2018: Accelerated Embodying, Transitioning & Dismantling

It’s abundantly clear that 2018 is applying constant amplified higher energetic pressures on all to individually evolve and individually unify further, higher, deeper than any of us have before throughout the entire Ascension Process. Over the years I’ve repeatedly said that the Ascension and Embodiment Processes are done in ongoing Stair-step fashion. The longer one lives this, the more you know the truth of this fact. The Volunteers, Forerunners, Pathpavers, First Everything-ers move continuously up these transformational evolutionary energy Stair-steps first, usually one at a time but occasionally two or three in rapid succession. We do this to embody NEW higher energies, codes, DNA etc. into ourselves, our consciousness and physical bodies to then physically seed and anchor them making them available for global humanity within the NEW higher human Collective. Simultaneously to this, many but not all Forerunners also Embody (a different level of the Ascension Process and represented by my use of a capital E with this word) greater amounts of our Higher Selves, Other level Selves and Divine Source directly into our current physical bodies and consciousness. The Sacred Marriage Merge Reunification in other words done individually. The well-known phrase ‘we are all One’ is accomplished by individuals first within themselves.

I won’t spend too much time and energy going over what July and August 2018 has been for most of you reading this, you lived it and still are living it and know how huge these changes within and without have been. We’ve repeatedly burned and quaked, erupted and stormed internally and externally because we individually and as a planet are becoming something totally NEW, vastly better and completely different. These aren’t just clever ascension community words and carrot-dangling promises, they never have been, but over halfway through 2018, many people are finally realizing that what we’ve been talking about for nearly 30 years is real and happening now at physical levels that are undeniable. The dismantling of the old patriarchal world is playing out for all to see, feel and know. The Dark has nowhere to hide anymore in all this magnificent Light and people that need to see, feel and know this finally are, and they’ll know it much more so as the months unfold. Fear not the burning of Rome, don’t fixate on it either, but continue doing The Great Work on, in and through yourself for yourself and for All else.

As more and more of us have learned, it takes great determination, singular higher focus and inner fortitude to ignore the insane and insanity of the old collapsing world and systems doing their best to eat each other. If anyone had told me 20-30 years ago that my living the Ascension Process, and later the Embodiment Process, was the primary way that the old 3D patriarchal regime would be undone and permanently removed, I don’t think I could have lived through all I have with all my parts in-tack! There are important reasons why our Higher Self/Selves & Co. keep certain information, knowledge and insights from us (aspects) here in physicality until we’re capable of safely consciously knowing more. When we reach those levels, we suddenly know more, feel more, see more and are more. 2018 has been this in spades over and over for many Forerunners. Why? Because you/me/we continue to Embody more at higher, more vast and complex levels. I AM increasingly becoming ONE; you are increasingly becoming ONE; each of us are increasingly becoming ONE within ourselves individually via the ongoing Stair-step of the Embodiment Process.

Because the old Dark patriarchal world and systems are unraveling faster now than ever; because the NEW higher Light, DNA codes and Crystalline DNA bridges are activated and being crossed, connected (Embodied) by more and more Forerunners; because Earth is doing this too and having accelerated Ascension side effects all over the place like crazy this year; because of all this and more it’s often an amazing and horrendous time to be alive! Just being honest about the magnificent, freeing, ascending, shocking, repulsive and insane state of evolutionary affairs we see around us now. It’s sometimes tempting to go watch Rome burn or hear the latest insanity being spoken, claimed and perpetuated from hour-to-hour on a daily basis. I’ve done it a few times because I was curious, but I’ve learned I cannot linger there for very long because the pull of the old Dark is still sucking hard from that old lower level, doing its best to pull down any and all it can. That plus I then have to clean my inner house after I’ve viewed the lower worlds (watched TV News) and I do not have extra energy or time etc. to waste on that or any related crap in 2018. I’m Embodying next-level Embodiment aspects of myself and more now, energies, DNA and so on as are many of you, so just keep in HighHeart mind that you are, we are multidimensional beings living the Ascension and Embodiment Process while the Separation of Worlds continues at an accelerated rate. We’ve got continually higher incoming taking place at the same time as the old patriarchal world and systems collapse and disappear. We’re Embodying NEW higher levels on NEW higher Stair-steps while the world we all incarnated into disintegrates and disappears from view. The absolute best horror book or movie couldn’t do justice to what we’re actually living in these current lives!

