Let’s Better Understand Individuality & the “We are all ONE” Business

I don’t want to hear one more person say, ‘We are becoming ONE’. No, we are not becoming “ONE” and there are very important and positive reasons for this which we’ll get to. What we are doing now and will continue doing for as long as it takes is integrating, merging, unifying and embodying within ourselves INDIVIDUALLY. Forget about that popular pre-recorded message ‘we’re becoming ONE’  because it’s incorrect. What is correct is that you are becoming ONE within yourself, and I am becoming ONE within myself, and he and her are each becoming ONE within themselves individually. 

Remember that important message I received in April 1995? It looked like this:




Here’s a link to an old article about it which may help some better understand that this is the current evolutionary Ascension Process out of old lower duality and into greater individual unity. YOU are becoming ONE, or 1 as it was represented in my lucid dream message many years ago, not all of us merging back into oneness together. We’re nowhere near that advanced stage yet. First we as individuals must become unified within ourselves and doing so automatically makes it so much easier to feel, know, sense, perceive and love/LOVE all the other individuals, human and otherwise.


We as individuals could no more instantly go from the extreme severe separation that’s been the norm for eons, to full and complete ONE-ness during this Ascension Process any more than you or I could be in the direct full presence of “God” as we are now. The energy gap is far too large even with the current Ascension Process happening and it would destroy whatever vehicle we were in not to mention considerably mess us up in other ways too.

What’s happening is that we incarnate aspects and selves are going through the end of eons of intentional separation (in so many ways) because Source desired to experience it via each of us in our individual selves and experiences in all dimensions. What was originally ONE desired to individuate and further separate, layer after layer to learn, experience and create at and in those levels of being and existence as and through all those individuated aspects of the original ONE. 

All individuals are not merging or unifying back into oneness/ONE/1 all together with no individuality anymore. What has been intentionally separated for eons is now intentionally re-merging, re-uniting within each of us individually. The whys of this are so vast and complex but it has to do with evolution on all levels.

duality heart5

Increased Merging in Individuals Quickens the Separation of Worlds

As you know from reading my past articles, my life hasn’t been a whole lotta fun since the start of 2014. It still isn’t and in some ways it’s gotten a bit harder and more difficult emotionally, even more isolated feeling which surprised me, and far more complex which I did expect. Such is growth and change however. Since 2014 when my life was suddenly turned upside down due to my mom’s triple bypass that produced a devastating stroke two weeks later, on top of pre-existing (heart disease related) dementia, life hasn’t been a bunch of happy times for me in my sixties as her caregiver as she further deteriorates. Her dementia is worsening and she hallucinates sometimes and from reading up on dementia, this probably isn’t going to end well unless I work on certain things in myself, which I’ve been doing all along.

On top of that I sold a house, bought a “new” (old) one, worked on it for eight months (from May of 2015 and still am working on it today) because it was that horrible and filthy, finally moved us into it (January 2016), hurt myself doing so, and have felt more depressed and isolated ever since.

I knew the moment I saw this “new” old house that the person who’d owned and lived in it for decades was depressed (her family had removed her from the house months before they put it on the market so the house was empty of any humans when I first saw it with the realtor) and that I’d have to clear that residual energy (her depression, fears, isolation and probably dementia too as she aged etc.) because I could feel it and knew I’d be affected by it if I didn’t transmute and clear every speck of it. I always do this when I move into any place because I have to energetically clean along with physically clean a place I’m going to live in.

Nonetheless I’ve continued feeling periods of depression and growing isolation since I moved us in here in January of this year despite this house being a big improvement in many ways for all of us. I’ve energetically cleared and re-cleared this house yet this feeling comes and goes, in me, not necessarily this house unless I energetically pollute/re-pollute it! Because of this on-again off-again depression and growing sense of being isolated even more than before, I’ve been working on discerning all this as best I’m capable of at this time. Usually I can perceive/receive information easily and quickly but this hasn’t been the case with this which means it is extra big and that I’m still very much living it.

Slowly however I’ve gained enough altitude again to access Higher Awareness while living it. What I finally perceived recently is what this article is about because I know many of you have had a rough go of it this year too, not to mention how crazy difficult 2014 and 2015 was for some of us as well.

I’ve always had a tendency—as some Volunteers, Starseeds, Forerunners do—to get low sometimes and then have to work my way back up out of the depression muck once again. But this time (2016) it’s felt different to me, much more amplified, quicker in and out of it, and like even it is an aspect of the Ascension Process. I didn’t understand for a while and that’s bothered me because I don’t want to be sad or frustrated anymore.

Then I finally perceived this complex and difficult to describe hazy image and awareness of the Forerunners currently living the Embodiment Process in stages as we have been for a while now. The depression and further sense of isolation some of us have felt has to do with some of our own remaining inner stuff from these lives and times, while some of it is coming from the human Collective on Earth, and some of it’s coming from Team Dark if you can believe that!, and some is coming from very high dimensions where plenty of change is taking place too. In other words, the depression and sense of growing isolation I’ve struggled with this year in greatly amplified ways isn’t all “my stuff” but a lot of other people’s and beings and worlds and dimensions’ stuff too. Oddly, knowing this makes it all much easier for me to deal with and work my way through. Just because you’re feeling something doesn’t automatically make it yours or mean it’s coming from you. Discernment helps with things like this so always use it.

I perceived that some of what some of us have been and still are feeling today is stemming from super ancient times, other worlds, other dimensions, other beings, Team Dark and so on and isn’t so much our personal inner unresolved stuff, junk, negative crap, karma etc. Some of it is our stuff but at this point it’s relatively small in comparison to the overall galactic and universal picture. Keep in heartmind too that everything is now so amplified feeling and seeming to us (of the Light) that that tiny pea under the Princesses’ many mattresses often feels so huge and unbearably painful to us.

To one part of us this information makes little to no sense at all, but to other parts of us it makes perfect sense for where we’re at now and what we’re going through – the Embodiment of Higher and Lower in these physical bodies and how that naturally matches the amplification of the Separation of Worlds. The more we Embody the Higher with the Lower in-body on Earth in the physical, the more pressure is put on everyone and everything to push away from, to separate from that which one does not resonate with or energetically match, from what one is out of alignment with, from what one is not ready for or desirous of attaining at this time.

As those living the merge/Embody/unify individually more and more now, the Separation of Worlds also increases and quickens because these two energy levels and states of being cannot co-exist in the same space with each other. The energy gap is too great (not to mention a huge irritation for everyone) and so we have, and many of us are very much feeling, this slowly increasing unity from the Embodiment phase within ourselves individually while simultaneously feeling an increase of separation from and misalignment with lower consciousness others and a sort of general depression that comes and goes like waves. This has always been that Princess and the Pea business for the Forerunners, but it’s so amplified now that it’s almost unbearable at times. I suspect even this has to do with my personal perspective on the Embodiment Process at this moment and level and it too will change as I (as each of us individually) am further changed from living the Embodiment.

We’re so far beyond the whose negativity and dank crap stuff is this anyway? phase and are soul-deep in cleaning up the Cosmic Campgrounds before we embark on a NEW Evolutionary adventure. Exciting, exhausting, confusing, magical, so very special and rare, painful, difficult, heartbreaking, freeing, uplifting, creative and simply wondrous.

Feel what you are but don’t buy into it, don’t be overtaken by it or claim it all as you or yours. Neutral Observer and all that to borrow another great term from Lisa Renee. Know some of it is the old little you, while much of it is ancient and multidimensional going back to the beginning of this past Evolutionary Cycle. Some of it is the death of our old selves as we’ve known them plus the demise of our old familiar 3D lives and world, even in such profound Team Dark negativity and control as they were. You think it’s crazy busy and ultra-weird here on physical Earth? It’s just as hectic and wonderfully strange and full of positive changes everywhere else. Complete the 9 energies in preparation for the coming 1 energies but completely in the NEW this time.

Denise Le Fay

May 23, 2016


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November 17 through 21, 2014 Update

silver rays 1

A brief note about some of the different NEW energies I’ve felt from around November 17 through today, the 21st. The image I used above looks much like how it has felt to me; extra bright, intense and very different. Tomorrow the Sun enters Sagittarius and there’s a New Moon at 0° Sagittarius 7′ which will change the feel of things considerably but what I’m talking about has to do with what I’ve perceived as new NEW energies coming in all week from a very high level that we’ve not experienced here in physicality before.

I’m far too exhausted now to know where this particular new NEW energy came in from, but what I’ve been painfully aware of is the unusual intensity of it on my physical body. Some of you will relate and some not so just use whatever is helpful at this time and slide over the rest.

From my current perspective—such as it is at this time—this new NEW very high energy has felt like extra intense energies much like what a heavy-duty X-class solar flare causes but I sense its source is from some rather exotic location and very high level. We’ve been “prepped” for this even though it hasn’t felt like it all week! Here’s a short list of how this new NEW high energy has effected my body. Again, some of you will relate while others won’t and that’s perfectly normal.

Constant Inner Ear Ringing  — Hearing high-pitched ringing sounds constantly in your inner ears is typically a sign you’re receiving (embodying, being evolved by, anchoring etc.) high level Light frequencies/energies through the Sun. It doesn’t hurt but is just noisy.

