Evolution Is Free

Hi Denise,

Thank you for all your writings. I am reaching out to you to ask if you could write a piece about how you activate, integrate and ground the new DNA-codes.

In my country, Denmark, the internet is floating with offers of paid help to do so, often healings/meditations sent to you online, sometimes live.

I have participated in quite a few but am getting rather tired of all the advertisements and payments.

I am not clairvoyant and sometimes doubt if enough is happening (like right now). I am sensitive and have known about the invisible worlds since childhood (born a day apart from you). I also know a lot has been happening to me especially in the past three years, I really feel quite different than three years ago – but I am not able to visually see the codes, geometries, numbers etc. as some are seeing. I have no problems seeing when meditating and also enjoy being a member of a spiritual circle. But I have never seen the codes in any form whatsoever, and when I am hit with psychical problems like now, when I have just moved to a new home and am very tired, I get in doubt.

Hope you can help me with clarification.

All the best wishes to you


This is an email I received recently from “P” who has generously allowed me to quote her letter here. Thank you “P”. ❤

Before we get to P’s question however, I want to discuss some other things first because the past few weeks have been unusually intense, different and transforming in ways most of us weren’t prepared for. We think we are but then months like June, July, August and September 2018 happen and we quickly discover we’ve reached a higher level of the continuing Embodiment Process—in this case specifically, activation of NEW DNA bridge connections that quickly evolve us, our physical bodies, consciousness, lives and very realities and how we perceive and interact with them and everything and everyone else. One can intellectually know that something is going to happen, but that’s nothing compared to actually living it and being increasingly transformed because of having lived and embodied it. Said another way, our individual evolutionary transformations continue and each phase, each level automatically alters everything some more. How prepared are you really for physical reality to change more dramatically than it has been? Our consciousness and reality cannot and will not remain the same while NEW DNA bridge connections are made. It’s impossible. We all know this but it’s different when it’s happening to you, in you and through you in ways it never has before. Thank Gawd for incremental Stair-steps!

The intense, higher frequency more complex evolutionary energies of 2018 have been nonstop, which often makes it hard to clearly separate (no separation anymore but increasing personal unification in one’s quantum Now Moment) one Ascension energy onslaught from the next and the next and so on. All of 2018 has been an ongoing Now Moment of becoming something different than I was, than you were in my/our previous Now Moment and on and on. This reminds me of those old illustration booklets that when quickly thumbed through becomes a moving picture show on paper instead of many motionless individual drawings. One Now Moment becomes the next one and from another viewpoint the thing is seen as one continuously moving image transforming from one frame into the next.

The last week of August 2018 was for me wildly intense and felt somewhat like when I began Menopause simultaneously with the start of my physical level biological Ascension Process in February 1999, and quite smoking cigarettes at the same time because my Higher Self/Selves has always preferred to ‘bundle’ my really big and difficult transformational processes into one huge steaming intense pile of… glorious personal transformation. Actually, all of 2018 has been like this for me and I’m certain many of you can relate. Sudden hot flashes, feeling like I’m going into shock, expanding spare tire Buddha Belly to a ridiculous and painful degree, sweaty and clammy, waves of nausea, reality changes, consciousness changes, emotional ups n’ downs, emotional neutrality, dreaming on steroids every time you fall asleep, clairvoyantly Seeing more things and lights, Seeing more NEW lights I’m emanating, Seeing lights emanating from other places, energies, beings, and continued Seeing massive multidimensional migrations of different levels of nonphysical beings, entities, people and energies. Seeing all that sounds kinda fun n’ exciting doesn’t it? Let me tell you it’s often been the complete opposite.

Honestly imagine physically seeing and clairvoyantly Seeing (but it all looks very physical), plus hearing and feeling so much nonphysical and energetic activity inside your house, your bedroom, your everywhere that it sometimes becomes distracting not to mention a massive lack of privacy and quiet time in your home. Have you ever seen the migration of physical birds in the sky? Imagine that same type of migration but on multiple dimensions happening for multiple months and years and it’s not birds but energies and beings, realities and thought forms, ancient negativity and NEW in-pouring energies replacing them all and on and on. Sometimes one wants to just stare at the ceiling and see nothing but the physical ceiling! Not so lately however due to the Separation of Worlds, our ongoing DNA bridge connections happening, our ongoing Embodiment Process continually evolving each person living it, and the old lower 3D patriarchal world and all that went with it running mad in the global streets for all, well almost all, to see and have to emotionally deal with. We’re in multidimensional, collective, evolutionary, Source-driven bundling of global humanity and everything else. Sounds kinda fun n’ exciting doesn’t it? And it certainly is and will continue to be. Deep grateful breath, smile into your HighHeart and remember what YOU really are and then carry on please. ❤

Also wanted to mention that the shift from August to September 2018 was unusually active with etheric and physical negativity and negative people intentionally doing negative things to harm others. The energies for that period were pretty severe for a few days and was felt as pockets of dark density and attacks all over the place with certain low consciousness people doing negative things to others. That’s how those people react to the high frequency Ascension Process Light energies because they’ve not done any inner clearing prep work in themselves.

Over the past few months I’ve been increasingly aware that we’ve reached the point where the “normal folks”, aka the unaware, the global sheeple people etc., are “waking up” to the fact that something huge is happening on Earth and to humanity that’s never happened before. Much of this is caused by America’s Orange Menace & Co., which was a big part of the evolutionary Divine Plan of why he, they are where they are now. Shit often has to get really severe and in-your-face before most humans are shocked awake and finally realize that they and everything else HAS to change for the better immediately. Most people are there now, but many aren’t and never will be in these incarnations and that’s okay except they cannot remain in the world that’s evolving and not personally evolve themselves and their consciousness. Hence the amplified madness, chaos, lying, hatred and lashing out and absolute desperate attempts by most to cling to the old patriarchal ways because that’s all they know and want.

What I’ve been sensing the past few months is that the Ascension Process online information is increasingly going mainstream. Because this country and others are rapidly falling apart in multiple ways, and the global warming beliefs and dozens of other things, more and more of the unaware people are and will be searching for information about why all these strange and never before experienced things are happening now. Those who were hardcore disbelievers of the Ascension Process and attacked and insulted those of us in the Ascension community since the subject first came up online, may be rethinking their beliefs and negative actions in 2018. Those who’ve been asleep and unaware of anything outside the old 3D patriarchal control reality box are being forced by all the people, events and happenings now to question what’s happening and why. Because of this, people who’ve never done a Google search for Ascension, evolution, spiritual evolution in our lifetimes, feeling strange things in my body etc. are or will be which will lead them to many years of online information and books about what the Forerunners have gone through and why for decades already.

