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“This may/may not be exactly on topic, but I have to share and I wanted to share on the new blog… This experience is absolutely NEW for me. I woke last night and my entire body was shaking, electrified, like never before. I’ve experienced what feels like electricity running through my body for years, but generally it would be in a specific area and noticeable but subtle at the same time. I could still function and no one in my vicinity would be aware of anything. But last night my entire body was shaking like crazy. I just completely let go and it went on for about an hour. My cat’s reaction was interesting as she is sort of “touchy” ;-) and usually if I disturb her sleep at all she gets out of bed and comes back in a few minutes. Last night, she stayed on her pillow next to me and held her paws on me the entire time. I had the thought that she thought I was purring – but I know in reality she probably had a better idea than I what was going on. In the midst of this I heard children laughing outside – upon my eventual investigation – after the shaking – there was no one there. As soon as I looked out the window there was nothing and the voices stopped...”

That Comment was by Morgean under another article but I wanted to include it here and talk more about some of the recent changes and/or tremendous amplifications of some of the old Ascension symptoms. Thanks Morgean for sharing about your amplification of the inner body vibrations ❤ or Rewiring as it’s been called in years past. (Some other Ascension Teachers have called this the MerKaBa and/or Ka body and/or Lightbody etc. I’ve called the Process of us incrementally embodying more and more Light and all the dramatic and necessary changes to our physical bodies, our central nervous system, our two divided brain halves/hemispheres being rewired (unified) and so on the Body and Brain Rewiring, but we’re all talking about the same Ascension related Processes.)

I wanted to write about this earlier but because I’m living this Process and recent completion of the Nine Month period on September 21-22, 2013 too, I’ve been abnormally exhausted (didn’t believe it could actually become worse than it has been!), abnormally achy with those old ascension flu symptoms, head pains and pressures in different areas and other symptoms — one of them being a tremendous amplification of the inner body vibration that Morgean mentioned. So even though I’ve wanted to write about these changes and amplifications since September 15, 2013 when I first got hit hard, I’ve been so affected by them myself that I couldn’t sit at the computer and do much of anything other than get the bare-bones creating of HighHeartLife done and do the other daily/monthly physical chores I have to. As usual, I’m adapting (we all are) to these changes and amplifications because I’m now able to get back into it… yet again.

Over the years I’ve written multiple articles at TRANSITIONS (see link in sidebar under Blogroll) about the ascension related Body Rewiring and Brain Rewiring processes. I’ve written about how I’ve observed this inner body electrical-like vibration or buzzing sensation in my body since around 2001 or 2002. I’ve talked about how it started out all those years ago as a localized inner body electrical-like vibration in my core that quickly pulsed on/off, and how over the years it spread out and up towards my head and eventually became a constant whole-body phenomena. I wrote about how it has evolved from a localized inner vibration to a growing whole-body vibration that’s constantly been amplifying year by year. I’ve also written about how this inner body Rewiring energy storm sounds to me when I’m in that half-asleep/half-awake state, which has been a constant growing roar like what I’d guess a tornado might sound like. [See TRANSITIONS for these Archived articles.]

Since 2011 this inner body vibration and clairaudient roar of energies has been steadily amplifying and became a whole-body vibration that’s amplified into whole-body shaking. Then on September 15, 2013, this inner body shaking got turned up a few more degrees and seemed almost violent in its NEW intensity. Let me add quickly that this particular ascension related symptom has never been physically painful, just strange feeling and sounding. It’s the only ascension symptom that hasn’t been physically painful!

When I felt this latest amplification of the inner body shaking which (for me) began on 9-15-13, I knew that as we approached the end of the Nine Month period and crossed over into the NEW, that we were entering and embodying a higher level of this ongoing Process and would be experiencing NEW changes with some old ascension symptoms. This will of course still be a highly personal situation just as the past 25 Ascension years have been. There will be periods where we’ll enter NEW phases of embodying and adjusting to and learning about certain NEW abilities, energies, awareness etc., but we’ll continue living this ongoing Process individually so there will continue to be slight variances to all this. In other words, your mileage may vary and that’s perfectly normal.

What I’ve gone through since 9-15-13 has been another substantial amplification of inner body energies shaking combined with us completing the Nine Month period and entering the NEW on 9/21-22/13. It feels to me, as of this writing, like we’re still in transition into the NEW and that it’s going to be this way for a while. Since the 9/21-22/13 Shift Point there’s been a pristine inner silence I perceive as a lack of the old Evolutionary Cycle energies and blueprints or templates and many multidimensional players. In other words, we’re so in the NEW now that my ears are ringing constantly from the vastness of IT — the great creative potential of IT — the wide open Divine spaces of IT. Our creative cosmic school and playground has just gotten a lot larger and it feels wonderfully spacious even though the constant high-pitched ringing sounds in my head of cosmic vastness are a bit too much sometimes! I’ll happily adapt just as I always do… just as we all will.

