2020 Lock-down & Shift

As usual I’ve needed some time to live this myself from different levels plus work my way through, in this case, all the stuff that humanity has been pushing out about the pandemic and economic shutdown and all else.

Every month since January 2020 I’ve felt increasingly sick with more body aches and pains, really bad headache for three months, pain in my lungs, and constant NEW inner tones in my left ear. January was rough, February was worse and March was so severe that, if I didn’t know better, I would have believed I had COVID-19 since January and it peaked throughout March 2020. I was that sick in March and had almost all of the pandemic symptoms. And yet I did not have it. What I and many of you reading this have had was a severe case of Phase 2 Ascension Flu — aka a severe case of embodying more NEW Diamond codes and NEW DNA.

I’ve found it interesting that what I went through physically in my body since January 2020, was almost identical to the COVID-19 symptoms, and yet not. I’m going to backtrack a moment here for contrast with this.

In December 2005 a neighbor in his eighties with Alzheimers, along with his wife who I suspect had it too or a severe case of Dementia, knocked on my door asking for my help to drive him to his doctors office because he was having heart arrhythmia. My first mistake was that I ignored my inner sense that I shouldn’t do this. I would pay dearly for this a few hours later, which is typically the way it goes when one overrides any inner knowing about anything!

Long story short, I drove he and his non-verbal wife to his doctor who said he should go to the ER, so I drove them there. Problem was at that time, which I hadn’t heard anything about, was that there was some really serious flu virus going around. The ER was packed with very sick people, many of them sitting in wheelchairs holding bowls vomiting into them in the hallways. It was so packed with very sick people that it took twelve hours before this old man was even seen by someone in the ER. After that he was admitted to the hospital.

I waited with the two of them in a packed ER waiting room — huge mistake — for four hours and did my absolute best to keep as potent of a energy field of protection around me as I could. But, after four hours of my sitting in that physical and etheric infestation, I had to leave them and go home to take care of my elderly mom. Within hours, only hours later that night I began getting very sick, and of course eventually my mom caught it from me so we both were sick with it.

As a kid I had all the normal childhood illnesses, and as an adult I often got lengthy head and chest “colds” that weren’t really colds but the result of something getting past my auric field and “infecting” me etherically. It would typically take me three months to recover from these types of etheric invasions. Point is that I’ve been sick many times over the decades, but I’d never had anything like what I caught in December 2005 in that ER waiting room.

Since the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic began, I’ve read some about Coronavirus and SARS and learned that that was probably what I caught in December 2005 in the ER. I’ve never had my lungs feel like they were on fire and had my breathing restricted as I did with it. Pain and sickness is one thing but not being able to get enough oxygen into your lungs, which feel like they’re on fire constantly, is a very different situation. I did not share this personal December 2005 SARS experience to scare anyone. I did it to point out the glaring differences between COVID-19 which is being called Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, and Phase 2 ascension embodiment symptoms. Phase 1 higher and lower and now Phase 2 higher and lower.

Throughout Phase 1 of the physical level, biological and energetic Ascension Process — 1998-1999 through the end of 2019 — the Volunteer Wave Groups have almost constantly had what we’ve come to call Ascension Flu. It’s always felt like mild to moderate flu but one never actually comes down with physical flu because it was and still is in Phase 2 energetic, not a physical virus. I, like many of you can tell after twenty-one years of living and embodying, if the Sun is transmitting solar flares or solar winds or CMEs based entirely on how our physical body reacts to whatever the Sun is doing. For me, solar winds and magnetic changes cause my physical body to experience more intense and painful Ascension Flu body aches, low fever, head pains and pressures, chills and so on. That was Phase 1 however and we’re now in Phase 2 and things are much higher in frequency, intensity and potency.

During March 2020 while I was very sick all month from embodying more NEW DNA and Diamond codes and energies etc., I clairvoyantly Saw an image sort of like this one above. What I Saw was in profile somewhat like this image but it had a very long line of living people walking up to a huge portal and without hesitation entering it and immediately coming out the other side of it. They all were silent, calm, unhurried and not in fear or panic whatsoever. There were millions of them steadily, silently and calmly walking in single-line towards this huge portal and effortlessly passing through it to the other side. Makes your HighHeart swell.

