Next Up, October 2013

800x800 new earth 4We’ve all known for a while that we in the USA are rapidly approaching the October 1st. changes here and all the extreme measures that some are taking to prevent them and other things from happening. I won’t go into those insane political plans because it’s all so repulsive, ridiculous, and just endless old dick-waving Duality. Pardon my graphic language but you know it’s the truth.

The point is that humanity and earth has physically passed through the last Expiration Date and Shift Point on September 21-22, 2013 after the Nine Months period of last-minute go even deeper within business, and now we’re poised to really start experiencing some death throes of the old negative patriarchal systems. No fear, no panic, just honestly dealing with the start of the old negative, corrupt, insane patriarchal systems dying and going away for good.

This is where those Uranus/Pluto Squares in Aries/Capricorn (plus the solar/galactic transit) playing out from 2012 through 2015 are really going to become visible in the world. Speaking of that, the third (of seven) exact Squares between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn will start on November 1, 2013, this time at 9°. Heads up as this fall/spring quarter — 9-21-13 through to winter solstice 12-21-13 — is most likely going to be a series of energetic Stair-steps increasing the NEW higher, while simultaneously increasingly collapsing the old lower negative systems, accepted ways, and people intimately connected to all those negative systems etc.

I’ve pondered the ways this might manifest on this earth world over the past few years. The easiest way to look at this situation is to consider what are the biggest global old “gods” and “powers” of the old lower world. They’ve been Piscean Age products like petroleum, gasoline, oil, Big Pharma’s pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals in foods and GMOs and the other collectively accepted power systems such as electricity and the ways that have been used to generate it. There’s obviously more to this insane patriarchal list of horrors but you get where I’m going with this.

All these old lower ways, systems, belief systems, consciousness, unending greed, control, money and power over others that the few have had over the many has Expired. This Shift is what we’ve worked so long and hard for, and now that it’s about to begin in real earnest physically, some might be getting a little nervous or jumpy over these huge, sweeping, life and reality evolutionary upgrades and changes. Fear not my fellow Conscious Creators because we’re great at this part of The Process too!

We’ve got to be honest about this phase of the Ascension Process and that things will get a bit dicey for a while as we transition out of the old insane knuckle dragging consciousness and evil ways of doing things on earth. It’s over, it’s time has come and gone, it’s completely Expired, and now we’re transitioning into the NEW everything. This won’t happen overnight but it will happen faster than most would have ever thought possible. Intend it, envision it, know it will be and it will oh fellow Conscious Creator Beings. This is what we do so aim high and go big you HighHearts.

Point is that now that we’ve crossed the last of the many Stair-step cutoff points to the old Evolutionary Cycle and all that went with it on 9/21-22/13, we’ve entered that exciting phase were the old lower actually has to go now so there’s a clean slate and space and higher consciousness for the NEW higher everything to replace it. This phase is not only necessary but transitional, not permanent, and in moments of self-doubt or confusion please remember this fact. Having said that, please also never ever forget that YOU are a Conscious Creator Being and can intend to not be terribly affected by these necessary changes in any “negative” ways. YOU have that ability, and YOU are supposed to start using it now too because it’s part of the NEW higher energies and consciousness.

Denise Le Fay

September 26, 2013

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  • Hello Denise:

    Thank You for your great new HighHeartLife website. Thanks again for the great explanations for this whole 9 month birthing period. Had totally written off the whole December 21, 2012 thing as a cruel joke and a deception as nothing happened seemingly in the 3-D world (except for having a nearly 1 1/2 year incredible gut wrenching disappointment and heartache over that one) until being turned on to your site a few short weeks ago. Your humor is terrific and especially needed what with all the “patriarchal idiots” still around. Couldn’t agree with you more about the brain being rewired from the old duality to Unitary Awareness! Hey who needs two brain hemispheres when you can have ONE Unified Sphere of operations. Not to mention the refreshingly total absence of 4-D “team dark” players these recent days. As far as October 1st goes it may take some time for the “dick wavers” to realize that their old astral buddies are no longer around so to speak. Like a car that has run out of gas but still coasting along; the old entrenched patriarchal systems may take a while to finally stop.

    Ahh Triality you gotta love it!

    Get HighHeartLife the best Life insurance policy around!!!

    444 Emergent

  • lost and found and right now lost again………so out of body wondering how it is possible to even type this but had to note the CA message and the reference to Tesla. Any one not familiar, he created a way to get free energy and it was suppressed. Stumbled by accident (HA HA) on to some vids about him on Tuesday night. I find hope that this will soon become our way powering our new world. Hey, I guess the auto pilot in this human form works. 🙂 Love to all

  • Hello Denise and All
    yes I agree totally re God, Source etc, we are aspects of the Divine, we are the imagination of Ourselves and our true power lies within, not without in some detached deity that is removed from us, above us and definitely not something to give our power away to. When I refer to Source there is not within or without, there only Is. To relax into this inner divine is to re-member this, to realise our true self, the core of Love that is one with Universal Heart and Universal Mind.
    Peace and Blessings to All
    Violet <3<3<3

  • I just noticed while looking at the chart for Nov 1, 2013, that Venus will be minutes away from being conjunct to the Galactic Center. I think we are going to get a serious injection of Goddess energy between the 1st and the eclipse on the 3rd. This combined with the Pluto/Uranus Square means a serious blow to the old structures of the dying patriarchy.