2018 has forced many more people to deal with personal issues they hadn’t been consciously aware of until this year. The personal “revelations” have been a theme in 2018 to help all of us know more so we can become more. 2018 = 11 = individual Mastery in other words. While we’ve all been dealing with our stuff, whatever that has been and still is for each of us, we’ve also been increasingly aware of our existing beyond the old lower, beyond burning Rome & Co. at a higher level of being and existence. I don’t need to tell those of you that are consciously aware of being multidimensional, of being conscious of your existence in a higher frequency place, state and energy Stair-step than your neighbors and family members that you are Pathpaving the NEW for yourself and for everyone else that wants to live free and sane and with HighHeart.

Before the Ascension Process, we existed within a very small band of frequency called 3D physical Earth reality in Duality. It was utterly shitty and Dark but it was not very complex. There was only one meal on the 3D menu and everyone ate it and accepted it as normal. Once the Ascension Process and Embodiment Processes were underway however, all that singular limited focus and frequency was incrementally shattered by growing higher frequency Light energies entering what had been a closed-off system for a very long time. Point is that since the Ascension and especially Embodiment Process began, what had been a single focus, narrow frequency band reality and consciousness even for most Forerunners, has continuously evolved and expanded into multiple focuses, multiple realities, worlds, dimensions, Now Moment consciousness and life, and growing 5D HighHeart re-Unified individuals existing far above the frequencies and world they incarnated into. Interpreting the Separation of Worlds and your, my, our evolving consciousness and HighHearts while we continue to Embody next-level aspects of our Higher Selves and Source is no easy task. We are no longer down there; we are up here at this moment, but we’ll be elsewhere again soon because our Embodiment Process continues to evolve and expand us and the NEW Ascended Earth.

Simply put, continue doing The Great Work and don’t focus on the burning of Rome or those who’ve drank the Orange Kool-Aid or anything else because, truth be told, it doesn’t matter because it’s already been overwritten energetically. Let the old fall away while you continue living, Embodying, being and anchoring the NEW into and through yourself and your physical body. This is you and me learning how to walk between worlds and not fall through the cracks or get lost or sidetracked while we Embody the NEW ones. When you have fear, confusion or self-doubts about anything, go within yourself and ask for greater insights, clarity, knowing and HighHeart. It comes super fast now, unlike the past when we existed in the old lower world frequencies. You’re doing a great job doing what only you can do. ❤


August 29, 2018

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33 thoughts on “2018: Accelerated Embodying, Transitioning & Dismantling

  • Thanks Denise, l fell foul of a large group years ago, and I’ve been unable to balance something in me since but the part of me that simply thought I was being bitter and twisted and jealous always got the better of me especially as I’ve been so ill. So this is very helpful and there is a donation on its way, with much love and gratitude 💐🤒💕

  • Dear Denise.
    Once again thank you for your writings and incredible and inspiring fortitude.
    I hope you realise there are so many of us hanging out for your blog to keep us going. You are incredible.
    In 2010 my embodiment process began with a vengeance and laid me out for a year. Not knowing what it was I went to the doctor and unfortunately got hooked on Xanax. By the time I realised what was happening and tried to wean off 3 years ago I discovered I had cancer. Now I knew I wouldn’t die from this but I did go into another meltdown and was put back on Valium. Now after deciding to try and wean off again the embodiment process has smacked me again.
    I’m buzzing and vibrating and feel like I’m being electrocuted. My body is weak and I barely sleep. After 9 years of this I’m sad. I work as a Kinesiologist assisting others through the ascension and embodiment phases and certainly pick up a lot of td stuff. I’ve got a great shaman who helps me clear.
    This time though it didn’t help and I had to finally finally admit that I REALLY am EMBODYING!!!! Shit!!!
    Talk about crappy. Trying to help others when you feel worse than them and then going home to be a mummy and wife.
    Without you ( no pressure 🤪) I think I would have given up.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    • jarmajarma,

