Is It Organic Or Inorganic?

“Unrelatedly, yes, time is very odd lately. I can’t seem to get anything done, my ability to focus has gone even wonkier than usual. House is horrendous at this point. I can’t help wondering if this mental weirdness is an infernal technology effect. I wonder also about all these body symptoms and fatigue possibly being from the same cause. Glacia Rain says we’re also being hit with a lot of emf frequencies designed to elicit specific responses (and she offers a technique I’m going to try). Denise, how can we sort out (if we even can) what’s being caused by these Team Dark EMF mind control / emotion-eliciting broadcasting technologies and what symptoms are being caused by Team Light? More to the point, can you teach us any techniques for keeping our fields clear of this kind of Team Dark EMF mind assaults? Keeping our sovereignty is getting a bit more tricky these days. Thanks!” – stonespeaker – September 17, 2018.

Firstly, humanity has always been pummeled by artificial inorganic EMF (Electromagnetic frequencies), it’s just that they and other unseen man-made energies and energy waves have greatly increased and gotten more complex and dangerous over the past few decades, unintentionally and intentionally. It is the Aquarian Age after all, which means those past Piscean Age things that were dug, drilled, blasted, extracted and pumped up to Earth’s surface like oil and gas and more, continue shifting due to the entrance into the next astrological Age energies and are increasingly of the air and up in the air (Aquarius is an AIR sign) in the form of unseen energies and energy waves.


Secondly, using external techniques, tools, devices and such to combat these and other intentionally or unintentionally harmful artificial and non-human Team Dark alien-made energies is not the solution. Evolving beyond them is because it puts you, puts each of us beyond that frequency range that these humans and non-human aliens/beings/entities exist in and work from. Anyone can pay for lower frequency techniques, teachings and tools they want and believe are needed to protect themselves from these and other negative debilitating and suppressing types of energies. I’ll tell you however that if you trust the 7D Photon Light we and our Solar System now exists in, and trust the Source directed Light energies, waves, flashes, pluses etc. that have been and continue coming from the Milky Way Galactic Center, our local Sun, Central Suns and beyond, then you’ve got more higher evolutionary ascension tools at your constant disposal than you realize or know what to do with. The great news is that you don’t really have to “do” anything with them other than (1) understand that they’re here now and why and (2) take advantage of them by trusting that they are evolving you, your physical and energy bodies, consciousness, inner landscapes and external world reality and more.

I realize that younger readers don’t have as many decades lived in the old 3D Sunlight energies that existed before the Ascension Process started. To younger people the Sun has always looked and felt the way it does today, which is not anything like it used to look and feel before the 1990s.

I incarnated with built-in instructions to consciously pay attention to our Sun, where it was in the sky year-round, what color it was, how it felt physically, energetically and so on. As an elementary school age kid, I checked out the Sun every day when waking to school in the mornings and walking home each afternoon. As a kid I didn’t remember why it was so important for me to pay attention to the Sun and what color it was, but I knew it was important for me to do so. It was in the mid-1990s when I first noticed that the Sun had changed colors and felt profoundly different energetically. The Sun had always been a warm earthy yellow-golden color and felt a specific way; uncomplicated and steadfast. But suddenly the Sun and sunlight had changed from that old familiar 3D warm earthy yellow-gold color to a much more intense silvery-white color, had and still has massive visible energy radiating far out around it, and felt vastly more energetically complex and higher frequency. The Sun and sunlight has continued to grow more pristine silver-white in color from when this change started and now often looks liquid-like when it shines on the surface of some physical objects. The Sun and sunlight continues to evolve into much higher frequency energies that are more intense than the week before and this will not plateau anytime soon. All these natural cosmic evolutionary “machines” — our Sun and the Light it transmits, the Central Sun(s), Galactic Center, other galaxies and forces — are now present to automatically and naturally push everything into evolving into a NEW higher cycle, level, reality, consciousness and all else. Cost? Free. Instructions? Live it and be changed by it all.

How To Tell What’s Organic & What’s Inorganic

Here are some simple practices I recommend to teach you more than you think you’re learning.

Go outside and sit or lay down in the sunlight, be still, feel and discern as best you can today. Intentionally open your chest, your HighHeart upper chest area to the Sun and sunlight and radiate as much higher LOVE as you’re capable of today at the Sun. Trust me, it/they will feel you and what you’re doing. Hold this for as long as you can while simultaneously receiving the Light energies constantly radiating from the Sun. While doing, feeling, transmitting and receiving all this and more, ask yourself if your energy exchange and intentional conversation with the Sun feels organic to you or inorganic?

