Transitional Pains & Greater Higher Awareness & Sovereignty

Many have felt some different Ascension Embodiment Process pains in 2018, myself included. For the most part they’ve been sudden and severe, causing many to second-guess whether something has suddenly gone haywire in the lower half of their physical bodies. Many have experienced severe pains in bones and/or joints in one or both feet, the heel(s), ankle(s), leg(s), hip(s) joints, and sometimes all the way up into the tailbone area and lower vertebra in the spine causing sciatica pains. I’ve dealt with this since the first few days of April 2018, and it’s continued into May. These mainly heel bone foot ankle pains reduced for me for about three days earlier this month and I celebrated but it was short-lived because they returned even stronger a few days later.

It’s common to feel the potent magnetic changes taking place in the Earth, the Sun and our physical bodies as sudden waves of usually short-lived nausea. I usually experience this in the mornings but it can happen any time of the day or night. Think of it as Ascension related energetic magnetic changes “morning sickness” for both sexed humans.

Another common symptom or side effect of these ongoing magnetic changes in Earth, the Sun and our bodies are periods of sudden weeping, crying over nothing, crying over the profound beauty, crying over the shocking horrors, crying because the blessed Ascension Process is simply happening. These massive magnetic changes impact some people far more intensely than others so don’t beat yourself up if you’re one who suddenly finds yourself crying over anything and nothing out of the blue.

Other common side effects of magnetic changes are vertigo, sense of slowly spinning or rotating, sudden dropping, rising, tipping over; changing sense of self as a singular entity and identity; head and body pains and pressures and heart and HighHeart sensations as well. Because the magnetic fields held codes of the previous Evolutionary Cycle in place, they also did the same for each of us and our bodies and individual sense of self and personal identities and so forth. So as the old magnetic energies and fields have disintegrated and disappeared, so too has our old 3D sense of physical-only self, our old lower frequency identities, our old 3D locations within linear time, and our old place and focus within life on Earth.

These planetary, solar and human body magnetic fields hold the energy codes and patterns in place throughout the entire Evolutionary Cycle. They are the magnetic glue that holds the energetic codes in place for that whole cycle and all life lived throughout it, so when we enter the completion phase of an Evolutionary Cycle such as what we’ve been living in these incarnations, these magnetic changes begin because the old Evolutionary Cycles energies and matching codes have reached their Expiration Dates and start reducing and eventually disappear altogether. This has been unfolding since 1998–1999, because we’ve been in this cuspal stage of transitions out of the old Evolutionary Cycle with its matching energies and codes while simultaneously evolving, ascending into the NEW Evolutionary Cycle with its matching NEW higher frequency energies and codes within a higher dimension within a higher Universal octave or level.

The old lower everything has wound down all these laborious AP decades while the Forerunners helped transmute and clear out copious amounts of residual negativity and density from the expiring old cycle on multiple dimensions while simultaneously Embodying increasing amounts of the NEW Evolutionary Cycle’s NEW energies and matching codes in their physical bodies and selves.

For all this and more to happen, the old 3D magnetic fields and codes had to expire and diminish over time and eventually be completely replaced by NEW more complex higher frequency magnetic energies and fields. That sentence sounds so simple and easy but as many of us know, living it in our physical bodies as First Everything-ers has been anything but! As the old magnetic energies and fields have reduced and disappeared, so too has our old physical identities, sense of self, locations we’ve called “home” within these current incarnations on Earth, and our awareness of ourselves and “reality” within 3D linear time. The old magnetic fields that held everything of the earlier Evolutionary Cycle in place are gone and have been replaced with NEW magnetic fields in ascending Earth, the Sun and in our physical bodies. This is easily felt in 2018 by those who’ve been involved with the AP all along, but to the unaware, it must feel like their only reality and sense of self and very lives are rapidly disappearing under their feet. And because these changes are increasingly obvious to the unaware people in 2018, their lower ego-based fears are front and center and squarely aimed at anyone who may possibly cause them more fear—work, worry, stress, effort, time, cost, focus, energy etc.—over anything than they already have.

The Dark, in all its many forms, has nowhere to hide anymore because there’s nothing left now but Light with more of it coming in and of higher and higher frequencies every day. This long-awaited shift change is causing all people’s fears—large and small—to instantly be easily seen, felt and recognized by more and more people. There’s nowhere to hide your/my/our fears and darkness anymore like in the bad old days of the precious cycle. This is happening multiple times every day for most everyone now in 2018; honest clear and in-your-face awareness of other people’s (and your own) remaining fears and anything else of a lower frequency that they/you/me are still clutching and hauling around in all this NEW Light. To do so hurts, is burdensome, repulsive, embarrassing and none of it goes with your outfit… 🙄

People are scared, on edge and ready to attack over the smallest of things because the NEW magnetic energies holding the NEW codes and patterns are unfamiliar to them and all the old familiar 3D patriarchal stuff, even though completely negative, not being available is terrifying to unaware people who don’t have a clue about what’s going on and why. There’s two distinct and easily seen and felt groups of people in 2018; those whose hearts have or are being activated to evolve now which produces compassion, honesty, openness, integrity and increasing inner strength, stability and individual sovereignty — and those still existing in the old lower frequency and consciousness range where ego was god, fear was food, and control over others was mandatory. What a thing to co-exist with for the time being, with eyes-wide-open and HighHeart flowing and dip into, move through and not be damaged or unbalanced by any of the lower frequency people and fear-based consciousness they still have and then leave and go back up into the NEW.