      Thanks for your kind words and please know that they mean a lot to me. ❤

      I'm sure you already know this but I'm going to say it anyway; you know at some point soon you won't be able to get away with taking any drug(s) to "calm you down" etc. Us all "calming ourselves down" goes with the Ascension Process but 1000 times more so if living the Embodiment Process (capital E). We have to learn and Master all lower responses, reactions etc. to whatever it is that unbalances us again and again. This is part of each of us becoming increasingly Neutral energetically and in all other ways as well as we continue Embodying greater amounts of our Higher Selves and Source.

      “I’m buzzing and vibrating and feel like I’m being electrocuted.”

      Yep, and it only increases because it’s our “Light quotient” increasing over time causing every cell and fiber in our bodies to spin faster and higher vibrationally. Think your Lightbody and Physical bodies steadily merging, UNIFYING and becoming ONE within your ascending self. Now think what the benefits of this and all other Ascension related merging, UNIFYING, becoming ONE processes like Divine Mother and Divine Father etc. that have been taking place within each of us for years now, and it becomes exciting instead of so endlessly miserable. (As I wrote that paragraph I had a big wave of nausea and almost barfed on the keyboard. 🙂 Yeah, like I was saying… 😀 )

      Don’t forget that all the “fixes” don’t exist outside of yourself — drugs, shamans, doctors etc. — but within you and your HighHeart and ability to be a Conscious Creator right here, right now. Pick up your power, put it on and don’t ever take it off. ❤

  • Denise,
    I sent you a comment yesterday, and I’m sorry, I TOTALLY forgot your ‘no links’. (Which I fully understand). I just automatically added a link to the source of my quote at the end without even thinking, because so so often online, anything you say, people immediately go: ‘Link??’ Sorry, I just plain forgot, my bad! 😀

      • I won’t forget again, Denise! 😀
        I think not only were you correct, but that more people should say ‘no links’. Even I, as a reader, get exasperated by blogs and sites where every second or third comment has a link, ‘Have a look at this everybody!’, it’s dizzying, confusing, impolite and undignified. I love knowing that on High Heart Life I’m not going to have to wade through links to this and that and the other – just your writings and some on-point comments.

  • It hasn’t been easy lately maintaining my sanity and space being around a family member who has increasingly become drawn to Christianity and telling me things like “animals were put here on earth for our human use, that is what the Bible says”. I can’t believe it but I do because I see where it’s at. I wouldn’t mind considering myself a pagan, druid, Buddhist, Taoist, nun whatever you will…nature is one of the closest things to my sense of spirituality apart from the ascension area that is interrelated. In daily life I would say to anyone that I don’t have anything against Christianity but would stress the importance of thinking for yourself, and though I stand by that, I still cannot cannot ever want to have a close relationship (including familial) with anyone whose views are along that line that will never coalesce with mine…it is almost sad because how can someone so close blood-wise to me be so diametrically of a different mold and she is! It would have broken my heart had I wanted a mother but I never had one really – that was a friend – who didn’t second-handedly backstab me verbally in the politest way every so often. The separation of worlds, I really do see it with people in my life, sometimes it isn’t so tolerable I just want to tell them to fuck off…but other times we don’t have anything at all in common and just walk by one another like oil and water. Why is it ok to preach churchy stuff in this world when one cannot even say the word “witch” without it being comprehended to mean that dark green faced hag during Halloween. Sorry I’ve had my rant. Thank you Denise and other commenters.

  • Love the overview and inspiration! I’m so glad to be at the stage of acceleration. Definitely feels like the NEW is rising from the ashes of the old, but as you so well put it, the “Dark is still sucking hard from that old lower level, doing its best to pull down any and all it can.” I am careful to stay out of fear or reaction mode because I’ll be damned if I provide any more fuel for that distorted energy!

