, this is your website, you are the Captain at the helm. I encourage you to throw caution to the wind, let it rip, and trust that we, your devoted family, need it, want it, will respect it, and painfully, if necessary, learn from it.

        Something light and pretty, like an entwining ribbon of aqua silk, Love, as always, Cali Flower

        • “I encourage you to throw caution to the wind, let it rip, and trust that we, your devoted family, need it, want it, will respect it, and painfully, if necessary, learn from it.”

          Cali F., that was lovely and thank you for it. ❤ I KNOW that the majority of my family of readers can cope with the more harsh information, but I also KNOW that there are some who will find some of it to be too much for them now, which I completely understand and always have, which is why I've done my best in Phase 1 of the AP to tread softly with ascension and related dark info. But it's now obvious in Phase 2 to more people that the time of treading softly with evolutionary ascension and shift Separation of Worlds information won’t work any longer. That time and level is over. As you correctly said, it’s time for me to let it rip and so I will, as gently as I’m currently capable. 🙂 ❤

  • Hi Barry.Thats very interesting what you said about the noise and yes it was coming from the ground.I am near Glendalough and energy in the ground is very strong here anyway but what happened was like nothing i experienced before with noise or vibration.

  • Hi Denise,
    I’m a starseed, volunteer, and first everythinger.
    Since christmas time I’ve been experiencing bladder and urinary issues that seem to have no explanation. Could they be ascension symptoms? I have UTI like symptoms pretty severe, was tested twice with no detectable infection, and abdominal ultrasound found nothing. I’m wondering if I have cause to be concerned, or it could be a symptom of my LBP. ?

    • Carolyn

      I’m no doctor but I too have had brief bladder sensations like a UTI was coming on. It never manifested but the twinges of sting were there briefly. Honestly, with everything that’s constantly happening in our physical and energy bodies I’m surprised more of us don’t have even more strange and unusual side effects. Our DNA is evolving, being added to and reconnected and we’ve never experienced this before so we all should expect the NEW and unexpected in our bodies, our consciousness and in everything else too.

      Drink enough pure water to help your body flush out whatever it is now at this phase and level of the AP and EP. (For decades I’ve kept clear quartz crystals in my water containers to charge the water I drink and cook with.)

      The past month I’ve had the skin on my face and eyes look and feel like they’re “windburned” — hot, red and sore. And the eyes are hurting again because the Light, the Sunlight has gotten higher in frequency yet again and that often is registered in my body as my face and eyes feeling burned for a couple weeks or so, plus the Inner Flashing in my body/me is aligned with and connected to that so it increases at the same time the Sun and any other cosmic Light does as well. It’s all very strange and we’ve got to discern our ways through it all as best as we can. Stinging bladders and burned faces and eyes, pains in the back and NEW inner tones heard in our ears/heads and on it goes as we climb higher and higher. ❤

      • Thank you for your reply Denise. ❤
        Blessings and warm cyber hugs .
        Yes we can do this freedom fighters! 💜💜❤❤

  • Hi All. I had a very strange experience last night.I woke about 2am to the sound of what I thought was an aeroplane or loud truck noise outside.I also thought was the heater generator next door.It was none of those and it was so so loud and lasted for hours.It was coming from the ground too.When I relaxed a bit I was told is the vibration of the earth and it was resetting in a good way.Very strange experience.
    Now coffee and a walk luckily in 2km nature beauty.Thank you all for being here as I read so little messages now and love what we have here and thank you Denise for all you do.

    • Rosaleen D. & All,

      Yes this, what’s going on since January 12, 2020, is THE shift, is THE Separation of Worlds, is THE migration from old lower 3D patriarchal Earth world, reality, codes, consciousness etc. up to 5D NEW Earth, NEW Humanity (not all of them) HighHeart centered world and consciousness. This is all that, and none of us saw that it would happen via a pandemic and forced global reality shutdown Cease and Desist Order from On-High.

      What you heard is I suspect exactly what you described — THE transition of Earth from old lower frequencies up into NEW higher frequencies and all that goes with that. There’s more coming this year so hang on everyone, especially if you are Embodying. This shifting and Embodying is also those energy stair-steps and needs to happen incrementally so we all don’t break in the Process but we’re well on our way now. We’ve WORKED so hard for so long to finally reach this shift point, and many Embodiers have felt throughout March 2020 as sick as some people with the virus. It’s not CV-19, it’s much higher level Embodiment Process. It’s all happening now, not later but now and will continue all year. When you have those moments — and we’ve all had them and probably will again during this shift — remind yourself who you are, why you’re incarnate now, discern the entire thing from much higher levels than what’s being said on TV, and never forget that you and I got us all here and beyond. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Hi Denise..thank you for your reply.Really helps a lot.Exhausted today after last night so early to bed.Take from Ireland

        • Hi Rosaleen, Im twenty miles west of cork city in a rural hilly area and that situation you describe kicked in here sunday night 29th march and has not stopped since….It is like a distant but loud mechanical whirring / vibrational noise coming through the ground at night that is hard to sleep through and thankfully during the day it can be blocked out with radio and daily life…..Just when we were all fully relaxed into ”lockdown” it all kicked off…..tired. com after 4 nights of it…….Barry..