This article is nothing like what I’d intended but I’m going to let it ride anyway because who knows. Point is that big change continues in all ways on all levels and dimensions both internally and externally. As your NEW sense of Self continues to expand and evolve into something more NEW every few days, be glad and proud and stay open to even more NEW in you and You and YOU as all that continues to align into something NEW too. ❤

Denise Le Fay

May 20, 2018


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46 thoughts on “Transitional Pains & Greater Higher Awareness & Sovereignty

  • I know I’m a bit behind to be commenting on this article, but I’m compelled to share this as I’ve not found any information anywhere about this particular experience (symptom) I been going through. Since earlier this year, I’ve noticed (and that’s sorta putting it lightly) my sex drive has heightened. Significantly. And, without putting too fine a point on it, my sexual interests have broadened quite a bit along with it. Now, for the record, I’m a 49 year guy and I’m quite aware of who I am. Have been since my twenties. I know my routine, so to speak. Lately though, Wow!

    I apologize if this causes anyone to be uncomfortable. I’m only curious to know if anyone else has been experiencing anything like this. I’m not looking for details. Just a yes or no. Thank you.

    Much love,

    • Is this my old friend Stu in the UK or no?

      Anywho… if I could remember the title of this old article I’m going to refer to I’d include a link to it here but unfortunately I can’t. I do recall it had to do with our embodying and/or Embodying more of what I was lovingly calling Divine Mommy. It started very noticeably for me with the start of 2015. In it I mentioned briefly how I, who has happily been celibate since 1991 (age 39), suddenly and totally unexpectedly was filled with so much NEW energy, NEW Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine energies that, and here comes the punchline Stu, that IT felt to me within my physical body very “sexual”. It wasn’t really but that’s how the Return of Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine energies have so far felt when Embodied in our physical bodies. I still feel this today but I’ve learned how to incorporate it, merge with it, unify with it better and am not eyeballing males young and old like a predator! 😆 It’s just too weird but this is how, for some of us, having Divine Mother return and be Embodied physically into our bodies is so freakin’ intense we don’t know how to cope with and co-exist with it/HER within us for a good while.

      So Stu, deep breath and don’t do anything that would cause a divorce, time in jail, years of guilt or lawsuits or whatever. 😀 Understand that Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine has been exiled from Earth and humanity and human consciousness and heart for as long as the global patriarchy has been running the joint, which has been many thousands of years. All that’s ended however and Divine Mommy is back and with purpose and those people Embodying the Divine Mother are FEELING this tremendous surge of super potent energy inside their physical bodies that, at first feels rather “sexual” only because we’re not used to having this energy present on Earth and within us. You will adapt and adjust to it within your body and consciousness and HighHeart Stu, exactly like we’ve been doing with Embodying increasing amounts of Divine Father/Daddy/Masculine within us too. This is one big side effect of integrating all that’s been separated and removed back into our selves and our physical evolving bodies etc.

      Thanks for being brave and asking about this one. It is intense for sure but it does get easier to co-exist with inside you. ❤

      • Thank you for that Denise. I’m afraid I am not the Stu you may be thinking of. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

        I became aware of my path back when I was 14, though the last 15 years have been much more intense, spiritually speaking. Many changes, both inner and outer. This last 6 months, however, it’s like someone turned the valve WIDE open. The increase in sexual desire was something that really stood out because I am a very sexual being in the first place. I have few inhibitions in life, sexuality included, but this was so over the top, compared to the patterns that I have been accustomed to, that it really stood out. I would never push my will on others, so there is no concern of losing control. Though, I have been considering what it would be like if I ran into another who was going through the same experience. WOW is really all I could say. And, maybe, Ouch! LOL!

        Have a wonderful day, and thank you again.

        Much love,

  • Well now…so, today Is May 23, 2018..and an interesting day it is..I have been feeling some kind of …’waaaiiiittt for iiiittttt’ kind of shifty space…since May 19…and today…I was wondering if any of ‘allll ya’llll’ have had the sensation like you are ‘beside yourself’..not in the way of exasperation…”oh, I am sooo beside myself”..I mean..literally…so, today was a day like that for me..I felt like I was here..but ‘beside’ the observer ..of my life..going thru the motions…but almost like ‘watchin’..It has been a goal for me for many become the ‘detached observer’…in this world ,but not of it as it is said…there is some calm ‘here’ in this space..slow and steady..gently down the stream…and I like it.So,that is my experience of the the ‘energies’ of these times…all is swell..:)

  • Dear Denise & All,

    In case it hasn’t been mentioned enough already, these updates from where you sit, Denise, are extremely helpful to us. This is new ground we’re traveling and it’s hard to know if what we’re experiencing is part of the process or not.

