From Capricorn Lead to Diamonds


As we all know January 12, 2020 was the day of the one and only exact Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction. Did you feel anything at the hour and minute of this conjunction and NEW energy insertion in your timezone? This stupendous energy shift event ticked off around the planet, one timezone after another, instantly installing the NEW energy foundations for Phase 2 of the Ascension Process on NEW Earth. And I mean physically. At the exact hour and minute of this conjunction here in Pacific Time, I felt a strong physical sensation in my HighHeart, then I saw brilliant diamonds everywhere.

Why did I see diamonds? In old pre-ascension astrology, Capricorn and its ruler Saturn and mineral Lead, ruled physical reality and structures, such as the entire human skeletal system, teeth and knees. Saturn held physical reality in physical form for humanity to live, express, learn and create within during the past great Evolutionary Cycle. The old pre-ascension Earth and humanity energy structures, systems, blueprints and codes etc. were a very dense frequency, much like Lead. And, as if that weren’t heavy enough, Team Dark got in there and inverted much of it making old 3D density far worse and very negative.

Some of you may remember how excited I got when Saturn was hit by seven solar flares in April 2017. I wrote about it multiple times because I knew it meant that (1) Saturn had been energetically cleared of all negative distortions intentionally done to it to better control physical reality and human consciousness and human evolution in physical reality. And (2) it signaled that we were very close to having the entire NEW higher structural energy patterns, foundations, codes, frequencies and NEW Earth-NEW Human reality blueprints inserted for Saturn & Co. to hold energetically for the next great Evolutionary Cycle.

Remember how many Volunteers have had repeated dreams of having to do Energy Work cleaning up public bathrooms overflowing with human excrement and assorted dense filth left by unaware humanity over the eons? Lovely topic I know but worse if you’ve been on old Earth transformation Shit Detail for much of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process, which many of us were and in a variety of ways other than this.

The transmute, transform, transcend that the First Everything Volunteer Forerunners have HAD to do on themselves and in their physical bodies has been happening simultaneously throughout the Earth, its grid systems and more, the Sun, the planets of our solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, other galaxies and the universe. Saturn had it’s “public bathrooms” cleaned by seven solar flares intentionally aimed at it for this very reason in April 2017. This has basically been what Phase 1 of the Ascension Process was about — transmute, transform, transcend everything everywhere internally and externally. In Phase 1 we’ve sort of been like those guys whose job it is to go in afterwards and clean up everyone’s huge leftover party mess. We were needed to first Lighten the load. A certain percentage of old lower frequency everything, including all old Cycle energy codes, patterns, reality blueprints, distortions and matching frequency consciousness etc., needed to be removed before the NEW higher everything could be inserted, implemented and activated in Phase 2 of the Ascension Process. That just happened on January 12, 2020 via the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. I know there’s some other planets in Capricorn now that are involved with all this but it was Saturn and Pluto that did the planetary and human species energetic heavy-lifting for the NEW to be instantly inserted and activated in NEW Earth for NEW Humanity at the start of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process.

My HighHeart felt a strong physical sensation and I saw Diamonds everywhere at the hour and minute the exact Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction happened where I live because NEW Earth has a fifth dimensional and HighHeart baseline and that requires crystalline Diamond frequency reality structures and energy foundations, codes, systems and more. NEW ascended Earth and NEW ascended Humans that are and will live, express, learn and create on it must, as of 1-12-2020, now be a frequency match with it. We Volunteer First Everythingers have been at this ourselves for the past twenty years of Phase 1. We too have entered Phase 2 this month but we’re doing so at much higher levels than what the unaware human population is. Remember those energy stair-steps. They haven’t ended or plateaued, they continue higher and higher and so do we all.

This 1-12-2020 major shift event is not negotiable but mandatory which is why we’re going to be seeing even more people quickly exiting their bodies via physical death. It’s also why we’re going to be witnessing far more unaware people freaking out and/or becoming more unstable because they are not consciously aware that physical reality and Earth just transcended, just shifted to HighHeart crystalline Diamond frequency and external reality on January 12, 2020. They’re now living in the NEW crystalline Diamond physical reality energies and structures etc. and the majority of them are not as yet Soul Contracted to begin the Ascension Process.