  • Good Morning Denise and everyone : )

    Several thoughts on my mind. Last night before falling asleep I spent time absorbing or feeling all the disturbing emotions from false beliefs by letting myself just feel and breath. I felt the energy move and concentrate around my liver/gallbladder areas and had to stop because I felt tired. I felt those areas grow hot. I think those organs tend to hold anger and resentments. I feel so light headed this morning.

    The other thought is about Oct. 1st. For the first time I find I am buying into unease and fear. I have to breathe through this crap too. (I find it rather funny that Obama Care begins on the same day!!! SMILE FACE)

  • just want to add my name to the list of those who are wrecks, being electrocuted, hearing evil ones, life trashed … 20 years of it now … with a religious theme … a huge assignment, a soul mission, and those aren’t talked about much these days. evil isn’t gone from wherever i am. i guess i’m in a different timeline from where it’s expired or whatever … i don’t understand but i keep trying to be hopeful even while my heart is being squeezed and my body is deformed (fat, suddenly as of 6 1/2 years ago when everything went very dark in my world – with weird skin issues that move around to different parts of my body) and wracked with anguish.

    i’ve been emailing with someone far away on another continent, also in deep trauma, who is deciding to end this life, and i don’t know how to help except to keep in touch.

    i also feel The Presence … and try to hold steady and know that this intense constant suffering is purposeful … i hear encouraging voices in addition to the dark ones, but they say they can’t help, i just have to hold on and make it to the beautiful future that is already happening in the Now. i’ve seen it, felt it … and have to believe …

    i can’t think very well but wanted to send my love to all

    have been trying not to write because i sound so “negative” still, after all these years, but maybe someone needs to hear this … ? we’re not alone.

    thank you for the space to share what we’re experiencing, denise.


    • Karina, thank you for sharing your story. I pray that you are able to find some comfort amidst all of the suffering. I wish I had words of wisdom, and I wish I believed in words to the effect of ‘it will all be okay’, but I know there are some days that I am so wracked with discomfort and guilt that it is totally unbearable. I can also relate to you not wanting to share because you feel that you have only negative things to say, but what matters most is that you are genuine, and I certainly pick that up from your words and I know I can speak for many in saying that I am grateful for your authenticity. I pray that your friend is able to find something that can take his mind off of himself just enough to make it through. Whether he decides to stay or leave, I pray that he finds at least a little peace with whatever he decides. I know for me, movement has been the key, staying busy enough despite being in a lot of discomfort. If I don’t keep the energy moving, I get really bad. I have also had to use some services in the area for people who have hit bottom, going to group therapy (I was not a drug addict) because I so needed the support. It is a horrible place to be, but the more active we become in our community the better off we typically are. I say that, after withdrawing and having a very painful and ongoing period of reintegration. Get plenty of rest, get plenty of fresh clean energy, and plenty of movement. Hopefully we will have a better support system for people like us in the not too distant future. Take care of yourself, and continue to be there for your friend. Ethereal Hug, Adam

  • Hello again all,
    after reading the posts on night time adventures, I thought I’d just add that my dreams are super vivid and crowded, lots going on, but one repeating theme is me having conversations with different folk about what is occurring, kind of a teaching role, explaining and letting them know the truths of what is unfolding. I have had dreams of teaching or ‘helping’ before, one was me surrounded by a huge crowd of humanity, a kind of grey endless fog of people, and I was going to each one individually, standing behind them and rubbing their third eye, saying over and over ‘wake up, wake up”. i remember feeling overwhelmed and very serious about this ‘job’. Now these dreams are almost every night.
    Ah, we are so busy, no wonder we feel pooped!
    Blessing, Peace and much Love to you all
    Violet <3<3<3

  • Hello dear Starlight
    I just want to say you are not alone! I too have/am still feeling this great squeeze, I so know what you mean and are feeling. Stages and stages of it, usually squeeze, struggle, sometimes days of struggle, then release, then peace for a VERY short time, then repeat! Things, fears, so old and deep, that I thought I had really REALLY faced and could not imagine there could be any left, well, yep, there is! This shift period has been one of the most intense times of all, even after years (6) of dealing with the same stuff, but I am still here, still reaching for the Light within and I pray a lot, and feel that a close personal connection to God/Goddess/All That Is really helps me. Ascension mantras or personally meaningful phrases help me a lot, to calm, to remember and to surrender, one of my favourites is “Fear not for I am with you always. Do not despair, I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you” or some such version, tailored to the moment. I also say over and over, “relax, relax, relax, God is taking care of everything” Fear is contracting and consciously choosing to relax and let go can be very helpful.

    I am holding all my brothers and sisters in my heart and sending much love, to you, dear sister, and too all, we will/are victorious for we are God/Goddess and God always prevails.

    Much love and hugs

    Violet <3<3<3

    P.S. Thank you Denise, your post on the squeeze, and especially noting that it will change eventually, is a real help and comfort, for as you said, when soul deep in this, it feels like the only reality at times! Blessing to you for you light and service <3<3<3

    • “…I also say over and over, “relax, relax, relax, God is taking care of everything”…”

      violetgoddess & All,

      I totally understand when people feel the need to have “God” or “Source” etc. help them and so on. All I ask everyone to remember is that each of us are literally aspects of “God” or “Source” or the Divine. We are holographic aspects of “God” existing and learning within God’s very creations. Please everyone keep this in heartmind because it’s at the top of the NEW 5D list of must-know High Heart Centered knowledge. No more 3D distortions and lies about who we really are. 😉

      Divine Group Hug,

  • Denise:
    For the past few days I have actually not seen ANY chemtrails.
    I see the 333 number frequently. I so look forward to Planet A, I think it encompasses so much, including A/B and helping there. Will there be any males on Planet A? Just kidding.
    Maybe men who don’t mete out judgement and rejection, who are receptive, happy, and loving.
    Big thanks to Denise. 🙂

    • Hi Patricia,

      “For the past few days I have actually not seen ANY chemtrails.”

