Some Current Alignment Side Effects

“hi Denise – am trying to make sense of whats going on atm. I know this portal is opening and affecting everyone massively. feeling v bloated/upset stomach/sort of cystitisy feelings – needing to wee a lot more and rushing to the loo more generally – headachey/pain over one eye  blurry eyes – feeling like you’re living in a parallel in universe where everything is the same but nothing is – feeling v down, tearful, generally odd, doomy feelings – hot and cold temp changes back again – feeling vaguely fluey – sleeping for short periods of time at odd times of the day and night – I am awake in the middle of the night – feel like my day and night are reversing and so on…  Susan “
I wanted to write a little something about the latest potent cosmic alignment blast that arrived after the August 11, 2018 Solar eclipse but I’ve needed some recuperation, integration and recovery time because it was that intense. From my perspective the ongoing Embodiment Process is simply intense, with certain massive phases such as what’s just happened on August 12 through the 13th thrown in that take all this to another level we’ve not experienced before, ever. By August 14th it felt like I’d adjusted and recovered just enough from the 12–13th blast, but this morning August 15th, another type of higher energy is here now. Such is 2018, Mastery on levels we didn’t even know existed.
As is always the case with the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process, your mileage will vary because we individually experience these evolutionary processes uniquely. We all agree that another big and very intense energy blast happened during the days mentioned, but how we personally experienced it, them, is unique to each of us.
About a half hour after I went to bed on Sunday August 12, 2018, an AI inorganic device creature thing manifested etherically in my room. Before it appeared etherically however, it manifested a really horrible burning smell which was so physical that I thought something was actually burning inside my house or possibly outside. As you know we’ve had multiple fires in this area for over a month but this particular smell was not the same smell as burning hillsides. This had a more chemical smell to it so I got up and checked the house inside then went outdoors to check on my A/C unit to see if it was okay. (In this heat it runs almost all day.) Everything was fine, in fact it smelled nice and clean outside so I went back to bed and turned off the light. It was about fifteen minutes or so after this that I clairvoyantly saw the etheric manifestation of an AI device creature thing manifest in the space at the end of my bedroom. I’ll share what it looked like to me ONLY for educational purposes, not to titillate or fixate on or fear.
[If you’ve read A Lightworker’s Mission then you may remember that a demonic entity and/or negative aliens—basically the same things—placed an etheric box-shaped AI device at the threshold of my physical bedroom door in that house. I could clairvoyantly see it sitting there for months and so too could one of our cats. He would jump over it every time he entered and exited my bedroom where our second cat acted like it wasn’t there.]
After smelling this unpleasant burning smell for almost a half hour while lying there in bed trying to figure out what it was and wasn’t, an etheric flat circular-shaped AI device the color of inorganic fake “White Light” appeared in the air a few feet away from the foot of my bed. It looked somewhat like a 2.5-foot circular shaped circuit-board that had AI intelligence. The second I saw it I knew what it was and that it was producing the horrible burning smokey chemical smell. That smell is fairly common when negative aliens, demons and certain Team Dark AI devices are present, but this time the smell was slightly different from what I’ve smelled before at another house between 2000–2004 while under demonic and negative alien attacks. (See A Lightworker’s Mission for more information about those events.) This event of August 12, 2018, just before midnight in my bedroom smelled slightly less strong, less potent than what I’ve smelled years before. Nevertheless I discerned the situation because, to be honest, I was surprised that a negative thing could manifest inside my house in 2018 and stink the place up to the extent it did. This negative burning smoky chemical smell lingered for three days and nights in my room and house after I removed the etheric AI intruder the night it manifested. Something else was happening in relation to this attempted attack and I wouldn’t understand it all until August 13th when something else happened. I was aware when I was viewing it of having a sense that this etheric AI device was about to die, about to be permanently destroyed and that this was its last attempt at doing harm to me.
The next day, Monday August 13, 2018 I awoke and scanned my room, house and property for the etheric AI intruder creature thing and it had remained gone. I could still smell the scent it produced in my bedroom and different areas of my house from time to time, but it was gone. I went about my morning routine and got things done that needed to be taken care of when suddenly I got hit and hit HARD with the most intense and potent ascension related cosmic alignment energies I’ve experienced to date. What I’m going to describe next, I’ve experienced dozens and dozens of times before over the years, but never as big and strong and powerfully as the energies that arrived most of the day on August 13, 2018.
Thankfully I got my morning choirs chores completed when these cosmic alignment energies arrived and the phase of Embodying them began for me about 12 hours after the negative etheric AI device and stink manifested in my bedroom. A short 12 hours later Source-sent evolutionary energies arrived to be Embodied by those of us able to house them in our physical bodies. I spent the entire day flat on my back with my heart pounding so hard in my chest than anyone else would have rushed me to the ER! I knew what it was however and immediately surrendered and fully opened myself to it, to this level of energy and Embodiment Process and let my heart and HighHeart pound and expand and push out a lot of old lower frequency stuff inside my body, my cells, my bones, my muscles and organs etc. I lay there and had my heart and HighHeart pound so hard all day as I viewed old lower frequency codes, energies, patterns, beliefs, habits, density, toxicity and so on literally be pounded out of me and my physical body by incoming higher frequency NEW Light energies. It was glorious… and painful… and freeing to a degree I’d not experienced to this extent ever before. As another layer of old density junk, gunk and muck within me was permanently pounded out like a chef hammering thin a slab of meat, I knew why the negative etheric AI device had manifested 12 hours earlier; it was taking its last attack swing at me before it was destroyed. 12 hours later some more of my own old lower stuff was also permanently destroyed via extended heart and HighHeart jack-hammering by Source delivered energies. When it’s time for another big layer of old lower residual stuff—personal and collective, positive and negative, internal and external—it ALL gets cleared out in many different ways.
After the energy pounding Embodiment Process I and many of you experienced since the Solar eclipse of August 11, 2018, my physical body was so sore and swollen, hot and beat up feeling like I’d been hit by a truck, that I had to do very little Tuesday the 14th because I was so weak and sore. Today, August 15th much of those side effect pains, weakness, body aches, bruised ribs front and back, internal heat and internal swelling from SO much super high frequency Light energies having been Embodied has eased up and I can do a bit more now. But because this latest cosmic blast was more intense than anything we’ve experienced before, give yourself and your physical body and anything else that needs it, plenty of time to recover from Embodying so much so quickly, and from releasing so much so quickly simultaneously.
This morning I feel different energies coming in, more Solar feeling and in the head than what happened the past three or four days. 12 to 24 hours now seems to be the time we have between evolutionary cosmic energy onslaughts so use them wisely because the recovery down-time doesn’t last long before another bout arrives. So no, you’re not doing anything wrong nor are you failing your personal Ascension Process or Embodiment Process, neither have you gotten lost within the process or hung up on old lower stuff; you’ve just gotten hammered in whatever ways and areas you personally need by Divine Source and the cosmos so you can get another good-sized chunk of HOME Embodied within yourself and your physical body in this here and this now. ❤
Denise Le Fay
August 15, 2018
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  • Hi Denise and Everyone,

