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Those of you who’ve read my articles for years know that it’s unusual for me to write five articles in one month.

(1) December 2, 2019 – More Light Means More Knowing
(2) December 17 – It’s Checkout Time Humanity
(3) December 20 – NEW Divine Father Masculine & the Capricorn Saturn Pluto Conjunction
(4) December 28 – Cannot, Will Not Do This Anymore
(5) December 31 – Today Is the Last Day of 2019

Throughout December 2019 I felt that old familiar, absolutely cannot ignore Soul Contract sensation of having to write about certain things as quickly as I could. When I feel this familiar ascension energetic drive to get certain things written immediately, I know it’s because major energy changes are about to manifest and the information is intended to prepare and aid us with more NEW presenting in the physical dimension. When this happens, it’s something I feel obsessively compelled to do as quickly as I’m able. Such was the entire month of December 2019.

The reasons for this I believe is because the First Everythingers very recently made a grand shift into Phase 2 of the Ascension Process, which exists in a much higher level we’ve never experienced before. I say this because of how my physical body has felt since late December 2019 into January 2020.

Because the First Everythingers always go first, live it first, embody it first and help anchor it first into the physical dimension and ascending Earth etc., many of us have been feeling an onslaught of both old and NEW ascension symptoms at different times in December. I started feeling some of this from mid-November and they increased in mid-December 2019. When that higher dimensional nice guy connected with me on December 28, 2019 to pass along a message about the NEW energies and help—different Angelics, ETs and other Beings—it was made very clear that some of us would be experiencing the NEW energies of Phase 2 first. It’s always worked this way so this shift out of Phase 1 and entrance into Phase 2 which energetically includes the Saturn Pluto and other Capricorn planets conjuncting etc., would be felt, lived, embodied and anchored first by those of us who I’ve called the First Everythingers.

Everything I just said, typed, was very linear because I haven’t figured out how to type Spherically yet. 😉 Point is that what I said sounds very linear when in fact I rarely experience things that way anymore. I do and I don’t. I both and more. Some of you know exactly what I’m saying. It’s strange to say the least but this is another big aspect of the Ascension Process in general but much more so for us in Phase 2.

I’ve been experiencing different incredibly intense (to me) periods of what is my ongoing Embodiment Process for months. My ongoing alignment with, merging with, unification with and Embodiment of my Soul fully with my physical body and this Denise self is both profound and shocking. During this ongoing process, linear time disintegrates and one finds oneself beyond it. To be expected right? The more NEW and higher each of us embodies, takes into our physical bodies and selves, the more quantum, the more non-linear we and our consciousness and all else becomes. Expect much more of this in Phase 2 First Everythingers.

Words fail to come close to this ongoing experience and Process. It is deeply personal, very intense, painful at times due to such higher frequency materials being added to and merged with the physical body and personality self. At times it can be equally ecstatic as traumatic which sounds like a contradiction but again, we’re in territory we’ve never been before. For me in those moments when more NEW comes in, be that in the form of energy waves, solar pulsations, deeper Photonic Light energies or more of my Soul and physical Self merging, it’s all magnificent, even the physically painful and psychological unknown moments of the Process.

It may sound like I just went off-script there but I didn’t really. Those of us who’ve chosen to go through the Embodiment Process during the Ascension Process are doing both and more. All of this has escalated greatly since around September 2019, with each month after it getting more intense. Some of the recent shift symptoms some First Everythingers have been experiencing since about mid-November, much more so by mid-December 2019 into January 2020, have been extreme at times. I’m going to list some of the latest side effects I’ve been having caused by the things mentioned already—the ongoing Embodiment Process and recent shift many of the First Everythingers experienced due to the NEW higher energies we felt on or around December 28, 2019. They have and will continue so this wasn’t something that only happened that one day/night. Non-linear, linear, quantum, Spherical, everything at once awareness and more now First Everythingers.

  • severe head pains and pressures and Pineal and Pituitary gland evolution
  • increased eye pains, dryness, vision blurriness, sensitivity to the latest Light and sometimes physical motion as well which is related to Pineal and Pituitary evolution and higher frequency external Photonic light and related higher energies
  • severe inner cold throughout whole body, severe cold hands and/or other body parts that lasts for hours and nothing helps warm you up
  • severe inner heat radiating from the bottoms of your feet primarily
  • feeling both frozen and burning internally
  • having skin on your face look red and burned from the inner cold and heat
  • the start of another round of sudden hair falling out
  • consciousness continually expanding into NEW territories which can sometimes make one feel inadequate, outdated, confused and very ungrounded
  • greater increase in inner body vibrations which can at times feel overwhelming
  • ongoing HighHeart expansions to embody and Embody everything that’s happening
  • memory has evolved to mind’s eye visuals instead of old mental thoughts
  • clairvoyantly Seeing other people’s Energy Signatures in NEW and colorful ways, even radiating out of their written words
  • Seeing and seeing increased bright white vertical Light flashes peripherally. Also seeing increased solar Light pulsations, flashes, flickering and NEW changes in your Lightbody and Sun connection
  • Seeing more and more NEW codes, 6D morphogenic creational geometric patterns

Many of these ascension symptoms are ones I had for the first decade or fifteen years or so in Phase 1 of the Ascension Process (1999–2019). Thankfully some of them like the burning bottoms of my feet ended after about twelve years of that miserableness. It was so great to be able to wear shoes, not only flip-flops, once that side effected ended. So, to suddenly have it return about ten days ago really surprised me. Same with the sudden hair falling out a decade after the first time it happened around 2008–2009. Same with the intense inner cold I often had intermittently during Phase 1. To have all of these old ascension symptoms suddenly return, on top of other NEW ones, around mid-November 2019 was surprising to me. I was confused about why they would make a return at this point in the shift out of Phase 1 and into Phase 2.

