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“I need to tell you a story that happened just after I read your post today. There is a park across the street from my apartment and for the past couple of years I’ve been watching people of all ages come and go to walk their dogs or run races or play games and generally do their exercising. Today a lady my age… very late 60’s… was out with her dog, and a young man, I’d say in his mid-twenties, approached her and bowed to her and obviously asked if he could throw the ball she had for her dog. He threw the ball a few times and every time the dog brought the ball back to the lady, and she gave it to the young man to throw. Before long, it was obvious that the elder lady and the younger man and the dog were so in synch, it was natural. They walked together to the end of the park and the lady and the young man hugged each other… and I feel sure they have never met before… while the dog bounced along all rather pleased with the situation. And I burst into tears and cried and cried because it’s been so long since I’ve seen and felt such honoring from a young man to an elderly lady. Darn, I’m gonna cry again! And if this is the NEW, I’ll take it. Such relief, release, and it could be that I needed to see this encounter personally so that I could breathe again without having to blow my nose! Much love, thank you, Barbara L.”

This is a Comment written by Barbara L. on January 21, 2019. Her story and how it impacted her, and then those of us who read it here, was so important I felt it needed to be highlighted in its own article. Thank You Barbara for sharing what you witnessed and felt from it with us. ❤

And this is a Comment by Raymond B. to Barbara L. about how it affected him. Thank You Raymond B. for it. ❤

“Barbara, thank you for sharing this moving experience…and to Denise, Hope and yourself for the heartfelt follow-up comments. As a 66-year-old male going through the AP/EP journey and reading this, I feel moved to write this and make amends (if at all possible) for any inconsiderateness and dishonoring I may have ever displayed – now or in the past – in my relationships with any woman, younger or older, throughout my life. There may be no greater detractor to deep relating than the feelings of “irrelevance to the world” that often arise in older adults of both sexes as they engage with younger generations, and in our society generally in its quest for “youthful beauty,” anything/everything new and its tendency to discard the heartwisdom gained through maturity versus “factual” accumulation. Stories like this, along with other factors surrounding them, inspire me to continue investigating my own relationships with women contemporaries, and to examine where I still may behave dishonoringly or dismissively in any way. I wish I had been that young man who bowed to the older lady and hugged each other upon parting. I will certainly be carrying with me the warm feelings that this image has generated for me. Raymond B.”

One year ago to the day these Comments were written and shared here. I’d started this article around them last year and then forgot about it. I found it today, one year later to the day and knew I had to finish it today.

Just reading these Comments makes me tear up and my HighHeart expand in joy. This is the beginning of HighHeart, of HighHeart consciousness, of HighHeartLife, and to witness it in another person, especially a male person after all that has been is beyond wonderful.

Last week I saw a TV news story about some people in the Los Angles California area who were doing what they could to make more comfortable the pigs going to slaughter in those large animal transport trucks. The pigs (and cattle) travel for many hours in these large trucks going to slaughter and have no water or food the entire time. Because of this, when the trucks would stop, these people were waiting for them, ready with multiple handheld pump sprayers filled with water — and lots of love and gratitude for the pigs.

Seeing these twenty or so people standing there with pump sprayers filled with water for the pigs and spraying it right into their open mouths was amazing. It was a true “rest stop” moment for the pigs while the trucks were stopped. Once the drivers were back in their trucks and leaving, some of these people who’d sprayed water into the pigs mouths through the holes in the trucks were telling them, out loud in front of a news TV crew filming it all, that they ‘loved them and were grateful for them.’ And that is when I started crying. Not because the pigs were going to be slaughtered, but because people, male and female people were conscious of the fact that the pigs needed water, some kindness and loving appreciation on their way to becoming food for humans.

One thing that always gets me is witnessing an unconscious person or people becoming increasingly conscious of the many things that have always been considered normal in the old lower world we all were born into. Humans have been unaware of most everything, so to see more people becoming increasingly conscious and aware of the suffering of other people, animals and all lifeforms in general—and everything else—is a very big deal. It isn’t about people watering pigs in trucks going to slaughter, nor is it about people protesting animals going to slaughter, it’s about people becoming more and more conscious which means their HighHearts are being activated and starting to be their primary lens on reality, life and all else. It does a heart good to be used in very high ways.

The reasons why I named this site HighHeartLife in 2013 are going to become increasingly clear now we’ve entered 2020 and Phase 2 of the Ascension Process. HighHeart and everyone living a HighHeartLife is what naturally happens when each individual has integrated and re-unified what had been intentionally separated. They ascend into their HighHearts and matching consciousness and start creating NEW higher ways to live their HighHeartLives on NEW Earth.


