Let’s Better Understand Individuality & the “We are all ONE” Business

I don’t want to hear one more person say, ‘We are becoming ONE’. No, we are not becoming “ONE” and there are very important and positive reasons for this which we’ll get to. What we are doing now and will continue doing for as long as it takes is integrating, merging, unifying and embodying within ourselves INDIVIDUALLY. Forget about that popular pre-recorded message ‘we’re becoming ONE’  because it’s incorrect. What is correct is that you are becoming ONE within yourself, and I am becoming ONE within myself, and he and her are each becoming ONE within themselves individually. 

Remember that important message I received in April 1995? It looked like this:




Here’s a link to an old article about it which may help some better understand that this is the current evolutionary Ascension Process out of old lower duality and into greater individual unity. YOU are becoming ONE, or 1 as it was represented in my lucid dream message many years ago, not all of us merging back into oneness together. We’re nowhere near that advanced stage yet. First we as individuals must become unified within ourselves and doing so automatically makes it so much easier to feel, know, sense, perceive and love/LOVE all the other individuals, human and otherwise.


We as individuals could no more instantly go from the extreme severe separation that’s been the norm for eons, to full and complete ONE-ness during this Ascension Process any more than you or I could be in the direct full presence of “God” as we are now. The energy gap is far too large even with the current Ascension Process happening and it would destroy whatever vehicle we were in not to mention considerably mess us up in other ways too.

What’s happening is that we incarnate aspects and selves are going through the end of eons of intentional separation (in so many ways) because Source desired to experience it via each of us in our individual selves and experiences in all dimensions. What was originally ONE desired to individuate and further separate, layer after layer to learn, experience and create at and in those levels of being and existence as and through all those individuated aspects of the original ONE. 

All individuals are not merging or unifying back into oneness/ONE/1 all together with no individuality anymore. What has been intentionally separated for eons is now intentionally re-merging, re-uniting within each of us individually. The whys of this are so vast and complex but it has to do with evolution on all levels.

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Increased Merging in Individuals Quickens the Separation of Worlds

As you know from reading my past articles, my life hasn’t been a whole lotta fun since the start of 2014. It still isn’t and in some ways it’s gotten a bit harder and more difficult emotionally, even more isolated feeling which surprised me, and far more complex which I did expect. Such is growth and change however. Since 2014 when my life was suddenly turned upside down due to my mom’s triple bypass that produced a devastating stroke two weeks later, on top of pre-existing (heart disease related) dementia, life hasn’t been a bunch of happy times for me in my sixties as her caregiver as she further deteriorates. Her dementia is worsening and she hallucinates sometimes and from reading up on dementia, this probably isn’t going to end well unless I work on certain things in myself, which I’ve been doing all along.

On top of that I sold a house, bought a “new” (old) one, worked on it for eight months (from May of 2015 and still am working on it today) because it was that horrible and filthy, finally moved us into it (January 2016), hurt myself doing so, and have felt more depressed and isolated ever since.

I knew the moment I saw this “new” old house that the person who’d owned and lived in it for decades was depressed (her family had removed her from the house months before they put it on the market so the house was empty of any humans when I first saw it with the realtor) and that I’d have to clear that residual energy (her depression, fears, isolation and probably dementia too as she aged etc.) because I could feel it and knew I’d be affected by it if I didn’t transmute and clear every speck of it. I always do this when I move into any place because I have to energetically clean along with physically clean a place I’m going to live in.

Nonetheless I’ve continued feeling periods of depression and growing isolation since I moved us in here in January of this year despite this house being a big improvement in many ways for all of us. I’ve energetically cleared and re-cleared this house yet this feeling comes and goes, in me, not necessarily this house unless I energetically pollute/re-pollute it! Because of this on-again off-again depression and growing sense of being isolated even more than before, I’ve been working on discerning all this as best I’m capable of at this time. Usually I can perceive/receive information easily and quickly but this hasn’t been the case with this which means it is extra big and that I’m still very much living it.

Slowly however I’ve gained enough altitude again to access Higher Awareness while living it. What I finally perceived recently is what this article is about because I know many of you have had a rough go of it this year too, not to mention how crazy difficult 2014 and 2015 was for some of us as well.