After the brief Higher Awareness message I received the evening of December 28, 2019 from the higher dimensional nice guy, I understood a bit better that some of the First Everythingers have been both casting-off some from our personal sojourn through Phase 1 of the Ascension Process, but we’ve also been experiencing the tremendously higher energies, Light, Phonic Light, codes, internal and external frequencies and vibrations, and NEW locations energetically in our physical bodies. We’ve both been frozen and burned by them, made dizzy and nauseous by them, abruptly pushed out of our bodies by them and slammed back into them repeatedly for months. We exist in linear space and time, and we also exist in non-linear space and time and both are happening simultaneously. Phase 2 will be this and much more for many of us so be prepared for anything. And be prepared to get serious with your personal abilities and our collective group abilities to Consciously Create in Phase 2.

Back to the how the First Everythingers always experience and embody the NEW first. Much of how the NEW physical level energies that the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction (and other planets involved) will manifest as NEW codes and reality for humanity and Earth on January 12, 2020, we First Everythingers needed to feel, live, experience and embody first. All this is part of the activation of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process. We go first, we feel first, we embody first, we hurt first because we live and anchor them first in and through our physical bodies, HighHearts and Volunteer selves. We take the edge off so to speak by our doing this for the rest of humanity and all life on Earth.

Friday, January 10, 2020 is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 20° Cancer. Sunday, January 12, 2020 is the one and only exact conjunction between Saturn and Pluto at 22° Capricorn. Welcome to next-level Phase 2 of the Ascension Process and the NEW across the physical board for all. Be prepared for anything at any time and no fear, this is compressed evolution and everyone is finally involved in it on the physical level.


January 7, 2020

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61 thoughts on “First Everythingers First

  • This last week since the Saturn Pluto conjunction has been sooooo intense, illness, self doubt, self pity, beating self up, where did this come from, I had been feeling so many things but mostly able to remain in my high heart neutral and in a state of love for it all! (Yes even the bad and the ugly) Then this intense shift had me a real wobble! (Not experienced like this for a while) so much coming up, so many things in me want to be free to talk about the way it should be, yet instead we just go ahead blind face down to the ground hoping to do it better next time around! Where do we go when deep inside we know, the light showed us so, but the folks don’t wanna know! The truth needs to be spoken, it’s about time you see, so many things never said, so many things left under the bed, but not any more! Sorry to be a bore! Time to stand up alright! It’s our right! But no longer will I fight there’s only love in sight, the illusion is dead, time to get out of the head, we may be sore but I do believe we won the war ❤️

    • I’m working on an article about this now Donna and I hope it will do much to help explain why the energies have been so extreme since around November 2019. I’m covering the 1-12-2020 Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction, the start of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process, the First Wave of HUMANS starting the AP in Phase 2 and so on. I’ll get it done as quickly as my body and focus can do. ❤

  • I thought I’d feel better by now – in my body and bone structure. Guess the Saturn-Pluto transit is still working. I feel shifted, but not in a way I expected.
    Everyone is quiet.
    Still Processing and Embodying?
    Hope you’re ok Denise and HHLifers 💚

    • Diana & All,

      Everyone is still quiet because, as I’ve been saying for a few months, the start of January 2020, and MUCH more so with the exact day Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction, was the completion and shift out of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process (AP) and the start of Phase 2 of it. It only took a second, and you may have felt it in your HighHeart as I did. Seems like such a small, insignificant thing and yet the entire NEW Earth was fully activated in the physical with all the NEW codes etc. in that brief physical conjunction second. And that’s how LOVE rolls. 😉

      Important point to remember about this however is that for we First Everythingers, Volunteers, Forerunners, Pathpavers etc., Phase 2 will be very different for us because we’ve lived, embodied and anchored Phase 1 over the past 20 years. Humanity has only just had the entire NEW Earth energetic codes, NEW physical reality patterns, rules and regulations, overall curriculum, frequency boarders and so on literally be infused, embedded, implemented and fully physically activated on January 12, 2020. There’s a brand NEW physical and energetic reality in place now on and in Earth and the unaware people now MUST get with this NEW Diamond planetary program or go elsewhere.

      I’ll get something written about this mega planetary and human species Shift out of what’s been and into all this higher frequency crystalline Diamond NEW Earth with matching NEW every-freaking-thing. For us this is what we’ve Worked so long and hard for — for the rest of humanity, the “shoe is now on the other foot”, and there will be confusion, anger, rebellion over having to (OMG, the “c” word!) change for the better for many of them. So much to say about all this and my head has had Divine pounding more higher into it in this next-level way since November 2019, hence all my typos and such lately. 🙄

      I’m going to do something I usually never do which is throw a very strong, very near probability out publicly here. It is that I sense the Sun is close to doing something NEW soon too, and I say this because of what I’ve been experiencing again in my physical body/Lightbody since November 2019. I’ll cover this too in the next article about all this.

      Don’t forget that what the Sun does is directly connected to we First Everythingers who are Embodying now and vice versa. Your HighHeart is directly connected to, is an individual personal Sun within you, within each of us and the closer we get to completing our individual Embodiment Process in/through our physical bodies, the Sun and sunlight is and will continue to reflect/mirror/transmit/trigger that. I’m rambling but I’ll try to get as much of all this written asap because it’s needed. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thanks Denise!!! I am in tears of gratitude to you for writing this and all you do! Definitely felt the Shift and continue to feel it.
        🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love to you and All!!! Nancy

      • “After the ordeal”-report! – Kinda floating midstream along the River of Life; not fighting it, not pushing it, but rather enjoying it; having now passed the whitewater rapids. – I’ve started to sing again (!!); playfully mixing one song’s lyrics in sync with another song’s melody. (Why? Just because!) – And how’s that even possible after a long hard life with bloody, sweaty and teary struggles?! – It just is ……. – Thanks again Denise. Thanks again fellow Lightwarriors. Much love to Everyone. The ordeal is over.

      • The physical challenges have been non-stop and unrelenting ever since the beginning of November. And Jan 12 only added more physical pain and symptoms. Just trying to get through each day moment by moment right now.
        Let there be Love and healing for all…

      • thank you Denise! This is very much needed. I had rather been hoping I might start to feel better, but I am barely functioning and starting to feel like I just can’t do this much longer.

