First New Moon after the September 2013 Equinox

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October 4–5th 2013 is the first New Moon and first substantial energetic test we’ve received since the end of the Nine Month period on September 21–22, 2013. This first New Moon was at 11° Libra 56′ and it activated the ongoing Cardinal Square between Uranus (Aries) and Pluto (Capricorn) and the Sun (Libra) creating another T-Square.

A few days ago I added two milestone notifications in the sidebar; one for the October 4th Libra New Moon, the second one about the first Full Moon which happens to be a Lunar Eclipse on October 18, 2013 at 25° Aries 45′.

Every time the Moon (which happens every week for 2 to 3 days), or any other planet transits over the Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) hot spots where Uranus and Pluto are, the Moon or any other planet triggers, amplifies the ongoing 2012–2016 Square energies between Uranus/Pluto and that Square grows into a T-Square and/or Opposition and/or all the above. And with the Moon doing it every week for two to three days each week, some situations typically become more emotional during those days. Everyone is affected by these astrological transits but people with an energetic natal emphasis in any of the Cardinal signs are the folks embodying and anchoring much of these particular energies coming in through these transits. Close to a decade ago this happened in the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) and we had a cluster of difficult Fixed Squares and T-Squares that the Fixed sign folks felt up close and personal; now it’s happening on the Cardinal Stairstep and the Cardinal folks have been feeling it up close and personal. Different Stairsteps, phases, layers and jobs for each of us.

I’ve felt energies building as we approached the first New Moon post 9-21-13, and because of this have paid close attention to discover whatever I could about us being in the NEW now. What I’m saying is that the Sun, Moon and planets are still moving through the same old zodiacal signs as they were before 9-21-13, but, I’ve been watching closely and honestly discerning to see whatever changes and/or amplifications I am / we are now receiving because we are very much in the NEW energies of a NEW cycle.

I thought it rather interesting that the first New Moon after we exited the Nine Month period from December 21, 2012 would be in Libra — and because I have a Libra stellium natally I knew something important was, is, trying to come to the conscious surface in both myself and in any of those Libran Others’  out there…meaning all of humanity.

After a few hours of working my way through some situations and awareness’ and talking for two hours about these things a few days ago, I was impulsed to see what the Astrologer Sarah Varcas had to say about the October 4–5, 2013 Libra New Moon and it confirmed everything I’d been perceiving and living myself.

libra blk  Sarah mentioned in it that:

“…Whatever we find amidst our contemplations at this New Moon, we can rest assured that in a week’s time we have the opportunity to settle some issues which arose at the end of May. Doing so could liberate us in ways as yet unimaginable, so digging deep as the heavens suggest is well worth the effort now….”

I read that and at first I couldn’t even remember May, let alone the end of May 2013 to save my soul, then suddenly my many wonderful and also terribly difficult and trying experiences of late May and early June 2013 came flooding back again. Chills ran through me repeatedly once I remembered what I’d experienced the last week of May into the first week of June 2013 — six months ago and the start of the 3rd Uranus/Pluto Square on 5-20-13; a Lunar Eclipse 4° Sagittarius on 5-24-13; and a cluster of both really great and really miserable personal events that happened during that time. Aah, the climb out of Duality!

The best of these six-month-old events was the unexpected surprise of having Master Hotei, Divine Consciousness, and my old 5D Pleiadian male friend all come in during that time, each with their specific messages and reminders about things they wanted me to add to the end of my Introduction in my revised 2013 edition of The Temple of Master Hotei. I won’t recap that information here but would suggest that, if interested and you have the revised edition of the book, please reread the Introduction or at least the last half of it to refresh your memory too.

Everyone knows that I’m always using the term Stairsteps to convey the unending, incremental progression of the Process of Ascension. What we’re going through now with this first New Moon after 9-21-13 — that also is astrologically energetically connected to the last Lunar Eclipse on May 24, 2013 — is highly important and meaningful on multiple fronts. You will have to do the personal work of honestly ‘digging deep’ to excavate whatever those old things, issues, habits, beliefs and personal lessons are for you just as I have.

The primary wisdom I’ve gained from this first New Moon after the 9-21-13 Shift Point into the NEW is that the old methods really, no I mean really don’t work now and spiritual life must be lived individually to a degree and level we never have before. Welcome to the NEW!

