Today is the Last Day of 2019

At the start of December 2018, the heavy rains and snow suddenly started on the west coast areas of the USA. After a very long and very hot period of drought here in southern California, it was magnificent having it suddenly raining, and heavily here and for the whole winter season. For the past twenty years we’ve not really had winter in SoCal. We were lucky if the temperature dropped below 100 degrees, that’s how harsh it’s been and for so long. But December 2018 brought in a lot of NEW energies and codes that were inserted into the water, the rain and snow on Earth which is why it rained so heavily here until the season ended, leaving SoCal with almost twenty inches of rain in one short three month long “winter” season. I’ve always loved the rain so this was heaven-sent for me, and of course the California mountain ranges were packed with above average snow amounts. NEW codes embedding into the waters of Earth, us and everything.

The moment the heavy rains started here in the west in December 2018, I began clairvoyantly Seeing some NEW Light energies, plasma energies, some NEW codes and other beautiful Light waves, undulations and different triangular, trinity, integrated NEW unified patterns in iridescent pastel plasma fields and on white and also black background fields with vibrant gemstone colored triangular and other patters too. It was like a NEW light-show had arrived and I’ve been Seeing this since December 2018 when my eyes are open and closed. Reality has been energetically imprinted with NEW much higher frequency energies and codes since last December.

What I didn’t expect, silly me!, was that with the start of December 2019, these same NEW Light energies, plasma energies, NEW codes and other triangular patterns and such would all be turned up a few more notches energetically. In a nearly identical pattern to what happened with the start of December 2018, the same thing started again in early December 2019. This time I’ve been Seeing these same Light energies and plasma, NEW codes and triangular and other complex shaped 6D energy patterns be greatly amplified causing them to change colors somewhat. Plus there’s been a few new ones added as well in December 2019.

This is what the plasma energy has looked like to me since December 2018.

This is what the plasma energy has been looking like to me since December 2019. By the colors alone it’s easy to physically see and clairvoyantly See that the energies have been increased, elevated and intensified since the start of December 2019. Why? Because we’re about to enter 2020 and Phase 2 of the Ascension Process and we continue to evolve and embody and Embody higher frequencies, Light, DNA etc. each year. More about that in a moment.

Sometimes the plasma energies look—to me—like soft, fluid and gentle massive undulating sheets of rolling fields of energy.

And sometimes the plasma energies look like the Northern Lights. Massive undulating sheets of slowly rolling fields of higher frequency iridescent energies. A few years ago I Saw one of these from far out in space and it looked to me, from that perspective, like a massive gently rippling curtain hung in space.

This image is of actual physical cellophane, iridescent cellophane. I’m using it because it’s very similar to the beautiful iridescent plasma energies and other NEW patterns and codes that typically look like different triangular shapes pointing in different directions. If you want to get a better look at what many of these latest NEW December 2019 into 2020 plasma and energy codes look like, do an online search of iridescent cellophane and look at all the images of it. These latest NEW energies look very much like it.

In December 2018 most, but not all of the NEW Trinity or Triality codes (not the old Duality codes, they’re now completely gone) were in pale pastel colors much like this image.

Others looked much like this image starting December 2018.

This is what many look like at the start of December 2019. You can see how the color saturation has intensified since December 2018 up to and beyond December 2019. Stair-steps with all aspects of the Ascension Process. Many of the NEW codes are here and have been since December 2018, but they’ve been increasing in intensity ever since. This is one big reason why all of 2019 was so severe, intense and difficult.

In the late evening of Saturday, December 28, 2019, a nice male higher dimensional being suddenly was present in my Higher Awareness with an important message. Many of the Volunteers—Starseeds, Forerunners, First Everythingers, Pathpavers etc.—have recently been receiving this same message in slightly different ways, tailored specifically for each of us. They know how each of us here will best receive and retain all higher dimensional messages and vision information so they’re given to us in exactly those unique individual ways.

I had just gotten into bed this night and was still awake when he arrived in this Higher Awareness way with this message. You’ve most likely received the same message(s) but it probably sounded, looked or felt slightly different. Feel into all this. ❤

He communicated that these NEW currently arriving energies are pure, meaning they are naturally Neutral. They just ARE — they are not coded, and have not as yet been imprinted or molded or emotionally or energetically intentionally charged by any of we incarnate ascension Volunteers and Embodiers. That was the whole of that part of his message — these current NEW energies are naturally pure and therefore Neutral. Very blank slate in other words. Very we Volunteers now have brand NEW tools that we’re supposed to use to Consciously Create what we want the, our, NEW Earth and NEW lives and reality etc. to be. I specifically mean the Volunteers as this male being and other Others have and continue sending this message and others to all Volunteers now. It is intended for us and not for mass humanity at this point.

So, message is that there’s tons of NEW pure energies here now at the end of December 2019, and the end of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process. These particular NEW energies are not pre-coded like so many of the others I was talking about above and attempting to show what they look like at this point in those images. This is about pure NEW UN-charged Neutral energies that are our NEW Embodied Phase 2 of the Ascension Process energies and tools we are going to be individually—and occasionally in Groups of two or more—intentionally embedding, charging, molding and Consciously Creating to Work with in this NEW way and even higher level of our ongoing development.

Other parts of his message were about how there are all sorts of NEW higher dimensional participants—different Starbeings and different groups of Angelic beings—who’ve gotten involved with the Ascension Process right now because we’ve reached the end of Phase 1 of it and will tomorrow enter Phase 2 of it, even more so on January 12, 2020. These additional higher dimensional participants are now and probably will be more involved with we incarnate Volunteers as well. In other words, NEW Phase means some more NEW ascension assistants that are now helping the Volunteers with all these NEW changes in the Ascension Process and Separation. Everything is currently in a very big Shift phase out of how it’s been, how we Volunteers have been, and how it’s going to be as we all enter Phase 2 of the Ascension Process on NEW Year’s Day tomorrow.

Very early this morning California time, I received an email from an Ascension co-Worker and dear friend who lives in Australia. After reading it I asked for her permission to quote it in my article I was going to publish today or tomorrow about the above message I was given on December 28, 2019. Thank you Meadow for letting me share your important and beautiful message you received today, December 31, 2019, here with everyone.  ❤

“It’s 11:15 pm  31.12.19.
I needed to let you know of an activation that has started in the last 25 minutes of crystal diamond energy over New Zealand (ruby colour) Australia (blue diamond) and South Africa (emerald). I have been called to ground this energy and am holding energetic hands with lightworkers across our 3 countries to make sure the new energies roll in right. I saw a portal open and around 1000 beings from across the galaxy have come to help hold and witness this event. A legion of Angels also arrived and sent a clarion call across the ages and dimensions claiming earth for the light. Source energy just came thru and touched it with their finger to seal the deal. My energy feels soothed, uplifted and light. Happy 2020 dear friend. We are doing this! — Meadow”

I want to include here for any who’ve forgotten, Celia Fenn channeled a great AA Michael message in October 2019 about this. She lives in South Africa. I’ll add a link to her October 2019 channeling below my copyright. It’s very much worth a re-read right now.

