Intense Personal & Collective July 2018 Clearing

  There are epic Ascension Process months and July 2018 was certainly another one of them! For me July was a month of constant intense deeper level clearings from this life, this physical body, and having to make big inner changes over certain lifelong habitual focuses I’ve had around my income and eventual retirement. July also entailed intentionally ending connections with a few other timelines that contained some current life family members in them through lucid dream Work. This included my intentionally ending connections with certain other timelines and non-family people and friends in them that I don’t know in this timeline but do in them. July also included my being financially assaulted by heartless individuals employed by and thoroughly dedicated to the old patriarchal systems and have power over the amount of my annual income. Hold that judgement and keep reading please.

For me there’s nothing worse than having an unaware, low consciousness person devoid of all heart, honesty and integrity have power over me in any way for any reason, which is exactly what the entire pre-Ascension world has been for everyone. People who should never have power over others but do means you’ve got to survive their unremitting dedication to upholding the old negative patriarchal systems at any cost. People that cannot conceive of anything better for everyone, and have zero heart and honesty, are the last people who should have any form of power over other people yet that is exactly how the old negative patriarchal world was set up and run and why should be obvious. These people have been and still are today the psychopathic junkyard guard-dogs over humanity which has profoundly bothered me from early childhood but is unbearable in 2018, which is the whole point. What has been accepted and endured as “normal” by everyone in this country and elsewhere, even though I’ve hated and rebelled against it all of my life, is not supposed to continue now which is why we’re individually and collectively having people or a group of people control you and your life, your income, actions, beliefs, movements and so on.

I experienced the IRS make an unbelievable change to what was taxed but now isn’t in my annual income in January 2017, and in July 2018, had someone else cut my income by almost half. Things couldn’t be any clearer, but actually making the current mandatory inner changes within myself took a lot of Work and releasing on my part. Those last habitual holdout bits we’ve clung to within ourselves— whatever they are for each of us even though we may have hated and resented them for decades—came under direct Divine Intervention throughout the month of July 2018. It was me and my certain remaining habits against evolution and guess which side won? Both because the Divine Intervention did exactly what was intended; it forced me/you/each of us that needed it to release whatever we each needed to and “ascend” to a higher level of self-empowerment. Translated that just means I had to release those old patriarchal habitual “survival” ways and beliefs I’ve had around my finances, taxes and eventual retirement benefits etc. Even though I’ve resented them all my life I had, as we all have because we’ve lived in a world that demands continual monthly financial payments for our very physical existence on Earth, I had to release and disengage entirely with every aspect of those old lower ways of “survival” in physical reality. Sounds easy but was painful in that I had to Work my way through the seething anger and hatred I had at the individuals and nationwide systems that maintain human slavery and misery in this country.

As Within, So Without

As usual these super intense periods of amplified clearing and releasing of more patriarchal stuff within each of us is simultaneously taking place in our external world too because they’re one and the same thing. You/me/we change internally and external reality changes too because of it. If you’ve watched any news in July 2018, you know that this country (and in Greece, Sweden etc.) has been experiencing next-level patriarchal purging through massive physical fires in the west and floods in the east. Fire and water have been the primary elements used to remove negative patriarchal energies, emotions, consciousness etc. Oftentimes it’s only through great trauma and tragedies that the unaware lower consciousness people’s hearts are activated. When there’s layer upon layer of old negative stuff and consciousness to get through, it’s often through sudden traumatic shocks and mandatory changes that cause people and their hearts to open to NEW higher levels.


In July the Cranston fire quickly burned through much of Idyllwild and the surrounding mountain areas near where I live in SoCal. I’m fine here in the valley at the foot of that mountain but the smoke got difficult for a while, combined with the excessive heat. The Cranston fire is 95% contained as of August 4th. There were four days in July here where the temperature reached 116° and abnormally high temps are supposed to happen again next week. It’s the overnight lows of 78–81° that quickly wear thin because there’s just no relief whatsoever from the now nearly year-round heat anymore.

During the July Cranston Idyllwild fire I dealt with feeling the fears and deaths of wildlife animals and a couple of people’s pets too plus the fears, pains and anger from people who lost their homes and property in this fire. (A man from another city set this and eight other fires in this area.) For about a week I clairvoyantly Saw and felt dead wildlife moving about in my house. I deeply love animals so having to See so many ghost animals killed by this fire inside my house and help move them on was another big issue for me. The more 5D connected and unified you become within yourself, this is what reality feels like, looks like and is for you; all is interconnected to each other and you feel all constantly.