January 21, 2020

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  • Thank you, Denise, for all you have done and continue to do. I would like to report hearing that low frequency droning sound in my neighbourhood. It began last night (Feb. 5), continued all through the night, and continues still. It sounds like a transport truck with its engine in idle. You have written about this before. I would really appreciate any further insights you have about this experience. I truly thought we were beyond such annoyances.

    • “I would like to report hearing that low frequency droning sound in my neighbourhood. It began last night (Feb. 5), continued all through the night, and continues still. It sounds like a transport truck with its engine in idle…” “I truly thought we were beyond such annoyances.”

      We ARE beyond them Alexandria but unfortunately mass humanity isn’t. (More sadly is that many living the Ascension Process still have connections to the old lower negativity in a variety of ways.) Humanity will eventually evolve out of this but it’s going to take some more time. 2020 and Phase 2 is going to push them all harder than ever before to release the past lower negativity and make the journey into the higher NEW Earth. The majority of humanity are still functioning from that old lower level of consciousness where Team Dark had existed. That whole old lower construct is basically an etheric ghost town now with more of it disappearing altogether every day now. But as long as humans still have that old lower consciousness, we Sensitives will occasionally perceive those negative aliens and other beings still running like a paranormal residual loop in them. There’s no more energy pouring into it anymore but the drag of unaware humanity is literally being hauled up to higher and higher levels by we Volunteers until all of it is completely gone from humanity and human consciousness.

      Anything that’s of the old lower patriarchal world that people still believe in, still focus on, that use as a guidepost for their personal level of current reality are part of this ascension drag on the rest of us Working to rise everything far beyond it all.

      Briefly, based on what I’ve experienced in Phase 1, I’ve come to realize that Team Dark aliens and demons and devils etc. all exist in the same frequency and space. There is no difference between negative aliens and negative entities. One could be under demonic attack and at the same time have negative aliens attacking you and/or abducting you from the astral while hearing these sorts of engine running sounds down the street and/or up in the air above your physical house. All of them (have) existed in the same frequency so there really hasn’t been any differences between these types of aliens and demonic beings. All this has changed dramatically thankfully but like I said, as long as humans still function in that old lower level of consciousness, these residual 4D astral loops will run until there’s no one left to carry that energy at all. We’re getting there fast now due to our being in Phase 2 with the NEW codes in place now. Keep safe and empowered and fly high but expect some occasional residual etheric sewage like this to float past now and then. ❤

      • Thank you! Your explanation is very helpful! I realize now that there are some residual issues in my life that need to be taken care of. Will begin the clean up right away 🙂

  • Weird dream: I was in a hall. On a stage were 2 fighters in a fighting stance. They were getting ready to fight. I vaguely recognized of one of them. She looked very fierce. I slipped out of the hall before the fight started. When I woke up I realized this was one of the many last minute petitions to join the ascension group. She wanted to show how fierce she was when battling with evil. I don’t think this will convince the council. It is a marathon not a sprint! She will be there in the next group if she keeps it up.

  • OMG, OMG, OMFG I just lost half an article I’d written this morning! (Feb. 5th) The internet did something and that article I was working on just f****** disappeared. I cannot believe it. I’ve never had that happen in all the years I’ve been writing online. Damn it, that took the wind outta my creative sails. I thought I’d copied it but it just disappeared. I’ll start again and try to get it completed as soon as I can. I feel you all. HighHeart group hug. ❤

      • “2020 is that kind of year so far”

        Indeed it is KathyF. And we thought 2019 was rough! 2020 will dwarf that in both highs and lows but such is where we’re at now.

        • One of the first lessons of the interwebz is to do all your writing for blogs and forums in word pad or the like, lol. Its kinda like zipping up your family jewels on accident… the pain you feel… theres a moment there where you feel like you can’t go on with this shit, so you do that once and never again! Ever!

          Maybe the words weren’t right before and this time it will be better? 🤷‍♂️

          How bout these energies guys? Anyone want to take a guess when we will actually feel normal again? Ya know, like able to function properly in this whacky world? I seriously don’t even know how people are working 8-12 hours a day in this shit. I can barely drive to the grocery store some days and I’m about 3/4 away done with my ultimate chillout lounge spiritual album I’ve been creating for the last 2 years and I can barely write anything feeling like this. It sucks because there are serious galactic codes and frequencies locked inside these tunes and I can feel the people’s need for them but I have 4 songs to go and a lot of work to put it all together as a finished product. I can’t wait for you guys to have this. It’s for us!!

          Much love to you guys!