And All The Star Wars Movie Connections To Our Now

In Comments under my previous article I’d mentioned how I watched the December 2017 released, Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie on TV two days ago. That was the first time I’d seen it, and I haven’t as yet seen the latest one released December 2019, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Notice the dates and timing of all this because it’s all connected and reflecting the Volunteers, Starseeds, now the Indigos, and the end of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process. In The Last Jedi movie this was so wonderfully symbolized by Luke Skywalker and Master Yoda burning down the ancient Jedi Library. Why? Because Phase 2 of the Ascension Process is starting tomorrow, NEW Year’s Day January 1, 2020. We Volunteers have completed and evolved beyond all of Phase 1’s Ascension Process trials and tribulations so burn it down because we’re shifting into Phase 2 now.

There’s been many movies made over these ascension years that, mostly unknowingly, parallel and reflect the Ascension Process, the Volunteers, Starseeds, the Indigos, the Embodiment Process, the Separation of Worlds & Timelines, and the lengthy dimensional Shift we’ve gone through, difficult and dangerous as it was. All of the Lord of the Rings and Matrix movies showed aspects of the Ascension Process and evolution to a higher dimension altogether. What’s important to remember however is that you and I are the current living participants of all this. We are the NEW “myths”, living the NEW mythic adventures, battles, transformations and compressed evolution right here, right now in our very own personal lives, bodies, hearts and HighHearts. Happy NEW New Year and very well done All.


December 31, 2019

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61 thoughts on “Today is the Last Day of 2019

  • Denise and Everyone,

    I’ve been trying for so long to really understand triality. Becaue of the latest conversations, I get it. I not only get it, I feel it – I know it. Wow! It changes everything. I am so excited. Thank you Denise and thank you all. This site is so amazingly necessary.

    • Gerry,

      HighHeart ❤ hugs and congrats. These higher things can be thought about, pondered over and so on but in the end each person HAS to embody the energies that "ascend" them to a higher frequency where these NEW and different things, ways and realities exist. When that happens you know from somewhere NOT in your head but in you, in Source, in higher levels of being and reality.

      Very well done you! ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hi all.So consoling to read what you all write.Totally floored since last sunday, no energy no motivation and feels like a MAJOR clearing of the last of the old everything but no focus to create new as that is not the new way to create and I still have not figured out the neutral blank way that just IS rather than a plan..lets see what unfolds..Thank you Denise

  • This is how I can explain neutrality from my experience, because the last 8 months has been about that for me. I feel TV is the best way to explain it because it started with that I just couldn’t watch violence anymore. And I just LOVE lord of the rings, but now it was to painful. As the months went by this happened with everything I tried to watch, even the most innocent, I mean like Donald Duck was to painful because of his anger. Even what we see as love isn’t love at all. Then I was forced to be much more neutral and even my thoughts are usually to painful. I just want silence in my head and that is so nice and peaceful to just be without thoughts. It’s like being in meditasion all day, but still do stuff. But of course the prosess isn’t over. I feel neutral and sometimes thankful for the physical pain because then I know there are work being done and it will pass. Neutral for me is to not feel any pleasure or pain over anything. Its like emtyness without depression.

  • Very interesting comments from all concerning creating. I have come to realize that what we thought of as creating inthe 3d sense is nothing like creating in 5d. 3d creating is really not creating at all but fighting and struggling to ovetcome the many obstacles just to hope for a decent life. In 5d creating is more like accepting the creation. I have been extremely Iill his weekend with fever and chills body aches and head issues. Much like the flu but not really any congestion sore throat etc that usually indicates flu Maybe its ascension flu maybe its just the flu maybe its both What is the difference anyway it’s the body reaction and attempt to clear.

    • Richard & All,

      It is not physical flu, it’s a MEGA energy shift that just happened. I’m hustling today (I did all through December 2019 with 5 articles to try and help prepare and explain what’s happened) to get something else written about this quickly because it’s MAJOR. I’ve had it too Richard which I’ll go into more in the article.

      • Thank you for addressing this. I’ve been completely laid out since Dec 31 with extremely painful and debilitating head/sinus/cold/flu ?? symptoms. And this comes at the tail end of 2 months worth of other excruciating physical symptoms that were finally starting to lessen. Just when I thought I was going to get a reprieve, I was slammed again. It has been relentless. Love and healing to all…xoxo

        • francesca & All,

          I had to get myself to the grocery store this morning and doing so just about did me in. Oh I so know these feelings and AP side effects from having lived and embodied them from 1999-2019! I’d planned on working on that promised article to go further into this, and I’ll do my best and hurry.

          Everyone remember how I experienced some new to me higher dimensional nice guy as I called him because he was, who came through December 28, 2019 with a message? If you’ve forgotten please re-read my previous article. All 5 of my December 2019 articles might be good to re-read about now, certainly after January 12, 2020.

          Anyway, I’m signed up to receive email notifications from Aluna Joy and her latest article is about what many of us have been sharing here in Comments since December 2019. Barbara wrote specifically about what she felt and when, and some others have too. I haven’t gone into much detail about what I and my body have been going through in super amplified ways since mid-November 2019, more so in December, and VERY amplified in late December 2019. I will as soon as I feel a bit better. Until then I wanted to make sure that those of you who’ve already been feeling these big and extremely potent Phase 2 energy changes well before January 12, 2020, knew about what Aluna Joy said about this. ❤

          Aluna Joy January 2020 article

        • Thank you so much Kate. – I was actually going to report to Denise that “The other night I experienced some kind of weird electricity crawling randomly across my body; giving me a formidable “jolt” every 15 minutes or so. It lasted for two and a half hours … – What might that be all about?! – And then came the answer through : (by the way I live in Norway) : “Electricity surges through the soil of Norway”. – Apparently; “the Earth may have crossed through a fold in the heliospheric current sheet – a giant, wavy membrane of electrical current rippling through the solar system. Such crossings can cause these kind of effects”. — Well, at least that’s the official story. – Thanks again.

