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Welcome to HighHeartLife — a NEW higher frequency place for our ongoing spiritual journey, education, and eternal desire as spiritual Beings to Create. And, welcome to the Separation of Worlds and Timelines and activation of the NEW!

To me this energetic threshold we’ve crossed/are crossing on September 21–22, 2013 is more meaningful than any of the earlier ones and here’s why. This one is the last in a series that have unfolded incrementally over the past few years. October 28, 2011 was the first major threshold; December 21, 2012 was the second major one, and September 21–22, 2013 is the third one in this stair-step ▲ trinity of transitions if you will. Remember, those energetic stair-steps are always there underneath everything no matter how low or how high.

But this third energetic threshold we’re crossing now on the September 21–22, 2013 Equinox and completion of the past Nine Month period (from 12-21-12) is so important and meaningful because it’s the last energetic and physical separation and Shift Point from the old past and very negative everything. It’s the full cutoff and disconnect point from the past Evolutionary Cycle and all of its blueprints/templates and the 4D Astral and 3D Physical Team Dark patriarchal control over earth, humanity, human consciousness and physical 3D reality itself. This is when the old everything expires and where the NEW begins.

Yes for a short while there will still be some of the old-world patriarchal jerks (male and female) around who don’t understand that this great Shift has even happened, or the NEW emerging higher frequency energies/blueprints/templates etc., and they’ll throw louder and crazier public temper tantrums because they can no longer get exactly what they want like they always did before. These old-world patriarchal jerks don’t realize that 4D Astral nonhuman Team Dark beings no longer have their backs or are energetically supporting them as they always have via stealing life-force energies from the rest of humanity! It’ll take these old-world human patriarchal jerks a while to realize that the Earth Game has dramatically changed and that they’re not even on the same earth and no longer run or control anything. They will change and adapt to the NEW on this earth, or they’ll die off, and rather quickly, and go where they can continue controlling unaware others. But, they cannot and will not ever control anything on this NEW earth or ‘Planet A/B’ as we’ve been calling it.

This is what many of us Forerunners have worked so hard and long towards and that’s why this date is more meaningful to me personally than any of the earlier ones. We’ve done it — not that I ever had any doubts we wouldn’t — but it sure is spectacular finally reaching the energetic cutoff and Shift Point out of the old insanity and negativity and into the higher NEW. Do you now hear that blessed sound of silence in the space/air around you? That glorious LACK of continual negative static, interference and chatter is the sound of the past Evolutionary Cycle and blueprints not here any longer! It’s almost too much and I feel like I could easily burst into a fit of giddy hysterics for a bit over being able to feel, hear, and know that Team Dark is not and never will be again in the same space/place that I am! I’ll quickly readjust to what’s far more normal to me as we all will to the NEW HighHeartLife.

It’s because we’ve finally reached this energetic and physical cutoff from the old and Shift Point into the NEW that I created HighHeartLife and launched it today. I needed a matching higher frequency place online to write about (and Library, archive) these NEW higher frequency changes, the NEW teachings that go with them, the emerging NEW higher consciousness in more and more people, the ongoing manifestation and effects of 5D High Heart, the current ‘Planet A’ overlays some of us are and will be embodying just as we Forerunners did with the Ascension Process, and so much more.

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I know we’re beyond exhausted, but now that we’ve finally reached energetic Pay Day, we’re going to begin feeling better in multiple ways from here on out. Thanks for visiting, happy September 2013 Equinox, welcome to the higher frequency NEW and to HighHeartLife.

Denise Le Fay

September 22, 2013

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59 thoughts on “Welcome to HighHeartLife

  • Hello Denise,

    I have read a lot of your blogs on your Transitions site and I want to thank you for providing so much information regarding Ascension symptoms and the new energies. I started experiencing ascension symptoms in November of 2012 and was going absolutely crazy trying to find out what was happening to me. I felt like I was going crazy, questioning my own sanity at times. I felt like I was someone else living someone else’s life. I wanted to quit my job and move to Alaska (I live in Arizona and I don’t think that would have been such a good choice, lol). I started seeing a therapist and she helped me to release a lot of pain that I had been carrying around, unrelated to the ascension. Around May of 2013, I finally chilled out and started remembering who I was. Who I AM. I recently became attuned to Reiki Level 1 and I am going to be attuned to Level 2 in late October. I have never felt this alive in my life, knowing that I have found my true passion! It feels amazing to be able to help people heal.
    Peace, Love and Light