    I’ve been experiencing acid reflux – which I never had in my life – good to know it could be due to changes in the digestive system. And being literally knocked out by these energies should I dare to sit anywhere in my home has become commonplace.

    I’ve also been feeling what you describe as “changing sense of self as a singular entity and identity” – hard to describe, but when I walk outdoors especially, I seem to blend with what’s around me. Especially the clouds/skies.

    I think a lot of us were expecting a sudden change in ourselves/our reality but it seems to be happening in degrees. I’m pretty sure my reality is shifting because sometimes an article disappears, only to reappear in the same spot where I looked for it in the first place!

    Good to know that I/we are not going batty!

    Love to you & all here.

    • “In case it hasn’t been mentioned enough already, these updates from where you sit, Denise, are extremely helpful to us. This is new ground we’re traveling and it’s hard to know if what we’re experiencing is part of the process or not.”

      Thank You Thelma & All. ❤ ❤ ❤ We all are in/on NEW ground now with everything we’re living from moment to moment being new/NEW to us all. The way our bodies, hearts, minds and very reality work now is different from a month ago, a week ago in some cases, which makes “life” rather intense and forces us all to release the past and embrace the NEW while we’re flying through the air with no ground under our feet oftentimes!

      Thanks again everyone, I appreciate it deeply. ❤

  • Dearest Denise
    thank you for this and all posts. There is no need to apologise! This year EVERY time you write an article it resonates with my own life experiences. I really needed to read your words every time you post. Each time I receive notification of a new post its like receiving a present! You are a gift and joy no matter what you write. You are a dear companion on our very difficult and trying ascension journey. I cherish you and all the other beautiful souls that comment and share their experiences. We are not alone when we have each other. It’s such a comfort. Bless you all.

    • Thank you, Meadow, for expressing what I feel but have been unable to put into words.

      Denise, this post arrived when I was going through some episodes of feeling very off balance, as though every time I took a step I was tilting and feeling I was about to fall sideways. Add to that, all sorts of increasing pain in lower extremities, especially just above ankles to where they join the feet, and a head spinning more rapidly than has been the case lately … and becoming concerned because I felt I needed to be completely present and “with it” since I’m with my brother helping him get through some health issues … I was wondering what next! Then this post arrived and I was reminded of what it’s all about and that I’m not alone. I just reread it and now reading some of the comments. Thank you, Denise, for all you do and be and to all who share their own experiences here. Namaste 🙏♥️🕊

  • Thank you I needed to hear this. Be reminded. I am hit by waves of delicious sleep and I keep reminding myself, AP/EP.

  • Hello fellow Ascendees,
    I also have been feeling intense physical symptoms, I do ˋget to the other side of the issue much more quickly though (i can work through the symptom(s) with a little more grace and ease now)…
    I am wondering if anyone has an inkling on when/if we may be able to begin harnessing the fruits of all of this transmuting ? ie. if we have been building these magnificent light bodies, when will the attributes come on line?
    I feel as if there is more I could be doing, but much of my energy is tied up in the ascension related processes…
    Wishing you all joy peace and sleep!

    • “I am wondering if anyone has an inkling on when/if we may be able to begin harnessing the fruits of all of this transmuting ? ie. if we have been building these magnificent light bodies, when will the attributes come on line?”

      Phyllis S.,

      I’ve been aware of how often the difficult side of the AP / EP is for us and how little is talked about the different NEW and greatly improved side effects of them are. Because of this I’d planned on writing an article about how things still hurt, still feel uncomfortable etc. BUT how simultaneously we’re increasingly feeling and discovering how things have improved within us. Duality consciousness thinks, expects and believes that we go from one extreme fully and instantly to the other with no middle ground or gray areas of ongoing shift and transformation and so on, yet that is exactly what’s been happening all along. I’ll try to get this one written up soon because we all need to realize just how much progress we’ve made and how many NEW abilities we actually have RIGHT NOW. ❤

      • Denise, you are a star as always. I’m glad that others are starting to feel the physical symptoms, hopefully it means they’re catching up…..and that l’m not just being a miserable old ….

        I understand how difficult the aches and pains are and look forward to seeing that write up, but don’t put pressure on yourself.

        I’m sure l can only imagine the sort of outbursts you’ll have to wade through and we need you there and so please take time for yourself take good care to get back on your feet again.

        Love you and all the other wonderful guys who add to this site. You have helped me to find the courage to speak up for myself. 🎠🌼🎠

  • Has anyone had a bout with what seems acid reflex. I woke up the morning of the 20th. unable to swallow without terrible pain. Thought it was like an acid reflex. I began drinking cider vinegar and water and it calmed it. I have been having a lot of stress in my life but caused nothing like this…..anyone else?