Head Pains & Pressures — Feeling the high frequency energies come in through the “receiver” area about a foot or so above your head, pour down into your entire physical head, brain and skull where it causes pressures and pains in your head, eyes, jaw, sometimes upper teeth, sinuses, brain glands and skull. I hesitate calling these pains “headaches” because they dwarf normal headaches and make one feel like a living human tuning fork that’s being struck by Divine cosmic energies which are causing us to emit NEW energies from ourselves and our bodies.

Experiencing functioning in Multiple Dimensions & Realities — For many of us this isn’t anything new at all, however, what’s happening now feels very different to me. I can see with my eyes open and closed. I’m “dreaming” while both awake and sleep. I’m here in this physical world and Denise body but I’m simultaneously in other worlds and locations, and there’s so much flowing motion, movement and constant changing because all is on the move between the old and the NEW and the lower and the higher levels. Needless to say it’s all been rather strange as in weird, not scary or frightening at all, just tremendously expansive in very NEW ways.

NEW, different Dreaming — What can I say but wow about this! Dreaming, on those rare occasions when one can actually fall asleep, is like nothing I’ve experienced before and I’ve been great at being lucid while out-of-body all my life. Again, this too feels like so much is in flux now, moving, changing, coming in and going out and entering where we’ve never gone before in these ways we are now. At this point I feel more like a spectator in a foreign land just taking in all the NEW sights. Don’t over think your “dreams” now as they don’t feel like our old lower frequency “dreams” at all. I doubt we’ll need them much anymore anyway after all the transmuting we’ve done for decades.

Learning to deal with the Unaware who believe they’ve got it all figured out — This one is increasing daily for me and I’m learning how to best talk to, deal with and have exchanges with people who exist within a lower frequency range than I do at this time. Sometimes the gap is so large that the other person cannot relate to me (to you, to any of us) and just doesn’t get me or what I’m talking about at all. Other times the gap isn’t as large between myself and someone else which means there’s enough in common between us consciousness-wise so we can at least talk to each other and get whatever it is done that we’re both trying to. This too is taxing and exhausting in its own ways and I’m really having to Master this one lately and get good at it as quickly as I can. I hope I expressed this well enough that you get what I’m saying. I’ll try to go into this one in more detail in another article maybe.

Feeling something Big & Totally NEW Coming Very Soon — This one we’ve been through a few hundred times already but, as with the other things listed above, this feels very new NEW and different to me and completely positive and expansive for us all.

As usual there’s so much going on at year’s end energetically and we’re really moving super fast now into more and more of the NEW and also this new NEW I’ve been feeling growing. There’s great Beings behind this energy that’s coming in now and new connections are being made day and night between us and them and so much more. Just don’t over think things right now. Pay attention, discern, feel and create but let it all flow where it needs to and let it carry you along with it. We’ll all know more about this soon. ❤

Hugs of Light Love,


November 21, 2014


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The Great Walk HOME

starseeds I’m going to preface this by saying, again, that my current personal perspective is probably a bit rough around the edges due to what I’m going through with my Mom and the many related situations. It’s always been fairly easy for me to See, perceive and know what’s going on from a different perspective than what I’ve been increasingly living, walking and traveling through in 2014. Nonetheless, that’s 2014, and we’re all going through this in our unique ways this year (and next). You’ve been forewarned that these articles are coming from my current personal experiences and discoveries—unpleasant and pleasant, higher NEW and lower old—and because I’ve never been here before nor done this before as Denise, my articles are no doubt sounding and feeling different to those of you who’ve been reading me for years. Progress… even tho it may not sound or feel like it immediately. 😉 It’s all good as they say, even the difficult, confusing and uncertain parts. This is you/me/us living the Ascension Process within the NEW now in 2014 and it’s very different from what we’ve done all these many years up to this point. Like I needed to say that.

Everyone remember what became known among the Ascension folks as ‘the 3:00 AM Club’ a few years ago? Suddenly being unceremoniously shoved back into your physical body at or around 3:00 AM. We’d been out-of-body, “asleep” (not hardly!) when suddenly we were purposely dismissed from where we’d been and what we’d been doing and immediately sent back into our physical bodies, wide awake and unable to go back to sleep for hours if at all because we needed to be back in them right then.

Well, this same thing started up again for me recently, except now I’m going to call it the 4:00 AM Club because that’s about the time I’m suddenly crash-landing back into my physical body, instantly wide awake and unable to go back to sleep. At first I thought this was due to my worries over what’s going on with my Mom since August 28th, but enough time has passed that I’m finally understanding that it is that, but, it’s also multidimensional energy related changes happening now in these NEW ways. Another aspect of this that’s happening now to a degree I’ve never experienced before is the exact opposite; suddenly falling asleep and exiting the physical body during the day because one needs to be out of it for however many minutes or hours at that moment of “time”. More about this in a moment, but keep these two things in Heart-mind because they’re related and important to what we’re doing and going through now.

Let me add that waking up at 4:00 AM and not being able to go back to sleep for even an hour makes for one very long and disorienting day, especially over “time”. That too however is part of this NEW shake-up break-up expansion shift to ourselves, our consciousness, our old routines and lower linear self/NEW Higher multidimensional Self. This is some super-weird but exciting NEW stuff in the physical and it’s taking some linear “time” for us to make these current embodiment transitions we’re doing repeatedly back and forth because we’re Time Jumping short little bits multiple times a day now and that is profoundly taxing on the physical body and overall nervous system, hence why we suddenly must exit it by falling asleep for minutes or hours during the daytime. Give yourself, your consciousness, your nervous system and your physical and energetic bodies the much-needed “time” to both suddenly fall sleep (pass out) and recover during the day, and, to also wake-up suddenly back in your physical body at any hour of the night to anchor more NEW into this dimension and body etc. Both of these happenings are really the same related Ascension Process, just going in different directions so to speak. No one thought that Time Jumping at this point would look and feel like this did they? Well, there we all go! 😉 Rest body and soul because this is hard multidimensional work all being run down into and through our physical bodies now. The Body and Brain Rewiring is making a lot more sense now isn’t it? And just imagine, we’re only getting started with all this fabulous NEW creative potential too!

For many Ascension years I only left the house two, three or at worst, four times a month to grocery shop, run errands, change the oil in the car and take care of those physical necessities we all have to. But, since my Mom’s triple bypass and related stroke two weeks later, I’ve had to leave the house every other day to take care of different things. Mind you, I’ve been a recluse since February 1999 when my biological Ascension Process started; I’d been one since 1991 but not as severely as from 1999 forward. I was so sick and miserable then that I didn’t leave the house/property unless it was absolute necessary. When we reached the 12-21-12 Expiration Date, I knew that would be changing for me and that I’d have to re-enter the world out there like it or not, ready for it or not and vice versa. I wasn’t looking forward to having to re-enter “normal society” (euw) in my sixties after all I’ve been through via the Ascension Process but, that time arrived in spades for me with my Mom’s recent health issues.

As I continue walking this latest difficult Time Jumping Embodying maze of Higher NEW and old lower, I’ve encountered a few truly great people (nurses and therapists in the Nursing Home/Rehab facility and hospital — places I’ve always done my best to avoid as most Ulta-Sensitives do) and some seriously low consciousness assholes as well. It’s the cutting, glaring, painful contrast of people with some blossoming Heart and honest compassion for the jobs they gladly do, and, those people who do what they do only because it’s a paycheck and there’s some level of income “security” in aging people getting sick.

As I shared in an earlier article, I had three thousand dollars disappear from my Safe Deposit Box in my bank. I discovered this the day I was trying to get monies in place to buy that particular house I’d mentioned. But, with that much cash missing (make that stolen by a couple of bank employees and I know who they are), AND twelve hours later Mom being ambulanced off for triple bypass surgery eight hours after entering the hospital, my sudden unemployment and lack of income due to this, the house buying had to be put on-hold. Jeez, when it freakin’ rains it freakin’ pours doesn’t it?! :-/

Since late August 2014, I’ve encountered more people who instantly and effortless lie to my face about things than I’ve experienced in my entire life! This has continued into the Nursing Home where Mom is and there are times when I’m tested… I mean T E S T E D… by these little &$@*! jerks with zero Heart or higher anything. These people care only about what they can get and get away with and nothing and no one else period. It’s repulsive, surprising, shocking and nothing more than what it is; low consciousness humans doing what low consciousness humans do to other humans and lifeforms. The big difference now is that this contrast is so huge, so in-your-face and HighHeart Consciousness that it’s shocking and downright traumatic at times. It’s so easy for Higher Consciousness people to be embarrassingly thrown-off by low consciousness people sometimes. Starseeds and higher consciousness folks are famous for this because we simply don’t get it, we’ve never related to low-level consciousness, behaviors and beliefs and when we meet them in physical humans, we often get our feet knocked out from under us because of it. And I mean even after a lifetime of co-existing with them on old 3D Earth! But, that’s not the point.

The point is that through all I’ve lived and am still learning from throughout this intense year (with each season becoming more intense, important and potent via necessary growth and changes etc.), I’m better discovering how to cope with and function repeatedly and quickly jumping back and forth between higher NEW and lower old energies, people and their old lower consciousness and actions, old low vibe locations, beliefs, systems and so forth. It’s our very actions of repeatedly doing this within ourselves, bodies and awareness that the Ascension Process is being manifested, anchored and bridged in multiple dimensions.

