Enter Embodiment Process Completion Phase

I recently received an email question from Maria who has generously allowed me to quote her so this discussion can take place in an article. Thank you Maria. ❤ I know a lot of people have had this same question and confusion for many of these ascension years.

“Dear Denise,

Could we as a group just CLAIM ascension to 5D NOW. The destruction to the planet is so great. Living here is made so painful and difficult. Waiting for the masses to wake up is useless. Could we all just DO IT, just tell the Universe WE WANT IT NOW? Just let us do it. Waiting for it makes no sense.  — Maria “

We don’t need to claim fifth dimensional ascension because we’ve been in it for a few years already, fully with the start of 2013. And I could not agree more that ‘waiting for the masses to wake up is useless’, so anyone still waiting for this, or anything or anyone else, stop squandering your precious Ascension Process days. Stop waiting and continue doing what only you can do within your personal Ascension and/or Embodiment Process. Forget about everything else and get yourself where you want to be right now. For most of us that is constantly living in and from your HighHeart while continuing to Embody more, higher and greater into your body and self. That is the formula that gets each of us to NEW Earth faster than anything else; more Source YOU Embodied. No intellectualizing it, just doing it continuously from your HighHeart.

First Everythingers, Forerunners, this has never been a passing of the baton relay race. It’s been about us going first to trail-blaze evolutionary migration routes, to energetically Path-pave the way to the higher NEW for those individuals ready to exit the old 3D frequencies and realities and evolve vibrationally behind us. We never stop doing what we do and wait for anyone. We continue doing our jobs which has been to become the NEW Earth ascended Collective, and we have, and Consciously Create a NEW matching frequency place to migrate to. All that and much more is done by us doing it all in our physical bodies. HOME is and will continue to manifest externally the more each of us internally Embodies more of our Higher Self/Selves/Soul/Source-as-NEW-Self in our physical bodies. We are the living physical Alchemical containers that this entire Ascension Process is happening through in the physical. We don’t wait, we live it and Embody it.

There’s been a lot of incorrect, distorted and/or not fully understood information put forth on the Internet by well-meaning people—and many who weren’t—about the Ascension Process. Obviously this has made the whole business even more difficult for most people because it’s always been about who do you trust that’s writing, talking, teaching about the Ascension Process online? Whose been feeding you information that you want to hear? That you hope is true? That you believe is going to happen? Whose been selling you exactly what they know you want to hear? Whose been pitching continued dis-empowerment by telling you that you don’t have to do anything to ascend, to evolve? Whose been selling you that they can remove negative entities, attachments, energies etc. from your physical and etheric bodies for you? Whose been your go-to ascension guru and/or fixer? How much has it financially cost you? How much has it spiritually cost you?

A lot of people have taught, and many readers have believed and expected, that nearly all 8 billion humans alive on Earth now will, and with great joy, lightness and happiness, skip together hand-in-hand at the same time to the NEW ascended Earth. Not how it happens people, not this time because humanity is not nearly evolved enough to be able to all go together at the same time.

A lot of incorrect ascension information has been spread online about how everyone needs to wait for other humans to get with the Ascension Process program. This incorrect belief was another of many designed and intended to run out the ascension clock by those who don’t want humans to evolve now. Feed people endless lies about the Ascension in hopes that they miss it altogether because they were intentionally sidetracked, duped, derailed and had their consciousness intentionally re-directed AWAY from actually living the Ascension Process and to endlessly wait.

(1) The law of Free Will is still in effect in this cosmic neck of the woods so even though the Universal Ascension is taking place in our lifetimes, that does not mean and has never been a guarantee that all 8 billion humans alive on Earth now will experience the Ascension Process in their current lives and bodies. The possibility for that to happen has always existed, however, not every human incarnate now wants to evolve now or is capable of doing so at this time.

There’s still very many people who want to continue existing in the old patriarchal energies and no one, not even Divine Source is going to twist their arms and force them to take advantage of the present energies driving Universal evolution. The Ascension Process is done by choice, by a person wanting to evolve, wanting to become free, to know more, become empowered, be willing to take on more personal responsibilities and so on. Individuals who want more get more. Individuals who want what they’ve had will get even worse of it until they become tired of it and finally choose to evolve. Do those of you reading this honestly believe that you have the time to wait for anyone in that group? It could take many of them another Great Round of 225–250 million years before they’re ready.

(2) It takes individuals who’ve chosen to evolve being Alchemically energetically activated, altered, improved, expanded, upgraded and EVOLVED by the very energies present now to do exactly that. Each person has to live and embody the NEW higher energies, codes, DNA, rewiring processes, transformations and much more so they and their physical body can withstand such a profound evolutionary energetic leap from one dimension and matching frequency (old 3D), all the way through the old 4D Astral and reach the NEW 5D and matching energies of individual integration, re-unification of what had been separated in you and your physical body and self. Divine Source provides everything every being needs to naturally and organically evolve. But, if you trust a human more than Source generated evolution, and want to pay those humans to supposedly do your Ascension Work for you, then I’ve got some swamp land for sale for you!

Why Does It Still Hurt So Much?

“Get up, stand up: don’t give up the fight
Most people think
Great God will come from the sky
Take away everything
And make-a everybody feel high…” — Bob Marley, Get Up, Stand Up

Another common misunderstanding many have had is about why they don’t magically stop hurting physically because they continue Embodying more and more of their Higher Self/Soul/Source-as-NEW-Self. We all have had the unspoken belief or expectation that the more of our Higher Self/Soul/Source we Embodied the less pain—and exhaustion—we’d experience.

Sorry but it physically hurts getting more and more incremental amounts of your Higher Self/Soul/Source-as-NEW-Self Embodied into your physical body! We’ll reach a point where it won’t hurt at all, but until then, it physically hurts getting more vastly higher, faster frequency aspects Embodied into this incarnate you that Volunteered to do exactly this in a physical body. And the Embodiment Process is incredibly exhausting because our physical bodies are constantly expanding, upgrading, evolving, having more NEW DNA activating and running the NEW codes and energetically and physically becoming something totally NEW and profoundly different. So don’t believe that you’re doing something “wrong” again because it’s 2019 and you’re even more exhausted and in physical pain than you were five, ten or twenty years ago.

As if that weren’t enough, add to it the fact that you, me, we have been—many of us from 1999—changing worlds, timelines EVERY time we’ve left our physical homes and apartments to go into the old lower frequency world to do anything. Every time you’ve left your higher vibrating physical house to go grocery shopping, get the oil changed in your vehicle, get your hair cut, go visit a family member in the hospital, go to the mortuary etc., you have left your higher frequency world and reality and re-entered a much lower frequency world reality and had to deal with, interact with and try to communicate with the people that, to this day, still exist there.

I’ve been doing this repeated changing reality musical chairs maneuver since 1999, and it’s been astonishingly painful physically. Re-entering a lower, heavier density once you’ve transmuted much in yourself and your physical body causes great pain and often feels like you’re being crushed by the old density.  The most pain-inducing place I’ve felt was always when I entered my bank. Yeah, old lowly money consciousness and control was the worst. The moment I’d enter the bank my body felt like it was being crushed by that old negativity and density and I’d do my best to not pass-out from it. Today it’s not painful physically to go into the bank. What is painful now is trying to communicate with many, not all but many, of the unaware people that happily exist in the lower frequency Earth world today. They don’t understand me and I don’t understand them and we both think the other one is “crazy” and it’s all just miserable trying to pretend I belong there with them. I really want this to go away quickly too because I honestly cannot understand or relate to most of the people in the lower frequency Earth world at this point of my Embodiment Process.

Your ability to do this, forget about everything else!, is profoundly exhausting and taxing on your physical body, your CNS, your psyche, your whole physical body because you are literally and intentionally changing worlds and then intentionally going back up to where you exist once you’ve gotten the groceries or whatever it was that sent you out and down in the first place. You need to be fully conscious of the FACT that you have, I have, we have been living our Ascension and Embodiment Processes while we’ve repeatedly “jumped timelines”, went from a higher vibrating world into a lower vibration world or worlds. Repeatedly! While Embodying, while everything else, and changing worlds, realities, timelines and frequencies also causes your physical body to hurt like all hell and become even more exhausted. Have you noticed you need a couple of hours or days to recover after you went down vibrationally into a lower frequency Earth world? Your physical pains are caused by both the higher NEW and the lower old. Your “wing span” is very great which is another reason for the pains and pressures you feel in your body. ❤

Those NEW “super powers” are there, underneath the latest Embodiment pains, pressures and incomprehensible expansions. You just don’t always recognize them immediately because of the pains, traumas, ongoing adjustments and your constant expanding perspective. But, you have to have noticed that some of your NEW “super powers”—higher abilities—have been increasing all along and that it’s gotten so easy and fast to Consciously Create now.

Have You Noticed…?

Have you had a dream(s) since June 2019, where someone is trying to get you to do some more cleaning up of the old lower Earth world’s human filth? A common classic dream of this is having to go into a public bathroom and clean up everyone else’s filth left in there.

Have you noticed anyone trying to steer you into something or some place either in a dream or awake that’s of the old lower world recently? I mention this because of the recent increase in the old negativity doing its best to suck anyone back down into it before the Separation Shift completes. ‘Hey little girl, little boy, want some candy?’ the dark stranger offers. ‘Yeah no, I’m good, we’re good’. It’s been kinda like that lately with certain situations and people. Just be conscious of what’s going on and keep doing what you always have anyway First Everythingers. It’s not a threat really anymore at this point, just another sidetrack hustle attempt by desperate Team Dark Portal People. See the monsters but don’t stop to help them. That time is long past.

Have you noticed recently, I know you have, that your perspective on everything and everyone has and continues to change rather dramatically? It makes about everything seem very surreal and strange, otherworldly and fluid. If you’ve been experiencing this, it’s caused by your, my, our ongoing Embodiment Process and how that continues to change our perspective on, well, everything.

As you Embody more and greater of your Higher Self/Soul/Source-as-NEW-Self into your physical incarnate self aspect, naturally your perspective on everything and everyone is changing and will continue to change. You and YOU are merging in your physical body and that is and will continue to cause your view of everything to change and feel profoundly surreal, fluid and transient.

I’ve been doing my best to be consciously aware of this and any other changes caused by my ongoing Embodiment Process for the past couple of years. I’ve found that what used to be important to me isn’t any longer and other things have become deeply important. It makes sense that as we Embody more of our larger, greater Self/Soul/Source etc. into our bodies and selves that that increasing union or re-union is and will greatly change us in ways we couldn’t comprehend before this process started. Keeping this awareness in your HighHeart helps when “reality” gets very surreal again.

We’re in a state of profound transition in more ways than one so just roll with the seeming strangeness and Shifts and don’t hang your hat on anything yet because there’s much more of this to come from here on out. We are in the last phase of the Embodiment Process now in 2019 and 2020, which is why you need to expect the unexpected, remain fluid and flexible in your mind, heart and body and don’t expect you’ve reached HOME until you know you are HOME Embodied right in your physical body. We’re closer to this now than ever before but this last phase should, I suspect, get really interesting in about every way you and I can comprehend today!

Much more to say about all this and I hope we’ll do so in Comments. Keep in heartmind the fact that the Tuesday July 16th Lunar eclipse happening at 24° Capricorn is conjunct the Saturn (17°) Pluto (22°) Capricorn conjunction that’s been in effect all year. This is yet another reason why you may be feeling additionally achy, sick, dizzy, nauseous and generally icky lately. I know, just way too much ascension times fun.  😉


July 14, 2019

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128 thoughts on “Enter Embodiment Process Completion Phase

  • “We’ll reach a point where it won’t hurt at all, but until then, it physically hurts getting more vastly higher, faster frequency aspects Embodied into this incarnate you that Volunteered to do exactly this in a physical body.”

    Denise, your blog is the only site I follow in terms of consistently reading everything you share unless my intuition tells me to look up something/someone temporarily. Several years ago before or around the time I discovered your website I came across another wayshower (who has been mentioned here by others a few times in the comment section) mentioned in a video how this process we are going through will last our entire lifetime. I’ve also been experiencing increasing amounts of exhaustion just as you shared. Your comment below to Gerry stood out to me “Holy shitcakes I can barely cope with it right now today!” I’ve been feeling completely flat-lined for the past 3.5 years now so I definitely agree with you in terms of barely coping. I’m not sure how to ask this but do you feel we’ll experience that point where it won’t hurt at all anytime soon? Perhaps end of this year or end of 2020? 2 yrs? 5 yrs? The reason I mentioned that other wayshower’s comment was because it was something I remembered hearing after reading your article and I certainly hope it doesn’t last our entire life.