  • Ok, I don’t about anyone else, but I’m experiencing my realization of the deconstruction of relationships over the last couple of weeks. I’m having friends/relatives call me for health suggestions, and I comply, after which they blow me off. One person called me, upset, with concerns about her adult daughter and asked me to do some online research which I did. Sounded urgent. Then when I tried to call her to discuss some things, she was too busy to speak to me, then she was too tired and texted me that she would call me in a week. What-the-hey? If they don’t want to know what I think, why ask? I’m only volunteering suggestions, and these are suggestions offered with good intent and without being pushy/demanding/whatever.

    I also had a conversation with my sister recently and I mentioned that I’ve been having car trouble. She asked how old my car is and I said 14 yrs old. She was taken aback and so was I. Why? Because I realized that we had only seen each other twice during the last 14 yrs. She was somewhat shocked so I think she realized it too.

    Upshot of all this is over the last few days I’ve been re-evaluating these relationships and realizing that I’ve been treated in ways that I would not/have not treated these people. And I’m also realizing that I’m setting boundaries as I have too much self-respect (finally, maybe) to settle for being a recipient of these behaviors/attitudes/whatever the hell this is.

    My wake-up call maybe? I can’t say that any of this is new or different but it feels as if my eyes have been opened. I care about these people but that doesn’t mean I need to accept whatever double standard is going on here.

    Sorry for my venting Denise. But your remarks about “release release release” are remarkably on-point right now. I admit it’s touch-and-go sometimes but, onward and upward!

    Anyway, I hope everyone in this community has a lovely/loving day. I’m listening to a sweet little happy song right now!

    • “I can’t say that any of this is new or different but it feels as if my eyes have been opened. I care about these people but that doesn’t mean I need to accept whatever double standard is going on here.”

      Exactly Tyche1, and you are NOT supposed to anymore either. You are an energetic Pathpaver, a Wayshower, not unaware people’s problem solver. You and your energies are more valuable than you realize, but are quickly discovering, so don’t waste a drop of it on anyone whose not going to honestly benefit from your giving it. Pearls before swine and all that, and yes, we First Everythingers, Forerunners etc. have “swine” we still love, however…

      This 1-12-2020 shift, and everyone, it was a MOTHER of a SHIFT, has changed everything including each of you reading this and me writing it. Welcome to Phase 2 of the AP fellow ascension co-Workers! Release all that has to go now because a lot more NEW needs to be embodied, and Embodied if you’re doing that too. ❤

  • Hi Denise, I’ve been thinking about how integration is the basis of ascension. You put it so well. You said neutrality is:
    “…being integrated energetically — Heart and head, male and female, Light and Dark, lower self and Higher Self and on and on within ourselves individually.” Thank you for this concise and beautiful definition. This is so foundational to ascension. We have all been fractured by being on 3d. For me, for many, childhood sexual abuse has been one part of this fracture. I have been healing, “integrating,” at a dizzying pace over these ascension years, especially post 2011. In 2020, the year of truth and clear seeing, truths are coming to me like lightening bolts. And because I’ve been slowly preparing, stairsteps as you’ve said, I am strong enough to withstand them, to take this stunning truth light in to me and to hold it. I am thankful. Life feels miraculous. I don’t mean that it doesn’t hurt, I mean that this transformation feels miraculous. All my life I’ve struggled with depression, and I’ve always been baffled by it, when there seemed to be no reason for it that I could ‘see.’ I couldn’t see because I was fractured, blinded by the tortures of this density. After integrating, healing, coming together, now I can see.

    A few mornings recently I’ve woken up again with the old dead feeling of depression in place, sitting on my chest like a vulture and I’ve asked myself -why? Why now? After all these years of healing, what is this pain and why is it here? And then I look inside and see this love energy is shaking up to the surface the last remnants of suffering, and there is some small “me” child inside who is just wrecked, and needs me to see her, and to hold and love her, because no one has ever held her and loved her, and then as I hold her and cry, just like that, magic, she integrates with me and the depression is gone, and I feel stronger and stronger every day, and flooded with tears and compassion for everyone. Thankful to you and to all here and so proud of all of us for staying on our feet, even when it’s hurt like hell, even when it’s been almost impossibly hard to bear.

  • Dear Denise,

    You said in one of your articles that the new codes were neutral and could be inscribed by us. I checked it out for myself, I hadn’t noticed it first, but it is true. So I started a new notebook with ideas to create a better society. It is filling up nicely. Some ideas are very common like all food will be produced biological or equal rights and respect for men and women. Others are e.g. healing practices should cooperate with the body and the Soul.

    I had 2 nice dreams I can share. 1. I saw a group of newly built white houses with gardens (and a low fence for my dog) on a mountain meadow. They were empty waiting for the new inhabitants. The front doors were open.

    2. I stood beside a small private airplane and wondered if I could fly there with that airplane. I decided I could and when I was climbing into the cabin a group of 4 or 5 people jumped into the plane and sat on the passengers seats. They said: if you are going, we are going too!

    I am so looking forward to this new world!



  • Dear Denise,

    With my sun and moon both in Aquarius I am looking forward to surfing through the upcoming varied ranges of newness, planetary and otherwise, that I have longed for, if I can. For me I am experiencing higher focus, not less; the spaciness that rolls in and out like fog for some reminds me of the bridge from ‘A Day in the Life’ (The Beatles, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, June 1967):

    Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head
    Found my way downstairs and drank a cup
    And looking up I noticed I was late
    Found my coat and grabbed my hat
    Made the bus in seconds flat
    Found my way upstairs and had a smoke
    Somebody spoke and I fell into a dream

    However, call it what you will, the current flu that is nationally rampant has all of the same characteristics listed at the top of this current article under the two garden-like circles that the CDC cautions. With a high fever, a chest / head infection that I am treating by swilling down mega doses of pure Vitamin C, and so many debilitating pains that I feel like my exasperated physical body will break like a bread stick, I can’t determine which one it is. Mourning and melancholy from earlier times have suddenly resurfaced; obviously, I am not finished releasing, but remain on rinse / spin cycle. Due to the infection I am finding it harder and harder to breathe my love / light mantra, and I hold my head, which feels like it is being stabbed repeatedly by knives, wrapped up in down comforters, while I steady the nausea.