      Unfortunately there have been plenty of chemtrails above England this week, I just long for an unpolluted sky and pure unadulterated fresh air. Those creepy tendrils attempting to block our Vit D and the Sun’s wonderful rays are very disheartening to observe.

      “Will there be any males on Planet A? Just kidding.”

      I hope we don’t have any of the egotistical ‘dick-wavers’ that I keep coming across, they are not capable of thinking higher than their trouser waistbands.

  • Hi Denise and all,
    This may/may not be exactly on topic, but I have to share and I wanted to share on the new blog… This experience is absolutely NEW for me. I woke last night and my entire body was shaking, electrified, like never before. I’ve experienced what feels like electricity running through my body for years, but generally it would be in a specific area and noticeable but subtle at the same time. I could still function and no one in my vicinity would be aware of anything. But last night my entire body was shaking like crazy. I just completely let go and it went on for about an hour. My cat’s reaction was interesting as she is sort of “touchy” 😉 and usually if I disturb her sleep at all she gets out of bed and comes back in a few minutes. Last night, she stayed on her pillow next to me and and held her paws on me the entire time. I had the thought that she thought I was purring – but I know in reality she probably had a better idea than I what was going on. In the midst of this I heard children laughing outside – upon my eventual investigation – after the shaking – there was no one there. As soon as I looked out the window there was nothing and the voices stopped. Also interesting is that I had this strong intuitive sense of their ages and not exactly what they were doing but their intent. They were laughing and giggling and at first I thought, as there is nothing in my backyard but empty field and my car, that they might be doing something to my car as their voices were close to it. But intuitively I knew they were being mischievous but not “bad”. And I knew they were maybe 10-12 years old. And I knew there were about five children. Anyway, it is b/c of you and everyone here that I knew all was well, in fact it was a great sign one I’ve been looking for. Thank you Denise and everyone here for just BEing here and for having a place to share with others of like mind. Other than slight nausea, I don’t feel significantly different this morning but something huge happened. I am thrilled to see Sunny Ariel lives close by – I’m in Gallup and it just feels good to know you are out there. XOXOXO Morgean

    • Hi Morgean, I just had to reply that last night my cat Miss Sugar helped me a lot in finding peace and balance. She loves to be next to me but last night felt so special. She stayed on or against me near my tummy and with her I was able to be still and allowing and peace came. I was soooo grateful for her assistance. Precious Beings! And I slept from late afternoon through the night till I Had to get up to get ready for work today, PRAYING I would walk through the 9 hour day with Grace. I have more days off ahead though to integrate and to rest. Funny how the cut in hours is such a BLESSING to me during this time of change! Source Laughs with me 🙂

      And thank you Denise. I appreciate every scrap of support that comes my way during this time of such internal change. What I find so strange is that my human self doesn’t understand why I persist in feeling fears in the face of so much evidence that what it fears is not true! But I guess this is the insanity of the things. And It is OLD DEEP crud.

      Everyone have a great day! At least for right now I feel grateful and almost cheerful! 🙂

    • Dearest Morgean,

      Thank you. You reminded me of what happened in bed last night before I drifted off. I had this intense vibration/spinning like in the middle of my head/3rd eye. It was this almost solid looking pyramid that was inverted (pointed down) that caused it (it was spinning/vibrating). My head was glued to the pillow it was so heavy, and I didn’t dare move because of the spinning. It didn’t last for a long time, yet it was long enough… pretty intense experience.

      Wow, our cats are our loving guides, aren’t they? Mine does the same… jumps off the bed if she gets annoyed with my tossing and turning. During this, as with your experience, she stayed close to me until I felt like I could lift the covers for her to cuddle close (my own personal heater hehe!).

      High Heart Hugs and Love to you,

    • It was this almost solid looking pyramid that was inverted (pointed down) that caused it (it was spinning/vibrating). My head was glued to the pillow it was so heavy, and I didn’t dare move because of the spinning.


      I’m having a similar experience very often lately, when I’m laying down minus the spinning part. I could feel my head and my entire body like a huge piece of stone/rock. This sensation is sometimes accompanied by the feeling that my body is very small or very large in comparison with the rest of the environment. I remember having this same experience when I was a child but I don’t know exactly how this happened back then. I force myself into remembering and it feels so close but in the end I can’t reproduce the exact feeling and grasp the meaning. I also feel that somehow I blocked this experience, not having an understanding of it back then when I was a child. I recall an experience from an amusement park where I was ridding on a spinning machine and was very scared of the spin having the feeling that I was going to disintegrate or disappear (probably into another dimension?).

      • “…This sensation is sometimes accompanied by the feeling that my body is very small or very large in comparison with the rest of the environment. I remember having this same experience when I was a child but I don’t know exactly how this happened back then…”


        Hi you, so great to hear from you here. 🙂 ♥

        I’ve had this and other related perceptual anomalies all my life. The sensation that ones body has changed size dramatically is actually “you” as a consciousness starting to be consciously aware of functioning outside of the physical body. Sometimes when this happens, the human part or ego part of us perceives the physical body as huge or very small and very heavy or dense… and there’s the clue. 😉 When we’re IN our physical bodies looking out into the physical world all seems “normal” from that perspective and that body and level of density or frequency and consciousness. But, when we leave our physical bodies through dreaming or intentional “astral projection” or meditation etc., and are using our etheric body instead of our physical body, that’s often when we’ll notice a change in density, frequency, abilities, perceptual awareness, point of focus and so on.