  • Wanted to share that a few days ago when I firmly landed on new location there was a crazy amount of psychic attack. Shouldn’t be surprised but.. It was small in design. All sorts of bombardment of images in the brain, nonstop machine gun style. I was given a vision of an eagle a day later flying right into the territory I’m in, he was gigantic. Crows or small black birds were going right at his head pecking hard relentless and it was knocking him a bit but not out of flight or onto the ground. I was worried he would crash! But I didn’t get the point, LOL. So, new vision came through with a female looking bird like a nightingale, again gigantic like Lord of the Rings eagle size, with the same thing going on at it’s head. I got the point that time! The power balance is changed. I know you know, as you discussed, two different worlds now. A month ago, I saw in a dream my mom staring at me, but something else was in her eyes, reminded me of a dragon. I knew it was extremely dangerous, it just looked at me. I yelled at “my mom” but it just kept looking at me intently. I knew it was powerful in nature and extremely destructive. It could’ve done so much, I could see it wanted to, but it just stared. It couldn’t do what it wanted. I feel healthy fear but I don’t feel powerless and I don’t focus on these things. It’s just odd. Guess I’m a big big big fat sore thumb and I’ve only just begun! Denise, I hope your heart is feeling peace. I pray your space has so lightened in this new time, world and light!! And Happy Independence to all and to all a good night! Onward upward folks, tally ho! 😄 😆

  • Hi. My deep down crappy attitude is from the pot being stirred and the deep old gunk is being scraped up. My sleep is deep. Some dreams touch higher nature and is finally reaching and penetrating my mundane sense of self. I figure I trashed myself in ingnorance for most of this life and have been working with true basic understanding for a very short time of 3 or 4 years. Old pain, anger, and hurt. In other words to keep expectation realistic. And the fact that I am so free from living in daily fear and terror! Its funny how fast we forget! And that I now have an inner expectation that Life is Good. By “life” I mean Source Life itself, not the world around me. Keep on keeping onward. One time I woke to “onward christian soldiers”! Im not religious. I felt it meant “battle stations”, to be on guard. Prepared. Hugs.

    • Good on ya Edith, we’ve ALL spent too much time in ignorance, but that’s changing. I love that your “dreams touch higher nature” sometimes. One of my recent (last 24 hours) dreams had people sitting or standing on stair steps in a regular house or building and they were listening to something I was saying from the base of the stairs. It dawned on me (after I woke) that these were the stair steps Denise has taught us about, and that the people on the stairs are aware of us coming up behind them. Boy, is that encouraging. Living free from daily fear and terror is a plus in anybody’s book, and 3 or 4 years working on understanding sounds like a commitment. Onward and upward! Barb K

  • Dear Denise and all,
    The energies today are so entirely different from the last cycle, that I feel really like another person. Visually, it seems so much sharper and brighter, the sun a warmer shade. The fruit trees this year are over abundant with fruit, more than can be used or even shared. The birds who normally feast on the fruit are few and not eating much,, perhaps they have already migrated to NE!? There’re fewer insects as well, except for the ever present ants! Beautiful Dragonflies do stop and visit, however. Our field is full of Sunflowers for seed this season, appropriately enough, every shade of yellow to red.
    My consciousness has slowed down and calmed and time seems irrelevant. When I am aware in my dreams now, I am divided; part of me is the ‘actress ‘ or instigator, the other part is the Director, and we ‘co-create’ the play together. Very often there are multiple ‘takes’: we try it this way and then another way, working through the storyline. We pause the action and then confer, and then, I as the actress, proceed into the dream without the knowledge that the Director is there watching. But I am much more aware of the overall and less emotionally involved in the experience, more observational and working towards an outcome.
    When I am in what I would call ‘5D reverie’, it is a much more visceral, full on emotional experience.
    My Guides say: “This is an opening to a new world, a world of Love and caring, sharing and Joy. Rejoice.!”
    I am so very glad that you’re doing well, Denise; you are the most beautiful beacon of Light; deep gratitude to you for your perseverance and wisdom.
    Love and Light to you and all,

  • Denise, your posts and others are really hitting home in my heart. I feel so relaxed right now and just trusting my high heart. Nothing seems to faze me right now. Anyway the song from Frozen…Let it go streams through me gently. Haha! At this moment anyway! Thank you for letting this site and gathering feel like home to me. I feel safe “here”. Love to you and all, Linda

    PS Deep dreams that I don’t remember but waking up feeling like All is well and accomplishing something I need to do.

  • Funny! I woke up this morning and thought: well 3D is really not too bad at all! Then I noticed a 4 inch green insect sitting on my head. It was a 4D insect so it was gone when I noticed it.

    • “Funny! I woke up this morning and thought: well 3D is really not too bad at all!”

      Careful Maria or you may find yourself there.

      • I am sorry I did not explain it very well.I pray every day that the ascension of the planet will happen soon. So when this thought came into my mind, I wondered where it came from. Then I saw a green mantis like insect sitting on my head and I understood he was sending the thought. I found it very funny, but “no thank you”. I have an ascension to catch.

  • I would like to ask you or anyone who can help me, about clearing for our selves and other. I don’t really know what that means? Anyways Ill make a long story short. I am the typical cat lady no less that 6 seven cats in my house. I keep a clean and spotless house too. I’m alone. Anyways few years ago I was forced into helping volunteers rescue kittens and cats in the woods around everyone’s houses. Then it became my job. Still did not want to do it but I couldn’t go on my day with out feeding no less that 50 wild cats and kittens within a mile of my house in the woods. Then I had to trap and neuter and take babies away from mommies to put up for adoption. I cried a lot, saving/rescuing one, does not make up for the other ten that didn’t make it, and I saw some horrors I can never forget.

    Any ways I am having thoughts, flashbacks and pictures in my head everyday of horrible animal cruelty towards little kitties , I want to leave this earth cause I cant take the pain of those things that pop up in my mind. I cant take the cruelty that goes on in this world. I am ULTRA SENSITIVE towards animals. As I’m sure most of us are. But it is too much for me… I have asked my higher self for help on this but she don’t talk back. I understand spirits come here to have an experience in duality , and that helps me to understand human suffering, but animals I Just cant take it anymore. I haven’t done rescuing for over a year but the visions are horrible. Is this all mine or the whole worlds? Is it karma from a past life… Please just make it stop.

    • Laura P.,

      I’m glad you’re not doing the “rescuing” cats/kittens anymore. You need to be focused on you because the more we evolve, the less those sorts of horrors will exist in the world.

      So many people don’t understand this and they continue perpetuating the old misery’s of humans and animals by throwing money at the problems and not really changing anything. The AP isn’t about that but about evolving beyond all of these old negative ways such as humans not valuing animals, Earth, Nature etc. etc. Evolve humans and all of these horrors disappear; activate HighHeart in people and all of these horrors disappear. Nothing else will solve these problems unless people and their consciousness evolve.

      There are phases were we’re ultra-sensitive to all of the negativity done to animals, Earth, Nature, humans, children etc. and it’s nearly unbearable. This morning — July 23, 2019 — I suddenly started crying for no reason and I realized that the energies are pushing us again, right in our hearts, which I sense is just the Lion’s Gate being felt by many of us a bit before it arrives physically. Anyway, you’ve got to release the memories, the wounds, the guilt, the anger, the repulsion and whatever else you feel over this cat/kitten issue Laura. Feel it, admit it to yourself and then send it all to Source/God with the intention that YOU become so evolved that that quickens the evolution of humanity so all negativity is ended on Earth. We Work for All. ❤ This will pass but it will do so quicker if you turn your pain into a Divine desire to end everything like this on Earth as quickly as possible, and the only way we can really do that is by each of us embodying more and more and/or Embodying more and more. ❤

    • Dear Laura, Recently I learned that many people and many animals are not real. They are generated by the 3D Matrix. Especially the ones who suffer a lot. The ones generated by the Matrix look like ordinary people and ordinary animals, but they are controlled by the Matrix. They act like they have feelings, but they don’t. You hardly can distinguish them from real people and real animals. They are especially used for horrible and painful experiences, because normal people and normal animals don’t want those experiences. I hope this helps. Love, Maria

  • Dear Denise and all here, hello! Again. 😊 Im in a funk. I don’t care. I’m lazy. Happy, no! Comfortable to sit on my ass all day and mentally float, read books, watch tv. Eat poorly. Sleeping great. Strange dreams. When awake am Angry. Or indifferent. Feel like there’s no point in any concern in life, ie gonna die in the end anyhow so eat up! Enjoy! Stop worrying, fixing, changing! I must add here that for most of my life the motivation was based on the unconscious belief, “I’m not good enough”, rather than an understanding of myself as a Sovereign Being of Energy and Spirit which is still a new Foundation. Wish I could say I KNOW. As I write Im realizing im done with the lifetime of forcing myself to change and conform to an idea of acceptable ascension ready spiritual self. God! And at the same time there is right relationship and choices to make! Grrrr! I want to say, Fuck It All. Chuck. IT. All. I mentioned I feel angy, right?😁 I want to and have been so rebellious. The other thing, the awareness I’ve awakened to (also too late and will take EFFORT TO CHANGE) is the price for the habitual daily routine of least resistance that has its hold on me. Im a little kid having a fit and getting what i want ie like ice cream for dinner every day, and my wiser self watches in helpless horror! And I Do It Anyway. (Its pasta. Not ice cream. Its pasta! Tons of pasta with butter, cheese, and garlic, and cheap frozen foods). And the longer I continue its harder to change back. Like losing muscle strength, another truth. I walk and stand all day at work but have become stiff and shuffle around at home till I unbend everything! And not eating wheat will make it stop and I don’t want to stop. And this attitude is reflected in my daily attitude. I WANT to be A Bitch! I want to give my higher self The Finger, basically. 🤗

  • Dear Denise,

    That was an amazing read as always.

    It feels like you healed a lot already and are vibrating so much higher.

    You honor us all by opening up about your journey. You are one of the most courageous people on Earth. Tears of gratitude and Love.

    I wondered about those who will go through an even harsher planet for another 26.000-year cycle or so but never thought about those who may endure this hell (or worse) for millions of years still. Wow… That will be hard.

    I rather having gone through this one excruciating Lightworker incarnation living in integrity and compassion, and that is so healed and peaceful now,  than selling out to the system and descend, or to give my energy away by focusing on their news, conspiracies, parasitic systems and have them choose my timeline.

    I do feel compassion but no unbalanced urge to rescue sovereign HUmans from their own experiences and choices though.

    I was on a ‘dream’ mission recently when New Light came in and the lowest-frequency dead people and interdimensional entities could not remain here anymore. They were locked in a floating station, waiting to be taken out of here through a portal in the sky.

    I intended to see things getting better in 2017 and it finally manifested. Some were screaming while others were freaking out.

    It was very disorientating to pass out here and suddenly be there with thousands of people moaning, yelling, pushing each other in a tight space. They were waiting for something and knowing their time was up but not what was coming next.

    They couldn’t see us as we vibrated higher than them. After they were gone, we quickly cleared that space and helped to close the gate.

    Recently, I learned that there are people that shouldn’t be helped even if they ask. I fell for a trap when someone projected vulnerability but it was about the old stealing energy tactic again. I felt it painfully in the Heart and I cried a lot but then healed quickly, like never before. The attack was just the tip of the iceberg. I had to be cracked open maybe for the last time to clear real deep core wounds.

    The dark’s intentions always backfire on them as we don’t fall down anymore. They help us instead.

    I feel like a whole new, more neutral and empowered being. I learned to not go ‘downstairs’ to the lower dimensions again, which can happen even online.

    Pain seems amplified, making me instantly stop and re-align. There is nothing out there for us anymore. It’s all so fake and repetitive but the inner world keeps getting richer and fulfilling.

    I feel emptied out for the 8/8 Lion’s Gate.

    I loved your description of ‘phasing in and out’ – in the comments. I felt that but could never find the right word as I am not an Earth sign and can’t be so grounded and clear as you can. You describe things so well, like First Everything-ers 😂.

    Will the 28% just phase out of here when the final separation happens you feel? I can’t ‘see’ anything beyond this year.

    This is such an interesting subject.

    There are so many things that happen that I want to come here and tell everyone, the only place we can truly open up. The problem with spiritual communities – I’ve found – are the leaders. You honor us and protect this space, accepting no bs. Unfortunately, real Leaders are so rare on Earth still. Many want to ‘lead’ but then watch injustices in the gatherings they created and turn a blind eye or do nothing, especially if they reached any level of power, money or fame.

    Thank you so much for your bravery and wisdom. Love you!

    Blessings to you and all kind people here. ✨💜💛💚💙❤💗

    • Denise, thanks for sharing some of your experiences with TD & your Mom, horrible as they were. I don’t know how you managed to write and post ANYTHING while facing constant attacks and taking care of her physical needs. Like Marta, I sense your rapid healing and rise in vibration in the aftermath.

      Hope things ease up for you now … no one should have to go through what you did, and for so long. Love the orange hearts on your site … love you!

