Ascension Process Info for Newbies & Forerunners

I’m posting this article at both TRANSITIONS and HighHeartLife today Friday, May 13, 2016.

The first half of this article is specifically for people new (“newbies”) to the Ascension Process, plus have no firsthand knowledge about higher levels of reality, consciousness and being. The second half is for the Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers.



‘…I get the inner body vibrations most of the time. It sucks. Sometimes I can’t lay on my back because I can feel the energy going up and out my back. I also get like a static energy in my legs. My head used to really hurt. Like tingling and being pulled apart. My vibrations feel like I have a motor in my body somewhere. It scares me. I’m not sure if this is ascension or if something is just wrong with me. I don’t understand 3d 4d or 5d…’

This is a recent Comment  from another article that pretty much sums up how I suspect a lot of “newbie” people feel and think at this point. They’re new to the natural evolutionary Ascension Process, plus are new to complex subjects such as multidimensionality, realities beyond linear time, Spherical Consciousness, different frequencies of energy, different beings that exist within different frequencies and dimensions, Team Dark, Team Light and much more. There certainly isn’t anything wrong with not having knowledge about these complex things, but when a person is activated by the Ascension Process (current compressed evolution) and searches online for information about what they’re experiencing, they typically run across older articles that were, for the most part, written for other Forerunners/Pathpavers/Wayshowers/First Wavers/Second Wavers and so on. They were not written for the general masses that wouldn’t be starting the Ascension Process for a decade or more in the future, which is the now of 2016.

The Ascension Process itself is confusing, especially so if you don’t have an esoteric, metaphysical background. Many of us that write/teach/lecture etc. about this and related topics do, but for growing numbers of people just beginning this current evolutionary process without any higher knowledge about reality outside the old lower negative controlled consciousness “box”, it could quickly become overwhelming, highly confusing and probably frightening.

As the person that wrote the Comment quoted above said, she doesn’t understand 3D, 4D or 5D. Most people don’t and that’s fine. If needed you will in time, otherwise do not worry about it or worse, don’t guess or speculate over any of it. Live what you are and learn from it as best you can in each moment. Doing so only expands your awareness and abilities which means you’ll automatically know a bit more and more over time about all things from your own Higher Awareness, not from collecting information from outside of yourself. This is so very important and something both newbies and Forerunners must Master individually.


What everyone new to the Ascension Process and related topics needs to know now is that the majority of online articles were originally written for what’s called among the Ascension Communities – the Forerunners of the Forerunners, Forerunners, Wayshowers, Pathpavers, First Wavers, Second Wavers, Third Wavers and Indigos. They were not written at that time for the general masses who wouldn’t begin this natural evolutionary process for a couple of decades or more. They were written at that time for fellow Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers/Indigos that needed help in further consciously awakening to why they were reincarnated on Earth now and living the Ascension Process long before everyone else. The “newbies” to the Ascension Process need to keep this fact in mind when they read any of these older articles written by myself or other Ascension Teachers and/or channelers.

Here we are nearly thirty years into this Process at the completion of Galactic Alignment and the masses are being triggered by the NEW higher Light energies entering their bodies, minds, emotions, life, relationships, work and very reality to evolve and quickly now. All aspects of their lives, bodies and reality are suddenly being turned upside down and inside out and they have no knowledge about how to access their own Higher Awareness yet or how to discern mundane or spiritual and energetic information, people, teachers, physical events, nonphysical events, media messages etc. to gain insights or guidance about what’s really happening to them, their bodies, consciousness, lives and reality on Earth at this time.

What I’d like the “newbies” to this Process to know now is that you do not need to know about all the things that were written for Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers/First Wavers/First Embodiers etc. one, two or more decades ago. What you need to know is that you are evolving now which means you, your old familiar sense of “self” and “identity”, your ego self, your consciousness, your body, life and both personal and global reality are and will continue changing and rather quickly. Know too that that paragraph reads simply and easily, where living it is a very different story! No fear however because it’s easier and faster to do now than ever before thanks to those Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers that went first to make it easier and safer for everyone else coming up behind them. Stair-steps in all ways with all aspects of this Process.

I read this funny line somewhere thirty-some years ago and it feels right to share here. I’m sorry I don’t remember who authored it because it’s great.

‘Lo tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall not tarry and build a summer cottage!’

“Newbies” don’t necessarily need to know what 4D has been all about to the same degree that you know the back of your hand! It’s enough for now to know that 4D—the fourth dimension—is what’s been called the Astral plane and that you’ve been moving through it in this natural evolutionary Ascension Process. You do not need to spend years or decades mopping and polishing the vast labyrinth of floors there, just deal with your stuff, your inner emotional issues you’ve ignored, suppressed, denied and/or projected and keep moving. Don’t tarry and build a summer cottage there in whatever remaining dank Astral rubble of the collective past still exists because it is not your job to do so. YOU and you alone are your job. Please read that last sentence again or as many times as you need to.

You also don’t necessarily need to know all the wonderful details about what 5D—fifth dimension—is and isn’t at this moment either. You’ll soon know for yourself exactly what 5D is and isn’t because you are existing within that dimensional frequency. For now, just know it is “heaven” in comparison to the old lower 3D (third dimension) physical Earth world of profound negativity and dense Duality we incarnated into! There’s a big payoff to all this difficult evolutionary work “newbies” so just keep moving forward and don’t get sidetracked over the complex details that don’t apply to you personally but were written for Forerunners/Pathpavers/Wayshowers/Indigos that needed that info it at that time for their personal reasons.

