1997 Quote From The Pleiadians


This quote is another of my favorites from Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians. It was said by them in December 1997:

“Each year from 1987 to 1997 the awareness of humankind increased by tenfold. Now, from this point, December 1997 through 2007 the energy will increase one hundredfold for each year, preparing you for the last 5 years of this unfolding period in which you will switch on to such a degree that the energy will increase one hundred thousandfold per year until the end of 2012.”


5 thoughts on “1997 Quote From The Pleiadians

  • Good chance that I may be one myself. Three possibilities about myself:
    1. I was born on this planet with strong recent genetic ties to Pleaidians
    2. I had direct parents who are from Erra in your Earth cosmological identity system of Taygeta in Pleiades (M45) region.
    3. that I had when a child travelled to your planed shortly after incarnating on Erra proper (or some other nearby planet in Taygeta region) and made that 7 Earth hour journey to Earth and got dropped off presumably in your sector (‘sovereign state’) of Switzerland, but not necessarily in Hinwil in Canton of Zürich (Eduard Meier’s home) per se, but in or near Bern (capital of Switzerland).

    Then well… sort of became ‘red-lighted’ (stranded) on your planet but managed to be found and taken in by other of our fellow visitors and raised until of ‘legal age’ where I spontan discovered my ‘Cosmic assignment’ (mission) to observe and offer advice of higher Cosmic principles of the Greater Light.

    Interesting of my attraction to one of your Earth based international organisations that is not a belief system or religion, but rather a fraternity of science, the arts, and mysticism. The predominant message in their teachings being one’s direct connection to the Cosmic All or Greater Light. So indeed through that one organisation I have indeed been for several of your Earth years been a Lightworker very parallel to our Pleiadian system of higher consciousness and awareness of the wisdom of Creator.

    Now I am a quarter century (Earth system) male who has a real not-so-easy job ahead of me.

    Now, to ent, my small contributory quote:

    Try to breakout of the box. Your Earth based belief systems and religions and the western Abrahamic concept of God is very misleading and falsified data. The energy source is within your Self — the Greater Self of eternal wisdom, of Light, compassion, tolerance, peace, and Love. All of us — even those horrible Reptilians, and their slaves, the Greys, and Annunakis all have this internal Self, but unfortunate for them they are upon a long road to that evolved state of self awareness, but shall eventually get there. We are all connected to the Cosmic Consciousness (Creator), as indeed we cannot be separate from such.

    May you be always imbued with the Great Wisdom of the Greater Light and that of the Creator. So be it!

  • Hi Denise,

    Indeed my friend, an amazing quote. Blimey, I knew we were on the ‘fast track’, but 100,000, wow! Light speed here we come…… 😉

    Love and gentle hugs,


    • Stu,

      Yep, 100,000 X faster per year! I know that at the beginning of 2011 we’ll reach another Mayan cycle change like we did in 1999. The beginning of 2011 humanity enters another “20 times faster” speedup. 20 times faster than what we entered in Jan. 1999!!! That should do the trick nicely. :mrgreen:

      Hugs n’ Loves,

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