I’ve always had a tendency—as some Volunteers, Starseeds, Forerunners do—to get low sometimes and then have to work my way back up out of the depression muck once again. But this time (2016) it’s felt different to me, much more amplified, quicker in and out of it, and like even it is an aspect of the Ascension Process. I didn’t understand for a while and that’s bothered me because I don’t want to be sad or frustrated anymore.

Then I finally perceived this complex and difficult to describe hazy image and awareness of the Forerunners currently living the Embodiment Process in stages as we have been for a while now. The depression and further sense of isolation some of us have felt has to do with some of our own remaining inner stuff from these lives and times, while some of it is coming from the human Collective on Earth, and some of it’s coming from Team Dark if you can believe that!, and some is coming from very high dimensions where plenty of change is taking place too. In other words, the depression and sense of growing isolation I’ve struggled with this year in greatly amplified ways isn’t all “my stuff” but a lot of other people’s and beings and worlds and dimensions’ stuff too. Oddly, knowing this makes it all much easier for me to deal with and work my way through. Just because you’re feeling something doesn’t automatically make it yours or mean it’s coming from you. Discernment helps with things like this so always use it.

I perceived that some of what some of us have been and still are feeling today is stemming from super ancient times, other worlds, other dimensions, other beings, Team Dark and so on and isn’t so much our personal inner unresolved stuff, junk, negative crap, karma etc. Some of it is our stuff but at this point it’s relatively small in comparison to the overall galactic and universal picture. Keep in heartmind too that everything is now so amplified feeling and seeming to us (of the Light) that that tiny pea under the Princesses’ many mattresses often feels so huge and unbearably painful to us.

To one part of us this information makes little to no sense at all, but to other parts of us it makes perfect sense for where we’re at now and what we’re going through – the Embodiment of Higher and Lower in these physical bodies and how that naturally matches the amplification of the Separation of Worlds. The more we Embody the Higher with the Lower in-body on Earth in the physical, the more pressure is put on everyone and everything to push away from, to separate from that which one does not resonate with or energetically match, from what one is out of alignment with, from what one is not ready for or desirous of attaining at this time.

As those living the merge/Embody/unify individually more and more now, the Separation of Worlds also increases and quickens because these two energy levels and states of being cannot co-exist in the same space with each other. The energy gap is too great (not to mention a huge irritation for everyone) and so we have, and many of us are very much feeling, this slowly increasing unity from the Embodiment phase within ourselves individually while simultaneously feeling an increase of separation from and misalignment with lower consciousness others and a sort of general depression that comes and goes like waves. This has always been that Princess and the Pea business for the Forerunners, but it’s so amplified now that it’s almost unbearable at times. I suspect even this has to do with my personal perspective on the Embodiment Process at this moment and level and it too will change as I (as each of us individually) am further changed from living the Embodiment.

We’re so far beyond the whose negativity and dank crap stuff is this anyway? phase and are soul-deep in cleaning up the Cosmic Campgrounds before we embark on a NEW Evolutionary adventure. Exciting, exhausting, confusing, magical, so very special and rare, painful, difficult, heartbreaking, freeing, uplifting, creative and simply wondrous.

Feel what you are but don’t buy into it, don’t be overtaken by it or claim it all as you or yours. Neutral Observer and all that to borrow another great term from Lisa Renee. Know some of it is the old little you, while much of it is ancient and multidimensional going back to the beginning of this past Evolutionary Cycle. Some of it is the death of our old selves as we’ve known them plus the demise of our old familiar 3D lives and world, even in such profound Team Dark negativity and control as they were. You think it’s crazy busy and ultra-weird here on physical Earth? It’s just as hectic and wonderfully strange and full of positive changes everywhere else. Complete the 9 energies in preparation for the coming 1 energies but completely in the NEW this time.

Denise Le Fay

May 23, 2016


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17 thoughts on “Let’s Better Understand Individuality & the “We are all ONE” Business

  • OMG… As I said to you in my private message, I feel as if I’ve had to race down the stairsteps to deal with the crap that is being dealt to me over the last 9, and more specifically 3 months, and now I feel like I’m having to trudge back up those stairs. I thought I’d taken care of that crap! But nooooo… TD had more in store for me!

    I am so glad you are still here and talking to “us” … so many have withdrawn and have nothing to say anymore.