      • Thanks Thelma. ❤ It's hard for me to review what all I've been through since 1999, and how everything was stacked against me and what I was here to do. And yet… 🙂

        I asked about this the other day and perceived, ‘Some of you set yourselves extra large and difficult obstacles during your personal Ascension Process and Mission Works just to prove to yourself that you’re far stronger and more powerful than this version of you has understood as yet.’ That deserves another 🙂

        • That’s really good, Denise … I had a vision of myself planning this life: “I know … I will give me a bunch of fear, terror even , to heal and I will make it even more challenging (growth producing?) by coming in autistic (not diagnosed until well into adulthood)” Sheesh … what was I thinking? It is no fun healing my own ego shit, past generations of worriers, and this stressed-out, fearful world. But your words give me strength, courage, and hope, Denise, that it will all be worth it in the end. Thank you. ❤❤

        • Denise, your perception seems spot on to me. You obviously took on the challenges in this lifetime INTENTIONALLY. Anyone who exposes TD and their tactics (and transmutes truckloads of their slime) is up for repeated attack and you have done this relentlessly.

          You have not only survived but continued with your Mission in spite of all the attempts to derail you. And you succeeded. Many of us would not have figured things out that easily without your insights and telling it like it is (horrible as much of it has BEEN). Thanks for all that you are and have done for humanity and the planet… it’s starting to feel like Mission Accomplished. Blessings to you & all here.

      • Denise is such a strong beacon and shining ever brighter.

        Thank you so much Wise Thelma. Love 🌈✨💜🙌👼

        • Marta, I enjoyed reading about your “dream mission” and other experiences. I think we’re all very curious about HOW we will be shifting out of all lower dimensions and how the long-awaited reality split will take place, though I know it’s been happening by degrees (and stair steps) and is accelerating now. Love to you.

        • Dear Thelma,

          That’s wonderful to know you liked it, thank you.

          It’s such a wonderful subject I am careful to not obsess about it, it’s not easy 😄.

          It is so true. All has shifted as social life, ‘normal work’, toxic family or anything 3d of the old paradigm is gone by now from my life too. It doesn’t even seem like the same life or I the same person.

          So much love back ✨💛🎵🌈💐

      • I loved your comment Thelma. Denise, it was difficult reading about your end-of-life experiences with your mother, but I am sure I and many more others reading and who have read them and your posts on this site are both learning and remembering through your words and lived life thus far. With all the messiness and brutality of the ascension process along with TD and everything else, you have no idea how much this sharing of the less than pristine world as is gives a light for others to feel understood and learn from. Well of course you do! But just a matter of speech. Your sharing and those of fellow commenters as well.

        • “With all the messiness and brutality of the ascension process along with TD and everything else, you have no idea how much this sharing of the less than pristine world as is gives a light for others to feel understood and learn from. Well of course you do!”

          That’s exactly why I’ve always shared the good, bad and the ugly about the AP from my First Everythinger’s firsthand experiences. It’s always pissed me off when other people have talked about the AP like it was an etheric angelic blissful thing when it’s been exactly the opposite. But, that’s how truth is intentionally distorted to confuse those who don’t know better.

          Turning a planet-sized septic tank run by psychopathic monsters into a Light-filled Crystalline planet with matching humans on it is has been a supremely dirty and dangerous JOB and my human angle wings have been scorched, caked in shit, broken multiple times and cursed by Team Dark. Thankfully that phase is nearly over now but not being honest about how hard, dark and dangerous it’s been doing this AP Work does a massive disservice to everyone. Even though the attacks feel profoundly personal when they’ve happened, it’s always been about Dark fighting what the Light has been doing because they don’t want any change at all. ❤ Too late however because it’s already happened! 😀

    • “The dark’s intentions always backfire on them as we don’t fall down anymore. They help us instead.”

      Marta I loved that! I just took a major blow, all part of major life change separation of world etc. The way it happened surprised me, but guidance told me that it had to be that way. That the way it went down is going to do something in the place I left that’s needed. I am glad it’s going to “backfire” and help many, though I’m not there anymore and sure as hell don’t want to be. Makes me smile in an other worldly sort of way! And I love being free of old and awful and sick things now. I love and I’m grateful to no longer feel responsibile. Past month 100% of time not tripped by anyone that didn’t get it dished right back to them, appears to be not permissible to trick me. Now. 😉

      • Sorry for what happened and I’m happy you’re are getting free. Thank you for sharing.
        May the good people be free 🙏👐🌈🐬

  • Denise this is hard for me to ask but is it possible for our own spouse of over 20 yrs to be a portal person? I only ask cause my husband is overly narcissistic..yet I have pointed out his tactics and he still persists so unawaringly..it’s almost laughable at this point..but if I laugh ohhh he would just try different tactics…not any left though when you remember you are not a victim and he’s just an unawakened asswipe😂

    • “Denise this is hard for me to ask but is it possible for our own spouse of over 20 yrs to be a portal person? I only ask cause my husband is overly narcissistic..”

      Michelle & All,

      Yes unfortunately, he can be used as a Portal Person as can just about everyone else.

      The more my mom’s dementia advanced over the years, so too did her becoming increasingly open to negative entities. They took advantage of this to not only use and torment her but to have direct access to me through her and make my life as miserable as they could. I had many face-to-face heated conversations with one of these negative entities using her body. It was astonishing to watch her entire personality (and eyes and face) change into something very cruel, hateful and nonhuman. (Over the decades I’ve had many direct conversations, arguments etc. with ancient and high-ranking negative aliens, demons and other low negative entities so none of this is new or shocking to me.) Over those years I did everything I knew to do to energetically protect her from this, and in turn protect myself from attacks done through her, but very little actually helped. The activity would slow down for a few days or weeks but would return and we’d both be under attack again. She was oblivious to all this, and most everything else, because of her being in the end-stages of dementia, but I was not, not for a minute.

      There is no one that I’m aware of that has more knowledge, and it’s extensive!, about all things Team Dark as I call all negative aliens, entities, humans, Portal People, devices and tactics etc. than Lisa Renee. She’s created an Ascension Glossary that’s very helpful. Here’s a link to what she calls ‘Negative Ego’ and all of the other levels and manifestations of it in humans and why.


      In the article I’m working on now, I’m including a section about what you’ve described about your husbands utter lack of awareness about himself and his actions, words and so on. This is seen almost every day on TV with our pres. Agent Orange, and all the others just like him in the Descending world. There’s been many different people who’ve written Comments here who do this too. They write something in their Comment(s) and if I call them on it they deny what they just said, and it’s in writing in a Comment or multiple Comments! I have physical proof of what they’ve said publicly, and one person that did this even wrote a second Comment admitting everything I’d said she did and then she attacked me for accusing her of doing it! 😐 Some of these people just try to get away with as much infantile negative ego shit as they can, but others are honestly unaware that they are seriously fucked up mentally, emotionally, psychically and energetically and say and do things that they’re not even consciously aware of. Again, Lisa Renee has written extensively about this and all similar related things and why. The narcissism level is deeper into the Negative Ego which is where many of the ‘72%’ of humanity is now. I’ll try to get my article done asap about this and other related things.

      Depending on how dedicated you are to your AP, you may find that you can only go so far with your husband and his condition, his lack of living the Ascension Process. Most of us are alone and have been since the AP started on the physical (1998-1999) for this very reason. The change in the energies in my house, my life, my day-to-day reality has improved tremendously since my mom died at the end of June 2019. I know how horrible that may sound to some people, but unless you’ve lived, for many years, with a situation with another person whose wide open and being used by Team Dark entities to get at you, then you know it’s not a horrible statement at all but the truth. There’s more to this in my case with my mom that I may include in my next article, maybe. Anyway, freedom from these types of situations, energies and entities is wonderful so don’t rule out divorce. Be strong and be wise because this most likely won’t get any better with him because he’s not ascending. ❤

      • Thank you Michelle and Denise for addressing this here; it describes my situation at home as well. I’ve observed much more “acting out” recently which makes sense since TD is in their last throes. It sure brings the separation of worlds up close and personal. I bet lots of people are dealing with this. I’m finding that staying in neutral observer mode helps immensely and am also taking steps to physically separate.

        • Thank you so much Denise, appreciate you responding, your honesty and sincerity.❤ Reading about your experiences with your Mom I was reminded of the last few yrs esp. of my husband’s rage outburst sessions where his eyes appeared black..soulless as if something had taken over him. I have seen this happen countless times with my own toxic mother and voyeuristic father as well. So thank you cause there’s my answer. And no not cruel at all..I understand the peace and freedom you feel and speak of after your Mom’s passing. Not being in contact (no contact physically, low contact texting only) with my mom for 2yrs nor her flying monkeys of the family feels relieving and peaceful to my whole being, no sadness. I feel the same when hubby is at work all day or sleeping..basically just quiet in general😂 yes I’m realizing now I can only go so far with my own AP as long as I remain in this stagnant relationship..divorce has indeed been on my mind recently, esp. since our thankfully awakened (‘crystal child’) son is on the brink of turning 16 and would be less of a battle court wise with a narcissistic personality. Thank you for your safe haven here to express❤ and thank you Debbie and Lyndal for chiming in also☺ Yes lawd knows the neutral observer role or gray rock method does help..not always here but mostly thank God/dess..in hindsight he and my birth family have given me much practice mastering that so bless them on their journey😄 Love, strength, peace, blessings of NEW NEVER ENDING FREEDOM Denise and all here!💖🌟✨💫💞

    • Thankyou all for talking about this exact topic. Yes, I am in it to, like someone else said, I’m watching the ‘separation’ on a personal level, and yes, getting ready for my exit point!!! It has been full on, since December last year, I didn’t or wasn’t ready at that point to exit, but now is the time. The attacks have been horrific, stay in your heart, it will lead you out! Much love and strength to you all who are going through this. Time to ‘go home’. Whatever that may look like on this earth, but I’m absolutely certain it’s going to be a damn side better than where I am today!! Xxxx

  • Today, in broad daylight just afternoon, I walked my dog as I have for 2 years. Out of no where a pit bull ran up on us from behind. No collar, no leash no person with it. Attacked my leashed and licenced dog. I screamed bloody murder for help. I got it. A motorist and a lady older than me. The older lady I thought owned the dog because she grabbed that red zone pit biting my dogs neck. To no avail. Let me say my dog is ok. Puncture wounds pain meds and antibiotics.
    Another lady driving by contained that dog. I couldn’t do it it it with all I had and sprained my ankle.
    Let’s cut to the chase, this dog according to all who gathered to help has attacked 2 other dogs in the past few WEEks. The dog is owned by a homeless woman currently residing up the street. Well that’s a conundrum. So is the idea that animal welfare returned it to her after previous encounters. Well let me twist your noodle a little more and say I was assaulted by a homeless person in may. He Broke my nose. He walks free as no one knows who he is. But I do. He’s friends with the owner of the house where the pit bull lives. If you call me crazy then you call me dead. One final thought, at the vets today on Sunday the doc said it was the fifth dog attack victim today. She was wondering what was on the air. Thank you for letting me rant.

  • Denise, can you help me reconcile something?

    It’s so uplifting and empowering to read your various comments here about the old cleaning up work (I’ll call it “toilet transmuting” for shorthand, ha) being DONE. Your response to Maria encouraging all of us to honestly consider what/who is interfering with moving into the NEW and naturally allowing ourselves to move into the NEW anyway really spoke to me. I’d had weird dreams that I can’t remember, but it felt related to a heaviness this weekend and a general feeling of sadness and paralysis. So, reading your encouragement helped me move out of that today and focus on creating something I’ve been feeling wanting to come into form. I can tell I need to be more mindful about intentionally doing what you said.

    Here’s the thing I’m wondering about. As we continue to pathpave and embody the new energies, is there an ongoing transmutation work that’s different from the now-done “toilet transmuting”? For example, when big new waves of energy and light codes come in, it feels like it triggers whatever is in me that is not yet in alignment so that I can witness it, change the story, release, integrate the new, etc. Like old fears or PTSD or sadness or whatever. Sometimes the severity of my emotional reaction to a trigger feels like it’s not just MY own stuff that I’m transmuting. Like maybe I’m helping to heal collective stuff surfacing with each NEW wave as part of the pathpaving, to make it easier for someone who does this in the next wave.

    I’m not sure if I’m explaining my question well. But as I go forward doing this honest considering you mentioned, I thought it would be helpful to understand more clearly the current role as opposed to the old role that is now DONE. Thanks for reading and for any insights you might have. ❤️

    • “Sometimes the severity of my emotional reaction to a trigger feels like it’s not just MY own stuff that I’m transmuting. Like maybe I’m helping to heal collective stuff surfacing with each NEW wave as part of the pathpaving, to make it easier for someone who does this in the next wave.”


      Not everyone was on ‘toilet transmuting’ duty because not everyone was needed to do that particular energy Work back then. After it however more people were able to, as you’ve accurately sensed, transmute for the human Collective in a more general way which helps free-up everyone to move more quickly and comfortably into a bit more of the NEW higher energies, Light, codes etc.