At this point all the “newbies” to the evolutionary Ascension Process need to do is be flexible and brave; flexible to constant changes, and brave because they’re happening no matter what! Again, that sentence reads easily but actually living it usually is more difficult and confusing but such are the times we live in. And how absolutely amazing and unique is that? Be proud that you’re incarnate now to personally experience such rare and profound change, growing freedom and increasing responsibilities.


Please keep in mind and heart the fact that most all the information about the Ascension Process that was written by myself here at TRANSITIONS, and by many other Ascension Teachers at their online sites, is now ten, twenty or more years old and was, once again, written for other Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers/Indigos that very much needed to consciously know and/or remember why they were reincarnate here now and why they and their bodies and consciousness were going through such profound weird changes, painful experiences and repeated attacks. That information still stands today however the newbies won’t need to experience exactly what most Forerunners did because it’s simply not necessary for them to do so. The newbies won’t go through the same symptoms or side effects or for as long or as severely as the Forerunners did. Be very glad of that fact!

All you need to do now is live through what you are while constantly releasing your old lower concepts and beliefs about everything—yourself included—so that you can move through these rapid and amplified changes easier and with less “friction” created from resisting or fighting this Alchemical Process. When you hunt for information online or in books about the Ascension Process and related Kundalini (not the old info about Kundalini from a hundred years or so ago!), keep in mind that the older material was written for the First Groups that Volunteered to go through this first and Pathpave it all so that you and the masses could step on to that NEW higher Path much easier, faster and less painfully. In other words, take from the older information only what you need now and ignore the rest of it that doesn’t apply to you.

Also I need to mention the obvious, which is the growing insanity, negativity and chaos of the old lower patriarchy and their old lower systems and beliefs etc. It unfortunately goes with what’s happening which is their “end times”. Many of these negative lower vibe and consciousness people and beings are still fighting, hustling and trying their best to hang on to as many humans as they can, be they awake or still asleep doesn’t much matter to them at this late date in the Ascension Process. Bottom line with all this is to not be stupid, gullible, naïve, lazy, careless or expecting someone or something else will arrive on a snorting white steed to “save” you at the last moment. Ain’t gonna happen, this time is about YOU/ME/WE doing it, not about someone else or a group of someone’s (like ETs or Angels etc.) coming down to Earth physicality and “rescuing” you or doing all the hard work for you. These beings have always been where they are, working their etheric backsides off helping all of us to do it ourselves now down here.

And finally, know that life as we’ve all known it here is over and a NEW higher way of being and reality is rapidly manifesting in each of us and of course externally too. The prep work is always the longest and hardest while the great stuff happens pretty quickly in comparison. (I’m going to repeat that line for the Forerunners too newbies.)  😀



My tone is going to change with you my fellow Forerunners of the Forerunners/Forerunners/Wayshowers/Pathpavers because it’s time to quite screwing around getting distracted by all the silly left brained crap from people who don’t have a real clue about what’s going on. Discernment beings of Light! Self-empowerment beings of Light! Said another way, stop trying to read the tattered old tea leaves lying in the dirt of the past and/or ancient past and just get on with the current business at/in your own HighHeart!

My gawd it amazes (and surprises and sometimes frustrates) me how so many of the Forerunners are still, I repeat, still in 2016 looking for answers, information, guidance etc. outside themselves for things they already have/are within them! Now to be honest, on those extra bad days I sometimes do this too because I’ve momentarily forgotten who/what I really AM so I go back to the old lower familiar, which is searching outside myself for whatever.

Forerunners of the Forerunners and Forerunners hear me when I say to you that our old times of transmuting, clearing, cleaning ourselves, others, blood lines, timelines, the human Collective across time, spending years or decades mopping and polishing the vast labyrinth of floors in the lower Astral, all we have since the start of the Ascension Process/Galactic Alignment around 1998-1999, has ended. We did it, all of it, now we need to get with the current program which is VERY different from the Work we’ve done since 1999ish.

Now we Forerunners of the Forerunners need to get proficient at constantly being the Light while in (insert your name – Denise) form on Earth. Not just for ten minutes every other Tuesday, but all the time no matter what insanity, distractions, chaos, negative interference attempts upon us or any other dark crap is taking place. None of that matters as it’s TD’s “end times” and the old patriarchy hanging on for dear life in whatever ways they can get it at this late date in the Process.

We’ve always known the Separation of Worlds & Timelines wouldn’t be all warm and fuzzy. Let the old things go while you/me/we Forerunners of the Forerunners and Forerunners learn to constantly be the Light in the NEW World. That’s one of our jobs at the moment; becoming fully Sovereign and using ourselves as Source incarnate as you/me/we individually on Earth. You have constant access to higher information via your Higher Awareness and other dimensional Selves etc. You are the Light. You are Source incarnate as (insert your name) here on Earth in the physical. What exactly are you searching for externally now and why? You/me/we must learn to always look within first because that’s where everything is and we need to consciously know this and live from this HighHeart place of individual Self-Empowerment and Sovereignty (Embodiment of Higher with Lower). I know this is the complete opposite of the old lower world brainwashing from Team Dark (TD) but I hope you better understand why it’s so important for the Forerunners of the Forerunners and Forerunners to correct this lie and do so from inside ourselves now. We are becoming the living examples of being Self as Source, or Embodied, or Sovereign as they’re all the same thing. This is an aspect of Embodiment. After that we can teach the masses how to do it if they desire or need it.