One of the reasons for my lack of more specifics now is due to this continued transitional state. When there’s more news to tell I certainly will share what I’m aware of. But for now, we’re still very deeply affected by the Shift Point transition and entrance into the NEW cycle and its blueprints and the vast potential to create anew that lies vibrating before us. Some of us are shaking from this NEW potential and NEW energy we’re housing now. This inner body shaking reminds me of being in an airplane on the runway waiting to take off. As the pilot increases the the fuel to the engines the whole plane increasingly roars and literally vibrates and shakes. Then, the pilot releases the brakes and the plane roars down the runway and finally lifts off and becomes airborne. It feels like we’re doing the same thing.

As always rest when you need to, sleep or nap when you need to, do no-thing when you need to, sit in your High Heart and remember who you really are, and say the great mantra from Cosmic Awareness as often as you need or want — ‘I am the I AM that I am. I am the I AM that I am. I am the I AM that I am.’


September 29, 2013

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49 thoughts on “Shift Symptoms Into the NEW

  • Dear Denise to quote you “Since Sept 21/22nd shift point there’s been a pristine inner silence I perceive as a lack of the old evolutionary cycle energies, etc.” – perfect wording for me because the week previous to the shift I experienced such powerful energies I knew energy was shifting up another gear, then the Equinox came and went very quietly energy wise, and again amped up again 29th/30th September. Saw gold light all around me on 19th September – I usually see the white light and gold and violet lights 29th/30th September. I feel the change so powerfully and feel miracles are in the air. Maureen

  • Hi Denise and Everybody 🙂

    I feel particularly good today! Peaceful and renewed. Purposed. Nothing has changed in that I trust the God I AM: this is my purpose and my goal and my present truth. What else is there? I finally FEEL FREE to live my life.

    Thank you for every posting here.

  • Thanks Denise, I was prepared last week-end with the 4 events,(including a full moon)
    kept myself quiet for it was very intense from the 20th until the 23.Everyone felt it here in my part of the world.
    Rebirth, Equinox, PLUTO and the Full moon.

  • PLUTO MOVES DIRECT: It’s a BIG 24 hrs ahead GLOBALLY! Who’s had an introspective inner journey these past 5 months? There have been a few planets in retrograde …and in approx 16 hours (from the time of this post) PLUTO moves out of retrograde and in forward motion from our perspective on Earth. This is BIG NEWS to the sensitives and the ones who may have felt like they were going through a ‘dark night of the soul’ these past few months.

    Over the past 5 months we have been delving through into the deepest memories of our times on Earth (over all lifetimes) and accepting the paths we have taken, the people we have met, the love we have given and felt and thus, it has been a wonderful learning experience. Over the next couple of days you may feel like a veil has lifted and you are popping out from under the dark, all fresh and new, and full of the wisdom you have earned from your lifetimes of experiences.

    There is the potential over the next 24 hours to reap what you have sown in a big way. You will feel this energy arise from within you like a sword of truth, an inner strength that allows you to no longer constrict your vocal cords, but to loosen them darlings with the full song of your soul.

    This was sent to my facebook I don’t have the person’s name. This was written Sept. 20th. I can find the person’s name if needed.

  • Thank you Denise and Chrysalis, I rely on this site to help with my fears.
    Denise I thought I just saw an article that Pluto went direct about a week ago.
    I will check back and reread it. I know your pretty familiar with astrology.
    Love to both of you.

    • Dearest Cheri,

      You’re quite welcome. It wasn’t that long ago that I was plagued with fear all the time (and anxiety and panic). So I understand that fear you’re describing. It’s such a challenge to explain to people on one side how it feels to people on the other side. I know in my head what it was like, I know that it really took over a large part of my life, limiting what I could do. Yet now, being free of fear, I honestly have a hard time remembering what it FELT like. Part of this is probably because I’m so relieved to be free of it that I want to forget.

      The important thing I’m taking from this is that even though I’d like to forget, it’s important to have compassion for those who are in my shoes now/still. It can be such a long road, and getting on the other side is such a relief… yet there are others behind that need help and direction. Just sharing my thoughts on this from my HeartMind.

      High Heart Hugs,

  • Denise, today was a day that I hadn’t seen for the last 4 years. Walking in and out of the darkness. I received a letter from the registry saying I hadn’t paid my excise tax from 2010.
    I don’t even remember where I was in 2010.
    I asked how much the bill was, the woman told me, 238.00. I have been living on Social Security for 4 years and the majority of the check goes to the rent.
    She said if you don’t pay it in the next week, they will cancel your insurance and registration.
    I work part time, and this income is necessary.
    I called a job where they owed me 2 weeks pay, they said they did not owe me anything and if I came around there house they would call the cops.
    I have no family and the friends I do have are in as much as a financial bind as I am.