  • omgoodness, Denise, I had an A-HA moment just a few minutes ago that truly feels like a “DUH!” moment. And truthfully, I’ve KNOWN this (as we all have) but just felt it so clearly and much deeper. I’d been asking the question recently, “Well, what am I supposed to do NOW? Surrender and allow OR create? How do we do both?” I’ve had a bitch creating my whole life ~ things I’ve KNOWN should be possible but could never fully or properly make happen according to my vision. Now that we’re entering Phase 2 I’m not ashamed to say I’ve been gunshy with my creator abilities since they’ve so miserably failed in the past. (I can also now take into account that my perceived “failures” were also just protection as it just wasn’t TIME to create in this period of purging, cleansing, and releasing.) In any case, my a-ha moment: In order to CREATE in these NEUTRAL energies we must be in a state of NEUTRALITY ourselves. And since OUR energy is EVERYTHING, the very fact that the NEW ENERGIES are neutral is because WE are. The energies are a REFLECTION of our OWN Divine Neutrality. The neutrality we’ve been working so god damn hard at attaining is now HERE because we DID it. A small example: Yesterday my internet was acting sketchy making me unable to continue watching “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” (which as an aside is my favorite of all the LOTR series, and as another aside, I first started the series because of YOU and am on my third watching of all six movies because I just love them so effin’ much, so THANK YOU). This made me grumpy because I wanted to watch my movie, dammit! And I asked the question to myself “What do I do? Force my will and demand the internet work or surrender to the fact it won’t?” After having an internal tantrum for a good 30 minutes I decided to just enjoy reading my book instead. Only a few minutes later my littlest son told me the internet was working again. It was only when I became neutral about the internet working or not that it came back on. I KNOW this. But now I know it deeper.

    I’ve told clients in the past, “You can’t access limitless from a place of fear or resistance,” in other words you can’t create what you want because you’re afraid of what will happen when/if you don’t have it. You can’t create prosperity out of a fear of lack. You can’t create beauty out of a fear of ugliness. I’ve been TRYING to create from lack and fear aka duality this whole time. Ugh, these seem like such OLD words, but in this NEW SPACE of NEW ENERGIES (that WE created) it just makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE! At least to me!

    To create with the neutral energies, we access that neutral place in us FIRST. Where we KNOW we’re okay NO MATTER WHAT. Now I’m just blathering. Even though this seems sooooooo “Spirituality 101” I do believe we’re in a place of Divine Wisdom AND Neutrality that we can FINALLY make things happen….FOR REAL. AMEN!

    ETA: of course….I could just be talkin’ outta my bum too….

    • “I’ve been TRYING to create from lack and fear aka duality this whole time. Ugh, these seem like such OLD words, but in this NEW SPACE of NEW ENERGIES (that WE created) it just makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE!”

      Kate Street & All,

      We all have been because we were still within that old lower frequency range of Duality and all that went with it, while Working like crazy internally to “ascend” to a higher frequency range commonly called the fifth dimension. THIS is very much a part of Phase 2 of the AP for we Volunteers/Forerunners/First Everythingers. Phase 2, for us, is going to be very much about us Consciously Creating from Triality frequency, which means it’s going to freakin’ work and very quickly!!!

      And does everyone get what’s meant by the term Neutral, Neutrality? It’s not wanting this or that, not pulling or pushing between old lower Duality frequency range but being integrated energetically — Heart and head, male and female, Light and Dark, lower self and Higher Self and on and on within ourselves individually. When one reaches that energetic frequency range themselves, they’ve “ascended” out of old lower 3D Duality frequency and consciousness etc. and are within frequency range of 5D (and higher) which means “reality” has changed because you have. Welcome to Phase 2 my much loved co-Workers! ❤ ❤ ❤

      Very well done you. ❤

      • P.S. Forgot to mention everyone, how intense the energies have felt to and within my body since NEW Year’s Day. They feel slightly NEW and different too in some ways so I’ve been slowing down a bit and resting while they flash freeze and burn me simultaneously and make my body swell up and more. Just sharing the latest fun.

        • Thank you for adding this….bloating, swollen, achy, sore and the “flash freeze and burn simultaneously “ is the perfect wording for what I’ve been going through….I know it’s the process and worth it…but..fuck I’m getting over all of this!

      • So, I have a question about the new neutrality if I may. Emotionally and mentally and psychologically I feel very neutral; however, I don’t seem to be able to get neutral about my physical pain. The truth is I hurt and I don’t like it and I want it to go away! Trying to be neutral about that would feel like lying to myself.
        Does neutral mean I don’t “want” anything?
        How do I consciously create my heart’s desires if I don’t want anything?
        I’ve always been conflicted/confused about that whole dichotomy (sounds like more duality huh?!)
        How do I tri-ality my issue of not being able to manifest something unless I don’t really want it?

        • “Does neutral mean I don’t “want” anything? How do I consciously create my heart’s desires if I don’t want anything?”

          Diana & All,

          I’ve known that there’s been some confusion over what exactly is meant when the term Neutral is used. I’ve tried, repeatedly, to convey what I mean when I use that word. It’s another difficult concept to express. It has everything to do with one ascending out of Duality frequency and consciousness up higher to Triality frequency and consciousness.

          Old Duality level, frequency and consciousness meant we all were constantly in a state of fighting to create, battling conditions in different ways to get what we wanted, needed, desired etc. which also meant there was constant ego-based, highly charged emotions woven in with what we did. It’s just the way it was at that old lower frequency level of density and Duality.

          However, as each of us continued/continues to ascend/evolve out of that and up into a fifth dimensional level of frequency and consciousness, we HAD to integrate what’s been separated and dualized within ourselves. Living that re-integrates what was separated in each of us which causes us to ascend into Triality frequency, reality and consciousness etc. Because we’ve integrated Duality in us that automatically produces this third higher state of integration, unity and Triality and, Triality is NOT emotionally charged or ego-based or invested emotionally in survival or fighting for anything because it’s a much higher frequency. Triality is emotionally and energetically Neutral because it is integrated and unified.

          I can, you can, we each can desire something and work to create it but now from a 5D and higher level of integrated, unified Triality we’re not fighting for anything, battling over anything, struggling to get anything because we now exist within both internally and externally a level and frequency of Triality unity. Another way of saying this is that old Duality frequency meant humanity existed mainly in their bottom three energy centers/chakras, meaning life and reality was based on survival and ego which meant it all was a struggle, a battle, a highly charged constant emotional situation based on our egoic consciousness only.

          Triality means we now exist within our HighHeart centers so Neutrality is normal. We’re not fighting just to survive in our bottom three chakras of the past lower cycle etc. We’re now Creating from our HighHearts center in an entirely different higher dimension, energies, system and cycle. Once things are re-integrated, re-unified within us, we become emotionally and energetically Neutral and exist at that higher level and frequency. I fear I’m still not expressing this well enough.