This is good, great in fact, because all that much-needed information is online for humans awakening today, tomorrow and beyond to read through and discover the Ascension Process, its many weird symptoms and side effects and plenty of related information. But this, like everything else of the old lower 3D world consciousness has a negative side too unfortunately, which brings us back around to P’s question to me, and to Lisa Renee’s recent great ‘Spiritual Consumerism’ blog article.

My first encounters with some people intentionally making money off of spiritual seekers was back in the mid-1970s. I was repulsed by both the people making money off of others and by the unaware, eager to be told exactly what to do and pay great sums of money for it. From my perspective it was a big insult and waste of time and money but I’ve never been a human “sheeple” herd creature. My online readership have been the closest I’ve come to being part of a Group of like individuals in the physical and I am very grateful for that because it’s rare for Forerunners. Not so in other dimensions however but certainly is on the physical during this time of Ascension.

Because of my conscious awareness of having Volunteered multiple aspects of my Higher Selves to incarnate physically on Earth to live, embody, anchor and Embody the Ascension Process and eventually teach about it, I’ve never been part of those early “new age” fluffy groups, gurus and lectures etc. It always felt like negative Piscean Age religious BS and tactics dipped in “new age” BS and tactics with a hefty price tag attached. Needless to say I’ve always Pathpaved as a solo Forerunner because of these things and more, such as doing my best to fly under Team Dark’s radar in the early decades so I’d live long enough to embody the Ascension Process and then Embody on Earth.

It was sometime around 2005 that someone contacted me through an online spiritual forum wanting to know how much I charged to be a ‘Life Coach’. I’d never heard that term before and had to Google search it to find out what it even was. Once I’d discovered what that term meant, I wrote this person back to inform them that I didn’t and never would be anyone’s Life Coach. Again, I was repulsed by the very thought of one-on-one spoon-feeding spiritual information and cheer-leading people through their ego centered lives and consciousness and have the audacity to charge them a small fortune for it. It’s only lower consciousness and human ego that wants to have and tell other human egos that they have a ‘Life Coach’ and/or any other type of external spiritual “handler”.

Nonetheless, as the Ascension Process and it’s many strange symptoms and related pleasant and unpleasant events go more mainstream, there already are plenty of lowly 3D consciousness egos right there ready to help guide you through your evolutionary Ascension Process and related needs and questions, aches and pains, nightmares and confusions, negative attachments and other etheric problems, higher chakra openings etc. for a good chunk of money and usually all this is a multiple event process that one is charged for each time. To address these parasitic spiritual hustlers, cons and snake-oil people I’ll keep this short and to the point. Why would you pay anyone to evolve? Why should you pay anyone to have your mind expanded? Activate your higher chakras? Remove your negative inner junk? Why would you pay anyone for any of these or any other related Ascension Process “fixes” or “activations” etc. when they’re all happening automatically because the evolutionary Ascension Process is created and dispersed freely by Divine Source God The All That Is? I’ll add that by paying parasite cons only perpetuates that old negativity and lowly consciousness of the 3D past. Stop enabling it by being co-dependent with it and those parasite people and dive into your free Source activated evolutionary Ascension Process.

How you activate, integrate and ground the new DNA-codes’ is continue living your life. Take a nap, intend, envision, ask your Higher Self for help and guidance, go into your heart, lay in the sunlight, listen to the wind, feel Earth, pay attention intuitively, constantly discern, feel and radiate as much gratitude from your HighHeart as you can produce, sit in quiet private stillness and know that you are being naturally evolved by the Ascension Process and nothing besides that matters. Forget about the showy egotism crap, the ego inflating stuff, spiritual competitions, old 3D ego-based “new age” and ascension labels and forget about needing or wanting to clairvoyantly Seeing the NEW geometries or ETs or whatever. The more you live the Ascension Process, the more all these things and much more automatically start happening to you. All that’s really important is that you live the Ascension Process even when you don’t know what you’re doing, if it’s really happening, or if it’s even real. Don’t ever compare your personal and unique Ascension Process to anyone else’s personal and unique Ascension Process. We’re all different meaning what and how we each experience the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process is slightly different which is why I often say, your mileage may vary when writing about the Ascension Process.

I tell you all that if you’re breathing, you are living the natural evolutionary Ascension Process and related dimensional Shift or Separation of Worlds. You do NOT need to pay someone trying to hustle you out of piles of money to do this for you or guide you through it or make energetic corrections in you etc. You only need to live it because doing so automatically Alchemically transforms you, your consciousness, your physical body, your energy bodies, your DNA, your CNS, your brain, heart and much more. The Ascension Process is a Do It Yourself affair because that’s the ONLY way that we and our consciousness, our DNA, our very reality is changed is by embodying these NEW higher Light energies into our body and self. This is not an external affair nor is it something that another person, guru, preacher or master teacher can do for you; you HAVE to live it yourself so that you are energetically, vibrationally, physically Alchemically transformed by it. Don’t get sidetracked with anything else like comparing how many geometric shapes you saw or didn’t see or See. Not the point, not at all, never has been. ❤ I’ve been a Seer since birth and my clairvoyance and everything else has continually evolved into very different NEW tools of perception since I began the Ascension Process. Expect constant evolutionary caused change in you in all ways.

The Ascension Process, and if doing it the Embodiment Process (with a capital E), are between you, You, YOU and Divine Source and no one and nothing else beyond that matters. Don’t be fooled by people trying to get your money that they can do this for you or help you with it or guide you through it. Discernment people because there’s a next level of human con assholes coming who want as much of your money as they can get out of you to help you with any and all aspects of the Ascension Process. Geese, if you want to give your money away, I’d appreciate a Donation if what I’ve written has honestly assisted you in some way.

A couple of articles back I said something that I knew needed to be said and should have been said by me sooner. It was that you are not failing in your Ascension Process even though it may feel or seem like that to you from time to time. Think of every World Master you’ve ever read about or seen depictions of in movies etc. and how each of them had huge periods of personal internal and external struggle, self-doubt, confusion, pain, weakness and wanting to quit their Ascension Process when they went through it at that level. If they had self-doubts, which they did at times, then do not beat yourself up for experiencing the same things fellow evolving Ascender but in the amplified ways we are now which are profoundly different and more vast. Perspective. Honesty. Grace. Forgiveness. Determination. Dedication. Light. Love. LOVE. You and Source. Source and you. You as Source incarnate. Be still, feel, expand and know. 