This can be done in your house/space/apartment and outside of it. Either way works. Try them both repeatedly. Immediately without thinking or laboring at this simply envision your entire property, home, space and you in it existing in a higher frequency level of Light and energies. This is the case for most of you reading this already but some need reminding of it and others need to focus themselves more in this direction intentionally. See yourself and where you now live, existing within ascended 5D Light energies and frequencies. See it, feel it, know that it already exists with you in it and that this is just a simple technique to help you realize this fact better. While doing and visualizing this, feeling it and being in it, question yourself if it feels organic to you or inorganic?

When you’re around other people and look at them and/or simply feel things emanating from each of them, what does that all feel like to you? Does it feel organic or inorganic to you or sometimes both? No judgements, just honest perceptions and you learning how to Read Energy Signatures of other people, places, objects, systems, belief systems, programs and so on for yourself.

When you suddenly feel and/or become aware of someone or a group of people or something that instantly makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe, hated, vulnerable, pressured, in the “wrong place” or like prey, does all that feel organic or inorganic to you? [This is a trick question but I did it to clarify and prove a point.]

Whenever a nonphysical etheric Being(s) has intentionally made contact with you both awake and/or asleep, how did that Being and what he/she/it/them told you make you feel? Did he/she/it/them feel and seem organic or inorganic to you? Was the information they gave in the form of absolutes? Did he/she/it/them make demands of you in any way? Have any of these Beings ever given you information stating that it was and is the “only way” and needs to be strictly adhered to? If so, how did that whole encounter make you feel? Did it feel to you like it was very high frequency and organic, or did it make you feel like you were being coerced, manipulated, lied to and intentionally directed in specific ways that are inorganic? [This is another trick question because real organic Light and Beings of the Light would never behave like this, but is typically how most inorganic Team Dark beings and humans interact and communicate with people both physically, etherically, telepathically etc.

When you read, hear or watch certain information and are not moved by it, not instantly uplifted by it energetically, cannot relate to it at all, do you interpret that material as organic or inorganic?


Organic things, people, words, actions, emotions, thoughts etc. feel true, natural, safe, non-threatening, non-invasive, expansive, correct and natural. Inorganic things, people, words, actions, emotions, thoughts etc. feel unnatural, dense, heavy, oppressive, restrictive, invasive, manipulative, demanding, parasitic, narrow in scope and highly controlling. Organic radiates freely; Inorganic takes, distorts and uses to oppress and control others.  One feels natural and good and the other feels dense and restrictive.

One can spend all their time, money and personal focus—consciousness—on external things like inorganic energies, EMF, chem-trails and all the other things and tools etc. used to keep you from living the Ascension Process, or, you can focus on it knowing that it is organic and here now to naturally evolve all ready and willing to do so from their physical bodies and hearts.

While writing that last sentence, specifically the part about the Ascension being organic, I grimaced a bit because I know I should talk at least a little bit about the fact that there is also an inorganic Ascension. Inorganic takes, distorts and uses to oppress and control others, remember?

False Light and Inorganic Ascension are intentional distortions created to trick, fool, grab, sidetrack, derail and pull down as many humans as the old lower negative beings and negative humans can. They’ve dressed it up to look, feel, sound and seem like the organic Ascension but it isn’t and the people who cannot tell the difference, cannot discern and read energies, cannot tell the difference between Light and Dark, people who get caught up in lesser issues intentionally designed to distract them with lower things and events etc. are easy targets and have gotten pulled into this other reality and timeline.

At the start of 2017, I felt a great reduction in the number of people, of readers that came to HighHeartLife to access my writings. At first I thought this sudden reduction was because they either didn’t like what I was writing about, how I do that, didn’t like me, or couldn’t relate in general which I completely understand. Whatever the reasons, I became acutely aware that with the start of 2017, a lot of people were not only not at my site(s) anymore but were gone from the space and level that I currently live in as Denise. I have paid close attention to this because I wanted to be consciously aware of the Separation of Worlds unfolding and how that looks and feels.

With the start of 2018, I felt another even larger reduction in the number of readers of my material. After the first few months of potent and intense 2018, it became undeniable why this accelerated drop-off of people was happening. Simply said, as the NEW higher Light energies, codes, evolutionary DNA changes and all else unfolds each year, more people are just not willing or desirous or ready to go further with the organic Ascension Process and intentionally go to a level that is more comfortable to them. Some of them just go back a few Stair-steps and continue working from there. Certain other people however have gotten so tired of all the mandatory work, the physical aches and pains, stress, responsibilities and constant evolution and inner and outer growth and change that they’ve bailed completely from the organic Ascension Process and opted instead for the inorganic Ascension. Most of them are unaware that what they’ve chosen is inorganic while some of them do know. At any rate the Separation of Worlds and other energetic Stair-steps and levels of the Ascension Process has increased dramatically since 2017 that I’m consciously aware of. No blame, no shame, no “better than”, no “less than”, no guilt, just people choosing what they want now. The Separation of Worlds isn’t just a clever term, wild fantasy or delusion, it is real and has happened and continues to happen even faster.