    This process right now is sooo painful: headaches, nausea, vertigo, body aches, fatigue, insomnia, etc. But, it is combined with so much bliss that I am not complaining. Something really fine is surely happening. I love you all so much.
    Thank you,

    • It certainly is Gerry and you going through what you have been and are is why it’s reached bliss levels finally. We’re in another Gateway all week so the Embodiment Process is amplified to a higher level, again. Lay back and let the Light do what it does, pop some over the counter pain pills if needed and continue doing The Great Work. ❤

  • So yesterday was a painfull day again, a painfull nerve pain all over my body all day long, so i asked my higher self and guidance why this is still happening to me, kind of tired beeing all trusty and letting it happen. feels at sometimes like the flu, but it isn’t the flu. So in the middle of the night i woke up and saw all this blue bright light comming out of me that felt very peacefull and free of the lower. felt / saw it for 30 seconds and got back to sleep.( so i got a answer to my question ). in the morning the experiance was gone, but i felt oké, at this time while am writing this the pain is at full capacity again . it’s so damn absurd, we are the first, the wayshowers, padfinders, and still i find my consciousness so primitive in what’s going on and what to do with this all you know . i guess the pain is the light body that is growing , evolving in me . and the more we as a group evolve in this embodying of/in this light, the more earth rises in vibration and all people grow in consciousness. ?, sounds about correct ?

    • “i guess the pain is the light body that is growing , evolving in me . and the more we as a group evolve in this embodying of/in this light, the more earth rises in vibration and all people grow in consciousness. ?, sounds about correct ?”

      That’s correct Ben. The more Light, NEW DNA codes, energies etc. WE Embody individually, the more WE anchor those NEW energies and consciousness and all else into the human Collective as the NEW templates for global humanity to step into. This they do unknowingly but that doesn’t matter, only that it happens, and it is. 🙂

      I so want an image to help everyone to better understand this. Think lightning rods placed all around the Earth and those “lightning rods” are WE, the Forerunners/Pathpavers/Wayshowers/First Everything-ers. We receive the NEW evolutionary AP and EP energies first because we’re capable of embodying and Embodying them over the years, decades and not have them kill us or break our spirits… although many of us have come close to that many times! Because we’re able to embody/Embody these NEW higher Light energies, DNA codes and activations — we’re in another one of these DNA code activation’s RIGHT NOW everyone so self-care so that you can Do The Work of greater and higher Embodying — they get anchored and seeded as the NEW everything for humanity to evolve into on Earth. ❤

  • Dear Denise and all,
    Wow! These here energies sure are intense; lots of amazing personal revelations, too. It looks like the beautiful Rubenesque lady isn’t going to sing any time soon, so I think we’re in it for awhile.
    Light and Love to you and everyone,

    • Georgia & All,

      Very true and the reason why I’ve not written anything recently. I needed to LIVE July and August 2018 and be evolved by it all. And yes, the ‘personal revelations’ this year have been so helpful to make personal changes instantly. Knowing more is always great. ❤

      • Dear Georgia, Denise & All,

        So true about personal revelations! Mine have been mostly about family members and the truth about relationships I had always seen a certain way. Transparency is becoming the new norm. I find journaling helps me to go deeper but new truths constantly emerge. I believe that for us to be authentic, embracing things “as they are” and not as we WISH them to be is an important step. Love to you & all.