This March 2020 Phase 2 vision represents the Shift, the Crossing-over from the old Earth world and all that went with it to the ascending NEW Earth world and all that comes with it. And it is happening right now and has been since January 12, 2020 and will continue for many, many years.

This vision was not about people dying and leaving but about living people leaving the old lower Earth world for the ascending NEW Earth world, whether they’re consciously aware of it or not doesn’t matter. They’re the humans that are currently ready to evolve out of where they’ve been into a higher state, frequency, level of consciousness and being and external Earth world and reality. This huge portal was an energetic evolutionary threshold Shift Cross-over point in Phase 2 because that’s where things are at now in 2020 and beyond.

Another thing I’ve been Seeing since January 2020 with higher awareness and vision is a bit more difficult to describe, mainly because it’s always moving, unfolding and expanding from one state and level to another higher, more complex one.

This vision contained many of the NEW iridescent pastel and rich gemstone colored trinity triangle codes and DNA. In this vision certain different sides of these trinity triangles would suddenly drop down one triangular side like cellular division, then another would do this and another and on and on. What had looked to me since they first manifested in (oh dear god, time and memory!), December 2018 was now in early 2020 evolving into something that’s constantly moving and expanding by dropping one of its triangular sides to produce more NEW complex and higher levels of these trinity codes and higher frequency human DNA.

Again, Phase 1 higher and lower evolution and diseases etc., and now in Phase 2 (January 2020 through?) much higher and much lower evolution and diseases etc. to more quickly move those people ready to be moved up, up, and more quickly move people not ready elsewhere and/or out via physical death. This is so complex what’s happening now in Phase 2, because it’s evolution ascension and migration and it’s simultaneously the opposite of all that and more. Humanity has never all been at the same developmental level as all other humans and the Ascension Process  and Cross-over Separation of Worlds Shift is now more clearly than ever before throughout Phase 1, blatantly visible to far more people.

As I’ve said before about this Phase 2 2020 and beyond pandemic and reality shutdown is about quickly forcing global humanity to abide by the Divine Cease and Desist Order which is the only thing that would suddenly force global humanity out of the, out of their personal individual daily habits, actions, beliefs, expectations and so on. For massive numbers of unaware humans around the world, this mandatory ‘Stay-at-home’ rule is forcing them — most for the first time in their entire lives — to stop running around faster and faster and faster in ever compressing ascension caused linear time and sit alone and not be able to run away and do something, go somewhere, sidetrack themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually with some old familiar lower patriarchal world crap. It is forcing humanity to slow down and feel, think, reflect, consider life and death and the state of the world and so on.

The Ascension Process has been constantly and steadily seemingly speeding up linear time, which is really higher and higher frequencies and consciousness. But, to the unaware, linear time has had them running around like their hair has been on fire throughout Phase 1. This had to and has reached the breaking point which really is the Separation point, the Shift and migrate point, the get in the line for the huge portal point because people cannot go any faster. And so in comes the Divine Cease and Desist Order making humanity everywhere stop moving much of anywhere physically but start moving a lot more internally. Nothing like a pandemic to slow unaware idiots down, start activating human HighHearts, get them to feel emotionally things many of them have never felt before in their entire lives. Remove humans ability to constantly distract themselves by physically running around like chickens with their heads cut off all the time and they are starting to experience no time, timeless Now Moment moments which is helping them energetically to exit, transition, shift from old lower levels and states of being and consciousness up into higher and more complex ones. 

Throughout Phase 1 we Volunteers living and embodying the Ascension Process first had to voluntarily isolate ourselves and stay-at-home because we were so sick and in such pain for so long and it hurt even more when we’d leave our higher vibrating homes to go grocery shopping or do anything else we had. We’d get back home and need to recuperate for hours or days from having gone back down energetically into the old lower world to buy food and toilet paper. Phase 2 ascension shoe is now on the other foot. 🙂

Throughout Phase 1 the Volunteers have also learned how to increasingly become more sovereign in all ways. Our old friendships and relationships ended the farther into the Ascension Process we went. This and all the other natural evolutionary ascension things forced us into greater self-sovereignty energetically, physically, mentally and emotionally. We’ve had to, due to our necessary isolation since 1998-1999, learn how to evolve from being totally external in all ways and parasitic to totally internal and personally sovereign and self-Source connected. Phase 2 has forced global humanity to begin this shift from being totally focused and dependent externally to learning how to become increasingly more self-sovereign, self-contained, personally responsible, and most importantly empowered individually. Out of that a whole lot more NEW trinity triangles will drop and expand into more and higher NEW consciousness and DNA.

