July & August 2018 Internal External Multidimensional Alignments

I’ve written about the Ascension Process Inner Body Vibrations many times over the years at both TRANSITIONS and HighHeartLife. I’ve shared how these inner vibrations have manifested and changed over the years in my own physical body and Light body, and what this process has felt like and sounded to me. As with all Ascension Process related transformations, this too has increased and grown in frequency and size over the years. Transmuting and ascending density up and out of the old lower frequencies takes linear time so that the Process doesn’t destroy our physical bodies or anything else.

Brief recap: I first became aware of Inner Body Vibrations within my physical body around 2001. They were very apparent when I was in the in-between state of sleep and slowly waking up and returning to my physical body or vice versa. Because I can intentionally hold and maintain this in-between state and consciousness, I utilized this multidimensional holding pattern ability to spend more time in this transitional state to investigate these internal vibrations happening in my physical body.

At first they would run “ON” for an exact count of three seconds, followed by “OFF” for an exact count of four seconds, then back “ON” again and so forth. This pattern lasted for the first couple of years but over time they slowly increased being “ON” for longer and longer periods until, years later, the inner vibrations were and are “ON” constantly. Stair-steps. Once they were running constantly, while in this in-between sleep and wake or wake and sleep I began also hearing what sounded to me to be a roaring of energy. This sound also increased over the years until it was comparable to standing at the edge of a runway with a huge passenger jet plane revving its engines for take off! It eventually became unbelievable loud and the inner vibrations shook and rattled me through and through. This entire Inner Body Vibrations business has never been physically painful thankfully; one of the only Ascension Process symptoms that hasn’t!

Since 2001, these inner body vibrations have expanded from small localized areas in my lower body, to constant full-body and head vibrations. Increasing inner Light energy frequencies within our physical bodies to the level they are today is the NEW normal level of our inner frequency rate. I first felt these inner body vibrations, then I also began clairaudiently hearing them and then another progression with them began for me after the Total Solar Eclipse last year in August 2017. Days after that 2017 Solar eclipse that traveled across the USA, I began clairvoyantly Seeing my inner body vibrations while in the in-between awake and asleep, asleep and awake state. It was then that I realized this entire inner body vibrations—embodying and Embodying increasing higher frequency and larger amounts of Light energies and NEW codes, DNA etc.—has been unfolding within me and my body in ways I wasn’t completely aware of and am still learning about this aspect of our ongoing Ascension and Embodiment Process. As we grow and expand so too does our Higher Abilities.

With the start of 2018, the pattern I had been clairvoyantly Seeing of my inner vibrations or frequencies changed into a completely new and more complex pattern of Lights. As always I searched for images that come the closest to what I See to share with you in my articles. I knew I wouldn’t find anything close to what I’ve been Seeing since August 2017, and every change of it since January 2018, so I’m having to use images that portray what I See but don’t actually look like them. The images used here are only to help show the progression of all this and bring us all up to date with the current conjunction or alignment with the Re-Alignment unfolding this month internally within us and externally also. So please know that the colors, shapes and patterns in these images are NOT the same as what I’ve Seen but are as close as I could get to the actual progression of all this.

The first level and frequency state of the inner body vibrations I clairvoyantly Saw in August 2017, looked somewhat like this image but it and all of them MOVE very quickly within this sort of rectangular shape. None of them were ever stationary but moved about rapidly. Again, different levels of increasing frequency, preparation and slowly approaching internal and external Re-Alignment. So this first representation was constantly moving quickly within this rectangular shape visual I saw.

The second level and frequency state I’ve seen since January 2018, looked more like this image; much more active and moving, pulsing randomly and quickly from corner to corner and all around ten times faster than the first visual and representative image. It’s easy to see that the frequencies have been and continue to quicken and amplify in vibration internally within us and externally as well.

The latest visual change to my inner body vibrations looks more like this image. It is vertical now with an opening in the center of all that super fast vertical up down movement. When I See this at this level of frequency now the whole thing is moving up and down so fast it’s shocking. This most recent progression change happened early July 2018, and continues today. While viewing it I feel it in my HighHeart and reverberating throughout me entire being and also See and Feel it taking place externally too in and to the Earth, Sun, solar system and more. As within, so without…

When I experienced the second increase shift with the start of 2018, I started to understand that what I was experiencing and Seeing was and continues to be my inner Light frequencies and Light and Physical bodies continually increasing vibrationally to be able of aligning with and Embodying the NEW energies that have already started entering us and external reality too. The symbolic opening in the center of the latest inner body vibration frequencies (and image) is a multidimensional area and opening that those First Everything-ers ready and able to Embody this are energetically coming into alignment with so as to Embody full Re-Alignment with the NEW much higher Ascension Process and NEW Earth.