    • I has this almost exact experience last night but at 3:30 am. Super loud sounds coming from outside but they only lasted for a minute and I can’t really explain the noise. It didn’t scare me but startled me awake. Also people here have been asking about weird sounds on a local bulletin board so seems like a lot of people are hearing them.

  • The Embodiment Process symptoms have been severe all of March 2020, but they’ve steadily increased in severity for me and no doubt many others during the last weeks of March. I’ve felt seriously sick throughout March, but lately it’s gotten MUCH worse. It is the amplification of the Embodiment and NOT you or I getting “sick” from any virus. I know it hasn’t felt evolutionary-like lately, just unusually painful and I’m only saying this in case anyone is concerned about why they’re feeling so much worse physically the past few days and/or weeks of March. Please understand too that there’s more of this coming for the Embodiers.

    Hang in there and self-care like you never have before. Embody, Embody, Embody and let your HighHeart led you through this. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Indeed, Denise…I hear you loud and clear and send you Love/LOVE from The Big Apple…I’ve been following your posts closely, of course, and thanks always for the straight talk…At this point, there truly is only Embodiment, and the rest of the story, as they say, is in the details…Thanks again to you and all the other wonderful Comments and Commenters here…

      • So good to hear from you Raymond B. I just emailed you to see how you are there in New York. Embody like tomorrow depends on it everyone because it does. 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Denise and All!
      I got really sick today and thought, “Oh shit is it COVID-19 or Embodying?” Just very weak, falling asleep/napping and waking up to shaking yet no fever”. I have Buddha Belly bad. Can’t even drink water as I feel like I have a basketball in my stomach. Pain in my knees and hips. I feel a little better right now so I’m writing to say thank you to you, Denise, and all the HighHeart people who take the time to chronicle their experiences here so others going through this do not feel so lonely.
      I often get pissed at myself for not feeling or performing well on any thing really and deride myself for not being in a better place as if somehow I should be THERE already (ego) as we are in Phase 2 and others should be doing IT for themselves now. I had/have the apparent faulty perception that things would ease up on us during this time as the heavy lifting was reduced due to the unaware doing it on their own starting January 12, 2020, right? Or, wrong? I’m sure it’s a mixture of both??
      Either way…we shall keep on keeping on!!!
      Much Love to each and every one. 🙂

  • Thank you very much Denise for your extensive discussion related to the question I raised in my comment. So the spate of dense-energy-related episodes we had around this year’s March equinox only confirms that major energetic breakthroughs have been achieved and our bodies reeling from the intense energetic upgrades and surges knew of it all along. Yes. Intense positive eliciting equal opposing negative. As within, so without.

    Now to a shift in focus–

    Last March 17, 2020 while in stillness, I suddenly had snippets of the life of the earth personality flashing before the inner eye: the pre-schooler me in the early 60s boring through a stack of thick books — her crash course orientation apparently on this planet, humanity, earthly life, human emotions etc; the 8 or 9 year old me — bewildered by what she felt to be a splitting into two (good-bad) of herself/her body; the teenager and young adult me and their encounters with fear and inexplicable human acts of inequality, unfairness, betrayal; many scenes of the feminist/activist me amidst many women/crowds in united nations halls, in the congress, other settings — as she advocated and negotiated for equality, justice and rights for women and disadvantaged peoples; other scenes that I could no longer remember. This flashing took some seconds then I found myself with open palms side by side as if to catch the snippets. I then Saw the scenes/snippets transform (collapse?) into what looked like tiny particles swirling upward in spiraling motion. So surreal.

    Denise, I don’t know what the Dec 21-23, 2012 life reviews were like although I heard about them. Can this recent surreal experience be likened to the life reviews you mentioned? Or, was this perhaps a ‘casting off” of the lower self (the earth personality?) that is integral to our AP and Embodiment process? I also have this idea that this experience could have been some kind of a marker or a precursor to the equinox-triggered upgrades that were to transpire, but it was a clue I obviously missed if it were.

    This strongly resonates—

    ”As Ive said many times over the decades I’ve written about the Ascension Process that oftentimes I am deliberately not allowed to See, perceive, sense or feel something specific because, if I did, it wouldn’t have the energetic, psychological, physical, emotional and consciousness impact that is very much needed by it. For that reason certain major catalytic ascension events are intentionally obscured from all Volunteer First Everythingers, Starseeds, Seers and Higher Awareness Knowers. The full frontal unexpected impact is deeply needed on humanity as it’s an aspect of the thing itself.”

    I have been told more than once that certain specific information/details could not be divulged to me out of time. I have come to accept the wisdom of this reticence and to understand why, reasons that I see are somewhat similar to those mentioned above. I was made to understand also the reality of “the complex workings of the divine systems ever moving among the multitudes of its parts” and that this renders reading of probabilities often inaccurate if not unfeasible.

    I was told back in april 2019 that “there would be tumultuous, terrorizing fears that will grip most of humankind that cannot be prevented” and that I know what I need to do. Like you or others I could not have guessed that the global trigger would be this cv19 pandemic. On my knowing what I need to do — I don’t know about this. What I know is that one does what one is inner-guided to do to the best of her human/divine faculties and that hopefully suffices somehow.