  • Hi Denise
    Wow, I really had to scroll a loong way down to make a comment…lol.
    I think this is the right space for me to say a very big thank you to you! I wrote to you last year with so many questions and with your guidance from your blog and all the many followers I manage to accept my gifts and everything else that came along with it. I found someone living near me to teach and guide me and here I am a year later! Transitions helped me through my transition and now I am so happy to be here. I found the courage to start writing about what I believed and now it has led me to other great things. I have also noticed that suddenly what used to be my inspiration for writing has now changed. And the sudden stop in my writing has made me realise that it no longer gels very well with what is on my existing blog. And yes I have been working on another website and blog. And I really do believe this great shift that has occurred will effect everyone in so many ways, in a positive way. My thoughts and writing over the last few months have been an indication of the shift happening not only around us but within myself. And by acknowledging the changes and shift within yourself you help others. I see everyone standing behind each other like dominos, as we are pushed in another direction we knock the next person in front of us. We might not all be moved together but eventually over time everyone will take that shift and follow, provided they are in the queue. And before I would have thought that it was good riddance to those who chose not to evolve and shift but of lately I feel more compassion for them, I want them to feel peace and love, I want the pain and suffering to end. But I think this is what this change is all about, the great shift in humanity. Something we have all forgotten and lost along the way and yet so simple. To feel compassion.

    Lots of love, peace and light!

  • I have been having pain in my upper back between my shoulder blades for a long time. No matter what I do as yoga, stretches etc. still there. Some days more then others. Not sure how I missed this explanation here. It does radiate up into my neck and head some too. As I was reading your post explaining this I became more aware of the energy of it radiating all the way up and out of my head. In fact I sense a cris cross diamond pattern energy going from my neck /shoulder to my ears then crosses through my eyes and out with energy also going straight up my spine and over my head almost like bright stars up above my head. Some pain in my lower back as well at times. With ill family members I haven’t had my usual time to work with myself and the energies so present. Last night when I was going to sleep I saw geometrical shapes above the bed. Thought my eyes were really playing tricks on me. Before I dozed completely off I felt pulled upward by my belly button and actually lifted off the bed. The lifting woke me up again. Never experienced this before. Not sure what to think of it. Called in protection before I went to sleep again. Before the equinox I had so much energy. It was like don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today energy, then the three day period over the weekend no energy. Time didn’t seem to exist either. I was in a different place sort of floaty feeling. I felt rather spacey into Monday. The light here too has been amazing! The trees looked as though they were in a dome of light the other day and the clouds looked similar as if they had more dimension. The suns rays came down yesterday morning along a stretch of trees. It was a wall of light like a slice of lemon. The rays were so visibly beautiful! Try as I may to keep up my computer has been funky. Love to everyone here and extra hugs for you Denise!

    • “…It was like don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today energy…”

      Sunflower Within & All,

      Oh I’ve gotten that message repeatedly over the past few years! Learned the hard way about ignoring it! 😆 It’s usually a clue that I am / we are about to enter a phase of can’t do anything for a while! 😉 We’re learning how to pay closer attention to these types of subtle and not so subtle inner messages.

      “…Last night when I was going to sleep I saw geometrical shapes above the bed. Thought my eyes were really playing tricks on me. Before I dozed completely off I felt pulled upward by my belly button and actually lifted off the bed. The lifting woke me up again. Never experienced this before. Not sure what to think of it…”

      Geometric shapes — usually of Light — are from 6D, the sixth dimension. 6D is also Home of the Sirians, many of which are the super ancient Elder Lion or Feline Beings. I wrote some about my journeys in 6D and seeing complex different geometric shapes and also very highly advanced Beings that used certain geometric shapes as their “bodies”. 6D is where the morphogenic blueprints or templates exist in geometric forms. In 7D these geometric morphogenic forms vibrate higher and are sounds. And on and on.

      Anyhoo… a lot of Starseeds believe that they are fifth dimensional when in fact they’re from a higher frequency range/dimension. You may be having this lesson pushed on you now so that you’re more open, more receptive to consciously be aware of dimensions above 5D. (I can’t remember if it was you who talked recently about the Lion or Feline Beings? If so then I’m really certain the sixth dimensional Sirians are trying to help you become more aware of them and the morphogenic fields of geometric shapes/Beings/blueprints etc. that exist there in those beautiful forms.

      6D Hugs,

      • Denise, do you know where the bird-beings are from? I know they had to do with Egypt (I would say/guess some of the creator gods of earth?), I wonder about dimension, star system…?
        ps: felt like muscles aching all week.