If you understand astrological alignments then you know about conjunctions between planets. Over time a faster moving planet comes within orb of another planet(s) (very close to) which activates the energies of the conjunction between them. We First Everything-ers have been slowly coming within orb so to speak for many, many years with this July 2018 (and beyond) Re-Alignment opening where tremendous NEW higher frequency evolutionary Ascension and Embodiment energies and NEW codes etc. will flow through that opening and directly into each of us and external NEW reality. The July 27, 2018 Total eclipse of the Moon at 4° Aquarius 45′ is the other energetic bookend to last years August 21, 2017 Total Solar Sun eclipse. Those who are capable will experience Embodying the energies that come through this multidimensional internal personal and external alignment opening so that we are wholly and completely Re-Aligned with the NEW higher everything internally and externally.

Now is this the end-all be-all to the Ascension Process? Is this the “event” many have been talking about? No, it is not, it is another step, a very BIG and important step yes but another step in what’s been happening for a very long time now. Don’t get sidetracked now with thoughts about wondering what this will do to you, to others, to global reality. This is not the time to focus on the results of what you and I need to continue doing individually now to align with and Embody the Re-Alignment opening energies bringing higher NEW energies, codes, NEW Earth and everything else. This is happening already but it will get much more focused and intense as we move toward, through and beyond Fridays Total Lunar eclipse and 2018 Lion’s Gate transmissions. Don’t be surprised by whatever you experience from here on out because huge positive changes are being transmitted now. ❤ ❤ ❤


July 24, 2018

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40 thoughts on “July & August 2018 Internal External Multidimensional Alignments

  • Denise and I have been communicating privately by email about the eventual collapse of the 3D financial establishments (including government regulations, taxes, and other strangleholds) and the dream of 5D community, among other things. She urged me to post a comment here … looking for help, suggestions, and even a bit of compassion from my fellow AP travelers. My husband and I are in our early 70s … we live in a 1972 double wide mobile that is falling apart (fixing is really out of the question). We have 6 acres of paid-off forest in Washington State near Mt. Rainier. We tried to use my limited inheritance money to get a legal single wide mobile (stick-built too expensive) as an ADU on our property but the county requirements are so restrictive and expensive that we gave up in that plan. Now we are looking into “illegal” housing … tiny home on wheels (I do love them) or even a standard RV and using the available utilities (new power pole, water from existing well, old small leaky septic tank with working drain field). And because we will probably be spending another rainy winter in the old double-wide, we will probably need to re-tarp the roof (several layers up there now). OK, too wordy … sorry … but right now I guess I am seeking direction and maybe some physical help if anyone reading this is in my Roy/Yelm neighborhood. Holding the faith that a big 5D change is coming can be so very hard at times when safety and security feel threatened as you all well know. Caveman brain, run by the ego, is totally focused on physical survival … phew! Thanks for reading all this. Namaste!

    • Kathy & All,

      I asked Kathy to write a Comment here and share her current situation with like-energy readers at HighHeartLife. When she told me she owns, free and clear, 6 forested acres in Washington state near Mt. Rainier, I thought there’s got to be someone who knows what Kathy can do with those 6 acres and getting another living space/mobile home/RV etc. on to her property. If anyone has any suggestions for Kathy and her situation and desire to get another home on her acreage, or any other possible suggestions for help and/or services and so on, please write a Comment here and share the possibilities. ❤ Thanks so much for the 5D HighHeart suggestions.

    • Marcy & All,

      All of July was completely next-level for me, and like everyone else, I’ve needed to make more important inner shifts because of it. Out with more of my old stuff and in with more of the NEW. I’d intended to write a little something about these epic July alignment shifts but wanted to wait to see what the transition from July into August held. So far, so good after what July brought for everyone everywhere! To say July 2018 was intense is an understatement. It was necessary but it was not an easy physical and emotional process to live through. It’s easy to see now that the higher the Light, the faster, deeper and more intense the internal/external cleansing and purgings are.

      Thanks for asking Marcy ❤ and I felt the intense clearing July energies reduce considerable on July 31st so it feels like that phase is over thank gawd.