    There are other points you raised that caught my attention but this is getting long. Thank you Denise for another great article. Love and all good thoughts for you and everyone in this time of the corona

  • All sorts of problems trying to post this Denise! Thank you! As you say many volunteers and light workers have different roles and both myself and a friend have been fighting different legal challenges for some time agains organisations employing some corrupt tactics. Last week there was a profound shift and both companies exhibited some fear at us actually moving forward and getting our cases heard. I feel like a justice warrior (a recurrent theme for me) in this, in a small way mirroring what is going on in the whole world with the desire of humanity to get justice and transparency and recognition of the truth after so so long. Last week I was given an adjudicator who seems like some sort of earth angel in his emails with his ability to see through the games of the other side to thwart the process, and point this out succinctly. I can feel the excitement in the air, amongst the hype from the pandemic in the media. Although, surprisingly many are not buying into the fear porn any longer. Victory to us!

    • Fiona & All,

      Oftentimes because of our different locations around the planet, some of you write a Comment about the time I’m going to bed here in southern California. First thing in the mornings I check the awaiting Comments and publish them, sometimes 12-16 hours after people wrote/submitted them. Having said that, sometimes WordPress gets real glitchy for a while because they’re making more improvements. Plus, it’s just plain very weird now for all of us! Gratitude Group hug. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Inspired to share CHANGES, too. Share my list for others. ~ I am receiving psychic info “flying” around, more telepathic inserts, thoughts shoot in but not mine. More beings helping out now, more sharing, guidance, more frequently, more casually. Thinking is often interrupted. Thinking is HIGHLY warned against, too. Old self leaving in slices, like large acrylic boards. Wounded thinking has come off my head like a rubber wig, a day or two ago. I do not have to think negatively, at all. I have NOT done this in my adult life. Never thought I would. I AM ALLOWED now, won’t try to explain. Thank God!!! Eyes have changed. WIDE open, physically. The miraculous is becoming normal. Manifestation is on cue. Things arrive on a schedule despite 3D norms without fail. Help has presented everywhere randomly, as needed. I have to PAY ATTENTION. 😉 Energy is QUICK. Sleep feels QUICK, like 47 minutes passed and we’re up! I really feel WE’VE WON now. Helper beings are so, so happy for us – so happy, smiling and looking at one another. I feel their celebration. Without negative/fear thinking, I finally get it. I am reminded past two days not to mess with the good coming to me….with thoughts. Again, thinking is highly discouraged right now. I’m sure Denise could say volumes about the why if needed. Also, something is coming March 30??? maybe just message for me, but felt bigger. That’s it! Hope that supports. Has anyone noticed though how FAST sleep at night is, though?!? Just curious… Love & Peace to you, Denise!! (that rhymed!! 🙂

  • Dear Denise,

    And here I thought I was the only one, all this time.

    You have touched on so many important experiences / traumas / events causing PTSD / unspeakable, unrepeatable realities during the last forty – eight hours that I cannot respond fast enough, articulately, before another round you’ve written hits me, like rapid fired word bullets. I need a deep breath.

    I wonder, can I ever know if some or all of the torturous ministrations I have survived were witnessed, reported on, and given to the higher bodies of light for rulings on those who did terrible things to me? Do I know already, just not consciously; do we all know everything on inner levels?

    It is easier to accept the mass exodus of ended lives by CV – 19 knowing the exit is a choice. A choice is not murder, even though I believe the virus is a designer creation, with genocide intended.

    It is challenging to stay high hearted when what used to put me there, or restore me to that place, no longer exists. I cannot be the only one continually reinventing myself, or, pulling myself forward, guessing with braille like awkwardness how to find my high heart center again.

    With regard to a state sanctioned forced inoculation that you kindly instructed us how to outwit, (thank you!), I find the potential of 5G technology even more terrifying.

    Love, as always, and especially in the rain, Cali Flower

  • oooh, I cannot wait to read comments!! Denise,THANK YOU. Came to computer and knew to check HighHeartLife.
    Grateful to you and Eleanor. Past three nights, no idea WHAT was going on. Maybe more EP or maybe messed with, or both?!? Last night may have been embodying; I was tossing in pain all over before I crashed. Then dreams like chicken soup in my head past week! I don’t want to dream right now! Woke two mornings, awful energy surrounding me from what I couldn’t see, beings were flush up against me, I could not perceive them. I could only perceive color and energy, no forms. What awful feelings surrounded me. I could only make out (both mornings) tiny bright white bead-like eyes. Right now, I CANNOT tell good from bad – especially past 4 nights (I have apologized to new super odd looking beings working on me as I wake, for my distrust). I am skeptical of ANYTHING near me in sleep time/bed now, thus I’m like “sorry to offend, but cannot sense what you are up to or what you are right now.” Usually by morning, it’s the “good guys,” but, gosh…I don’t know. Good ones usually say hello, something nice, insert it telepathically. I am admittedly a little shot by downloads/energy past week ~ SO SUPER FAST in and zap and headache and zap and whoosh lay down and lights out and done and UP, lol!!.~ Maybe that was all that was happening?? Collective yuk moving through me?? Still, do not recognize good from bad now. These guys were already weird a LONG time ago, but NOW… what on earth?!? No, let me rephrase that, WHAT IN 5D are these guys?!? Off to clear space…now!