We’re now having to learn to never look without for things we need but always within for them. That sentence also reads much easier than it is lived and mastered. It’s what’s on our spiritual and physical plates now however; being Self as Source, being Sovereign in all ways, being the Light, being our I AM all the time no matter what or who tries to convince us otherwise.

I’m well aware that the best way for one to learn something and become really good at it is to do it many times, and probably need to do it a few more times! This is how we learn all aspects of something NEW to us and how to fully Embody it within ourselves and use it when we need it, whatever it is. Do this now fellow Forerunners and stop the old lower habit of always looking outside yourself for answers, insights, energies, love/LOVE, Light, power etc. Who ascended anyway and why? 😉 Don’t forget who you really are, who and what you’ve become or are becoming. It’s important and needed that each of us honestly understands this now at this point within the Ascension and Embodiment Process.

The prep work is always the longest and hardest while the great stuff happens pretty quickly in comparison.


May 13, 2016

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39 thoughts on “Ascension Process Info for Newbies & Forerunners

  • I feel the need to comment here on this beautiful post, I’m currently in a 17 year old body, but my soul, haha, is very old. But i’ve realized this over time. When I was a kid I saw things differently, and I was always called ” sensitive”. I really have dove into spirituality these past few years, and everyday is an amazing ride. I am continuing to realize who I really am, and have realized that when I was a kid, growing up also with empathic abilities, and having a broad intuition, and even going out and sitting on my drive way, taking a hammer to the concrete to get the quartz crystals out haha, I see that the spirituality has always been there in me, before i even knew that spirituality was a word. My friend emailed me this post, and even though I have only been on earth since 1998, I have a knowing that I am/want/would love to do something wonderful for humanity. Instead of going out and doing regular teenager things, I have way more fun going to healing shares or talking about spiritual modalities, or listening to Kryon or Channeling my own I Am. To be truthful, I don’t even know why I am saying all of this!

    But what I do want to say is that for all of you here and for all of you reading this. Thank you for what you do, thank you for all of it. I honor you and I hope with all my heart that you remember to Honor and Love yourself!

    I don’t know if the woman named Song will see this post but I feel a very soft gentle but very real connection with you. I would love to talk to you sometime.

    May blessed peace and love be with you always.

  • Oh Denise, thank you so much again for a much needed read! Recently, I am feeling very strong in my discernment practice. And after I decide what is what…..I actually FEEL GOOD about it and then just go about my day. Yes, the prep work is hard and I am in the midst of it all but I can SEE clearly what I cannot always articulate. Crazy! Thank you for sending out all your LOVE with your postings. I resonate with you and all the comments here. I feel so blessed and in wonderful company. Again, many thanks for creating this platform!

  • Eman, I really appreciated your words to Denise. While I didn’t actually encounter the I AM or the idea of the light in those terms until I went to Mt. Shasta in 1981, I had been in a spiritual practice and involved in deep emotional clearing work for many years before that.
    I was one of those whose kundalini was being activated in the early eighties and absolutely everything you said is true. I’ve never been together enough to do what bloggers like Denise have done. I can only say Denise and others have been, quite literally, lifesavers for me over the years. My eyes teared up when I read your comment.

    What has helped me a great deal to survive it all is learning to be more skillful at attracting a reality I prefer, taking 100% responsiblity for all my experience and learning to love myself in the process. I have gone from being a total “space cadet,” to being a fairly grounded and quite happy individual. My team was always giving me assignments that I never seemed able to complete. One day I asked them why they kept hanging out with me and they replied, “Because the lesson you really came to learn is to be able to love yourself no matter what.” That may be my greatest achievement in this lifetime, lol! That and being a world class appreciator, she says modestly.(smile).

    Because I’ve been moving again and again and again, mostly along the ring of fire, the one contribution I’ve been able to actually commit to and carry through with any degree of consistency, has been to allow my own body to “step down” the incoming energies for others and to do emotional clearing for the collective. I’ll be 77 in less than a month and I can step away from my previous work and allow my body to enjoy a new kind of well-being, thanks to the many that have come to do this same kind of work.

    During this long process, I’ve gone from being effusively grateful just to have a couple of dollars in my pocket to having completely unexpected checks and opportunities create a real sense of abundance. My advice to “newbies” is to listen to those like Kryon & Bashar & Abraham, among others, who share so much vital information about reality creating. And be sure not to beat yourself up if you find yourself wallowing in self-pity and resentment because “the light” isn’t doing it all for you. Just love your inner victim and keep practicing.

    The light, the angels, guides, etc. can’t give us what we are unable to receive. The more we can unabashedly accept/love ourselves, the more we can allow ourselves to receive.
    We have undertaken to be co-creator’s of humanity’s evolution and liberation. Those of us who have scouted out this previously unknown territory are truly emerging now to say, “Hey, this journey is worth the trouble”. Come play!”