From Phase 1 Transformational Cleaning to Phase 2 Conscious Creating

Lots going on and even faster than it has been! But, for the Volunteers, the First Everythingers, the Forerunners our dense, dark and difficult Phase 1 Ascension Process Work is completed. No more humanity Shit Detail clean up for us, they now have to deal with their own stuff and junk themselves.

Phase 2 of the Ascension Process for us has energetically shifted to our now learning how to—as these physically ascending versions of ourselves—Consciously Create for ourselves, for humanity when needed and for all life on NEW Earth for starters. Those who’ve chosen to also live the Embodiment Process during the Ascension Process will continue it to completion in Phase 2. Many of us are close to that now, and the closer we get to it, I sense the physical Sun will reflect that by doing something NEW and different energetically.

Due to this major energy shift event of 1-12-2020 from the last remnants of old lower Lead to NEW Diamonds, many have been feeling some old ascension symptoms and some new rather strange ones too. I certainly have been and strongly since November 2019. I don’t expect this will end soon either because it’s one massive shift from old lower Lead to NEW much higher Diamond frequencies! Give your body and consciousness some time to acclimate to this shift event from Phase 1 into Phase 2 with its matching NEW Diamond energies and all else. (As I’m writing this my inner ears are screaming, sections of my back hurt like crazy, Ascension Flu aches and chills and my head is… I don’t even know it’s so strange due to these recent major changes. It hurts and has pressures in it and I know and trust all is well. But it’s been weirder than usual.)

To Those Who Don’t Want To Do This Ascension Crap Anymore

I feel you, I know how you feel and why you feel that way. I really do because I’ve been there a thousand times myself since 1999. Hell, I tried to get out of my Volunteered ascension life commitment when I was five, but here I still am all these decades later.

What I do very much want those of you who are at that point where you just do not want to “play” this life of ascension business anymore to know is that, believe it or not, the whole thing just got much better, easier and faster as of 1-12-2020. Phase 2 won’t be anything like Phase 1 was for the Volunteers, First Everythingers, Forerunners. Phase 2 is going to be, at times, actually fun and very much worth sticking around for!

We’ve reached the point where we now Consciously Create for ourselves. We desire, feel, intend, visualize and want what we do into physical manifestation now. Phase 2 for most of us is about re-learning how to be Conscious Creators and individually energetically sovereign and more. No more Shit Detail, now it’s what do you want to Consciously Create and how much more fun, interesting and creative is that!?

I’m not saying that now we’re on the other side of the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction of January 12, 2020 everything  is instantly going to be perfect and easy constantly. It is and it isn’t and the why of this is because (1) we’re new to all this physical level Diamond NEW Earth NEW and (2) there’s a whole bunch of unaware humans here too and some, not all but some of them have just gotten activated via their Soul Contracts to be the First Wave of HUMANS to start the Ascension Process. After them a Second Wave of HUMANS will be activated to start it, and after them a Third Wave of HUMANS and so on. Stair-steps for all of us always. Because of this we’re about to become valuable to those unaware humans who’ve suddenly found themselves coming apart due to the evolutionary Ascension Process. Can you see and feel where this is going on so many NEW creative levels for us all?

Put down your transformational cleaning products oh exhausted, frustrated and weary fellow Forerunners because that job is finished. Disinfect yourself, heal your heart from having seen, done and survived all you have throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process. Pick up your retirement benefits and move immediately to Diamond level NEW Earth Phase 2. You will become increasingly enthused and refreshed once again and filled with great freedom and empowerment from a job very well done in Phase 1. Now my friends and co-Workers, lets get to learning Conscious Creating from within the Diamonds of NEW Earth.

Denise Le Fay

January 17, 2020

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41 thoughts on “From Capricorn Lead to Diamonds

  • Absolutely spot on Denise!
    And quantum timelessness I have found, can also create the effect of extending/stretching the ‘now moment’ to create an experience of linear time slowing down rather than speeding up. In other words, a more conscious, heart-based awareness of each linear moment maybe?