    • While checking in to find out how everyone is doing I can mention, because it has happened to me many times, your piece might have disappeared for a number of reasons, such as becoming more powerful after a rewrite, or something more profound wished to come through first, before what disappeared was suddenly lost. There is value in all of your posts, no matter when they actually appear. Giving you a standing ovation, a round of applause, and Love, as ever, Cali

    • Diana, in any other year I would lean towards the coronavirus being another big push by the powers that used to be to spread worldwide fear, direct humans physically, mentally and emotionally, and make some more money off of them. In 2020 however, I think it’s another way for greater numbers of people around the world to quickly leave their bodies.

      This, like everything else, is about different levels of energy frequency and awareness. If you still have fear about certain things then that puts you in that frequency range where those things exist. If you do not have fear and exist in frequency ranges above it and other lower states, then none of those things will directly affect you. They may indirectly affect you through another person you know etc.

      Phase 2 of the Ascension Process in 2020 and forward is forcing all of us who are conscious of the AP, have Higher Awareness, are living the Embodiment Process etc. to be far more conscious of our consciousness, our thoughts, beliefs, focuses, personal energies and what we allow ourselves to feed and support with our emotional energy. In other words, we have MORE responsibilities than unaware people but that simply goes with our ongoing AP and/or EP. The more they evolve (now in 2020 and beyond) the more they too will find that they now HAVE to take personal responsibility for what they think, believe, focus on, feel, do, don’t do and so on. ❤

  • Talking about dream land – my dream scape is so very different, it didn’t even feel like mine for a while, a totally different landscape and feel and type of dreaming and experiencing! 💫🌈💗

    • I’ve been experiencing this too Donna and increasingly over the past few years. It’s to be expected because of all the great change taking place in us, our consciousness, time, the physical earth world(s), the ongoing embodiment and Embodiment Process if one is doing that too now. Short answer is — expect everything to continue changing dramatically and very quickly and physically now that we’re in Phase 2 of the AP (2020).

  • Did anyone else have a particularly wobbly day yesterday?! I had several seconds-long instances of feeling like I was suddenly on a boat at sea! The “floor” under me went all rocking and rolling. Happened at least three times within a few hours.
    Almost felt like I was dancing on air 😃

    • We continue to be in tremendous shift changes which is why everything is feeling unfamiliar. This won’t be ending so everyone expect much more strange times from here on out.

  • Dear Denise and all ❤ ❤ ❤
    I wanted to share 2 strange dreams I had this month related to the beginning of phase 2. The last time I had had one of these bathroom dreams was back in July 2019 which to my surprise had occurred after a long time of not having any of these dreams (the one I had shared about the 3 different bathroom stalls with 3 varying levels of dirt and lighting portraying the 3 different worlds as you had shared with me Denise).
    The first dream was in the morning of January 1 (waking up from night of Dec 31, 2019). I went into a bathroom and saw only a few small pieces of toilet paper left on the ground, there was also a drain hole in the tiles/flooring. The entire bathroom was completely emptied out, there was absolutely nothing. No toilet, no sink, no fixtures, no nothing other than a window with natural lighting. I had also walked into other bathrooms in the dream and they were all clean neat and tidy. They were even nicely decorated/furnished with color painted walls. When I was in the empty bathroom someone from the outside was very desperate to come inside as they were forcibly trying to open the door and kept turning the handle. To me this was symbolic of phase 2 and someone trying to take my place as we were energetically leveling up. And at first when I woke up I thought I left some behind (the few toilet paper pieces), they were clean though. But I realized they were left there intentionally to bring to my awareness that I was in an empty bathroom.
    The second dream was in the morning of January 16 (waking up from night of Jan 15, 2020). I went up a long flight of filthy stairs. This long staircase going up was not only filthy but dark and when I reached the bathroom at the top it was pitch black in there. I go to open the blinds to the window to let the natural light in and I see there was a male sleeping in the middle who screamed as he woke up in shock as I startled him awake. I also got startled as I was expecting the bathroom to be empty. I am a female and I have never seen this male before, if I had to guess I'd say he was 30-40 years in age. I feel this is part 2 to my previous dream half a month before showing me who took my place! I leave from there and go to another public bathroom in a restaurant instead and that scene of going to the bathroom was not shown to me (so no more bathroom dreams!) other than me coming out to a few friends I've never seen before waiting outside for me. We were laughing together as I told them what had happened, perhaps it was a few of you!

    • Prabhi,

      Your latest bathroom dreams reminded me of a couple I had (oh gawd, time!) two years ago now. It was the same as yours in that many of us Volunteers have been, while asleep and OOB, Working (capital W means we’re doing ascension related Work) from that level to check things out and see if any people were still lingering on lower earth worlds and/or discontinued timelines connected to old lower earth(s).