  • Hi Denise! I hope you and everyone are okay!! Dealing with loads of nausea, major headaches and many symptoms, almost vomited, in bed all Sunday, devastated and sick. So, I’m guessing many of you must be TOTALLY leveled right now. I wanted to wish everyone well. 🔥 Denise, hope you’re alive (and laughing through it somehow;) ! 😋💚💚

    • Marcy & All,

      The past few days I’ve been super exhausted and weak and have slept more during the day than ever before, which means A LOT more is being Embodied by many. Remember how I said recently that there’s only about 12-24 hours — if that — between these very strong next-level blasts of NEW energies? A couple of days ago whenever I’d get up I could barely walk and I looked like I was 100 years old and doing that old person “shuffle” that they do. It passes rather quickly but getting moving and standing upright is painful and unattractive! Ears ringing, internal body heat and sweating is getting really old after the summer we’ve had, stomach really touchy and my body feels strange when I eat anything, seeing more Lights and flashes of Lights around me and elsewhere, lots of residual 2D elemental negativity has been up and flying around again and all the earthquakes around the Ring of Fire (an 8.2 quake the other day off Fiji) due to the earth shaking this crap loose and up and OUT. Hang in there everyone and rest/sleep and self-care as much as you need. ❤

  • Hi, i ve been reading the articles from Denise a few years now, and felt the pain of the energies many many many times . bud am sure everyone’s story is also unique. some days ago i had a meeting with a energetic therapist who i know some time now. she’s very good in what she does, bud not feels the energies like most of the people do here. we talkt about the difficulties growing up with my mother , and she saw it was time to let go of the energetic string that was fermly attached for more than 40 years . it was a very big moment for me . you wouldn’t believe how mutch stress is gone now in me . i think that a lot of my struggle was about beeing in 2 worlds at once that not go well together, high frequenties and low frequenties. many years of meditation, healwork, lightworker knowledge, energiework, bud still so struggling in many ways. i believe the strong energetic attachement with someone who is not ascending is the reason of many inner stressmoments and pains, not knowing why and how. at this moment my head is very clear, i hope it stays this way. i wonder if there are more people who did this kind of energetic string detachement with a energetic therpist? bud again, everyone’s story is unique

    • “i wonder if there are more people who did this kind of energetic string detachement with a energetic therpist?”


      I’m very glad you were helped by what your energetic therapist suggested. It’s not easy or usually quick, this intentionally cutting, severing our old energy ties to blood family members and other loved ones. There’s typically many layers to this and we Work on them over months and years in most cases until we’ve cleared, cut, disconnected and released everything WE needed to with that person and/or event(s) etc. I’m saying this only so you’re aware that there may, may be some more less potent “stuff” you have in connection to your mother that comes up for YOU to deal with in YOURSELF and cut, release and continue evolving/ascending. See it, know it, feel it, deal with it, then cut and release yourself from it, whatever and whoever it is and keep doing this when needed until it simply is not an issue for you anymore in any way. ❤

  • Hello Denise and all of the wonderful persons commenting (as well as the many who are experiencing but not commenting in writing): I am another “Firster.” In jest I often ask myself who signed me up for this???? Wow, that a week this has been!! Much of the time I was in pain and confusion — WTF territory … Seem to be coming out the other side. I’ve very much appreciated your commentary, Denise, and the various observations of others. Even though I knew ahead of time that the 15th was going to bring a HUGE nearly overwhelming download, it did not prepare me for the experience!! After a rotten, pain-filled 15th and 16th, I’m feeling considerably better today (17th), both physically and emotionally.

    My week started with pretty much all of the symptoms that Susan described (except no headaches). But now since I have re-read Denise’s description of her encounter with the negative AI thing, I finally realized that I was under attack on Monday morning at the BART (subway) station — as I got off the train I was slammed with a huge burning odor — like burning rubber, I decided. This smell disappeared as I came up out of the below ground part of the station. Seems I’m more open to TD attack in public. I protect myself at home and work place pretty well. But I got “them” (TD) back on Tuesday. While waiting for my going-home train. I let off a big blast of energy — to make “them” back off — which had the effect of putting out of order the electronic digital announcement sign under which I was standing. Wow, didn’t know I was that powerful.

    Can hardly wait to find out what will happen on the next go-round! But, then, the not knowing is so much a part of the “fun” isn’t it? Still smiling and laughing as much as I can stand! Kristin

  • Dear Denise,
    Thank you! Your ability to put into words what we are all experiencing is so incredibly helpful. I too experienced the burning smell. It was more electrical/chemical and I did the same thing running around checking everything. Once I got back in bed the fear started. First it was fear my house would burn down if I went to sleep and then layer upon layer of fear as if I’d watched a horror movie and was on overdrive. For the first time I knew what it was immediately and shouted out “nice try but I’m not falling for it”. After reading your experience I put the pieces together while also remembering a few days earlier seeing a spider thing in the room. So, once again I thank you and everyone who shares because it has helped me get to this point of strength. Love and Gratitude!

  • Denise, is this the same burning smell you experienced that you mentioned in previous articles (that occurred with an increase in energies/activities and also to do with the pineal/brain glands activating so you could smell burning smoke?) Can the smoke smells be distinguished or are they all the same?

