3D, 4D, 5D: The Stairway To Heaven

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What does 3D, 4D and 5D really mean? How do we get from 3D to 5D? What happened to 4D? Did we jump over it entirely or what?

I’ve heard many people ask these questions about the current evolutionary dimensional, energetic and consciousness Ascension Process from the third dimension (3D), to the fifth dimension (5D) and wondering what in the world happened to the forth dimension (4D). I’m going to share what I know from personal experience about this evolutionary transition, and about 4D, Lightworking and transmuting. (Remember, we call them “dimensions” and 3D, 4D, 5D etc. so we can more easily discuss these different layers of frequency, realities, dimensions and states of being.)

Think of the dimensions as different energy or frequency levels. Think of them like slower and denser, and others as faster and increasingly less dense. Think of them like different frequencies, different rates of vibrating energies, like radio signals where some come in more clearly than others and that’s due to many things, current point of perception via one’s personal vibration being the biggest.

3D is the dimension of Physicality in linear time and it became highly polarized (Duality) too. It was the dimension where souls incarnated into physicality to forget where they came from, why they’re here and just about everything else and believe that physical Earth reality is the only game in town. They came to believe that you live, you die, that there’s heaven and hell and that’s pretty much all there is, except for God out there somewhere. Talk about limited and highly polarized awareness!

4D is the Astral plane. The Collective Dumping Zone as I call it. A huge multi-layered dimension where lots of unpleasant stuff, creatures, thoughts and archetypes exist, much like many people’s dark and messy garages, basements and subconscious! It’s the dimension (frequency range) just above physicality where all of the planetary archetypes, the collective belief systems, all the projected junk n’ nasty dark feelings and energies that humanity doesn’t want to have to deal with in itself exist. It’s also where much (but not all) of the human dead population hangs out that don’t want to progress or move on for whatever their reasons, which are typically guilt, fear, limited religious beliefs, negativity and lack of higher awareness. The planetary Collective Dumping Zone like I said. Why in the world anyone would want to go experiment or travel in the lower astral is beyond me, but there are many people who believe doing so to be of supreme importance. If there’s a “hell”, and there has been, much of it exists within the lower to mid-range layers of the fourth dimension (4D) Astral plane. The rest of it has existed quite comfortably right on physical 3D Earth as many of you reading this are well familiar with.

5D is an entirely different vibrational dimension and level that exists beyond Duality physicality and consciousness, and beyond the archetypes that exist in the 4D Astral. The deal is that since 1999, many Lightworkers have repeatedly transmuted much of the unresolved lower vibrating residual junk, “monsters” and stuck energetic negativity that’s long existed in 4D Astral. That was one huge and miserable aspect of being a Lightworker; cleaning out and literally transmuting much of the past ugly negativity and stuck lower stuff, emotions, entities, humans, thought-forms and energies within 4D. Because so much of this particular work has already been finished, the nasty lower frequency junk in the Astral is no more which was another aspect of the overall Ascension Process. It had to be dealt with and transmuted before we, and everyone else, could move beyond all of it (4D Astral plane) to be able to even vibrationally reach and exist within the vastly higher frequency fifth dimension (5D) beyond it.

Think of old lower 3D physical Earth as the place where souls could put on “meat suits” as I’ve heard others call our physical bodies. Once we’d done that we forgot that we were actually great spiritual beings, momentarily experiencing what its like being in physical human “meat suit” bodies on a physical planet in a physical dimension.  This forgetting was simply part of being in that lower frequency 3D world and dimension. If we didn’t completely forget that we were divine spiritual beings, what good would it do us to incarnate into 3D anyway? Not much, so we deliberately chose to forget who we really are so that life on Earth would have more direct impact on us, which was the hole incarnational point all along.

5D is where integrated, Unified (not Dualized) consciousness and HighHeart is the rule and norm, not polarized (left-brain) ego intellect as in old patriarchal 3D. 5D is non-polarized. If one doesn’t journey through that aspect within themselves and face one’s own demons—and a few others that other people have created over the Ages—then one isn’t vibrationally capable of raising beyond 3D and 4D and reaching 5D and beyond.

5D is a frequency level where we begin to re-learn to reconnect with others, but at the same time not energetically, psychically or in any other way invade their sacred individual space physically or energetically, thoughts or feelings etc. 5D is where we begin to come together more and more because we’ve journeyed through hell and transmuted the majority of our lower ego selves, Duality consciousness and energies into something much higher in frequency, plus we’ve learned to respect each individual’s privacy energetically and psychically. So 5D is a state where everyone is still highly individuated and unique, yet much more connected with everyone else in this new higher, very respectful and equal way. 5D is very much about high creativity and the sheer joy that one has doing what one is talented at and knowledgeable about. It is everyone freely sharing what they’re the best at so all the others benefit and vice versa. Do you see the high positive “new age” Leo/Aquarius energies at play within 5D and 5D frequency humans and other beings?

