The Ascension Crossing Point


  Since late 2017, I’ve been Seeing a huge symbolic transparent crystalline “Rainbow Bridge” out in space, sort of like the one in the Thor movies, but Earth and all of us on Earth are steadily ascending across it. How literal this rainbow bridge actually is I don’t know, but I do know that it represents what and where we and Earth are now in 2018 within the Ascension Process; we are in TRANSITION on a planetary scale, not just a few Forerunner/Wayshower individuals as we’re used to.

I shouldn’t need to say how big of a deal this 2018 Ascension Process stage is because many of you have been and continue feeling it deeply, intimately individually and also as the NEW 5D Group Collective that the individual Forerunners/Wayshowers/First Everything-ers/Pathpavers have become. Not much feels normal or familiar anymore, not even to those of us First Everything-ers who’ve been at this for decades, which is a really great sign that big Ascension changes are happening on the physical, planetary Earth level finally, and like I said not just for the small numbers of Forerunners but for everyone on Earth and for Earth/Gaia too. This is why the unaware, the lower consciousness, the not energetically prepared people are acting even more out of balance than they already were. These evolutionary energy changes are hard, painful and oftentimes difficult for those of us who consciously know what’s going on and why so imagine how all this is affecting people who don’t know and haven’t done any previous Ascension Process Inner Work like we’ve done for decades.

This 2018 evolutionary Rainbow Bridge Crossing happening on a planetary scale is causing repercussions in Earth just as it’s doing within those of us living on her surface. Gaia’s physical body, our physical bodies all living the Ascension Process and evolving to a much higher frequency level of existence, now. This won’t happen overnight so relax into it; there’s a whole bunch of steps we’re needed to take to completely across this energetic bridge between the old lower and the NEW higher Earth worlds.

There were two small 4.5 earthquakes very close to where I live in SoCal followed by a few aftershocks on May 8th. I’ve felt small earthquakes happening ever since which isn’t anything new for me. Anyone whose sensitive to Earth feels these below surface pressures building long before they cause a physical earthquake or volcanic eruption. I used to hear sounds like thunder up in the sky overhead when lava movements below the earth’s surface where taking place. What’s happening this year in the Hawaiian Islands and entire Pacific Ring of Fire especially, is all related to the current evolutionary bridge crossing and because of that I ask that you do NOT interfere with these side effects of our human and planetary Ascension Process (AP). I know you believe that you’re helping by intending and visualizing that volcanoes do not erupt, that earthquakes do not happen, that floods do not take place or hurricanes etc. but you have to understand that where we are now with the Ascension Process taking place on a planetary level, some of these things are going to happen and need to happen so please do not do anything to slow this natural evolutionary process down. It’s already been taken care of from higher levels and if everyone will relax and function from their HighHearts you’ll See, Feel and Know that no one will die from any of these current bridge crossing “earth changes” unless they want or need to from a higher Soul level.

In decades past I have witnessed enormous Lightbeings intentionally redirect below-surface earthquake energies to other physical locations so there would be far less death and destruction. The 1980 Mt. Saint Helens eruption was one such event that was originally going to happen as a massive devastating earthquake in the Los Angles California basin. Having said that, what’s happening now is different in that these “earth changes” events—volcanoes, earthquakes, flooding, fires etc.—are side effects from Earth/Gaia bridge crossing from old lower Earth frequencies with matching grid energies and such to NEW ascended Earth with matching NEW higher frequency grids running NEW Light energies through them.

Another aspect of the 2018 Rainbow Bridge Crossing has to do with the old original Mother, Heart, right-brain Lemuria and later Father, intellect, left-brain Atlantis split into deep global separation and Duality on Earth, in human right and left brain consciousness and external life and reality. Those ancient Lemuria and Atlantian codes, patterns and residual Duality energies within global humanity and old Earth are currently disintegrating because NEW much higher frequency codes are replacing them all. Can you comprehend higher than Lemuria? Higher than Atlantis at its highest and best? You need to because that and more is where we’re headed as we continue crossing this energetic rainbow bridge between the old lower and the NEW higher along with Earth. Let go of the old beliefs and aim higher, much higher because that’s what’s coming; Unity, unity consciousness individually and collectively, and unity life and reality for all on NEW ascended Earth.