    And yes Aug 12-13 and 15 were significant. The 13th I felt very down but your article explains why, more of that muck was coming up to be released! I too felt extremely fatigued/exhausted, I had to nap during the day to function for several days after the Eclipse. Body was so sore, I could hardly walk (as if I’d done 1000 hours work/exercise overtime when I did none). I usually describe it as feeling as if you’ve been beaten with a metal rod and hit each and everywhere on your body but I love your getting hit by a truck analogy as it would create similar effects! It’s not fun and is challenging going through it but afterwards (especially after reading what you share) I usually smile and chuckle knowing we’re all in this together, just makes it that much more exciting!
    I felt it shift to my head a day earlier on the 14th as I felt lightheaded that day, which then shifted to some high heart action happening on the 15-16.

    Love to you Denise and everyone!! ❤ ❤

    • “Can the smoke smells be distinguished or are they all the same?”

      Prabhi K.,

      We’ve all been transmuting TREMENDOUS amounts of old lower negative energies this year, and this summer — some of it ours but the majority of it has been and will continue to be mass humanities. Doesn’t matter who created it originally, only that those of us who are capable of transmuting and transcending (we Muck Masters 😉 ) do exactly that as much and as long as needed to move this Ascension Process along even faster and higher.

      1) During this Ascension cycle a lot of people have been smelling all sorts of strange nonphysical scents and for a lot of different reasons. Oftentimes we’ll smell slightly different burning smokey incense type scents when the endocrine glands in our brains — Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus — are evolving and being Rewired due to the Ascension Process and Kundalini fires burning away old density etc.

      2) Sometimes when a nonphysical negative alien and/or devil or demon etc. is present, we’ll smell a very horrible scent that has smelled to me like a combination of burning rubber and strange chemicals and heavy smoke. In old religious texts they referred to this as smelling like burning sulfur, such as what Hell and its inhabitants smell like. I’ve smelled this a few times since 2000, and each demonic being and negative alien and entity and even this latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) device gave off a horrible burning chemical smokey scent that’s like nothing you’ve ever smelled in the physical world.

  • This morning, August 16th, I had a mass email notification from Lisa Renee that her August 2018 article was published. Because I shared in my article the day before about seeing that AI circular-shaped circuit-board looking creature thing manifest in my bedroom August 12th (and another one between 2000-2004 at another house), and that I had the sense it was dying, the first sentence in Lisa’s article was meaningful to me and very important to all of us. I haven’t read it all yet, only this first sentence, but wanted to make the connection for everyone so the profound progress that’s happened already and continues to happen even faster now is very consciously known. ❤

    "We are witnessing some positive tipping points in the war over consciousness as the earth is naturally dropping density, which means moving beyond the influence of some alien machinery used to run reversals in the earth grids."

    • Denise, this absolutely correlates with your experiences. And it’s good news.
      I often get discouraged when I read Lisa Renee’s articles because a lot of the details go over my head and it seems the clearing process for ourselves and the planet is ENDLESS — but when I skimmed this one, a line leapt out at me: “We are entering a phase where the original human DNA coding can be reclaimed into organic sequencing…”


      • Thelma,

        I get what you mean about Lisa Renee’s ability to go into tremendous detail with all these things and it sometimes being too much or incomprehensible. However, this August 2018 article by her (and some others from this year) have been so helpful in giving us the bigger picture about how profoundly the negative aliens & co. have distorted, controlled and fed off of this world and its human inhabitants for thousands of years. The brutality of what they’ve done and how deeply they perverted everything so they could feed themselves and fuel their structures etc. is almost too much to comprehend, and too much to endure. The darkness has been far, far more dark than most understand. But, their reign of terror has/is quickly ending and the NEW is replacing it all so massive positive changes are unfolding now everywhere. This is gonna be so great!

        • Thanks, Denise. There was a time I couldn’t even read Lisa’s articles explaining Satanic rituals and rampant pedophilia as part of Dark control on this planet, etc. because it was all too much to deal with. But it is what it is and it’s past time that it’s all wiped clean. The masses will never know how pervasive the distortions have been or what they have been subject to at different levels, and I believe that’s for the best. I hope 2018 will be at least the start of a massive shift. (I will put on my party shoes for that!)

      • I agree Thelma, whenever I read the Energetic Synthesis blog I’m overwhelmed by all the endless detail and horror in relation to all kinds of sex crimes, crimes against humanity and children especially in relation to refugees, negativity, creeping AI influences, it’s important but something very few spiritual teachers openly talk about and to such degree. I’m still trying to juggle her information with that of others like Dolores Cannon who talks very little about the dark side though she agrees it’s there and only truly emphasizes the positive ETs. I can’t believe the number of Smart everythings all the way to shopping malls which are called Smart Centres, and the music industry of today I’m truly baffled by how anyone called call that lewdness and neediness “art”. I’m sorry for bring it up even…there is so much beauty in nature and then there are cities…oh my god.

        • Blue Cliffs,

          It’s good to see the dark-side agenda behind all these things (“smart” cities, transhumanism, transgenderism) so we don’t get taken in. We know where things are headed and why … and what would happen if the Light weren’t pouring in now in massive amounts. My salvation is the beauty in Nature (as you mention). We can focus on that and the beauty of heart-to-heart sharing between people – that which is real. Facing the horror of the stark truth for the rest of it helps us to detach and put our attention elsewhere.