Let’s recap.

Daily temps where I live are between 105–115, 116° with overnight lows reaching only 78–81°. Murdered, incinerated wildlife hanging out in my house because they know you care and See them and want your help with their sudden horrific deaths, and I needed to go through this with them and not go into an emotional human hate-fest because of it.  Super amplified stabbing physical body pains repeatedly jumping from one place to another and another throughout July. The return of hot flashes (on top of the extreme external heat) because you’re releasing decades of this life’s “survival” money-based issues and more. In July certain individuals further reduced my monthly income by about 40–45%. Monthly bills, food and gas costs rising again. Six planets retrograde forcing everyone to re-view, re-work, re-do, re-place, re-evaluate, repair and release whatever needs to be. A Total Lunar eclipse that was the bookend to 2017’s Total Solar eclipse across the USA. Over stimulation of the mind and emotions. Intentionally ending my involvement in and connections to other timelines that had some family members and friends in them. Multiple very intense situations, tests, Initiations if you will for me to NOT go into anger and hate the unaware low consciousness people hurting other people and animals. The Divine Intervention alignment inflow of NEW blasting the hell out of much more old patriarchal world realities both personally and internally and collective and external. Feeling isolated and alone in this incredibly intense phase of rapid removal of huge chunks of patriarchal energies individually and collectively, internally and externally.

July 2018 felt profoundly Initiatic and every time I succeeded in releasing different things I personally needed to, I was instantly changed for the better. Was it easy? Not really. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Am I hot and tired? You bet ya and I know I’m not, we’re not done with all this yet but we’ve made unbelievable progress throughout July even though it many not feel or look that way yet. Walking on water? Yep and include walking on air and space and nothingness too as we continue transitioning into the NEW everything with nothing substantial under our feet yet. Faith, trust, determination, higher knowing Embodying and overriding lower levels of each of us that continued to clutch old systems of survival because we don’t yet completely understand how this Separation of Worlds Shift will manifest physically. Transitioning is hard in every way and July tested us all exactly where we each needed to be tested. Thank you six retrograde planets, eclipses, Divine Intervention cosmic alignments, and unaware heartless human shits that force us out of old lower world realities and habits and into real freedom. To reach the next rung on the ladder you’ve got to let go of the rungs you’re standing on and clutching. July 2018 has pushed most of us to do exactly that and more, which means some big NEW stuff is coming soon to replace what we’ve released within ourselves and in the external world. Well done everyone and please, carry on. ❤


August 4, 2018

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40 thoughts on “Intense Personal & Collective July 2018 Clearing

  • Finally enough energy to do a few basics. I was concerned for the well-being of my physical body. Amazing what these flimsy structures can do.

    Appreciate the comments by Prabhi K and Denise as to what we endure physically and financially.

    Cruel on the surface but we are letting go of so much fear based concepts . I get to a point where I think there will be stability and then financially the rug gets pulled from underneath once again. My life is now surrounded by others who have far less attachment to money (it’s not a status symbol and superiority over others) and we honestly care for one another (equality). All are very responsible with it’s use as well. Welcome more of this spreading across the planet as we bring down the old!

  • Thank you for sharing Denise, like always! 🙂 ❤ We’re all being squeezed in all sorts of ways, a reminder once again that I’m not alone. We got this, each and every one of us! I can relate to your experiences of feeling the sadness. About 3 months back there was a wind storm here where I live and 100’s of trees were uprooted (something I had never seen) and I could feel the loss and sadness of the trees or the 1000’s of dead fish that I discovered by the lake shoreline several times these past 2-3 months.

    I can totally relate to the financial situation, although mine is not retirement related I’m being squeezed financially in a different manner. Denise, what’s the deal with this financial situation for so many of us?