    • “Right now I CANNOT tell good from bad” – Until I read this I did not acknowledge that the same is also increasingly happening to me. Thank you Marcy for this significant observation. .

      I wonder — Is it possible that this development is because we are settling more comfortably in our DIVINE NEUTRAL, LOVE center? And thus we are more able to now perceive and to read energetic forms or energy itself in its essense, that is, as being fundamentally neutral stripped of notions of the good/evil dualistic kind? Perhaps we are getting to be more firmly anchored within, there is less teetering now about our Choices on what and how to perceive and interpret what’s around us?

      Just sharing an emerging insight for which I have you to thank. By the way I love the buoyant, joyful tone in your words, it is infectious!. Hugs and warmest of wishes from this end..

  • Denise, this is the 1st time I am responding on your blog, but I must say, I have been following you for years and you have helped me so much to understand myself and to not feel alone in my experience and perspective. Something you shared in this most recent article really got my attention. You mention that you have dreams about other people in different times and places about what happened to them. I too have always had dreams about people I have never met and I experience, as if I am right there including knowing their thoughts and feelings about what happened to them…I witness it. I never understood why I had these dreams. Always about a traumatic experience of other people. You say that you act as a sort of recorder of their experience,,, a witness. I would love to hear more on this topic because I never heard anyone talk about this before and I would love to have more clarity as to what this is all about. You have spoken much about the psychic attacks during dream time and I totally get that because that has been happening to me all my life. I have learned to invoke protection and it doesn’t happen as much as it used to. Thank you for all that you share! Love to you, Robin

    • Robin & All,

      Volunteers aka First Everythingers, Forerunners, Starseeds, Human Angelics etc. have had different Volunteer Missions and specific abilities that were needed during Phase 1 of the Ascension Process in multiple dimensions. Some excelled as Grid workers, some as Stargate workers, some as Transmutors, some as Timeline workers, some as Solar workers and so on. The 3D physical and 4D astral were huge trouble spots that needed tremendous energetic clearing, transmuting and turning negative residual energies such as worldwide wars, murders, rapes, tortures etc. across time on 3D Earth, and in the 4D astral back to neutral energy instead of negatively charge energies.

      Some of us have Worked on and in multiple timelines for a number of different reasons such as deliberately shutting down Team Dark timelines so they cannot continue their agendas in any timeline anywhere, and also to search for and collect humans that existed in negative timelines and remove them from it, from them and place them in ascending Earth timelines. There’s much more to this one than what I’ve said here, such as not interfering with people’s Soul Contracts and so forth. I and other Volunteers have run Light Missions from the sleep state into other countries to deliberately “seed” NEW freedom Light energies and others in negative countries that were heavily controlled by Team Dark aliens/beings and humans. Very stealth type of Mission Work. The Volunteers have done all sorts of amazing, dangerous, absolutely needed Light Work and more across time on Earth, in other timelines, in other dimensions and so on.

      Back to your specific question. Very simply, there are “trials” held in very high dimensions by Lightbeings and the most evolved positive ET to hold both alien and entities and humans accountable for their actions against humanity and Earth and more. For those “trials” to work, actual proof of them is needed to be collected, recorded and returned to these higher dimensions by the Volunteers like you and I and the others that specialize in this type of ascension related Mission Work. This is why some of us have these horrendous experiences of HAVING to not only witness these monstrous acts against humanity but actually experience them ourselves in our own etheric bodies from BOTH the perpetrators and their victims. We HAVE to personally experience and see and feel the murders done by the perpetrators and experience and see and feel being murdered by them — or tortured or mutilated or raped etc. We collect the actual proof of these types of crimes against humans and we hand-off the proof of what all we’ve collected to these higher dimensional Lightbeings so that they can present the actual events to the perpetrators and others. We collect the negativity and then we give it in this form to those in higher dimensions to complete that Work and dispense higher justice on the perpetrators. There have been many Team Dark aliens and human Portal People to these aliens that have committed crimes against humanity that would never admit it or take any responsibility for their actions etc. Because of these super “criminal” multidimensional cases, certain incarnate ascension time Volunteers are needed to collect the proof so that the Lightbeings (and sometimes others too) can literally escort Team Dark aliens and beings all the way back to Source to be totally reabsorbed by Source. That is a very big deal so all the proof is needed before actions this severe are taken at higher levels.

      If you have any other questions about this topic please just ask Robin, and thank you for your specific Services. ❤

  • Yes, the days around March 18th was quite something. That was when my brother-in-law was found dead in his home, our familiy cat also died, the TV-signals were completely garbled (for two days in a row), the internet-connection was down for almost an entire day, and our country (by the way I live in Norway) was locked down due to the corona-virus-scare. Also I am continuously attacked during dreamtime by post-traumatic nightmares … – enough already! – Looking forward in time; I am very curious about the much predicted 10 days of darkness; meaning there will still be electricity; but no internet or social media og TV or radio or newspapers; being closed by each country’s military while Team Dark is finally rounded up once and for all. – Could it be … ? – Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

  • Hi Denise, Such a great, spot-on article, thank you!