In a super brief nutshell, Aries represents Self and the opposite sign Libra represents All Others. There’s much more to these two signs of course but this is the primary energy of the two of them and they’re intimately connected, as are all twelve signs making six sets of two. (Sounds like a whole lot of old lower frequency Duality doesn’t it?)

Point is that no matter how much some of us individuals (Aries Self) might want or hope that our spiritual Ascension Process and Journey might happen with like (Libra) Others, it cannot and will not and never could. The best most of us can do is occasionally get together via emails or phone primarily after the latest Ascension round and share our recent personal stories of discovery and transformation around the cyber campfire, and sometimes share our fresh battle wounds and/or old Ascension related scars with those scant few Others that are at least on Stairsteps close enough that both sides, both Selves can even understand the Other! Now, let’s get to the important part about all this which is the WHY of it.

I’ve talked about this issue many times over the years at TRANSITIONS and in A Lightworker’s Mission (January 2010), but now that we’re on the other side of the end of the Nine Month period, we’re in a very NEW place slowly realizing that we’ve got to use the NEW tools.

The way this information has always been perceived by myself is that each individual Self must live the Ascension Process body and soul for it to actually transform them energetically, physically, and in every other absolutely necessary way. This Process, these ongoing spiritual Ascension Stairsteps are Initiations — each and every one — and are the literal energetic triggers (painful, difficult and lengthy as they are) that transform each of us internally and externally, physically and energetically which is the whole point.

The obvious flip-side of this is that all Others must do the same them Selves. It doesn’t matter one little bit that I might or you might or we might like or want or hope to have Others to go through this spiritual Ascension Process with — that’s from the old lower frequencies of the 3D world we finally Shifted out of. In this NEW we’re in now, each of us HAS to go through these Alchemical and consciousness transformations individually so we’re really and truly energetically transformed into the NEW.

Once we each do this individually then we’ll automatically find ourselves with like Others who’ve done exactly the same them Selves. This is how and when the NEW Groups will be created; individual by individual by individual. Only individual Initiates who’ve physically and in every other way personally lived the Alchemical Ascension Process gain access to the next NEW level where, slowly, the NEW Groups of like Others will find themselves within the same frequency range. The important difference with this from the old lower ways of our past however is that these individuals won’t “need” anyone else in those old lower parasitic ways. NEW Groups will form only if there’s an important reason(s) for them to be formed.

Done this way we’re assured that there will never be any uninitiated wannabes in the NEW with us; any parasites in the NEW with us; any cons in the NEW with us; any fakes in the NEW with us; any old lower frequency Duality consciousness and motives etc. in the NEW with us and so on. This individual Initiatic method of gaining access to higher dimensions, energies, consciousness and abilities is an energetic safeguard for all concerned. Entrance can ONLY be had by actually living the Ascension Process individually which automatically transforms each individual Self, guaranteeing that the entire higher NEW Group of Others will be equal and of the highest quality etc.

So we’ve reached the point and level where we have to ‘walk our talk’, ‘practice what we preach’, and individually live/be what we’ve learned and still are learning, and transformed and are still transforming into, and eventually we’ll notice more and more like Others existing in the same space we are. This is and always has been a solo act and these are some of the important reasons why it has to be this way. But we’re inching our ways to the day when we’re going to start rubbing 5D elbows with other individuals who’ve personally been transformed by having lived the Ascension Process themselves too.


October 6, 2013

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35 thoughts on “First New Moon after the September 2013 Equinox

  • Hi Denise and All,

    Thanks, Denise, for this post that puts into perspective what needs to happen as we tentatively move into the NEW. I particularly like this bit:

    “…will find themselves within the same frequency range…”

    The thing that hit me this morning is that my ‘answers’ and my ‘others’ (whether they’re human or otherwise) are ‘out there’, I just can’t see them because I’m not yet in the same frequency range as they are. So I’m still climbing the staircase, but I’m waiting for the view to change! In the meantime, I have decided not to decide, because if I do I might miss something! Love, B.

  • Hi everyone, and thank you all for your feedback, insights, sharings, and just being there! And Thank you Denise! Your post here tells it like it is! And I just want you to know how appreciated you are, and also I hope you are managing to get lots of very deserved rest.