    I’m sure most of us/me/you would like financial freedom yet I can barely function most days due to all sorts of pains and AP/EP symptoms, plus the extreme exhaustion (from the symptoms/eclipses/energy waves/flashes/etc) let alone have the energy to hold a job to be able to pay for rent/food/transportation/etc. For example, for me personally I feel exhausted just after having to cook my own food for the day and do the dishes. I feel pretty much done for the day energy wise, I space my cleaning and other chores out depending on exhaustion levels for the day. Some days I can barely go up the stairs or many other days where I am dragging myself around or at times even my toothbrush feels too heavy to lift for my arm!!! It feels as if I am a 1000 years old a lot of times, or a 1000 years young should I say. 🙂

    • “…I space my cleaning and other chores out depending on exhaustion levels for the day. Some days I can barely go up the stairs or many other days where I am dragging myself around or at times even my toothbrush feels too heavy to lift for my arm!!!”


      I know most reading this can completely relate and have been living like this for a very long time. I’ve had to adapt to what I’m capable of doing each day, or hour, and work in short spurts followed by rest time. There are days I don’t have the strength to take a shower, and am glad if I get some laundry done and do the dishes. 2018 has seen a big increase in these sorts of bodily situations because we’re constantly (sometimes there are 12-24 hour periods in-between but that’s it at this NEW level) having our selves and bodies evolved into something NEW and improved while simultaneously casting off more old lower density etc. within every cell, nerve and fiber of our being and all else. Exhausting is an understatement…

      “I can totally relate to the financial situation, although mine is not retirement related I’m being squeezed financially in a different manner. Denise, what’s the deal with this financial situation for so many of us?”

      Back in May 2018, which feels like five years ago but was only four months!!!, Uranus entered the sign of Taurus which has to do with money and what people value etc. Uranus in Taurus — along with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn — are dismantling the old 3D global patriarchal financial systems because they’re all corrupt and dead-ends energetically. This has been manifesting in greatly rising prices for everything while incomes are reduced, plateaued or completely removed which anyone can see is unsustainable for everyone and everything. This is going to get worse to force people, especially in this country, to create something much better for everyone everywhere. I’d like to go straight to 5D everything is free reality but this money shift will probably need more steps of dismantling and creating equality systems and consciousness first for the unaware and unprepared for such profound freedom and honesty.

      • Denise, you’ve spoken on the topic of financial systems and money from time to time and I was wondering what you think a high heart conscious way of energy exchange would be on the national or global level as compared to where it’s at now (globalization and capitalism; a few at the top with a lot and everyone else struggling. Sometimes I’m on youtube searching for world music and come across how many views the stupidest and darnest videos and so-called celebrities get …and really the current state of conscious with money and all I’m not surprised at all in terms of what many people in the world are still drawn to and wanting to be like. I’ve read other articles that explain this greed, competition, exploitation, mass materialism as the “young soul” phase of the majority of humanity in terms of soul age and while that seems reasonable to an extent what that explanation is missing seems to be the TD part of it. There are so many nuggets of good information from various sources though I’m still sifting through the bullshit to synthesise it all. Denise, can you clarify what you meant before about consciously creating “abundance”…because abundance as is now and basic level survival is so tied to money and work…slavery or if one is lucky a job one likes at least – do you mean consciously creating a form of work you enjoy or a mutually beneficial relationship of external exchange outside of totally outside of the current system of “jobs”? Sorry, I just wasn’t sure though I think I have a few clues. Isn’t all this supposed to be even if as Plan Bs, Cs, etc. somewhat considered in our pre-birth life plan? Thanks.

        • “I’ve read other articles that explain this greed, competition, exploitation, mass materialism as the “young soul” phase of the majority of humanity in terms of soul age and while that seems reasonable to an extent what that explanation is missing seems to be the TD part of it.”

          That’s it exactly Blue Cliffs, the huge aspect of how humanity has been and still is intentionally mind controlled, mentally and emotionally directed to specific things and the unaware buy into it completely. The “dumbing-down” of humanity has been deliberate but it’s easier for more people to finally see it for themselves thanks to the Ascension Process.

          “Denise, can you clarify what you meant before about consciously creating “abundance”…because abundance as is now and basic level survival is so tied to money and work…slavery or if one is lucky a job one likes at least – do you mean consciously creating a form of work you enjoy or a mutually beneficial relationship of external exchange outside of totally outside of the current system of “jobs”?”

          This, like so many other ascension related old world topics is a difficult one. Actually I haven’t talked much about “abundance” because we all still connect it to the old negative patriarchal world, and I don’t want anything to do with that world anymore. Nonetheless, we’re still in this in-between, overlap, transition phase of growing numbers of individuals who’ve Embodied enough to know what a fifth dimensional NEW Earth world will be surrounded by the unaware people still functioning in the old patriarchal negativity of the world we all incarnated into. The great news is that they’re no longer running the Earth show, we are and therein is the key to these confusing situations.