    • I’ve experienced this too Joe, where linear time slows way down but continues at that pace for a while. My favorite so far however is being in that frequency, level where there is no time or passage of it fast or slow or anything else! 😀 Just you and eternity for that period. Words! We need to create NEW ones to match our NEW levels and realities everyone.

  • Thank you Denise, for the Kryon videos. He talks about things happening over thousands of years but, no mention of a split. I thought the earth was supposed to split into separate time lines and different people having different experiences. Honestly, I get so confused.

    • Gerry,

      I’m so very glad you asked me this about the Kryon videos I recently linked here. I hoped someone would call him out about what he, Kryon, said about these things in them. Thank you for that Gerry. ❤

      First of all everyone needs to know that sometimes I share links to specific info and/or videos for reasons other than what people may think at first. 🙂 This is the case with these two Kryon videos. One of them I listened to the first few minutes only and then stopped because it was material that was not for me, and some of it was in my opinion incorrect. The second video that Kryon talked about Australia and its fires etc., I did listen to the entire thing even though big parts of it I also disagree with.

      I'm going to say something here that some people would find blasphemous but that's never stopped me before. Some of these nonphysical beings that channel information through a living human(s) are not as evolved as many of you reading my words now. I could not be more serious. Some of us came into physical incarnation as Volunteers from Light Realms, from Angelic Realms, from certain highly advanced Stars, dimensions, systems, other galaxies and so on. Many of us are far more advanced than the nonphysical beings channeling information. This is not about ego but about different levels of frequency, Light, consciousness, ability and so on. The channeled being is only as high as the human vessel channeling it can him/herself house each time this process happens. Have any of you noticed over Phase 1 of the AP how many channeled materials from different people and beings has not evolved whatsoever?

      Anyway, what's important here about your question Gerry is that Kryon is not a Volunteer in a physical body down here actually doing the energetic Work decade after decade which constantly changes the timing of things. Yes some things are going to take longer than other things but time and linear time is NOT anything like it used to be now. Everyone already knows how “fast” linear time has been already for the past decade. We can barely keep up with linear time because it’s so “fast” now. And in Phase 2 more and more Volunteers are and will continue experiencing time not only getting even faster than it’s been, but they’re going to increasingly be experiencing no time or not being in linear time frequency. I’ve been experiencing this increase dramatically all of 2019 and I know, based on what my body is doing now, that I’m going to be both in faster, more compressed linear time while I’m also able to experience and be in, exist in, Work from etc. no time or quantum timelessness. Quantum timelessness is SO freaking wonderful in that it’s quiet, peaceful, tranquil, steady with no fluctuations whatsoever, and is utterly pristine. Linear time is frantic, is up and down and all over the place constantly, is hurried, has density which we feel in our bodies as pressures and even pains sometimes.

      So, because of all that and much more like we’re here doing the Work, the entire timelines, dates and years etc. that most channels claim are simply NOT accurate in my opinion. They are not driving this thing, we are.

      Another HUGE aspect of all this is the fact that we’ve all just shifted into Phase 2 of the AP this month. Because of that, all of us are going to be experiencing more and more personal changes in different aspects of ourselves, our lives, our relationships, our residences, our work, our Work, time, quantum timelessness or Zero Point as it’s also called by some or the Now Moment and so on. I’m talking big changes. Remember how your life, body and everything changed dramatically when Phase 1 of the Ascension Process started? Something similar is happening now in January 2020 with the start of Phase 2 so expect more changes everyone.

      The main thing to remember with all of this Gerry is that it’s far more complex and creative than what most are aware of. We’ve just received the NEW crystalline Diamond templates or blueprints or energy patterns and codes etc. for NEW Earth, the NEW grids of NEW Earth, and NEW Humans for this NEW higher cycle of ongoing evolution. Far too many people, ascension teachers/writers and channels are still talking about old lower levels of reality that are not part of the NEW higher templates/patterns that were just put in place fully around 1-12-2020. Trust you and your HighHeart and Higher Awareness. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Dear Denise!
        Thank you so much for the clarification about “Kryon”.
        Following your posts (again after some years of recovering post “2012”: Anything happened!?) I almost threw you in the bin (again), when you mentioned or maybe even recommended these channelings.
        But now that I see you threw out the gauntlet for a session of higher discernment I resettled from this dissonance into peace, again. Thank you.
        Bye the way I do not question the maturity of the being “of magnetic service” – I dismiss this source as a limited hangout for purposeful deceit.