Today is May 11th and next week on the New Moon in Taurus—an EARTH sign—transiting Uranus enters Taurus—an EARTH sign—and everything we’ve been talking about here is going to be amplified and accelerated. Why? Because 2018 is Earth and us and mass humanity crossing this crystalline rainbow colored energy bridge area in space and eventually arriving at our higher NEW Earth destiny. Don’t think this or much of anything else to death with your familiar old lower left brained intellect because that lower frequency tool doesn’t work in the NEW higher Light energies and consciousness. Your HighHeart feeling and feelings do and they’re much more qualified to do the higher job now so do your best to NOT think but feel, sense, perceive using your other tools than the old left brain intellect. You’ll get much farther much faster if you do with much less frustrations, confusions and distractions.

Earth changes are happening and will continue to this year for the reasons already mentioned and much more. Our job is to live this, Embody this, trust this never-before-experienced process of transitioning from the old lower Earth we incarnated on to across the Rainbow Bridge to NEW ascended Earth where 5D and higher Unity individually and collectively is the norm.

  In early April 2018, I clairvoyantly Saw for the first time, a big change in the energies, frequencies and activity of my Lightbody. There aren’t any images anywhere that come close to what I’ve repeatedly Seen so I’m just using an old image I’ve had for a while. The undulating shapes in it are accurate but not the colors. What I’ve been Seeing is solid light tan colored and moves radically and very quickly sort of like those old projector images from back in the LSD 1960s “light shows”. This visual I’m Seeing of the current state of my Lightbody as I, as we cross the rainbow bridge undulates, flashes quickly like a strobe-light that moves constantly. I know that this is a matching almost mirror image of what the Sun is transmitting constantly now. What the Sun transmits, we Embody, and once enough of that level has been Embodied, which it has, then we and everyone and everything else gets energetically pulled along behind us as we cross the rainbow bridge to NEW Earth.

I shared this only because we all need to be prepared for more internal and external evolutionary physical body and Lightbody changes due to these new experiences we’re all going through this year. The changes in our Lightbodies will increase as we progress and this is also why many of us have felt extra pains, aches, pressures in new and/or old Ascension Process ways and body parts. Expect anything and don’t go into fear over it whether it’s your physical body, your Lightbody, Earth’s physical planetary body or anything else. We’re on the Ascension Road in NEW ways and at NEW levels this year so don’t bother trying to match what you’re personally experiencing with what other people are or are not. There is no “wrong” way with this phase other than trying to stop it out of fear of someone’s house burning down from lava flow or crumbling from earthquakes. The evolutionary surf’s up again but this time in totally NEW ways for us all so stay in your HighHeart because that’s the best and most qualified seat in the house. ❤


May 11, 2018

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36 thoughts on “The Ascension Crossing Point

  • ‘There is no “wrong” way with this phase other than trying to stop it out of fear of someone’s house burning down from lava flow or crumbling from earthquakes. The evolutionary surf’s up again but this time in totally NEW ways for us all so stay in your HighHeart because that’s the best and most qualified seat in the house.’……..So true, Denise. This is what hardly anyone is saying.

    Love, Gail xxx

  • Hello Denise,

    The symbolic “rainbow bridges” that you mention made me think of those personal :ascension runs and visions of beings ‘ascending’ in waves especially circa 2011-2012 — how distant those times seem to be now, how much (energetic) progress has been made since…. so I say: Kudos to Us All!

    I wonder how you think of individuals’ conscious choice and conscious intent as figuring in in current evolutionary processes. On a personal level, a 2011 lucid experience brought to my conscious awareness the fact/truth that Choices — in that instant, presented to me as between the earth and “the world that was is and will be”– are choices for the ‘earthly conscious self” to see and to make.

    Perhaps this episode was pre-incarnational and individual; perhaps it wasn’t. I don’t know.

    What this experience reminds me of is that conscious intending/decision making/choice-making is a function of the mind; hence your saying (here or elsewhere) that there’s need to transform our dominantly left-brained human minds, clearly resonates. I understand, based on a personal knowing and experience, that cultivating the Divine Mind (High Mind) is integral and is fundamental to humanity’s transformation and evolution. Qualities of the Divine/High Mind and the Divine/High Heart, in my view, will be defining of those who identify as and strive to be Self-Sovereign Individuals. On a more immediate and practical sense, transmutation of the human mind into Divine Mind as I personally see it, can be a most potent (individual/collective) strategy to counter and eventually put a halt to the so-called ‘war on consciousness” that from many appearances, continue to rage on the planet within humanity.