I know we’d like to believe this Process would look far nicer, prettier and neater etc. than it is but that’s what’s so brilliant about it at this stage. It’s us living it, us walking Home in these seemingly less glamorous physical ways that is The Process itself. We are The Process, The Journey and The Outcome, not to mention The Creators too. Because of this, just let go of the old need to know in those old lower ways and BE in the Now Moment DOING/BEING all that you are multidimensionally across time space both awake and asleep; both in-body physically and out of it in other of your many energetic bodies. Not much else matters at this point really. Focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want. Be responsible for your consciousness and emotions and what you allow them to focus on like never before. Even if what you’re going through now is scary, painful, confusing, exhausting etc., just walk it, live it, be as ‘Impeccably’ and fully in the Now as you can because that is you further manifesting and anchoring from the old lower into the NEW higher.


Gratitude Hugs to everyone for your continued energetic, emotional and financial support. I’ve emailed everyone that’s donated but some of those emails didn’t reach you for whatever the reasons. Because of this I’m going to soon write a Thank You post to those people specifically that I’ve not been able to reach and thank by email yet. Please know that I’ve not forgotten any of you and that I just haven’t been able to connect directly with you via emails.

Denise Le Fay

October 1, 2014


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A 2014 Buddha Moon Gift

My May 2014 Buddha Moon gift is a free read of Chapter 8 from The Temple of Master Hotei: A Unique Past Life Memory. If you enjoy it, I hope you’ll consider buying the book so you can read all the other equally interesting chapters. Happy, prosperous, and enlightening Buddha Moon everyone. ❤

Denise Le Fay

May 14, 2014



Jade One slowly wove his way through the trees and plants of the vast Outer Temple garden with the intent of energetically absorbing earth energies. By walking throughout the garden in this manner, he could magnetically collect the diverse energies that radiated from the ground, the abundant plant life, sunlight, and the water element. The rich earthiness of the garden always gave the boy a great sense of comfort and a very conscious connection with the earth. It was like swimming through water; one can feel the water washing away fatigue, cleansing energetically, balancing the different energy bodies and creating increased alignment and connectedness throughout the whole body and being. The healing greenery of the many garden plants and trees was deeply soothing, healing, and grounding in this way. The pure gemstone colors of the numerous flowers were invigorating, while the clear bubbling water of the fishpond and stream offered deep tranquility to body, heart, and mind.

As Jade One made his way through the garden grounds a particular group of flowers caught his attention and drew him in. They were vivid bright pink and white flower petals with pure clear yellow-gold centers. He paused for many minutes to absorb and enjoy their beauty and uniqueness. After a few moments, he made his way around to the back half of the gardens and continued appreciating the many different varieties of flowers there. Their richness of color and silken textures were perfect living works of art. The entire garden grounds were a living, breathing, pulsing visual poem.

Later that evening Jade One had an unusual dream concerning Master Hotei and a flower. In his dream, Hotei was seated on cushions inside his Temple before the huge dragon tapestry. Over his head was a large sphere of light. Inside the sphere of light was a single lotus flower. To Hotei’s left and far behind him was the same strange man of golden-white Light he had perceived during his first encounter inside the Inner Temple. The man was in the identical seated position as Master Hotei was, but was outdoors beneath a large tree. The unusual looking man wore a long garland of multicolored flowers around his neck. Jade One was awakened from this dream by the sound of his voice crying aloud—do not leave me here alone! He sat upright in the blackness with his heart pounding in his head. His solar plexus had gone hollow and he suddenly felt very much alone in those few moments in the night.

The next morning Jade One returned to the garden to enjoy the fragrances created by the sunlight weaving throughout the lush, living green beings. The boy let his eyes absorb the visual spectacle all about him while he inwardly reviewed his unusual and powerful dream. He was at a loss once again. He had not heard Hotei speak in his dream, and why the two men both had flowers was a mystery. Jade One decided it best to investigate all of the garden’s flowers again to see if he could scrape together more insights into this expanding mystery.

This time the boy methodically inspected every group of flowers within the entire garden. There were only two types that spoke to his heart—the same pink and white blossoms he had been drawn to the previous day, and the lotus blossoms floating in the fishpond. The boy stood entranced before the pink and white flowers, searching internally for any small hint or subtle insight. Abruptly he remembered he was to make a garland from the pink and white flowers but pick only one single lotus blossom. He was to take them to the Inner Temple as soon as he had completed creating the flower garland. Why he was supposed to do these things he did not know.

When he had finished stringing together the flower garland, a sudden deep and cutting sadness enveloped him as he sat holding the beautiful pink and white blossoms. Jade One felt as though the child within him had suddenly vanished altogether. He felt as though he had traveled too far to turn back again. He did not understand why the pink and white flower garland had prompted such an intense emotional sadness and pain in him, but they certainly had.

Heading back to the Inner Temple with his flower gifts cradled lovingly in his arms, Jade One now felt strangely disconnected from the entire unusual business. A sort of melancholy detachment had overtaken his heart. The boy did not even care if the flowers or time was an incorrect telepathic message from Master Hotei; he only knew he must give these two flower gifts to his teacher immediately.

As One Like Jade entered the Golden Temple, he saw Hotei seated upon his gold stool, apparently waiting on his arrival. The boy bowed, walked up to his teacher and silently placed the flower garland around his neck, then handed him the single lotus blossom. He bowed again, retreated to his emerald stool and seated himself before the great Master.

The two sat silent in the smoky, citrine colored haze of the Inner Temple staring at each other for quite a few minutes. Hotei’s gaze was more serious and pronounced than usual and he thoroughly inspected the boy internally and externally. Master Hotei sat motionless while the intensity of his focused energies felt as if he would soon relocate the entire Temple to another place and time. Jade One had never seen his teacher like this before, but then, he had never felt the way he did before either.

Master Hotei’s unusual behavior was due to Jade One’s easily perceived emotional state. The purity of childhood was gone from the boy because a part of him had died after his dream, and in its place was birthed an older, more somber stranger. This stranger felt things that the Jade One of yesterday had not. He held a most profound joy in his heart, yet simultaneously, an equally profound sense of sadness and longing for something just beyond his reach caused his heart to grieve and ache terribly. Jade One was aware however, that he was blessed for simply sensing and feeling that something he could not yet completely grasp or understand.

From his stool Master Hotei leaned forward and tenderly placed his palm on the boy’s chest over his heart and said, “Welcome home One Like Jade, welcome home.” The great Master then eased back on his stool and relaxed, his intense emanations immediately transforming back into his characteristic loving compassion again.

“Why do you bring me two objects child when I mentally asked you for only one?” Hotei asked lovingly with pleased tears in his eyes because he already knew the answer to his question.

“The single lotus flower is for you Master Hotei. The garland of flowers is for Him—the strange man of Light,” Jade One answered somberly.

“I see Little One,” Hotei replied as he lovingly stroked the smooth garland petals.

“This is very interesting Jade One. My mental instruction was for you to bring me a single lotus blossom from the pond. Now, tell me of your dream child,” he bid and lowered eyes.

Jade One related the entire dream experience dispassionately. When the boy had finished, Hotei with his chin in his palms, silently gazed off into the distance for quite a while; a distance not hampered in the least by the physical confines of the Temple walls, the gardens outside, or the great, high mountain it all sat on. Master Hotei had left and was elsewhere viewing multiple timelines and reading different probable realities, and so, the boy respectfully lowered his eyes to give his teacher privacy with his inner visions. Minutes later the great Master returned to his physical body and his patiently waiting student.

“Jade One, today is a very special day for you! Today you are to view one of the Masters. It is time. Come child, I will show you where He sits in preparation,” Hotei said with a renewed gleam in his eyes and delight in his voice.

The Master led the confused boy to a rather secluded section at the far back corner of the gardens. In all the years Jade One had spent within Hotei’s Temple walls, never had he seen or been told of any other Master residing there with them. Hotei carefully seated the boy under a large tree and had him prop himself against its massive trunk.

“You may view Him from here only Jade One. Any closer would be dangerous for you now. This is one of the Lords of Above—please do not forget that child. He is only in His body of Light for He is not of this physical realm,” Hotei stated intensely and sat down beside his increasingly intrigued student.

Hotei began to laugh, leaned forward cupping the boy’s face in his hands and lovingly placed his forehead against the child’s forehead. He held this position with the youth for a few moments as if he were making some form of energetic link between the two of them through their foreheads.

“Dearest One Like Jade, do not be a foolish child and indulge in this. Do not let this Master’s great energies overwhelm you. He is a Great One indeed, but nonetheless, please try to maintain some level of self-control and dignity child. If you indulge in this, it could harm you greatly Little One,” Hotei stuttered due to laughing so hard.

Jade One saw nothing humorous whatsoever about any of this. In fact, he was rather disappointed with Hotei’s uncontrollable laughter and attitude over one of the most important moments of his entire young life. He was after all, about to witness a phenomenon most men spend entire incarnations striving and struggling to attain. They would fast themselves to near death to become receptive enough to be able to perceive something or someone from the higher dimensions. They would smoke potent herbs to achieve an altered state of consciousness so they could, possibly, catch a glimpse of one of the Great Ones dancing the eternal universal dance of creation.

However, Jade One was suddenly having this profound experience handed to him by a hysterical round laughing man telling him to watch his self-control! At moments like this, Jade One questioned Master Hotei’s grasp on reality. He wondered if the Master realized to what extent most spiritual seekers would go to experience something as extraordinary as this; a great and rare event that Hotei obviously took for granted and even thought was humorous.