There were dozens and dozens of other things I’d planned on saying in this article but as more ascension teachers/writers and Volunteers are discovering in Phase 2, the best laid plans haven’t been what’s needed at this time. Be willing to change much more and to sit in this time of very important isolation and separation so you can hold this current space and frequency of massive shift, separation, migration, and accelerated Embodiment Process for those living it. Learn to KNOW when the majority of you is needed in the physical dimension, not elsewhere, to help it and those in it to go through this and other coming Phase 2 Great Shifts. Sometimes our greatest, highest energy and spiritual Works are done in the physical dimension holding the higher space and pointing out where to get inline for the huge portal if ready for that. Volunteers, you’ll KNOW when this phase of your, our Work eases up and we can get more involved in other dimensions and layers once again. But for now it’s us who’ve put on physical bodies and lived and embodied throughout Phase 1 that are the ones holding space for humanity whose ready to make the shift and separate entirely from the old lower world and walk through the huge portal to the NEW other side.

To be continued in Comments.


April 8, 2020

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33 thoughts on “2020 Lock-down & Shift

  • Hi Denise, thanks for all your recent posts and continual service 🙏🏽✨❤️ So grateful for this space!!! 🙏🏽🤗 I have wanted so many times to share and write, but each time nothing came or too much came haha! So many things happening all at once on so many levels and dimensions, a lot to move through, good job we are all at home to embody and process all that has come through!

    I have had numerous severe ET astral attacks this month! And some weird half bred demonic things that have been appearing (sorry to be graphic!) on top of working through a lot of my own stuff that has been coming to light for me! Just wanted to connect and send my thanks and love ❤️✨

  • Good morning Denise, Hope you’re doing okay. The energy has been intense, to put it mildly. I can barely stay on my feet. Do you know that Rise of Skywalker is available to rent now? Beautiful cinematography and on-point message. It’s about what you’ve been saying all along: we beat (or more correctly, balance) the dark by Embodying/Integrating (Male, Female, Mother, Father, Source/Unity Consciousness). And as you’ve said, this movie came out at the perfect time. NOW is the time to turn up our LIGHT as much as we can, and then some more. (We are the lightsabers!) Love to all.

    (ps: I feel like this movie is code-loaded: I cried through a lot of it.)

    PPS -Rey (the heroine in this last Star Wars movie) means king, which relates to the Celia Fenn channeling you posted.

    • “Do you know that Rise of Skywalker is available to rent now? Beautiful cinematography and on-point message. It’s about what you’ve been saying all along: we beat (or more correctly, balance) the dark by Embodying/Integrating (Male, Female, Mother, Father, Source/Unity Consciousness).”

      Thanks debbie c. for saying that, I hope more people honestly get it in Phase 2.

      The only thing I would add is that by our dealing with the last and absolute bottom of the global barrel dredges of old lower Duality internally and externally, we then are energetically and vibrationally able to transcend it, transcend old lower Duality frequency and all that went with it. The entire world is in this Grand Process now in Phase 2 of the AP. That’s probably the most important sentence I’ve ever written.

      I haven’t seen Rise of Skywalker yet but noticed it’s available now. I very much want to see and feel it but I already know I’ll cry from my HighHeart which will cause other wonderful EP type things to happen in me. I’ll wait until old lower world and consciousness Easter is over however. And, that’s a huge yes about Celia Fenn’s AA Michael channeling and all this. The last two sentences in it were THE most important of the whole message.

      “For YOU are the New King/Queen that is being birthed on the New Earth timeline.

      YOU are the Resurrection and the Truth and the Way.”

      Indeed we are. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • “For YOU are the New King/Queen that is being birthed on the New Earth timeline.

        YOU are the Resurrection and the Truth and the Way.”

        Yes Denise, beautiful and foundational. I say similar to myself often, especially when I am feeling rattled by this intense energy: I Am God’s Light, Truth, Hope, Freedom, Sovereignty, Abundance, Compassion, Grace, Love (and on and on I go; helps me feel centered again, and anchors the NEW).