Denise Le Fay

September 8, 2018



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46 thoughts on “Evolution Is Free

  • Hey Denise, I watched that video you included in the responses regarding entities and new/old tactics. Thank you… I have been dealing with words inserted in as thoughts, out of nowhere, not nice inserts, this is recent. Seamless. Just a word or two or three. Other than dull grey ugliness and disconnect from me and God that identify them as what they are, there is no telling what/where/who or why (well, we can guess why) they come from. It’s irritating, they are my worst or ugliest doubts…

    • “Hey Denise, I watched that video you included in the responses regarding entities and new/old tactics.”

      Marcy & All,

      I watched about 20 minutes of this video — Eve Lorgan, James Bartlet and some others — about what Eve’s termed negative alien ‘Love Bites’. I don’t know if I could take 3 hours of them and here’s why.

      Everything I write about is and always has been and always will be based on MY OWN personal experiences and the knowledge, insights and understandings I gain from them. Period. The majority of people like these however are councilors and/or hypnotherapists etc. and gain the knowledge they have from individuals that come to them to be hypnotized, regressed etc. and/or counciled for what THEY have personally experienced. In other words, people like these in this video typically do NOT have any personal experiences with what they write about, teach, lecture and do videos about. Their knowledge is all based on accumulated information from other people who have had personal, direct experiences. And these types of people are typically more left-brained which is why they’re good at what they do. However, after a short while I get frustrated with the lack of greater and Higher Awareness and often misunderstandings people like this have for the very reason that they have NOT experienced any of what they talk/write/teach. There’s much more to say but I’ll let it go at this point.

      “I have been dealing with words inserted in as thoughts, out of nowhere, not nice inserts, this is recent. Seamless. Just a word or two or three.”

      Yep, I’m very familiar with this and other Team Dark etheric and physical level tactics, AI devices and influences etc. After the Saturday Equinox, I’ll work on an article going into more detail about this and related things that stonespeaker mentioned and how to discern, sense, feel and know organic and inorganic who and what is who and who and what isn’t etc. The words you’re hearing in your head are inorganic Team Dark inserts and typically they’re flat, monotone, repetitive and dark, very dark, like go kill someone dark! This has been so amplified in/at humanity lately, which is why the nightly TV News is filled with the increasing horrors. We knew this was coming but good lord.

  • Hello Denise
    I have spent a lot of money over the years with people who profess to be able to help with spiritual problems. I know now that we do it ourselves but am annoyed that I wasted money on these types. I am not able to see as you do but feel things intuitively. However this last week I feel as If I’m going Mad! I’ve been hit with every AP and EP symptom all at once. I’ve had pulsating in my head and thought my head would explode, hot flashes, nausea, flu like symptoms, palpitations, crying one minute then so angry I could scream but don’t know why. I don’t want to be with anyone and then feel lonely. I feel paranoid and think everyone is against me then it changes to normal the next moment! I have never felt all of this in such a way before and am trying to go with the flow and ride it out. Do you have any response to this other than going with the Highheart etc?
    Thank you as always for all you share with us.

    • Linda P.,

      Yes, yes and yes! I’ve felt and still often do feel everything that you listed. Big evolutionary changes are ON and there’s all sorts of pleasant and highly unpleasant side effects because of it. This has escalated so tremendously this year, and even more condensed from June-September 2018, that it often feels like reality is cracking wide open… which is pretty close to what’s actually happening now! That and Team Dark has been and continues attacking in every way they can.

      As I mentioned to Barb K., I’m working on an article about all this and how it’s connected to and amplified by the September 22, 2018 Equinox and more. My head is all over the place with pains, energy pressures, inner ear screeching constantly, digestive eating hell again, and feeling every amplification of both positive and negative everything. I’ll do my best however because we’re all currently entering a HUGE period of profound transition, shift, split, separation etc. in ways that have never happened before. Hang in there Linda and everyone feeling these evolutionary onslaughts and also Team Dark attacks too. ❤

      • Bless you Denise … your responses give me hope during such a challenging time. The physical stuff is bad enough but my negative emotions are insane!🤤 so much fear and anger and doubt and catastrophic what-if thoughts. But then I read your words and there is a softening calming relief. 😏 Thank you.♥️♥️

      • Thank you Denise for your reply, I needed some extra confirmation that I am not the only one feeling like this. I am in tears of relief while writng this and again you are of great help. Many blessings to you and all you give us!
        Linda xxx.

      • Yes, yes, yes … bless you, Denise. A couple of hours ago I awoke from a very vivid dream in which I was told I had a cancerous tumor, a large angry-looking one I could clearly see in the root chakra area. The dream was so real that I actually expected to see it there when I rolled out of bed with the feeling that it was time to end the procrastination on getting my ‘affairs in order.’ For the last several days/weeks I’ve been experiencing “positive and negative everything” with extreme amplification. Some days piercing pain hits randomly in various parts of my body, to the point that at times it becomes a little comical, as I find myself asking out loud: “Where to next?” Some days the emotional ups and downs are like being on a giant rollercoaster ride, and these are the times I most strongly feel the need to lie down and sleep. I no longer resist but go like a little child for nap time. The vibration in my chest starts almost immediately and then I’m ‘out,’ sometimes for only ten minutes or so and sometimes for as long as three hours. I can’t describe or explain it, but I KNOW something powerful takes place during those times.

        October 29, 1999–when I ‘recommitted’ to conscious ascension–seems like a long time ago in some ways, but in others it seems like only the blink of an eye.There have been many ups and downs and what felt like hopeless pitfalls during my 73 years on this planet, but support has always been with me. Your posts and the replies from so many others here (thank you all) are like a lifeline and so encouraging … kind of like a huge cheerleading team. And what a great cheer this is: “I’ll do my best however because we’re all currently entering a HUGE period of profound transition, shift, split, separation etc. in ways that have never happened before.” Hip, hip hooray! Thank you, Denise. ♥️

      • I look forward to reading your coming article, Denise. Though I know for sometime about the Equinox which will be on Sunday,Sept 23 in our part of the world ( Im from the Philippines) I have been in no state to “read” the energies and reflect on the event’s import since I have been in the past two months quite distracted and debilitated by varying degrees of pain on my left side which started from the foot and radiated upward to the upper leg, hips and lower back. After vain attempts to set appointments with two complementary/alternative doctors I have decided that I would just wait for the pain to ease trusting that there must be a reason for why this pain at this time. What was interesting was that after I made this resolve I felt a sudden urge last sept 19 to contact a spiritual sister and request her for long-distance cleansing/healing. My friend’s efforts evidently helped for I was able to go out of the house the next day and visited two dear spiritual sister-friends who I have not seen for years. The visit it turned out was to set the stage for my having a Part II of the treatment/healing of whatever it was that ails me. There I was saying goodbye to my friends when I just heard myself ask one of these friends whether I could have a therapy-healing session with her that same night. In short, yesterday (sept 21) – my condition was such I could focus on inner work and have an intense exchange UPSTAIRS (with, among Higher/Christed-Self God-Self Aspects and other Brethrens in Oneness), impressing on me the significance and potential of this particular Equinox.