          One of the problems I’ve personally always had with writing about the Ascension Process is that I incarnated with 5D consciousness. I’ve always remembered higher ways and have had to survive in the 3D lower negative ways in this life. Most of you reading this have too. Because of this I know, I remember how certain 5D worlds functioned and that’s “normal” to me. However, what we’re in now isn’t like that because this is about ascending, evolving from a VERY low frequency globally (and all else) that was in profound negativity up to the total opposite of all that. The contrast couldn’t be any greater than what’s been unfolding.

          As more individual’s consciousness evolves, which is exactly what’s happening very quickly now thanks to the “Orange Menace & Co.” and all related things, more and more people will make the shift individually out of those old negative levels of consciousness and up into the NEW higher ones. This really isn’t about external things, money, leaders and such but about individuals evolving which instantly means their energy and consciousness “ascends” to a higher level. This happens repeatedly to each of us so it’s not a one time only thing but a gradual releasing of the lower negative everything while simultaneously embodying greater NEW Light, codes, DNA etc. etc. Stair-steps.

          Eventually enough individuals will have embodied enough of these NEW Light energies, codes, DNA and Higher Consciousness etc. to more quickly cause the whole planet and more to Shift or ascend to NEW ascended Earth. The Forerunners have been living and existing in this weird halfway sort of state and place for a long time now. What’s happening is the old negative 3D patriarchal world is not connected to the ascending/ascended NEW Earth with its populations but we’re still close enough to each other today to be able to see and feel and be effected by each other. This will NOT be the case very soon however and the Separation of Worlds will reach the point of no return and each will go their own ways. I keep getting 2020 for this but we’re capable of putting a rush on this now just like we have with everything else in the Ascension Process. 😉 It just feels to me today like 2020 is the absolute cutoff separation date between those ascending now and those who aren’t… yet. Until then however we continue doing what we Forerunners always have; we Embody first and more and more quickly because we’re Consciously Creating this Shift, this Separation of Worlds by our own inner actions based on our individual evolutionary process.

          Eventually money won’t exist. I wrote this at TRANSITIONS many years ago but it needs repeating here now. How many Angels, Lightbeings, Starbeings, ETs, Masters and such have you ever seen carrying a wallet or a purse? Exactly! We’re ascending there now too. ❤ 🙂

        • I’m continuing this.

          The keyword in your Comment Blue Cliffs was survival. In the old negative 3D patriarchal world where humanity functioned from the lowest bottom three chakras/consciousness and matching external world reality, everything was survival based and ego based. The AP is evolving humans up out of those bottom three levels of ego and survival consciousness and external realities to the 5D HighHeart as the NEW seat of our beings in a matching NEW Earth world reality. It’s the transition of all this that’s what we’re all going through and have been for many years.

          For me and many people July 2018 brought huge personal insights, mini-revelations about an area or areas where each of us still had old habitual and/or belief survival issues from the old 3D patriarchal world. In my case and for most of us survival is directly connected to money and how much we have, don’t have, how much we need each month, each week, each year just to survive in the physical dimension. Work to feed ourselves; work to have a place to sleep each night; work to have a place to shower, to go to the bathroom etc. etc. It’s unbelievable when you honestly look at it and realize how profoundly humanity has been contained and controlled just to survive.

          We are however evolving beyond that old lower frequency, consciousness and external reality, just not in one big instant jump externally, not yet for everyone whose ascending now. Survival consciousness and external reality is and has been incrementally shifting to more and more people sharing, caring, giving and doing for others for free etc. because THEIR HighHearts have been activated and continue evolving. The more individuals living from their ascended HighHearts consciousness and being, the more external reality manifests this as the NEW 5D global normal.

          In July I was forced to see, feel and deal with a couple of old remaining areas where I still had old world survival money issues with. The moment I was able to release my habitual death-grip on those old beliefs, habits, expectations etc. about my retirement income and my current income, some big internal changes took place in my physical body. The 2018 Lion’s Gate energies were more powerful than usual but there’s been nothing usual about 2018 at all! More to come too.