    • Joan,

      I go through phases of severe acid reflux and have for many ascension years. I’ll go for long periods of none of it to suddenly having it really badly for a few days. My diet didn’t change etc., just more sudden changes throughout the digestive track. Bottom line is that every part of our physical bodies have been and continue to be radically changed, evolved into something very NEW and different and that means we’re going to experience phases where we have these seeming “malfunctions” in certain areas, certain organs, bones, joints, heart, brain, consciousness and so on. But after living this AP/EP for every moment of the past 19 years and amazingly not have it kill me when it oftentimes felt like it would, I know it’s all related to compressed evolution — aka the Ascension Process. 😉

      I’ll pay more attention to when I get more stressed to see if that’s part of why my gut starts spewing acid. Dealing with my mom and her escalating Dementia is f****ing brutal some days and I sometimes do get really frustrated by it. Back to the happy place…

      • Joan,

        Yes, I have had a few really painful heartburn attacks of late, I also was taking water with cider vinegar and also camomile tea which really helped. My late mum also had dementia, so I sympathise with how that makes you feel and the hurt that seeing them that way can make us feel helpless and vulnerable too. Relaxation techniques such as meditation, reading, yoga etc. can help you relax and as much sleep as you can get too.

    • Joan, I’m overLOADED with acid reflex! For years from energies. I can have a totally empty stomach and they come anyway. They are my least favorite symptom aside from bloating (often comes with it). Recently, I’ve caught myself unable to swallow, too, and I’m totally baffled by that. I drink nut milk when it happens. You’re not alone!! :))

    • Yes! For about 2 years off and on. I take an orange peel extract that helps as well as aloe juice. Also off and on high blood pressure and skin rashes. They come in waves with other ascension symptoms ( knee and leg pain, fatigue, cotton brain). I stay alert and one step ahead if I csn as it can get quite severe.
      I am not feeling any communication like I used to have with higher self or guides or having any ” magical” experiences. In fact I feel more grounded and 3D capable then ever. In fact I recently went back to work for the first time in 12 years and am doing great. Anyone else experiencing that?

      • “I am not feeling any communication like I used to have with higher self or guides or having any ” magical” experiences. In fact I feel more grounded and 3D capable then ever. In fact I recently went back to work for the first time in 12 years and am doing great. Anyone else experiencing that?”

        I have been for quite a while now Debbie and I’m going to include this aspect of our ongoing Embodiment Process (EP) in my next article. (I’m taking notes so I don’t forget related things. ‘Cotton brain’ indeed!) I may include your Comment in it that I quoted because it’s important and I know many deep in the EP have been and continue to experience it.

        • Denise, if it fits with your new article, would you touch on the distinction between the AP and EP? I think you have before but couldn’t find it when I searched. I also vaguely recall you saying something before about the AP being mandatory for anyone who stays but not the EP?

        • “… would you touch on the distinction between the AP and EP?”


          Of course. I’ve not gone into much detail about the fact that there’s the Ascension Process and for some people there’s the Embodiment Process. I felt this question floating through the ethers the past few days so I’ll include it in the next article. Thanks for asking. ❤

          ❓ I have to ask. Has anyone else had an unusually intense, painful, expansive and identity-shaking time of it during May 22-23rd? I mean like you and The Divine just inched a bit closer to each other level of intensity? Wow… it's been so painful and so extraordinary. Can't wait for it to be more of just the latter. 🙄

        • Denise, Debbie, et. al.,

          Agreed, as there is truly only Source that is there WITH us (in our 💓) through the AP/EP process. It seems to me that ALL the other “entities” have some agenda. See Lisa Renee’s work for example with the NAA, etc. (Note: this does not include guidance from your higher heart self, as this is the ascended/ing you with SOURCE!) Regarding guidance, it seems to me this is now an entirely internal process with external feedback even being expressed INTERNALLY as pleasure or pain. That being stated, I do look forward to hearing what you have to say, Denise. Thanks to everyone on this site for the great input and positive thinking, as it is REALLY manifesting positive results out there! New Earth, here we come!!!

        • “Has anyone else had an unusually intense, painful, expansive and identity-shaking time of it during May 22-23rd?” I Denise, I don’t know if this relates but I just had an unusually long-winded afternoon and evening with a fair bit of energetic “slighting”, the kind where when your day goes bad unexpectedly because of plain rudeness, intrusiveness, disregard, and what spiritual “tests” socially always feel like…the kind where I just have to become expansive within and realize life is just one reality I’m smaller than a small dot compared to the small dot that is our Sun that in the small dot of the Milky Way in the universe of universes. Is this the kind of painful expansion you’re referring to? It’s the kind that kind of forces you to look at yourself and realize that people can be very very 3D when you just want peace 😦

        • Denise, you said :-

          ❓ I have to ask. Has anyone else had an unusually intense, painful, expansive and identity-shaking time of it during May 22-23rd? I mean like you and The Divine just inched a bit closer to each other level of intensity? Wow… it’s been so painful and so extraordinary. Can’t wait for it to be more of just the latter. 🙄

          Yes, it started after I got up on Tuesday morning, almost straight into a migraine, though strangely very little in the way of aftereffects. It was very intense all through Tuesday, overnight and into Wednesday, it gradually eased through Wednesday afternoon and early evening. I felt peculiarly ‘off kilter’ at the same time (not sure how else to say it).