        TD of course had to come in again. I say “again” because aside from possibly causing/compounding the left side pains I have been suffering from, TD has been regaling me (futilely I should say) with its scare tactics conjuring or manifesting things like fleeting shadowy images, foul odors from nowhere, strange insect presence/attacks, and so on; I recall this one time when a mosquito hovered near me; it caught my attention because this mosquito was larger than usual and on its back was what looked like a multi-color mark/sign/image/symbol on its back. First time ever I saw something like it so I was thinking: what is this? TD had to flash some TD identification of sorts to leave one in no doubt as to who was behind these shenanigans? Funny I thought. Anyways last night (sept 21) I was in bed reading, meditating when I felt the bed shake — once, a pause, then it shook again. I was alone in my room so I tested various positions and movements to check if I caused the shaking, and searched for other possible causes but there was none. This incident was not the end of it for the night, for I next heard this loud thud on the roof above my bedroom like a rock or some heavy object had fallen or been dropped on the roof. I have been staying in my sister’s guesthouse for over a month now, and having experienced heavy rains/stormy weather in this area with nothing of such sound or shaking, it is quite likely that these were also of TD’s making.

        Those TD antics, my ailment and its unplanned treatment, the timing of it all – I get a strong sense from these that something HUGE is indeed afoot and am looking forward to hearing more about your and others’ experiences/intel/info esp related to this Equinox . Love to all!

  • Evolution is Frree

    Denise still check in to your website a lot. I have also experienced a lot of energy last days of August and first week of September. Then it lessened until Thursday 13th September when I saw a stargate open all around me with diamond crystal/ zig zag light geometry shapes and I have been seeing for years the gold/violet/white light now blue also. I see light energy but do not always understand what it all means. Glad always to read your posts because they are helpful and informative. MT

  • Amen Denise, Amen to your response to revital71 re: fear that AP side effects might be symptoms of disease. We are so programmed (3D) to think that way (Big Pharma advertising is a huge part of it); it’s no wonder we get so anxious when we feel rotten. Thanks too to revital71 for asking, and to all who comment here about these AP/EP symptoms (even the Buddha Belly which I can relate too!). Great article too, Denise. I noted the increase in negativity in September and really appreciate your explanation (“sheeple people” et al.). Ever grateful to you.

    • “I noted the increase in negativity in September…”

      And it’s only escalating still Barb K., so much so that I’m working on another article about it and why it’s happening now. I’ll try to get this one written asap because the September 22, 2018 Equinox is rapidly approaching and is part of this escalation in negativity and the Separation of Worlds (bifurcation). Heart hugs all around everyone because they’re needed now, again. ❤

  • Hi Denise
    I am going through severe hyperacidity and herartburn problem for last one and a half year. Have consulted a couple of physicians and had a cocktail of antacid pills but to no avail. It gets worsened at night. Is heartburn and hyperacidity also an AP & EP effect? If yes , is there any relief advice from you? Thanks

    • “Is heartburn and hyperacidity also an AP & EP effect?”

      It absolutely is a common AP side effect revital71. I’ve had it, at times really severe, since I began the physical level AP 19 years ago. For many people it gets much worse when there’s another big step-up in the energies, which there’s been. This is just like when many people get intense headaches and top of the head pains and pressures from Solar and/or other cosmic Light energies entering our bodies at the top of our heads and flowing downward, which has been happening off and on for much of August and September. Check sites like http://spaceweather.com/ to confirm for yourself certain energy AP side effects; you’ll almost always find that the Sun has been releasing winds etc. which you and your physical body is feeling rather intensely at times.

      Everyone has to keep in heartmind that your, our, ENTIRE physical bodies — every organ, bones, blood, cells, everything — continue being evolve in very dramatic ways. Our very DNA is evolving, while we’re living in our physical bodies and trying to eat food, digest it, eliminate it etc. and sleep and work and all of it! It’s amazing really that we’re functioning as well as we have been considering the degree to which we are literally physically evolving from the inside out. Because of this sometimes we go through more intense periods (weeks or months) where something like our entire digestive tracts are screaming at us over anything and everything. If I get really mad and have an angry outburst my guts instantly react in not so pleasant ways like instant bloat and pain. Lower and Higher cannot co-exist in the same space so when we try to do this we immediately FEEL the truth of this fact in our physical bodies. Ascension is no joke and once you’ve accumulated enough Light in yourself and physical body there’s a whole NEW paradigm that automatically goes with that and we’re all learning this for ourselves in very internal ways.

      If you can slightly raise the head of your bed when you’re having problems with acid reflux etc., that may help a bit to keep it down instead of coming up. Also you’re going to have to be really aware of how your body reacts to whatever you eat or drink now. I can eat one thing one week and have no problem with it and eat the same thing another week and have it make me sick for hours. It’s us, it’s our bodies changing so we’ve got to be super aware and discern everything we eat/drink before we ingest it.

      Another aspect of this that some people also have to deal with is severe bloat of the upper stomach and diaphragm area; Buddha Belly as it’s been termed by the Ascension community years ago. I’ve had this since my AP started and last month is got so severe that I finally took (10 day long round and repeat 3 weeks later) some parasite pills. Doing so has helped some with the bloat but not completely. There are physical parasites and there are etheric parasites and many Forerunners/Lightworkers/Embodiers etc. have to deal with etheric parasites and clearing them from us on a daily/nightly basis. And unfortunately we also often get physical parasites too because of this and then have to deal with killing them and removing them from our physical bodies as well. Fun times huh? 🙄

      In the 19 years and counting I’ve been living the AP, I’ve not found anything that works completely with any of these digestive type of changes. Sometimes yes, other times not at all because like I said, these side effects are from our bodies being evolved, changed dramatically in every way you can imaging and a whole bunch more you and I can’t! Be aware of what you eat/drink and when. Be aware if there was some Solar or other energy related thing happening when your symptoms got bad again. Be conscious of what you’re thinking and feeling emotionally. Be conscious of your surroundings and if there’s negativity in a location, thing, person or people etc. that your body is reacting to and that you need to be conscious of. Drink plenty of good water but not too much because I’ve found that even that caused some gut problems. When your body can’t eat anything, just go with that until you sense it’s safe to eat again. This is all part of the ongoing AP and EP. ❤

      • Dear Denise..
        Thanks so much for the detailed response. This makes me relieved but at the back of my mind I become anxious and tense thinkingg that what if these Ap/ep effects like hyperacidity, heartburn, GERD , heart palpitations, heaadche etc. If left untreated may lead to stomach ulcers, esophagous cancer, heart attack or brain stroke etc. At one point I am fully convinced that it’s due to AP/EP & can handle it by simply observing it and let it pass but at another point I am very much worried about big physical dieease manifestations of these conditions in the long run as at the moment cancer or stroke or heart attack symptoms are not there but what if they might appear later. These conflicting thoughts makes me upset, restless, tense most of the times as being a single parent of 2 children, I never wish to succumb to these diseases for lack of proper diagnosis and treatment although diagnosis and treatmentvis equally painful as bearing AP/EP side effects. Any comments on this dilemma?