    One month ago I was sexually assaulted and brutally tortured within a multi billion dollar corporate structure, the largest employer within the most corrupt state of our fifty, Maryland. Back in October you kindly suggested that The Black Planet was a one time thing, old “stuff” that my body had to purge at the end of Phase I, a forecast that I have held onto for security, because my life depends on it. While I was being assaulted I could not breathe. I was shaking uncontrollably gasping for air, while one male witness laughed. The second witness, her face distorted by hatred, also did nothing to stop what was happening, and this event was orchestrated by mentally ill people who not only were paid, but had all taken an oath at one time to ‘Do no harm.’ Is my experience coming right out of the ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ playbook, and is there a healthy life after satanic ritual?

    The daily mantra has become ‘forgive, forgive, forgive’. What I ask for is the mega power of collective good grace me for a few precious minutes, so that I might survive. I can’t do this on my own, Denise, I really can’t, and I have tried everything I can think of during the last month, but I remain just like a wooden cart that has fallen into a ditch, wheels spinning.

    Love, Cali

    • “Is my experience coming right out of the ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ playbook, and is there a healthy life after satanic ritual?”

      Basically yes Cali and I am so, so, sorry you were attacked while already dealing with what you were.

      It’s been common (and obviously still is) in the old lower negative world we all came from to have things like this happen when we’re already weakened from having gone through something very difficult. Death of a loved one, divorce, health crisis, job loss etc. Team Dark has typically jumped on people when they were already down from something else because of how damaging that is to us. People honestly have not grasped the profound darkness of these sorts of beings and portal people humans. Moving right along…

      Most people believe that they HAVE to, that they MUST ‘forgive, forgive, forgive’ those who’ve done great harm to them. I’ve never believed that, but I do believe that it’s very important to release, release, release, it all and be totally, honestly, emotionally and in all ways neutral, neutral, neutral, with the humans and non-humans involved in our attacks. Trying to “forgive” typically keeps us focused on them and emotionally remain at/in the scene of the crime and what they did to us but releasing it and them and eventually reaching emotionally neutrality about it all is how WE get ourselves free from them, their actions against us, and the damages done to us. If one can, honestly reach being emotionally neutral over these types of mega life attacks by Team Dark and their Portal People humans, then you are really free. We usually need to go through all sorts of rage, hatred, victim-hood bullshit, feelings of weakness, guilt and whatever else each of us feels after evil attacks us FIRST before we’re able to finally reach honest emotionally neutrality and release, release, release and ascend beyond it all.

      You use whatever daily mantra that works and Works for you however. All I’m saying is that it could take years, decades, lifetimes to reach forgiveness. The AP is here now with nothing but 5D and higher HighHeart neutrality Triality. I suggest you take advantage of it. I am, we are with you still. Become a fucking god dearest, right now, and don’t look back. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • I am so sorry Denise. I don’t want to cause any harm. I see team dark in myself, I know I made you angry. I am scared to even write this. I am not asking for forgiveness. I’m just saying I’m sorry. I will not comment any more without your permission.

    • Bente, you didn’t make me angry, you frustrated me. I’ve dealt with this from so many people online since 2003, and I won’t do it in Phase 2 of the AP. I also knew, at the time you wrote your comments, that you were really hyped up on those Light energies that make us all feel just like that — really wired from so much higher frequencies being embodied. And you don’t need my permission to write a comment(s). I read everyone’s comments before I hit the publish button on each of them. It’s okay, deep breath, embody the latest and get ready for much more of same! Stair-steps. 😉

  • Denise,
    Thank you (and the commenters here) for your encouraging words and eloquent explanations. I sure do appreciate it!
    I have been experiencing a sort of blipping out for a split second. It feels like I’m seeing myself from the outside. Sometimes feels like a deja-vu. Only lasts a nanosecond and sometimes I feel a little swirly with it. Is this what you were describing in your list or am I losing my mind – again 😏

    Also, a question – there is a sort of intangible knowing inside me of how to do things/life differently, but I can’t really access the “how to” to make it happen. (I’m not explaining well so I’m trusting you understand.) It feels like I should know/remember but I just can’t. Will the “there is a better way” knowing be accessible once I evolve/ascend up more stair steps?

    Thank you for you!

    • Diana & All,

      I’m going to use your comment Diana to mention what I’ve been increasingly experiencing recently. I’m still living this, am still “in it” and haven’t got enough distance from this yet to even discuss it decently. But, timing with this is important I feel, which is another reason why I’ve been writing and commenting the past few weeks while I’ve been in these NEW states, conditions of changing. I can tell everyone right now that at this moment I’m not able to express this well at all, and I’m only saying this now because I sense it’s related to today’s Cancer Lunar eclipse and Sunday’s Saturn Pluto conjunction.

      After fumbling around in this for the past few days this week, I’ve come to realize so far that, in a lot of ways I didn’t even consider or sense earlier, what has been all of our “reality” in these lives is now in a huge state of disintegration. What has been for all of us, what we’re all used to because it’s been “reality” for each of us etc., has been in a massive state of tremendous disintegration and removal energetically and physically. I should have perceived this aspect of all these current astrological transits and eclipses but I’ve been more focused on what’s replacing it all. Most of us have been.

      What I’ve been experiencing and believe will continue for me and many of us on a conscious level, is that I’ve been experiencing periods of not being in linear time and “reality” for a few hours every day this past week or so which has made it difficult for me at times to even know what day it actually is. From an old lower level of awareness we’d say that I’ve been experiencing “missing time” this past week off and on, but from a higher level I sense what’s happening is that I’m not, many of us are not, currently functioning within linear time space at all but in some massive shift out of what has been and those old energy codes that went with it, into the NEW with its NEW matching and appropriate energy codes of it. Very simply said, physical “reality” is and has been in great flux and some of us are conscious of this, are being seemingly flung about in it in unusual ways, are loosing linear time off and on throughout the days lately, and have been repeatedly shifting into and out of the old collective physical reality of our pasts and into more and more Now Moments in the NEW.

      This is impossible to describe at the moment but I felt I had to make an effort to share this because I know more of us have been experiencing this and that it’s going to continue. Much of what you mentioned Diana is what I’m struggling to express, or it’s a part of it. What I’ve been experiencing recently is so much more than I’ve ever experienced before and is linear, solid, physical reality not being any of those things at all lately. I’ve known this was coming for many years and I’ve written about it many times however, it’s a different story when it suddenly enters the next level and so called “reality” is suddenly not behaving like one is familiar with!