There is no money, no governments, no police, no wars, no duality, no ego, none of the old 3D patriarchal polarized insanity because we’ve evolved beyond all that and any desires for them. 5D is also where we become consciously aware of and interact with many of the different Starbeings/ETs/Lightbeings that have always existed in that frequency range and dimension but were vibrationally beyond our old lower 3D Duality consciousness, fears, hate, warring natures, consciousness and horrible lack of Heart. 5D is where humanity begins to re-enter Universal Society with many of the higher vibrating, higher dimensional ET beings because we’ve run the lower Duality gauntlet in 3D, faced and transmuted our fears and darkness in our emotional bodies in 4D. Now in 5D, we’re vibrating with enough Light to be able to re-enter the larger and higher frequency and higher consciousness cosmic flow with the many Others that have always existed out there. Finally, we’re going “Home” again after our long journey and creative educations within what became profoundly dark and negative, dense, dualized 3D Earth physicality.

That’s why we seemingly skip or jump 4D from 3D and go straight to 5D. We didn’t jump it at all but worked very hard, struggled, dreamed and transmuted our ways right through it, which hasn’t been easy at all.


May 25, 2009


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12 thoughts on “3D, 4D, 5D: The Stairway To Heaven

  • I have been reading about 3D thinking it was “3rd density” as referred to on the Sphere Being Alliance site, but I guess it’s not?

  • Among a ton of new age spiritual bullshit, this is a very solid, ego-free, explanation of the dimensions. I also wondered how I missed out on 4D, but I experienced the sludge, the drain, observed it objectively, to then realize that though it is educational to be aware of 4D, this space does not serve me. When I entered 5D, I asked myself many times am I really here, did I miss out on the lessons of 4D as it passed relatively quickly though very painfully, and realized I simply moved on once I understood it does not serve anyone to stay there. I learn best from observing my peers who are journeying through the same process. I see that many spiritual people linger in 4D due to religious beliefs, and perceive 4D interactions, as “mastering their powers”. They play in that space of psychic attacks, astral projections, mediumship, etc. because the ego believes in its own power and seeks to preserve itself. Dropping the ego is very painful, but if we are willing to do that, (willingly or unwillingly), the glide into 5D is awe inspiring.

  • Denise what can I say .I have followed you for many years .Yes I can totally resonate with 1999 ,our calling .I just want to thank you from my heart and soul ,as you have kept me feeling Safe also my sanity #You have helped so many in this massive shift ,you are truly blessed even though I know you have not felt like this is the past ,as I have not .
    We are coming out off the darkness ,OMG I feel myself shaking with the inner feeling of what we /all have been through .
    Much Love Denise from Patricia from Scotland xxx

  • Thank you.

    It is now late 2016. I was interrupted by a flash of light. It felt like information from the ether was downloaded into my mind. It was more real than anything I have experienced. I went searching to try and find out what was happening and what this information was. I was lead to quantum physics and 5D information matched. I’m patiently waiting for more information. I do believe a change is coming. Frequencies are changing. Thank you again.

  • Dear Denise,

    Thank you for connecting the links to your previous articles – seems like every one of them are in the NOW now! This Stairway to Heaven post that you wrote over four years ago – can you believe it!? – brings us ‘full spiral’ – don’t like to say ‘full circle’ – to exactly where we need to be to ‘know’ which timeline/frequency we’ve been on, which one we’re going through, which one we’re heading for and WHY! I have a feeling that 4D is done, kapoot, fini, and though I am physically exhausted and ascension symptoms continue, I feel rejuvenated by being able to step back four years in time with you and see how far we’ve come. Amazing, and without your steady heart-mind, it’s doubtful many of us would be here in this Now moment. Truly, I thank you and everyone who comments here. Next up? You said it four years ago and here we are:

    “5D is where humanity begins to reenter “Universal Society” with many of the higher vibrating ET beings because we’ve run the lower polarity gauntlet in 3D, faced and transmuted our fears and darkness in 4D and our emotional bodies. Now in 5D we’re vibrating with enough Light to be able to reenter the larger cosmic flow of life with the many Others out there. Finally, we’re going Home again after our long journey and creative learning’s within what became dark and polarized 3D Earth physicality.”

    Interesting that you wrote that paragraph in the present tense. I’m sure there is a special place in 5D for those, like you, Denise, who volunteer to come back and take us up the staircase. Forever grateful to you, Love, B.

    • Barbara,

      Thank you dearest for saying this. ♥ I’ve been trying for months to get that particular WordPress feature — “Featured Content” or “Post Slider” — to work but couldn’t until the other day when I stumbled on the right way and suddenly, there it finally was!

      There are some of my old articles that are very timely right now and I’ve wanted to highlight some of them now in this way for any who’ve not read them when they were first published, but also to re-read now and review, rethink, re-feel them now in late 2013. 😉 Many of my old articles will read, feel, and register very differently now in a lot of people than how they did when I originally published them. I’ll probably change the 5 “Featured Content” articles every month or so in hopes of connecting more people to this information now in 2013.

      Thanks again my friend and fellow Starseed Light co-worker. ♥
      Stellar Hugs,

  • Hi Denise,

    Love this article. Thanks for articulating it so well.

    Lots of love and sincere regards,


  • Stu,

    After what all we’ve been through…one can seriously enjoy basking within 5D just creating and being. 🙂


  • Hey Denise,

    Another wonderful blog, perfectly explained 🙂

    I certainly feel like I’ve waded through enough of the 4-D ‘dumping zone’.
    Just thinking of living life ruled by the heart on a constant basis is just so amazing.

    Love and gentle hugs,


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