Walking On NEW Light

A short note about how some may have been bodily registering the April into May 2018 amplified Light energies radiating from Earth and running through the NEW grids. This does not mean we’ve reached the brightest, highest frequencies coming from these locations, only that they’ve recently been energetically stepped-up yet again (Stair-steps). Those more sensitive have really been feeling these changes fairly dramatically, and mostly in the bottom half of their physical bodies throughout April.

We’re more used to getting pummeled from overhead—cosmic, galactic center (GC), solar etc.—and those energies entering through the tops of our physical heads and traveling down into our HighHearts and all that continues, but now we’re also getting pummeled from below our feet from very high frequency Light energies coming from Earth’s core and circulating through the NEW grids. Feels like a much higher NEW physical-level frequency circuit was reached in April, which is great, but it’s been rather painful too but nothing new about that. Hurt a little or a lot at the start, acclimate to the latest NEW Light energies coming in from wherever, then do it again and again and again and each time at a higher and higher frequency energetic Stair-step. You know the evolutionary routine.

Other side effect of these higher Earth core energies and grid energies side effect is that they’re making the energetically unprepared, unaware, ego based, left brained, more dense people extra unbalanced, ill-tempered, “crazy”, careless, heartless and mean and nasty in general. Existence in the old dense 3D Earth swamp energies crawling one’s way over skulls and skeletal remains of others is more familiar and comfortable to most of these people, so having the Earth suddenly radiating (much more) NEW higher Light energies and them being circulated through the NEW matching grid system has been painful for the unaware and unprepared too at their levels of development. Said another way, these much higher frequency Light energies emanating from Earth’s core and running through the grids now are making the already unstable much more so. Heads up everyone as they’re affected by these latest NEW energies and systems running them, some people are not coping well at all. Some are and act like nothing has changed which is great for them and the aware actually, but many other people are coming further unhinged by these global evolutionary energy “upgrades”.

Soles & Souls

As usual your mileage will vary. For me these NEW Earth core and grid Light energies suddenly made the bottom heel bone of one foot hurt like holy hell in April. Still hurts now but not as severely as last month. Also I’m feeling these NEW Earth energies coming up into my physical body from the bottom up into my feet and bones, legs, hips, pelvic floor, tailbone, bottom few vertebra etc. and many of those areas hurting from Embodying and circulating those NEW energies within my physical body. Earth does it, we incarnates do it, this solar system does it, this Milky Way galaxy does it and on and on. Ouchy evolution. OMG, I just created another NEW Ascension Process term! 😀 We’ve gotta keep our sense of humor with all this otherwise it can feel overwhelming at times. The moments of bliss are fewer and far between in comparison to the weeks, months and years of physical level evolutionary transformation that continue.

As the bottoms of my heel bone and foot bones have felt like they’re broken, and my hips feel like they’re out of alignment up/down and forward/back which they physically are, it’s been so severe since the start of April that at times it’s been very difficult to walk. Again, your mileage will vary, I’m just sharing how my physical body as been reacting to these latest NEW energies radiating from Earth. Those physical pains plus periods where it’s almost unbearable to have to deal with people who lie, manipulate, cheat and do evil deeds because that’s all they know. That gets old real fast in this much NEW Light which makes Souls hurt too. Such is our Ascension lives this time around, and we couldn’t wait to get in here and go through all this!

Lower body pains in new never-before-experienced ways and parts and the occasional Soul pains from living all this surrounded by people who don’t even know it’s happening, haven’t done any Inner prep Work for it, like the old negative 3D patriarchal “swamp”, do their best to perpetuate the old lower ways in the NEW higher ascending Earth world out of sheer habit, and those of us continually overriding it all energetically as best we can and as quickly as we can. It’s May already, can you believe it? I have no memory of getting here, only that in this Now Moment I’m here and know that it too will soon be replaced with another Now Moment, and another, and another…

Good job everyone and get enough rest and horizontal silent alone time as needed each day/night. ❤


May 3, 2018

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  • Here it is May 11. in the last couple of days the energies feel…pinched, clenched, inhaled, non expansive. I noticed when doing errands ..going into grocery and garden center etc..well, folks seem joy less…energetically robotic…like they are just here. Folks are almost speaking in monotone. I am not sure what is going on ,but things feel very much in a ‘pregnant pause. I would not be surprised if there is more alcohol etc being used…escape.
    I am gardening and it is the only place I find some calm and joy and beauty,but if I go in the world..there seems to be an under current of simmering ..anger..and not even sure if it is one thing..just no joy.