        • Kaisa,

          From what I’ve remembered to date, the super ancient Bird Beings where at some point connected with the 5D Pleiades. I sense there’s much more behind this but I don’t have conscious recall of it. What I mean is that I don’t sense the Bird Beings originated from 5D Pleiades but higher. At much later dates they were connected to and worked with the 5D Pleiadians. I sense they are another of the many super ancient Elder Races of Beings, just like the 6D Sirian Lion or Feline Beings were/are.


        • Denise, thank you so deeply much for replying. I think they’re the ones I feel closer to, but so far know nearly nothing about. I sense them tall and peaceful and huge in aura, and maybe like I am one of them. am/was/will be? oh well. Certainly doesn’t feel like it in my current sad mode. My sense is of creators of worlds but so much lighter than this density, something that feels between water and air…? Very mutants somehow. Oneness with some type of individuality, but I guess all that is common to many starbeings. Either they don’t “talk” much or my senses are still rather clogged, probably the second. Sooo much thank you for sharing your perception with me, it does help me connect a bit more with them.
          I do hope we all remember home by now. It’s time.
          Loving hugs to you!

    • Dearest Denise,
      Very grateful for your reply to my geometric shape post. I don’t believe I was the one you spoke to about the Lion/Feline beings at least not recently, but I have been very interested in information about them over the last year or so and have been looking into more info regarding them. Cats find me wherever I go. It is a joke with a friend of mine. The sliding door on our house has moisture in it and has formed a cat between the panes of glass and it is being held by a huge angel. Last year I had gotten information that a white cat would need help in my neighborhood. Drove around but no cat. Two weeks later on Christmas Eve I went out to walk dogs and we heard a cat in distress. Called the neighbors to see if it was theirs, but no. They did however take her in and guess what…she is a little white cat. I could add more stories here but won’t go on. Thank you for your wisdom and discernment. I will continue my path on learning more about these wonderful loving Lion Beings. I will keep you posted.

      All my love!

  • Dear Edith, I just had to reply to grumpy grumbling poop! I really empathise, for I am pretty much where you say you are, but you did make me laugh a lot with this line, and for that I am grateful, so despite being a poop, you are funny and adorable and have lifted my spirits – so thank you, you are still carrying the Light, no matter how grumpy you feel!
    My thoughts and love to all at this time. I ask for Grace for all of us and know we are always supported.
    Keep on keeping on, dearhearts

    Violet <3<3<3

  • Dear Denise and everyone! So glad I am not the only one fessing up to feeling like crud. So much queasiness. I I feel lost and empty too. Also hit in the face with intense issues bringing so much anger which is fear! Crazy. I felt great over the actual weekend, but today was THE DAY and I succumbed to a huge pity party and all that goes with it, even down to hating my life. So tired of it. My understanding is that transmuting and cleansing never ends…. skin of the onion and all that. I am like one negative grumpy grumbling poop that never knew Grace!

  • Hi Denise and fellow high heart lifers
    Thanks for creating this awesome new space for us to bask in the new energies! I feel a definite cut off from team dark and its weird not having to fight them or be on guard from attack all the time. Its hard to fathom! I don’t know what to do with myself!I feel a bit lost at the moment in the new space I have stepped into. The shift in time lines has shocked my system a bit. It’s like I am in some sort of purgatory or transitional space within this new timeline. Like I’ve been invited to a grand ball I have always wanted to go to, but I know no one, and I haven’t quite got my bearings enough to have the courage to accept an invitation to dance! I had unusual clamp like headaches over the equinox weekend, but generally felt ok. However, integrating the new energies has caused some very deep issues to come up for release in the last couple of days. I feel ground down and tired. I am curious to see what happens next! Blessings to all, Meadow

  • Hello Denise dear, and all my star brothers and sisters!
    I have followed Transitions for awhile now but never posted. I have always found the info presented very sane and comforting. I enjoy insights from embodied folk as opposed to disembodied beings who may have never incarnated and know nothing of density and its immense challenges.

    Thanks so much Denise for all your amazing support of the Ascension Community over the years! You are so very appreciated and loved! I am sorry to hear that you are in intense pain. I too am experiencing a major recurrence of symptoms and emotions I felt I had transmuted, yet here they are, maybe one final round? I now know better than to think I know anything at all, and endeavour to continue to yield and surrender, hope and trust. I feel the energies present at the moment are extremely intense, a real pushing down from above.

    Congratulations on your beautiful new space here, it is lovely, and I look forward to visiting often.