    Love this: “Divine global and human species Cease and Desist Order.” Today I was reading this just-beginning “rumble” of an uprising on twitter: “#startingtherevolution, #generalstrike, we have nothing to lose but our chains etc” Looks like a just-awakening thought right now rooting in people’s minds that they can just stop playing the game, stop going to work for pennies, stop paying rent, bills – a burgeoning unity consciousness “knowing” that we the people are not gonna do “this” anymore. I feel the power of the people starting to rise up like a wave. Like they are waking up stunned, looking around incredulously and saying y’know, we don’t “HAVE” to do this. All oppressive things to end soon. Bcs the awakening people are (soon will be) no longer in agreement with the ‘rules.’ The powers that used to be are afraid, rightly so, the New Day is here now, finally. Their day is over (happy tears). The “leaders” keep saying “we are at war”; yes, but it is not a war with the virus, it is a war with/for the hearts and minds of the awakening people. The war is for our minds. But it’s too late, they’ve already lost. This is their last ditch effort to instill mass fear, but it is backfiring, and turning into mass awakening, mass courage/compassion. “What a long strange trip it’s been.” What will they do then, the lords of entropy, when no one is playing “the game of life” anymore? Won’t that be interesting to see… (bifurcation, splitting of worlds).

    And this – “This was about certain Volunteers having to collect firsthand energetic recordings in their current bodies and awareness of horrific physical actions done by certain people around the world to other people.” Thank you for your service Denise. That’s been part of my mission profile too. Down into the darkness. Things there too terrible to speak of. Record, gather evidence, bring to light, the ultimate undercover operation. I recorded and reported it even when I was unable to remember it. When I first awoke in 2011, I had a vision of certain “people” who did these things in chains, symbolic of justice to come. Funny thing Denise, these horrible things that I saw and experienced, their energetic makeup is changing now as the earth changes, when I look back at them now, they are disintegrating, they don’t hold any power, like the past is being dematerialized by the present. The mass awakening heals the past. I guess because really there is no time, it all heals, past present future. When you think of all the pain so many suffered in those dark hidden places, it is good to feel all that pain transmuting back into light. The way our bodies feel now, like they are turning into light, that is not just us healing, that is the feeling of everything/everyone healing. I had this vision a while back: adult me was looking down at child me, lying in a coffin. I said to her, how did you do it, how did you survive? you are just a child! And she said, I knew you would come. And I cried and cried. Our brave light warrior souls, what wouldn’t we do for those we love (unity consciousness). Go into the darkest corners of hell to help them wake up? Yes.

    And finally this: “global mandatory vaccination every human around the planet will be forced to take. I won’t do that or allow that to be done to me and my body. So what’s the “cure” for that? Embodiers, get your Embodying into high-gear immediately! We are the “cure” for that too…” Yes yes yes w/o a doubt we can halt it (or transmute it to light-filled purpose) with the power of our one mind. I’ve already assisted in doing this here in my home state (state of mind) when I joined mentally w/ the other protestors and focused and visualized day after day to defeat the team dark heate,d angry and strenuous effort to take away religious exemption. They failed.

    Thank you Denise and everybody for your service. Love to all. This song keeps playing in my head – “We are the champions my friend, and we’ll keep on fighting till the end…” (Yay, us!)

    • I love that song We Are the Champions. At my first job over 20 years ago now I used to sing that to all my co-workers and annoy everyone, but in a good way. Then a few years later around 2003 when I first discovered ascension information and a website to write to other starseeds, I would say that song is the Starseed Victory Song. I can feel that victory finally coming soon.

      And yes, I would never want to take a vaccine for Covid-19. Honestly, this may sound backward to the unaware, but I hope there never is a vaccine because then everything will just go right back to the way it was. Sure, I don’t want people to suffer and die, but just like Denise says this virus is forcing people out of their normal 3D way of life, and this will lead to some of them waking up, or others to choose to leave this earth. A lot of people still think this will be over in a couple months and life will return to “normal.” I have a feeling if they allow people to gather in groups again in a couple months and go back to work it’s gonna get worse and force people back into isolation. Nothing will stop this force of evolution.

    • Debbie C., Thanks so much for what you wrote regarding heading off mandatory vaccinations at the pass. I believe this can be done because I done did it. 🙂 They tried to remove religious exemptions in my state (which was the back door way for people who actually study the latest science to avoid getting jabbed) and I was feeling rather raw and desperate about the situation; it looked really bad. Then inspiration struck ; I can transmute this. For me this manifested as going into the trauma around Atlantis and meddling with DNA for the “greater good”. 😦 It was HEAVY. But I did it and also visualized being super happy about healthy outcomes and happy bodies for all. Maybe we live in the same state? If so, high five! I too have been very concerned about what vaccine might be rolled out for the CV and have already started transmuting that sh*t. 🙂 You have given me even more confidence. Here’s to embodiment. Onward.