      • Thank you Denise for your fantastic response to Gerry. I, too, listened to the links. Didn’t get very far into the first one – didn’t FEEL right to me. The second one – after however long – I was disconnected abruptly. This happens to me (from the other side) when I am not to continue talking with someone on the phone, watching a show, etc. Boop – move on sunshine, not for you. I always laugh and say “Thank you”.

        I’ve been feeling/sensing/experiencing the shift of changes in Phase 2 already (in my personal life). Happening much quicker. Will definitely be interesting and much welcomed.

        Thank you all who comment and share here. Makes a HUGE difference. As do YOU, Denise! So much HighHeartLove sent your way. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Denise, I remember not too long ago there was mention of a video by someone usually on my radar that I was unable to listen to….I think because of the interviewer. I felt the same way about the person speaking before the Kryon portion of the vids, so I skipped over all of that and also must say this was the first time I had heard him speak! I have always avoided hearing/watching and prefer reading to take in information. I was shocked at how fear based these messages were as that has not been my past experience over all with K, though to be fair, there have been several premises he shares that never rang true for me. I did really, really and still do love the discussion on the innate. Well, what I remember about it. I had a revelation last week that one of my “super powers” is being able to see things the way I wish they were instead of how they are. I think some people call this “magical thinking” and they say it like it’s a bad thing. I have never really understood that, although I understand the theories around it. I always felt kind of sorry for the people talking to me about “reality” because they were unable to see/feel/experience what I could. Thanks for this educational opportunity! Maybe I’m about to emerge from an old pattern. ❤️ Magical thinking, to the rescue!! ❤️

      • Well, thanks for helping me to understand my personal experience (yet again), Denise. 💖

        I’ve learned from Kryon in the past and initially was curious about the references below. I appreciated you taking time to link them in response to my request, but never replied to tell you. I wanted to wait until I’d actually listened to them. And I just could NOT. I lasted about 10 minutes into the transference gift one— only hearing another female speaker unknown to me, who I didn’t vibe with, and had to turn it off. I couldn’t even bring myself to play the other, just felt instinctively and without judgment that it wasn’t anything I needed.

        Yet another confirmation to trust myself. Much appreciated. Love to all!

  • Denise, this particular article means the world to me. You have confirmed my reality. I had that overwhelming laughter, too! It was wonderful! I was laughing and crying at the same time. You see clearly the path I’ve been on. Thank God it’s over! You are the only one who speaks to me. I just can’t thank you enough for your Service. Now I am going through a rest and integration phase, while wrapping up the “energies” for the planet so I can start anew. Bless you, Sister!

  • Yes! I need a serious break before phase 2 ! I definitely felt the shift. Now I’m preparing to manifest my book, after waiting for years.

  • Wow thank you for this Denise, beyond grateful to have had your sharings, guidance and confirmations over the years! You are our star elder 🌟 how lucky we are to have you with us! So much love and respect 🙏🏽🌈❤️

  • Whew….it has been a long haul through some very nasty stuff. So grateful to be on the other side. Still exhausted but sensing the excitement as we learn to play a new game. I am so grateful to you Denise and all of us who took this on and stayed true for decades. May the retirement benefits truly materialize for us all. We have earned them. Much love and a deep bow to you all.

  • Hi Denise,
    Thanks a mill for your article. Creating in phase 2, really resonated with me. Love that we are now moving into the creating phase!

    Don’t know if this will be of any help to anyone, but here is what I do at the moment to consciously create in the new paradigm (phase 2).

    1. Meditate or more often than not, walk in nature to bring my energy into balance aka, ‘quite the mind/ emotions.
    This usually moves me into a neutral state or ‘observer mode.’

    2. Next when in observer mode I intentionally take another step back, mentally and emotionally to a state of ‘non-judgement.’

    This step is crucial for me, as it moves me into my ‘heart space.’

    3. Now, I can begin consciously creating from my heart, with the intention that what I create is for my highest good and in accordance and alignment with my Oversoul.
    I also, if possible steer clear of judgement or emotional/mental attachment to the outcome.