      In my dreams I was with a small group of other Volunteers (that I don’t know physically but do in higher levels) and we’d intentionally gone back into an old lower current time earth world to look for any human stragglers who may be lost, confused, looking for other people or wondering what in the world had happened because everyone was gone. Our Mission at that time was to do a thorough check of certain areas on the planet (other small groups of Volunteers where doing this in other countries then too) to retrieve any humans we might find who were still there even though the majority of the planet was empty of mass humanity and all animal life due to the Separation of Worlds shift that had been ongoing for many years. My group didn’t find anyone or any animals which was very good. That current time earth world was empty of humans and animals so we left.

      I remember another dream I had about four years ago now where this Denise Volunteer me went with a small group to a certain discontinued current time earth world to retrieve anyone we found in it. We found a few people in different places, and we also found another aspect of me who lived in that current time earth world timeline, with my son, but neither of us was living the Ascension Process in that timeline. Color me surprised when I discovered her and another version of my son there! We informed everyone we encountered there or in any other timelines that had been intentionally shutdown and discontinued because Team Dark had taken it/them over completely, that they had to leave with us immediately and they all happily did. And we all think we only do our ascension related Mission Work jobs on this Earth in this timeline in this frequency etc. 😉 No, no, we are multidimensional, time-shifting, planet-jumping, quantum Volunteers that have ALWAYS Worked all over the place.

      Now that we’re in the NEW of Phase 2 of the AP, more and more will become conscious of their multidimensional lives, Work, Missions and so on. This is also part of Phase 2 — more of us becoming much more conscious of ourselves and what we do and what we’re capable of now. Thanks for sharing Prabhi and know that the Volunteers won’t be doing these types of final checks in old lower earth worlds and/or timelines and/or bathrooms! for any reasons because those earth worlds and timelines no longer exist or are our responsibilities to clean, monitor or pick up human stragglers. ❤

  • Thank you for this beautiful article Denise and for everyone’s thoughtful and heartfelt posts.

    I feel like phase 2 is pushing my inner and outer expansion fast. I feel the energies intensely and work daily to stay in my body, witnessing the fluctuations in my thoughts, emotions as much as possible. I described it to my husband that it’s like a pressure point is being pushed down on hard and all the pain and fear held in that pressure point is being pushed to the surface to release. Whoop, it is intense.

    Your stories of high heart living reminded me of something beautiful I witnessed at an event I was at the other evening. I have watched the expansion of the divine masculine and feminine grow in my husband for many years but to see it so openly the other night made me burst with love and pride.

    We were lining up to purchase something and were told that they were only accepting card not cash. We saw a young family walk away as though they didn’t have a card to use. Just like that I heard my husbo say ‘that’s not right’ as he ran 30 metres after the family to see if he could pay for what they were wanting to buy on his own card. Turns out they had a card after all but it was such a gorgeous open hearted response to people we had never met and might never meet again.

    This process is hard and lonely at times but by gee the gorgeousness of who we truly are is shining through so much more than ever now and I am so grateful to witness it, especially so close to me.

    Thank you everyone, let’s keep letting all the fear, confusion go and keep taking loving action to everyone we can. This is the light, this is high heart living.

    Thank you again Denise.

    Bridget xx

    • “I described it to my husband that it’s like a pressure point is being pushed down on hard and all the pain and fear held in that pressure point is being pushed to the surface to release. Whoop, it is intense.”

      Holy crap, is THAT the PERFECT analogy, Bridget. Right there with you, Sister. Feeling ALL of it and determined to stay unflappable. LOVE to all of us.

  • Thank so much Denise and Barbara and Raymond for sharing these beautiful, beautiful words and stories! In the last year I have attracted so many young people in their late twenties and early thirties who are waking up…and their attitude towards me, what I know and how I’ve struggled to hold the light during this ascension process is so deeply respectful and incredibly honouring it moves me to tears! Finally it’s happening! Bring on the high heart consciousness! Thank you to ALL who’ve held the light through the dark times!!! I honour you and thank you beyond what words can express!

  • not to be this dude but I really was hoping for something new, i mean, this really doesnt feel any different and thats hardly fulfilling, honestly.
    Just more chasing carrots
    Still sensing about 8 billion people here, and man, I mightve signed up for this, but oh blah, I mean it. What, we’re supposed to be some new great version that doesnt suck to the universe but aint worth much to us?
    Oh, Great.
    I mean it
    Thought there was something coming, this feels vaguely familiar, with all due respect….

    Well, this whole thing is unfulfilling, I honestly don’t feel anything grand about being here, Denise, I dont care
    this is soo milqtose, blah, nonsense, we had our ascension honeymoon didnt we, few years ago
    this is just not doin it for me
    Id rather be home.
    Just saying……
    Count me out, Im soo bored here
    brain dont work no more cuz we dont need it, but Im personally tired of this and it is doing NOTHING for me, this is just boring
    just saying….