    (on a side note .. I am dealing with some renters next door who threw glass beer bottles in my yard ..where I drive and mow..I have a neighborly hello, but nothing more..so, I am not sure why I am being targeted with beer bottles ..broken glass..I picked up three and a broken bottle neck yesterday.
    I am really becoming weary ..and bored of this dance of energy in this world..there are more lower energies coming to be known..and not hidden and subversive..it is disturbing. and I feel as if something ‘big’ is gonna change it..Hawaii maybe be the example..we are all at the mercy of nature..and it effects us all..when its good or unpleasant.
    I do not like this clenched feeling…I stay moving and mowing and digging and continue to create beauty and calm in my small world of my home..its all I can do..but I am really not liking going out to mix with the people who are joyless robots..

    • catherine & All,

      I’ve been trying to write something, even just a short quick something all week about what you’re talking about catherine and more, and I’d intended to do so today and all I want to do is sleep at the moment! My body and muscles are weak again today from these ongoing BIG transitional energies of ascending Earth to NEW Earth. And of course our physical bodies and selves and consciousness and everything else is included in all this too.

      Everyone knows how I’ve used the term energy Stair-steps to express how the AP is happening but in these incremental ways so IT wouldn’t / won’t instantly destroy our physical bodies and more. Well, in 2018 the energy Stair-steps have gotten high enough and prepared enough to survive crossing the Earth and everyone on her across the rainbow bridge to NEW Earth.

      Breath and everyone reread that sentence so it sinks in fully please. ❤

      I'll try to get something more written about this current 2018 (= 11 which is Mastery) Ascension Crossing asap.

  • Denise, you mention, that, we are getting less feelings of bliss, and connection, with the now light waves. Why is this. This is what i am finding most difficult at mo with ap. I am 72 yr young body, and volunteered for team, to understand ap process on old body., which was fine when i felt constant connection. It feels like something new started but it hard. One could put up all pain, if uplifted. I do totally trust the process, just hard if it just pain and exhaustion.. Thanks lin

    • “Denise, you mention, that, we are getting less feelings of bliss, and connection, with the now light waves. Why is this?”


      There’s multiple reasons that I’m consciously aware of at the moment, but as always I intend to Know more tomorrow and the next day and next… 😉

      For starters it’s just very intense where we are now (2018) within the AP/EP. The gap is still very obvious between those who are consciously aware of the AP/EP and all those who aren’t. The trick with this one however is that most of humanity won’t know, but will be evolved by these high Light energies; they will be changed, evolved and dramatically and won’t need to go through as many of these AP Stair-steps as we Forerunners of the Forerunners and Forerunners etc. did.

      Another aspect of this lack of bliss state many are still feeling is due to the ongoing (keyword there!) individual AP and/or EP. Personally I only experience moments of “bliss” amidst ongoing painful and oftentimes still difficult physical life reality stuff, but I’m learning more and more about myself because of this. The more I Embody and Unify within myself, the more often I’ll experience and be capable of maintaining expanded “bliss” states.

      Think of this in relation to how in the past people would have to sit down, get quiet physically, mentally and emotionally and then try their best to start to experience the outer edges of “bliss”. They’d spend lifetimes trying to do this but typically this Process was done in monasteries, temples, retreats etc. behind walls in safe spaces with no outside distractions. Does any of that sound like what WE have been doing with the AP and EP? Not at all! We’ve been doing it while working, raising kids, dealing with mates, co-workers, neighbors, family, attacks from Team Dark and Portal People, and life now. It’s amazing we’ve done this well all things considered. Another aspect of Unity and integration and walking through our physical lives as incarnate Masters of Light and HighHeart. ❤ ❤ ❤