    Peace and Blessings to all


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    Thank you, Denise! It is beautiful to feel a new start energy with the new blog. For my readers who missed the earlier post this is the first reblog from Denise’s *new* blog HighHeart Life.

  • Dear Chrysalis, Brittany, Dolly and Denise,

    Thank you for responding. What would we do without this community? I am so grateful for everyone here. Bless you all. I shall keep soldiering on.


  • Hi Denise,

    A question and I hope it is appropriate. Can you tell me, please, the physical location of the High Heart in the human body? Since Equinox, I have a very tight and uncomfortable pressure in my lower throat area, which, from some research on the Net indicates the location of the thyroid gland. Like we opened the pineal, do we need to open an area in the lower throat to experience the High Heart? There seems to be a constant draining of fluids from that thyroid area into my tummy, which is causing real ‘heart’ burn! I realize these may be new ascension symptoms, and if I’m off base here, I know you’ll tell me, but if there is anything we need to do to get that High Heart physically into gear, that would help me a lot, especially if it has to do with the thyroid. Thank you! Love, B.

    • Barbara & All,

      I added my image of the High Heart Sun Rising in the sidebar area as a reminder about this. The location of the “Sun” is accurate of where I feel the High Heart energies pushing, radiating out of my High Heart. The physical gland associated with the High Heart is the Thymus. If you think of this location going all the way to the spine/back, this is why a lot of people occasionally have pains and pressures in that part of their bodies; the spine in that area, the heartburn, acid reflux, esophageal spasms, pains in or around the shoulder blades near the spine right at the High Heart area and so on.

      I’ve felt my High Heart energies pushing, radiating out and up so far that I can feel them up under my chin and in my throat area too. Honestly, I sense that everything from our Heart chakra up to the NEW High Heart chakra, the Throat chakra, Brow, all the way up to the Crown chakra and probably above that has/is activating at new, higher levels since we crossed the 9-21-22-13 Shift Point. See my old article here:


      I’ve been having amplified physical pains and old “ascension flu” aches, pains, feeling like I have a low-grade fever, hot flashes, food/eating/digesting problems, head pains and those sudden head “spinnies” or vertigo symptoms again. We’re going through a lot now and it’s going to continue for a while as we all Shift. I feel Earth Mother aching too so we’re probably entering another cluster of “Earth Changes”. And of course we’ve got the upcoming “October 1st” political bullshit to go through and the super sensitive folks are already feeling this wave of crap coming. More about that hopefully tomorrow from me in a quickie article coupled with the latest from Cosmic Awareness about this topic. We’ve known this was coming but it’s really going to get weird for a bit because it has to to die. We’ll all be fine but it’s going to look and sound pretty chaotic as the old patriarchal systems really crash n’ burn. No fear people. ♥ This is another big chunk of the old elite patriarchal negativity dying and leaving. Our test is to NOT get sucked into other people’s fears over the old systems disintegrating. Hold your High Heart center and intend what YOU want. 🙂


      • Hi Denise and everyone,
        Looks like we’re being hit in just about every way! Suddenly I’m having nausea, diarrhea, flu like aches and pains….dreadful pain in my upper back the way Denise describes, all day long and worsening in late afternoon and evening, as well as in my mid and upper ribs, and joints, headachy, not interested in food, and feel overall yucky! Meditating in earnest now….asking Higher Self for extra help in clearing away more debris. All in all, I know it’s all par for the course! I thank you for the link, Denise….really interesting learning of your experience and explanation of 5D High Heart rising, and loved your illustrations!
        Crossing the Bridge!
        Much Love

    • Hi Barbara, Denise, Dolly & All,

      Geezus, this explains A Lot. Thanks for putting this out there. I’ve been battling a wicked case of acid relux for the past two weeks, along with a sour stomach, indigestion, and major lack of appetite. These are issues that I typically have to monitor, but holy cow – it’s been EXTREME lately. Ridiculous. And none of the usual tricks & tools are getting it under control. I’m back to sleeping on an elevated bed. Good times…Hang in there – much love to you.


  • I am so happy to follow you Denise to this ‘new’ place of words of light. Thank you!