      And about the knowing how to do something and not at the same time — this has to do with our evolving from our left brain intellect to linearly problem solve, interpret reality and so on to existence in our HighHearts and using THAT as our NEW main tool of perception instead. It’s felt, it’s known but the head and intellecte is not involved at all. We’re doing more now without using our heads/intellects and we’re surprising ourselves! We’ll adapt to all this and much more.

      But expect that you too may suddenly experience periods of “missing time” which is, at this NEW higher level, about you not being in linear awareness and frequency for a while and then back in it for a while and then back out of it again and so forth. The Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction and Lunar eclipse today, 1-10-2020, is all NEW energies and codes being added into physicality and NEW reality and some of us are experiencing this and the disintegration and removal of the old energies and codes etc. as big, strange and very new to us shock-waves to and through multiple realities. Jain Lee, your and my interactions yesterday were part of this. Just roll with the weirdness everyone because this is going to continue. ❤

      • Since the week before Christmas I have been feeling that the days are dragging and that the hands on the clock barely seem to move, feels like I have worked a double shift! But…. from Monday to Friday has passed like a click of the fingers! What a contradiction I know! The pain in my body has ramped up so very much as well as having sudden moments of wanting to cry and feeling like my world is ending for no real reason and tired beyond belief. Same old love food hate food fads as well. All of this has now become the norm whatever that is!

        Thank you Denise and all of you amazing people here for all that you share. You have helped me to stay sane through all the weirdness weariness and the joy. Much thanks and love to you all from Megan 🙂 x

        • I received an email from Eric who shared this wonderful old TV Star Trek clip. I’m glad he did because I hadn’t seen it before. I want to pass it along here for anyone else who hasn’t seen it or may have forgotten it. Thanks again Eric. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hi Denise & all.
    I’m a long time lurker and a first time poster.
    First of all I would like to extend a big thank you to you Denise for all your comforting & helpful posts over the years and the community you have created,
    It has helped me to feel less alone and scared.
    My ascension process started december 2012 with a very difficult kundalini awakening, not even knowing what kundalini was at the time..
    How I function and experience my life and reality now is of course very different from when it started, and now to my question:

    The more I live in the now-moment the harder it is for me to function in my day-to-day life because of my failing memory. I understand losing it comes with the process but Im starting to get really concerned, since a couple of weeks back I can hardly have conversations with people any longer since I cant remember what I said like 10 seconds ago, think Doris in “Finding Nemo”. I often forget if I have taken a shower or not like an hour earlier (I recently switched to a perfumed shower-cream to smell my skin to know if I have showered or not…) I am 34 years old and it feels like I have severe Alzheimers.. I wonder if this is how it is supposed to be from now-on or is it going to get better in any way? I mean, will my memory ever come back again or will I just not need it at all in the future?

    Would love to get any thoughts and/or information about this.
    Best regards / “Doris”

    • I’m glad you’ve joined in the comment conversations “Doris”. ❤

      This is another common AP symptom of our evolution out of the old lower frequency ways of perception, awareness, locating ourselves in time space etc., into much higher, larger, more complex levels well above it. My comment reply to Diana has to do with what you've been experiencing with not being able to hold linear mental awareness in that old familiar death-grip sort of way we're all used to. All of the current energy shifts we're right in the middle of now are making this side effect even worse, and how long that lasts I don't know. I do know that we're protected through all this however, otherwise we'd drive our cars into trees or something! But there are periods now where I'm not even in linear time space reality and I know it and won't leave the house while these side effect energetic shock-waves of mega physical energy and reality change is happening.

      • Heaven-report! Would just like to share that an amazingly uplifting event just happened here (by the way I live in Norway); when one of the main radio stations just transmitted 24 hours from noon to noon (!!) the best of the Seventies popular music non-stop; and for all of us Seventies teenagers; Heaven for a while decended on Earth. – Another thing; one other radio program concentrating on the Sixties popular music; is now focusing entirely on the humorous ones. – Something is indeed shifting for the better. – Just wanted to share. Thanks again Denise. Much love to everyone.

  • I don’t know what category I fit in but have been a light worker for 35 years when I was shoved in to it in a very rude way. Anyway I have shifted into an incredible new place as of mid December. A lot of 3d things that were dragging me down have been resolved and cleared. My body is also clearing issues really quickly. Everyone in my life and I meet is wonderful and supported. Feels like a really new dimension! All I have been doing is asking for support. I hope it sticks this time. 🙂

    • “Everyone in my life and I meet is wonderful and supported. Feels like a really new dimension! All I have been doing is asking for support. I hope it sticks this time.”


      It should because we really have entered Phase 2 of the Ascension Process at the start of 2020. Because of this lots will change, some of it very suddenly, others will take more time to work through people and start manifesting more and more in reality around us.

  • Thank you Denise for continuing to write and to give us hope to continue despite our conditions. I think many of us have become apprehensive and afraid to hope too much because we have been disappointed so many times. I remember how disappointed I was in 2011 and 2012. I needed ascension badly then because of personal circumstances. But these many years here I am still hoping, waiting and believing. Our lifes have fallen apart so many times it’s by grace only we still exist in physicality. And I believe that has to be for a reason.Yes a shift did happen in 2012 and a shift will happen this weekend but I have let go of trying to decide how this will occur. My feeling is we wake up on 01/13 and preceive the world and our conditions much the same. I think it will take time to recognize a difference in our condition. It would probably be too shocking otherwise. But if suddenly we all feel great are sure of our place in the world and we begin immediately enjoying the fruits of our many years of sacrifice I ai be delighted. Whatever happens or how it happens I know it will all be for our highest good.and we will continue to prevail no matter although it has seemed many time we are abandoned and slip sliding away in my heart I know we are greatly supported and loved. How could we have survived so long otherwise

  • Hi Denise,

    As you are probably aware, there are many groups coordinating a mass mediation on 1/12/20 to usher in the Age of Aquarius with the main focus of abundance for everyone by means of a fair money system.