      The often sense of lack of connection many of us have felt has to do with another aspect of the AP/EP, which is our becoming increasingly Self-Sovereign individuals. Said another way, more Divine Source is increasingly being able to directly flow within each of us in these physical bodies and be maintained and circulated in us making EACH of us INDIVIDUALLY Self-Sovereign which is the whole point with all this. Individual “god” Selves incarnate and able to maintain that higher, more direct connection with Divine Source in the physical and not be destroyed or imbalanced by IT. The EP–Embodiment Process–makes us feel more individual and potent. When more of us individually reach this and higher levels within the EP, we will, we already are, start to very easily feel, sense, know and multidimensionally commune with like-others who’ve done the same EP as we have. That is when a NEW ascended 5D-base Group Collective will be created of individuals who’ve Embodied enough to be capable of existing/living/working/functioning etc. as ascended Masters of Light and HighHeart. This has happened and will only continue to develop and expand. ❤

      So, there's a feeling of being less connected but in those old lower 3D and consciousness ways, while actually being more Self-Sovereign individually. All the individuals (ascended Leo) who've done this automatically become the NEW higher Group Collective (ascended Aquarius) that can and are intentionally and very consciously helping to steer ascending Earth reality by overriding all old lower codes and consciousness etc. I fear I've lost the thread of this conversation. Nap time. 🙂

      • Wonderful information in your going off on a tangent response, Denise. I just wanted to throw in what I have been experiencing, maybe it’ll make sense who knows also in respect to what Linda is writing on ap being hard. When you mentioned Self-Sovereign becoming, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry because it has gotten to the point and has been for years actually wherein I know almost everyone I come to meet potentially becoming a friendship or the few people I have “fallen in love with” in the romantic sense I never ultimately form a close bond with now hindsight I see…even when I know there are strong and significant past life threads in our meeting. I feel like Teflon nothing truly ever seems to stick. It’s gotten to the point where and I think this is actually something I needed to develop and embody more, where I know building a true companionship or understanding or some deeper permanence isn’t the point as much as it would be fulfilling (and beyond the 3D ego self…on a soul level) that almost every time I’ve needed to unearth or develop whatever good traits I see in that other person more wholly in myself and have that as a “substitute” if you will for the wholeness I would have had on the outside in the form of a relationship…so there are traits in me that are mine but others have sparked so to speak – which I find attractive and wonderful in them but have had to embody in myself because they ultimately do not stay or cannot. As much as it saddens me, I feel this is the way things are going with one of my closest soul mates (I think) and my twin flame even…I mean this is Self-Sovereign in a way that is empowering but also jarring on another level though in the aftermath I see how it is needed and “better” or “the higher way” if you will.

  • Spot on again, thanks. I got the sore feet hips, but didnt relate it to ap. At equinox as usual, i tried to tune into the ley energy. (I live on a michael, mary line) as it changes then. Got hit by a tumultuous energy from earth, i couldnt handle or understand, it so strong. Ht took me up into clouds a couple afternoon, to get away from the earth energys. Slept on the ship a few nights. In UK, we had cold weather, no spring. Then a heatwave, on beltain, mayday, union of god and goddess, so went to holywell to get my feet on earth. There was a pollen bomb, all nature, had to catch up, and sun caused massive hayfever. I see it as the pollen is union of male female, in plant world, so apt. I had wanted to place my feet on the ley line, but just had to lie down…. trying to absorb the lesson, pointed out by Denise, of ouchy feet. I feel, it is our base, feet, earth star chakra recalibrating, to a deep level, so we can contact earth more, probably in 5d.. def com8ng from earth up. Every time i go out to feel it, i have to lie on ground and rest……As for those crystal shapes in pic. I recognize them. I call them stellar waves. I see them at nite, a deep midnight blue, but with geometric pattern, and shimmering. They feel lovely. . I would love to hear comments on why peeps feel, they have ouch feet.. what is happening, earth to us upward. I intuit to bathe my feet in salt water, this helps feet chackras to open, and function. But i cant find the energy, to do this. Thanks Denise , i didnt pick up feet thing was ap. What do you think it all about….around 20th may, sun align Pleiades, and many teachers mention big wave may 15th to 21st. Hope i have intigrated the massive earth energy wave by then

  • Hello Denise

    This month of May opened too with a ‘loud bang’ for me… The whole day of May 2nd until the 3rd I was in bed for the most time – swimming (‘drowning was more like it) through the pronouncedly very intense surges/waves and trying to sleep out the pains/aches/nausea etc that went them… It did feel like one of those intense upshifts again though thankfully there were gentler “hits’ in between. .