    Now this kind of insanity followed me for 4 years as I mentioned. I thought this is done as of March of this year.
    Then Pluto went retrograde and another reality set in.
    Then something hit me!!! If they don’t pay the depth in Washington does that mean Social Security will stop.!!!
    Something tells me they will do it(the wing nuts) or as you said, I think. The Swinging Dicks,.(fantastic definition.
    I don’t think I could go through another 4 years that I just lived.
    Any thoughts.

    • Cheri,

      No, this round of political insanity won’t do anything to anyone’s Social Security checks according to what I just heard on the local News tonight. So no worries there. I know my mom was worried about this too.

      The Pluto going retrograde in Capricorn now might be another story however! When any planet goes retrograde, it’s always the time when we’re forced to go back and redo, rework, rethink, reevaluate etc. whatever things we need to at that time. That might be what this 2010 taxes thing is about??? Find your old tax return papers and talk to someone about this problem and see what they suggest. If you find that you’ve got to come up with $238. quickly, then I’d try to borrow it from anyone just to make this problem go away because it sounds like you’re not in any shape for a fight with the system now.

      Be strong and be careful.

    • Dearest Cheri,

      I have been receiving disability for a number of years and am currently having it “reviewed”. In the past, I have always been “freaking out” that I would lose my income even though I knew I wasn’t well enough to work. This time I’m not freaking out, even though now my ptsd is better… however mentally and physically I’m in no shape whatsoever to “work”. Still, I am not worried.

      My Dad has the same concerns as you, as he recently retired. I will offer the same thing to you that I offered to him: those of us currently receiving income in this way will continue to receive our income regardless of those idiots playing a demented game of chicken. If anything, I have been accepting (in my reality) that social security payments will be raised, all those monies that have been stolen and siphoned from those in real need will begin to have the relief they need within this skewed monetary setup we’ve had forever. If you receive direct deposit, I will say to you now, both my ssi and ss checks are greyed out in my online checking… meaning that they ARE pending for the 1st and the 3rd this week. That is clear a sign as any that I can offer and to say, “Do your best to trust that you WILL and ARE being taken care of.” Whatever needs taken care of will come through in the most unexpected way you need it to. Hang in there. I’ve been where you are emotionally and I know it’s a challenge.

      High Heart Hugs to you,

  • I am so glad to be reading experiences of others. For 10 or more years now I haven’t been able to be on the phone for hardly any time at all – maybe 5 minutes – at the very most. Really, really hurt both of my ears and then my whole body. Everything seems electric for me and, and, and – same as others are speaking about. Time means very little to me any more except for maybe appointments to be on time, but past seems to just not be there, the future I have never really had a grip on it – every once in a while something will be said and I will remember and then like a lot of things gone in the next minute or two. The other day all of a sudden “I was in a new place” – I heard this, I felt this – didn’t know where, but I was safe and just had an interest in it and then it was gone. A really neat experience. Still sleeping most days, aches, pains, hot flashes, and I’m still hungry sooo . . . that hasn’t slipped away and I’ll continue on as we are all doing. I have grown in Gratitude over the years for most everything and that alone has helped me to keep going. Has anyone had problems with flies overly attacking – they nose dive me around my head and arms – don’t seem to be bothering others in the community in the same way, so I wonder . . . Well thanks again to everyone for sharing. Really helps. Carolynn

    • Song of Joy,

      Intend the flies away from you/your body. Envision bug killer energies in your aura that send the little bastards flying away fast. I’ve intended all sorts of bugs out of my house so I know this tactic works. You’re the one in control and the one with the power to Consciously Create what YOU want. 🙂

      And yes, yes, and more YES to all the things you mentioned in your Comment.


    • To Denise,

      “Envision bug killer energies in your aura that send the little bastards flying away fast.”

      When you wrote about charging our aura with something specific in Transitions, in a comment, I guess, I start doing that so my little dog wouldn’t bite my ankles, I imagine an invisible bubble around my ankles when I’m with her, and it works! ((thank you))
      I’m rediscovering the non-3d of doing stuff, the tips do help.

      Any ideas on how to communicate with furniture, water, cars, clothes, cells, etc? I do envision what I want but it doesn’t seem to work well in immediate time, as the aura thing does.
      Open to ideas…!

      ps: I live with some people who are beginning to have the muscle twitches and other symptoms but they aren’t open to non-medical explanations and (fantastically) I feel ok with letting them live thru their experience now. At the same time, having real big (princess and the pea) attacks on anything that seems disrespectful to me. Things are pretty intense.

      Big hugs and blessings to all, and thanks for everything,

  • I am curious about something. Does anyone experience this like I do?: Lying in bed, going to sleep, I have mini convulsions into my solar plexus regularly. It does not bother me and I know it’s this new energy doing its thing, although I really don’t know what is really happening. Just curious if anyone else experiences this.