    Angelina speaks of her pain of grief returning over the loss of her fiancé. My heart goes out to her, and I do understand this pain in losing a loved one. I lost my beloved youngest sister, Paige, last New Years Day. She was only 57, and we were so close. Paige was so dear to me…more than any other sibling in our very large and dysfunctional family. We were always doing everything together. We were there for each other. She was the only sibling out of 10 sisters who I could relate to/with. The love, the support, the understanding….I loved her so. To this day, I still cannot really accept her passing. She just went to bed that night, New Years Eve, and never woke up. We don’t know what happened because her husband refused to allow an autopsy. It’s been 10 months now, and the loss, plus the no closure of why, still has me almost feeling a lot of the time like I’m frozen up, and can’t move forward without really enormous effort.

    Before Paige’s passing, I was making good strides along my spiritual walk, making good headway, and then it was like my whole world just crumbled. It has been almost like getting the spiritual breath knocked out of me. Before her passing, I was doing well dealing with things as they came, but had already been still dealing with a huge setback getting over the loss of my precious dog of nine yrs, Raphael, aka “puppins” to a pack of coyotes that had moved into this area where we live. We never found his little body. I had only just begun to get a little past that painful grieving period, and then our sweet Paige chose to leave this experience. The nine month period up to the September shift point was not an easy walk for me. I think of it now, and still find it just unbelievable, experiencing the devastating loss during that time. It was like, “No, it can’t be…not my sweet little Raphael…not my Paige…how could this be.” I prayed I’d wake up and it would just be a bad dream. I will admit I was angry, and for a time there, I just didn’t care if I moved on. It was all I could do to just stay above what felt like drowning in muddy waters. At the same time, I realized what it did to me, how it took me off course, how it stopped me in my tracks….and that was really a very scary feeling. I couldn’t move….I couldn’t find my “Self.”

    And then when I think I’ll live after all, now, demons attack through a family member pill addict. It’s like, what is going on here?! Isn’t this a little much? When do I get a break?

    But I WILL get past all this. Because as you say here, Denise, (and what really stood out for me) that “each individual Self must live the Ascension Process body and soul for it to actually transform them energetically, physically, and in every other absolutely necessary way.”

    In a big way, for me personally, it’s like it’s saying, “You’ve learned to swim, so save yourself.” And, “you know what happens when you try to save someone who can’t swim yet…they may just pull you under too.” Because I realize these are not just decisive turning points for ascension aware people…it goes for everyone…all of humanity.

    So no matter what, however long it takes, even if we trip and fall sometimes, (or someone trips us) we just get up and dust off the 3D crud, and we keep going onward. As you say….Absolutely necessary!

    I think this was a talk I am having with myself. My biggest big energetic step right now, is to stop slowing down my own personal progress waiting for others to catch up, or fall into step with me. For me it has been the hardest part.

    Thanks to you guys for listening to me ramble. I so wish and pray for everyone to find the WAY made smoother, brighter, and downright magical!
    Much love – Dolly

  • Blessings to ALL: Here is my issue with the “new” ?? I thought I had it “mastered” Before the Equinox,,,, Well that last 12 or so days , AFTER – Really FELT LIKE Murphies Law Or Chicken Little… Felt the old familiar pain.. Could not get past it. Oct 4 – My 27 wedding anniversary, Chips started falling into “place” again.. I WONDER sometimes- Jesus ,, Who left this Broad in Charge LOL I have learned more in the LAST 2 weeks than in my entire 50 years. Love to you Everywhere

  • Denise and all,
    Thanks for this post which helps explain why I have increasingly isolated myself from others over the past 6 years. I find that I have less and less in common even with long time friends. I turn 58 on 10/17/13 and hope this lack of interest in relationships with others turns around in the next decade. I am bored with the 3D agenda but have hope and interest in higher planes of existence. Love, Cay

  • Dear Denise having a Capricorn sun and a Aries moon with Neptune in the house of Libra — for years I have found once the sun went into the sign of Libra I was hit with huge challenging energies. Last year in October I was shut down and could not eat all month. Since the beginning of October this year huge powerful energies have been bombarding my body.

    The Tibetan said in the book ‘Initiations and the Rays’ that initiates of the third degree or higher work with the energies of Ray 1 and 7 which come through Aries and Libra. Working with the Cardinal Cross energies.

    Denise like you said walking this path is lonely and isolated — thank you for this website it makes the journey a little less stressful and very helpful. Maureen

  • Hi all,

    I finding it hard to believe that a time will come when we will gather in like minded groups, physically. I’ve spent so long now with just my understanding with all this, that I don’t even know how would react meeting someone on my vibration/frequency…….

    I’m getting to used being on my own with my knowledge on this process………

    Hugs to you all whoever you are.


