Multiple Layers, Varied Elevations & Different Directions

As is always the case, the image above is as close a visual representation as I could find to what I’ve been Seeing for months. Pan back further, expand out much more, be acutely aware of the varied elevations between each line and you have a better visual of what I’ve been Seeing concerning this phase of our evolutionary Ascension Process. But, what all does that visual image represent?

It’s tempting to call these different lines “timelines” but that’s not what they are. They’re different lines of development, frequency, elevation and trajectory vibrating from different focal points, consciousness and realities within the evolutionary Ascension Process. A term I’m going to borrow here is from Tom Kenyon’s channeled Hathors and is ‘Nodes’ and/or ‘Chaotic Nodes’. According to the Hathors, ‘Nodes’ are areas where two or more of these different lines of development, worlds and trajectories intersect which cause energetic and physical reverberations through all involved. [See Tom Kenyon’s website under Hathors for more information about Nodes if interested.]

If you’re familiar with Astrology and aspects between planets, then you’re aware of the energy lines between two or more planets that make energetic aspects and connections with each other, producing squares, trines, sextiles, oppositions and so on. That is somewhat similar to this but on a cosmic evolutionary Ascension Process level with multiple worlds and realities instead of single planets. And of course this is much more complex and far reaching.

When I look down through these many different lines of development and trajectory pathways of Ascending worlds and realities from above, the lines farthest away from my viewing elevation are literally disintegrating into nothingness. The further and higher we evolve within the higher elevations of these lines of development and trajectory, the more quickly the lower ones disappear and are no more. We’re literally evolving beyond them, so with every ongoing energy Stair-step progression we create, visualize and make within the Ascension and Embodiment Process (AP and EP), the more the lower realities (lines) vanish. A certain higher frequency range and elevation must be reached to remain within the overall Ascension Process now. Highest and higher ones grow stronger and larger while lowest and lower ones disintegrate out of consciousness and external manifest realities.

Now in 2018, many of these different lines of development, elevation and world trajectories etc. are intersecting each other, producing a sense of growing global chaos, confusion, fears, anger and a general feeling of being highly unsafe and unstable in the worlds energetically involved. This is normal for where we’re at within the evolutionary Ascension Process, but that knowing doesn’t always make our lives more comfortable necessarily while they seemingly fall into growing chaos due to compressed evolution.

What I want to focus on about this however has to do with more and more Forerunners/Embodiers/Pathpavers etc. increasingly becoming consciously aware that they have been and are living with ever-increasing conscious multidimensional awareness, linear and non-linear or quantum awareness, physical and energetic existence within multiple levels of world realities, multiple dimensions, and all from their current ascending physical bodies, lives and expanding consciousness. Said simply, more Forerunners/Embodiers/Pathpavers etc. are increasingly becoming conscious of their multidimensional Selves and others and have been and increasingly are functioning in and from multiple different levels and dimensions simultaneously and are becoming increasingly conscious of this fact. 

One of the main things about the Ascension Process (AP), Embodiment Process (EP) that I continue discovering is how my expectations about these things has been so wrong in that they’re not nearly as dramatic as I expected them to be. I’ve investigated this within myself to better understand all this and found that many of my expectations about the EP were based in old 3D experiences of being a psychic Seer, Empath, Sensitive etc. Here’s an example: Because I’ve been a Seer, Sensitive, Empath, Starseed, Human Angelic and more since birth, all my “psychic” experiences and perceptions happened in the old 3D Earth world and frequency. Because of this, when I would perceive something beyond 3D frequency, they were always big and bold and instantly obvious as coming from somewhere beyond the third dimension. Very simply, 3D was 3D and 4D astral was 4D and 5D was 5D and so on and it was instantly obvious when I was in another dimension and/or interacting with one or more of them and/or with beings and energies from them. All that changed slowly when the AP started and the evolutionary climb up out of 3D began and continued through the astral fourth dimension (4D) and finally into the fifth dimension (5D).

Another clear example about this slow steady evolutionary climb that continually alters one’s perceptions: When I used to clairvoyantly See 4D astral beings, aliens, entities and whatnot from old pre-ascension 3D physical Earth frequency, the contrasts were extreme and instant, leaving me with zero doubt about what I was Seeing, perceiving, interacting with, why, and where I was. Old 3D “psychic” perceptions where dramatic, loud, colorful, intense and often felt like huge neon signs hung in the space over your head informing you that what you were experiencing was indeed from the 4D astral or from 5D or higher. There was such profound and thick energetic borders or “veils” between the old 3D frequency we all were born into and the other dimensions that when I shifted from one to another, and back again, there was zero doubt or confusion on my part as to where I was at every moment. This clear conscious multidimensional awareness began blurring together when the AP started however.