    • Hello Song,

      So nice to connect with you. Yes, I thought that my own experiences during those early years may connect with others, or at least I had hoped. But Song, you are 20 years my senior, and so lots of thanks and respect from me to you. I am touched when you wrote, “My eyes teared up when I read your comment.” You know that something has really resonated deeply and connected when this happens to us, don’t we? When this happens to me, I feel a little healing taking place, I feel a validation, I feel I’m okay, I feel I am not alone and never was, I feel that others were on the same road at the same time, but I just never knew them personally. You really did have to have a strong sense of self didn’t you, even though you were ultra vulnerable, ultra burnt out, ultra brain-scattered, ultra struggling, and with no road map or instruction manual at your disposal that you could refer to for guidance or support. I certainly had no internet, no ascension blogs, no mentors, no anyone or anything in those days. Thank god we all now have the luxury of an information and guidance provider such as ‘HighHeartLife’. And I am so deeply moved and appreciative of when Denise says “thank you” to all of us for our services rendered over the years, something I have never had in any way, shape or form. This nearly moves me to tears to be acknowledged in this way. I do regret that because of the chronic and sometimes critically poor state of my personal finances, I have never been in a position to be able to pass on a donation to her, of which she is so deserving, since I started reading her blog.

      So here I am today and I am still fatigued, still in a daze, the only difference being that somewhere along the way I seem to have lost any abilities I had. The other thing these days is that pain and body issues from head to toe now reign, and my fun personality no longer exists, and I seem to lack interest in a world which I find glaringly even more difficult to relate to. About the only things I haven’t lost is my innate sense of self and unchanging awareness that yearns for a world of unity consciousness, and also my status as an empath that I was born with. (And then there’s the OCD which strangely I have had since very small. I wonder if it would be too silly to say that with the OCD and some other tendencies I have, I do feel sometimes that these are being initiated by external or inorganic causes which have nothing to do with me). I am not quite sure what to make of all of this, I just can’t explain it. It’s as if I was primed and then put aside to sit or just wait indefinitely. What saddens me is that for most of my life I had access to a higher mind and knew things, the unified field perhaps which allowed me to understand or cognize ‘stuff’ instantly, easily and without necessarily introducing the intellect into the equation. For years now, that access has been compromised greatly or perhaps even blocked completely. Because of this, I do wonder if the many years of transmuting dark heavy energies has affected my higher heart mind connection, and left its mark on me. Hmm, I certainly hope not, as I think the higher heart mind connection is probably the most important thing in life along with self acceptance.

      May your coming birthday be the best ever Song. You have certainly earned that my friend. Be well, take care and happy ascending energies to everyone!

      • The Dedication in A Lightworker’s Mission reads–

        This book is dedicated to all who have worked from both sides of the dimensional veil to bring about the greatest of transitions.

        That would be incarnates such as yourself Eman and Song and so many others. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Hello Song,

      I feel a very gentle but very real connection with you, it almost feels like I’m sitting on a beach with you right now haha. I was wondering if maybe we could have a conversation some time?

      Much Love 🙂

      • Hi Christa, I’d very much enjoy connecting with you. Probably the easiest way is through Facebook. If you let me know your whole name & the place associated with it, I’ll find you and send you a friend request.

  • Hello Denise,

    Blessings, love, and continuing courage and strength be forever yours, which I know you have an abundance of by the way dear Denise.

    I have just read “The Past 24 Hours”. I think this is what you were referring to when you spoke of ending ‘Transitions’ and starting up anew with ‘HighHeartLife’. I remember you talking about ‘wannabes’ and how the energy of Transitions was being impacted upon and would affect readers too. And I immediately understood as I had found your blog in 2013, and sometimes read the comments. My feelings on some of the comments was validated I think when you came out with the blog telling us that you needed to start afresh and outlined the reasons why.

    I do wonder and ask those who have been knowingly on the ascension road for a decade or less to be mindful please that some have been on this path for more than 20 years, and are still acting with some grace and decorum, as hard and sometimes traumatic as their lives have been and perhaps continue to be. I imagine that these few people whose kundalini was being activated in the early 1990s had transmuted much of the really tough stuff years ago. I imagine they were very isolated, alone, lonely, chronically fatigued, and hurting much in those days when those in the new age forum didn’t seem to relate much to them, nor them to many from the new age. They seemed to stand out as loners or a bit different, perhaps alienated. There were no ascension blogs or mentors for information and support in those days. One had to just ‘know’ and ‘understand’ everything that was happening to them and how they fitted into the world in complete ‘trust and awareness’ of Self, their Higher Self. This had to be enough to get them through the discomfort, embarassment, breakdowns, shock and trauma sometimes, shaking and neverending vibrating internal and external, and alienation of trying to fit in to their daily lives of living and trying to provide for oneself and family in this reality.

    I imagine that some or many of these early starters have been experiencing and feeling for many years now a complete frying of their systems, their bodies, perhaps their psychology, their motivations and perhaps their ability to gain employment and maintain confidence in Self and their place in the world.

    I guess my point is that we all know how tough the ascension journey is. But we have to remember when interacting with others on this same journey to remain respectful and perhaps mindful that there are always those who have come before who have backbreakingly slashed the paths through the previously unchartered deep interiors of dense jungle terrain, so to clear the way for you to ensure that you walk much quicker and easier through. So when someone has gained enough respect, credibility and experience that qualifies her to mentor and write a regular free online blog regarding ‘The Ascension’, I myself think we need to just sit back, take her down-to-earthiness and say-it-like-it-is experience with a smile on our face and a big thank you in our hearts. I mean if any of us feel that we have the well-rounded experience, and are highly qualified enough to write a blog which will gain a following of over 800,000 readers, then we would be doing so I guess, for the sole purpose of being in service, of course!

    Here’s lots of love, gratitude and admiration coming at ya Denise from Australia.