          For the most part I and many of you are able to Consciously Create, intend, envision, create from your expanded and elevated NEW 5D and higher HighHeart frequencies, but sometimes we discover certain areas where we still hold old beliefs and/or expectations about our survival in relation to old 3D world money etc. When the Light comes into contact with those old densities in each of us, we feel that impact and discord of lower and higher energies within ourselves and our bodies. It’s highly uncomfortable until we honestly release the lower and step up and out into the invisible higher frequencies. This is a living death, Initiation, evolution, Shift Process that each of us has done over and over and over for the past 25-40 years now. The results of that are present already when each of us just remains in our higher HighHeart frequency and consciousness and fully releases all old connections, beliefs, habits etc. we’ve had to the old bottom survival frequencies and external world reality. Thanks for wading through this everyone. ❤

        • Denise, thanks very much for your replies to Blue Cliffs. I really needed those insights and reminders right now.

        • Wow, thank you for the confirmation on so many levels to the part of me that “knows” even when external reality sometimes “fools” me into contending with some of its abiding ways when I’m out in the world. This information and solace I feel is comforting and clarifying issues in many others reading your blog/comments so thank you Denise again and everyone else for sharing and caring. I was struck when you mentioned the halfway state of being – that is one of the most precise definitions of how I’ve felt years. You mention 2020 and I’ve seen that elsewhere to, I’ve also seen 2032…well any which way the fact that this is unfolding and you say repeatedly of us being “there” already having crossed a threshold even if we may not completely realize on all levels is extraordinary and unbelievable sometimes because it is so gradual. I’ve heard Dolores Cannon mention that we don’t see things change living moment to moment but if you look back 5 or 10 or even 20 years ago you see wow yes there was a change and more than one, huge changes such as for instance issues on gender/race equality, “discoveries” about the body/universe, and to mention it the much more recent interests I feel more people are drawn to “spirituality” even if there is also a lot of disinformation there…but that they are drawn to it and see/feel beyond the material/physical only reality is still many steps forward. Namaste and aloha.

  • Today is the Lion’s Gate (August 8th) and I have absolutely no strength. This is a shifting as I understand it; a time of purging, even more than usual. I believe it! Wishing everyone well today.

    • Barb & All,

      Yep today is 8-8 with 11 (2018=11 Mastery) making this Lion’s Gate period very different with abundant NEW higher coming in now. ❤

  • Denise, I can only say that you are a stable force in describing the chaotic forces at work. I’m trying my best to live in the now with memories shooting through me and making peace with them. Letting them go and wondering what the future holds. I plan on retiring in 31 months. I am a nurse and try to focus on my patients in giving them the best care and comfort that is in my power. The other crap at work I just try to stay apart from. I guess that’s why I count the months…lol I am planning a 65 instead of a 66 and 4 month retirement because I can’t stand the thought of ruining my health for an extra year. Somehow I do feel something protects me at work from negative powers. Does that make sense? Maybe I protect myself. That’s a thought. The closest members of my family expect to much from me at this time and I feel myself even going further into myself. I feel actual shifting in the physical and emotional parts of my life. Sometimes I feel as if things are unfolding as they should and other times it throws me off balance and then suddenly I feel a peace. I don’t know even why I am writing this… I guess just for someone to understand. Anyone?
    Thank you once again for your writings…they keep me sane. 🙂

    • Hi Linda, I can totally relate to what you have said. Some days it feels like your made of elastic that is being stretched to the limit in all directions! Time for others to stop relying on you so much and to take responsibility for themselves a lot more. Take as much time for to rest as you can it helps somewhat, but the physical pain just never stops. I tell myself that I’m making good progress when I’m feeling overwhelmed because if I wasn’t then I wouldn’t be going through so many challenges as I am. I must be ready for them or they wouldn’t be happening! Take heart, you are not alone, all of us here are right beside you going through it too! Blessings and hugs to you from Megan. 🙂

  • I love you💞Denise, that’s all. Intense month, intense negativity, incredible growI got. I’m in Astoria, Oregon in the attic room of a B&B on an unplanned vacation, stars are all over the ceiling and walls, spirals too, and I’m watching the film “The Goonies” just a few blocks from the streets they shot the film on. It’s a teen favorite of mine.