In 1974-75ish my 19-year-old sister became a heroin addict, along with many other substances (and bulimia since age 13). She died from her lifelong self-inflicted and greatly Team Dark assisted abuses and personality fractures in 2017 at age 57. It was only months after she began using heroin that I was contacted by a demon through a lucid astral dream encounter. This demon had etherically energetically attached to her through her early drug use in 1975. This demon—and all other such negative nonhuman, nonphysical beings, aliens, entities etc.—often use living people who unknowingly open themselves like she did to then attack and/or try to feed off from other living people connected to the original Portal Person such as loved ones, family members, wives, husbands, friends, neighbors, co-workers and so on . In this case this demon wanted me to know that it had my younger sister and was coming for me. In this lucid dream it stood before me with my sister behind it in a zombie-like unaware stupor and brazenly talked directly to me informing me that my sister was the ways and means for it to get at me and take me out. Mind you, this happened in 1975, long before the AP was on any of our conscious radars. Team Dark however knew what was coming before we Elder Forerunners even incarnated in these lives.

Another similar example of this was a pair of brothers (and their whole family and friends) that had a different demon attached to them through the one brother’s childhood negative sexual activities, which he continued into adulthood. His primary vise was negative sexual activities with other males. His brother was not into that but was an addict. Consider yourselves lucky I’m leaving all the really unpleasant stuff out of this! This male human’s attached demon was female which I found interesting to say the least considering he was only interested in other males. Read between the lines with all of this information. Feel into it and know more.

This guys female demon also did it’s best to take me out–kill me or possess me or drive me mad etc.—because this took place from April 2000 through 2004 and my AP had began with the start of 1999. It knew what I was (Team Light) and what I was doing (the AP as a Forerunner of the Forerunners) and what I would be doing in the near future (the EP and further Pathpaving for humanity) and that’s why those guys were manipulated to rent the house next door to us at that time. Four torturous years later we had to sell that house to get away from those demonically attacked, owned and operated human guys. We sold that house in 2004, moved and got away from those brothers and their extended same frequency family, but that demon continued to attack me in different ways through different humans (Portal People) that were easily manipulated by any Team Dark being/entity/alien/demon/devil etc. at our new house.

If you ever think that you can get careless for even a short few hours, think again. This is not the life to play with your life and let ultra-low-lives into it or your body or consciousness or anything else. We’re out of the woods when we’re out of the woods. How much energetic elevation do you have and do you believe you can go back down and fool around in lower frequencies with people who are still heavily influenced by Team Dark entities? Way too much to risk so maintain your higher altitude and continue climbing higher and higher.

Jump forward in linear time again to early 2015 when I’d bought my NEW old house. It was pre-owned by a woman in her mid-90s who’d been widowed for decades, had depression and not done much of anything to the house that was positive and uplifting for a long time. I knew all this the first time the realtor showed me the house because I could See and Feel it all for myself. But, because I’d been in the AP Duality battle trenches as a Forerunner of the Forerunners for decades already, I knew I could energetically clear that house of her depression and related negative residual energies. While cleaning what would become my bedroom in this house in 2015, I clearly saw a huge six inch in diameter spider run up my newly hung bedroom curtains and disappear behind them. I’ve never been terribly fond of spiders, so seeing one that large really bothered me and I knew I had to kill and remove it to ever feel comfortable in that room. I hunted that huge spider for about an hour, and then watched for it for months afterwards while I continued cleaning that house so we could move into it almost a year later.

Punch-line was that the huge spider I saw was not physical at all but an etheric astral spider and I didn’t realize this for months. Why? Because it looked to me to be totally physical and physically “real”. How could I have made such a simple mistake I wondered after a lifetime as a Seer Sensitive? Years and decades earlier I would have instantly known that the spider was etheric, like I did when I clairvoyantly Saw a herd of them the size of two-foot-tall dogs run across my bed in another house! (These and other 4D astral creatures are more common than most would believe, at least they were many ascension years ago.) Why was I having a difficult time perceiving different 4D astral level entities and critters as NOT physical? Short answer is that we’ve traveled through, ascended through the astral for many, many years from 3D to finally vibrationally enter the fifth dimension and frequency. Because of this AP journey my perceptions, and many of you reading this, have changed dramatically into something far more simple and undramatic-like in nature. We’ve become, are continuing to become increasingly conscious of our multidimensionality in 2018.