  • Thank you so much for writing this, Denise. It really hit home at a crucial time. The lived human experience has been an absolute slogfest over the past few years and, when it comes to depression especially, it is wonderful to see some insight that resonates as some deeper truth as to what is actually happening there, and more so now – this year, this time – than ever. Thank you for sharing your experiences alongside your explanations and insights – it helps to convey what you’re saying.

    • ‘Thank you for sharing your experiences alongside your explanations and insights – it helps to convey what you’re saying.’


      That’s why I always write about what I know from having lived it myself.

      I–and growing numbers of people with HighHeart–need the information but they also need it more well-rounded, more unified 😉 in even this way. Nothing can or should be a strictly left-brained process or explanation or understanding any more. It all needs to be more whole-brained or better yet, from the HighHeart awareness now. One can tell by reading energies and/or discernment in articles or whatever whether or not that information/person/channeling/group etc. is speaking the truth because you feel it, you know it, you can sense internally and NOT just intellectually that it is correct… or incorrect. More people are getting to where they can tell for themselves if someone is lying to them or is deluded, self-deluded, uninformed, is deliberate disinformation and so on. It’s an inner ability that doesn’t happen in the head like we’re all so used to, but in our HighHearts as instant knowing and feeling.

      Thank you for demonstrating this for everyone. 🙂 ❤

      • With the massive amount of info (and disinfo) out there, it looks like it is going to come down to very individualized discernment of what is true and what resonates. In the end, there can be no thing outside of self that can do this on one’s behalf.

        Please keep up the good work. We all need it.

  • Thanks Denise, your work and emails mean a lot to me (the friendly Indian kid) 🙂

  • Thank you Denise!!! There is a strong push for hive-mind, hive-ing is not freedom, so no thanks!
    I so appreciate you and your clarity.

  • Oh My… resonating so very very much with this wonderful post. THANK YOU Denise… ALL of it makes absolute sense… no words, just gratitude… Heartlight and love, Jay xxx

  • Thanks Denise, I understand this, at my Linda level, and more importantly how hard it is to understand it……………….. AND all I want to say is that I think you deserve a medal for publishing again, so much love to you words cannot really say it, but I know we all understand that !

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  • I had never accessed your site before, so I recently start checking your posts after googling about what I was informed from other contents online of what was going on at the moment in the situation, then the second post I check here simply shook the attention out of my senses, like it was some well long known cosmic presence talking to me through your words. Then I read the comments and see many also related perspectives going on, so I could not wait any longer to say thank you Denise for you being there to do this work that helps a lot on this crazy preparation to whatever crazy spiritual situation we’re putting our minds hearts Soul and bodies, and Spirit into. I sometimes say my goodness man what is who, and who is what, what’s going, man..? And then I find some real stuff on Highheartlife 🙂 I cannot donate money Denise, I’m partially a member of that broken person´s raging comment club you know 🙂 🙂 but my Love/LOVE to you is on. Also if you may check this out: http://www.marielalero.com/el-holograma-tierra-situacion-actual/
    please give us some feedback on the context. Thank you again, Love, on

  • Just want to say hi and thank you.

    My challenges are made worse simply because of the old misinformed teachings, and it amazes me how a part if me holds on to it…. That I’m suppose to achieve an everlasting inner peace! And its all about….again from erroneous teachings, that my outer life will magically smooth out, no more bumps or bruises…

    And turning it all around…… Anyway Denise, its not been an easy 2 years, but I’m finally getting it straight! Seeing my internal relationship and responsibility, and finally grasping what it means to “give your power away” and beginning to see what is meant to be in my own power and to trust myself / my inner true identity….. What I’m trying to say is that I was shocked to learn I was identifying with my mind/thinking as the real me!!! I had never really understood that I am of the spirit and I have a mind…..anyway at least I’m walking….and I appreciate your down to earth common sense even when I don’t understand or it triggers me, what I “thought” was me! Thank you. 💓

    • Becoming two what zuniverse2013? We’ve been in Duality–two–for ages and are evolving beyond it, in the ways we’ve known and lived it.

      Oh, I think I just figured out what you mean by two, as in two earth worlds, two different places, locations etc. Is that what you mean by ‘That’s funny I thought we we were becoming two…Hmmm’?

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