        Thought this Rumi poem would be a nice complement if you’d like to share. Just like the Star Wars movie, it feels like a love letter to Light Workers:


        You come to us
        from another world

        From beyond the stars
        and void of space.
        Transcendent, Pure,
        Of unimaginable beauty,
        Bringing with you
        the essence of love

        You transform all
        who are touched by you.
        Mundane concerns,
        troubles, and sorrows
        dissolve in your presence,
        Bringing joy
        to ruler and ruled
        To peasant and king

        You bewilder us
        with your grace.
        All evils
        transform into

        You are the master alchemist.

        You light the fire of love
        in earth and sky
        in heart and soul
        of every being.

        Through your love
        existence and nonexistence merge.
        All opposites unite.
        All that is profane
        becomes sacred again.


  • Oh my Denise! Your description of the triangular sections unfolding and dividing (into higher dimensions or planes) reminded me deeply and intuitively of a talk by the Quantum Gravity Research group on the E8 lattice as the underpinning quantum unit of our reality, incredible to see that reflected in your work as well, and so vividly described. Thank you! Came to read about ascension sx and instead had my head exploded by that little tidbit!

    • Eric,

      I can’t even tell you how much I wanted to be able to visually show my readers exactly what I’ve been Seeing with Higher Vision/Awareness. It’s beautiful of course but I was surprised to See these NEW trinity triangle (not the old lower frequency and consciousness duality energies/templates) energies/templates for NEW Earth, NEW Humanity change from how they had been since I first Saw them in December 2018, to how they’re now in 2020 moving, growing, expanding etc. by dropping one triangle side and it instantly becoming more new ones, like cellular division on this higher 6D, sixth dimensional geometric-like “morphic” energy state where many templates exist at that particular state, frequency, dimension and level. So beautiful and perfect but it did surprise me when I first Saw it. That will teach me! 😉 Energy stair-steps always.

      There’s some of us female ascension teachers/writers that personally experience, See, feel, live and embody and Embody what you talked about in your Comment. It’s hard for me to grasp in left-brained terms and always has been, but once I’ve experienced some of “it”, I can more easily understand and relate to things like what you’ve mentioned. Barbara Hand Clow was great at this and her books reflect that. Anyway, thanks for that and I’m so glad I was able to explode you head just a bit. 🙂 ❤

  • I’m suddenly surrounded by big bands of multi-colored lights; I’m dizzy and have a headache. What’s happening; what does it mean?

    That’s over. Wow. Just like an acid trip. Actually, the colored streaks looked very much like your pictures. Very trippy.

  • come across here “by incident” (right, nothing is an incident). had a quick browse on a couple of your recent posts. besides the sharing of those suspicious virus symptoms last year, I have a strange thought. Since we both had an experience to a new phrase of transformation “this Feb”, our mind (body is absolutely a mirror/vessel presenting our mind/soul) turned very differently in March – it can be an invisible “peer effect” (we are all connected) as we “share” collectively. I have an itch,,, to me, there is one last thing we have to break through – and it seems like we can trace all those from our pasts – and we have toe visualise to change it for the present and future.

  • Hi Denise and All,

    Denise like you, I had the Covid-19 symptoms too but back in late October and had no idea what the heck was going on. It has dawned on me that I must have been clearing a lot of very deep energetic crud from my general heart chakra area. I experienced the deepest aching pain of the yucky sickly gunk coming up from lungs, upper chest, heart, and neck areas. It felt like deep DNA, going back through millennia, human awful dark crap in the very cells of the skin and organs of those areas. It was just sickly, toxic, and gross what came up for healing and release. I had a cough, fever, and headache as well during that time and was laid out for three days. It was definitely an energy clearing event versus actual illness as the sickly stuff in the heart chakra felt more energetic to me than an actual virus.

    In December-February, I kept crying buckets and buckets of tears releasing all kinds of accumulated stuff. Makes sense now with the pandemic taking place. Like Denise said, we get this stuff first and then it often shows up in everyone else. Seems like a worldwide heart chakra healing and upgrade going on as part of the ‘Second Coming’ and the balanced Divine Masculine and Feminine . I am now getting major crystalline downloads in the morning over the last several days. The full moon the other day made me very irritable and angry for a day or two some negative pent up stuff. Yay, though, because I am feeling the embodiment of more of the delicious heavenly crystalline downloads in the last few days with the negative crap going out.