If you’ve never been clairvoyant then suddenly Seeing something is a big indicator that you’re perceiving beyond your old familiar frequency and consciousness level. If you’ve been clairvoyant all your life before the Ascension Process began, when you See/see things during it, they don’t always have that old familiar feel of coming from another dimension and level of frequency. They have for many of us, felt and looked and acted just like they were physical when in fact they were astral and the reason for this has been because we’ve been ascending through that dimension for many years. Most of you reading this are fully in the fifth dimension and level of consciousness and frequency and are getting familiar with that plus what it feels like and how things act and work for us as multidimensional ascending beings in human bodies.

My point in sharing all these old and unpleasant ‘Dark Arts Training’ (a Lisa Renee term I’m borrowing) experiences now is because they each existed in a different line of development and trajectory over these ascension years. The higher I evolve, ascend, Embody etc. the easier it’s becoming for me to simply perceive multiple dimensions, quantum Now Moment existence, other dimensional beings both positive and negative (what’s left of them at this point), linear and non-linear time, physical and non-physical realities and on and on. The big difference to me with all this is how UN-dramatic it all is; how natural and normal it all is because it is natural and normal and UN-dramatic to us the higher we continue to evolve, ascend, unify, Embody.

What was profoundly separated off into different dimensions and levels and layers, linear time and beyond linear time etc., all starts being perceived by each of us as just more stuff to perceive, Work with, Create with, learn from, further Create from and so on. It’s all much less dramatic and obvious and just more stuff from my current level of development and consciousness. So many expect super high drama, intense emotional reactions, spectacular higher sights, elevated visions and such and that’s true but what’s more shocking than that is how “normal” and natural it is. Another example of this ongoing EP business: To “meditate” I used to sit down, turn off TV, music or whatever and get quiet internally  to intentionally focus on something to gain information. For months I’ve been trying to do this and get nowhere with these old 3D methods. However, when I just intentionally push my awareness (and/or intent) out further in all directions and perceive from my HighHeart (Feeling with little to no intellect) I instantly and effortlessly perceive from higher levels of awareness and greater being. And, I can do this while washing the dishes, taking a shower, staring at the ceiling etc. It doesn’t matter because I’m just perceiving more of “reality” simultaneously. The methods, tools, practices and expectations have dramatically changed—and will continue to—because we have dramatically changed, evolved, ascended and will continue to. Release the old 3D familiar and continue learning more NEW from this 5D level we’re at, you’re at today, but know it too will continue to change and expand as you do, as we do.

Interestingly, I’d intended to write about different things than what I have but I know to trust this and let it be. More things both internally within each of us and externally in the world and worlds and lines of development and trajectories are currently being “righted”, aligned, unified internally which automatically assists in further unifying everything that needs to be “righted” and aligned externally. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Does it matter? Nope, that’s old Duality consciousness and we’ve ascended into quantum everything at once consciousness and realities. Release old AP and EP expectations and beliefs because old lower consciousness couldn’t comprehend these NEW higher, bigger, more complex levels and states of being existence and creativity. We can say this same thing over and over again at different levels of our own personal Embodiment Processes so just expect the magnificent higher unexpected as you, me, we each continue evolving and expanding into very NEW beings individually and as a NEW higher Group Collective.

Denise Le Fay

April 24, 2018

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15 thoughts on “Multiple Layers, Varied Elevations & Different Directions

  • Dearest Denise,

    I feel that once again you have outdone yourself with this post — such deep and piercing insights that you can so clearly articulate. Ever appreciative. Thank you.