        • revital71,

          There’s been so many times I’ve said to myself, and even in some articles that …if I didn’t know better… I would be worried about some of the intense Ascension Process side effects I’ve had and still do have.

          “At one point I am fully convinced that it’s due to AP/EP & can handle it by simply observing it and let it pass but at another point I am very much worried about big physical dieease manifestations of these conditions in the long run as at the moment cancer or stroke or heart attack symptoms are not there but what if they might appear later.”

          We all can relate to this half here/half there bifurcated thinking about certain Ascension related side effects. (The word bifurcation is in bold to hopefully make a point about this, about the Separation of Worlds.) Your fears and concerns clearly reflect this common struggle of the old lower consciousness ego worrying that something negative is happening in the body or may happen in the future one minute and then the higher part of you that’s living the Ascension Process knows that the unusual symptoms and side effects you’re experiencing are indeed SIDE EFFECTS of it. Lower and higher cannot co-exist in the same space, which in this case is your, our minds, hearts and physical bodies and when we struggle with our own evolutions, we encounter self-created fears over all sorts of things. I’ve done it with body parts and I’ve done it with money and how I’m going to “survive” etc. etc. We’ve all done it but what’s important is that each of us becomes CONSCIOUS that we’re doing it and intentionally re-direct ourselves and our mental and emotional focuses… as many times as needed. 🙂

          “These conflicting thoughts makes me upset, restless, tense most of the times…”

          The Ascension Process entails consciously choosing higher LOVE frequencies, consciousness and reality over lower fear frequencies, consciousness and reality. Now there’s bifurcation Separation of Worlds for you!

          This is evolution of our consciousness and our inner vibratory rate — our increasing “Light quotient” — and embodying greater and greater amounts of higher frequency Light into our selves and physical bodies means we’re housing and holding (embodying) more LOVE and less and less and less fear. Stair-steps until there’s no more fear whatsoever. ❤

          “Any comments on this dilemma?”

          The main thing for you and everyone else whose experiencing this inner bifurcation, aka the Separation of Worlds, is that this “dilemma” is each of us evolving, ascending beyond a lower ego-based, fear-based world with matching consciousness and external reality to a much higher state of being and matching external reality. The bifurcation/Separation of Worlds has accelerated tremendously throughout 2018 and it’s only going to continue. The pressures, fears, concerns, joy, relief and huge sense of it’s finally happening!!! that many of us are having now are both wonderful and daunting. [I’m going to write an article about this as soon as I’m able.] Know what this is and why you, me, we are feeling this incredible pull and split in opposite directions; one upward and the other downward into even worse density and negativity because it makes life easier to live during this super amplified and accelerated time of Separation of Worlds bifurcation.

        • Wow, thank you both for allowing us to witness this exchange. Denise, your second comment particularly helped me understand some recent experiences on a deeper level. Much gratitude. ❤️

  • That was a fantastic article Denise! Yes, the perception now on steroids sounds fun and exciting, and it IS, and I am grateful, but like you I’ve sometimes thought it’s a bit much, 24/7, with no ‘off’ switch.
    I was laughing at myself the other day. I used to think, about 10 years ago: “This is all taking so *long*, the stair steps seem an inch high, come on guys, BRING IT, I’m bored, can’t we speed it all up a bit?!”
    Well, this last month, I found myself thinking, “Heck, can they slow it down a bit? I’m genuinely not sure I can house this amount of energy.”
    Remember when we used to get breaks? 😀 In 2011 for instance, “Whoah, that was a doozy”, and you’d get *weeks* before the next powerful incoming blast.
    It’s now been KA BAM KA BAM KA BAM, no let up at all, no ‘rest breaks’ to catch your breath!
    I am now humbled, and see how this whole process in fact has been done unusually quickly, twenty years is nothing in evolutionary terms. And I now fully understand how too-fast, too-intense energies would fry people’s nervous systems. I began this in 1999, and if someone had told me I’d ever be bleating, “Slow it down a bit”, I would have laughed in their face! 😀
    And yes, I notice too that there’s been a collective shift, a sea change, people are waking up, and subtly this is becoming mainstream – I never thought I’d live to see this, it’s been worth hanging on. Thank you for keeping us company on this amazing white water ride.

    • “Remember when we used to get breaks?” 😀

      😆 Exactly Podvig! The down time in-between energy blasts was necessary back then but not so any longer. It’s now constant which is trying sometimes but it’s a clear sign of how far we’ve “ascended” energetically to date.

      “I am now humbled, and see how this whole process in fact has been done unusually quickly, twenty years is nothing in evolutionary terms.”

      I’ve often said this over these ascension years. People don’t realize how much we’ve evolved already and some of us have intentionally pushed for even farther, higher, bigger than what was originally planned. To evolve so far so quickly in linear physical terms is almost shocking actually. But when it’s time it’s time and we’ve been Working like crazy to make this entire evolutionary ascension transition shift happen as quickly and safely for All as possible.

      • Responding to podvig’s post and Denise’s comment “some of us have intentionally pushed for farther, higher, bigger…” YES! I was one of them, impatient to get things moving for the l-o-n-g-e-s-t time. I know we had to slow it down to get more on board and so that we wouldn’t fry our bodies in the Ascension/Embodiment Process. But here we are.

        Maybe one day we will look back at everything we did as a crazy/wonderful blend of blind faith and trusting our inner guidance.

        Denise – Had to laugh at your description of seeing all these entities even when you’re looking at your own ceiling. I wonder if that’s something we’ll all experience as we become more aware on a multidimensional level?

        Your caution for spiritual seekers looking outside themselves for answers is right on… most people are so disempowered, they assume anything they need to know can only be found through some guru or so-called ascended master. There’s so much deception out there, usually available for a price.

        I’m glad you reassured your readers they’re ON the ascension path even if they don’t see anything clairvoyantly or notice any big change. The more we learn to trust our inner process, the easier it becomes. But answers come to us in many ways, including what the Universe reflects back to us when we sincerely ask.