    It’s astounding how quickly changes are taking place. I hear on mainstream commercials phrases like, ‘We are all in this together.’ ‘We are one.’ ‘If anyone suffers, we all suffer.’ ‘We must take care of each other.’ ‘People matter first.’ I hear the CNN commentators and politicians saying this. Business leaders are talking this way. Unity, compassion, care, gratitude are the buzzwords on so many mainstream tv commercials now. It is just astounding how quickly all of this is falling into place now with the new 5D energies and structures. Wow! Pinch us all! Is this really happening forerunners?? Yes! It is!! We came in here for a reason and now we can see it gloriously and miraculously unfolding day by day, hour by hour with lightening speed. The old is dismantling with the new forming under all of our feet. So delicious and exciting, forerunners!! 🙂

    As a random aside, I have to wonder if Kobe Bryant’s death might have signified something about the death or end of sports. All of the sports world and public came together and grieved over a period of weeks. At the time, it really struck me as somehow symbolic or significant of something. Sports is all about winning, competing, dominating, us versus them and I just wonder if that human pastime has expired now. So much has expired and dismantled! Sports is the very epitome of 3D in so many ways though. 🤔

    • Hi Colleen, you touched upon a good question about sports. I do believe sports are being dismantled now and sports entertainment such as wrestling too. It’s all old duality competition and old masculine “macho” energy. Also, I know first hand because I chose to transmute an ego(my own) in this life that became very attached to wrestling. I’ll be the first one to admit it’s addicting and takes over your consciousness. I also see the irony and symbolism in the world of entertainment and wrestling that we’re all playing roles here and everything is “staged entertainment.” Anyway, a few years ago I realized I needed to give up wrestling for good some day and took breaks from it, but was pulled back in to see things my ego just couldn’t miss. So for me the dismantling of sports and wrestling is the very thing that could free me of my own ego attachments for good. I welcome it with open arms.

      Yes, Kobe Bryant would probably still be alive if the Covid-19 thing had sequestered everyone a couple months sooner, but maybe his death was a sign just like you said. All sports have been delayed for now but they may never be able to perform again if this virus doesn’t go away. Wrestling is still going on for now but at an empty arena with no fans. Eventually this will slowly kill the wrestling business I believe because less and less people will be interested. Their top star can’t wrestle because he had leukemia in the past and doesn’t feel comfortable doing it, and he’s smart. The owner of the WWE Vince McMahon is greedy and wants to keep going and not lose money which he already has with the biggest show of the year having been moved to an empty arena. So I do believe that this is the beginning of the end for all sports and wrestling too.

      By the way, an interesting side note here, does anyone here know that our president is a WWE Hall of Famer? The universe has a sense of irony, doesn’t it.

      • “So I do believe that this is the beginning of the end for all sports and wrestling too.”


        This is Phase 2 and IT is the end of everything that has been globally. Parasitism as the normal way to live and exist, to make money off of others etc., is over and disappearing very rapidly and those old things and ways will never return. This isn’t just about sports or banks or presidents — it’s about ALL of it, the entire global parasitic patriarchy and matching consciousness and its old parasitic systems. It’s ALL energetically expired and been energetically overwritten and what’s happening now in early Phase 2 of the Ascension Process is all that and much more.

        • Thanks Denise and Robert for your insights regarding sports. My teens were involved in youth team sports for awhile and wanted to since all of their peers were doing so. It always disturbed me and I actually loathed it much of the time. I could go on and on about how oppressive, damaging, and sick youth sport culture can be. Good riddance to that type of sport I say. I hope sport is replaced with a far more balanced and gentle paradigm of personal well being, self-care, body movement for joy and pleasure versus sick cutthroat brutal competition.

        • Yes, thanks Denise, you’re right. Everything has to go now. Also, now that I think about it, ever since January 2013 I’ve felt like duality has expired. After the 12-21-12 expiration date I got deeply centered in early 2013 for a while and realized nothing in duality was worth it anymore. Nothing was really worth separating my consciousness from love anymore. I felt like this game of duality was like moldy bread way past it’s expiration. I could sense this energetically. It felt like “what the hell am I doing here playing these stupid games.” It felt like wasting away here, but then later in 2013 I realized all the things that were holding me back and from then until now it’s been all about “getting ego closure” for me.