        What’s happening that causes these sensations you and Chrysalis are talking about have to do with you changing or moving or altering your level of conscious awareness to higher dimensions and therefore higher energetic nonphysical bodies such as the etheric body. To the old familiar physical body in the physical dimension, these perfectly normal multidimensional shifts we all make seem weird and like one is suddenly not in control. What’s actually happening however is that you’re switching from the physical to a nonphysical level, and when we do that our focus point in the physical body changes to a nonphysical body of ours to function within that dimension or level of frequency. We really are multidimensional beings. 🙂

        Sometimes when we’re half out of our physical body and 3D consciousness enough to be aware of and remember what we felt and went through, the physical body feels to the nonphysical spiritual parts of “us” like it’s incredibly dense and small — which it is compared to our nonphysical bodies! Not only that but because we’re functioning in another level of consciousness beyond physicality, our point of perception is changed rather dramatically to our daily physical sense of self and “reality”. Suddenly from this larger, more vast nonphysical level of being we can feel as if we’re suddenly HUGE because we’re not confined down into a tiny, dense physical body. It’s all perspective and because we can naturally shift levels/dimensions etc. easier and faster than anyone would believe, our sense of “self” changes too when we shift into another dimension and level of frequency and awareness.

        I believe that, due to the Ascension Process and now our having passed the September 21-22, 2013 Shift Point, more and more people will be experiencing increased conscious fluctuations like these different dimensional changes we’re talking about. This will become “normal” and conscious in more and more people now because of the Ascension Process and Shift Point into the NEW higher energies and blueprints. Much more fun to come for all too. 😀

        ♥ Hugs,

  • Dear Denise and everyone here, hi.

    I want to share my experience as one of those who does not remember who she is nor from whence I came. I do not know what stair step I stand upon, nor do I have much in the way of “experiences” as do so many of you : )

    I am experiencing much internal emotional/anxious disruption deep inside of me. It almost feels like bubbles but not fun bubble. I think it has everything to do with the fears caused by the belief in separation.

    I have gone round and round with myself about this, about “what to do” about this. I have had moments of peace and assistance. I have had to ask for assistance during this ongoing experience.

    This morning I had to consciously choose to “sit with the Presence” and therefor sit with all this fear that I’d rather escape. Only there IS NO ESCAPE. This was a wise choice : ) I need to not even attempt to judge myself. The Higher must hold sway here now.

    The other challenge is what is happening in my physical life with loss of hours on my job and seeking new employment etc…. This situation amplifies that “out of on a limb” feeling. And as I wrote that sentence the image from Indiana Jones taking that leap of faith as he stepped into what looked like a death fall into a deep canyon when his foot lands on an invisible bridge. (CA shared this with us too and I thought I had moved beyond this level!!) but here I am!

    Let’s take a deep breath of faith and take that step together!

    HUGS : )

    Also I need to sleep a lot.

    • “…This morning I had to consciously choose to “sit with the Presence” and therefor sit with all this fear that I’d rather escape. Only there IS NO ESCAPE. This was a wise choice : ) I need to not even attempt to judge myself. The Higher must hold sway here now…”


      The more we (individually) face our fears — whatever they may be — the sooner they no longer have power over us. That’s the bottom line and there’s no shortcuts to this Process. As long as we continue to keep something pushed out away from us — projected — then it has power over us. The solution is to integrate it and doing so instantly makes everything easier and clearer to see from a higher perspective. This you are doing Edith and you should be proud of yourself. Keep up the great Inner Work on getting yourself really free. 🙂 ♥


    • Hello to Edith and Denise. I wanted to report my recent feelings because this has decended into what I’d call ‘pure-insanity’!

      I’m being Squeezed, oh so hard! All of my buried problems are being…well – my soul is being squeezed like a wet towel and all of the water coming out are my emotional problems and incorrect beliefs. All of those deep things – I’m being made to face it now! And with very little rest, literally every couple of days new deep issues are being Squeeeezed out of me. I’ll have to face something horrifying as it comes up and out, all this guilt, fear and ugliness. It’s like I can’t look away from it.

      I’m not proud of this but some of my behaviours have been very self-serving. I’ve been informed about this a bunch of times but have put it off for ages. There is not much tolerance left for me anymore. It all must be squeezed out!

      Today was crazy. I spoke to some people online thinking it would be fun and relaxing – boy was I wrong. It was mega-stressful. I spoke with someone who suffers a lot of diseases and chronic pain, and my other friend had his sister die of cancer a couple of weeks ago, then his brother kept stealing/asking for money and then when he said no his brother threatened to kill the whole family if he could get a gun. So he had to call the police.

      I’m also seeing problems in other friends and family. It’s just descended into utter chaos.

      As for me. There is very little tolerance for my self-serving behaviour left anymore…It must be let go off very soon now…Like I said, this is a bit like living in pure-insanity. The closest analogy I can explain is my soul being squeezed like a wet towel, and all the problems come out, so I have to face one and then the next one and then more! It’s freaking intense. So I mean ultimately it’s a Good thing, I can see that…I’m not planning to run from it…but oh my god, I can’t see any stability anymore – people say I need to be grounded – well I’ll tell them now – there is no ground left anymore!

      It’s like this sort of mental/emotional vomiting process. Imagine puking up your problems and having to look at all the ugliness still left inside.

      I feel quite sick now. I mean I’ll keep pushing through but, where else can I post my feelings?