      Many of us doing this phase of transmuting for the Collective does often feel to us like the stuff we’re feeling, reacting to is our own stuff when in fact it isn’t ours at all but is totally coming from the very human Collective we’re clearing. But, when one runs energies through one’s body and self it FEELS and seems very much like it’s yours and mine but it’s not because we’ve already transmuted the majority of our own personal stuff. This is another area where discernment and personal honesty with ourselves is vital so one doesn’t get confused over what they’re FEELING in their bodies and emotions that isn’t even yours but other peoples past stuff.

      And let’s keep this honest and real and add that this transmuting for the Collective is NOT limited to this physical human dimension and world. Many of us are also transmuting, therefore FEELING things on Galactic and Universal levels that are directly connected to everything else and very much going through this Ascension Process too. We are multidimensional transmutors capable of transmuting related stuff on Milky Way Galactic levels and Universal levels too. The more each of us Embodies (capital E), the more we’re capable of FEELING and being conscious of far, far more of the other players across the Galaxy and Universe since the start of this past Evolutionary Cycle. That’s saying a lot!

      Honestly, I know some of you can FEEL the super ancient battles and struggles, the pains and disappointments, the successes, the joy, the NEW freedoms that have been and are currently happening in the higher dimensions with the Ascension Process on Galactic and Universal levels. You, me, we are up there too, not just down here seemingly isolated in physicality Working the AP and EP processes. We’re Working it from all over the place! ⭐ ❤

      • Thank you, Denise! That was really helpful. No wonder everyone’s exhausted. 🤣😘

        If I may ask a follow-up— is the main purpose of discerning whether the ick is mine or not so that I can stay more conscious and in my power during the transmuting (and hopefully do it more easily)? Just making sure there’s not some other awesome workaround or shortcut I’m missing here. I mean, even if it’s the Collective ick, the way out is still through, right?

        • “I mean, even if it’s the Collective ick, the way out is still through, right?”

          Absolutely Kara, always through it.

          Another aspect of this is about our becoming more conscious about our emotional and energetic Neutrality. The ick isn’t ours but other people’s and yet we’re not emotionally attached to it because it’s not ours. It’s just more Work that we do but we’re doing it in a state of Neutrality, and most of the time we’re not even thinking about what we’re doing, we just do it and move on to the next thing and the next thing and so on. What was ours had more ego attached to it but transmuting the Collective’s stuff is just Work that needs to be done and we’re far more Neutral with that than we were with our own stuff/issues/wounds/karma etc. ❤

  • I was hoping that the final separation would occur on January 12, 2020. You are saying that we will be here through 2020. Meaning, we’ll be here during that horrible election year; it seems too horrible to bear.

    • Gerry & All,

      No I’m not saying that we’ll all still be “here” throughout 2020. Holy shitcakes I can barely cope with it right now today! 😥

      Don’t get too attached to dates or a day or days or time-limits etc. Like Master Hotei said to me long ago, ‘Leave the door to eternal possibilities wide open always.’

      I’m working on an article about some of these issues but am still having to deal with life and these potent EP side effects. Very simply, when the one and only (super important fact there everyone) Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn (physical reality) happens to the exact degree I mean on January 12, 2020, THAT means that the entire NEW codes, NEW templates, NEW blueprints for all of humanity and physical reality etc. etc. etc. will be activated fully for mass humanity. 😀

      This also means that NONE of the old pre-ascension codes, the codes that Team Dark seriously fucked with to intentionally turn humanity into walking dead zombies for thousands of years, and all of the global old patriarchal energies, systems, consciousness etc., will exist or can exist or co-exist with or in the NEW ascended codes for humanity and Earth in this NEW Evolutionary Cycle. None. So those people that can embody these coming 1-12-2020 NEW mass codes for NEW humanity — we of course are embodying and Embodying them right now in 2019 because we ALWAYS do everything first so it’s all anchored into physical reality and the NEW Earth Libraries and more. This is another reason why we hurt more than most people because there’s been no one whose done this before us to soften it, buffer it, anchor it into physical reality and the NEW codes. We do that.

      I’ll try to get something written about all this and how horrible it is now anyway for most of us and why and so on.

  • I had another kind dream about postponing ascension. I dream that I am almost ready to ascend. I only have to get rid of some tiny things and then I can move up. I never find out what I have to get rid of. I search for a few days. What do I have to let go? Is it this or that? Before I realize it is just an excuse to discourage me. Maybe this type of dream is familiar too for more people.

    • “Before I realize it is just an excuse to discourage me.”

      That’s it exactly Maria and I’m so glad you sensed that about it. Well done you. ❤

      Everyone, we've been talking lately about how many First Everythingers/Forerunners have been having dreams over the past couple of months about their old jobs transmuting old lower energies, residual energetic etheric and physical stuff and junk created by humanity. This has, for many of us, taken the form of dreaming about HAVING to clean out public bathrooms that are unbelievably filthy, nasty and repulsive. I've been repeatedly talking about this only to stress the importance for all First Everythingers/Forerunners etc. to fully realize that that time and those ascension related JOBS are completely over now. We now have NEW ascension related jobs and Mission Work and it has nothing whatsoever to do with transmuting and cleaning up old negativity created by humanity across time.

      That Work is over for all of us now.

      And because that Work is over for ALL of us now, it’s exactly why many of us have recently (April-July 2019) had dreams about the need to do more of it and/or that we’re almost ready to ascend but not quite yet. I ask all of you to honestly consider who or what it is that’s currently slowing or trying to stop your Ascension Process with these types of derailment tactics, fears, lies, confusion and bullshit? I am so familiar with this negative tactic that it’s very easy for me to spot but that’s not the point. The point is for each of YOU to learn to spot it when you’re encountering it no matter whose causing it. It could be old lower Team Dark, it could be some of your own old lower doubts about what you have or haven’t done in yourself and so on. But I ask you ALL to honestly consider every time you doubt or hesitate to allow yourselves to naturally move on into more of the higher NEW now.

      We’re all feeling the Separation of Worlds Shift, it’s impossible to not see and feel at this point! I understand the confusion and self-doubt and what’s going to happen? thoughts and feelings most everyone has about all this. What I do know about all this is that we’re still First Everythingers and Forerunners, in this Separation Shift too. 🙂 We go first because it’s who we are and what we do for ALL everywhere on Earth and beyond.

      So no matter who or what it is that’s trying to derail or sidetrack or trick you into not ascending/evolving any further than you already have — and everyone please know that you already are in a fifth dimensional, 5D level right now! — that it’s just ghosts and monsters from the past trying to keep you from going up the next NEW energy Stair-steps. Why? Because it will change everything instantly and more so than anything that’s happened already within the Ascension Process. And that is why there’s been some hesitation, some self-doubts, some old Team Dark tactics to keep us in etheric bathrooms cleaning up humanities shit and filth when that phase of our Work ended some time ago. The Lion’s Gate energies are about to kickoff (starting July 25-26th thru August 12th) more NEW energies for the rest of 2019 and all of 2020, which means we all are needed to be PRESENT and in this Now Moment to embody and Embody those coming NEW energies and codes and what they’ll bring for each of us and all else. This is important everyone so put down your old Cleaning Tools and self-doubts because that old job is over and NEW ones are replacing them now. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Denise! Thank you so much for this comment coming through right now. I read a post this morning by one of the few others I continue reading and it seemed very off. And it wasn’t easy to shake it off either.

        A few weeks ago I had a dream that I was visiting a pristine house and water was pouring in from the ceiling and when I thought, oh I should clean that, it turned to mud and then I looked away and when I looked back, it was gone and sitting near by was a beautiful soccer team with gleaming smiles, it seemed telling me it was all taken care of. 🙂 Also, I loved everyone talking about having to clean your spaces when people have entered it…for years I have physically moved the furniture around especially after a break up or if someone not so nice had come inside. I always thought, ooh, I don’t want them to have a picture of how I am living!! Haha. Thank you for your perfect timing!! ❤

        • 10tinbluebirds,

          You’re in a ‘pristine house’ — ascended NEW Earth — and there was ‘water pouring in from the ceiling’ — this was probably indicating the NEW Aquarian Age cosmic waters flowing down on Earth and humanity from the Milky Way Galactic Center (GC) which is represented by the Aquarian jug. The second you thought there was something “wrong” because of the clear waters flowing down into that “house”, it turned muddy — it went old 3D because that’s what we’re all so familiar with! 😉 Your ‘nearby beautiful soccer team with gleaming smiles’ probably represented to you the entire First Everythingers/Forerunners Team Light. That one deserves another wink! 😉 🙂 And yes dearest, it’s all been taken care of’. Such great dreams everyone. ❤

          I want to thank you for being so honest with yourself and in your Comment about how something someone else said/wrote recently that you ‘continue reading’ seemed ‘very off’ to you. That is so very important. There’s too much at stake to blindly follow anyone or anything. Always use your own discernment and inner senses and Higher Awareness etc. with everything and everyone no matter what, or who it is. The fact that you sensed this from a person/teacher you have trusted is a huge deal and clearly shows that YOU are getting better and better at knowing for yourself what information is correct and what isn’t. And, this can be in just one sentence in a paragraph or page but the important thing is that YOU felt it, YOU perceived it and did NOT override it because you have benefited from that person/teacher before. No harm done, you just caught something that you sensed was incorrect, which is also why it felt bad to you and took you some time to ‘shake it off’. Very well done you. ❤

        • 10tinbluebirds, Your dream reminds me of an actual physical experience I had not too long ago. My kids called me into the room to tell me one of our pets had peed on the mattress on the floor (it’s in a playroom, not a bedroom so no one sleeps on it, but c’mon you know?!). After seeing the wet spot, it was clear it had to be our dog who did it because it was too big for a cat to have done it. And at first I was SO mad. Why would our dog pee on the bed? She’s never done that before. And dammit, I just didn’t want to CLEAN IT UP! I felt myself starting to rage, so I took a time out to have a private conversation with my inner divinity, so I wouldn’t spiral. My wise self asked me “how do you really want to deal with this?” and I said “honestly, I don’t want to deal with THIS at all!” So my wise self, said “Put as little effort into this as possible and see what happens.” That felt GREAT to me. So I just covered it up with a towel and surrendered it to the Christ within to take care of, and went about my business. Honestly, I thought I’d just take care of it when I’d calmed down a little.

          Lo and behold, when I went to take care of it a couple of hours later it was GONE. No pee, no stain, no wetness, no smell at all. And anyone who has pets knows that pee stains don’t just disappear, especially from a BIG DOG. I was amazed and called in the whole family to see the stain that WAS NOT THERE. My wise self then told me to make room for things that don’t make any “Earthly” sense (in 3D terms anyway) and that it really CAN be this easy going forward.

          Part of me even thinks that it wasn’t my dog that did this (or any other animal or child) but it could have been an etheric trick (Denise, didn’t you have something like this with shit stains on the floor?!) just to rile me up and piss me off (no pun intended). Thankfully, I calmed myself down before taking the bait…and it was just magically taken care of. Bery, bery interesting times we are in ~ that’s for sure!

          And Denise, I can’t hear it enough when you say: THE WORK IS OVER. YES! AMEN! IT IS!

        • “Thankfully, I calmed myself down before taking the bait…and it was just magically taken care of. Bery, bery interesting times we are in ~ that’s for sure!”

          Kate Street,

          Thank you for sharing this particular personal experience with us all here at HHL. It was a very important and educational experience. I’ve had many of these types too, increasingly so over the past couple of years, which has been educating me about not only being emotionally Neutral and as you so correctly called it, ‘taking the bait’. These types of experiences are also teaching us about Consciously Creating from our HighHearts and not being reactionary in that old familiar external way of struggling with something in external reality. 5D is much more fluid and flexible, just like what you’ve described in your something pissed on the bed experience and then it “magically” disappearing on its own because YOU refused to ‘take the bait’ and go external and clean it up. I hope everyone is grasping this NEW to us all type of how we now can deal with certain things in physical external reality vs. how we all used to in the old lower frequency, lower consciousness 3D ways. This one indeed needs to happen to us a few times before we get the hang of how to Work with the NEW in these NEW higher ways.

          Yes Kate, it was at another house in my mom’s bedroom years ago. A small pile of poop appeared on the floor very close to her chest-of-drawers. We only had one cat back then and he had never ever ever pooped outside his litter box. That plus the location of it just didn’t make physical sense to me. Back then it felt like another Team Dark stunt and not what you’re talking about here.