    You say: “…The higher I evolve, ascend, Embody etc. the easier it’s becoming for me to simply perceive multiple dimensions, quantum Now Moment existence, other dimensional beings both positive and negative (what’s left of them at this point), linear and non-linear time, physical and non-physical realities and on and on… all starts being perceived by each of us as just more stuff to perceive, Work with, Create with, learn from, further Create from and so on…..The methods, tools, practices and expectations have dramatically changed—and will continue to—because we have dramatically changed, evolved, ascended and will continue to…..…. ….so just expect the magnificent higher unexpected as you, me, we each continue evolving and expanding into very NEW beings individually and as a NEW higher Group Collective…”

    How true… as we shift our (energetic) vantage points, so do change the “scenery and view,” and “methods, tools, practices and expectations” like you say. I find it rather fascinating to witness in one’s self these exhilarating changes or to directly experience them… Like the two instances in early January of this year when I Saw the same image of what seemed like five panels or sheaths vertically connected to each other; and see in the first vision, the sheaths ‘coming down’ and “going up” in the latter one. I thought these were representations of a five level- descent of high frequency energy as well as a 5-level upshift in the individual/collective energetic fields (or lowering/lifting of ‘energetic veils” in another sense). I would have similar energetic pulsing in the past so these recent ones I thought were no different. I didn’t expect that those January visions were also meant to spark off broader understanding for me which I think I can explain better by sharing insights I wrote down after the 2nd Sight-ing: “..Interesting that in this and the earlier vision, interpretations .. .were from the observer’s (my) perceived vantage point. A common point of perception taken to interpret both vision results in two apparently contradictory or opposite meanings – one of “rising,” the other of “falling..” But it is possible to also see both as symbolizing the same thing; it all depends on where the observer is when she views the image.” Just right now and unbidden, another insight surfaces: From One’s point of Is-ness or Stillness – does one perceive motion? Is there motion? Even prior I have already an intellectual understanding on relativity and theories around it. But I suppose I needed the individual experience and process so that I could more deeply feel into the reality of relative truths (or the illusion of relative realities, whatever.), and better grasp the import and implication of this expansive knowledge for One’s service and work. I recall this episode I had with “dark brethrens” last October 2017 that I think illustrates what you meant about changes in “methods” among others. that mark our upward journeys in consciousness and energetic vibrational frequencies. I will omit certain details for obvious reasons, except to say that the DBs wanted help in forging an agreement as they said they were no longer in control, and they explained that they approached me for this purpose because I was the _______. This specific experience helped me to understand that the range of conscious choices of action/response available in a specific situation greatly depends on the breadth/depth of one’s evolving consciousness including one’s perceived or embraced identities or aspects of Self. I am also learning ever more that taking conscious (divine) actions from one’s God-aspect or as expression in form of the One does not emanate from and is not led by the conscious mind. “Letting go and letting God” seems to appropriately describe the process.

    Such blessing/honor for Us/All/One to have chosen/been chosen to be frontrunners of evolving New Normals. Thank you Denise, thank you All. for this wonderful learning/sharing space

  • Well yes the First of everybodies has really been through a lot. I was born into the darkness and was battered and battered as a child. But I still carried my light and I lived by my truth. I remember saying to my dad (the dark one) that “Good always wins over evil, it may take a bit longer but it will win”. I remember when I use to get these violent beatings and I would sleep to heal but I would also leave my body. I know for a fact the Angelic’s would come to sooth me in the night. I watched over the years as my dad would become different personalities. This old man within him would take control the violence he would cause. My dad somewhere inside would not even remember what he did. My dad didn’t even have any addictions. Then one day I told my mum to watch as my dad shifted from one personality to another .. it was crazy. Then she too realised what was happening. My dad dabbled into the occult and did evil work. I had hypnotherapy… this man did come through me and would not leave. But we got him out after a couple of sessions. Then my dad said the next day “I’m not going to be angry anymore” and also later stated he did not want to dabble in the dark side. He changed his life. At the moment my ex has given up alcohol for 2 months now. Bu he has seen a dark mist in his bedroom and it hit him hard. I asked my ex what you think it wants to do. he said “It wants to get in his body” I said “Yes, because of your drinking you have let it in for so many years, all the things you don’t remember is because the dark energy has always taken over” I’ve told him do not touch alcohol.. I said the dark energy is not happy because now you are clean it cant get it. He really understands much better now. It’s very powerful but I bring no fear to deal with these matters. Even if I was nearly murdered I did not fear .. I think now is the time that all these energies will start being released and everyone will see more of whom they really are. I always stood up to my dad even though the entity did not like it.

  • First of all, how are you alive!?!? How! How on earth…did you deal with such awfulness before knowing what you were in..?!?

    “Quantum everything at once consciousness”.