    It is interesting that you pointed out the upward/vertical direction of the energy this time, because a drawing I made of this May’s opening salvo (two days before I read your latest post) also showed exactly that: vertical energetic lines traversing the physical body ( in my case, veering toward the right side) pointing upwards beyond the head, varying in length. I have had similar experiences (like yours and those of others) since one or two years back with the more recent one occurring last January; but like you noted, these HF energies previously were ‘plummeting us from overhead.” With the apparent change in direction, given varying vibrational levels of course, do you have any indication if we may be nearing completion of or have completed the (re)construction of our (diamond-like) light bodies? Do you think this (re-) construction involves shifts in energetic points within the physical body?

    An image I Saw in the midst of this early May’s energetic episode came back clearly to me when I read the following section in your reply to “Barb and All:”

    “The AP includes us evolving beyond ALL these old 3D patriarchy based belief systems about everything, and about us learning how to take all that responsibility back and live our lives and work, don’t work, rest, play, sleep, nap, feed, eat/drink only what we sense we need at that time, heal, create, exercise, rejuvenate etc. all on our own. Self-empowerment, responsibility, sovereignty, directly and consciously Source connected and NOT controlled by anyone or anything other than that.”

    I have Seen in the past apparently long series of separate frames (like photos) that moved horizontally towards the left, then the same scene on another occasion but with the motion toward the right, and during both times, I was merely observing the frames’ motion the whole time.. Then this one instance when the image was only that of a single frame, immobile in ‘front’ of me. These series of moving frames I felt aptly represent the old earthly life that you describe above — rigid, predetermined/preset, like a film consisting of set frames that appear linear, continuous; and in the old energy, humans’ choice/s seemed to be only between editing out/changing some frames or fully living out the set frames as is, the way they have been constructed and presented to humanity. That I was viewing the same images from apparently opposite directions was to yet remind me of how relative ‘old-normal’ human perceptions were/are.

    With these earlier images as points of reference if you may, this early May’s Sight-ing seems to take on a more textured meaning for it seems to highlight how much we are achieving through this evolutionary process. The image? This one blank, white sheath/frame slowly falling from above toward my line of vision. For me this felt like a triumphal representation of the growing number of humans now who have awakened to their/our free will CHOICES to decide what that blank white frame (or their Life in incarnate form) should be like, MOMENT BY MOMENT, in the NOW, from ever evolving consciousness/energetic levels, as the sovereign, highly-powered Creators that we are. So what you said above so resonated Denise that I am reminded that there are no coincidences. Thank you so very much for this space and the High Heart.. Namaste and blessings all around.

    • “With the apparent change in direction…”


      It’s not that the energies have changed direction, but that the energies in the Earth’s core have recently reached the point where much higher frequency NEW energies–therefore NEW Codes–are radiating out from it. Because of this there’s A LOT of “earth changes” unfolding in 2018 (and even more once Uranus enters Taurus, an earth sign on May 15, 2018, the day of the New Moon @ 24 degrees Taurus), such as increased earthquakes around the Ring of Fire especially (there were two small earthquakes around 5AM this morning that woke me up here in Southern California) and volcanic activity such as what’s happening on the Big Island of Hawaii now. Old Codes are gone–the biggie for Earth and humanity is the ancient split between Lemuria (hence the Ring of Fire activity) Mother Heart etc. and later Atlantis Father intellect etc. which has recently been removed and replaced with MUCH higher energies of integration or “Unity”. This is why the Earth is shaking and spewing lava now; these old energies of time in Duality are done and gone and have been replaced with ascended, integrated, unified higher frequency Light energies containing the NEW (Unity) Codes.