“If a man is not supposed to fall to his knees in divine respect and humbleness at the sight alone of one of the Great Ones, what then is the correct and proper human response? Anything less it would seem would be unthinkably disrespectful!” Jade One internally grumbled to himself as he observed Master Hotei laughing hysterically before him. He sat there with furrows of frustration etched across his young brow, watching Hotei laughing like a disrespectful and unaware common man.

The boy was snapped out of his internal dialog over his beliefs concerning the proper etiquette to use when dealing with Divine Entities by the roaring, bellowing, uncontrollable sounds of Hotei’s near hysterical laughter. The Master’s face was covered with tears of pure merriment. He was actually having trouble catching his breath and struggled not to choke.

“Oh Ja…Jade One. You will…indulge…to…the fullest extent!” Hotei roared uncontrollably, laughing so hard he nearly tipped over.

“I can see it all now! Well, it does not matter because I will be close at hand to rescue you from yourself before you can cause permanent damage.”

Master Hotei finally calmed down and became more serious but it was purely for the boy’s sake. He knew that if he did not behave and communicate in a very precise way at this moment, his eager young student would not pay attention to everything he was trying to prepare him for and teach him. Knowing this, Hotei transformed himself back into serious teacher guise again and became as somber and reverential sounding and looking as he could produce at that moment for his disciple.

“Child, let your mind be very still and watch the seemingly empty area beneath the large tree over there,” Hotei said and pointed towards a massive tree some thirty feet away from them. The boy’s eyes immediately darted over to the designated sacrosanct but physically empty area.

“Soon you will be able to see Him. Watch, listen, feel, remember, and learn what it is that you need to learn now from this experience Little One,” Master Hotei said with sparkling eyes and lovingly cupped the enthusiastic boy’s face in his hands. The Master’s face was still flushed from his intense laughter over his determined student, but Jade One was at least listening to him again.

At this point Master Hotei stood up and left the area. Jade One watched his teacher giggling his way down the gravel footpath back to his Inner Temple, leaving him alone with the great spiritual mystery that lay only a few feet before him. The boy could hardly contain himself. After Hotei had completely disappeared from sight, the boy anxiously returned his physical gaze back to the indicated area of rare, spiritual phenomenon. He breathed in deeply a few times to calm himself and then began to focus on the physically empty area beneath the huge tree Hotei had pointed out.

Within a few minutes, Jade One began to perceive blinding silver-white light radiating outward in all directions from under the huge tree’s leafy canopy. Within the center of the brilliant silver-white light was the transparent ethereal form of the peculiar looking man of Light he had clairvoyantly seen before.

Astonishingly, there under a huge elder tree in the far back corner of Master Hotei’s Temple gardens sat another Master; a magnificent nonphysical Light Being that appeared to be within deep ethereal meditation.

The great man of Light sat motionless with his eyes closed. He wore a long garland of flowers around his neck and his black hair was pulled up and twisted tightly on top of his head. He generated energies that sparked, popped, and literally radiated out with tiny explosions all around him. Jade One stared silently at this spectacular rare vision, carefully analyzing every inch of it and compared it to how he had observed this man of Light before.

The amount of pure, higher light energies that emanated from him was so great that it shown out in all directions from his Light body. Jade One watched as the ethereal form became more tangible, more seemingly dense and physical. This Master’s Light body was no less real than the boy’s physical body was.

Jade One desperately wanted to physically get up, walk over, and sit within the brilliant silver-white light energy field around the Master’s Light body. He quickly discovered however that it was nearly impossible to move any part of his physical body. After closely examining the great being of Light with his inner vision, Jade One desired to enter into its Light emanations and bask in the very energies that were Him.

“If I cannot move physically, then I will project myself into His field of Light and experience Him from that position,” Jade One decided.

Quickly and easily the boy intentionally redirected his consciousness out of his physical body and over into the silver-white light emanating from the great Being of Light. From this energetically intimate position, the boy intermingled with the etheric energy body of the nonphysical man of Light. For an unknown amount of time, Jade One deliberately merged his consciousness with the brilliant energy corona of the etheric Master’s Light body.

This astounding Light was very much like Master Hotei, and yet, slightly different at the same time. He was a man with a personality like any other, but He seemed to carry a great sense of responsibility that literally encompassed the planet. Not just a small patch of land in one particular country, or a few family members, or local fellow citizens; His family was all of humanity incarnate on earth.

His consciousness and heart streamed forth igniting tiny sparks within the hearts of many different peoples. He spoke to all, yet only a small number felt anything from Him. He was preparing a road, a great pathway of higher awareness and emotions that would be traveled by many, but in a different time.

As Jade One traveled deeper into the essence of Him, he began to understand and yet he did not. He saw some great Universal Plan preparing for Itself a massive roadway between the heavens and earth that would be traversed by great numbers of people at a later time. Yet, even now the complex building and preparations were being created, carefully crafted, and dedicatedly worked into place on multiple unseen levels and dimensions by thousands of nonphysical, higher dimensional beings.

Hundreds of thousands of souls were willingly being swept up into these higher energy currents to participate and experience this complex and far-reaching cosmic plan. They were preparing for themselves and others the numerous sequences of events that would enable them to walk this road, to follow this pathway later on physical earth in physical bodies.

Jade One perceived the numerous layers of plans in the form of vivid visions along with an inner knowingness. However, they escalated in speed and energetic intensity to such a degree that eventually Jade One felt himself losing his inner balance and sense of location and fall over onto his side. Whether the universe was speeding up and away from him, or, if he was falling from his lofty seat of inner visions the boy could not accurately discern. The tremendous energetic pressure, higher vibrations and speed of it all were quickly becoming unbearable and Jade One became unconscious from his abnormally high-level flight. Unwillingly he entered a rapid free-fall and wild, tumbling spin that he wondered he would even survive.

The boy fought off nausea unsuccessfully as he was catapulted through numerous layers of space and time. Wave after wave of both divine and human voices cried out in love, fear, pain, mystical bliss, and profound struggle until Jade One was completely lost amidst their songs of enlightenment, initiation, increasing density and polarization, confusion, suffering, and final dense amnesia.

“I fear I have gone mad and shall never find my way home to Master Hotei’s garden again!” Jade One screamed aloud, but his voice simply became one more of the millions of others that also cried out their own screams of ecstasy and terror.

Suddenly the boy felt a heavy, partially numb thud on his forehead that sent rippling waves of pain and further nausea throughout his body. A vague sensation of pressure in both his wrists and shoulders at least helped distract his attention away from his endlessly somersaulting stomach. His skull felt three times larger and heavier than normal and he thought the pressure of it alone might kill him.

Faintly and very far-off the boy began to hear the blessed familiar sounds of Master Hotei’s laughter. Interspersed between his laughter were words he could not understand. There was nothing more in the world, in fact the entire universe, that Jade One wanted to hear at that exact moment than Master Hotei’s precious, glorious laughter. He forced his mind to focus on nothing else but it.

“Master Hotei… I truly do love to hear you laughing,” the nauseated and imbalanced disciple whimpered. In the vast blackness he clearly heard Master Hotei laugh in response to his words, which assured him that they were at least somewhere in the same cosmic vicinity. The pain in his wrists and shoulders grew quickly however and traveled relentlessly down his backside.

“I think I have gone blind Master Hotei! I cannot see anything but blackness,” Jade One blubbered out loud, deeply hoping Hotei was still near enough to hear him. Roaring, uncontrollable laughter was the immediate reply.

“BLIND JADE ONE? ARE YOU SURE? TRY OPENING YOUR EYES CHILD!” Hotei screamed and coughed hysterically.

Because the boy’s eyes were already open, he labored further to bring his higher inner vision back down energetically into his physical eyes. Slowly he began to see the hazy, grayish-white outlines of familiar trees and plants within his beloved garden. He also realized that his body was physically moving. Jade One blinked frantically, trying to force full awareness back into his numb, over-sized feeling head and face. As he struggled, Master Hotei’s laughter thankfully grew louder, closer, and much clearer. Looking upward, the boy could finally physically see the beautifully blue sky cut into jagged sections by overhead tree branches. His body was still moving and his backside and arms were truly in pain now.

“HOTEI, I can see! Look at the sky—it is so beautifully blue today…” the boy gratefully complimented, his voice trailing off.

“Yes Little One, it is the same glorious color today as it was yesterday,” Hotei replied chuckling, “and I suspect it will be the same spectacular color tomorrow as well. The gods are good indeed are they not One Like Jade?”

The boy scanned the familiar garden greenery with deep, genuine gratitude and relief. Twisting around he clearly saw the ground moving painfully under his physical body. He glanced up quickly at his hands, only to finally be able to see Master Hotei dragging him by his wrists through the garden!

Hotei immediately stopped and bent down to help his now earthbound, earth connected student sit upright. The Master walked up to a group of rocks where he had previously placed a tray of hot tea and numerous sweet cookies. Hotei quickly brought his disorientated and battered student a cup of tea, which he drank slowly, smiling up weakly and gratefully at his beloved spiritual teacher and friend.

Suddenly Jade One remembered having been sick to his stomach and quickly inspected his clothing with acute embarrassment. Master Hotei laughed openly at the boy’s vanity, even at a moment such as this.

“Do not concern yourself Jade One, you got sick out there,” Hotei said giggling and pointed up at that beautiful blue sky they had been talking about earlier.

The warmth and aroma of the tea and sweet cookies helped to ground the boy’s finer etheric bodies and anchor them once again into his physical body. Hotei sat quietly, letting his disciple eat and drink his fill, knowing that it would greatly help him regain both his inner and outer equilibrium and physical, earthy connection again.