    What Im saying is……
    This eventually, has to stop being a dream and a “prophecy”, and start being a reality, money and systems didnt end in 2017, i still cant go to the “store” with magic beans
    So, Are you wrong? or just”trusting”
    Cuz you were saying this that and this was done back in 2016
    And I think people should have an explanation for the “delay”
    I really truly do mean it
    magic colors and diamonds and this and that, when are your predictions manifest…….
    I mean that
    lets have an open forum

    • Skoop- at the risk of losing privileges on the only place I can speak about these things – I’m going to stick my neck out and say I agree with a lot of your points. The purpose of my ascension process is high heart Love, compassion, and service to Source. I can understand pain and resistance and torture with team dark interference, but with that ended, why is there not universal love and compassion? With so much help from angelics, friendly ET’s and others, why are we still in pain?

      Science has proven that DNA can change in 10 minutes! It’s been a lot more than 10 minutes of struggle for me. It feels like yet again I’m not good enough in whatever way – no matter how hard I’ve worked.

      I did a deep meditation recently to look for answers yet again. Hip pain is supposedly “fear of moving forward” so I took a deep introspective look at that. What I saw was I am living now in a higher vibration, a whole new world, but that world is still not fully “ready” for me. I’m being hobbled to this reality because the one I truly live in is still wavy and loose around the edges. My reality has levitation, teleportation, creativity, instant healing, and love – a place where we can all truly be Who We really Are – and get to doing what we really came to do. Even if this is just my imagination then I’m focusing on making it my reality.

      • Diana, skoop & All,

        Never Diana. ❤

        Two main parts to my answer about this. First one is our own individual aches and pains. Some of them are genetic, some are old injuries but we don't need to feel guilty over any of them. See it, heal it, release it and move on with as much emotional neutrality as you can produce. We've been clearing old genetic stuff in ourselves and our bloodlines for many years but that phase is done. Same with injuries we've accumulated over our lifetimes.

        Second part of this and it's the biggest one in my opinion has to do with unaware humans/humanity.

        The Volunteers, First Everythingers, Forerunners, Pathpavers etc. have been clearing and transmuting and transcending the old lower patriarchal world, its belief systems and consciousness throughout Phase 1 of the AP. We are way ahead of them with all this because we’re Pathpavers who’ve literally energetically built NEW higher frequency inroads to NEW Earth for ourselves and for them too coming up behind us.

        Now here’s the pain in the ass/heart/head/body about this and the unaware humans/humanity.

        The drag, the density, the dead-weight and the slowdown they continue creating because of THEIR lack of awareness, their unwillingness to evolve and change etc. etc. etc., slows down the manifestation of the NEW for us and for them. We’re doing all we have been and still are while dragging their dead-weight unawareness and old lower past everything with us. I’ve never been happy about this but we’ve been overriding them the entire time anyway. The great news about this is that the massive planetary energy blueprint shift that took place around the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction and related energy events of 1-12-2020, fully inserted the NEW Earth’s NEW crystalline Diamond energy systems, codes, patterns and so on. There now is no choice for unaware humanity — they HAVE to evolve to remain in these NEW much higher frequency NEW Earth energies and codes etc. which means they’ve got to, and are, increasingly starting to release the old past patriarchal beliefs, consciousness, systems and structures because they no longer have any energetic support anywhere for them. It may look like they do today but they do not. The unaware humans finally now HAVE to get with the NEW Earth program or leave their physical bodies. And, a great number of them will be dying in 2020 (and beyond this year) because they’re not willing or capable of making this evolutionary energy, consciousness and reality shift to vastly higher levels. For you and me this mean all their old dead-weight unawareness and resistance is now something we no longer have to deal with and drag along behind us as we continue pushing higher and higher energetically.

        There’s more to this and it is that now both things are happening simultaneously and faster than ever before and it’s showing in the outer physical world like never before. It’s going to look and sound like things are getting worst out there for a while because of the people fighting the AP and clinging to old negative patriarchal powers, ways, systems, beliefs, habits and such. However, while all that plays itself out on the world stage, never forget that it’s happening because it’s over and disappearing and that simultaneously all NEW everything has replaced the lower past everything. I repeat, these two things are happening simultaneously faster now than ever before because we’ve just started Phase 2 of the AP this month. So, it’s going to look and sound like it’s getting worse for a while but it’s actually getting much better because that dead-weight caused by unaware humanity that we’ve been dragging along with us throughout all of Phase 1 is now something we no longer have to deal with and suffer.