  • thanks for your bday wishes denise. aha! about the uranus opposition! its so true! my first major fall outs started at age 39, I had no idea why at the time ofcourse…where can I read more about this, barbara hand clow?
    Is there any specific time frame for the ‘going at it alone’ phase, in relation to the trimesters and the break of the equinox? how long will it take to join with others or is this a per individual case by case basis

    • Dearest Rima,

      Denise pointed me towards the book “Liquid Light of Sex” by Barbara Hand Clow in dealing with the Uranus Opposition (where I’m smack dab in now). I’m wanting to read it so bad, but the exhaustion prevents me from focusing enough to get through a sentence or two! However, what I read so far is really good.

      High Heart Hugs and Love,

  • Hi everyone! Thank-you all so much for sharing and BIG THANKS TO YOU DENISE for your words of wisdom – they are so what I needed to hear… I’ve been through a very intense time since the New Moon (and in the days leading up to it) and was struggling to understand why (I normally feel better once the New Moon is through) – I’d forgotten about the Uranus/Pluto activation… Knowing what’s going on makes me feel so much more relaxed – have had intense musculo-skeletal pains in my body (predominantly right side) and felt very emotional as a result, with masses coming up (better out than in though!)… It seems that even if I see a physio or chiro the physical symptoms are not lessening (or improve temporarily but that is all) and yesterday I was starting to feel that I was now on this journey completely alone – then I read your words and it all made sense! Struggling to remember what happened end of May though – feels like a life-time ago!!! Thanks again Denise and Good Luck everyone as we move forwards on this magical (if somewhat bumpy!) journey. Ginny xxxx

    • Moonwater, I second that.

      I’ll also send rainbows, so whatever frequency of energy you need, Angelina, it should be there somewhere, plus they are just pretty. I’ll also send lots of humor, but I warn you it may show up in unexpected places and in unexpected ways. “ Laughter, it dose a body good.”

      (Warning Disclaimer- This comment was not intended to make light of your situation, but to help lift your spirit during this difficult time. We do take responsibility for any and all humor sent your way, but not for how you react to it. Any squealing, snorting, tears, muscle cramps, flatulence or bladder leakage is entirely your fault. We are not responsible for any sudden outbreaks of our highly infectious product, including those that may lead to sudden acts of tomfoolery. In order to minimize any unwanted side effects please laugh responsibly. “Hasyayoga Out!”)

      With lots of Love,

      • Brittany, your post warmed my heart and made me smile. I am really touched that you and Moonwater would take the time to send me such positive, beautiful things when you do not even know me. I certainly wasn’t looking for sympathy with my post, but you have helped me with your love. (PS- my color would be yellow 😉 Like your Avatar! I was admiring the color before I even read your post!)

  • hello, denise. thanks for all your posts, i really look forward to them. 🙂 my birthday was sept 22 and we had a family bbq here, arranged by my husband. there was about 15 people here and it was lovely. all was great until my sister came in from outside and suggested that i just burn my house down and build a new one on the property. nice. she said it in front of everyone and i was speechless, of course, later that night i thought of lots of good comebacks…lol then, a few days later, i oversaw, on skype, a coworker talk a little trash about me as they didn’t know i could see. these 2 things took the wind out of my sails, but i see now that it doesn’t MATTER. if i don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. that is my new motto. water off a duck’s back, as they say. i have been feeling foggy and tired, but have had insomnia since about sept 18. want to sleep, but feel like i might miss something if i do. weird. have a great week and thanks again.

  • Dear Denise
    Wow! Thank you for your awesome post that I completely resonate with! Your words are so profound to me because I have found myself living at a new level of energetic mastery and it hasn’t been easy, but there is a purity and truth to my life now that I never had before.
    I have felt that with so much muck around me cleared (processed issues, team dark not harassing me) in the stillness and simplicity I can see myself more clearly, and the awareness around stuff as it comes up to pass thru me though still painful, doesn’t seem to last as long, and there is immense beauty to my epiphanies. Its like I am doing this life of mine by myself and its ok. I feel more accepting of the truths of my experience, and I am proud of the little ways I find to master situations as I continue on my ascension path. I am learning to honour my process, and to leave others to their stuff, whilst still having boundaries in our interactions. It is such a leap of faith to go beyond the limits set within me about how I create my life. Sometimes I feel like I might be deluding myself, but I will keep experimenting with my thoughts and focus and see what comes up! I keep directing my energy back to myself, asking my inner world for the moment to moment answers. My body aches and I feel fatigued, but I know that it is all for something worthwhile. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my progress with you and our high heart family. Bless you Denise for sharing your insights. Lots of love to you and all our fellow initiates. Meadow XXX