  • 💙Dear Denise..

    In your reply comment to me, you used the word *lightwarrior*…have been sitting with this for days and now need to respond. That was a term for those of YOUS battling on the frontlines..the *star- warriors* who came to Earth to help us *earthlings..seeded from the stars long ago* to help us climb/crawl up out of the dark…with your blogging real life FEEELINGS and experiences of your journey. This was huge support…I being one who identified myself as a *lightholder*.

    Now You calling me a *warrior* has humbled/honored me with this word. I awoke in tears this am… …as for the first time in many,many,many years….. a vision……of my little goat self standing on my homeland ..big mountain… lifting my heavy head…no longer a crown full of thorns… but HORNS.

    There is a catch phrase here on earth that …..we are a rowdy, arrogant bunch…it dawned on me that there were those who would kill anyone who claimed they were more than a fragment of fleshy sin……. and for the love of Christ…certainly Christ could never bewithin you. ( i was not raised religious) …my battle was low worth/esteem…not enough…a nobody……my days of contemplating my step up to *lightwarrior* has been sooooooo Empowering.

    Amazed….still feeling the joy, stilllll(4 whole long days in a row)…after the most torturous…every frickin day and homeless year (outran the gangstalking)…. ..deeep feeelings… the tide has really turned now for me/us….I am now little sistar goat standing with my head in the stars.. reclaiming my mountain🏔…..with a swelling💙… Thank You👸 Denise 💞for that one word….it changed my whole world🌎. I AM ENOUGH!

    One day soooooon.. yours truly…..wannnab diamondsunbodiedbear

  • Hi Denise,
    I am experiencing the most head pressure and ear ringing and roaring today than I ever have, and that’s really saying something! It feels like the cork is going to pop any minute, energetic-wise that is. Are you having the same thing?? Also, a lot of people are having high blood pressure problems the last few days— could be related to the pressure buildup in the energies??? Wow, something’s about to happen!

    Love to all 💜💜💜💜
    Tammy R.

    • Tammy & All,

      Yes I’ve been and still am experiencing super amplified pains and other things for the past two weeks. There’s so much happening this month and SO much old being removed and NEW replacing it that this is really intense for most of us. When I feel a bit better and more clear I may write about this latest mass purging and accelerated removals of many things for many people but right now I’m just dealing from moment to moment and not get down from all the things I’m both feeling coming from other people (one of the big California mountain fires is close to where I live – we’re fine but the air is really smokey) plus what I’m going through myself. August should be interesting! 🙄

  • Dear Denise and All

    What a transition. Unbelievable fatigue and bed bound most days with just basic activity only. This is how it has been for months. When I try to do more I pay the price. Adrenals are so stressed coping as is the whole body.

    Heat and skin drying and peeling. All I can do is calm with natural moisturizing nourishment. Technology shows that I am needing so much more oil for the transition. Can only do my best with this as digestion is weaker and all the nutritional requirements can be overwhelming.

    Sneaky TD attack recently, so thank goodness for Denise’s previous article in relationship to this. Had pressure on the heart and on the forehead and top of head and thought that they were ascension symptoms. I do not have the vision to see what is happening, but I sure can feel and that’s all that is needed. So I now have my head around what goes on more and the importance of good spiritual hygiene. I am now more empowered and basically “how dare they”.

    Keep up the good work everyone and love to you all.


    • Dear Lyn,
      I cannot speak to your specific condition but was called to mention that every day I slather coconut oil, the kind you can find in the grocery store baking aisle, all over my body and then wrap myself in my cozy long bathrobe and let it soak in. Also Frankincense oil for any precancerous rough spots, tangerine oil for wrinkles, smells really great. It is very soothing to my skin and soul.
      Sending you healing and light,

      • Thank your Georgia
        Yes I am a great coconut oil fan, externally and internally and essential oils and they assist but I seem to be just treading water, Would be so much worse without their valuable assistance. At least we smell really good while we are transitioning.

  • Hello ❤
    Thank you so much Denise! The re-alignment and positive changes with this lunar eclipse you talk about sounds exciting! 🙂

    Yes! I too have been experiencing flare ups of skin rashes on and off for the past several years on various parts of my body similar to how other High Heart readers have commented. At times the same areas re-emerge with the rash after having cleared up, other times they appear on new areas.