          You will KNOW when you are functioning in Neutrality because the severe push/pull, have/don’t have struggles of Duality don’t exit for you. You want or need something but that want and need is NOT based on “survival” of any kind but on HighHeart and creativity and sharing with everyone so everyone benefits etc.

        • Oh wow, the clarification on neutrality is SO HELPFUL to me right now in this moment as I’m experiencing things this week as we lead into this new time. Thank you so much. I’m going to print it up and keep reading it as I negotiate the astrological weather of this week, month, and beyond. 🙏🏼

        • Diana, I love you for asking these questions ~ questions I’ve had myself and still go in and out of fully understanding.
          Denise, I love you for your answer and expanding on the topic of Divine Neutrality. You REALLY nailed the old creation story here in your words;

          “Old Duality level, frequency and consciousness meant we all were constantly in a state of fighting to create, battling conditions in different ways to get what we wanted, needed, desired etc. which also meant there was constant ego-based, highly charged emotions woven in with what we did. It’s just the way it was at that old lower frequency level of density and Duality.” PERFECTLY articulated ~ I know it ALL too well. And ICK!

          To add to the discussion, I’ve also come to understand that trying to create in duality is like chasing false gods. (Money was our false god for security, relationships the false god of LOVE, work/success the false god or purpose, etc.) In duality we chase these things in that egoic, emotional state thinking these things OUTSIDE ourselves will give us the security, love, purpose, etc. And now, of course, we all know (as we’ve been fully stripped of these false gods during AP Part 1!) that ONLY the Divinity that we are (and always have been) is the TRUE SOURCE of LOVE, SECURITY, PURPOSE, etc we’ve all been seeking this whole time. We can’t chase what we already are! No more false gods, no more chasing things outside ourselves. And with this, comes the cessation for NEEDING anything else other than the Divinity we ALWAYS HAVE BEEN. And NOW since we don’t NEED anything (in triality) we can have EVERYTHING…because there are no false attachments.

          I can absolutely tell when I’m still trying to create from ego and emotion ~ the ICK factor is off the charts. Mastering NEUTRAL co-creation seems to be the name of the game for 2020, as you said. Thank you for this discussion ~ it helps my own understanding too!! LOVE you all.

  • Dear Denise,

    What is different now in Phase 2?

    With three days into the new year and second phase, which feels like much more that seventy two hours, at the beginning of each day I am proclaiming how I want cooperation, and I am effortlessly receiving it.

    For example, per your advice, I will not enter into anything difficult for nine more days, such as going after a long list of horrific individuals who hurt me, but today I discovered an organization that will go after them on my behalf, for me. I do not have to hire attorneys, go to court, or talk to the people who keep phoning and emailing me. Up until today I never had heard of the group. For me this is like a miracle doing cartwheels!

    Furthermore, a woman who recklessly used me two years ago in a ruthlessly vile illegal transaction (that I did not and have not gone after in any way) contacted me by accident, which gave me an opportunity to review if I was neutral, hostile, forgiving, ready to now unleash my old anger on her, and all the various responses available to me to choose from. I decided it was not a coincidence to receive a message from her, and when I responded she had no idea who I was or what she’d done! She was in a completely different reality, exactly as you have described! I realized that her unconscious contact was a method to be forgiven, so I did that to myself, thinking I went up a step instead of falling down several.

    Last night I was shown a pattern similar to what you posted here, the seventh down from the top, triangles and diamond shapes in rich colors of burgundy, emerald, and lapis lazuli. This was the first time I have seen anything like this in my entire life, and it was completely natural. It came across my mind plus I could see it with my eyes. It did not last long. It was the middle of the night when I am often awake anyway, I didn’t ask to see anything, but I do study what you teach us, pour over the comments, and accept that my experiences are not the same as those of other individuals. However, last night, I quite naturally saw on my own what you describe constantly, and for me, it was a breakthrough, into phase two!

    Love, as always, Cali

    • “What is different now in Phase 2?”

      Cali & All,

      I’m working on an article about this because this changeover, this transition, this shift out of Phase 1 of the AP into Phase 2 happened as quickly as going from December 31, 2019 to January 1, 2020! (I just love typing 2020, it FEELS so good and different.)

      What I’ll share right now about it is that you’ve already started it Cali. 🙂 Your comment reflects it.

      You have made the powerful and important decision to take more conscious responsibility for YOUR physical reality and made a proclamation. Because of that, the pure NEW but energetically neutral or not yet imprinted energies immediately clustered together to create that reality you intended. Why? Because you gave them your intention, you imprinted them with your intent, you intentionally, consciously charged these NEW higher neutral energies to do specific things you wanted. This is a huge part of Phase 2 of the AP for Volunteers/First Everythinger/Starseeds/Pathpavers/Embodiers.

      Ascension co-Workers, as the old world and matching reality, systems, consciousness, structures etc. all burn down, fall apart, collapse and disappear now, there needs to be those of us who know about Consciously Creating doing exactly that in Phase 2. Divine Father Masculine will do the “heavy lifting” with this globally, plus we’ve got tremendous NEW Phase 2 higher dimensional helpers such as Angelics and certain very advanced ET groups etc., but we too are part of this and each of us will be quickly learning about our ability to Consciously Create for the highest good for ourselves, plus the highest good for all else in our world at this time.

  • Denise. My daughter has startet hearing and seeing a lot in her room at night and it is scaring her, this is completely new to her. I am so tired of being scared and now she has to be dealing with the same fear I have been dealing with for years. This just feels like another TD attack to me because I was thinking the other thay that it would hurt me if anybody else is feeling fear, and then suddenly that’s exactly what is happening. I want to tell my daughter that she dosen’t need to be afraid because all of these beeings are good. Are they?

    • “I want to tell my daughter that she doesn’t need to be afraid because all of these beings are good. Are they?”


      They absolutely are NOT all good. Please do not tell her that.

      This isn’t about scaring her but letting her know (how old is your daughter?) that she needs to learn to pay attention to the feelings and sensations she gets because that helps her Learn to Discern energies which helps her better recognize different beings, aliens, entities and humans living and dead — aka be able to instantly read different energy signatures via FEELING, not thinking. We all feel when something and/or someone doesn’t feel right. We may not consciously know what or why but we all FEEL those energies. Everyone needs to expand this natural tool of awareness into instantaneous knowing about energies in people, things, beings, locations, objects etc.

      One of the things you’re learning in this is that if you drop frequency down where fear (and all the rest of the lower stuff exists), then not only are you back within frequency range with Team Dark (the negatives) but your daughter will feel your energy change which may trigger her to go into fear too. This is some of that higher responsibility I’ve talked about over the years. 2020 and beyond is all about this for many Forerunners where they have to master being able to hold higher frequencies/Light etc. in themselves no matter what’s going on all around them. And much more of course.