  • Thank you for explaining what is going on. Last year I fell through the ceiling of our garage and landed 10feet below on a floor jack among other things. I was bruised, but no broken bones, which is quite a miracle for a 55 year old lady. I knew I should be hurt a lot worse and felt it was my guardian angel that saved me. Since then I have been seeking and searching and reading all I can. This article helps so much, I am still confused but know something great is happening. Thank you

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  • What a long strange trip it’s been! But as sad and painful and frustrating ect, ect that has been this lifetime for me, I know that I know that I know beyond words even in the worst of times that all was meant to be as is, choices made, paths not taken have all brought me right here in this now. Sure things are not all wonderful all the time but a deep since of peace and acceptance has come. Seems time does not exist, dreams can feel more real than regular life. Nature and animals outside my window can bring more joy and love to my heart than most anything else. No matter how alone I am, I am never truly alone. Sorry about the ramblings, just read your post from today. What a warrior you are and continue to be. .Thanks for not being afraid to speak the truth. Much love and courage to you from me.

  • Hi Denise

    I am new to you, but you have been in my life since you started this phase of your blogging presence ( HHL). I don’t remember the day or the exact circumstances of how I found your site; it was through a divine portal of another Internet site is all I recall. I do remember, however, the intense feeling of connection! I was in my car eating lunch, trying to decompress from the insanity of my work place when I read your entries that day ( maybe a handful back then); anyway, they changed me then- enough to feel the impact.
    Since then I have kept up, and like old friends, sometimes we drift apart on certain things, or not grow at the same times, and at those times what you write is still engaging, it just sometimes doesn’t resonate all that much.

    For the last 3-4 weeks, I have been so restless on the internet- searching, seeking, looking for anything to give me new insights, or direction or something! Now I know why I haven’t found any satisfaction and suddenly, after this I no longer have that feeling! So I thank you for ALL you do, and I thank you for the mini wake up in the big awakening of all. Xoxo

    • It is my great pleasure Vicky. ❤

      I've often said how difficult it's been for me to write about the Ascension Process because each and every one of us is 1) individual and unique and 2) almost always at either very big or only slightly different Stair-steps within this Process. In other words, one size does NOT fit all with Ascension Process information! Because of this it’s obviously difficult to always express these things because there’s so many different layers, phases, steps and of course individual growth, timing, abilities and so on.

      I’ve been sensing it’s finally time for me to write about some things I haven’t as yet because I knew it was too soon. It’s time now however so my tone might sound a bit different in one article and not so much in another. The time of silently “enabling” certain people is over, for all parties. It’ do this or leave time.

      After thousands of years of intentional disempowering tactics by Team Dark to weaken humanity to the point that they completely forget they are aspects of Source/God, it’s now time for humans to pick their power back up again, put it on, keep it on, and learn to live and consciously create as Self-as-Source instead of the old lower negative parasitic ways of always looking outside oneself for others to do it for you and/or to steal from them and on and on. We’ve all reached a very NEW point in this Ascension Process in 2016 and for some it’s going to get increasingly difficult; for others, just the opposite will be the case.

      • Dear Denise,

        As always, I truly appreciate what you share of your experiences and observations of your personal Ascension process. I may not always be on the same “step” or “level”, and I really respect where you are and the work that you do 🙂

        I hope this is not off topic. I was compelled to respond to your comment:

        “The time of silently “enabling” certain people is over, for all parties. It’ do this or leave time.”

        In a few different situations I have found a Power within me to shout (or sternly speak up) a truth to a neighbor caught in several layers of darkness, contend with some others without guilt or apologies… instead of my usual, “don’t want to rock the boat and have to deal with them coming at me physically”. The situations all turned out as well as could be for me.

        Recently, the situation turned to my closest friends. I found I could no longer tolerate or “wait for them to catch up” and “enable” them and will be talking with them in a couple days. I won’t tolerate any more lying or lying by omission because of their fear I will yell. I have not yelled at my friend for years, and the one instance was justified. I will not enable the stories they tell themselves because I have found I CANNOT live with ANY lying from those closest to me. I can be patient and tolerant of mistakes they make in their lives, I CANNOT live with any lies any longer. I will not apologize for the truth that may feel brutal and like I’m accusing (their point of view through their fear). This is a New Loving skill I’ve needed to add in my life; not to hurt others, this is to help lift them out of their fear and to know truth coated with Love. If they are not ready, I may need to disengage from them for a while. So your message really hit square where I’m at for the moment 🙂

        Heart Hugs,

  • Hi, Denise – like I Nikkoale it’s been years since I commented but I’m still here, in my little corner of southern Scotland, taking each day as it comes and doing my very best with whatever is mine to deal with. And there certainly has been a lot – all the usual but far less than others have had to face. It continues to be interesting, challenging, confusing but inch by inch I do feel I’m making progress. The support and guidance of people like yourself and Lisa Renee is absolutely invaluable and I appreciate everything you say and do for us all. Your article reminded me of other ‘teachers’ who’s work I used to follow (rely on) when I was learning discernment and moving through the ‘love and light’ phase of the ascension journey. That was all pretty sticky for me personally but am now just realizing how much stronger I am and don’t even go there any more. Stair steps as you always say – I know I’m many rungs below/behind others here but nevertheless steadily working away and doing my best. With huge respect, Susie xx

  • Hello, Everyone,

    It’s also been a long time for me to comment here. I had an experience on a long bus ride the other day that I want to share. I took a seat and shortly before the bus was about to leave, a man rudely got on (really) and fretted and argued that the seat I was sitting in was his seat and he had paid for it, blah, blah, blah. The old patriarchy. I said I got motion sickness and the guy behind him immediately gave up his seat to me and another woman offered hers. I find that the negative old is almost immediately balanced by the kind new energies. I stewed for a bit because the guy’s jumpy, nervous energy got to me (being an empath), but just started to talk to other people on the bus and it passed. At one stop, he managed to “bump” (read kick me) and the woman in front of him told me to sit in her place as she was getting off there. So then I was sitting in front of him. I thought reading this that it was all symbolic. I was eventually placed in front of the old patriarchy and at the front of the bus.