    @ Gerry, I too feel like you. Mine started on Saturday the 21 and ended yesterday morning the 24th. I suffered nausea, vertigo, light headedness, intenstinal problems. I felt like crap most of the weekend. It was something like motion sickness. But before it all hit me, I was enjoying my coffee on my patio after my Saturday morning run and I felt great! The light on the grass and trees appeared to be whiter and brighter. Something had changed. I have been paying careful attention to other peoples actions and I feel like something has changed, yet I can’t be sure. I feel a little lost in the transition. A big part of me ‘knows’ things changed, but the world around me causes me to doubt. I never had doubt before this weekend, and I don’t want to have doubts now! I am struggling with my faith and trying to stay positive. I understand that everything and everyone cannot change overnight. I am looking for little signs… Thank you again Denise. You are always so much help and such a beacon of light! Julie

  • Yow – this is beautiful Denise! There is so much light streaming through my computer from this new site – (and the new page at Transitions), that it almost knocked me over 🙂

    Please let me propose a toast: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/161566705354466112/

    or at least let me raise a glass: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/350788258446818056/

    Cheers! Wishing everyone here a Motherload of magic (from the Divine Mother herself)…

    I’d also like to dedicate this song to Denise & my star family here: (ala Jamiroquai)

    Rock dust light star
    Coming at you, baby
    At 36,000 miles an hour

    Salvation’s coming
    Coming at you, baby
    At 36,000 miles an hour
    Salvation’s coming
    Coming at you, baby
    What you made of what you are

    Look up and see
    Those stars for you and me
    Look up and see
    Rock dust light star
    Coming at you, baby
    From up high, yeah
    Rock dust light star

    • Haha yeah there is incredible light coming out of this blog – it feels very clear and infinitely clean. Pristine.

      So I’m trying to get my head around what’s actually going on – I’m assuming that team dark are going to start rapidly crumbling from our world. I’m not picking up any creepy astral junk around me lately. Like I said up there – humans alive today aren’t going to suddenly ‘change’ instantly, so I’m noticing an ever increasing polarity gap when I meet other humans, either really bright/kind or really dark/fearful/aggressive.

      The high-heart consciousness which is in me is keen for me to keep learning – it only seems to be getting faster if anything – like I’ll fall down, inner darkness get’s pushed out in the open…then cleared. Rinse and repeat. I feel like I’m being ‘taught’ at a very rapid pace. I also feel I’m being taught to submit to what’s right. No complaints really, it’s naturally quite challenging on an emotional level, but needs to be done.

      It’s that whole learning thing of ‘fall down, get back up and learn.’ only it’s been sped up for months and keeps on going. So I assume some others also feel this with me? I’m lucky enough not to have bad physical symptoms.

      Peace, everyone.


  • Dear Denise. Wasn’t sure if I was to write this comment here or on Transitions.

    First of all there are some of us not feeling so wonderful physically.

    The thing that makes me write to you today is the skim of just made on Lisa Renee’s newest blog. While I understand we have our work cut out for us, well her blog is as abysmal as it has ever been! Like she just lays out endless “shit” waiting for us. I mean as far as my eyes were concerned TD is still alive and well HERE, or not much different at all, though I know all the puppets are still here along with the sickos and psychos. Seems somehow worse given what we are celebrating here with you.

    It is almost as if Christina Lunden (currently in hospital!) and Lisa are at seemingly at opposite ends of presentation. The one focuses on building and how to live while the other warns and brings forth to awareness every abomination. I also realize as souls we are drawn to the area and focus where we belong. Not everyone is to be doing and focusing on the exact same area. And then there is you Denise with your common sense down to earth perspective. (and the other person who always writes that we are waiting and never get anywhere year in, year out!)

    Anyhow I am still tired and my head aches. Also don’t know how all this plays into or with menopause : )

    The I AM is still the I AM : )

    I have asked you many things lately.

    I could use a big fat Hug.

    • Edith & All,

      I hadn’t read Lisa Renee’s latest blog article but did after reading your Comment. Also, I’m not at all familiar with Christina Lunden and so I quickly Googled her and then read her “About” page so I’d have some sense of who she is and where she’s coming from etc. Mind you, I did all this as quickly as I could because I just don’t have the time/energy/or desire to read endless pages from much of anyone at this point.

      What Lisa had to say is, in my personal opinion, highly correct and undistorted information. Christina I didn’t resonate with but that’s ME please understand. It’s always been important for everyone to get information from whomever and then discern that information for themselves. Mine included of course.

      There’s a lot of confusion and old familiar Duality consciousness still working in and on people and it is up to each of us to keep that in heartmind as we read anything spiritual/ascension related. The old Duality and Team Dark crap is legitimate but, because NOT every human alive now is standing on the same developmental and awareness Stair-step, NOT everyone is or will simultaneously experience or even be aware of the same things happening at the same time! Needless to say this makes all of this business that much more difficult to try to explain and live through! But, nothing new here… 😉

      Know that I too have been in amplified physical pain for the past few weeks and days and am right now and will soon HAVE to go rest. We’re in tremendous transition still and these NEW energies and shifts and changes feel so amplified from what they’ve been before. I’m just trying to get things done each day and then recuperate each evening! It’s been that intense lately for me so know that this is probably “normal” for what we’re going through now.

