The Ascension Process & the Embodiment Process Clarified

“…would you touch on the distinction between the AP and EP?” — Kara

These two questions may sound like they’re not related but they most certainly are. First, Kara’s question.

I have intentionally been writing these two terms — the Ascension Process (AP) and the Embodiment Process (EP) — in this way because not everyone is or will be living the Embodiment Process in their current incarnations. For that matter, not everyone is or will be living the Ascension Process in these current incarnations because some people are hell-bent on continuing and/or perpetuating the only thing they know and enjoy which is the old negative patriarchy and all that it was. But those people are not the focus of this article so I won’t spend anymore time on that subject.

The AP is natural compressed evolution and everyone alive on Earth now is feeling the constant bombardment of higher frequency Light energies to quickly evolve from within the physical bodies they incarnated into in this life. The only way to not evolve now is to die and exit your physical body and reincarnate in the future or near future with a NEW higher frequency body that’s a vibrational and energetic match to the NEW Earth and baseline global 5D HighHeart consciousness. Some people now incarnate are too old, too sick, too weak or just do not want to remain in their current physical body and go through the tremendous Work that the AP requires. These people are and will continue to die and exit their current bodies and reincarnate down the evolutionary road a bit with physical bodies built to match such profoundly higher energies and existence in 5D both internally and externally. Those people who stay in their current physical bodies and go through the AP to evolve them in every way imaginable, and many that are not, are living the natural Alchemical Ascension Process in-body.

These people are the “normal” masses of humanity who are not consciously aware of the evolutionary Ascension Process but are subject to it because they are alive and in physical bodies on Earth now. Just so there’s no confusion over this aspect, understand that there’s a HUGE difference between the unaware people currently living the AP on Earth now, and those individuals that are known as Volunteers, First Everything-ers, Forerunners, Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Starseeds, Pathpavers, Wayshowers, Lightworkers and Lightwarriors etc. of which I am one.

The Forerunners and other names listed above, have been consciously aware that they are not only living the Alchemical AP as First Everything-ers, but that they are the ways and means by which the NEW higher frequency Light energies (and more) are seeded, inserted and permanently anchored into and on ascending physical Earth via their physical and energetic bodies and higher Heart consciousness. I’ve said in other articles that Divine Source throws out the balls so there’s got to be a small Group of individuals voluntarily inserted in the physical third dimension (3D) in physical bodies to literally “catch those energy balls” and anchor them into their own bodies and into Earth and reality on Earth.

The First Everything-ers have consciously been involved with the AP from the very beginning and have been transmuting and clearing old residual 3D patriarchal negativity—human and non-human created—across time on Earth from the first moment too. As they transmuted and cleared out unimaginable amounts of old negativity and darkness across time on Earth and in the fourth dimensional lower Astral too, they were simultaneously and constantly embodying (notice I used a lower case “e” here to represent something different from when I use a capital “E” in this same word) more and more of the NEW higher frequency evolutionary Light energies into their physical bodies, consciousness, CNS (central nervous system), heart and Rewiring their two separated brain hemispheres back into One whole unified brain and much more. To even be able to “catch the balls” coming in from Divine Source, the First Everything-ers HAD to live the AP first in and through their own physical bodies. Someone always has to go first and Pathpave and Consciously Create for the rest of the people who will be evolving behind them at a later date.

The next layer to all this is why I’ve deliberately use a capital “E” when I write the word Embody or Embodiment Process. When I write it with a capital “E”, I do so to represent those individual First Everything-ers that have intentionally gone further with this process to Embody their Higher Self/Selves, their Galactic Selves, their Multidimensional Selves etc. and enough Divine Source on a conscious and direct level so as to become fully ‘Sovereign’ individually or Self-Source connected individually. In other words, those Forerunners that have continued to go further with the AP individually for their own Soul, Spirit, Service to Source reasons and live the Embodiment Process and unify with, merge with, integrate with their own Higher Selves and Divine Source while in their current incarnate physical body, do so and continue to do so as NEW ascended living incarnate Masters.