  • Thank you, Denise for posting this. It could NOT have come at a better time!
    The last couple of days have been pretty hellish. I was trying to figure out where it all came from when the pieces came together with your message. My fiance was killed in a car accident in the first week of June. The last couple of days, I have been reliving the blinding grief I felt right after the accident and have been feeling the same disconnect with the spiritual world. I even described it to my sister today as feeling like I was right back there again- disconnected, blind and fumbling around, trying to connect with him or some being out there, because it’s like radio silence. I feel like my grief and sadness are blinding me like tears do when they flood your eyes. You cannot really see anything, but its bubbling up and you can’t stop it.
    Also, what you say about the ‘individual process’ also hits home. During these last couple of days, I have been trying to connect with beings both on this earth now and not in 3d, and no real contact is had. I feel like I’ve been put out in the water alone with those who love me standing by, watching me struggle to stay afloat. I’m crying out, thinking they can’t possibly see how distressed I am (in particular, my sweetheart) because if they did, they would comfort or assist me. But the fact of the matter is, I HAVE to learn to swim. The time is now and if I really want to see him, then I need to ‘do the work’ and keep my vibration elevated so that I can.
    I do have a question, though. When you said:

    ‘You will have to do the personal work of honestly ‘digging deep’ to excavate whatever those old things, issues, habits, beliefs and personal lessons are for you just as I have’,

    do you mean in particular the events that happened at that time in May/June or just pre-new timeline? I have been feeling the need to wash these recurring ‘out of nowhere’ negative feelings away, but I do not know what else to do besides consciously releasing them.
    Again, thank you so much. This post reminded me that I am not alone right now even if I may feel like I am.
    Much love,

  • Dearest Denise,

    I honestly was about to weep (in despair) when I read about how we are going to Have to continue to do this Individually… and then I almost wept (in joy) because I knew I honestly did not want to deal with Others’ processes, just mine by myself… as I have always done in my life (to a certain degree). I know how much this isolation is needed for myself. I have fought for it on a lot of degrees over the years. Living alone yes… but without the intrusion of domestic stuff, drama, subwoofer vibrations, etc. This past week or so (with your re-minder), I’ve still heard a bit of it all, yet have rolled my eyes and just gone on with what I was doing.

    I have experienced this bubble of Light this past week in the store. My best friend, when we left and were sitting in the car, said she experienced it as well when I talked about it. I experienced her constant processing and somewhat resolving issues all through that day I spent with her. And in a total role reversal, I was “ok” and she was choking back tears when we brought my cat to the vet to get her some help in eating and gaining some weight back. She couldn’t believe how calm I was, and how emotional she was.

    I certainly have had enormous head pressure since the New Moon! On top of that, the drastic nighttime temperature drop added to the sinus issues as well as the aches and pains. The exhaustion is still in full swing.

    I have so many other thoughts in me, yet I will close with one final one. I mentioned a couple weeks before the September Equinox that my dsl company came to the door (after dark no less which was Highly unusual) to check and make sure my connection to the “new” fiber optic network was “working”. I realized after she left (laughing) that it was the Universe checking in to make sure I was connected and ready to go. Well, last week, another young woman came to the door. Before she got a word in, I recited that yes my connection was working, no I hadn’t any problems, and that someone else had come to check on this with me. I was polite and smiled. Only after she left, I laughed again to myself… about the Universal “check in” After the transition out of the Old. And then… wait for it… just yesterday there was a young man that came to the door who had trouble reciting the questions he was meant to ask. I interrupted and politely let him know yes I was connected, no I didn’t have any problems… and that I realize they are “figuring out the kinks in the New system”, and that this was one of them (having come to my door on 3 separate occasions). His partner who seemed to be training him came up and joked and was polite as well. We all smiled and they said they’d look into fixing this “kink”. Believe me, the “3” did NOT escape me lol! Third time is the charm… of Triality!

    As always Denise, I cannot say it enough or in too many ways, I really appreciate the work that you do to remind us of where we are in the process. I have so much respect and gratitude for you, not only living through it, and also helping to guide. I was just saying to my Mom how sometimes you already “know” something, yet until someone asks the question that prompts your thought process, you may “miss” it. Thank you for supporting us in not missing what we need to see and be aware of.