      • TY Jen -I dont think people realize how insidious this is, state by state they are quietly (no msm coverage) taking away the right of parents to not vaccinate their kids, it is really bad, 7 states so far have taken this right away. No shots, no school! I have a special needs child, grown up now, so this has always been on my radar. And a college age kid who would have also been impacted. All part of the end times desperate clamp down by the old guard. TY for your service, hugs!

  • Thank you so much Denise,
    I am almost speechless here having just read this latest from you. It is profoundly filled with truth and love and service to humanity in the face of such malevolence. It brings me to tears for you and all others who have been in the trenches for so long, and finally, for myself because everyone in my world is still clueless and I’m lonely.
    Since I was a child, I was constantly traumatised by violent nightmares where I repeatedly fought off singularly male attackers and tried to run for my life.
    Around 1996, these suddenly ceased and since 1998 when I began my ascension process, any type of dreaming, other than a couple of apocolyptic dreams in which I walked through a devastated landscape and knew I had to leave, these have gone. I do however, when I manage to get some sleep, often wake in a distressed state not wanting to go back to sleep even though I can’t recall anything.
    The energies have been so beautiful since January 12th and I so wish that my physical body reflected them instead of the ramped up and somewhat different pains, symptoms and WTF’ness of it all.
    Like you, for years I have tried to figure out what could possibly bring about the change that’s required and I’m gob-smacked (N.Z. slang) by the perfection of it all.
    Thank you again for the articles you send us regardless of how dreadful you might be feeling. You are truly loved and appreciated.

  • Thank you Denise once again, this article really was exactly as I have been feeling but you lay it out in such a way that it makes more sense to me. When you mentioned the symptoms of CV 19 and how they are exactly like AP symptoms I have been thinking this all along, thinking well I have had those same symptoms for years off and on. I always knew something big would happen but definitely did not think something like this and I know and feel how scared people are. I am trying to just stay in my high heart at all times and when I get to read a wonderful article from you in helps so much. So much gratitude for you

  • All I can say Denise is that I have been attacked in my lucid dreams. The best I can say is that I had no fear and laughed! Yes I laughed because it felt more like an illusion than an actual attack. I felt that I was more powerful and had no fear whatsoever. I felt free. I am free. I feel strong. Hoping this finds you well. Love to you Denise

  • Hi Denise,

    Wonderful article that echos my latest thoughts on the virus: I have been thinking that this virus is what ascension flu looks like when it hits 3D…

    I have also foreseen that there would be an attempt to subject us all to a vaccination. I would like a little clarification on how to combat this:

    “There’s another lowly old negative patriarchal thing coming soon, or at least at this point it’s a strong probability. It is that in the near future there will be a global mandatory vaccination every human around the planet will be forced to take. I won’t do that or allow that to be done to me and my body. So what’s the “cure” for that? Embodiers, get your Embodying into high-gear immediately! We are the “cure” for that too just as every Embodier living the Embodiment Process is the “cure”, the “vaccinations” to all of the old lowly negative 3D things. No pressure, it’s just ON regardless but we all need to be aware that this is a very strong possibility coming as quickly as those low consciousness corrupt people that want to and/or only know to continue the old negativity can produce. It’s a strong negative in the sidelines so let’s quickly override that too like we’ve done with everything else.”

    • Thanks for this comment, the Wave. My husband and I were just talking about the possibility of something like this a few days ago, in the context of some kind of mandatory bio chip that records health history, stats, travel, etc. My immediate reaction was a giant HELL NO that will never be inserted in my body.

      Denise, I’m curious if you have any insights or clarity on this or combatting vaccination. I don’t know where I am in the process, but I know I’ve chosen the Embodiment route along with the AP. I’ve been envisioning this as — the higher frequency I hold in my body, the more I move out of a dimension where anyone has any ability to force anything on me without consent. And I have to keep reminding myself that Embodying doesn’t require of me the old ideas of “do this, not that, follow XYZ rules,” but rather increased alignment with divine neutrality, not judging myself or whatever I feel like doing, trusting my Knowing to guide me, intending to move into unity consciousness, taking responsibility as a co-creator, etc. Anything I’m missing?

      Thank you for the insights and comfort you offer here. I appreciate so much your FIERCE dedication. ❤️

    • “I have also foreseen that there would be an attempt to subject us all to a vaccination. I would like a little clarification on how to combat this:”

      The Wave, Kara, Finn & All,

      Like all of you, I will never allow anyone to inject anything into my body. Everyone remember how “they” started giving away FREE flu vaccinations in the 2000s? The sheeple herd humans couldn’t get to their local pharmacy or anywhere else to get FREE and utterly unknown something injected into their bodies. Since when has our (USA) government ever given away FREE anything to ‘we the people’? They. do. not. so when this first started back then I was concerned about what they were so determined to inject into as much of the human herd as possible. CV-19 will give them a huge reason to do this again now but make it mandatory. Now, here’s how WE override that and everything else these Portal People try on humanity.

      The more Light you, me, we embody, and the more the Embodiers Embody, the sooner we permanently alter reality and all else on Earth and for humanity. It is YOU and ME and ALL OF US embodying the NEW Light, the NEW codes (templates for NEW Earth and NEW Humanity etc.) into our physical and energy bodies and DNA that are in charge of reality — not the old lower anymore.