    Blessings to Us All.

  • Denise, your rainbow bridge brought to mind two experiences. First, during labor when one of my daughters was being born, we slid together down a rainbow slide in time with contractions. Second, during a meditation I crossed a rainbow bridge to meet ancestors. Maybe rainbow bridges are often symbolic connectors between different realms? This also got me wondering– in the new 5D earth, do you think we will encounter those who have passed on already or only those who have gone through the AP/EP in a physical body? And will people both continue to have children and transition out through death of the new crystalline physical body?

    • “Maybe rainbow bridges are often symbolic connectors between different realms?”


      It certainly feels like this is the case; a Bridge–Crystalline Rainbow or otherwise–seems to be representations of demarcation lines of Frequency Crossing Points between different dimensions and the different energy frequencies and frequency ranges of both. Crossing the Bridge itself is Initiatic for those making the evolutionary journey, and in our cases with this now, every inch of me feels like it’s in deep TRANSITION. Most of May has been incredibly intense energetically and we’ve just started the main “Gateway” for the month (I felt it amp up around May 12th) with the energies lifting up higher and pushing us faster across the Bridge thru the 23rd or so.

      It feels and sounds like those above us at higher levels are more busy than they’ve ever been during any time of this Ascension Process. That’s a very great sign too! 🙂 ❤

      • Thanks for your insights, Denise. I love knowing the higher levels are even busier too. Sometimes I wish we could just birth this AP/EP baby already, ha! Contractions have been coming closer and closer together, and I’m reminded of that “transition” stage of labor where it’s common to think you can’t withstand anymore and won’t be able to do it– but then baby is born soon after. Thanks for being a doula for humanity. ❤️❤️❤️

  • I so appreciated hearing you say “don’t go into fear” about new and old aches and pain. It has been scaring me. It’s intense, like 2014 again – feet, ankles, body sweats (while awake), tingling, vertigo. Way back when, I would think I just had allergies or arthritis or whatever, when I didn’t! But back then it was the first time it was all SUPER physical! Now my hormones are flying around madly and again it is hard to tell! Is it age?! Energies?!! I don’t know for sure. I have to have faith ~ high heart! ❤️ I know a major final opening is happening. So I cannot judge what I’m going through, but crap it is so physical!

    My eyes are opening but my skin is on fire…! 😯

    Many blessings to you💛 you have been so generous in your writing these past several weeks. Thank you!✌️😊

    By the way, the kids (3000 teens at Charte School) keep getting more and more well! They are SO self-empowered!!! Beyond belief. So powerfully …THEMSELVES. It increases in them! You have to see it. Boy, you should. You heart would explode to see, as it would be visible in so many ways to you. Even if you just walked across a campus… It’s remarkable the energy in them now, their abilities, their sight and light, their coming into all out life full on!!! They are pure proof of all!

    The future has NO idea WHO it is going to be hit with. I tell you. No-flipping-clue. ✨⚡️!

    • Marcy & All,

      The glaring, stinging, unmistakable differences between people of all ages that continue to be evolved via the Ascension Process (AP) and are living/existing with and from their HighHearts, and those people of all ages that are not, is so in-your-face and heart obvious now.

      I’ve had so, so many younger males be unimaginably cruel and heartless to me over these AP years and I know the different reasons why but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with when attacks of any sort happen. Because of this, I’ve been blown away twice over the past few weeks by two different phone conversations I’ve had with two young males. BOTH of them were/are of a fifth dimensional HighHeart frequency, which is clearly recognizable as a general energy signature in anyone; you either have it or you do not, end of discussion! These two young males (one was only 20 and the other was in his mid-20s) were so open, honest, full of REAL Heart, compassion, empathy and had an honest desire to do their jobs, which was help callers with their problems, questions, reorders and so on. My phone conversations with both of these young males was the complete opposite of what I usually encounter and this contrast was stunning and showed me in very personal ways that all the AP Energy Work I’ve done as a First Everything-er is finally manifesting in the external world in people of all ages because they’re existing out there with REAL 5D frequency HighHeart consciousness. ❤ ❤ ❤

      In extreme contrast to this are the people of all ages and both sexes that, by their actions and words, are CLEARLY not embodying higher frequency energies and consciousness. They may in the near future or they may not at all in which case they'll find themselves elsewhere sooner rather than later. Evolution; get with the NEW program or exit it.