        Blessings to you & all.

  • Yes, yes and yes!!!
    Although I’m not a fan of Lisa Renee’s work anymore, I do appreciate this much needed topic ❤
    So well put, Denise 😀
    Thank you _/\_

  • Hi Denise,
    I’ve removed myself from all the mailing lists, even yours, but drop in from time to time when it feels right. This blog brings to mind a “Global Summit” I checked out in the spring and one person in particular that seemed very appealing. It’s rare for me to respond to this stuff anymore but I ended up signing up for a free one on one call with her. (maybe I just needed to have everything you’ve just written about reinforced even moreso!) As she and I talked it became obvious that she was “trolling” for more people for her group – at $595/mo.!!!!! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I guess I’ve been pretty naiive. Spiritual consumerism indeed!!!

    About two years ago I was pretty clear I’d be entering the embodiment phase soon and what you wrote about that in the comments was very helpful.

    “Back to those Forerunners who are and have been living the Embodiment Process (capital E). These individuals have been Forerunning this level of personal, individual evolving back into embodying Crystalline/Christ frequency consciousness and being (and more) into themselves and their physical bodies. In other words, those Forerunners who are and have been Embodying are Pathpaving this for the rest of humanity too. That does not mean that all of humanity will follow and begin this level too because most of them will not in these incarnations or even many of them to come. Nonetheless, the incarnate Forerunners who are Embodying Christ/Crystalline frequency and consciousness in themselves individually now are Bridge Building this too for humanity now and in the future because we’re literally Pathpaving “it” and seeding and anchoring “it” into the ascending Earth and timeline(s) and energies so it’s available for anyone that wants to evolve further.”

    This is exactly what I’ve been feeling about myself and my purpose as well. It’s been one hell of a ride in the last year and especially the last 6-8 weeks. I’ve used to connect to my guidance, etc. outside my body but now that’s all inside and everything is taking place there. Big changes in me too. I’m not at all who I used to be, as the old parts have been pushed out and released as the embodiment energies grounded into me. Guidance, when it’s there, is sweet and joyful, but it comes and goes (and thankfully comes back again) so TRUST in the midst of the “not knowing” is paramount. Most of the time I’m doing this moment by moment all on my own but it’s oh, SO good to know I’m not in this alone. Thanks for reading my thoughts and for your supportive insights!

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  • Oh! Well said!
    I’ve always known I had to do this myself and not give my power away to anyone else but I’m so grateful I found your blog several years ago to help me feel a little less alone in the process.
    Thank you.

  • Hi Denise. I’m sparked by Holly’s post. I’ve experienced similar disillusionment and anger. But! Ok, my “But” is from someone with no memory of Who I Am, no amazing abilities or inner anything. I was simply drawn to certain information I read about back in the 70’s. And I think it’s people like me who tend to be attracted and participate in groups, workshops, personal appointments BECAUSE we have yet to realize any inner truth and we are suffering intensely. So we gauge our lives and experience by “what others say or write”. I became profoundly depressed over time from Oprah promoting “living your best life”!….I say that with wry humor but from her and the scores of healers and teachers….my suffering continued till the day came I sat on my bed (early 90s) and actually prayed about it. I asked Why did my life suck? What was missing? Why didn’t I “get it?” Why was MY LIFE GOING DOWN HILL while everyone else appeared to be living their best life?!! Denise, b4 I answer this, I think that for some reason people like me are destined to walk this mystery blindly and slowly, choice by choice to arrive at truth. Meaning that I’ve come to see thru study that what is known as the left hand path of development…team dark magic is similar or even the same as the right hand path. The same up to a point prior to the parting of the ways when we choose Love and LIFE over materialism/consumerism. So back to me on my bed asking. A few days later I found myself drawn to the preaching of a basic bible teacher. Her focus happened to be about the inner relationship. What I mean by inner relationship is what it looks like for the personality or ego to be exchanged for the higher self or Soul. So! Referring back to some of the classes and workshops or books I saw we brushed by this….but the glamour was too strong. I was fascinated by channeling and getting answers. Processing. Im still in the laborous process of undoing incorrect misconceptions and truly applying the inner work. I have found that the preacher I felt drawn too teaches the same ethics and character building as Lisa Renee and DK. It all aligns. The preacher makes it simple, practical, and helps me to relate inner truth to eveyday life and inside me. I believe u don’t lose from all the blind allies because one learns discernment, illusion, and glamour, albeit The Hard Way. Fast forward 20 years of learning rightly step by step while continually shifting, letting go and re aligning and one step at a time we climb, I see that lots of the tools from reiki to EFT can be useful but CANNOT TAKE THE PLACE OF INNER WORK/Relationship. Healers can also assist. Powerful ethical healers won’t allow u to rely on them. I think that some teachers are tested by survival and the need for money plus glamor and illusion the same as everyone else. I spent so much money back when I had money. Now, when I see someone charge hundreds of dollars to deliver truths humorously and entertain, I cringe. But I recognize u gotta start somewhere and attending something like that is a step.

  • Hi Denise and all. I too felt the intense negativity transitioning August to September. A part of me feel like something happens around back-to-school time every year, a great fog descends and I can feel a thick density of depression coming on when September hits. It is just my past experience with the education system or does anyone else feel this collective despair too?

    • No Blue Cliffs, I’ve felt it too over the years. Much like EVERY morning hearing multiple ambulance sirens scream past my house to deal with car crashes of people going back to work each morning BUT DON’T WANT TO, humans continue doing old habitual things like go to jobs they absolutely hate, go to school when they hate school or whatever the case may be, and in many cases crash their cars and selves into each other and other things in an unconscious way to get out of having to do what they don’t want to do. It’s sad and negative and we Forerunners are Working as fast and hard as we can to hurry all this along so people can start doing ONLY what they do want to be doing because they’re great at it and because it will help other people.

      But yeah, the children are bigger targets by the negatives now than ever before and sensitives feel this and more. Past ways and teachings and all else doesn’t work or energetically match the NEW higher energies and it’s getting very uncomfortable for more people.