          So, my question is this: Is phase 2 of the ascension process the physical manifestation of the energetic expiration date that started after 12-21-12? Like, duality expired over 7 years ago but now were finally seeing things manifest physically? And of course the rest of humanity is finally catching up to us and starting to ascend. Would that be an accurate description of what’s happening now?

        • “So, my question is this: Is phase 2 of the ascension process the physical manifestation of the energetic expiration date that started after 12-21-12? Like, duality expired over 7 years ago but now were finally seeing things manifest physically? And of course the rest of humanity is finally catching up to us and starting to ascend. Would that be an accurate description of what’s happening now?”

          Robert L. & All,

          All I can tell you Robert is what I personally experienced and wrote about at the time concerning what certain unnamed other’s incorrectly called ‘The Three Days of Darkness’. As usual the doom & gloom end of the world people, even those who claimed/claim to be of the Ascension community, claimed that the end of the Mayan calendar(s) on December 21, 2012 would cause three days of darkness and the sun wouldn’t shine, the Earth would stop rotating and so forth and as usual NONE of those negative predictions happened physically, etherically or in any other level and dimension.

          What did happen was what I called the Three Days Life Review that happened on December 21, 22 and 23, 2012 for every living human on Earth at that time. Very few people even in the Ascension community had any conscious awareness or personal memories of what they experienced throughout those three days with their Life Review. I remembered parts of mine and that is what I wrote about. (I’ll add the link to it here.) My personal Life Review happened on December 22, 2012 while I was asleep that night and out of my physical body. There were other things that happened on the 21st and the 23rd but it was the 22nd that I personally experienced my Life Review.

          Every living human was, at some point within those Three Days, given a face to face meeting with a very advanced intelligence — I don’t know what to call IT other than this — maybe Universal Consciousness — where we each experienced our own Life Review with IT, much like when we physically die. But, because this was ascension related and we weren’t dying but remaining in our physical bodies and ascending them too, every one of us had this LIVING Life Review at some point between December 21, 22, 23, 2012. I was given time to thank every person I wanted to from this life, and after that I was informed by IT about whatever remaining personal issues I had at that time. I was given my personal Life Review and saw for myself some remaining issues that would be much better for all concerned if I dealt with them BEFORE Phase 2 of the Ascension Process was reached physically a few years in the near future from December 2012 — our current now time of the start of 2020.

          For me those remaining issues dealt mainly with my mom and not much of anything else because I had already Worked (capital W!) on them within myself throughout Phase 1. But, there were some other issues with my mom and after IT discussed this with me on December 22, 2012, I agreed that I would rather deal with those issues BETWEEN THE YEARS AFTER THE EXPIRATION DATE OF DECEMBER 21,22 and 23 of 2012, AND THE START OF PHASE 2 OF THE ASCENSION PROCESS which I didn’t remember completely back then. I figured it would start up around the end of the second decade of the 2000s.

          Briefly, in my case I was sort of given 2013 off to rest but everything started like crazy in 2014 with each year after it more intense, rushed and difficult as we headed rapidly towards the end of this Life Review grace period to complete whatever it was that we each had agreed to with IT during those Three Days Life Review back in December 2012. All this came crashing to completion when Phase 2 started fully in the physical in January 2020. The rest continues playing out and down as we’re all experiencing because of the pandemic and other related growing lacks of things like food etc. etc.

          I’m going to add here that it’s become VERY obvious who has and who has not done their personal Life Review Work since late December 2012. These people, including some very well-known ascension teachers/writers didn’t take advantage of the years from 2013 through 2019 to Work on and deal with whatever they each needed to to be able to enter Phase 2 of the AP with a clean slate. Now that Phase 2 is here and kicking global ass, because that’s what’s needed now, it’s very easy to tell the people who took their Life Reviews to heart over these years and cleared what they needed to and those who did not. This is very important for a lot of reasons everyone.

          Phase 2 of the Ascension Process is the point where the full Separation of Worlds happens, where the Shift happens, where the migration from the old lower Earth and humanity codes and templates etc. makes the evolutionary shift up into the NEW higher crystalline and Diamond codes/templates, energies, Light and everything else. This already happened in January 2020.