      Those of us who have been and continue the Embodiment Process have evolved into Phase 2 of it too now in 2020. I know this because of what I See daily, what I feel constantly happening in my physical body and HighHeart and consciousness. I’m very conscious that I’m Embodying greater “Divinity” daily while going through the shedding off of my old self and all that went with that. Everyone of you that are living the Embodiment Process too are doing this, are becoming this and that 1000% overrides all lower reality, consciousness, old lowly powers, systems and all else.

      Think/feel this from this level everyone. You, me, we have Embodied and aligned with and merged with enough (I hate using this particular word because it’s been so distorted and misunderstood for the entire Piscean Age) Christ/Crystalline frequency — I repeat, frequency, NOT a person or Master or ascended Master etc. These Christ/Crystalline/Sun energies we’ve been embodying during the entire AP, and many of us have been living the Embodiment Process too, we are VERY close now to having enough of us who’ve embodied and/or Embodied enough Christ/Crystalline/Sun energies AND aligned with and merged with our own individual Higher Self/Selves/Soul and Source in these human bodies that we are the NEW Collective on ascending NEW Earth and we are embodied of Christ/Crystalline (all this really means is transcended Duality frequency within ourselves — we are crystal clear, we are Crystalline/Christ frequency inside each of our selves and bodies and THAT automatically overrides, overwrites, overpowers the entire old lower levels, frequencies, consciousness and so on. We are living ascended Masters who remained in their physical bodies and did all of the transmuting and transcending that we have so far. We have transmuted old lower Duality, density and profound negativity in and through our selves, hearts and physical bodies. We are the Light Embodied now, we are the Christ/Crystalline (clear and internally integrated, unified and transcended) NEW Collective and because of all this WE are in charge and not those of lower consciousness and all that goes with it!

      Can you imaging some patriarchal person demanding to inject living Christ/Crystalline ascended and still ascending First Everythingers with god knows what? Not gonna happen because you and I are, right now today and continuously, embodying and Embodying more and more — which is why seeing the flashing solar Light in our own physical bodies increasing again now is so important and telling. And I’ll go one more step with this and include something Finn said in his latest Comment.

      “I am very curious about the much predicted 10 days of darkness…”

      First off I’ve not heard/read anything about some upcoming “10 days of darkness” so I’m not sure what you’re talking about Finn. What I do remember vividly were what people called the “Three days of darkness” back before December 21, 2012. That belief was pushed by some who didn’t know what was really going to happen back then when humanity reached what I called The Expiration Date. What did happen back then was not three days of darkness but what I called and wrote about at TRANSITIONS at that time the Three Days Life Review that EVERY living human on Earth went through during December 21, 22, 23, 2012 whether they consciously remember it or not. I remembered most of it, not all but most and I wrote about it back then.

      Something similar is coming in Phase 2, now, in 2020 except its about the Embodiers reaching some level of Higher Self/Selves/Soul/Source Embodiment in their physical bodies and HighHearts along with their having embodied enough Crystalline/Christ frequency in their bodies. The massive “tipping point”, the global “shift point” etc. is really close now and we Embodiers and embodiers who have enough of both these things, these frequencies, this Light and so on are about to cause the whole planetary “shift”. I’ve jokingly tried to get this point across in some of my articles by asking — how many Embodiers does it take to screw in (not a light-bulb but) NEW Earth, NEW Humanity? 😉 We are going to complete this Mission Work in 2020 because there’s now enough embodiers and Embodiers to lift everything up into NEW Earth, which naturally and automatically overrides EVERYTHING below that level of frequency and consciousness. 🙂

      Inject us with unknown toxic Team Dark crap? Not going to happen, not even close. So, everyone, please keep Working on yourselves and your embodying the NEW codes, Light, internal solar flashing and all the rest of it including your Higher Self/Selves/Soul/Source if you’re Embodying too because THAT is what’s going to cause the “shift” for everyone. And it will NOT cause 10 days of darkness but eons of LIGHT for all who can handle it! ❤ ❤ ❤

  • I really needed to hear this all! Thank you so much. Do you know, you are the only living person who has validated my experiences (I know I need to trust myself and my own intuition about my experiences… Am working on that!) what you say about the dream attacks made tears in my eyes. This is my whole life, bar a small handful of nice dreams in all my 42 years on this earth. Nightmarish attacks that leave me utterly exhausted every day. Colleagues getting cross with my yawning. I feel like saying “do you know what I went through last night?!” 😅 Plus all the verbal and emotional attacks in the physical via portal people. Thank you for helping me feel like I’m not crazy ❤️
    Your thoughts on the virus are beautiful. I don’t know about the weather where you are right now, but since lockdown in the UK, the weather has been gorgeous. 🌞 The sun is glorious and magical and pure, the air is cleaner and everything sparkles. I have often felt so alone on this journey. I keep thinking about the dates of the late 90s that you speak of, of when we began our physical ascension – the music at that time here (dance electronics, ambient etc) was so transcendent and otherworldly, it was such a special time for me, and I always felt like the music was related to something mystical, greater than I could understand. I was dream attacked two nights ago by a goat headed demon creature (being chased by male entities all my life, just like you said). However, in this dream, they chased me, but couldn’t see me – this was a first! Haha. Goodbye TD. Hopefully we’ll get some decent sleep soon 😂 Thanks again. Much love xxxx

    • “I don’t know about the weather where you are right now, but since lockdown in the UK, the weather has been gorgeous. 🌞 The sun is glorious and magical and pure, the air is cleaner and everything sparkles.”