    I loved reading about it until the envisioning a fairer money system; where there is money, there is still a slave system and my sovereignty does not support that. My higher self recoiled at the thought. I blessed them in their endeavors but will not participate.

    I am not judging them. I’ve simply understood it as there are some lightworkers here who must lead the way for the ones who want to continue their journey in duality.

    Doesn’t matter. I was never good at meditation anyway.

    Have a safe 1/12/20 everyone ❤️

    • Just my thoughts on this. I’ve found in my life experience that it’s most productive to focus on an outcome (abundance in this case), without specifying how to get there (i.e. money). Does that make sense?

      Anyway, I agree with you Jain Lee. Not judging anyone else’s endeavors, but it doesn’t jive with my higher self.

      • Hi Tyche1! Yes, I completely understand you! Focusing on the outcome, not the hows and the details. All is already manifest with our frequencies anyway, words are unnecessary, just step into whatever you’ve created! ❤️

        Hi Denise,

        I was lmao at your comment below! Your response is perfect as always and that article? Relevant and exactly on point, even though it’s a decade old!

        • “…words are unnecessary,…”

          Nice you found my words so lmao Jain Lee, including the ones I wrote a decade ago about the subject you brought up today.

      • Forgive me Denise for my very badly worded sentence there. What I meant was that your sentiment of your frustrations at the old 3D patriarchal systems trying to build new was felt deeply in me and it made me laugh as we felt the same. I hope you’re not offended, I would NEVER laugh at you!

        And whatever you deign to share with me and others are so very very appreciated! Thank you so very much! Please forgive me.

        • Jain Lee,

          We ALL are under tremendous energetic pressures and change now and yesterdays Cancer Lunar eclipse (in opposition to) only amplified everything, as is the Sunday, January 12, 2020 Capricorn conjunction(s). It just is what it is and we all continue moving upward.

    • Jain Lee,

      I was not aware that anyone was in 2020!!!, still focusing their ascension lives and consciousness at old lower 3D dense patriarchal money! Sigh… But some are currently doing their best to start another war too to deflect awareness away from certain things. Old negative patriarchal tactic that.

      Since I’ve been writing about the AP online I’ve said multiple times for everyone to always aim higher, dream bigger. We are after all evolving and not bringing the old lower negativity and density with us, although some people’s awareness is so limited that they’re incapable of perceiving, sensing, imagining ANYTHING of a higher, better nature than what they’re used to.

      Here’s a link to a March 2010 article I wrote at TRANSITIONS about this money consciousness business. (I wrote four or five of them a decade ago there.) It’s a decade old and far too many people still do not have a f-ing clue about what’s really going on. They try to continue re-creating the old patriarchal stuff but improve it slightly from their level of awareness. I keep editing myself because I could so go off right now about this type of crap on so many levels. The Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction will take care of it however, as will transiting Uranus in Taurus — money, valuables, what people believe to be of material value etc.

    • Btw, the ‘lightworkers’ part was very tongue in cheek, my subtle attempt at sarcasm there. Very cheeky of me.

  • I know that it’s probably difficult to trust what I am saying because who is this person? But Denise, they trust you. You said that you can see peoples energy from their written Word, can you do that with me? I am just so restless to day, I am pacing back and forth. I can’t rest until I know that you forerunners are able to rest, kick back, pamper your self. I know you need to and want to. Please stop fighting now. I feel like a complete idiot saying this because it feels so ego to say and so unlike me but I just have to say that I’ve got this. I don’t have an ego as far as I can tell, I can trust source now. This suddenly feels very, very urgent to say, even if it’s so hard to do because I feel like a complete idiot. I am posting and posting like some sort of crazy person here. I just know that I can’t rest until I know that you forerunners are able to let go and rest. It feels really, really urgent to me.

    • “You said that you can see peoples energy from their written Word, can you do that with me?”

      I sure can Bente.

      “I don’t understand it and never will. But listen to me now, please I beg of you, listen! What you have been doing, I can start to see how it will change everything.”

      And it’s nice that you are ‘starting to see how it will change everything’. Many of us have known and seen all of our lives because we Volunteered to come here and do all this for Earth, for humanity now and into the future, and for All else everywhere.

      You need to stop focusing on we Forerunners because, based on what you’ve said in your comments, you are clueless about the Forerunners and why we experience what we have. Most people — many who should know better — still do not have a clue about the First Everythingers/Forerunners/Volunteers, what they are, this aspect of the Ascension Process, Phase 1 of it, the three wave groups of First Everythinger Volunteers and why they’ve felt what all we have. They may in a hundred years from now, maybe a thousand years, but they haven’t had an accurate awareness and understanding about this since the Ascension Process started. And that’s perfectly okay, however, for people who do not know about this to school me, school we First Everythinger Volunteers about ourselves and why we experience pains etc. etc. etc., won’t be allowed at my site. I don’t care how well-intended your or anyone else’s comments like this may be. It’s an insult I’m no longer willing to endure now that we’re in Phase 2 of the AP.

  • I know all of you first everythingers have had and still have a lot of pain. To be honest I don’t understand how you are even able to fight on, it is incredible. Yes, I have had a lot of pain in my life and can relate to a lot of what you are talking about but it isn’t even close to what you have been going through. I don’t understand it and never will. But listen to me now, please I beg of you, listen! What you have been doing, I can start to see how it will change everything. I know because I have been living it. I am a woman but I know what it is like to be a man for the first time in my life. For the first time I can understand men even better then I understand my self as a woman. This is HUGE people!! And now my husband is in his early start of feeling how it is like to be a woman. It’s going to take a lot of work, but if this will happen all over the planet then that is incredible. It will bring out compassion for eachother. And if more and more people will start to not want and need anything anymore, well, then fighting will end. You don’t want to fight over something you don’t want.

  • I am starting to feel some effect when it comes to creating. I don’t know if I will be able to explain. I can feel the divine masculin. It’s like me and my husbands roles have shifted. Suddenly he finds himself in my shoes or beginning to at least. This has not happened over night but because of the way I have been acting around him for 8 months. It’s like he is starting to see how my life with him has been and what it is like to be a woman in a way. I belive that this will over time make him start to feel compassion.