      I had a couple of phone and face-to-face conversations recently with two young females that lied to me and told me all sorts of positive sounding BS only because they didn't want to do their job which was help me with why I called in the first place. I know when someone is lying to me just to get rid of me and I knew this young "supervisor" female was blowing all sorts of great sounding bullshit at me only to get off the phone with me. Heart, HighHeart, zero heart whatsoever; the gap widens and the contrasts are both frustrating and repulsive and encouraging and uplifting.

      “The future has NO idea WHO it is going to be hit with. I tell you. No-flipping-clue. ✨⚡! “

      No those lower consciousness people don’t know and it’s wonderful watching it growing so fast now to both sides. ❤

      • Thanks Marcy Murray and Denise for talking on this topic. I’ve had an older woman over the phone walk me through stupifying calculations – I’m talking about adding and subtracting large unappealing numbers and the nitty gritty details of various dos and donts with such patience and mother-like understanding is the only way I can put it. Wow, I was so grateful for that level of help. There was also an older female bus driver who actually cared whether I made it to the right stop and home one night when map directions fell short. I only mention these things among other good and bad encounters vibration-wise because I’ve had unspoken issues with other women generally older than me and married who absolutely hate me when they see me perhaps because I’m younger or unattached or I don’t know maybe they find my appearance threatening though I’m not one to put it for show if you know what I mean. I think it’s due time women became kinder to one another – I admire most women and sometimes some of them do things I really don’t know what to say other than cheekily “you were once a man before don’t forget that!”. Hopefully that makes sense.

  • Hi Denise. I just read the Kryon post. Thanks and gratitude to you for the link! This was years before I found your site. So much of that message from Kryon resonates – there are no words. I am profoundly grateful to you for your courage in sharing information, as well as your personal experiences. Keep it up!

  • Denise, I too loved your article, and this was my favorite part:

    “There is no “wrong” way with this phase other than trying to stop it out of fear of someone’s house burning down from lava flow or crumbling from earthquakes. The evolutionary surf’s up again but this time in totally NEW ways for us all so stay in your HighHeart because that’s the best and most qualified seat in the house. ❤”

    Thank you for this empowering reminder!! I’ve had this lovely feeling lately that I’ve forgotten something good– and every time it happens I remember, “oh, yeah, I get to BE HAPPY!” Not in the old 3D paste-a-smile fake way, but like THAT is my right, THAT is why I’m transmuting and clearing old crap– to be free. I’ve noticed some exciting and interesting shifts this last week with physical issues I’ve struggled with and wanted to change for a long time. I saw myself in the mirror today and thought I’ve never looked more beautiful, and this at the heaviest I’ve ever been and exhausted with my three small children. I feel stronger and like I’m growing into the ME that I AM. I’m so grateful for all the incoming help and energy. Thanks for the inspiring message, Denise!

  • Hi Denise,
    You continually hit the nail on the head and touch people’s lives who are doing their best to understand and allow our evolutionary process to flow as easily and lovingly as possible. That said, my process and the ongoing communication/writings with people and many dimensional beings on the “other side” have consistently stayed close to assist with the multi level process of ascension that I am riding through. Many messages point to us protecting our nervous system and practicing non reaction to any and all situations at the same time we clear whatever electrical charge occurs when our buttons might be triggered. Jesus, the Holy family as well as Ascended beings and multi-dimensional others have helped me see and understand concepts and realities I had no clue about 30 years ago, when I started my semi-conscious spritual journey and subsequent levels of awakening. This last 15 months has been the most intense and personally trans-formative as the beings of light as well as Jesus, the Holy family, Quan Yin and other spiritually minded beings have literally shown up at the groups I am doing work with, at my house when I’m doing work on my own and the groups I lead others and receive messages for. Jesus has been instructing and leading clearings I had no clue needed to happen. As one man shared in his comment about his wife having emotional releases, this seems to be common place, especially when the person has no clue where that reaction comes from. As the beings of light have taken me to different levels to see and learn, I so clearly understand that some of these emotions come from completely different timelines that we are unaware of and yet still have such a strong emotional charge, that we must release, deal with, heal, let go of, do whatever needs to be done to neutralize or dissolve it to be completely healed. No easy task and yet your writing helps so many to love themselves through the process, develop more patience through their process, develop patience, love and support for others going through their process. You are so right when you quoted that people kill the Christ. This human behavior and reaction has gone on for centuries, but this time around all those Christed souls have armies of light beings to support them to heal themselves, go through the ascension process and many to be prepped to step into not only the New Earth, but their new roles, expressing their complete authentic selves that in turn helps others to live their most authentic self. The wave that starts with each of us doing this work, ripples out and touches others. Thank you again for your commitment to share what you know, so those of us that find you can feel YES, this is a reality and YES this work matters.