      Same here in southern California Charzi. It’s rained/showers almost every day here for the past three weeks which is very abnormal for here, even in March. But even the weather seemed like it’s been doing its best to keep people home instead of running around constantly. We’ve had sky and clouds here that we NEVER get but are common everywhere else in the USA. Deep clear blue sky with brilliant white fluffy tall clouds. Even the wild birds have been acting different this month, like they’re in shock that humanity has gone quiet. Diamond and Crystalline codes are so, so beautiful and they’re going to look and feel equally as glorious in humans. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

      • ☺️🐦🐤🕊 Ah, how lovely. I wondered if the animals knew something was going on! It’s all making sense now 🌈🌎✨ xxx

  • Thank you Denise – I needed that– we needed that. You know, the one fear I’ve had since the beginning of the “pandemic” is the eventual vaccination and how do I get out of that. Denise, that really is an amazing article. Namaste

  • Hi Denise thank you for your articles ive been going through the same symptoms as you have since 1999. Ive noticed that women seem to be more suffering then men Men don t seem to have these symptoms compared to women. Is it related to the pain body that the feminine enegiy of the earth has been going through for thousands of years. As women are we clearing more then men. Thank you. Nicole. Canada.

    • “As women are we clearing more then men.”

      Yes Nicole L. It has been a global patriarchy and patriarchal rule and consciousness for many thousands of years on Earth. If you’re familiar with the big dogs within the top TD aliens, this makes perfect sense because that’s what they are — hardcore patriarchal warring etc.

      This is why the majority of ascension teachers/writers have been in female bodies this time, to help bring back Divine Mother/Feminine and the NEW codes and energies etc. of all that. Balance had to happen first and then transcend that old lower Duality up to integration and unity individually of the whole NEW higher octave of this NEW evolutionary cycle.

      The majority of human males haven’t had any “heart” or heart consciousness, empathy or even any awareness of those things. How could they war, murder, rape and pillage with heart? They couldn’t have so all that was blocked and stifled in male humanity just as was female communication and objections etc. Females had no voice and males no heart, compassion, empathy making a very negative planet and species for a long, long time. The darkness and imprisonment has been far worse than most understand. But now that Phase 2 is in play, the NEW codes and energies have been embedded physically into physical ascending Earth, and the Embodiers are very close now to being Embodied enough, everything is soon to go 1000% NEW Earth, NEW Humanity. Not in the next fifteen minutes or days mind you, unless things have been moved up greatly (nothing would surprise me at this point in all this!) but soon. Because of all these things and especially the now enacted Divine Cease and Desist Order for humans to stop being unaware, self-absorbed assholes, stop running away from higher awareness and actually FEELING things, people, animals, Earth, the global male population has been forced into starting to REBOOT into the NEW higher human.

  • HALLELUJAH!! Denise, everything you have said is exactly what I have been feeling, experiencing and having a deep KNOWING of but I couldn’t put it all together so it would make sense. So a very big THANK YOU for explaining so it all so I could make sense of it all. Thank you and Lots of Love.

  • Jesus Denise, this article is perfection. Every word was felt inside my heart/Heart, especially the part where you had to feel and transmute all the pains of victims (and perpetrators!) Oh god, thank you and your sheer brutal strength. Bless you, Denise. Thank you sooo much, as always, YOU’RE A DIAMOND!

    Your experience with your nightmare drudged up in me an eerily similar one, one I tried to suppress. One night (I think it was also on or near the equinox), I woke up from a dream where I was the killer, killing innocent children! I sensed I was a male as well. And I remember the screams of the children as the knife kept stabbing them, and I said to myself ‘omg, this is me! I’m hurting the children! Why???’
    Upon waking I just wanted to forget about it. It was so traumatic. And it made me ashamed, but now I know the shame wasn’t mine.
    I’m sorry about getting graphic but your story was dead on like mine and I HAD to share and thank you for clarifying what that was.

    My love and HHHugs to all!

  • Hi Denise,
    Thank you so much for your awesome updates!
    I had a ‘drive-by’ experience last night that feels like it was Team Light – it was just dusk, i was relaxed watching a dvd, facing my window but eyes on my computer screen (no tv, i watch dvds on computer)😀 when a huge white orb ‘apparated’ outside my window and caused me to look up at it – i only had a few microseconds, but it was beautiful… it felt to me like Team Light wanted to check and see if i could ‘see’ them…then it was gone, and i was left with mixed but magical feelings…☄💜
    Many Blessigs all!💫💜🌹

    • Amazing spot-on piece. And yes, the attacks are underway. Shouted one off the front porch earlier today. The hostess of an eight hour long Coronavirus party. “Get thee hence, Satan” and all that. They know the light is about to have them on the run.

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