          I read somewhere that it was a masculine upgrade affecting both men and women who were ready for it, though how true that is I don’t know.

        • Denise,

          You probably won’t want to publish this, but I remembered where I found the ‘Masculine upgrade download’.
          It was on a Twitter feed by a Rick Jewers, I don’t know how relevant it is.

        • “…I don’t know how relevant it is.”


          And that is why I don’t publish links to other people’s writings and/or channelings etc.; because the information is either incorrect, partially incorrect, wholly distorted intentionally or unintentionally, or it’s so much less than what’s actually happening overall. Overall being the keyword here. When I do share links to someone else and the information they’ve written, it’s because I know it is correct and has no distortions in it and there are VERY few people currently capable of that.

          There is not and never will be only one or two big blasts of “Masculine upgrade downloads” or of “Female upgrade downloads” or “Unity upgrade downloads” and on and on with everything we can conceive of. There has been and will continue to be everyone on every level they exist at today, tomorrow, next week, next month etc. incrementally being “upgraded” / evolved continuously by ALL OF THE ENERGIES coming in to them, their bodies and consciousness etc. and Earth. That is the highest truth about the Ascension Process now; all the rest of it is bits and pieces, aspects of the overall Process, and not everyone is at the same level of development within the AP either so this is the main reason why there’s so much confusion (and outright bullshit) about this already complex topic.

  • “To do so hurts, is burdensome, repulsive and embarrassing and none of it goes with your outfit . .”

    Thank you for that unexpected laugh Denise; we do have to keep our sense of humor through this don’t we? Sometimes when a new pain catches me (or anyone I would guess) off guard it is easy to get scared into thinking “what if this is something serious (and not related to the AP)”! I admit I can still have that thought on occasion, but by and large am riding out those negative moments and staying on course. But only because I can come to your site and be reassured I’m not alone with my feet/legs, tailbone, weeping, morning nausea, tipping over, etc., etc., problems, and for that I’m most grateful to you and your commenters.

    I have an experience from my childhood – about the 4th-5th grade – I’d like to share. Your discussion about the bridge reminded me of a re-occurring dream where I (a child) would stand on my front porch (not even 6 ft. wide across) and people (I knew, even barely) would rise (one at a time) from the ground and I would have to decide if they were to be saved or not. I had just a second to decide and if they were to be saved they would be pulled into my home (a very tiny house I shared with my parents and brother). I could never NOT save one, even if I barely knew them. I had that dream at least twice – never had a clue what it meant but never forgot it either.

    Now I wonder if it was a kind of premonition of what crossing the bridge (or just getting on the bridge) and leaving the old 3rd Dimension beliefs behind means. As a young child I would wake from that dream feeling the fear that my home would not be able to hold everyone that should be “saved”. The memory of that dream just popped up when I read your piece the other day. It was the first time I’ve ever had an inkling of its meaning and I’m going with it until further instructed.

  • a very big thank you.. all the experiences in your article, relate to me. While on the computer researching 5G, I suddenly had a serge of energy that dropped down in my body…I was in bed for the next 30 hours..I only managed to get up to feed my cat and get sick…and the aches etc…wow…and like Megan said…“.we are not alone”
    Much love to you Denise

  • LoL! Denise you rhymed!! You spoke in verse, right at the end of your entry! So wonderful! So much light. right?!!!

    “…and none of it goes with your outfit… 🙄”.

    That was the BEST line!! It has been so great and helpful, beneficial and awful each day in various moments to recognize old fears and paranoia and judgments, resentment and grudge. Gosh, my ego loathes being the bad guy. What a good thing to see being “bad”…good guy or bad guy isn’t the point, is it? I’m so grateful.

    These energies are scary! They resolve fast, but then they come in like ka-boom! It’s like special forces and military covert activity! It’s so sudden, so quick and so intense and then it’s over and there’s a pause and then it begins again! Holy crap!!!!!!

    I woke today singing! I wanted to go up to Mammoth and just ski down a mountain, such energy there now it’s like magic mountains, but then I realized I was skiing down the mountain already, inside me, it’s so baffling!!!

    There was a commercial the 70s. They used a song called the Candy Man, from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It might’ve been a Dr Pepper commercial. Anyway, lyrics below. It was a guy running through the streets singing this to all these little children, all these kids. I never forgot it, I was so moved by it when I saw it as a kid. And I wanted to be like him.