The normal human masses that are currently living the AP but doing so with no conscious awareness of it or that they are and are being dramatically evolve by it are also embodying, lower case “e”.  They are and will continue to be embodying those natural but mandatory aspects of the overall Ascension Process such as integration of both sex energies within their current physical male and/or female bodies. The masculine, the feminine, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, left brain and right brain, lower heart evolves energetically up into HighHeart consciousness because HighHeart is integrated and unified, not old lower dualized and separated. These are baseline mandatory evolutionary upgrades that MUST be achieved by each individual to even be able to exist within and survive the 5D NEW Earth world and reality. Five or ten years ago that statement would have sounded almost unattainable by mass humanity, but now in 2018, it is the bottom, lowest baseline mandatory energetic level each person HAS to have within themselves to be able to enter and remain on the NEW 5D Earth. So the unaware masses that are living the AP are also embodying, but they are doing so at base levels only, and I do not mean for that to sound like it isn’t an extraordinary thing because it is! I cannot wait for there to only be integrated, non-dualized, individually unified 5D frequency, HighHeart consciousness people with equal amounts of masculine and feminine energies and consciousness on NEW Earth!

  • embodiment — evolving or ascending enough to have what’s been separated like male and female, higher and lower awareness, right and left brain etc. re-unified within each person that’s currently living the Ascension Process
  • Embodiment Process — First Everything-ers, Forerunners, Pathpavers etc. continuing beyond mandatory embodiment and merging with, aligning with their individual Higher Selves and Divine Source so as to be individually Sovereign physically incarnate Beings of Light in physical human bodies.

“I am not feeling any communication like I used to have with higher self or guides or having any ” magical” experiences. In fact I feel more grounded and 3D capable then ever. In fact I recently went back to work for the first time in 12 years and am doing great. Anyone else experiencing that?” — Debbie

And now to Debbie’s question.

I wrote about the first time I started experiencing this in A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (2010). All my life I’ve had conscious awareness of and both telepathic and higher dimensional face-to-face conversations with three Starbeings that are part of my Oversoul Group; an Orion from 8D, a Sirian from 6D and a Pleiadian from 5D. I’ve written about them and have included some drawings of them at TRANSITIONS and the book if interested.

As I’ve said many times over the years, my physical biological Ascension Process began February 1, 1999. About a year or so before that these three lifelong and beyond that (past lives too) Starbeings began slowly retreating from me. I didn’t confront them about this for about a year but finally knew I had to. When I finally did ask around 1998, the 8D Orion informed me that I was about to begin a very important and difficult process and they would, for no reason whatsoever, interfere with my going through that process. Because of this their time with me was rapidly coming to an end because, they would be going through this “process” too but at the different levels that each of them would. In other words, our time together was ending because we’d all reached the completion of the preparation phase of what was the Ascension Process, not that I knew it as that at that time. I knew and had know since 1995 that something huge and profoundly important was about to begin with the start of 1999.

It was a difficult phase of feeling my beloved three Starbeing kinsfolk slowly remove themselves from my 3D life and frequency back then but it was necessary for all of us because all of us were about to being this Universal Ascension Process. Me here on 3D physical Earth, and each of them in their different dimensions and realities.

As my AP continued from 1999, almost all of my old familiar higher dimensional Assistants, Guides, helpers and such have, over the decades, slowly disappeared. I’ve experienced being in the same or near space of other higher dimensionals like Lightbeings or Angels and other areas of focus and intelligence in space where some great Beings have no “bodies” per sey but are currently existing in energy bodies in certain areas in higher dimensions and in higher space if you will. It’s hard to describe much of these types of things because they are consciousness areas without bodies like we’re used to and they move and change occasionally, or, my consciousness is evolving to where I’m now able to perceive them as somewhat different from the last time I did.