Moral of the story is, pay attention to where you let your attention wander to! It may be organic wandering which is fine and good, or it may very well be inorganic “advertisements” doing their best to snag, grab, pull, drag or derail you and your consciousness down into inorganic levels claiming to be Ascension but are more like lower frequency human holding pens with very short shelf-lives.

Do the evolutionary Ascension Process Work yourself or search for more external people, tools, gadgets, techniques, instructions and/or help from other people and their products that exist at lower levels? If you can feel, sense and discern the energetic differences between organic and inorganic, then you already know which way to go. I strongly suggest that you stay The Higher Path and do The Higher Work to gain the Higher outcomes even though it often hurts and is difficult but the choice is yours so chose wisely.


September 29, 2018

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31 thoughts on “Is It Organic Or Inorganic?

  • Denise! I finally got hold of something I was missing. Since I last wrote I began inviting in the sunlight and accepting all it has to give. Whoa!!! Unless its a coincidence the past 2 days I have felt different, strong, and more stable. I’ve welcomed the light into EVERY aspect of self. Now, I’ve always called in Light but not specifically the sun. And on my FB a few people also, like u, have this relationship with the sun, always sharing pics of the sun. And as for relationships, I really don’t have any, but I have a couple friends. What has been fun for me is bringing the light into my work place. Over time a strong mutually beneficial friendly relationship has rooted between me and my boss….I had told you once he had commented how calm he feels around me. (I work in the rough world of auto parts). I often invoke various aspects into my store, I call in the spirit of peace, the will to good, I bless my company and our customers. I ask to be an “instrument of Your Peace”. I call in the spirit of playfulness, patience, and tolerance. I’ve noticed men are so playful (they’ve always been playful) and as I am changed the fun has upped and I’m left giggling helplessly. Customers profess their appreciation for how we help them. And lastly, I think some of us are placed for lessons to find our power and maybe to Be A Power in a given area. If u can’t get out or away, and you choose to stay, (not talking about dangerous abusive life threatening circumstances), I think the positive possibilities are endless. I’m Ok and I’m On My Way! I may not be on a stair step I’d like to be but Thank God I’m not where I used to be!😍😘💗

  • Denise
    I have followed your ‘sharings’ for many years. I use the word sharing because that is what you do: bravely, honestly, fearlessly and lovingly. You share your thoughts, feelings and experiences and that unites us online and helps dispel the feeling of aloneness and isolation, something many of us have. We all benefit, even if we think we don’t sometimes.
    Your latest sharing about organic and inorganic has released a storm of response and quite appropriately. The synchronicity of Stonespeaker’s less than gracious response (downright supercilious) to your words and Holly’s very gracious reprimand of Stonespeaker created a catalyst within me (as it has for others). I was preparing an intellectual viputerative reply to Stonespeaker when Holly sent her response.
    Holly you did it beautifully, simply, organically. You came from a higher vibration than me in that moment. You are a star!
    My response was going to be at the same level as Stonespeaker – ego driven intellect and inorganic.
    I have sat with this revelation for some days; contemplating, inner viewing, reflecting on why I reacted in this way. Briefly it stems from a patriarchal past where women were considered less than and not worth educating. I felt Stonespeaker’s energy as patronisingly male and I needed to defend a female family member using my intellect (not necessary as it transpired). For me this has been a very subjective teaching that when ego driven my intellect is inorganic. Pure intelligence is organic – I may not be making too much sense here but finding verbal clarity when words are cumbersome and do not express the truest meaning.
    Denise – love you and thank you
    Holly – love you and thank you
    Stonespeaker – thank you for asking the original question and your reply. I am grateful
    The Divine Source uses such synchronicities as tools for those ready to participate in the teaching. Never misses an opportunity. Wonderful isn’t it?
    So Star Family we boldly go where no one has gone before (I know I know a Trekkie fan from way back)
    Love you all

    • “For me this has been a very subjective teaching that when ego driven my intellect is inorganic. Pure intelligence is organic –”

      Ann Clowser,

      Your Comment not only gave me goosebumps but made my HighHeart sing with gratitude and Creator LOVE. It was beyond wonderful and is why I do what I do so thank you, thank you, thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤

      I've many times experienced someone's negative attacks, disrespect, manipulations, distortions etc. directed at me through Comments or emails be utilized to teach anyone open to learn more about Duality and Duality consciousness, Team Dark, Portal People, Lightwork and much more. Like I said elsewhere, I discern the heck out of these particular situations when they come my way to discover if they'll help others. In the case of stonespeaker — who is a younger female whose been negative towards me a few times over the past few years — was one of these cases. The timing was right and here comes the mega punchline to all this. In the past these types of negative attacks, insults, disrespect, attempted manipulations and such didn’t always go this way. They often fell in on themselves and sometimes took other Commenters and/or myself with it. The complete opposite happened this time which is a HUGE CLUE about where you/me/we are now and whose in control and what and who are dropping off and more of what’s coming via the AP and EP processes that you/me/we are embodying and Embodying.