      Help teach your daughter to be more and more empowered herself with these things. Don’t lie, don’t sprinkle faux glitter on it, be honest and teach her how to discern energies and energies in beings and people etc. and how to energetically protect herself in many different ways. ❤

      • Thank you so much. I was freaking out a little but I trust that she can do this and I will be honest. She is thirteen.

  • Dear Denise and everyone,
    We are officially in the new phase! ❤ Thank you for sharing about the new energies arriving not being coded or "not as yet been imprinted or molded or emotionally or energetically intentionally charged by any of we incarnate ascension Volunteers and Embodiers". I too had strongly been feeling that energy wise 2020 and beyond feels completely like a "blank slate". Exact words I had been using to describe them! Also thank you for sharing that link Barbara sent you, those pictures look absolutely beautiful. 😍

  • I felt the energies all night, didn’t sleep much because my head was shaking violently from side to side. My jaw, nose and mouth was having some sort of seizure, twitching in an extreme way. I slept a little and woke very confused in a pond of sweat. I heard a voice that sounded like my own, but only for a second so I didn’t catch any of it but it seemed to me that the other me talking, understood everything perfectly and that the job was done or something like that, I am not sure. My daughter dreamt that she picked up a stone in a store, it had marks on it: to dots, and a half moon beetween the dots. There were some signs on the sides of the stone that she didn’t understand. She dropped the stone because it was burning her hand, then it floated up in the air with the signs around in a sircle. Then all of theese signs went flying in to her forehead, and the moon turned to a full moon and she could understand the strange language the people around her were speaking. They said that the portal to other dimensions were open.

  • I don’t see any of these beautiful patterns, but looking at the things that you are showing, it might be interesting to note the following which would be considered ‘facts of science’.

    Higher frequencies make higher resolution possible. Higher resolution is more information density and frequency is a ratio of information to time. If you want more information inside the same space, you have to raise to frequency to do/have/express it.

    Each of the pairs of now/then pics that you chose show clear signs of this phenom. The faint become more distinct w/ more contrast. The colors which were weak are now stronger. All of this corresponds to more information in the same space.

    I suspect this is not common knowledge and hope that it may serve as confirmation.

    And, by the way, today is Red Self Existing Skywalker by the mayan tzolkin (and it is also 6/20 or Rhythmic 20).

    • Exactly Mark, I just call everything you said from your male left-brain knowledge and familiarity (I’m not kicking you in the balls even though it may sound like it), evolving up a few more energy Stair-steps.

      To survive all that’s been happening like this, we and our bodies, consciousness, CNS and all else have to live it incrementally in these Stair-steps — incremental higher frequencies — sort of way otherwise it would instantly destroy our bodies, minds and psyches.

      Interestingly, today’s two photos in the link below show the exact same colors and undulating ripple energies manifest physically in the physical sky. I’ve never before seen or heard about Northern Lights that are the same pale iridescent pastel colors that I pictured in my article. I’m going to start calling them iridescent sky curtains, just because. 😉

  • Wonderful, beautiful message! I was able to stay in neutral with an old friend who is in a totally different vibration. I was so happy how I handled being with her! My vibration bounced even higher and is staying there! I think this is going to be a huge factor in “phase 2”. Once we anchor the energies we can move up swiftly and stay there! Much love & joy to you, Denise, and to everyone posting.

  • Miracle-report! My dearest mother at the age of 93 was so weak during Christmas; that she might not live to see the new year. However, yesterday (New Year’s Eve) when I visited her; she was out of bed and back in shape again; crystal clear! – We went outside and fed the birds like we always do; as if nothing had happened… – Something strange is indeed afoot, and I cannot begin to describe the relief of now having crossed the threshold to this New Decade. May we all live in Joy forever and ever.

    • Dear Finn. Believe that feeding the birds matters. My dear 93 year old mother and I would feed the birds and anyone else that needed feeding and that act made all the difference. She lived happily and healthy to 97 and passed over just a couple months ago. I miss her completely but only because she was such a dear soul. Stay the course. Love!

  • Thank you as always for your perfectly timed posts Denise 🙏🏽💗 I was just the other day asking myself what are all these colors I’m suddenly seeing so much off (open and closed eyes)! The light shows have made a spectacular appearance ✨and my imagination and ability to visualize is completely different right now, a super lucid imagination ✨🙏🏽 Last night was very intense I had inner body rumbling, temperate and sensitive stomach from 1am – 3am! Welcome and happy new everything to us all 🤗🙏🏽✨❤️🌈

    • “…and my imagination and ability to visualize is completely different right now, a super lucid imagination.”


      I’ve been experiencing this too throughout 2019. It’s obviously beautiful but it’s also very clear that our ability to visualize in our mind’s eye has changed greatly. Throughout 2019 my seeing and Seeing these NEW codes and energies etc. have naturally changed, evolved my and all of our inner and external vision and much more. I don’t know right at this moment how to accurately describe this NEW ability we’re all getting to both physically see and clairvoyantly See these NEW codes and energies etc. but also how that has and is continuing to evolve us, our Higher Awareness, our ability to see/See multidimensional energies and so on. This is all NEW and part of our entrance into Phase 2 of the AP and more. I am very much aware that this is directly connected to Phase 2 and some of our NEW abilities and how we’re now going to be doing far, far more Consciously Creating and being surprised at how this all works in this NEW level, phase, energies and abilities. ❤

      • Everyone,

        Barbara just emailed me this link to because, well, you’ll see. Thanks Barbara because I won’t have checked there today. ❤ Here's the link in case the photos aren't included in my copy/paste attempt here. Damn, they didn’t, so try the link to see the two amazing photos.

        “NEW YEAR, NEW SOLAR CYCLE? A new sunspot is emerging in the sun’s southern hemisphere, kicking off the New Year with a rare bit of solar activity. The sunspot’s high latitude and apparently reversed magnetic polarity identify it as a member of new Solar Cycle 25. Maybe 2020 won’t be as quiet as 2019. Happy New Year! Aurora alerts: SMS Text.

        POLAR STRATOSPHERIC CLOUDS, CONTINUED: A spectacular display of polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs) that began two days ago is still going strong around the Arctic Circle. This picture, taken on Dec. 31st by Per-Anders Gustavsson in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, shows why some onlookers mistake them for daytime auroras:

        “The colors were amazing,” says Gustavsson, who drives a tour bus for Visit Abisko. “I was driving by the world-famous Ice Hotel when we saw the clouds. We just had to stop for pictures.”