    This at-once-ness. I have no words to describe. Light is visible today just this AM inside my body in flashes when I close my eyes. New light and movement around me, too, bringing more happiness than ever before. This “normal” physical experiencing with my help now. Such interaction. Such loudness! Such overt activity! Such physical-ness! Geez, what YOU must be seeing/dealing with daily now…Then there is – no looking back anymore. Now no need emotionally to rethink the past. That old habit, the remains, I have been spitting up in bursts this week. I want to feel scared but there’s no reason. And that’s scary! Lol!

    I want to think I’m still a spiritual asshole (what I used to call myself when I couldn’t take it felt like a mess) but I’m better now. Does that make sense? I’m able to “walk” now. I’m not used to being so responsible, competent. Like, when am I going to mess it up? But I am not messing it up (due also to much amounts of help). I’m on board now. It seems I’m not the clown anymore. New identity is weird and it brings grieving. So weird walking in this funky new grid/waves/wonder light. (well depicted in your photo)

    With demonic things attached to family, should we do something about that, I’ve wondered. I was harassed once by something when at home. I have wondered since then if I can get it out and away from them…

    Peace to you Denise. Bless you!💛⚡️💛

    • Marcy M,

      I’m still alive because I’m really good at what I do, we First Everythingers are, we HAD to be to survive reincarnating to literally override and help ascend everything that the negative Ones, Team Dark, had/has done on Earth and in humanity, the astral, and outside of that as well.

      Having said that, I’ve also publicly shared that at age 5 I had a very heated, intentional and conscious conversation with The Sky (my higher Teams and Selves etc.) about how there had been a terrible mistake in my being reincarnated on 3D Earth now and that, by god, I wanted to go back HOME immediately! From the age of 3 actually, but from the age of 5 I made every effort I could to get out of being alive in a physical body on Earth now and go back HOME because I was fully consciously aware that the Earth and all of humanity were “crazy” and untrustworthy, unbalanced emotionally and mentally, totally unaware of all the negativity that exists and is controlling them all and on and on and on. I repeat, from age 5 I’ve consciously known that I had reincarnated on 3D Earth at it’s absolute lowest, darkest point and that I HAD to survive the crazy humans and live and get my Work done here now. Some of you may have read about what Inelia Benz experienced as a young child too with her consciously realizing where she was and in which timeline (this one of evolutionary Ascension) and when she realized this she cried hysterically for days and eventually was given a tranquilizer to knock her out. When she woke from it, she’d accepted her current incarnation much as I did too at age 5… after doing my best to get out of it! 😉 [I’ve also always had conscious memory of telling my other Selves and higher Team that, when I realize why I “Volunteered” to incarnate on 3D Earth to live and anchor the Ascension Process down here in a physical body, do NOT let me talk any of you into letting me get out of this, my Mission Work here in this life. They’ve done exactly that. ❤ ]

      There has been some huge and very positive changes in Earth and in many of us and mass humanity this month of April 2018. It's still unfolding of course and will continue to, and as usual there's both positive and negative side effects from this and other changes currently taking place. One of them, a really big one, is another large correction with the old negative Team Dark created axial tilt of Earth. I talked a bit about this in recent Comments but it needs to have more Light shone on it because there's terrific blow-back happening now because of it. Lisa Renee's April 2018 article Planetary Staff which I’ve linked to in another Comment, talks about this in great detail. In short, Team Dark’s “antenna” to receive and transmit their energetic agendas into Earth and humanity was done through intentionally tweaking, tilting, distorting the organic natural planetary vertical axis to what it’s been, 23.5 degree axial tilt that is inorganic and out of alignment with Source and Source energies etc. etc.

      This ancient situation with Earth’s axial tilt is currently being greatly corrected and re-aligned back to full vertical alignment back to Source and Source Energies, Codes etc. It’s not happening in 2 minutes but is happening increasingly every hour now, finally! And because of this TD is pissed and panicked and lashing out at those who are directly responsible for messing with their old pirated and distorted Earth antenna — the axial tilt.

      Because there’s so much happening right now that’s connected to this and other related energies and issues etc., I’m going to quickly quote a really important and helpful blog article by Lisa Renee about this negativity and ongoing alignment correction (personally internally and collective and external and in Earth itself too) blow-back many of us are dealing with NOW. I’ll try to get it published today, April 25, 2018, so that more of these positive and negative happenings make better sense to more people. ❤

  • I love hearing your personal stories about the entities that harass you over the years it has helped to recognize that in others around me. When nasty people come around I run! I understand most of what you say, but what is a portal people/person?

    • “I understand most of what you say, but what is a portal people/person?”