Anyway, to make sense of Debbie’s question you need to go back to the information about the First Everything-ers currently living the Embodiment Process, with a capital “E”.  🙂

Because we Forerunners are and continue to live the EP, we are increasingly consciously aligning with, merging with, integrating back and unifying with our individual Higher Self/Selves, our Multidimensional Selves, our Starbeing Selves, our Lightbeing Selves, our Angelic aspects, our Galactic and Universal Selves, and Divine Source in vastly more direct and conscious ways. With all that going on now and well into our near and distant futures, we aren’t needing our old lower frequency, lower phases “Guides” and other multidimensional helpers and assistants etc. Because WE are Embodying these other aspects of our self/Self/SELF and SELVES into these current incarnate physical bodies living the Ascension and now Embodiment Processes, we have less and less need for external “Guides” and others. That’s the whole point we had them in the first place. Before we left Higher Home we asked them to help, guide and assist these aspects of us that Volunteered to physically incarnate into physical bodies during the time of Universal Ascension to physically catch those many evolutionary balls that Source throws out.

“Earthly incarnate ET Starseeds phones HOME” and no one is answering because YOU and each of us have been and continue to live the EP individually down here in physicality vibrationally lifting Earth up higher and higher. You/me/we are becoming so Sovereign that we no longer need those external in the old ways we did at the start of the AP. And, I’m going to add here for your honest consideration: Do you think that all these higher Beings would allow the weakest one to be the one that incarnated to catch all those Divine Source balls down in what was 3D physical reality and Earth? Not hardly fellow Cosmic Superheros! 😆


One last thing before I need to get horizontal for a bit. This May 2018 higher alignment download “Gateway” was, for me and I suspect many of you reading this, epic in its intensity, its glory, its pain-inducing spectacular-ness, its surreal like nature, and its “Huh, feels kinda like this might could kill me if I hadn’t done all that difficult prep Work!” This month’s higher energies alignment downloads into our level here was one for the Ascension Process record book in my opinion! Amazing, strange and surreal, otherworldly in nature but that should be expected at this point, and pretty asskickingly painful in other areas for a while too. Just another day in ascending paradise.

Said another way, OMG May 15th thru 22nd—with Saturday the 19th and Tuesday the 22nd and Wednesday the 23rd so powerful and intense that I momentarily wondered on the 23rd where exactly I was, not that it mattered that much to me or even if my physical body didn’t survive this latest shout-out from Divine Source!

The physical pains in certain body parts was severe but nothing new about that. It was the incoming blasts that caused my heart to pound yet again while at complete rest to the point my body shook a bit with each heart-pounding beat. That and those pains and pressures in your head and skull that often go straight into your Pineal and then Pituitary glands and cause you to suddenly perceive certain aspects of “reality” quite differently for a few days or more. This level of head intensity energies often cause me to smell certain strange scents that I don’t even know are physically “real” or not. Kind of a miserable side effect to having one’s Pineal and Pituitary blasted by Source, yet again, but the end results are so worth all the weirdness up front!

I know I’ve been in another ascending Earth world reality for the past few weeks. I know this because it’s happened so many times over the years that I can fairly quickly tell the difference because there are slight to rather dramatic differences in the external world that I see and feel. That statement isn’t all that important really, but how it makes you feel when you consciously experiencing the fact that you’ve changed Earth realities yet again is. I spoke about how our sense of self and singular identity has changed lately and this is another big reason why. Those of us living the EP (with a capital “E”) continue to expand our sense of aligning, unifying and merging of self/Self/SELF/SELVES into these bodies and consciousness are repeatedly shifting our locations and identities within “reality” and “realities”. I AM here, then I AM there, then I AM in both and more places and on and on this expanding and aligning and merging with more and higher continues. And this is how we eventually reach the I AM point. Sounds like a great spot to close this one.

Denise Le Fay

May 24, 2018

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19 thoughts on “The Ascension Process & the Embodiment Process Clarified

