Fireballs, Comets, Earth, Sun & Humans

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I wrote a short post at TRANSITIONS in August 2013 about what I experienced when that “fireball event” happened. Within hours of the “fireball event” happening I received some unpleasant emails from a few people who felt they needed to correct me about what I’d said and personally experienced and/or simply attack me. At that time I knew those negative emails were caused by the energies and energetic changes the impact from that fireball caused to earth’s magnetic field. Some people experienced that August fireball event in the ways they did, while others were affected very differently and rather negatively.

August 28, 2013 “Major Fireball Event”

Four months later comet ISON reached its closest point to our sun, did all it did energetically and then disappeared, or as I said in another article, exited through the sun portal. Within hours of this second event (and article about it) I again received a few negative emails from people who felt they needed to correct me or tell me what I’m really experiencing and why according to them, and/or just attack me. While reading these latest negative emails my first thought went back to the August 28, 2013 fireball event and the negative emails I received within hours of it happening.

Obviously these deep space objects (meteors, asteroids, comets etc.) and their actions in 2013 with earth and the sun are affecting all of us far more than we realize. As an Astrologer I’m used to paying attention to what signs the planets are in, what aspects they’re making with each other, when one goes direct/retrograde and so on. I’m not familiar however with deep space objects like comet ISON or the August “major fireball event”, but I’ve been paying attention to the fact that–just like with difficult planetary aspects–they too are having a very strong and immediate influence on all of us whether we’re consciously aware of it or not.

I don’t for a second believe that any of these deep space objects coming into contact with earth and the sun now are “random events” but another layer and form of delivering Ascension-related energies to individual human’s “grid systems” (aka aura/auric field, chakras, Rewired central nervous system and brain, etheric bodies, higher awareness etc.), and to earth and earth’s grid systems and magnetic field, and to the sun and its magnetic field and so on. You see we’re all in this together and we’re all being evolved, expanded and dramatically changed into the new Evolutionary Cycle’s NEW energies. Everything has been Rewired so that they/we can safely, efficiently and comfortably embody and run these NEW vastly more complex higher frequency energies through us together — sun, earth, humans etc.

I also know that not all the credit, blame or empowerment can or should go to whatever comet or meteor or whatever the latest trigger object is, but also to the other body it comes into direct contact with such as earth with the August fireball and the sun with comet ISON in November. These deep space objects are coming into our solar system then into intimate contact with either earth and earth’s magnetic field or earth’s “aura” if you will, or they’re coming into intimate contact with our sun and its magnetic field or the sun’s “aura” if you will. That is where the real importance lies; different deep space objects have been physically and energetically impacting both our earth’s magnetic field and grid system and our sun’s in 2013… not to mention us and our auric fields and much more every time!

I’d suggest you pay attention to these different cosmic events, especially when they suddenly come zooming literally right into our earth and sun, and that you take note of how you feel, how you’re acting, what you’re saying and doing to other people during these potent energetic times. If you’re reacting in negative ways then you need to be consciously aware of that and do some honest inner investigating about why. I know why but that’s not the point; it’s up to you to become aware of these connections and what they’re triggering in you and change the situation within yourself. That’s all each of us can do… which is a lot actually.

If the NEW amplified Light is triggering your personal Princess and the Pea “peas” and exaggerating them and causing you to lash out at others, then you need to be really honest and look within yourself. The Light isn’t going to back down or go away or ease up which means your “peas”–whatever they are–are only going to get more and more uncomfortable until you honestly deal with them. Attacking or insulting other people will never make your “peas” disappear or feel better. Only you honestly looking at your issues and being willing to change will. How do I know this? From having had to live it myself for a very long time. It’s time — just do it if you want to stay in this world in your current body because the NEW energetic pressure is here to stay.


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The Last Eight Days of November 2013


I’ve been extra sick with “ascension flu” since November 22nd and it increased in intensity with the November 23rd heliocentric six planet configuration, and then every day since that date. My physical “ascension flu” aches, pains, chills, head spinning and other related physical and emotional side effects caused by these latest NEW energies peaked on Wednesday, November 27th and it was a very intense 24 hour-long grand finale that day.

On Thursday, November 28th (Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S.) with these latest physical pains finally gone, I could easily feel that the complex November 23rd astrological energetic deed had been done; that comet ISON had delivered its energetic payload; and that once that mission was done ISON immediately returned “Home” (wherever that is for it/them) via entering the multidimensional portal of the Sun. Of course that’s not what “professional scientists” will claim happened to ISON but just ignore them. 😉 ISON delivered and immediately went Home through the Sun portal. The Sun has always been a busy portal but with planets positioned in a complex star pattern (Merkaba) around it in late 2013, that portal was jumpin’ with activities, NEW energies and exciting multidimensional disappearing acts!