As usual, the boy had dozens of provocative questions for his teacher and could hardly wait to be physically able to voice them all. Hotei sensed this and waited patiently for the student’s barrage of inquiries. Finally, with the pain, nausea, spinning and disorientation a thing of the recent past, Jade One began his long list of questions.

“Master Hotei, why were you dragging me around the garden?” the boy asked with real confusion.

Hotei’s eyebrows rose quickly causing his eyes to grow large and round. After what seemed a brief moment of holding his breath, Hotei burst into another belly laugh that echoed gorgeously throughout the garden. The boy smiled weakly at his greatly amused teacher.

“Of all the profound blessings you have just experienced, your first question is why I was dragging you around? Oh Little One, you are wonderful indeed! Very well then,” Hotei said giggling and smiled at his still blurry and wobbly student.

“I had to move your physical body away from the vicinity of the Master’s Light body. You became unconscious from the intensity of His emanations because YOU moved much too close to Him! I warned you of this, but I also knew you would become snared by your deep curiosity and enter His higher frequency light energies anyway. Therefore, I had to drag your physical body to a safer distance away from His energy field.

“I could also see that you had traveled very far and knew it would be difficult for you to find your way back home; home here in my physical Temple gardens now I mean,” Hotei said grinning widely and winked at his befuddled student.

“By my moving your physical body across the ground, it became increasingly magnetized with earthly, physical energies. This—plus the physical pain it caused you—helped to give you something to focus on and grab a hold of emotionally and energetically; a painful physical target to aim at and eventually connect with once again,” Hotei said in a sudden serious tone.

“Why could I not see anything Master Hotei?” the boy asked as he refilled his teacup for the third time and grabbed yet another handful of cookies. Suddenly he was ravenous and needed to fill his stomach to help ground him better within his physical body. Jade One was immensely grateful that Master Hotei had food and drink there ready and available for him after his great and vast cosmic excursion.

“Your consciousness was functioning in two different realms, two different dimensions and levels of awareness at once. I confess that this was partly due to my actions here with your physical body. I was prematurely forcing your awareness back down into your physical body here. At the same time however, you still had a large portion of your awareness in a much higher dimension with the great Lords of Above.

“Different frequency energy realms overlap each other easily at certain areas, like borders between dimensions Jade One. This makes it difficult for a student to adjust, and then immediately readjust while traveling through those overlapping energetic dimensional areas. It takes some practice to become able to move through those powerful, transitional border areas and not become confused, disoriented or completely lost.

“The areas where two or more realms intersect create unique and powerful vortex points. Certain of these areas would appear to our logical minds and ego selves as places where lunatics and strange, wild creatures and beings inhabit. Your senses would perceive fragments from these multiple levels and, if you allowed your logical mind to attempt to decipher them, you would most likely become quite lost and confused yourself. A great many things are not to be dealt with, nor can they be understood by using the rational mind alone Little One. It is not a suitable tool for the job and can be very dangerous trying to do so,” Hotei said and winked at the boy.

Hotei stopped shortly to pour himself a cup of tea. He sipped it briefly and then returned to his explanations and further teachings.

“You could not see physically Jade One because you were still seeing with your faster and higher vibrating inner, mind’s eye vision. You were still functioning within a less dense, higher realm using the correct perceptive tools for it. At the same time however, enough of your consciousness had reentered your dense physical body—just enough to let you know that more of you was still elsewhere than down here with me!” Hotei said giggling while rolling his eyes in exaggerated, comical circles.

“I know of your great affinity with and love of the elements of this earthly garden Little One, so I both coaxed and directed you back into your physical body by charging it with the energies of the earthly physical realm.

“Do you remember the first thing you said when you could finally see physically again child? You commented on how beautiful and blue the sky was! There is nothing lacking in wondrous spirituality right here in this physical, earthly realm my boy. Never forget that the real distance between the many great Lords of Above and us on Earth is due entirely on our awareness or closed hearts. Never forget this child,” Hotei said and smiled warmly at his attentive but exhausted student.

“You experienced something in which it felt to you as if a great physical distance had been traveled. Actually, you only traveled a fraction of an inch energetically inside your own awareness, heart and self. Always remember that, that which is without, is that which is within Little One.”

At this statement, Hotei exploded into a fit of rapturous laughter, which Jade One comfortably floated along on also. He understood why his teacher was laughing over that particular statement because he had just experienced a snippet of it himself. Because of his recent experience, the boy happily rode along on Master Hotei’s uplifting laughter and pure, higher heart joyfulness. After his laughter subsided, Hotei sat back and silently finished his tea. He suddenly seemed very far away, deep in thought over matters the boy could not fathom and was far too exhausted to try. Jade One sat quietly and utilized the time to organize his thoughts and the many remaining unanswered questions he had for his teacher.

Abruptly Master Hotei returned his gaze to the boy and his dilated pupils contracted and stabilized once again. Jade One had learned over the years that when the Master’s eyes did this it was due to his having been elsewhere himself and in communication with higher dimensional beings. His transition back to the physical dimension always caused his pupils to briefly and repeatedly expand and contract like that.

Hotei smiled a warm smile of appreciation at his awaiting student for his patience and silence. This silent smile was the boy’s cue that his bombardment of questions could begin again. The Master chuckled softly and shifted his body slightly to face the boy more directly.

“Do you recall believing that I was unimpressed and dispassionate because I supposedly took the man of Light for granted?” Hotei asked. Jade One squirmed uncomfortably and instantly lowered his head.

“You believed you were about to experience something so profound that you could not understand my complacency over it all. Yet, your first question was about your physical body, my actions with it, and of the beautiful blue sky. You still have not asked nor referred to anything you personally experienced that was of Him or the many other Beings you saw. Now who is taking Him for granted?” Hotei asked and lightly smacked the boy on the shoulder giggling at him.

“This is very good however Jade One for He, they, do not enjoy nor is He moved to a level of pristine exaltation when we fall to our knees in subservient homage to Him or any of them! Child, they rejoice when a soul encounters them for they long to interact with all of us. Preferably, to have a conscious working link between them and us at all times.

“Just think Little One how difficult and discouraging it is for them when finally that long-awaited link is made and all we can do in their presence is wallow devotionally at their feet! Wailing prayers of adoration at their awesomeness and prodigious wisdom does nothing for anyone! The precious link has finally been made, but then we tie their hands with our lowly emotional reactions and limited understandings. This is indeed terribly sad Little One. We separate ourselves from them due to our exaggerated false beliefs and misplaced respect. They do not desire deification—they want to assist us!

“You have now discovered Jade One, that one of the Great Lords resides a small portion of Himself in His Light body under one of the trees at a quiet back corner of my Temple garden. He has been here as long as I have been here, and that child, has been a very long time indeed!” Hotei said and raised his eyebrows in an exaggerated and mysterious gesture and laughed.

“Not one of the students that have passed through my Outer Temple gardens over these many years has ever sensed Him. That is why you perceiving and seeing Him during our telepathy training and again in your dream intrigued me so. When you brought me the garland of flowers, I knew it was time for you to see where He resides within the Temple gardens Jade One.

“There are reasons however why you sensed Him, why you dreamt of Him, and those answers lay deep within your heart Jade One. If you desire, you may further investigate this matter within your heart and soul child. I will not reveal it to you, because it is for you alone to discover,” Hotei said and bowed respectfully to his student. Jade One bowed in response and felt his heart uncontrollably flutter, jump, and thud hard in the very center of his chest. Something extraordinarily magnificent was unfolding, but the boy did not fully understand it all.

Master Hotei returned his attention to his now empty teacup and saw to its replenishing. The boy watched him silently, pondering over his next question. He waited until his teacher had half emptied his cup again before he spoke, assuming that was a politely sufficient amount of time between questions.

“Master Hotei, who is He? When will He come fully to Earth?” the boy asked with minor hesitation. He was actually slightly concerned of his teacher’s answer to this particular question.

“Little One, that is a difficult and complex question,” Hotei answered very seriously.

“He is one of the Lords of Above, of which there are many. It is however nearing the time for Him to descend completely into this physical dimension and Earth world. He is—with the assistance of so many other Beings—preparing Himself for this unique experience. I say unique because it is very challenging for any of the Higher Ones to function in this extremely dense physical realm. They have existed for so very long within their higher bodies of Light, and some beyond that, that to come back down into such extreme density requires meticulous planning by many nonphysical beings; great planning for not only Him, but for all of humanity and Earth as well.

“He will be called different names by different people. He will be accepted and loved by many, and also rejected, misunderstood and ignored by many more. He will be called the Bringer of Light, the Buddha, the Enlightened One.

“As you have now witnessed for yourself Jade One, there is still much work to be done by many before He can fully enter physicality. He is not ready for Earth and she is not ready for Him!” Hotei said and giggled like an excited child.

Suddenly Jade One thought his teacher looked like he was radiating a warm golden light around his entire body as he spoke about this other Master of Light existing in his Temple garden. Jade One had never noticed this golden light energy emanating from Master Hotei before and was greatly intrigued. He stared intently at his teacher and the surrounding golden light radiating off from him and wondered if it had always been there. When Hotei began speaking again, the boy had to shift more of his attention back to his teacher’s words and not the newly discovered golden light he emanated.