  • Hi Denise, so much of what you say I can relate too. In 1994 when I had a death experience I went to the light. Then a man in a white alb came to me and told me i had to come back. Really I didn’t want to because I died from abuse of the dark family I was sent to. But he promised everything would be okay. Then I had 2 female angels and a male master connect to me. First the male, I had a calling but i said i didn’t want to go that way but he was insistent all day telling me that I was coming with them. It was an all day argument. In the end i gave in and threw my handbag across my lounge room and yelled “alright, alright, just take me to where i am suppose to be going”…. and they did 20 long years of healing but my two female angels taught me so many things. again they withdrew and i went through a purifying process… omg…. it was hard work and very confronting… The only time they step in is when I get very restless and usually my female angels don’t handle this but my male master. After my kundalini activation in 2010 I went through another process of managing the energies .. I didn’t even know what a chakra was LOL 🙂 but i do now… Then I went to another dimension where I saw the most beautiful colors…. and i met with my male master… he was amazing .. I met with the Great White Brotherhood. They explained that the soul groups were coming together and then he showed me the colors coming out of his hands and explained how each color heals. I find they alway retreat when you are on the right path and only step in when you need help or when you need a message. The Light Body Process has been hard on my body and at times very painful and very exhausting but I keep plowing away. I am now more comfortable with the vibrations and relax more with them but it is all a work in progress…. Thank you for your article. Sonia 🙂

    This is interesting as I got diagnosed with Sarcoidosis …. the pains have been excruciating while I have had to change my diet completely and this has helped I still get bad pains in my feet and hands.. This occurred since my physical vibrations started and while i channel energy I still need this condition to heal. I don’t even know how it came about so I have a feeling it was stored in my DNA and has come up for healing. Again the same I can’t tolerate a lot of foods and basically on an anti inflammatory diet. With doses of Turmeric which has helped a lot. again it’s confronting but we have to go through it and heal… Thank you everybody for sharing Sonia

  • Thanks so much for helping us understand these concepts better, Denise. If you don’t mind my asking, do you ever interact with your original three Starbeings? Or do you think you’ll reunite again someday? The section on guides was illuminating because I’ve often been sad that I can’t really seem to connect in the same way with one of my guides in particular, who was really a help to me during challenging times. I’d like to think I can be with her again someday?

    At the same time, another entity that I always thought of as a guide has actually grown easier to access. I’ve been thinking recently it’s because she’s not a guide but rather an aspect of my higher self? I’ve been aware of “her” for years and she was the first to reveal herself to me, but I never felt like I could get into intimate communion with her. I can remember many times I would cry and beseech her to talk with me. I never felt like she was unfeeling or ignoring me, more a sense that her answer was: “I’ve done what I can, and I’m waiting for you on the edge of the void. I can’t do more until you’re ready.” As for many of you, the last half of 2017 and all of 2018 have been increasingly intense! Holy smokes! A few months ago after I worked through some particularly deep stuff, I felt the crown of my head open and this entity tell me that I’d be able to hear her more and talk with her more because of what I’ve done/chosen. “She” still feels mysterious but much closer than before, and I find myself checking in with her and able to listen more easily. All of this makes a lot more sense now! So thanks again. ❤️

    • I can remember many times I would cry and beseech her to talk with me. I never felt like she was unfeeling or ignoring me, more a sense that her answer was: “I’ve done what I can, and I’m waiting for you on the edge of the void. I can’t do more until you’re ready.”

      Kara & All,

      What your “she” said is 1000% correct. It’s up to each of us to Do The Work within ourselves, which automatically “ascends” us up a lot more higher frequency Stair-steps which causes us to be able to exist within a much higher range frequency and vibrationally wise of these other aspects of our Higher Selves and Source etc. Our Guides do exactly that, they guide us through certain levels, stages and frequencies of the AP and EP. Like our elementary school teachers, they leave us because WE move on to higher and higher levels of the Process. But in some cases like what you’re talking about Kara, this “she” sounds like IT is an aspect of You and you have been and continue to Work/Ascend/Embody your way back into direct alignment and integration with her within your current incarnate Kara self. This is one huge aspect of the EP, the Embodiment Process for those of us living it now.

      If you don’t mind my asking, do you ever interact with your original three Starbeings? Or do you think you’ll reunite again someday?