    I also had a long conversation with a friend yesterday who is also on a spiritual path, but a very specific one. She has commented on how at peace I am and that she thinks I will make it through everything I’m going through (horrible finances being the main one right now). She is feeling out of sorts and alone without a family (who thinks she’s weird) and I was telling her that that’s normal, that the world is in transition and that it is happening to all of us. She is like many of us who can only find solace in nature and animals right now. I am so thankful for the magpies!

    I do feel at peace and full of light. When I interact with people, I flash what I can only imagine is a brilliant smile full of love and light. People have been commenting on it even. I have found that I can have an effect on the weather if I choose and can bring things to me. It’s still a ways to go, but I’m starting to really feel who I am.

    Love and Hugs to All,

    • hi cat and everyone,

      i’ve been wanting to say that i’m sorry for being so “negative,” but that’s just the way it is. i’m always trying to stay calm, hold steady … i was told recently that holding steady and clearing out the interdimensional realms meant holding steady a “wobble” that affected not only the earth realms but also this universe.

      can’t say much more right now … but yes, so many synchronicities and weird weird and often “unholy” events happening.

      i wish i could make a lick of sense. everything is so strange, and yet i feel lucid within….

      i too feel at peace and full of light, in a way. but also very deeply hurt and traumatised and contantly under attack.

      so crazy….

      INfinite LOVE,

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  • Namaste (Denise) All As One,

    Forerunners of Forerunners .. I’ve hung up the old ways .. a long time ago .. although at times (once in a while) .. I still can’t lay on my back or sometimes .. can’t even lay down at all. My joints are still in pain when I garden too much especially my hands/fingers. Bones are still having the pain … etc. It’s all about transformation and mutation on every level.

    I felt that the energy Now is to unite all the Awakeners (and those still asleep) as One to beat the ‘crap’ out of the old energy .. I mean … transmute, transform and Unite (not rejuvenate because rejuvenation is healing to the ‘old’ form and now we are mutating to the new form which none of us has been before).

    We will All, continue to be a mixed pot of stew from all multi-dimensions and yes… regardless of whichever dimension/s, We are All to merge as One. From then on, the total consolidation will mutate to another level with all unique energies and forms. Like you’ve mentioned before, Denise .. it’s all multi mini stair steps .. one layer at a time and it’s mutating constantly at our own pace .. however and whichever way our physical body can take it.

    We are All One and a beautiful Light Force (LT) to be reckoned with (DT). Thank you for sharing with us your experiences, Denise. Sending much love and the brightest Reiki blessings to (You) All As One.

  • well, right on sistah your spunk and way with words..just one thing tho..TD if you will..does not always come in the guise of “patriarchal”..male..let me tell ya I have recently had my fair share of ‘Matriarchal” TD. I just finally had to put the kabosh on her constant ..slights and negativity directed at me.This person has been in my life for 35 yrs. I am 67 and we have lived in the same town during the last 10 years..and geez..the “lighter” I have gotten the more ‘nasty’ she has an energy drain..vampire…until finally this week..I just was able to ‘state the facts’ to her..imagine a woman approaching 60 and has no clue of ..ascension, or elevating oneself or and of the dimensions,or spirituality on any level..oh, I am pretty sure she thinks wine might be some sort of ‘god’….she is earthbound and a ‘victim’ in all of the things life has sent her way..she has no clue about creating those things..they are done to her.We are taught to love one another ..blah blah blah…and someone in your life for so long is kinda like ‘family’ try to work things out..let things go..pretend it didn’t hurt feelings and the list goes on..and then one are just DONE with the dance of energy vampires..TD folks..I feel like my soul is a ‘grown up’ now. It’s okay for me to speak my truth, I have to think of myself, I am not going to be able to ‘fix” people or things or situations that are not ‘mine’ to fix..I just have to be true to my school. I feel such relief as the ‘facts’ I was finally able to state without too sounding like a victim of her darkness….was cathartic..I am not attached to what she may feel about it..not mine to fix. I could only speak of my experience with her is just so powerful to finally get to ” I AM DONE WITH THAT>>” whatever your ‘that ‘ is that you so want to rid yourself of..zippity do dah..I almost feel giddy with the lightness at times..thank you Denise..I would imagine many read and say that and don’t ‘comment’,but know you are doing a fantastic ‘service’ here for many…no fluff..just statin’ the facts mam..perfection.Always remember to exhale..

    • Catharina,

      Let me clarify this misunderstanding about the patriarchy.