  • Thanks Denise, l’m seeing the bridge images too, and there’s a clarity coming in that l haven’t felt for years.

    I’ve been so screwed up l’ve been hiding. I’ve felt ashamed of my illness thinking l’d done something wrong. I have nothing but admiration for the shit you obviously put up with and can’t imagine what you have to endure.

    Food wise I’m struggling like everyone else, desperately trying to maintain a weight while my surgeons try to reduce my TPN (feeding by tube) so although it hurts l keep shoving it down. I must need this carbon body or l would never have survived this.

    So thanks again for your words and the others that write here, give me courage when l lose the plot 🌼🎠🌼

    • Hi Linda
      Your not alone with being very ill. My physical body is hanging in and having considerable trouble rebuilding heart, liver, brain and nervous system. All I know is that there must be an important reason for my present circumstance as there seemed no way I was going to avoid the body crashing. Perhaps I am opening up new channels and more. One of the healthcare practitioners tells me technology is showing that I could not have survived this on my own. She labels it a God save. Another who assists me has commented that at a deeper level I know what I am doing (I hope so).
      I guess I am a construction site – “renovations under way”. New improved model coming soon!
      All the best with your rebuild Linda

      • Yes, it’s been a rough road lately! Sinus infection, root canal, knee injury; not as serious as you Lyn, but sure has stopped me in my tracks for awhile. Explosive Uranus (on my ascendant, no less). Sending healing energy your and everyone’s way. Love and Light, Georgia

        • “Explosive Uranus (on my ascendant, no less).”

          Oh, a complete remodel happening within You and your physical body and sense of “self”. Release repeatedly so as to not be broken by this transit! I went through it a few years ago and my first house is huge so Uranus was remodeling me for well over 7 years. Must have needed the extra work. 😀

        • Thank you, Denise. I’m actually glad to hear about the remodel, it makes sense of everything that’s going on. Plenty of deep Spring cleaning, too!

      • Thank you Lyn, l appreciate your comments, and completely empathise with your situation. My poor old son has been told to say goodbye to me by medical professionals so many times it’s been unbelievable. Suddenly now though there’s a lot of head scratching going on as l am finally slowly recovering in spite of the pain.

        Thank god for Denise and others like you and Georgia who also understand this outrageous and necessary remodel, love to you all and thanks ! 💙💜💚

        • linda paskins,

          Yep, never forget that YOU are in charge and in control of your body, your life, your reality and so on, not anyone else. Making intentional, directed improvements to YOUR physical body is now easier and faster than it’s ever been for any of us. We just have to intend it from our HighHeart center of being. You are doing this and more. ❤

        • Dear Denise, Linda and Georgia and all
          Progress for me! Clearing in heart area which also means healing opportunity for my body in general. The body has been screaming at me as to the exact points that it required assistance for heart healing. My support crew and I have dealt with that in the last two days and it’s like we just took down the Berlin Wall. Major break through. Finally normal heart function again albeit at a weak level. Now down time to gently support that area and allow it to mend and fully recover – my friend fatigue keeps me still to ensure this occurs and it could be necessary for quite sometime.
          Linda yes our poor children. I have told mine what is going on as I did with the last episode over 10 years ago. They then thought “she’s off her tree” and if I just went to a doctor they would fix it all. Anyway they are watching my progress via alternative methods and yes I have seen doctors to (nothing to help for my situation) so they are now confronted with how they have been conditioned and having to adjust. Learning an progress for all. Hoorah!
          Georgia it’s definitely a healing year for all. The pressure in the sinus area is not fun and makes everyday functioning difficult. Put that together with the other aspects you have to deal with and it’s not easy. Thank you for the healing energy. It all makes a difference.
          As Denise mentions this can take a long time to get through.
          Take care and love and support the body for amazing outcomes.