          Thanks again for sharing this because it’s important and many of these types of 5D “anomalies” are really hard to communicate unless one has experienced it themselves. Our talking about them only helps everyone. ❤

          Just loved your term ‘my wise self’. ❤ ⭐

        • Thanks Denise for the reply and for elaborating on my experience. I felt as if that person had been kind of hijacked briefly in an attempt to broadcast more fear. After I read your comment, I ran into a friend and a wasp was flying around us, which I pointed out. She said, oh! they sense fear, so I heard if you just send them love they won’t bother you because they will just feel calm coming from you. ❤ And, Kate Street that's an amazing story! I wish I had that kind of magic stain remover!! I don't share everything that goes on in my world because no one has time for that and I try to be positive, but I started noticing this spring a new ability to stay neutral sometimes when in the midst of usually provoking sorts of experiences. I am not there all the time, but when I am it's pretty great. I did notice once recently though, that while my mind was staying calm, my physical self seemed to be experiencing the onset of a panic/anxiety attack. (I felt like my throat was super restricted and I think you all have mentioned this recently. Sort of choking/smothering sensation?) Denise, is this to be expected? Or am I so practiced at "leaving my body" that I'm just doing that again? Some of my previous life experiences make this a fine line for me to discern.

  • Speaking of bathrooms…..My mother died December 1995 at the age of 87. As far back as I can remember, she regularly complained “Why am I always having dreams of dirty bathrooms?” Could she have been transmuting darkness then?

    • It’s a possibility Gerry, or she was becoming increasingly consciously aware of how filthy humanity and Earth had become energetically and physically due to Team Dark’s actions.

      Some of our Pluto in Cancer parents (the WWII adults) were Blue Rays, Starseeds, old Soul Mystery School Initiates etc. who helped Pathpave in their small ways to help us, their children, the Pluto in Leo Baby Boomers to do what we’ve done with slightly less crap to deal with. Stair-steps. 🙂

  • Hi Denise and all, does anyone here experience this weird symptom: it all begins with a yawn. The yawns keep coming and progress in duration and intensity. The back of my throat feels like there is all kinds of movement from the glands up to pallet level. I begin to feel tiny jabs or as if I inhaled minute substances that hit the back of my throat causing the need to cough. Now this becomes combined with the deep intense yawns with which I must make those deep verbal sounds. (Sounds no one appreciates)to reach that deep level of yawn expression and release per each yawn. Usually it’s just the throat alone. I experienced this last night at work and yawning till my eyes teared up while having the strange throat cough at the same time! My coworker was like, “Are u alright?!!” This experience lasted at least 2 hours. Is this just me?😳☺

    • Edith,

      I went through a phase a few years ago of sneezing repeatedly which is something I’ve never done my entire life. I’d maybe sneeze once a year, but during that time I’d suddenly sneeze 5,10, 15 times in a row. Very strange. And at times I’d also experience the sneezing and a sense that I was going to vomit along with coughing. It was like everything was malfunctioning at the same time and my body was struggling to expel something or clear it but the internal “wiring” was crossed so all these bodily functions were malfunctioning for a while! Really strange but it stopped a couple of years ago.

      On top of that I’ve also had — which for many years I thought was menopause related and it probably was ALONG WITH the AP side effects — a very dry throat. If I exert myself at all my throat instantly dries up which causes it to feel every minuscule thing I’m breathing in like dust, pollen’s etc. Add to that the whole Crystalline business and I’m not surprised by any of these or any other strange side effects from us embodying more and more Crystalline energies and NEW coded LIGHT. We’ve been in transition from one state, frequency and dimension to much higher ones since 1999 so there’s just going to be some really strange stuff happening now and again! 😉

    • HI Edith I too have some kind of throat sounds going on. People tell me I’m snoring when I’m Quietly just sitting there with my mouth closed reading some thing. Somethings going on with my breathing seems like I can breathe out my ears. And the pig snort yawning has to stop. My sister yells at me when we are out to dinner. I don’t even notice it anymore. or maybe I just don’t care.

      • Laura, I’m sitting here by myself, laughing hysterically, because my whole cranium sounds like Jack Pumpkinhead when I knock on it, and my ears do loud creaking/adjustment sounds, which fortunately no one else can hear, unless my neck cracks loudly all on its own. We are really entertainment aren’t we?

        • For Laura. I didn’t mean to sound ‘flip’ about the cranial situation. I understand that the cranial plate shifts affect the entire rest if the body, enabling openings for more light and much pain, which is happening with me, especially today. Some places in my body are a great big ‘ouch’.

  • Dear Denise and everyone, I hope you’re all well. Thank you for sharing about your experience with your mother. I had tears when you first mentioned it in a comment and felt the heaviness lift of that entire situation when you shared about both of your freedom. Felt happy knowing you shifted into more embodiment. I too felt everyone gone, but Denise I/we didn’t go anywhere. I’m here to go all the way (ain’t goin’ no where! haha), and I’m sure many others here are with you as well. 🙂 ❤ Also, I'm glad the human death system has been returned to an organic Divine Source system and how there is now an assistant that accompanies, thank you for sharing that!

    Everything in this article is check, check, and check. Everything does feel surreal, fluid and strange. And I can relate to not being able to relate to most of the people in the lower frequency Earth world at this point as well. I too have had the digestive stuff show up this past week starting several days before the July Lunar eclipse. Also been having daily non-stop head pains/aches/pressures/migraines since after the July 2 eclipse which has eased up somewhat for now for the past few days. Another symptom I wanted to share which I haven't seen mentioned yet is intense itchy palms and soles (right in the center). Been having this daily for 2.5 years now. Entire 2017 started off with one foot sole every night, 2018 was the other foot sole and now 2019 I've been having this on both palms non-stop even during the day. Not only itchy but at times I can feel some heat/energy and it can kind of hurt at times, something must be activating/going on in those spots.

    Denise you mentioned washrooms, and although this is something I had always been seeing on and off, I hadn't seen one of those dreams in quite some time now till this July. Had one the first week, and another one the 2nd week. What shocked me the most was the 2nd one where I saw a washroom with 3 stalls. They were all dirty but one had a window in it and was the least dirtiest, the middle stall had no natural lighting but did have some ceiling lights and was even more dirtier. The last stall was the darkest, very dim lighting could barely see anything and was the dirtiest. And by filthy I mean if one saw this in real they'd run several miles in the opposite direction. The toilet was all black with grime and mold, there was feces/urine/blood everywhere. The thing that disturbed me upon waking up was the realization that out of the 3 stalls I walked into the darkest/dirtiest one. Why would I have chosen that one?

    Also is it possible for an unaware person (nor interested in any of this AP/EP process) to experience any of this? Made me wonder as I learned of someone also experiencing those sharp few seconds pinpoint pains all over their body, itchy palms/soles, also has been always seeing dirty washroom dreams, etc etc yet they are not actively involved in this process?

    Yesterday night for the first time in my life I saw fireflies/lightning bugs, hundreds of them. Had heard about them as a child but never saw them, nor knew they existed where I live. I was walking by and happened to catch their flashing light show. It was so magical I was awestruck and made my entire being light up with joy. I found it interesting how they communicate with each other via light language sequences and how they produce 100% of energy/light within their own body. Definitely confirmation for what is happening to me/you/us as well!!! Absolutely beautiful.

    • “Denise you mentioned washrooms, and although this is something I had always been seeing on and off, I hadn’t seen one of those dreams in quite some time now till this July. Had one the first week, and another one the 2nd week. What shocked me the most was the 2nd one where I saw a washroom with 3 stalls. They were all dirty but one had a window in it and was the least dirtiest, the middle stall had no natural lighting but did have some ceiling lights and was even more dirtier. The last stall was the darkest, very dim lighting could barely see anything and was the dirtiest. And by filthy I mean if one saw this in real they’d run several miles in the opposite direction. The toilet was all black with grime and mold, there was feces/urine/blood everywhere. The thing that disturbed me upon waking up was the realization that out of the 3 stalls I walked into the darkest/dirtiest one. Why would I have chosen that one?”

      Prabhi K,

      Your latest dream about these three main public toilet stalls and their three different levels of filth is such a perfect symbol of the three main Earth worlds now. (1) Is the Earth world with the symbolic “window” in it and has the least amount of human filth in it. The “window” is letting organic LIGHT into it which is why it’s the cleanest of all three. (2) Is another Earth world, your symbolic middle stall with only overhead inorganic light and more filth and (3) is the Descending Earth world, your last stall that was the darkest and had the most feces/urine/blood everywhere.

      You asked why you would have chosen the third most filthy stall and I’d say it’s because you are a natural energy transmutor like so many Forerunners are. That does NOT mean however that you Prabhi or anyone else is still needed to go back into any of those lower frequency Earth worlds and continue energetically “Cleaning”, transmuting what’s been created by other people. That time is over for the First Everythingers and Forerunners so please release yourselves from that past Mission Work for humanity because continuing to do it now in 2019 is only keeping you from doing your NEW Works here. We are all retired from our old jobs of cleaning up and transmuting past filth for others. It’s theirs to deal with now and hopefully learn from and decide to evolve beyond.

      And to have your unpleasant dreams followed with the fireflies/lightning bugs experience in THIS Earth world should tell you where you are and why you saw them now; you exist in the LIGHT because you are the LIGHT and you Work in that Earth world now for yourself and any others who arrive at a later time. Thanks for sharing your dreams and what followed them with us all. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Yes Denise, I realized the organic light vs artificial lights vs dim/no lights in addition to the increasing amounts of filth. But didn’t relate it back to the main 3 Earth worlds now, wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

        Has anyone experienced or is currently experiencing itchy sensations (right in the center) of their hands and feet on palms/soles of feet where the arch is?

        • Wow, Prabhi K and Denise! What an interesting dream and interpretation. I loved the fireflies showing up. Where I live (Midwest U.S. in Iowa), we have fireflies or lightning bugs all summer in our backyard. It always feels magical, but now I’ll have even more wonderful associations with them.

          I have been having itchies randomly on my head for awhile but not hands/feet.

          Love to all!

        • Prabhi K

          Oh yes, my palm of the left hand has been itching so strongly for about a month. Fortunately it isn’t a constant thing. I wonder if it itches since I am left handed. The top side of my foot arches are also so itchy at times that I have to put lotion on.


        • Hello Kara and Jerry,
          Thank you for sharing! Yes, after my initial encounter with fireflies near a waterfall, I saw them again a few times and also near the lake. 🙂

          Wow Jerry, glad to know I’m not the only one with itchy palms/feet arches. I just wanted to clarify when I said non-stop I meant on a daily basis and not non-stop as in 24/7. It fluctuates throughout the day just as any other symptoms where some hours I may hardly notice it, then other times (sometimes up to several hours) where I can feel either or a combination of tingling/pulsing energy/heat/itching ranging from mild to other times intense/and pain at times if the energy is strong.

  • Yr article syncronistic… you mention, thoth, a sirian, building a 6d template of the pyramid. Today in earth plan. Lisa renee has article saying thoth works for team dark. This does not sit well with me.. he , to me embodies, the sirian 6d understanding, of what puts the order, into our universe. Ie the way planets move round our sun, forming patterns, that aid us. The absolute order inherent, in creation. The eclipse was. Moon conjunct pluto….”MIGHTY” BEAUTIFUL, clearing, more density…l i think we all sensing, wonderful changes, occuring leading to jan 2020…. yes it so hard going into 3d now. I dont. Get food delivered, via tinternet. Go fab peace garden to ground. Even dentist, who causing chaos has left. So that resolving…. i think my inner child, feels expectant. Like we did as a child, at xmas or birthday. Feeling wonder, at current light codes helping us embody that. Denise you mention changes, happen. I agree. Feel like jan 2020, is last chance at mo to get on as wave. Thanks article.

    • “Yr article syncronistic… you mention, thoth, a sirian, building a 6d template of the pyramid.”

      Lin h.,

      There you go again and for the last time at HighHeartLife.

      Listen very closely to me Lin h. because this shit will not continue with you here. I NEVER said in this article or ANY other article that the 6D Sirian I’ve known from thousands of years ago, and have a portrait of him in my book and at TRANSITIONS, that he was Thoth! You know why I’ve never said that Lin h? Because it’s not true, it’s some BS you just decided to say or some misunderstanding on your part or a mind slide as Lisa Renee calls them or whatever.

      “Today in earth plan. Lisa renee has article saying thoth works for team dark. This does not sit well with me..”

      Well Lin, you don’t sit well with me so there you go. Good luck to you.

  • Hi Denise, Great article. I start every day making a connection with all the benevolant beings that are helping with the ascension and asking for it to come NOW. I have been assured that it is coming. I saw a long rope with balls that were strung on it like a necklace. I think it means that the events leading up to it have been set into motion. I will be so happy to wake up one morning and see a different world. Hold on people, you are all needed very much.
    Love, Maria

  • Hi Denise and fellow LightFolks!

    What you say about dream time reminded me of some of mine so I wanted to share what I’ve been experiencing lately, they all seem to have a common theme of the Separation that is happening now.

    In one, I’m (Its supposed to be me but I am younger and I’m a different race than I am in this reality) in a “holding” station with some other people, it has a bunch of spaces with hobbies so that we’re not too bored; various craft types like sewing, painting, wood working, and there is a door that says NOT AN EXIT, DO NOT ENTER. At first I ignore it, but after what feels like an eternity of the same old boring routine, I say I had enough and go through. Instantly find myself in a different dimension, it’s nighttime and I’m on a sidewalk of tree lined block of houses when suddenly a glowing orb appears, it looks just like an atom with those three rings around it. It gets larger and larger, and the rings are spinning furiously as it goes higher and higher into the night sky and explodes. Then I find myself back in the holding station.