        • Thelma, well said. Whenever I see artificial intelligence “advancements” advertised in university pamphlets, featured in new movies, or anywhere else like it’s something “cool” and evolutionary/revolutionary as opposed to inorganic and dangerious, I just have no words. Despite being disheartened though every time I read for instance an author talking about how she/he couldn’t live on earth anymore if all the nature/life/greenery on it were gone, I feel immediately like I’ve found a kindred soul, which I laugh about a bit but it’s true.

  • Denise, thanks again for the post. Although being in this process and severe head&body effects for years now and knowing the cause (aka super intense during Eclipse time, geostorms etc) it still remains a welcome confirmation to see you and others describing again what I’m feeling these past days. Pjeww what a pressure, heat & pain in my (upper) body! Pushing me downwards. Flickering/blurry eyes and exploding head. Nauseous, supertired, just wanna lay in bed most of the day only to revive a little during the afternoon. Only positive thing is that summerheat has disappeared here in The Netherlands, making it a little easier to cope. Hope to feel some of the positive effects of this huge clearing/embodiment phase when the Eclipse tunnel ends in September.
    Hang in there everyone!

    X, Annemiek

  • I have/had very similar side effects as Susan on August 14th .. stuff coming out both ends as well. Thanks to Denise..over the years..I know what’s going on but it is speeding up & gets more intense. I also have 4 powerful Pluto transits going on. I really needed to know about you others on this current blast. Thank you! Lee

  • Hi Denise, – just popping in here to confirm the almost unbelievably intense times we’re right in the middle of now. – Yesterday, Wednesday 15th August, was almost too much …. – Best personal regards from Finn.

  • Hi Denise, yes I felt the energies change dramatically on Monday morning, a very disturbed and chaotic feeling, which brought very blurry vision, more heaviness etc., it’s starting to lift a little as I write this on thursday morning 15th.

    Hardly surprising that the children have been affected by this big new wave of energy – the eclipse / new moon on 11th Aug was at 18 degrees of Leo. Leo rules the 5th house of joy and children. I felt the joy on eclipse day, spending the duration of the alignment doing some gardening, under the warmth of the sun, with a surprising amount of extra physical energy. However, it didn’t last and by monday morning was completely replaced by the ‘someone pulled the rug from under me’ feeling 😦

    Now we are heading at warp speed towards the autumn equinox …………

  • Hi Denise
    Thank you. Thought I had taken a wrong turn I felt so low. Had a strange issue with the plumbing at home, causing a leak. Got sorted but did feel like an attack. My hands and elbows have been so painful I have been really struggling. Not had such intense body pains for a while. But yesterday when walking I did feel the love, so to speak. Everything in its rightful place.. Struggling to get up for and through day at work tho. So done with that process!
    Love and light 💗💜💐

    • Magda, your mention of an issue with plumbing reminds me of a recent strange issue in my apartment. Sunday afternoon I heard a dripping sound in the bathroom closet where my stack washer/dryer is. Water was dripping from the sprinkler head onto the hot water heater and down the sides of my washer dryer. I put in a call to off hours maintenance and within an hour of my discovering the drip, the maintenance manager was here to check it out. The dripping had stopped by the time he arrived but the area around where it had been leaking was still evident. He checked the floors above me and could find no leaks anywhere, so he put a towel and a bowl on top of the water heater and said they would check it again the next day. First thing Monday morning, they checked and it had not leaked any more. Perhaps it was just a fluke, but since I’ve also been getting whiffs of both unpleasant and pleasant smells for quite some time, including some mild burning ones, I’m wondering what the leak is all about.

      • Lane, that does sound odd. I have been left with a terrible smell of damp and odour of loft insulation. It’s been overpowering and set my nose off ( along with most things!). It did feel to me that it was an attack esp as I was on an all night emergency call so basically would have no sleep. Fortunately I went to bed. They turned up at 10 am. It all had that edgy kind of horror feeling to it.
        Thank you for your comment

  • Geez Louise, thank you!!! Today was incredible. It was like I had been drinking champagne and whiskey cocktails all afternoon. I was dizzy and giddy and spinning and exhausted and wondering how I would get home from from work! The energies again caught me by surprise! They are so beyond immediate now! Also, I have dealt with more than a few attacks the past three weeks in dreams at night etc. ( not like yours or I would freak the heck out completely, but still not easy experiences, difficult and demanding me to do something). Thank you…I have been brave and fought with light and clearing and cleansing and being responsible for love and life and space. And heavens gracious help has helped me so much! I don’t feel like a victim anymore like I’m rising out of it!! Wishing had risen out sooner.

    Denise, my calendar for this month has a quote from Goethe “Live each day as if your life had just begun. “. I mentioned this because of this. We just started school back. I got to work and found out that the two most awful personalities in my department are gone from my workplace. (So many unwell people have left or taken leave.). My supervisor is out temporarily, though. (I received a message this past week that from this point forward those that are unhappy, it’s going to be very hard for them now.)