    I’ve been in physical pain and have barely slept for days, but now I’m quietly heading out past it. Feels like going for a walk after a storm. This is what I feel, I don’t think I’m being sentimental, but something is happening now, finally, to so many and in the world. And while, like you said, there’s still nothing at all under our feet…

    So, for those of you who get the reference and meaning, remember this… ”Goonies never say die!” Thank God. Hope is powerful. I’m eternally grateful🌸

  • To Denise and all
    So many soulless people on the planet who will not assist others including their own family members and all for the greater love of money and superiority in many circumstances. No compassion no empathy.
    The AP/EP illness is another level again. We are not believed and family can be the cruelest of all. We are thought of as being lazy or having metal illness or both.
    Financial markets are running at their peak – good, as it means something will come along that sends it crashing down. This is a Karmic clearing year and it’s definitely time for a correction.
    We had escalating house and rent prices in recent years. People could not find accommodation and all because of a mining boom (for some). It went bang – cheaper housing prices and plenty of accommodation now. Things are quite depressed generally and then the stock market should fall so that will make it even more interesting.
    Hopefully rain soon to put out the fires.
    Please take care.
    Love and prayers

  • Hi Denise, Thank you so much for your honesty and willing to tell it like it is, so refreshing! July, in fact most of this 2018 has been tough going for me, especially physically. The pains and discomforts never end the heat never ends either. Here in UK we have had the hottest and driest summer for decades. All the grass and plants are scorched, the trees are dropping their leaves. Crops have failed, everything is in turmoil and the day to day life for many is very challenging indeed both physically and emotionally. But for all that I feel a kind of surreal peace and a knowing that all is exactly as it needs to be for us to move onward with our collective and individual journeys, even though the pace is dramatic. I feel deeply for all of the wildlife on this planet, their lives have never been easy but right now, it must be dire. Their habitats destroyed, no food, no water and very little help from humanity either. Bless you Denise, for being there to assist them at their final hour and to give them some loving help to go home. I think team dark are throwing the very last they have at us, the hunger games, the fear. As for humanity, so many souls have just had enough of all the struggle to survive and want to go home. I know we can get through this and come out the other end victorious. Thank you for all you are doing and sharing with us to assist us all on our journey Denise. Bless all of you who share you experiences on this blog. Hugs Megan x 🙂

  • Denise

    Bless you and all you do. Hugs and more to you. Apologies if that sounds crass after all you have been thru.
    I haven’t commented for a while. Somehow I have taken a new path. More creative. But totally alone. I still have my “system” job in local government but the creative push is strong. I painted a picture last week of what ended up being two Suns. The idea was inter connectedness and balance. Over the top I penned in leaf like grids. I have no idea where it came from but it was a break thru
    Love and light to all of us who seek

    • “I had a vision of 2 suns in the sky the other day. I feel change is near…or maybe its just hope…”

      This quote is from Penny Thomas’ Comment below. And no, thank you for your hugs, always. ❤

      Does everyone remember twenty-plus years ago there was a lot of Native American "Blue Kachina"??? information online about how as we/Earth traveled farther into this AP cycle that two Suns — our Sun and a "new" blue one — would appear in the new location in space. My first thought about that info was that they were talking about Sirius because it's a binary star system. I'll add a couple of images of Sirius and a drawing of the glyph symbol for Sirius that I received from my three starbeing kinfolk in 1980. OMG that image is huge and I don’t know how to reduce it for a Comment. Sorry everyone, stand back and view!

      Sirius glyph symbol

      In a Comment I wrote a couple weeks ago ???, I mentioned that I'd had a dream and the Sun was in the wrong place in it and I'm certain all these things are related and that as Penny said, change, big change is near.

      I also wonder if people dreaming of two Suns in our skies is a symbol of the AP and EP and how we and external reality are both changing. The old Sun representing our old lower physical heart and Heart Chakra and the "new" second Sun represents our evolved HighHearts, our Crystal Christed Selves and that higher level of development, frequency, consciousness and reality etc. Or it's both and more. 🙂

      • The colours for the glyph are interesting. I have been using a lot of blue and yellow. I have been trying to paint space in some way but it doesn’t quite come out right. But that is all my mind sees. The trouble I always have is that the image I want to paint is always about the emotion. So it ends up a bit odd. I am rambling…. Just good to talk. I keep getting the message about using colour in its purest form.
        Hugs again to you. Maybe one day I will be able to look over it all and understand what the hell it has all been the moment I am holding the end of a piece of string and following where it takes me