      Big High ❤ gratitude hugs Ann. ⭐

  • Yes, I’ve noticed the sun’s yellow light has changed to a bright silver/white light. It was burning me earlier in the year but isn’t any longer. I never had time dealing with bright light but sunlight seems brighter lately and I have to wear shades more often. Can’t really sun my eyes as I used to do easily for about an hour a day when I could.

  • Wow. Ya know that post appears oh so simple, but it is not. Talk about clearing a space. No wonder you were attacked so fast. Within the last two days, like the sun, I have changed again. My boldness I cannot even contain. I’m blowing people away at work. I’m even shocking myself. Heaven touched down on earth two days ago, man!! And WHAT a SUN!!! You may need to field even more responses from this point forward OR maybe you will lose more chaff for the wheat. But I will say this, I was almost uncontrollable with feeling that I SHOULD RESPOND to your reader. It was hard not to write and blow it out of the water. I would not have been kind or explanatory. And then I read Holly’s kind words and controlled the force. Forgive me, but I can feel this, you are not supposed to be the only one defending you now. And my entire torso agrees with me on that point, organically. ;))

    So, the SUN…cause you brought it up lol!.. WOW. WOOOOW!!! WOOOOOWWWW!!!!

    The change in light and sky has been consolation & joy for me for over 5 years. The eclipse last year transformed that into MIND BLOWING (never mind all that has occurred since). I dreamt about it beforehand while visiting my best friend in Kansas last summer. And I was NOT into astrology. In my dream, a massive orange blaze tossed me over and over again like a pancake on a camp fire. I saw a sun 10 times the size it is now and hundreds of thousands of people watching the eclipse outside everywhere across the midwest exhilarated and rejoicing over the Sun! The day it happened, all the students at my school were out on the balconies and across the grounds watching the event, photographing. I kept humming the intro song for Game of Thrones as I walked the campus overwhelmed by the feeling of it (I like the metaphor of the tv show, it uses ALL time to denote the end of time, the maps are Swiss time pieces, etc) The dream was the MOST exhausting dream I ever had, the most physical. By the end of it, my Catholic girl butt was converted by notches regarding the planets and stars and their influence on us. It is still hard for me to look at the sun and KNOW that its influence is truly powerful. Beliefs must be shattered if false. I have enjoyed it, baffled though I may be, the blaze and bold power of this NEW Sun and the colors of clouds and sky. I would insert my photo yesterday if that was allowed!

    But TWO DAYS AGO … WHAT HAPPENED?!? The Sun is now WHITER, again!! It is SO BLAZING WHITE that while driving home the traffic on the freeway looked like it was BACK LIT on a film set !! The actual reflection of light on objects is noticeably brighter! How can everyone not notice this is my biggest question..???? I no longer feel pain underneath it, too, though it is super bright. I looked at it in the late afternoon yesterday, standing still. Taking your suggestion. Holy wow, I don’t understand how a star can do that to the heart, what mine felt while I was doing this ~ just standing there. And somehow I felt I also could (it was a little covered by clouds) stare at it. I didn’t over-do it, but I did stare. Today, I looked up at lunch and I just felt FED by it!… I feel it feeding me! Incredible.

    In terms of organic and inorganic, btw, this is amazing for me now – I can see my thoughts, that they are not me. I can see they are like little cloud blocks that I can keep or blow away. They do not dictate. Such power to finally see this! They used to run me. It’s harder to be deceived without passions or thoughts or fears being in control! So much light, how can I be messed with easily?? I don’t EVER intend to challenge that or be inattentive, but I am AMAZED by the difference in my daily life… Still, as my great Aunt Grace once said, I’ll keep my nose to the grindstone 🙂 prostrate at the feet of the Lord 😉