    I can’t explain how free I feel. It’s like being a lightning bug in a jar and someone took the lid off. There’s no one arbitrating abuse at work anymore. Not for now. Somehow I’ve risen up and there is no one to pull me back down. I know you can understand this: I’ve spent decades being at the bottom. What I’m experiencing now isn’t like anything I’ve ever had before. I don’t feel much fear. I can’t be pulled down anymore. No one seems to be allowed to do me harm. As long as I’m responsible, responding, fully showing up. I don’t know THIS life… this is not the life I’ve lived, this is a whole different life. And I just showed up, I just walked into work and it was just there to greet me . I’ve always wanted a surprise birthday party. I spent many birthdays alone and some worse than alone. And now I feel like I’m showing up to a surprise birthday celebration for the second life of my life!!!

    The clouds are phosphorescent and the stars are iridescent and I am floating in the essence and I have no idea what’s happening or if I’m going to be lost or found. But everyone hears me and listens at work suddenly. And it’s a different world there suddenly. A parent today that I helped, that I gave guidance to, was fighting back the tears as she thanked me for my transparency. Once upon a time I was punished for that transparency. Today I realized something after work… with all the shootings in schools, it wasn’t a coincidence I was sent to a school. It was important that some of us be there during this time. So my life wasn’t a waste, this 14 year period. I didn’t ruin my life.

    Forgive me, as you know there’s a lot of emotion right now. I just can’t tell you what it’s like to spend decades waking up with fear and now …like a a new life has begun. Unexpectedly and no telling where it leads how long it lasts or anything. And that’s OK so far. It’s amazing.

    No matter what all my preoccupations, it’s always felt underneath like I was on this conveyor belt. And every shift that was needed, every picking up or laying down of things, I was going to do it all at the right time. I set it up that way. I didn’t need to worry. I didn’t need to be so crazy and upset and freaked out. I have this enormous spirit. He seems to know what to do. And I’m just full of shit and I don’t need to think anymore. No matter what my preoccupations.

    I’m just an idiot that needs to have faith all the time.

    • “Forgive me, as you know there’s a lot of emotion right now. I just can’t tell you what it’s like to spend decades waking up with fear and now …like a a new life has begun.”

      This is just the beginning of what life and reality will be like with the monsters (Team Dark) gone. All the hard Light Work that’s been underway for a long time is finally showing here. And, the whole Ascension Process is so accelerated now that these improvements will unfold faster than most thought possible. Hang in there everyone. ❤

  • Denise thank you so much for this post! I have been receiving downloads on and off since Saturday the 11th. My heart chakra is really being affected. The heart pounding/racing/flow surges and exhaustion has been epic. It comes in waves. I sleep/rest and then have energy to go again. In the last 2 days I’ve been retaining so much fluid all of a sudden I feel like a blimp. My 10 year old son has started full on processing energy like we do in the past month. He has never been affected like this before. Severe headaches, nausea, indigestion, body aches and muscle spasms. Like Sonia mentioned below with her son, my son also had a between the eyes headache and I saw in the energy it was his third eye! A new generation of lightworkers are being activated! My son is off school today the 16th as he is exhausted again. I’m in bed tired with the back of my heart chakra pressurised and so tight. I’m off to the chiro this afternoon for an adjustment to relieve the pressure. Whole new flavour of energy August has been. So intense! Thank you to everyone sharing their current experiences. It so helps with the process.
    Love to all.

    • Meadow & Sonia,

      I cannot imagine how hard it must be to have young children experiencing these AP symptoms/side effects and as a mother not be able to do much to help them other than explain them and the what’s and whys etc. They are resilient however and are actually having an easier time than the First Everything-ers Pathpaving for them over the decades. Thank goodness mothers like all of you know what’s happening to them and can tell when it’s head and brain glands/energy centers being greatly evolving into something very NEW and expanded and/or other areas etc.

      When I have really big and powerful HighHeart energy Embodiment phases like these past few days, so much NEW higher energies come into that area and then push out in all directions for hours or days which makes my ribs, back, spine, muscles, shoulders etc. so sore and swollen for days or weeks. I hope a chiro adjustment this soon will work and hold for you. Plenty of rest time everyone, and, I sense linear time is about to go much more wonky and weird again because of this latest HUGE higher expansion and lower release we all just went through. Should be fun! 😮

      • Denise I am really feeling the LOVE here today. Even tho the energies are intense, it is so lovely and a respite to connect with you and everyone here. So very soothing. I also love the background for this post.
        When I realised that my son was starting to process energy like I do I must admit I was sad. I don’t want him to suffer like I do in this embodiment process. I can handle it. But to see my 10 year old screaming in pain and wanting to vomit was distressing. It really caught me off guard. We got on the couch and I put my arms on him and I started to read his energy. I asked him to breathe thru the pain and calm himself, telling him it would soon pass. I called on my helper Angel and between the 3 of us he managed to get thru it, using his breath and focus. It was kinda amazing. It was almost like he intuitively knew on some level what he needed to do. I was so proud of him. After 45 minutes he fell asleep for 1/2 an hour and when he woke, he felt well again. I realised in the following days that my son was being activated due to the lionsgate energies and the eclipse/full moon. He was maturing spiritually. It was part of his chosen path in this life, and it was my responsibility to help him thru. Last week I spoke with a friend who does energetic balancing and she said in the past 3 weeks the amount of young children needing treatment was out of the ordinary. It was then I saw in the energy a whole new group of beautiful light workers were being activated and I felt comfort knowing that my son, and his soul group were emerging into the world together. More power to the side of light.
        I have felt time doing weird things in the past 24 hours, and I feel like I keep seeing things moving inside my house at the corner of my eye. Its like things are all round me. Not malevolent, but there is a bridging/shifting/moving of energies out of their usual spots, into new ones.