    • Stephanie,

      I’ve had these spasms or convulsions as you called them in my chest and heart area, in my neck and throat, in my solar plexus and stomach/guts area etc. I’ve been experiencing all sorts of different “symptoms” since September 15th and I sense it’s all due to these major changes we’ve just entered — the Separation of Worlds and Timelines etc. We’re so deep in it now that it’s hard to tell which end is up 😉 but as usual we’ll come out the other end of this phase too and be better because of it.

      Hang in there. ♥

    • Stephanie,
      ‘Just to let you know, when this happens to me I describe it to my friend as I am shaking from the inside out. it started for me maybe a year ago…. so hang in the cause it’s all good and as Denise said we are here for this purpose. What I have done when I want to be “together” (HTG the language thing is really getting difficult) Any way when I went for a week-end away with family, I asked for time off and my body was good, my mind was clear and it was a great 3 days then back to the trenches. Love and Hugs to all

  • Hey Joanne and everybody,

    I too would like to know if anybody else experiences these hand arm motion things. I have for quite a while. Last week however I was meditating, or actually practicing guided imagery, and I felt compelled to hold my hands in the air and move my fingers. It was really weird. and that this point….that is really saying something.
    I also must say this roaring in and around my head feels like I am in wind tunnel. I feel like my head is going to explode- but its not painful. Frankly I am kind of tired of it though, not to be a poor sport but I am really struggling. Without an end in sight each day becomes more difficult. I was having some flashes of joy and centeredness that helped but in the last week I have had 3 people verbally attack me at work. Unheard of- people are unhinging all around me. It is really exhausting and upsetting. I am hanging in there though. Something must be right around the corner or else I am simply about to become something else. But something is………….happening. Hugs and heart beams.

  • The electrical sensations started a few years ago for me, can’t remember timings (time stopped having any meaning for me), I can wake in the night with the strangest sensation right in the centre of my chest/heart in one tiny place, then it radiates out like an electrical circuit of sorts and spreads throughout my body, I know it’s an Ascensionitis symptom so I relax and it eventually fades, but it is a very weird feeling.

    Right now I am noticing a ‘people’ thing again, menacing (overly sexed) men wanting to get too familiar and trying to invade my personal boundaries/space …..yuk……I am standing in my power more than ever before and becoming quite a stroppy ‘woman of substance’ 😆😆😆.

    ………..and then there’s the thing where the vibrations keep going out of sync, so one day there is harmony in a conversation with a loved one or a friend, and the next there isn’t.

    Now there is the feeling of ‘magic’ in the air, of miracles about to appear, I have a very strong feeling some days that I am getting a new home, I could almost start packing boxes because the feeling is so strong 🏡

    Despite the ongoing tiredness, body pains and sleep anomalies, the feeling of being on a different ‘track’ is very tangible for me right now 💖

  • Hi Denise

    Thank you so much for all your information..I have Kundalini awakened 4 years ago which i am extremely grateful and blessed. I have multiple sclerosis but are getting healed by k, Yahoo! I have been getting all symptons and more, we all so lucky to be experiencing. My big question is when i meditate my right arm raises in the air(without me doing anything)
    and hand starts moving like i am conducting an orchestra, i know its okay but strange, its like i am receiving messages?! My left hand raises a little too.. Can someone help me understand? i would really appreciate.

    Thank you and bless you all


  • Oh wow, this happened to me yesterday! I had major vibrating in my abdomen for a period of minutes. I was doing Kundalini Yoga, which stimulated the process I suppose. My entire abdomen INSIDE was vibrating A LOT. WOW! Thank you, Denise, for sharing. I have had full body vibrations and convulsions with new soul fragments and collectives (beings) from star systems coming into my body before, but that is a whole other! This was different!

  • Denise, Regarding symptoms at the current time, what are your thoughts about this:

    Judy Satori has channeled a quick Language of Light sound healing that helps ease the symptoms of Ascension when we feel our transmutation is happening too much, too fast and distress impedes our functioning. I find the sound clip works for me, but do you think using it could be limiting the amount of growth I can attain during this particular window? Do you think this easing of symptoms would hold me back? Or are there no limits anymore and no windows of opportunity we need to make maximal use of?

    Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts and blog all this. I would have been confused and struggling worse so many times had it not been for your writings.

    Many blessings,

    • Falcon & All,

      I’m not familiar with Judy Satori or her work. Personally, I’ve always thought it ridiculous that anyone would want to intentionally slow down spiritual growth that’s coming in from the cosmos, the galactic center etc. to help everyone and everything for this very purpose! I’ve been in constant pain since this Ascension Process started for me physically in 1999. It’s been “too much” every minute and yet I wouldn’t slow the Process down one little bit, just the opposite actually, but that’s just me.