        “I’ve seen a lot of beautiful things during my years in the Arctic,” he adds. “This was easily one of the greatest displays I have ever seen.”

        Polar stratospheric clouds are newsworthy because normally the stratosphere has no clouds at all. The stratosphere is arid and almost always transparent. Only when the temperature drops to a staggeringly cold -85C can sparse water molecules assemble themselves into icy stratospheric clouds. PSCs are far more rare than auroras.

        The clouds are even visible at night, as shown in this Dec. 31st photo taken by Fredrik Broms in Kvaløya, Norway:

        “Better than New Year fireworks – by far!” says Broms. “What an amazing way to end 2019.”

        “This really is a rare event,” says Chad Blakley, who runs the Lights over Lapland aurora tour service in Abisko, Sweden. “Local villagers in both Abisko and Kiruna who are more than 70 years old confirmed they have never seen anything of the size, scale, or intensity. At one point I would say that close to 25% of the sky was filled with the clouds. PSCs we have seen in previous winters have been closer to 1% or 2%.”

        Polar stratospheric clouds are intensely colorful because they are made of a special type of ice. High-altitude sunlight shining through microscopic crystals only ~10µm across produce a bright iridescent glow unlike the lesser iridescence of ordinary tropospheric clouds.

        Stay tuned for updates as the outbreak continues.”

      • Thanks Denise 🙏🏽 yes it all feels very NEW and different! ✨Another thing to add to the new seeing – is that I’m mostly seeing everything moving and vibrating, or maybe better described as particles moving, this is something that is also new, I’ve seen this before but just occasionally or when looking at one certain object, but now it’s all around 80% of the time! Physical reality no longer looks so physical or fixed ✨

  • Best post ever!!!! For ALL reasons above!!! When I read what you generously shared from Meadow, about the Clarion call and the reclaiming of earth, I screamed out loud! I cried and howled, like there isn’t anything that could’ve been better news!!! many lives, in all lives put together, than that! I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I know!!!! There’s been so much activity in my space, newness of beings around me, one even knocked me twice yesterday for thinking negatively. Twice!! Another one, and I was sure I imagined him because he was so vivid, just leaned over the couch to look at what I was looking at in my phone. It was funny and then he just walked through couch and room and light shot out and then I realized, oh my goodness, he’s real!!! But to hear THIS news, this great, great God aMAZing Love filled news! Ahh!!! The day is so changed!! Yet AGAIN! And I can’t believe how different it is today!!! I opened my phone tonight, I wanted to share how great the day was here and then I saw your post!! And I knew that TODAY is big because I’m actually afraid to go out and celebrate tonight, I’m full of jitters!!! I will go I know it’s huge huge huge huuuge!!!!! In fact, can’t even call it a size or anything, any words, none are big enough. All bells from all temples all over the world should be RINGING!!!!!! Everyone SINGING! I went ice-skating today. I stepped out of my place after three days inside and looked at the sky. I couldn’t believe it…yet again, all new and different. I could actually see giant other dimensional pinks wafting through the space. The sun is bright today super vivid turquoise, pink and blue iridescence rim the clouds, but it was the things I couldn’t see that I was most mesmerized by!!! It’s like the entire layer of the sky has changed. Everything is incredibly bright. You’re right, many things have reflected our process back to us over the years. I kept all those reflections to myself. I didn’t share them, no one around me knew, was my excuse. They aided me and soothed me. One of them was the motto at Disney World, “All is Bright.” In my heart, I knew that’s where we were going. It was going to happen, become ALL BRIGHT. And now, that’s what’s happening, is happening. Thank you for taking the time to say tall you said above and the images and her news, her great, great, greater than great, news. ❤️❤️🎈❤️❤️Love you Denise

  • Hi Denise,
    Those water energies never made it to Australia, or in the water form anyway. Our country is dry as a crisp with a continent wide extreme drought since about May 2018 and unprecedented fires have been raging since September 2019. Rain forests have burned where they have previously been too wet to burn, fire destroys those ecosystems. The Amazon fires are dwarfed by fivefold at least by the Australian fires this season. 500,000Ha has burned in one state, Victoria, since Christmas. I haven’t seen any references in spiritual blogs or sites on this major ecological and community tragedy. I saw your reference to Australia and thought at last someone will mention it, but no it was about the energies which is important but I would like to know your thoughts on where this drought and fire is going.

    Thankyou for your fortitude across your own very difficult year of 2019.

    • Me too Kate. My country and my body are both dried out, withered and beyond sad. It feels like our beautiful, gutsy Australia has been sacrificed on the altar of greed and corruption. So many lives lost, both human and animal, so many wonderful forests and old growth, so many souls gutted by huge losses. I feel nothing but despair and weariness right to my core. Day after day, it just feels surreal.

      I wish I had words of comfort for you Kate, and for all of us affected. Sorry to be a downer Denise, but our reality here is still terror and destruction of beauty.

    • “Me too Kate. My country and my body are both dried out, withered and beyond sad. It feels like our beautiful, gutsy Australia has been sacrificed on the altar of greed and corruption. So many lives lost, both human and animal, so many wonderful forests and old growth, so many souls gutted by huge losses. I feel nothing but despair and weariness right to my core. Day after day, it just feels surreal.

      I wish I had words of comfort for you Kate, and for all of us affected. Sorry to be a downer Denise, but our reality here is still terror and destruction of beauty. Elle”

      Kate & Elle,

      I’ve been aware of the severity of destruction, death, loss of property, loss of animal life, plant and tree life and human life that’s been happening in Australia. The same sort of thing has been happening here in the entire state of California plus numerous other western states in the US. California burns every year now and it never used to be like this. It doesn’t matter how much rain we get now because the winds and firestorms come every year anyway, and they’ve been coming at any time of the year which is also new. I know how severe this is and how it breaks one’s heart having to feel all that animal, plant and human life lost over and over and over. It is hard having to feel “reality” decimated and burned to the ground, or blow away, or flooded, or stolen, or whatever form intense change takes. I also know that you both know why this is happening and that it’s part of the AP.

      In this article I intentionally mentioned that Celia Fenn lives in South Africa to point out that fact with what information Meadow got about those three areas — New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

      Kate, when these NEW energies and codes first arrived in December 2018, the water was what has held them, contained them and inserted them into Earth. It’s not about moisture from the water, rain and snow etc., but about how the water has been the element used at that time to seed these particular NEW energies and codes into the water in our bodies and cells AND into Earth on the surface and below it in underground aquifers and so on. We all know that for the past 20 ascension years FIRE and WATER have been the two primary elements used to quickly deliver and burn away and/or flood away the past lower frequencies and consciousness (greed, excessive materialism, extremem disrespect of Nature, wildlife, other humans and on and on) embedded in landmasses and in people. Yes it’s hard, yes it’s terrifying wondering if your house is going to catch fire or get flooded or blown apart. Yes it’s hard feeling animals pain and fear and their dying from these events. Yes it’s hard feeling other people mourning the loss of their homes, property, their very way of life and reality. 2020 is going to amplify these types of sudden tearing apart of what has been in all ways, not just through fire and water, heat and winds but financial, governmental and much more.