    Denise, I also wanted to add that for me too it is very difficult to remember when or much of anything happened (even day before) if I don't note it down, which that too I forget to write it down! I know you have mentioned this in previous articles but I just wanted to share with you and everyone here that this applies to me as well.

    A part that stood out to me was when you mentioned how thankfully the inner body vibrations have never been physically painful for you. I wanted to share that I first experienced and heard the sounds back in 2008-2009. They eventually turned into the loud engine/airplane sound where I felt full body vibrations multiple times. Hearing them while awake they were not painful, but multiple times I had an experience where I felt full body pain that felt like each and every single cell of my body was in intense pain. Strange thing is, this happened several times while being in the asleep but aware state (in-between).

    Denise, any idea as to what was going on? Or anyone else here who has experienced this? Also, Denise have you or anyone heard loud and clear an entire orchestra (many musical instruments playing all combined together) clairaudiently?

    Thank you so much Denise, I love reading your posts! Take care <3<3

    • Prhabi, mine is not the same as yours, but now I am experiencing (going on days) being in pain while asleep and awake, at same time… weird. I’m so exhausted. I’m inside dreams, sleeping and tossing awake in them. My upper body, three days in a row, is in enormous pain. It has taken me circa an hour to recover, once I’m awake. I just found it odd that it’s a sleeping and waking thing. No vibrating, I’ve only read about that through Denise and heard about it through people. For me, it’s just enormous pain through muscles and upper body. Clairaudience though is a factor for months now. I heard the sound of a hawk, most recently. I hear the sound of another field of existence. I just don’t know that’s what it is. I assume 5D or maybe 4th dimensional field? I hear the background noise of another world with its own sound. I only hear it periodically, while waking. No music, though. (how amazing for you!!!)

      I heard the hawk because it’s a spirit animal for me, not that I understand that fully at all yet. It shows up in dreams and in reality, in very, very unexpected ways. It has protected me, too. I watched it battle a demon by my bedside once.

      Denise touched on this, I think it’s pretty clear many have developed a lot of abilities over the past 16 months or more. I know that I’ve been in constant ear pain for 6 to 12 months now.

      This may not exactly be the feedback you need, but I thought should share. Peace to you and your way through!!

      • Hello Marcy, thank you for sharing! ❤ Yes, I too feel beyond exhausted most days. It was interesting reading about you hearing your spirit animal (hawk) experience! Peace and love to you too 🙂 ❤

  • I appreciated the geometric images. When I close my eyes now it’s like I’m looking at a Waterworld, liquid and golden with shapes but I can’t make any of it out. Closing my eyes and looking around is like when you get into a waterbed and everywhere you put your hands, the water keeps moving around swirling! I did yoga last night and whenever I closed my eyes and tried to look at it everything just kept moving LOL. Almost daily for two weeks I’ve been brushing off old habits/thoughts and prepping. I wanted to work, but everything stopped. I was told it would be okay. I’m not informed intuitively verbally or otherwise what is coming. Months ago I was told “the less I know the better.” That helped. I can’t believe I’m not terrified now. And I can’t describe how I feel. I sit on my bed. I feel my body and being readying to leap. I don’t care, security wise. My whole person is about to make a break and I don’t know what i’m making a break for!! Amped to launch and not know?!? Why not know? So incredible

  • Thank you Denise, like a lot of others I have been reading your blog for years now and finally commenting..just want to say I appreciate also not feeling alone with this ascension embodiment process..and I also love your warrior true spirit too..and everyone that comments..thank you too..not an easy journey..but, we’re prevailing💪😊🌟💫

  • Dear Denise..

    When i first found your blog in 2013…it was difficult to grasp your Starwoman ideas and way with words, for i had just come from 15 yrs of 1000 ego deaths, a 3 yr. wilderness trek, no home, no family and a trip to the psyc ward…attacked the entire way…but was blind, deaf and dumb to the dark forces and just chalked everything up to the Great Awakening. You were a Godsend than and still are. Once i caught on..i wanted to be just like you when i grew up!!! i have come leaps and bounds in these past 5 years..total nightmare misery it was.. attacked by my hometown dark elites, smokey hell bardo..crown of thorns..electrical shock treatment revival. But with You and Lisa Renee’s total trust and dedication in knowing where we were headed…here WEMe are!!! I Feel blissy for the first time…in years..achy neck…but soo much joy …as we move into the collapse of this 3D matrix..for that is what it feels like for me. Thank You Denise Le Fay..sooo much LoveYourWay

    A little story..if you chose to add any of this …by Richard Bach…Illusions

    Once there lived a village of creatures along the bottom of a great crystal river. The current of the river swept silently over all of them…young and old, rich and poor, good and evil…the current going it’s own way, knowing it’s own crystal self. Each creature in it’s own manner clung tightly to the twigs and rocks of the river bottom, for clinging was their of life, and resisting the current was what each had learned from birth.