    I wanted to mention something about DISCERNMENT as encouragement, if it’s okay, Denise. I see and sense suffering now over it. And I am all charged up past two days!! The mystic saints, real awakened high-hearted men and women in 14th-16th century Europe, wrote A LOT on discernment. It’s Christianity, but these ones are the real ones. Once individuals were at a higher state, they were super big on guiding people to be VERY careful about where someone received advice from. St. John of the Cross, mystic poet, fully awakened, warned people about seeing the “wrong” priest, getting the “wrong” support, from those who were NOT in the same place. It would be detrimental. Once at a higher place, when the heavy work is done, it is all totally different then, he would say. The individual stops working/doing the work and light does the work, it works itself up … These saints were big on “stop doing so much” and just “be still” and “stay out of the way.” Don’t let others confound you from their lower place. Christians are big on “activity, ” so it was hard for them to get this, but rising higher once high is about inactivity, stillness, rest… calm. Like all the suggestions Denise made about being still, sitting still, etc, they were so healthy and wonderful. Nothing gives me more solace than when one is high enough to know to give this advice to those struggling, but at a higher place and afraid or alone in there. I bless them in my heart for this, and God for giving us another “real” one. The lower ones, they have much work to do still. But not the higher ones. They get to TRUST that it is happening. They get real FAITH. And they follow. They just have to follow (major note to self here) . This was a monk giving advic about not going to see their local priest for guidance, if that priest wasn’t at least as far along as they were. John was thrown into jail for this and other things. This was 16th century Spain, sadistic brutal. Teresa of Avila reiterated the same, she was a friend of John’s (7 Interior Castles). She was a nun fully awake. They had to tie her ass down in prayer so she wouldn’t float up and hit the ceiling. Of all they wrote, nothing seemed to upset these ONES more than individuals in high heart state getting lost just before great or greater awakening… It was so important for them to help those with discernment. Discernment was everything. How good of you to emphasize it, Denise. How good of you. Your compassion gives me so much joy, really, I cannnot express it. It is so truly good.

    So, the reason I went on and on is that sometimes when I’m scared about where I am and what is happening and I’m alone and I stop and learn by reading usually…. that A LOT of other people are overwhelmed the same way I am AND that a lot of people centuries ago and more went through the same thing in their way fighting and discerning… then I feel better! It is true, amazingly, I am experiencing that we are beyond being targeted the higher we go. So were they. And so will the ones coming. FAITH and LOVE feel so apparent to me now. Living in them is now so real.

    Pardon me for writing so much Denise! Energy blasts always get me going like this first few days or hours!

  • Thank you Denise!
    This article really did it for me. As I began reading, something felt very off to me. Not your response but the question-answer exchange part. It bothered me but I couldn’t figure out why. I read and re-read the article and comments several times before I realized it was showing me how some of the people still left in my life are affecting me, especially how it makes me feel when I’m around them. Back in January I cut ties with my family, which was totally necessary, but I still kept a few old friends, hoping they would start to understand the AP/EP because they were spiritual in a sense. But as time went on I could see they were pulling me backwards. It felt as if I was always trying to fine tune my energies. A constant need to clear and adjust and feeling so drained by their drama. The August energies really shifted something in me and I just couldn’t tolerate these people anymore. But I felt guilty because one friend has cancer and I didn’t want to abandon her yet at the same time I knew it was time to walk away. I can clearly feel why now.
    Also, something in the way this article is being perceived by me caused a big pop in my awareness and what I realized is that I have been living the AP/EP as a passive recipient, as if it’s being done TO me. I see now that other than the occasional “ok let’s do this” comment to myself when I feel the energies pouring in my head, I haven’t been actively engaging with and working with the energies in a positive way. I think I was still carrying a victim mentality in relation to my life being turned upside down. Sometimes I felt grateful but mostly I’ve spent my time in various rabbit holes trying to figure things out. I can see so clearly now the difference and your explanation of organic and inorganic opened it all up for me. No more sitting on the fence, I’m jumping completely over to the other side!
    Thank you Denise for taking the time and energy to write. It is appreciated. Love and gratitude to you and all who comment here!

    • ❤ ❤ ❤ Very well done Deana. It has been a year of repeated personal "revelations" for us all. Keep up the Great Work you're doing in and through yourself. ⭐

  • Thank you Denise for your clarifications….loved it all! I also consciously opened my HeartLight to a friend who has been unwell, and Sent it to her……it really helped! So quick, so easy, and I FELT it as well….Thank you for sharing… are adored. Angel hugs, Barbara xxxxx

  • Dear Denise
    I had a lucid dream on the verge of waking up this morning:
    Sri Aurobindo said to me the energy shift that he had been working on all his life we are on the cusp of it. As I intuitively feel something really powerful is happening now with the energy/force we are working with and integrating within ourselves. I think we are on the cusp of a great shift I also feel this month October is incredibly important and like many others I feel we are in a time of completion, endings and beginnings I really hope so because the energy is so overpowering physically that I also think that is another sign. Self care imperative now We are living in very auspicious times and with the energy off the scale !!!
    Love to you and all lightworkers working for the earth and humanity One glorified body, one victorious body for the earth and humanity.

  • Dear Denise, my thoughts are with you as you continue caring for your Mom. I hope you have some good moments with her (in spite of all the not-so-good) before it’s all over. My mother had Alzheimer’s; we had never been close but caring for her blew open my heart. Hugs & Love to you.

  • Hi Denise
    Good to know that your mother is alive inspite of not keeping well for last couple of years. Last year you mentioned about passing away of your sister. Was that your sister Yasmeen who used to draw illustrations for your book? You made reference of her many a times on TRANSITIONS. Is she alive and keeping well?