My ears are still ringing constantly as they have been since September 21, 2013, but that’s merely the NEW energies of the NEW and my body having to acclimate to them so eventually I won’t hear it anymore. The NEW energies aren’t going to lessen or calm down or diminish — they’re here to stay and we’re having to adapt to them in these NEW ways.

I know everyone didn’t have these November 23–27 or 28th energies affect them in the same intense painful physical and emotional ways that I did. I do know however that some of you have felt every inch of this latest shift into more of the NEW energies in and through you and your body/bodies and are also dealing with how they’re changing you, how they’re evolving you, your consciousness and your body. I’ve never felt so miserable and so wonderful and so hugged by god/Source all simultaneously as I have this past week! Once the pain and misery dissipates, the first thing one recognizes (if one consciously remembers what 5D feels like, which I always have) is that wonderful feeling of being constantly hugged by god/Source, which is what it always feels like within the fifth dimensional range. Now how’s that for an extreme 180° opposite to what we’ve come from! Onward my fellow Forerunner Pathpavers to energetic 5D “Home” and beyond.

HighHeart Hugs all around,


November 28, 2013

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First New Moon after the September 2013 Equinox

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October 4–5th 2013 is the first New Moon and first substantial energetic test we’ve received since the end of the Nine Month period on September 21–22, 2013. This first New Moon was at 11° Libra 56′ and it activated the ongoing Cardinal Square between Uranus (Aries) and Pluto (Capricorn) and the Sun (Libra) creating another T-Square.

A few days ago I added two milestone notifications in the sidebar; one for the October 4th Libra New Moon, the second one about the first Full Moon which happens to be a Lunar Eclipse on October 18, 2013 at 25° Aries 45′.

Every time the Moon (which happens every week for 2 to 3 days), or any other planet transits over the Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) hot spots where Uranus and Pluto are, the Moon or any other planet triggers, amplifies the ongoing 2012–2016 Square energies between Uranus/Pluto and that Square grows into a T-Square and/or Opposition and/or all the above. And with the Moon doing it every week for two to three days each week, some situations typically become more emotional during those days. Everyone is affected by these astrological transits but people with an energetic natal emphasis in any of the Cardinal signs are the folks embodying and anchoring much of these particular energies coming in through these transits. Close to a decade ago this happened in the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) and we had a cluster of difficult Fixed Squares and T-Squares that the Fixed sign folks felt up close and personal; now it’s happening on the Cardinal Stairstep and the Cardinal folks have been feeling it up close and personal. Different Stairsteps, phases, layers and jobs for each of us.

I’ve felt energies building as we approached the first New Moon post 9-21-13, and because of this have paid close attention to discover whatever I could about us being in the NEW now. What I’m saying is that the Sun, Moon and planets are still moving through the same old zodiacal signs as they were before 9-21-13, but, I’ve been watching closely and honestly discerning to see whatever changes and/or amplifications I am / we are now receiving because we are very much in the NEW energies of a NEW cycle.

I thought it rather interesting that the first New Moon after we exited the Nine Month period from December 21, 2012 would be in Libra — and because I have a Libra stellium natally I knew something important was, is, trying to come to the conscious surface in both myself and in any of those Libran Others’  out there…meaning all of humanity.

After a few hours of working my way through some situations and awareness’ and talking for two hours about these things a few days ago, I was impulsed to see what the Astrologer Sarah Varcas had to say about the October 4–5, 2013 Libra New Moon and it confirmed everything I’d been perceiving and living myself.

libra blk  Sarah mentioned in it that:

“…Whatever we find amidst our contemplations at this New Moon, we can rest assured that in a week’s time we have the opportunity to settle some issues which arose at the end of May. Doing so could liberate us in ways as yet unimaginable, so digging deep as the heavens suggest is well worth the effort now….”

I read that and at first I couldn’t even remember May, let alone the end of May 2013 to save my soul, then suddenly my many wonderful and also terribly difficult and trying experiences of late May and early June 2013 came flooding back again. Chills ran through me repeatedly once I remembered what I’d experienced the last week of May into the first week of June 2013 — six months ago and the start of the 3rd Uranus/Pluto Square on 5-20-13; a Lunar Eclipse 4° Sagittarius on 5-24-13; and a cluster of both really great and really miserable personal events that happened during that time. Aah, the climb out of Duality!