    • I don’t know how much this relates, but has anyone heard of or does this relate to in any way information on the Great Central Sun, not you solar sun but I’ve read something on this. Also, about our chakra system…Denise wrote and had a picture of an ankh depicting the phasing our of our lower chakras and expansion of our higher ones. Is the separation of words also about people resonating no longer with other people, situations, etc. because such were based in the third dimensional reality of me vs. you, survival, manipulation, aggrandisement, ego., etc. We’re gradually moving into higher waters chakra-wise too. 🙂

  • I live on a small island off the coast of BC canada. At present we have 7 seniors living in their cars and 72 seniors couch surfing. The greed in some people is overwhelming… with sky rocketing rents and air B&B’s, we have a severe housing crisis. Moving costs are huge and Vancouver and Victoria have the same problem. I am 73 myself have 2 jobs and looking for more that I can do. I can’t tent it yet because I have my cat. I am very grateful that I don’t have any others to consider. And the symptoms go on and on.(which restrict the work I can do.)

    I had a vision of 2 suns in the sky the other day. I feel change is near…or maybe its just hope…
    One thing I do each day is do the grateful thanks…is seems to help…and being able to connect with all of you.
    With appreciation for all you do Denise, with love Penny

    • “I live on a small island off the coast of BC canada. At present we have 7 seniors living in their cars and 72 seniors couch surfing.”

      Motherfuckers! 😡 Sorry everyone but that sentence, that fact is simply insane and so terrible and I know it’s happening more and more everywhere to all age groups.

      In the very early stages of the Ascension Process, many Forerunners intensely wanted to build some type of physical community centers for other people living the AP and not able to work because of it (Kundalini and everything else that goes with it all). I wanted to be able to buy many acres of land and have multiple houses on it for people living the AP. Many, many of us wanted this 5D type living arrangements for ourselves and like others as places to just get through their AP transformations and not worry about having to have a job when so sick. Think current ❤ "Monasteries" for individuals living the AP and EP now.

      Penny please don't "tent it" at age 73. My god things need to change immediately. Sending LightLOVE to you and all the others in your area Penny. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • OMG Denise … this made me cry … I need that community so much! But so grateful we all have you and this virtual community … thank you.

  • The imagery I see as I read your words Denise, is of you walking on shards of broken glass, breaking it down into grains of crystalline sand. The imagery grows and I see All That Is walking on shards of broken glass, grinding Us into our crystalline perfection. Endless glistening grains of hope, love, peace, and goodness.
    A sand castle glistens in the sun, reminding us that whatever we build in Forevermore, will not be permanent either.
    Thank you for sharing your process and creating words for the new ground you break. There are so many of us following in your footsteps. Without you our journey would be so much harder. I am eternally grateful for all you are and your generosity of words and spirit.
    My love to all our fellow groundbreakers.

    • Thank you deeply oldsoul2017. ❤ I know that by being honest about my own AP/EP struggles, confusions, difficulties, achievements and insights that it helps others. I also know that most don't publically share their personal EP difficulties and why but I gain much more from people who share both the positive and so-called negative sides of something. I don't care if it's "difficult" or that it "hurts", I only care that I do it by living it and therefore transmute it, myself and everything else.

      I want to go into some explanations about why I've had more issues around money in my life so I'm going to use this space to do so. Because I incarnated with more conscious knowing and higher awareness than most other Forerunners/Pathpavers etc., I knew from the get-go that I was in a very dark place and that I would not get a job or career working for the dark side! I also knew that I wouldn't be supported by some male person, husband, life mate etc. so this left me with having to "survive" here in my own way and earn money in ways I wanted and felt comfortable doing. Selling out to Corporate America or having a male support me were never options for me from the very beginning, and because this planet's been a patriarchal one, this hasn't been an easy road for me or any of the other rebellious and determined "System Busters" older Forerunner females. Because of these lifelong issues I've had more to release via the AP and EP in connection to all those old lower 3D "survival" and money issues. Uranus is in Taurus now so this and other related issues are and will be center stage for everyone for years as the entire money/financial thing falls apart too.

      • “I knew from the get-go that I was in a very dark place and that I would not get a job or career working for the dark side! I also knew that I wouldn’t be supported by some male person, husband, life mate etc. so this left me with having to “survive” here in my own way and earn money in ways I wanted and felt comfortable doing. Selling out to Corporate America or having a male support me were never options for me from the very beginning, and because this planet’s been a patriarchal one, this hasn’t been an easy road for me or any of the other rebellious and determined “System Busters” older Forerunner females.”