      For the past many thousands of years the entire planet has been under a patriarchal rule, consciousness, energy, belief systems and so on. Many, many hundreds of thousands of years before this, Earth and all its inhabitants were under a planetary matriarchal rule, consciousness, energy, belief systems and so on. So it’s gone:

      1st. Matriarchy
      2nd. Patriarchy
      3rd. Evolving beyond this old lower frequency Duality, integrating it all within ourselves so we can evolve into Unity or Neutrality or Triality as opposed to the dualized female or male split of the past and ancient past.

      The current (and throughout our lifetimes up to this point) global patriarchy has been the only game in town, because this business is progressive. This means that everyone, men and women, little boys and little girls have all been living in a totally patriarchal world. This means we’ve all encountered females (young and old) that are just as, and in some cases much more patriarchal or negatively masculine than some males. And to go one more step with this I need to add that the “patriarchy” on Earth over these past many thousands of years has been negative aliens’ consciousness and influence on all of humanity! This is why we’ve been at war the entire time of the patriarchal rule on Earth; it’s designed, pushed and manifested via Team Dark alien beings. In other words, all this negative shit isn’t even humanities doing because humans are, naturally, gentle, kind, sensitive beings…until they’re intentionally interfered with by negative nonphysical alien beings (Archons, Reptilians, Draconians etc.)

      So… hopefully everyone understands that that human in front of you, whether male or female, isn’t even acting on their own as they try to rip you to pieces for whatever the reasons. Kids, we are and always have been dealing with a whole lot more than what’s just on the surface in these lives.

      Is everyone reading all these comments and replies understanding that all this stuff that’s being discussed, experienced etc. is the mass of retrograde planets prepping each of us for more NEW energies upcoming with the June Solstice?

      • yes, I do understand the energy of “patriarchal” of which you speak. I was mostly giving a literal example of ..well, I guess the physical representation of male and female..and to perhaps let ‘newbies’ if you not be lookin’ for every male walkin’ down the street..:)…but your reply to me will certainly clarify better than I .
        PS.someone mentioned Lisa Renee in your comments and I looked to see what she was about..what was amazing..was there was an article on her blog on May 9th 2016..”transforming Dark Mother”..well, just wow..a whole nother take on this female/mother energy…fallen goddess etc..all so timely this stuff for sure

  • Mikey,

    You are more powerful than you yet know. I know exactly what you’re going through via other people being used to try and get at you/me/us in whatever ways they can. It’s up to us in how we deal with what we’re going through and that’s the “lesson” in all this; discovering that we’re so far beyond that shit and that we’re not willing to expend a drop of our precious daily quotient of Life-force on lowly tactics such as these from the unaware.

    I’ve discovered that at some points it was important to fight the good fight etc. with Team Dark. I needed to know how powerful I actually was. But, eventually after realizing this about myself, I became so tired of fighting, battling, having to protect myself and so on that I just wanted to get there so that I wouldn’t be at that lower level myself which means I’d become “untouchable” in all ways to TD and Portal People. Stair-steps as usual, but finally breaking through this glass ceiling is fantastic and worth all the hard Work to finally get there. 😉 You’re so close my friend. ❤

    • Wow. I woke up (was it yesterday, no… think it was on the 13th) with a nagging “timelime collapsing, timeline collapsing…in my head.
      Don’t even remember if I managed to leave a comment about that on your blog ? Was curious if you felt it too.

      Again, yesterday, almost wrote, and then let it go… Here it was, and still is intense. TD pretty relentless. I guess what stopped me is the imbecil idea that maybe you’re not feeling it, and why “jinks” it for you.
      Stupid, stupid 🙂

      Lots of people are feeling it. I just read Denise’s new post… Aw. It is intense. I see some are “loosing” it big time. So… all of us, out here, Denise and all of us, HANG ON. Keep close, vent if necessary (thank you Denise for leaving this comment section open).
      It’s much more than just about venting, it’s sharing what we go thru. Openly, honestly. Yes, this period is intense, And we need like-minded people to share this with.
      Right now, I certainly feel that Truth and Integrity are the biggest pillars we can use. Love and Light are a way of life (for a lot of us at least). But right now, in this dense battle going on, Truth and Integrity are your 2 torches that will help light the way.
      It’s everything TD cannot be.

      ❤ and hugs

  • Thank you, Denise, for the reminder of “we are who we have been waiting for”. Many hugs to you for your courage and tenacity to experience and share your journey into self. Millie

  • I haven’t commented in a long time, Denise, but I’m still here, reading — and ascending. 🙂 You were my lifesaver back in 2011 when I was looking for answers to my own questions about what the heck was going on. I don’t even remember which TRANSITIONS article my Higher Self led me to of yours, but when I read it, I said, “OMG! This is ME!!!! She is writing about Me!” And thus my awakened journey began in earnest. I love you so much, and I am so grateful for all that you do for me and for others through your work. Thank you! Great big Heart Hugs!!