          There is zero discussion about this at this point — it is make the evolutionary shift now or die and exit your physical body humans. This is one big reason why the pandemic has manifested. Humanity around the world needed a fast way to die and exit if that’s what they want to do at this massive evolutionary shift point. Some are screaming about how the pandemic is something other that certain humans created to control the world blah, blah, blah but that is NOT what’s happened. Humanity has been so profoundly screwed up for so long that it’s taken something this huge to literally force them to stop continuing to do their old habitual things, their old much-loved things and so on, even some of the ascension teachers/writers.



        • Denise, I couldn’t find a “reply” button to your most recent comment to Robert L. below, so here’s the part I’m referencing:

          “Some are screaming about how the pandemic is something other that certain humans created to control the world blah, blah, blah but that is NOT what’s happened. Humanity has been so profoundly screwed up for so long that it’s taken something this huge to literally force them to stop continuing to do their old habitual things, their old much-loved things and so on, even some of the ascension teachers/writers.”

          Thank you for this. Over the weekend, I noticed a sudden surge in people posting about whether the pandemic is real, questioning whether social isolation is even needed, whether it’s been a ploy to trick us like sheep, etc. The interesting thing to me is that different versions of this narrative popped up all along the spectrum for who I would otherwise label as “aware” to “unaware,” for lack of a better term.

          When I get still within myself, I don’t feel like I’m being manipulated or acquiescing control by choosing to stay home and take precautions. That’s not to say certain OLD powers aren’t trying to take every advantage of the situation— but I keep reminding myself their time is UP/expired. As hard as it’s been, especially with three little kids, and as much as I miss certain aspects of “normal,” it still feels good to me energetically that there’s a huge pause. It’s been a relief to detach from certain rigid routines and structures and spend more time with my girls (even though I lose it sometimes). The “normal” life is so foreign now that when I’m asked logistical questions about the after, which assume everything will be the same, it’s utterly bizarre and shocks me. I do not see any timeline where that is the case. I absolutely refuse to go back! I do not want this time-out to end one second before it’s accomplished what needs to happen.

          All of this to say— I resonated with what you wrote and appreciated it. It’s been on my mind to ask you, but I wasn’t even sure how to explain. So, thanks again. ❤️❤️

  • Denise, you deserve a bouquet 💐 of forever. THANK YOU for everything you are, do, write and share.

    Also, THANK YOU to everyone posting REAL HOPE and NEW BEGINNINGS 💕

    • Ana & All,

      Thank you so much Ana. ❤

      While I was writing those Comments to Magda and Kara this morning, I suddenly got hit with another Embodiment energy wave. In about three seconds I went from feeling okay to blasted again with what's become familiar Embodiment symptoms of sudden onset inner shaking, rapid but short-lived emotional overwhelm sensations, physical pains, body and joint aches and the sensation that the skin on my face has suddenly been burned or windburned despite my not going outside. (It's been raining here every day again for almost a week now). When this happens I HAVE to take a nap to help my body and CNS embody the latest energies. Obviously the next few days are going to be intense so everyone be prepared to embody and/or Embody much more. ❤

      • Dear Denise, these Phase 2 Embodiment Energy waves can debilitate one, I know what you mean. My worst so far was on Palm Sunday morning when I could barely stand, let alone walk. (Actually, I couldn’t stand up, just lean on a wall and inch forward.) Please don’t push yourself and risk hurting yourself. All who read your articles and comments understand the difficulties you deal with to write them, and we are grateful for every one. They are our lifeline to keep on embodying. Know that you are loved. BarbK

  • Oh Denise,
    Thank you for this… def phase 2 is intense and everything you posted so fits what i have also experienced🙃 this sure is not for the faint of heart, in fact it takes that foundation of years of having gone thru this stuff, just to not freak out when the burning lungs energy comes in again!
    In fact i was in hospital in toronto wirh peritonitis back when sars was pandemic, and although i had plenty of trouble breathing (amongst other stuff) i did not have sars.
    And same goes for now, ascension 2 symptoms with plentiful post nasal drip,, searing headaches, burning under my armpits, and burning lungs, but no covid..
    In fact in the last few days i feel a kind of lovely crystalline bliss-heart- thing that words cant explain, the upside i think💗
    We’ve got this Ascension Team! Keep truckin’🌹💜💖

