Early June 2017 Alignment Blast

There was an explosive energy blast (aka ‘Gateway’) that instantly catapulted many of us into NEW higher levels of being and awareness the first week of June 2017. I’ve experienced these instant explosion-like energy blasts before but nothing like what happened about a week ago now. This energy blast was different and very tangible physically; there’s no doubt whatsoever that things have shifted upward like they never have or could before last week, and it feels extraordinarily good. More about that in a moment.

I’ve had trouble accurately in my opinion, understanding what some Ascension Teachers have meant when they used the term ‘Gateway’. I knew what they meant by the term, but not deeply and directly like I wanted. Over time and repeated encounters with them however, I’ve come to understand them in my own way which is typically visual. I’ve had trouble with words all my life because I come from a place—as all of us do—where words aren’t used because they’re not needed. Visual images, geometric shapes, coded Light patterns, amazing colors and complex patterns of different colored Light are words (pages and pages of them usually) for many of the higher awareness folks.

One of my favorite toys as a child was a cheap little kaleidoscope I got as a gift one Christmas. I’d stare into that thing, marveling over every new colorful complex pattern that manifested with the slightest turn of its front end cap. It was beautiful magic to me and those kaleidoscope images reminded me as a child of something very important and otherworldly.

A couple years ago I asked my Higher Self to help me accurately understand what ‘Gateways’ were and what I received were complex and beautiful visual images of different kaleidoscopic-like encoded Light patterns, each one wildly different in colors and patterns from the last one. As I watched these many kaleidoscope looking patterns and colors in my higher vision and awareness, I was simultaneously shown common physical combination locks with each different kaleidoscope image. These two visual messages informed me that the kaleidoscope-like images were what some others were calling ‘Gateways’ and that each one of them was very different and activated different things and DNA etc. within Forerunners, ‘Gatekeepers’, Gridholders, Pathpavers, NEW Energy Embodiers etc. These activation’s would happen and then we’d have to align with these NEW energies in and through our physical bodies.

These ‘Gateways’ aren’t like the energy ‘Waves’ of past years that would come in, hit hard, then reside and give us linear time to acclimate to what had just happened. Stair-steps, energy stair-steps. These kaleidoscope-looking ‘Gateways’ (over the past three years about) are now ongoing energy alignments we have to make to and with because they’re not Stair-steps like before. They’re here, we encounter them one after another and must align our bodies with each of them (ongoing Embodiment and more) and this is happening faster in 2017 than ever before. Each kaleidoscope-like Gateway we experience now dials up (aligns) another section of numbers on a huge evolutionary Ascension Process combination lock that brings everyone another step closer to the mass global human collective “Shift”.

View these kaleidoscope images below but think/feel each of them as different energy ‘Gateways’ we Forerunners encounter, align with and are individually altered by. When enough of us do this then all of humanity (ready to do this I mean) will automatically Shift into the NEW higher frequency Earth and level of being and reality too. Think of these images below as numbers on an evolutionary combination lock, and as the Forerunners move through each Gateway, another set of numbers in that great lock is dialed into alignment now and fully in the physical level because they have aligned with and Embodied more within their physical bodies.


Also think of each kaleidoscope-like Gateway as another big step into the NEW Earth world reality and all that goes with that, and simultaneously another end to and of the old lower patriarchal negative world and reality and all that went with it. These two aspects are one actually, and the more the Forerunners do within themselves, the more and more quickly the old lower negative world disintegrates.

Around June 6th and 7th I began feeling an energy explosion that propelled me into another higher level, space and state of being, which is the point of every one of these kaleidoscope looking Gateways. But as I said before, this one was different and far more potent than all earlier ones and it instantly blasted me out of where I had been and into a higher frequency space and state altogether. This repeated alignment process is only going to increase and quicken throughout 2017, so know that you will instantly change with every Divine change ‘Gateway’ and alignment with it. The time of trying to be or remain or pretend or convince ourselves (the Forerunners specifically I mean) that we’re human and can do what other humans do is long gone so just stop trying and dive into what’s happening now with your whole heart and soul.