      Here’s what everyone needs to keep in heartmind about the Ascension Process: as nonphysical beings we couldn’t wait to become physical and incarnate on Earth now for the very reason that we could live through the Ascension Process physically now. Every soul incarnate now VERY much wanted to be here to go through all this because it’s so rare and so important. Do you think then that once we got here we should do anything we can to stop or reduce or slow down this rare cosmic spiritual Process within ourselves and our bodies? I certainly don’t but again, that’s just me.

      I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received over the years from people asking me how to stop the Ascension Process! They don’t want to go through it, they don’t want to go through the physical, emotional, mental, etheric etc. work and pain that comes from transmuting dense Duality so that one can ascend/evolve to a higher frequency and level of consciousness. Many people do not want to do this once they’re actually in physical form and feel it starting in their bodies and lives. I understand that but as I’ve said about this before — do it now or do it later but all will eventually do it. 😉 So again, I say lets just do it now and move on.

      I don’t enjoy hurting all the time but I do know that this won’t last forever, plus I look at it from the perspective of how much time and effort I’ve got into it so far, so what’s a little more work and pain to complete this phase of The Process? I realize that not everyone thinks or feels this way however. In the end I’ve always suggested that we’re here now because we wanted to be so we could go through this rare and difficult Ascension Process. So it hurts, Alchemically turning our personal inner Lead into Gold always does cause some pain and work. 😉 There’s only been a couple of times in these 15 years when I’ve HAD to ask my Higher Self to turn down the Ascension volume a bit because it was becoming too much for me at those moments. Once I’d gotten my feet under me again I asked my Higher Self to turn the volume back up to normal for that time. This has worked well for me and I will never consider doing anything other than that when I absolutely need a temporary reprieve from this intense Process. We’re here now living this because we knew we could do it and do it well. 🙂

      ♥ Hugs,

  • Dearest Denise (and All),

    Today I got hit with intense sinus issues (stuffed/runny nose). My chest was HOT (heart thudded) earlier as I was talking with my Mom. Also, I had to lay down again because when I sat up, I felt dizzy… yet it was like a vortex whirl from my head up through my crown. It was like a slow internal spin, still it made me have to lay down again!

    And yes, I agree with naps. I said to my Mom a bit ago Be and Nap… Be/Nap… BENAP!. hehe!

    High Heart Hugs to you All,

  • It’s such a wonderful realization that this releasing of the last agonizing emotional junk is For The Last Time!!! And that it needn’t even be examined, just allowed to process through.

    Also, your prediction of the 9 month gestation period was exactly on target, Denise! I’d been under attack for months (and looking like something the cat killed and chewed up as a result) when suddenly, the bombardment was over. That night. I awoke dumb-struck to the absence of harassment. The comparative mental and EMF quiet now as opposed to then is simply awe-inspiring. Finally I can curl up in peace! You remember the old announcement about Elvis? Well, “Team Dark has left the building!”

    Hugs and Laughter with you all,

  • Thank you for this, I’ve been having some headaches, and tiredness the last few days. I hadn’t thought anything of the continued electrical feeling, not physically painful even pleasant truth be told. I was disappointed when my muscles didn’t stop aching or at least start a noticeable decrease in the last few days.

    There were also some changes in the aura of the house I’ve been living in, negative energy unfortunately, I started looking around and for the source of it and found that there were something that left me thinking of some rips or tears of, portals where the energy got through. I attempted to seal them but didn’t succeed, I did manage to clear the energy in my home. I don’t know what that’s about, but I know I didn’t like it.

    My clairaudience feels like it has started to switch back on, and my inner screen has started that process to. These things short circuited in me a few years ago, before they did I felt like I got pushed out of my own mind and lost any kind of control of it (probably related). Now I’m finding I have to relearn how to deal with all this while staying present, it reminds me or riding a bucking bronco in terms of control. Since all I know to do amounts to resist, suppress, block out (and that’s gotten me nowhere (at least nowhere I wanted to be) in the past and I’m guessing it won’t get me very far now) it’s more like I’m having to relearn to ride the bucking bronco with the understanding that all my previous knowledge was wrong, just a good way to end up getting thrown on the ground and I have to learn a whole new method of riding if I want to stay on let alone ever gain control of the animal. Okay maybe not the best metaphor, but that’s what I feel like I’m suddenly dealing with, I didn’t know for sure if it was related but the timing struck me as more than a coincidence.