      Big Hugs of Love Edith and hang in there with the rest of us. ♥

      • Thank you Denise. I brought Christina to your attention because I had only heard from her about no more Karma until Cosmic Awareness mentioned it.

        I am having a tough time reacting to errors and money issues with AT&T. I can’t believe how crazy I have become in “letting it get to me”. I am now remembering to just surrender. You can’t fight or plead with computerized systems that take action away from the humans that represent the companies! And having to first go thru a computer voice hoop, then outsource people in India hoop, to the least experienced USA hoop, to FINALLY someone who knows, then the call gets dropped!!!

        I appreciate your opinion about Lisa Renee. It reminds us to keep aware and not assume, and let our protection go, which I was doing!

        I was given 3 days off and I am so grateful as I do not feel well, though I feel better. I am so grateful for you and everyone here, especially when things go nuts! Or “I” go nuts!

        I am job hunting and there is a job fair here in my town and in the old days I would “force” myself to “do the right thing” and go. I still feel some guilt but I decided to stay home and take care of myself and keep resting…. even though I had to deal with ATT.

        It is a beautiful day and I think I need to sit in the sun and take in the loveliness and recharge my spirit and the rest of my bodies!

  • Beloved Denise–you are a genius! This new space is positively brilliant & I feel so fortunate to be included in its brand new pristine energy, and filled with gratitude for all that you do. If it weren’t for you (& my Transitions family), I NEVER would have made it to this glorious new beginning….my deepest appreciation to you all. Now I just KNOW the Buddha belly will deflate & my hair will grow back……😉 teehee!
    Congratulations & much lovelovelove,

  • Just a note to say I’m glad to be following here 🙂 As I posted not so long ago – I’ve been made to do some last minute emotional purges last friday (20th), almost like I was being prepared for something new! My high-heart showed me some of the dark things of my past and then pretty much told me ‘This Won’t Happen Again!’. Such a relief! 🙂 Glad there is a new blog here!

    • starlight,
      Thank you for sharing your message. Around the same time as you (9/19 or 20th.) I was alone and talking out loud to my higher self and what I got back as a message was almost the same as you got. I was told “this won’t be allowed to happen again”. I was very explicit about what I was upset over and once I received that message my entire physical being calmed down and I went into a peace. Apparently we have shifted into some wonderful new timeline ! Everything does really feel different and I’m so over joyed that Denise has set up a new home here where by we can share all this great new stuff.

    • Pat, and Denise. Thanks for replying yeah – I’d say that ever since yesterday I’ve slipped into a state of inner-peace. I can sort of hear that ‘sound of silence’ that Denise mentioned above in the article. I did receive a rather nasty post on my blog filled with anger calling me an idiot, but then I got a nice message via email to make up for it by someone else! In other words – I’m picking up extreme negative energy from some humans. To be honest I get the feeling some of them have been used to de-rail me from a type of yoga I’m trying to do, since they attack it with such great anger and fear. But it won’t win, it just upsets me temporarily then I get over it.

      To elaborate on this polarity issue, I’ve noticed that whole buildings or work places have a certain ‘feeling’ in them, and they’re either very bright and kind – or very dark and oppressive. So there are these lingering polarities about.

      But overall I’ve gotten an even stronger connection to higher-self/high-heart messages which are pretty much saying

      ‘Yep, all that crap won’t be happening again – we’re moving up now! And fast.’

      I’m going through issues at a very fast rate, last week and this week. I’m seeing my mother go through issues as they enter chaos but then get quickly ‘resolved’, too.

      Things are moving very fast. The overall atmosphere is more peaceful 🙂 But with negative humans dotted about the place! Those guys really need to grow up.

      Peace :-)!


  • Congratulations Denise and thank you. I agree with the others that everything feels different. However, for me, the pain, nausea, vertigo and pressure, not to mention extreme emotional swings are stronger and more sustained than ever. No else seems to be mentioning this. Have I done something wrong?