    But one creature said at last, “I am tired of clinging..though i cannot see it with my eyes, i trust that the current knows where it is going. I shall let go and let it take me where it will. Clinging..i shall surely die of boredom”. The other creatures laughed and said, “Fool! let go and that current you worship will throw you, tumble you and smash you against the rocks and you will die quicker than boredom!”

    But the one heeded them not and taking a breath, did let go and at once was thrown,tumbled and smashed by the current against the rocks. Yet in time, as the creature refused to cling again and again and again, the current lifted her free from the bottom, and s/he was bruised and hurt no more.

    And the creatures downstream, to whom s/he was a stranger, cried “a creature like ourselves, yet s/he flies! “See the Messiah, come save us all!!!!” And the one carried in the current said, “I am no more a messiah than you. The river delights to lift us free, if only we dare to let go. Our true work is this voyage, this adventure.

    But they cried more, “Savior” all the while clinging to the rocks, and when they looked again, S/he was gone and they were left alone making legends of a Savior.

    I, on behalf of us all here …appreciating You Missy Denise Le Fay…dedicate this to You…and Richard, smiles, looking down upon you, agrees. What the caterpillar saw as death…the Creator called a butterfly!

    Waiting for the world to change…diamondsunbear wannb

    • Diamond Sunbear,

      ❤ ❤ ❤ Fellow Lightwarrior for your strength and determination to extricate yourself from… it all! Only those of us who've lived this know how hard and amazing and brutal and brilliant it is. I’ve been doing and know I will — we all will — continue doing more releasing ourselves from the old 3D matrix structures and realities etc. etc. Release more and ascend more… ❤

  • Dear Denise,
    Thank you again for a most enlightening (in more than one way!) article. I don’t see the energies much, like you do, but I sure feel them! Your visual descriptions give me a sense of what they are like.
    Also it gives me hope that all our long, lonely light work is now coming to some fruition. This last year has been for me like being a medic on board a Navy hospital ship in the middle of a pitched naval battle at sea while going through a hurricane; no time to think, just react and do triage, throw the trash overboard and get on to the next job or patient. And oh, are some of those patients being sent in my way by team dark? Hmm, guess so. It’s almost become comical to me when I get interrupted by some friend or relative at some strategic energy moment.
    My vision for myself for the next year is of being in my own little sailboat in a calm protected bay, learning how to sail, along with many others in their sailboats, also learning to sail, each independently. Some are going in circles, or becalmed, or zipping through the water. We can call across the water to each other, but can’t hop in each other’s boat, or purposely bump boats. Should be an interesting year!
    I wish to express my gratitude to you, Denise, for being a lifeline for me and all others going through this stormy, difficult passage. Much thanks.
    Love and Light to you,

    • “It’s almost become comical to me when I get interrupted by some friend or relative at some strategic energy moment.”

      Georgia, if only we had a dollar for every time this one has happened! 🙄 And gratitude ❤ hugs back at you.

  • Thanks for a very interesting update Denise, so much happening it’s a challenge to keep up sometimes.

    For a long time now I have noticed that if I’m sitting on a chair and I bow my head to look down at my lap I feel a very strong and intense vibrating current of energy flowing up from my feet, up both legs and into my spine as soon as I raise my head it is still there but a lot more subtle. This energy is continuous, the soles of my feet are hot and feel achy as well pains in my ankles, knees and lower back These sensations are also accompanied by sudden hot flashes that radiates intense heat from the soles of my feet up to the top of my head and from the top of my head to the soles of my feet at the same time followed by very brief sweating and then rapid cooling to sometimes feeling shivery and cold. Has anyone else been feeling and experiencing these effects too?

    • Dear Megan, For years I have felt like I was a huge body laying on a very busy motorway and all the traffic was moving through me. I am excited to hear that more people have this experience.