        So skoop and anyone else that’s still waiting for something to manifest externally to prove to you that all this is real and actually happening, understand that if you want it, then help me and the others build it just like we’ve been doing for the past 20 years on Earth in the physical. Don’t get distracted by the ranting negative people — don’t panic over old patriarchal systems breaking and not coming back — don’t get discouraged by the aches and pains the NEW still causes in your body and HighHeart — and never ever forget that you’re hurting because you are and always have been Working on manifesting everything you so very much want in your, in my, in our NEW Earth, NEW Humans here and now. ❤

        • Your points about the unaware population going to fight and whinge and moan just reminds me from the comments here over the years, we the the thingers have complained about our health issues, railed against the unaware population etc. Now we have the 7+ billion unawares losing their s***.
          It’s bound to be interesting and chaotic.
          Hold tight everyone!
          Thanks Denise xxx

    • I too have experienced some of what you’ve described and guidance was that this is the old structure/ego dying but not without a fight. Because Diana mentioned ‘fear of moving forward’ I have an experience to share – a few days back, we had torrential rains here where I live in Australia. I had to get to an appointment but it was like the sky had opened the flood gates. My car was outside so, even to get to my car it meant I was going to get really wet. My husband and got to the car anyway and started driving. We could hardly see the road but kept driving knowing that it was best not to miss this appointment. However, at one point my husband suggested to cancel it and go back home. At this point, I would keep moving forward but felt I had to surrender giving that my husband was the one driving. In a flash, a scene from the movie Bedazzled played in my mind when the main character was being pressured by the devil to make his final wish. Tired from all the struggles, he gave up (his ego) and surrendered (to his higher self) wishing the woman he loves a happy life – with or without him. Giving that this was a selfless wish, it instantly voided the contract with the devil freeing him. So, after a minute or less my husband suggested going back and me surrendering to the situation, we crossed a kind of ‘ threshold’ on the road and the sky became clear again and it was raining lightly. Energetically I felt we left the struggle behind and got to my appointment just in time.
      A few days after, I was also reminded of what Denise experienced in an Egyptian past life in an initiation with the Crook and Flail described in her book, A Lightworker’s Mission which illustrated again (from my point of view) the struggle just before polarity resolution.

    • I think there is a great deal of confusion surrounding what awareness, enlightenment or the shift might instantly change in our daily life. I believe that if an unwanted condition persists in our life whether that be money, health etc there is an underlying condition that causes it to manifest. Ascension, the shift, enlightenment is only the start of our evolution and will often bring these conditions to our attention.Just because a galactic alignment takes place that allows us to access higher energies does not mean that instantaneously all our issues will be solved. Ascension is a eternal process. If we cannot come into alignment with our most desired outcome by the means we think that we should, it may be that we need to use traditional solutions . This may mean working traditional jobs, using traditional or alternative medicine. Whatever it takes to give or bodies what they need to keep evolving.We are doing nothing wrong using whatever resources are available.. “Before enlightenment chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment chop wood and carry water”.
      Loving ourselves unconditionally is the key. We are the chosen ones we are the ones who will ascend this planet and this reality. Not Kryron or any other channeled messenger. Look within ourselves.

  • Hello All,

    In the early hours of this morning (Jan. 23) I had a dream there was an earthquake. A massive rolling quake and I woke up with intense vertigo. I got up to go to the bathroom and it was difficult to walk as the ground was not where my body thought it was. (I was happy as I associate vertigo with leveling up energetically.🎉🎉🎉) I was able to go back to sleep and when I woke up in the morning, I still had vertigo, just not as severe. It lasted all day and into tonight. I feel like I am fundamentally a different person.😁

    I had to go to the DMV and I ended up joking with the woman helping me. We laughed and it was fun.

    Not sure what to make of it all but it feels like a sign of Phase 2.

    Deep Love and Gratitude to All! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Nancy

    • Nancy & All,

      During Phase 1 of the Ascension Process (1998-1999 thru the end of 2019) I used to, as I think we all did, look at AP symptoms from how we and our bodies were BEFORE the AP started. I would view and express this from that old place of my body felt okay until some ascension symptom/side effect happened. But over time that’s changed to I and my body constantly feel some ascension symptom/side effect the majority of the time now with only very brief periods of no symptoms.

      At some point within Phase 1, most of us have gone from the old pre-ascension “normal” to living the AP and experiencing different symptoms caused by it to, Phase 2 where we feel and live with them constantly with short periods of not feeling these NEW extreme changes. Our entire perspective (and selves and bodies etc.) about this has changed over the past 20 years. We’ve adapted, we’ve embodied, we continue embodying and will for the rest of our lives in these bodies. I don’t see these NEW energies, NEW DNA and codes etc. ever stopping, ending or reaching some completion point in my lifetime. I feel these NEW energies, codes, NEW DNA etc. will continue arriving and settling in within each of us and our bodies and Earth which means physical reality and mass human consciousness and much more.