Each Gateway Lifts Us Out of Another Layer of Density & Separation & Into More Light & Unity

In 2017, every Gateway and internal alignment with it is increasingly removing larger and larger layers of old lower frequency stuff which instantly feels like life just got a whole lot easier, better, more free, more sovereign, instantaneous, and vastly more creative on an individual level. I’ve experienced this repeatedly that I’m consciously aware of since 2015. Suddenly I’d become aware that “life” and “reality” had just improved a bit more again, and each time this has felt like the old lower patriarchal negativity, restrictions and distortions were being removed layer by layer, month after month, year by year. Now in 2017, each Gateway and alignment blast propels us into what feels like nothing but more NEW higher coded Light levels of being and reality with zero old lower anything in my current “reality” anymore. I could weep. How hard and long we’ve Worked for what’s happening this year, at this level, on the physical fully and finally. ❤

For a lot of decades this life has been about flying under the TD, global patriarchal radar long enough to survive and fulfill my Soul Contracted Volunteer Mission Work. That I’ve done as have some of you reading this. Then there were the incomprehensible Ascension Process years that became decades in this life and how I, how you, how we survived that phase of this AP Work is almost unimaginable to me at this point even though I lived it as a “First Wave” Elder Forerunner. Even this memory is fading today, which is probably a blessing as it was beyond horrendous in every way.

After all that we entered the second phase let’s call it of the AP which has been about anchoring in the NEW higher Light Codes/blueprints/templates for the next Great Evolutionary Cycle while we simultaneously took out the trash of the dying past one. Makes my head swim just thinking about it all again now. I’ve watched and waited for that magical, mystical, mysterious long-awaited point where I was acutely consciously aware that I had reached the halfway point within all this. Where I was aware that “life” and “reality” was still half filled with old negative TD patriarchal leftovers, and half filled with brand NEW higher Light and Light Coded “life and “reality” of the NEW Earth and NEW me. This halfway point was reached around 2012. Since then it’s been a continuous quickening of moving into and through and embodying more and more NEW while casting off more and more old lower everything. Said another way, it’s been an ongoing and speeding up process of living the Separation of Worlds & Timelines since the start of 2013, and now in 2017, there’s so much separation space between me in the higher NEW location and being that the old lower negative world and reality is nothing more than a repulsive bad memory of having lived in the Dark Ages under Dark tyrants for many Ages.

The potential for mass humanity to experience the big, ultimate, real-deal “Shift” in 2017 is a very real possibility in physicality. How soon it happens depends a lot on the Forerunners and how much and how quickly they individually can and are experiencing, living, embodying and being evolved by each Gateway and subsequent internal alignment with each one. No pressure my fellow Forerunners because this is how it’s always been; we go and do and live and anchor first so that there is a physical NEW for everyone else to enter later. I asked last year I think it was, how many Embodied Forerunners does it take to get the NEW light bulb screwed in? or something along those lines. How many Christed Crystalline running, physically incarnate AP Forerunners does it take for the species-wide Shift to be activated in the physical? Answer, only as many as needed to get the Job done and we’re there now. Well done and thanks for your exceptional Service. Now get used to having your life and reality be so very much better and easier than anything you’ve ever experienced on Earth before. Next up, global humanity. ❤


June 13, 2017

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20 thoughts on “Early June 2017 Alignment Blast

  • yes, kt1111. am sure many would concur with your views…the best things ie what is most needed for our ‘manifestation’, are free and come with ‘no effort’, as you’ve mentioned. that’s when we know we are surfing our cosmic wave! we suddenly realize that we are actually doing something more and more worthwhile with fewer and fewer people / help/ resources. They Performed their roles and departed…

  • Hey my dear Angel buddy,

    As usual, another perfect dose of higher perspective 🙂

    I like this part “The potential for mass humanity to experience the big, ultimate, real-deal “Shift” in 2017 is a very real possibility in physicality”. I can’t wait for this to happen…..

    Love & hugs, your London angel buddy.

    Stubeing xoxoxo

  • This is a terrific post Denise. Thank you so much. Like you I have wondered what the term gateway means and like you, I see colours and geometric codes that lift my awareness into new places. Your post really helps me understand what’s going on. Thanks again – Suzanne

  • Thanks Denise, miracles are showing up, I had load of tests this week and wonder of wonders, my physical symptoms match my X-rays, for the first time in ten years……. the doctors said, how the hell did we miss that, and already I’m feeling better, you superstar!!! Thanks oh and did you get that Denise time yet? Gratitude x

  • Hi Denise, Thank you for this post. I am so blessed to be guided to you. I think sometimes I am going crazy or nuts with all the changes we are going through, It is more fun now being on Earth, as we are really on 5D new Earth reality and we have become truly observers of the Old. Thank you again and my Blessings to you. We are ONE. So be it Ashinar

  • MY head hasn’t stopped spinning since late May. I think it slows me down from doing stupid stuff I no longer need to do. But money is flowing like water. And I cant wait to enjoy it. ( when my head stops spinning. ) People around me are physically sick, while I’m alive and feel 25. (periodically) I am starting to see some changes in my life for the good finally.