      • Hi Maria, I am glad that there are others experiencing these symptoms/sensations as well, it’s very reassuring that we are not alone! It is indeed exciting, so much happening so fast it’s like a crazy rollercoaster ride, scary but exhilarating at the same time! Wishing you a peaceful and joyous ascension journey, hugs from Megan, 🙂

    • Megan Reid,

      What you’re feeling when you bow your head while seated is the energies in your spine/spinal column. By bowing your head you felt these major energies much like when we restrict a garden hose. We’re constantly now both increasing the amounts of Light (embodiment process) and/or Higher Selves and Source (Embodiment Process) in our physical bodies and consciousness and therefore external reality, which automatically alters and affects everyone and everything else.

      In the beginning of my physical Ascension Process (AP) the bottoms of my feet became so painfully hot due to Kundalini activation that I had to wear only flip flop sandals for about a decade. When this AP symptom eased up I was so happy to be able to wear closed shoes again finally; then it returned recently but nothing as severe as it was in those early years. My point is that these AP energies come REPEATEDLY in waves allowing us to, incrementally and safely ascend and purge over and over again as we climb these energy Stair-steps to higher and higher levels and states of being. We’re all, no matter which Stair-step one is currently on within the AP, very intensely in another huge shift change right now.

      Drink extra water to help with the hot flashing, sweating and purging and get your body into water as often as you sense you need to to help you and your body with all this heat and shifting. What you’re feeling is common with the AP and Kundalini activity the AP automatically activates in us. If interested, I’ve written older articles about this at my other blog TRANSITIONS you could read through. ❤

  • Dear Denise,
    I so look forward to your emails…much love to you…
    I have the vibrations continually..as well as the the high pitched noise in the left ear…Many of the same thing happening to me…I once had an extremely loud bang or explosion in my head…left me dazed for awhile…but luckily the above symptoms were and are painless.
    One of the symptoms I get regularly..is odd …and I have never heard this mentioned….it started a few years ago..It sounds like clicking and clacking of stones…it started in the waist area and has worked up to the high heart area..its quite loud…but no one else can hear this…it is in front of the body and I wondered if is adjustments in the quantum field.
    AND I seem to be the Queen of short naps…when ever I can squeeze one in!

    • penny thomas,

      This is the first time I’ve heard of you’re ‘clicking and clacking of stones’ side effect. I’ve heard inner Morse Code-like clicking in my left ear but not what you’re describing. It feels like your ongoing inner energetic changes (Ascension Embodiment Process) are indeed affecting external reality and the quantum field. I’ve heard some sounds over these AP years that I have no knowledge of what they were, what they are still because I’m still hearing strange nonphysical sounds that seem physical. When I hear them I get the immediate sense that they’re like what you’re experiencing; our moving through space time, dimensions and layers upon layers of Light and more. Some of these phenomena from the AP and from our living it are just so bizarre and it’s feeling like we’re currently in another HUGE level of this now. And nap as much as needed because we’re Embodying like mad again now. Extra self-care is mandatory for what we’re going through now and this will continue so everyone pay attention to what YOU need in each moment. ❤

  • Hi Denise, I love receiving your updates. It helps to know others are going through the same things!!! Yes, the energies have really picked up leading up to this eclipse. I was wondering if you or others are suffering from skin rashes! I have never had a problem with rashes ever in my whole 56 years of life, but at this time in my ascension, im really struggling with rashes all over my body. Thanks for the word you give. Regards Lyndal

    • Lyndal B.,

      I don’t have a rash but over the past few years my skin has gotten small red colored dots that look and feel very dry and irritated. Nothing helps with them it seems. A month or so ago I read something Lisa Renee said in one of her blog articles I think it was about some Forerunners suddenly getting these small red skin spots and it having to do with the tremendous energy and DNA changes taking place in our bodies. If I can find it I’ll add a link to it because I can’t remember it all now.

      • Lynda B., I’ve been wondering this about rashes too! My armpits are particularly bad these last couple months and nothing really clears it (I’ve used mild and natural soap/deodorant/detergent for years anyway). Seems like a releasing or clearing for me. I think my particular genes are especially prone to this as an outlet since several relatives have experienced similar. My young kids have had weird rashes too.