    I like what you wrote about going within for answers and more clarity. I found that once we’re ready for the truth, all we have to do is ASK.


  • Hi Denise! I came back to school this fall (for work) and was not looking forward to it, AT ALL, now having about zero tolerance and no real “victim” identity to work with anymore, ha-ha. When I arrived, to my shock and awe and utter surprise…MANY employees were on leave or moved on from the school. Guess which ones?!? As if you don’t know what I’m going to say…some of the most emotionally sick/narcissistic employees here, including my very NPD supervisor. I could NOT believe it. And the supervisor (on leave) announced she’s retiring this year, early. The campus is INCREDIBLE now, otherworldly. I think I may actually send pics to you via email just to see them…the kids. These NEW ones. YOU will cry. You will see more than I can. I am super dreamy every day (despite crazy sleepy, muscle woozy pain, etc etc etc) and swirly and happy and the sky is ….God …. it is unbelievable. It is another sky!!!! I am sooo tired, but in NO need to move rush move run get home get here get there, or even and most incredibly, take cover from the city or the outside world!! It’s like I want to walk all over the place like Lalalalalaaa! and get home…whenever! (still not to the point of distraction or dropping self-care though) . But SO CARE-FREE!!! God bless me!!! I’m HAPPY! and exhausted and etc…. I am looking out upon the school….this place I gave a big portion of my life to while getting the shit kicked out of me, and it is NEW, newly made. ALL ready to GO….on it’s way, into the Future. And I had a portion in that advance. It’s in the Pacific Palisades….just yesterday I learned what “palisades” are. Shockingly, I never knew. It’s a defense fortress made with large stakes, planted in, to protect the place it surrounds. Anyway, I did it, you did it, WE ALL did this…..we did this…I get to LOOK at what we did, daily. It’s REAL. Just like you stated. It’s in front of all our eyes now.

    And I see plainly (and had to advise one crushed student of the same) that one must take MANY steps backward and away from those…..flipping out….now.

    Love and Respect to you, and all reading and giving here. 🙂

    • “I’m HAPPY! and exhausted and etc…. I am looking out upon the school….this place I gave a big portion of my life to while getting the shit kicked out of me, and it is NEW, newly made. ALL ready to GO….on it’s way, into the Future. And I had a portion in that advance.”


      Very well done you! ❤ Lightwork, Pathpaving, Forerunning has its rewards for sure and they're finally showing up in the physical world. MUCH more to come of course but to finally see and feel that the old lower negativity in all its forms cannot continue existing in the NEW higher we’re creating via what we’ve been doing and being etc. is so satisfying on so many levels of our beings. The higher we go, the more the old lower disappears from our lives and realities. Period. 🙂

      “Anyway, I did it, you did it, WE ALL did this…..we did this…I get to LOOK at what we did, daily. It’s REAL. Just like you stated. It’s in front of all our eyes now.”

      Damned straight! 😆 Know that a continual improvement — aka evolution ascension — is underway and that this is just the beginning of real freedom and all that goes with that for integrated individuals with HighHeart. Again, very well done you, enjoy the beginning results of your Light efforts both personally and for all else. ❤

      • Denise,

        Thank you so much for that response. It really meant a lot. I read it at a good moment. And I reread it for joy. Thank you🌼🤟⚡️❤️

        And holy cow I’ve been up since 1 AM today Friday, fried nauseous exhausted, feet in pain, neck in pain and I feel like there’s a Golden egg above my head! It’s dizzy chaos right now!! It’s OK though, up, up and away! Up in new Santa’s sleigh, up off into the new fantastic!⚡️ its fine for me today, hooray, hooray! Hip hip hooray for the new TODAY!!! I feel crazy brave I think! not crazy though!