  • OH MY GOSH DENISE!!!!! … petrified Duality turd … reading your descriptive made me laugh so hard! THANK YOU!!! It’s so TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dearest Paula… I have been a vegetarian in the past and a healthy eater most of my adult life. Now I have to eat meat some times and I feel better after I eat it. Today I ate ICE CREAM sandwiches… yes, plural! 😀 My body has hurt all over so bad this week. Yesterday I thought of all of you on this message board and wondered if anyone was supremely dizzy as I was. Finally it let up. There must be something to eating heavy when we are changing with the energy. I notice when life is smooth flowing (when was the last time of this? Lol) I eat healthy, lots of veggies, fruits, no junk food, plenty of regular exercise and activity. When I am overly stressed and/or feeling super disconnected I want to eat meat, pizza, chips, ice cream and tons of chocolate! This is not normal eating for me so I do go with it and not feel bad about it when it happens. And like Denise, sometimes I can’t eat food at all and drink a lot of water instead. Thank you for the nice support here. I appreciate reading all of your comments… it’s incredibly helpful to me. Thank you Denise for bringing us all together and explaining what’s happening. Everyone have a great weekend and be hopeful! 🙂

  • Good Morning Denise and all the Stair Steppers…almost typed *Star* steppers 😁
    Denise I saw this bridge long ago in my “oh, I wonder where this step goes?” beginnings. It makes me so happy to know we’re here!!!!
    I’m over the moon with Joy as your confirmation of our current place in the multi verse is the Most Encouraging News I’ve heard in a awhile. I’ve appreciated every word you’ve ever written but this message is especially meaningful.💫🌎☄ Despite the continuing body pains and the waves of change that trigger anxiety and E-motions in us all, I am Happily watching my fellow human beings melt down at every turn. I know we need to be especially alert to our environment and surroundings and will be experiencing a lot of instability at every level, but woo hoo!!! We all know what this means!
    As to your mention of coming Earth wobbles, it only makes sense as Gaia has been experiencing the same in preparation. Releasing, Purging, Evolving, Ascending.
    The prayer is and remains “If it serves the highest good of all concerned and is in alignment with Divine Will” for those whose practice has long included praying for our safety and security. ” Hopefully that phrase speaks to our natural need to reach out without making things harder or impeding our collective journey with our planet and her Beloved’s. The birthing is in progress and we would do damage if we tried to direct this ancient metamorphosis.
    It’s funny Denise, my birthday is May 14. I feel the next 8 years are the years I was born for, that everything up to now has been my dress rehearsal. My love to you all…thank you Denise for All that you do but most especially for All that you Are.

    • Suzanne,

      Something you said made me remember an experience I had from 1981 thru 1982 with a higher dimensional young male Mayan. It’s amazing to me that I’ve Worked on building this and other energy bridges most of my life and yet now that everyone and Earth are crossing it in 2018, I’d not consciously made this connection until your Comment Suzanne. Thank you for it because it’s put a lifetime of different periods of my personal Ascension Work–and others in multiple dimensions and timelines–together in this physical ascending NOW. ❤ ❤ ❤

      Here are some links to older articles from TRANSITIONS talking about Bridge Building. The second link has another link in it to a channeled message by Kryon that was meaningful to me at that time. Even those on the "other side of the Veil(s)" such as Kryon don't always know what some of the rest of us Volunteers down here in 3D (and now 5D) physicality have been Working on to assist the whole Ascension Process. 😉
      The Multidimensional Bridge Builders
      The Bridge Builders & Forerunners Crossing It Now – included link to Kryon talking about this
      Report From The Bridge

      • Denise,
        I read through all of the links. Thank you! I had forgotten how new (shiny) we were even though we’d been hard at work for years. I also followed a link you included in one of Thelma’s comments I believe, where you heard two very large beings discussing an earthquake in Southern California whose energy was later diverted to Mt. St Helens….the stories we will tell when we’re finally over the rainbow bridge if we have any memory of all of this! It was fun and a little painful to look back and see how far we’ve come and how much farther we have to go. It made me appreciate Kryons reminder to stay patient. Thanks for helping us all stay the course. Reading your writings pre 2012 is amazing!

        • “Reading your writings pre 2012 is amazing!”

          They often are for me too Suzanne, thanks for saying so however. ❤

          My personal position within linear time has always been very fluid which is normal for everything above the old 3D frequency. It's getting more easy to see from many of my pre-2012 writings how much this has been the case. It has for many of us however. 2018 so far feels like we're getting up to speed somehow, like the future/past/present Now merging is MUCH tighter which is great.