    • revital71,

      Yes it was my only sibling, Yasmeen the artist, who passed away at age 57 in January 2017, days before her 58th birthday and start of her Second Saturn Return. It was a blessing for all concerned because of her long drug (heroin and anything else she could get her hands on) addictions and nearly lifelong (from age 13) Bulimia. She was a broken, 80 pound shell of a human whose body and mind were so profoundly damaged by both these things and the negative entity/entities that attached to her in the mid-1970s due to her heroin usage. I know this because it presented itself to me once to let me know it “owned her” and that it was “coming after me”.

      Okay, let’s be happy and filled with Light and LOVE and keep doing what we do. 🙂 ❤

  • Hi Denise. Do u think it’s the same to use the term natural/unnatural? It helped me to better relate. I had another weird dream snippet. This time I was tracking a beam of laser light (red) focused on something electrical (like wiring in an alarm box or electrical box with groupings of thin wires bundled) in a house causing the wiring to smolder into flame. The beam originated outside somewhere.

    Anyway, in reading about inner Trust I’ve had to remind myself I came from a traumatized derailed TD assault from birth and need to remember I’ve come a long way and it has taken life long effort to finally understand that Being Still and going within is SAFE. I went from deep terror over the concept of demon to embracing knowledge and relishing the freedom, and you are a big part of that. My terror began or took over at 14. My fear and lack of trust became embedded and I couldn’t figure it out till the last 10 years. I’m getting close to 60! So now I’ve known to make “going within” my main focus and the habit of putting it off is still strong. I know my life got hijacked on top of my reason and purpose for being born. I’m here to say it is possible to shine again. I think Im writing this to remind myself to be kind to me and others. Oh, the other thing inside me I’ve become aware of is my bitter angry nasty resentful self that rises up and wants to blast people for entering my space and interfere in…like when I take my dog outside I don’t like it other people wanting to be out there too😄 and makes me have to wait….. this developed during inner blindness and despair. I mean that I recognize that this aspect could star in an episode of The Dead Files!

    I will keep on keeping onward and upwards💗

  • Great article Denise
    As we progress we wake up more and more to distractions in place to draw us in and divert from the real work. We just don’t know, we need the experience and then gradually something starts to happen and we see situations for what they are, simply “interference and distractions”. We achieve greater wisdom and awareness. Personally I still need guidance here and there as I suspect but I am unsure as we get deeper. Rightfully so “I need answers” for further consideration to determine the true truth.
    Our egos can rev up should someone try and help us recognize the fake at times. We can take it so personally, but when we finally get it we reach greater freedom and we are grateful. Pays to be able to have a laugh about the process and ourselves from time to time.
    Be prepared to be very offended it’s healthy for our evolution.
    Lately I have been picturing myself as a child learning to ride a bicycle. Had 2 trainer wheels initially and I see myself as down to one that just touches the ground every now and again to stabilize me. I am taking full responsibility and accountability for my actions, reactions and thoughts so making further progress.
    Thank you for your many years of tolerance and patience with us all Denise. We are being sorted and sifted over and over and bravo for that.

  • Thanks, Denise for your insights in this post.

    For years I wondered about the proliferation of cell phone towers, WiFi, smart meters, etc. all around me and across the globe. There’s def more low frequencies being broadcast in an attempt to keep humanity in a low vibration … but I feel uplifted by the incoming Higher Light, like I can BREATHE again. I think your suggestions are spot on (dealing with our own process, sending LOVE to the Sun & opening to receive its energies). I noticed the change in the sun to silvery white about 6 years ago.

    As others have said, I am much less interested in hearing or reading what so-called “ascension masters” have to say at this point. Learning about the False Light and False Ascension was an eye opener. Our inner guidance is the compass we need to steer ourselves by.

    I too observe with great interest how the Separation of Worlds is taking place. Often I find myself alone in my environment, with people not even seeing me. Other times, there are unexpected connections and I get the feeling there’s been an up shift in the collective. I sense that there’s still lots of sorting out going on at different levels; people are taking stair steps higher but then stop at whatever level is comfortable for them.

    I believe only a minority are opting for the organic Ascension timeline and Embodiment but it’s still enough for this shift to take place.

    Blessings to you & all here.

    • “I believe only a minority are opting for the organic Ascension timeline and Embodiment but it’s still enough for this shift to take place.”

      Totally correct Thelma. The real “ascension masters” are those of us that have been and continue living it and Embodying the NEW energies, DNA, codes and anchoring it all as Pathpavers for humanity and Wayshowing for them.