“All things Jade One, all, are first created in the higher, faster vibrating, unseen realms wherein their birth expands and expresses itself farther and farther outward energetically until it finally manifests a portion of itself here in this dense physical world and dimension.

“A small portion of His Light body and being is manifest and anchored here in my Temple garden for specific reasons. He also has another aspect of His Light body and being anchored at another place on Earth very far from our land Jade One.

By projecting a portion of His consciousness into this much more dense and slower vibrating physical realm in this manner, He is able to slowly build upon His different bodies while working on numerous higher, fast vibrating unseen levels and dimensions simultaneously with many other nonphysical Beings.”

With a deeply confused look on his face Jade One asked, “But why has He chosen to manifest much of His body of Light here in your Temple garden Master Hotei?”

“A large part of that answer lies within you Jade One. If you wish to look into the future, it is there awaiting your investigation,” Hotei responded mysteriously and waved his arms overhead indicating the vast space about them.

“After I have finished my earthly Work in this body, this location, and this time, I will spend a period without any physical form. After that, I choose to enter into the scope of consciousness that He will be manifesting while He exists within physical form on Earth. It will be from within that energetic point that I will exist and express a large portion of myself. You see Jade One, I choose to exist within the right big toe of the Buddha!” Master Hotei declared and burst into a glorious belly laugh that filled the entire garden with shimmering golden delight.

“This is only one small portion of what the future holds for me. As for yourself Jade One, you can look to see and sense how the future affects you here and now. Use this potent time to grow and learn about situations, possibilities, and different outcomes that would not ordinarily be available in this manner for this is another important time of change on Earth and for all humanity.”

Because the late afternoon sun was rapidly disappearing below the mountain range, Master Hotei got up, collected the teacups and tray, then turned back to his young disciple. The boy still sat on the ground looking up at his teacher with wide, confused eyes. It had been a very long, powerful, and enlightening day for all concerned.

“You have had a full and potent day Little One. Go now and rest well. We will continue tomorrow Dear One,” Hotei said and smiled lovingly at his student.

Master Hotei quietly headed back to his Temple and Jade One directly to his warm, awaiting bed. He was indeed far more exhausted than he had realized. Lying in bed that night Jade One concentrated upon the great Divine One, the Lord of Above he had energetically united his consciousness and being with earlier that day. Holding the powerful, beautiful, radiant image of the nonphysical man of Light in his inner vision, he mentally asked a question repeatedly from his highest, most pure heart.

“What am I to do Great One? Please show me, please help me to understand whatever it is that I now need to learn and know about all of this.” With his mental question circulating through his exhausted mind and body, Jade One finally drifted off into a dark, dreamless, restful place of protected sleep.

End of Chapter 8

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Collapsing Old Timelines & Other Exciting Spiritual Multi-D Adventures

Notice: I’ve gotten some emails from readers informing me that they’re no longer receiving email notifications for new HighHeartLife posts. I don’t know what caused that change but please try signing up again and hopefully that will resolve the problem. Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding with these occasional weird glitches. Denise

It feels like months since I last wrote something at HighHeartLife, yet it’s only been a couple of weeks. Such are the current energies and changes! I knew I wouldn’t be writing much for a few days before and after the March 20, 2014 Equinox because I intended to take part in my way as usual, plus I wanted to be as aware of these profound Shift changes happening at this time as I possibly could. Because so much has been, is, and will continue unfolding due to this Shift, this article will probably sound like it’s jumping wildly from topic to topic but please know that each is intimately connected with the others and that this Process is still happening to and through each of us.

We’ve known about many past 3D timelines collapsing due to the Ascension Process and Evolutionary Shift (and Separation of Worlds) into the NEW. Many of us Volunteers have worked multidimensionally in-body and out-of-body alongside other Team Light Beings to tweak some of them and/or intentionally collapse certain timelines altogether during these Ascension years. This has simply been another of our many multidimensional tasks, jobs and missions during these lives of Service during this compressed cosmic evolution.

What’s always been interesting to me about these sorts of things is that my perspective of them and in them is different depending upon which aspect of “me” is involved at the time; which dimension it’s happening in; which timeline(s) is being intentionally altered or permanently collapsed etc. Oftentimes I’m doing this type of multidimensional work with other-dimensional Beings that are not incarnate on physical Earth as you and I are now. For whatever their personal reasons, they’ve chosen to not send an aspect of Themselves to incarnate in 3D. Obviously others do. My point is that in some cases “I” clearly perceive these other-dimensional events, jobs, missions etc. from different aspects of my Self, and as is always the case, it’s the why of this that’s important.

We all can know something intellectually and even know about it fairly extensively, however, all that flies right out the window the moment we find our self/selves directly living it. The entire situation changes dramatically; the importance, texture, flavor, meanings, overall impact and larger scope of it all changes for us individually because we’re now IN it living it directly in some NEW way(s), as opposed to being outside of it intellectualizing over tiny aspects of it. This is a perspective “Shift” is all but boy is that enough to do the “job”.  😉

One of many profoundly important and absolutely wonderful NEW aspects of our current Evolutionary Ascension Shift Process is that everyone will–sooner or later–slowly become increasingly conscious of the fact that they are multidimensional beings existing within multiple dimensions and timelines simultaneously. Said another way, your, my, our consciousness, our conscious concepts and beliefs about our “selves” individually is evolving into a far larger and much more complex state of affairs and “reality”. In past articles I’ve called this NEW level of perception and consciousness Spherical Consciousness or HighHeart Consciousness or Quantum Consciousness. Colorful terms for us and our consciousness evolving, but, we should celebrate every little Stair-step increase we make back into growing conscious “Unity” with our Greater SELF and Selves and Higher Awareness in and outside of “time” in multiple dimensions, galaxies, universes…

In the late AM hours this morning (March 23rd) I had an interesting “dream”. In it I was younger by nearly thirty years. My son was also in this “dream”, but as the child he was long ago. In this “dream” we were living in a house he and I never actually lived in physically. Suddenly in this “dream” some male stranger burst into our house all winded and frantic and informed me that I and my son had about twenty minutes to grab whatever possessions we really wanted or needed to take with us because, ‘the enemy was coming and he wasn’t going to let them takeover our homes, property, possessions, neighborhoods, towns etc. to use for themselves.’

In this “dream” this stranger and what he was telling me made perfect sense, even though I wasn’t too pleased about having to suddenly and unexpectedly relinquish my home and possessions and then have it all blown up so ‘the enemy’ couldn’t use any of it for themselves. In this “dream”, I and my young son (not from this timeline but another) quickly grabbed clothing, shoes, money, paperwork etc. and dashed to my car and drove off leaving the male stranger with the job, the mission, the Service work of blowing up my house and remaining possessions mere minutes before ‘the enemy’ arrived on the scene to take over and use, parasite off everything that was left. End of “dream”.

I woke up and knew it was about another timeline being deliberately collapsed and dead-ended by Team Light to prevent Team Dark (‘the enemy’) from being able to parasite off any aspect of humanity’s old pre-Ascension 3D reality. I’ve done this same type of other-dimensional (Separation of Worlds) timeline Lightwork many times myself over the years with certain nonphysical Beings to intentionally close certain timelines to prevent the parasitic Negativity from coming in using and feeding off humanity and human creations and realities in those timelines. In this “dream” however, this role was carried out by the male stranger and I was a participant, observer and recorder of that particular event in that timeline. It all depends upon which timeline, reality, dimension(s) you/you/You/YOU are in as to which job and role you/you/You/YOU are doing at that time. Welcome to the beginning stages of becoming increasingly conscious of your multidimensional Selves existing and busy at work in Spherical space-time consciousness.

Here comes one of those seeming unrelated topic changes that’s not unrelated at all.

heartangelcircle 4

So, me and a bunch of Angels were in this bar…

No, no, not really, I just had to say that for the ridiculously funny image it created in my, and now your head! No, there’s a bunch of Angels overhead alright but no bars.

So, Angels, lots n’ lots n’ lots of glorious, Light-radiating Light Angels directly and unusually close overhead constantly now. As I mentioned in another article a month ago or so I’ve got a NEW Crew, as do most of us now, and for many this NEW Crew is Angelic instead of our old beloved Starbeings/ETs friends and co-workers. Stair-steps for All everywhere.

I cannot adequately express how having a small flock of enormous encircled, higher dimensional Light Angels constantly overhead perceiving me and my every move, thought and emotion changes one and one’s outlook on pretty much everything. My HighHeart can barely contain the tremendous gratitude I feel for these Angelic Lightbeings, and what’s even more heartmind-blowing is that they feel the same for me and for you.

scared smitten

It’s glorious, it’s a radiating chunk of HOME that’s now only a few feet above the top of my head constantly and It/They are with me in all ways helping me, guiding me, celebrating me, celebrating you, celebrating what we’ve individually and jointly accomplished so far. I certainly cannot adequately express these Angelic Lightbeings endless Love, their profound respect for us, their tremendous pride over us and what we’ve done, their radiating joy, and their amazing focused intent on assisting each one of us now that we’ve made it to this phase of the Ascension Process. They couldn’t do much until we arrived at this point, but now that we have, They are ecstatic (in that special, glowing way that Angelic’s get excited) to finally be able to directly help each of us in every way imaginable, and more than that even. It really is quite remarkable and beautiful beyond words.

Except for these words that is… that, after all the Team Dark misery, pain, battles, attacks, fights for our very lives and sanity etc., I’m more than ready to be in the company of Angelic Lightbeings for a good long while.