        • “2018 so far feels like we’re getting up to speed somehow, like the future/past/present Now merging is MUCH tighter which is great.”

          Denise, this reminds me of something I just read in Sandra Walter’s new article: “There is a unique shift occurring this year; the flotsam of the last 5 years is revealing what already occurred in 2012. We utilized the grace period, awakening as many Souls as possible.” (Which in turn, of course, reminded me of what you’ve written about the three-day soul review in December 2012 and the extension period.) Cool to see the correlations!

        • (Which in turn, of course, reminded me of what you’ve written about the three-day soul review in December 2012 and the extension period.) Cool to see the correlations!


          Oh, I’m so happy that anyone caught that connection to what I’d written about humanities December 21 thru 23, 2012 individual Life Reviews. Thank You for that. ❤

  • This article really gave me a peace of mind this morning, i really needed it , ( thought i was going crazy )

    the article matches with my wife’s emotional explosions, she can’t control it, but tries to. and me, am trying to stay centered in all the madness of energies, trying let go of the old and welcoming the new. i don’t really care how exactly it all will take place, entering transition in full. bud i just trust it will be the way it need to be . ( i think loving my mother in law was the biggest challenge of my life 😉

  • Thanks for your new article Denise. I had noticed that the mainstream news never mentioned any deaths (or even injuries) in their reports or the images of lava destruction in Hawaii. I thought/felt this was associated with the coming Uranus into Taurus event and that a process of realigning our values was already beginning. A new concept of the material world; what we value of a material nature will change over the coming years and I have no doubt it will shock us (as a whole) out of present concepts. The value of unity within a society will take on greater importance with people who experience such wake-up disasters and there will be more to come. I’m so grateful you share your insights with us and admire your strength. Love and light.

  • Wow, thanks for still putting your head above the parapet, Denise, when I know other great teachers have given up. I just want to be in my lightbody, whatever it’s made of. I was given a vision of what it felt like ten years ago. Someone literally flicked a switch on in me. It was the most blissful experience I’ve ever had, but my presence was too radiant for the people around me – or maybe just too startling – so the switch was flicked off again. I’ve been trying ever since to find the switch again. It feels that the moment is near, but at the same time my physical body feels more dense than ever. I’m eating really badly and feeling really gross, which is dispiriting after all the hard work I’ve done. My body seems to be needing enormous amounts of fuel, for what I really don’t know. Lift-off, hopefully!

    • “Wow, thanks for still putting your head above the parapet, Denise, when I know other great teachers have given up.”

      Thanks Paula ❤ but there's been a thousand times since I first began writing about the AP online in 2003 that I've seriously wanted to and intended to walk away from writing about it ONLY because of the ongoing attacks from those with negative ego. There's this great saying — “They kill the Christ on Earth,” and many people are still trying to do so on anyone who has Christ/Crystalline/Unity frequencies in them now.

      “It feels that the moment is near, but at the same time my physical body feels more dense than ever. I’m eating really badly and feeling really gross, which is dispiriting after all the hard work I’ve done. My body seems to be needing enormous amounts of fuel, for what I really don’t know. Lift-off, hopefully!”

      Lift-off is exactly right! 😀 We’ve all expected to go from a 3D piece of petrified Duality turd instantly and straight into a 5D Crystalline/Christ/Unity Lightbeing-ness in our physical bodies and that’s not possible as it would destroy our physical bodies. Because of this there’s those many ongoing progressive energy Stair-steps helping us to step-by-step incrementally Alchemically evolve/ascend our PHYSICAL BODIES into a higher frequency and dimension while we’re in them doing all this. Hence all the aches and pains and time.

      I too have had periods where I eat whatever I want or can eat because it feels like my body needs those foods at that time. Other times I can’t eat anything because my body cannot cope with trying to digest food while doing so much other EP Work. Don’t beat yourself up for eating any damned thing you want when you feel you need to. There are times when we’ve GOT to fuel our bodies much more than other times and often that entails eating not only more food for a while but more dense foods too. It takes a lot of food fuel, rest, sleep, quiet, safe peaceful times to do all that we are while in these ascending, transforming physical bodies. We gotta keep our strength up to get our selves across this Rainbow Bridge… even though Walking On NEW Light hurts our feet, ankles, legs, hips and bones etc. 😉

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