      You suddenly popped into my awareness a few times in September so I was hoping you were fine so it’s great seeing you here again. ❤

  • thank you Denise for your input . i ve also become to a point to read less info and articles about ascention.
    over several years i worked on personal issues in my life, things that need to be cleared. this way high energies don’t break me down over and over again. i was suprised many times i went in to victim energie about the personal stuff but also when the energies hit me. now that i cleared all those issues i still experiancing days of inner madness as you know what am talking about . bud it don’t feels so personal. the way i see it, i try to live my life normaly in every way. and the embodyment is the lightbody doing the ascension process for me. its feels painfull in many ways every time . bud i trust it and know it passes. am not really looking for answers anymore . there are 2 wolves in my life, one is duality, the other one is unity . when am to much looking for answers, am feeding to much the wolf of duality. i never know when energies are going to hit me, bud i deal with them when that happends. my normal life envolves working, family, home reconstruction work, creating music . simple things in many ways. ect…. bless you all

  • I found this via someone who reblogegd. And this is very very interesting. This could explain my light sensitivity, which started in the late 90s (I was born in the early 80’s). I have pics of myself from a yougn age always squinting in sunlight, but around the millenial change it got so severe that I can not be without dark shades even in the middle of winter anymore. This certainly seems to be a nice explanation for it.

  • Great article Denise thank you. Agree on the feelings of what’s inorganic when someone prescribes their special complicated methods or cites their insiders special take on something which just feels off! That gives me a sinking feeling and raised eyebrow as opposed to that feeling of just knowing when something resonates. You are definitely still on my bandwidth thankfully!

  • Thank you for your lengthy and considered response. I will give it some thought. Would like to clarify, however, that Glacia Rain is not charging for the technique I spoke of (it’s available free on YouTube). Your delineation of what you associate with organic versus inorganic is particularly interesting, considering the dictionary definitions of those terms. Are you suggesting that hierarchy and control is always associated in some way with AI influences? Has that been your experience?

    I do balk at the sentence, “Do the evolutionary Ascension Process Work yourself or search for more external people, tools, gadgets, techniques, instructions and/or help from other people and their products that exist at lower levels?” All people “not me” I should presume are at lower levels? And if I learn at times from someone else I am de facto not doing my own work?

    Personally, if I were to allow Fluffy (my ego, named Fluffy because he is so Not warm and fuzzy!) the belief that everyone else is at a lower level, I’d have to rebuke him several times daily with “Superior much?” (Fluffy can be an arrogant little snot, particularly in traffic, so I hear him out but then put him and his attitudes firmly in the back seat.) If i buy into the idea that there’s nothing of value to be learned from other people, wouldn’t I be leading myself into a little egocentric detour of my own making? Is the promised land really a place where we all feel superior to each other?

    Sovereignty is critical, I get that. And I don’t like the commodification of the Ascension either; it can easily be mere co-opting (and thus sidetracking) of our awakening. I agree that that is definitely happening, and commodification can be detrimental if it derails us. But to say learning from others has no value (for free or for money) seems a step too far. One can learn and do one’s own work. And much material that has proven of value in my life is offered freely on YouTube and on blogs like this one. While some people may be “at a lower level” than the given stair-step I am on, surely not all of them are. I think good, honest, deep-thinking, soul-filled teachers can be of value. And isn’t that what you do on your blog? Teach? Explain?

    Most of what I learn from others is freely given on blogs or YouTube. If someone has rent to make, however, and I can throw a few bucks their way in exchange for their taking time to explain a nifty energy technique or arcane principle that I can use to feel better or to help others or just understand more accurately, I won’t feel bad about that either. Just as I wouldn’t refuse to pay a yoga teacher or an energy healer. Until the current paradigm collapses, there are bills. (Some people charge more than I can pay, and some far more than is reasonable, in my opinion, given the current financial realities for most Americans. But that doesn’t invalidate the value of what’s offered for free or at much lower cost by the rest of the sharers.) Those are my thoughts, anyway.

    Thank you for your many contributions to our understanding. And thank you for the “connect with love to the sun” technique, and for the rest of your suggestions, too. Will try them – because I do think we have things of value we can learn from one another. I’m not going to presume you’re at a lower level because you’re not me, LOL! ❤

    • Dear Stonespeaker, I love getting ideas from others but would never believe or act on it (at this point of my evolution) without inner divine confirmation. That is the easiest and fastest way to ascend ‘organic’. Soveirgnty is the name of the game in order to ascend and play in the higher vibrations. You can’t learn soveirgnty in a class. If you’re slow you learn it by being let down by everyone until you learn to go within. There is no heirarchy. There is only ‘One’ and you and your divine self are equal to all, not higher or lower, including entities that claim to be galactics, ascended masters, teachers, healers, etc.

      P.S. Denise replied to YOUR question with a free long thoughtful experienced answer. You could have been more gracious, you’re triggered energy was clear.