Many times in past articles here–more so at TRANSITIONS–I’ve only hinted at certain things without going into a lot of detail over them mainly because it wasn’t time for a lot of details from me personally. That plus at certain times it’s been my job to only hold up the lit lamp and point out The Way without many complex, intellectual details at all. Other times however I was supposed to share as many details as I could, while other times I was just way too sick, exhausted, and had far too much brain scrambled ascension caused “brain fog” to adequately write about anything.

I’ve also used the term Macrocosm / Microcosm to express how what’s naturally unfolding, evolving and changing us and the Milky Way galaxy, the higher dimensions, the Divine cosmos and all Its lifeforms everywhere, are the same things happening inside me and my bodies, heart, mind, awareness and being, and yours too of course. The Ascension Process is unfolding at those vast, incomprehensible Macrocosm levels, AND they’re unfolding in and through many of us individually on the Microcosm, Microcosmic levels too. In other words, you and me as these individual “selves” in this timeline are the living physical Microcosm manifestations of what’s transpiring throughout the Macrocomic levels. There is no actual “separation”, only vast, stunning, and profoundly complex “Unity” — wildly beyond our current level of understanding type “Unity”. Just know that you, individually, are an incomprehensibly important aspect/aspects in the grand cosmic system. The Angels know this and it’s time now for you and me to know it too and live and create from that NEW level of knowing.

Also, let me again mention the important upcoming April 2014, 5th of 7 Cardinal Grand Square or “Cross” happening at 13°. Remember Team Dark (pretending to be the good, holy guys) brainwashing humanity about the number 13 (among so many other things) and that 13 was “unlucky”, “dangerous”, “evil” and to be avoided at all costs? As usual, anytime Team Dark told humanity that something was “bad” or “evil” or “dangerous” etc., they did so because it was actually the total opposite of what they claimed. Team Dark has done everything to continually herd humans and human consciousness AWAY from all normal evolutionary routes out of their negativity and control.

I am so freaking bored out of my mind and heart with all things Team Dark. Please Angels, guide me, guide us all out of the small remaining Darkness, wounds, traumas and pain accumulated from our travels through the long Dark Ages. Let me heal it, release it, let me not give an emotional shit about any of the horrors they’ve caused me and others across space-time. Let me energetically neutralize, release and “ascend” beyond it and live in higher Neutrality frequency as an integrated NEW being. (Some of us are deep in this now and purging more past Dark Ages wounds and anger over those extensive “wounds” done to human and animal and elemental and earth kind. Enter Ophiuchus, the 13th zodiacal sign and “wound healer”.)

What was I saying? Oh yeah, 13, Divine 13 which is the degree that the 5th (see five-pointed Pentagram images below — physical human, resurrected human, ascension embodiment process etc.) of 7 Cardinal Square/Cross happening in April 2014.


In the old patriarchal Team Dark world, they wanted humanity to remain forever trapped within the system of 12, “crucified” on an artificial, inorganic Cross of Matter, and never discover the natural evolutionary ascension energetic route that 13 represents and is. Twelve tribes, twelve apostles, twelve zodiac signs etc., but, add the all-important Christ frequency to 12 and now you’re within the frequency range of 13 (Christed) which naturally exists at a higher Neutral, Unified level beyond the lower frequency range of Duality as represented by the old patriarchal distortions of the system of 12. But, but, but none of that old crap matters anymore really so let us move right along with the NEW that’s presented to humanity at this time in the number 13, among other things.

Plus I have to say how funny, how humorous, how correct and Divine in every way it feels to be living and witnessing humans, humanity starting to individually live what Team Dark worked so long and hard to prevent. The 5th of 7 Cardinal Squares, “Crosses”, will be unfolding throughout some old distorted religious beliefs about resurrection and Christ etc. We’ve done the forty days in the desert business and who knows what else already but now we’re doing the resurrection business. Remember someone saying something to the effect of, ‘as I have done you shall do and greater‘, or something like that.

Denise Le Fay

March 27, 2014


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The 5D Pleiadian to 6D Sirian Shift

I’ve mentioned clairvoyantly Seeing and realizing that my etheric entourage, my higher dimensional “Ascension Assistance” Crew, had changed again at the start of 2014. I’ve talked about this ascension related process happening on an individual, personal level, and why the changing of our individual nonphysical “Guides”, “Ascension Assistants”, “Helpers” etc. becomes necessary at different stages of our lives and ongoing development. However, in this article I want to discuss how this same thing, this same process is happening on a grand scale for all of humanity, earth, and beyond. “Unity” remember? There cannot be the one happening individually now without the other happening for humanity, earth and beyond.

I’ve known that this Ascension related evolutionary change was in the Cosmic works for a few years but never felt it was time to talk about it until today. (Two people emailed me earlier ❤ ❤ and I realized it’s finally time to start publicly talking about this change.)

             Pleiadean glyph

For who knows how many millions of years, the fifth dimensional (5D) Pleiadeans have been intimately involved with humanity and earth for multiple reasons. Some of those reasons are karmic some say, other reasons have had to do with intentional Time Jumping to make positive changes by coming “back” in “time” to help humanity make some adjustments within our consciousness and 3D reality here now so other events don’t manifest in their, and humanity’s “futures”. Other reasons (far too lengthy to go into here, besides you’re probably already familiar with them) are because they’re intimately connected to humanity and vice versa. Other reasons have been–and still are–because the 5D Pleiadeans are some of the best teachers around about High Heart Consciousness, sheer Creativity, high Beauty, high Love, different Energetic Healing techniques, and the basics of fifth dimensional “reality” in general.

The Pleiadians are not the only Beings/Starbeings/ETs with these 5D abilities and knowledge of course, but, they’re very highly evolved 5D Beings that have long existed within that dimensional frequency range. I know that some of them are “ascending” to higher dimensional levels now too. Everyone everywhere is moving up those energetic, evolutionary Stair-steps now due to the Ascension Process and Grand Evolutionary Cycle change.

I’ve known a handful of 5D Pleiadeans intimately for all of this and other physical earth lives and have loved each of them deeply. I’ve written about some of them in articles and in A Lightworker’s Mission (2010).

               Sirian glyph

I’ve also known and deeply loved a handful of 6D Sirian Starbeings and Sirian Lion or Feline Beings too for most of this life and some simultaneous “past” lives too. Those stories can be found in the same two locations mentioned already. There’s also highly positive 8D Orion Beings and Starbeings of the Galactic Federation, and higher dimensional Lightbeings beyond 8D, but for this article, I’ll keep the discussion focused on the 5D Pleiadians and the 6D Sirians and the changes happening with them and humanity/earth now.

As mentioned in my other article, my personal etheric entourage has recently been changed again. This happens to us all as we learn, grow and evolve; our “Guides” and “Ascension Assistants” etc. change with us over the years and decades just like teachers in different grades in school. It’s a normal process so don’t be surprised or saddened when your old familiar and much-loved etheric Guides/buddies are suddenly gone, eventually to be replaced by NEW, updated ones. If you are continuing to evolve, then your “Guides” and other nonphysical, higher dimensional “Assistants” and “Teachers” etc. will be changed as often as needed to match the level of awareness and ability you have at that time to best aid, teach, remind you of what you need to remember and/or realize.

What I want everyone to understand is that this same process happens on vast, species-wide and planetary-wide scales too. It also happens on Galactic-wide scales and larger for that matter. But, this is what’s happening with our old and much-loved 5D Pleiadian “Guides”/buddies. Because of the Ascension Process and the glorious positive changes taking place for us all now, the Pleiadians old Evolutionary Cycle “mission” with humanity has been successfully accomplished. Don’t misunderstand me however as I’m NOT saying that the 5D Pleiadians are all done with us Volunteers/Starseeds/Forerunners, with humanity and earth and are now all leaving. I’m NOT saying that at all.

What I am saying is that past “mission work” with the Pleiadians has been accomplished and these natural, positive, evolutionary shifts are now unfolding, causing growing numbers of Starseeds and eventually humans to feel, see, sense and perceive this shift or change from the 5D Pleiadians to the 6D Sirians more and more.

I’ve always been fond of the sixth dimension–6D–because much of it resembles (to me at my current level of awareness that is) a huge, no I mean HUGE, vast Library of living geometric shapes of Light. These have been called ‘morphogenetic fields’ or the ‘morphic realm’ ; to my current level of awareness they are living sixth dimensional architectural energetic blueprints for all things, but in this particular form, at this particular dimensional level of frequency. In other words, at the 7D level of frequency these same 6D living geometric shapes or blueprints exist as Sound and Light frequencies. Think the “word of god”–7D Sound and 7D Photon Light etc. Stair-steps up, Stair-steps down.

Back to 6D, the morphic fields where the 6D frequency blueprints for other things/objects exist, and the 6D Sirians in both their humanoid, Feline, and more complex and less easily described forms primarily reside.

Now that we Volunteers/Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers etc. have completed Phase One of the Ascension Process (which was the dark, dangerous, battle-filled, painful, transmuting, mop-up, ucky phase), what’s the next natural thing that needs to happen now? NEW construction! NEW building! NEW structures! NEW everything for the NEW earth and NEW Evolutionary Cycle! And so, who best to help us Volunteers, earth, and humanity at this point with highly evolved 6D Architectural building blueprints, tools and abilities than the 6D Sirian Sacred Architects? They did a grand job on the Great Pyramid so this rebuilding the NEW Earth is going to get really interesting.