    One of the reasons I am here is to be the candy man or woman!! Four years ago I was shown this gigantic billboard before I moved from a very dark part of the city I was sent to for a period. There was a tiny little billboard beside a gigantic one, it was full of floating candy, all these multi colored technicolor candies floating in the air all over a billboard the size of a football field. I can’t even remember what it said…something about wonder or splendid. The teeny tiny billboard beside it showed a picture of a small brown cave,’don’t remember what it said now either. Both were ads. And both were definitely advertisements for me. Choices I was making.

    Now with all this light, now it is Candy-land for sure!!! It is supercalifragilistic time no question no doubt in my mind!!! I feel all the Technicolor candy flooding and floating in me, all of it, whatever it is. I don’t understand it and I don’t care anymore. I’m just really rejoicing. And forgetting my mind! I near being officially done doubting at this point. Pray God I never take false thinking seriously ever again.

    I can’t bear to watch tv or films that are anything less than symbolically supportive of exactly where I am right now. I fight the temptation to doubt, self criticism and thought. But I fight now. And I SEE now. I can be love now.

    Thank you again for your support, all you do and all you are. God bless us for staying…staying the course.

    “Who can take a sunrise (who can take a sunrise)
    Sprinkle it with dew (sprinkle it with dew)
    Cover it with choc’late and a miracle or two
    The Candy Man (the Candy Man)
    Oh, the Candy Man can (the Candy Man can)
    The Candy Man can
    ‘Cause he mixes it with love
    And makes the world taste good (mWho can take a rainbow (who can take a rainbow)
    Wrap it in a sigh (wrap it in a sigh)
    Soak it in the sun and make a groovy lemon pie
    The Candy Man (the Candy Man)
    The Candy Man can (the Candy Man can)
    The Candy Man can
    ‘Cause he mixes it with love
    And makes the world taste good (makes the world taste good)
    Now you talk about your childhood wishes
    You can even eat the dishes
    Oh, who can take tomorrow (who can take tomorrow)
    Dip it in a dream (dip it in a dream)
    Separate the sorrow and collect up all the cream
    The Candy Man (the Candy Man)
    Oh, the Candy Man can (the Candy Man can)
    The Candy Man can
    ‘Cause he mixes it with love
    And makes the world taste good (makes the world taste good)akes the world taste good)….



    • Marcy, your comment made me laugh and smile, thank you for it! I really liked this bit:

      “These energies are scary! They resolve fast, but then they come in like ka-boom! It’s like special forces and military covert activity! It’s so sudden, so quick and so intense and then it’s over and there’s a pause and then it begins again! Holy crap!!!!!!”

      Amen, sister. I also loved what you said about “near being officially done with doubting” and resisting false thinking and the temptation of self-criticism. I must be scraping the bottom of the barrel in transmuting my negative self-talk, feels like I’m finally seeing the fruit because I feel more inoculated. What a relief to really FEEL through my heart it’s nonsense. Now to anchor that for the next wave!

      Also, I could really go for some candy now. 😍

      • Oh my gosh, that’s it!

        “…to really feel through my heart it’s nonsense!”

        That’s EXACTLY how it’s happening! I have an old habit of not speaking outloud the deeper experiences that I have emotionally. I have experienced the same as you describe. It truly is a process of giving up the head for the heart. Just as Denise has repeatedly said and those who’ve tried to guide have repeatedly said to me. I realize now I was just scared every time they said it. But fortunately thank God for grace…I’m so grateful I’ve given up and given into the heart. GOD how fortunate we are…! And like you said I can see through it, the “nonsense!”
        I have to take courage and own it, but I’m determined now, right or wrong. 🙂 Thank you for what you said!! 💗🌸

    • Marcy,

      I totally agree with what Kara said about parts of your Comment:

      “These energies are scary! They resolve fast, but then they come in like ka-boom! It’s like special forces and military covert activity! It’s so sudden, so quick and so intense and then it’s over and there’s a pause and then it begins again! Holy crap!!!!!!”

      Your description is so great and accurate as to how intense, fast and powerfully these NEW energies (Cosmic, Galactic, Solar etc.) come in now and how there’s hardly any “down time” or integration or “WTF was that?!” time in between these PULSES of Light energies. We never reach a point now (2018) where we stop vibrating internally or externally because there’s weeks of down time between PULSE blasts; we vibrate constantly at higher and higher and higher levels of frequency with NO down time anymore and it. is. hard. Hard on our physical bodies, hard on our CNS (central nervous system), hard on our minds and all else.


      I was so disappointed with myself and this article — Transitional Pains & Greater Higher Awareness & Sovereignty — because I was in no condition to write anything when I wrote it and hit the publish button! This has happened many times over these ascension years but this time was pretty bad in that I forgot to include information that connected the magnetic changes with some of us having severe pains in the bottom halves of our bodies. The very magnetic energy glue that held old 3D physical Earth world and reality in place is now gone and like that’s not enough to deal with we’re simultaneously evolving/ascending into a totally NEW and vastly higher frequency NEW magnetic field(s) around/in ascending Earth, our individual bodies, our consciousness and all else. And there’s much, much more going on that just this.