  • Yay, we’re moving on. PLUS it’s rather great to know that these symptoms are universal. Like most of us, we kinda assume that any unexpected ‘ache’ etc is related to our growth, just nice to have that group feeling. Love you all, Feel joyous about our journey, I have felt for some time now that our transition is speeding up and we’re on a big shift moment. xox

  • Hi
    thanks to all for sharing. I have had this whole body energy buzzing for about 3 years. I can gauge wether to follow a certain meditation , read a book , engage in a friendship etc by the level of energy that they produce or do not produce, this is very interesting and saves me from going down a path which may not be beneficial.
    Also I am feeling much more love and caring for my body and wellbeing in all areas.
    The joy and happiness and connection to other people has increased just recently and I feel very excited by life .
    I often feel activity around my crown chakra and have had like a rearranging of inner organs – like waves inside my body.
    I have been fearful at times like previously shared but have stated if it comes from the Christ light it is welcome but if not be gone ! .It has been a journey of faith and trust and continually surrendering to the divine source , which has not always been an easy process.
    I wish everyone blessings in their journey and have fun with this new way of being
    love Sheila

  • Hi Denise,
    I have been doing this for the last 10 years. That is exactly the way I describe it like a jet at takeoff. Usually when I about to get downloaded again. Some times it pops me right over to the other side. Let me tell you it is wonderful there. Last time I went there we have buildings and lots of babies! Sometimes I just go flying or hear heavenly music. The week headed into th equinox it was nightly.
    Glad I am not the only one.

  • Hello, Denise and everybody,

    I, too, have had this symptom of vibrating energy for many years now. I mentioned in another comment how it was so strong in July, I think, that I was blaming the neighbors for it! lol! My place is pretty noisy, so I can’t hear the ringing as often, but was up very late one night and heard it loud and clear. I love the analogy of the plane gearing up to take off, because that’s my favorite part. I love that massive acceleration and then you’re flying! I can’t wait to experience it myself. Also thinking of a roadrunner for some reason. We won’t be able to see our own legs, they’ll be moving so fast, I guess!
    Been getting lots of random smiles from people these days. I love the change in the air, although that makes the ones on lower rungs or more committed to 3D ways have HUGE problems with me. Oh, well, I guess it’s a good sign? Not fun, though.

    Love and big hugs to all,

  • Hi Denise,
    I’m so glad you wrote about your experience with the recent amplification of vibrational energies. I was pretty surprised when this same kind of extreme inner shaking started for me on the morning of September 22nd and got increasingly worse as we moved towards the time of the actual equinox. The sensation subsided after the equinox passed, but I had problems walking and moving my arms while it was happening. It sort of felt like I was going to explode from the inside out! I figured this extreme sensation had to be connected to moving through an energy portal.
    Best wishes, M.

  • EARS- My Ears, mostly the left one, have been ringing non-stop for 4-5 years. Definitely not tinnitus.
    LIGHT- I see flashes of golden white LIGHT along the bottom of my eyes. When I’m in a dark area, I close my eyes and then cross them and I see the lines of Light shoot along the bottom part of my vision. Can re-create it every time.
    EYES- when I wake in the night to rollover or whatever, I see my pupils illuminated by this same Light. It appears as if I’m looking out through my eyes from my skull and I see my eyes colored with Light. heh..looks like illuminated Cheerios.
    TIRED- Been wiped out for the last 2 weeks. Feel more drained than anything. I’ve been doing a lot of work in my Dream time.
    SINUS- my sinuses started hurting 1st week in Sept and I am still coughing from it. Feel ok…just seem that I have a feather in my throat and I cant cough it out. Annoying but then intuition suggested it was clearing, as I’ve also been working with St Germaine and the VF.
    NUMBERS- getting blasted daily with the usual number sequences/patterns such as 111, 11:11, 333, and I got a new one 12:12. Was woken up at midnight by my Helpers and told to look at my clock.

    • Thank you David, for describing all. absolutely the same here.
      Lights, Ears, sinus, numbers and totally drained. Feel I could fall asleep almost anywhere if I closed my eyes 😀
      And LOTS of vivid dreams, working and engaging with many, many people. And often now, the dream has a “story”, and I wake up when there is a conclusion. When whatever I’m doing is finished.

  • Thanks for sharing Denise – I’ve found it quite tough since Equinox and still have quite a bit of joint and muscle pain going on (along with the extra loud ringing in the ears) and have been feeling very tired. Reassured to realise I’m in good company! Love the new HighHeart website 🙂

  • Wow, I’m starting to get a perspective here of what’s going on! I’ve only just started dealing with ego-blockages and it’s already plenty intense. There is a very, very long way for me to go – no matter how intense yesterday was, when one problem resolves…soon others follow up behind! I’m expecting an awful lot of darkness from past lives to come up from now on. This won’t be easy but this is how it goes right?

    I respect all you guys who have been going through this process for many years now, as for me it’s only really starting to get heavy now.