  • Hi Denise,

    While I don’t have the visual sense, I have quite a developed feeling sense and suddenly sensed you are flat on your back being fried alive by these NEW energies.

    Hang in there dear Denise!

    I’m also fortunate enough to not feel too much physical pain side of ascension but these latest ones have me in a lot of pain so I can imagine the exponential value of yours and I want you to know we’re all here for you, rooting for you and for us too.

    Love you and all those here ❤️

    • High ❤ gratitude hugs Jain Lee for that. It means a lot. My sun is also in Capricorn so I suspect we Capricorns, Cancers, Aries and Libras are all feeling the Saturn Pluto and other planets influences in this rare physical reality altering conjunction energies in slightly amplified ways. This one isn't another energy Stair-step but a colossal ascend up a few flights of stairs and floors to a whole NEW level altogether. We will rock this because it's the only Job in town for us. 😉 Thanks again. ❤

  • Thank you Denise for this post and your explanation of symptoms. My head and body have been pulsating recently that I thought I might have something seriously wrong but have wondered if it was more symptoms. I also have had nausea, head pain and fluctuating body temperatures and random pains in my body. These have been more extreme than before so thank you for post. I had hoped this would be less now as like many I am exhausted with it all and have no energy for doing much. Will we get to enjoy life again ever or did we volunteer to save others only? I am confused so please advise.Thank you again Denise and love to all here. Xxx

    • Linda P. & All,

      First I want to apologize to everyone for my crap article published yesterday — First Everythingers First. I’d intended writing it yesterday and the minute I started writing noisy interference began from multiple neighbors and barking dogs. I experienced this 1000 times worse most of the time from the early 2000’s every time I’d start writing articles and/or book material. It was so obvious that it was deliberate interference and how I got anything written then was amazing. But, to have it suddenly start up yesterday and last all day into the night bothered me. 😡 I am all done with this *^@! but obviously it’s not done with me.

      My point is that I wrote this article yesterday while being constantly assailed by multiple neighbors being unaware, self-absorbed jerks, many with dogs that bark constantly and they do nothing about it. Because of this I did NOT write a very decent article at all and my stress and frustration shows in it, and if you’re a sensitive then you felt it and for that I am so very sorry. Lesson here for me — when it rains shit down on you stop doing what you’re doing IF you cannot surf above the shitstorm and not be affected by it. Is everybody feeling the Friday Cancer eclipse and the Sunday Capricorn conjunction energies? O_o

      “I had hoped this would be less now as like many I am exhausted with it all and have no energy for doing much. Will we get to enjoy life again ever or did we volunteer to save others only? I am confused so please advise.”

      Because of the noise interference while I wrote this yesterday, I forgot certain things I wanted to include in it. One big one is what you’ve asked Linda P, so thank you for your question. I’m hoping everyone read the link I left the other day in a comment to Aluna Joy’s latest article. If you haven’t read it yet I strongly suggest that you do because she talks about the massive NEW energies that arrived on December 28, 2019 — or thereabouts if you move in and out of linear time now as I do. Some of what happened on December 28th I experienced in September 2019. It doesn’t matter to me, I just try to keep up and be aware at higher levels! Welcome to Phase 2 of the AP everyone!

      In the evening hours of December 28, 2019 that etheric nice guy being told me that we now have plenty of NEW help and helpers to assist us with Phase 2 of the AP and its NEW energies, codes and so forth. By January 1, 2020 but not starting on that day, my physical body was feeling those old Ascension Flu symptoms like crazy. I felt sick, feverish, chills, burning, aches and pains — all the old original 20 years ago Ascension Flu side effects, which I hadn’t felt that severely in years and years. Same with the burning hot bottoms of my feet, hair falling out, body swelling (water/fluids in every cell embodying more NEW Light) significantly from having embodied VASTLY higher frequency Light and energies. Many of us have just gone through this mega shift and NEW much higher level, next level Light energies that arrived on or around December 28, 2019. They made many of us “sick” with NEW next level ascension symptoms. But, have you also noticed how long they lasted? They were EXTREME and SEVERE for a few days and then thankfully started to ease up a bit each day. But, we First Everythingers always go first because we’re the only ones that can embody the latest energies, codes, DNA, Light, frequencies etc. etc. etc.

      I do believe that we will ‘get to enjoy life again’ but it will not now or ever be like what life was like before the AP began. That life is permanently gone and everyone needs to accept that fact and move on. Our NEW lives will be so much better believe it or not, and for a while it’s going to seem like everything is falling apart, which it is because it must go now, but under all this chaos and confusion we are Consciously Creating our NEW lives on NEW Earth for ourselves. How exciting and fun is that going to be!?! Seriously, NEW game, NEW town, NEW creative abilities, no more Team Dark, no more Portal People, no more anything from the negative past cycle. Hang in there Linda P. & All because we’ve just begun Phase 2 of the AP and we’ve got NEW help, NEW helpers, NEW tools, NEW abilities and the monsters don’t and won’t ever exist in our NEW Earth and personal worlds and realities. ❤

      • Thank you Denise for answering my question and I am in tears writing this as the thought of a better life cannot come quick enough, shared with all here I suspect. I wish you peace and quiet where you live so that you can write undisturbed! Love to all xxx

      • Hi Denise, love how you keep showing that you have high standards towards yourself and have lots of abilities but get sucked in once in a while as well. Hope you can be mild to yourself for it and see that even with this, you are setting a fine example 😉

        I’m having the worst week sleepwise (3 days of no sleep until 4 am, 3 am, 2 am and lots of peeing breaks and watching the ceiling in between). And my cats are acting strange this morning; almost howling to a part/corner of the room…interesting. I’ll do more energetic housecleaning I guess. Can’t sense this one myself, but then again, my senses kinda are in overload now.

        Had planned a sauna day today after having taken care of others for quite a while, but got my period (unexpected, being in the menopause had not had a period in a long time), so had to let go of that… not amused…
        I am very much looking forward to less negativity and that NEW.