      • Hi Denise. Oceans of Love to you for your commitment and I just love getting your updates.
        I too get the inner vibrations for the last 10 years and feel like I’ve been plugged into an electrical socket.
        I came across lookoutfacharlie blog about electronic harassment and his description of red dots and rashes and vibrations. Google this and see if it seems relevant to you.
        Thanks for everything. Love Jo

    • Hi Lyndal,

      Yes, I am experiencing itching, tingling and rashes mainly back of head, neck, on spine between shoulder-blades. This is a pattern that mysteriously comes and goes and has been repeating for a few years now. Often feels like something is crawling under or over your skin in those areas as well which results in scratching and drawing blood sometimes.

    • Hi Lyndal, the rashes started for me in 2000/2001, but the last few years have been all over my body. Not pleasant to deal with, either. In the last month I, too, have gotten the red dots and bumps— new symptom for me. I saw a video yesterday that mentioned rashes were a vibrational mismatch between where WE are vibrationally, and where our bodies still are. Also, we are clearing a lot of toxins through the skin — physical and energetic both. A lot of Saturn energy involved in where this shows up (skin, teeth, bones, etc). Good news is that the vibrations are coming to a match faster, so maybe these particular symptoms will be soon over!!
      Much love to all ❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Tammy R.

  • oh wow, that was such an awesome update!!!

    thankyouthankyouthankyou! (I also see stuff – mostly feel it though, but this has helped me a whole bunch!!!

    xoxoxoxoxo 💜☀️😚 Phyllis Victoria BC

  • Hi Denise this is very interesting.. I have found in the last few weeks budda belly at night time prior to sleeping. Even when i have been in the moonlight all my chakras have activated, usually its more so in the sun. But the energies are vamping up for sure I am seeing people affected by this and they think they are sick but they are not. while I do feel the vibration through out the night. the interesting thing here is my 13 year old son. He got a bit freaked out last week as he got the energy rippling effect. he said everything is moving but i am not moving. As I have experienced this so many times before I explained he was going though the transition and to allow it. Can you please shed some more light on the rippling effect … I see it as the astral body leaving the physical while in a wake state. Thank you Sonia

    • “Can you please shed some more light on the rippling effect …”


      This is people Seeing with Higher Vision different energies moving. In the early years of the AP this often looked like areas of heat mirage but it’s gotten much more complex looking the deeper into the dimensional shift and higher Light energies people go. Eventually everyone will be clairvoyant, empathic and all the rest of it and more but now individuals are slowly Seeing or feeling or sensing or hearing more things, beings, energies, Lights etc. and learning about nonphysical realities. For some it’s interesting, fun, exciting but for others it’s shocking, terrifying and causes fears because reality isn’t doing what it always has for them. It’s just evolution however. ❤

  • Denise, thanks for pointing out this is NOT “the Event”! Just another huge stair step. The energies are knocking me out, and (maybe like Lane) I also heard a big BOOM the other night (not sure what it was). Maybe we’re about to get into the bizarre. My instincts are telling me to immerse myself in Nature as much as possible.

    Love your “patterns” – really gives the impression we’ve moved into a Higher trajectory. Here’s to a happy Re-Alignment for all of us!

    • I often heard this big boom. At first I did nit understand why nobody else heard it. Not even my dogs. Now I understand that the sound comes from another dimension. Maybe something is being created???

  • Dear Denise,

    I’ve been experiencing the inner vibrations for several years, but have just recently started hearing what you so perfectly describe as a “roaring of energy.” Sometimes it sounds like a low rumbling of thunder, which goes on and on and on. A couple of months ago, early in the evening shortly before sundown, I heard the low rumbling for several seconds, followed by a loud boom … similar to a transformer blowing but much louder, more like what I would think a sonic boom sounds like. Then the rumbling started again. The next day I asked several of my neighbors if they had heard it. None of them had and there was no bad weather in the area. I haven’t heard any loud booms lately, but I hear the “roar of energy” often now. I have also been seeing what looks like shimmering waves of light running both ways … across and up and down my entire bedroom ceiling.

    About three hours ago I couldn’t keep my eyes open and stretched out on the sofa for a nap. The inner vibrations started almost immediately and then I fell asleep. I awoke an hour or so later feeling that I was in a strange land. Took me several minutes to ‘relocate’ and check my email to see if you had posted another article. When it came in a few minutes ago, I said aloud, “Oh, there you are.”

    Thank you, Denise, for all you do and be. ♥️♥️♥️

    • Lane,

      I instantly fell asleep after I wrote this article this morning and just woke up myself. The energies are intense, getting more so every day and add 112 degree heat to that and it’s nap time for sure! Expect the amazing and strange to continue and amplify. ❤

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