        • Meadow, this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. My oldest is almost 7 and feels things so deeply and strongly but not always knowing how to express or process. I love how you instinctively reacted and how your Angel helped you both.

  • Hi Denise,
    I just wanted to say thanks for writing as I have been jumping out of my skin with heart palpations and associated anxiety.
    Love Love Love, Nancy

    • Hi Nancy, I experience the same – I also experience sudden excessive sweating and ear ringing. Dizziness subsided though which is a blessing. Love, Katie

  • Hello, I have been reading you for a while and have been experiencing many, many similar experiences as the ones you have described over the last few years. I live in a place ( Nebraska) where people are asleep and the overall energy of this place is quite gray and sometimes gloomy. waking up in places like this I feel is more dangerous and the attacks by those beings more potent. What have you done to remove the AI and demonic presences? I have felt them using my third eye since early 2012, and have done many things, but they never really quite leave me alone. Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

    • Diana,

      This isn’t a fast fix unfortunately but what I can tell you is that these negative beings and other creatures (Team Dark as I usually call them all) are rapidly disappearing which is another reason why I shared about this latest attempted attack after I’d gone to bed on the 12th. The more the old lower everything drops away as you/me/we vibrationally evolve or “ascend” far above and beyond it all, these old negative beings won’t be able to get at you. They attack because you/me/we ARE evolving beyond them now due to the Ascension Process so for many people dealing with them and their attacks and such is a byproduct of the current evolutionary Ascension Process (AP).

      “What have you done to remove the AI and demonic presences?”

      After a lifetime of dealing with them, and after living the physical AP since 1999, I’ve accumulated some inner Light, strength, power and authority in this Denise body and time. Now I demand their permanent removal from my space, my room, my house and property etc. and in some cases I escort them out of this dimension and back to Source to be absorbed. After all I’ve been through because of them and my being an elder First Everything-er, I’ve learned that, for the most part, all of the external tricks and tools and so on just don’t work on them. What DOES work is you/me/each of us continuing to live the AP and embody more and more higher frequency Light and NEW higher codes etc. In other words, evolve beyond them and the old lower frequency everything. Period, end of drama and torture. I know how simple that sounded and I know how hard it is to actually do and yet, it’s easier and faster to do now than ever before.

      When you sense them nearby and/or trying to use or manipulate or interfere with you in any way, just know that this is what they do and why they do it and empower yourself because you are an aspect of Divine Source and are far, far, far more powerful than them. Kick them out of your space, your body, your awareness and state aloud (if you can without freaking out unaware people that may hear you!) that they may never be in your space etc. etc. ever again and visualize getting large and full of Source energy and remove them all, permanently. Then go about your business but be aware always too. This will diminish over time as you become increasingly embodied with these NEW higher Light energies etc. No fear, just do it. 😉

      • “After all I’ve been through because of them and my being an elder First Everything-er, I’ve learned that, for the most part, all of the external tricks and tools and so on just don’t work on them.”

        Denise, would you mind clarifying what you mean by “external tricks and tools and so on”? I’ve found myself tripping over this phrase when I go to do my daily setting of boundaries/protection over my body/field/dwelling. By this I mean certain things I say mentally and feel with my heart. I don’t think this is what you’re referring to as not working. Rather, this type of practice seems more akin to what you described IS effective.

        But for whatever reason I’m hitting little fear pockets that want me to believe I don’t have the power to protect myself, and I realized it would just be better to ask! Maybe you mean like burning sage or something? Thank you for whatever clarity you feel to provide!

        • Kara,

          Yes I meant tricks and tools such as sage, gemstones, holy water etc. These and many other things are all of the old 3D world and we’re not in it anymore nor are we the same energetically, consciously as we were.

          I’d gotten very good at energetically building, visualizing and maintaining a large wall/dome of Light protection around whatever property I lived on, and yet, negative entities, aliens, demons etc. still got in multiple times and attacked me and mine. That was the world and reality humanity has lived within for thousands of years and we sensitives, Seers, Knowers etc. have done our best to survive them all. From my personal perspective and experiences, all this has been changing since the start of 2011 however and has been a case of the negatives — nonhuman and human — losing power, energies and control over humans ever since. Now in 2018 this ascension related process of them increasingly dying off has and continues to accelerate like crazy. Can’t happen soon enough for me and this is one big aspect of why I don’t mind transmuting and transcending aches and pains etc. because with every one I have and you have and each of us has they diminish and disappear more and more and more.