    4. At this stage of the process, insights and inspired ideas often flow freely and sequentially! on what I want to create.

    And that, for me is the fun part as I get to experience and play with the magic of synchronicities by being aware of signs, symbols, dreams, insights, inspirations, interactions with others etc.

  • Dearest Denise; you’re the most brilliant Diamond of all! – Thanks again. Much love to Everyone.

  • Interesting on January 13 woke up having a wonderful dream that took me through a plasma portal to the New earth from a very frozen tundra area…Yes sparkles all around. I put my hand through the portal to allow the others to pass through and then ready to close it again when a little black dog aka toto came running up as the last one to enter before the portal closed and disengagement from this earth began. It was strange beautiful and felt like “finally” we can go home!

  • “We’ve reached the point where we now Consciously Create for ourselves. We desire, feel, intend, visualize and want what we do into physical manifestation now. Phase 2 for most of us is about re-learning how to be Conscious Creators and individually energetically sovereign and more.”

    Thank you sooo much for this amazing pep talk of an article!

    I would love it if you could add some details about consciously creating. And, I’m being serious here because I’ve literally learned, practiced, tried so many “manifestation techniques” – none of which actually manifested that million dollars I wanted nor the perfect figure. 🙂 a little bit kidding there. But seriously, I’d love to manifest a new hip so I don’t have to get surgical hip replacement. Are you saying literally “desire, feel, intend, visualize and want”? I’d love to start strengthening my creating muscles in case Phase 2 Earth needs our creativity.

    • Diana & All,

      The main reason that any intentional manifestation techniques haven’t worked for anyone is because one first MUST reach a certain higher level of inner frequency themselves. Each person MUST have energetic integrity, spiritual maturity, honest self-awareness and honesty etc. otherwise we’d just have more negative conjuring going on! Individuals have to reach a specific level of personal inner development, honesty and true wisdom in themselves first so that they don’t create from lower levels and ego, fear, greed, power over others and so on.

      Phase 2 of the AP is going to be about these sorts of things for the Forerunners who’ve honestly reached that higher level and state of being, HighHeart and awareness and will not create from any lower levels whatsoever. There’s so much more to this that we’re all going to be learning about and mastering within ourselves in Phase 2. Big, big responsibilities with this, our NEW higher level and educations in Phase 2, and state of NEW Earth crystalline Diamond energies, and our Embodiment Process!

      About your potential hip replacement — There is no one answer to this situation unless the person can honestly know the higher perspective of the entire situation. If one can then one knows the best thing to do for the “greatest good”. For some people that would be having the hip surgically replaced. For other people not having the surgery would be the “greatest good” for them for many reasons.

      What I would suggest you do with this, because you’ve said you don’t want the replacement surgery, is to daily and with great intensity and focus demand, insist, intend and visualize a new complete healthy hip joint in your physical body now. Know it is there, demand it is there, see it there, feel it there, Consciously Create it there now. Don’t hope for this, don’t pray for this, don’t put it in your future — put it in your Now Moment right now and intend it stays there. Live like it exists in your physical body already and that it will remain healthy and strong etc. etc. If, IF that is your “greatest, highest good” at this time then it will manifest. If not then it won’t and you’ll have to decide about having the surgery. No fear either way however is key. ❤

      • Thank you Denise!!!!
        That’s what I’ve been doing – and yesterday my hip felt very different – in a good way!

  • yes.Yes.YES! omg, YES!
    🙏🏽🙏🏽 many thanks to you for writing this and getting it OUT here.. on the 12th I was actually THANKED for my Service (😮!) in the ‘shit cleaning’ fields and then escorted all (🤞🏽) the way OUT of the CARBON WORLD .. (double 😮!😮!) … I’m still experiencing waves of ‘oh my god, we did it.. WE DID IT!! WE DID IT YALL! WE MADE IT OUTTA THERE (3D, 3rd Dementia carbon/lead world) ALIVE!!
    Hallelujah! Thanks to EACH and EVERY ONE of y’all for hanging in there.. we’ve done it (large sigh, even larger exxxxxhale) ✌🏽💎🌏..