      • Thanks Denise, you’ve no idea the burden your comment lifted in me. I used to be a past workaholic-study-aholic like the down and dirty indigo spirit i’d always had in me – recent years due to AP symptoms have HAD to let go of so many things in the “doing” world partly because it made me sick in a bodily way (my body just saying no I can’t do this anymore) and partly because the AP WAS happening in terms of the inner focus. The fact that it’s ok to feel not so great or to even stop going to a job you hate is something I’ve had to re-realize in terms of the “shoulds” in life. Wow deep breath and thank you. Children going to school day in and day out learning often times mis-information over and over the unease it brings to my heart and the horror in terms of how I survived it too. That and I used to and still do to a point feel symptoms amplify, almost could not stand at all the three days of the week – friday, saturday, and sundays (bodiily, emotionally) and now I know why. Those were the days I wanted to hide in a sink hole far far away from people and malls (when most people wanted to get to people and malls can you imagine) because the atmosphere seemed to be filled with the kind of pressure you’d feel when the humidity was getting to a breaking point. Anyhow I so appreciate comments here being open and thanks for keeping them open as well. ❤ Love

  • Dear Denise, Thank you so much for this timely article! (I wrote a reply but it didn’t appear so I’ll try again.) I’m 62 and a lifer in this ‘ascension’. This past year I’ve been having to deal with the rage from all the people who professed could help with issues I was dealing with but didn’t. Not one past life regression, quantum core healing, healer, ET healing technique like Lauren Gorgo sells, Jim Self Webinar, Celia Fenn Webinar (tho I do love her), reiki worker etc. has helped. I feel so stupid. I’m having to also forgive myself for my naivete. What makes it harder to forgive these people is that we turned to these people to help with past trauma, not to accumulate more. They sell what doesn’t work and if you tell them that they charge you more another session. They don’t refund and they don’t follow up. They have made no attempt to note statistics to see if what they do works. Proven statistics means that 90 out of 100 people say what they wanted help with did indeed occur. And they don’t seem to care. I ‘remember’ deciding to not make my income from any part of the ‘ascension’ process because it was important to me to do it from and with love and if you charge/pay for love the energy becomes not love, more like prostitution. I’m seeing more people having to deal with this anger and I thank you for addressing it. Just having others come forward helps me to not feel alone and move forward. Bless you!

    • (I wrote a reply but it didn’t appear so I’ll try again.)

      Holly & Everyone, I have Comments set up where I read them first and then I publish them. I’ve HAD to do this to cut out the negativity, hate, unstable egos and general crazy crap etc. that write Comments at HighHeartLife, not because they enjoy or believe what I say, but because they want to use my readers to spread whatever they want to say etc. So this is why ALL Comments don’t instantly become published after one has written them.


      I want to thank you for your honesty about what you’ve experienced with this topic, and, that you are wise and honest enough to admit to your own naivete with it. We live, we learn, we move on… if we’ve learned anything. ❤

      I'm going to utilize your Comment Holly to say some more things I didn't include in this article. I have my reasons for doing this with certain topics and then sometimes going into them more deeply in Comments. Some people need certain information eased into in the back pages instead of screaming at them on the front page. 😉 This is one of those cases in my opinion. Plus, like you, I too have appreciated some of some of the people’s ascension related writings you’ve mentioned over the years. That certainly does not mean I’ve agreed with every word they’ve written because I haven’t. But we benefit from what we can where we can when we can and ignore the stuff we can’t relate to or know, feel or discern is not correct, has distortions, or just isn’t personally for us at that time. We pick through the information and take what’s meaningful to us at that moment. This is very wise because it’s time for everyone to stop mindlessly drinking everyone’s Kool-Aid and discern for themselves, and more importantly learn as you have that we each HAVE to do and live the Ascension Process by ourselves for ourselves.

      The past Piscean Age — a Water sign and 2,100+ yearlong Age meaning humanities Emotional Bodies were front and center — had world religions used to control and manipulate humanity and this is still really strong today in most people. Team Dark used this to more easily convince humanity that they couldn’t do anything for themselves or reach higher spiritual levels, enlightenment, higher awareness etc. etc. on their own so they needed to always look outside of themselves for answers, power, guidance, help etc. Total disempowerment in other words and humanity is struggling in a variety of ways still today to castoff this ancient and intentional negativity.

      In many ways humanity is currently at the point where they’ve just spiritually turned 21 and quickly have to learn how to be personally, individually responsible, adult, independent, and get things done all on their own. This is really hard for a lot of humanity because of the thousands of years of intentional disempowerment Team Dark has done to them. They’ve been very successfully hustled and herded into believing — through religions but everything else too — that they’re not worthy or strong enough, wise or mature enough to evolve into individual Self-Empowerment, wisdom, Higher Awareness, power, Christic levels of individual consciousness and embodiment and so on. Humanity has been spiritually, energetically, consciously and physically intentionally hamstrung by Team Dark and world religions for the most part, but warring, bloodshed, governments and power-hungry insane world leaders too. Enter pres Orange Menace & Co. and all other worldwide unhinged wannabe dictators for everyone else to clearly see. 🙂

      Because there are and will be for a while longer, plenty of people who still have ‘god poison’ in them as Barbara Hand Clow has called this, there’s this current overlap between individuals living the Ascension Process — and Embodiment Process which I’ll swing back to in a moment — and being evolved by the NEW higher frequency Light energies, NEW codes, NEW DNA connections, ascending NEW Earth etc. and those who are too but don’t know it and still have potent Piscean Age bullshit lies and distortions flowing through them, like completely believing that finding answers, empowerment, Christ, Source/God/All That Is etc., health/healing, spiritual knowledge and so on all exists outside of themselves and can ONLY be had through another person, group, church, religion, doctor, shaman, healer, ET or whatever floats your lifeboat at the moment. These people have been so convinced and conditioned that they ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE, ARE NOT SELF-EMPOWERED that they automatically continue looking and going outside of themselves to another person and/or group etc. for what they want or need or crave.

      21-year-olds kinda look and act like jerks for a while until they get more personal responsibility under their individual belts! Humanity is at this (and other) mega evolutionary shift points now so things are messy and all over the place and will be for a while and that’s okay. Why? Because they’ll continue the Ascension Process and get much better at all this current mandatory evolution.

      Back to those Forerunners who are and have been living the Embodiment Process (capital E). These individuals have been Forerunning this level of personal, individual evolving back into embodying Crystalline/Christ frequency consciousness and being (and more) into themselves and their physical bodies. In other words, those Forerunners who are and have been Embodying are Pathpaving this for the rest of humanity too. That does not mean that all of humanity will follow and begin this level too because most of them will not in these incarnations or even many of them to come. Nonetheless, the incarnate Forerunners who are Embodying Christ/Crystalline frequency and consciousness in themselves individually now are Bridge Building this too for humanity now and in the future because we’re literally Pathpaving “it” and seeding and anchoring “it” into the ascending Earth and timeline(s) and energies so it’s available for anyone that wants to evolve further.