      So we’re getting BOTH the NEW from “above” via all the cosmic, galactic and solar energies and also the NEW from the Earth’s core that’s flowing through the NEW Grids on Earth, and through the NEW Grids in us, in humanity too. Lots of positive changes both internally and externally and we’re just getting started at this NEW level and phase of the AP/EP.

      About the horizontal and vertical visions and directional flows; this is a big and complex topic so I’m going to use really simplified symbolism to try to describe this to everyone reading this. (I also have a blazing earthquake headache so this will be short.)

      Envision a large 30-story tall building. To change floors in it one needs to get in the elevator and move vertically up or down. When one reaches the floor (or dimension) one wants, the elevator stops and you step out on to a horizontal floor and you can go anywhere within that floor horizontally left or right etc. You want to get to another higher or lower floor (or dimension), you get back in the elevator that ONLY moves vertically up or down to reach another horizontal floor (or world, reality, expression etc. etc.).

      So called “time travel” is much closer to intentionally moving one’s self up or down the vertical energy line — higher is faster and less dense, while lower is slower and more dense. There’s different horizontal levels (worlds and realities within different dimensions) up and down this vertical line. The Ascension Process has been about everything moving much farther up this vibrational bandwidth and “ascending” to a NEW higher level or octave or harmonic entirely. I don’t even know if this has answered your question or at least helped with it!

      As one Seer to another Seer, all I can tell you is to “observe” what you See with everything else besides your left brain intellect. Feel what you See instead of only or mostly analyzing it. I know from experience that one gains far more information about what one is Seeing when using all of ones tools and FEELING works so much better and faster. 😉

      • Thanks for sharing your insights, Denise though perhaps you did not have to reply so soon.. How do you manage to think straight and write while nursing an earthquake headache??? 

        I agree with you —what’s happening is not a change in direction—my mistake. The onslaught of very high frequency (HF) energy comes from “below” and from ‘above,” and sometimes I feel sideward pulls on either or both sides of the physical body. For sometime I have tried to apprise myself of perspectives from various fields/sources to help enhance how I understand the verticals/horizontals/spirals and the ‘energetic layers” that seem to be tamped down or to be pushed or pulled upward. I have been made conscious of these energetic events through visions and direct physical sensations for more than two years now until more recently this May, and not missing their potential import, I have tried my best to try to “unearth, unbury the essence” of these events and observe how the “pieces’ fall into place.

        Yes, in this work-in-progress kind mode, Feelings have been a valuable means with which one “reads” initial impressions and feels” into the densities and vibrations present and in play. Especially the images/sensations/sounds etc., — being mostly allegorical, symbolic, representational – these are often outside of the conscious human mind’s mostly 3D-sourced data base and usual frames of reference, and hence, could not be processed or decoded through usual methods. What I am striving to do, like many of us I think, is to “construct some loose framework” in order to aid the human conscious mind /self to make sense of the data/event …. Consciously aware always of how relative and shifting one’s perceptions are, ever open to the possibility that there can be other ways (perhaps as yet not personally known ) that one can view Inner HF data, events etc..

        More than before, I think am starting to really get it: Choices are our, are for each of us, to make. Our right. Our responsibility.

        These are certainly quite unfamiliar New Terrains we tread as Divine Humans wearing our New Human Garbs. There is much to learn even for the forerunners of forerunners or the lightwarriors of the first and last hour. Might it be instructive perhaps were all of us able to share ideas, say on How do we make those Choices? What inner-“guidelines” help us to make Most Optimal/Best Choices possible from perspectives and interpretations available or possible? What are we learning and un-learning in our individual processes of Becoming and Be-ing? Just a wild thought 🙂 Many thanks again Denise. Light, Love

  • Denise: Thanks so much for writing about ouchy evolution!!! I got the feeling this morning (before reading your blog) that I would hear something very useful from you (and others commenting). Wow, did I.

    I’ve been in so much pain for several weeks now (all of April) — feet, ankles, legs (including numbness), hips, pelvis, and lower spine. My feet, ankles and legs are also very swollen. That is not to mention the head and neck pains, nausea. Took yesterday off from work and managed to sleep nearly all day — sitting straight up in my easy chair. Lying in bed causes the pain in my low back and hips to become much worse, to the point of almost not being able to walk when I get up from bed. Maybe keeping my feet on the floor is helpful — connecting me to earth grids. I am only guessing about this.