    I am so very grateful to you for this blog,

    • Gerry,
      I’ve been wondering the same thing. I’m still feeling all my physical stuff. I was hoping at least a little of it would feel better in some way, or lighter maybe. No giddiness or feeling of relief either. Things still feel mostly normal to me, although a feeling of pressure or wrongness has increased, along with a constant back ground noise. Not quite ringing in the ears, closer to a low level hum like the engines while on a plane. Maybe that’s just how my body is affected by the higher energies. I don’t know, but something very similar happened to me after Dec 21.
      On the other hand, I can say, to me, the energy particles in the air look a bit different (happened Dec 21 as well). Also, some vague colored energy/ aura stuff I can sometimes see has gotten a little stronger and more frequent. So that’s got to be a good thing, a sign of what’s to come I would think. Although I’d rather physically feel better first! 

    • Hi Gerry, It’s so true, knowing within that everything is different! I didn’t mention it but I’m still feeling a lot of the same ascension woes, especially the headaches. As far as the emotional swings, I guess as long as I know why these are, I can cope with them with far more patience. So glad to say the vertigo hasn’t returned for some months now. Mine began back in 2003 finding me staggering around a lot sometimes. Back then I had no clue what was happening.
      I don’t think we’re doing something wrong. I can’t say it’s so, but I’m feeling that we will continue to have the symptoms regardless of the equinox, since we still have a way to go yet….and Denise reminds us often…”stair steps.” This ending of a cycle….to me it means a huge step forward, and the changes will accelerate. I would think that we still have more clearing to do, too. Also, I feel reminded that we often resist the changes in an unconscious way, and ?? maybe some symptoms are a result. ?? I think we have a way to go yet, however, I also believe our ability to go more with the flow of things will soon happen. So hang in there! It’s all just going to get better! The unseen TD is finished!
      Much love to you,

  • “Do you now hear that blessed sound of silence in the space/air around you? That glorious LACK of continual negative static, interference and chatter is the sound of the past Evolutionary Cycle and blueprints not here any longer!”

    That’s so true! I’ve noticed that too! I thought is was just me.
    I look forward to more of your detailed guidance and, humor, too. 🙂

    love and light,

  • Hi Denise,

    Phoenix from the Ashes! Heart-hugs and very well done, Denise. Not sure what the future holds as I’m a bit stuck in the Now, but I’m confident the path is clearer than it’s ever been before, and for sure, I’m looking forward to High Heart Life. Thanks for keeping on keeping on. Love, B.

  • Thank you dear Denise. It is so beautiful to cross over this threshold with you and many, many others. The silence is beautiful and I find that I have no words to describe the feelings I’m experiencing. I look forward to the moment that the fullness of our abilities, the fullness of our languages come to fruition and I will be able to write all that I truly feel. Hip, hip, horray!!! To everyone ~ wow! and here we go . . . with love ~ Carolynn

  • Hi Denise,
    Congratulations on your “transition” to a new website! I’ve been a silent follower of your blog for quite awhile now and I’m grateful it is ascending with you. Congratulations to us all for making the shift to the other side of the Equinox!

  • “Do you now hear that blessed sound of silence in the space/air around you? That glorious LACK of continual negative static, interference and chatter is the sound of the past Evolutionary Cycle and blueprints not here any longer!”

    Perfect description, Denise!…that’s what it was like for me…I heard it! Incredible! The sound of peace! I so more fully grasp the meaning of “ears to hear!” Hearing from within. As a child ( maybe 8 or 10 yrs old) I remember trying to keep the family bible from sliding off my skinny lap, (it was huge!) as I read through the pages of revelations. (can’t say why I was drawn to revelations) I would be so into it trying to “understand”….since I felt it was something I was “supposed to do”….had to “find something” ….well anyhow, I’d get to the parts where it says, “If any man hath ears….” And I’d be so frustrated and telling God…”But I do! See?! I have ears!!!
    It isn’t that I haven’t been “hearing”…..but this experience of “hearing the silence”…no negative static…and the silence says so much it’d take pages to describe it. Monumental for me…a definite NEW experience!
    Always with gratitude,

  • “I needed a matching higher frequency place online to write about (and Library, archive) these NEW higher frequency changes, the NEW teachings that go with them, the emerging NEW higher consciousness in more and more people, the ongoing manifestation and effects of 5D High Heart, the current ‘Planet A’ overlays some of us are and will be embodying just as we Forerunners did with the Ascension Process, and so much more.”