      Now if you step back and take an honest look and feel at these two incredibly different levels of consciousness, being and energies — 1) utter and complete individual disempowerment with everything AND 2) individuals (Forerunners) embodying and Embodying Crystalline/Christ frequencies and consciousness into themselves and their physical bodies now (and more) — then this wild and extreme gap starts making a bit more sense as to what’s actually going on now and why. The past clings on in people and in others they’re literally, individually presenting the NEW, the individually Unified and Embodied Christ frequencies which bridge humans to the NEW and beyond that too.

      I hope I covered all I wanted to with this subject. If not everyone, just Comment and we’ll continue it here in the back pages of HHL. 🙂 Thanks again Holly. ❤

      • Hi Denise and Holly, this is also a P S to my comment earlier….. The Best Life or the Carrot that most obviously hangs b4 a blind seeker was always and maybe still is, is a financial one. (I use the word “seeker” based upon how some of us begin our journey of discovery based upon a book or experience but zero clue we are more than human trying to get by and have a better life. You think you have to seek for an answer or reason or explanation, etc… Or that you must be doing something wrong, or u need to better yourself based upon what you think u want and see outside of self in the world of form). Abundance. The same in some of the big Christian churches. Prosperity. And there is, or was for me a misconception about Peace. I confess I had it till quite recently, A Few Days Ago! Still digesting, and like all misconceptions I had heard it time and again but I didnt HEAR IT 😄 I thought attaining inner peace equaled No Thing and nothing I didn’t want happening in my life, in my outer life of form. And it’s taken a long long time to understand that my Life Is ALL Inner, there is no outer that doesn’t come from me, my human mind perception at this point. My higher gets a word in now and then😄 Team Dark tags us at our most vulnerable levels and beginnings, and we are Not Taught they exist (by those teachers) and are ever interacting with us ……so the idea of attaining prosperity, abundance, and inner peace are easily twisted and we the ignorant “student” don’t even know.

        I’ve read the ladies mentioned by Holly and more like them. I too like and appreciate them.

        Denise, I had a dream about my brain! My skull had 2 big developed humps. The left side was much taller and the right was about 1/3 shorter….I still reason and analyze a lot. But there’s hope!😄 All my reasoning leads to letting go and trusting each time. Hugs for u, and all us baby steppers too!

      • Thank you Denise! I absolutely LOVE it and YOU when you go into more detail here in the comments. Xoxo

  • Dear Denise and all
    Such an important topic and the process is definitely unique. Mine in 2 very intense stages because during the 7 year in between stages (with just having to endure modest symptoms) my energy was required for other intense work. Tasks completed it was time to get on with the process again at a challenging and life threatening thrust. Perhaps necessary to do some sort of catch up I just don’t know but all well planned at some level. The 1st stage was very intense also and lasted for 3 years but not as extreme as this time.
    Round 2 – Central nervous system complete collapse causing severe concussion and heart damage because I tried to keep on working as I had no tiredness to indicate I was doing too much (I actually felt well). Left with major organs functioning at around 15% and body in complete chaos, Carer required as no capability to look after myself. Acupuncture to retrain the body imperative for many months. 6 months on and I am slowly building and I can do more for myself with still a long recovery to go.
    I found 2 younger women who had basically burnt out there systems and both have been in wheelchairs for a number of years. Again because they had tried to keep on going. I have been reminded more than once that many a light-worker have not survived the process.
    We are all dealing with different intensities but the possible severity should not be underestimated and unfortunately it constantly is.
    Nurture yourselves and rest rest rest.

  • This entire paragraph especially. I know I’m not the only one who appreciates hearing this:

    “How you ‘activate, integrate and ground the new DNA-codes’ is continue living your life. Take a nap, intend, envision, ask your Higher Self for help and guidance, go into your heart, lay in the sunlight, listen to the wind, feel Earth, pay attention intuitively, constantly discern, feel and radiate as much gratitude from your HighHeart as you can produce, sit in quiet private stillness and know that you are being naturally evolved by the Ascension Process and nothing besides that matters. Forget about the showy egotism crap, the ego inflating stuff, spiritual competitions, old 3D ego-based “new age” and ascension labels, and forget about needing or wanting to clairvoyantly Seeing the NEW geometries or ETs or whatever. The more you live the Ascension Process, the more all these things and much more automatically start happening to you. All that’s really important is that you live the Ascension Process even when you don’t know what you’re doing, if it’s really happening, or if it’s even real. Don’t ever compare your personal and unique Ascension Process to anyone else’s personal and unique Ascension Process. We’re all different meaning what and how we each experience the Ascension Process and Embodiment Process is slightly different which is why I often say, your mileage may vary when writing about the Ascension Process.”

    • Indeed, Fiery K. After I read that paragraph I started to comment on it before reading the rest of the article because it goes straight to the crux of it all and is so timely to/for me.

      Thank you, Denise, for the entire excellent, encouraging and helpful article. And thank you, P., for asking the question which brought it forth.

  • Because we have a person in our area who takes advantage like this … she says she’s a medium and then leaves her clients on a cliff hanger and says she needs more money to help them “the rest of the way”.

    amazing piece. I shared it with a group of ascending friends in my area, thank you!

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  • Yay! This analysis needs to be circulated widely. I’ve personally spent easily over $100,000 since I began my spiritual quest in 1970, for “tools”, “counselling”, “coaching” etc. etc. The cultural programming has managed to commodify human evolution. This is a sneaky, slippery trap for the spiritual seeker, who is taken in by this ruse–your personal evolution and spiritual attainments can only be delivered to those who pay the fees, whereas the true riches and attainments always come from within.

  • An awesome article, Denise. I’ve been telling people similar things for years: go within, go out in nature, journal, paint, dance, listen to your intuition and so on. It’s a DIY project, indeed. Gratitude, determination, patience, discernment, and love go a long way…

  • Bless you, bless yoI, bless you for this article right now, Denise. It’s completely my understanding as well that the AP and EP are highly specific, individual processes, except with common ground in terms of physical and emotional pain that needs to be experienced and re-framed. I’ve been feeling a whole lot of nada/nothing the past few months, except physical and emotional symptoms, but at the point like P writes, not seeing any “woo-woo evidence”— to such a degree that I’ve doubted what I’ve been evolving in since going “live” in 2006. Reading this reassured me so, and helps me understand I don’t need to really be involved in some of the groups I am, especially not ones asking for money for participating in activations. Funny enough— this process has kept me just surviving financially, but not enough to pay for these spiritual “services” (not that all help and assistance is wrong, either. It might be part of someone’s process to do just that for a time). I’m glad to have been a part of your “group” for over a decade now, and always send many loving thoughts your way and gratitude, also helping you when possible with buying and reading your books and giving when I’ve been able and so moved. You are a gem. I’m so glad I found you all those years ago. Thank you for helping me stay grounded and to understand what’s happening at various points along the journey. Much love. 💕

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