      Anyone and I mean anyone can be a Portal Person, especially people who’ve NOT done any or near enough personal Inner Work on themselves, their issues and so on. People with no energetic integrity, no discernment ability, no honest self-awareness, no heart/empathy/compassion etc., people with overly developed left brains and underdeveloped right brains are very easily used by negative nonhuman, nonphysical Team Dark aliens, beings, demons, devils, entities etc. basically to create further chaos and suffering in humans on Earth.

      This entire concept was rather cleverly depicted in the Matrix movies; a human would suddenly shake violently when an AI machine aspect would take over them, possess them and use them as portals to enter another dimension, frequency, world, reality etc. That human would turn into one of the AI machine aspects to attack or kill or whatever the real humans. Nonhuman, nonphysical Team Dark aliens — Archons, Draconians, Reptilians — and other demonic and devil beings and entities etc. do this same thing to and through living humans on Earth to cause more pain and suffering in humanity worldwide. And if you’ve read my latest article with Lisa Renee’s quoted blog article in it, she goes into much more detail about all this so I hope you’ll read and feel into it too.

      My readers have not seen the negative Comments certain people write here directed at me and HHL because I don’t publish them for the most part. Sometimes I do to use them as further teaching tools to show readers how this negativity works through certain humans who are attacking me. Judith Fudge is the latest but there’s been many, so many. It goes with the Job, the Mission, the battle of being Team Light in what’s been totally controlled by Team Dark for thousands of years. They fight back to not loose their control over humanity and their ability to literally fed off of them to sustain themselves. The ultimate evil parasites. Sadly, some humans succumb to them and are USED by these negative beings to attack the Light Tribe/Team Light and Ascension Teachers who write about the Ascension and Embodiment Processes in an attempt to stop us from doing what we are. It won’t work but they continue trying and we continue overriding them and all of their old negative devices and tactics.

  • I am actually grateful that I am not clairvoyant. Seems like a lot of obsolete drama to distract attention from living on Earth as a divine physical human being.

    • I knew if I gave you enough time Judith (I’ve not published any of Judith’s other self-serving and incorrect belief system Comments until this one), that you’d finally say something exactly like this; totally left-brained, heartless, incorrect, and an infantile negative tactic to try and insult me. Yep, that’s exactly how to ‘live on Earth as a divine physical human being.’ 🙂

  • Thank you Denise for sharing such experiences and information. It has been very helpful and I am very grateful.

    What challenging lives we have doing this work. I had no idea what was going on until 10.5 years ago. Some of those closest to us betray and damage us at such deep levels. Talk about being thrown under a bus and quite frankly they don’t stop at just that. They make sure they reverse and drive over us a number of times for good measure.
    As you have explained so very well in the past and again in this article, they succumb to dark influences and are used in an attempt to bring us down.

    Interesting for me I am witnessing an awakening and growth in someone who tried to inflict the most damage because of their addictions. Unexpected growth that I did not think possible for them as I thought too much brain damage had occurred and recognition of low level choices was no longer possible. They gave up substance abuse approx 20 years ago but the maturing just never happened. After 40 years there is intelligent communications from them and not childish dribble. Possibly a walk in or something else going on?

    I will be observing from afar and wishing them well.

    Again thank you to all who share on this site.

    Stay strong and move higher

  • Hearts to you too. Have the feeling you are really up against it. Thank u for listening and hearing all of us who comment xxx

  • Hi Denise

    Thank you for your brave words. As you know my nan died recently and I had to clear the entity that was in her from my space. It was a longish battle and involved many aspects or levels of me. But the biggest thing was the realisation that I had been in battle with it from the moment I stepped into my mum’s shoes after she died in 1999. That battle finished on 8th March 2018. That thing tried every way to take me down. Through my thoughts when I wasn’t visiting her. Through disgusting verbal abuse when I did. In the last few years I would sit next to her as I refused to make prolonged eye contact. She lived to 101 and I believe that was due to the entity.
    But that energy is gone and it is as if all of it didn’t happen to me. As if she was never there. It’s really weird. And somehow though I have walked in great darkness I am in the light. It is a wonderful thing to have walked so far. And to still be walking.
    Love and light to all of us, but especially you Denise.

    • “And somehow though I have walked in great darkness I am in the light. It is a wonderful thing to have walked so far. And to still be walking.”

      So beautiful and powerful Magda. This is who we are and much of what we do. ❤ ❤ ❤

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