          An aspect of our becoming individually sovereign includes, of course, expanded and Higher Awareness but also self-empowerment and much more. In this case our growing self-empowerment and Embodiment means we’re gaining the awareness that we individually are capable of Consciously Creating what we do and do not want in our environments and Team Dark is certainly at the top of that list! With our continued Embodying of our Higher Selves/aspects and direct conscious Source connection we’re both evolving beyond the lower frequencies where the negatives exist, but we’re also becoming better equipped to deal with them and any other Others. It’s fairly easy now to escort some of these negatives right out of this dimension and either hand them off to a higher dimensional being or deliver them to Source to be reabsorbed completely. Five years ago trying this would have caused a huge retaliatory attack by them on me and it would have been a mess. In 2018 it’s a very different story and every week and month it’s easier to override them via our own personal Embodiment Processes.

          If more info is needed or desired feel free to ask. ❤

        • Thanks, Denise. Both for the clarification and for all your other Work. ❤️ I do think gemstones are evolving/upgrading out of the 3D world along with us. I’ve felt them helping and communicating their energy and messages to me. But ultimately I know it’s up to each one of us internally to claim sovereignty and take responsibility for ourselves. Which your articles have helped me understand on new levels!

  • Thanks, once again, Denise. I can always rely upon you for reassurance after or during a particularly intense period, even if I can’t make sense of it, myself. I wish I knew better WTF is going on, but accept that my role is just to go through it, in this dense urban location, and keep faith that it is all working itself out without needing to fully comprehend what ‘it’ is. Between eclipses and still, now, I have been very tired and have to take frequent naps, but mostly euphoric at the same time. I often feel stoned, my body flooded with anandamide (the endogenous cannabinoid). However, I also feel the sensations you describe: bloated, achey, bruised, hot flushes, tingling sensations – especially in my thighs – and wake up with headaches. At least I don’t have creepy alien AI visitations! (BTW, I love the image of your ‘morning choirs,’ even if it is a typo!)

    • “(BTW, I love the image of your ‘morning choirs,’ even if it is a typo!)”

      Bless your Heart Russell. ❤ I knew when I wrote it that it didn't look right but if I edit in mid sentence I often lose the flow and focus so I just continue and hope I remember the questionable spellings and all else before I hit the publish button. It's always astonished me how many of these misspellings and other things are invisible to me until I do hit the publish button! :\ I also often have the letters p and b stop me dead in my tracks while writing because I can’t always instantly remember which one is which. To me they’re the same image just pointing in different directions and I usually have to slow down to figure out which one I need to use at that moment. Like everything else isn’t enough! Oh well, lets sing about it all. 😀

  • Yes these effect are happening to lots of people.. my poor 13 year old has had the rippling effects. and then states to me that he had head ache between the eyes, I said his third eye is opening.. I told him he is going to get clusters… ditto he got clusters and needed a couple of days off school.. red eyes and all. but he has told me “Mum I see everything” now its teaching him to respect his gifts and to treat them with care of others. Digestive issues seem to be a big problem .. my eating is less.. my son is realising he cannot eat lots as he has had a couple of bouts of bad indigestion some other family members too. me… waking every hour.. sometimes at home taking a nap but my kundalini is like a fire ball.. welling up in the body and bursting through my head like its going to explode. I’m coping but drinking lots of water … woke up yesterday at 4:00am with my pineal vibrating the back of my head like crazy. all in a days work.

    sorry another thing.. yesterday morning at nearly 4:00 our whole area of electrics exploded it was a shock just for like 30 seconds… then we have electrical faults at work too..

  • Susan and Denise,

    You have put into words almost exactly what I’ve been experiencing for the last two or three days/nights, including the feeling of living in a parallel universe. Monday night seemed the most severe. Lying flat on my back in bed I experienced what felt like sharp knives piercing my head in various places and then they moved on to other parts of my body, finally settling on the bottoms of my feet, and I don’t recall ever having such a hard pounding in my chest.

    Denise, I was considering sending you an email when your post came in, because the symptoms seem to be increasing again … physically, mentally and emotionally. Thank you, especially for the encouragement contained in the last paragraph. And thank you, Susan, for writing my email for me. 😊

    Much love and gratitude to all!

  • Dear Denise,
    I very much resonated with Susan and with you today…….
    I had the chemical smell a while back…to me it smelled like oven cleaner…AND I don’t have an oven…just a toaster oven! stayed for about a week.
    My anxiety levels have risen to their max…and this morn I rushed off to the Dr. re a more than poss. bladder
    infection..(I never go to Drs. anymore….I don’t want to leave the house today…just me and my cat.
    Unconditional love coming your way and to all of you….I also regularly smell cig smoke…only in the living room…that I notice…I feel it may be just a fellow traveler checking in.

    • LOVE! Thank You!
      Thank you Denise for your LOVE and service.
      Now i know why you had misspelled the word chores and said “Choirs” and “morning choirs” at that. With the passing of Aretha Franklin this morning the ‘Heavenly Choirs’ are singing LOVE from all corners of the earth from every country love is pouring in on her death. Even you know (no name) stopped to speak on her passing at the WH this morning with great respectful speech. Thank you Aretha for your service at this tremendous chaotic time when Love, high heart love is so NEEDED! With tears of Joy I say Thank You Aretha! Thank you Denise!


      • Thank you Avian for remembering and mentioning Aretha. Have had a really rough week. A plant scratched my cornea and I had horrible tearing and pain and HUGE grieving feelings that I thought were partially pre-grieving for her and AP and BP. Felt a relief only when I heard of Artha’s Death. Somehow it all made sense and now this from Denise. .

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