    Another dream has me and my husband inside a large skyscraper. He decides he wants to go down and before I know it, he’s taken the elevator and he’s gone. I search and search for this phantom elevator and it’s not there, instead I see a slide and there are people hopping on and falling off of it, screaming on their long way down. I take my phone out to ask my husband where the elevator is located and it’s the darnedest thing, I don’t have him in my contact list and I don’t remember what his phone number is. I’m stressing and stressing until I realize I’m not meant to go down. Instantly I calm down in my dream and I wake up.

    Just thought it would be fun to share what we’re all doing in our dreamscapes.

    Your article about everything is spot on, as always Denise. And as always I love you and all of the lovely folks here!

    • Jain Lee, Denise & All,

      Interesting dreams you had about separation / timelines …. I had two dreams this week that seem related to each other. In the first, I was entering a hotel lobby, pushing a heavy trolley of assorted baggage (all sizes, shapes) piled up on the LOWER level of the trolley. Hotels normally represent “temporary spaces” and this may have to do with helping to move “baggage” (limiting beliefs/patterns) from the lower collective into a different space where they will need to be collected by their owners and dealt with.

      The second dream came last night … I am trying to cross a road but there were two different streams of cyclists rushing past and I had to wait until the road was clear. To me, “cycling” has always meant “balance and harmony” as well as movement. Seems to say that BALANCE has been restored for humanity and collective energies are starting to move organically, as they were originally intended. (The “two streams” could be two different streams of collective consciousness… they were not connected to each other in any way.)

      Thanks, Denise, for letting us share these dreams in this space as I believe they relate to what’s going on energetically now.

      • The Separation of Worlds Shift happening now. And yes, a whole lot more old stuff, old cosmic stuff not just human and Earth stuff has just recently been permanently and fully cleared, removed. Some of us have been presenting that through our stomachs and digestive tracts these past few days. Lord-a-mighty! Capricorn/Cancer energies being used to clear huge, ancient stuff across earth time and cosmic time also.

        • So wonderful to hear about “old cosmic stuff” being cleared, especially “PERMANENTLY” and “FULLY” … your vaster perspective, Denise, is much appreciated!

          For so long, it felt like NOTHING was happening and now it seems like obstacles have been removed for ascension energies and Light Beings to get more of the job done. For a while back there, it felt like we WEREN’T going to make it… if I’m crying now, it’s tears of joy.

        • Many of us feel these latest BIG positive changes Thelma. When the physical decks are cleared like they recently have been for me and so many others this year so far, it’s a HUGE clue that we’re on the precipice of a major Shift. The dreams many have and still are having are about this as you’ve described. There’s other layers to this happening now but I know it’s not time for me to publicly say much more yet. I will the second I know it’s time to do so.

          It usually feels like we’re getting nowhere fast, and many of us come under attacks and such and then, all the sudden, there’s another HUGE leap forward in the AP and EP and that’s what we’re feeling at this moment. The negativity, darkness, density, attacks, sense of not having made enough progress with the AP and EP are common during the purging phases and then we instantly shoot forward and much higher. Stair-steps.

        • The digestive stuff yes! The dream stuff yes! Thank you for reminding me this is the separation of the worlds.

      • Hi Thelma, thanks for sharing your dream adventures. It’s profound and telling of just how close we all are to the Separation.

        Last night I dreamt that I was the only person who saw this dinosaur/reptilian being (human-sized) attacking unsuspecting people. They could not see it right in front of them, weirdly the being couldn’t see me. Although I had a feeling it could sense me and was trying to hunt me down.

        The dream was very disturbing and it provoked much fear in me. I suspect that the TD are at it again, not surprising yet I’m grateful that it revealed to me that I need more work in releasing my fears. To finally surrender all, release, let go and let God.

        Oy vey, it’s hard but *shrugs* whaddaya gonna do? Just keep on keepin on.

        Much love and light to you all ❤️

        • Jain Lee, my thoughts about your dinosaur / reptilian dream: since the people couldn’t see it, it was probably hiding in 4D (non-physical). And since it couldn’t see YOU, you were probably vibrating at a higher frequency than it. No worries. Its days are numbered….

        • Jain Lee,

          I had (another) interdimensional Reptilian encounter in June before my mom died. There was more to this but it’s not wise for me to get into all the details about it publicly now. Suffice it to say that Team Dark Reptilian aliens and others have been hard at work trying to harm those of us of the Light before the Separation Shift is large enough that they can’t even reach us anymore. I’ve talked about how these types of DIRECT encounters with TD aliens and entities etc. and us of the Light have gotten harder for them to do since 2010. Because of this they resort to using Portal People to get at us and do harm, but even that is ending now too because of the Separation of Worlds. But the grand finale to all this has been something else so stay sharp everyone because there’s a lot of frantic lashing out still happening.

        • Hi Thelma, thank you, you’re right, I came to the same conclusion as well. It’s a great thing to know I’m at a vibration too high for them yet it’s terrible they’re hunting us, still.

          Hi Denise, thank you for sharing that piece of info about your TD attack, its somehow comforting to know even though I hate that they’re trying that with YOU! How dare they!

          The dreams keep coming and I feel like I’m hogging this space up but my Higher Self wants me to share so here goes…

          It’s out in space, I intuitively get that I’m looking at the 3D version of the planets; Venus, Mars, and Saturn. It is dark and lightless. The planets are each tethered to a long rope which keeps them rotating in orbit, but they’re all in agony unable to free themselves from this rope. What I got from them is hopelessness, desperation and utter despair of being chained, unable to escape, all knowing that the End is near.

          Gosh, I certainly hope one day I get to dream about the 5D version of these planets because this one was just…dank.

          Thank you Denise for letting me share in this safe space. Can I ask you what you’re feeling lately from the Sun? How does it feel to you?

          Love and HH hugs to all

  • I have for many years felt/believed/hoped that I was helping to co-create the new earth by intent, dreams and visualizaion. But a sudden existential crisis and I didn’t know where I was. Thank you so much Denise for bringing me back,

  • Great article, Denise, that articulates what many of us have been experiencing without realizing it. Like how constantly jumping timelines as we go about our daily lives has become extremely tiring. And how we can no longer relate to those ensconced in lower frequencies who don’t understand us (I was recently called “crazy,” so there you go). Maybe one reason we’re feeling the extremes of highs and lows is because of the LARGER GAP between frequencies, which of course makes it more and more difficult for us to dip our toes in the mucky muck to get something done.

    Glad to read you’re starting to feel your feet under you again after your horrific month of June. We hold you in our hearts, Denise. Blessings to you & all here.

    • Hi Thelma! I’ve been thinking about you lately because I haven’t seen you here in awhile. I always love reading your words and insights. I can totally relate to all you mention here. Blessings to you dear. ❤

  • I live in San Francisco and, as you probably know, there is a severe housing crisis. Anyway, I awoke this morning in one of those blissful states of having been somewhere wonderful in my sleep; and, also thinking about the many empty houses not being used (held for investment?) and feeling I must do something, Denise, I am supposed to physically do something (like get involved in San Francisco politics? omg). I’m very confused about my current role in the world. Help.

    • Gerry,

      You absolutely do not HAVE to get into politics or anything else like that unless you honestly want to. What many of us have already been doing with lots of different things from the old lower world is to Consciously Create what we do want and also want we know will, at this time because the positive changes are only going to continue, help everyone else.

      Example of what I’m suggesting: I want the NEW ascended Earth and its inhabitants to not even have money or ANY need for it whatsoever. We’re headed there anyway but, Stair-steps for some people to make this and the other transitions from old lower to NEW higher would be that everyone gets an equal amount of free cash each month — like that one guy running for president who wants to give everyone $1,000. a month. For many even that amount isn’t near enough and I’d suggest more but the amount isn’t really the point; freely giving money and other much needed things to everyone is the 5D HighHeart point. Not having anyone go without or not have enough to “survive” (old lower bottom three chakra energies, systems and consciousness of our old lower patriarchal world) etc. etc. is what’s starting to manifest already. (The more Divine Mother/Mommy returns the more this type of consciousness and HighHeart awareness and being is manifesting externally.) It’s the 28% of humanity inching its way into 5D HighHeart consciousness and external reality that we First Everythingers are Consciously Creating while no one even knows we exist and have been doing all we have. 😉

      The 2007-2008 housing market crash and Great Resession, and constantly increasing costs of absolutely everything and our wages not increasing to match reality, have created empty houses everywhere across the US. The house market crisis, the homeless crisis, the we can’t afford anything elderly people crisis and others all need immediate help. Add to this the constant weather changes crisis damages (flooding, fires, severe storms etc.) to people’s homes, AND everyone, to the food crops in this country and the rest of the world, and it’s looking and feeling like a real-life horror movie.

      For those who prefer the old lower ways, beliefs, consciousness etc. they will continue to Descend into greater global chaos, negativity, Earth Changes, weather changes — what the unaware call ‘Global Warming’ –, global dictatorships in all countries and on and on. The Ascending Earth and inhabitants are already showing the early signs of 5D HighHeart consciousness and the return of the Divine Mother and evolved NEW Divine Father. Back to your question Gerry. The first baby beginner steps are already manifesting in more and more people, people that don’t necessarily know about the AP or EP but have embodied enough of the NEW codes, Light, energies etc. to start showing the NEW evolved consciousness in themselves. Now, you and I and the others like us can, if we want to, get much more physically involved out there with those people like what you’re considering for yourself now with the housing crisis where you live. At this point I know I can do much more, can help much more by doing what I’ve been doing all along anyway which is Consciously Create, intend, visualize and literally CREATE (aka LOVE, all caps LOVE I mean) which is LOVE via our powerful selves and Pathpave or Build energetically so the physical manifestation happens faster and easier because we’ve Built it energetically already via our Higher Awareness.

      I was taught this and other things by an incarnate 6D Sirian long ago in ancient Egypt of about 12,600 B.C. and watched him and some others etherically Build the Great Pyramid in Egypt FIRST from 6D, sixth dimensional geometric Light codes. It, like all ancient structures, were Consciously Built in this way from the Sacred Sirian Architects that were able to use 6D geometric Light codes and forms as the etheric blueprint template building-blocks for what would later be physically built with stone and other physical materials. I digress… not really, just pulling the higher ways into our Now time. ❤

      You, me, we can Build in both of these ways if we want to or one more so than the other and vice versa. (1) Etherically first and (2) Physically second. Some of us are more needed now to Consciously Create, Build from higher etheric HighHeart levels multidimensionally but we can, if we want to, also Work from the physical level too. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Gerry and Denise,
        Today I was coming out of the health food store and there was a wreck right in the road in front of me.
        Two guys were walking around talking on their cellphones. I assumed these two guys were drivers of the two damaged vehicles. I yelled at them, “Are you ok?” And got no answer. I let it go fo a second, but me being a nurse I felt I needed to HELP – I didn’t feel right walking away from someone who needed help. So I walked much closer, made eye contact with each guy and asked both, “Are you ok? Is anyone hurt?” And both of them looked right at me, kept talking on their cellphones, and did not even SEE me.
        Denise is exactly right – there is no point in trying to “help” descending earth as they cannot even see us much less accept help. It feels new to let people find their own way without my “help”, but it feels perfect too.
        “Creating from Love” as Denise said, is the new way to “help” in the new earth.
        Thank you Denise for a very helpful article!
        Thanx everyone for sharing the love ❤️

      • Denise bless you thank you so much for this comment and others clarifying the money issue. It’s so needed. I look at the dirty work of family doctors and dentists who are not healers but businessmen, I read how people have donated greatly for a huge building if others in the university dedicated to AI, and see friends delineating social circles due to the prestige of their occupation/careers. I could go on, but to hear/see you write about money akun to Tesla’s free energy gives me hope and comfort. Also a part of me sees this money and postion grubbing in the world along with garbage music and movies made from egos as a culmination of the predominance young and baby souls in the world population. I remind myself when things get tough that earth has been a place where women who knew nature and were healers were burnt at the stake by those fear burning in hell (the complete hypocrisy and farce of this at best)…

        • “Denise bless you thank you so much for this comment and others clarifying the money issue.


          Money, the multi-billion dollar medical machine… My mom entered a good hospital on a Monday last month and had one angioplasty surgery done on one leg. On Thursday they did a second angioplasty surgery on her other leg. On Saturday a surgeon called me to inform me that the surgery didn’t work and he wanted my permission for them to amputate one of her legs. I refused because I knew before both of these surgeries that she was dying. That hospital released her back to me at my home on Monday because I wouldn’t let them cut off her leg. It’s all about money and not much else, especially with the elderly who those doctors and surgeons knew was 89, had dementia, and was dying anyway.