        Yes, it’s not wonder I was afraid of the dark so to speak as a kid. I had no idea of the ascension process at the time but every time and especially in the summer the sun would set I would get the most ominous feeling. On a different note, I thought that I would be better off in academia which is its own universe/monastery but realized gradually that it was even more patriarchal in the guise of something that was critiquing the status quo. If any of you have read how teaching assistants are being exploited and indebting themselves in a climate where there are no academic jobs and even harder so for women, people of colour, or anyone without backup finances or family to help them through it that is something closer to the truth. The thing is, I know going into the “structure/system” was part of my soul contract…I still think I have to make change from the inside out in that sense no matter how small. Next time I think I would still do it but will have to prepare myself much much more emotionally beforehand about signing up for something like this and doing it while in a highly sensitive female body…the thing is I think I knew what I was getting into from very young which is why even when times were so called “happy” I always sensed that something wasn’t quite right.

  • Bless your high-heart Denise, you survived your July “tests”; I don’t know if I could have survived half of what you have endured, but I do understand the point of what you are saying. We must release all the old ideas, rules, etc. we have accepted as “part of life” that have held us in bondage, so as to be open to new higher dimension truths we don’t fully understand. We have to put our trust in something we can’t see yet but we feel in our hearts.

    I wish it could be done without the fires and extraordinary heat, and most of all the loss of animal lives. I pray that this part of the “processes (AP-EP)” is over for you and the other wayshowers, etc. in your part of the country. It has been an extraordinarily month of testing for all of us, but thanks to you – we who are devoted to your words of encouragement and explanation – we keep the faith and climb one more stair step with you.

  • Yup After a month or two of attacks from strangers. And taking it like a good little Ascension angel. I thought things would get better but nooooo. After years of dreaming of my own little house to retire in , my rent in my apt went so high I couldn’t afford it anymore. I will be living in the unfinished basement of my patriarchal sister who treats me like shit. Takes all my social security money , and want nothing to do with my 4 furry friends. No sunlight thru the windows and cold as hell all the time. How did this happen and why? I trusted the universe to be kind to me. But come on, a dank dark basement? This just might push me over the edge . I have really really had enough. And how in the hell can I be sweating profusely from body heat when my feet are as cold as ice. I am so done!

  • I, too have gone thru 2 major wildfires with evacuations of over a week each. I’m in Los Alamos, NM. The horrible weight of life being ended has stayed with me since–“psychic PTSD.” Healing requires so much inner work, and you’re never the same afterward.

    I spent the majority of my life transmuting the evil and white-hot hatred of the patriarchic system, as well as guiding spirits “over.”

    I was painfully forced out of my previous life in 2012 (coincidence? Hah!). The following couple of years were incredibly difficult, but I’ve made peace with it; it was necessary for my own transformation. Thank goodness I had Karen Bishop’s books to keep me reasonably sane during those years!

    I send everyone who is “awakening” much love.

  • Dearest Denise, thank you so much for writing this article, and especially the first three paragraphs. In this world, I’m made to feel like everything I am and do is never enough no matter what I’ve so called “accomplished” in life or suffered through in the past a current brief break has me feeling at odds with a world that pushes me to be “busy” all the time with no recourse all external focus for more and more as if to justify my existence. The need to “survive” in this world is something I’m struggling with recently – to what end? I mean I can be a tough nut and work almost non-stop as I have done (well to past my degree I had to) and dedicate/devote my entire being to something I care about and that I feel is in my soul contract to do but…every time I think about “getting by”, “networking”, “kissing ass”, “making it”, “keeping up with the who’s”, “getting married, having kids, becoming an “adult” in the 3D sense of the word”, I can’t help but feel down, knotted, and in a soupy state that I have to do inner work to clear up, evaporate. Anyway, thank you for writing the truth.

  • As always your timing is impeccible! Thank you Denise! I struggled greatly with this as well, until I got that what I was doing was old Controlling energy and I let it go! Powerful and terrifying, frustrating and freeing. It was a ride. Your confirmation his your post has strengthened my resolve. You are a gift and you will be greatly rewarded for all your efforts on behalf of our collective Ascension. 🕉💞💗💛

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