    High Heart Hugs, and so much LOVE,

  • Hello, Denise,

    This new post really hit home! I’m an Aries (although on a cusp with Pisces) and I’ve been feeling things pretty intensely this last week. I’ve been hit since the Equinox with 2-3 people who have tried to knock me flat with vague accusations and crap thrown at me. One hurt because it was someone who I considered a friend and they just went to town insulting me, bringing up the situation around the death of my mother for her petty tirade. And when was that? The end of May, beginning of June! It was a really horrible situation and my family, once again, excluded me and were playing all sorts of mind games which my body told me in no uncertain terms to stay away from. In the next week is Thanksgiving in Canada and it seems like it would be an appropriate time for all that to come to fruition.

    I’ve been feeling super lonely, too, lately, which is not really like me as I’m a loner by nature, but I am feeling intensely how lonely this process is and I’m at that point where I feel like leaving it all behind (also rare for me). I guess this is more intense for me than usual because I’m an Aries? I’ve also been dipping down into 3D emotions but can’t seem to get myself out of them easily.

    And today I spent some time with like-minded people where I can feel like I’m part of a community once every two or three months. I didn’t think I would ever find people like that in this big fat oil town! But they’re tucked away in corners as I am, as we all are!

    I don’t know which end is up right now, so I guess I’ll end there!

    Love and hugs to all,

  • Thanks Denise, and also to Violet, who spoke my words. Sooo funny how we are just meant to Be where we are now. When ever I have pined for fellowship of a 5D style individual, I’ve had similar experiences. I do have friendships with 5D people, they are spread out and not close in. THis article has helped me to understand WHY this is – because if we got to talk lots and lots about what was happening to US, then we would impact on those others. One of the things I have put into my tool basket is the aim to not compare 🙂 and LOL. This is an ongoing process for me.
    I do feel really blessed in having a beautiful husband of over 30 years who is part and parcel of this journey. Love that I organized this. xox
    Have FUN and enjoy every moment. Love and Big Hugs from LINDA

  • Hi denise,

    my 42nd birthday was a couple days before the new moon energies, and I can tell you that I felt this self vs others stairstep seperation more than ever. All the folks that usually ‘show up’ for years now on my birthday, (whether in person or via a call or message) did not this year. This was shocking to me considering that that group of family/friends is already very very small. Both my dad and brother forgot it completly, my other brother sent a present via his housekeeper although he lives 3 blocks from my house. My best friend who never missed my bday in 24 years, also completly forgot. Everybody I reminded was nonchalant about forgetting. I felt an immense sense of aloness and enstrangement from everyone, and it didnt matter much to me that the day passed without a single other human being showing up. Strangely a couple of old friends I hadnt heard of in years, sent me wishes this year…Now that I’m reading your post, I understand and realize what has really been happening since september 22 in my own reality…

    • Rima,

      Happy 42nd Birthday! ♥ 🙂 From age 39 through 42 or 43 we ALL go through what’s called the Uranus Opposition. This is what you’ve been doing since age 39 and it sounds like it’s working! Very well done you. 😀

      Let the old ways and old beliefs and old habits go now because better wants to replace them all… and that applies to all of us. 😉

      Happy B-Day sweetie.

  • ‘Walking the talk’ also resonates with me, in a not particularly pleasant way – I have issues, ones I understand pretty well now. I have my own inner battles to resolve these issues. aha, I’ll get there in the end I’m sure!

  • Hello Denise and Everybody 🙂

    I have put in a peaceful and restful couple of days. Resting and sleeping seemed to be a mandatory inner thing though I sure don’t and didn’t mind complying.

    I hit a couple of bumps last week such as being aware of a couple of people who seemed to be “rubbed the wrong way” by me. And my lesson with using my energy as money wisely and in a balanced manner. As much as I have felt scared and angry I have been tickled pink by learning and seeing about how I use my money and how I am able to apply money/energy with much better wisdom.

    I took an employment test in a dream and failed it. My scores needed to be in the high 40’s to be acceptable but mine were in the low 30’s. I decided to “go back to school” and take a review in this area which was grammar! I figure it must be about how to talk correctly, a life long issue always brought to my attention.