    • Thank you and blessings as all-ways Denise💖 I’m glad you left stonespeakers response up as it’s a great example of what feels inorganic. Some of it felt like a back handed compliment (manipulative) with a lot of judgemental trigger energy (yes Holly 🙂 Which by the way..Holly I’m sure a lot of us were thinking it..thank you for saying cause no I did not feel the gracious appreciative energy that Denise should have received for answering stonespeakers question and instead we did get an example of what “inorganic” feels like..

  • Hi Denise, This is too funny…right before I read your article I was googling when to know when it’s time to try anti-depressants. lol. But I’ve taken them before and I know they don’t work with me, but actually made me crazy…or crazier? I’m feeling there’s not many ‘like me’ anymore. I’m so sensitive that I don’t have much of a life and very isolated. I read new age stuff just to past the time but I need to stop, it doesn’t make me feel good. I’ve been following Corey Goode mainly because it’s so tempting and wonderful to think about a solar flash upgrading all fast but it seems he and David Wilcock are all about expanding 3d into the universe and forcing everyone to see it and think about it, stuff we hadn’t even thought of before, that may be true, maybe not. It’s like they have an agenda to make everyone feel sick and depressed; they feel this is disclosure and helps humanity. Maybe it does but it doesn’t feel right for me. And it seems the younger people are all about giving their power away to galactics. They channel as if it’s God (if there is one). I’m more like you, my divine self is urging me to take the high road… for example I’m bombarded with emotional pain again and I wish there was outside help but no healer has ever really helped me. My divine self is urging me to go within and raise my vibration, NOT to take a class, do techniques, see healers, etc.; so I’m going with meditating more and avoiding new age articles, except for yours though, and finding that high beautiful vibration I used to live in but somehow got away from me. I love you, you’re the best! (But I got to tell you, I see all these happy young starseeds and wonder if I just missed the boat, I’m not keeping up too well.)

    • Holly,

      Because you named those particular two people, not me, I want you to keep what you said in your Comment about them in heartmind and re-read my article, paying close attention to the part about inorganic Ascension. Believe me, I’ve always wanted to scream certain things from the online roof tops to people about certain other people but… You got those two correct so learn to trust yourself and what you sense, feel, discern and know from higher levels of being and awareness.

      “And it seems the younger people are all about giving their power away to galactics. They channel as if it’s God (if there is one).”

      Yes, they’re giving their power away to all sorts of things, people and Beings and then get pissed at you when you point it out. I won’t be pointing it out to anyone for much longer because I and many of us have recently moved on to another NEW level of the AP and EP and have our spiritual hands full with all we’re living through and anchoring into the NEW grids etc.

      All those “happy young starseeds” you’re seeing are most likely not starseeds at all, or if they were when they incarnated, they’ve been drawn into lower areas such as what and who etc. you mentioned in your Comment. I can tell by looking at, listening to, feeling, observing, energetically reading people whether they are what they claim and/or believe themselves to be or not. It will be so great when more people can do this for themselves and instantly know whose who and what’s what, who is lying, confused, self-deluded, lost, sold-out to the Dark Side and doesn’t even know it and sold-out to the Dark Side and do know it! Trust your gut and heart. ❤

      • Thank you so much Denise for the response. For the first time since around 2011-2012 I’m feeling ‘home’ again within me. I just recently rediscovered your website and it’s just been perfect. I shouldn’t need anyone ‘like me’ but it sure feels good. I’ve taken my eyes out of the new age arena and am now focusing on the peaceful life in a vibration of love. You’re right about ‘helping’ people. I responded to one of your readers’ response and after hitting post regretted it. I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t resonate with the new age community anymore, they seem to swim in a low vibration and if I try to eject a truth of my own that would empower them I often get psychically attacked and can feel it for days. In my own best interest I’m not doing that anymore.

        One more thing, I’ve been away from your site for a while but I remember you had a mother you were very close to. I’m sensing she passed. If so, I am so sorry for your loss. I’m sure you talk with her all the time but it’s so much nicer when they’re in a body with you. Those of us in for the long hall are your family too. Love you.

        • ❤ Holly. You did right, that's why I published it; it needed to be said and come from someone besides me.

          No my mom is still alive and her Dementia is getting worse, plus a lot more. It's been really difficult. Truth be told, she and I have never been "close". It was a karmic and working relationship between us but those old issues were dealt with and cleared by me many years ago. This is just the end phase of everything with her.

  • Thank you. I, as well, have been sensitive to the sun over the years. I have asked people, off and on, over the last 30 years if they can feel and see the difference in intensity and color of the sun. I would generally receive the “what do you mean?” response. As a young girl I would find myself staring at it as long as I could, even though I was informed this is something we should not do. The sun, overall, is vastly different from what it was in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Your assessment about the 90’s struck a chord with me, as I noticed a slow, yet significant change in that time frame as well.

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