  • 💜💗💖 Denise
    Thank you. I sat looking out the window at the super moon last night and it felt like the shift had finally come. It was like there was a breeze for want of a better word. Up to that point I had for the last few nights had awful dreams. One was an assassination attempt on me. The other two were not so personal the first dream showed the earth with new grids just under the surface. Like bright diamond white lights. These were firm. But on the top the reality was literally falling apart. The surface breaking up. The colours were vivid reds and yellows. The second dream took place by the edge of the sea. Suddenly a huge wave rushed in and over everything. It was coloured with bands of green and purple ( like fluorite). It was unrelenting taking down everything in its path. Including cities etc. It felt angry and like it had come from the earth Herself. She was angry.
    I am in the group of people in the UK who have been told I cannot go out for 12 weeks. Yesterday I finally I understood from spirit why. I am to hold space as much as possible. I also now fully understand all the decluttering and stuff I did last year which was again making room for the new energy. I feel so tired. But good tired. Like after a long journey.
    Love and light to u. As always 🤗🤗🥰

  • Denise, thanks as always, and especially for the gorgeous visual image of a portal to the new. I’ve felt a new meditation journey percolating for a few weeks and planned to start writing tonight as it finally feels “ready” to come into form. Even though the analogy I’ve felt is different visually (involving a seed), it feels like a sister energy to what you described. Your article has helped me understand what it wants to be more clearly. Much love. ❤️

    • Hi Kara
      I have been drawing seeds for the last 6 months. The pictures are literally full of seeds being birthed into the new. I cannot get enough on the page. They look in places like embryos too. But They too have a feminine energy to them. They feel as if a whole new universe is being birthed. 💖💖

      • Your drawings are amazing Magda and I wish everyone could see some of them. I hadn’t made the connection between “seeds” and NEW growth and what Kara was talking about too. All these “seeds” are NEW Earth, NEW Humanity and the NEW crystalline and Diamond codes/templates and energies etc. that are now in place in the physical dimension, and in us who can handle them.

        If you ever want to share some of your artwork here at HHL Magda, let me know and I’ll share them here. If you have a website please add it to your name/email/website space when you write Comments here (or anywhere) so people can see your drawings. ❤

        • Hi Denise
          I am blown away. Thank you and yes I would please. I haven’t got a website sorted yet, there’s always something else to draw and not enough hours in the day. But i could gmail you some of them or you can use the ones I have previously sent you
          I am beyond words thank u ❤️❤️❤️❤️

        • Great Magda and thanks. They need to be seen and Seen and felt and Felt by more people right now. ❤

          Please re-email me the ones you want to share here on HHL and I'll get them added here as quickly as I can.

        • Kara & Everyone,

          I’m going to add this latest channeled message through Celia Fenn here. I’m doing so because I intentionally suppressed myself in my article (this one), because I’ve been highly frustrated by a few well-known ascension teachers/writers about where we’re at right now within the AP and EP and what they continue doing. I’m just being honest, even about my own flaws which have been my frustrations over a very small few other AP teachers/writers and their habitual, nearly addictive actions. This frustration is on me however and I’ve been dealing with it and will do what I’ve always done which is do IT myself first. They however need to put down the freaking crystals, singing bowls, the computer video cameras recording themselves, the car keys, the passports etc. and SOLO step up and personally, without a physical or cyber audience, without a physical friend, without any AP co-Workers surrounding you, without anyone but themselves Embody the next phase of the, of our Embodiment Process and stop running all over the country and/or world doing old things that are no longer needed.

          And this is why I deliberately censored myself in this article.

          Anyway, here’s the link to Celia Fenn’s latest April 9, 2020 channeling. http://starchildglobal.com/channels-and-articles/the-codes-of-resurrection-renewal-and-rebirth-april-2020/

        • Thank you Denise and Kara. It is exciting isn’t it. All of this birth. And how one comment can be so synchronistic. Denise I’ve sent the files. Hope they have arrived. 💗💗💗💗

        • Denise and Magda, and Kara, you have given new meaning to the dwarf planet Ceres (aka Mother Earth) who was with Saturn and Pluto when they made their conjunction on January 12th. She symbolizes both the “angry earth” and the “seeds” (embryos) you describe; new earth and new everything else being born. Thank you all!

  • “… because people cannot go any faster”.

    Yes, the old patriarchal rat-race could not have continued for much longer; in fact I dont’ even have a single good memory from my previous careers. – May this Changeover be the lifesaver we all truly need and deserve. – Thanks again Denise, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

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