    Denise, I look so forward to this ongoing process of global Higher consciousness, and the many delightful learning surprises around the corner! Especially concerning the planet A overlays, and all you’ll be revealing! My High Heart wish for you is that you’ll be blessed and empowered to the max!
    Always with Love and gratitude,

  • Wow Denise my dear angel friend, this is so great you have made this beautiful space 🙂

    Well, we have made it, it’s strange to get to this cut off point, it has been one tough battle at times this year……. Life does feel different, less opposition in daily life, even though i still have the same routine!……;-) It is very dream like, time as well is like no time, very much the’moment’ rules here 🙂
    Now i just need to get rid of my mortgage, had enough of that ‘ball and chain’ round my neck…….

    Thanks again my dear friend for this space.

    Hugs xxxx

  • Denise, congratulations on this new space, so symbolic of the new frequency of our world. We have finally stepped to the other side of the Equinox and here you are. It’s perfect!!

    Wishing you (and the community here) every success….


  • Wonderful, Denise! I’ve had your Transitions-link as the first button in my browser’s bookmark bar, and it felt like such a Light-filled ritual to *upgrade* the button to HighHeartLife! The energy shift is palpable, your new Sacred space so beautifully reflects how we’re now to go forward. I’m delighted and grateful to be able to be here with you. Thank you for the Gift of this new space! Much love, millie

  • New timeline, new beginnings, how wonderful to have arrived in your new Sacred Space Denise, I look forward to travelling further along the Ascension path with everyone here.

    Yippee …….. congrats to all fellow travellers, we made it 🎉🎈💞

  • Hi Denise
    Congratulations for new website. You and Karen Bishop are the two spiritual teachers whose website I visit as first thing to do in the morning after switching on my PC before I start my online home based business activities. Surprising today Karen Bishop’s gamabooks website has suddenly gone offline without any prior indication by her. Till yesterday she was posting new posts regularly. The website says it will be introduced again. Since the past nine months period, I am finding yours and her thoughts, observations, current energy updates very much coinciding in content especially about fall equinox though both of you are strongly independent in your higher self follow-ups but I guess the higher source imparting both of you the unique wisdom is one hence my trust in both of you has increased tremendously this year and all the more today as she’ s going to do the same thing as you did that is introduction of new website.
    Best Wishes

  • Thank you for creating this new space. It is a wonderful idea! The energy here feels sparking and fresh. I am really looking forward to continuing my learning here, especially about the Planet A overlays.

    I feel a big difference in the energy in my town yesterday and today. It feels much more peaceful. 🙂

  • Congratulations on your new home, beloved Denise!!!
    May happy waves carry you/us forward.
    Will love to read about planet a and the new and all the sharing that will come.
    Blessings and love and hugs,

  • The air feels lighter, mother earth looks more radiant and I feel full of energy and a lot more present, in the now. Not to mention lighter and freer than I have in ages! I even feel physically lighter!! I’m looking forward to welcoming in the NEW in this precious and blessed NOW moment.
    Love and light

  • So happy with the new blog here, and so grateful, Denise! I look so forward to your next topic and continuing to learn new things in this brand new beginning! Everything is changed…I can feel it! Wonderful peaceful feeling…. 🙂
    Love and hugs

  • Wow, what a WONDER FULL surprise this is!. So nice to be here with you Denise With respect and deep gratitude for HighHeartLife. Katerina

  • Congratulations on the NEW space. I have greatly appreciated all of your past writings and look forward to more. Thanks for everything you give in your writing 🙂

  • Hello, Denise and Family,

    Oh, I get it– we’ve transitioned into the new space! It feels good to have a new start. Yesterday, I was outside on my deck and noticed that the air seemed clearer and the colors were brighter and the clouds and everything seemed somehow different. And it’s so calm. I’m in a very rough area of the world energetically, so it will take time for things to sort themselves out, but I can feel the difference here already, even if the door slammers and the hot rod drivers don’t!

    Love and Big, Bright Hugs to all,

  • Thank you for all you do for us, Denise. I work in education and today I felt a strong light emanating from the core of me which I know is the Mother energy we are promised in the new world. So it’s here, present, wanting to work. Change is real and tangible as the light of these new times takes hold.

  • Dearest Denise,

    Bless you for this gift of High Heart Space where we can continue to learn on a New level!

    Much Heart Love,

  • I see 2 posts here as I write this. So I’m not the ‘first’ to post but I’m # 3 ! Good number !
    Yes it does feel really good in here.
    Can’t wait for you to start blogging in here Denise. I’m so ready for ‘new things’.
    Much love !

    • Sunflower Within & All,

      Thanks very much Sunflower and I’m sorry everyone that I didn’t discover why the Comment button was missing until just now! 😯
      HighHeartLife Hugs,

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