    Regarding the ascension process itself I have always regarded it as “work” on self. It is about balancing and self mastery, knowing one is completely responsbible for each and every aspect of one’s life. “It” can’t just “happen”. If “it” does seem to just “happen”, I have read that an awful lot of lifetimes and work brought it to fruition in this life. Anyhow, this is just my opinion for now! Always subject to revision, change or throwing it over something new and better! : )

    I’ve often come across the words that “the only way out is through!”

    I feel engulfed in energy as I am writing here, so strong in my 3rd eye that I feel I want to lie down some more, but my poor body is done with that. I think I’ll take a gentle walk when it gets cooler.

    Oh Denise, one thing I think is sort of ironic is that I am Aries with Cappy moon and my “worst” enemy when growing up had been my dad’s 2nd wife, LIBRA! And as a child I earnestly believed/felt/knew that we all could be at the same level!!! WRONG! At least not at the same time and space. I didn’t “know” anything back then either, except that it was all CRAZY.

    Hugs and may everyone tap into this amazing solid calmness that is all around 🙂

  • Denise, I am so appreciative of this article you just posted. It explains so much in my life right at this moment. This weekend was pretty intense for me, and after rising today to get a grasp at what is really happening, and then I read this, wow, so many A-HA’s came all together. You know it when you say, “Walk your Talk”. No phony balonies are going to squeak by any more. OH FOR THE JOY!!!
    THANK YOU!!!

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful, comforting and enlightening information. It has really helped me understand the solo nature of this journey and why I just cannot find or keep the company of others, especially spiritual folk, for long at this time. I jokingly refer to myself as teflon girl, no one sticks, folk come and go, brief and often intense connections, heart oriented and loving and then they vanish, literally, out of the country. I have had the common experience of meeting wonderful spiritually oriented individuals that I would have loved to have known, I have longed to have as community, on the day they are packing up and leaving town for good. I live in a small seaside town and have little in common with the mindset of the community here, and in the past have pined for the like minds I felt would bring me comfort and kinship and have looked for them in all the places I thought I would find them, only to have them find me as they are walking out the door. Hahaha, cosmic belly laughs all round!
    Peace and blessings to all
    Violet <3<3<3

    • ‘no one sticks, folk come and go, brief and often intense connections, heart oriented and loving and then they vanish,’

      I totally understand this. I have felt this very much so! It’s like people enter your life, help teach you a lesson and then leave. I seem incapable of forming any close ties except some of the ones already there. I learnt after a rather brutal and intense meeting the other week that fundamentally ‘relationships are here to teach us…’, they’re not to be relied on, they’re used as part of the lessons.

      So I’m assuming in this whole process, we’re stepping away from give & take relationships…and into ‘take from god, give to everyone’ relationships? …The world is changing huh.

      • starlight – Jamie,

        Yep, the old parasitism ways of the lower world no longer work and won’t be tolerated either. Now we’re all having to evolve into relearning how to be energetically self-sustained with our daily allotted god gasoline 😉 — Divine Source energies — and not waste it, not squander it, not use it stupidly and so on. As we get the hang of how to responsibly and wisely use our daily allotted god gasoline or god juice 😉 , we’ll fine that IT is incrementally increased over time, giving us the time to adapt and learn how to embody and use and create with more and more Divine Source energies. Stairsteps… We can’t leap from total parasitism of old 3D to individuals embodying huge amounts of Source energy directly. We’ll get there but in more safe ways over time like what’s happening now. Gads I hope that made sense!


        • What you’ve been saying on the blog, I’ve known in my heart is true – but it’s pretty ‘far out’ for normal people to take in. However what I have witnessed the past weeks and the build up to September 21st has matched perfectly with what you have told us.

          Ever since I had that ego dissolving experience the other week, I have felt a much deeper connection to source. I did do a bad thing yesterday, because my ego wanted to – but before doing it I started to get watched by my over-soul, then the white light of source surrounded me and talked with me, gently reminding me why I shouldn’t be doing bad things which will cause harm to me. The way the ‘source’ talks to me is always gentle, always trying to show me the truth so that I can make my own mind up.

          Today I did something else which I thought might be good, but got another heart warning ‘you probably shouldn’t be doing this…’ etc. Basically anything which will have a NET result of being …unhelpful to the source’s plan, I am now being warned about.

          So right now my ego is still in control and I know it is, but I’ve experienced expanded consciousness and been able to not only hear/talk to the source when it decides to talk to me, but I can sometimes see my own ego from the outside (it’s service to self actions).