      Another thing I forgot to include in this article (so sorry everyone) is how in 2018 I’m hyper aware of MULTIPLE different PULSES of Light energies and their vibrations happening constantly inside my physical body. This used to be only one big main inner body vibration but we’ve evolved enough to be able to survive — in the physical — MULTIPLE faster and higher frequencies within our physical bodies and CNS and consciousness etc. and have it not rip us to pieces. The inner body vibrations have constantly been expanding and evolving since they started (the Rewiring Process) but in late 2017 and early 2018 they have reached a NEW level and are faster, higher, more than only one, and they continue expanding and getting more complex and dynamic. I sense that this is just how I’m currently able of perceiving my Lightbody aligning with my physical body and all this and more syncing up. I’m clairvoyantly Seeing MULTIPLE PULSES of Light energies vibrating in my body in different areas and all at the same time. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before with the AP or EP processes, which is saying something!

      Again, I’d intended to include all this info in this article but I got “rattled” yesterday and couldn’t dig myself out of it so I just published it anyway. Oh, and that reminds me of another thing I’d intended to mention in this article. On Saturday May 19th around 2-3:00 PM PT, I got hit with a huge energy blast that literally caused me to fall asleep within minutes. That only happens when the incoming Light energies are SUPER intense and cause automatic internal changes within each of us and we have to get out of our physical bodies and rest and “reboot” all the intense NEW that we just Embodied. ❤

      • Denise, I think I can safely say no apology needed! As the comments show, this article came right when many of us needed it and resonated with or validated our personal experiences. And now you’re generously adding to the insights. I continue to be amazed and grateful for your ability to explain this process simultaneously with experiencing it. ❤️❤️

      • Ditto what Kara said Denise. I am grateful, as we all are, for anything you can share at any time. I can so relate to what you said about “falling asleep within minutes” and (for me) how you wonder if you can even make it to the bed in time. Sometimes I’ve awakened after experiencing this with all the lights on and the TV on and I’m still fully dressed (no time to put on a nightgown). That is pretty weird and not something I would have ever shared if you had not told us it happens to you. Thank you – what a relief!

      • Why on earth would you ever ever apologize?? lol!! Again, how kind of you!

        Yes! It’s been like “wtf!!” when these energies roll in! They don’t roll in, they insert themselves like insurgents!!! But the power naps have been crazy. I’ve fallen asleep in minutes flat just like you said this past week and today too. Like an inoculation. I’m grateful for the extra rest!

        Speaking of concentration, I have found these energies to be so intensely surgical on the brain that when they come, once they come, there is no chance of being able to focus on a number of things at once or ascertain many things at once comprehensively and explain/express them. I’ve tried, especially because I tutor. I’ve had a terrible time giving explanation and discussion for several days now right after any of these energies hit. I’m astounded by their effect. It’s simply a bear to speak and explain and express. I have almost laughed at myself because it feels sort of like being stoned! I’m speechless! And I don’t smoke pot!!! Still, I’ve been stopped from talking a great deal the past week due to them. For me personally that’s been partly a good thing. I overthink and talk too much. I need to chill out, so, secretly, I’m not exactly upset about this! LOL

        Speaking of that magnetism, that might explain the density. It feels like being in a golden bowl of water now. It feels so dense. It’s weird to have energy feel light and thick and at the same time dense, you know what I mean? I don’t perceive its complexity the way you are able to, but it does feel like golden water. Like I’m in a bowl of golden water now, with all its many magical elements!

        • “Speaking of concentration, I have found these energies to be so intensely surgical on the brain that when they come, once they come, there is no chance of being able to focus on a number of things at once or ascertain many things at once comprehensively and explain/express them. I’ve tried, especially because I tutor. I’ve had a terrible time giving explanation and discussion for several days now right after any of these energies hit. I’m astounded by their effect. It’s simply a bear to speak and explain and express.”

          Yep, big time! 😉 😆

          It is an amazing (in private) and highly frustrating (in public) case of watching one’s mental ability to focus and stay focused for as long as needed, make smart decisions and so on all instantly fall apart and not work no matter how hard you try! I remember experiencing this dismantling of the old lower mental focus ability repeatedly for years — still do which is why this article abruptly stopped before I’d included more info in it. Almost every time I’d be shopping and needed to pick out a tube of toothpaste or a bottle of shampoo or some flavor of food etc. etc., if I spent more than 30 seconds looking at multiple options to chose, I’d become overwhelmed and couldn’t mentally focus on any of the dozens of products and would HAVE to walk away. It was horrible because it took so much energy just to take a shower and drive myself to the damned store in the first place so to find my mind shutting down from overwhelm every time I took longer than 30 seconds to make a choice was just too much. But, that’s the way it was for the first decade of the AP for me, and it still happens but not as severely.