      After how severe and downright horrible every minute of Phase 1 was for me personally, and I know many of us First Everythingers, what’s happening now is easy-breezy in comparison. Yes I still hurt and ache and feel head pressures, heart thumps and bumps and other ongoing expansions, vertigo occasionally, periods of ungroundedness and personal wobbliness because I am not existing in the same energetic space as many people around me and that feels at times to me very uncomfortable. It’s hard when you are experiencing, feeling, being affected by, encountering, seeing/Seeing and knowing all sorts of NEW greater things and energies etc. that everyone else around you is not. Those moments have been, for me, unpleasant for the most part but I continue embodying and Embodying and Pathpaving for humans now and long into the future.

      I fear I’ve lost the plot of this response comment Nancy. 😆

      Your HighHeart goes thump bump boom and things in your head go pop, push, roll and suddenly you’re not the same as you were 15 seconds ago! How lovely is that everyone?!?! 😀 ❤ Yes I'll continue complaining occasionally about those extra severe AP phases during Phase 2, but I now revel in them because I know that I'm quickly and continuously becoming NEW and improved myself. Plus I have plenty of Tylenol on hand always. 😉 Sometimes now when I'm ‘Lost In Space’ embodying more NEW, I fully and wholeheartedly embrace this rare and divine Process and it is blissful in its majesty. Then later, if needed, I pop two Tylenol and have a nap.

      You had fun and giggles at the DMV! That is HighHeartLife. ❤

  • Hi all
    Thanks for your message Denise and others for sharing. I’ve been quietly reading and watching everyone talk about their experiences and the growth they have had and I’ve been wondering what growth/lesson I would be learning with this new high heart energy. I knew my heart was expanding but not what would come. Then on the phone today with a dear friend talking as we usually do, we realised that although we were speaking as we usually did, today we were discussing issues and problems from a high heart love perspective. Solutions were presenting to us that included forgiving those who previously hurt us and we Clearly saw the lesson that these situations taught us and we realised that these life lessons were now complete and we were thankful. We completely transformed, like we were turned inside out – rather turned from the inside out to the right. The very fact I’m posting here today, would have been impossible for me yesterday as I never felt that anyone would benefit from my comments but I now know that my shared High heart experience is now part of this wonderful love energy and that is enough. Thank you all xx

  • I don’t know if you made it to Star Wars, yet. In final battle scene, (not a spoiler) Death Star leaders wonder where all the sudden back up came from, a load of new ships arrive to fight. This is where I lost it with joy and tears. Then the general asks what navy is this? And the officer tells him it’s not a navy/army. He says, it’s just….”people.” I don’t what happened today, per usual, but wooweee, it’s amazing. People, sky, land, my heart, everything. I was already goofy, now I’m about over the top swept away, goonie! I felt like a balloon, a stupid red smiling happy balloon. I called a customer service rep for a return and the most wonderful lady answered. When we said goodbye, it was like saying goodbye to a relative. THE LOVE now, gosh. That’s it. It will be “people” changing it, being changed by it. It’s so bright, every day is so bright. Real light, love, is so worth it all. Beautiful story, thank you for sharing.

    • Marcy, I went to see Rise of Skywalker ~ totally due to YOU and Denise’s talk of The Last Jedi (which I also watched), and THAT scene you’re describing is where I got teary too! Oh, it just filled me with such LOVE! LOVED the Rise of Skywalker and LOVED The Last Jedi (especially where Yoda and Luke burn the books and the tree of knowledge). It is just so AMAZING to see our story being depicted ~ and so validating as well. Love to all.

      • Aw Kate! Glad you saw it and enjoyed! Again, as Denise and others have mentioned several times, the timing of so many little and big events at this moment in time, is pretty marvelous. And I also find it’s heartbreaking to say goodbye to all of what has helped bring us this far, too. But good heartbreaking 😉

  • Hi Denise and All Here,

    2020 Greetings to all of us…It’s always a pleasure to find myself back at HHL after not having posted since last decade, tee hee!…and for the opportunity to be educated and edified by everyone’s compassionate observations and comments regarding the points made herein. Was it not Gandhi who said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated’?

    As for this article…wow…not because I’m referenced, but because of Denise’s last two paragraphs regarding humans’ appreciation and concern for the pigs’ welfare as they were being transported to their destination, and for Denise’s explanation as to why she named this forum HighHeartLife…

    As I was finishing reading her last paragraph, there was an evocative refrain from a beloved song that was playing in the background…that refrain was, “I’m a fool for love.”

    Yes, indeed-y…I’m a fool for love…I’m a fool for love/Love/LOVE…I’m a fool for HighHeartLove…I’m a fool for HighHeartLife…for after all, who here could possibly feel satisfied living any other way about any other person/animal/elemental of Nature and the natural world at this point in our personal and collective AP/EP journeys??