      • NOISE INTERFERENCE can i definitely relate to. Being a hyper-sensitive (……); I have constantly been attacked during the last twenty years (……) by perpetual construction work in my immediate neighbourhood; including a commuter train tunnel directly underneath the building where I live (!!); along with new buildings being constructed closely along the railway. Every morning I awake to the sound of WAR-LIKE NOISE; ongoing all day long. This has to stop; – hopefully on the other side of the epic Full Moon with a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse tomorrow (Friday; January 10); closely followed by the major astro event of Saturn conjuct Pluto on Sunday, January 12. – Crossing fingers here. Much love to everyone.

  • Can’t remember my past anymore. Not able to plan ahead either. I usually don’t have any thoughts anymore, no anger and no fear because I can’t create a scenario in my head. Feels nice and strange.

  • Thank you Denise for following the promptings. I’m not sure that what I share will make
    much sense but I’m going to try.
    It’s been a year…already. So many friends and family have left the planet from last January until now. I literally just took a call about a friends’ passing as my godfather receives last rites. There were 2 calls last week. The ages are staggering and I’m guessing this pattern will grow.
    I became a grandmother in May of 2019. We had a gathering for my moms passing in May, followed by the arrival of my grandson within days. All of this coming and going has left my heart and mind a little banged up ( I keep hearing Madeline Kahn in Blazing Saddles😉 wrong but true) but I’ve known this time was coming. It all, like Sandra said, reminds me of being a new parent. My son said “how am I going to do this? The love gets stronger every day, and I think, don’t change and then the next day comes and I’m sad for the loss of the moment before and even more in love than I thought was possible and I’m scared all the time that I might miss something and grateful every day for this joy in my life… and I’m so tired!!! How can I live like this?” Obviously paraphrasing but it’s pretty dang close.
    I want to laugh and say you should try this and being in the eye of the ascension storm! ( he’s being tagged in but doesn’t realize it any more than I did)
    But oh how I remember those first days.
    I feel the same sense of overwhelm now facing 2020. I’m feeling fear, love and the raw potential I remember feeling long ago when MY son was born and all the possibilities played through my daydreams, nightmares, meditations, out of body experiences and contact with the other side. I could sense life being “orchestrated” but was unaware of my part in it back then. My body was younger but I still got slammed with all of the symptoms and many days attributed what I now understand were ascension related pains to postpartum hormonal stuff long after he was born.
    I feel a sense of cognitive dissonance now, as then, because I know the stair steps have been created with gold but I keep seeing us on our hands and knees as we crawl Life back home in every dimension.
    Young parents have no idea how much stamina they will need, how many times they will be tested, how many losses they will experience, and what they will sacrifice to move the next generation forward. They will be battered and humbled and gratefully love filled all at the same time.
    Like back then, I live in all of those states, choosing carefully each moment, trying to breathe through the constant tension and deep awe I feel. As always, I’m so grateful Denise for you and this gathering of souls. I’m always blown away that you manage to put words to any of this and even more so this past 6 months. Thank you so very much. Your words Are Always the preparation I can’t make and exactly what I need to know. Your words are the world.💖

  • Hi Denise
    Thank you for your article. I have been feeling a bit discouraged since the end of november. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one and that there is a reason for it. I have been having some of the symptoms that you describe. But the weird thing is the codes. All I have been wanting to draw is codes. They are my version, translations I suppose but they mean/represent “life” to me. They are energy strands like dna. And occasionally I see some different ones under my feet. They have really lovely colours like purple and gold. But I only see those ones briefly. I think the codes are “life”, new energy coming in. It seems that they stream out of people and it feels to me that those codes should join up with each other. That all those infinities are somehow to be joined. I apologise if this makes no sense. I think it’s what you mean about trying to write in a non linear way. A new way of seeing/understanding
    Love and light to u. 💗

  • Thanks Denise.
    Many checks here on your list of symptoms! Especially the body temp issues, I feel like a thermostat gone array!

    “Many of these ascension symptoms are ones I had for the first decade or fifteen years or so in Phase 1 of the Ascension Process (1999–2019).” Yep! and I had forgotten at first…Had to remind myself today that I’ve felt this before “Like having a a baby women can forget the labor pains…otherwise none would never ever do it again and we’d all be only children” LOL! [which I am and my daughter too!]

    Anyway, thanks again for confirmation! Sending love and may we all feel better soon, a little break in between before the next round! YIKES!

  • Thanks for this article, Denise! I know I keep posting about birds, but my sightings keep showing me things.

    Almost a month to the day after that bald eagle flew low and directly towards me as I was driving, I saw another one today. I was thinking about how I hadn’t been trusting myself as fully recently because of seeing and acknowledging things in myself that are still of the OLD. And remembering that it is critical to keep trusting myself and letting the rest shed. Up ahead, I could see a bald eagle circling an intersection, like it was waiting for me. As I crossed underneath, it changed course and flew low and directly in front of my windshield for a block or so, like it was leading me forward. The message to KEEP GOING and KEEP TRUSTING could not have been clearer.

    “And be prepared to get serious with your personal abilities and our collective group abilities to Consciously Create in Phase 2.”

    I have really been feeling a strong desire to be responsible in the most High Heart way I can and take seriously everything opening up for us to Consciously Create. It’s sobering and exciting.

    Thank you for publishing so many articles of late, Denise! It really helps.

  • Huh, guess I’m not a first anythinger – not feeling any of these symptoms except hot flashes which I’ve had since menopause. In fact the past few weeks I’ve felt better than I have in years, and cannot get enough of the great deep sleep I’ve been having. I do wonder too if still working a 9-5 job keeps me not noticing any non-linear time because I am forced to keep to a tight schedule like always, have to drive every day and certainly couldn’t function if I wasn’t “here” all the time. The only difference in my life at all is the way my indoor cat and my feral cat colony are all acting lately – VERY affectionate – cats that wouldn’t let me near them a few months ago are now rolling over on their backs in front of me for belly rubs! so maybe they’re feeling something different anyway. Thanks for the info Denise, I do wish to be out of this rat race but not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel yet!

  • Phase 1 for me started decades before ’99… I’m very tired of constantly being afraid of my body. The explanations no longer fascinate. The heart rarely stirs with hope now. The process has to be worth it too.

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