  • Gratitude with Love SiStar! High Heart Hugs ALL. I feel like WE ARE in that pause at the highest track of a roller coaster that took 30 long years to climb. Now, WE ARE prepared for the free fall, fast and out of our control. Yeehah!

  • Thank you again Denise so much truth in what your speaking about, im here in the uk and lucky to share my journey with mum of 71 still…our lives have changed sooo much this last year on a heart living level in ways we would never imagine at all, living in this dismantling around us of the lower frequencies / dimensions / levels has and is trying to say the least but the shifts through this year have been leaps! Very painful and disturbing at times at how low / dense as you wake up during this ascension cycle it is/ was, very painful to experience the depravity of whats happened to humanity on those dense levels , but as we have leaped up into 2018 the more compassion and understanding of how lost we all got becomes clear, we both have grieved much too and felt at times our heart had dissapeared like a void was in its place, but it is like a rebirth of the heart, no one ever lose sight of the brilliance of your love heart and light you are, we are strong and true warriors bearing a torch for all to see, tears of joy well in my heart as i type this because i too as my mum see you, hear you, know you all…ONE. 💖♥️❣💖 its still painful with each growing pain and stretch, but worth the perseverance to see the true goal just beyond the horizon…love to all my family of light at this time around the world and within the multidimensional planes, see you there! We have a bit of a stronghold being broke here in the UK at the moment and feels a bit like a battlefield at times…and see many trying to keep their hearts and hopes alive…and for those experiencing that too, as we, with loved ones and friends just keep burning your light, of truth, love, and compassion…especially for those still in slumber as they know not what they do….Namaste beloveds…💖 and huge heart felt thank you to you Denise for your posts all these years. X

    • “We have a bit of a stronghold being broke here in the UK at the moment and feels a bit like a battlefield at times…”

      Tracy ron,

      I’m not surprised that everyone in the UK isn’t feeling and dealing with the massive ancient stronghold that Team Dark has had in that area. That’s not saying they haven’t had strongholds here (USA) and (Middle East) etc., everywhere else because they certainly have. But an ancient layer of them and their distortions etc. is being laid upon heavily lets call it by the Light/Ascension/Evolution/Source in 2018. Time’s up in other words, but the backlash, chaos and general thrashing about that’s happening because this negative stronghold is disintegrating is sensed and felt by many. Maintain the Higher Frequencies while all this is taking place. ❤

  • Hi Denise. I continue to explore the basic ground level soul/higher self clearing old dead stuck matter. In the past I wrote u my excitement re TV series The Dead Files. I’ve seen them all now. My heart and compassion has expanded exponentially because of that series. The key lessons being seeing the result of negative emotions and how they manifest. Because of certain shows I now understand the mysteriously mentioned “dweller on the threshold” in certain books. An ENORMOUS collective monstrous energy thought form sucking thing created by all of us and utilized by TD. And we each come to do our individual and in unity “karma” to assist clearing and to not feed this thing. I now really get the famous, “forgive them, they know not what they do.” We don’t. We don’t know! Thank you again for being a big part of my studies, assisting us in waking up and realizing whats been going on and happening all along! I reach higher and deeper within with each revelation. So, I also really get and understand, “Make me an instrument of Your Peace…” And all that’s involved on salvaging my own dirt misused energies and strive not to create more.💗

  • Yes: Fear not the burning of Rome, don’t fixate on it either, but continue doing The Great Work on. AND we need to continue doing the/a great work in the world in strategic social action without fear. We must resist the New Age dark side of not doing anything to correct what is happening no matter how small. Just be persistent and rest when we can…voter registration, phone banking for Light oriented candidates, rally’s for the Light and social justice – as much as we can, testing in between, keep an eye on the insanity so we know how to move but do not turn a blind eye. This is the urgent guidance I am getting everyday. Thank you Denise.

    • “We must resist the New Age dark side of not doing anything to correct what is happening no matter how small. Just be persistent and rest when we can…voter registration, phone banking for Light oriented candidates, rally’s for the Light and social justice – as much as we can, testing in between, keep an eye on the insanity so we know how to move but do not turn a blind eye. This is the urgent guidance I am getting everyday.”