    For me, the most significant post-partums (used here in the affirmative, utilizing its literal meaning of “after birth”) since the “birthing” of Phase 2 for we ‘First-Everything-ers’ on January 12, 2020, have been the departure of any further need to work on my “issues” (for me, decades’-long unresolved grief has been THE biggie…it now feels completed), and the willingness and intention to remain neutral as I allow those remaining loved ones still in my life to move towards their destinies without my interference or intervention, unless specifically tasked. For those caregivers here, the implications may be obvious…but I state these points of departure here for myself only, so I can hear myself articulate them externally and not exclusively in my head.

    Thank you Denise and all my HighHeart family here for all I’ve learned and am learning, and much love/Love/LOVE to all of us…Onward!

  • i LOVED this….people are kind to me all the time…(and vice versa)….Today while shopping with my beautiful 2 year old granddaughter Aurora, I was struggling a little with the stroller, the bags of shopping and a heavy parcel….I was actually getting close to my car, when an older lady (I am 65), passing by me, asked if I needed help….I said that No, I was okay and quite close to my car, but I thanked her for her kinkiness, and wished her a lovely day…But, it made me feel good to know that someone else could see I was struggling a little and offered to help…people really DO care…I believe this…and I love that you care too Denise! Thanks for all you share…you are awesome! Angel hugs and love, Barbara from Sydney xxxxx

  • – As a by the by, in the UK and Europe there are very strict laws about the way animals are transported. (water provided, and you need a permit to take them any distance, issued by inspectors and certain vets. There are heavy fines if these laws are broken. Also every animal is tagged and tracked from birth

  • A few months ago I needed to get my car cleaned, and having moved into the countryside I discovered that the nearest car wash (which is a hand-held jet wash) was up in the hills in a small quiet village. As is usual whenever I venture out, I visualise my journey and also ask ‘upstairs’ for any help that I might require, so having completed this I set off to do the job.

    When I arrived the place was empty of vehicles, no people around, and the garage shop was closed for the day. I took a look at the jet-wash machine, no instructions, no indications if this was coin or token, nothing ! I looked around in dismay, here I was with my dirty car, full of joy at feeling well enough that day to have driven a few miles to get the job done, and I didn’t have a clue what to do …… I felt disappointed and walked across the forecourt to get into my car.

    As I opened my car door to drive home, suddenly another car appeared behind me and a young man asked if I needed help, omg a few seconds later and I would have been on my way home. He very kindly explained how the machine worked (£1 coins) and asked if he could wash the car for me, with a sigh of relief I said “yes, thank you”. We chatted away whilst he got to work, his name was John, he was so kind, helpful and respectful, and he did a great wash job on my car. When he was done I thanked him once again and offered to pay for his car cleaning (by way of exchange of energy) he declined the offer, and said he was glad to be of help.

    As I drove home I was almost floating as my heart fully recognised how the situation had unfolded. I was so full of gratitude, both for John and for my creation of help (if help was needed). My journey had unfolded exactly as I had visualised and requested – I always ask my higher self to assist when I venture out. I thought my heart would burst, I felt giddy, elated and ‘high on life’ as I drove past beautiful green fields that seemed greener than ever.

    This little story and my reaction might seem a bit over the top, but for the past 19/20 years I have been mostly housebound, not visiting the outside world very often, and when I do, it is a huge effort which costs me dearly at an energetic level. Being a ‘senior’ with very little physical energy is quite a challenge, as many of you may know. Hence my ‘elation’ at having John help me out – bless him.

    I have probably related this episode at HHL before, but I feel that it too could be repeated, as it fits neatly with Barbara’s story. I continue re-learning how to ‘create’ to help me get through this ongoing process, ……… to be continued 💖

    • “My journey had unfolded exactly as I had visualised and requested – I always ask my higher self to assist when I venture out.”

      That is Conscious Creating Hope, and we’re all going to be doing a lot more of it in Phase 2. Very well done you! ❤

      “I thought my heart would burst, I felt giddy, elated and ‘high on life’ as I drove past beautiful green fields that seemed greener than ever.”

      High on life is HighHeartLife. Thanks so much for sharing your Conscious Creating and your HighHeartLife experiences with John. Sending love hugs to him right now! We seniors living the AP are learning how to function in these NEW higher ways because we just can’t do “life” in the old ways. Thanks again for sharing Hope. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • I was in a regular grocery store the other day. I was trying to find white vinegar after a store remodel. I asked several other shoppers as we now have to help each other as there are no employees on the floor anymore. So I asked a young woman. She took her cart and started looking for me. She found it for me. I was shocked and amazed at the time she took to look for the item for me.( I too am in my late 60’s). I was so grateful and amazed at how she stopped what she was doing and looked for me….

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