      We First Everythingers all need to be strong through these massive planetary changes where the old lower is removed so a higher, better, honest way can replace everything. January 12, 2020 Saturn Pluto in Capricorn conjunction, and all the other planets in Capricorn at that time, including the January 10, 2020 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer 0′ which is in OPPOSITION to the Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction at 22 degrees Capricorn, is going to reshape physical reality. That is what these transits are supposed to do and why. Will all this be pretty? Easy? Comfortable to witness and feel? Of course not. None of the past 20 years of Phase 1 of the AP has been easy. It’s just that now we’ve entered Phase 2 of the AP, it’s all going to unfold so much faster than the past 20-30 years.

      What’s burning and flooding and being blown away is where the NEW is manifesting first. We are First Everythingers, remember? We’re all in this together and our HighHearts are literally connected and Working together now more powerfully than they were capable of before. Be quiet with and in your HighHearts as the destruction plays out all around you, no matter which country you live in, and hold the NEW higher in your body, being and consciousness. This is Lightwarrior Lightwork at a totally NEW and higher level for us all. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Denise, thank you. I think a large part of all this distress is a sort of guilt feeling, because in the midst of all this chaos for others, I’m doing okay. We’ve all known for so long what was coming, but even with all the inner preparation the ‘reality’ of it still impacts the human senses. ‘Be quiet with and in your Highhearts’ is perfect. I can do/be that. xxx

      • Thankyou for your reply Denise,
        I have worked on my inner calm for decades, but I feel for my grown children in their constant anxiety and horror of thinking they are helpless in the scheme of things. The philosophical reminder of ‘you are where you’re meant to be’ has lost its calming power for them in the last few weeks. I also have a deep affinity with our beautiful planet and the destruction is so enormous that it’s hard not to feel the pain.
        Yes, I will try to go deeper and personify the calm instead of getting involved in the finger pointing that is so 3D…
        In ten days we can see what shakes down from the celestial strike team manoeuvre, and focus on that. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Kate & All,

          I’m expanding on this ONLY because we’re now in 2020 and these types of accelerated and expanded global changes — to we who know, they are changes, but to the majority that do not know about the AP it’s all going to increasingly get more and more disastrous looking and feeling to them. Parents know how hard it is to let their children go through whatever unpleasantness they must to grow, change, learn. All we Volunteers, First Everythingers, Starseeds, Pathpavers etc. have just started OUR Phase 2 of the AP and this holding the higher while everyone goes through the collapse, removal of the corrupt and broken etc., and falling apart of their old “reality” and way of life won’t always be easy for US and for them.

          This is one of our NEW jobs, our Phase 2 of the AP Mission Work that began fully on January 1, 2020. I’m going to try to get another quickie article done about this and other related Phase 2 things as soon as I can. ❤ Thanks Kate. ❤

    • Kate & Elle, I want to say I’m so sorry about Australia..! I was looking at pictures tonight and thought your posts and I’m just sending some love and prayers, I’m so so sorry! I don’t know how this could be a consolation right now but when the fires happened in Los Angeles, I woke one morning to a vision of a giant block of yellowish energy moving out over the ocean and the smoke to the right of it moving out over the ocean, too. Los Angeles actually “felt” better after the fire, though I told no one because it was so devastating. I dared not say it out loud. But I could feel a chunk of psychic energy gone from the city and I was truly grateful and happy for all, though terribly sorry for families and people that lost property etc. I know your fire is super-duper huge…and overwhelming, I can’t imagine how anyone’s dealing with it. I know how hard it was to be in LA. I pray and hope you get to experience, after all your suffering, a big loss of heavy unhealthy psychic energy, too. I hope that that is the gift waiting up ahead for you bless you both!💛❤️

      • Hi Marcy. I’m. Australian too and I’ve been following this dialogue, as you can imagine, with some interest. Thank you for your prayers and the tone of your post. It’s a balm. I’ve been sensing what you describe but I’ve been so lost in my own fears and the overwhelming nature of this catastrophe that I haven’t been able to articulate it the way you just did. It has seemed hopelessly Pollyannaish amid such destruction – and so I got lost in it and a brutal depression. Thank you for giving me that clarity. A precious thing at this time for me. Justin

        • Thank you for your honesty Justin, everyone needs to hear how these ascension related transformations are effecting each of us. We often need to express, externalize them to help relieve some of the built-up pressures we feel so your honest sharing helps you plus it helps others as well.

          With the fires and floods, the earthquakes and volcanoes, the tornadoes and hurricanes have burned away the past lower everything the NEW higher manifests which has been happening simultaneously. I know it’s hard to see or feel in the midst of what looks like (and breaths like!) the end of the world but it will pass and NEW will replace it all. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thankyou for your insights and kindness in replying, Marcy,
        the rate the hundreds of fires are going down under, that energy shift should be enormous. It is bringing people together, people are reassessing what is important in their lives, people are opening up their homes to evacuees etc. Once touched by the emotions of the experience people are changed forever. One aspect is the timing of the last two weeks being the height of our summer holiday season, so city inhabitants have been caught up in this in large numbers and now have the same life changing experience that they wouldn’t otherwise if the fires had been in a few weeks time. The shift in those personal realisations as a nation are palpable. Everyone knows someone who was there or has been to the devastated areas before this summer and we have all been horrified at the size of it all.

        • In the depths of disasters such as these Australian firestorms, or anything else anywhere, I try not to yell at people that for the unaware and closed-hearted, it usually takes really big terrible events such as this (and others that are coming all over) to trigger their hearts open and change their consciousness. From one angle these country-wide disasters look like… disasters, but from higher levels it’s known they’re trigger events doing multiple positive things for humanity and Earth.

          “It is bringing people together, people are reassessing what is important in their lives, people are opening up their homes to evacuees etc. Once touched by the emotions of the experience people are changed forever.”

          Exactly Kate, thanks. ❤

  • Denise, today was one of the most hopeless and saddest I’ve ever felt in my spirit in my whole life. Your article came at just the right time I really needed a helping hand. Thank you so much. ❤️

    I have a little story I’d like to share because it illustrates what you’ve been talking about with the shift in physical reality.