    • “MY head hasn’t stopped spinning since late May. I think it slows me down from doing stupid stuff I no longer need to do.”

      Just loved that and your honesty Laura Petrilli, so great, and I can relate. 🙂 Yes life is increasingly and quickly getting much easier for us this year, finally, and this will only continue and increase as we continue and increase. 😉 ❤

  • Maybe this is why I don’t, for the most part plant my garden in rows but instead in patterns intertwined with colorful flowers. Tried this year to figure how to do a smiley face with my vegs, maybe next year
    Oh to the h— yeah about the energy of the first week of June. And attack’s from family members off the chain physically and energetically! My mom fell and broke her hip on the night of the 7th. I left her house 7pm but at 10:30 brother yelling at me what had I done to cause her to fall. I now smile and have come up with a way to deal. I see them as toddlers knocking over blocks, learning to walk and talk and really how can anyone get upset at a child?
    Peace and love Denise and all here.

    • Stay strong and in your Higher space sunny and ignore the screaming egos throwing tantrums around you. You are loved and you are powerful. ❤

  • Dear Denise,

    Wow loved your article…When I was very small,….. before I fell asleep ……. from the upper right, would come a kaleidoscope of prime colours and I would return to the pattern…It wasn’t a choice, just something that happened every night.
    This was the first time this week that I finally surrendered and accepted things the way they are!….What a great feeling..and that I
    don’t have to fit into 3d anymore!
    Much appreciation for the work you do Denise…

  • Elder Forerunner (Denise),
    Loads of beautiful kaleidoscope type appreciation coming from us forerunners,crystals,indigos and rainbow “kids”. You have been a true teacher in this “AP” process. We decode these light codes embody and walk with it through this dimension continuously and are making great progress, it is a 24/7 duty while sleeping and awake with no worldly profits but it is indeed priceless so we are cool and taken great care of. All of the light codes are flowing in to us constantly now and faster then those soon to be unthought of “TD” creepy crawlers can hack,distort and MANipulate etc. As you always have taught “stair steps” is the way and stepping them steadily we are. Much love to you and all.💫

  • All I know is I am exhausted today like I’ve never been before. Reading this article, Denise, makes me wonder why I’ve been drawn to doing those mosaic coloring books! It seem when I need to process I pullout a coloring book. I use little paint brushes and go for it! Now…it may be I’ve been painting my own gateways/portals!! Anyway, I am going back to my bed and nap. Thank you, dear Denise for another timely communication. Big Hug.

    • Noelle,

      Right after I published this article this morning I immediately had to fall asleep, which I did for a couple of hours. We do what we can when we can and self-care when needed so we can embody, integrate and anchor what’s putting us to sleep! 😉 Keep coloring for All. ❤

  • Hi Denise – Timely article as usual – “The time of trying to be or remain or pretend or convince ourselves (the Forerunners specifically I mean) that we’re human and can do what other humans do is long gone” – so true, realizing that what I’ve gone through physically for the past years and how it kept me from doing what life was as usual for everyone else, has now simply become my truth, not my missing out and wanting my old (painless) life back. I think about a concert I’d like to see for example, and realize, there’s no way I would be comfortable in that environment anymore, anyway, and it’s ok, it’s just like an old habit that I think I’d want to do that, but truly I don’t want that anymore. (In the back of my mind I’m always thinking, “you think THAT would be cool? Wait til you see what’s coming up in the future, it will blow all of that out of the water it’ll be so wonderful!”) So I’m biding my time because the really good stuff is just ahead and I’m not missing a thing! And at the same time, the things I always did enjoy, like gardening, I REALLY enjoy more than ever, partly because I remember how for the last couple of years I couldn’t even plant my garden because my head pressure and aches and pains etc. were so bad, and now I AM able to do that once again. I still live like a hermit with my pets, friends mostly have dropped away, and yet my life has never been better than now. There’s more synchronicities and ease where there was none before. Things I physically need but can’t afford just seem to come to me, and situations just seem to work out for the best with no effort.
    Also interesting you mention kaleidoscopes – for the past 10 years or so, whenever I get hit by the immediate need to lay down, as soon as I close my eyes I see all these weird shapes and colors moving around behind my eyelids just like a k-scope, and just sit and enjoy the visuals until I fall asleep. So I’m looking at gateways all this time, who knew? Thanks Denise, you’re also wonderful! 🙂

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