  • Denise and everyone,
    I emailed Denise yesterday (seems like 10 years ago) because I was devastated to come home and find my neighbors were cutting down all the trees in their yard! All these amazing oak, sweet gum and hickory trees, going down (like 12 trees). For 10 years I have admired, talked to and loved on these giants, watched storms move through them and take a couple down, watched the sun rise and set through their leaves and branches. If you have never seen a hickory tree in the fall, PLEASE put it on your list of things to experience because it is glorious. I felt completely blindsided by this event. I cried about it. A lot. And then I started trying to reframe what was happening. I hoped the trees going to the mill would become furniture that someone would love even half as much as I loved them and just was grateful I got to experience them at all. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I had the clear thought: I AM NOT GOING TO LET ANYTHING STOP ME FROM PUTTING MORE LIGHT AND LOVE OUT INTO THIS WORLD!
    Today, I took my dog to the dog park and wasn’t able to use the public off leash area, so I walked around in part of the park I hadn’t actually walked in before. And guess what I found there! Right beside the lake, a clump of large trees in a dense grouping, one of the trees had actually grown horizontal for quite some time…long enough to make the PERFECT place to sit or even stretch out for a minute!! Of course I climbed up into it and sat down and was lucky my dog found a stick to chew on so I could spend a little while there. As I was radiating as much love as I could, I noticed suddenly I felt so much better and lighter and I thought, oh! that’s Denise!! That’s all of you!! That’s HHL!! Maybe the same moment this article was shared with all of us. In my not too distant past, I would still be wallowing in misery and devastation over this. It’s nice to see how fast it’s possible to process things.THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I know I am never alone now!! I hope this makes sense and all the love to all of you.

    • “In my not too distant past, I would still be wallowing in misery and devastation over this. It’s nice to see how fast it’s possible to process things.”


      It’s up to you, up to each of us, how quickly and greatly we progress. You did so because you let go of those much-loved trees and made yourself find NEW ones to love, admire and be grateful for. Those old trees where you’ve lived for so long being cut down may, may also be a nudge to you that it’s time for you to move. At first it was a big lesson and insight, now it may go to another level and indicate it’s time for you to move somewhere else. The timing of this with the start of Phase 2 of the AP is something to honestly consider.

      At any rate, very well done you! ❤ ❤ ❤

      • I am keeping myself, eyes and heart very open about the possibilities, thanks to YOU and everyone here. Just like you said in another comment in this thread, I realized the key for me is NO FEAR. I am not afraid to keep living here and making it the place I want AND I am not afraid to find a new place to make my home either. It’s amazing how liberating dropping fear is. I feel like I could fly. And I didn’t realize really, that I was even carrying it all this time. Thanks so, so much. ❤

        • I listened to Kryon’s Transference session which was recently posted. So last night I spent my usual awake times sending love and compassion into the grid. I feel that is a good thing that many of us first thingers can do to prime the process for next stair steps . All done while in my comfy bed. Those are working conditions I can manage 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Kate! I love Kryon as well…the Innate has been something I go back to again and again. Thanks for putting all that love and compassion into the world in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep. What a great way to spend those awake times! ❤

        • Sorry 10tinbluebirds and everyone, I put the 2 links in wrong evidently and didn’t know it at the time. They should work now.

  • I’ve been getting off that detail you describe during the last 6-12 months. This 74-years-young person just can’t do it anymore. Done with that! Thanks for that and for the reminder to disinfect (reminder because I recall receiving that word a time or two). Showers of blessings upon you, Denise!

  • WHOO-HOOO, bring on the retirement benefits!!! Yes, SO done with clean-up detail and allllll the extra tours of duty.
    Amen, Sister.