          The WAY we think, perceive and the old tools we’re used to using to do this (our left brain, intellect) have been in a process of total dismantling since 1998-1999, and simultaneously NEW higher WAYS and tools to “think” and perceive have been manifesting within each of us. HighHeart consciousness is the main NEW tool and it’s not left brain or right brain but both of them integrated, Unified which “ascends” one’s consciousness into the 5D and higher HighHeart level of consciousness, being and external reality. All very wonderful until one has another big evolutionary moment and old linear focused thinking simply stops working! o_O This is why I’ve “stockpiled” toothpaste and shampoo since 1999. 😀

  • Looking back, it’s dawning on me now just how much this year 2018 has been easier on me physically after the few years of sheer physical hell beginning 2012 onward about 2015. I don’t know how much of it is diet-related but my entire body feels like a new version and better in certain ways than pre-2012 when I was exercising a whole lot and now with less work I feel like I can maintain feeling “well” with doing less. I’m noticing that the people close to me that I can’t cut off – family members are harder for me to be with for long periods of time, meaning more than several minutes…talking and even being physically proximate. Does anyone else want to run the other way after brushing past someone or interacting with them up close – it’s almost as if I sense the potential of latent energetic violence coming at me if I remain there for too long. Sometimes I’ll have someone perhaps a stranger often say something related to my life out loud that’ll be like a message for me though they’re unaware what they’re saying has anything to do with anyone else…many times it’ll be a confirmation of sorts in terms of the positive and other times it’ll feel purposefully antagonistic and trigger unhappy things in me somewhat like trying to teach me a lesson in a less than caring way. Sorry if my comment is going off topic, just wanted to share some of my experiences.

    • Blue Cliffs,

      I completely identify with pretty much everything you’re saying. Today in the morning a mother just walked by me while I was at work. I work at a school. Her energy for just the seconds she approached me, was so alarming that even after she passed I pondered it. I knew that whatever she grabbed onto or whomever, what it would cost them. The increasing awareness of this kind of energy in people is surprising and disconcerting. I thank God I am able and willing to say “no” to those individuals, which is a word/action that used to be difficult for me.

      And I’m so glad you said what you said about energies circa 2012 and just beyond. It is hard now but boy it’s nowhere near as hard as it was back then! It’s something I’ve said to Denise before. I was utterly overwhelmingly on my knees exhausted back then. There were things being removed from my psyche, the density, the imagery everything experienced in my dreams, all the extraction, and removal of subconscious tendencies, too, the heavy metal!! Waking and crawling in and out of bed..! I feel like royalty now! I feel like I’m in a velvet cushion compared to what I was like then. I was Cinderella in an attic with mice and rodents all over me and all alone back then!!

      Best of luck to you and to all of us in terms of dealing with people and the ever increasing sensitivity and awareness of energies in others. I’m right there with you, most definitely! I know I’m not the only one! It’s very disconcerting; I am tempted to want to not believe I’m seeing or perceiving what I’m seeing and perceiving! It would be easier. But I’m not a coward now, so I won’t do that. It’s OK I think, everything seems to be on our side now. So, although we are so much more aware, we are so much more supported now. So much more empowered!

      • Marcy Murray,
        Thanks for your response! I have to add that on and off during the earlier years I really did not know if I would make it to 2017 much less 2018 – I remember Inelia Benz speaking on how she agreed to do her ascension work until 2017 and when I heard that back then I felt like how am I ever going to make it to 2017 to see the changes that will be happening!? But here I am and here we all are…I also remember reading Transitions and at that point it was one of the only avenues and places even if virtual that I felt spoke to me and applied to what i was going through…so looking back it really has been not that many years but the changes from then to now and in terms of how far I’ve come internally speaking regarding how my body feels and etcetera really has been transformative and exponential. Even though I still feel like an alien I’m grateful for the grit and continuing gifts that this process has opened me to… 🙂

  • Oh boy Denise, you have hit the nail squarely on the head! Everything that you have said in your post is exactly what I am experiencing and feeling and have been for quite a while now. The physical pain is ramping up big time and can be challenging at times. Many people that I interact with on a daily basis are saying they are in pain and feeling unwell but they don’t know why. I agree that we are all very sensitive and emotional too which is causing some to go off at the deep end because they are struggling to cope.

    Thank you for sharing such in-depth information with us, it does help and reminds us that we are all going through these experiences together and we are not alone.

    Best wishes to you,
    From Megan 🙂

      I was just putting all of pieces of this crazy puzzle together, this morning…everything I have been through…the picture it was revealing to me I was trying to put into words……as I was contemplating it all still, I went on line and saw your post….well Denise, you put the verbiage together so eloquently!!! thank you for this much needed validation and Megan for you wonderful comment…what a team we all make…

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