    Quick background that I have three little girls (8, 6 and almost 3). My middle daughter came down with what I can only call the plague 12/20, the day before her birthday. One week later, it had burned through her and my oldest and was starting in my toddler. Scary high fevers, cough/congestion, tummy issues. I was tired from nursing them all through it and seeing my youngest SO sick was triggering old fears. It was also starting to be stressful financially (on top of a mountain already, as I know many of you can relate) since I’m an hourly employee and don’t get paid unless I work.

    Thursday night 12/26 going into Friday 12/27, I dreamed my husband and I were on an arduous journey. We had to walk 30 miles every day to reach some unknown destination. Whenever I’d get discouraged, I’d look up and see a gorgeous otherworldly hawk right above. It always comforted me. At one point this made me realize we could still arrive even with a rest day, and I woke up right as I was telling my husband.

    I felt relieved, like the dream was a sign I shouldn’t worry about all the work I’d missed, etc., a reassurance. I could catch up.

    WELL. That morning 12/27 my digestive system was turned inside-out with a huge purge. Later that day, the plague took me out. For days (and awful nights), I had rounds of chills and fever sweats, and all the rest. Overlapping with my toddler’s acute phase, and she only wanted me. It was really challenging and of course I couldn’t work at all, especially stressful at the end of a pay period when we really needed me to.

    Today was the first day I woke up without a fever. But the emotional/spiritual low was intense and had me questioning and doubting absolutely everything, total bottom. There’s so much more to all of this that’s not mine to share, but it’s enough to show how completely wrung out, empty, despondent I felt.

    This afternoon, I told the Universe I needed a BIG sign, something obvious, that would help me find hope again. Denise’s article came next, which definitely helped. I felt well enough to manage a trip to the grocery store, my first time leaving the house since the night before my dream.

    At the stop sign at the end of my street, what do you think came flying right towards my car and then directly over me? A HAWK!!! I knew it was my sign, since the one in my dream was so encouraging. It wasn’t until my drive back home that it hit me like a lightning bolt. Yes, it’s the other bookend to this hellish purging density-drop I’ve been in and (hopefully) means it’s over.

    BUT ALSO and more importantly— the hawk exactly symbolized a crossing over from the Dreamtime or spiritual realm into PHYSICAL REALITY. That this journey I was on was not in vain and actually did pave the way for NEW to come in physically into my life. Bring on 2020 and 1/12 and Phase 2 and ALL OF IT. ✨❤️✨

    Whew, I know I’m chatty. If you’ve stuck through, thank you! I didn’t know how to express it shorter. So much love and gratitude to everyone here.

    • Kara,

      Crying… Oh wow… so brutal, so beautiful, so powerful. Thank you for sharing these experiences of your 3 girls and yourself with us all.

      “BUT ALSO and more importantly— the hawk exactly symbolized a crossing over from the Dreamtime or spiritual realm into PHYSICAL REALITY. That this journey I was on was not in vain and actually did pave the way for NEW to come in physically into my life. Bring on 2020 and 1/12 and Phase 2 and ALL OF IT. ✨❤️ “

      EXACTLY and very well done you! The more we evolve and ascend, the more Light we embody, the higher we fly/vibrate/live, the greater our consciousness expands to let us know that we are indeed Multidimensional Beings and are employed and Working constantly in ALL of them all of the linear and quantum “time”. This one is going to be one of many things Phase 2 greatly amplifies for and within each of us Volunteers from here forward.

      The plague and fever that burned through your girls and then you are no different than the physical fires burning through Australia and other locations. This is like your two hawks in that it’s the same process that’s playing out in multiple ways in multiple dimensions at the same “time”. Does everyone feel how quick and potent this Shift into Phase 2 of the AP is? I’m surprised we all don’t have physical and etheric whiplash today! And dearest, never apologize for sharing such important information with us all here. I, we appreciate it. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Cheers to Phase 2, Denise! Phase 1 was… whew. A lot. I keep thinking about where I was 20 years ago, when so much of my path really kicked off (much was “set up” at that time for when I really woke up in 2006), with Y2K happening. Twenty years later I feel a lot like I did then: things are really leveling up. I’m kind of too tired to even be hopeful about the next 20 years, but I can say this: the energy today had me cleaning, and cleaning, and CLEANING as there was grime around the house I refused to bring into 2020 with me. Very symbolic! 😊 Thank you for sharing all about how you perceive the energy colors shifting! I love it! I don’t perceive it myself, not visually nor clairvoyantly, but with clairsentience, I do FEEL the difference. Happy 2020 to you, dear Denise! 💗

  • Thank you, Denise for your honesty these past few posts. They really have been a tether to sanity for me. I’d love to say December was a month I’ll remember fondly, in the melancholic manner of those elves leaving the old world of LOTR. I found it unbearable yet I did bear it. I’ve always questioned everything, but nothing escaped scrutiny in December. Like my country, it was all ash and flame. False prophets, new age profiteers, plastic shamans… I thought if the ‘good guys’ can’t be trusted, then who? Well you for starters. This sentence cracked me open. “A legion of Angels also arrived and sent a clarion call across the ages and dimensions claiming earth for the light…” It still does. Reinforcements? I’m too broken right now but my reaction, gutteral, knowing beyond knowing, confirmed the truth. It recalls the words of Gandalf (I am not a buff but LOTR spoke to me in so many ways). “Look to my coming, at first light, on the fifth day. At dawn, look to the East.” But not before we’ve tilled the ground in back-breaking labor. With so much gratitude, weary soldiers. Thank you, Denise.

  • I haven’t read your whole article yet, Denise, but the title cracked me up. 😄 Ran some errands today and without exception every person said “Phew … thank goodness 2019 is over … it was a rough one! ” For all of us, ascending or oblivious or somewhere in between, it was and still is a challenging time, a rough one. Here’s hoping for an easier 2020. Happy new year everyone! ❤❤

  • Hoorah! As always my gratitude to you Denise!

    Two days ago I got an experience of Divine Neutrality that was different and much deeper than I had experienced before. It was the experience of being light and anything that wasn’t a frequency match simply wasn’t allowed to stick or stay in its/my presence. Hard to put into words but the experience stays with me. Thank you so much for sharing the message you received…it helps!

    Super excited about moving into Phase 2!🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Happy New Year and New Earth!

    LOVE and LIGHT and NEUTRALITY to you Denise and All! Nancy

  • 💖💖💖💖 Denise, thank you so much for all your words over the last 5 years for myself and much longer for others. Those jewel colours , the really intense ones, are what I keep wanting to colour my pictures in. Bless you. And happy 2020. End times are moving into new times…..

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