    Yesterday it occurred to me (when I could stay awake for more than a few minutes at a time) there were several effects on my body of the incoming light (took me awhile to realize it was coming up from my feet). One was that the energies were enhancing function of the pituitary gland — related to aging and physical body health. The other was that of clearing the frequencies of “despair” and “hopelessness” from my DNA (and that of others) — this being long ago embedded by “dark forces” that manipulated DNA in order to control humans. Took me awhile to get that what I was feeling was a clearing/purging — not be confused with my current outlook on life under influences of EP/AP. YEAH!! … I am willing to put up with ouchy evolution for a time if it produces such wonderful results. This morning I “saw” that would be LOVING my body to a restored state of health — maybe not in an instant (although this could happen), but relatively soon — a return of hopefulness?!?

    Blessing to you Denise and all who show up this is amazing, albeit painful step-by-step process!


  • Hello Denise.
    I have had back and hip and lower leg pain for the last few weeks and as I had a hip replacement over 3yrs. ago I was beginning to get worried that it had gone wrong somehow and I may need to get it looked at. Then on reading your posts I hoped that was why I had the pains. It has now subsided and I’m so glad I didn’t go to the Doc. as that would have set off a load of tests only to come up with nothing. I have had chronic pain in my feet for many years and after many Hospital referrals and tests they have told me they do not know what is wrong with my feet. Some days I can barely walk and at best I shuffle around the supermarket with a cart to do my shopping” pathetic”. I have often wondered if this pain is to keep me at home and away from the unkind masses. I used to be a very sociable person but now avoid being with people and have “moved on ” from many friends as they are not on my wavelength any more. I realize that the AP and EP has changed me completely, and without reading the information you give us I think I would have thought I was going mad at times. I wonder if anyone else feels the same as I do? I am really grateful for all you do so thank you and may God Bless you.
    Linda Palfreyman

    • Linda,

      Some people are far more sensitive to the energies of Earth/Gaia and typically feel them first in their feet, then up into the legs and maybe even into the hips and pelvic area too. Some of us feel Earth in super amplified physical ways like this, but add to this these April-May Earth core Light “upgrades” plus that NEW higher energy running through the NEW Earth grids that so many of us have Worked on for decades, then it makes sense that some of us are highly sensitive to these NEW much higher frequency Light energies and feel them in the lower half of our bodies and/or feet etc.

      Right after the Total Solar Eclipse in August 2017 last year, my right shoulder joint and right elbow joints went from zero pain to hurting so severely I could barely move that arm off/on for 7 months! And then as suddenly as that severe pain started, it stopped completely. This same thing started again in April 2018 but this time with my right heel bone into the foot and some toes and up into both hips and lower spine. It’s exactly the same severe physical pains beginning suddenly and making life fairly miserable for however long it will this time, and then it all will disappear as suddenly as it started… because it’s all Ascension ENERGY related. Ouchy evolution! 😆

      I too, as most of us have, had to leave our old lives and relationships, friends etc. behind when our AP started many years ago. Unless those people/family/mates/friends/co-workers etc. are around the same level of AP development, changes, processing, transformations etc. as we are, then we HAVE to continue evolving no matter what and hope they catch up later. Most don’t I’ve found but a scant few have which is wonderful. ❤ Always remember that what we're doing and living through now is helping to create a NEW Earth where everyone will be within the same higher 5D HighHeart frequency, consciousness and external reality range. Everyone. What a NEW world it will be. ❤

  • Hi Denise, thanks, gonna put ouchy evolution up on the wall so l can admire it all day! Thanks 💜💙

  • Goodness Denise, I KNOW I’m not on the same stair step as you but I feel the same feet/leg/etc. pains you describe, and appreciate your reporting on your advanced “view” from your present step. Ouchy Evolution is a keeper! I wonder if our lack of recall of the recent past (April) might be a kind of protection; like blinders on a horse – it keeps us from looking back and being distracted from the path forward. I’m so reassured when reading your words and those of your commenters, as it is tempting to believe I’m in some private dismantling process. Well, dismantling it may be but it ain’t private!