      I posted it here because I felt it was similar to Edith’s scenario of being made to face fears. But compared to anything I’ve had to deal with before – this is just insane! It’s like I get knocked down/shocked, then coincidences happen, I’m learning then boom, emotional problems rise up and get mega intense, that’s over and the process repeats.

      My only choice left is to submit. For my ego to give up now. There isn’t anything left! I can only gain comfort from the light which is left in my heart – thank god I have this light.

      Sorry if this sounds negative.

      Peace to all and I hope you guys are pulling through this. For me, it’s waaaay more intense than the 9 month period – it’s pure insanity!


      • starlight – Jamie,

        Dearest, you’ve just described the Ascension Process perfectly. You’ve just described how it repeats again and again and again, each time a little deeper. This is those energetic, Alchemical Stair-steps I’m always mentioning. 😉 Just because we go in and dig around in our Inner Basement once does NOT mean we’re done and the Process is all over! If only it were that easy and fast! No, there’s layers and layers and layer of our inner stuff n’ junk and what you’ve described is The Alchemical Ascension Process. The Forerunners started this a bit earlier than everyone else — this is why I and others like me can talk to people about the Ascension Process from personal experience of having lived/living it.

        You and all the other people like you that are on the Stair-step you are right now have reached that point where major personal changes MUST be made. The longer one puts it off or tries to dodge it etc., the more extreme the pressures from the Higher Light you’re now living in to transmute those old lower, dense Duality issues/energies within yourselves. There is no more time to fart around — only do it and get to the other side where things get easier because you have done it! 😉

        I know how you feel because I’ve been there too. I can tell you it will get better, easier, faster to move through your stuff. Just do it, just surrender to the Alchemical Process and it will go faster. And know that this phase, this stage won’t last forever even though it seems like it will while you’re soul-deep in it! It will ease up and transition into something else so hang in there with The Process. ♥ Very well done you and keep up the great Inner Work you’re doing.♥


        • Hugs. Thank-you, I actually feel remarkably peaceful right now. I just had a profound experience between my earlier post and now, I’m going to write it up properly and paste it here! I’ve had a lot of doubts in the past – like how I thought perhaps I wasn’t deserving of this process because I had to do meditation to trigger it – rather than automatic. But I think now it’s just…I’ve become so fully immerses into it that I ‘KNOW’ there is no way out! Only forwards! So I’m properly immerses in this irreversible process. I just have a really intense ‘surrender’ moment, which eased up the pressure. I’ll explain it all here in just a moment. Hopefully explaining it will also help people who are around my level in the process! I feel a strange sense of comfort because I KNOW I’m in this process. There’s no going back now 🙂

    • Okay guys and especially back to Denise this is what I just went through – for me it is quite profound. I’m sure it will ring a bell to anyone who is past this point. I’m pasting it here:

      I had to lay down to do some meditation just now, and I felt like there were ‘two me’s, the first me was this little black smudge of an ego, the ‘I’, the selfish ego, or the part which basically functions for it’s own agenda. This guy basically pleasure-seeks and avoids pain/responsibility and is good at justifying it’s reasons and making excuses.

      The second ‘me’, was this overwhelmingly peaceful, white light. It was so powerful it was literally drowning my little dark ego. So my ego had this light just drowning it from all directions. Imagine a war scene where the dark side is just a little blob of dark and there is hundreds or thousands of times as much light surrounding it from all angles.

      Then also during this process, I had to see through the ‘light’s eyes to take a look at me…and I saw all these faults. I saw this creeping little dark ego who was so unaware of everything, it just kept making excuses for it’s actions ‘but’ this, and ‘but’ that. It just kept wanting pleasurable things and to run away from responsibility. I had to take a long good look at this guy, this type of me.

      So my little dark ego, the ‘I’, just …well, just gave up. He just said ‘Okay!! Okay…I give up! I give up! Surrender!’ So then I started to feel like I was going to cry. All this light just smothered me, my ego and gave it a lot of love and peace. Then I felt this vortex of white light form in my heart – it felt quite small, maybe an inch or so big. Then I felt all this peaceful energy throughout my whole body – it felt like cosmic/space/universe energy. Something like a peaceful energy from space (as if I had a whole entire universe inside my chest and body with the heart at the center). After that happened, I was getting light flood my body and I just felt like crying and surrendering. I suddenly felt this rush of what felt like crystalline white light flood into my body and fill my arms and legs and whole body. So I had a new ‘layer’ of energy body or something like this.

      What do you make of this, Denise? I think it’s a point of no-return now! Just like you said in your reply to me.

      I can only surrender now. What seems to be filling my body is this type of energy which is peace and light, it only seems to want what’s right for everyone. I hope it remains. I don’t know how much of my ego I let go off…I wish all of it will go now.

      I honestly don’t believe I will go back to being how I used to, because too much of my consciousness or awareness feels grounded into ‘light’, so if I can keep seeing from the light’s viewpoint, I can quickly pick out faults which I might otherwise do. These faults are basically desires or actions which serve the self and not the whole.

      Phew, what an intense evening. But I feel so peaceful! I seem quite satisfied to just drown myself in this light.

      How ironic it is that all I had to do was ‘give up’, yet how difficult it is to give some things up! But anyway it’s going to happen now. I’m on an elevator which can only rise now.

      So peace, everyone. I’m on the boat.