      I rewrote the Introduction in The Temple of Master Hotei: A Unique Past Life Memory (2008) — Revised & Expanded Edition published in 2013 — for two main reasons. 1) I owed it to Master Hotei to have a much better cover on this book than the original and 2) Master Hotei and Divine Consciousness presented at higher levels of awareness to inform, remind me of something coming for we First Everything-ers. A few days after that, my ancient 5D Pleiadian friend, co-worker and Higher Family Member also presented in the same way to remind me that I had intentionally exited my physical body in that ancient past life in Egypt, 12,600 B.C. and “ascended” to a higher dimension. I did the same thing thousands of years later in my past life with Master Hotei in his Temple and sacred grounds. Two male past lives where I intentionally chose when I was going to “die” and exit my physical body and go to higher dimensional Home stations.

      Does any of this sound and feel like what we First Everything-ers are currently doing in these incarnations??? BUT–and this is the super big deal and why it takes linear time and hurts like all heck–we are doing so while remaining in our physical bodies and literally, physically ascending them too. That’s a game-changer, big-time, and why this AP and EP is so very important and different from other times. It’s relatively easy and fast linearly to consciously decide to exit your physical body, aka die, and then fly back to whichever higher dimensional HOME station and frequency is your current favorite hangout place. It is however, as those of you reading this know from living it and continuing to live it, a whole different situation to stay in ones physical body and incrementally increase the amount of Light it can safely Embody over and over and over until one vibrationally ascends to a higher dimension (3D to 5D in this case) and continue Embodying even greater and higher frequency amounts of Divine Light and Divine LOVE.

      Everyone, not to only sell a few more books although that’s nice too, if you’ve not read The Temple of Master Hotei, I know it would surprise you on many different levels. It is not only a “past life” book; it’s a direct and quantum connection to other aspects of ourselves that have also Worked in their ways to help, to “guide”, to assist these current Forerunner First Everything-er aspects of us incarnate now during the Universal Ascension Process. This entire conversation is really about more of us becoming increasingly and fully consciously aware of our quantum existence and Spherical Consciousness in multiple dimensions and levels of frequency and development etc. etc. etc. from these bodies and selves/Selves/SELVES we’re continuing to align with and therefore Embody, here, now. ❤ ⭐

      • Thank you, Denise! ❤️ I really enjoyed the excerpt of your book and would like to read it all sometime.

  • Denise,

    You say,

    “In other words, those Forerunners that have continued to go further with the AP individually for their own Soul, Spirit, Service to Source reasons and live the Embodiment Process and unify with, merge with, integrate with their own Higher Selves and Divine Source while in their current incarnate physical body, do so and continue to do so as NEW ascended living incarnate Masters.”

    The part about being/becoming incarnate as NEW ascended Masters feels real again as it did over a decade ago for me. The energies of May have worked heavily to re-open my heart. I just couldn’t live in this world and take the pain the way I used to – so I closed my heart to cope. Anyway this heart opening feels like it may be a game changer for me. It feels like that is what my block has been and this incoming light can get through anything. I haven’t wanted to die or exit for a while now. This is very different for me now than before when I begged to exit for much of the past decade. Now I feel like I’m on the upswing where there is nothing that can stand in my/our way to become the NEW ascended living incarnate Masters.


    • Shawn/Sophia-Michael,
      I can so relate to what you are saying….. I only realised this myself just recently…. Im finally not wanting to leave anymore either, and Im actually now, wanting to stay. Yes, things are now feeling much more comfortable!!
      Kindest regards to all on this journey, much love xx Lyndal

  • Back in 2010 l was walking down a hill on the way to the doctors and l had a vision of all the planets around my body except the earth, which for some reason l pushed into my v……. pelvic area. I didn’t understand that until l read your words today, and now l do and now so much makes sense at last.

    Denise l can only say thank you. I started this journey in 1998 like many of us, with the death of my mother, and your description of the AP and EP, moved a piece of my jigsaw into the right place.

    You saw this when l put you on the spot last winter and you were indeed spot on ! I love you, all, Linda 💚💙💜

  • Hi Denise, excellent description of the process we are going through and so helpful to understand why I feel so bad at times. I have felt pain in my body for so long and it really does help to read your posts as they give me the strength to continue. Being able to make sense of this process saves my sanity so thank you for all you give us. Recently I have had some tests for my Diabetes 2 condition and the results are not great ( higher blood pressure. cholesterol etc .)
    My Doctor wants me to have medication and I don’t want it as I wonder if this is to do with the AP.EP. process. I have managed my Diabetes with diet alone as react badly to medications. My instinct tells me that I will be fine as I have been for 2yrs. now. As our bodies are changing so much , could this be causing my problem? Forgive me for putting you on the spot but I’m between a rock and a hard place over this. Always grateful to you.