  • Hi Denise,
    Thanks so much for addressing this newest symptom (my newest anyway). You explained it so well – yes, yes, yes -what I experienced was a huge amplification of the former vibrations, electrical impulses and feelings of being turned on/off (pulsating energy) electrically. My entire body was shaking to the core and the plane analogy was perfect. I wanted to share it with others b/c if they have not/are not experiencing it – they will be. Had I not known about this entire process ahead of time, I may have been a bit freaked out. But knowing helped me relax right on into it (thank you). I thought it pretty weird that it didn’t feel bad or good – it just was. You’d think by the intensity of it it would have been painful but it wasn’t. I’ve noticed some changes in myself since then that I feel are significant but I am sort of holding them close for a moment while I incorporate them. More to come. Love and gratitude to you and all those that visit and comment here, Morgean

  • Denise! I can absolutely relate to this! I had an experience on August 18th that sounds very similar. The following is an email I shared with friends the day after it happened….

    “I felt this energy come over me as I was half asleep (which I’ve felt many times the past 4 years, during “spontaneous soul retrieval” as well as when I melded with the Spirit Baby realm) and it literally makes all my cells vibrate and activate. Last night I felt it accompanied by someone (!) pulling on my ankle to adjust my position in bed. I FELT myself being moved down the bed. It was so intense I woke up fully~ as I woke up my cells were still tingling. Then my dog moved and made a loud sound, which made the hold on my ankle release (!). I lay there awake knowing that the experience ended prematurely because it felt too intense for me. So, I called in my guides, angels, etc and said “If this is for my highest good I will allow it. Only LOVE is allowed near my body, my cells and my energy.” I fell back asleep and the experience continued ~ this time it felt like I was under anesthesia and could feel/hear/see what was going on but from a distance. I saw all my cells light up, activating and rotating with sacred geometry. And then I heard the play-by-play in my head of what was going on and the purpose behind it all (which of course I can’t recall). The most intense part was when energy started pouring in my crown chakra ~ there was a distinct rubbing of my scalp followed by a POUNDING, which I now realize was the energy pouring in. It was soooo intense that it made my body shake and my teeth chatter uncontrollably for what seemed like a long time. Even after the energy was done pouring in, my teeth continue to chatter for a few minutes. Then as I looked around I noticed an orange glow in the room which confused me because there weren’t any lights turned on and there wasn’t any sunlight yet. It took me a minute to realize the glow was coming from me! Then I woke up fully, and knew I was to lay awake for a bit to integrate and assimilate what had just happened. This was definitely the most intense of my night-time experiences!”

    Right after this happened I stopped needing my required 60 minute nap that my body JUST HAD TO HAVE for most of this year.

    Also, I want to share that 3 days after the Equinox (my inner voice told me it would take 3 days) that I had the subtle, anti-climatic, yet profoundly sacred experience of REALIZING myself as God and UNDERSTANDING that it was ME I was praying to and yelling at this whole time. I experienced a melding of my Higher Self/Soul as SHE showed me how she’s been around this whole time, leaving me breadcrumbs so I could find my way HOME. Since then I have daily experiences of feeling HER/melding with HER..and it’s similar to the feelings of falling in LOVE. I’m also getting a lot more wisdom about EVERYTHING and it’s such a beautiful, peaceful experience of finally being HOME.

    I know this is just the beginning, and yet I also know this is the absolute STARTING point for me on my new journey. I’ve melded with myself, the part of ME that is GOD, and from here on out….well, ANYTHING is possible! It IS HAPPENING! It IS!!! ♥

    • “…Since then I have daily experiences of feeling HER/melding with HER..and it’s similar to the feelings of falling in LOVE…”

      Kate Street,

      That’s so true! ♥ Very well done you and thank you for sharing your wonderful Light/Love/Higher Self Infusions.


    • Thank you for sharing your EVER INFORMATIVE experiences Denise, and the heart image at the top of the blog is absolutely beautiful!

      Kate, thank you for your encouraging post too. I too felt an intense “downloading” of Higher Self energy for a few days with a steady strong stream of energy flowing into my crown, inner body movements, and an incredible feeling of well being and peace. I work at a school, and for a few days the children were drawn to me like a moth to a flame! If I walked past a class in line then all the little hands would wave one after the other and smile with twinkling eyes. They would jump out of line to give me a hug, and the other teachers were kind of looking baffled because they were literally like moths to a flame one after the other as I walked past them! The energy I was holding was so high and it must have resonated and attracted with their own little higher energies that aren’t as heavy and dense as most adults. I almost kind of wondered if their higher selves were communicating, “Way to go forerunner! Thank you!!” I had several interactions with other adults where they just seemed very very drawn to me, and opened up more so than usual.

      Kate, I too felt like I was falling in love both with myself and with everyone. I had this real clarity about how silly the concept is of just loving a few select people, and that all deserve love. I understood deeply that others are in varying states of light and darkness, and felt a deep sense of compassion for everyone as they make their way back to the Light. I had this incredible sense of feeling light, peaceful, and complete!!

      What I need to work on is how not to get knocked off that horse and back into 3D when something comes along that lowers my state. I had to go to the dermo and get a spot biopsied which came back as just a surface basal cell skin cancer, but it made me grumpy! Guess the waiting for the results made me scared and then irritated! Also my home buyers may want to close on our house much sooner than thought and this triggered some fears about moving cross country, money, leaving family etc as well. So I got knocked off my High Heart horse, and need to grow in the area of TRUST that things will be okay in the physical realm if I can stay internally centered!!