          Money, and the Ascension Process… There’s a few really strong probably realities very, very near to us right now. One of them is that the entire financial system of old patriarchal Earth is about to crash n’ burn and Uranus transiting through Taurus for seven years will make sure this unfolds exactly how it needs to. We all can feel this one breathing hot n’ heavy on the backs of our Taurian necks now like a ticking time-bomb about to go off!

          Another strong probable reality is that the financial system is totally changed, improved, ascended and the mass wealth is shared with all of humanity worldwide. I sense #1 happening and possibly #2 presenting after it does. But in the end the whole thing is that humanity evolves into equality and sharing all with all. What it will take for them to get there is another story however. Another strong probability is that #3 happens which is we of the first ascending ‘28%’ just go straight to share everything equally with everyone and be done with it all! ❤ 🙂

        • After reading your comment about financial changes and the possibility of sharing All with All, Denise, I said aloud “YES PLEASE!” So it is!

          LOVE to you Denise and ALL! Nancy

        • Thankyou Denise for your response ❤ Nancy I second that, and my god aren't we all for sharing, sovereignty, and peace to all if not the majority of readers here ❤ .

          Denise, again, I truly appreciate you clarifying this money issue further and to say I feel for and deeply acknowledge the events surrounding your mother's passing and how the medical system viewed and took it as an opportunity to gain. My familial background in the immediate two generations back have been yes on both sides and female and male medical doctors or if not then medical professors. Talk about a heavy dose of that reality…I was delivered single-handedly by my paternal grandmother from a caesarean so you can maybe understand the engrossment of that in my life. Yet I believe all four of my grandparents were on the more conscious side when it came to diagnosing and treating for money, which is not to say that the pervasiveness of "guan xi" in China hasn't been and still is disturbing and pervasive. I know I picked this setting and maybe it was to take the red pill at the get-go and not grow up with a sugar-coated life of the realities of life and death here.

          I'm genuinely touched by your words on sharing and self-sustainability in a very lucid and conscious world and I think again on what you mentioned Denise either back at Transitions or here sometime ago about no one needing to feel fear or taken advantage of in some way though those weren't your words because in a 5D and up world, telepathy is the norm and everyone's intentions and energies are discerned/discernible immediately between one another. And yet it seems what a long way we still have to go before more of the world sees lying, deceit, and outright flaw as not only negative but unnecesary. Whew. Reading both your articles and others' comments on this site is grounding and an honest patch of space where I feel understood and not insane by the standards of society at large.

          I'd not make this long but like to add that I'm currently reading/learning about astrology so I can keep up with your posts and tidbits on it. The part about the Taurian energies I did get however, which means I'm getting better at understanding these terms i hope! Thank you Denise and love to all commenters for your input and insight. ❤ 🙂

    • Gerry remember the second part ACTION. What are others doing in your area to create affordable housing? Any little thing you could help them do toward that goal along with your visioning helps bring about the shift. Spirit flows while typing this. 🖖🏾

  • Help! I have a new ascension symptom, I have a new one I never had before. And never heard anyone talk about yet, I have the itchiest rash going on , on my spine. It goes from the very top of my head across the whole occipital bone on my skull and down the spine all the way to my coccyx, little itchy pimples. Is this a kundalini thing? what is a kundalini thing anyways? When I’m angry its angry when I’m calm its calm.. Thank you in advance.

    • I read your Comment question yesterday Laura P. and intended to respond then got sidetracked with other things and forgot. Sorry. :-/

      As Zarah said, some others have talked about not only our skin itching from our going Crystalline over these ascension years, but I’ll add that the red dots, red patches, dry red patches, certain highly specific and tiny locations that suddenly sting and hurt like all hell for a few seconds — much like nerve pain — are ALL caused by our having gone Crystalline in our physical bodies. I repeat, ALL of these skin issues are caused by our evolving from carbon-based to Crystalline-based PHYSICALLY.

      Have you heard some of us talking about or seen how we’ve got tiny little reflective glitter-like Crystalline specks on/in our skin that are physically visible? I have them on parts of my face that can be seen by other people, unless I hide them with face powder.

      “Is this a kundalini thing? what is a kundalini thing anyways? When I’m angry its angry when I’m calm its calm..”

      What do quartz crystals do? They amplify energy. What do individuals who’ve evolved from carbon-base to Crystalline-based do? They amplify energy. This is yet another of many very important reasons why we of the 28% need to Master fifth dimensional (and higher) emotional Neutrality. We know, we see, we feel, we understand and yet we’re NOT emotionally undone or imbalanced or manipulated in ANY way by all of what we perceive. Because we’re now capable of tremendously amplifying energy/energies then we also have the higher responsibilities that automatically go along with that, one is be aware at all times of what you/me/each of us is amplifying consciously. Super important Crystalline people. ⭐

      • Yes Denise. I read something by a woman you referred us to and I thought seeing crystals on her skin was her imagination but the next day I saw them on mine and it’s been years since I sprayed glitter on my skin for belly dancing and now wondering if that’s why dancers and different kinds of performers do that look. An inner longing for the time when we’d have natural glitter as we embody! ❤

        • E-K Daufin,

          You used to Belly Dance? Me too, long ago, professionally for 20 years way back in the day. I still love the music, and playing Zills. Nothing like Dance, nothing. ❤

        • Yes Denise! Same. Perhaps that too is part of our AP/EP history. Up until now It is so hot here most of the year and Up until now I perspire so profusely in heat and humidity along with EP surges of codes! I STILL consider myself a professional belly dancer and do it whenever I can in little ways always. Still have 3 costumes hanging on my bedroom doors ready for the next gig and always to inspire and delight me! 😘👽🧙🏾‍♀️

    • Laura, I have had this for then past couple of years and it drives me crackers sometimes! I also have a crawling and tingling sensations that go along with it like energy surges going up and down the length of my spine. The feeling of like little ants crawling around the crown of my head as well. Yes, I am very sure that this is indeed related to the ascension process.

  • Thank you, Denise, for a super article. I’ll just move very slowly and comment before I head to bathroom or bed, whichever comes first, and add a little humor… you mention: “… the ascension clock…” Where can I get me one of them there ascension clocks? As long as it shows triple digits and nothing else, that’s fine with me. Seriously, this has been one kick-ass month or two or three. By the way, the blurry eyes symptom has now been replaced by very bright flashing white light… nothing to do with the Sun as far as I can tell… just eyesight rewiring… wonder what I’ll SEE/see when this one ends. Love to You and All Here… Onwards! B.

    • Barbara & All,

      These energies and July 2019 eclipse energies are potent to be sure. Many of us are flickering, flashing, vibrating, shaking etc. very quickly now, which is causing some of us to… what’s the correct term for this??? … phase-out of the reality we’ve been in. Over the past few weeks I’ve watched this happen with myself, and it’s been increasing the past few days so the eclipse may be amplifying it too. We are very much on another “edge” where we’re about to crossover into greater, higher NEW states of being and individual “reality”. Like I told you Barbara, I just don’t care if the Universe turns itself inside-out at any moment. I want to Shift to the next level of these processes and based on what I’ve been experiencing, increasingly since 2018, I know many of us are phasing-in and phasing-out repeatedly so we become familiar with how it feels, works and looks etc.

      The majority of Lights I see inside in my house are ME which is what I think you’re experiencing too. We are literally aligned energetically and vibrationally with not only the Sun’s energetic transmissions but much more beyond that as well. We’ve evolved enough to be capable of Embodying them within our physical bodies which changes us, obviously, but changes everything else as well. While I was writing that last sentence it felt like I started to slide, tip, tumble out the left side of my body and the space above my physical head when all Galactic spin-like again.

      Plenty of self-care this week as we go higher, brighter, lighter, Lighter frequency in much bigger chunks now instead of smaller bits like we’ve done up til now. ❤

  • Thank you Denise!!!! I’d love for you to comment or give us a great free resource to get more info about the effect/meaning of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction Inc. Capricorn.

    Loved all of this post! Love “Hime is and will continually manifest!” Spirit flows! Yay! “Your wing span is very great.” “Easier and faster to consciously create.”

    I got a partial explanation about now repeating nightmares and nap mares regarding old university teaching traumas. Bob Marley’s “Get Up Stand Up” was about Social Justice ACTION. Recently I’ve been directed to state my peace and then withdraw to peace counting making people think twice as a WIN. And reminding me that it’s okay to need recovery time after dealing with muggles and Team Evil (dark is too often subconsciously associated with “dark” skin and we gotta stop the White supremacy stuff in 5D! and that the muggles are on the DECREASE on the way out of my world. Hurray. Thank you!

  • Hi Denise

    Thank you. I have been feeling so low for the last few weeks. It’s like I just can’t get it together. I go to speak and the wrong words come out. And tired. It’s like walking through glue. I have had lots of thoughts about death. It feels like my body is dying. My peak flow is very low and my chest has been really tight. I don’t know how to help myself anymore. Except get up the next day and do it all again.
    Team Dark def tried to have a pop. Just a few nights when I was trying to get to sleep or interrupting my dreams. I didn’t put up with it!
    On a positive note I am drawing. Shapes and patterns that link the stars and our earth. Life at terns I guess.
    Love and light to u. And a hug 💖💖💖💖💖💖

    • Magda, your comment touched my heart and I wanted to send you a hug. I wish we could see your drawings. The tiredness has been beyond for me, too. ❤️

      • Thank you Kara for ur hug. I send one back to you. 💖. My drawings will be “out there” one day. Just not quite ready yet. Thank u for ur heartfelt words

  • Hi Denise,
    Thx for the words that help break threw the muck that we all live in now.
    It gets so hard some times that even I wish for some physical type of help.
    The pain both physical and mental with all the attacks and drudgery of the masses seems to be endless and without point until one realizes as you have just spoken the words “it’s not about them, waiting for them or waiting for some god – it’s about us”, only about us as we open the frequency portals to the higher ranges, leaving the trail for others to follow as they can.

    I am reminded by the movie “The Stand” by Steven King – standing right at the physical nuclear bomb without fear and without problem because you (the singular you) must in order to transcend the old and move into the new also the band “Greenday” the song “I walk alone” –

    “I walk a lonely road the only one that I’ve ever known
    donno where it goes but its home to me and I walk alone
    I walk this empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams
    and the city sleeps I’m the only one I walk alone
    my shadows the only one that walks beside me my shallow heart the
    only thing that’s beating sometimes I wish someone out there
    will find me till then I walk alone
    I’m walking down the line that divides me somewhere in my mind
    on the border line by the edge and I walk alone”

    This ascension stuff is not about “it takes a village (community) to raise a child” it’s about the Source and you only – singular, each one by itself growing into the person that is able to stand alone and be trusted to make the right decisions and do the right thing at the right time.
    The only way “out” of this matrix (if you will) is to do the work, no one else can do yours, only you and if you do not then you stay until you do, period.

    I saw last night here in Tucson the actual line between the old era and the new, I’ve been looking for it for some time now because there has to be a marker in the physical world even if it is not seen by most, it must be there because of how energy works. So I saw the sunset in a large cloudburst and the sun coming up on the other side at the same time – the marker between today’s end and tomorrows start all at the same time with dark clouds and lighting in the middle.
    Hoping now the intermix of energies will now be in the 5d range more than the rest and more so until the actual split of physical worlds happens. Don’t know if I get to live that long but it seems to be a waste of time to do all this work to then die just before the party and miss out on what should be some realllly great times ahead.

    • So you didn’t or haven’t read my article, this one, or my articles kathy?

      I say this because if you did then you’d know that based on what I’ve said many times over these ascension years, that it doesn’t match with what that guy is claiming. As is too often the case with certain people who write Comments on my site they really only want to promote someone else and their beliefs and ignore what I’ve written. Here’s a suggestion, why don’t you try to put a link to me on his website and see how he takes that? If you believe what he’s saying and claiming then great kathy but I won’t promote anyone or anything that I sense is distorted and/or outright incorrect on my site(s).

      • Wish there weren’t other Kathys here … this is not me, Denise … I read every word you write with great respect … especially now in this active time (it scares the hell out of my monkey-mind ego self). Thank you for the guidance. ❤

        • KathyF,

          I know it’s you and not the kathy I banned today. I really can read energies and individuals energy signatures everyone. 🙂

          I deeply appreciate your respect KathyF because none of this has been easy for the 28% actually living the AP. ❤

          Tell your monkey mind to shut up and sit quietly because you're the adult and you are in charge of your ascension. I'm not being flip, I used to tell my ego self to shut up and watch what was going on and learn. I used to tell my reactionary self to stop being manipulated and so on. It's really empowering to talk to the parts of ourselves when needed and tell them what YOU want or need from them. It helps us in a lot of ways, plus it discharges much of the power we've given some of them. We're in charge, not them so tell them out loud if you need to take back some of your power and get yourself focused and running things.