  • Thanks Denise, as usual all in perfect synch but deeply grateful having done most of the work blind as a bat, to see the simple words you use for my somewhat knackered mind to understand. You are a star! Thanks and much love, Linda

    • Linda, make that a knackered star! 😆

      None of this has been easy for any of us and that’s why it is so important that we’re all kind to and respectful of each other. Thanks. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • i am not experiencing any decrease in the activities of TD. trying to hold steady but am just so worn out. don’t know how to hold on…i keep feeling like there’s something i should be able to do, but i feel more dead than alive after all these decades of torture, torment, and so on. loss. incapacitation. i keep looking for some tiny sign of improvement, but it doesn’t happen.

    the only good thing that has happened recently is that my son (age 29), whose kidneys are failing due to birth deformities, has agreed to put himself on the kidney transplant list. he is really as sad and hurt as i am. we wonder, what’s the point? he does not have a spiritual perspective … he thinks death means the end, and at times i wish that were true, given the system that is in charge here … but he has such a good heart and is much loved here on earth.

    but the nature of reality … what is it? what’s going on??? the more i hear, the more i experience, the more confused i become. and the suffering is unceasingly deep. i have faith and connection and yet ….. words like experiment, sacrifice … which i hear so often … who’s really in charge??? what’s really happening?

    much love to all

  • Hi Mikey. I feel you. Sending you a big warm hug. I can so relate to how the dark work in others to attack me. Less now than a few years ago. That’s much why i work with children and surround myself with animals and nature. I feel looking back at my life ….i often where attacked when i was raising my energy or was really close to something good. They tried to bring me down into darkness, dispair, fear and worry. They wanted me to give up. They wanted to destroy the light in me. At the time i thought they where after ME but now i feel its the light in me that they always where after. My Heart always told me. Stay open. No matter how painful or hard it is. Stay open. I feel Our Hearts are star gates for higher energy. My Heart plants seeds of Love everywhere i go. 🙂

    I was in a car accident this morning. I ran a red light. I was hit by on coming traffic. Ive been in chock all day. Super emotional. In fear. Im ok but Closest to death i’ve been in this life. All day i’ve been asking why this happened. Going to Lisa Renees and Denise Le Fays website for clues and insights. What came to me was so i can learn to trust myself. I had to be hit hard to stop. Stop everything. So that i would pay attention to my voice within. My divine guidance. Like Denise wrote about in her blog today. Stop looking outside. I was judging myself for the accident. I couldn’t believe that i didn’t pay attention. What came to me was you choose if you want to Love yourself or Judge your self. I will have two completly different experiences depending what i choose. Today I’m Learning to Love me in stressful situations. Please keep me in your prayers as i don’t know what will happen to my car as i had the minimum state required insurance. Much Love for you my friend. Thank You Denise for always sharing your truth on this Amazing sometimes scary Journey Home. Good Night.

    • ‘…I was in a car accident this morning. I ran a red light. I was hit by on coming traffic. Ive been in chock all day. Super emotional. In fear. Im ok but Closest to death i’ve been in this life. All day i’ve been asking why this happened. Going to Lisa Renees and Denise Le Fays website for clues and insights. What came to me was so i can learn to trust myself. I had to be hit hard to stop. Stop everything. So that i would pay attention to my voice within. My divine guidance. Like Denise wrote about in her blog today. Stop looking outside…’


      Sometimes we need our little cages rattled real hard to scare us into change. When this happens it’s terrifying but it literally–if we’re wise enough and open enough–helps us in very profound ways. I think you’re amazing to have figured this “lesson” out so quickly after having the poo scared out of you! Very, very well done you! ❤ ❤ ❤

      Because you used this potential "disaster" in very positive and honest ways of self-growth and insights etc., know that all the other changes coming because of this "accident" are going to, in the long run, also be positive for you. Know you are Love and are loved/Loved and that we're there with you through this. ❤

      • Thank You for your Loving Support : ) I Really Appreciate Your Kind Words. I feel the hit to my body shook up fear that was stuck in my body.. I was shaking and shivering feeling a deep fear in regards to surviving surface from my lower body day after my accident. I felt this fear that came up has kept me frozen and paralyzed to take inspired action. I feel very open. More now than before my accident. I feel deeply present. More now than before the accident. Working on trusting everything will unfold in divine order when it comes to my car, court, insurance phone calls and in pound this coming up week. All the things that gives me severe anxiety, hitting me all at once. All i can do is breath. And stay present. Thank You Again for all that you do.

        Big Hugs To You!!

    • Thank You for your sweet kind words. I’ve been resting up at a friends house over the weekend. I’m not injured. My body is recovering from the shock. Just sore and tight. Moving slow. Still cant believe i didn’t get hurt. I’m very present and aware in all my actions. Everything stopped for me. I feel open and vulnerable but also powerful at the same time. Still integrating my experience. I had to work today. I feel a big split. Humans acting caring, loving and kind ….humans playing the aggressive and controlling way. I am just breathing in between the two. I find out about my car tomorrow. I don’t think they can fix it as i was hit hard on the back axel. Thank You again for communicating to me to other day. I really needed to feel close to another in a very stressful time for me. I am always here. Much Love for You : )

  • Denise, as usual, we are in sync. In between your last post and this, I had a revelation. I used to have a teacher who said, “One can’t leave one’s job until there’s someone else to take it over.” Yippee!” I said “I quit. I’m retiring after approximately 50 years of being a planetary anchor and Light distribution center, now that there are so many others doing this job.” .

    The next day, when I spoke with my friend Sue, before hearing my story, she said, “We’ve just come full circle. Something is complete. We’re ready to acknowledge and integrate the magnificence of our Being now. No more separation. We are the Light.”

    So, I wondered if this feeling of being complete with our old “Light Worker” or “Light Warrior” roles would be experienced by many of us forerunners. & here’s your post. I have a feeling that there’s still some finishing up to do while we completely integrate and be the creator beings we’ve come to be,as we work very consciously with our cells to bring our magnificence fully into the physical.

    Thanks and appreciation for this entire “graduating class.” I figure we’ll have quite an inner ceremony by the summer solstice!

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