  • First of all, thanks to Gerry for being the icebreaker and being brave enough to risk spoiling the mood (in the previous post) that things still are difficult. Damn right they are. As much as I love everyone’s optimism, more than anything I love your honesty and I would thank you all by name for being so honest, except it would take up too much space. Screw it (Edith, VioletGoddess, Sunflowerwithin, Dolly, Barbara, Julie, Chrysalis, Starlight, Brittany, Calliope the Muse, Rubicon…). Thank you all. Pain is lessened when shared.

    And laughing helps to loosen that tension up, so thank you, Denise, for the dick-waving reference. By the way–does planet highheart have 98% women on it? I will happily live there and get (can I say it?) pussy-whipped all day long.

    I read both the post by Denise and CA, and wonder to myself, are we who are still in this physical agony supposed to do anything more, or just let things happen? I have no answer, nor am I going to waste time figuring it out, but I am so friggin’ exhausted yet I can hardly stand the pressure on my body. We are going through a physical move (we finally found a new home) and it has been five times more draining than the last time we did this (we moved a few times the last five years), and I am wondering how much energy do I have left? The question really is: how much energy do I have to do things that seem to be leading nowhere and leave me even more exhausted?

    I would gladly devote my energies to building a community of people where healing could naturally take place, and we could give these tired and aching bodies a rest. I am giving part of my attention to the creation of this, and hope to get more involved in the next year with a community I can devote myself to. Most of these have fallen apart due to interpersonal conflicts, but hopefully the stripping of our egos through this torturous ascension process is what will make living together finally possible. Whether this is even meant to happen on this cold rocky mudball is a mystery to me, or perhaps we can only live like this on the other side of the veil. What is driving me nuts is how much easier it would be if we combined resources and shared all of our knowledge, and healed one another simply by joining. If I were to say anything about terd dooky (team dark), their main job was the prevention of forming community. Well, let them fart flies buzz about their dung heaps and lets bees get busy buildin’ hives!

    Maybe we are afraid that we would not be able to stand each other if we all came together. I don’t know. Is there some reason like that ‘we are breaking down the grid by living scattered across the globe in isolation?’ What is the answer? I guess whatever it is, I am tired of explanations, however beautiful they are. (I just want some HUGS-lots and lots of HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We should all do a group hug every day at 4:44 pacific time!–ooh boy, I am going to wind up my wrist watch right now!) My body got absolutely slammed these last six months, and I feel that most of the AP can be prevented by the creation of healing communities, based on models like Anastasia. When we get together and laugh, we will forget our pain.

    I see the old falling apart, yes, but unfortunately this body seems to be falling apart at a pace far quicker than that of the whole. A lot of the time I feel like I would take the crappy old world for a new meat suit. Or, meatless suit? I have been mostly vegetarian after all for a number of years.

    You all rock harder than The Intergalactic Dimensional Busters (a band I used to know in Andromeda). We can have some fun, right?

    I am praying for you all, and thank you Denise for this brand new space, and allowing me to come in and do some prick dancing. Sorry if it was too long, the post that is, no, not that post (come on people!) but I still feel mostly alone on this journey. Blessed weekend, everyone.

    • Dearest Adam,

      Oh my gosh, you crack me up! We can all certainly use laughter these days!

      I have often wondered, as you, about the physical pains etc. Such as, when will they ease up so I may be able to “contribute outwardly in the community”. I got a clear message last night for myself, and from the CA channeled message: we’re so programmed to DO, that we’ve gotten away from the Power of BE. I have to remind myself that just my presence in my neighborhood, on the planet is achieving something, is effecting someone(s). I have to remind myself that even though I may not be (yet) conscious of it, I do a lot of work during dream time. I wake up tired these days especially. The message I got yesterday was to just focus on being the observer, to get to the more balanced side of the changes manifesting their way in this world. That is really important right now. THEN, after this, it would be more prudent and easily attainable to find the healing that I desire… not saying that this couldn’t happen now, I’m not discounting it. However, I don’t want to rush my process either. I’m offering this not as an answer to your question, just something that came for me in asking this question on my own. It’s not something I enjoy hearing, however it is something that makes sense to me and feels right.

      I’ve been back and forth about the community building as well. I love (in theory) the idea of a healing community and so forth. However, I have been used to being on my own, living on my own for a long time. For me, I NEED a LOT of alone time to conserve my energies, it’s just how it’s been personally. I do not know if this will change or not. This is part of my hesitation of looking at joining a community; will I have to give up a lot of my privacy and alone time… will my energies remain more constant… I do not know.

      I too have been a vegetarian… half my life. I’m doing my best to get the foodie police out of my head these days, that I really ought to be eating those apples in my fridge… and yet I can’t bring myself to as my stomach churns at the thought of eating one. I’m feeling like I might get to the point of just having one small meal a day and a couple of those green food drinks. I just don’t feel like having a lot of food, especially heavy stuff.

      Heart Hugs to you!

    • I just saw your post Adam, haha, thanks for the belly laughs, your’e a hoot!
      I too have had all the same wonderings about why we are still so far away from each other ( I understand that initially we needed to be spread around where needed, little seeds of light), and I too long for spiritual community – healing, hugs, chewing the spiritual fat, war stories, sharing meals, sharing an uplifted life,- sounds like heaven on earth indeed!
      This too has been a very lone journey for me, I have no one tangible in my world close by (tangible, touchable) and am always very grateful for the miracle of cyberspace, however….I believe that starseeds ‘trip’ each other when physically in the same space, we remind each other and we help each other awaken physically when we are in each other’s vibration. (I have friends I see maybe once a year who live in another state and this is our experience)
      I would love to create Anastasia’s Spaces of Love, just what is stopping us? There must be merits to the lone journey yet, but the call to community is strong and I think that is a sign of the times that must be answered.
      I am sending you a BIG HUG, though I have know idea what time it is your neck of the woods, you are pacific, I am eastern standard, but light hugs know no limits.
      Thank you for the giggle, star brother
      Violet <3<3<3