      E-K Daufin,

      I’m going to use what you’ve said to expand upon a bit, mostly about those different levels of energy Stair-steps I’m always mentioning. This is not an assault on you please understand, I’m just going to take advantage of what you’ve said to hopefully reveal the larger picture for whoever may need it at this moment.

      Keyword here for what many Forerunners etc. have always done and continue doing today and tomorrow — energetically OVERRIDE from higher dimensions and levels. We, and I’ve always been part of this, intentionally override what’s happening at lower levels on Earth, in the Astral and wherever else it’s needed. Over the years I’ve written about some of my personal inner planes Mission Work as a Forerunner/First Everything-er/Lightworker, and if looked at from a non-physical level, these Ascension related inner planes Mission Work jobs are somewhat similar to what you said about physical level voter registration, phone banking for Light oriented candidates, rally’s etc. Team Light has always been doing this and so much more from numerous non-physical levels, other dimensions and other timelines too. We’ve Worked the living hell outta more things than most would believe since the Ascension Process began! Remember, everything begins at higher non-physical levels and dimensions first and then works its way down and lastly reaches and manifests in the physical dimension and world. Stair-steps.

      The things you mentioned doing in the physical, like voter registration etc., are important for the people only aware at that level. But don’t fixate on the small old world physical patriarchal details like these old Duality things because the evolutionary Ascension Process is going way past everything from the old 3D patriarchal world like elections, taxes, presidents, governments, money, banks, wars, military and everything else. There will be none of those things in the NEW 5D ascended Earth world because they’ve already been energetically overwritten and evolved beyond already. I repeat, already. 🙂

      What I want you and anyone else reading this who may need to understand the AP from a higher perspective, is that the positive changes taking place now are because the entire templates and codes etc. for humanity and life on NEW ascended Earth have begun manifesting in the physical world. Slowly still yes but this is why the positive changes, along with the accelerated die-off of old patriarchal systems and people who push them is happening. This process is and will only increase, expand and quicken dramatically from here on out. Aim higher, always. ❤

  • I just discovered that AP symptoms are very similar to ‘Altitude Sickness’ – (AS) 😄 – sound familiar anyone?

    “Symptoms:- You might have:
    Fatigue and loss of energy
    Shortness of breath
    Problems with sleep
    Less appetite
    Symptoms usually come on within 12 to 24 hours of reaching a higher elevation and then get better within a day or two as your body adjusts to the change in altitude.”

    I can’t help but be amused, climbing stair-steps is definitely reaching ‘higher elevations’, so that’s it …….. we all have Altitude Sickness 😄😄😄

    love & hugs to everyone 💕

  • I am watching my close knit beauty community impale. We were tight but now everyone has turned against each other. all of a sudden, the night of the last eclipse. Backstabbing, exposing, jealousy, down right hate all of a sudden. I just cant believe what I am seeing and I am the only one trying to hold it all together. I am preaching love and forgiveness but no one is listening. my phone has been ringing for two weeks now about “she said he said” and I cant get away from it. Its truly shocking. I have stayed non judgmental and not take sides, and I must say it wasn’t easy but I am staying in my High Heart and hoping something good comes from all this. All this drama (I hate drama) while my vision is blurry and my head is spinning, the electricity in my muscles is shorting out, I feel like I am being bitten by mosquitoes all over my legs and back. I need a break.