The best of these six-month-old events was the unexpected surprise of having Master Hotei, Divine Consciousness, and my old 5D Pleiadian male friend all come in during that time, each with their specific messages and reminders about things they wanted me to add to the end of my Introduction in my revised 2013 edition of The Temple of Master Hotei. I won’t recap that information here but would suggest that, if interested and you have the revised edition of the book, please reread the Introduction or at least the last half of it to refresh your memory too.

Everyone knows that I’m always using the term Stairsteps to convey the unending, incremental progression of the Process of Ascension. What we’re going through now with this first New Moon after 9-21-13 — that also is astrologically energetically connected to the last Lunar Eclipse on May 24, 2013 — is highly important and meaningful on multiple fronts. You will have to do the personal work of honestly ‘digging deep’ to excavate whatever those old things, issues, habits, beliefs and personal lessons are for you just as I have.

The primary wisdom I’ve gained from this first New Moon after the 9-21-13 Shift Point into the NEW is that the old methods really, no I mean really don’t work now and spiritual life must be lived individually to a degree and level we never have before. Welcome to the NEW!

In a super brief nutshell, Aries represents Self and the opposite sign Libra represents All Others. There’s much more to these two signs of course but this is the primary energy of the two of them and they’re intimately connected, as are all twelve signs making six sets of two. (Sounds like a whole lot of old lower frequency Duality doesn’t it?)

Point is that no matter how much some of us individuals (Aries Self) might want or hope that our spiritual Ascension Process and Journey might happen with like (Libra) Others, it cannot and will not and never could. The best most of us can do is occasionally get together via emails or phone primarily after the latest Ascension round and share our recent personal stories of discovery and transformation around the cyber campfire, and sometimes share our fresh battle wounds and/or old Ascension related scars with those scant few Others that are at least on Stairsteps close enough that both sides, both Selves can even understand the Other! Now, let’s get to the important part about all this which is the WHY of it.

I’ve talked about this issue many times over the years at TRANSITIONS and in A Lightworker’s Mission (January 2010), but now that we’re on the other side of the end of the Nine Month period, we’re in a very NEW place slowly realizing that we’ve got to use the NEW tools.

The way this information has always been perceived by myself is that each individual Self must live the Ascension Process body and soul for it to actually transform them energetically, physically, and in every other absolutely necessary way. This Process, these ongoing spiritual Ascension Stairsteps are Initiations — each and every one — and are the literal energetic triggers (painful, difficult and lengthy as they are) that transform each of us internally and externally, physically and energetically which is the whole point.

The obvious flip-side of this is that all Others must do the same them Selves. It doesn’t matter one little bit that I might or you might or we might like or want or hope to have Others to go through this spiritual Ascension Process with — that’s from the old lower frequencies of the 3D world we finally Shifted out of. In this NEW we’re in now, each of us HAS to go through these Alchemical and consciousness transformations individually so we’re really and truly energetically transformed into the NEW.

Once we each do this individually then we’ll automatically find ourselves with like Others who’ve done exactly the same them Selves. This is how and when the NEW Groups will be created; individual by individual by individual. Only individual Initiates who’ve physically and in every other way personally lived the Alchemical Ascension Process gain access to the next NEW level where, slowly, the NEW Groups of like Others will find themselves within the same frequency range. The important difference with this from the old lower ways of our past however is that these individuals won’t “need” anyone else in those old lower parasitic ways. NEW Groups will form only if there’s an important reason(s) for them to be formed.

Done this way we’re assured that there will never be any uninitiated wannabes in the NEW with us; any parasites in the NEW with us; any cons in the NEW with us; any fakes in the NEW with us; any old lower frequency Duality consciousness and motives etc. in the NEW with us and so on. This individual Initiatic method of gaining access to higher dimensions, energies, consciousness and abilities is an energetic safeguard for all concerned. Entrance can ONLY be had by actually living the Ascension Process individually which automatically transforms each individual Self, guaranteeing that the entire higher NEW Group of Others will be equal and of the highest quality etc.

So we’ve reached the point and level where we have to ‘walk our talk’, ‘practice what we preach’, and individually live/be what we’ve learned and still are learning, and transformed and are still transforming into, and eventually we’ll notice more and more like Others existing in the same space we are. This is and always has been a solo act and these are some of the important reasons why it has to be this way. But we’re inching our ways to the day when we’re going to start rubbing 5D elbows with other individuals who’ve personally been transformed by having lived the Ascension Process themselves too.


October 6, 2013

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