  • when reading about the german word for dense, i realised that your name is

    den i se

    it’s like the i, with its dot like a star in the sky, is guiding us up out of the dense …


  • I am So Grateful for this new blog & post, Denise: I am also Thankful for your many readers who leave comments.. I wanted to share this experience for any of the animal lovers who visit your site. I transitioned a beloved dog at the end of July. The medicines that were fed to her; to keep her alive was INSANE. I learned a valuable lesson from Puppers. When a month later I received another foster dog with skin & other issues- the first thing they wanted him on were the very drugs that added to Puppers death. I learned if you get your animals on a grain, soy, wheat,corn free diet. Add some pro-pre biotics, you can get their bodies healthy. I no longer give Heartguard, or any vaccinations. People think I’m Nuts’ Neglectful. I have seen the results in 3 short weeks. People cannot seem to think if you do the opposite of what the PTW tell you, You will be OKAY . It really is starting to be a CATNIP moment for me… Blessings to you ALL

    • debbie french,

      What’s toxic to us humans is also toxic to the animals and other lifeforms on earth. People are so brainwashed into believing that “Big Pharma” man-made drugs are the solution to everything when it’s really the other way around.

      Very well done you for being brave enough to go against the unaware masses. ♥

    • “I no longer give Heartguard, or any vaccinations. People think I’m Nuts’ Neglectful.”

      Years ago I was owned by three beautiful Siamese, I never had them vaccinated nor did they ever have any toxic flea chemicals on their fur. I treat them purely with Homeopathic medicines and herbal flea powder, eventually I even managed to convert the Vet into using Homeopathic remedies pre and post operatively at his practice 😺 ….. The result was very happy, healthy felines 💞

  • Dear Denise, thank you so much for this wonderful new source of NEW World information. I have tried to post a link yesterday to the newest post from Rainbow Phoenix but didn’t succeed. Now I see why 🙂 You were preparing a new article with this link. The energies are swirling and we are all on similar frequencies I see!

    I am looking forward to the changes, because I keep envisioning a new life in the New Earth. In my visions, everything is so much lighter and enmeshed with Source Light. And everyone is happy and ecstatic. I am starting to feel this on a daily basis, every area of my life is changing in wonderful and amazing ways.

    Greetings from Europe,


  • LOL!!!

    Oh boy I can’t stop laughing! My daughter (14) comes in asking “ma, dick-waving, really?” I says huh? I had yet to read the new post, so I was confused a bit!

    I’ve been tired and just plain ol exhausted and her saying why I was tired brought warmth to my heart, the knowing that my 14 year old is more concern about me then 14 year old crap lol!

    Thank you for this new home Denise, I anticipate a lot of love emanating through it. This is our time to shine and doing it together gives me pleasure and assurance that again, I/us/we are NOT ALONE!

    With lots of love always,

  • Sitting here forwarding your site to those with open hearts. We have made it!!! I have made it..but of course,”We are the ones we have been waiting for.”
    Thank you Denise, your site has helped so much as I sat here alone for years.
    I am tired but o.k. Taking each day slowly….let he magic begin.!!!
    Love to all, Cheri

  • Denise I love your straight forwardness! You are laugh out loud funny! Thank you for that. These have been long months of learning, releasing and revealing moments. A big thank you to you and everyone for being here! Many heart hugs to all!!!

  • Dear Denise
    Thank you for your post. I can’t wait for this new expansion out of patriarchy onto a more balanced world where sanity prevails. Thank you for reminding us to stay in our power and concentrate on what we want and not get caught up in the dramas of the ignorant. I am grateful to be part of this community and read all the sharings. It makes what we are doing and the hardships we endure bearable. Sending lots of high heart blessings to all. Meadow X

  • In short, August and September have been pretty damn awful in so many ways for me — I wanted to remain quiet on posts at Transitions, first because I didn’t have much to say that was uplifting at all. In these past weeks, I just needed to die, yet again, as I did on the Winter Solstice of 2012. The shift was magnificently painful for me– I’ll not mince that part. Only starting today have I felt a little of the “lightness of being” with the energy around me, but boy, were the days preceding the Shift just plain some of the most painful I have had, well, ever, and I thought I had already touched bottom with most of that. Nope. My brain/mind broke for a couple of days, quite literally. I could feel an aspect of my mind just “break” one day with all that was happening (thankfully the other parts of my brain/mind were just fine, so I could handle this break and not literally pass on with what was going on). It has been extremely rough going, the climax (I have thought, although god/dess only knows what is next for me) of the past several years, it has felt. At least I hope so. I don’t know if I can weather much more of that ilk.

    All that being said, I was so buoyed up by this message, and especially with this part here: “just endless old dick-waving Duality.” HAHAHAHAHA! THANK YOU so much for that! I literally laughed out loud, and really rejoiced in thinking, “Yup, that is all this has been. Dick-waving duality” (most of my issues and pains stemming from dealing with ones who have dicks — NOT that all who have them are somehow bad or wrong! Not in the least. There are just a couple of dicks in my life that have been really intolerably hard to deal with and the situations have cause me great pain because of duality and attachments).

    My Ascension “diving buddy” and I have had a saying these last seven years as we have spiraled around the same issues over and over, but each time from further up the stairway: “they are only just cows.” We always imagined ourselves in a hot air balloon, and realizing what we were seeing down below us were nothing serious when compared to the greatness of All That IS, but “only just cows after all, not scary monsters.”