    AP/EP has given a whole new meaning to the natal Sun/Chiron conjunction which I have come to accept and respect. Your “getting prone” adage has replaced the old 3D mantra of finishing all chores before laying down. Any resemblance to the former time schedules ( up at 8 AM, breakfast, 12 Noon lunch, evening meal at 7 PM, shower at 10 PM, in bed by midnight) has been obliterated. I sleep whenever and how ever long my body wants.

    My appetite and the condition of my tummy determines when and what I eat. There are no rules left that structure my day; if I’m up to it I go to the grocery, if not I wait until I feel better. My plans are pretty loose and I don’t allow myself to feel guilty about changing them at the last minute. It might look undisciplined to some, but my lifestyle in the last 2+ years has morphed into a re-evaluation of my (own) priorities; what’s really important gets the attention, what I was trained to believe was “right and proper” (by parents, church, society, etc.) has been re-assessed. It’s a whole new world coming into being and we will see it if we can just bend with the changes.

    • Barb…sounds like the wonderful luxury of Freedom to me~ Free to BE~ no worries about pleasing or seeking approval. I love it and I am living it as well. I also feel with the lower parts of our body now being involved that perhaps we are to send it into the earth.. our dear sweet Mother who could use some love~some kindness and some of the Highheart energies of love and compassion~

      • catherine, I admit I fought to maintain the old routine for some time. It took a while to understand what was happening and to stop feeling guilty because I needed to take a nap or didn’t finish some chore before bedtime. Thank goodness I found others here at HHL going through the same thing and Denise writing about needing to “get prone”. I was unconscious of how the Old Rules had shaped my daily life, but slowly I did come to see it as being free. I do like your idea of the process affecting our feet and legs contributing to the well-being of the Earth itself. We are all One and we are acclimating to the higher dimensions one stair step at a time. Peace and love to you and all who come here to find solace.

    • “Your “getting prone” adage has replaced the old 3D mantra of finishing all chores before laying down. Any resemblance to the former time schedules ( up at 8 AM, breakfast, 12 Noon lunch, evening meal at 7 PM, shower at 10 PM, in bed by midnight) has been obliterated. I sleep whenever and how ever long my body wants.

      Barb & All,

      It’s amazing to continue “waking up” and discover how utterly structured, rigid and controlled we and our daily lives have been and all because of beliefs we’ve been force-fed all our lives by others. The AP includes us evolving beyond ALL these old 3D patriarchy based belief systems about everything, and about us learning how to take all that responsibility back and live our lives and work, don’t work, rest, play, sleep, nap, feed, eat/drink only what we sense we need at that time, heal, create, exercise, rejuvenate etc. all on our own. Self-empowerment, responsibility, sovereignty, directly and consciously Source connected and NOT controlled by anyone or anything other than that.

      Living this way is far, far more “disciplined” than mindlessly herd-like following what others have told everyone to do and when and for how long etc. Being brave enough to take back power and responsibility and live from that higher frequency state of awareness and life is what the AP/EP is all about. Let the old reality rules created by the patriarchy go right along with them and live from your Greater, Higher HighHeart and Self/Selves… and nap at any time all you want and need. 😀 ❤

  • Denise and all
    Because I am able to assist myself with herbs, acupressure etc and some outside assistance when needed, I have only been experiencing lower leg numbness, hip joint aching, head pressures and fatigue. No choice but to be vertical to assist the body.
    But the big thing for me is that my heart is so expanded in my chest. Feels so big and full and seems there is little room left. Working well though and blood pressure is very good. Prior to that there was a lot going on in the thymus area.
    Both areas have really appreciated continual soothing chest rub remedies and warm heat packs – almost winter here so works out okay.
    Curious to know if others have been experiencing similar things?