    • Laura,

      I’d suggest you stay clear of what those people are going through now. Let them roll around in their lower stuff and drama, pain and spewing; we all did the same and worse over a decade ago but now it’s everyone elses turn to transmute the density and darkness within. (Humanity going through the Dark Night of the Soul.) I wouldn’t have appreciated anyone telling me about Love n’ Light 25 years ago while I was dying from living the Ascension Process. I was too sick, in too much pain and too angry etc. Step away and give them the space and time they need to go through what you/me/we’ve already gone through, and continue living what you are now. Stair-steps, different layer and different phases of the AP for everyone. ❤

      These current energies — NEW DNA connections/activations — are intense as usual and I've been having what I've long called the ice-pick pains. Sudden stabbing pain through the flesh and muscle down into bone. It’s very severe pain but thankfully only lasts a few seconds because we’d pass out otherwise! Stings, pains, inner heat, nausea, head pains and pressures, ear ringing, lots of etheric activity with beings on the move again, and feeling very different and kinda strange which I suspect is normal for having NEW DNA connections made! The rest of 2018 is going to be more unusual and surreal I suspect as more of us Embody even higher aspects of our Other Selves and Source etc. The more we do this, the more the rest of humanity has to live the Ascension Process at those levels, along with the accelerated dismantling of the old lower world and systems (Separation of Worlds or bifurcation).

      • This is great pardon the “down to earth” way of putting it lol x ❣and we too hzve experienced similar symptoms

    • Its very painful when this happens to people around you its happened to myself and my mum a lot this year, and we are a big big family…but everybody is working through their pain/trauma on so many levels past present and future and the mirrors are around us all, there is no escape it feels, compassion is the key, observing and supporting in anyway we can , sometimes we just have to step back, but just keep letting each and everyone of them know that we love them whatever…thats what we have tried to do…i have i admit myself engaged with my emotional body or ego self with family at times as im still clearing myself as i ascend , my own pain and trauma, i do always heal that action reaction the best i can and pour light into it the best i can with the tools and abilities iv embodied in this process, these times happen less and less and hardly at all as iv moved through this amazing year of acceleration! You are not alone nor are you experiencing these feelings alone … much heart love to you dear sister of light…❣ there does seem to be much Drama playing out at this time…..Namaste

  • Beautifully written, and completely at one with my understanding but more importantly I’m hoping this means you’re feeling better 💃🏌️‍♀️👩‍❤️‍👩

  • Denise your articles are always spot on for what we need at the present time.
    I remember the moment many years ago when I first realized the incredible brilliance of the AP/EP process and what could be achieved. It was very much a wow moment and the wow just keeps continuing as we live to see and experience the accelerated unraveling of the dense low level structures as they crumble and fall away.
    Truly amazing and keep climbing everyone. Proud of you all.
    Love and gratitude.

  • Thanks Denise … you give me great hope that I will someday get past the fear, doubts and confusion … no guidance or insights yet but someday. Right now I am struggling and suffering through it all. It is what it is.

  • Dearest Denise,
    Thanks for the perspective you provide, and particularly for your uplifting comments. Had to giggle over your repeated reference to keeping one’s focus off “Rome burning,” I’ve been struggling to do this and got help from somewhere “inside” when I had a vivid mental image of Nero madly playing his fiddle while Rome burned in the background!! … Lots of HUUUGE changes occurring as part of my Embodiment Process: round-about August 15th, I got a big download which I understood to be much more of who it is that I AM, as of Sunday, August 19th I began what I call my “transfiguration” process, and in the last few days I’ve become aware of “SOURCE” codes in my DNA being activated. Sounds pretty grandiose, but often I feel overwhelmed, lose focus — feeling alone / lonely and a bit self-doubting. I truly appreciate your perspectives on the big picture and the steps “we” are taking when each of us are ready. … I have to stay focused and on the alert to guard against TD attacks when in public. Last Wednesday (8/22) I was just about to sit down on a seat in the BART subway car when the driver made a jack rabbit start throwing me about five feet against a steel bulwark. I was in shock, bruised and in pain. I’m still recovering a week later. … So much love and deepest appreciation to you for sticking with the AP/EP through everything that has come your way! Your determination, fortitude, clarity of vision, and, yes, humor too, have been so inspiring and supportive to me as I keep on climbing the stairs, even when I’m not quite sure where they lead. As my soul mate, Mark, says Emunah!

  • Ah Denise I haven’t got many words, all I can say is big fat yep to all of it. I just wanted to put my hand up in solidarity, well said, thank you & love.

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