    Linda Palfreyman.

    • “Recently I have had some tests for my Diabetes 2 condition and the results are not great ( higher blood pressure. cholesterol etc.)”

      Linda P.,

      As you know I’m not a doctor so any info I give you, YOU must discern what’s correct for you and your body now. ❤

      I know that if I were to go to a doctor now that they'd tell me the same thing and want to put me on high blood pressure, cholesterol and god knows what else, because for the most part pushing pharmaceuticals is all they do. I haven't and won't take any pharmaceuticals for as long as possible. I am in charge of my body and because I have to live in it, I'll deal with it in the ways I always have which are conscious intentions–Conscious Creator–and being super aware energetically etc. of what I eat and drink, and moving, stretching my body every day, multiple times when needed.

      What I was able to eat last week without any unpleasant side effects may not be something I'll be able to eat the next week! I've experienced this so many times over these ascension years so yes, our bodies are changing and will continue to change dramatically so set YOUR intentions about this or anything else and adjust diet, exercise and whatever else you sense may help you and your body now and leave the man-made drugs behind. YOU discern however what's best for you now however. ❤

      • Hi Denise, thank you for your response re my health question. I hoped you would say what you said as I feel the same as you about Medication, I have controlled my body with diet and know how I react to chemicals so thank you for confirming this for me. I know you are not a Doctor but common sense and instinct regarding our own bodies should be the way. I don’t believe that human beings should be filled with drugs to survive it’s not natural.
        I also don’t believe that ( one size fits all) with blood pressure and cholesterol etc. levels. Doctors have a guideline for these levels but we are not all the same so that should be taken into account instead of giving out pills to everyone. I’m nearly seventy and friends of mine have a bag full of drugs that they take each day and I despair that this is happening.
        Thank you again Denise.
        Lind Palfreyman.

    • Linda
      I have never had previous problems with blood sugar levels before but at the present time technology is showing an issue and my body has already told me so.
      When I was first hit by the intense energies last November my energy would drop very dramatically and I would be grabbing what ever food I could in the office to sustain me. I would not have remained upright if I didn’t.
      Every so often I have problems again and a combined fruit/vegetable juice is promptly needed to be made to keep me functioning and balance me out. This can occur in the wee hours of the morning at times and sometimes I will need these juices more than once a day (that does not happen very often).
      Oh the joy of this work!

      • Hi Lyn.
        Grateful thanks for your reply re fruit and veg juices. I agree Oh. the joy of this work!
        Linda Palfreyman,

    • Denise. Very interested in your reply to Lynda. I had to accept that all my great efforts in so many levels was not strong enough to balance some physical trials.

  • SO relieved to hear you mention the intensity of the past week! I began to really feel it last Thursday with Tues/Wed as intense as I have ever felt it, which is indeed saying something. I can still fall into the trap of initially thinking I’ve done something wrong when blasts like this first hit me but am getting better at recognising when it isn’t personal and it’s definitely not something I’ve ‘created’. Was also good to hear in your article the message of just how strong those of us going through this really are. I continue to work full time and it has been hard not to compare with colleagues who are living more ‘normal’ lives but obviously, when I think about how much I have learned and grown even over the past five years, would I really want to swop with them? Absolutely, definitely not – with so much more still to develop and experience. Huge gratitude as always, Susie xxx

    • Yes, envying sometimes those who are living “more normal” lives. *sigh*

  • Hi Denise, I’m just ‘embodying’, pretty sure I’m just a newb, but your messages are ALWAYS looked forward to because they make me feel awesome! Life is a miracle, isn’t it? Yeah! Thanks so much for all you’ve done and continue to do ❤️😀 Thank you, thank you, thank you! Just wanted you to know how much you’re appreciated to a newbie like me.

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