  • 💝💝💝
    Have to say all I am doing is going to the toilet. Would like to say something more profound but that’s about it. And also the no knowledge of how I too got to May 3rd

  • Yes, indeedy…my feet have been feeling little electrical shocks..can’t explain it other than that…just random.
    I am not sure what your image is of those little diamond like objects..but I grab my camera pretty much daily..and have been capturing some amazing sky images..the other day was just pointing it at the sun..and you know how you get sun flares in an image..well the sun flares were the shape of your diamond like structures. The flares were not round at all. I have also been trying to capture what looks like this star that is in the same part of the sky as the sunset..it looks like the brightest twinkle star ever.. but when I zoom in on it..it is definitely round..and kind of has a pinkish red hue..I will to set up my tripod and try to get a better image..I got one pretty good that defines the shape.
    I also have about 5 images of something falling from the sky..in daylight..it was orange yellow with a black line in the middle..there were no clouds..but I got a sequence of it slowly falling behind the foothills behind my house. There are some amazing things going on..I encourage all to look up..its the first thing I do when I walk outside..yes, there are the disturbing chemtrails..but there is sure some interesting things…and its energy therein…and can only be described in a newer version of the Lord’s prayer I was told recently….”Our Father….what the actual F**k?”

  • Denise,

    This article is so relevant to what happened to me. You asked me to keep you updated regarding the water coming up through the concrete in my garage (while keeping the dirt under the concrete perfectly dry). A while after that occurrence, I started feeling very different, in a very good way. No more water has emerged. I think, actually more feel than think, that this was some kind of cleansing or release of something. It’s hard to describe the feeling exactly. Everything now feels ok (if you know what I mean). This is so difficult to describe. I thank you so much. You really have helped me.


    • Gerry,

      I completely understand what you’re correctly feeling, sensing, realizing. Old past 3D Earth codes/patterns distorted and otherwise have been and will continue to be replaced with more and more NEW higher Light ones which is beyond wonderful for all! Much more of this to come and of course as usual we’ll be Embodying these NEW energies/codes/DNA/consciousness etc. in our physical bodies and consciousness too. Earth does it, we do it…

      Today both of my toilets are showing rust colored water in the bowls and they’re both only 2 years old. I’m not sure yet if this is due to these below ground (2D – second dimension) Earth improvements or if I need to call a handyman. This is only happening in both toilets and not in any other water outlets in the house. This may be something with me like what you’ve gone through. Strange phenomena continues to amaze! I’m so glad you and your washer and drain pipe etc. are fine now. ❤

  • Hey Denise,

    Thank you for sharing some of these April 2018 “Pains.” I did want to ask are you also feeling knee, knee cap, knee joint, knee nerve pains as well. Because I’ve been feeling this since the Equinox Gateway in March. I’m flat out tired. All I can say is everything feels so different, it’s like everything is no longer gridded down where it was a few years ago in the older.

    P.S. – can’t wait for Uranus to enter Taurus. I need more earth “Energies,” I find I feel better during periods with lots of earth energy within the astrological charts. In my own chart I have 5 planets in earth signs. Three in Capricorn and 2 in Taurus. So Saturn and Uranus are hitting both signs and I’m very interested in seeing how this changes more of humanity.

    Thank you – again for this. Blessings.

    • Michael,

      Of course knees and knee joints too, I just forgot to include them in this article. Pretty much all Saturn structures — skeletal — especially from the bottoms of our feet/bones up through the hips and that horizontal line. Remember Saturn entered Capricorn, it’s natural “home” sign back in December 2017, so all physical structures internal and external are and will be getting huge NEW energy/DNA/reality/consciousness and worldwide “makeovers”. Things like how humans have thought about, viewed and believed, as the past patriarchy has that the Earth and all her resources are there for them to use and make money off of and control the world blah, blah, blah, is going to evolve tremendously and very quickly now with planets in earth signs carrying/transmitting NEW higher level Light energies. Our bodies will do the same too of course and the old beliefs about “the aging process” will be overrode (is that a word???) by those with higher consciousness and HighHeart etc.

      “All I can say is everything feels so different, it’s like everything is no longer gridded down where it was a few years ago in the older.”

      That’s because it has been overrode energetically, evolved, stepped up considerably and this is just the beginning of this phase of the AP! Eventually things and life won’t even be recognizable to what it was because the evolutionary improvements will be that tremendous. Hang in there because the more WE Embody the NEW, the faster and more easily it’s able to manifest in the external for everyone else too. ❤

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