  • Hello Denise. I woke up this morning thinking of you and here is another post, and as usual very welcome. I have been thrown into 3D this past month as my partner fell and shattered his thigh bone and cracked his hip and was operated on to salvage his leg and was sent home to me to help him recover. I’m somewhat disabled so this has been more than difficult and also he came out of hospital with a bad pressure sore on his bum so we have nurses in and out of my home to dress it everyday. Some nurses are pleasant and some don’t (see me) so my home was my haven but no longer is. I know this was an accident for him and I’m doing my best to help him and this will take a few months to get him fully mobile if ever, but at 70yrs I am wondering how much more I can take as my feet are so bad now I can barely stand and this I believe is ascension related as no Doctor can tell me what’s wrong. I am also Diabetic and kidney problems so often exhausted .My strength is failing fast, my days are taken up with him and I know you have had to do this kind of thing longer than me, but with all of the other AP and EP stuff I feel so depleted. People keep calling in to see how he is,which is natural, but I’m a recluse almost now so find this all very taxing, like a nightmare. I have no place to hide. Sorry to grizzle so much but needed to as I know you will understand. I truly hope you have some peace in your life now Denise and am so grateful for your insight. Love to you and all xxx

    • Oh Linda P., I can so relate to what you’re going through now and I am so very sorry because it is beyond exhausting. I too am very reclusive and my home has always been my higher frequency sanctuary from the lower realities and people in them, so to suddenly have lots of Hospice nurses and other related strangers coming into my home when it was convenient for them was not only miserable for me but extra debilitating too. You cannot rest, relax, recuperate and privately live your Embodiment Process when strangers are calling all day and coming into your house and life etc. That and all else that came with it — my being accused of abusing my mom — almost did me in in June. I’m only now starting to get my feet under me again.

      If your partner can afford to be moved into some place (don’t know what you call them in the UK) such as an Assisted Living Facility, Nursing Home etc., then I strongly suggest it for him and for you. This will wear you down fast and he may not recover from his injuries like everyone is hoping for or expecting. Believe it or not what’s happened is, just like it was with my mom, her two angioplasty surgeries on both legs and one not working and the doctors then wanting to amputate her leg at age 89, ascension Separation Shift related. The time has arrived fully on Earth where the Shift Separation is causing all sorts of these types of sudden completions, endings and mandatory changes by everyone. We’re all being abruptly re-directed to where we need to go now whether it’s out of our bodies, into a Nursing Home, into another location, home, job, retirement etc. etc. We’re all being affected by the NEW codes and how they’re further driving the Separation Shift across the planet and beyond.

      Do what you can to help yourself through this accident with your partner because it sounds like the job of caring for him through this is too much for you. You are NOT required to sacrifice yourself and your Ascension Process for him or anyone else. None of us are. Be strong, be wise, know what’s best for you and him and find a way to make that happen physically. You are in my Heart, our Hearts. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thank you Denise for your reply, I knew you would understand and the thought of what you went through with your Mum gives me strength to manage my problem. Like you, I have always had difficult situations to deal with in this life but I was healthier then, but I will heed your words and if I find this becomes too much then I’ll act upon it. You are an amazing being as you have continued to “post” for us whilst going through hell and I/we are so so grateful. Love and peace to you.xxx

  • “found that what used to be important to me isn’t any longer and other things have become deeply important.” 

    “don’t hang your hat on anything yet because there’s much more of this to come from here on out”

    Complete and total truth
    Especially appreciate the part about the highs and lows

    Also, f*** it, no one I know and or see is doing any inner work, its just do the same old or do something wrong/have consequences, etc
    Its just us/US, Source
    Us doing us, when it hurts its easy to think what am I doing/ done wrong
    Its been all gabuldeegook but this article has ripped through with clarity, scrubbed it clean and made it clear
    Much needed
    Extra Thanks
    What a much needed and timely piece of perfection

  • I still wake up in the morning and know that I love myself, despite all polarities, imbalances, fluid and ever-changing experiences. I am grateful that I have given myself a roof over my head and a full belly and at least one friend (animal); although I have walked and am still walking the path that my higher self chose for me to walk in this time right now. If not properly aligned at any one moment, this path seems interminably long, arduous, tough and painful. At other moments, when aligned, everything just seems right. I am lucky to have had experiences in my younger physical where I hiked both mountains and valleys, and so know that any journey contains both the heights and the depths. I have a lot of take-aways from this blog and everyone’s contributions here. Thanks to all, and keep the light-standard borne high.

  • Greetings Denise!

    Glad to be back here…I, like many of us stalwarts here I suspect, were waiting to receive “word” from you through HHL that we would not be intruding into your process…and here you and we all are again! Hello one and all!

    This title and article sums up the current energies quite well for me. The upcoming Lunar Eclipse is conjunct my Ascendant, and so is the January 12, 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction, so I know that you can imagine the clean-up and upgrading that’s happening inside of me. Absolutely everything that was created personally and globally in the energy before December 21/22/23, 2012 is the energy of yesterday and is no longer relevant, certainly at least for We First-Everything-ers! Some of the people/situations/manifestations of “the time before” are leaving rapidly, and the remainder are going through their decay and dissolution at their necessary pace. I also recognize that the ability to pivot between all that is New and the sometimes-temporary re-entry into the old, is indicative of our ability to embody multidimensionality as necessary and appropriate until such time that only the New can remain…

    Welcome back, Denise (not that you ever REALLY left!), and thanks again for this confirmatory post…and to all of us here, onward!

    • Thank you Raymond for your whole comment…especially for the part about your ascendant conjunct the Eclipse because you reminded me it is conjunct my ascendant as well! Thanks for the heads up! I think we have a similar chart as I have 5 planets in the 8th house (including my Sun) and I vaguely remember you have something similar.
      Happy Eclipse to you/You and All! Nancy

      • Hi Nancy/lovepeace1111 and Denise! Nancy your memory serves you well! Indeed, like you, I have the Sun and four other planets in the 8th house (yes, Pluto is there), so the theme of extreme transformation through the “death” of energies that no longer serve, is paramount, ultimately so that we become transpersonal…and these days, with all the major outer planets as well as Mercury currently in retrograde, it’s not surprising that virtually everyone on the planet who is breathing, is undergoing a big Life Review…whether they know it or not! More than anything, I wanted to send a personal Hello and to thank you for remembering…The eclipse has now reached maximum and concluded, so we now get to see the outpicturing of all the aspirations that we’ve held for at least the last month, up until the time of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction next January…Denise has just addressed many of the NEW possibilities so well in her response to Gerry’s comments…and like she’s said before, we all here have so GOT THIS! Hi Denise!

        • Thank you Raymond! Your responses seem to always warm my heart. Thank you. You have Pluto in the 8th house & I have Saturn in the 8th house conjunct my Sun. Transformation indeed!

          Thank you too Denise for you insights about the eclipse and our transits and your encouragement. Super helpful and articulate just like Raymond and heart filled too! Thank you.

          Big Hugs and Love to you both and to All! Nancy

        • Ooh, the 8th House club! 😀 I’ve got a stellium in my 8th, not my Sun but Saturn, Neptune (both of my rulers) Mars and the Moon.

        • Thank you for this astrological background. I love that I can now see I have been undergoing a life review and have come up smelling like roses. How useful. I am grateful! 💖👽

    • Raymond B.,

      I know you Raymond, and many others, were giving me the time to deal with all that had happened in June and I thank each of you for your understanding and patience. I only picked up the death certificates from the mortuary on Saturday, July 13th. Step by step by step out of all that. Only one step remains and then I’m free of that past.

      You and Nancy and anyone else whose natal ASC or Sun or MC or planet(s) are being re-created via the Saturn Pluto conjunction and/or tomorrow’s Lunar eclipse that’s also in that mix, USE it for all its worth! No fear, just magnificent transformation, greater personal freedom, and the Big YOU joining this You into the NEW you.

      The Saturn Pluto Capricorn conjunction is in opposition to my natal Uranus — and many other people’s around my same age — so… that’s fun huh? 😀 (Mom’s passing now was part of this which I know you astrologers are aware of.) When I look back at the transits overlaid on my natal chart for the past 20-30 years it is amazing, just like my Higher Self knew exactly what IT was doing for me to succeed with the AP and EP here. We’ve always had backup to our backup many layers deep because we are Volunteers and so much was, is at stake.

      Thank you again Raymond and everyone for everything. We’ve so got this. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hi Denise. I have been reading your blog for years, but never commented. I have often wondered whether I am indeed one of the first everythingers since my life and process barely resembles the shiny portraits of airbrushed spirituality in this Instagram age. It’s been a slog, and extremely painful. Discerning between the outright lies, some semblance of truth, and the subtly but persistently manipulative, has come in waves.

    This month especially I have been stalked by death. I have really just wanted this business over and done. I take it as the ego flailing but as always, not all is as it seems. I have been gutted at the way spiritual and ascension tools or healing modalities are being marketed using old 3D tools – emotional manipuation and feeding not-good-enough egocentricity. I have fallen foul of this many times in my desperation for relief. Increasingly I am finding this discordance and shrill inauthentcity parading as authenticity-in-marketing almost totally defeating (unfortunately my job is in a related field, and one I have been trying to leave forever).

    I guess if I have a question, it would relate to what happens when one might reach a point of asking: Is this worth it? Notwithstanding your ongoing description of what’s really going on. When the light keeps dimming (sometimes jaggedly and without obvious cause), despite efforts to keep it aflame, I come back to that question. I always make it through, and I marvel sometimes that I’m actually still alive, but I wonder what was (or has been) put in place for precisely those moments of crushing despair. Did we plan for this too?

    I am sorry for the negative tone (or is it just honest?); it’s probably the reason I’ve never written before. I usually sequester myself away until it passes. 🙂 Thank you for your blog over the years. It’s been a voice of validation in a barren landscape. With appreciation.

    • “I am sorry for the negative tone (or is it just honest?); it’s probably the reason I’ve never written before. I usually sequester myself away until it passes. 🙂”

      I’ve done the same thing Justin since I started writing online about the Ascension Process. When I’d get down about what I was going through I’d remove myself from writing when I didn’t have anything nice to say! There’s nothing wrong about feeling bad during the rough times.

      “I guess if I have a question, it would relate to what happens when one might reach a point of asking: Is this worth it?”

      No one can answer that for you but you. For me the answer has always been a big YES despite all I’ve been through because of it. To me it’s always worth the struggle and pain and danger to get free of darkness and negativity. The more Light you embody/Embody the easier and faster this process becomes. Another aspect of this that hasn’t been talked about much is how we feel and perceive and react to the increasing Light and Dark energies as old duality runs down and out. When I feel low, depressed, sad, frustrated etc. that low is VERY low, I mean abnormally low. And when many of us feel the highs they too are very high, I mean abnormally high. This is just how each of us has been dealing with and reacting to amplified duality of the old lower world and consciousness.

      This is also why some ascension teachers have stressed the need for everyone to reach ‘Neutrality’ and/or ‘Neutral Observer’ mode. Being “Neutral” now during the AP and EP means that we’re evolving beyond old lower frequency up/down duality extremes and becoming increasingly individually integrated, unified, non-separated etc. When one is integrated in themselves they don’t experience emotional extreme highs and lows. We’re able to maintain the higher frequencies in ourselves better and not fall into lower emotional levels or soar up into high highs that we can’t yet maintain fully either. But as I was trying to express in this article, we’ve been dealing with both the old lower and the NEW higher simultaneously which has greatly amplified the stress, pains, exhaustion, tensions etc. Once we’re no longer in transition as we’ve been very intensely since 1999, and are anchored in the higher NEW level(s) and have adapted to them as our new normal, these low lows and high highs won’t happen to us because we won’t be dealing with both anymore as we have been all these ascension years. If I haven’t explained this well enough please let me know and I’ll try again.

      I am very glad you decided to write a Comment Justin and I hope you’ll do so whenever you want or need to now. ❤ ⭐ ❤

      • Thank you so much for your wonderful reply, Denise. Yes, you’ve explained it very well. For some reason my soul wanted me to experience the corruption of the system so deeply that I’d be armed to critique it. The mystics of old were always outsiders but now there seem a lot more of us. I take sustenance from your kind words. I will feel free to comment now. Again, you offer such a service. Thank you

  • Dear Denise,
    …”way too much Ascension fun! “ – wonderful humor as well as depth and clarity. Your posts are increasingly relevant, seems to me – but it could be my own connecting-the-dots, as you define this process so well. Most of all I appreciate your tireless reminders of self-responsibility. At seventy-three, I am miraculously enjoying physical health and energy I thought was gone forever during 2016-18.
    However, it only makes the energy-drain of going to town/work more obvious. Recently, three people have dropped out of my life without a word. Two attempts to connect and still no response whatsoever. I witnessed my thoughts lead to anger, and turned away from this harmful mental pattern belonging to an old game. How right it is that they should be gone – whew! with infinite gratitude and l love to you, and to all Everythingers.

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