          The feeling I get is that I am a dark blob of separate ego…living in a world of light, but one who is gradually attempting to submit more fully into the light.

          The things I have done are not things I would have said are terrible. The warning I got today was not to mess about with the energy of a certain ‘really negative building’ I have to sometimes go to, I realised the other day that I can put up reiki/light portals and give commands/program the light energy to flow through and into the room – but I experimented our own house and the energy got way too intense! it literally floods the room with waves of light energy which made my mom ‘dizzy’ and ‘buzzing’ with light so I had to take them down. I wanted to clear the crap feeling of depression from this building in town but got warned not to mess with it too much so I just left the portals open in the courtyard and took them down in the building.

          The other issue goes back to something I’m working on, which is occasionally causing harm to myself, but as source pointed out to me, harm to myself is important because ‘I’ am a person just like everyone else! So it’s effectively harm to 1 person.

          I well and truly feel like I am in a ‘world of light’, a vast expanse of emptiness, peace and light seems to be in the atmosphere in general if I try to sense it.

          The ‘lessons’ of myself and others continue to be brought up much faster.

          I’m a little ashamed at myself for what happened yesterday though, but I did learn something important about it – I learnt that I was trying to use dark control methods on myself to stop doing what was harmful (self induced fear/guilt) and realised this isn’t how the light does things.

          How it seems to work with the light is that it gives an uncomfortable ‘wrong’ feeling in the heart like a blockage when I’m about to do something ‘against the will of god’, so it lets me know in advance… it will softly show me or talk to me to let me know the potential consequences of my actions (sometimes), so that hopefully I will change my mind naturally and submit to what is best for the whole. This is definitely starting to teach me and help me to be better! I still have too much ego. My ego usually ends up arguing with it! Even though I know it’s right.

          I was told by someone who I respect who can see the dark blockages inside people, that I have many dark psychopathic blockages buried deep inside me at varying levels of density, and that these are because in past lives I formed pacts with dark organisations. It’s probably caused me a lot of problem in some of my past lives. Like perhaps making a choice at one time…and then in future lives having to face the consequence of being bound to that type of thing.

          I have received some intuition about this to some extent but I’m guessing it goes deeper.

          What I can hope for really, is that through my training and the naturally increasing light energies on earth – I can gradually dissolve these ego desires and dissolve these karmic issues. For I know it will be a relief when I’ve finally let go of things no longer needed.

          I don’t know much detail on what I might have done in the past, but I get the feeling I (with limited awareness at the time) chose what I felt was best…probably spent numerous lifetimes suffering the consequences from it, and then finally arrived here in this lifetime – which is an attempt to break out of dark and go into light!

          Sorry for writing so much! My body feels filled with light most of the time, it just needs more until I can easily dissolve the blockages. Like you said, it’s coming to us in increments right?

          I read somewhere else that as the light on earth increases, the people who are refusing the light will ‘drop out’ when it gets too much for them to tolerate.

          Anyway to summarise – since the September 21st cut-off date, I have noticed genuinely powerful changes, including deeper connection to source, less tolerance for selfish behaviours, more peace and light in the atmosphere and increased purging of problems for all on the planet right now.

          Let’s hope my light quotient continues to rise and I can more successfully align with the source this time!

          Okay thanks for talking!


    • Violet, I’m in a very similar situation. I can totally relate and your comment may have very well been written by me! 🙂 I also live on a small island (one of the smallest in the Philippines) with very, very little in common with the folks here. It’s only quite recently that I have become so much more accepting of my situation, of this journey being a solitary path, with continuous releasing, deprogramming, unlearnings, countless realizations…one of which is what Denise pointed out — the people and the connections I’ve had which didn’t last long, whether that’s physical or virtual connections, is because a lot of “these individuals were needing others in the old lower parasitic ways.” And I certainly do not exclude myself from that. I’ve had to transmute some of those energies within me as well. In a way also, I’m releasing my desire or need for a community of like-minded’s in my immediate physical surroundings and opting instead to find them through cyberspace. It still hasn’t quite happened at the level that I prefer but that’s also because of my own energy as well. In fact, I’ve been following this site, (well TRANSITIONS before this one) for quite sometime but I think it’s only now that I’m leaving a comment. Loooove the concept of cyber campfires! 🙂 Thank you for this reassuring message Denise. Much needed words of comfort! 🙂 Much Blessings…Namaste…♥♥♥NadineMarie♥♥♥

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