As we evolve/ascend into (Pleiadian-like) 5D High Heart consciousness and being on the NEW ascended Earth, we’re going to have NEW planetary and species-wide higher dimensional “Guides”, NEW etheric “Assistance” and help etc. from 6D Sirian beings and 6D energetic tools. The Sirians now have a NEW role with us Volunteers/Starseeds/Forerunners, with Earth and with humanity in general. I don’t know all the details about this complex topic yet–and I doubt I need to–but I do know that this major evolutionary change of our planetary and species-wide “Guides” from the 5D Pleiadians to the 6D Sirians is very important, not to mention highly exciting. What’s the opposite sign and Astrological Age to Aquarius? Leo, the Lion.

We’re all going to be having much more hands-on help, plus personal interactions with the 6D Sirians from here on out. With these 6D Sacred Multidimensional Architects working with us and on us and in and on the NEW earth, expect to start perceiving, seeing, feeling, hearing etc. growing connections and communications from and with these extraordinary sixth dimensional Beings and Feline or Lion Beings and other 6D morphic blueprints, energies and tools. Exciting stuff that’s going to produce HUGE improvements across this planet in every way imaginable. More to come on this 6D Sirian Architectural business as it comes in.

High Lion Heart Hugs,

Denise Le Fay

February 17, 2014


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The Last Eight Days of November 2013


I’ve been extra sick with “ascension flu” since November 22nd and it increased in intensity with the November 23rd heliocentric six planet configuration, and then every day since that date. My physical “ascension flu” aches, pains, chills, head spinning, and other related physical and emotional side effects caused by these latest NEW energies peaked on Wednesday, November 27th and it was a very intense 24 hour-long grand finale that day.

On Thursday, November 28th (Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S.) with these latest physical pains finally gone, I could easily feel that the complex November 23rd astrological energetic deed had been done; that comet ISON had delivered its energetic payload; and that once that mission was done ISON immediately returned “Home” (wherever that is for it/them) via entering the multidimensional portal of the Sun. Of course that’s not what “professional scientists” will claim happened to ISON but just ignore them. 😉 ISON delivered and immediately went Home through the Sun portal. The Sun has always been a busy portal but with planets positioned in a complex star pattern (Merkaba) around it in late 2013, that portal was jumpin’ with activities, NEW energies and exciting multidimensional disappearing acts!

My ears are still ringing constantly as they have been since September 21, 2013, but that’s merely the NEW energies of the NEW and my body having to acclimate to them so eventually I won’t hear it anymore. The NEW energies aren’t going to lessen or calm down or diminish — they’re here to stay and we’re having to adapt to them in these NEW ways.

I know everyone didn’t have these November 23–27 or 28th energies affect them in the same intense painful physical and emotional ways that I did. I do know however that some of you have felt every inch of this latest shift into more of the NEW energies in and through you and your body/bodies and are also dealing with how they’re changing you, how they’re evolving you, your consciousness and your body. I’ve never felt so miserable and so wonderful and so hugged by god/Source all simultaneously as I have this past week! Once the pain and misery dissipates, the first thing one recognizes (if one consciously remembers what 5D feels like, which I always have) is that wonderful feeling of being constantly hugged by god/Source, which is what it always feels like within the fifth dimensional range. Now how’s that for an extreme 180° opposite to what we’ve come from! Onward my fellow Forerunner Pathpavers to energetic 5D “Home” and beyond.

HighHeart Hugs all around,

Denise Le Fay

November 28, 2013


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3D, 4D, 5D: The Stairway To Heaven

stairs to cloud heart 800x800

What does 3D, 4D and 5D really mean? How do we get from 3D to 5D? What happened to 4D? Did we jump over it entirely or what?

I’ve heard many people ask these questions about the current evolutionary dimensional, energetic and consciousness Ascension Process from the third dimension (3D), to the fifth dimension (5D) and wondering what in the world happened to the forth dimension (4D). I’m going to share what I know from personal experience about this evolutionary transition, and about 4D, Lightworking and transmuting. (Remember, we call them “dimensions” and 3D, 4D, 5D etc. so we can more easily discuss these different layers of frequency, realities, dimensions and states of being.)

Think of the dimensions as different energy or frequency levels. Think of them like slower and denser, and others as faster and increasingly less dense. Think of them like different frequencies, different rates of vibrating energies, like radio signals where some come in more clearly than others and that’s due to many things, current point of perception via one’s personal vibration being the biggest.

3D is the dimension of Physicality in linear time and it became highly polarized (Duality) too. It was the dimension where souls incarnated into physicality to forget where they came from, why they’re here and just about everything else and believe that physical Earth reality is the only game in town. They came to believe that you live, you die, that there’s heaven and hell and that’s pretty much all there is, except for God out there somewhere. Talk about limited and highly polarized awareness!

4D is the Astral plane. The Collective Dumping Zone as I call it. A huge multi-layered dimension where lots of unpleasant stuff, creatures, thoughts and archetypes exist, much like many people’s dark and messy garages, basements and subconscious! It’s the dimension (frequency range) just above physicality where all of the planetary archetypes, the collective belief systems, all the projected junk n’ nasty dark feelings and energies that humanity doesn’t want to have to deal with in itself exist. It’s also where much (but not all) of the human dead population hangs out that don’t want to progress or move on for whatever their reasons, which are typically guilt, fear, limited religious beliefs, negativity and lack of higher awareness. The planetary Collective Dumping Zone like I said. Why in the world anyone would want to go experiment or travel in the lower astral is beyond me, but there are many people who believe doing so to be of supreme importance. If there’s a “hell”, and there has been, much of it exists within the lower to mid-range layers of the fourth dimension (4D) Astral plane. The rest of it has existed quite comfortably right on physical 3D Earth as many of you reading this are well familiar with.

5D is an entirely different vibrational dimension and level that exists beyond Duality physicality and consciousness, and beyond the archetypes that exist in the 4D Astral. The deal is that since 1999, many Lightworkers have repeatedly transmuted much of the unresolved lower vibrating residual junk, “monsters” and stuck energetic negativity that’s long existed in 4D Astral. That was one huge and miserable aspect of being a Lightworker; cleaning out and literally transmuting much of the past ugly negativity and stuck lower stuff, emotions, entities, humans, thought-forms and energies within 4D. Because so much of this particular work has already been finished, the nasty lower frequency junk in the Astral is no more which was another aspect of the overall Ascension Process. It had to be dealt with and transmuted before we, and everyone else, could move beyond all of it (4D Astral plane) to be able to even vibrationally reach and exist within the vastly higher frequency fifth dimension (5D) beyond it.

Think of old lower 3D physical Earth as the place where souls could put on “meat suits” as I’ve heard others call our physical bodies. Once we’d done that we forgot that we were actually great spiritual beings, momentarily experiencing what its like being in physical human “meat suit” bodies on a physical planet in a physical dimension.  This forgetting was simply part of being in that lower frequency 3D world and dimension. If we didn’t completely forget that we were divine spiritual beings, what good would it do us to incarnate into 3D anyway? Not much, so we deliberately chose to forget who we really are so that life on Earth would have more direct impact on us, which was the hole incarnational point all along.

5D is where integrated, Unified (not Dualized) consciousness and HighHeart is the rule and norm, not polarized (left-brain) ego intellect as in old patriarchal 3D. 5D is non-polarized. If one doesn’t journey through that aspect within themselves and face one’s own demons—and a few others that other people have created over the Ages—then one isn’t vibrationally capable of raising beyond 3D and 4D and reaching 5D and beyond.

5D is a frequency level where we begin to re-learn to reconnect with others, but at the same time not energetically, psychically or in any other way invade their sacred individual space physically or energetically, thoughts or feelings etc. 5D is where we begin to come together more and more because we’ve journeyed through hell and transmuted the majority of our lower ego selves, Duality consciousness and energies into something much higher in frequency, plus we’ve learned to respect each individual’s privacy energetically and psychically. So 5D is a state where everyone is still highly individuated and unique, yet much more connected with everyone else in this new higher, very respectful and equal way. 5D is very much about high creativity and the sheer joy that one has doing what one is talented at and knowledgeable about. It is everyone freely sharing what they’re the best at so all the others benefit and vice versa. Do you see the high positive “new age” Leo/Aquarius energies at play within 5D and 5D frequency humans and other beings?

There is no money, no governments, no police, no wars, no duality, no ego, none of the old 3D patriarchal polarized insanity because we’ve evolved beyond all that and any desires for them. 5D is also where we become consciously aware of and interact with many of the different Starbeings/ETs/Lightbeings that have always existed in that frequency range and dimension but were vibrationally beyond our old lower 3D Duality consciousness, fears, hate, warring natures, consciousness and horrible lack of Heart. 5D is where humanity begins to re-enter Universal Society with many of the higher vibrating, higher dimensional ET beings because we’ve run the lower Duality gauntlet in 3D, faced and transmuted our fears and darkness in our emotional bodies in 4D. Now in 5D, we’re vibrating with enough Light to be able to re-enter the larger and higher frequency and higher consciousness cosmic flow with the many Others that have always existed out there. Finally, we’re going “Home” again after our long journey and creative educations within what became profoundly dark and negative, dense, dualized 3D Earth physicality.

That’s why we seemingly skip or jump 4D from 3D and go straight to 5D. We didn’t jump it at all but worked very hard, struggled, dreamed and transmuted our ways right through it, which hasn’t been easy at all.


May 25, 2009


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