    • Hi Denise and Everyone,
      I agree with starlight that clearing events will get heavier now, and symptoms/subconscious purges mentioned by others here may accelerate for many of us. However, I know the very fact that TD has been removed from action, (that blessed comforting silence!) will see us through all the rough places. The high pitched ring in my left ear is way louder now, (Like David, it’s been happening for years) but for now, the neck pain/headaches have subsided! The pain in my mid back between the shoulder blades and spinal area is what’s really hitting me again, now! But these vibrations…very often this fine tuned vibration is humming through my body, which I notice more after I sit down to relax, but is noticeable at most any time, if I focus on it. So this indicates to me that I have raised my frequency to a place, at least, somewhere above 3D frequency. At the same time, I am also being “told” I’m getting nowhere, and also that I am not fit for ascension. I have to deal with this crap a lot!

      I wish I could remember my dreams! Last night before retiring, I re-dedicated myself as far as intent, telling my Higher Self that I will offer no resistance as far as ascension processes….allow allow, allow. Then during the night I was dreaming, although I cannot remember what I was doing…just that I was doing something, (and sensed that I was with others, or at least one other person) when all the sudden, (this part I remember!) whatever was at my (our?) hands exploded into bright white fire/flames and the shock was immense!…woke me immediately! It’s equally as frustrating, not just being unable to remember my dream, but this one left me not knowing why whatever I was doing exploded into flames like that. The flames came right up into my face, and then I also watched the flames die down within just seconds…..they were not completely out before I was laying there with eyes wide open and relaxing that shock out of my system. Was that something not so nice that caused that exploding flame? I feel so lost to not have answers such as this one.

      Much Love

    • Kate wrote:

      “Also, I want to share that 3 days after the Equinox (my inner voice told me it would take 3 days) that I had the subtle, anti-climatic, yet profoundly sacred experience of REALIZING myself as God and UNDERSTANDING that it was ME I was praying to and yelling at this whole time.”

      Hi Kate, so glad you mentioned this! I had never had such an experience…then one night I’m praying to God/Creator/Source, asking blessings for others, when I hear something like, “YOU do it! I pondered on this a good while, then realizing, God/Creator/Source, can do nothing without an “instrument,” (Us!) since it is a power inherent within each of us…at our disposal.. so by, with and through this higher power, we do it!

      Much love from my heart,

  • Deep down I know like I know like I know that what I’m experiencing is nothing to fear. And it’s nice to get validation of this because there is absolutely no one, and I mean no one, in my life that understands this. They’re too focused on the OLD ways and so when I talk about it they immediately come from a place of fear and want to try to fix it with all the usual remedies. I just kindly say thank you but I’m allowing this to all happen naturally. My body knows exactly what it’s doing. And for once I’m allowing it to. Much love to all, ❤️

  • Hello Denise, and all. I have been experiencing this electric energy and vibrating for many years as I have written often.
    I understand what you are saying as to the plane before it lifts off, the inner body shaking.
    I was noticing this happening for about a week and had no way to describe it..Thanks.
    I am noticing many other things as well. My Core Self seems to be getting stronger, and is pulling in things and people who vibrate off the same level, even if they don’t know it.

    The past 4 years as all of you know was the journey back into hell, and other past lives to release the energy and drama. The only thing of course was surrendering.
    Now I feel different as a person, on track, focused, sure of my direction. A deep sense of peace.
    I STILL FEEL, exhausted, tired and in some pain but the greater journey is behind me. I wish to share this for it was beyond anything I have ever endured. So if your on the third step or the hundredth step I’m sending the message…there is a greater expansion as you move along.
    I go day by day, trusting that my needs will be met.
    Friends have said to me recently, it was So painful to watch you go through this for so long.
    I agree.
    I must say also,(not being an astrologer) Pluto moving at the same time was immense.
    I agree with Denise more will come, much more.

    With gratitude, and Love,

  • Dear Denise, I’ve been experiencing a sort of electrical buzzing in my right ear twice during the last weeks. This buzzing had a frequency with a constant interval – louder – more silent – louder and so on. It lasted for about one hour and started when I laid myself down to sleep or to rest . Because I usually fall asleep on my right side I turned over to the left side to see if the buzzing would stop, it didn’t. When my ear was on the pillow I could hear it more clearly then when I lifted my head up again. I’ve only experienced this sensation twice now , both times when I rested my body. The sensation wasn’t physically painfull, just an enoying sensation. I tried to stay out of any fear and told myself these were ascention symptoms however they were different from other sensations Ive experienced in the past. A special thanks to you for your support and valuable information over the years. Blessings from Belgium/Europe

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