    Now I can say, “They are only just dicks,” and to do so makes me laugh and laugh and laugh, and realize that, eventually, every little thing is gonna be all right.

    Thank you for that, Denise. 😀

    • So good to hear from you again Calliope/Karin. I’ve wondered about you over these past few months. And you’re right, much of 2013 or those Nine Months were far more difficult than I expected! I was reviewing the Nine Months period and what all I did during them and how difficult, how trying periods of that time really were for me. I’m sure we all could say this because that’s what the Nine Months were for. 😉

      I’m also glad I made you or anyone laugh over the insanity of the old lower crap and situations. I have to sometimes say things the way I think and feel them in an attempt to remain honest but inject some levity over it all. It’s too much otherwise. 🙄

      ♥ Hugs,

  • Hi Denise,
    Thank you for a great blog and for sharing CA’s latest message. We are so blessed to have your wisdom and that of other Conscious Creator Beings sharing with us at this time. A quick comment and question. Last week I had a headache that lasted for a week. Finding your blog post about it
    was a welcome gift and I was able to accept the discomfort with relative ease and grace.
    And a number of CCB friends were experiencing the same thing (one young man called his: The Yarmulke Headache :O ) and ALL were so relieved to read your post. Just want you to know that you have many grateful fans here in Santa Fe!
    And my question: I seem to recall that in a recent blog you wrote that many people will be exiting the planet around the end of September. Any update or hopefully, negation on this?
    Love your HighHeartLife new blog and format!
    Divine Blessings and Infinite Abundance to ALL!!!!!!
    Only love and gratitude,

    • “…And my question: I seem to recall that in a recent blog you wrote that many people will be exiting the planet around the end of September.”


      I’m glad you and the others discovered my articles about the Ascension related head pains and pressures. It makes these things easier to live through when we know what they really are and that they’re positive indicators. 🙂

      What I said and meant was that more people would begin to exit the planet after the September 21-22, 2013 Equinox Shift Point. All sorts of changes will now begin because we’ve physically lived through the Nine Months period and crossed the end of it.


  • Hi Denise,

    A supreme heads-up, many thanks, Denise and CA and Co. Wow, no wonder we’ve been feeling worn out and hurting. All makes sense now. The vibes have been intense to say the least and what might sound like real bad news to the Duality, is real good news for the Triality. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be and thankful to get this Separation show on the road.

    And thank you, too, Denise, for responding to my High Heart pressures and pains comment in your earlier post. Funny to see that I commented at your Shen Ring post with an almost identical complaint almost a year ago. How quickly I forget!

    Had a dream last night, I’m in a very large school waiting for my Mom to drive me home when she finishes teaching. Time drags on and on and by the time Mom is ready to take me home, I’ve cleaned a few more toilets and am thoroughly worn out, almost in tears as I beg her to take me home now. We go outside to the parking lot and there is so much snow, we can’t find her car. Lots of floundering around, Mom disappears somewhere in the snow, and then I find myself at a bus stop, because I’m determined to get home on my own. A bus is sitting there waiting for me, but I can’t get on it, because the destination sign says, “Rebel” as in spiritual warrior and I realize there’s more to do!

    Wanted to mention I ran into two 3D acquaintances yesterday who proceeded to tell me how a mutual friend was suffering from vertigo after years and years of being at sea. Apparently, he will be fine, but as they were describing his symptoms, I just about heaved my tummy and was frantically looking for something to hold on to. The more they talked, the dizzier I got. Walking and talking in public is becoming a very concentrated affair!

    I’m so sorry to know that you’re in pain, I find that unfair as you continue without fail to lead us to freedom, while you must be exhausted beyond belief. My heart is with you and all here, and again, I’m glad we are about to see some action. Can’t even begin to imagine what my 3D acquaintances would think of that statement. Love, B.

  • Hi Denise,
    Thanks for the reminder about the exact square between Pluto and Uranus occurring in the next few weeks. A solar eclipse is also occuring a day or two after that exact square. It looks like November is going to feel like a roller coaster ride!
    Best wishes, M.

  • Dearest Denise,

    Oh my gosh, you just crack me up with your humor!! It’s true though what you wrote, which I dare not repeat even in typing lol!

    One mantra I’ve become conscious of having these past months is, “Not on MY world” or “Not in MY reality”. Any sort of old/negative system “stuff” that I read about, I energetically wave my hand, as to brush it aside and either say to myself or in my mind one of those mantras. I feel like at first it was a subconscious mantra, however it’s now fully front and center for me.

    I have grown tired of the supposed “forward movement” in making things better in our world. I’ve recognized for years that it’s all been a smokescreen, moving things in a “better direction” only a degree, and then shoving it back (negatively) 5 degrees. It has all been a negative game, bent on keeping the sheep believing, when they (the ptb) wished, that things were “getting better now because so and so has been elected”. It’s all been junk, and I’m SO glad it’s going to come crumbling down!

    CA’s new channeled message was a welcomed reminder for me. I recall some similar information months ago, yet with all that’s occurred it got lost for me. So it was really good to be reminded of what’s to come within the physical realm. Absolutely no fear, a lot of belief that we (all of us here) will ride out the storm with no drama, and that we will be more than ok. For now, I really need to allow myself some nap time everyday, to truly be at rest. Time to focus on a different “do” ing… internally and NOT external. The external will take care of itself; all I need is to focus on “healer, heal thyself”.

    High Heart Love to you All!

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