    Thank you for sharing your experience of Jan 12th. Very affirming. My experience of it actually made me think of YOU and your beloved Master Hotei, Denise. On that day I was overcome with a giggle fit that quickly turned into streaming, bubbling non-stop laughter. I read a joke someone made (about the ascension process no less!) and it just tickled my funny bone and soon I was overcome. I’ve had a few laughing fits like this before and it was always so intense (and so wonderful!) that I’d described it as almost an out-of-body experience. But now I understand, they are actually EMBODIED experiences. I could feel so much Divine, Universal energy pouring into me through this laughter and it was just amazing. My 8 year old caught the giggle bug watching me laugh and together we laughed and laughed for close to an HOUR! My eyes were watering, my nose was running, my stomach muscles were aching and yet I couldn’t stop and didn’t want to. I remember thinking “So THIS is what Master Hotei felt all the time!” It was absolutely wonderful. Never have I had laughter like that before in such an intense way. SO much better than being squashed, stepped-on, or flattened by higher energies! If this is an indication of what Phase 2 looks like, I’m soooooooo on-board.

    Grateful as ever for you, Sister.

    • “But now I understand, they are actually EMBODIED experiences. I could feel so much Divine, Universal energy pouring into me through this laughter and it was just amazing. My 8 year old caught the giggle bug watching me laugh and together we laughed and laughed for close to an HOUR!”

      Kate Street,

      OMG my heart, my dear Master Hotei. Oh… I watched him laugh himself right up and out of the physical dimension many times and he did this to help teach me about intentionally changing ones frequency rate. This is also how one can de-materialize their physical body at death.

      Yes, yes, yes Kate, people make the mistake that HighHeart means serious or fluffy or powerful or surrender when it’s all of that and more. It’s high appreciation for Divine Source and Mother Father Source etc. from ones HighHeart. You are Divine and IT exists constantly in your own physical body and HighHeart. We’ll learn much more about this too in Phase 2 and our Embodiment Process.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you Kate for sharing here about your Divine connection with and in your HighHeart and realizing that that is what Master Hotei did/was/taught/displayed in so many different ways. ❤ ❤ ❤

      I'll never forget this particular experience I had very early on in my Ascension Process. It started for me physically with the start of 1999 and this experience happened around 2000 or 2001. I was driving the car and my mom said something that made me laugh and instantly I was shocked by the sheer force and volume of my laughter. I had never felt an increase in the energies inside me like this before and it shocked me at how intense it was and how loud and possibly "inappropriate" it may have been.

      Over these ascension years as I've continued to Embody more and higher Light energies etc., the amount of frequency I can safely embody physical and energetically has increased, which is exactly what we've all been doing all these years — increasing our Light quotient in our physical bodies. To cope with that some of us have needed to gain physical weight to help us not float away, not disappear, not explode, not laugh our butts right out of this dimension! We all have "anchored" these ongoing embodied Light increases in our own ways but it did my Heart good to hear about your laughter fit and HighHeart connections and realizations about it and Master Hotei and me. Like your daughter, I would watch him laugh himself invisible while I laughed, then cried, over my great love/LOVE of him and what he was teaching me about so many different things. Welcome to HighHeartLife. 🙂 ❤

      • Oh, my heart is FULL reading your reply, Denise, and your obvious overflowing love for your Laughing Buddha is so palpable I can reach out and touch it. What you said here: “Like your daughter, I would watch him laugh himself invisible while I laughed, then cried, over my great love/LOVE of him and what he was teaching me about so many different things.” My son (not a daughter, though I was SURE he was a girl when pregnant with him ~ a whole ‘nother story, but I was piqued to see you pick up on that) kept saying as he was watching me laugh: “Oh my full LOVE is returning now.” He could definitely feel the LOVE embedded into the Divine Laughter and kept mentioning it.

        I can absolutely see how Hotei could easily turn himself invisible while laughing ~ there was SO much going on bodily as I was overtaken by this laughter, and I certainly didn’t recognize all the sensations. Also loved reading of your laughter with your mom in the car all those years ago. I’m VERY grateful that I had Master Hotei to relate this too ~ as the laughter was so involuntarily that if I didn’t have him as a frame of reference I would have been afraid I was turning into the Joker instead of a Laughing Buddha! So let me THANK YOU again. So much LOVE! (Your Master Hotei book is one of THE most important ascension books I’ve read through the years, Sister!)

  • Denise you’re an absolute star. Thank you for keeping us going and helping us make it through phase 1. I spent most of the 12th crying. And I don’t think it was just for myself. It felt like a lot of stuff was going. Gone. I am looking forward to the day “fun” begins😉. As always love and light .
    Magda xx

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